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IE 1tUY YI11TH COiIflhSS.'1
Sthe lb in the Hou o the twom
sal" r Appmpratloun Bl',.
,:o ies W the Comolar rand ifplo.
dp asio by Mr,. BlHoukbam
A .U sh Oatrayed by
W3 Wgue. Mar r2.-Bowvs.4-r. 1Jutoh.
e 4e1w ork, rowse to a ntestion oh privi.
S,' b tloan which involYd '4 lb disuity of
SThIe "Nlw 'ork LSuAeo Pat had
S SI article, headed "A Gorosdl Cona.
I 1uh, aihtr referrlin tortho aoton of
a fom Illinobe (Mi. TowaMsnd) in
it his bill to the Osmemlue on the
Sof the daw,. stated that Oerams was
Ok t dnihonest andEaoi o nt war In
I grI'sintrolat on diretls the omn.
I SWa. s and Mooos report back seoy
iol t.ho te o ,e
t' I seeer-+Tte Ohearbdes not think that
r ueqtio o lf vtirilwe.
'e. atllns-1 do.
*r-TheOharifbltks it is a auoes
as [email protected]'Ietter from the Clerk
i of Michiesa. rose to a questlon
ezettedlt)- bope the Atle
SiIll ni iew been on o f'eet over a
site thisasmpinr, and I rltend to be
speaker 0 The gentleman will
rro ath I of order that the
not s wnu tte n
p to off rp reeonltion to di.*
aesonmmit eceupt ob unanimous coa
Sper-Tbe gentleman has not stated
. A. t a -ounts to a ouestiu o prori
atab$pns-I iot at sainat the dlnlty of
? I am anou to vote on tnee lls
Swill- l wlow me I willofer
was mad. and the matter was
d of New Toil. obrm the
illa on t re mLo retar! of the
a eW statementof theamount
by the treasury between
S .4s and rst or , r ay,
_ and amount of eanh
4, total premr m. zoluo
syiga rese'd the diseoa wjth
interest, pd o urobase.
t ur. the a'. k dr Ito
fon su Indt di a a a n
c :io, went to b lth
. 1ona. o1a
flentubM rk w*m b lor
eo enlar sytewas Mall;
n n ebi to n- e.
b p iOls O e
t Mb log lo s
st1Ond oompm. tn is ooectr' re
oea w.ýdIo lsen
emiun ati I ,
Sreo rontousnee o
r or+e lu: rthlrih
4 t oa, t o
a e 1t1 0 o e alorteee s
a 1oe racti it wa
t aetduebiaboertal nois
prted ot te omhetl and
ld fo wl non ron:
to.loereived r and ýe n hated et.
h wii to taethn ae
eith dlalw rbe x-t
aon leae hae Itone a
si" noras oi ofrein aend.
toer te reosearo ntt oesuaren
(a li ol to t laythe ere
of or hl'r e:
baroad winorrito
4Oe tel uon tbe doe ta that, eam.
asdioltomomatoi.te e lat
ao .t0lae of * otherbour'lee
n ooo amlto a the tlitioesond
ino It re an)oheaser antlre
most f ernne t dlom to i.cln
-es to .i'oreno monAorbl, dr
t 4uora n ohr. an end
on. tho siet wthot coan
, e otfof 9o of ke. reItkrn'ed*
he ow the aeet toor npont a
? of the man who omp eafto the
lap, of ?enasseme. moved to atrike
* a vote th te teeose. and i
oee adoursed.
9.-4A Dwrllnxtn. owa. spe
P~n~el~u psor St.Lt
arded thKuerterday.
peI SeeLare Grami-.
~ V.-A~ urjorltt of_ the dele
ýi1be ubltooan ConveaLon
tor rant.
Se 41636 m biesge.
N -D. Le 'mepe erroie where
-etaw for loetor ou. morrow.e
IA. .b W'ebmtem cords.
w-leda. G L.cu~ Whro .a
Mulds,. Ei-4 Sb ama.
I~i R~K U-~
1 JRt of two o aord men the nire for
n. term o he ua is wilt be. the
et tgme eoocrd D -ven over had n
m~.~ of thu en tbs.aone o ny oourt here,
An Usuoosetl trike Among Mill Hands
. at th 7.Aý SiD rity f the
I 'w Irk t he e1l prie, 1 l boe
anrednof i t alle on o sy,
eraren of£e l n 1 dt ofeper n
oe rg theo ose s t e i r i e ars Io
ho ea dr consson. w.'veraigf te Io a
!wont to-d.otthey re dOghmfoed Iturned
s.Mit"R. *VMS xiz 'saawi .M
Comess. N Y, Mat St.-The weaversin the
tmeny millbs assembled In mass meeting to
lng;and pased re "tlones aayK s.llutr the
am a b a e s. SanndO30 7 thaeiem
pl a of ihat orperitio0 mberng non.
