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Annual Election of ofIleers of the
Auxiliary Associltion.
Address of the Chairman of the Execu
tire Committee and Other
Matters of Interest.
The new exeeutive committee of the New Or
leans Auxiliary 8anitary Aesolatlon met inPt
alght for the purpose electing ofTlnere of the
eassocition and other buelness
The committee was called to order by Mr. Ed.
PMe.ner, and after the opening preliminaries
the election of officers was gone into with the
folloilng result:
ih.ilrman Executive Committee- Cen. Cvrus
Prieldent of the Association--Chae. A. Whit
Uty. ]ete
rice Preeldents-Messrs. Edward Fenner.
virus Bussee. Albert Baldwin, George H.
Braugsh, George Foereter, 2. B Rrutechnltt.
George Horter, 8. Rernehelm J. J.untr
sanitary Director-Dr. 0. B. White
Treasarer-Mr. Henry Glnder
lBeeettary-Mr. John 0. Henderson
Ooresponding eocretary-Mr. W. M. Burwell.
Attdthees-Messrs. Leovr & Krutoohnitt and
0t B. Blee.
On tating the ,hair Gen. Bussey
as follows:
nealetena eff the Ifrecete (ntrnittee-Havina
e jt.d ipon the seo ad year of our esletence
an Atolation, and held, in ompliance with
he rp.iolts of our charter, the annual elee
d0 ofmembers of our exeoutive committee, It
a3 . ot be eonldersn tll-tlme If, at this first
ieeting of the new board of diectlon.a brief
0te bie agien of the work now recelving our
atton, ad a few surgestlon i ffered to
ihr labors in the riglt direction for the
stute av make them efective aaegnst the
*t mer beat,
O t flee c nommittee commenced their
Bierovtai. tasL tand issued their circular solicit
1 . ttibutions in Japuary last. It is well
etiy of note, as evinelP the judgment with
Whic this delicate end diffocult task has been
peerne, that, with very ew exceptions, the
imetiatU c~oed etposite names has been re
arded to w thout deduction or complatnt.
e succes which has so far attended their
iat Is lsatisfactory, and thecordial sympattiy
#1t6ate tdin numerous letters received cover
i oPtributions is gratifying and most en
miuraptig to the finance cmmittee Were
ie letters publiehed, the widespread but to
lW etrtnerlts opinion that our wealthy eitl
jýba are Indiffrept to the sanitary condluon of
ieW OtleatL would be forever dispelled.
i5 ro0n WRi HA&.R WITH UR.
Without division of opinion, theIp emell contrl
btlo.oeuntlpue to fl,w in, and in the nagre
aae willb e of great asnsstence.
Tb. or man cannt remove his little ones
hdlist.ht points of safety when greet danger
Nt2atme It becomes, therefore. the solemn
lation fl every true man to make It a part
f bt. iity to see to It Ihatsani t ry measures
aie tntrodtced ann ptush. d to perfection. and
itereafter watched and guarded with vigilant
o is date no provislt' has been made in
ltly to furnebh an abundant suoplF of wa
tir the use of the .oor. tanitary Inspect.
O(s anhd anlttary tolleem-n whve havlwaers
Whtbeelty it is to dlecover unoleanliness, ad t
to lpet the abatement of ell nuisances, or tine
the egtlectful, Duringl the frequent and pro
t&eted drut lh of summer, the small tene
letobbaek of the city cannot be kept clean
without an abundant supply of water Such
sterns as they have are utterly Inadequate to t
the demand for cooking and washing, much
esthat thorcuah cieaselna their houses and t
breihttes demanded by the Board of Health.
and dipeosal of wAter have made rapid pro- e
From eiroumstan.ae bevyod their control the
lkt eBmetnient of their Itbore was delayed.
r tih lnaformation of the hew members it
m b ie proper to state that the flushing com
Ie s csrae with the very important duty
Itltlll a I.I idh Irotil tibe along the front of
e I to flesh the tutte.t of all streets per
ii at it o the river. This pie W111 be sup
e wth wter by a terful ump located at
teh of fun street. For Ite purposee of
t iat mltn te a roitrlIatloh made by
r flnnde ebtMmlitte of Wa 000.o
eoeyfante hae beei made with one of the
l ile mahtifactuer;s in Bt. Imuls
h t-It agents Me srse, tchwartv & Bro.
i tAityt, ori 10,0o feet of standard tested 19
fl, Icui pipe,
Pumpit aengine of ,aoo.00 0gallons capacity
beteS has been ordered frotp the Geo. F.
.Me walsauttlbha cot an of Boston.
T S *flirt oslo steel boilers are being con.
ruoted by the 'New Orleans FOundry" of sufi
e~6datlpaetit not Only for our requirements,
t, ease of neceseity, to afford an ample sup
stl f water lb all dltrtotit In ea.. of fire.
The hydrapts We shall use will be of regula
tion las, akdapted to the use of the fire depart
.e building to contain the boilers and pump
wil be sueedlly constructed, with strictest re
0rd to eeotl hiy and the ~tamilttee will en
isvor to make it an agreeable feature on the
Stlaying of the pple will proceed as fast as
trtl tlves,
This sret unndertaktng will beof incalcula.
ble advanage to New Orleans for all time to
toop It w|it be seen, however, that Its very
toislderable dGot makes a tirlous inroad lito
ou rbhk account, never to occur again. It is
,, buat r dertlh tecessary this season re
bled eerts to ratie. as nearly ase possible.
a s L ugoet silgeted bh our flnance commit
t ioeelantlh a Wort which. If success.
i ell plane i on a par with any city in
Srrevery intelligent oltison consider well the
uitul . PFrom ciroumstances, to all appear
' Ivedo I the eoutrol of the preo ent city
autloritee, they are, and will continue to be for
tome time to come, tvtally unableto accomplish
te very Important duty of keepina the cliv in
a Dt.er eOhdliton of OleAnllhese-much less
to a dot and carry to completion any one of the
mul a ded improvements enauggested by this
It s notthe province of
to olean the canals, the streets and gutters, nor
e in works of permanent improvetcents.
