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tor oa obe, ca e ..........1s o 0 -
mYtlyPm, U.B ............. 0 O 9 0
I a it W eie, .' e... ........ 42 6 50
adrItv, tette Ugal ....... s 0 1 on00
eira, e.nuine, flne, g al... 83 so @ e on
adeir. e' ...' ... 12 00 (u at 5 o0
sry, tette. 9 gal.. t 00o
errY, enuine X'rz. 1 gal.... 1 ri @ 6 6o
res'y. eas.e . ..... ... ...... 12 0 25 on00
Ia l n ,! t w. h o rse .................. 0 00 77 5 00
f on, three-horse .......... .... .n R no 0
agon. four- orse ......... 9. o 60410 00)
.....n, wi.out boy............ 75 000 95 00
l e t on, om plete . .... . ... - - @ 20'' a
rese.mle cart, without body... " 0 on. 95 00
ree«Slulne cart, complete .... 1 I"04) 4l t0
. .art ....................... 85 0x,11; 7
I taton earts...... ... . ..o. "o"40 - -
=--c. . rt. ........................... no 9 [email protected] 17 o 00
ountry ray ....................... 65 [email protected] 75 00
t-- 9ýot i h.ead .............$9 00o 80 or
6 8dut4 elo hand............. 18 [email protected] o0
a. ualt3.c, l head ............... -- 011 00
f lratt ad , 4 C shed ........e - l 40o
t *oer t l se oo 8a so
Fit soalit, e bead.n.. 11 [email protected] on
- qalp head e..... ooto o
Wa--trst quality. t bead. et ond ) no
- altys r he: ....l ........ e or 4, on0
li .nnal a 0 h....... h . ul.
d_ it uiy, ..k wet .salted.. 8Or 7 00
leo 60 to i tolhl'..... ... . . to 7 1,
A it . ... ...a.. 4 . [email protected]
- n y1t. V 1i....... . 4 ý'"
quallto w lb............. [email protected] 953
NIe Tott April 10 -8outhern flol havy -:
mmoo to Pslr extra 85 2s1 7s. g,,od to 0 no103
4" d 7 26. Wheat lf batr, withlb alimitd
a : unrdd red r1 [email protected] as. Corn 10C o
S t SUpnly and fair deman d: unraded
td s 4o better and modrately active:
l tfi . Hope quiet and steady; yearlings 7
quiiet and nehsanad. quaar dull and
'd; 0 [email protected] extra O [email protected] white ex
s4+. yellow [email protected](7.4 off A 8%e 8.
i A 9. out loaf 9hl, nruhed and pSw
r,sranpula'ed el Cotton seed oil dull:
Ue 4 o offers to sell oherwise: nominal.
t moderatte demtand and unbchand,
n ;air irnquiry. Roeln quiet at$1 42.
trained, TurpentiU. quiet andatead
1 uhchand and d0h Park aborut
eraind firy at $10 75 old . tll for
Sd firm: long clear 7 short s3h, long
21I0t '. Lard stronaer: moderate trade
Wiky nominal at e to Frelghts dull,
dull an,4 wank- wet salted New Orl-a-s
. o to .oSt. 11: Texas seleted. 60 to 751.,
oo, April lO.-Flour dull and nomainal
t t, firm and higher : No. v Chteaar
I0reshil r I 1i1 04cs $1 11l April, $1t 18
12 Jutne; No, a hbleao sprlin [email protected]
16. Corn modderately sttron and higher;
tl1R Aprila 8t bid Mae. sea Juno. ")at
yaclye and a shade hihber; 7 cash, 80%.
Pry. trone and higher; $to s0 cash,
22) ay, O47Yor June, Lard falrly antive
a hade hgbher: 1 asked oanh May, 7.0o bid
SBul meats firmer, but not quotably
i. vags i1et. . Whisky steady and un
e tod e' Journal reporte: Hoan-Re
6 ip mentshooo;: ehtipsor buying
t O hiher prices; pncIkers quiet
6 t to chieflyr at ttle--Re
1l pa to s9oO: exports stronl;
ha ilf r N er; common to medium
an als soo at o4 6s. Butlhers'
rm. excspt bulls: istoekers' and
and fim at p .oe to0, chiefly
i l Weil cleraed: few staippin
r her pricehs heep-ReeelDt8 75:
tonlry sale 1 e.,
oIW uns April t1o.-Flour nominally un
it rrtular and very unsettled:
.!d heal 114du11 14 ,No1 8 do $1 07 . Corn
nil a 810 Whkky steadv at e6.
er at $10 8o. , Lard firmer at e. Bul.
S tner; shoulders 8 ., ribs [email protected],15.
ibs' 00.s BiAon held higher; nothing
iti. t Tsorkers and Baltlmerre $4 sao
" 011j be lo4 s0 bsaon 84 °014 40, butbh
1 a 64 490410: receioot 86e), P.hp
Cattle in wood demand, with Small
In ) market; prtce nnomna snd oun
:receipts 10t shlpment loOo. Bheep
em and; nfferingelve y Ilght and little
1p I iobilD 150. shit-lents sof.
April to --Flour steady and un
heat unenttd ad nd lower: No. a
ter t 16. Oorn easier at 40.tt4. Oats
d lower; No. 2 mixed se. Po: k dull at
0 5. Lard qu!lie at 6,95. Bulk meats
t soulders 4 rlbe 80, spl. . - se ao.6 Ba rn
oulders 43. ribs 7, sides 74 Whisky
-i and at 11 as, Huar steady;: hards
, New Orleans 73183 Hoa firm oom.
Slsa oe so80. light 4 64 c r packfingg l 8i s6
!{. sobers' 64s05047 5
hm ,t,,ta5 9April lo-Flour dull and un.
.raa d. WhLeat dull; ti 1n1 is. Corn quiett
. Oats qinlet. Pork heavy; ti 5o. Lsrd
t T. Bulk meats Q.ntet: shoulders 404,
,b . i.ndes 34+6!4. Baoon uuit:e houlders
! rt 7% esides [email protected] % . Bu.gar-coured hams
11t. Whiskv steady: st1 6.
tMol, April o.--Oats quiet: Bouthern
, rovislnes unohauged. Goff"e dal ;
I iee 18%@1. Engar dull; A abit o9.
Ink quiet at $1 oe1 9o. Freights un
-TOlN. April 1o.-- earts of turpen.
tle steady at a2. Rwin steady 11 125 for
-trhwned, SI e for aoo, strained. Tar steady at
to, orude turpenttine tad ; $1 as for hard,
o Yellow dip. $2 5o for virgin. Corn un.
Lomno, April 1o. s p. m.-TurDentine epirlta
bguagr--OOh centriflual, prl.,rlztna g
9r5. 9... : do muaeovedo. fslir re
iiaoat S, 8,@2a..