I wble to eae ew De d L'i I oom o
on a strike. ' e o nm of H moem
le teltronet d4 mnettennot
7nto 4 ea to th demando of the dieforte
Ceorr ., a wd the nroopts e nruw s teat thI
1n 1 aWmh fitter enult.
STpug gle i at t le ilaete desortelan
Tka. th ar et.--No tunerstanding war m r
ed a Gtbweentp t hh. stria r lnets o1 the
irmop y emlle, at 0o6, rad an1 oombs
yte nrdy. Weave rs a.t mill rea
e n 64V"4 of 6 ,.'r cent rol nee_ |,.b o_,, whic
the hloomr ss s no r wa t.r. The omoreo
coDmipan lrtYre that lone Pgm e au remai
unhanogea eun| rIl 1,Wenon o odvn-oo
VTheW, nv or. then ato opee the inme ann s t
the ill. Te roor o f r so "ton gli*n bl
alk Dt0K tO bn. iq5o , the Wveros wr' Pd
tweny-wo ent. Thn.inlot wbih oter
hed t. oaer ,. containd ftyrtwo lyra
a vieqtred ,iztrfour ptoks to the inhob, for
whlnc tn same m ae was paid. It took on
averae oc bra o nters. P. was
s e 9rsT roarseram son.etrike onWoDa, eeris
Oornpt City Officials Sentenced to Imprie
sw ea , March 7.-A enefal from Ellis.
a Aw. I sy: at r last th
n Treasunrer eds, cnvicted of
Scenepli to 45j r ud this Olty, were osenten
this mori, . et to ve yearsun' imprit
Sseant aoa sisCe sne and Lsel to our reands
AisoIonm wehment sed $el000 f oe.
an numou TOW AND A aAal. LafrID$nT.
TL MA. Grr . March 27.--0e1Pr e Jackson,
o ~oor s, werved witr a waratD ut is morn
i g sa lltan him with muraere
> PrNe.ar tJuonD oTEN PeNo LYANe A b oD n
SBo asua". March 27.-Th
donee held. r -opIoa Wellin.tot . ofl
aiderr the a Is 1 1e'on for the ardon oti emor
letrof. ltlter Cr word anw m umberer. I
£UbDax Ns T st recentlr concted.o
haseedi ait Of orrruptly solic.ting the
Baous e ro roa the- Th e Boarud sfear
the sr o. dm the ~o ye.l
e se. ouns benfon toh elde, ofonulted 1or
qoe lenteatoed
! s been found ine r t ray of enr4 y
cplct ady um homesW
m r M.ere h 97..-John W hit arr be este
ST. Per..l ashi.--MTohl Meud bs bethog
rukme e a. r ssattlea sedteco offme
BOa March 27.-John Wiereete
b lst eiht kor dukenn attacked the. oscer
t an. a and was anot Th wound Is thought
O &Lzvmrsow March 27.-Mrs. 1. .esatwas
run over by a milk wagron. driven byr H. Hom
a bert. yesterda, evening, and died inthirty min
SomoAMo, March a.-A seoatl from Kansae
. lty., M,.. asp: Late last niht, durlon athun
Id der storm, eth city hoSD|itl. located Just east of
Sthe oiy. was buarned to the Iground. It con
taind eigbteoen inmates, several of them esu
- ferln from diseases and wounds, and the
a scenes which ensued were horrible, The un
Sfotun nats were caserried or erawled out Into the
a instorm and ome of them were unprotected
fornealy two noun. None were burned, but
, several will surely die from exposure. The
main buildinl was destroyed and the patlient
w twteakecare of for the night in the woman's
4ward ______
a'.p se Remrg.s.slatlem of the Mlner's
Porvwes a. March 97.-The miners and la.
borers county conventIon whloa has been In
seret session ero for two dar has leed san
address to te wo. kinr men oslfin for a reor
anisatlon of the old unipn. for the purpose of
areutetlna coal produOtuon. They claim to
tSave modllod the old br-law that worked to
he deotirent of wortkoimen In the old union.
d that their o it s to advance the interests
labor and
The Now Work maok ItStemmet.