Sthe duty of the corporation-but refer to
a antual reports of the Bard of Health for
long 'teats past. and you will find most wl e
lgglestitnse uged upon the city authorities
Iotm year to year, which appOar to have fallen
atDOn ears that are deaf to all that most con
Snras the future life and prosperity of New Or
leans, The time bas come wihe the mn who
ee.n this rciy, sustain it by their buain san enter
alelae and pay the tax'e, lnuist adenod and
IA4e refolm, Mtlllons ave beeu eU4r1andered
ia.aome mysterious way iand not one Imtm,rove
I that an idiot would ick nowhr dua In of his
ehi can be founti as the net result of the
ed and wasteful expenoditure.
"iBt few if our clitv.ire whose homes Rand
uhinese confine them to the botter pot tiop of
eity can form an adequate conception of he
th-.ndtloltLo the gutters In the reur of Ba
ronlseatstt. WeantlctiPat a great improvet
Ieat In the condltition of tbhe gutters of all
strets pertendicular to the river, when our
Afnlsai arrangements are fully completed. A
most lmDortant utep is to Improve the parallel
it9annot expect to have a clean aid per
feotly heal by city until the grade of a large t
proDortion of the gattetr of the streets parallel
with t river is thoroughly changed. This ise
a ortUon of
which must be done by the city as the only au-.
tlority c m' tentto the task. However areat a
this under taking it should at once be com
eed: a beginning must be made or it never
be done,
the amount paid for the labor, worse than ft
yo em"ployed, in e"atterina the filth of the n
ept on the streets were expended in the
etod abo e Indicated, there would be speed.
t1visibtea marked improvement in the ap- n
gearanoceof ihes reetsotreated, in impurove- It
Iaet tu the hb-ath of the tenants of the habita.
Hons bhrder lug upon them, and a great saving
of the labor and expense now wasted in futile
fforts at elesuiai them.
The drainage canals are a disgrace to any tt
llvilt:si cite and iniure us in more ways than a
emn. The apparanoe of them is disgusting
-ad of-nsive in the last delree to our own eti
f-. and the straonger rearlds them with a h
dwell calculated to deter him from loe- B
.- withain the influenoe of their nosleome
nytheatem s not entire' ; their. t
t bythe oly authorities worst ee
the old uiokety draltrweels th
S.huy z eptiod by new oq ,. 5.] 1i
ra t :k eom noo tihoese
Is sufficlent for all purposes. We tiuote from
section a: 'The contractor snall be bound to
keep at all times their entire respective drain
nee sections f, ee of all rein sewerage and laue
waters, aRI of all water coming from the river
throng b pioes or dralas; also of all water ed
Smttred fronl the nAvtgIottn anal through pipes
for the purpose I f fluihing or washlui out the
drainage "aun's. ,illd also all water dlsehiarled
from waterwolrks whl'h are now or mey here
aftl r be rtabltis .he throughout the city."
It is well known to this asIOellatimo that the
work is nmost inuoe'feOtly pfeformed, and to
I- that is he oti estt fIlthty conttiton If the drain
Rge tuania Rhine ott itbutable. If the present
i)tnne,'ritettt f f tieP drainige whaels lnes for Its
iht,.ei t the uit 1 himneint of the ciintraetors, ithe
eyrtern Imty I'. I.t hiinps. coneiadered a setiePes.
lint, Pi Ihe otther htaid, if they were conisti uoied
to, hetnteit the r'ly, Uiid for cad run at the ex
t,oe f lnt txticrers, we appeal to that ignored
r- .ld olethrdltored class n o RustIalI ts ioldly,
and wthoWlIuIt nt fear in our efforts for refers-.
If the drailage wheels were In terifemt order
te nd rlunl laily for any tuambhr of hours needful
to Pr, nmpl It the work they are intended to
1, terforml, filthy connl would be '
is A TiINt Or THR PAsT.
te With the aid of the flushlug pipes from the nav
igation eants alld tilhe rotation of the drainage
wheels a current would be kept up stllel.lent to
is prevent subsidence of the filth flowing into the
canals from the city gutters.
The lesson teuaht by (tpt. Eads, who re
Smoved the bottom of the M elssislnul river, con
Psiting of tenailous mud oerlaid with blue
Slay two and a quarter miles long and twenty
feet dee , by the simple action of the current
Sconfined between artifiolal banks, should not
t. be disregarded in the consideration of this
dralnege canal problem. We have firm banks,
and only need a sllsht current to effect the ob
i he plan that has bieni pursued Is the re
verse of this. The drainage wheels are moved
to suit the views and interestlof the contractors.
and when the canals are full a baraln is made
d to dig them out at great oeat.
During the process of flilling up our people
ere outr,~ed by the daily increasing and abom
inable fiit avia arising from them, lhe health of
the city Is injured, precious life perhaps lost.
and the adja, ent property rendered comuara
tively valueless.
Our aesoclation have proposed
h A MODe or (Oit ,lflCn T wlt -c AbuAe
by the action of the simple, yet efficacious and
.t ee nomlal boat or self-moving hydraulic
t mud scourer, for the nvention Od which we
f are Indebted to one of our assoelation. W. H.
r Newton, Esq. Through the simple but pow
o erful action of this boat the frequent cleanslng
e and purlBeation of these canals can be pursued
a at all periods of the summer without creating
any (ffenelve or unwholesome exhalations,
r whilst the daily flushing with pure water from
Lake Pontchartrain, which is prvlded for in
I the drainage wheel contrat, but not enforced,
I will secure an s.teeable and salubrious matmoe
Sphbers along the route to that regron of the city
where thousands of dollars are now being
- txpended by our enterprlsing oliv mne to con
vert the long lelected desert on the lake shore
r anto an agreeable and healthful summer resort.
I It Is in this way step by step, slowly it may
be, but surely, that areat and permanent
changae in the sanitary condition of this city
5 must be made. Nor are we disposed to assert
that any large expenditure for sewerage is
desirable for some years to come. Our condi.
I ttons are in many respects peculiar and net
easily understood.
An engineerlng problem, however diflicult,
can be solved by the many able men of this
day but we have to deal with scattered houses.
far from the StreetR, extreme distance to point
of discharge, and Individual poverty. A system
of sewerage compelling connection, and the
introduction of water into the upper stories of
1 houses, cannot be enforced to universally In
t this ei y as to effect the object sought to be
attained wi'hout inflicting a cruel haruship on
I the poor. In many Instances it would be found
t the widow and the orphat, whose homes are
already overburdened with unpaid Interest
and taxes. Let our efforts be directed towards
improving the public health by cheaper means.
when values will increase with the improve
ment in business, which is certain to result
and a manufacturing industry be rendered
omselblP, alvlng work to thousands of our tn
dustrlous poor, both old and yvunu. With
for our trade, how can we retain or Increase it
without placing this city on a par with them for
health and eafety. The future of New Orleans
depends upon your efforts; our citleebe have1
been bled almost to death, and have nothing to
show for It but a doctor's bill. It must be your
aim to expend every dollar which comes into
your treasury In some work of permanent bene
ft to the city-build your monuments as you I
proceed and you will have no cause to regret 1
having become a member of the New Orleans
Auxiliary Manitary Association.
