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I' i .e_ tlO. eU s WiG
The ohureb es weoe hwded esrterdel with
visltors, aot ouli dutrlI servio but In the In.
trval betweeo n erviI. The moratning rvioe
apeaed with the obanting of the "Mas of the
Presaetlied."' the mla eature of whilh we
the stating of the "P u ton." After the mass
the '8tstions of the Oroas,"n oft whib there are
fourteen, epeIm atIhtn dtIferent skames of
Obsta.i Iaufiearti.aromthetrialtothese Uplha.
.ae I L Oea W.O- BTI -
iebrtive an nd th, rea o Wterk
I eea is .e tlbor . nle n 8rohn the
o nhe b.n oIt to the awIp n ia
te Olrs, who on the verer o. he
aep~ae o pe.Iiar. buorben wioa
waras tt the bestooiees acu to ma e
The st. John Negroes ytt Demon.
etrative and e fuslig to tWork
or Allow Work.
Itseemsthat thelbor troublesinet.ohnthe
tis) puri sh are. n net owver, owing to the
bsetnue of the l authoroties the h UN whl
aish log ad thes ~btherif, whau ais oadones.
d lant hew booen golae out in the sw tns one
laine ezeursionl, from which to to rsterda,
wningc thal bad not returned.
LThe leaite rodemn severelyi the eonduot
of these offloers, who on the very day of their
eturon a pleasure tri had ben givesr
Wetting that the negroes were sbout to mike
some demonstrations simklar to those in the
h of t, Ohrlo. ower.u to thise day
nothing more serious th4a the horsewhling
rof aset WroW btotheIt eI hes.pplned.
Kr. . Babcock-olek oferta t of 8.t John
pgi'h; 1h4 yytre"ayemterdsy
(.o.mt a IMra
ei .t Ot.a
thQItet e k th. a
4rwod oni thrlY.
the o udge! sracdr
as a expe eotAo
sa ever moenbla t e
omýe h er. orea to Irantwno
et iMoran Privat losoandeor to
Ql wmsaore be ou o on tning r e
ta h is ae othes swe juden
assm wart atb ,onestensied
te r amost a the o tie cal
An Inter~ ttag Deiston by the In
speotor GeneraL
The followin letter of the Bupervislng In
epeater of Steamboats will prove lnteresting to
all pilots:
0mon 8let ggt Iu s oa s 8 o ,
re reen orO the red.
Go. tTentg~g r o to ma MrI rrtoe
r"m&e aan a~ot folor
h t could ish green, hots
m errs, head fom ne, but con
ienad othe he a tcores Moters. .orn lt rd
aop et astsh rene h~slen
end sprmrede ould l enl hIm to a cefl..
r'heWthena b ne t apelaIn een blont or
readt' Uise dsovertoed oin a mintin to
colou tha le hn, in indsvidal
he a n of uestio of
sIa toee týemmdsad
isercapacity mor the pL Is onbateeonwrcthed
r et Gardentise he t a eerllcaute.
= % O (et. rm n o o tr m ýon
asd erealn "eirr of t ohe oereis o
voadthc e wrko ns e to Isnest n awlhia no
ims fa hoe eof reeton on pardon
; lae m as oght n my opinion o bes
Ver rteeotuL. .] eture
We cticea t thea toreof hers ad. . lnaud
a Oo. a coop containing three musgafifeni
head readlng: "Bor afMfe-ths trio of Brab
ma donated hi Mrs. Lucy L Mann. Ar ole.
Ilu.. fur the eeeof the et'trih raei fuaend
1 ee dsee. w on to I Ir.nvest in ar hcet and
b--_e ige winning fhiane
Yesterday morning CoL T. S. HMarde returned
forn Bonnet (arre. where he made a uinute
nd careful survey of the crevease. He is con
' at'ht the work is able to sted, ad has no
--- D
u~ *-.ti~iu~a
~I Osime
The Celebration in the leupective
Some Account of the Origin of the
pretiwal and Its Anoient and
Modern Obseervnoe.
Yesterday evening the feast of the Passover,
or Meanoth, was inaugurated In the respective
cynuagones with oustomeryt olemnl'a This
feast lsts for seven das, duarin Which the
moat rigorous rules respecating fastn are ob.
served. The rest and the last 8as have been
distilnnished as holy dra., but in the Reformed
rnessogue it Ia now aoutomery to recognise
the first day only as holy.