Naw Toa, March 21.-The weekly statement
of the assoolated bane show the following
heanges: Loans decrease s.0.700oo; speole, do
orease 0s so0: loeal tend-rs, deoorease 28.l.
.5e0; depoelts. decrease 817.00; creulaon -
crea.sO $9.400: reserve, increase $100,655. The
banks now hold $961.178 in excess of legal
seuiremea.nts. ___
A PFteleasm We Diaoevereo to NWirt
Moatza, March 27.-A letter to the Register.
om Birmingham Ala.. sayse: While woramen
were egaged In dimging a well near the rol ino
mills, a suddo ourret of gas began to flow
sad ImUedlatey alfer petroleOm started and
Ietl U flowing at the rate of 9 barrels per day.
The wildest excitement prevails.
IMeo oaLer Wamted for the CaetlmmaU
4asom>kra. March 4-.-The directors of the
:Olaennati Mouthern iMaliroad O.mpany have
decided to submit to the stockholders a propo
sition to increase the capital to $.000.000 for the
paurose of providing more rollin srtoo~k and
other seeseary faciltles.
Theo ever nla naraa.
Wamtarv.ow Maroh s7.-Advios reoeived by
the Natonal board of Health from Havanea
show seven deaths from e0llow fever for the
week ending March 18. and the disease s en
oreasing. __
Not Drowned.
Joseph Style aged14 years left hsle parents
residence at 8 o clock o eyterday morning for
re purpose of iotin to the riv-r. and as he has
not been beard of since his pareot are of the
opinion that he went in bathigl and was
drowned. His mother ealled at the p ,liee esta
tloe Lm st naht. and gave a oeseription of him.
vWhid was telearopbed to all auateos.
It was subsequently ascertained by a Dauo.
arsk rorter that the boy had bten arrested
tor ~t~r corn sacks on the levee and was in
the Z aIr tion.
h6 wgora polic artrtr tgebgeas unp
Bmd wta tAats.
The State of Europe as Reported
by Cable.
]leotion Pleusantries in England-
Why Hartmana was EReaseud
BSan Domingl n Matters-Gen- C
oral Foreign Notes.
° Loenox. March 7.-The slandard says:
* Prince Leopold will sail for OCanada on the twen
ty-niath of April. From Canada he will pro
* aced through the Western States of Ameriaes.
Thie seudard's Bombay dispatoh says: A
proleamation has boon issued deolaring that
the British have now taken control over the 2
Swhole politloal administration of North land
east Afghanistan.
r- Col. Sortee. Conservative candidate, for the
e southern division of Durham was attacked by
I mob, near Durham. Wednesday,
The mob wrecked his carriage, and hurled a
ovolley of stones at him. Surtees reoelved several
otton o the hb"
Theetfea Montauna has been floated and
pla d in mud, at too, near the arbor at oh- I
h.5Se ! a ood p o .
Boshea, Maro 9-The nke of dambridge.
Sommander-in-ohtef of the Brtih forces, has
Spointed out that tha e regalailon- do not sanc
tion the employment of army ofrere es news
paper oorr. pondtes. and desired that in
t nuotions should be tued to prevent any in
fr ingement of the reualatons.
a. Losnew, March r. -Dlm-atnohes from St.
retabrg o the Daily r ews say: serious
lcations nrve been discovered in the novr
land ustom-houses. amounting to £10s,ooe.
fials were detected in oleri h h-e ased
g at a low rate of duty. The idrector of
Sthe uto house and all the omofficials except
twoave been suspended, pending an inquiry
in e mRtier.
Over on hundred medalo students. arrested
on s tn eleven months ago, have been re
d Bgovernm ts
l sog . 7.- path from St. Pe
tersbursy instead o coess which
were on tly epeted before te anniver
saryof the aosr' ce ln ote throne. o
garding the position of me Jew/ thore is in
Sseverity towards them. Theews are
S to represent them el a u ro a
n, to escape expselion rm t. ters.
or rg. In the government f Tulaorel wa
Eharkoff. the Jews who have been established
ly ess for many years are ruthlessly x
S va Maro 71.-Nineteen differ
endsanitary detabe . oopoeed of doctors
o dnurse nave been oet con ors in the!
provisa of horkoff to combat the ravages
. SAN D1) 0INGO.
