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Gareelon, of Maine, Before
the alle lnvestigating
alaans the Course of the Maine
Oqe0a-Why the Returns of
I.aSAeld and Other Towns
Were Thrown Out.
ASom hApensions on the ounonll.
March 16 -Z Goov. Garoelon repa
~foere the riae committee yesterday.
pNe of Cherryfreld was frst taken up.
t.oa was thrown out on a certificate is.
Sthe atilon Representatives. Witness
tle know the politioe of either of the gena
The returns were thrown out beamuse
. tewn officers was an alien. Witness'
was called to the laws of i77. amended
'which denies to the Governor and
any authority to deolde in regard to the
ty of ofoiers. Mr. (arcelon said that
ered th the law did not apply to this
w po. n u!o the face of the r
nt t an davit that e ollo
of toe hefoet di 4 not kow a
here hl sent ot informlou an
a corree of he returu. Ther
n t, i thepublic ind to have
iveotleaitned. and tthve
uis (W iltuo.') O nsten.
,rl retunrns were h.ibiltted. From
n ere em two trn they were
l ado p et re t tre
ouiave been ountod The seo.
attrachead to w ehichWi e l re
p nb'er 26, stating they were aaltnded
the town returns for tepre.
ve lp the same kind ha d app-e .
Sn dou thathe I had bo e
d threown out whe lnf..oimalon
edo a li w treeoived t wastahgr on
aof eiot washo r to io justiy
an kle H tok fasle otsio.m the coUn|il
is Qhe f int imation he ho d
(I verno r W e o ho ve to to 2 any
the tetimony of others.on o no
ahe o upion of te
ase to uelpg somewnat guilt of
anot havin look redlolue y into
o satemnot nrt wh I made in
pr1It5 reAtele op ih% ,inspection
t o.ouncl. ae e vn
er rh committee on taieo.on
W the re rtain paurties had ac.
turon, Hr o e nedie~tat thi,
iuestion a t olUre .s con
mti that no outside party had
ne returns were kept lit
uisht have been invaffid
lthe tourns b n
atorn. o, umerssengerad ire
etrra. she of manuscrit
a ndwriting.r helid made themh
ecircul ted that on .
was were oounln out, andllowedfo
rnas from ee emoera ti and twentr .
puhlic towns were m er sot.t
cOaed t o the ort by coun
on towns no usion moember
re was edst.t.v of ilen asre.
lma advisers wetor illhor
e s an (no .b.
read to rseaw d lsl. hie h lmwed the
, d e tonr a A FIFO tý taat.t onykAe
ý erno rl Ia . anhad band on riea
lnt euetio tou the couth held
reeonsibntc and no one else. Itwas
lly tunl ezcitme.ad notr
to a letter item ez.Gmov Morril bThe
i oury and Jud e elou. Ie
wt plet that any decision of te
ti. lO e tW o eonutation alred take d y
nodmataerd atied sionmisht
he eeson. we oidtcaedi not che age
n he soueutive was independent of
and, . e w not boilneNI to to ow t
n unless e chose to. a msaid thati
"ZMrwent against a previous opinion and
po m mon me se, as according to it we
nest io not the wte r the
of e court would agree wit hi r
uanilal uonvention at O~lnoinnati.
A Desperate Attempt to Assassinate the
Mayor of Louisville.
LosyvumsL, March i.-- bold attempt ww
yesterday afternoon to assassinateiMao
.fOrtaately without superse. The
- rderer is Iam'l Redd. formerly
of a rang of street sprapers, and whom
ter discharged a day or two ago for
pea. At a meeting to-day Bedd so
.a or and raised s hd as if to
r ds ith bhimn. Baxter stretched out his
when aBedd drew a pistol and leveled it
Uor. saing somethlng about family
sand taking bead from his chlldren's
Se lter Drceived what he was
red. At the time the two men
feet,..art and the pistol nearly
Smayor's clothes. Before Redd coul
.wae w eeseed by another person.
he man hy shot at him.
sedhm aird said. "Youn discharged
!e. Badd. Who was half drunk, was arrested.
A ooNxaScmrnova ronoQI.
'B.caxoxD. March 14--This community was
iStanfled this morning by the publio announce
athat Dr. Luther B. Dickinson. editor and
ri of the Ptanser and Fanners' eaga
,t aO Dromninet citizen of Richmond. has
.g4e' for two years past in a s.
o oournsof forgeries, uhing forged in.
en_ of . sr..Joter & Dicinso . pro
t he Rtgions Herald, to negotiae
own, which he offered for discount
toues k.ig institutions in this city or
t to note ors He has also for some
MusBsed forged Indorsements of Rev. Dr.
