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kffl oIrLl F ISE.
msaest Idlto the Shooting of Robert
Wise Commenced.
aetj of Witnesses Examined-Most
COontradiotory videnoe- The
Inquest Continued Un
til To-Day.
*ISnquest into the killing of the negro
SWise, who was shot while attempting
a ade Orrest at the corner of Second and
streets last Sunday, wasopened by
Markey yesterday at 12 o'olock. It
Sremembered by the readers of the
, hlh contained a full acoount of
Saftltr that two or three negroes were
ellng, asnd that the.polloeainterfered to
Officer ubert, while trying to arrest.the
was assaulted by them. Offieer Murphy
to his rescue, when one of the negroes,
ran into a house, but was stopped by
before he had time to enter. A
ansued, during which a pistol shot was
iad Wise fell dead with a bullet In his
Offmoer Murphy was aeoused of the
and aInarcerated. About forty wit
r In attendance at tbe Inquest.
urmr wxma,
at No. IS Ohippewa street, was the
ltess called. Last Sunday evening
her house when she heard a
s n toward her house,
mre time T a prisoner in
before them. Jerry Wsg.
mn t oppuso he it o had
,pollemane poted his pistol at
who lmmmedlrtely let go the door. It
prtition door and I could see
place outside. Wagner then said
man you want r A this moment
pfrom the bed, where he was ait
Ad, Am I the man you want ?'
tal and with a moustach, sid,
yoM, Inll kilt youo, nd fired.
thb e officer showed his pie.
ortone, to a orhuy ma, in
{ drs. II dn'tknow iifthe mw took
lI ould reolgnise the oicer. I
three or four ofoers in the Sixth
t have not reognied any as the
saw who did the shooting. do not
the color of the hatr or moustache of
cOan 1. BAINuG,
at No. 46 ghipewa street, sad: I
S orter of the DmOcoAT. I never
ptonl id to have belonged to Cor
Sixth Preolnct, said: I received
last BSunday eveningor that a man
klled on Chippewa street. Ging
.l.tOI eiound Corpoýl MMurphy
foond all the cyllnlaer ull. in my
and hp~rov ted it had been re
. iSuehg. Muwrphy was one of the
lmewho were shown to the wit
Emm Walker. Jane Weis and Jenhy
were the only ones who identfed
among the four.
r woman, residing at No. 8!0
mid; ".n the evenio in question
men, Jim Wright Wise
dod not knowg.ln towards
They appeared tobe drunk."
as in substance what
t had said, except that
that the man who did
was tall, had small side
ablack moustache. I Bay Cor
did the shooting, because I
inthe street say so. I an
Murphy; that is, provided
himebf in any manner.
deltfve that not one of the omocere
we at the station was Corporal Mur
Wes belog called, said that Corporal
;aught hold of Wise by the arm,
him out of the house and shot him.
d of the murder Jane Wse went to
, anthilnksesheidentitled Corporal
onaBTrav MODBE,
.orner First and Chippewa, said:
hr hed Wise with one hand and
the other. I do not know his
I see him I will know him.
domlolleip No.°888 Ohlppewa street.
on my steps when I saw Jim
in ustodyof an officer. Robt.
Iýe t with another man. Both
b runnng away. Witnes then re
rmsoes of the shooting, and
knew Corporal Murphy by name
ht He was not among the officers
station when summoned there
the one who did the shooting.
sing alled, oorroborated
xas. norInis,
testified that the man who ran
was not Corporal Murphy. When
out of the house he used obscene
ead sai, "'Here Iamr" Corporal
took bold of him; they olinhed,
the souffe a shot was fired. Wise
headon the ourbenrtone. I do not
SsaM .Corporal" Murphy fired the
he had nothing in his hands.
P. 3. M'oUIar
ut on the stand. "A few min
the shootaing," said the wit
was standing opposite the house
entered. There was a big crowd
the house. I saw a man come
i't, excitedly. I then heard some
a man been shot. I stepped
and, recmnizing Ofioer Rogers, bid
day. Just then an officer came to
o.ing-.. his pistol, said: 'I am as
S8oua mrn; see, the chambers of
are full.' I looked at the re
an saw that the chambers were full.
e witness was shown a pistol, which
similar to the one he had ex
I afterwards learned that the offi
ame was Corporal Murphy.
sailed and said: "Corporal Murphy
me and said that there was a man
lad he was accused of the deed. I
dim under arrest, took away his pis
ound the five chambers full A knife
on the deceased."
clerk and operator of the
Station, corroborated Ser
ten's testimony.
OrMoa zooxns ]
inatb oetthathe ran to the as- 1
od Ofoer Hubert, and that when the
ftsed he was immediately behind
Murphy and saw no weapon in the
rtany one.
