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lie Viitsn the Manaitassa Club and
mBnquents at the Battl Houne.
Some of Fin Views About Japan and the
(hinese Question, and the Results of
a Reporter's Enterprise to Get at
His True Inwardness About
a Third Term,
At n o'cloek Friday mornina Is=t Gen. Orant.
aoueoruanled by his personal staff, nonalsting
of Meier Walker Fearn and Dr. Joseph T. Ioolt.
and invlt d aguests, Gen. Harner, Gen. W. Mi.
Owen, Maj tr Tom Oehlltree, (ol. Wm. Roy anti
letbers of the press, got on board a Fselal
Irt.n provided to Barry them to Mobile. They
WIte renelved by Mr. Dargon, Col. Whiting, Mr.
gaOh nd Mr. lNebberie. members of the Mobile
Votton Exocan e. who had come over on the
~et dit, n evening for the purpose of Oeslorting
Ittl General to their oty.
f ge.lal superintendent of the road, was in
re f the affair himself, and bad one of the
het loe,omotives on the road attached to a
lor ear and a slee. . The day was mast
ifespt, and the rajis ofthe precednlt twenty
r hours. bad allayed the dust entirely, and
e travlete were dispoSe to thoroughly en
o themslves. whlh dlapoition had been
it enoo ragel byt the courteous Mj,ir,
1W e provlsloa for the comfort and pleasure
0pa transient guests calted forth eapresslone
of gatlifacion from all. Tbe party eat in the
lor en., and conversati n was general. In
r to a qunestion as the nationality o
i servant. Gen. GOrant said
nld wag above the ordinary clse. He was
tid Feling with hits rlnolpally to become inti
Mitely aequainted with the Ungltah language
Mt with the manners and customs of our
40tatryt be would then return to Japan. and
e0old no ubt ilee to b3 a person of soome con
Oehele. The Japanese stend very high in the
eral,' estlmation i they have adopted large
te American eustoms ; Eegllsh i tauht in
he bah schools, and our teat-books are
*ibtdalrd No one o6n enter the tabh schoole
Wlthout ~beie ed lated in the utngll.h ian
au+ge, five years ng a lowed to its study
ttour ears add iion e to go throuh the
l1trite ooutme. The members of a family
1t i ral sheabarer Ire t prosperity or re
wea... The mother being looked up to and
Srenced, being allowed the same liberty in
the women amonast us: and there is no oase
tioentd of their proving false to their bue
Olilnost entirely unknown, as the children
r dve rt their parents under any elroum
Miuas, The rate of labor toi ow, men work
Itbteen houre per day for a compensation
t aents, or, to get it dO4n to statlstics,
di tltof a cent per hour, llouestly a na
trait, and the mint, etabllshd on our
. n, needs no guards to re"ott urilalse.
S tire a teeceable, Industrious and enligtt
S hetitlo. having thus far cotled only the
ue of Western nations; but as to what
at our boasted civllla tion would have on
S In eurse of titue, the General cntfessed
Snoblility even to guess. He spoke of the
44t.ia"e1 which Were oe t tn p.rtetrated on the
" 4 oeS br our boasted Uhfletitan nations.
S lted two Instance in poitt.
.O# some other port on the Japans ,oast, that two
ua Englleh blooEsa, letras In cttnmt erolal
cp, "went on a latk you know.'" Having
bed tto large a quantity of vinous or
S ituious iuore they tave tree vent to their
tle., and eery str y Jap who catne in their
waH treated by them, John Bull like, to e.
Si Ouff or a stroke with their striokes
ye at last Ineountered a small tarty of Ja,.
obj aed to this method of hrlow treate
f x weast.'d, but the bloods. being armed,
S ed the victory after inflicting coneldet able
ty on the unfortunate heatlen. The next
the affair not wind and the 'lerks, with
ikt repentant, acknowledoed the part tIey
tah and absolved lthe Jar, from all
e. Thlns -a done utit oflelaly. and as soon
! r gatry Prke, the hn~Ileth cmmanding
aear, hiaid of the afitr ,a sent for the
a d ordered them to t harge the Jap'i
a th n acting on the offensive, which was
0.. tl r Harrl then demanded of the govern
*Mat the
the unfortunate so called ofeanders an am
I apoioMyt lot the un 0pped Insult to the iing
ilfelr,dItd Ia money Indemnity, The Japenese
rn i ded te epoor men euflered
hand the lrks pocketed the indemnnitr.
emthr ease an Amoerlotn nmorhantman, in
at o of treaty blitga 'ltns., seiltl into a
Pot, nt. d was brought to by a shot acroes
bow, An Ameriean, an gallisht and a
cih man o' war hesteued to the roene and
teld down the forts and town, and then d-,,.
lanted a mone" Indemulty. which was vald in
._.. talMentt.
munhsrD nIcovawIR
irt fuJl share France took a portion and then
u th . ba tunoe, and the United btate. re
" e hfera, but It has not as yet covered into
n - tresaurt, and the General has no doubt it
returned to Japan, and hoe I worklong
Ftr suoh a consummation. Byya resolu lon
t ss .jt wee fiven back but a guaarantee
demanded that It would be applied to
t it schols In Japan in which Enalish
utld ' tauaht. The government naturally
b t.td the dictation and r,-fused the terms.
ai thIt if the money belonged lawfully to
alO United ttatee tley had better keep it. but if
oJpan. thty had no rlahbt to sar what use
Jarn should make of it.
lh~n wtilh Japan. and drew a plcture of bhl
flss l it,.oh learney would indorse to ihe
Il*tLer. He has a hligh admiratton for their
10.rsge ao quality not usrually acotrded them
tdime novels or even in bhistory. but in his
l on there are no braver peoplne on the face
~earth, being fatallists ther are necesartiv
SThe' rn mon of powerful pbryale1u and
to bear any and all hardships.
'hbe Ohlinee we seee here are all from Bonthern
hInss Iand are the vely poorest ave'tvimott of
S. tr''. They have, unlike tile Japtaneae. im
abied trom contact only our vics. and the (,e
elral oosider that in their tout muntable ob
jetittusn tt adoptinU. aLY of the prnot att, ecff,~t.s
O-f our arientlto dlictveries. /1tt the sahRit
and peace of the world. Obtna with la
FOUR nUlnttm) MtIL1.IONR
Ot p tunlct, a, gidied yh ti.h snmo mlltlary
eatle au end a eamanahtlp a Olhrlemlan nations
eknlt itllstlat ti-rmi to Chrtsthdoll.ni 11II
summed nt, the Cbhines as the mosot Immori.
hthy, uneclnDulous, thtlvllig ndt brav,-t
nation in the world. Thie tmptror and the
ieone, do , nt geneonlly undotrantl the treat.