[email protected] m1W OBLa ANB DrMOOBA~'.
Sunday, April 11. 1880.
See matIiu column.
nmma Irvl .e Martha. Rene Macready As.
lon.J. W. OCannon, Nato.l. Golden iul..
,ofAtonF. Yaaoo VaIlley. Ytao., John IH.
. a, Wm. Fagan. J. K. Boll. 8t. Mry.
Stags of e Mu v ers.
y telegraphic report of the stne of Water
out o poipte, with changes. In te~~4 hour#
Above low Ohange.
Stations, water.
Feet. Ioh. Feet, Inot
L *--...H-...... 84 to 2
- 24 4 10 7
2 10 a 0 42
*.*.. .. 2~8 0 o 14
**ns ....... 15 10 :0 10
1 7 0 0
........ .....1 7
....- ..... 13 0 to 1
w high waer mart of 1874. Ih~ovr
beMchmapiart tlV dlecato rse. tindlates fall.
Yesterday was both a fair and a busy day on
the landing. Almost withoute eeption the de
S-artres all had good trips. The o.idern Rule
t orthe Ohio. had 34 bi.cas marble. 250 barrels
es, 106 tons railroad iron. 75 bals jute.
sOb otton, a coneiderablo I "t of mtlcetla
hleight and c0 passengtrs The City of
had alsoa fair ta.-seneer trip. 250 noge
asuarand a lot of minloellaneou, freiaht
s Tenses. Oapt. L V C eolov. arrived Fri.
night from the rensas and Macon. and will
Wednesday. From Capt. ('oley we got
owing Darticulars relative to the water.
In l. s been done so far up the Ten
or aeon. Trinity is under water, and also
places on the west, or Ouaohita sle. of
oVTer Tnses. A few places are also over
on the Macon. N . land is overflowed on
eCoaoordla esde of either the Tenses or Ma
Sthe levees on this side being at least 18s
Ms out of the water. Macon wa. on a stand
thelast aIx days. but the night the Tes9as
Itwas rising from local rains. Tensas was
welling an inch every 24 hours, caused by
water from the Ouachibra.
remainslof naineer Freelinger were sent c
toOhio for interment by Ith M 'bile road yes
afternoon, in oharge f Mr. W .,. lBow
.one of his late aeslatants on te,. White. t
adv R a. stopped off the Natchebz ester
.r. J. Vanderdoss g)ing no in hi.s lsoe. I
eJohun Gmoreand oarae. o'soed Mem
ialyesterdayat sa m.. b und d wn.
The Jewel will be ohe N. O an, R. R. T. Cam
v' boat to bhreveport for Weduesday. and
eDanuba to Minden.
J B. Witlams arrives in the city Fri.
from Puteaba . C
ve to the unfortunate oenur enae. re- e
la the killing aoeitdnta ly of O.C.t. P. C
er. of tae J. Ih rop MoDosaI 1. by Oaot. I
of the Harry Brown. near BNath-s. as I
pd n yes erday morning's paer.
received atehwram yesterday that
had been comp eel eOe'ed.a
wIfeeo lded ..s . aH" zM T hi
Rorton's tow some time asg, for which the un
derwriters of this city held him to blame. and
refused longer to take risks on any boat under
his command. C~ot. Poe has sinceshowp to the
complete satisfaction of the board that be was
entirely blameless in the matter. and yester
day they unanlmou ly reconsieldered their ao
tion, restored Capt. Poe to his original statue
and presented him with a duly authenticated
certificate, certtfrlng that he was a competent
captain, and that they would Insure on any
boat under his eharge.
"eeterday Oatt. John A Stevenson agrnt of
the Mllesssitoli Valley Transportation (,m
pany. attalued his fifty ninth birthday. (It.
ttevenson was a pilot In the Missourl river in
11845, and sutseulttently pilted seve, al boats of
that river to this city. In 1850 he was clerk of
the single enginale Hannibal. running between
this city and fit. Lules. and a short time before
the war located himself here as the secretary
of the first pilots' assoclation oraanelad in thls
city. After the wir he engaged in the st a.m
boat agency. meeting with such success as to
attract the attention of that sterling organisa
tion, the MI slssltpi Valley Transportation
Company. which appolnated him its agent ln
this cliy in 1i74. Oaut. 8'evenson is holding his
own remarkably well, and moves atout in the
discharge of his duties with the vim of a man
of half ht iage.
Over 10o 00oo bushels of potatoes have been
shipped from Cave in Hook. Ill., during the
preset' season.
The Clara S.. apt. Wm. Wenzel. COierk . H.
Paeaerd, arrived yesterday afternoon from
Bayou Bartholomew and will return Wednese
due David Hostetter is the mail packet to
Grand Isle. See advertisement.
An oil palnting op the Frank Pargoud. the
property of late J. K. Kelly, for several seasons
one of her clerks, was rafied Friday ntght at
Miller's saloon, for the benefit of his widow. re.
.lsing the handsome sum of sloo. Capt. Eugene
May and Mr. Miller tied on the highest throws,
and will, at some future day have another throw
for the ownership. Both of these gentlemen were
large contributors in money and time towards
raisina so large a sum to relieve the Wants of, a
moot worthy and needy lady.
The departures in the Southern Transportt a
tion Line to Oincinnati fot dates to the twenty
seventh of this mouth will be announced in our
advertlslpg columns. The boats of this line
commend themselves to the public from the
fact that they always leave as advertised.
The Will Kyle, of this line, leaves Tuesday.
She is one of the best boats in the line both as
to speed and comfort, and is under the com
mand of Capt. Lew Kates. Mr. Jan. T. Alexander
The Anchor Line departures for the coming
week to Br, Louis will be the John A. Boudder.
anpt. A. J. Carter. Clerk George F. Baker. Tues
das : the great irot steamer iOuarles P. OChou
teau, Capt. W. H. Thorwean. Thursday, and
the Commonwealth Saturday. Like the well
regulated and reliable line that it is. its boats
never lay over.
The Sylvan Dell. Capt. Newton. will make
7 trips to the Sharpe crevasse to-day. leaving
he head of Canal street at it and It a. m., 1.
noon, and 1, a. a and 4 p, m. Fare 2o cents round
The old reliable of the Barou Teche trade, the
John M. Chambers, Capt. T. B. Muggah in com
mand, T. K. Voorhees clerk, arrived yesterday.
and leaves again Wednesday for St. Martins.
The Mississippi Valley Transportation Com
pany's owerful towboat Grand Lake and
oarees. esr. U. F. Kendall in command, was
due last nlght from ft. Loutis, and will return
to-morrow at 12 m.