Mr. Elder took the floor and said:
I would not presume to claim your attention.
even for a moment, afte listet lug to the able
address just read, but for the duty devolving
upon me to explaln the efforts made, as chair.
man of the usheblug committee.
That cam mlttee have steadily and persistently
usedall the means in their power and in the t
power of this assenolation to seeture the cleans
ing of the dralbage Oanals, for which the sum
of $22.298 of the people's money is annually c
paid to the drainage wheel contractors. i
On the seventh of January a resteciful letter
was addreseed to Admiulitrator H uston asking
permisslon to have these filthy canals flubsh
with clear water. His published retly was that
they were too full of accumulated flth. Your
committee then anplied to the Mayor and O1 y
Counlcl to permit them to be cleansed at the ex
pense of this association. for which you had
appropriated necessary funds.
This request has never been seceded to, but
was repelled by the published Insinuation that V
your association proposed to dto an impossi
Through the consent of the Hon. Jda. Col-line.
the present Administrator of IUprovemPents.
your committee was permitted to scour out a
SpDortlon of the Touloune street canal, wher hby
the effiacy of the appliances used was success
t. fully ndl completely demonstrated,
to But your commltt e regret to asy that their
*y frequent and most respectful requjnsts to con
'o tinue the work have not met with success, as
Is neither the City Council nor the Admi.istrator
have i. sued the re gl.latte orders to the d. ai nege
w. heel contractors, though the contract requires
t. the ohedience of such orders, under a penalty
i. of $100 for each neglect.
u The attention of the chair was called to the
ie fact that there was present a committee from
r- the Board of Health and Medical Assoolation.
y and Dr. Bemiss, of the National Board of
h Health, who were in attendance for the pur
n pose of consulting on certain unestions stllt
mitted by the National Board of Health. The
is conference committee was requested to reroe
sent the assocIation.
Mr. Whitney took the floor and said.
Mr. Chaiman- The termination of the first
r year of the existt nco of this assoclation aug
n gets a pleasant duty. It would be a sad omis
Ssion dirt we fail to express our appreciation of
r the value of the servi Os rendered to us by our
s friend. Mr. Edward Fenner. who often during
the patLt year not only did duty i.s ice presi
n dent. but for many mouths was acting oresl
dent of this association. To him must It c.
r corded most of the praise for such success as
0 may have attended our work. Ie has been
momt untiring and zealous, most liberal in the
promotion of the work for whlth the assoFa.
tlion has credit. As expressive of the sunti.
ment most sincerely entertained, not only bhv
eus. ut, by the community in which we reside.
I olffr a few resolutions:
R.esolved. That the thanks of the Auxiliary
Paaitary Association are due and are most
'f heartily extended to our assoieate. Mr. El ward
e Fenner. vice president and for som timne ncr
nag president, for the effli.ent aid he has at all
times renudered to this association.
r Resolred. That it is with pride and pleasure
r thut we bear toetimoyv to the zeal, the unselfish I
and untirnlo devotion which he has brought i
to bhear in behalf of pub Ic health and the gen
eral w Ifare of the community.
RFsoltvd. That the secretary of this associa- 1
tion be directed to have these resolutions t
framed and presented to Mr. Fenner la the
name of this association.
Chairman Bussey, in putting the resolutions,
expressed his concurrence In the sentiments
t contained in them.
The resolutions were unanimously adopted.
Mr. Fenner expressed his appreciation in a
few words, declaring that he was unable to F
make any extended remarks. 1
Mr. Fenner called the attention of the com- t
mittee to the Associated Press dispatch declar
ing that
announced yellow fever in this city. He thought
there should be a denial of the statement, and
an investigation. He asked Dr. Bemises to favor E
the association with any information he might
have on the subjeot, and in response Dr.
Bemias said:
The report is without foundatinnin fact. o o
far as the National Beard of, Health is con.
eerned. I have telegraphed to the secretary of -
the board asking him to terre5 out the matter. s'
I klltor bolard is nladignant at the imostd- "
aSbdtwll I I a efgt to dteovert p
wit 3p
in Texas I have received a dlspateh frotn
there. which I will rend:
rGALVsITOW, Atprl 18. 1880.
Dr Bemlia:
Have you had yellow fever In New Orleans
to date? Answer. W. D. KELLY. M. D.
I answered:
Dr. W. I). Kely, Galveston:
Not a cane In or near New Or leIns and noth
tin to excite tusLit'loit or atoUPhet1siRln to
late. P. M. IlrEMI R.
Mr. GClaldr Paid thatM he thought that a fall
ure to dell the reptort in the motnlnRg would
work Inontr.lnlte Ininry to tit el'y, and he
moved that a formal atill emlphati" dental be
mlacie by the asnolRattotl.
Mr. Biooth agr'.re in the n11oaesity of a dental,
and Psugeslted that the way to make it emIohatie
was for the reirnrprlntativee of the asso, la'io.n
the R tatl Board of Health and the National
board of Health to join In it.
The sllnggetion wag atce.lted. nd the whole
matter was referred t- the conference tommit
Dr, Beard, of the Board of Health., tated that
he would taRne grat UIPtot.re io jliniug In a
contratII tltin, and dleclare' tht I there was no
t-li.w fever at all In the 1tit P.
'The 0o.' na.tion wian con'.rred in, and re
Iterated tby Mr. I. N. Mt rks, alsoof th. floaId of
The committee an, inurned.
Selection of a Building Bite and Other
Interesting Data.
The following was posted yesterday on the
bulletin board of the Cotton Fxohange:
At a meeting of the board of directors of the
New Orleans Cotton Frxohango, It was decided
that the proaesals to stell to the Exchange for
building sites the property known as the "Den
man corner." situated on the corner of Oaroa
drlet and Oravier streets, and the ground cor
nor Baroane and Union streets, now oocupled
by the Leonard and Maxwell stables, be plaRed
before the members of the Exchange tor ac
ceotance or rtjnetton.