Said: I reside at No. 55 Erato
an officer of the Sixth Precinct,
trbhorate officer Bogers's testimony.
lqust will be resumed to-day The
has been, so far, very conflicting,
can say as yet who shot Wise.
appear by the evidences given that 5
publlo of this city are almost as
on the subject of the new u
as the generality of people, a
or they desire to abandon their
It they would consult the con
would see that every notary P
and confirmed, but
the ays of the Legislature ti
bum _ e fihOr a ,[pproval.
tx oer~eo
g a 1bst r look into this
Senat bill No. 165, relative to pilotage, pro
vides that the board of examiners shall re
port to the Governor vacanlces, by death or
otherwise, in the number of pilots in the
State, and to call a meeting to fill vacancies.
t The second section of the bill repeals the
first section of act No. 68 of 18771.
The third section provides that no person
shall be appointed a pilot for the entrance of
the MIssissippi, unless he be a duly qualified
elector of the State and shall have actually
served Ins pilotboat at the mouth of the river
for at least twelve months preceding the date
of his application, and shall havebeen reoom
Smended to the Governor by the boardas being
I dulyqualified as a branch pilot for the port
of New Orleans. Branch pilots shall give
bond in the sum of S2000, subject to the ap
proval of the masters and wardens of the
If any outgolng vessel shall carry of to
sea, through the fault of the master or owner
of such vessel, any pilot when as boat is at
tending to receive him, they shall pay him,
besidaes the plotage, the same wages during
the passage of such vessel as the chief mate
is receiving, and likewise his pasage home
on the first vessel clearing for this port or for
Sthe nearest port onvenient to it.
No branob pilot shall be allowed to leave
his station for more than three oonseoutive
days without leave of absence from the Gov
ernor on the written reoommendation of the
board, under a enalty of P0 for the benefit
of the Oharlt Hospital of New Orleans.
Senate bill No. 166, relative to the establish
ment of an insane asylum in Natehitoc.es, is
a bill similar to that lntroduueed in the House
by Mr. Coagrove, and which was ruled out of
order because it was deemed a local bill, and
S of Its introduction had not been adver
Yesterday Col. T. S. Hardle, of the State
Engineers' Department, was informed of a
crevasse in Bayou Lafourche, about twenty
five miles below the Morgan Rallroad bridge
Beport put the break at from twenty-five to ,
thirty feet wtde, with a depth of about three I
feet, but this s probably an exaggeration, as e
most reports of the character are, as a rule, I
the first time. Col. Hardie took immediate
atep. tohavethe nees¶7 curatives applied,
and this morninrg am attace of the office
leaves for the place with all available mate
ria for losing the ma. .
The break in the levee between the Bar
racks and Slaughter-House was being put in
condition yesterday, and all immediate
threat of danger was removed.
Col. Hardle was yesterday rather encour
aged with the rospects of the river. The
Arkansa is lin, and there is no appre
clable rise nla the Missouri, so that the lood
from the Ohio may be given an opportunlty
to pass away without any extraordnary ac
cession. The water, however, is st the dan- I
ger line and the utmost vigilance must De
The Sale of Assigned Patents and
Licenses Enjoined by Order
of Court.
The sale of the assignments of all cotton
bale tie patents and licenses, owned and con- c
trolled by the American Cotton Tie Supply
Company (in liquidation), which was to have
taken place yesterday, was enjoined by an t
order of the United States Olrcuit Court,
Issued in the case of Eleasar J, Beard vs.
Benjamin O. L. Bayne et al.
It was further ordered that the defendants, 0
Benjamin 0. L. B.yne, B. F. Jones, F. B.
Parklinson, L. J. Mo0omb and Samuel A.
Edgerly, show cause, on the eighteenth in
ste.t, why a receiver should not be appointed.
Detendants and their agents are also re
strained from selling any of the ootton bale
ties, patent, and licenses or any of the other
assets of the American Cotton Tie Supply d
Company, and from doing any other acts as q
trustees save for the preservation of the prop.
erty. g
The State authorities and the lty Bailroad
Company have taken charge of the broken
o levee below the barracks, and put a force of
men to work on it.
Administrator Isaacson will, to-day, start
out his license collectors.
There are quite a number of them and
each one is given charRe of a district. Whey
each bear written authority and instructions
from him.
The police force will be paid for February,
between the middle and end of next week.
lI -
This Powerful Writ Gains a Victory
Over an Inflexible Prospeo
r tive Mother-in-Law.
On Poydrasstreet, between St. Charles and
I Camp, there have lived in peace for a long
time Mrs. K. Hyams, her daughter Addle,
Mr. Aaron Woolf and Mr. Edmunds, a gentle
2 man on the very shady side of forty. There
came a time, however, when Edmunds whis
i perel vows of tender love in the ears of the
fond Addle; and he knew by her sighs sad
her down east eyes that she was his and his
alone. So far, so good, as regards the two
lovers. But Mrs. Hyams objected to the
union of her daughter, a Jewess, with
an alien to her faith. Then trouble visited
the house; the fair Addle was kept in durance
by,the inflexible mother and Edmunds forbid
den to come within pistol-range of the house.