. T lor. Baptiset missuonary to Rome.
and has. . Talorrofessor in
wtettore.it lege Nlorth barollma, both of
t he was the brother of Rev. Dr.
ajunior member of the firm of
on. and was otherwise so highly
dispelled all suspicions of the genu.
Sof sanatures forged, and he might
0ontiaued his oriminal operations for a
t meto ome but for the recent death of
1r . Joter. senior member of the firm
1 ot er ADickinson. The settling up of the
.fYe - .of Dr.,oter deceased, led to the disov-.
theforeri. The forger. finding that a
So tis many crimes was about to be
dt.~l __rL I Thrday o·ostensibly on
tbeen heard
01n im endl tl ugingame name sa ereaflt
of M in ie v an hope of extuIatg my
eel rons em treo a u t oa sma lItoe bd
r aoe tterD Dnne. , soleOl
m ypaurpose to devote _a pe my
aninv eoe ohartitblee inncaat and taet
meat on the part of o a O
An lavertlatlon in the fora e owe that
thor will aggregate mleoo or moen.
The Steamer Montand Stranded-Ooolnees
of the Gaptain and Grew.
iawox, rh 1t.- ty the assenoers
o ie strantded steamere onavn rfiKdnrer
anood a = o o r w ave r uh c nreter
poooin r t. Te: olo R !rt
aeotono ter:t T H% t ntt t)
wa bet. t y clear antllmidnight. hen are
roe At -tnail-at m.at,
oth Montanne struck gapt.oUdd dnaraehO nu
t e#wero athe r f : f nhatgt rpwathat
e . r. der, who a on t. wma
the ap to arouse the sensers.
Bat were t once io ouat. Thre m no
oon usjon,aqa e Qnot the slightest o, the o
n toln the nare tonret.th f e quielr
ob. erd all woul be rat. o fel.
with Thirn imoet Williams and Dilot we e
a n of tle b sta,n OPE
anoThe e riint o urt om for. Thrme were
pulled to Hl~8e - In te l t ue
were ro n a i hs burn ed ow Lng te
locality of th e tor. huro ay r foun
mile from no only e . I
,n nerl th er2 ae was
The ae FAgainit Kearney for Threats to
tAN JnatystO', Maryh 18,- In the ~odioe
ourt Pepis Kearney wat plated on trial jp
t e of vel!ar lanauuae Ad 4threats to li.
The lfeui wa y trial. The s Temonyr
intodu oed sow re g-all the gteo a estated
In ht eomolait. e rney was t.e only wit
an or thormen do . .ih earown out oa em,
th rehat. eoa immaterfally m uod fld, tn hi
me t
s tden e enau.ae given In the eoo.
language ueed wg admitted. Kearney a ooun
sel moved to dismias the oase on the around
that the lanuage did not tend oo reate
stance against a person not preasent, ando the
other aginst no one in ouart beint
vague an general threat. The oce was su
mitted, w~0.t tar.llment, and taken under ad.
visement tall Monday.
The Bn Franiso Walking Matroh
O'Leary Ahead,
BaN latxlmSoO, aroh i.-Ina the walking
reth.d ate pem,, O'Leary had moored Ave bun.
rad m ols W ~ton., to.
The lo ane t ao n uf. ers To es s Their
Nlw Toni. .Rwtt 14,-All the piano menu
Otrerm arve made rrangemente to ot e
ther fetrlee to.morrow It ore ntedhat
a iout eso o workmen will be thrown outd of em
way. and rent or t e Doll , who rogue to sl
owir an more eunt r ro o ted.ed
fo nearlyon th oueanud uJano m era who are
?ntereeted oi theagreat..eout ordBred by the
tanu tu t ion o o-morow
h eouh a l of 8teinway& 0 ooji due soink
nR men to ao opt the terms ir them
.Alieatoer abou 4o0o men ana thetmselvea out
of employmet throuoh toe teborgunnes of
aboat o e.szth .of their aumber. Steinway -
on, an, in fect every irm which has rOm
med with the o ena ectrle .by the ex.
tremestep of lootnpout th r hem ee, were
bitt .ay denuounced o spaere t t ere
meived fror various trades u ions. The
strikers sey they will be able to hold out for a
year. if nececcary.
An Irish 3elles Leeture.
WtmetsnTOx, March 14.-A lecture was de
Ivtyed here i-ni ht. in a ewshHynagogue,
by ar. Simon W. llOn. to ait the u*qrbyeo
if Irelena. oie was tro ua by n,
Oflrisn, the seretary of ti I h Meelter i
eut ve Oomnittee. The lecturer aeleoted
r his theme' "eave we not el me Father 7"
The coeslon indoates the heary oo-operation
of the Hebrews in aid of the Irish relief fund.