., HBAV March 97.-4dlvioe from Sap Do
. ml o,. to thethrteenth instant, are as fo lows:
se p go enment will remain at
SPuerto P ta ldelanlite governmentc as
e-asombedatthe.cap wit h tie bjctofpro
at onstitution and a rea for the
onoa deafinite prr ident. n. S on
it fancs to meet Its e pensee, revenue
lasmps ass ordered to be a ofzed to the do.n
menta and articles wh the decree
hi ns. Mlarch 2.-The action of IL do Frey
cdnet as Minister of Foreign Aart0 In ad.
dreslns to foro n ambassadors in Par and
Pr those of Frane ao memorandum justify.
n the sure the goverr en t in the ofee o
ht I . HaERMANn. ndtatn t th
Lorpoo March of.-Bsl for his extradoleum istion
.ofm.80metrees bein ramad .
- At resent on polbrackl h water gPedrl nth
frouHoed on Son n a ouuns. to whip
ealen days er therrbut i the betet oed pure
isteop in the Mlr.
Lonow, March 71.--Borlng for petroleum is
is till pDroee.ing in the distlrct of.Dithmarohen.
n- Prusia. a destb of 880 metres being reached.
a-At present only brackish water. fixed with
petroleum, emerges, but It is believue pure
netroeum. suparIor to American, will soon be
. Crrr or Mexboo March is -A mutiny has oo.
If. ourred at the Mineral Detroges, at a point
to called Angaero. The natives rose against the
n foreman an killed two Americans. one Cana
dian two Mexicans. and wounded another
'S Loxmox. March 27.-Intelligence from Sicily
states that a band of brigands recently cpDrtured
the Duke of Saxemeinening but liberated him
,a after bhis friends had paid a heav ransom.
The Paris oorrespondent of the Dal Tele
rapuh says: A telegram to the oir, dated at
Swnu, and o nees the falling of abLoon there
a du.r teasr Droceaston on Good riday.
nby w h ourteen persons were sertouly in
i ured o,some, ~ it i earsed. ~ mortally.
An Organisation in Favor of a Ship Rail
road Aoross the Isthmu.
WAsaHwoton. March 27.-The special commit
tee of the House on the interocesnia canal gave
a hearing to-day to Wm. V. Ohanning, of Provi
dence. i. I., who advooated a ship railway in
preference to a shlD canal. He claimed that it
could be constructed for one-half, possibly one
third of the cost of a canal, and averred his be
lief that it even a aonal were constructed acroees
the Isthmus bry forelgn capital. a ship railway
would eventually be built br American capital.
The sub.committee of the House Appropria
tions Committee are at work to-day upon the
army appropriation bill. The Commissary
General was before them to give some informa
tion relative to the requirements of his depart
ment. It is expected that both the army and
navy appropriation bills will be reported to the
Bouse on Tuesda y or as soon as the consular
and diplomatib bil has been disposed of.
The House Judiciary Committee held an
other conference to-day nupon the Acklen case,
without reaching a conclusion as to the charac
ter of their report.
The sub-committee of the House Comm ittee
on Militia have agreed upon a report on the
subject of reorganizing the militia, which will
be submitted to the full committee at their
next meeting. The report urges the imnort
anoe of national legislation on the subject:
that the (resent syst& m is obsolete and the
annual appropriatins are wholly inadequate
that. without interfering with the control oi
the sevrral States over their millitia forces, the
F1deral government should take action in the
nature of co-operation, and should make suff.
etent annual appropria'isns for arming and
supspling the mlitia, and to py the men for
service during the rescribed period of annual
enecmpment and drill.
The Senate Committee on Appropriations to
da'y practieslly ompleted their consideration
of she Immediate def-le, oe bill. whibnh ineldes
an ppDronriatton of 607,900 for United Sr.ates
ma.i aals and deputy marshis., and WO o, for
the a-vernfbent printing oqffee. Tee latter
amouaM i rees d s1o.Ubt . A eomttt.e. In
oonaseiuas* lAla.Sesiaags.fMaoe ts peading
bill was stared, of a special appropriation o
or sto.00o the same purose. The amoun, 0
o the lou appropriation for mar- i
asl an aier deputies wil not e H
changed but th e ammi tee decl4ed that, an
amendmeat should be made i th epraeol¶o f
Sthe clause relative to te future mehod of
appointing eputy marshal enof eletions. Tht
Ouse provsi on th ub reires ther
ppoltmsoi t by be Unite lister circuit or "'
t irlr; Sedges. But the constitution provides
t at aflcider sall be appointd b athe Presi" p
ent by asn with the dviveseof thi e ente. wlt
te reservation that COngres may o y jaw vtr
t appointment of sueb Interior mowners as it
t najs proper inthe fPresident alone, or the
hems of deartments, or opurts of law r The
committee. Iaerefo, . propose to ezplioltly ve t
the appointme to deiuty marshals I toontstt
:ntead of ontferring them upon lnditieina
judges. -_______
It is an inexplicable thins that capitalists
prefer to keep their money looked up in gto.