By resolution the president was Instructed to
poet in the Exohange rooms ground plans of
the propertles named, with statement of terms,
et.., and that the ballet thereon be held on lite
twntly-sixth Instant, between the hours of 1t a.
m. and 8 p. m.
Under resolution of the board the president
has appointed Messrs. A. Montgomery, J. V.
Bilbhards and W. A. Peale to receive and declare
the result of the ballot.
Terms and Condtionsofale of DRae of Denman
Property.-Price - : one-fourtth cash, hal
anon in one, two and three years, with mn'erest
at the rate of peer felt per annum. Privll- ge
given the exchalge of tncreasing the pva ment
or of extending or dlml shiing the time vay
ments at its option. T proverty-hblders on
and near Carrondelet t agree to donate to
wards the abovoe urehnse sums argregating
:hlrno, one-fourth of whlch shall be paid In
eesh antid the balance in Indivlduat notes, eat
lsfactorily indorsed, running one, two and
three years, with interest at the rate of a ier
Terms and Conditines for sale of Baronne
and Union street property,-Prloe ----. One
third cash: ;balance in on. two and three years.
with interest at the rate of a per cent per an
The property holders In the violnit y agree to
donate towards the Durchane of the abuove, in
cash siome ag regat Ing s$A tntl.
N. B.- I he Dernmin property measures j2i
feet on Gravler street, savelty-six on Caronude
let and seventy-nine on Variety Alley.
The Barinnne street p operti measurels ai t
feet on Union street and 10ice on Baronne.
It has been resolved to change the subrcom
mnltee on future quotations monthlr; also that
said sub-committee be required to meet daily
at the elnse of the market to settle ut on the
closterg quotations anti tone thereof. IMeers. I
B. It Buck, chairman; Jullus Wets and J. (1t
Mlidleton were appointed to serve as qtRotation
committee during the current month.
By resolution of the board of dlrecttorse
adoptet last evening the Exchange room will e
be closed daily, after the flrst proximo, at 4 p. t
n. This to continue In force until further no
lite. (
At a meeting of the board of directors held
last evening Mr. A. F. Jones was appoint-ed
a memb)r of the committee on classelfication
and qnotlaiorns, vice A. Leopold, resglaned: and
Mr. M Bright member of the future commit
tee, vice Mr. A. J. Macaulay. resigned.
y Gov. Wiltz yesterday made the following ap
W. L. Wootan. of Oaldwell, to be Inspector of
cattle at the Crescent Olty Live Stook Blaughter.
A. B. Shee, assessor for the tarish of Blen
G. N. tlompltt. surveyor of Blanville paribh.
r B. T. Young. assessor for East Baton wamgn.
Charles O. Haile. assessor for Pointe Oonupe.
The'wane A. Babln, as. essor for Iberia.
S . Brigham. assessor for Morehou'e.
, N. HLtms, notary for Ascenslon parish.
t Theno. Las.an e J..r.. constable for the eighth
ward of Pinquentnes. vice 8. Jones, who failed
to qualtfy.
J. E. Poehe. notary for 8t. James.
v The Board of Commissloners npvolnted to
attend to the matter of the reconstruntlon of
r the State. llouse at. laton Rouge met yesterday
-in the Governor's offie; Ireent, the (Gov
ernor. ru uators Buffnagton and Hlagan and
r Hepresentatives R tirtsmn and Richardson.
Mr. Richardson acted an secretary.
After a short lollberation it was decided to
authorirt the Governor to select an architect
for the purpoas f submitting plans and spool
floations. altrer which the meeting adjourned
subjiet to the call of the chair.
It was about half vast 5 yesterday evening
that an Incident happened at the corner of
Erato and Baronn streets., which for five mn
utes afforded a source of Infinite delight to the
three hundred small boys in that vicinity. A
car dr iver of the RoIal and Erato line shouted
to a certain party In a cart to comeoff the track.
The obst unt,ionlt, answered somewhat curtly,
Snd consigned the driver to a place where even
platinum would mel. In an ins ant the plucky
dritor "put on breaks." jumped off his ear.
hulod the offinding party from his imhicle.
gave him a sound thrashing,. and started bhis
mule just aa the otherr car ws he aIvig in sight.
All this in Iheashort, sane of aboutt five min
utes. All the boys arorund uiltted their "tas"
and tops amnd kite filing to see the fun. and
when the driver sailed away. gave him a hearty
Among the three executions appointed to take
plnoe on the second instant was that of Robert
It bertson, who was to have been hung in Ope
lousap. 8t.. Landry pat ish, for the murder of
Eugene Bell. A stay of proceedings was grant
ed it the roqunst of the sheriff. who was absent
a' the time making an arrest of what he deala
nat d "a worse manl" than the condemned one.
Ou Monday the sheriff came to this oity and
brought with him a petition, which was numer
ously signed, asking the commutation of Rlb.
erteon's sent,,nce to imprisonm'nt for life at
hard labor. In consideration of l.l the facts set
forth. the Governor has granted the prayer of
the petitioners.
We are requested to state that the creditors
and bondholders of the New Orleans Pacific
Railway Company can obtain correct informa
tion relatlive to the e.ttlement of their claims
by calling at the company's office. No. so Camp
street or on the trustees. Ct. it. A. Palfrey and
A. Schreiber. Es . at the o)ffloe of the Factors
and Traders' Insurance CO'mpany.
She Is Found Lying in a Gutter with
an Open Scalp. t
Tuesday morning a woman, giving her name
as Sophie Stillman. was found lying in the gut- e
ter at the corner of Oanal and Franklin streets,
sufferinog from a wound in the head, which she
saitd was infloated by one Hanrr Decord. The
wonoded woman was conveoyed to the Charity
-osohal. where her wounds were dresmd. The I
pOeioS are lookiog for bar asatislat.
The Veracious Correspondent at His
Old Tricks--Prompt Denial of the
Blanderous Report Resonet
in Yellow Fever in
New Orleans.