A fair amount was raied.
Acdhe e were also made by 11ev. Q. W. Den.
son. a Prosete7ant clergymanend other rep
rentatives of the Irish people it Washing
Movemeat of se*an Vessels.
from Savannat. Richmond from Westpolnt.
V., Moro a Me from (. arleston. W ndo
from Rchmond, R, L. Knllihtfrom eeorge
town, Victoria and Adlro dack from Loon
Amenr ue from Havre. reckar from Bremen,
Tyrifa from Mediterranean ports.
AoKsoNVILL, Fla,., March 14,-Schooner Star.
liaht. Qapt. Blake. supposed i0st, arrived here
yesterday. 2t days from New York.
BALTIMORE, .Maroh 14.-Arrived: Steamer
Calvert from Charleston.
Change in the Name of a Iallroad.
CLEVLAND. March 14.-The Atlantic and
Gr Western Railroad Company to-morrow
will formally metamorphosed into the New
York. Pennsylvania and Ohio Railroad Oop
vany Gen. J. H. Devereaux. receiver of the
Atlantic and Great Weatern road. will be presi
dent, and P. lD. Cooper renoral superintendent.
The genoral offices will be located in Cieveland.
The Black eLasles In Virgllna.
Prransnuao. March 14.-A disease] known as
black measles is prevalling to an alarming ex
tent in several adjacent counties. Durlng the
past few days a number of sudden deaths have
resulted from it.
The following is' a full list of the State
conventions called to date:
Nebraska. March si. Arkansas. June 2.
Iowa DApril 7. Tennessee. June 8.
oulelana. April 12. Indiana. June 9.,
Texas. April 2o. lorida, June o10.
Virginia May 19. Kentucly, June 17.
Wisoojae,. May 19. North Carolina. June 17.
Kansas. YMay 25. Mlssssipi. June 21.
Illinois, May 29. South Carolina, June i.
Rhode Island. March is. Wisconsin. May 5.
Texas. March 24. N. Hampshire May .
Kansae March at. New Jersexy ay e.
onnecliout, April 7. Maryland May e.
owa. April 14. Nevada. May 11.
Massachusettsp .Aprils. Florida May 12.
Oregon, April 21. Michigan, May 1.
Virginia. April 21. West Vir, a May 12.
S Carol Ap ril 29s. Tennessee, ay 6.
Pennsylvania. New York, Vermont, North
Carolina, Maine and Indiana have already
elected delegates.
Michigan. March 17. Pennsylvanla. March 22.
Two Mexicans fought at a duel with lassos
at Atoka, Indian Territory. Each was
mounted on a strong horse and armed with
a lasso, or rope with a slip noose at one end,
sucnas is used in catchlug wild cattle. 8tart
at a sgnal, they rode warily toward each
ar, wt lao ready and, when twenty
feet apart, threw them aimultaneously. One
missed, but his own neck was enmeireled by
the noose of his advery. and he was
,erke4 from bla o eio ntgBlth th4
wItdiug ho atIeue.
The Latest News by Cable from
Russia and Germany.
The It. Petersburg Golos Calling for
Reforme-A Russian View of
the Hartmann Matter.
The Pope and the German Government.
Sr. Premasuse, March la.-The Golos pub.
lisbsh an unusual outseoken artiale, urging
reforms as the most deadly weapon against
sedition and anarchy.
The Journm l d at. Parrsrburu says: "The
very day on whichl the French cabinet refused
to give up Hartmnan to the Buslian authorities
Premier ereyoinet had been informed of the
arrival in Paris of fresh douoments, proving
beyond all doubt Hartmann's complicity in the
Moscow explosion. The cabinet's decision
amounts to encouragement to assassins and
is therefore greatly to be regretted,"
Bsnitt. March l--The Ultramontane organ
CGermania Says: be Pope has expresed to
the archbishop of olne his approva of the
latter's reet condemnation of soclallsm, add
ing that it I his ferven hope that pea. e in
coleslastl mater will soon be restor in
Ge many. h ioly ien will leave notnlni
unaone to httaln that result.
Grand Opera House.
