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The Election of Banitary and Other
Offimcers, and a Communication
Respecting Hhip Island
The adjourned meeting of the new Bi'ard of
Health was held last nihht. Dr. Joseph Jones in.
the chair and a full b.ard present.
After the preliminary busIness e? readlnortbe
minutes., Dr. Beard submitted the fulloewlr.g
resoltion, which was adopted :
vlisTITOG lUAaI TnlR srTAtoN.
Whereas, by the frriurth sonltlo of the tet'ti
e*tablish quarentln-t for the proteotioon If te
State it 1s made tie dtay of the presldent to
superintend the diýisrent quarant noe eta.
.is of the States, anl it shall be hio duty to
dlist them as ofte a sethe Ihord of lealth ~b ll
ee necessar ; therefore. It is the opinlon
of heoard of I jeilth that the presldenth.h oul
vis itR the earl I~et, preaticable tnmment In Per
eon. and In.laPt the various 'sterautine ste.
t.one on the Flpesiaslpip river, on the Aichata
Ilava and at t Riolto+and re rt their pres
ent c nditi, )u to the B,ardf Hell,h. The
resident ', lse requested to furnish to the
of H cilth all facts as to the ,ranitntlon
oth lae a.t, ein station ou thlt Island utnder
.on sad control of the National Board of
The f.oltowina communication was read by
the PDrP elent:.
New t(rleivus, April 1o. lRoe. p
Prof. Jtsebk Jones. President State Board of
E *-' wish respectfully to lay before the
1 Ate m board the fltowing peinlts of informa
t a 'regarding the Ship t leInd uqtarantin .
.thetreeise zulee and regulations for the gov
Srntbtent of bhit Island quarantine will not hi
• ronullated until the meetina of National
so0rd oif Health on the seonud of MIly. They
1 not vary essentially from the following
uleof main points:
1. The intentions of the station at Ship
,Iland are (a) to diminish the danser of In
portation of Infeotiou- andi etplemie dlseases
bydetaining end disit :feting Inf.-tail vessels
at a distance sumonlontli remote from the coast
P y revent communication of disease from
t~ose quarantined ; b) to provide for pa~sen
,erm and reews of tltectedvd vesls good hospital
aeeomnodatlons and treatmenet for the
pick, sad eOmfortable and well Isn
latsc acoommo0ation for the well
who may be de alned for observation; (c) to
, rovide suitable warehouses for stoitug oerso
hblle vessers are bein itumtlated. in orler
that oeode, lOthing. etc., shall be disinfected
vrollUtly andthorou hl,.
, Vessels which will eI required to stop ao
Ship lsland quarantine station are (at
those which actually have infoetious dis
eases am nta their passengers or crew:
(i) those which have had such diseases
on board during the voyame or their stay in a
freign port: 0t) those which sail from ports
doa rously infected with epid icl diseases or
to at such ports: (d) those v sols which
requtred by the quarantine regulations
o l a. Mississippi or Alabama to stop
b tPsels not Included in the shove enumer
asses are not required to stop at thip
ISthd quarantine.
Th station at Ship Island does not super.
eeor ia sy manner interfere with any State
~.tal los now in force or hereafter to be en
s. It is not to deprive local boards of health
of any revenues or pecuniary profits which
W 4 otherwise aoorue to them.
aequarantine station at Ship Island Is in
ts1ded to be entirely co-operative with those
smantary orgaigations engaged In the same im
14rtwt work of erottoting from pestilential
es, and their concurrence and co-opera
absolute necesaittieo to its success
rore the member of the National
of Health to whose supervision this
rs ii ntrutedl, respectfully asks an imme.
toiei to the following inquiries:
1. Will the State Board of Health of Loulsi
ao-operate with the National Board in .n
g such rules for the government of Ship
il quarantine as to not conflict with the
a chedu e?
. till the State Board of Health order vessels
bakto Ship Island which attempt to come to
IthS)ort in contravention to these rules, except
lUt. any peouliar csicumstances wherethe
1otanrtrd and the undersigned, acting for the
onal board, mlaght concur In opinion thatllt
e and proper to direct otherwise?
111 the State Board order its quarantine in
spectors to accept bills of health and oertilt.
e of disinfection from the chief medical
cer at Ship Island, and not subject vess.-Is
*r(vlded with them to further quarantine re
erlotone? BAMUEL M. BEMISB,
Member National Board of Health.
The president stated that Dr. Bemise had in
formed him that the buildings were not yet
aomnmenced. but would be in readiness in
Droper time. He further stated that he had re
alled to the above communication by suggest.
'la that it would be impossible to answer those
questions immediately. as they iavolved quee
tion of law which the Attorney General would
be requested to pass upon for the guidance of
the board.
On motion Dr. Jones was requested to submit
the matter to the Attorney G neral.
oryrctcan LEorTD.
On motion, an election for attorney of the
board was entered into, and the following
Dominations were made: T. H. Kennedy and H.
L O'Donnell. The Iirt tallor stood: K'nnedg.
-: O'Donnell. . Mr. O'Donunell havinu recelved
a majoperity, was accordingly declared elocted.
The only ap pii'aion fir the First Dis'riot was
Dr. Josepoh H. Holt. and he was unanimously
Dr, Mandevllle. Felnier and E. F. Mioton
were pout in nominotion for the Second District.
ad Dr. Mandeville was elected.
Dr J. M. Watrleis was elected for the Third,
Dr. . A. Biller for the Fourth. Dr. E F. Mi
mt.n for the Fifth, Dr. W. H. [uarson for thile Sixth
and Seventh Districts, aainest Dr. i S. H. Mercder.
who had been placed in nomination.
Mr. W. B. Peaalta and Mr. Hevburn were
placed in nomination fir clerk of registration.
ead the balllottng resultedl favor of Mr. Per
ata by 7 to 2. W
L. O. Humbreeht and LeGOardeur were put in
omination for soal oil inspectore and were
Sslected.two in.poectore being provided for.
Te Preeldent stated that there were two
derkrs and a messenger yet to be eleated, and It
bad been the custom to leave their sel-ction to
the Prestident. He had acoertained that they
were all emfolent, Induastrioaus and capable
yeng men, and proposed to reappolnt them.
tu motion, this authority was given him.