The feast commemorates the deliverance of
the Jews from their Upotian aptivilty, and is
alwaes celebrated In the soring time, the event
havie oesroured at that season of the fear, It
Is alled . asehA, Nesevar, which moans Delic.
wyv, from the frugal and saneriola repast pre
pred by the Iraelites on the eve of the exodus
to show their oonfidene in the promise of do.
live. It is also alled 'Mrasoth" in cone.
qase of the ordination that no leavened
bread sa be sate within the fetival, and In
commemoration of the suddeannes of their
opportunity to
en . o he t~ lp ulvn
t r tere lb tooe
st. yl aetbs a
a a t o the month.
d elan us ea ionGetvve ed bso
immen br the
nome es lst
he ," -t uob s
re s al ea al
ttres c en Ut e a nD*
t rsc ,t t o o o r reore o newa
te of te rt al tlte,
jo rew ha nexw fruit could us tuahoed,
esf the fotvt a is enrt
o nitvl o ItIati i oolmenarea the
o ea toyen a at e *am the wch tren
Aret anoeo s.unw
r owra e to re isae ahouse o
n lTraeo the e on a es sntnne.
,t eve, poltr I aSo)
tme brew ater etn otopI this onnec
tI toel o the sooouttor theancientact
Ps'e ( nmont (ah fromn) os tor leap
Opeaw nasal .t h rain puake I l, ese htaf, a
g t tt the sralwe r 1emni1ng itat
- me or motl ra destrctilv i dirsojranoI
p. m, maiedlptt 'l pbn tt, rennd no en
athe eenil tleho ~ ..)
taman efe iwngsevspsR th e aiod'
evet ndthe cadtug o the sap o
noa little than m doof t
o d !fatfaLtud br od an g
athe upan iv e [ outlfe An e eo -
er eervne Otsornae, It may be
needful to r no t is no
obalmb. I the aed following the first instl
o turf, w nt the d the n
otud thbe s or ate d e
Oourt of the tadenal,.twd e turn1 5 to
It own rno aoI.Iho Ulw asid
ater oatven b cine e
erer now, oweso, as d eo as l a
lands." the hDle ý lhad I th oh.
eteeesn ts he beed ato ul
hbere i noow heo eereso
i moder d aes th e o r the r eo" mely
"te east of un el r ; a the ob
stricness of s u t fra teat rt." e
whear from which sea s o be m de
must, as soon u t, e d Sorupu ousy trote4G
agant rain or moisture m t tend
t ongender fermentation s ca refull y
threshed a wnowed. t the aun
une.e the super.vion of an a ineo i,
on b to prepare i in accordnce with it
ih trife aind tp p ve it from add c
or adulterai on. In Leo isonh t sa
t ther than e yeonW a l lee
maen t rlan teani ns ean e eonive
esppies a greadeal of the
foregn as wll a e home demand. The
bread is manufactu into very thin ce,
ruangen frm a If e over or under twelve
iohesn diamter. ah ae weighs about
lttle holes, and ever synagogue n to ita
lis poor have a aumointanpply.
r am, wumth r of ,ds pto
thi .leis"t val
th o hes aih rob andpor:f a
undergo a thorough renovation In soruetin.
scouring, polishing, et. while pote and kettles
areheted red.hotin order to free em from
every vestige of leaven; and so scrupulous are
many familie in this resoect. that sets of
ktchen utensils are carefully kept solely for
Passover uses. and in consequence are brought
t only ne a year. Alter du care has en
ton todsoover and dstroy every partle of
leaven, the head of eah household, fter fai
ly rayer on the evening pr dlng the begin
nin.g of the feast, is hound to make diligent
search, with wax taper In hand, into ev
nook and corner of his dwelling lest. iter all
the least gole of leaven may have been un
diseoovered and not destroyed. As he enters on
this search he utters the pious ejaculation.
Blesed art to.O Lord. Kln of the universe.
and commanded us to remove the leaven."