The second week of Miss Nellson's engage.
ment begine this evenin at the Grand Opera
House, and with the week, we regret to say, her
engagement oloses, for it is very sel
dom that New Orleans is favored with
the presence of such an accomplished
actrees, whose characterisations of tho
heroines of Bhakespeare have certainly never
been surpeased. and, except on rare occasilons.,
equalled by her predcessors. As to her Juliet,
has Iretue tiy been said by old pDi y.oers
lt re that they had not thoroughly understood
e character until Miss N Ieon gave us her
i erpretatl n of it.
it t tra that we hae een her I only two
of t 0seb charaters i and Viola). yetwe
nk that we ave seen silently to ns
us in beileving er equal to any task that she
may choose to mpose oupon herself.
The wide difference between Juliet and Viola
n every respect, the exquil·nt eoras whlch she
ies to her oqueptýuns, and e ardent devo
tion she manest to eart t h passion a d
intensity o expresson shue throws lato th
non and e Iovey coquettishness and womaua
gracehe edisplays I the other have been
nikabe testsr of er ability tio cop sue
sefully with the heavy as well s the lighter
Ina perlative drare does she pos l a tL
Wtit so many cele bri.ies even are eo lenet.
been ty .rt Ul itr n both
ome t ap ulet and Telfth Night.
Her sample appearance dispels the Idea of
vacancy ann nt u freuently the stage is
never so filled an activ than when msh stands
noonitmute and alone for, If the lips are
sien the sa every feature and eve feature an
like of her beautiful oleoe countenance are
aglow with express on while her every motion
tdýture are as ma words and senences,
wbi onlyamoet intellgletant andtoiff0 con.
deptooftae thoughts of the Great Master
hij if It mpart.
Ae timpresion she ha made as Juliet
nd Viola have been so profound and enehant
nR may we not antipao carnival of intel.
Ioial enjoymen~t during this week, which will
t.rald tis evening with You Like
t wil. lr meelqs aslMfo.,and. tob followed
au ie an t Za.
Me auley'ssgigeement closed last nhrht, and
to-n ght the vile Opera Burlesque Oimpany
opens for a season of two weeks.
Scompany created considerable of a sen
saton here last rear and made many friends
and admire . All the old favorites are still
with it. and as an extra attraction. It is an
nounced that the company have several new
burlues, each fll of good music and ludl
crous situations.
To-night they will present ti Tr vatore. or
the Mothe, the Maiden tnd the usclcaner.
t will old the boards up to and including
the Wednesday matinee.
Notwlthstanding the heavy rainfall of last
niht, the reception of the Mdets, from 7 to
, was well attended. The little gentlemo.
get into the good graces of every one who visits
them. and one interview never satisfies. They
have become immensely popular, and will. no
doubt, have larger audiences daring their
entire stay.
Upon M. De Lesseps's arrival in the United
States the Chamber of the Frenoh Commercial
Syndlcate in New Orleans sent him an invita
tion to visit New Orleans, to whictoh he answered
through the president, M. Antoine Carriere.
by the following letter:
WAsacrTOx. March a, le8o.
Gentlemen and Dear Gountr.ymen-It would
have been a real pleasure for m to come to
New Orleans, where I am attracted so many
family remembrances, and I would have been
happy to answer your amiable invitation, but
dispatches call me bock tW.Franoe and force me
to lImit my journey to San Francisco.
I express my sincere regrete while clinging
to the hope that a second journey to the United
States will permit me to express viva vooe how
much I have appreciated all the testimonials of
sympathy which have come to me irom your
Please accnt. , entlemen and dear country
men. with all my thanks for your amiable letter
the assurance of my affectionate feelinges.
Yesterday there was a meeting of the mem
bors of the Ancient Order of Hibernians at St.
John's school-house, and the sum of $500 was
donated as an impromptu offering for the relief
of the distressed people of Ireland. Amongthe
individual offerings was one of $10o by Capt.
John Fitzpatrick. who has already contributed
liberally to the same object. A committee of
three, of which Mr. Ed. Kennedy is chairman.
was authorized to receive further subscriptions
and forward the amount to the Parnell relief
Yesterday morning at 6 o'clock. Corporal
Griffin. of the Fourth Precinct Station, arrest
ed P. Lacoste. G. Landumsoz. Felix Cohen and
E. Bouligny. on the accusation of being about
to participate in a duel. They were brought to
the station and parolled. It seems that Lacoste
and a young man named Baquie had a diffit
culty in front of the Cathedral on Saturday
Baquie sent n challenge to Lacoste. who re
erret Messrs. Chris. J. Theard and Charles
uny. sonds of Mr. BaQuie, to Messrs. . A.