Dr. Beard then moved the appointment of
commottees, which resulted as follows:
Committee on (onference-Dra. Beard. Loe
b= and Loeber and Mr. -arks
mttr e on oinanee-Mr. Marks. D. 8heD
befrand Mr. Hemandri
Mr.srewster moved the appointment of a
0mnttreetoconfer with the city authorltlee
regarding the Iocation of a nutisance whbarf.
Tnhis.was assed. and Mr. Brewster. Drs For
•entoand Davirdon were appointed on the
At this point Mr. Morter appeared and stated
tLhaton ast rear the Auliiary Santl ary Assooi.
-t-on furnished the Board of Health with sant
tr y polioemn:;thatthey pr ooeed on this year
to fureioh ten, bat would reaoulre of them.
While unr er the manrwemeot of the hoard to
"m'ake dLa reportto the secolitlon. He aso
.ta*ed that the asselation det red to tender to
the boar. . well as to the National board.
their beate orts to promote the health of the
dry and. asa conseqaoenee. Its wealth.
The declaration was received with an en
pareston of thanks by the presldent, and the
0attr was asferred to the eonference commit
On motion the board then adjourned till
1hereday neat.
Regular Weekly Meeting Last Night.
The executive con niittee of the New Orleans
Auxiliary Stiltary Assocat!ion asembled in
regular weekly seselon lIst niaht. Chairman
Beaseey residlag, tMr. John C. Henderson
Sen. Bussey announced that the committee
eheeted at the annual meeting to enceeed the
pavent executive committee would be installed
on .uesday next, when the officers of the asao
elation would be erected.
A eommuuloatlon was received from Dr. J. D.
Plankettd Dr.Pinkney Thomp-on and Dr. John
N. Baueb. of the Sanitary Council of the Mia
sSelopDi Valley. notilfying the committee tha
t be eounell would meet at Bt. Louis on the
-retmati- latant. and that the nbjtects to be
discussed are: Loesat a.litation, qtarantine,
the less0ons of the ecl eaitlo of yellow fever in
1879, and a plan of c .operatlon between Btate
boards of health.
The communte Atlon was referred to the sani
taj direc..o. swer.
oma nm AFeon trom F. R. Southmayd E q.
callns atten' lee to the need of drainage in tle
81ith Dist' tot was read and referred to t1e,
conferi or at fl, ,unce committees.
The .o amitteoe on Bflshing reported progress
in the irtk of fllltg and grading the lot do
nated by tbh city for the use of the saeociel ion:
titt, t.e foEtslatonat of the building to be
er'" j.d are in course of OonstruOctn ; that
P .soide of the iron pipt contracted f.,r had ar*
-.t(v. and that the work if pcouring out the
.dralnnga' anals w(ll commene P.s esoon as the
city officlals Issue the reiuinsit. orders to the
drainage machines to do the necessary vum,
The following resolution was adoOted:
Rpts#rd. That the New OrleanA Auxllary
BeunIIIay Aaeorlation expresses to the Hon. Ed
B1,oth its appreciationu of the very effilent and
courteous services rendered by him as a menm
ber of the nouterene committee of the Board
of Health, and regret the Loss of his valuable
servihce in ti.at eanaclty.
Mr. U trter reported thlt, the committee of
con ferenre attended the first meeting of the
sItate Board of Hinalth and tendered to that
hoarl anud the Natlinal B,,rlI rf Health the
hearty coIoperation of the New Orleans AuxIIl
iany Sanitary AseoiiatiOU. In the hoes that the
efforts of the nmbtluned arme-uoatlons shall result
in the continued imtroved health and wailth orf
the city of New Orleaun andl Hate of Louisiana.
The flunxan committee beg leave to report the
following adlitional r, Ceelpt to date:
Ono. W. Bindir ..................
H. A. Lnesasrier ..... In
F. OC Godhold ...... ... ....... ... . i
JI Bautler..... ...... ....... ....... t
McCracken & Brewster ............... n,
IIvers & B irtels n................ )
U nha . H8 c . .. ..... .. ... ........... l1r,
H. Del 11 ndIo & C ...
M. Aronstet n ..... . .i.)
John T. Moore. Jr ... . ...........to
C ash .... ......... ...... ... ..... .t
Amounting to ... . ........ . .411
After the tranqac lon of routine business the
meeting adjourned.
In the confirmations of judges for the civil
district courts, parish of Orleans. A. L. Tissot
and W. T. Houston were each chosen for the
term of eight years, and F. A. Monroe. H L.
Laeurua and N. H. ltlghtor each for the t rm of
four years. For the Criminal Distriht Court,
parish ,f Orleans, Alfred ItRmn was obsoen
for the term of Iui ht years. and O. H. Luoen
bere for the term of four years.
The Slenate has also c .nflrmnd the appolnt
ments of the following po Ie juries:
First Ward David M lorge; Bc-Ond. Chmpion
B. Baitl : 'lhirid. Zcht hrilth Mage: Fourth,
Andrew J. Johnson: Fifth, Caswell Ohlles.
First Ward, Ernest Portler; Second Ward.
Johhn 8. Whittington;: Third Warrd. Hasr rd
Eastin; Fourth Ward. Octave Therlot; Fifth
Ward, J. G. St. Jullen.
First Ward, A. A. Lacey; S oeond Warr, Geo.
T. Martin; Third Ward, J. O. Hargrove; F urth
Ward. Ivy J. Davis: Fifth Ward. W. W. Moom:;
Sixth Ward, Ge. W Coax; beventh Ward Oeo.
Williams; Eghth Ward. J. F. Girod: Ninth
Ward, D. J. Dunn: Tenth Ward. Goa. Hum
First Ward. Jas. M. Underwood: Second
Ward. Geo. A. Benton: Third Ward. '4am'l W.
Taylor; Fourth Ward., Robt. J. Tabor; Fifth
Ward. Win. B. Wimberly; blxth Ward. Thos. W,
Also the following notaries public: Onler
Martin, St. Martin: J. H. Cunnlongham. Natohl
tohees; Jae, A. Hebert. Madison.
The Latest Intelligence from the
The following was yesterday received by the
Governor from Col. Hardee:
OCRvAsst. April lo.
The first break was successfully closed last
night. and the only remaining one for ad
vanced and will be closed in a few hours. The
reinforcement work is going on, and it is
hoped by night to have the main dam as near
water-tlght as such work can be made. This
wilt take us all night again, and if we can re
tain suficlent labor for to-morrow, will have
the water shut out from all sides and the
crevasse completely stopped.