ernment per et ene. when there are such tempt. a
tog Investments offered in our own oity in the a
way of the first mortgage bonds of the New
Orleans City Railroad Oompany, which bar i
per cant interest, ad are for sale by the First
National Iank in denominations of $l100 00, o
and 1oa00. a
The payment of the prlnoipal and interest of 1
these bonds Is absolutely assured, the oompany
depositng ever, week in the Canal Bank the
sum of $11rs. which is irrevocably pledged for
that purpose. There is further security for the
I payment of principal and interest by mortgagei
on valuable city real estate a. d upon all the
seven lines of the company, including the pop
ular and paying steam road to the lake. There
can can be no sbaer or more desirable invest
meot than is offered by these bonds, and In
view of the rapidly inoreasing volume of the l
business of the company and of the era of pros
perity which has already dawned upon our
State and city the wonder is thet they are not
more readily taken up.
To-day the Ehater chimes ring out. and to a
large proportion of our population announce
fthat the Lenten season Is past; that sackcloth
tand ashes can now be cast aside and all of the
worldly pleaoreas whioh hasve been seen, a it
wI were. in the dim distane for the forty long
drawn-out days, and which have therefore
gained an additional chbarm by their being for
1 bidden, an now be indulged in to the heart's
content. Visions of prospetive jaunts to the
Lake. of cosy and delightful evenings at the
a theatres, or of mazy trippin on the "light.
fI antastic toe," no doubt, sweetened the sleep of
many a Lenten devotee last night. The festivi
ties e tomng eo Of mirth and jolty
Swill be inauurited sth of evening y _the
rand omplimenrry benet to be given to Mr.
Sred Maulr.et, to s opular trenasurer of the
a tadsey of rMsi Who has for many yeare
hd this position of trust, and by his courteou
at b in and adfebte manners has drawn aroun
msrela hooe of friends. Therowill be pee
po this occas on, by then olvle .e a
ar s ompany, a new by. .sque lnule
the tmian oy-url, be o c liow eeby the
fwonrlat liputianms. (*aen. Mite ad Major
ade with the seon and third senes of
r xy h.n ori b esmin n urle the Metre. It s
Ithe t appear in this cit of mte Volvilo
t ue plingered but to tender
from parties arrived in the city last evening
it appears that the situation in St. John the
Baptist remains unchanged. The negroes are
still paradlng and demonstrating on the high
way. relieving the monotony of the proceedings
by whipping now and then some man and
brother caught on the road and suspected of
working at the humiliating salary of seventy.
i five cents day.
o In St. Charles parish everything is quiet and
i work has been resumed on all the plantations
from the lower line to the court-hoase. From
that plse upward, to the line of St. John the
Bptist the labore continue in silent strike.
At a merting held on the twenty-fourth instant
the laborers of St. Charles adopted the follow
ing resolutions:
s Resolved, That we, the Laboring Men's Bo
ciety, do elect a ommittee to meet the farmers
of St. harles on Monday, March 29. eeo, at 10
1 o'clock a. m,, o the purpose of more wwe,
a which is per day. We undoubtedly cannot
Slnive at sevnty-fle cent per day. It not $1, we
would rather take our chances in another State
or motion we adjourn to meet o Batiuray,
March 2r. 1880. A. JOHNSON. President.
M. biar , secretary.
and the rle strike may be oonsldered
now as a thinei orths past.
In relation to this, and in order to show that I
the app aranoe of the militia in the parish of
St. Charles created an ImpreslO ear from be
ing unfavorable, e cld the following para
graph from the St. C'Oharles Herald of the twen
ty-seventh instant:
SOne of the most pleasing incidents of the lteo
I strike troubles was the presentation by the
I1 des of our modest town of Hahnville to Cot.