W dhite . oulgnty, representing Mr. La
ieoP ra routI I OPaD
I" on Satrday mornng at the Olty )Park
e abovo-nraed plrties, the dual did not take
,I°justc0esto s. eM i When and 9eqrse
,a ze.,t y e a theh no
had t tu e~tey
be In omany w ite prospectie
Every preparation has been made to make
the celebration of St. Patrick's Day a memor
able one in St. Patrick's OChurh, and also to
tender It a medium for materi al benefit to the
ruf . e h s wll b un8gb a
e r an the aner pronounced by
The bulkhead on the levee at the head of Sor
8ur teeto so irseouro as to require immee
alate atetlonor r
N dd .illton. a ono coooed boy. resid.
id trlsa i0 test Its c auray o Lee Bright.
go jinatew he raqeed the man. Tbe 6ll0ee
Explosive Lamps.
At a quarto; to 1 last night, a fire oaBased by
a lamp exotloy broke out lin the tlird story
erido and bo ras, occup O edIU nby olw.tin a
a snon store. It seems that a lighted lam
orle r a servant tell tt the lio an
hlightly dam ged tho furnlture an nb&Idlng,.
o laromed was turned in as the Afe was
promptly extinguished
A gasoline lamp ep loded at e:t0 8aturday
eve nltg In the fruit s op of Then. Joseo h, No.
117 Blevlile street. Mrs. Joseph was slightly
urt aut the hands in attempting to put out
the flames.
Fight Between Negroes.
Two colored mn, George Washington and
John Zeller, e gaed il ai fight ina Par-room at
he corner of Sixth and Lcoust. Zel er was out
in the left ide by George, The latter tn hi
rry to escape dropped two airs of shoes an
ls bhat, whioh were taken to the Sixth Preelnnt
Stalon. Zeller's wound was dressed by Dr.
Mitchell. wbo pronounced it serious, but not
necessarIly fatal.
Out His Windpipe.
Winm. Manon, residing at No. 152 St. Thomas
street, wound up a protracted spree by an
temrnt to out his throat with a table kgife.
He lnjurd hgnself seyerely, and was sent in a
ca to e harlty Hosgital. He is the same
one who Jumpei off a barge at the foot of
Toulouse street Friday night.
Dishonest Roustabouts.
Emile Manchester and John Smith, both col
ored. tried to otatn oney on laborers' tlickets
of the Jesse K.Bell. when the tickets had
~ready been paid. Thzey were locked up In the
rbor Station. on the complaint of Mr. Grant.
mate of the boat.
A Careless Boy.
At 10 o'lock yesterday morning a boy amed
Paul Droman, a 14 y riding at o.
Orleans strhee t hot imi hrough
the aim o the riht hand and i the right leg
rwhile carelely bhandling a pistol.
How tht.,arliament Consists at Present-
What the Liberals and Oonserva
tivee Upe For.
tOhlaogo Tribune.]
For the first time since 1874 there Is to be
what is called a general election throughout
England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for
members of Parliament. Both parties have
enlisted in the campaign with vigor and
energy; both parties have issued their plat
forms, and the canvass will be entered upon
at ones. The canvase will be a short one; he
present Parliament will be dissolved March
24, and the writs of the sheriffs ordering a
new election will be Issued next day, and the
elections will take place some time in April,
and the new Parliament will assemblein May.
The British House of Commons consists of
652 members, elected by arbitrarily classed
districts. Thus, representatives are elected
iu "0ooantes," "borougihs" and "un4vers.i
ties." Cities are classed as boroughs The
strength of the Tory or Conservative party
Is to be found mainly in the English coun
ties where the large landed estates are sit
uated. In the present House the Conserva"
tives have 80 majority. The classification
and polities of the present members may be
thus stated:
Tories. Liberals.
Enlish countes ......... .........145 27
English boroughsa...... ...157 145
uttversities.... .............. 4 1
elsh counties ........... a 7
Borouhs ............... ..... ......... I 14
Irish countles .................... 2s 41
Boroughs. ........ ....... .1 24
Universities........... ... i
Scotch oountles .................... 15 11
Borotughls ....................... 2 24
Universities ..................... 1 t
Totals..... .............. .3 30
English members............... e 17a
Welsh members................. 9 21
Irish members ................. as
Scotch members................. 1s 5 s
Total ................... ........ 801
Tory majority in England, 113; Liberal
majority in Wales, 12; In Ireland 27; in Scot
land, 24. The expectations of the Liberals
are that they will make large gains in the
Scotch counties, in Ireland, and in the Eng
lish cities, and these gains are expected to be
so many that the Ldberal majority will be
from forty to sixty. On the other hand, the
Conservatives, who are now in power expect
on account of the anti-Irish feeling to gain
many members in English and Scotch cities
and in English counties, enabling them to
hold not only their present majority but to
increase it.
The Spanish uIll-FIghters.