The Jpalie"h whth nlb acared In the New Or
Ianne 7Then of v-aFterdlay nlorninl ennonctlong
that the Natlonºtl D ard of Health at Wiahing
ton was Jl poesai.4ln tf InformRnttio to the
effo"t that dIlling the for weeks oeIdhing Mlare'il
97, -ivýon c u n'he t frt nmnlignant yellow fever
had ncoeurr el In New Orlans, re-ylved a
rmn:lmtl anti vlgorouqls ieniial. JDr. ernlla, ofr
the national hoatd. on realding it Rent a tlie.
pateh to the National Board cointracliltilng it, In
the mo.t eumphatic ttaner, anld in this connon
tlon wrote the folnowing statement:
The report a lepearing In the presa dlcl=iEtlicet
this rnornina tll Id not orletonte with the Nat.in
aI i,tartd of Hiealth. nor with any member of the
ho lrtl.
It IA greatly to hI reogretted that the pre-R of
this oity pntelhh reports relect ilated tol dtl it in
icry without flrt nonsulting either the Presl
dent of the State Boardt of Health, the Medical
I)lircotor of the Auxiliary He nltary Ap.eolation
or the tnederRlegned. member or the Natioual
Board of Tealtb. All these persons are In
formed of the truth that our city is and has
been entirely fr free m ePDidemle disenas-, ex
cetet a few eases of scarlet fever in the unver
part of the city. S. M. BEMISB.
New Orleans. April is, ison.
Later in the day Dr. Jones. the PresIdent of
the State tloard of lealth. forwarded the fol
lowing dispatch to the National Board:
NEw ORIEAss, April is. 1aO5.
Surgeon T. J. Turner M. D.. ecretarr Na
tional Board of Health. Washinlton, ., O.:
Peir-In the New Orlean Titnes of thli lo- i
etaat. the following telegram a.pmears:
"WASntntmTo, April ia --Offiolal advioe of
the National Board of Bealth show that. during
the four weeks ending March 27, there had been
eleven deaths from malignant fellow fever In
New Orleae, and two In Memphis "
The Board of Health of New Orleans reutnitpe
to be informed from whence the Nstionil Board
of Health obtained its offielal adviees In this In
1Up to the present nmoment no ease of yellow
fever has been reported to the Board of Health
of Louisiana, and no physician has had a ase
of eillow fever during the present year. The
teegra p hi. r eorts purporting to come from
the National Board of Health is withotit foan
JOSEPH JONES. M. D.. President, etn.
The following dlepatch was recelved from
Moecta. Ala., April 19. Iset.
Dr. S. S. Hnrrlek, Secretary. etc.:
IJ there any truth in Assolated Press dils I
patch of eleven deaths from yellow fever In I
your oity ? B, OROOM.
Presldent Lee Assclation.
Dr. Jones sent the following reply:
OFF(.rO BOARD O F lRAirtt. I
New O leans, April 19. 1tt. I
t. Oroom, Elu , President, etc.:
rUp to the present moment no case of yellow
fever has been reported to the Board oef Health of
the ttinte tof Loula.lns. The telegraphlo rp Dort
published in the Ti'nes of this morn.eg is with
out foundation. JOB. JONE9. M. D..
Prehsident Board of Hl.alth.
Dispatltes of a like character were also sent I
to Mobile and to other Polts from which In- 1
culries had been addressed.
NEw OntIANss. April 1n. lteti.
An unfounded rumor having obtained ttbll
ea'lon in the hA.orciat-ed Prees distpahea of i
this morning fromt Washington to th Peffoet
that some cases of yellow fever have occurred
in New Orleans, It Is due to truth to Pea that
Rhaid report has no foundtlion whatever In fact.
as to to date nothing has tranepired to excite
the least suspcllon of the existence of that die
ePae here. The motive for the circulation of
such retolt is unittalginable on any other beaIs t
than pure mallce,
J. 0. BEABD. M. D.,
Chalrmsn Oonference Committee. State Board
of Health,
S. M. BEMIBS. . M. ..
Member Natlonal Boardt of HTealth.
President New Orleans auxlliary Sanitary Asso
C. I). WHITE. M. D..
Sanitary Director
This statement was prlepared at a meet.
lig of the >conference committees of the bdies
nahed above, which tonk place at the rooms oftI
the anlitary Astoclatlon.
The Monthly Drawing of the Louisi
ana Lottery Company.
The reaular monthly drawlng of the bonlst
- ana 8tate Llttery Com pony occurred veat' rday.
The following were the principal prlises drawn.
i. itbl.*OS-4159!
I10,@000 --414114
21500 --a1571 115,
$1000- 461777 4L74 '79Ro 4t11i 755thn
h l --- 47611 476.i 6.HN. 11971 R151r 19R14
211.,3 fi 903419 8Io5l1l 1,5fi61 5n110) 6 9117 41495 1245
R5R9 . 8.41956 54044 RM15R9 9t5220
*100 47 81I 7917 1145 8311a 6194 7371
111490 1114 r 11557 114 1,79 81472 147l9 127578
10,147 17t10 I l 1 .111 923I 20ao5 140 11 221W 2a8i6111
2l115t, '21177 7'i1557 .4719 81,914 :'31ors 8201) 7 31295R
:r-I,1t 341:11 850lll1 9 l5141 16314 3 691 411 07 4107 41
. 41500I 426019 44:110 44019 4.4112 414f461 154l3 fI001,824
r 5GOTT01R .5171R 5H1 2 5hi21P9 f1162 5:1010 54710 1.5459
5,fin3 5 B7'124 5-244 5.9107 5l9I 60452 699R3 61974
Sfi24 l )321) (116 111I$ (1727 515110 611717 61965i 17l480
1 671147 11 I25 1f 1(14 70()17 747111 74319 751' R 751617
11 7'15 712:1d 7755R 11O.An 1e.155 R.I8102 0775 I17101
8415I)4 Rs5i1 R614411 115tr311 7I1(13 H672i1B 17939 11044
92'.4 ,7117 9401569 1941I 91R4.R
. The capitIl prilz of ,Ii $110 1 (41..l55) wa. Pold in
t Now York, as was alsoi fthe nwext, or Sil oine one
(4(1.040l1. tb $51.6r I zlI 1(.1.771l) In New Or leans.
d B.th the 525o0 pr1i6o, were drawn in New
The BInovolent As-oolation Louisiana Dilvl.
ion Asso(liatlon Army of Tennessee met last
Sevning, at their rooms, No. 24 Baronne street.
After the reception of many new mnembers.