SThe lover, however, not to be frustrated by
9 motherly wiles, knowing that Addle was of
age, sued out a writ of habeas corpus before
Judge Whitaker, Thursday night, alleging
Sthat Addle Hyams was illegally and forcibly
detained by her mother. All parties werebe
Sfore the court immediately, but, owing to
some delay in securing a lawyer for the
defense, the court continued the matter until
10 o'clock Friday. At the appointed hour the
case was called, and it was announced that
Mrs. Hyams had withdrawn her objection.
In the twinkling of an eye the triumphant
'Edmunds and the fair Adldle adjourned to
Judge Whitaker's office, where his Honor im
preseively performed the marriage ceremony.
ouch is the ending of a tale of true love,
wherein the mother-in-law was bulldozed by
and yielded before the terribly suggestive
writ of habeas corpus.
The new third class engine of Washington
Fire Company No. 20 was, after several tests,
finally received yesterday by the company
as an efficient and reliable engine for her
size and weight. The new machine will be
gin active service on Monday next. There
are rumors afloat of some kind of a "pow
wow" to be held shortly in honor of the event,
but as the boys keep mum, nobody will say a
word more about it.
The highest temperature during the week
ending Friday evening was 810 and the low
est was 58°. The mean temperature for the
same time was 70° 7' and the rainfall was 3.89
Off shore eignals were yesterday ordered
up at Port ade, Indianola and Galveston in
antlclpation of a severe norther.
1gig Ateort.cy.
Dr. W. E. Scott. president of the College of
Physlcians. Montreal. writes: "I have recom
mended Colden's Liebta's Lfquid Extract of
Beef and Tonic Invigorator as the best prenara- F
ton used forrDebi;sity. Itsaiioo DYsesia,
Fever. ALpue and Loss of em |
An e ln t lat of the
Fu . _
Dea oisel m cam M,
I DaWp ic aorrlo ec nol Zr tit ti frhots
l Olmtlo taken ste osa moment of
Ume a11 eumousJ
Stations. Bar. er ou
ro........... 0.11- 88N 0 .11
lanat .... 80.St- 34 N 15 .22
yen ort...... 80 48-- 28 15 0
Duq2e...... 80 d E 15 0
ia...... 8001- 2 0
..... 8086- 29 N 10 0
No .08- 0 11 -04
roe se..9 8 6- 0 1
S lsvill* .80.07- bo N 92 .79
e 8is-... 80.04- 64 W 17 .09
ns... 29.92- 78 14 .04
.oaha....80.1- 2 2E 1
rtta8u"r . ..8406,o- 54 7 0
....... 80.24- 29 20 .00
t aUl .... .... 80.68- 20 N 12 0
brg- ... 80.00-8 9 VW 1e .09
" .... 10010-R 9 8 19 .01
Iatt 0anoo.. 9. 976-F ,59 14 .o0
SB, ndl ates st aa ry f n; . ndiicates fawns; S
Nwn Omtaau. March 12. m80.
Time. . Weather.
9 a. m. 29.98 78 SW ia Thretenina.
2 p .. 9.9 79 1 o 1 td.
* D.m. o.o so ...... l gtrain.
Mean ... .9. 7 ....... .........
Maximum t veture 79. minimum 67.
Total rlain full 54 at 2 p. m.
A Habeas Corpus Case Which Has
Gone to the Highest Tribunal
For some time past Mr. Hugo O. Voa Ulrich
and his wife have been living in decided un
happiness; so much so that they had fre
quently caused themselves, respectively, to be
brought before the First Beoorder's Court on
petty charges. This unhappiness was further
Increaseed by a suit for divorce in the courts
and a separation in the meantime. Wednes
day night Von Ulrich went to his wife's house,
and she subsequently caused his arrest for
breaking and entering in the night, armed
with a eadly weapon,wth Intent to commit a
felony. On thls charge Von Ulrich was in
carcerated, and the oase not having come to
trial yesterday counsel fer the defendant ap
plied to the Flfth District Court for a writ of
habeae aorpse.
The petition for the writ stated that the
offense was a bailable one; that he was pre
pared to furnish ball but the privilege was
refused him. Judge Bgers granted the writ
ordeming his release on a bond of $8000, condi
tioned on his appearance before the First
Munlclpal Police Court.
When this writ had been served Recorder
Sheehan. presiding in the police court, filed a
petition in the Supreme Court alleging that
the jurisdiction of his tribunal had been in
vaded by Judge Rogers; that until a prelimi
nary examination had been held it was Im
possible to determine whether the accused
could be admitted to bail or what the amount
of the bond should be, and that as no appeal
could lie from the order of Judge Rogers, a
writ of certiorari to bring up the record of
the Fifth District Court and to restrain the
Judge of that court from proceeding further
in the matter were necessary.
Chief Justice Manning ordered the writs to
issue provisionally, returnable today at 12
The Midgets.
The wonderful Midgets, Gen. Mite and
r Major Atom, were visited yesterday by hun
t dreds of persons, and the little fellows had
= quite a busy time of It entertaining their
guests. This they do with no little grace and
in the happiest manner Imaginable, and an
hour or two can be passed most enjoyably in
their presence.
