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er wasia good demand at easy rates to.
law and New York ight were strong,
U were quiet.
. Console and Premium Bonds alosed
mir tk Oompan shares were frmer and
4sariy al others well maintained.
delosed steady here for seots.and active
ag messular for futures. New York spots
ie narnd futures steady. Idvpool eosed
asA1Ie for epots.but with futures rm.
' e_ was dull and tending down.
fagin einm pathy with the stron feeling at
SdidmBkts. continued firm.
sla, tough quiet. eshibited a better feellin
" u e nWew York advises.
uIemumauenoe of the advance of lo roele re.
m d4a ls ee, at Rlo de Janelro. and the I.
wall gllet of lMd In Exchange. our market
lUin aythting.teadler.
41eWnvs quiet. Oats were firm. Bran was
I'ra,. Bary wee eay.
aboislos oontineed easy.
udessules. frit and country products con
e qualet,
`` BRYE ANla. 3XPeO3 UV t0 O P. 6 .
'gggagrO O BIZoVr . LAZE AND
1..... L8 eat. casks.... I
l , rck. 10,47
... 5 ...... 1.o81
80 8.4 b "...«.,.. 417
........... 804
b ..... 1.0 o ...... 119
t ta........ 187 t o ..... 00
... 1 .p.. xest ... 100
S...... T7 ko o.hhd.. 8
s...... 100 2 t .bbl
sos s ...b. . eOl.ebls4a 8 8
r 6m sa95a9.11,Dbir " 41
41 ··rbra ulk. ba.. 44.12 Cotton. bales.... 1969
r om arOnta roaEs.
s 105."""·. I6 0Mrn5 sb....... 67
. f1 our. bhls..... 6100
0 ooF k. bs..........
-Owm some time the movement in our local
+wMa futures has been prinolpally in Mars,
i sales of which sumated up last week 12,850
S ad have resohed thus far this week
laoes. including 840O to.day. which is the
sale in one day of any month since the
<<, 11i.aUon of our local future business. Two
+.-~lralone were of 1o00 bales each, and were
.:- m ana sted at iso, one between the first and
sa-. lld adlls and one after the third calL .The
S uaM rateued before first call at 1s.9o12..8; at
ilrJat ca at 1i.92 19.95 also: between the first
: osesond calls at 12.9e12.97; at the second
d+.s1 ss.esi1.99: between the second and third
4lr at Mapoe1s.00; at the third call at 1 0o
;l r .Oas, and after the third oall at 18,02
* to 1s.ei. The bidding and offering
eatse lively during the day and rather ex
4tward the close, when the Exchange
nuiam s became crowded with members of the
han~hange and the bidders and offerers mounted
:-'iso as to be seen and heard. The more
a a fsuial animation,. or rather excitement.
. · buted br some to attempts at a corner
A'M thers to efforts to squeeze, but by the
graatto buying to ring out contracts or cover
: at vsen at a marked advance In price. Dar
lilroh ex.itement it was reported that several
algae efforts were made to break the market,
ek, from the course of prices above, were ap
a gemlmrinot unsuccessful. When the Exchange
A iaagnounded for the cessation of tranesotions
.allseedlot was at its height, with a feigned or
mad ahade of weakening visible on the part of
"1 baule.wlho, however, retired from the field
" - aserent good order, with determined aser
SW aIe n their part of waging the battle to-mor.
ne w! h rsenewed vigor. In the meantime the
1-; Oae-on are on the aui vive of expectation
. lt results.
AN. (. Chroalole, March 1.]
o ttrecelpts from the plantations slne0
1t . n 1879-80, were 4,627,86 bales; in
rea 61a9.o0 bales; in 1877.78 were 8.905.
h the receipts at the out ports the
Swere c68 bales, the aotual move
slromplEpt ion1. was only 51,068 bales, the
e beilndrawn from stock5 st the interior
,m e Last year the recelits from the planta
oe the usame week were 72.389 bales, and
L tey were so.4s8 bales.
(From a Correspondent.]
m N Oatehex Cotton Mills. Natche. , Miss..
lndles. have been so successful that they
i aelvy concluded to add to its capacity
m daless brlnging the capaclty to 10,000
l st ansd 880 looms. The capital stock has
laoreased from $100,000 to 0.0ooo00. The
stoLk when offered was instantly taken by
eld stockholders, no opportunity being
for new ones to come in, The Dres.
iand manager. Mr. R. F. Learned, will pur
the machinery. The building for the ad.
is already under way, and they will be
agagWi as the Bosaline Cetton Mills.
[N. Y. Shipping List.]
'ikere Is an improved demand in domes
"es-l. While there is nought of a specula
bqhr aoter. buyers are disposed to purchase
oe of their immediate wants as better
.is on can now be secured than later. At
pr oints the advices note that holders
mmwew oconfdent of early improvement, as the
4a movtn at muoh greater rapidity than
ess BtStatistal omparisons show the fol
· 1is.e-Sales to date, as.81t casks, agalnet
• - asksm same time last year showing an in
4 earsof o pereOent, or 9989 casks. In addtion
t hs is not the trivial suoply ahead of
Nmiabna,. whioh will speedily be sold, and it
eonsumer instead of a competitor of the
m . Foreign are active, with advancing
IN. Y. Chroniole.]
se Is some apprehension of a stringent
market during the next thirty days.
ent is madethat the banks are already
-seduced in their reserves than is usual at
Sa year; that the amount of stooks
as wellas merchandise carried on
P now r peulative customers is
nevertbeO; and that the high prices
ta e on exi rtswhile th e
ta o n e iwof an ezport of gold pthan
ne iportaion, These views have
on , but on the other side
n dispatnhes report that "8eore
rmaa has decided to invest every week
4 per cent bonds all his revenues less
e.I vpenditnres. and a proportionate share
seemnrlng interest on the public debt."
to rina rectt indication of the course to be
m b, erere y SBherman. it ls about
'.Urent to sag t he will do all in his
. er " to keep the money market easy.