° hearing of applications for membeorship, and
the transaction of routii.e business. volte of
d thanks were tendered as followA:
To the Continental (uardsl. for the friendly
r, tendor of their armory for the reunion banqult ,
n of tho sixth instant.
y To W. Harrin, chairman of the Cormmitteo to
Procure Artificial Lmhbs for Confederate Hol
dtllrs, for servitoa rendeire disabled veterans,
A To the varloulls speakorl who had ro.ponded I
to ,the toastn at the anllual r1union ; tpartilllnrl I
Ito Dr. Markham. for his oloquent,Laddroes t the
Army of Tennesoee.
rl And to B. F. Jona. Uniteld States nenator
y from Loullisan. for Ita gt of hattie maps of the
Westerui armies, oent by him to the asoooia
After appolnting a committee to prepare a
deoi0n for I floral off.lrlng to Chalmottu Comn
toery on Federal denoration day. and authorlz
SItg th, corresponding secretary to ,open a Cor
t responldence with the Confederate Voltern As
S lonlaltion of ;aton InIg.o.o, alth a view of closer t
(connc n1ion nand iiterc(hangoof Information, the
meeting adiourned.
At the meetlig of the Cltr Council yesterday
Mayor Patton was authorliz d to appoint a
spoe1ial committee to prepare ordinances to
c rry Into effect all provllons In the constitu
tlion relating to city aff.irs. and particularly
those referring to baby bonds, the ten mill tax
and back taxes.
The chlef of police has been requested by the
Administrator of Improvements to cause the
arrest of any ecavenger found disturbing the
contents of garbase boxes In their search for
old rage or b ,nes. Tne keetp r of the garbage t
boats has been Instructed to prevent scaven
gore boarding them.
The lales,' fair on Canal street. corner of i
Clalborne. continues. as last week. in fuln blast. n
Entertainments are given every night with an e
entire change of programme. A novel and in- n
t-resting performance will be given to-morrow n
night in the way of a ja nilb concert. We ad- a
viso those who wish to spend an agreeable
evening to visit the lair.
We were pleased to yoetive a call reesteraar t
tram he Bev LO. Daunean, who has lust re* e
Ya~i hhuMt!* iU
Church. Mr. Dnncan wee for several years
pastor of St. George's Chbrch in this allty.
where he Is "native and to the manner born,"
and returns to L'ulsiana to acept, a call from
Rt. James Ohurch, 4lexanldrla. A yonnt man
of decided abhl)ty. antd arrina ly dievo ad to his
cRlling he will not. fall to liva a grood account
of himself in l hi new field of Iaher. lls mn y
warm prrsoual frendtls will ble gliad to know
that lie ihs re'trnae tor hls i llorle Mt=aiHtln.
Aigaistin [Dnly's tiny, "Art Arpbiln Night.'
was presentedi yetterdlv ayvert [int I ri t tr tetnonti
timne in title 'Ity to a vary large nti'llant'., wlhosl
htigh atIprePlation ae It the lit ennrlr in wIhlh
thu itay eta pult IItntl tihe toi I wa itir shown
by mny rotunile ofi aor!nlare. Thel entire sajt
Puitth.edl iheil partsl tIry rldat'v illand the
turft rtaiuot wae sat leffrotory and tel jiable.
Mrs. Scott Rlddotln, when repultation If
wrllti whlo, will oplen on SAlntlay next, at
(runewald Hlall. a earlee of re.dllnga whinh
will last for three days. She will make Re
l atibons from layvrlii riautho.trs antd with sweet
vol,.n and inteilligent Intention, render the
Ibeauties oi tholltght of tihe in erare of language.
The Southern tDramatic Olur will, on Thurs
day nigt., the fllttenth Instant. give at the St.
Charles Theatre, one of their enloyable per
formances. The play chosen for the onssion
ls The ,tong itrike. and If we may judge from
the tast It will be well rendered oy the talented
Our own I, C. (Intelligentoomposotorl has
been at his old Iricks again. In connection with
the ecoming opera we mentioned ysterday the
engagement of Miss Lablaohe. the niece of the
famous basso and the I. U. put it "Miss
LaBlanehe," bertainly we have most pleasant
remembrances of Blanche Davenport, bat from
all accounts we are willing to risk on the voloe
of famea choice of the new prima r donna for
our experience of Btrakosleh's beautiful singer.
United States Cirouit Court.
Theo. Illenthal vs. W. W. Washburn.-Appli
cation for an Inlnptloti n grnted, preventing
defndant from uloau the Lambertype process.
E. (U anoeck vs. E. J. folitrook f, ale.-Fur
ther argument heard, and case nontinued till
Henry Ellermann vs. New Orleans Elevator
anti Warehouse Uo.-The motion to remand
refused and the irjunction issued by the
Fourth blstriet CIurt modifled as follows: That
It Is the Intent and meating of thise Injection
not to interfere with the tprosecutlon by the
defendants of their grain elevator tbuPlness,
Amerloan Cotton Tie Rupply Co. vs. J 0.
Battelle and A. 8, Badger, collector.-The de
murrer sustained as to Badger, and complaint
ant's h1il as to him dismissed.
United States District Court.
Josehb Coover vs. B.rk Edith Troop. tackle,
etc.-Suit for violation of a towgoge r'onraet.
E. ii Watts v-. J. IB. Connor &A UCo.-Libel dis
missed at Ilbellant's cost. This was a sult on
what is known as dead freight." defendants
having chartered a vessel to carry a eortain
amount, and being futrnlRheri wi h one of much
larger capacity, and for the difference It was
sought to charge them.
Second District Court.
The suneossion of Robort James McCary has
been opened
Fourth District Court.
Brady A McLeelan vs. Thos. II. Handy et ale.
-Judgment for plaintift against HIuntington.
Pragertt Henry.
John b, St*rrr vs. Thps. I. IHandy et als.
Judgment for defendant. Ballt it, against plain
Fifth Distriot Court.
George E. Borgg vs. Allen, West A. Bush.
Judgment for $109 75
E. T. Jones vs. . .1. Florane.- New trial re
John A. Alsworth vs. Mrs. G. A. Thom icon.
New trial refused
First District Court.
.rJU LIsT.
H. Bonnabel, Hen ry Hebmirin, John Spindler.
Peter Gallagher. James Guthrle. Adolph Cook.
John Gleason, P. F. Maxnt, II. 11. Hussmano,
H. LiehtenPtein, John O'Brln, krw. Dare, A.
T. Jourdaln, L-. II, Lvy. Charles Bensteln, ase.
Harris, Patrick Callan, Hlory OUlesen, J. A.