SNo words can convey an idea of the size of
i the loung gentlemen, and one has to see
f them to fully appreciate what mites, and,
small mites, they are. They are well formed
and intelligent, and manage to hold their own
t in a conversation as well as a person twenty
times as big as they are and half again as
I old.
r They receive from 10 a. m. to 12 m., and
I from 2 to 4, and7 to 9 p. m.
There are left but two chances to those of
the theatre-goers who have not yet seen it to
witness the very enjoyable entertainment
presented by Mr. B. Macauley and his dra
matic company.
A Messenger from Jarvis Section, with
Macauley as Uncle Dan'l, is something de
cidedly out of the common, and those who
fall to go to the matinee to-day should be at
I the performance to-night.
To-morrow night the Colville Burlesque
Company open a two weeks' engagement.
The performance of Romeo and Juliet last
evening was such an improvement on the
first ones that we must defer an apprecia
tion of it to another occasion, when we hope
to do ustice to the performers. Miss Neilson
as Jdlieo was a revelation and an
accomplishment in the powerful parts
of the tragedy which, notwithstand
ing our high opinion of her talents,
already expressed in unmeasured terms, we
had almost dared to doubt. After istening
to her last evening in the interview with
Friar Lawrence and In the "potion" scene,
we believe that there is nothing impossible to
this brilliant actress, who Is probably the
only one in this country that can claim pre
.epmnence as a delineator of Shakesperean
The programme for next week will be a
rich one, including as it doesAs You Like It,
Measure for Measure, Lady of Lyons and the
Hunchback Neilson as Rosalind, Isabel,
Pauline and Julia.
To-day at the matinee and at night Twelfth
Night, with Neilson in her exquisite char
acter of Viola.
A very enjoyable entertainment was that
given last night in one of the class rooms of
Soule's Commercial College building by the
students of the institution. The yoqung gen
tlemen entertained the large number of
friends who had responded to their Invita
tions with several well acted dramatic
sketches of an enjoyable character, recita
tions and vocal selections. The programme
of the evening's amusements was as follows:
Tell........... .................E. B. Singleton
Mdlehtal .........................W Clarke
Verner .............................. V. Reies
Aloin............................. E. Prophet
Alma ......... .............Miss P. Blrba
Geeler..................... ........ M. Foote
Stringfell ......................... Grunewald
Soldier ............. .............A. J. Bercler
"Hard-Shell PS-rmon"............ R. W. Abbott
"Fairy Footsteps Gently Falling" (Vocal)
[Mr. O. Reynolds
"Hamlet's Soliloquy"........ .......R. M. Foote
Judge ...........................F. Fredarlckson
Lawyer................................. F. Fahey
Polie ....J............... ...... S. Miller
Politican ................ ..... . O.Uthoff
Bant President...... ....... J. Beroier
Boy ................................T. J. Ferguson
'First Step of the Gambler"P. ........P. BIrba
"I Oannot Say the Mad Good-Bye" (Vocal)
(Mr. C. Renolds ]
The above does not include a very amusing
sketch, a burlesque of the recent legislative
investigation, which was also presented, and
which reated no little merriment.
To Mr. E. V. Reiss, stage manager, In no
small manner, is due the success of the en- I
A uirg ww4 4tm e9 1s, 9osewl' I
ili 3 nmore Wtat D In-te_
erzbbitins anud oral Itlustrations. Tod·3, s.
the matinee, be will give his manficent
illustratioa o Versallles and at nilht will
show the beautiesof Switzerland.
A Boy Outs Another With a Bowie
Knife and Causes His Death.
Capt. Thos. O'Nell, commanding the Filth
Precinct, made an affidavit before Judge
Miltenberger yesterday, charging Christie
Clayton, flfteen years old, with murder by
cutting and wounding Geo. Bay (colored) and
subsequently causing his death. It seems
that on the evening of the twenty-econd of
February two boys, Geo. Bay (colored) and
Chria. Clayton(whit), engaged in a ight at
at the corner of Muaio and Girod streets.
Clayton fltng mud after Bay, who retaliated
byslinging large sized bowie knife after
layton The latter reselved a flesh wound
In the leg, and seizing the klnife he threw it
at Bay and wounded him slightly in the left
arm. The wound was not considered serious.
Last week the boy complained of pains,which
increased in intensity untl Wedneeday,when
he died. Dr. Gramboia pronounces it a case
of lockjaw, superinduced by the wound in
flicted on Ray by Christle Clayton, who is
now in prison.
The following were recorded Yesterday at the
offce of the Board of Health:
Mrs:.Henrl . Newton, a daughter.
Mrs. GI. LForsttal. a daughter.
Kre. Boards, a son.
Km. liter town, drdauglter.
rs. d. Mlalter. a daulrhter.
Lrs. Henry Ber.n no. a daughter
rs. omlnIe Paeres, aot daughter.
r. udrik Heram. a daughter.
, yer Aaron. a onths.