The steamer Whisper, J. A, Comnstock master,
leaves to-morrow at 6 p. m. for Plaquu-mine.
The Barou Lafourche packet Belle, Oapt. Max
Blanchard, leaves to-morrow at 5 p. m.
The Baonu Bara packet E. J. Gay. John J.
Brown master, leaves ti-morrow at a p. m.
Imma Irvine.... .... Lower Coast......11 a. m
Rene Macready ...... Upper Coast ...... 11 a. m
Assumption .........Latourote ........ p v. m
S . e ............Vicksburg ........ 5 p. m
City of Augusta ......Opelousas ........ p. m
lExeanmge lipplnas.
Cincinnati Times, April 8:
In view of the statement made by Mr Behan.
of New Orleans. to the effect that the B ,anus
paid Oinelnnatl what fagn to the amount of $7Sto
per year, we direct attention to the foregolng
tem in connection with the fact that the Bo
nanza Is at our what f three times each week. It
will be seen that thirty-five boats paid Site for
wharfage, and if anyone will take the truuble
to figure out the problem he will discover that
the Bonansa'sshate at this rate for a year
would sum up to about $st 10. assuming that
she did not miss a trip during the year. The
Bonnsa, in fact, paid the city of Cincinnati $3eo
or wharfage last year. Mr. Behan probably
meant to say that the entire amount paid by
he Bon nsa at various points in making her
tri-weekly trips between Oinclnuati and Porte
mouth, a distance of nio miles. reached $7000,
which would probably not exceed what she
would have to pay at New Orleans for landing
,bhre three times a week.
Vicasburg Commercial, April 9:
A 'cording to an est imate made by Com. Par
sot lest evening his line of boats have brought
reom Yazoo river and tribularies this seasoa
t,0oo bates of cotton,
Speelal Telegrams.
ST. Loom, April 1o -The river rose to inches
In six hours. Delivered to barges this week:
-8.)000 bushels corn. in elev tors 1.20o 000. De
arted: 0 ntennial. Gratd Tower and Iron
fountaln. with beavy cargoes. The Port Ealde
eaves to-morrow with 6 barges, the Howard
in Tuesday and the Belle of bhreveport on
'hureday. T'he receipts are heavy from the
ipp 'r rivers. The propects of the river busie
.ees are excellent.
OAC.o. April 10. -The S,bhenck passed up with
eol tons. The Golden Crown cleared last night.
aiisness dull. Hiah wind all day.
BoDNEY, Miss.. April 10-Down: Paris C.
Brown at 9 last night. Grand Late. and barges
t 2 p. m..Leeato a. m. Up: J.M. Wbhite at
. m., W. P. Halllday and R ,bert Mitchell at 11
mi. in. The weather is clear and pleasant. The
iver is rihatg.
(CINaINNATI, April 1o.-The Charles Morgan
eft for New Orleans, with a fair trip. The
Iherlock has arrived. The Houston leaves next
ecneral Telegrams.
CINC.NNATI, Aprl 10 -River 2t feet 2 inches
and falling. Weather clear and cold. Arrived:
Tntm ll s 8herlook fr inm ew Orleans. De
parted: Oba led Mr~vin for o.ew Orleans.
PrrasuOae. April 1o.--River 6 feet lnches
and tailing. Weather cloudy and blustering.
LOUISVILLE. April 10.-RHVer 10 feet 3 inches
and falligu Weatbr clear and very windy.
CAino. April 10 -River 34 feet a noches and
rlinag. Weather cliar and cool. Arrived: U.
P. Bch nok. from New Orleans, City of Helena
from Vicksburg. Svm Roberts from New Or
loans. Depatedl: J. BB. Mumlti for Vicksburg.
SBhenck for Ulnclonati. Helena for St. Louis.
ST. LluCs. April 10.-R-ltier t5 feet and rising
Weather cloudy and cold A-rived: Jan.
Howard. fr-m New Orleans. Detarted: Grand
Tower for Vicksburg, Cincinnati for New Oz
EVANSVILLE. April 10.-River 22 feet 4-10 and
and tallIns. We her clear aid older. Down:
R, R Springer for New Orleans.
MEMPHIS. April 10, Noun.--iver falling. Ar
rlved: ite GOerevieve from Pt Louis. D)epart
ed: Commonwealth. Rover, Keblor. H. C. Yea
ger and J. p. ScF. Cly for New Urleans. Weather
MEMPHIs. April 10. Evenlng.-The river h s
fallen 4 noohis. Arrived; Andy Baum from
Oin, lnnatl. Departed: Golden Crown for New
Orleans. Guiding Star for Cincinnati. Ste. Gen
eviev- and Katie Kounts for bt. Louis. Weather
Oonditnr t,..
VIcKaSURo, April 10 -Weather clear and
pleasant : ihermometer 6s. The river has fallen
I inch. Up: W. P. Hahlllayat 7 n. m., Robert
Mitebell at 9 D. m . J. M. Wulte at 10to a m., City
of Gre nvtile at 12 m No boata dowu.
SHRBEEPRT, April 10.-Weather clear and
bracing. The river rose 8 inches and now
reiasters 22 feet 3 inches on the gauge. No ar
rivals. Departed: Kate Kinney for Now Or
NATCH1r. April 10.-ToJ. A. Stevenson: The
Grand Late and barges pnssed down at 8 a. m.
C. F. KENDALL. Master.
POET BaDs. April lo. Noon.-Wind north
northeast and light.
Arrived: Seamship St. IMary. Brown mas
ter at 12 last night, from Morgan City, to Cnas.
A. Whitney & Co.
British sreamship Mississippi. GIbson mas
ter, at 6:60 a. m.. from Liverpool via Oorunna
and Havana, to Silas Weeks & Co.
Sailed: eteaebship Aran-as for Clinton,
Texas; barks George for Havre. Arda for Bay:
onne and Gustav Adolf for ,Aiverpool.
6 D. m.-Wind southwA-.t and light.
Arrived: Steameb.i Hudson, Freeman mas
ter, at 1:10 p. m., from New York.to A. Moulton.
chrooner M. y Ev-lyn. Hansen master, 6 days
from Urilla. to S. Oteri & Brother.
Sailed: Steamship Sautiago for Barcelona.
Niw Yon. Arpril 10-Arrived: State of I
Georgia, MSdji BRichmond. Arriv d out: Al. t
satia, B, adiies, ,e..nintvnia., Juana. St. onls I
Okonom, Forest E.B le, Magdalena, Edwardi
W'Imerland Atlantic. Alylio, EBlie . Mosler.,
I hertee C., .. Newles Lalf. Helens. Behemian. I
Homeward: Florida for Pex saoo Joba B.
Hwase for harloha toda. MrnbthaO. Q el tot
Mow Orias.