Speakinog of the fete recently held in Paris
for the relief of the MIureca sufferers, a cor
respondent of the London Truth writes: "Of
all the innumerable lions at the Hippodrome,
the espadas, or professional bull-fighters
were the most lionized. I heard from one of
the stewards of the fete that the five who
were at the Hippoarome are paid for show
ing themselves there at the rate of £40 a day
while they are in Paris. This does not in
clude their hotel bile. In Spain their yearly
earnings range from £4000 to £6000 a year,
and no primadonna receives handsomer pres
ents from male enthusiasts and female ad
mirers. If it were customary for them to go
in their bare feet, they would, I dare say,
wear diamonds on their toes as well as on
their fingers, which are covered with
these sparkling gems. They have double
buttons of diamonds, large as marrowfat
peas, to button their shirt-collars, and rows
of smaller ones fastening their embroidered
linen breast-fronts. In the buckles of their
inexpressibles and the rosettes of their shoes
there are stones of the finest water. Spanish
ladies of rank are not ashamed to write love
letters to espadas, and the ex-Queen, though
on her good behavior cast knowing glaes at
those in front of her box at the Hippodrome,
and nodded familiarly at them. Parisiennes
wondered at her. The espada is a dandy
without being a fop. If he chooses, he can
pass his evenings in the company of grandees.
If he is ill, the King sends daily to inquire
after the state of his health, and he must be
a careless dog if he is not able to retire in the
prime of life from the arena on a good for
That was a triumphal appeal of the lover
of antiquity, who, i arguing the superiority
of an old ac tcture over the new, saitd:
"Where willn aind any modern building
that has Istemso lng a the aolaent "
I fThe DfooT e is rc gle for none of
h~ i ihn a iew t inlooro oomm auniart__
ebe xept fropm ruspoaSbe eparties.J)
To the Editor of the Demoorat:
I wish through your paper to rive a praetical
view of opening and keeping open the mouth
of Bed river. I have had an experience of
thirty year steamboating In that river, but I
am not a topeographiea or hydrographilal en
alneer. I will Arst refer to the out-of made at
the mouth of Bed river and their effects. I will
also refer to the great raft in the Atehafalaya.
The first great out-of was made by Oapt. EH
M. Bhreve. in January, 1680. The out.off did
not, after a few years, have any beneoficial ef
foets in deepening the channel at the mouth of
lied river. As late as 1ae6, during low water,
steamboats had to poll for a long distance up
the right hand channel, which passes around
Turnbull's Island, and expended much time
and money in sooomplishing this feat.
In 16t4 aaotf are t ut-off (the IbeouroI)
w made or pt.t ol tn for he State
of Luisian, Iven this had little effset ven
thedepDth of wtr e t the mouth f ied river,
and the same oimoUltles pr sl.ateti them elv
vis . the gra ual tilling rOi !. the channel e t tlef
fot'rmation or maiO 15f, iWh towPadsInb thb
The Ato bf alara was almqet o oed for aave
ral year by the fortationof a great raft a few
miles below it mouth. Ab it the year ius the
trale government of Iouisiana made an no.
proprisato toreovethls raft. Ater Its rem ova
area vollUe of water beran. t flow down the
east ald of Turnbll's8 Iand into the Atoha
foaya; ths has contiuod to increse or ta
rae yeas, until all of the watr of ed rve
peaaes down the &tIafa y Ilow water the
only er affded for navi ation is the boa
watr of the ea i, wh h river has al
ready made a bar of mud andsands that it I
lnost impossible for the light boats to fp i
through. ow, my idea of depenlng the
FwBter and eeping a permanentc hannel is as
fol ow uid a dim across from the point
wgore river t ebcohbe Ito Oam d rilver t
the iead of Trnul's Island. a ist anal of
about three quarters of a mile. The maxl um
depth in low water I do nt think will be
rer than lo feet. he minimum
depth wi not be greater than six feet; ths
d ncn ilbuilt with trees d brh oraded
with snonPale and stone. This wll throw
e wt dirlydow the left-han side of
u n ll's Ieand. To assilt the current of
river it will be neoe ary to b have a arge
r r move tthemud andrsand bars
or chan nel.