During the whole pr.c.s of search. he must
not utter a singleword; but immedlatelythere
after he makes the solemn declaration, "Altl
mannner of len that is in my possession
whch I v o thsie s or remnoved s be null
ande accounted as the dust of the earth." Any
leaven found in his research Is carefully de
bvrything beona in re enss,.m the festival
begins on the evenm of the Passover day. A
which the families of tho aitht-l attend ar
rayed in their beskafter which, mid mutual
congratulations aendherty good wishes, all re
turn to their respective hbomes. There in each
home is found the passover table set out with
itsts r white covering, an emblem of purity
int blte wtthe rules of the feast. Thi
table ems ter the reirements of the whole
rankor position. must sit down to the feast. In
the centre of the table is set a dish containing
three extra passover cakes carefully covered
with a. sloth, Around this are set
four smaller dishesr; the first contain
is some horse radish and parsley, a memorlial
of the bitter herbs that were wont to be eaten
by the pasohal lamb: In the second is a mix
ture of apples almonds, raisins and cinnamon.
as a reminder of the brie-makting of Egypt
tie third contains some sail water'. a memorial
of the miraculous passage of the Red sea; and
in the fourth is found the shank-bone of a
lamb. with a ieces of rdwtM flesh thereon, to
commemorate.e paseal lamb. and also an
we na ebfor eka
053 1 0 Shy. ot09
S .eo toa te 1
e or t o rs rta
mn not la (e
toren ut * Opaeti W51is the 'iO
ofsan aQ Pttl¶Uj ¶ !i
tsoban r r w
d th OtDs l tnhOU
T y.,, wh nh hatol
~reh a
a te n e o
D to t
or tpare fs~es a te an o t g.yj'om
Step- Ct oeho
.o tew.nla on sti etthi l n
.he I t e Pre o n iaere In 5o
m mar . ri e o r o oil atre: was
ge o t o ro ao
rocbr6uate onbr CUr o & a rn h m, Dh a D
ato at cunlre w ee
p o sodfor r bI W
et o
oo nou t ýo enu b o t e h r
16o thoe o l o f th wnas e.i dnti o
hen ! eb o oplnow gua tmee rrt ao
ntiho v e of S arae¶o r rento, no tit
ert o nm. aU biee7 the tOpers t oat e t stt .
Patric! s Danole bop oh toe Ir r en no
f 1unit de r tmre ire tin o o *. O eU t
til fives dlul p i oreen anmoten tr pt,."
na spnot POa of miewo, t ht er ost
tee peenr, br te wor non hen Tone solond
udit wso t ece torwai t e oithe oon . emrt eorl
be ons to esyme oon f th° e oc tegory
be 1 ý ormllngo keb a ofeor thner o
pt h on %e o . no ateo ien sy
br o m bele anr v a tsno
Ointalh oning of e tih D.to.t,
celebrathed obesvo tho Bo, ak d h D. D.
patre of t tha s r e de.rh.,
In thed resencof w la ro tl on metieos theo
erro uen be the oremob ofd teneonlo e attie.
mandt w de the p sop far othe at oaots, ho
u itedn t mar riage Mor. 0 Thre M oneoml t.
re dnmohrl_.lnte fs transitant ve n mDuosOt
Ms Adna e r enr of
IOn h e oy s nlhg e of ,so the nhurloh inanbt at
the Loaoor cotton o wte whlit thulovein thisi
bu marte choreon of nued toss istruoet w
hastre a aiestod th powr omfthe outohtcu
nthter Irse of a . iners to n reg omn, and
Pa r e eod' d byt beanet o thewIres re.ie
was not atbe preastkn tothesey an d heat
butoion those wvoie reflhet pit w asnt ied for a
herepwatmianofeetha musi powreofthe note
manat which promwt reapned to honoesr t
and itrwasodei r bers th wianthere tshe onl
e th " ntnre voice ofe th pblic, asked ne.a
The fgllowing eremoniee will be held at St.
John's Churoh. on Dryades street, ]aster Sun
day., beginning at 10o o'olook a. m.:
Mozart's Maes o. 1 in for four voie. will
ha sung under th direction of Joeph tller
Jr. and at the offertory the "bRegina Ol q
Beethoven will be given. Thahorkster all
volunteers. Father loots will deliver the ser
Mr. Paul F. Erb. one of the popular ant ris
tnug young inen of Galveston. Texas. with his
bride, lately Miss Minnie L. °ýoby. i.s in the cits
ona brief visit, and is registered at the t.
Charles Hotel.
Jams Palmer. Jr.. who is the slenior member
of the larme fireworp manufactory of James
Palmer's 8ons. Bochester. iT. I.. is on a brief
business visit to our city. Ti old house has
been established since ils., andhu ttane
world-wide renputation for the agunfleent de
signs in protehnis turned out by them. The
Sons of Iouisiana will make a fine dlsv'ay of
their fireworks on Sunday at the Fair GOr uds.