IN. Y. Shipping List.]
detit of ship building r thh ear
June so. 187. show · te o
beiig 42.44 Iess than the
Therepas been lUing offof
seaI 9
a2 6 tonnae 1,U, I. enen et folow..
aoee nmber M 60 nd to nags s, . W5.2.
aasohuNet thira 03 tho lin t havingin
mo 541 , rerssleti t 444,56Q.1 in tonnage.
L bho tal for the United States is U5.1 !n nnum.
e, the aggreg ofwao n e 10s ,9,
5.506. incuding ladte n river era1
IN. T. Commercial Bullettn,.
It was retorted l the sua trade heretat
land egainst the sate there of then pro15t of
Americ reaerle , unaderthe olam t the
process empeloye Lm aure e
o. Bment pof an Dmn. aPO It wans
ourte" r re" potredb L tLt cmiolt Or t0 i e rt
the rDritiaauthtemi I0d ko tesd tha morst
trade anltmentr from ne naa ot
rry__aee among the leadingju.
sa e temorwas ra oeor t
sta.erents the reports were very mroh ex
ex rated It wans stated y severl repre
of the houses that there ad
no teia lllns off in the export
trade n that menteaof rei ed ar
re eing ma e e, teme heretofore.
Sn ron alluded to was only tak
. sto firm RerO who it w" lr +d
anh cture ofut r he
be mre oro temporry
(Chicago Tribune.)
Th eUounh is advtci. ýrapidly Now that
eme o e tivate and im rov their ooun.
try; ralroads and canals to fs Utate al oom
amcial tran otions; millns an teri, to
anufacture ail they can at home; o an
rases, o tho an educate their oahldren,
ewhich te s them in op deveiop all heir
our. of nustry. Ther e are eo i omineatg,
and wil oy taxe time to be brought to
perfection. The eoutha hould excel in
successful agriculturists. begase they cas
work the year round on their tarm. and
stock does not need the adoe or snelter
that it has to base in the North. In
th central and southern localities thy can
tfe two crops alear-one as a green Orop to
enrich the soil. 0uo0s0 awaits the immigrant
n proportion to his industrial and eoonomrnial
habits. It was formerly an opinion that the
climate was a bar to any extensive use of white
labor It has been fully tested and acknol
edged that labor in the opeu air is feasible in
all portionse o the uth exoept ip the very
low, swampy and lallarious loalitie. The
hte labor is Ireas in the rural distriOts
every year, 7whie negro labor is decreasing. As
the negroee like to be together they prefer
working in towns and villageee; oonseanuently
the towns and tllages are overstocked with
ne ro labor. and the laborina osaases of the
whItes are flocking to the countr y--so nopw
there are many localities where the work is
done wholly by the whiteas.
(Our quotations of foreidms ace domestic mar
kets are from thecoeing telegrame.J
Thus far Clearances. Balances.
''is week..."."..... 7.986.844 05 !760.825 24
s t week...."....... 10,078,016 79 698.464 67
This week last year.. 5.982.798 10 698.896 89
Tun Mos ] Manx.r-Exhibits more anima
Smoeptional commercial paper is quoted s
9 oent; Al do-4.: collateral loans : loans
on call at the banks 500 9 oent : annui. and
on the street -GO; Al mortgage 8; second grade
nNsn 1ox-Mone rate s 0 cent.
LoxDox-Bank of England rates 9 oent; Con
sols 97013.16.
Panis-Rentes 89.40.
ILevan-Mexican dollars rule at as. trade
dollars o9096. American halls and quarters
par. Bullion in London 62 1-lOd: here. fneo 1
14 410 9 oun0e.
Axuaarssn (ow-CalifornIa 1e0 cent dis
ont; light weight Ur*par; mutilateds 9 cent
Fos51N Conrs - In currenyor: Five-franc
pieces so*-c. twenty-irape pieces $3 780-.
sovereigns $4 7604 66. ten thaler pieces 8 601
-, Spanish onubcons $156 8-. Patriot doub
Sons -. s Mexican doubloons s$1 [email protected],
.exian twenty Oesos pi~aes $19 s601 46,
oauth Amerioan gold 90oo pesoe, German
twenty marks 54 o6064 7.
BTsaL'XO-Strong Here commeroialis 486e
4s. ban, [email protected], bank counter rate --4487,
bankers' 48%. bnkers' sight 488%: at NewYork
commercial is 488%®484. bank 48490486.
Ptosa-Q uiet. erec ommeroial ares.l91
-. bank 5.185; at NewtYork commercial s.91%,
Nsw .Yoax Swn -Strong. Commercial $1 so
premium per siono. and bankers' counter
checking rate Si s0 premium i c1000.
10L. m............51% 51% 82% 82%
12 m...............51 651 82% 89%
1:80 D. m..........50% 51% 82% 82%
S.m........... % -- 82% 82%
se yeeerd 1% - 82% 82%
h t ..% 51% 80% 80%
ThIs day l'styear.49% 49% - 94%
11:27 a. m.--s0% bid.