Iernt of theb Obinese In th1 Unitertld Sttcs. atlth
Qn tt dly form an idea of a govtrnmlet 'an
getCd on steh loose irlnet'l,,- an ou1rw. where
aUtjt-, t can suOeesfull detfyt' all attni.t. At
tltr.mnt. He spokeo laughtugly -f to itm
moPslblllty et establithinar t ni.,. t .yltvg that
the ~ tih woeld st-al bittldlng tand tll in A
.hort tie. In Ohlna your ow serv'ant 'ats bi
InAted Implicitly. but he will !toal from overt
ane else.
rttll3tn emoothiy alone had now ran hod Bay
S. Lutll. tal d a stop was ntt'o to allw tbo
eroad at tht depot to see Grant. who had
stetppe to the rear platfoim. A little child
toded un and orled. "Oen. I)rant. I want to
en "'" The Genetal Dicked her up, kissed
oer. hid h, ra few moments in his arms, unuch
toher delitht and the appreciation of the by
tder-. and then replaoed her on the lIndita.
were w tre banded in In lq antitie, and save
ear quite a festive appearance every ien
an s. leatlng a "boutonnlere.' (Dapt Ben
I e Pos.T. he who was reputed during the
. to have comatanded tho most abandoned
Sf. ltof mr n n the Oonfederate s'rvice. came out
otd chabstd with Grant. The Gaptain looks
geo1h bre ken now. PassChrt tian was reached,
d GOn. Harney's carrtiae was in waiting to
we G-n. Grant down the beach as far as Gen
8areay's house. but the time could not t-.
ar-d. and once more the train sped
J.mg At Pass Ohbristian. bowe.rr thr
wra qu t, a on.ourse as-emublei. and
*aqua., f ea.eteta fr-om the MbitItar lstitu:e
werm tn bnad to fire a ealute. which f-iled from
dlamf o i' w I*tr or luneperienct. The band m -do
-p to tb.- d flien. and thetr In mtov.i if t t
..; it -!bg .'O n, shouts sni the flrit of tw,,
nd, t , m nuegun. which hal to-n gotts.n
teZi i ,riter. West Psascagoula wa next
, an. all bands debarked to view tae
S CnObOTI WOea".
are ].cated the appliances which the
onm any uses in oreoseting the piling
rs n eded in the construction of their
and trestles. The dlsoovery of
S ,ese I f incaloulable advanw.te to the
*s it would be alImoset im oosatI for it
r' . Ir its water croessins otberw.asi
. Outi Is as follows: to.
to the procewa are.
booms on trucks wlM .
am late amemeu
oular b3imental tanks. These tanks have
ralls lad on the inside for the psepage of the
trunks, and pipes for the radiation of heat.
The heads of the tanks being placed and
thoroughly secnred, steam is turned on and
the procres of oryitng ommeno.es. This lasts
fronm eight to t welv, hours, nd at the end of
that time the steam is withdrawn and oil passed
into the tank.
TUE Pl hlN,
at first tabtrln the oil very fat, hbut when It ha
gitn to Hlacken ott is fore"ld it util the timber
ti latturtnt, d thot oatllrh, do emos out' guaran
lead to last lifty -e taq. fittnjr R tlusoR n did tihe
hoeors nII./l ed hry the Iventor of the I.ro'es.
ThI i1 ]Mo'tn CT ropnot r. h arliung ab"ut the
llourle whelrl the tn I t s'la weln keot. went down
and, Inquiring for the
wan Ill0 that it weillIteo tn iteor, Taunvoir
tlon ildene t of i. IT Pavia, wtee iased i, ani
(rant's attllenton was cealled to i, hot lhe m to t
no remarks. At East P'!aeagolla a short atop
was lade to tshake hands, anid fl were were
showered Ill. nllllg thel a gtreat rnany heauti
hnl meagnolia. The reporter. seeing hoer en
,o.ning for a trilke on the htid term. npttturied
a fln lmagnoliat, nod serrelin tmself Inscribed
on It with the point of his klif-.' Our Future
President (len. U. H Grant,' and unnoticed
Ulaoed It in a otonlVpiCouAs p'tstoin. It was soon
diatotv'red by one of the GOeersl's admirers,
who eartled it in triumph to him and sat :
'General, the coutntry anys so. and ween nature
inorses the sentimnet." The guilty DL)MORAT
reporter, who had gotten acommanding taosl
tion, scanned the (eneral's countenance coee
ly and awaited breathlessly the rep'y. A smile
relaxed the features of the politically silent
man. and he quietly said,
"I wAVE sees IT ROWINO."
After the Mexican war Grant was camped at
nast Pascagoula with his commandt, and be In
quired of the eltiens the posltion of hie old
caton round.
All aboard l and soon the liveliest rate of
speed was attained. 'B actual time we were
going at the rate of slllhtly less than a mile a
minute, making the last forty-one miles in for
ty-eight minutes, and running as smoothly as a
pair of parlor skates; letter writing could be
done as neatly as If anchored in the countin.
house. Grant and the excursioni ates a unlt
complimented Major Robinson highly on the
great deeree of perfecion to which hbe bras
tronght his road, but failed to find words capa
he of
of his efforts to render their trip a pleasant
one. Not a wish had been expressed that the
means of its gratifloation were not immedt
atelr placed within teach. Frearant lavanns,
soothing liquids from osparkling Apolo
naril to the eeductive Champagne, and finaly
a toothsome lunch appealed to the affections,
nor appealed in vain.
The verdict was, "When Major Robinson goes
as commander of another expedition, may we
all be there to see."
Major Walker Fearn, who was thoroughly
conversant with the country, had tolnted out
all oblects of interest to Gen. Grant. and on
reaching Mobllb was more thoroughly at home
than ever, having there firat seen the light.
ereeldent of the Cotton ExchanRe, with the
rest of the committee, entered the train and
welcomed (ten. Grant, esonrting him thence to
the carriage. In the meantime a rattllng salute
wes fired by a detachment of the Btate Artillery.
under Capt. Huger, which brought the slasses
from the surroundlui building in glalling
mhsses. As Gen Grant reached his carrilge
the surging multitude crowd-d the ropes erect
ed to restrain them, anti they parted. Then
ensued pandemontum. Bearing bhresa. shouts
for Grant, and General Yelling trom all elsies,
made as oomlete a pictture of
as Mobile has seldom witnessed. It was aga'a
day in the city and as to the exact number who
had turned out to view the General there was
some dispute. The carriagen bearing Gen.
Grant, the committee and the excurelonists
drove as rapidllry as possible to the Mana..as
Club. where another scene of confu.ilon and
scrambling ensued as Grant descended from
his carrina. and the police had their hands full
to keenp a clear way,
Grant was addressed by Mr. Gardner, on behalf
of the Cotton Exchange and by Recorder Owens,
the a'ing mayor, on behalf of the city. The
'emarks were short and pleasant. Recorder
Owens, in the excitement of the moment gave
Grant no chance to reply, but began the inutro
dutltion, and in a few mlutnuts all odj turned top
magniflent eoldltion. Tnhe rooms were almost
asolid mass of flowers, showing the greate t.
taste in their arrangrmnnt. Generan good feel
ing and jollity relaned. The DEMOoRAT re
porter anti other representatives of the tress
were taken charge of bodily and the grend old
hospitality for which Mobile is so iustly cele
brated came remarkably near causing them to
succumb early In the action. If any of our cltl.
sann visiting Mobile should desire to see no
little of the citlly n possible, and to Irad a re
tired end uncungenial life while there, they
would do well by taking good advice and shun
ning the Manassas Club, particularly Its mem
i'APT. oGO. vIDtIR
and Mr. T. C. Carter, and in private life be sure
to gtve the jovial George W. 8potswood the out
direct, tor his wilt s art many. Mr. Lindsay. of
the RegIte.r, might- be a safe man on Hunday.