LeGardeur, Major Will. A. Btrong and Major
Sou.of the r Louisiana eldAuc tillery, while
of menifloent bonuouts. gath
a ered by their own f r bands. This snfifed
Spenae, plenty and the apanpqlng of the firma
ment with the ranlnow ofF hors. The militia
made many friends here by their oonduot,a nd
if Cupid's arrows hit anyone we say to that
Mr. TlUden and Ir. D ehelmer.
S(N.. . n.l
The Chicago Tines recently published the
following statement:
"At the close of the last campaign Mr.
Abram 8. Hewitt and Lieut. Gov. Dorheimer
presented bills to Mr. Tilden, the former for
mtscellaneous expenses during the electoral
count, and the latter for the hotel f re of the
members of the St. Louis convention. The
Governor at that time refused to settle these
claims, but recently they were paid in full,
amounting to about $170,000."
Desiring to ascertain the truth respecting
these alle ations, we yesterday sent a repor
ter to Mr.Dorshemer and asked him the fol
lowing questions:
1. Is it true that Mr. Tilden has recently
paid yousa large sum of money, mtIlnv,
when added to what he is eald to have recently
paid the Hon. A. S. Hewitt, the sum of
2. Is it true that since the St. Louis conven
tion Mr. Tilden has been indebted to you for
the hotel fare of members of that convention
or for any other kind of political expenal
To these inquiries Mr. Dorsheimer replied
as follows:
"In answer to your questions, I say that
the statement made by the Chicago Times, so
far as the same relates to me, Is untrue. I
never bad a claim against Mr. Tilden of the
kind mentioned, nor of any other kind. He
never owed me any money, nor has he paid
me any. I never presented to him any bill
whatever. I never had any pecuniary trans
actions with him.
"Buch expenses as fell to me during the
campaign of 1876, except as respects a very
small sum, were paid by me. I never ex
pected Mr. Tilden to pay them; I never asked
him to pay them, nor has he paid them In
whole or in part."
Dr. Clermeneame' Paisentt.
Dr. Olemenceau, the eminent French phy
sieian and member of the Legislature, Is re
markable for his quickness in the dispatch of
businese. Two men entered his consulting
room simultaneously the otherday. Thefirst
In rply to "Wuat slathe matter?' said e had
grouble i his chest, and was oadered to tase
off his shirt. While preecrlbing, the docto
ordered the other visitor in and said, "Just
take off your shirt too; it will save time."
He immediately did so, and by the time
the doctor had written his preseription
for the first man and received his fee,
was stripped to the waist. "You are sufter&m
from pain in the ohest, too,are you not?"
"Well, no," said patient *o. 2,"I came to beg
you would recommend me for a place In the
.... Aa.. --
The Most Intelligent Member of the Ro
masofl Family-His Manner of Life.
[London World.)
The huge mass of granite building known
as the Marble Palace at it. Petersourg, stand
ing on the Palace Quay, in a l.ne with thelm
pernal residence and the etr mitage, ie the
abode of the Grand Duke Coostantlne, the
second son of the Emueror Nicholas, and a
man of whom Prince Ilismaruk is reported to
have observed that he has the soundest
brains of any male descendant of Peter the
Great. In tastes, babites ad appearance the
Grand Duke is a thorough Engllishman of the
student or solentillo tp e. Hle was standing
I one day on the pier at Hyde. when an Amern
can tourist, lately landed in Eugland, and
very enthusiastic about everything English,
observed: "Now that is a thorough spe-l
e men of your English aristocrat. There lt no
a other country whose nobility produese such a
a vigorous build joined to the ighest standard
e of education.
SThough an inch or two shorter than his im
perlal brother, he still towers above an ojrdi
nary crowd; and his auburn hair, fairbesethy
compleklon, and light blue near-sighted eyes
w with light eyelashes always peeping through
e spectacles bear a stroug resemblance to lm
. father's. But his thoughtful, Intellectual ex
r preeslon has nothing of the absorbing melafn
choly which was almost as visiblein Nicholas
in his later daysase it is in the present Empe
'ror; and one can hardly be surprised that
Nicholas, early recognizing the superior abil
ities of his second son, and contraeting them
with the heredtary tendency to hypobhondria
a which had already begun to show itself in
e Alexander, should have ardently hoped that
h his eldest son and Queen Victoria might be so
e mutually attracted in their young unmar
ried days, when they met at Windsor, as to
enable him to make a comfortable settlement
r- in England for his frst-born in the positlonof
a Princeonsort,while bequeathing toCoustan.
tine the throne of Russia.
s The Grand Duke is a musician of some
Sskill, and hib house is the chlet fashionable
resort of artists, authore and solentitlo men
a at St. Petersburg. Although the Emperor is
t. fond of conversation, a troublesome affection
o in his throat makes articulation difficult and
painful. C euetly the presence of his
brother at tlhe 0 table is no small relief.