On Friday evening there was a meeting held
by a number of gentlemen who had actively In
terested themselves In the success of the con
cert given on Thursday night last for the bene
fit of the Irish relief fund. There were pre1ent
M 'sara. W. B. chbmidt, 8. impson, J. T. Gib
bons. E. 8. Levy, Edwin Marks. M. F. BaIney.
John Wallace, Joseph A. Alken, S. O. Toodetl.
T. G. Rapier. Edward Flynnu and Mr. Mtloyr.
The only business transacted was the adop.
tlion of a plan for the collectien of on'standint
funds, and to this end each member was given
a route to canvass and collont. Thereupon the
meeting adjourned until Wednesday evening
next, when It is hoped the entire proceeds will
have been collte td, The coimmltten will
then de'ermine what disposition shall be made
of the funds, and to whom the distribution will
The Jockey Club buildings and Fair Grounds
were disposed of at private saenle on Friday to
t the new Jockey Club Association for s:r.aeOe
cash out of the ubsacrlptions received to the
stock of the newelub. Tel stock is now In such
demand that only thirty shares are left. and
their sale is only a teesltou of a few days.
On the same diy the Fair Grounds ware a'so
sold on private terms to parties who. Immedl
.ately after the purchase merged their interest
with that of the Jockey flnb.
At a meeting of the Irish Rifles. Clmoany A.
held last evening, the following named gentle .
men were elected for the ensuing year: Cap
tain. John Fltepatrick: first Ilsut-nant. M. .i
Kane; second lieutenant, P. M. Gary y; seet nd
lltutenant, jr.. P. King; O. d.. James Banue;
treasurer. James Killiles.
Mr. H. N. Jenkins. solicitor of patents. No. 97
Oommercilal place. officially reports to the Dua
ooALT the following complete list of patents
issued to Southern inventors for the week end
ing March 30. 150o:
Louisiana-Julien BSaet. New Orleans. paper
Alabama-Jacob Buy. Whistler, stock car; A.
T. J ckson. Cotton's 8tore. chimney flue and
shield; W. B. Le Noir and R. P. Onunn. Lower
Peach Tree wishlng apparatus.
Texas A. 1. 'Tytler. 8an Antonio. spur; D.
Booker. Edomn. device for elevating wag )me; F.
C. Zanetti. Bryan. game apparatus.
Applications allowed-George Lemly. New
Orleans, rainwater cut-off.
-Geo. W. W. Reed. manufacturer and proprie
tor of the Celebrated Heed's Gilt Edge Tonic.
has arrived from the North. He can be found.
as usual. at triend Hollander's. No. ea Cuttom
house street.
CoueaINo's MAocINras DaPOT.-We take plea
sure in dlretting attention to the mcchinery
advertisement of our enterprising merchant.
W. L. OGehing. which wlt be found in another
column. Mr. Cushing is agent for the largest
Northern and Western machinery manufac
turers, end with a full stock on hand de pre
pared to fill orders at the lowest posslble prices.
The celebrated Eaaie coton gin. which is
known throughout the whole iouthern ,contry.
ca. be found at Ousitdng's. and although prices
have sometwhat adv º.rc-d on all ruachinerr the
t he Earle catton gin will b i furnished at present
prices to the first ot June
BATs By Tra THoUSAlDs.-The Rod Star Shoe
Stare. c,rner of Canal and Baronne stre-ts,
has one rf the largest assortments of youths. i
bays and Infant,.' hats in this city. Just think
of t. 10 00I youths'straw h.týE at twe-nty cn's.
3010 at ren Contb. 4500 picnic hats for boys at ten
cents. beide-s tousandt of tother styles and
prioes beyond our power to enmwnerate here.
Read's Gilt Edge Tonto restore the arD ite
Rev. fjr. Markham's Address to the
Army of Tennessee.
A' the request of all who heard Rev. Dr.
Yiarkham's oration at the annual reunion of
the Army of Tennessee. and also of many who
heard of It, we have secured this eloquent
tribute to the past from the gifted orator, and
reprodune It In full. Unhappily It is Impos
seble to reprodu(ce the spirited action, the
musical volce, the flashing eye.and that sym
tathetlo e'sonbls which earries away an
In answer to the toast.
Dr. Markham arose and said:
Mr. IPresilent and Ct.lradtIe-Thro::gh four
eventful years. years of suU and storm, its
flag flun to the battll and the breeze, there
lived and ruled and warred a nation, a Uon
federacy. with its P'resident. its statesmen, its
lI.ders ltie soldiers and its Veople-met who
suffered and were strong,. and wot-unl who
n.re stetadfast and tl up. who were its flower
and crown. Tihit is history. That past le
secure. And. as to-night it's memo, lee gather
about our hearts and tremble on our lips. its
aolhi:vetnleuts swell the souls, flre the hearts
anid nerve the arms of freemten, and will,
while trulh iand honor and nobleness have
name ant urals among men.
The famed leader who brought tthe remnant
escaped hi om their burnett tlly. Iraversing sea
and land and wantdering far antd long from
Troy to Italy, began his recltal saying: "I sing
of the arns and the men." With the warrant
of lse example. In snswering to that tihat is set
in t he toast to which I am appovintd te respond.
I ,iotlre to speak of the arms anrl the oeIn (not
of any one tuat ) whose Rtilltt and needs en
noble and embalm our land "'thnt was."
And as I speak of the times at d ihle men. It is
not Ioy tlrtose to sound the prai ot of war. that
dread dispenser of wath and death and w to
I hate It in every throb of my heart and fibre of
myh-ing--hate it because I have tried it, an
have youl. and therefore apprehend it. Its fore
front Is bright and fair anti gay.
"The plumed troop, the neighitng steed.
The shrill trulup the s.nlrlt-atht ring iir'm.
The ear- piercing fife, the royal banner."
Alt, these nuake up its "quality and pridelo and
poInPl antid i cit lstanice.'"
But belinnd all thlis back of "btttlen' magnifl
entlly stein arrray ' are wounds and groana
ont blood and death. And away from the Ifaal
field are homes in wre k altd eyes that weepn
and hearts that bi oak. Allh I nly for t. Utt alnd
rlht anld lanll elu hmen dare truon teun war.
and for Mtl iehose did our true men watr.