M rearUGs .
m. UsterDto Lucy D Ber.
mas. b. Donovan to larey B. Campbell.
who. was ien. m enths on the lon
the fourth of March. a weeks.
l~wrens - aSll, 8 months.
Mrthis. evenin. H. SkiMr. dmore, of Bridgeport, heonn.,
manufacturer of the Jeffreys steam engine,
who was In New Orleans on the occasion of
the fourth of March parade, leaves for home
this evening. Mr. Bkidmore, realizing the
importance of New Orleans as a commercial
city, has purchased a building at the corner
of Natchez and Camp streets, which he in
tends to use as a machinery depot. He also
proposes to establish in this city, on an ex
tensive scale, a manufactory of steam fire
engines, and for this purpose he has been ne
gotiating to secure a goo locaton.
It is to be hoped that Mr. Skidmore will re
turn here in a short time to consummate his I
projected enterprises.
At Mallet's green to-morrow evening there
will be a game of base ball between the John
Coffmans, Jr., and thel atelyorganized River
sides who claim to be the champions of the
Third District. A good game is expected, as
both clubs will come out with strong nines.
The game will called at half-past 2 o'clock
The Orleans Social Club give their second
grand festival at the Delachalse Park on
Sunday, the twenty-first instant
Tickets for the entertainment to be given
on Thursday, March 18, 1880, for the benefit
of the widow of the late J. B. Burgeus Sr
can be obtained from John B. Todd. o. 4
Magazlne street, and Thos. Wilson, No. 827
Chippewa street.
The forty-sixth annual commencement ex
ercises of the medicaldepartment, University
of Louisiana, will be celebrated at the Grand
Opera House Friday, the nineteenth instant.
The annual address will be delivered by Hon.
Jas. B. Eustis and the valedictory by Thomas
Hebert, M. D.
The chimney of the house No. 184 Liberty
is reported to be in such a state as to be liable
to tumble at any moment.
J. A. Brin, a saloon-keeper at No. 296 Poy
dras street, refused to show his license and
was locked up in the First Precinct Station.
Harriet Burns, Mrs. J. Cain, Ellen Gillen,
Jim Grimage and Jessy Perry, colored, were
all jailed in the First Station on the charges
of assault and battery.
Alfred Jackson caused the arrest of Charles
Johnson and Samuel Haley (all colored),
whom he charges with the robbery of sev
enty-five cents on the public highway.
Trouble on the Levee.
A dlsturbancemongthelaborers diseharg
ing salt from the ship Arctic, lying at the
head of First street, caused a suspension of
work at an early hour yesterday evening. All
the men at work except the derrick-man be
longed to the 'longshoremen's society. A
crowd of about forty 'longshoremen came to
the ship and intimated to the men that they
had better knock off. Mr. Shaughnessy, the
stevedore, was approached by the derrick
man, who said he could not-work, whereupon
Shaughnesesey pushed the man aside. Some
body in the crowd struck the stevedore in the
face, and a hubbub ensued. Work was
stopped for the day, but will be resumed to
day. _
Beeking Self-Destrucotion.
Last night at about 10 o'clock, the collector
of the Second District ferry informed the po
lice that one of the passengers had been acting
in avery peculiar manner. When questioned
the man would answehat he intended to
commit suicide. Feanffg that the party
would carry this threat into execution, Offi
cer Williams boarded the ferry and took him
to the Jackson Square Station where he gave
his name as A. B. Cammack, foreman on the
Mobile Railroad. Cammack declined to state
why he Intended to destroy himself.
A Small Fire.
At about 9:80 o'clock last night a fire broke
out in a two-story frame kitchen attached to
a house at the corner of Robertson street and
Bayou Road. The flames were first discov
ered in a room of the second story, between
the weather-boarding and plaster. In a short
time the blaze was extinguished after dam
aging the room to the extent of about $150.
The house is owned and occupied by Mr. F.
Pena, and is not insured.
Caving Levees.
The levee, from Peters Avenue to Belle
castle street, Gretna, is in a very dangerous
condition, there being several places where
the bank has caved in. Between Peters Ave
nue and Octavia street the levee needs imme
diate attention. At the head of Montegut
street, Third District, the levee is reported to
require immediate strengthening in view of
the prevailing high winds.
Waiter on the Rampage.
Albert Berry, a colored waiter in McAllis
ter's boarding-house, on Carondelet street,
was fined $5 or ten days' prison by Judge
Sheehan yesterday. Officer Ourley arrested
Berry, who was frightening the ladies in the
house out of their senses, breaking dishes
and whooping like a wild Indian.
Stoleo Property Recovered.