The Grand Duke lias had a heavy trial in his
eldst son whose extraordinary follies have,
e on more than one occasioo, oaused him to be
a placed under restraint asinsaneu , and whoha
for the last three years only been kept quiet
by bein emploryed on a nominal survey in
' Central sia. Hls eldestdanghter Is marred
hto h the King of Greeee; and his youngest
Sdauhter Ve, who had been adopted
r her aunt, the Queen of Wurmbrtr was
. married to a prince of that house in , bu
et has already been left a widow with twin
I daughters. His second son, a remarkably
e fine young man, is In the Russian navy, and
r exolted much admiration in Paris when he
visited the E]hibition in 1878 on his way from
Biarritr, where the Grand Duches Co stan
tine, wo isan invslid, blefly resides. The
Grand Duke at St. Petersburg lives the life of
g a busy statesman more than of a man of
pleasure. He hasencouraged temperance no
cietles to establisah branches in ulsa. sad in
the cooldest parts of the winter has opened a
L kitchen in his palace,where hot tea has been
Sgiven away to all who c.ble to come for it.
f Classes is Massla.
[ (Berlin Dispatch to the Loandon Stadard.)
To realize the virulence of the revolutton
d arytrule, Lt Is necessary to note the nar
I row e which It Is carried on. Some
a few years ago there were in Russia (eept
In0 Poland , and noincluding the wives and
children in each category 3,900,000 noblemen
Sand clvii and miltary omoers, 8000,000 sol
Sdiers 800,00 merchants, 8,000,000 ar sans,
r- o,oo,ooo jpessante and laborers, 00oo,000 ecoe
slasti.s, and 25.000,000 Asiatlcs making a
. total of 86,400,000 Innabitatte. Of these there
e couid read and write 1,900,000 noblemen and
to civil and military officers, with their wives
P. and children, 150,000 merchants (one-half of
the males); tf),000o coleesiastise (all the males
e and two-thirds of the femalee); 1,000,000 arti
sans (one-third of the males); total, 2,850.000
literatee. Accordingly we have to set down
as the only parties concerned in the struggle
for government power 1,000,000 noblemen and
e civil and military oMfiers, with their wives
4 and children; 400000, a medley of merchants,
ecolesiasti, artisans and students (nmales
and females , making a total of 1,400,000 who
are politically Interested in anation of 86,400,"
000. Taking two-thirds of these 1,400,000 to
" be malcontents- figure rather below the
mark at the present moment -we have some
ýe 988,000po s nearly one-alf of them fe
e males kept down by the active tyranny of
S466,00, their equals and chiefs and by the
r passive obedience of 85,000,000, their Inferiors
and thralls. Is it unnatural for 988,000, will
f"ully oppree cby 486 000, to wl hto better
Sther ?poolton? li it not easy to understand
the exasetlon of the victims on ndian
Ssome 80,000,000 mutes deliberately aUled ln
it and ordered to crush their claime? The ab
solutietle rulers of Bassia are a small minor
ity, not only In comparlson to the ruled, but
oo In pro tion to those of their oorulers
who objec to being tyranlnized, even when
e they tyramnnize others.
There are symptome of another dangerou
outbreak of pedestrianism in New York. Al.
ready men are talking of the second conteet
ifor the O'Lesry belt, which is announoed to
begin on the fifth of next month, when Sam
Merritt, the hero of Bridgeport; F. Krohne,
the price of Prussia; F. Fber, the Newark
pet; Francis Hart, the dusky hope of Boston;
Edward Williams, the colored reliance of New
York, and many other equally renowned gen
tlmen, will endeavor to walk the belt away
from Nicholas Murphy the handsome Haver
straw handbarrow brick handler. This agony
is to be followed by a series Qf ten races, which
Mr. Jack Haverly, the gentleman now man
aging most of the theatres and minstrel per
formances in the Unitid States, proposes or
gani.lng saan inooidental enterprise.