I say trteP, bela.tsh' true nllll formed lihe staple
of otur artmies. 01 th1e oues jnitt toasted, I e,tn
"speak that I do know and testifyp tile I ihave
rsen " Ftotn New Orleans to Hbilo)h. from
VinkFsburg to (Chattanoioga, from Lilt-ni to Al
Illta. from Atlanta to Nasitvllie, from Naith
ville to aroillna 1 knew these mon. Ayel I
knew them wll. The office in whl it I serv, d
br ought im. near to themn. I was not th' Ir com
missary, to he grumbled at ab int rations; not
their iuuartermallster, to be chafed aott slazy
elolthee nd allsddy shoes; nor their doctor, to
drug them nor their surgeon, to cut their
uulverltg t-esh and saw their grating bones:
nor their ofsier, to bid them 'come and go but,
as their chaplain. I wts their nompanhon and
friend,their tealher and counsellor, their help
er and comforter
Beslide them in battle I saw their courage put
to the proof; with them in marches by day and
night. In rain and mid and snow and Ie., the
hare ground their bivouae, the sky thelr tent.
the earth their bed, I wittesser their endur
an:e; sitting or kneeling bside their cots of
pain. I mal k d their patience; hearloa, read
I ugand answerinI their let'ner from home and
kin I learned their hearts; by their camp fir'se
and at their slender meals I learned their views
andi feelings. their hopes and fears.
The bro her chaplain I1ev. A J. Wither
spoon) who sits beside me will b'ar me out in
saying that ours, though often a sad service,
was ever a useful and grateful office: and that
our labors or love were richly repail in the
faith and affclltion of these men. No sweeter
return ever rewarded time and toll than the
welcome aiven with embracing arms antid yes
weeping tears of j I by lonely men, Ilying In
far away wards in hospitals In the tear, when
their chaplain came from camp, with words
and letters from home and comrades. Ahl as
t he scripture was read and the prayer made, the
letter written and the message taken. it was a
set vice that an angel might have envied.
And the men of that army gathered for wor
ship. listened to the truth and ronsrtnndaed to a
preached gospel. Why, in a meetlong of thirty
days. held near Atlanta. 140 men professed
faith in Christ and entered the various churches I
through the right hand of fellowshi, given to
me, their chaplain. In that day difference in
creeds was unuoted. Methodists, Baptist, ils- I
copallans. Presbyterlans and Cathodic(. with
and through these chaplains, holding brother
hood aud communion. When kneeling (I think
it was aftor the New Hope fih, ) belide a wound- I
ed Oathollo whose prayer hook lay upon his
oot. I read from it one of his Cltlrch's prayers
to Christ (and was n,,t He my (Obrit, too?), that
man and I in that act became brothers. and the
hearts of the brave men of that faith, mmhbers
of Mississippi's gallant Third. from the Gulf !
coastiof that sister State. were grappled to mine
with hooks of steel.
In many a march and on many a flold did
Ihene Confederate men stamp the seal of their
soldierly worth. But among these the Vicks
bturg siege, the Georgia retreat, tie Tennessee
advance and return, these were the campaigns
thatbest showed what manner of men they t
were; of what stout stuff and noble strain.
When mon march from victory to victory or
when in the heat and strife of the battle, the hot.
hl.iod hslt's throtuh th vleins In whtt the ol ,
Romans called the delight of thte conflict, then It
is easy to bie a oldlier, then couraen 'onillttlnl
catr's and bravery becomre at otntaltgoutu. But to hte
shatt in behhind works through hl ,t anti wearing
w.iks. to fall hantk from tolut to tilut in toll
omn t marehet through wearyinglu months, to sit .
In rift ilts set in fr, zn earth. anl thou r'- I
puIlsed, yes, route l. to return ptllr.lld, along
(latis Itllt DaSund over as pturllnore, thli t Ist.
men. and all this teoHsted tbhoe mtnn. aud tlhny
totid the list.
As to their behalvor In beleaguered Vicksburg.
its fime has Ilile l the world. In their (G.orgla
retreat from Dalton to Atlanta, tigllhting by day
and withdrawing by nihtht-and bow It rained-
tresearving their morale their faith In th ih
leader strengthening with every retreating
step; in this they proved thorns. Ivns
the peers of their fathers, followlng Green
throuqh he Carolinas or Washlngton through
the Jerseys. so that they wrung from their ad
versary tbe confolsion that. "It was a dark day
for the Federal arms when they confronted the
Conf.derates on tltr Chltttahoochen "
And when the leader changed, and the plan
changed: when retreat gave way to advance
and defense to attack, the same soldierly quali
tie shone even more conspicuously. Tao e that
se-le· of fragmrentary and unsuccessful at
taoks from Peach Tree Creek, July 2e passing.
is swift sucoession. to Franklin. November s0.
I vaotating Atlanta. halting awhile on the
CO attabooýhee. windlng among the hills of Al t
hbIn, e-omaing the Tennessee at Florence.
fiauLnIa Columbia (a labor lost by the strange
apathy at Spring Hil8), struggling up that
deadly slope at Frank in againa that stream of
leaden fire-Franklin, where the eagle.eyed,
keen-sighted Forest was misled-for he said.
at the head of our line: "B ye. they haven't any
works worth naming; you'll o over them like
a if h ;" pressing for a fortnight before Nash
ville, and then hurled back. In that biting win
ter, the roads streaked here and reddened
there as the pitiless pike cut the blood-drops
from shoeless feet; and. recrosslong that river.
not a mob. but an army-an army which, rested
and reformed, was off with the early spring to
rejoin its trusted leader and strike its last blow
for land and home among the pines of Caro
lina. I tell you that In after time. when hlstory
can be rightly written. It will place these men
with those who fouaht in the heat at Monmouth
and endured the cold of Valley Forge. For my
self. I rejoice that. to-night. I atv alvileged to
pat this tribute to their spirit and their deeds
and permitted to Dlane this laurel of remem
brance on the tomb of their dead.