4 N... c- n% 106% 10r% 106% Lnd% -
4) o0... - 107% 107% - 110 -
s, new.. - - O8 - 10% -.
Governments weak.
[The flolowing are the latest quotatone the
inside figures indicating the bidding rateand
the outside the asking rate.]
RuLanoD Bons-ouhioago, 8St Louis and New
Orleans ailtroad aompany. Tennessee lien
---. first consolidated mortgage ll--.
do second mortgage ---, Jackson Railroad.
first mortgage [email protected]%. do second ooupon, with
coupon, [email protected] do second debt 116-. New
Orleans ana Mobile Bailroad --. New Or
leans Pacific ---. Oanal and Claiborne street
first mortgage -4-. New Orleans CityBail
road mortgaage [email protected]%. New Orleans Water
works Oompany mortgage, 10%.%-.
MxiazLLatzuo v BoNDs-Small State Console
[email protected] City Oonsolidated Bonds [email protected]
Bonds ---. Drawn Premium Bonds 12771,8.
Citry Ten Per Cent Bonds ---. Waterworks
Bonds ----.
WLaan ATs.Soastr.ET.-Levee Warrants - s95;
State Warrants, 1879 reoelvable for licenses
and taxes. -®-. Police Warrants-1-74., -(
1875. ---.City 0Srip--187sT,457 1875. 4.%0so%;
1878, [email protected]; 1877. [email protected]; 1887. @a5% T4. 8ehool
Oertifcatee-1874 and 1875. [email protected]%. Half Paid
City Coupons -*as. Interest ertificates on
State Consols-J-anuarr. 1879 60067%; July,
1879. -0-. Privileges' on Premium Bonds
%@,% 1 cent. Unpaid State Coupons --90.
8Txoos-The * before the following quota
tions of stocks indicates Friday's weekJ quo
tations of the New Orleans ,Stock Ezchange;
the t, last sale since 'riday; the , last sale to
day; a, with dividend; e, ex dividend.
Banks. Par Value. Bid. Asked.
Canal and Banking Co...... 10o .cs -
Citizens...................... 100 ta5% -
Germania National.......... 100 t93 -
B.bernia National........... l 6 7
Louisiana National.......... 100 99
Metro. Loan and Savings... i- o 9 -
Mutual Nationa4.............100 'oo99% 10o%
New Orleans National..... loo '107 115
People's.................. 50 *6 -
State National............... 1o 101 -
Union National.......... . 100 '86s 8s
ur. c utal........ 90 91ws.
and Trd 1...- 00 til -
remen's .................. s '52 % -
Germsnia Inearunee O0 " .. le I8o -
ibernhs Inauranoe......... 100oo t6 -
ome sura ......... 40 '78 29
Oe .uranoe.............. 100 '68 67%
S.................... 6e -
Merht ut ........ 100 19% 10
0New eans Ins. Ass'n ..... 0o 39
People's In. B"mpany..:.. 4 'a1 -
u.n Mutual...." ..... . 100 '10 171
Tni ........... ...00 11% -
r o...... so ' 8% as
t .....« 1000
Cn .. arc 187
y .......... 1...100 1 86.
1O . rks Cmpay. 100 51* -
t.ore q m any r ..... 60 '3 8%
to71 mpares. so "et 5aX
AUPA 10AL.M01.
s.o as terwo mpay ........ a
100 sare aterWOr mpany ........ 40%
0s isares erman . uranoe go . 8o%
10snareas Geimans ansuranoe Co .....
80000 remium Bonds (B, to April drg.).... 82s
SOARD T 2 2[M.
20 ror om ny........ s0
5s areLouisias e mey...... o40
55.000 tate nsos 8o) .... ...............
40.000 remtum Bon ...................... 87%
10000 Premium Bonds... ..... 8.
o0.000 remum Bonds(B. to prdl dra.).... 8M%
40.000 reium uds . to Julydrg.) .... 0134
o.000 rinum onA . to Julyr d.r).... 81%
Prtvilee on $15.000 remium Bonds (April
drg.) % º Cent.
.OSD AT ":80 P. M.
10 shares terwors mpay...... 61
15 shares aterwor mpany...... sl%
20o sare sterwor 0omny ... .. "1%
so are aterwor mpan ..... ... 51%
hsrs Watrworks omp 9 (8100) 61
S r utual Ins ... 92%
00 teons ......................... s
,ooo000 (B. ) .................. 1
1.000ooo Premium nds .................. a
100 res Waterworks Company..... 51
lo$10,000o Premium Bonds...................... 53
Sshares Waterwors oman....... s.1
18 bare Wa r rwor s mpany..... 61 9" .
.000oo rem ... n ............... s
s0.000o reminm Bonds (B. o).............. a.
75.000 Premium Bonds (B. 0o) .............. 874
iwt Yo . Mrch 17.-The followll is the
ver... . . ........- »...... 1s%
e r -ere.---- -----... . s9%
r preferred ........... .... ..17
u DreMs.-....... 69
S pr. .................-..117 4
n ..n .... ................... e
Spreferred.............. ...... 14%
S ........... .e....... 114
- "p................................ 14X
086Dh·*·**W****U**U* 86%
o. t n......d.......... s10
ama.n » ht ................. .......17
v aa na and Western.... 91%
an ........r...............- 91%
w or ntral and Hudson.... ..--. 122)o
e.................... ........-. 44%
eBhQqre and Michigan Southern....... too
~ola Central ex dvivdend. ....... -
assvilie and bhattanoogs............. 84%
eveland a iuburgguaranteed.... .110
icago anl ltortthwestern............ 9
i 4an Northwestern preferred...... 10o
etrn Unio'.-. .