April 11, 10.
Cleare TYesterIay.
Br steamship Haytian, Watson, for Liverpool
i Lovell & Bailey
Steamship Wanderer, Leitoh, for Belize, Hon
t Macheca Bros
Steamer Amite, Costello, for Pensacola
O M Soria
Br barkentine Venice, Bergmtn, for Dunktrk -
Hall & Vaughan
Aus bark Balthaesar, Tarabochla, for Dunk rk
iMasiah & C(oselloh
Br schr Ebenezer, Bethel, for Nassau, N B
SBr sohr Jennie Wood, Ward, for Belize, in baleast
e 8 Oteri & Bro
a Arrivla.
D Steamship Hudson, Freeman, from New York 3rd
int to A Moulton-Sd .l R
, Br steamship Missslpippi, Gibson. from Liverpool via
n Corunua and Havana, to Silas Weeks &co-4th
S dis 47
e Steamship let Mary, Morgan, from Clinton via Gal.
veston, to O A Whitney Aco-Algiere
Br ship Annie Rlniav, O-,nn from Havre via Key
West. to UeWolf & Hammon --Point
e Br bark St Andrew, Int es, 17 daveys from New York,
to, Hall & Vaugha--Point
Br bark Enigno ----- from Havana, in ballast,
to Foretal,, Rass & Olayton-Point
. 8ehr May Evelyn, Hansen. 4 days from Utills, to
8 Oteri & Bro-Pl Tier
o ehr Mary A Ruhling, Cook, from Tuxpan, to G
Corral &oo--ew Basin
Jno A BScudder, Carter. from St Louis
John W lasunon, Libano. from Baven Sara
Clara 8, Wensel, from Point Pleasant
aabel O'Pry, from Lower Coast
Rene Macready. Ottendorftr, from Donaldsonville
Smma Irvine Ruts, from Lower Coa.m
e Martha, Bassett. from Lower Coast
Tenss, Cooley, from Tenses River
Grand Lake No 9, Kendall, from St Louis, with
4 barges
John 4 OChambers, Muggah. from St Martinville
Lure, Bird. from Low r Uoa t
Alice, Porter, from Hope Villa-New Basin
LIVERPOOL-Per steamship Hyfllan-4140 bales
Scootton 11d5 panks olloake 6, 0il bushels corn in bulk
BE IZE-Per steamship Wanderer-4I5 bbl Bfour
r 937 bf do 9? seeaks do 345 pkgs idese 90 boxes soap 18
boxes candles 3 boxes meeat 4 casks meat 19,00 feet
I lumber 5 sacks oats 49 bbls pork 15 bble potatoes 3
bble sugar to bbls rioe I hhd tobhooo 7 bales tobacoo
9 bales hay 40 sacks corn 9 hf bbli lard
PENSACOLA-Per steamer Amlite-540 sacks corn
i 39 .acks oatse 9 sacks bran 19 sacks ooffee 18 bales of
I hay 3o bbls pork 94 bile liquor e7 pkgs mdse
a DINKIRK-Per balk Belthasar--.9,490 bushels
corn in bulk
DUNKil RK-Per barkentine Venice-37. 913 37-5
g bushels ourn in bulk
a NASSAU--Pelr ebr Ebeneser--5,000 feet lumber
40,c00 shingles I organ
a imsports.
NrEW YORK-Per steamship Hudson-Assorted
Cl INTON VIA GOLVE TON-Per steamship
St Mary-From Clinton, 4 bales otton to Jno T
Hardie &oo-14 do Olapp Brob &oo-lI0 sacks cotton
seed N O Cotton Seed &asooiation-9.. sacks of bone
e meal 5 bales hbile 10 bales paper stock O A Whitney
1 Aco--4 0 head sheep A Deverede-snndries to order
-Total 18 bales cotton 140 sacks cotton seed and 400
head sheep
TUXPAN-Per pohr Mary A Rushlng-149 sacks
t sugar .45,54 lbe do to G Corral Aoo-60,o01 do 5 oedar
logse M Payro-- 9 do H Otis-lJ bbls sugar 99 bbls of
molasses 1 hf bil do to order
Itaellll f IPre4a~e.
1 BT LOUIS-Per steamer John A Scudder-9 half
Scaskes bacon 1 box do to N O & O it T Oo-17 do 97
1 bores hams Miller, Grigesy Aoo-10 tieroes hams to
I B K Converse-19 casks bacon Valrin & Mortimer
10 esacks bran 180 sacks corn N O & O T Co--i0
sacks bran to Valrin A Mortimer--67 sacks corn 31
boxes eggs Glover & Odendahl- 973 soaks oorn to
W B Thomnoon &co--i49 Patton & Benedict-l100
bbls four to order--i boxes eggs Harrison & Betti.
son-- o bble flour go hf rofm bbls cornmeal N O &
R R T Co-107 bble floar 90 hf do 95 bbls cornmeal to
N O & O R T Co-48 bblse flor Hartwell & Cham
bers-8rs do 67 hbls grits 30 bbls cornmeal Glover &
Odendhal-- bbls flar a hf no J B Bolarl & Son--I6
hbls floor Harrison & Bettleon--100 do to Lochte &
Cordes-SO do 95 hf do L Reder oo--l14 bbls flour
Mcloakey & Henderson--94 do T Prudhomme-sl7
bble cornmeal Patton & Benedlot-500 bbls flour to
Vairin & Mortimer-77 do W H Mathews & Bro-o00
Zuberbier A Behan-70 hf bales hay to N O& v R T
iCo-I-. t e-rne lard John ANlrton-5 do J A Mar.
tin--S Zuherbier & Behan-to sacs oats N 0O & O
R T Co--S86 do Joe West &oo--41 M A Rogers coo
319 Patton & Benedlet-1134 Wallace. Fairohild &oo
95 bbls pork 9 bblse whisky and sundry mdee N O &
O R T C.-9 bbls whisky and btadry mdee N OO R
R TCo-'00 o oks malt Geo Auer-1683 sacks wheat
8 hhde tobacco to order-9 do H H Wilson &co-9 do
Kirkpatrick Aoo-9 Wilson Aco-sundry mdde to
O A Whitney too--91 pkge mdse A Baldwin &co
1 do Folsom Bros--Ia pos iipe H C Warmoth-13
pkre mdes J D Edwards-I do J Retan--l L Uiter
35 M W Smith--I J West-.7 to C T Buddecke A
Son-50 pkgs beer F Hollander-6- to M MGoraw--t9
oopes poultry Miller A Meyer-t60 hales cotton to
Meyer Weis &oo-144 do W H Mathews & Bro-95
T L Atrey &co--76 Stewart Bros .oo-75 to Lehman,
Abraham &0o--ll Jnoe Chafe 8ona-S9 to Jurey &
Gillis--l Jno Phelps &oo-47 Alien, Nngent Coo--4
Soett ioOehese-40 Jno T Hardie Aoo-'-t Richard.