And, in olosing, suffer me to a sy to yon, who,
here to-night. represent the glorious Virginal
army that at Donelson andtfbhlohat Murfrees
horo and Chtokamenga. at Chattanooga and
hampilon Hi 1. at Vicksburg and Atlanta. at
Franklin and Nashville. men as true. as brave
and as enduring as you. echoed and emulated
your spirit though denied your successes. The
mouldered bones of them whose bodies sleep
bheide the rivers of the gulf, whose requiem
the Cumberland. the Tennessee. the Cuatta
hoochee and the Mississippl sang. encased as
brave hearts and stout souls as those whose
dirges were rolled to the Atlantic by the James,
theShenandoah, the Rapsahannock and the
Potomac. Yes. as the Chattahoochee responded
to the Chlekabominy. as the Tennessee , allet
to the Shenandoah. and the Camb rland replied
to the Rappahannook. and the Misslssippi an
swered back to the Potomac. the wail of their
waters was the death dirge of heroes whose
souls were one in strength. In enurage. In con
=scration. But our rivers sang the sadder song.
I' was the miserere of siege and surrender, of
retreat and disaster.
True. von have your Gettysburg. your Peters
bhrg and your ADepmat ox. And you lost your
,ckson. But y ,ur hero eor..ered in dying,
for he knew that Chbnceilorswvll. was his be
fore he crossed the riv r and rested under the
hade ,f the trees. while we lost our Sidney
chnatnn. and with our hero oar hard won
Your defeats were fewer than our victories.
anm yet we do not ask you to be generous, but
aimpiy just, in yielding ysnr assent when we
ay that the men of te.Wmaee of the West. on
elth r side our great rver, were your feers ln
spirto, in courage and in devot on and that,
tilm (as you were not) by soumulatlon of di.
aster, in patient enduranoe they exceeded, to
the last with a spirit that rose above reverses.
and amid a darkness illumined here and there
with transelnt and decep ive gleams. Illustra
tlnH that law laid down by your and our Lee
!"that human virtue should be equal to human
calamity." _
The Louisiana Hugar Planters' Asso
eliation Urge United Action.
The Louslaana Hugar Planters' As=oclation
has Issued the following address. whbch will be
found of interest and Importance to all con
neoted with the sugar industry:
The prduntiin of sugar in ihnBtate of Louis
lana. whlch In the year precedling the Olvll war
had reached 4ti9lono hoshePads. is now only from
175itIeO to 200,.lttJ hogpheads; while that of Ralater
Industry, cotton. Po far from diminishing is
this year. It Is believed, ,.onee.sin Ialoes, against
.RIe9,4t,9 produce.d previous to the war.
What. the canu es are whlch, lo the case of
augar. have brought about a decline of nearly
60 per centt. adti in that of cotton a marked lu
Orl'ase. t is int. nec's9ary, nor our pulrpoRse
here, to nonsider. The fact Is only set forth that
the sugar planters may see that the Industry in
whith they anr engaged has fallen behind most,
lamentably, nlotwllhatanding strenuous -ffarts
on the part of many. and as a jutstiflIatlon for
an earnest appeta to their lutelllgenuc and
energy to examine the situation carefully, to
the elid that they may resolve that nothit gahall
be walting on1 their part to Improve their
methods of culture and uIanitact HOre. it Is also
furlhther nITfred to Iead them to comblne by
thtemselves,or throulh tte Associatlon of Mugar
'lanters, already exiari'g,to Insure watchful
gtartilanshlp of Ithlr Intern-ts
to obtaln Infortmation that may he valuable in
their cuitivalI,.n and nlnllf situlre, and to so
icurn the handling atnd sale Iof their prodlucts in
Now Orleani untrnllmrulel i tl muitetdpai mo
noilply, or by abuses that curnt, by long usage,
to have "crystallIP,td Into tuIItoI'me."
At tlhis point a few wortles as t tthe Hugar
Planters' AisoiHation n y not be amiss
For med a little morn than two yare tego in the
tlty of New Orleans by a rfew tlanters and fai
tors who saw the deremd aed ai soerious condl
t1oi to whchl the sugar Indiisltry wts tendling.
Its If st task was to anld a ,ommittee to Wtlsh
Inatou to protect the intereats of thte ilanters,
then openly threatoned by a comntltatlon
it the North andl West. srirk ling to
bl in about a retucli on in the stigar
tartlf. To do this money wa. nondie., No call,
tthowever, wasR maer on the1 IIanlteor at large.
I'he lian waIs tlrgtut. antid Il twen, y foulr hours
funllds sIlleRt'ent wltre rlalid tby private suib
sirlipttonu. An ahi, cottomlttten was sent to the
s, at. tf government, who sltcenedtl . after pro
trattoi labors, In staving ITff any Injurious s
tlon or roerontruenda louns on the tart of the
lnh-comnmit.tee of (onarness having tie subhject
in chaolire. l t our adversaries were not ton
tent with tiis result. A sneond time, during the
month of Jantary last, the queistltn of the au
gar tariff again henamtinte threatening. Again
the assotUlation coInn to the reso'ue. Again
to Washington, whose expenses wire again do.
frayed by the gentrtrsitly of a few partiae, and
'gain we have abunldant reason tio btlleve that
your interests have been effilcently safe guard
el by the dliscretln anti energy dlsplary:d.
rbhi is but a part of the work that the assettla.
tion has striven to anouompilsh. During the
two years' of its existence It bhas sauned the
flild and the sugar housri it. has discusaed
and examined the veriotus modes of oultiva.
tion. the quslntion of narnte, the diverse meth.
ods of manufaciure-embracing the relative
merits of crushing. saturating and diffusing
the cane: the power of stlngle and double mills
and their comparative results. One and all of
these have recmlved at the hands of the assocl
tion more or less consideration, so that grad
ually a series of d'ttlls and facts are belog
collected on these subjects whloh in the end
will hb of groat value.
But the asseciation still finds other work be.
fore It In your Internsts, whloh, alike from Its I
Importance land the dlfficulties It presents. de.
mantds its determilned. yet judicious action.
This work is the proper
and molassBs on the loves in New Orleans. ItI
hai long been an oven secret that abanes in
weighing and ganging the goods at the time of I
sale were flagrant on the levee. Loose weigh
ing. careless and hurried gauging are the rule. I
Thet leve Itt+elf is often rather a bog than a
commercial mart1 It is as now hemmed In, I
insnficllelnt In space, mobb id by vagrants. and
the most serious evil of all, domineered by the I
IIIegal monop dy, the Sugar bhed Oompany
whichn t the same tnlm deprives the seller o I
his just, share of the river front end forceshim
to content himself with a lower figure than his
goods are really worth.