BubTreasury Balances -- oIn. $104.7rsa.7o;
ourreacy, so,s86.084.
Sa lasusa.soo, March 7.--Olosing prices of
miliang stocks are as follows: Sales.
bp .......... ............................ a6
&Bo ser............................ am
o r .a.. ............................. 8
cR .onsolidatdri n......... ..:.......... 1
an it.... .......................... 1
i onsolidated ......................... 17%
nBelle................................... 1
.....ke.............................. 7%
Oulr quotations o Domestic and Foreign
Markets are from t cloin legrams, and
our Cbotton statistic from the Orleans t
ton &change.)
were steady throughout the day, the decline at
Liverpool being counteracted by Afrm spots and
steady futures at New York, but buyers were
rather indisposed to go on in antioipation of
further developments abroad, while factors
were not free sellers. This consequently re.
striated the movement, the sales amounting to
onl 8100oo bales. The supply was moderate and
the assortment poor.
The Cotton Exchange reports sales to-day
8100 bales, including -- after a p. m. yesterday.
Market steady. Stained %@Mo less than
white of the same class.
This day.
To.day. Yesterday. last wee
Low Ordinary....... 1%
Ordinary............. 11 11 11
Good Ordinary..... 11% 11% 12
Low Middling........ 1 12% 12%
lddlni ng.......... 12% 12% 18
Good Middling....... 18 181
Mlddlin Fair........ % 18% s18
opened firm. ruled firm at noon and closed
active and irregular. The sales summed up
9000 bales, including oo00 between calls. against
a total yeserday of 4800 bales, Including 8100
between calls. The movement to-day was prin
cipally in Mays, of which the sales comprised
sao bales. The largest sing'e sales were 1000
Mams between the first and seeond call, and lo0o
after the third. both at 13.00oo
The inside figures of the fohowing quotations
at the closing calls are the bidding rates to-day
and the outside figures the asklng rates.
----- lose.-- -Averag sales.
To-day. Yesterday. To-day. Yest'rd'r
Jan... 11.600 - 1.000 - - -
Feb . . l.auo - 11.72011.74 - 11.70
Marbc - @ - [email protected] - - 12 76
April. 12.90012.02 12.81012.83 12.88 12.82
May.. 13.02018.04 [email protected] 13.01 12.91
June. 13.12913.14 t3.o0418.05 13.11 13.06
July.. 13.16 - 13.100 - 13.16 183.10
Aug-. -- @- 18.184- - 13.18
SeDt.. 12.60012.68 12.54012.58 - 12.54
Oct... 11.93011-9 11.88e11-90 11.93 11.89
Nov .. [email protected] [email protected] - - 11.60
Deo .. 11.600 - -I11.6 - - -
Before First (all-May. 300 at 12.98; 200 at
12.92: total 500 bales.
First Call-May 300 at 12.93; 100 at 12,92; total.
4oo bales.
Between First and Second Calls-April. loo at
12.85; May. 800 at 12.96; 100 at 12.97: total. 500
Second Call-May, 1oo at 12.9; 700 at 12.99: June.
too at 13.11: July. lou at 13.16; total. 1000 bales.
Between Second and Third Calls-April. 100 at
12.90; May, 1000 at 18.00; 800 at 13.05;100 at 13.06;
total. 2000 bales.
Tird Call-May 30so at 18 05 300 at 18.06; 800 at
18.; 600 at 18.08; 300 at 13.0;: 6otober. 100 at 11.93.
total, 2300 bales.
After Third OCall -May 1200 at 18.00o 600 at 13.02;
o00 at 183.01; total. 2800 balee.
Market. ales. Middling.
New Orleans. ·teady ........... 3.100 12%
Galveston ....Nominal ..-....... -.-. 12
Mobile.........Quiet ............. 700 12%
Savannah .... Very quiet....... 200 12%
Oharleston ....Steadier.......... 12o 12%
Wilmington ...Dull................. 12%
Norfolk .......Quiet............ 120 12%@12%
Baltimore..... Dull .............. 115 1i%
New York .... Firmer........... 669 13 8-16
Boston.........Dull............ .... 13%
Memphis .....Quiet ............ 6oo 1%
Au ....... afu-et ........... 351 121
Cincinnati uiet............. 400 12%
St. Louis...... rm............. o06 12%
Bots-Opened quiet and firm and cloesed
Arm at yesterday's rates. The regular sales
oomprised 66bales, and the deliveries on con
trat 600 bales.
Quonations-Ordinary 117.160. G Ordinary
12.e. Strit Good Ordinary l2%c, Low Middling
12,1-le, 1 Mldl e Uplands 18 -16, Middling
lOreanss .6l0, and Midding Texas 1S-.16o.
LI C~6 tie~ d r steady at
noon and c stedt y, with sales of 127..0
To-day' Today's Yeterdas
Opening. lose. Cioe.
_ ......oo a
November • . 11 19607 1 110Sle 1 0.11 t 10.
» mbr 19.. it - 14 19019 120912.02
t uotation previous to aoose.
this sat This week
To-day. week weZ.e. last year.
eW Orleans .... 2,691 18.700 15s62 10.911
ton*....... 604 8.697 8.806 8.818
o .......... 677 2.241 2088 2.161
vannab........ 996 4.14 8,978 2,694
harleston .... 480 1.780 1.944 2.845
lngton .... 22 166 819 614
oflk .......... 1,08t 5,796 5,016 6,418
tlnore ....... .... lot 4 2e6
ew York ..... 9 2,694 8929 8.878
ton ...... . 189 1.891 8,247 4.620
hildelphla .... 40 278 611 582
arou ........ ... . ... . ...