son A May-91 G W 8Wntell Aoo-l91 Allen, West &
Bush-15 Graham, Black &o--19 H & O Newman
11 J T Ferguson &oo- 7 P J Cookburn-61 Gardner &
Copp-4 Bltoaam a Moore-- to J L Harris Ao-l
H Allison &oo-1 T L Atrey &oo-snndres to order
-Total 1079 bales ootton 14 hhds tobaooo
BAYOU SARA-Per steamer John W Oannon
11 bales oetton to Hyman & Liontenestelan- do H A
C Newman-S J L Harris &no--3 bbli molasses John
Calder--6 do Avendano Bros-58 hhde sugar to E M
Scottl100 bbls oil .I L Harris kAo--it bales mois to
E M Scott-10 do E Odell-7 had hides I bbl tallow
9 bales lags R Beer-9 sacks wool E Adle -- do to
P Caae-S- bblc sugar John Calder--undrles to or.
der--Total 15 bales eotton 58 hhds sugar 9 bbls sugar
9 hbls molasses n00 bble oil
8 I MARTINVILLtE-Per steamer John M Chaim
here-I bale motnton to J W Borbrtdge oo---7T bbls
molassee Vairin & Mortimer--o do 9 bhds snerar to
Richard MilliIken--, do Rykoski & Manade -4 bble
molasses Hlraoh. Adl .r Coo-- sacks wool L Lacoe.
s e--n-l bales moos R Beer-i pkgs hi lps .J O Spor
so hides J.Toe David-- bales moss John Calder--and
sundries to order-Total I bale ootion 4 hhds sugar 17
bbls molasses
ST LtUld--Per steamer Grind Lake No oand tow
50,000 bushels wheat in bulk b,0.0 bunsbels corn in
bulk to Entuster &co-77,t4.4 do to order--105 sacks
melt H F Stureken-100 stores and fixtures to Riae,
Born A&co--i do H Haller--sundries to order-Total
146,6d3 bushels corn in bulk 50,000 bushels wheat in
POINT PLEASANT-Per fateamer Clara 8--'00
bales ottonl to T & ( Forwood-l I do Jn C(hafle A
8 sn--4 Jno Phelps &oo-- Meyer. Wels &oo-9. to
Keliffer & Gardner-I to J L Harris Act--I to Chaffes,
Atmilton & Powell--I Lehman, Abrham oo--104I
sacks eotton seed N O Cotton 8eed Asoalatton-and
a todries to order-Total 121 bales ootton 104 saoks of
otton seed
I ENSAS RIVER-Per steamer Tensne--. bales
cotton to Jurey & (Gillis-9 do Norwood & Richards-
SC H Sevin--2 Meyer Wels ao--411 sacks otton
seed to N 0 Cotton Beed Assooiation-I coop pigs to
Joe David--s.ndries so ordle--Total 11 bales ootton 1
Si acnks cotton seed
LOWER COAST-Per steamer Isabel-"8 sacks
onions to C Casanova -9 hhds *engar Lagan & Mack.
ison--lIt sacks peas F Casentre--13 do J Oliver-13
bhbls potatoes B Johnaon--snodries to order
LOWER COAS L--Per lteamer Marthl--'I saoks
rough rise to Siewerd & Thonmipson-, do A Piaer-
13 neacks potatoes V EItopinal -sandries to order
T--O 1 5 . .aks rough rice a
LOWER COAST-Per steamer Lura--t9 bbls of
molasses to O olookins--undrtes to order
DONALDSONVILLE -Per steamer Rene Mac. 0
ready--Sandrtee to order
LOWERB OOAT--ker steamer Emma Irvine-
Sundries to order
MeoeptaI by Railrelta.
April 10- - oar loads. as fellows-6-7 baler cotton
to Allen, West & Bush--5 po Biokham & troore--t
Hyman & Liohtenstein-16 to Stewart Bros oo-l15
Lehman, Abraham &oo-11 to 8 Gnmbel-5 Meyer,
Weis &oo-4 Keiffer & Gardner-3 chfte, Hamilton
A Powell-3 Jno T Hardie &co-9 8 O Thomas A&o
2 Warren & Atkinson-1 H & B Beer-1 Hammonds,
G ddis &oo-l Payne, Kennedy &oo-1 Vaiden. Haw
kin. & Roberts - t Gardner & Copp-4 eases mdse to
Dals eimer & Thalheimer-- car rattle C Mehle &co
1 do R M Flantt-2 Ayoook, Mitchell too-1 do and
poultry hiller & Meyer-- car h raes to Leonard &
Maxwell-I car beer F Hollander -1 do A Wals- J
Zeigler-1 H Redwits-- car lime L M Gex-1 car of
planters Gaullett GiO Mfg Co--37 bdls hides to H F
Klumpp-I car lumber H D Geleman & Bro-2 do to
A C Danner &co-9 J O Terry & Sons-- oar scrap
iron Leeds &co-' be a wheels D Drisooll & Bro--'
pkgs castings F N Thayer &oo-J oases shoes to L
Gamble-t- ulkgs mdse J E D Iteon-3 boxes bats to
T II Charles l do F .I Q4inlan-7 pkgs glassware to
E Offner-e boxe b oks Lathrop & Wi klne-:3 pags
mdse Levy Bries-10 b.ds tobseco E H Wilson &oo
3 do Thos Wi tnz--I 8 Hernsheim & Bri-i boxes of
hats A Drer-1 do F Manier-7 pkgs mdse R Van
dergriff- do L Godohanx-5 bbls whisky D Negros
to-- rolls leather M Weydig--t boxes hats H Booth
4 do A D.trien-1.l cases -hoes H Stern &oo-d bbs
whisky C Syval-l tans Louisiana ice Co-1 bdl of
sacks J Bertaoi &oo-t box , gge P Me er-50 bbls
apples W Davasn &oo--8 .asa emaned milk to
o0 -ies smdas hI McGraw--5 pkgs whisky Patis.q
A Boevd-4- bblm eassmn a 0 U H Lwnsase As-
egg aeags I Iw'iaskhpellr--5 boess bhadies S
0 Mintiss bbs nsas8 8 eaprs- 4o ats
Hiraob-10 tube butter VeCloaite & Headrsoen
10 tieroes hams Wallace. Fairehild & o-1 pkge made
:Bd Heath-1 pkge herdware Rice, Born Aoe-9 do
NO & RRT Co-10 do N O & ORT On--o bbls oil
J O Clark-14 pkgs mdee to 8 Bermbeim & Bro--9I
boxes hats M iobs &oo-5 de A DIeyfus-4 pkuls of
m.nse A Wolt &oo--4 boxes hate F Beldeno-18 do to
Simon & Kohn-S eases shoes F I' Mdrtines-14 colls
rope A Baldwin &co-a pkgs mdse A & L Levy-
do A Reluash-5 Marx Blos-9i pkgs glassware W T
Logan-7 emuty kegs LO Army-5 pkgs furniture to
McCracken & Brewster--6 boxes hats D Mercier &.