Briefly, then, to destroy these abuses, to re
strain If possible the unjust and 111igal claims
of the Sugar Shed (omUany. but. if not. to
bilng suit sagainst it: anti. In that event (lt may
be e nidently predictedl), destroy it, Is the
nresent. immediate task the association has in
hand. It is an effort that most be made; it isn
eminently just and proper: it is a step long de
manded, and too long delayed.
To carry out this purpose the assoolation
now comes to you for your esympathy. your
active co-operation and your substantial ald
The association now numbers one hundred and
fifty members. One bundred and fifty only,
when there are from nine hundred to a thou.
sand sugar planters in the State, and when the
Outestion of the permanence, nay of the very ex
Iatene of your industry may depend upon t
your wakeful enargy and a prompt assistanoe
of those who are working for you. who have
worked for you. and who are stilt willing to
work to the end if you will encourage them hby
joinlng them In their effTrts. Every year you t
send to market the outoome of. it may be said.
sto.onl tea of canltal invensted In sugar planting.
Itan you aft rd to lit this vast and magnificent
Illtndustry go at hatphatzrd, to care for itself.
which is Itable at any moment to receive a stab
at. thi hind', af lts waittrfulmt Iomestc ttnmemle.s
or to he overshadowedI antd underbid by its
rivals In foreilgn nountrla. the bett sgtiar
nltluftucturera f Euroue and the cane stangar
.tf the Wire rmlaitia.
Alti after you have mnde your sunars, trtlly
"by the sw.at of your bIrowa." and afttir youi
itivra frwardedr thomn to utar k-t, c.in you any
norn alTordl that thev shall be
or be undttrso'd by reason of the many agrlov
anceof whclnh we onmplaln.
N,. vlanuters. you cannot ff trdl this. The
struglo Is alreadya too sharp anrd too keen. You
cannot affnordti to give a point away to your ad
vrsarits. It. then. your buslnes and your dli
lance fItom the city prevent You from orten com
ing hereto artch in person over your lnterests. f
dnlrgate that guardianship to the association
tlready formed, which. so far. bas done suohb
god wvor. Become fellow-members with us.
To do thls demands but $20 the first, and sio the
nsulng year:; the prlice of one barrel of mo- t
lasen--only one-and you secure afalthiul Pen
tinel for the $so.0,o0,0o0 that you have at stake.
Joln us. then: join us in our discusselons: join
us in our fixed DUrDpse to put the sugar indua
try on a secure bass,. and we shall not fail to
bring our Dresment eff rtn to succeessful issue.
Mrs. 8. D'A illn to Mrs. H. de Rance a lot
and buildinas,.bounded by Esplanade. Kerlerec.
oochblildren and Marais. 82x117 $26180.
J. H. Charbonnet to Thomas B. Wingrave, a
lot., etc.. bounded by Spain. St. John Baptim
Girod and Washin ton Avenue. 27xl10 $too. -
Mr. and Mrs. G. PItard to Thomas Duffy. twb
lots and buildings, bounded by Bl-nviale. CuF.
tomhouse. Olalborne and Derbiny. 26xos03.
Mrs. M.E. Godchaux toWm. W. Campbell tw,
lots. etc.. bounded by St Charles. Onnery, f''
tantI and WashinR t n, 331103 and4 3x120. $ý2e.
Mrs. A. E. Van Oster to E. H. Oaulfleld. a lot
nnd building, bounded by St. Charles. Prytania,
Clio and Prato. 26x30. s3525.
Succes'sion of A. Adams to August Lahamer.
, lot w'th buildings, hounded by Lafayette.
Basino, Poydras and Ram art. 28x198. $1100;
same to F. Gilb-rt, a lot and buildinas, bounded
by Colunibus, Derbigny. Roman and Laharpe,
32x157. $295.
Mrs. Eugene Ege and minors to Mra. BWehr
lin. a piece of ground, hounded by Marals, Ur
sullnes. St. Philip and Treme. 1V157. $200.
Alphonse Camns to Beckson Bailoys. a lot.
etc.. in the Fifth District. 48 feet front on pas
sage way and 170 feet on public road. $125.
Succession of Wm. Bragg and Mrs. M. J. Hull
to Micha-I McQuaid. a lot and bulldings.bound
ed by Liberty. Erato. Clio and Howard. 34x112,
A Dead Policeman.
Patrolman P. Mead was picked up uncon
scious at 5 o'clock yesterday mbrniag at the
corner of Poydras and Delta. Be was taken to
the Washington Hall by ltw) colored men and
died in a few minutes. Hit body was brought
to the First Preclnce statiou. where it was
view. d by the c'roner. who found that death
had been caused by a oongnstive chill.
Niw Music.-The DEMOCRAT is in,.ebred to
Mr. Louis Grunewald for the New Heel and
Toe Polka. dedicated to Miss Celeste Stauffer.
of this city, and arranged by Basile Bares.
Why suffer with indigestion when Malakoff
Bitters affords certain relief. Get a bottle and
try t.
WAX Dm&msamMrr,
signal Berviee. United States &rm.
Dallt meteorological record for the elaht hours
ending at 2:oe p. m.. Haturday. April 1o.
(Ohbeervations taken at the same moment of
time at all stationse.
Stations. Bar. p opr nhours
ttr rhour. Inh
Oairo........7... 0.92- 67 N 19
Chattanooga... 29.84-F 09 IW 17 o
Oinolnnati ..... 9 70- 05 NW 2 0
Davenport. .... .or, - 04 4 20 0
Dubnue(le -.-.. 97-- 41 NW I1 o
aliveston..... (21- F 711 8 11
indlrnola ..... 024- F 7J 4W I1 o
Keoknk........ 10 ot - 0o N 29 0
La Crosse...... ,n 12 - n7 N 18 I
Leavenworth. Io 13- 54 N 2o 0
oulsvlille..... 2.I71-F ol W 0 0o
emphisn ..... 2991-F 71 W in 0
Nabhvllle..... 29 82-F 70.H W 2o 0
New Orleans.. +0.17-F I09 NW s 0
Omaha ....... . . Is-- 4l N 21 0
Plttshurg .... 49 4- (i9 W 20 0
Shreveport.. ,on9--F 71 W 7 o
St. Louis...... 99 - 0NW 19 0
St. Panl... .... Ill.in-- 41 N 24 o
Vickshurg....I. lo-P 7:1 NW 18 0
Yankton ....... l0 .s- 4r N 1I o
rlroana ...... a t12-F 77 1W 1
Little Rock .... 9.01-P 7 1W i 0
B. indlcaln o rising: I. i'licitotis Itllllin. t0
Indicaltes stationary.