Toasts to the distinguished guest were drank
with applause, and Gen. Grant then walked
over 'o the United titates court-room, and held
a h if hour reeption for the colord people
At the expiration of that time be returned to
the Manassas Club. and the partr, taking car
liages. drove through some of the principal
stieets. and thence down the bay to the Magno
lia Race Course, where the celebrated
oita8, KItMBALL,
belonging to Cottrell, was brought out for in
epc tion. He is a magniflcent dark chsttnut of
over sixteen hands, ant is a perfect equine
from the gronnd up. lHe gives proise nof
great things andti it i. asetied that no horse in
America, with the exception perhaps of I'. Lo
will at all try hi mittle. He i Rlargely the fa
Ivorite for tbhe Kentucky I)rrby. Gen. Grant ad.
mired him in a very qtuiet manner, and al
th ugh apparently Ioleased sald Itttle. An inn
briated gpntleman, who lihd passed himself off
as belongting to the tarly, main. himself inilte
conspieuous by occasionally resting his h.ad
The Grant party sutpoPsd him to be a mem
herof the committee, and r'icv'e ?sa On re
turning to the city the patty drove to the Battlle
ouse,. and Grant retlrhd to dress for the ban
. et and to ret, The inchriated gentleman ar
rived, peaaed the p 'li."' at the ,'nor on the
around that he was on Grant's staff. Walking
laeiur, ly In he drew up it chair near the Gone
ral, and, with a hearty
Ianlired: "General h iw do you like this sort of
thing. anyway ?" Mnmbh'rs of the cimmitte,.
who had be-n watching him. finding he was an
interloper. l.d him o on unletti by the ear. The
lin"' was form d, and Mr. Gardnuor eso t'd
Gen. (;rant. to the batnuttot hall. which was
gotten up ito gorgIous sSIl. with floral decor
at ions and blooming plants. the menu dcne
on satin in tastey style. After the solids had
been distposed of. the addresse. of the evening
were delivered, that of Col. Wickershbam. par
tliu arly, being noticeable and it was applauded
to the echo.
made a short speech., thanking the poolo for
their warm reecvtion, and assuring them
of the pleasure he had extrlenled
during his visit; spoke of the goot feeling ex
istingbhtween the North and 8outh, and hoped
that nothing would her, alt 'r occur to cause its
decline. After numerous toasts the [arty
about 12 o''lock. adjourn, d; the General and
excursionists going to the train, which wtas to
leave at ti:o. Taking seats in the sReeLer and
all smoking, the conversation took a humorout
tur.n and some remark with regard to whisky,
brou~ht to Grant's recollection an occurrence at
when he was young in the servi,'e. A scouting
expedition was aolng into the Indian country,
under command of Opt. Charlye May. He had
issued orders limiting officers' b,*ggage to
thirty pounds, and in going round to be cer
taln that his orders were obeyed he spied a box
belonging to Lieut. Hunt. and calling him. de
manded to know what be had packed in that
heavy box. The Lieutenant answered that he
had only a few books. "Books." said Capt.
do you expect to do with books, fighting Indians.
Tate thnm out. sir: take thern out i N ext-a
baggage allowed." At this tolnt arother lieu
ten-ant tepped up ard said modestly, ' C aItain.
I had an Idea of asking permission to take a
little extra b.ga.age, ant am sorry to hear you
Dp,-itive ord-rs to the c nt'ary." "Well. sir."
said May-. "and pray what might you desire to
tk ? "Obh! Oaptain." hesitatingly. "I thought
that perhape an er'ra
might not come amiss." 'Ah. 'essi May. "well
now. Lieu enant. y-s* I never objet to any
thing in reaaon." Gen. Grant, after taking a
night ap of Base's ale. which is the ony bey.
eraM' ne indulges in outalde of ADollinaria
water, as far as known. retired, and thou h tbhe
beest o, j es were Dandi d around between
O.nL Owen. Major Fearn Dr. Soott and G0n.
Harney. the excitement of the day told at last,
.ad at :1o the last one retired. New Orleans
was reaced at I a. m.. and. Kith teeias of re
at aln tharr pl eu art tu s. ajori
Fifth DIay of the New Ilouimiana
Jockey C(lub IHire.
A Large Attenlance, but Poor Hapsen
and Rmall Sport.
As large n torowd ias has tioIngreaoid ntRI thle
Fair it oundle d.irinhg ti t I erPeInt mltitg eF
penhletd tihere rsterdapytlR . Anld fIel the Stand
and the ittaRrter-(trtt'h,I
(ionRtionFtus ili the ultdien)c on tlhe grand
tanld were the montrare of the Juvenile Final
fore' C(mtpany, who attended In a loidy. Ba
twetn r'es5 they were the observed of nil ob
mJuest Re the horses were nhnut being runLg l
for thn third ram'e. (en. (krant, Rocomtllntedl iby
Dr. Chorinpp, almen on the groulnd. He plased
in front of the grand stand p nd ltrooeadetd im
mediately to the jtlgee' stand. where he in
malned during the rest of the racing,
The eport was not so good Rs hasi hoeet wit.
nesIed on previan ladys., for the track was hard
and lumpy. and with the exntetion of one race
the favorites had it all their own way. and were
easy winners.
was for two-year-olds. and for it there were the
following starters:
Bonny, entered by Wm. Cottrill.
George R. entered by Briln A Bpeneer.
Kitty Hawk. entered by Ja. SBrget.
La Periohole, entered by Jas. Burget.
Besele Davie. entered by Barkley A Hugglne.
Miss Blanche, entered by Barkley & BIugglne.
There waR very little nlterest manifested In the
event, and the contest proved to be a tame one.
It wae dlffltelt to see the start or to judge of
the position of the animal. after it was made,
on the fifth trial. and it was only after they had
turned into the home.atreteh thatit wea seen
that MieR Blanche was Ieading, but it wan Im
poesible to Say who held the neat nlanp.
However, they vpaned the strtl'g in the follow
ing order: Mise Bianhe. ,La Petliohle a nood
ecolnd, Kittr Hawk el ,se o as numntber three,
and Bleple Davis and Oerge( 8.. repecttlvely,
four nnd five. The time waee 4 Ctecont I.
Immediately after the statt Bonny jilmoed
the fence and fell into the ditch on the other
side, throwing her rider nnd shaking him up
couliderably, and damaging herself not a little.
was one mile anid a furlong for all ages, and for
it there w,,r- the following entrins:
Barkley & Hluaggin enter L'Argentnen.
Mike Weseh enters Mllle Hart.
G. B. Morrise e tern Frank Bhort.
(. B. MI,rris entere Turin,
larnese West enter (Gariei.
In the tool sales L'Argenltein was the fovor
its by large odds. and the a rtaints that she
would be an eaay winner dl.treted ionidahlora
bly from the intereat which Wolld have other
wlse been felt in the event.
Tne result roIved that the popublr ijldgment
WRe correct. L'Algenteen took the lead at the
start and kept It easily until the three quarter
poet was strulck. when her rihldr pulled her Iup
and allowed (iahrll tia shore ahead. She was,
howpver.uilven rein again, anld Again went to
the ft not with asen. The other aniltual changed
ptePitionUe pveral tine,. but as the Oh.anue
were made without any extrati diplay of wtteod,
or creiting any excitement or enthtuinem. It Io
nnly necnaeary to plae thlhm aR they IatLL in.
which they did in the following order: After
l'Argenten.n t(ibril. Mollie Hart. Frank Short
and Turin. l'te timn of the ra.e was :Ol'5.