Total ........ 142 86 095 89,e79 85,721
Net receipts since Sapt. 1. knias year. Last year
At thle port .......... ....1,.816,e17 1.078.27
At all U. B. ports.............882.80 8.998.067
At this port. At all U. . ports
1879-80. 1818-79. 1879-80. 1878-79.
G.. Britain... 687.481 4767.69 1.76 411 1,691.2e 8
Prance....... 908.010 189.981 292.912 86.,964
Contlnent.... 196 962 271.810 674,687 804 01
Total....... 1,042,899 087,010 274,7 0 2,761.968
lnoieluding Ohannel.
At this port. To-day. This day last year.
ota .............279629 284,851
a s ail oard...... ,807o eo0649
RLavinoja presses 291,89 178,702
At all U.8. orts. To-day. This day las year
Total............... 847.084 580.113
BSors-Wore aoul ind easier at 1.1-d deoll e;
7d for Middling Uplnds and 7 5 led for Mid
dUng Oreans. The sales comprised 5000 bales,
of which 4100 were American. The receipts
comprised 10o.10 bales, of which 6e.4o were
P1TunVs-Opaned steady and closed frm.
D ELrnvSaIs--Uplands, any port not below
Low Middling, were quoted as follows: Jauui
ary -. February -. March 7 7-2d Marsh and
rll 7 8-16. April and May 7 6.82t7 3-lsd. May
and June 7 7.32d, June and July 7d, July and
a-gust 7 9.82d, August and September 7 7-8
73d. September and Octobr7 7.82d. October and
November o7ld; November and Deoember-d.
December -d.
Dull 'and tending down. Quotations'-89
francs for Tree Ordinaire (spot) and 89 for Low
Middling (afloat).
Cotton. Steam,. Sail,
Liverpool............... --09-asd 6-16021.644
Bavrre.............. .... .... 21-990
Lremen .......o....
otterdam.............. ....d. -...
vol....................... .... o
Oronetadt.............. .... o Nd
enoa...................... ....0 30
r ona.... ......... .... o
ew York ................. ...
Boston. Providence. Fall
Rlver and Philadelhlia.
via New York.......... go ....0
Grain to continunt B or.. [email protected] . . -d
Baltimore. via New York 11-16o ....o
Oil cake to the United
K n mdo m ...... .. . . .....
Oi11 e to Liverp'l, ton "e 265
Sluar to Nw York. B hhd 3 0o
Molasses. B bbl............ st no
Bice..... ................ 50
[ Our quoations represent eholele prices
except when ob lots are specified.]
La Toooo-Bnnis stoolk soo hhds. Dart
of which is h for loal deliver and for ship
met. Week sales 1 hhds. utting grades
are in request and higher than the following
quotations, whlch are for export tobacoo: Lo
lugts s$%,e 11, Thedum 4146%a. good and
fine ~Xe06. Low letaf 0660 esumre e
7Xc. good and fine 7%8o. seetioens 90100.
MAnAuVAOTvaa Toarooo-Active and strong.
Fine plu s6007ooo B. fine medium soae0..
Bright quarters, common soun . s40460. Bribght
Yavy. 4's and s's. 400 Black sweet 5i60.
No. 6 's and 1o's,.dark blact sweet 8a480.s avy
ibs black s4 o, navy 's blck 20860. ancy
styles, natursl lest. .70.; No. . i. extra fan
Svoaa-Oootlnuee in fair request and firm.
Reoeipts 119 hhde. Exports none. Stook under
the sheds 7792 bhds.
Interior 6sa o, oommon 6X .7go od
common 727i. fair 7%@. o good fair 7%@7o.I
fullr fair7%. 7o, prime 7%o.ctrli~tly prime
--7740 choie s'eKo . seoonds 607Xo,. yellow
. off white 8a 9o. ohoice white
larioed % oX 0 white --0%
Moxo mm--Continues in lair demand and
firm. Beelots 386 bbls. Exports 742. Stock
under the sheds 8a58 bbls.
Inferior 2lsso,. common 9o08se " gallon,
oentrifugal 800420 fair 84880. prime 4208so,
strictly prime 6ake8. oholoe -60wo. cistern
bottoms 4*680.
BC -Quitet and steady. No. I 4!0o4%- com
mon 6%.%',0. ordinaryr s%@ o. fair e10 ,
good 6%067o. prime @7407%o. oholog 7.J7%e
[ The foloteing prices arefor round lote. Job
lots are [email protected] more per bbl according to
FLOUn - Is steady. Fine $4 2*4 so. su
erfine [email protected] 25, single extra so s 2 0,
double extra so o605 76. treble extra 8e6* 2.
ohoice extra $-06 60. family $-46 62%. fancy
S 760-.
AND PearL MEALS--$8 400o 60 per bbl.
ob1s M .L-sI 4as 6o 1 bbi.
Qars--Good choice I8.
4oMn!-$S2 75,8 1 bbL
Eavua-4 sos 500676 bbL
[Our quotations are for wholesale lots on the
landing. Dealers job at the followinua advance
from store: roan 2(4c per bushel, Oats [email protected]
per bushel, Bran [email protected]'Ac per 100, and Hay $2
@8 per ton.]