A lot of wearing apparel stolen from Mrs. Bob- I
I , reiding on St. Charles etreet between
TerpaiefrboresMelpomene. was reovred
a t house of co
s a L GanP s ls r. Na
t No. 7815-ParTr YOUNG vs. 1onz0 5a of Co1 -
1. By Manino. C(. J.-The set M 1t29 grantin
to t police Juries of the parishes of onoor
dia and O.achita plenary and unlimited power
to make such enactments with regard to roads
and levees within their respective limits a the
may deem necessary is not noonasistent with.
but is controlled by the at of las158 prohibiting
pollce juries from contractina a debt without at
the same time Droviding the means of pay
Inease of a sudden emergenoy requiring im
mediate work to be done, the police jury o the
parish may, in subsequent orinance ac
nowled lng indebtedness for the work, pro
videfor its ayment,
By Manning C. J.--When the record in a
criminal case does not show that the clerk of
the lower court had. at any time durng his
term of offimoe ror to the drawing of the ur
which found the indictment, taken the oat of
jur.ycommissioner, the verdict must be set
so. 7776-W. L. JACOKON Vs. n. P. MILLERn t ALt.
By Manning, . J.-When an ct of sale of
real estate expresses Silas the consideration and
the sale is attacked as simula'ed by a creditor
ef the vendor, parole evidence is admisxible to
prove that the contract really had a valid oon
By Marr. J.-In a suit wherein plaintiff
claims that he was legally elected to office, and
that the returning officers fraudulently
changed and altered thecommissioners' returns
so a to give a mJority tohis opponent, who
as n dec ared elected b the eoretay of
tate, the offial returns a tally she dely
ered to the 5eetary of State mst be pro
duced or prooof their loss or destruction
made before other evidence can be admitted to
show the alterations charged.
No. 7717-masaam.sa a BBO. Vs. L, A. LEVw.
By JMarr. J.-In an attachment suit the .de
mend in reoonvention made by the defendant
"for damages sustained by him i his tbuines
by seaon of th unlawful attaohment of his
oods,"e forth a cause of action sumolent to
warrant the admission of evidence in support
of the claim.
NO. 77.1--FNr CAMPRILL., WIDOW. Nrc.. Vs. O.
D. OWNas AND Wlra.
By DeBlaco. J.-Property belonglng to a suo
cession may be sold by the executor in person.
whether he be a relar auctioneer or not.
The sale at its frat offering of sucoession
proDerty for less than the appraised value is
void but if the amount of the appraisLemeat be
not te obta.ined the property must be ead
vertised and sold on twelve months' credit for
whatever it will bring, and no additional order
is required to authorize such sale at the second
No. T7798-SvOucOaso oP D. J, t~umm.
By DeBlano, J.-The rules which apply to the
sale of minors' property when title is fully
vested in them, do not govern sales by an ad.
ministrator of property belonging to a succese
sion of which the heirs are minors.
NO. 7786--nNY sOHOBTEIr vs. wt. s, BOOTH,
By Spencer. J.-A discharge in bankruptcy
l.eases the bantkrupt from every legal personal
obllation to a the debts included in the
schedule, and it he becomes the purohaser at
the assignee's sale of property surrendered by
him which is subject to a judicial mortage not
cancelled by the sae., he must be considered a
third possessor of the property, and the judg
ment creditor who seeks to subject it to his
claim must resort to the hypothecarv action.
The bankrupt court cannot sell property free
of mortgage without giving notice to and
making parties of the mortgage creditors.
When the creditor of a bankrupt comes in and
proves his whole debt as unseeured, he thereby
releases any mortgage he may hold.
No. 7192-razNooz LALiMAn.E O. CITY oy NEw
By Spencer J.-Under the constitution of
1879, this oouri must transfer to the Court of
Appe als a suit enjoining, on the ground of un
constitutionality, an act of the Legislature the
enforcement of whicrh plaintiff alles would
damage him to "an amount exceeding $m0o."
NO. 7740-MRS. A. A. WALKER Vs. MRS. L. T. BA
By [Spener. J.-In a suit to annul a judgment
rendered in attachment proceedings on the
ground that at the time the attachment issued
the defendant, sued as an absentee. was in
reality a resident of the 8tate. evidence is ad
missible to prove his probable intention then.
that his absence both before and since the at
tachment constituted, under the circumstances
attending it, a forfeiture of residence In the
The purchase of property by a married
woman without authority Is annullable only on
her own or her husband's demand, or on that
of her heirs.
No. 7787-. w. ROBINS. smHE1RF, VS. B. H. 0.
By White. J.-A sheriff entitled to the posses.
sion and custody of property under writs di
rected to him. can bring a suit for damages
against a person who forcibly or fraudulently
deprives him of such posseesion. thonah there
e no complaint on the Dart of the plaintiff in
suit wherein the seizure was made.
By White, J.-It is a sufficient description of
proDerty in a tax roll to designate it as "be.
longing to the estate of A. B.. oontaininl eighty
acres. right bank of the Missctisp river,
,ounded above by estate of . D. andbeow by
E F."
The absence from the tax roll of an affidavit
does not vitiate its registry or affect the privi
lege resulting from such registry.
When both parents aredead their minor child
in necessitous circumstances may claim the
S100o allowed by the act of 1852 from the sueces
sion of either.
The condition of the minor heir at the time
of the parent's death is the criterion of his
right to recover that sum. and if the right then
exists, it is not impaired by any subsequent
change in the minor's condition.