So'n-'7 sewing machines W (0egir-9 pkge wagon
setuff J Thompson & Bro--19 pkgs furniture to J A
Manmng-1-0 bbls whisky 5 pkgs mdse Q A Whitney
&o0-1 oo E Libbrman -1 do Barnes & M--sundries
to order-To sl 18: bales ootton 95 hhds tobsoco
Ap'll 10--1 ar eattle to MaSon & Wilson-- do to
Ayvnek, Mitchbell *o0--I E P Bell-4:4 esacks pese to
Bank of Georgia-995 pegs beer Mere & Paul-180 to
Geo Yalets-S-O tieroes bams to B F DelBondio- 5
hboes bacon B H Flaebpoller-tt bbls oil to Branch,
Crookes &co-104 blues loin J P Gay--.t do I bbls ,
turpentine Simpson & Tricono-7 iks whisky Berk
son Btros-'-0 bbls d apples C H Lawrence &co--It0
bbls lime 8 Sooderass-ell sacks peas to Holbrook &
A--15 do to order--15 do A L, yden-I car lumber
to T Prndhomme-sundry mdse Keiffer Bro--do to
8 L Boyn-d.O sacks peas W H Mathews & Bro-luO
pkgs peanuts A F Cochran & Caseree-3 bbls whle
ty Loberbler & Behan-sundry mdee I8 West Jr
FUI empty bble Crescent City Oil Co -5 tierces hams
B B Flashpoller--~ pegs sausage J M Latimer &oo
eandry mdse Nelson aslotea-30 bble apples to 0 H
Lawrence &oo-5 tieroes homs 5 pkgo meat Theurer
& Booker-5 tieroes hams Wallace, Fairchild Aoo-S
do Schwahnbher & irsoch--t pkgs hides E Adler
I piano L GOrnewald-69 pkhs mdee E J Hart &oo
snadry mdeoe W W W Qoodwin-50 pkge snuff to
Zoberbier & Bebhan-17 bale s otton Lehman, Abra.
ham a&o- do T L Airey 4to--84 to order-90 tubs
butter A Rauxnet-57 boxes tobacco to W R lrby-il
sacks peas Miller & Meyer-sundry mdse a H Han
sell-do John I Adams hoo-do B J Hart &co -do H
Barkloge-do MoCrsaken & Brewster-do H Flyan
do E Marquess A&c-do Elbin &0o-9 pikgs mdse to
Fellmsn Bros--I co Lord & MoPeake-9 bales saoks
M MoGraw-15 boxes tobacco Kellum & Roamn-95
bbls whisky Bassetti & Xiques-so pkgs eggs Miller
A Meyer-9 pkgs mdse B onery & Son-- oarriage
J A Lum &co--d00 boxes tobaco· W VanBenthujsen
18 do W It Irby-Si do J Opeuhetm-lO Zuberbier &
Behan-sundries to order-T-otl 1Ol bales outton
April 10-8 bales mous to J M Walsh-5 bdls do to
J Nelson Aeo-- bbl molasses J A ,Bourg--lo boxes
eggs L Sanre eo-fl do Lange & Legendre-suntrles
to order-Total 1 bbl molasses
oeeslpta at tSM New Uastl.
HOPE VILLA-Per steamer Altoe--4 bales moss
G H Wright-4- boxes eggs a sacks wool Forcheimer
Brosee- do t boxes eggs A Babin--lO do 1 coop poul
try H T Cottam &oe--3 kegs nails A Baldwin Aoo
0 pkgs eggs I coop poultry L 8ch mcoer-F do IMJ
Dolan -1 do V Bleas-- pkDs sundris. J Donaese--1
coop poultry Mrs L Martb--5 0oO feet lumber and 45
cords wood Muncy & Marcy-sundries to order-To
tal 4 bales moss
Bonseoour-Per eohr Clara La Coste-175 bbls po
tatoes to order
Iecelpts at the O1d Baelm.
Bayou Lacombe-Per eohr Victoria No 9-15 cords
wood to order
Bayou Lacombe-Per sohr Leontine-18,000 bricks
to order
La Cninobe-Per sobr Lake Flower-Sundries to
Bayou Lacombe -Per sohr Hattie M-97 cords to
wood to order
Pascagoula-Per schr None Bnch-1400 bbls char
coal to order
Ocean Springs-Per sohr Hortense--1800 bbls char.
coal to order
Wolf River-Per sohr Eclipe--1400 bblh charcoal
to order
Pascagoula-Per eohr Wren--hO0 bbls charcoal to
shell Bank-Per sohr Mamle A D-300 bbls shells
to order
Wolf River-Per scohr Wolf River Pakoet-15,000
teet lumber to order
Paeasgonia-Per schr Albert M-1-00 his charcoal
to order
Blind River-Per gohr Ida K--90,000 poa staves to
to order
The Br ship Isabel Mott, recently abandoned at
sea while on the voyage from New York to Ant.
werp, was insured by a Halifaxer ofie for about
A compaative statement of sea-going vessels
in the port of New Orleans made up to April 9,
1880, shows that there were 10 steamships, II ships,
is barks, I brig and 8 schooners. At the same date
last year there were 19 steamships, 90 ships, 15
barks, 3 brigs and 8 ohooners.
New York, April 5-Arrived from Pensaoola, brig
Florence, Flynn.
[.y Qable to the N, Y. .erali,]
Liverpool, April 4-Arrived from New Orleans.
Br ship Eastern Belle, Unrry; from Pensaonla, Nor
ara Rossa, Andresen. April 5-Arrived from New
Orleans, Br steamship Chil -an, Roach; from Galves
ten. Nor bark Pomona, Jonaseen
Antwerp. April 5-Arrived from New Orleans, Br
bark Hallamsebre, Morrell,
Havre, April 5-Arrived from New Orleans, Br
shiu Alice M Minot, Whitmore.
Rouen. April --Arrived from New Orleans, Brit
ship Elisa verrett, Dunkerton, and Aus bark Conto
oesa Seapary, Coollobh
Havie, April I-Arrived from New Orleans, Brit
ship Roche ter, Ross A pril 9, Br ship Heotanooga,
Johnson; Nor shi , Lovie., Bull.