ThE THIRD 1R1(01
waR a three quarter dash, and the following
were the entries:
Hattie HI, enered by Wmn, (ottrill,
Knulght enmpler, entered by (1. t, Morris.
Iell. ontered by Bares & West.
3i tbrill, enteredt by Barnes A We=t.
Jtek Hardy. entered biy Biarainy A IHigglna.
c'hurch Fulocher, entered by Itarkloy & Ilig
Emm.Ia toovIer, entered Iby Jlohn lrner.
It proved to ie the tonly t'ollaeet of the day in
which there was the ljast exetatenielt
In the p),ool the pNtrita of RHrkley A Htugatlo
pold for $19r. B rnse A Woet S:t. and tlldh rest In
the flOld for $3*t,
A gotd start was made on the seeotnd hnbet an
Hattle Ht juntpoi t the f ioit and led the way
arlound wltn Harldynecond.Oabriel third indti tue
riet hun,,hed. There waa no material change
in the politton_ until the home stratei, was
reached. when Hardy and Hattie H. drew away
from the others and gave thmn a chant'ito
ttlneg out. The contest b.tween Hardy anti
Hattle was close and t xrlting. but Hettit wit,
by a n' ok, in :IR i. Hardy setolnd. (Oahrll
thlir. KUltght Tom lar fourth. Fulheor fifth,
GOloper clxlih and Untl t.eventh.
one mile ant three-qi.artme, there were fItir
entries. Longtaw, Ella Iowett. Jim PFay Ali
L.tgRaw was the favorlte at the odds of s17
to IaI fotr the ithers.
The race was dtvoid of internOt. for after the
oiurcera got well under way they took psi
til ne s follows: Longtaw, E li It wettr. Ty
phoon aind Jim FAy. andi noevr changed. FPay
af or running threo.qtuarters orlf a itle drop-tdi
llt antl 1. t he ot lhre kite on in the oldter
named. Iionataw wais undi r it pull mite, of Ith
way, and the other two tdh not roem to mlake
mlluh effort, to overtake him.
NEPW I,OITIITANA .1.('EV 013,l1111, i0PR'110 MRRTINOi.
1840. FAIT1 (4llR1UNDS1. NEW uBItA&ENR, APMII. 10 -
Fr.' rl nee, Plllrano $15 for two-eoar-olds ;$t10o
to first horno. $251 to o4 lI')ll; 110 Ioll 'cis on ea4t ,l.
wiunnr .,f lthi. Momll 1staket to ~arry 0 ltOllU.Js
extra. it Of mill.
Barkliy Ilolusih s nthr oh. f MIss Blncohn.
byv i't.ol, dam N 'llf It ; 97 polndP ... -
Ja,. Hurg~t enters oh f. I l',roihol-. by
lreahitt, I Onm Tom nI Roady: 97 onllrinl . . . 2
.lTa HIlrutlt, "nft rP.s b. f. Kitty Hlawk. by Breath
Itt. t1am 'rTlliv HI 97 UDInuntl1d .......... 3
Ilrioln .3 iMpnnoor enter b o. (ooron 14.. by
14lllt Friend. daml 14Rlj DavonIport; 100
oll R. . . .. . . ....... 0
BarkIy &A IIlugginR -ntlr 'hI,. f. Bosstio D+avil
by Uiinathitt. dam Jennle OHmhlo; 117
Don ndt . . ... ... .. .. . .. .. '0
Wm (loltrill elnto'rs b. f. Ionny, by IIl.kon.
(lda lonI a ntll ro .... .. .. ... ....... to
Time o1:54.
*Not plalnd. IFell and throw rider.
t,'orn, l.ar,--l'uirs.. $ on: for lil agna $1,1na to
first. 50 i, tl'l s nld: 100 DlOItllid On 1trl1. tllroo
w1oar-ollll to Harry thIdr proper woightM: throe
t'olnds allwnl, for mar.s land g~ldIngs; one
nile niuld r irlour.
Iarklo-y . llf ihlns ontar oh. m L'Argontonn
lagn., by W1lr DI).unc. dam MI1ss Onry: 97
tlOl+l |.l.lh ........ . ............... ..... 1
Barnti... Woit. .latr air, I. (. ibrl'l 4 yearLs.
by A arm. Id tn Etl'trtl; l: 10onn I ...... 2
Mdika WVo'sh etorer b. m. Mollih Hart. 4 year's.
by 1. nlny Hotland, dllam Bionrlet ; 117
llllilll I4 ..................... . ........ .. ....
(1, B M. rrl ot101ru chli. R. PFrlnk tlorl.. 4
olalrP. by (len Athol., lam B1ll1o Brandon :
97 o0o 101. ............ ....... .... ....... 4
.. B. Mrrtl cntltor ch. g. To, ini. 4 yelar,. by
War Danel, dam ti8latr of Charbly; 97
Poundlf .-- ................. ............... .. 5
Time 2:0ih.
Third Rn'ce.-Purse $',2, for all ares: $150 tc
fI stl, l50 to I4c40 d. Threl llllartul.r olf a mill.
ti in Cotrlill 1enters ch. f Hatile1 II . y3 ar. by
Buckdlen damn Lilly Ward: 9 pltnds .... 1
Barklery A IllngUIis enter b h Jock Hardy.
ared. ,. Imp. Pha'ton. darn M '111, Rosers ;
11 p 11 ndltls ... ....................... 2
Barn, e A W'est enter . o. (.abrlel. 4 years. by
Aln'w., dam Electrio; 1in polinds ......... 3
G. B. Mairrls enters Oh. . Kaight Tnmonar. 3
years. by Fellow Craft. dam Emma Jud
snu : 92 Iounds ........................ 4
Barkl ey & hItglns enter b. a. Ohuroh Pllabor.
4 0ero. by R,-bal. dam Nellie A.: 107
JobF Orar enterst b. m. Emma O per,. 4
yeIa's. by GOlngary, dam Novada; 107
Dnllpi -. ---.. -.......... .... ... ............ 4
Barne. Wet, enter oh. f. D, 1+. 4 years. by
Leamlinton. dam Lurline: 107 pounds. 7
Time 1:18%.
Fourth Racl-PFarse $250; S200to first. $50 to
41s' .,, 1: on, mil. and throe-quiarters.
G. B Morris enters b. h. L ng'aw. 5 years,
by nlngtell.lw, dam FtDlnoDr. 115 nounds 1
BIarktly & logginos e'ntr b m. fiI Rowett.
ag-,d by Un le Vic. dam Mamona.115
D llnoils ....................... ............ 2
Wm Lakelard enters ch. h. Typhoon. aged.
by W ,r dance, dam Wagner. 118 pnudls. 3
Barnae & Wesr ant-r 3 ir. Jim Fay aged. by
Pru-dlan. dam Id.n Ball. 115 pounds...... '0
Time 3:10.
SWithdrawn after mile.