NNw OtLgAms. April to, tseo.
Time. Weather
7 a. m. 9020 66 H 9 (lear.
2 p. m, an 17 at1 NW 7 Clear.
9 p. . 0an i.[ W R (lear.
Mean. . 80 6.........
Maximum temperature 70, minimum 12.
The following were recorded yesterday at the
ofioce of the Board of Health :
Mrs. ''h-map Mclntyre, a daughter.
Mrs. Robert Biloer, a son.
Mrs. Preston Harris, a son.
Mrs. HaRnill Vienaw. a ducllhter,
Mrs. Uhtarlna Htreknn, a atlnhtlr.
Mrs. A. A. lan',anedo,, ad r lnatiter.
Mrs. Oharlen Newman. aeon.
Mrs. Raoul Du1pr, a daughter.
lrigllda Onleman, 9 years.
Francis Parker. ei tears.
P ter Trolonger, 411 years.
L ,ols lovlgnanud, 3 monthe.
Mary GuIldIer days.
Mrs. E. U. Bell, 27 years.
1Rev. Father Joseph do Lucan, '2 years.
John L. Burns to Maril Ball.
Goo. nbhoeuermann to Julia Zeliler.
(Go. if oulolere to Mary I. juerrero.
rtlebard Johnson to Palmyra Jackson.
Harry T. Brown to Allce L. Freldrlbh.
(lies North to Elvina Robertson.
Louis Ackormann to Mrs. Gatherine SBohnet.
Joseph E, Martinrz to Mary E. Thompson.
Frank Rille. to Mrs. Musan Wilkinson.
Andrew Christlan to Ella Johnson.
M. V. Mullon to Mrs. Catherine While.
AnuolneoFulon to Oath"rlue Julie.
John Washington to Ilmira E. Smith.
Supreme Court.
The motions to dismiss the appeals in the
following cases are fixed for
MONDAY, APRIl, 19, 18(01.
No. ae80o Louislana Ion Oompany vs. State
National Bank of New Orleans, appellant.
No. ao96. Jean M. Tuper y vs. W. P. Harper et
ale., apeilants.
No. 7405. Emile Tanneret vs. Merchants Mu
tual Insuraene Company. appellant.
No. 7578. Valentine Vredenburgh vs. W. J. Be
ban et als.. appellants.
No. 7614 Loulse it. harreat widow. etc.. appel.
lant., vs. Widow George L'otre.
No. 7775. Mrs. E. Weiser. appellant, vs. Peter
Blalse et al.
No. 7870. Amedee Testart. appellant, vs. H.
Belot et al.
Fifth Distriot Court.
A. Wright vs. Capt. GaO. Wolf. owner of the
steamboat Cherokee-Judgment for plaintiff.
Superior Criminal Court.
Murder-Wm. A. Powell. oolored, Indicted De
cember 2., 1879. for the murder of Winm. Hon
say, on the twenty-ninth of November. 1879.
near the corner of Dolord and Drlades streets.
convicted March 90so, ss.n without capital pun
i-hment. was sentenced to Imprisonment at
hard labor for life.
Murder-Ophella Davis Alexander. colored
indleted February 17. 1880, for the murder of
her child. Handy Davis, colored, fourteen
months old, by drowning It on the seventeenth
of January, s8s0. oleaded guiky to manslaugh
ter. March 81, 1860,
Judie Whitaker In sentoncing the accused.
said that as the comminssion de lunatice inqui.
re-rlo had pronounced her as mentahiv affected
he would have sentenced her to be taken to the
lnate Insane Asylumn. but, there, perhaps, she
wollld bei kept only a week or ao and turned
loose again.
lie therefore sentencnd her to one year at
hard labor, and would at once reoqust the rx
ecutive to have this sntrnnen commuted to Im
trlsonment In the Parish Prl.on, where ar
rangoments have been made toutive her the
necosstry medical treatment. which she. ac
norling to the report of the commission. re
First Recorder'a Court.
Mary Gain, alias WaRhnlgton. accused of tty
larcny. wt.a sent before the First District Court
under .25a0 bonds.
Wmin. Narclsse and Joe. StanOho. two youths
who were found g'llty ot the larceny of a saok
,f oats,. wereocommlttod to the Bor's House of
Refuln fir one month.
The butchers' cases were to have been tried
yeeterday before Judgn tbheban, but were oon
tinued by the court until April 22. pending the
inal disposlition of the city charter bill.
Henury Green. aliae Hornbyr. an eocaped con
vlet and fullltive from justloe from the parish
of Ib-rla was returned to tbhe Parish Prison by
Judge lSheehan to be held there accordiog to
the order of the Third Judloael District Oonrt,
Second Recorder's Court.
The case of Chas. H. Evans, a private of the
Thirteenth United States Infantry, who wee
charged last week with outraging a little colored
girl, aged seven years. was opened yesterday
and continued until to-morrow.
T LE HOTEL-Col Winthrop, Mrs
ewoort, R I; G Boloyns. Antwerp,
t Maa.t Boston; N Jones and wife,
t 1.Veon. Jr. Miss Stevens. Il111
elton. Miss 8 Shelton. Jackson.
S ott. Nlnenin. Nob; J Fuller and
RfaIB . il Yrk; D H Orebs. Helena. Ark;
JasLahý ewYork; J Floyd Rinr, Ooncor
,ia; Nick Lewls, Madison; R W Wrlht, New
York; I B McDowell, North Osroli,.a; L F
Phillios. New York B thinkle and family, (Vin
clnnati ; Oscar G Murray. Galveston: Allen Mc
Coy, Texas: T E Allison. Pniladelpbia: John A
Mills and family. Kentucky: H de Marel,. New
York: H J Sanders. J Y Sanders. Miss Sanders
Wt Mary; J Y Wrohe, Iberia; F W Airy. J P
Kearner, Louisiana; Ohas B Hubbard, Jas
Robinson. Pblladelbvha; G G Wililams. St
Lous; J H Lill and wife. J K Gravs and wife,
Dubuque;J 8 Welber, 8it Louis: W Northrup
and wife, Ohicagon: A P Fuoller and wife Mrs C
H Aiken. Rome: J P Barron, New York; P Bish
op. Jr Phllariellnia.