O(Jo IN SASca K- In good supply, fair
demand and quiet. White 540580. white mixed
b50640. yellow 5506o. yellow mixed o540# o
OATs--In light supply, fair demand and firm
at [email protected] 1 bushel.
BrAs-Ie in light supely, moderate demand
and stronger at [email protected] os 5 cwt.
HAI-There is no choice and prices are nom
inal. while prime is in fair enuoply moderate
demand and easy: choice [email protected] 1P ton. prime
[email protected] ordinary $-0-.
BunK CooB--alable at 49'00 for mixed •
bushel, white s30640. yellow 520a~80
BvuL WnAT--None here. Salable ats$-- 1 40
1 bushel.
[ Our quotations of provisions are for lots at
wholesale. Jobbers' rices are [email protected] per bbl
more, and @/e®c higher per lb.]
Provisions are quiet and easy.
Poax-l12 75012 87% 9 bbl for new.
BanarsrAa BACON-Ordinary 070e,. choice
8a @-0.
Bio--Shoulders s6%o. clear rib sides -0
7%-o 9 Ib. clear sides [email protected]
DBTa Sa M.tEs-Loose shoulders 4%@1-c.
packed 4%04340. clear rib sides 6X0-c. clear
sides [email protected]
Haas-Oanvased-Chotce small [email protected] .
medium 8509e. large 840.
Lm*-R-efined in tierces 73(@-- refined in
keas 8*s4c, refined in buckete [email protected] Packers'
lard-tieroes 734(--. keas -Oao. pails [email protected]
PAoalt s' Hoe PoDuoers-Prime mess Dorg
$115os l.extra prime lo o5011. rump ork $10
V bbl. Bide ribe [email protected] 0 tier1 e and $6 e
bbL Pi pork S o5006 75 1 half bbl and sn1201250 w
bbL Ham seausages 5 9 -- b . Pickled pi
tongues [email protected] apiece. Pi feet $1 t40 keg.
$ l25 firktn. and $-06 bbL
BE---Western Is selling at $10012 76S bl.
and *7 91 half bbl. Fulniton market I s628 50
• half bbL
BurTza-Inaotive. We quote: Western cream
ery fancy. [email protected]: New Yorkt reameryr fine. s
4t, do prime [email protected] do dairy choice 2526. do
dairy fair to good i0061; Western dairy, choice
28.24;do fresh p.icked prime 21, do fresh packed
good. 20.
Osna-In fair'supply and moderate de
mand. Choioe Western skims 10183% Ib;
prime do 12124:; good do lo01le.
Ox-Coal oil--ordinl ary 9le0e ga in
barrels. s12o in cases. Lard oil--No. .
fanll strained eoe7e. winter strained 6070.
Linseed oil-raw 6aSec. boiled 8000o. Cotton
eed ol-crude 2040. refined 556o.
-Mackerl-o. . ils 6875, halves
1S 6s. quarters so s: kits 9;e: No. 2
bbls 68 76. hatves 75~b. Quarters 52. kits
810; No. 8 large, bbls 1 50, hsalves 28 .
quarters $ 25. kits 8: 0 o. 3 medium, bbls
$6. halves 15 2. quarters 61 s. kits 780
xtra mese. bols $. halves . quar
ters 6 57. kits $ 75 Extra No. 1, bbls.e .
halves a1 a, quarters 058. kits L£97. Her
S 6,halves $52 quarters 1102. kit
w 60066.. N
Domesto Axo Pomoe r aw Nte-
- t bl. Mes gn o sens
l* 8 25 .box.
.Dool% 1i ]A. ioi oLe Fairs $,AISJte.
, ereol6oI Pebbla e.rpa [email protected],
-tbox. AY n $-so. ial # -rrnox. N os
e b ri $-pp-lerm 80 . DP
O09'R B~r r sODU 905'
Our ota.ton repmesend ~oesae prints
s the 12o. De .er s obt walnuts o
ors-9wex. Maila araoss 6 109 1 90
bbt Dried apples 610 9 lb. Droed Pa
wr queoolaiionrs epresent wholesale prices
o.e se Dealers o dbtoai -0 mogreen seas
- oT9 PQOAz-8 a1 262 bbl loose. a
1~?soa so half bbl and t-
u o60 l mediuo s -b-un_ .
Vs- -bstLerU-Lin Oabbaes 64 55
5- ora, eho.oets 6 9t bbl. arrots 50mi0e
[email protected] . lown ob en so mix so, 11 yoorW U
teese rr lt. tkeys* Wles- 1te donen
Corw a -esS indes, nest aod e Mo
1 5o . c, h oie oid sored. t oo mi-ed
Ss--We. somier --6o2 doren. por-ee ll
9, doz, -n, rry 1o oo 5I5b6. dIoulr sPto50eJ 70.
eclear 05.sreoo s o.
rown obloe-sreen sa2ted 50 uho, dr,
So$0 6 h0(lf gbe and up, -t r 8o
Sto e0 bl; ou redru-bby.idee
waitow--ouuty --%0 e% ortd --O5ky 8 lb.,
Homa-Ox horns, Prime, eaoh --ee; oow do
at go s bb oatsea o l b . ellr oe
bbl. wholesale t. etBernard oo b. to
owN-DuLrrssP 19 Loeisieana s oLear 2la
s oar laokie 54 xe1 00 . goo Spir e r
tembot retail - role sale s e o ri
. .--Pratt as sltgow at chickens $8 7464o
orrl HTwelens ie-el ro.atwnd u oo 93 rl
stie anzed oouw deo $2t 70on drlo l8 .6 .