The New Orleans National Bank. 54 Oamo
treet, has on hand $50 o00 of the frst mortgage
bonds of the New Orleans Cit Railroad. In de
asomlasaous of .ea, sos and $ias. Tuee
honds offer to partles holding small amnon ta a
fine ohance for investment, for they are iabso
lutetly beln .neored by mortgag" e on valuable
eijty tiroaerty and the best rayinng railroad
llnes in the lty. To eAllre the nlllrt+haee pRaR
ment of thn interest aind retlrement i:f the
bonde. the "~itnay leop.llae w"ekly with the
i-tnal flank $11295. Irrevo)thably i.lei-gInd fir ithat
liDurpoen. Al inlfvietnlet in tlli'e hi-inde will
tHRr p-a ir i enit p t ir enIt t. Rep, i niv.h I eInil-aronli
ally -n .lino I i Td l I,.',i-, r"r t.
I)elegatee to the State Democratic
A Ipart from the etiintli-al.n ealndy hail anid nn
noil'n-l fl r delegate. t to he HItateiii onVi Iiln
whlh I4 to llet tio- Il-the po-ll i'- oif neele.ilng
,ielegates to the National eonventlI n In ih he lid
on the twenty~oponelld of June, In (tlnoi'nnat .
folr Jlhe nomination of andhlates for l'rnwldent
and Vlio-n i'rheliwnt, I he following o'uritred yee
terday In the city. All the returnlls had not
reached hJealtRnaters nii to an advanced hour
In the morning, hut so far theyetood as fol
low :
In this ward. there being no 'onnteaplng fte
tio, the mittosr club Inet PF'Idal v. ninth Instant,
anlld nlanll I llolvy elecmted the following delela
tilon t' the conventlionu:
IIo1. I'. M.allle. Emlle J. O'Brlan,
It. . W. omd. Jamre 1'. (1larke,
Alex. T. IiDonovan. M. McNamara.
A. II. Murphy, Jon O'tMhaugllhneeeey,
P. J. nt.livan. E. P. Hraorhile.
And the following resolution was untanl
morlmly adouted:
Rella,'pl. Ithat (Oen, Winflehl Seott Hancock
lR the cholce of the Democrats of the first ward
for the Prealdency of the United Btates, and
the delegatee from this ward to the Btate con
vention be andi are hereby r qljueted to use all
h' norahl mtans to e',ure hl nomlination.
12Fenirld ruruier, That the delegates from this
wald he and are hereby Inetrulted to eupport a
reeolution to Inetraltt: the ARata deleg'tionll to
the national onventilnn to ol,-'me Ihe reetial of
the rule reu-iring a two-third vote to nominee
eondidatee for Prelident and vlne Preeldent of
the United States.
ati'ONtD WARD.
ion. J. Ad Rorter. Thoman HBeeam. Jr.,.
James Lynchll. anlel Owene.
Mr allaher. Win A. Kerlvaghan.
,M. C Ioyce, Thomas Dalton,
Wa=h MaRke. John Logan,
M. Stewart. J. J. Thomae.
Ieat night the central eluh of the ninth ward
met at the wigwam and ulHnlilooelly sltoried
the foilowing deligates to the Demonrartle tate
Uonvel t ion, which tunite to- morrow:
Iol0. Lnls Ml. Martnlll, Col. Joseph (.lline.
F. D)udenhefer. U. T. Locke.
Will. Betoen. U(n W. Wintz.
liubh Gqin., Henry O(. Miller.
Martin Leroy, .Johun Blantz.
J. O. Landry. Jas. t-,bertt. Jr..
Joseth Ilitt, Henry Ellerman,
,. P. Itindeau,
Thir. I llllv. M J.B rratt.
1' J. Mooney., Pat MuIlare.
The exprRleeon of opinion of the meeting
wne In favor of len. FlanInock for President.
The ,olllelnna Division Irtvolerlnt Apeocia
ti-nr Arnly of Norihernt Virginla met lat evnn
ing at their new bhll over ill'sl hook store, on
O(siltp .tI ret. Majnr J. iDl. Richardson pre
idbel., anld the tollwlngr oflmerp w rre present:
Maijr Ed. Willet. the founder and honorary
rtireldetlh: Tre.utllr- Meurray and FInanlial
pnlerol ivy O!lh. The attendlren was fair. and
nlt ling ocutw red outshiln of the usPIal routin
ex.at I i he reelntg of a letter frnt I liI hn fther of
the late Pr. J i. lianvI, anl a resolution in re
latin t, tti Lhietilrl"al ornrllnittee of the aeao
elat on. The litter from ti fbe Ither of Ithelntn ir.
J I. IPavia was onn nob nonwlnedling the rne-n
tion iof the reeolutllrna telopind by the aaeoola
i hlu on the itl' ih if ft iat wotjl by g ntill-r n and
nllant Oontedlnrntie Poilldinr. woof nit only
e-" vell oir bhye during the war with ntmi niitt
Illt~iklll, eatl end care, lut also during the
fat" iuiileriti .
Itr, -Cme that the hiatorical committee of thil
ae'oelatlono are about to comnplle twelve large
ookll of records of every rgalronu and ornl
tany that Init Il-.lleeana fir Virgiiiia evetn to
ev-ry lnialll giving the namtne of privitee a.
well na offlcere. anid mentioning evrrything
worthy of note In their military careere. Thit
la" i rteinly a great iudertuiking, and reflonte
rndllt on tlh uomrnittee carrying it out.
The work of obtaining eubscriptione for the
inauguralioin of a rIgIIlar aeason of grnnd
olera fioir the cOning winter le going on brave
ly anti proe.iroonly, thanks to the untiring
nfforte of Mr. de Binnl,' lan, the impresartlo
and Mr. )Davia. his active naennt. Already Sia 0an
haven bt.n euhsltrihnd. iAnd i-i.oianl only are Iltk
ing to make a uiertainty of nnxt year's operatic
ecceion. In view of thIllu promland Ruccenn Mr.
ilio -Basti an has dtliehledl upon ki loitign hli
ubPaihortlpion list op-3n a wionk loni-gr--that Il.
till atfuliday nOet. Dui nug that. lime it Is
hi-i-.edl that thb nn-ceseairy amount to war
rant thi heanvy vltllro will hive
beenn tbllhritihod, Up to the pDiresant
ilay moat of the pubarrib-rs arn peop'lin of fash
ion anl inmolna. Intorsatnd in the undertaking
-rineirnpally from motlivei- of Ii-liailr and the
Pathli.ftlaolln of arkts i longilOna. It, se-eminI that
our trai-dlnccoi. Rlll'nih ias dry Igooda mno. nil
Iinnrie. hlotel keeonrsa. ,ie . htave ke.t iiloift. anld
psIt lheli are pcrhati- th-n wio llii-t intnercit-d in
I .i -Pancii-r of thelnintleriris.i~ na It will gIve
them work. Diatro-tnaUn Alll imonrey. It atanile
an obvills. t hlat a emalIl outliy whiclh woltl an
.ol itn tho oi--ninl of ltil i-lnorir woulit be al good
inveatment for our t.radm.IRenn. nlnd rlt urn to
th i-m manitil,.
Upon thn arrival of (ln. Grant, In our city.
Theeo Lillenthal. proprittor of the o,.brated
art, studio on Canal street. remembered that
Ij st after the fall of Vlckaburg bh took the Gn
oral's plrture. The negattivi was unearthed
and a fine llkeness. by the I,'mbert prooess.
was soon prodtuced. neatly framed In velvet.
and oraesnted to Mrs. Grnt by the noted artist.