(IFY HOTEc-S M Hunter and wife. New
York: Mrs We-t and child. Ben Lewse. city' S M
F MoC ung, Sn Bernard; R Mayer. Milton
Fla: J PJ'nka. Phiflp Quigley, Sam D Byer
iv. Joshua Picoi.ll, Montgomery. Ala; Mrs A D
Sheldon end don, Mrs F G Brown and two
children. Ocean Spring- Ram C Hc ,tten, Jr..
Burllfnet-n.I 'we; H Clay Emerson. Baltimore;
E W Robertson and wife. B.ton R ,uge: C A'
ran.tnorinnatl: A OPbealp, wife and cbh.4.
Denver, O .1; JP Buger. Davnvport, Iowa; J M
Singleton. St Louis. Mo; i P T H )lidon and
wife. Alton. Ind: J 0 Weaver. Sulphor Springs.
"exas; W R tlnter. New York; Jos Almond,
CASSIDY'S HOTEL-Wm Fackile and wife,
Tohoma; Jam's G Johnson. Arkansas; James
H P-ndieton. Nstoz,;: Gn Guildry. B,ra aria:
L Bumbchb. Franklin; J E Ianes. N-w York; J
T Martin and ati . 0Co Gillne,le, el-y; J F Gar
ner and Hon. H P Luck-t,. C l Fiowr*, Alexan
dri:t M B Broursar i. Vermnl'l,,n; Peat, ntyt ;
FZtling. Franklin; T M+y. Loiaolena; Thos
Beary. Terrebonne; W J Book -r. M:mphia.
Nsw Music -Ask for the Wedding Heel and
Toe Polka by Basile Barls.the mosttascinating
,ver publfahed. .for sale at all mumic stores.
Price, ta centa I
1y Mnetgom.wy db Go.
Marble and Alabaster $latnory and Vases
will be sold WITiOU I lElySElRV, to oloee. Oa
MONDAY. April 19.at Ita. m .at 87 Oamp street.
Atll 9t Autiloneers.
Will sell Horaee, Mules, Cows. 0arrtntge taU
Hlarness at auntlon, at
Ne. 7' Iaronne street.
every WEDNESDAY and BATURDAY it 14
(on~nanments of stork nollitedl. a1lY
Muccessrri of A. O'Oewd.
Sleh of Orl Rans, No. 1,550-No IO. i~ hereby.
given to the creditors of this estale and to all
other persoun heroin Intorested to show cause
within ton days from the preseut unott~nation.If
any they have or can, why the final annlunt pre
onuted lv Alfred Moulton. testamentary oexen
tor in this estate, should not be aptrr-ved and
homolaated, and the funds distributed ln sa
cordance thorowith.
By order of the eoort.
nali in )o* JOHN HERBERT. O'erk.
OrnoU Naw OBLtSANs, S.PANsts Fort AnD I
Lake lallroau U0,impanu.
ON AND AFTER Mtta H 1, ae, I AI'Im
Swill leave the Depot, corner of Canal apiL
Basin streets, at 6:80. 9 11, 1. 1.2, , , tan a
,/olook. and the rate will be as follows:
Round trip to lhe Lake and return .. 3SO oen
Round trip, chlldren between a and 12
years .................. .... . t
Round trip to City Park and rnturn .. . cents
Family tickets 25 round trip". ........ $ h- r
Family half tickets. a round trips,
ohildren 5 to 1 yeare.......... ... $. [email protected]
Children under 5 years .............. Free
Liberal arrangementa will be made with 01p.e
loe parties and schooles.
Arrangements can te made for speolal train.
to be run during or after regular bours.
mhb lm General Manager.
tn ant alte Sunday. April 4 isoqe ti
will arrive and leave devot. oot o Cana r
as follows:
anaTv. Asla(V,
No. 1 Express NQo. Express,
dally ......o....:ea.m. dally.......-. s:0o0
No. a Express No. 4 Express
daily...........I:0 p.m. daily ......il:0 p..m
No. i Coast AO- No. 6 Coast Ac
oommodatil'n oommodati'n
daily exoopt daily except
Bunday......a:ao Dm. uanday .....so
Tickets may be obtained and lee. g f in
Bertha seoare in advance on application t
of.ole corner yamn and Common streete, ODt07
lsite Oilt >lB
dl ly J. W, : LJWO ekrtrC.imad
Tralns will leave and arrive at the a
Street Depot. on at1 alter January
Leave. M
leaves at 4:eo . m.
iurnday Exoorelon for MIcomb Clty leaves at
7:15 a_ m, Beturnin. arrivea at 9:o im. e in
8140 UII a Sleep er is at, tiaeed ftim M ik,
Improved CBeet .ns eclinina Chair oau
to Viokebur .a ly wiout ohanae, o .[
Tickebats for e rth ouredndIndforMa
iven at No. II pn street. oornler ,
. on. ý D
mmmmrL$.Anea ' Tim mm u mIt
Fever gad Ague.
The true antidote to the esffets of mlasma Is
Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. This medlolae a
one of the most popular remedies of an age OSf
suceesstul oroprietary speclcs. and is in li
mense demand wherever on this contnla -
fever and ague exlsts A wineglass full thiw
times a day is the beet possible preparative
encountering a malarious atmosphere, r
tnt the liver and Invtgorating the stomao
For sale br all druggslts and dealers lse-.
erally. aps Im Tu.fr -
44 and 46 Baronne street.
We call the attention of every one to the
reduction we have made in MATTBES . We
are selling the
DOUBLE IHAT'E88S at $4 ,
and other sizes at proportionate prices.
guarantee all mattresses as good as anyt L
market and better as they are made with
Alsn Oork Shaving Mattresses and Obarah
Peow Chair and Baggy Oushions a speoi
Beady-made Ticks always on band, and
kinds of repairing done at the lowert poems
price. ja23 Fr 8o Tu I1
Commtsesion Merchants and Im orters -
Fancy and Staple Groceries. WIae
,.dnd Ideors.
rgo. i......... aMp sareet........N, sb
1: atato and Ship Supplies.
u eSuWdIRa"

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