Bordeaux, April 4-Arrived from Pensacola, Aus
bark L -da. Ta aboohla.
Q.ueentown, April 3-Arrived from Pensacola, Br
bark Mindors, Alien.
Sunderland, April 3-Arrived from Penuoola. Nor
bark Erato, Bunuhye.
Liverpool. April 5-Arrived from Mobile, Br bart
Afroia, Murray.
(By Mall.]
Seaford, March S.-Off, OFtar, Krag, from New Or
leans fIr the Baltic.
Grangemouth. March 9'-Arrived from New Or
leans, City of it Asaph, Willitms.
April 9. slet 35 t0 N, Ion l9 35 W. ship John Patton.
from New Orleans for Cronst-dt.
An Englich barv showing Q.IDC. trom Nesow Or
leans for Roten, March '. salt ?, Inn o0.
Marcih 5, off Naud Cay, Hr ship Lady Rower.s,
Johneon, from New Orleans for Liv. rvool.
An engine that works without Boiler. Always
ready to be started and to give at once fu 1
Burns common Gas and Air. No steam, ro
coal. no ashes, no fires, no danger.
Built in siz.s of 2. 4 and 7 H. P. by
Philadelhlia. Pa.
Can be seen insucoesmul operation at Messrs.
Schmidt & Zelgler's. C. B & W. D. Maginnis's.
and Luckner's Box Factory, in this city. For
information apply to
No. 1I Carondeleot street, up stairs.
fee Sn Tn Th tf
Is adapted to the dlse tlation of Grain, Fruit.
B'rries, Molseses. and any materiel containing
aacc-arine matter, producing all kinds of
at trifling expense.
Druggists. perfumers chemists, etc., should
have it. COtean. sure and safe.
A right to use the (LADNEY STILL during
duration of patent can be had at the following
One gallon .. ........ .....$lo 00
Two and a half gallons .............. 15 00
Five gallons ..... ................... 20 00
Special terms for larger Stills.
J. R. GLADNEY Patentee.
No. 9 Commercial A liy. New Orleans.
AGENTS WANTED. who must be prepared to
give bond. mhb2i Im
Nea. 7 and 38 MAGAZINE MARKET.
atpplies Boardinghouses and Families in gen.
eral with everything the market offers, and
espeelally a variety of Sausage of first Quality
All marketing delivered free of aharge. an'
n'wn"m11v at+'naie ,o .,nl *,
18684........ ETABLIbHED........1864
Yoa. J. 251, 253, 255 and 257 Poydma 8t.
leans - ,outhern Transportatfor
Line-8tei mere of this line wit
leave as follows:
WILL iIL, e......... ....... Lw Rates master
Leaves TUESDAY. April 01 at 5 p.m.
PARI. C6. BRU'WN.... A. M. Halliday master
Leaves THURSDAY. April 15. at 6 o. m.
gOLIIRN CHOWN .......E. L, thinkle master
Leaves SATURBDAY. April 17. at a p.m
For Olnolnnaitl, Louisville and Intermediat.
landins, connectlng at Cincinnati with pach
etc for all points above to Pittdbur
For freight or pass applyon ard r to
nolt tf 18 Grav er street.
ern Transportation Line leave New
Orleans for Ctucinnati and all
polnts on the Ohio river as follows:
U, P. s~NllcaN.K........aTUIDAY. April 8
,UIsnlNG T " T ......... TUESDAY, Aoril a
genuesaT U5TCHELL. .THUt DAY, April 8
SOLOBN BU11L......... SATURDAY, April lo
WILL.. KYLE............. TUESDaY, April 18
PaIua C. 0OWN......THUBSDAY. April 15
50O1043N 61oWN1....... SATUBDAY April 17
OLBN1I rY...........TU DAY April 0e
. I. SPRINiiEm ..... THUIS)AY Aprils2
CA1. L. EMEoGAN....SATURDAY, April 4
J. T. BURDEAU Agent,
mhlA tf 1s6 Gravler street.
at. LOUIS.
For Bt. Lonte and all war landlns.
JOHN A. 8 UDERB ............ Carter master
LeavesJ TU DAY. April 1s, at 5 p. m.
CHA. P. CJOUTEAU ... Thorwegan master
Le veTHURSDAY, April 15 at o . m.
OOMMIONWEALTH ............Bryant maste
Leaves MONDAY. A ril12, at 12 m.
. rnetutinga ithlion to ral wa l..
road) ani Memphis-The steamer
S. FWO ndll, master.
will leave as above. For ~f raht, Raply on board,
or to J- A. BTEVENHON. Agent,
lNe 45 lamp street.
Will take IfrsPht for the InoL entral l
road and Its cOnncotions. Spl1
Leaves eveMON TUEDAY and THU2,DAY at 12 11
a-la.Hache Green wood RianttIdon,
Terre a f and all ois Centratl iol.
rlndan-The ew mne fs te steamer
J.A. BusC master. E. E. Vallette oler
leaves as above reglarl, returnng ly on boardthe
early in the evening on alternatedaysF
tRi treet ann
Leaves WEDTUNEDAY April 14T at a p m
Iberre au Jenerette. Franll plantation
treville. P.ttersonville, and all inter
mediate landi s on Bayon Teobe and Atoba
falays river-Te e ne aa arn steamer
T. A. Mugseh master. T. M. Voorlete clerk,
will leave as above. For reularly, reight or pasesage
apht or assagepl on board or to
t EO. b. HITE. No. I Gravlerstreet,
apIl J. CARLIN, No. 5o Magasinet.
Leaves on WEDNESDAY, April 14. at 5 p.m.
trleasant and all wattersonvle and all on
Bano n Bartholomew-The new pas
sefalaya river teamer
Wm. Weneel maeter, T.. . Paorhckard clerk,
will leave as above taking treight for all land
inge on Black and Ouaohita rivers as blah as
the mouth of Bayou Bartholomew. For freight
or p e olon board or to
Ee. D. WINBT RN. as Natcher street,
W. BURLN , 17 Freo Matazintreet.
P. 8.-Connects with steamer Ollie B. for
pointe on Upper Bayou. OO W.
Leaves every MONDAY at p. m. nd p. mIDAY
nd Bayou Lafrthourlomew-The A Now.
sensenger erteket
NMa Blanohard, Master
John Webre and C. J. Blanchard. Clerks,
will leave as above, takin tridoht forthe all land
eis on BlacUNDkY and WEDNOuachita rivers as high as
or passage apply on boar board orr
V. M . Br17 rBD. t st. Lou st
. HENO steamer ontlle B. for
P. B. - Goes through to Lookport on the
Thpoints ony trip. Bayou. a
Leaves every MOUEDAY at 6 p.m.. and BATIDAY
DAY at 1o a. m.
a Th n.er aserpcket
Max Blan. harlet master
Edw. Webolre. and C. W. Learone. Clerks.
will leave as above. reurnin down the coast
every MUONDAY and TWEDNESDAY. In/ daylight.