Irmmt lattlyt noon the G.Iteral's return from
MI i IHI. yrsltertav. n l. l ie l t lt d tl o on Mr. LIllln
thal andi was tshown by him to the optrattlng
room tland aate, Iefor,, the Instlrll nellt,. whlch
rearmlolann sonmwhat s.ixt-fllour DOlnlDor.
The (Gineral remarked that this was not the
first time that, he had plaetd him-tlf in range
of I, Itlthat's hattirht., and hopd tbe result
prodeiild on this occasion would he as gratify
into and the tictture as admirable as the one
taken sovlntoon yttars agotI,.
The Governor Is Asked to Veto It.
A memorial. addressed to Gov, Wlltz and
Dett ilonlng him to veto the new city charter bill.
was in circulation yesterday and obtained a
l.rgi numbter of stlgnaturts. The gentlemen
havlig the memorial In charge matie ts pri,
S.t.ttlon to the Governor conditional on the
tcty tauthorities agreeing to, submit to a reduc
tiotn of their salaries within the limits fixed by
the co-tituntlon: that Is to say, the miyor to
r,.-leve S:o0. and each of the administrators
$3000 per at nnum
Tne oity officials entered into the agreement
with the committee, and the memorial was for
The English historian Froude, In his recent
life of Buuyan, shows that his prison life was
an easy one and that the restraInt was merely
a nominal one, which one word from Bunyan
could have ended.
Attention is called to the announcement
made by W. W. Washburn, in another column,
of two ellItble residences for rent opposite
Annunciation Saiure. Stretot cars pass in
front every five miuuti s.
on the Mobile and Montgomery R i'road. near
Mobile. has been repaired, and the KBunosaw
slieper will run through as usual to Washing
ton city without change.
Elegant alabaster statuettes and Italian
mrarble v -ses and orname. it-all r-malniug of
the tine stocta-will be snid cn Mon'ay, at 11
r,'look, at Montgomery & Oo.'s salseroom. 87
Camp street.
An excellent aDpetar and regulator of the
syatem is Malakof Biters.
Time and Place of' Meti' lng.
I. ( . ( . I
,Lo.oftf,.an.' ILti~n No. I olt"a tvery Frhln.
Pvonlilnt,, oriltr Perrilido l ld (la ronslniat.
W.ahlinlton I,n,'ug N' 1 mIn't. rvnry Friday
MPrigiaiy inlliing, Thirdt IIstri t.
Ulti.n Lgetlo hn n!" otp ivytr v Oitrcndt alnd
onrth MotIday, roomt Ni. 2, 0,li i"'Allw - l llla
JOrPieent I,,L g+ No a malt'q P.rO ,It Tlllerdayl
ro',n No 2. (h lFollow+' flaill.
J' I1cr. on l,ot'Ia N,. 9 m-t"o. arvery 'l'lhuriRlay
JIf-reon HlUI. n rut r Plhillt an I'la Ma7n IP.
'l'entuIla l, lote No. oiu LitsP nver y l'uni'1ayq
o''nenr On.eao.rhl osantd Fl ;IrI.Iaf Al Ivy.
(,invPnait I rides N'. 17 lllIm"'a evary "J UAnIay
Mirtuinv llnllhllnaP. ' hird ll n+trlat ,.
Ma(III(In Lole Ni 2? rnts t very Tv e adry
ronomh No. . Odl FPIlowa' Unll.
Inledtendo-aneo Lodrle No. 2,t mtn a veary
Weldn .dlay, ciirner Ouatom ollusei and .,*)e'l aangf
Uolnlmbum hlnden No. 24 tnleta every Th nra
day In ball rf[ H. W. M. Alglra.
fJ rmnila I'-l.. N,,. I9 mlOrta very flv i iandl
third Tn";daty, Jefferson iHall, corner PtI.lll
an.d Manntate.
Her an Lo.,dge No. 9e meeta fl'et. thIrd sand
fifth We+dne.aIey. Marlgny uhnIlldfnga, Third
,oimthweatern Lodge No. 40 meets e very
WPdn-ada. room No. 6 Odd F-Illowi' Hall
Helvetla lodge No. 44 mn.eta fthat thlrd and
fifth Thursday, bouslaana Avenue, near Maaa
lK. 01;- I.
orleanna Lodge No. I meetas every Tuesday at
GOruewanld Hail.
Namaritan No. 9 meets every Thursday at
Iruunwald Hall.
loyral Arch No. 6 meets every ThurdRay, cor
nor lertlldo and Uarnndelat.
ColuImbusa Lorla No. a meneta every Tuelday
at Odd Fellows' Hall, Allarsa.
(l. 0. 11. El.
Lodgen No. 42., German Order of lortl OrI,
meats on first and third 'hursday of everr
month at Phllharmonla Hall. Alglera.
9. W. M.
Conclave No. t menets every Wednearay on
Pattermen street, between Laveme and Verret,.
,Altna Conclave No. in meets on first and third
Friday oif every month at No. a. Ernhange
ItEl) NI EN.
Oayka Trllh No. I nmfete on flr-t and third
Thuitrsday of avery mouth, Uuatomhouse and
IE.',ihange Alley,
'I EtI 'E11tA NOE.
St. Joeoph Total Ahtcennan-e Rtolety me.ts
aiend Tucaday of every month at Nt. Mary's
Hall. Aiglira.
Wauehlton Temptlof Honor menat every Fri
dla. Hall (,. W. M., Algfers.
Unuouealan Lotlig No. 1 moate every Wednoa.
day at BIb,n H nse. Camp street.
Wadaw ,rth Term'lel of Honor and Temper
anto mleeta every Monday afit Bilhle iHonae. Oamp
trnpcent Ennamrnment. K. of T.. meete avery
Tbhuorday at 0 Id Follows' Hall] Camp street.
Mather oeletyR, Catbolic T. A.. meaetea aenonl
lindav in avery month at Morning Star oimle.
St. J.1.eph, Oathollo T. A., mrate third annltay
In every month at. ret,ool-honse, Common
a', reet.
it. Alphoneboa Catholl" T. A.. mets fBrat llnn
day In every month, Janblune, betwt-en Con
stance and Ma.galnoe street
St. Theresa. CatholIo T. A.. menta mae'nnd Sun
~ay In every mt.nth, Erato street, between
Magallne and Camv at. Ot.
St. Mobhael's. Oathi+llo T. A.. meeat second
uInday in I.very month. Hall ovppolte Annun
elation Hnilar"n.
I. (I. . T.
Peabody Lodge No. a. every Monday night, at
ft. Charlee Hall. Atglora.
HlIckman Lodge No. 1,. every Tuesday nlght.
at Ill PoiydIas at.
Caucaaeln L 'dtge No. 1. every Wednesday
nlht, at Bible House, ii:1 Camp at.
Ex5celelor Lodge No. 4 overy Thursday nabht.
at Franklin Timpuiirance Hall. Thirrd Dletrlct.
Stonewall Lodlge No. 1, every Baturday.
at Bible Hou"!e. 16. Camp at
Progress LlI.e No,. 14 oavry Raturday, at.
Odd Fellowe' lhall, oor. MagaRlne andl Philip at.
1. (). II. II.
l'nal I rael Lodilg No. lea meets every
Wedneadrly at No. I4 Il,yal sirtact.
rerai'ent City lodge No, 1.2 mrnteta every Tues
day at. No. lC Riyal str"et.