Bob Gillespie did , the Alyqe ssi dsay
of introducing to us aEsbr hnIt e-I
rassenas.r and tioket aunt of le .yois, the
Io Mountain amd kSouthern BcoWay. tem
thriving and. uroeive road known oopu
larly as the ron Mountan o route. which is suoh
a flaorite In New Orlns with to and
travelers to the great Weat. MJor Bggles's
preeence in the city which he visits or the
first time. is indicative of the attention that
New Orleans is receiving from the great rail
road company. Wew ish apleasant time to the
genial ientlemen whom Bop Gillespie so em- e
z~hratiay calls his 'boea."'
.e~euqms r w.--
The eitiens or the Thirteenth Ward will or-.
Ilrnfe a Hanook Olub on Monday. the twenty
ntnth ip nstpn. t the corner o Laurel and
Upperline streets.
The usual memorial services will be held at
Trinity piscnopal Ohureb. on Naster eoe. .t
urday, st 7S p. m. onwhichl occasion the BaV.
Dr. Thcmreon will deliver asermon on "The
tatoe of the Hol Ded."
The fourth grand annual festival, pyrotech
enical exhibition end ball of the Benevolent As
sociatia of the os Louisiana takes plae
to-morrow the flair ounds. The fe..val
vea b teeSons of iana hav alwm
the 6004 snu
ord r 1snene n
,P~1'k uk
alhm : tl. grn mt a
i1o N. Ba ,I soo 091
..... a 1. 0
l " 0ll
i ....0. 79 89 19 0
u e1...... - 0
a.. , . 2,.t-0 8 2l 9 /
Pn & 5a 4 a .0
Sp e5n19 ""
r. ...... GA ai /
no 0 17
Ear 1n """. e0.1'- 53 1t 3 0
rtp . ". 9. 7- 70 10 I
a ....... 19a 1 - 0| 10 0 .
S....ý .. ý so-F- H I / i / 0
efo 9- 7 IT 1 0
o i e,  ath wa hashl
> -.-., sa r n lo .....
rime. j a Wat i /ee.
O, pr iat
.. m.meO - to Wait.
New..l awn ...... i.. u t77m i a
, . A I i3 TIL1
Ioea.nof ýtu
A good house attended the perforsaaa. of
Fab.r In the Wood last night, though it was
Bolt Friday. and there wal mu. laug hing
doat over the absurd and extravagant oean
tr.ltier of the trohupe. oernlght blue B-ard
`tel t 1 4 tah tlseedin
ae T. 0Aranc T33A1U.
Juo aho wee ndesd t ae threnwoe
t1va upn them uood slh uhla. be
voi~ i , and thaa smwa tW ins wusn inter
onome, the tern was an apapropriate
srlbjet o t t r rou er nisht, the re'tut
w0te ttod*.j. oigIv o ft r
a Atou a ul n for t e ben.it ofr telf
rOds tan r o thiee. Blho d 1Te
t O on eh net luster d t tpr prod, Ith
ondeet wli t rerifnly r in ete Know
On i.nday eve in esilthe eolvei Bur
gtaerine , at the Aeadery in a nlýt o El
part of the A. a0. t, r , ntri ant
ee tst.eGted vill to As Wely s tfbes.i
ie puDlbt is o epatohm plromprersw hist
nev tefuailin ooutswtro o his ocan iionou.
effo-enaor. , H wil doubtls resive stagn
on Sonday.
For the lre.tey of %3e5 bill Arthur Smith was
ojailed in the tral ntatto
Ohatsº illiams, olored to the on9 or
iweaonr, was ja.l. Oin the tI0re
Ale: teibop. th, e egro to iot soat Mr.
Lnt some Gas ago isurren r Iin uig
sooineritOarroiton anh urnished eero
Wr. Booh oars of the Prdtania line ran over
on om. th l little dethter at the oorner
oOamp and Julla srot, yesterday evenlr.i
The-a.,lrn was slihtl inuated about thebeon
Judge Sheehan held a short l oof hi
court yWsterd , d oafrd a Lw rnisr an
romalne te fs. ot. E1 a ora.
to the aihPron until the arrt at of e
shpearifIera poish.