For freight or pasagee api onboard or to
los Deoatur, near St. Louis street.
P. B.-Has a tlerk on the landing during the
day, at the head of Bleanville street. to reeve
freight. noim em
Leaves every WEDN.8SDAl and SATUBDAT
at a. pm.
Hermitage Port HBickey. Baton
U f lBouge and Plaquemine. extending
the Saturday trip to New Texas and Raccourci
-The fast and splandid passenger steamer
John 0. Libano master. J. H. M1nssop clerk.
Cllnton and Woodville freights shipped Wed.
nesday reach their destination Friday bven
n.inton and Woodville freights shipped Satur.
day reach their destination Monday evening.
For freht or a.sage a ply on board or to
GEO. D. ITE 142 1 ravler street.
BRITTON & EPPLER. 132 Gravier street
LORD & MoPE AKE. 122 ravier street.
au2s C. G. WAYNE, 82 Gravier street.
Hermitage, Port Hudson Lobdell's
teamer Store. Baton Bouge and Planuemine
J. J. Brown master 8. S. Streek clerk.
leaves every MONDAYI and FRIDAY at 5 . m.,
returning every WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY.
For freight or passage aoly on board or to
J. E. OARLIN 60 Magazine street.
jvyti JON J ANN FiV. ins ornmmnn etrest.
C The teamrer
O. S. BurdAtte master.
Will leave heed of Harvey's Canal every
8a. m.
Leaves Grand Isle every MONDAY. WEDNES
AY and FRIDAYt a8 a. m.
DFare st 50: meals flfty rents extra. aol tf
guests on MONDAY, sixth instant. Dur
tna the summer the Hotel was put in thoronng
order and many modern improvements injfjo
dIoed to ensure the comfort of patrons. The
aouse is nsna all that t make
oa use ist and OTEr OTL, a
hao been aoorded itbsthepmt f
P!asseners take aillroad Ferryboat. foot of
St. Ann street, at 7 a. m., reyihlng Morgaq Ql
at 12 , there connectl with em sl
rom lorgan Clty. n onneotn with Morgn
Lou ana and TJexas lbailroad
Chriati - suors l#,#v/nj Alpi#e
nnt at Gnlveeton with the Norfolk.
Freights to be carrled via florgan Oityrt
Mississippi river; ocrrier's pnDtiou
veston-The iron Ateamer
Will sail from Alglers
Freight for Brownsvlle is per ent oft tar,
eoept grain. which is at speia rate,
Through bills lading signed to all
on theouton d an a
a r A at. and Geat N tern
.mean a s e6 as sewr a. Td 3irod,
san Antonio tr reeelvd and f
via Clinton and an.. . ad nan Antonioa
eights fQr Gojnnees, HNaletUe,1. BI o.
.reever via unton Ouero.
e r *;,* we
rt lokets an sta. oos secured ttan p.
at agents' ao fics.orats erlan
or ins f earto ae.
BTro.ga r tickets be ltated from thi
the rin cial pot Qnthe H, ste
raRa tholroa..oa ma o Intern aoio d
rt ortrern aro. eeam ra toc
Te omoas
ThroVe lhlth f lad &. and to
r ticka to all Ian.go o mpbt
Lsoan. HotSSprln I an. all a
on T uod River and rat.w
SicJewel,. o P. rngslow m vlter,
io llwhareat eianrg, o arsl orn or mg
cosigned tlo, et rompa, I4 y bill of
for freight or parsinae apsl on
nTats or at nthe off an of the re t
o are'ng ano way ila
Will lmve mrasage aFo, ig or
Pboats o athaeo f rg o w
IeptNrleet., VOCM. l Ali Na
La a' Ia
el neaev se-e Un ame Ira o
W .lliamttmabll mater. T. 0.
leaves asm bove, o fneretlgat l
Parlsot'hl DLn f.oa Polg i t
flower. ODee .e an Ommrlato 116 6
aules for . D. f HIa . n . loavier s .
bo aensr aagee not,
Curt. Holmel master, W, N. Oalmesl
lonnevesn at Voksburg wnth Pat
fo all p fiontsn azoon ao sdsTallah&o
fl reoa ereste right to ae.
B. W. ADAI. w BO isE e1 & P(
. lC £YlN POra. stre ,.
aule D hITU.i Arav + ,+a
Leaves t. riaA e .
anati hez nd haufll ntod
;nms -a.e mn mas sonsmer unaket
for rell t o ase a on e oap , oa to
Will glivn th throou~h is ngh Mlso o ....
rhe Vloksburs. Shreeort and Pa oad. V De t -+
ioame raýse rves ther igh. to .
[email protected] I ACON AND T.'WAA.
Leaves WEDN 5BDAY April 14. at S p.
i rockett's Point. FYptt.. ~ ,
WeeLwood, Eureka Mounday
ounter Point and all way landings on
Maoon and Teneas-The fine passenger str
L. V. Cool0e master fihos. Knee sleek.
will leave as above. kor freight or passage r"
Ply on board P or to
dew LORD A MaP AKE.122 Grayler treet
Leaves every TUEDAY atsp ,
see, Port Barre. SimmsDporut. ,
ville, and all landings on theo .
Atchafalaya river and Bayou Couab
light draft passenger steamer
m. COrawford master. A. Meynler Br.. Clerk,
will leave as above. For frei.ht or wsage
aeply on board. or to
GEORGE D. BITE 142 Gravter street,
,ORD & MaPEA. 122 Oravler street,
Will rive through bills lading to Bayot Be tD
and connects with the Della to. 2 for Bayou deg
GIaizee. Freight taken at three-quarter ears
rates. mhle
UPrrl coAsft.
Leaves every T5UEDAY1 THUBBSDAT a4
IATUEDAYtat 11 a. m.
tall..pner coast lnds n--The
and frat pnnasenagr lam&er
(In place of the De lmet.)
Frank Otte.wuorzer master, S. T. utetwynd eee
will leave as above, returnina down the
Sundays, Wednesdays and Frldays in dayligh.
For reight or ja e aapi on board or to
de? . J. O1OIAUX. o Conti street,
ger steamer
J. A. Comstook ma eger Geo. M. Wo ...
I eaves EVERY MWIDAY at pD. mr. Itd
DAY at 10 a. m.r Pisoqemine. vt. rir
down the ,oast W NEeSA AIS and BUSIWA5A ,
For treight or p .s y ,oU= ,e
A clerkt will be found da at the
Biesnvfle stra to resive f"nrdagt int a

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