14 so ton. 00so o; o.arrted grue;c Ibby ldes
ganld M 26--P4tOh ks. tukeys I bb$14T0r o
nwutiweo nty -4lo.t - ,,Uo 9
onus-Os hotns,-a prime. eo Pc -4.;o ,oowd
[email protected]
M.oss HMi1d. sa2e gey b wn0--o, blark
9tblrnd rol -ale Mio. t toer1d o bunbo e.
3.;ia ie 1 os. tosmeate .e TaihmP tie 5..0o
Grip tie $2 25. Acme tie $2. Triumph tie s2 G0.
Ngw Yons, Marc 17.--Southeyn flour quiet
and unchanged. Wheat opened heavy. after
ward declined 10o. but closed rather more
steady; unraded winter red $1 41 41%. Corn
steady and firm : ungraded as586o. Oats
opened 9o better, but closed dull, buyers retus
ing to pay the advance; 45. Hops unchanged
and quiet.
anCee unchanged and dull. Sugar firm;
Cuba 7%907% fair to good refining 7X07%,
prime 8- refined firm and in fair nquirn y
standard A 9.s9%. O 7%.8. extra 0 s8K%3 .
white extra 0 8%@85% yellow 7%447%. off A
s09. powdered and d crushed 9%. granulated
9% t$09. out loaf 9%.
Molasses firm, moderatelnquiry. BRie in fair
demand at fell late prices. Rosin uiet at $1 so
01 sa. Turpentine dull and easier at 490rs%.
Wool strong; domestic fleece a45o0 pulled [email protected]
so. unwashed 18a4s Texas 21(.t . Fork a shade
easier but quiet; old $11 so. Middles dull and
wheak; long clear 7%, short 747%. long and
short 1745%. Lard 2.4050 lower, but dull at
7.Ka%@.,7e. Whisky nominally $110. Freights
uiet. Hides firm and unchanged. Cotton
s ol steadyr i alf year offered 4. April 44
bid. 4 asked, kay a bid. 43% asked. June 4
bid.47 asked.
Cascaco, March 17.-Flour steady and un
changed. Wheat dull weak and lower; No.
Chloago spring $1 18%. No. a do $1 Og001 09.
Corn dull. weas and lower; fresh 87%. regular
ss%. Oats active and lower. 29%. Pork active
and lower, $ 110. Lard active and lower. 07%@0
7.10. Bulk meats easier; shoulders 4. short ribs
.55. ciear 6.75. Whisky steady. $1 os.
At the close wheat was Irregular' 1 19. Corn
dull and lower, as bid April. ats dull ad
lower; 29% April. Pork easier; o lower. Lard
easier' 23o lower.
The'Drovers'Journal reports: Hogs-Reoelpts
2,o7 . shipmente 70o0; narket quiet and steady;
light gradese neglected; mixed packing $4 250
Sto. light 6 80.4t so. choice heavy $4 s004 75.
Catle--Receipts 0oo0. shipments 20ooo; opened
slow, ruled fairly active and unchanged; ship
plng $606 2S. butchers' fairly active and steady:
cows [email protected] balls $2 250s so. oxen $3 so00 25.
Texas $8 5006 15' stookers' $ 2so0. laheep -
Receipts 100. shipmenta 1200: active and all
sold at yesterday's prices; 56 40.to
T. Louis, March 17.-Flour dull; double ex
tra $s o0. choice s6 75 bid. Wheat unsettled and
lower; No. 2 red fall a 21%@ 23.. No. 8 do $1 2o.
Corn lower; s36. Oats lower; 8w2088. Whisky
steady; $1 07. Pork dull and lower; $11 00
11 75. Bulk meats dull: shoulder. 8.865s.95, rib
5.40~ 45. sides e.5se6.60. Bacon dull; shoul
ders 4%. ribs 17%, sides 7.80. Lard dull; nomi
nally 1.67.
Hogs active and firm at the opening, de
clined [email protected]( Yorkers to Baltimoree SA 20o0 40,
mixed packing $404 25. butchers' to fancy
4 4004 so; receipts 4oo00.ehipments 4300. Cattle
Supply good; almost wholly light, and medium
steers, which were slow and lower, ruling at
S404 40; coarse fat steers also slow at s$6 00
4 75; choice to fancy scarce and wanted at
$595 20; stockers and feeders' as ~55: mixed
butchers' stuff dull; receipts s0oo, shipments
1100. Sheep steady and unchanged; supply
light and little done; receipts 400, shipmente
UOrmn IuAr. March 17.-Flour easier; family
S75 clear faneP.uiet and unchanged. Wheat
in fair dmand and easier at $1 so. COoru uiet
and firm at 43. Oats firm at 8903.. Pork ,dull
and nominal at $11 50011 75. Lasd dull. weak
and lower at 7.12%37.15. Balk meats quiet and
frm; shoulders 4, ribs 6.50. sides 6.90. Bacon
dull and nominal; shoulders 5 rlbs 7%. sides
796. Whisky in active demand and firmer at
$1 o. BSugar firmer; hards 1i%. New Orleans 7%
@8%. Hogs steady and firmer; common so 5od
4 30. light $a 4004 60, packing 4A 8a50 70. batch
ers' st 7004 so.