Daoe Noise w prath , is law before n the
ice110 lourcts, aGo.Dao, emin wbo ad a
Mr.00 º orof n too a i lito 9uhtt, . bthe at the
ou rner ilaresand (t. streete.r on aeoetot o a.
remariugde the ortln Iat mhi Tol
was naie orN woth sMtloea are now io the ThAIA
t: ornct e t.ao f.
Ladies' List.
Bo y Liule mrs rum P Mine
tow 0 M mrs Ias Fecra
oSeIs Rosuwell miss
fM" An 'u Lucy mioss
tls Anne mi e Baie H umal mrs
es mis Gordon Bell miss
KtlieýM mrs ubis Heersmme
a Bldt miss r.isne theiss
wmith J mr m tn.s miss
toabeoauab Lis~ i Whitney hD mrs
.estley Vina Williams Lucy
Gentlemen's List.
eacndre Jaen Bjon
lo l ues. Joe Dissol A
ire .u Wes
Haloeuei Tb o Jeunez Domzniauou
hnrsn 0 o Jamk Will
iller John Mora.s Juan
JeIowa Andy debdam J seast
lion, Hulouoe D hales seno
Orleanes CenOess A $ hos
Steveno GM Aco BhL hoe
Mi stes H Steadman U u
oSible o A SleamrelsCmue
Vorae mor S Tenney amuel
Vanr h" Wa dr :ndJ
atsk Imrs DmerOehsAO le y r
uatthews Maud miss s Paul
Johnsoon Nancy miss m John B mrs
Slurdan Heny Washington Allen
Weshiton mrs Wrremn Tadlus
Youthful Turpius.
Two ads eac apparently not er fteen
years "of ae, have some to of thro a
ay sway mo its coternts.
-tse Brothers. at the
e_.tho r and Gt i treets. e ere in
uabioeen* iW an so In S ntie
ah... h
im ____1___________w_
ya Ilo 1taea . mtilmniedwo tldOI'
Staub, from hi. toaSUSW w*0e o(f
sad literature. s ad ,a WW't,
Amn and 21tmee and PVAS0.NA4 *sa
andfiokv.thr ntn. =
adStaub'. Is at Go1dth*0SI6, WetW *
and Ziohange Alilmand t#
the literuti of the oiy.
Seed's Gilt GUI Tonto1 110
An ai1cient avpoetlser and
qestem Is Vslatihnft Htters.
By 3_ Ossater ,.,.fi
Rt ~ ONOWArYY,. 4
A.l I!
40 1 Uptib a ,al
MANTLU AND 11353135036.30
in aretpt-i ; `
L q t aO H'Yil'u'7~
W ofe 3 10l0% bu al*"
Hsgm aarzP rw uaa4a:
3..UIt~rC#·urrd W UU6~US
11v J. v.s.4am.,
Seeond D it:sotr0ourforoft~ WdpIo
OBIBWDI -110 £1.Q;P tlr)O
1FOR A '1IfTIO3k ,ri
19 -lth fait
memoi gflecsl,tbed
{orvi aa1s l a
ront atb Dne
}ta. off1e dtaesaaot
Da oftntr : f, l ee
fnao ain# aý. orgbt angle
prtpa line moaleaar~tyr~
une tme trnhrah
satreet1 I inch Got
aaIlt etow :'
s aessl~ es tbcnen.t tom
rlo Dnob on a
5 u aee t aatawv
inobnbes s moe' thencettmlnx a
eowa irn a towa anpnes
on fe t s tchesfes
street. DIVIDED -
as follows, viu:
zihu~atopreel by 117 s i
meah three e oomy i o t the
he attic an idd a
o ialn bail iº1iraYL,ýl
the rear " " re;`
nins ~lte~
fent atornes fees the
Dorur ins street.
sot .i theparear of kit .oee
Inche on he ltes be hiea
bsi fe t aefo s sI~II=
atlQ I thhxe rse of t lotrasa
feni sebsi5IoIT~7
WPith NE AB 5J)
1eleu bF one of thet linte f
Qntnr. and with Work... whe
Theatrhe al hintitg an sealty d
Nivd o..a 001Alo L.
sea atorny'sfeeth
Dover he sad noses' a ·~J:~
Isrttaed Itsu
s to ssusis
taxs ic ad liibe * si
ad "i.:·
Ac"_ý eoeAi

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