The general mortgage of minors can be en
orced anti ieir tutr. or his sucesslon
only aterrthe rendition of an account of the
tutorshipb ____
Fourth District Court.
J. L. Gautier vs. Beir & Jardet.-Suit for $5000
for damages alleged to be sustained by petition
er. in that defendants caused a due bill of his to
be protested and some of his property seized.
Superior Criminal Court.
Assault and battery upon a police officer
Mrs. MeHale: William Lee. colored, three
charges; P. J. O'Brien.
Stebbing with a dangerous weapon, etc.
Walter Logan. colored.
Breaking and entering a store in the night
time-William St. Clair.
Manslaughter - Louis Schommer, charged
with hitting his wife on the fifth of January.
1880. with a briok, of which she died February
s, ls10; ball 000sooo.
Carrying concealed weapons-Richard G.
Felonious appropriation of money belonging
to the New Orleans Savings Institution-Davi
rurhart, ex-pre.ident of the above bank, in
ited December 0. 1879, with feloniously aD
propriating s8000 of the money of the bank to
his o.a use on February 11.179. Continued
until Tuesday. by consent of counsel.
Carrying concealed weapon-Richard G.
Groome, sentenced to 1 fine.
James Ferins; P or ten daysiin Parish Prison.
Shooting with a dangerous weapon with in
tent to commit murder-Joseph Uelestln. alias
Caillou, Charles Morris, O. L. Aluga and James
Griffin, charged with shooting James Olden,
on Peace, between Royal and Chartres streets.
on December 25 1879.
Forgery-W. (. Brooks, alias S. H. Johnson,
charged with forging. on the third of Novem
ber.1879, a bill of lading for twenty bales of cot
ton. with intent to defraud Messrs. Britton &
Morgan out of sao,
Robbery-John Smith. charaged with having,
on the twentieth of January. 1880. at the corner
of Basin and Canal streets, robbed FreLd Arsi
nage of a silver watch valued at s.
First District Court.
Assault and battery-John Gause Michael
Renallen. and Arthur Thomas; released on
Larceny-Alex. Lewis; remanded.
Assault with intent to kill and wounding less
than mayhem-Ohas. Moody; remanded.
Assault and battery-Geo. Riegir. ~e or one
day's imprisonment: Tony Brabant. $ 50 or one
day's imprisonment; Leon Courtean. 2b or one
month in the Parish Prison.
Larceeny -Geo. Washington; two rears at hard
labor in the Penitentiary.
Selond Bosordor's Court.
thtwa nty- coad of F yI if.
SUSO W~hd uIWUStýwoU5AIM. .111
t ocket k b blade o a
Odid oftrkhi mkdt s ,
the knife up. row it back. L fictia w
on the left arm. The wound was ot -
ered serious, but it finally rovoke asla
and on Wednesday the boy (lta) dled,
was arres ed and har ed witn mur
sent down to the Parsh Prison to await
Yesterday Ofloer santa Boa was aarsoi
before this court, charged by a mang aa r:6
Heodricks, the eeper of a barrel-house -
the levee, with assault, and also with
lug to rob. The chare of robbing wa '.
m seed ud ano ta oeapsoeed uner boads
spear before the rut District ru
ch sge of assault. Fr contra,a theargo 4
sault an battery was entered y t558 o
against Hendricks. but it was disme, a
Hendricks fined ten dollars for distunrbital
Mrs. L. F Arnslt to Antoine Oarstell, o
with buildings,. bounded by Boyal, S. ete, .
Bourhon and Orleaes streets. s4xt1o. $6s500
A. Hanson to J. H Deller. two Iota ,b°.
vrovemente, bounded by Blenville. Mlro,.To 1t
and Conti ttreets, 2x109l, se0. " M
Mrs, H,. LCotanzl to Mrs . . Oharbounn~ a
and A. B. Moliere. a lot with imnpoig we
bounded hy Ursulines. Hospital, ss oyl ý" .
Bourbon streets, eeas. 9500, ,
O. Larrousse to 0. Babt. bslot with imro-..
mants, bounded by Washington, Sixth. t. -.
rick and tr. Denis streets, so 1D 9 $ . , -_
Mrs C. A. Pasujer to J. H, . Biuss . i ".;
tion of improved ground. bounde4 jma l *
borne, New it. Bernard. Derbigny ade.u
le DAILY £WbeBr toIS
(Sleriff's sale) H. Ws. unded be y t *.y -,O t
ales, Olo and Jra streets, 6sx110 $1400.
(Sheriffs sale) m rnandez to JooL
Sb$ot10, ld . r nded
lrs. t. Roman to J ohnater. a jot with
buildings bounded by bourbon, DauphineBt.
eter and Orleans streets. 44x70. .900,
rloscent o t Loan ad Buolding AsTe I
to M.rs. t B.lKeynolds. thre . with -
ngs, bounded by Third, Fourth, Martin .4
latborne streets. 2.xr217, 11200.