Th areaso two orthree smll sand isleands
at the eadof this chute that the dredleboal
aln also t ay aW it n easy flow of the
hied river into the ditssissipp, and we will have
good navigation the year round. I canno t gliv
an tim te of the coast but think the whole
I do nottn wisha tad thoe nthe Usnit4 States
ensineers, bu t la i some practical steam.
boat n uld obtain the ntract, the work
ol one n one year. I am entiely on .
ose t n lan of 0apt, Dtoen curd ohanti ion
the course of avigation own the Athalay
and akingthepasgeoby way of ayou Pin
unm . This would be 7 or so miles around
dificullt and dangerous toavigate; besides it
O P n 1,0,?a
To the ditor oothe Democrat:
am ladto e in the proeedn o the
sl e an t or the ndi o the w
the preent ondon, and hoe they will coin
viete the measur a earl a pralctcble. But
the Letlslalre is . partin adrom the rdk,
ano the of the costuton in ts: The
I am tutlnd to et In the prondehall be pof th
Leislat re an t for the funirt daofhe ary,
, warranths under ent omipons, to user date in o
theretoo , anhe the rt ofu 8. he t y will oi
the slature departing frop m the ordmake
ntheb of the aonstitution In this: The oto
ble i years from the first day of Jana, eauo, ay
1T0. with a Iper cent toutons, to bear dahe rro.
the first of July, the . The se to the hold
thersi a o . ro t er thert ft of July nex
w1880. Ana b f t ue ir y ne edinary, t 1ho, us
The dwffrerts u hav in oe two dates to nthol,
te of warrats is t o slderable, If dated thr
first of Jaearyo the lders can use ill tahem
this mar uner their consideration. and. i
prncticbl coform their legislation to the de
Some Stories of Life Among the Animals.
[New York Sunl]
In the course of arecent Icy period the
horse of A. J. Ha*ltman, of Belfast Me.,
slipped his halter and went to the black
smith alone to have its shoes sharpened.
A drunken sparrow was recently seen on
the streets of Easton, Pa., and was picked up
and cared for by a peanut vender until it be
came sober. Some one had dropped a flask
of whisky on the sidewalk, and the bird drank
of the liquor until it staggered and fell.
Monkeys are caught in Africa by means of
fermented beer. It is placed by the natives
within reach, and as soon as one monkey
tastes it he screams with joy, and many an
swer his call. They soon get too drunk to
realize the approach of a person and are
easil captured.
D. T. Wlliam, late of Richmond, Va., had
a dog that would take a basket to the wood
lple,,have it filled with chips and bring it in
his mouth to the house. Four pounds of bor
rowed flour was sent by the dog to a neigh
bor. On reaching the house he found It lock
ed and the folks away; so he took it under the
house and laid by it until their return and
then delivered it.
Jet was a faithful dog living in a family in
the Naveeink Highlands. Master Willie
would persist in annoying the animal. One
afternoon, last summer, while Jet was lying
on the front piazza Willie assaulted him with
a carriage whip. 'he dog tried to attract the
nurse's attention and, failing, laid the child
on the floor, carefully took a good grip in his
frock, lifted him, and gave him a thorough
shaking. Then he took up the whip, trotted
off to the barn with it, came back, stretched
himself out in the shade. and finished his
Russian wolves show great sagacity in the
capture of wild horses. T'hey roll and frisk
about until the unsuspecting victim is com
pletely put off his guard. One wolf then ap
proaches the horse's head and another his
tal. Both wolves then spring at their vic
tim at the same instant-one at the throat
and the other at the flanks-and they do not
letgo until the horse is disabled. The horse
turns round and round without attempting a
defense, and is soon on its side and the vic
tory is won. At a signal the pack close in,
and the small fry wait until their superiors
are gorged.
A traveler in the forests of Brazil saw a
hairy spider, with a body two incnes long,
and eight legs, measuring seven inches each.
It was on a tree trunk beneath a deep crevice,
across which was stretched a dense white
web. The lower part of the web was broken,
and two small finches were entangled in the
pieces. One was still alive, but died soon
after its rescue. The hairs of these crab
spiders come off when touched and ause a
maddning rritation. Heay that saw
lthe obtdre. . Indian a .lyt wt one of
these monsters secured 0 eord and lear
it about the house lge a dog.
Old Jae is ona..eitedn onter do o Ear
di, Miss, On a cold, rhdy h. . -e 1.
casu O an old Sportlmuan d spent t 1.
noon by the fire, When bedtime
driven out and the door thumb 1e5 ihe
inide. In the course of the iit
awakened a cold wind b w
andther sat old Jake, The Afre
together with his paws and actually
the dyingembers. The man got oun
near the fire, uthe door and as
Condition of the Allier-Ohilan Ships ]f ,
ing upon Railway Trains,
LIMA, Feb. 11.--By the United
This Indtel a e, l i om p a s. lti
municated by paeseners ona
Montero is reortod iasnl g ne
dition with his forces, and the anew
mender of the Bolivian divIsions, in
ments near Taen, is said tohave
ready to try their fortunes agaln In
Col. (amacho, although not a suol.. iby
fesslon, must necessarly be an Imro
upon his predecesors. Cinpero re
under the title of Supreme Ohibi, ind In
proclamation declares that his wish
epulate the example of Washington--t
change the sword for the p
hook .at the earliest opportunity.