Lyons. AtgnuPt D-lord. Fred. olipe' Jicob
Bauer. W. . Hyatt. .1 A. Tully M. Duly. J. M.
Norlch, Pnter hiph vpel, Jacob Jlelnt'ardt. A. U.
Palfrey.J. IB. Wolfe.. J. Demorunlle. B. G rry, F.
O. Duerr. T. J (oleman, .Sbastlan Englert,
George 8. Petty. Charles A. Schennk.
Maria Davis. entering in the day time and lar.
Josph amrnie. assault and battery; pleaded
guilty to assault
Willis Pngh. alias Niager Willis. larceny.
Superior Criminal Court.
5 Joseph Donahue. JO Ichard, F A Behan, P
t J Niefe, W A Walls F D Ogden. N It Stratton. P
t J O'Mealle Leopold Levy, M J Lsrkln, Louis
SOlmbel.,F Gregory. A (,rnpmtll, It J tenckBae
, II T Frost, Nichtola Buurke. P Cobhn, Patrick
Sulinn. C w Gould.Jon Bernard, John H Leary,
SCUharles Wagner. f M IBrewer. J It Bonrlval,
i Wmn C Murr ty. Jacob Sehand Michael Fllon,
W L Jewril, James Parr. krnest Walt',, Alt
(Chilltonren, John Robinson. Peter Winstel
Frank (raft. P B Canfleld. A MoWllll ru,. O TI
Ooltt n, SI miul Cade. Il Klein. Jr.. Phll K Wag
nr, W P .oru s. H Williams. A BIrman, (0 8
UIane. Aug Wm BDrtto Win P Klongbury.
Charles Holloway. W I lodsuon. Wm II Pier
Ben John. alias Bln Lewis. colored, trrglary
and carrying con.iealid weapon.
First Recorder's Court.
Officer James Farrell, cntting and danger.
ously wounding Thos. Newhouse on GawoRuet
near Franklin street, and also cutting and
wounding Officers Gibbons. Willy and P'otter,
wee sent before the Surerlor Criminal Court
under s.rn hbonds on the first charge andti sf2i on
each of tte others.
Charles Breslin, robhher of a gold watch and
chain from William MKeEsly. was sent, bhfore
the Mnperlor OrlmRnil Court under l.ilo hbnds.
Jnern' Brown and Ohas. :rmelin. ansaultlng
and tceti ng ltobertMogel. First DItrict (urt.
bonds $7in0
LIzzie Washln ton. Eva Ellis. Emma John
eon and John Mcoartha. assault and battOery
$2540 appearante 'bonusn wch.
Mrs. Mains, astttllt tnd battery. $5o0 Deace
Becond Recorder's Court.
A man named Beanes, who hadi In convoras.
tion with other partles. ex,pressed the IntentIon
of killing Juldge Bil.Inga, was ytestirdey sent to
the Parish Prison for twenty dlays. with the
altrnative of furnishing peace bonds of s:i0
A man named Alex. MiPhel was sent down on
a charge ,preferred by Mathilda Gavannla. to
wit: breaklng and entering her house. No. 37
Barracks street, ard stealing some jewelry.
0. B. Long was sent before the Superior
Criminal Court under $250 bonds for carrying
coucealed weapons.
The summary of the weather for the week
ending Saturday last, the tenth Instant, as pre
pared by the Chief Signal Officer. is as follows:
During Saturday and Sunday. third and I
fourth, an area of low pressure moved eastward
along the northern bounrary of the United
States. accompanied by southerly winds, blah
tem. eratures and thunder-showers east of the
MlsesissDil. This depression has been followed I
by a regime of high pressure and c ear. cool I
weather over the entire country, except over the i
Southern S;at.s. where iLereasing cloudiness i
and rainy weather prevailed on Wedoneday and
heavy rains on Thursday. During the latter D
day, high northerly wlnds occurrd on the I
Texas and North Carolina cists, which, how- A
ever. diminished as the area of high barometer i
movedtothesouthward. An areaof low pressure S
now covers the lake region, and southerly b
winds, with rising temperature. prevail over '
the eastern half of the United States. F
The rainfall for the past week averaged about d
as follows in the various districts: Oanadian Z
maritime provincep, i.2. Inch; St. Lawrence s
valtey, 1.15; lower lake region. 05 ; upper lake I
region, o.5: New England, 0.70; Middle Atlan. o0
tie states 0,45; outb Atlntio States 0 80* Est-. i
ern Gulf States, 04; Western Gulf ase.a ,
14 Obio valley and Tena.eeos UDs
--" ,Jej."n.soumG',
erm $ooky mounta'n slope, from DktOta to
interior of Texas, traOe: Reoky mountains., .01
plateau districts. o.o5: California, 1.14; Oreglo.
1 .95.
WAn D8a'ntamt
Rignal Serv.on., Unit Statestn md Ai
Daily meteor'loilail rNlrCd for the (tIt U
nndlng at 2:1s c,. on.. Tuesday, April 14.
IObservationn t akte at at, same momenLt d1
tl tn a' alt staticand.
Stations. for, o per 8hou
.a.ro.....- .... 79 2 0
Ohattanoogva .- .. 19 t-F 7?E 5 8
in.i'lunrt, ..... '4 s - 714 19 0
LRv ntiWrt .... lA1 fr;- 77 SW 91 0
Dllub .Jl. .. ... 9 4 - n . 5I 0
1 alvetonu . I17 F 7( 4E 12 0
Kokuk...... on - 77 8W 9S9
La Crise.... 2 R.-- 7 $W 10 0
RVnworth. ( ' r- 77 1 2. 0
Iul5vllte..... 98 - 7.18 18 0
Srvle 1 -... 1 90.$2 F 79 10 0
Nabhvlle..... ,14---F 74 4 10 0
New Orleans. . oa27 - 711 12 0
Omaha ......... .'4 - l 4 82 0
Plttshbrg ... t'r at- 7. W 12 0
Shreveport. . :Is o--F 78 1 11 *
St. Louls...... 21 A2- s0 8 25 0
Bt Paul....... e9 9 - 61e 12 o
Ylokttsbmr... ~ ~0a -F 75 10o [
Yankton.............. .............
or a..... 89001-- 784 2l 0 0
Little Bok... 04 - 904 614 14
. Indicates rlslna; I', Indloatee failing;
Indleatee statiouary.