Beed's Gilt Edge Tonic prevents malari,
Ladies' List.,
Ohambrey Marie M mrs arroll Marie miss
Ontler Virginia miss Daniel harah miss
Kain. John L mrs McKee Nancy mr
Boes Melinda MDanna HanEnah ax
Randolh F B L mrs Waltr Barbara mtl
Scott Mollie Woods Arthur ars
Gentlemen's List.
AGent Fish Bros oo, wagons
Adkins John Arnell re
Bloomftnld Boland Thae
Bony John Berry End
Branch7 Blun kers. Beilmasics'
Blonin L A Belt E M11
Begenman F Borrnar Chas
Olasra Alfred Ohols
Casonova mr Olarek E
Casey Patrick Clark D D UD
incler Alex Calhoun J W
Delon Lucian Dicks arehie
Duncan Percy Davis bEled
Delot PJ aen Michael
Fizeradol J capt oldsun Simon
Gollet Newton 0 atsrvt JA
Howard William Hll Lawrence
Howard Wm cast Harladee 8
pp Unme & Gray Handy
Johnson Geo Johnson Wm
Hnames Harrison Kemrney P
hbesaue Alctda Lille James
Miller T Marchand Al.
Munay Thomas MillerM
Barader George McDonald D
>IcKnight Thom McGuire $ G
Mar.a o Antonio Nichols Fred 0
) been Blias 0 O'Connor Jerry
Wherce Jules W Paeton aswhen Wl
P&aton Wm mn Roeskaln, Gesstley &mº
Scileso B StewartL
Smitter ords tain relief. bo
Secard Dennis Tweed Bobt
Vt itOtakr L
Berner Murdoak Winters Walter ,
WiDolbeliamr s Tom Ward John W
Unmailabls Letters.
The Auditor 2d Day Caroline miss
Humphreys Mary miss H y
Bradley J Trial A
Why suffer with indigestion when Malakiof
Bitters affords certain relief. Get a bottle ad
Roed's Gilt Edge T.mnlc cures dyspepsia.
Dolbear College. open day and night.
son. St Louis: T G B Wissier r iseiE i;
Aeo H Parker D"venpnrt: V tt. u
York; Missel s tratton. Nw Jersey; J 1Gila
aod wife, Montgomery; W S Bord. drseni .,
Michael Brand V M Brand. Obioago; T .
pie, Louisville: Wm Younghlood. NewYork; W
A Drennan and wife. Mies Drennan, Mlll
Di; OB Hrknees, Boston; Ire E r de .
eomen; M V RAiler. Port Jervis, N N
Fontaine. Joo K opeed, Memphis: W W
son and wife, Sprlingflield, Mass P it
L Harvey end wife St Louits; L a
wife Milwaukee; Hon Woody rrie a
Edson Hill and wife. Mrs I Barton,
Nelly Snow. Miss L Wtggin. anche .
J A PaLrker. Qouo. Ills "J A Blsho . NR ,
ven-, Conn; W V da- OW .. lea-ve,- k- "
Louis: Taylor Beattie Lafourche.
CITY HOTEL-- b Madden. H r +
Miss; O W Cowan. Louisiana; Sils te.tr f .
assistant United States fish l ommt . al ._
B McLain and wife, H B MoLain Wheelin g
Va; G Meri nester. wife, two children nd ser
vant, Miss Bettle Mobley. Mobile: Mrs Sell,
Bowell, Bay Bt Louis: W B Randolph, o ; T
B Neal Minden. La: J DAtkins and wi..ex •
Point. ied river; Kirk Levi. Dallas Te x
Carter and wife. Longview. Tex:; W SI
Pensacola. a Mrs, W Leake and child,
Mamle Irvlne. Bayou Bars, La; Sai M H L
Maerville: S M Dyer, Yezoo county alias;
Hicks. Olinton. LA; 8 T Merritt, aelt.,l W
Jas M Berry Col 1 H Moore. E9 Irwin. 0 a
Bisho, EB ea De.lhi. La. Mrs H 0 Beok.
ingham. Memphis:; H Smith. New York: Miss
AnnieM Barnes, Atlanta: W J Konnt. StLouis;
W W Sims Brandon, Miss: J P Alban, Mem
phis; JP Figers. Assumption. La.
[Providence Journal.1
The Connecticut State capital is finished,
aend $40,000 remains of the $2,500,000 appro
priated for the cost.
& Dieal s fa 1e
In elimInatIng the impurltiesof the blood, the
nlndi aeaera, 1115.5,, and other muss.
It tie best soPane/sre and stimu
late every function to more hevalhm action.
and thus a beneflit In al dIseases.
e uia, Wea>kaesm fi. H e. W e aN,
t5, etc,, Me cured by the a~rs ItIaa.
unequaled as an Appetizer and eglr Ton,
It I a medicine which should be In ever
fmily, and which, wherever used, will save.
p, meatoany doctors' bills. .
Botle. of two izese; prices .e eea 4 anda $1
Safe Remed esrs : W
sold by Druggsts
& Dealers In Med.
joine eveuywbes.
Sssbii~~lBgBO LWaJu
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