Orleanp Lortdg No. 220 ma.nt overy alternate
Monday at No. 11 Royal atrnoet.
(tnt Lodge (GIrman)ra No. 221 meeta every
Thursday at. No. is Royal streeit.
Home Lodge No w94 meets every Wednesday
at (runewald Hall.
Branch No. I maists firat Wednesday In every
month ' t. 54 St. (Iharles . '
Branch No. 2 tneem.s asecond Thnr.laey In nvery
mouth t,. , Ht. .'. hi's Hlhool- hlnuan, tRampart, at.
Braneh No. 8 mneta pae'oni Tnlonday In every
month at Templorance lail. Joaocnblnn at.
IBranch No. 4 rlet ta first Wedlneaday In every
month at. 1t II Tower. Alalnra.
Hithirnia B1. A . Branch No. 1, meent first Mon
day In every mnI)Iti at. ofrine of Mornlng l tar.
Hlihirnra B. A . Branch No. It, mnets first. Tuna
l.sy In ivery month on Marain et., near Common.
Young Men's B. A matte first Monday In
every month at (runewald filatl.
ions of La. B. A. meets fIrst Wedlneslay In
every mouth at Stonowall Jackson lHall. Elysian
Flahl l st.
'like I. A. meeot first Friday in every month
at Orurnewld Hall.
Pellcan M. A. and B. A. mnt5s seond Monday
In every month ,at (Colllsenm HI1ll. ltenlvilleo t.
Crescent. Ully B A. mets It st Wednosday in
every tnonrh at Onud Fellows' Hall.
C(ot on Yardmmen's B. A. meets first Tuesday
in ove, y month at Hcrowmen's 11411.
Bt. Joseph's B A. meets first Tuesday In
every monlth at Bell Tower. Alhlers.
Young Men's B. A.. of Algiers. meet, first.
Tuesday In every month at I'illharmonla Hall.
Algler s.
(Oerman B. A., of Algiers, meets first. Werlnee
day In every month ut Philharmonia Hall. Al
Nw Orleans German Lahorers Cotton Press
A. meets sen.nd Sunday in overy month. cor.
Fllurth and Levee its.
M ugnolla B. A. mnets second Thursday In
every rnorllh. cor. Thalia anUd D)ryades ets.
I)raymen's II. A. meets first Hu.nlday In every
months Dauphlne. betw. Customhouse and
Bi.nvIlle .is.
Orrman Harmony B. A.. Branch No. 1. mnots
third Monday In ovĀ°'ry mnth. Dauhlneo. botw.
Cusinmi- rol'.e and Bllnvilllo ets.
Turner's B. A. rne-ts filrst anl third Mondeys
In ver y month. Clio st.. b ,tw. Dryados and 1am
Clerk's B. A. matt. first Thursday In every
month at. (runewald Hill.
Mlnerva II. A, meets fourth Monday In every
morlth. nor. Philip arid Magazinen ts.
Army of TennesseslBt A. niotsli seoond Tues
day in every moith at 21 BIaronne t.
Army of N. V. Bt. A. rnmtta second Saturday
In every month pt Courtl Buidlng.
New Orleanslu Lledertef."l meets every Tues
day and las; Haturday aW Orunewahl Hall.
Orleans B. A. meets at North Rampart. cor.
oSpain st.
Lousltanos Portuguese B. A. meets at o03 Hos
pi.dl. et.
8crewmen's B. A. meets every Monday at 57
Blenvllle st.
Baker's B. A. meets at 27 Elyvian Flelds st.
Young Men's Gymnastic Club meets at 51
North Rampart st.
Young Man's O A. meets at 57 CamD st.
Young Mten's beerevo!ent Protective Union
meets second Monday every month, corner of
Phillo and Magazine streets.
J .csson B A. meets firt. and wsc'-)d Tuesday
every month. In Marliny Buildings. Third Dis
Assoclation Marine Engineers No. 15 meets
every Friday Light. 53 St. Charl's st.
Young Men's Hebrew Association meiet In
Story bullulnus. cor. Camp and Oummon sts
Hope Beneovlent A-so latleon metatwevery
second Tuesday of each month at T.m perance
Hall. corner of SBaIn and R.impart streets.
Volunteer S F Co. No. I mrots first Tuesday
of every month. Hunter st.. near Tchoueltoulas.
L ifayettel H & L. Co. N.. 1 meets first We does
day of every montb. Jek-oen st.. near RousI1Sen'i.
Milsslslttl 8S. F. Co. No. 2 m ets fourth Mrn
day of every month, Mag zine, b..tw. Lafayette
and Gtrod ets.
AmrrIcan H. & L Co. No. 2 meets first 'Thirs
day of every mnth, (ired. betw. b:. Cnarlei
and Carondol t ets.
Hove H. & L. Co. No. a meets first Wednesday
of every ton'bh. Mlanlgny and Levee ate.
Viglant 8. F Co. No. 3 merits fr-t Monday of
eve-r month. Rnyon Brad and Ualvti e t.
Plicaan H. L. Go I4o. a meets frst Tuesday
of mvr monh Basin _t. aest Coo..
4Os1 5b . 5.1.Oa o.i s W A EoI$ ,Nd
of every month, (irod, betw. St. Obharles and
UnrotlAIAt, eta.
Mehanlo n' 8. F. (+. No. o meets first Wtdnes
day or very month, (kmmerce and St. Joseph
Eagle H. P. (J,. No 7 merts first Monday of
evnRr" month. DauphirreI, tAtw. Usetomhouse
and lIInt vltIe. Pis
I't.,pt.n H. F. No. maeet. first Wednesday
of every month, Vl'torry. tItw. M'rudeville and
Marliarn ee.
(Ir...l H.i F U. No. ! mef',t f.tet Monday of
eVer y month, E t'lnnttle at.. near Love
I,uiletIRa H, F. (,-. No. no mnrt4.e first Mondat
(1 evr monrth, DntmaI~te. Int. Hampnrt and
Ht. (thldslrl ate.
I,",,lelna loae n . F. (o. mr"att first Monday
of vry m'tn., h, 'or. I'rdlto and, ( tarondelet.
IleFl frrrgy H F Uo. N ,. a mInnt. frPTP Mondar
of v'ry, mont h, Thoup ltulna at., an.ar Or~nge.
I'vers'vnrntoe H. F. (o No. 1e rne.ts last TUes+
'aHy of 'ver y !month, Pl'rdldo st., bet. FI. Charles
an.! (tarottolet.
1'hi ad(l.t'ha H. .", (Ir. No. 14 mers Bfrett
ThIresday r .V, try month, Common at,. bet,
Ilhttwrl antd Litjert y
Jtktston H, F ).(Jto. No, in ments first Thirasda
of every month. (Jalhlne at., bet. St. Charles and
Washtngton H. F. 0CO. No. 2e meets sot'flld
Tenaesrly of evwry month. Thalia at.. bet. Dry.
arles ald tl Baronne.
Orleans H. F (to. No. 21 meets first Tuesday of
every monttl Olalborne and St. Peter.
Jef.lerson 8. F. (Jo. No. 2 noe-ts first Baturday
of evr ry month. Tchouelitulnfs. near Sora$pumu.