pero was expeoted to arrive t
about the first of this month. he
ships on the blockade off Mollendo have
amusing themselves by firing, without
least provoostion, on the railway trains
that port to Arequlpa, whiceh have to
close to the sea shore for the first t
ffteen mile of the journey. On the recap
a viorous protest from the for n
residig in the port against such
conduct, the Ohbllan commanr re
the railway was the property of the
ment of Pern, and his desire was to rendesr
useless If possible, without reflectng at
same time that the lives of many I
non*oombatants were exposed by such
leees meaaures. The trains now run at
and, as then, the blookaders pr
abandon the vlolnty of the port for
torpedoes there have been no further
The same activity prevails in Idme. a,
tioned in recent dispatches, with
militar preparations. Troops are
ly movlng and exerclsing, guns are o ,
trldgemaohlnes are at work niht andw
the government powder factory sp
plenty of that article, and the peop ag
determined to see the fight out as ever.
now Iles icame Isnto asMs t .
(Woodford (K,.) Bun.]
Few of the farmers of thisountº
aware what a deth of at
George Washington for the Introd
mules into general use for farm pn
Previous to 1788 there very
those of such an inferior order as
dice farmers against them as tm
e with horses at work upo
000" e7 there e
tý becme convinced that the
would I tdt ea
are les liable to dises
and work upon shorter feed, and are
less liable to be injured than horses
less servants. As soona it
abroad that thellustrlous w at
to stock his Mount Vernon estate
the K of pin sen him a j
jennetsrom the roy stables, ats
sent another Jack and Jennetrom th
of Malta. The first was colar,
hands hlah, heavily m ad ,c,
nature. He was named the RoyG
other was called the Knight of
about as high, lithe, fler, even to
The two sets of animals gave him
favorable opportunity of m
ments by or bree the rd.f
was the TLvorlte Jae.,
partook of the best points Iln h
The General bred his brooded mares to
Jacks, even taking those from his famlo
for that purpose, and produced such
mules that the country was all agog to
some of the sort, and they soon became
common. This was the origin
mules in the United States, and
seventy years ago, there are now so
third and fourth generations of i
Malta and Royal Gift to be found In
and the great benefits arising from
troduction to the country are to be
every cultivated acre in the Southern
Army Inereasi.
(New York Tribuneal
The increase of the German army 1
followed by a similar asumentatloo
armed forces of other continental
France a complete reorganization of
infantry and cavalry of the army is
by the Minister of War, Gen. OlCinhant
L(en. Gallifet being at present engaged
Maring a scheme embodying the Ide
In Italy also an increase of $2,000 000 s
ordinary vote of the military estý
1881 is proposed, to provide for an
tlion of the effective oavalry and to
erpense of calling in every years
number of the men on permanent f
for a period of training. It o alsop
to shorten the time between the
the men of the elass who are co
their period of service with the colors
incorporation in the army of the reoru.it
are to take their place. The
vice is to be reorganized, and the mo
territorial militia raised without delay t.ý
strength prescribed for the two forces
tively; while, finally, Gen. Ricotti, a
of the Budget Commiession and
Minister of War, has demanded that
category of each year's contingent of
shall comprise In future 75,000, lnstead
at present, 66,000 men so that the
the army of the first line may be fr
800,000 to 880,000 men.
The Tricks of the NIJiWsle.
IN. Y. Tribune.]
The Nihilists resort to sly mancanvrA
order to put their persecutors off the
and to tire them out. They denounce
another, and the police are kept for
running on a fool's errand. Itls known
numerous arrests have been made in
quence of last year's events, and ofat
rested almost two-thirds were seized
grounds of anonymous denun
were afterward set free; but many
course to pass a long time In prison
their liberty was restored to them. Tl
Nihilists carried on a plot. They
write to the Third section to the se
"in the house of such a number, in
street, on such a floor, etc., there was a
press, and It was being worked fro~
night till & in the morning." The
night the pollee would appear, only to
press or anything of the kind, but y'
Ing inmates, who showed themsl5iv
fectly ready and willing to assist the
in their search. A fortnight would
and the Third Section would again
an anonymous communication of
contents to the former, and the same
would be again gone through. The'
werenaturally annoyed by these
letters, and began todisregard them
beit, te ton npurpin _

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