LouisvxrLa, March 17.-Flour steady and un
changed. Wheat steady at 81 2s. Corn firm at
4r~04. Oats quiet ano steady at [email protected] Pork
steady at $12 so. Lard steady at 79. Balk meats
steady; shoulders 4%. ribs 6%. sides so, Bacon
steady; shoulders 47. ribs 7%X sides 796. Bugar
cured hams 9010. Whisky firm at $1 04.
bhraP.lO5. March 17.-Oats easier; Bouthern
47%@48. Western white 47048 do mixed tt45s.
Pennsylvania 47948. Provisions steady and
quiet. Mess pork 512 25012 50. Balk meats.
loose-Shoulders 4%, clear rib sides 6%. do
pacsked [email protected]%. Baeon-Shoulders 5%. lear
rib sides 8. hams 10i12. Lard 8a. Cofee dull
and lower; BRo cargoes, ordinary to fair [email protected]
14. Sugar firm; soft 9%. Whisky dull at
1104 11. Freights higher and active,
WI..wioToa. N. C.. March 17.-Spirits of tar
pentine steady at e. Rosin steady at 81 15 for
strained, $1 17% for good strained. Tar steady
at $1 20. Crude turpentine firm at $1 76 for
hard. $2 75 for yellow dip. Corn uncheaged.
An engine thatworkewithout Boler. Always
ready to be started and to give at once ful
Barns common GO and Air. No steamno
coal. noas.es. no fires, no danger.
ei O.3 W.
F$5uy, uI a
fnonk one iosh
oOr san, tsIe
, see,
treot. west aand
t o isnric
at oA
ithsrietof this
threon.a skthfInt
hf lisee dotma
urinar. acordin to suo h
en ways ar
Ts sprnd oosd whns -
an aens't auotion e
? uhte a notry pat Il
te purhuaer I l
Spurchaslerr. I h es t
and twenty fve to lsl at d
ete, arish and munio
yrt . ar e 18c80 t 1 wlof w
ese I' Bheriif of the
Lusse Henry oLusse, admi
A sred Luse, actdal onst e
! sh fOrleans,. NO. 92,1U4
writof setzurl sna le too f
h nogable the Third Districtou t
iistof 0 leans. in the above
rill oceed to sell at nl
Meronants a=d Auotioners
trset;.between Oanal an O
n thlee teond Dlstrlt o this it
Artil , 1880, at 12 ofi
aeso boed ro rt , to wit
uburbMari lny beiot eti
ounded by Spain Vctory,
reau streets, and adeegnrted
forty nine and fiftyop the
suburb ada measuring, in
follows: Num.er fortynie,
Spain street by one hundr
in depth, bounded on one
lean nritre. and on thes
ncOhin .o*et or asslgnee, and
adjolnini in the rear. the abov
measurin fifty.feetnrf frt
street by one bundred and tl
on the side towards Moreau .t#
fe.'t in depth on the aide towards
and fifty fee In width in the
on.' side by the proerty of
on the other by the propertOf
ale , lininrg a
g..ild lois. land toigethe witch thel
share o mortege stockt
in the aove suit.
Tems and Condithns--The
furnisI a stok note for theat
dred dollars, falling due on Si
August. 1Mb0. and renewable
c of the OltiuensB'Mn to
the e ncah. The pur
the obligationsu and r
te h m itook Oanste o
Theodore teghers. notais
l.an. 'on thent t y
less,.ad withthes sd
Ci.il.. ALO3 Q U> i
v Seriff of the
lerlekea Pryse vs. Je
g ther withi the b ýlpings
theeon. ta l.ahas. .
appurtenanees re
wise appertan
Jefferson, in this State, being
oi tsuare number sixty,
Avenue (late Nashville
Bleanor streets.ss perplian
3uisPson lat surveyor, dated
day of Marsoh. 151. a4d
records of Win. Boswell.
this citry. Sanid portion o
neht e
.rdonseWe front on t
_front on Nahville Avenue. one
wei et ront on HuystJ~eo.
tred nd seven"y-nine teea s
lines on the l dividingt
formitn the dorner of 0$
te27 mhbi1SS20 -
The Laayetse Fire Is
of NewvOrleans vs.T
_IXT DI'T'i0m 00U
ºJlsh of Orleans, No. 1085
writ of selsanre and sale to
honorable the 8ixth lstrlot
ish of Orleans. in the above
will rooeed to sell at pt
Merchants and Auotion
street. between Canal and
in the eeon Distriet of thL
DAY. March Is. 1880, at 12 o'
in1 deserbed roperty.to
with alt the buildins an im
on. and all the rights, waýs
purtenances thereunto b
appertaining. situated In I
th aity, in that part the
thePauboug Livaudals. t
four on a pln a Draw y A.
gineer under date of Jan
steA for referene
enry. late a notary p
Jeersn i this tare.
res. in American measure
Ineh and one line front on
one hundred and sixty
and two lines in
allel lines. Being the sl
mired by defendant hesia .
from rank Von Der Haar bron
fore M. Gernon. notary, on
alsoby purchase from the
esranee Company of Nef
passed before A. Hero.. Jr.,
twenty-ei.hth of Au iNtnt
tered in Lonveyanoe offe
Beizaed in the above suJi
Terms and Condiotns This
and last auction, the sa
nltely adjuindicated to then
for what it will bring at twelve
the purohaser fnrni ag bond.
solvent security. bear aer
annum from date of sle.
on the property soliluntl ,
purchaser will haveto det e
pain cash the amount
and clerk's fees. .ie. say
dollars, d. ndfurthermo~.
mni taxe e id
of whichis nit yet . .
mho 918 1i,
skoit jjj

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