Chalmette 8 F. Oo No. 2n ma" to rest Lon .Ay
of every month. Washington at.. bet. Maga fat
tnd Atno.
Ornesnt A. F. Co. No. 2s meets first We does
uiAy of every mouth, Greatman t., near Poet.
.'ll tburg H F. (,). No. t meets first Monday
every montn, Lake End.
Wahlington 9. anod L. Co. No. I maets Brat
Thursday of evrry month, nor. Aleek and Ver
Pelicen R, F. Co, No. I meets first Thursday of
every month, nor. Peters and Verret.
Brooklyn . F. t.',. No. i meets first Monday of
nvrtry month. Boutny, bet. Peters and Delaronde
Morgan F. (Jo. mneete first Monday of every
month, Elmira. bet. Ejlan and Evellna.
TI I i (_:T.
Firemen'e Charitabhl Assoelation meet seoo l
Tuesday of every mo tuth, Manaalne, bet. O1d
and Jena.
Pineer F. Co. No. I meet first Tnuesdt of
every month, M .azlne. bet. Burlln and MIgln.
Home H. antd LO. o,. Nt1. I meet first Tuesday
of every month, Mateton. bet. Constanoe and
MI ealne.
Protector F. Oo. No. A meet first Tuesday of
every mouth. otr. Pitt. and. Nanr.leon Avenlbe,
Young Aerrlna F7, t. o. . a meet first T.es
'eay of every month, MIet lne, bet. Cadis and
Philomathetn Heltty meets on second and
fourth Haturdera at Grunew~ld Hall.
Aoademy of Musio.
Th evening oHaverlAy's Juvenile Opera Cloan
tany will oncotlude their engagement at the
Acelerny, after a season marked with eoflsid
erable success. They will be autioeeded by Au.
"u.stln Daly's Dranmatle Ormpany in the
"Arabian Nlghts," a comedy, and a troupe
which have reclved general oommendatloa
where they have been vresented. The coa
ariv enjo ,e a hibh rtPotation, and it only r
mains to he seen how the company will handle
To-morrow evening Dan Rlos. of ple.a
memory. will be on hand at Ornewnl 1
and will #xplaln the natureofl behis
ure," (Jl. Dan is well remembersd inthh ly,
as throtwhout the wh ine country, ands know
as a a esker of the most entertalinn kld,
Is well known he has abandoned his Old b
nnar and taken to the lenture field, an there
little doubt that his le ture to-morrow nigb
will be an enj 'yabte one.
The Pike Benevolent Asociatlon gaveg its
fourth annilversary recetilon at ZEposltlom
Hall Iest nlhbt. At least lfeoverrons.gentle
men and ladies, assisted to make the evenial
asy ,ieasnt as possible.
The officers of the cluh are: F. H. lobinsL .
Dr sident;: Bernard RIng, viPCe resident; 0 O.,"
Nearer, recordlrg secPretary; John A. Pelorson.
finanotal secretary: E. Courribet, treasurer.
The Forget-Me.Ntt Poolal Club was repre
sented by frr. Ciase. Koepfer.
RornwMA, THS KuPnana Sothero sketObee. By
Constanc' FHZnlm' ro Woolson. New York: D.
Apleton & (Cto. 1(ee.
A HTROKg oF 1FtLOMAC'Y By Victor Oherbu
lIrc (Avpliton's Handy Voinfne aerles), Paper:
twenty ocn's.
THnr a'rTUrIN OF THR PaRIN1G9t. BI Jaeonae
Vlncent. IAptDlaton's Handy Volume Beries).
Paver: twenty five nente.
The above were received from Oeo. Ellis &
Brothers. a2 Camp street.
Ntcw Munro -Ask for the Weddtli Heel and
Toe Pous a. by BTaItn Biris, the most fascinatlng
-ver puhtllshd. For sale at all muste stores.
Price. as cents.
The yvlvan DAll will make excursion trips to
day to the erovasee.
Thb Forget Me Not FoHncll Club will give a
pioulo on the sixteenth of June, proximo.
IRv. Jamos Morrow preacb'. at Acash I. M.
Churonh at. t1 o'clock to-day, and Dr. Milburn at
7:30 this ve,nlna.
A loran audlenon assembled at Orunewald
Hall yosterday r v ning to .ttond the conocert
given by the Loulilana Amateur Artists to Miss
Henrietta Colln. vi,llnlst.
A bond of the New Orleans, o.elousas as
Groatr Western Blallroal. for l1oe. was 0oned
oysterday. and ran to 'laimed by its owner
from Capt. Manning. of the Hixth Precinet.
A lecture on "Ireland and Speclmen Irish.
m',n" will h~e delivred in Ames M E. Ohurbc
n Monday evening. April 12, by the Rev.Jamee
Morrow, of Philadelphia, f rmerly pseator of the
charrcb. A collection will he taken up in aid of
Irish relief.
IRobert Pleasant and Thbnrls ling, sailors.
wirn locked upp in the Sixth Pr. cloot station
for havling In their pol. e.,ion a place of ean
vas aupiuosed to have been stolen by them.
Yesterday evening a boy. Fight years old,
named Jor. Fireob io. fell mn'o the New basin
ftrr the steaniboat IoJul, and would have beeq
drowned but for Mr. P. DB toll. who resomed
I'rNt ISLAND OurAN.- Mr. aHuh W. Mont"
gmnoery sl well known throughout the Soath.
and is one of our most public spirited and en
terprling cltiz ns. Mr. M n gomery adver
tIsen in our Davcr. this mrnhing, the celebrated
I'ne Island Go ano, v hlch. throgah aseriesof
y~oars of careful ext,erinlutirg. hg proven to
to Cfl tro nmenee ImDortatfC to the planting in
torert of the country. If we had the space we
would, for the benefit of our country triends.
ctuhllsb a number of experimeorts and the won.
d+,rful reults attalned by the use of the Pine
Island Guano. A nun her of our most suncesse
Iul and sclentlfle planters have testiflld to1ts
superiorlry over many of the standard ferti
IUz-irs. and It is rapdly being Inatroduced in the
Euuthern btate a.
It soemslalmo't like c irrying coal to Neweas
tie to tell roople that the lace to go for the
latest news and for the latest and best
periodical and current literature is
HStaub's. at Goldthwaite'a. corner of Oanal
street and Excharng Alley. Everlbody ought
to know It. by this time anrd go there as a matter
of eourase We received fr.rm his tinxhaustiblt
store yotcrdty the New Ye k H-.rail,, Sun and
limos and ttrh Pblladeiubla TI ne. of the slzth
instant, and also HArn-r's Young Polks*and
Demo)res"'s Mouthly Magazine. All paeonts
shorld get their chilldrn tn. Yung Yolks.
CHEAP PIANos --PIII W rl in, whose hand
soure l iano establslhment is one of the features
of Canal street, has at present on hand a nuna
bar of Pleyel's. which. though seed a little. are
in perfect order and can b- b sight at a bargain.
n fine st ek of Chl kos ltg. Mathush.ek and
Ha.e's have just beor r-eeivrd hy WorliDn.
NEw Musico-AFk f-,r the Weddlrg Heel and
Toeo F.Y . r, Basile Bat I,. the moft fadainating
ever published. For sale at ail music atorei.
Price. 3 oents.
The best tonIc in the world s1 Malako Bi
trws. Prie medal received e tdhe PasisEpo.

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