The Llfayette Adveriser is oposed to in
structing our delegates to the Oincinnati con
vention. It says: "We believe it would be
far more advisable to send our egates to
that convention wholly untrammelted, to the
end that their votes may be given to that
eandidate who may prove to bethe strongest
with our friends of the North. If that should
be Gen. Hancock, the nomination would be
given to one who deserves it, and who would
receive the undivided suenoport of the South;
but if on the other hand it should be Senator
Bayard, Thurman, or 8. J. Tilden, our duty
would be to rally to his support."
They gave a charity bell at Leadville for the
benefit of the free hospital, and nine men and
a woman got hurt when the shooting began.
The net prooeeds, however, nearly paid the
expenseof getting the injured people fit to
shoot at again.
The Boston 2.anscript says that an East
Boston lady was reoeutly requested by the
board of health to have trape placed under
the sinks and basins in her house, and when
an Inspector, a few da.s later etmleI t he
prembes It was found that eehlap. -
thee#sre !" rat . a&
T aonaaT. arsh i.t uuti
The Senate was ealled to order promptl at
o'olook a. m.. Lient. Gov. Moemon preas.
and a quorum present.
The speesla order of the da. House bill
go, the genersl proprittloa bill.
Poster moved to postponountil Mondsay..
Senator Boberteon was opposed to
meat. All bills milakinS ppodpritlfoei
be signed by the Governor ire das before
adjourameat, and there was very little tU
pass this important bill. Thosewhovoted
the postponement roted fr an Mtrs ssb
the General Asembly.
Benator Cunningham said that it would
unfortunate to eal an extra sesson, bat
would be even more unfortanate to take
appropriation bill hastily and before
oould eamiae It.
Senator Lease was of the opntion that
bill rhould be postponed. At first gsnIs
sawIn the bill provisions that wereto his
iof the bil was postponed
tlnday .vot o 8,to.
ouse ýot No. ro the rever. bill,
d ýhyaoier ttorop honb up
p? i;sull, wer4 flesea oute lo
to toe u.nId0i. t thefte
Section or-An amendment was
A doing away wirh thEr attrement that
eos bull i.eue nieosl registe
ac alor eaoh of whleh hea a.u Olharg
e e eeBnts.
As amended he d ..o+oo w adaMte..
adopted With aliget amsudmdts. 0o" a
eonte to conform w.h am.enments to
s Secton oi pvding that in ease no
will bid t b ole amounofo txes
w toru or the presaent eera tI r io
buy In the poperty fort.. a., sW
Sointt 4, 41, m a 4U9 were adop
oeion o was amewa.em o o
whil action on trevene tI b Ti U
glj anrad rweare n out.o
e 51o mater.a l aendmet wen mado
Seotinonsn enmemra.-o
a Ialoter ie4L
oration of the bill waý .o.at
ordered printed as amenea.
e clsavsOO anREouTs.
r idveto W.I o o e
I ablyo enaStenll to au
uNtI ilde no aý olne rlly 0
I te ttthe
a. to . sprlamOsle
1.on 80Ht v
a amenA ~o
S enate. b r o. e ve ate to oate
an o tfr 4 ef of the
reeasoD rered tu dtemd
ertlo tosl . d proe
e Senator De s to a th nte
f naa. oa 1_.. nwa8on. ts . -
0 gtmen.,ts tin sAme~ up "La.
eto e b M N th . hensr ley
=miio t 11and i81s e r to
a uPOn ufivorn . -loty
0 Sena bD o. i men s-tadettos
anor oster asked r adjof to;
da a an swerod to th ir one
Se nte m C N ... , -
Onsto[ Lem.e moved tnhat the b
GlsetoO by o o ea o 17 DoS.
e n e eprr"- upon
ton, and s a ereo eon
war with t ew a prayes.
into and ose r t
the sae this were
oomMantlons and eliques. Yr.
ham said Be W not aeaited
of the patei lo w sew g t
positively that
jottorice In t 1o
per.on upon t.ais Hsit xeno 3o
vention, be sad bee eondir •
oonsitent In ate the
uomtoarj wnen th otaeetsIon was
bconvetion as they baa
,eural lottery i he
wond baebe Shur die t u
innity. he ventlo
iii. with the unadqr
waived the monopoly nab of the
waite Lotter Company. The
this rlPtl wns t tlt
in overturning t.
Iptau no.Mr. ssw
IOBtlibture amnes 1817.
tines that tisie bils ave
iepealahe ebaterottof
,that T ve a
alfless. ad

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