LOeAL *aCOlIt.
Naw On'.a., April 1., if,.
Time. Weathler.
7 a. m. So 08s s RE 7 lear.
Sp. m. s9087 73 8 1.o ir.
9 p.m. 8(182 58 1 8 Clear.
Mean 0 2o 04 ..
Maximum temperature 78, minimum 01.
Mrs. Win. A. Gardleu to Joseph B. Ootivetelr.
a lot, eto. bonurled by Royal, Ursulinese, thr
ters and hosoital. 84I8: als', a lot, ete .funeae
by Roysl. Ilrsullnes, St. Philip and CttarterU.
28182, 18508.
Mrs. Mary Flthenherg to Henry Dat.. a lot,
etc., bounded by Howard, Liberty, Perdido and
Oravler, 29xto., s1000
Name to Kilian Burkert, a portion of tfn
proved Rrouud, boulnded by Orleans, alves, St.
P'!ter and Johnson. 80918, $*00.
(eo. Pnrv',rs to Win. S. Campbell, two lot"
and improvements, orner of tt. Charles an
Loulslaoa Avenue 89212l. $188 889.
Ohap. Olinton to M.r. F. Wyman, an improved
squato, bounlded by I1 oomlngdale, Henry 01a"
Av-nue. St. tGeorge and Long streets, $.110
Chas. B. Amory to (lao, K. Pratt, a lot an I
vrovements. boundoal by Uamp, Ht. Charles ,
Joseph and Julia str eete 211.10, s600,
Stccesslon of A, Adams to Stephen Ba(bpnld.
a lot. etc. bounded by Thalle, Melpomene, Ba
ronne and tlarondelet streets., 82218, 800.
Placlde Dastllion to O. Destillon, a lotAnd
Improvemnrts. bounded by Ninth, Jereso, Hat
mony and haur I streats, 74x12; also a ot, ete,
In the same quuare, so feret front with half the
deplth of the Fr atce. $9800.
Mrs. Wm. O.. . . .auge to Mrs. WT, Anta
Henry. a lot, eto. hbunded by t.?t PhilDp, P
maine. Marals and Villere streets. s8114, $1080.
as BOARD OF1 HEALPH 2l001O .
The following were recorded resterdar at eth
office of the Board of Health:
. BInBrHgs.
Mrs. H. Ravain, a da"gbter.
Mrs. Leon Godohaux a eon.
n- Mrs. A. M. Xavier. a idsunhter,
Mrs. John D7nnelly, a son,
Mrs. Peter Welsoh. a daughter.
Jan. B. HigUlns to Ammlia Sohblts
Victor B. Lemaue to Bse. Ashland.
e- warRd Dunn to lMary ~ersy.
Anatole Didot to Mare sB Bousael
Joseph Crawley to ary J. arnery.
A. E. Francois to Mary 0 'rr.
Leonee T. Couvret. ryears.
Augustin Perez, 45 years.
Josebh Simmons, 5 months.
r. Ada Alexanu re. 22 years.
k. Joseph Dlxion, as years.
a. Nansy Smith.
A. Alb-rt Sardon, 2 years.
5. MeKinley Gibson.
b. A. U. Xevier, 2 months.
ib Wa ter P. UaePagne, 21 days.
tI. T. O B iver, t. years.
3. Catherine Lang, 1 year.
P. Pedro ons Y. Ollvas, s1 years.
t, Dan'l Logs. 19 years.
Ladies' List.
Ales Elizta mrs Gordon lmily B
id Brooks 3harity Hesham Annie mrs
Bloca Annie miss Meyers L mrs
Bordenbime M mrs Monks Adeailde
Barnes Emma Morris Nora X
BDrnon Bosa Pouroells Louisa
Berton Amos miss Shbawson Pol mims
Barnes mrs Washe Sara n mfsa
Brum Paullne Wilson JoseDhine
p Dunn Elloe Wright D miss
p Ferrier A mrs
Is Gentlemen's List.
Blount W H Hesting W H
Boelman Valentine Hawks Jf
B-lche M Jegon J
Baan"'to A R Kerr Jason
It Bird RP iLny Altred
B rough M Miltler Joseph
I Ua.elera M Melan J J
Ourman Jobn E MDannel Jas
G Collion Josph Ort ChObas
O chran Lyman Aco Oliver L A
Conn L B PoindexterJ J oapt
Carter W H Phelp Henry
Elwell Wm mpsor Ryan Pat
Emerson H Clay Stewart B H
Favlo Fred Smith Harvey
Flandry Salvla Turner RM
Ferren Janr Thomas J A
Gleason F P Wellington Leonar.
(lodden A G Whitoomb A H
Homerer Henry A
i Unmailable Letters.
n Cannon Frank Grauok Mary miss
LeBoury Lz.!' J miss Loyd Henry mrs
I Reoel Frank Kon
SOChryeh Violet mrs Dyeon oa
(ehr Daniel mrs Green Osoar
HIII Arthur rev Jackson eeer
Kramer Frances mrs Mobhl miss
Montromery Moses Num Mathilda
Grady Louis O Purk Mary mrs
PBrdt's Gilt .l.ge Trrlo cures fever and sang
SJoneRs aHl wire. H Oilson, J V Piinet. York.
Louisiana: J L Jrllerson.L 0 Fenno. eoston;
Frank D Rlgers. Philaceiphia; lrank Gray,
Georgia; R If hbock. J B Miller John W Cooch
ran. FA Wells. MemB hls; B B .ayor. B.oO
lyIn; JE Wood. Arkaroes:s; ' it
Rock; OH Moore, Delhi L riffeH
r L.ly. N Kimball. Alaama; A Bate
And wife. Washington; Mrs MA .r.
Knowes.. Mrs U B Platt and two ehdrn
Wolff J W Jarbe. Wm O Allison w York;
Carl Moller and wl'e. Ohicagoso BOhaner
Trxa;: J N Lewis, Cincinnati; '¶hos R Paek
ingabm,. n.atrnd. J W Mc ulltugh, St Louis;
D W Fellows. MIs f..ttowanna Fellows Cam.deii
Ark; Mrs E B ktrelton. Evanosvle; #W H ea
Grand Ravid;e T Humpbries Illinois; John g
Oheens, Lafonrohe: H Filb -11 Monro Ge;
I Baker. MIss Nellie Baker. Salma. Ala; a' Wa
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