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No. 196.) AN AC r
To fli the fee of the elorks of the (lvil nnd
lriminal DDistrit (Jourts for the pCarish
of Orleanse, the civil and criminal soer
life fur the parhl-h of Orleans, the clerks
and constables of the city courts of New
,Orlsatla, the register od conveyalnotnc and
recorder of mortgages for the prl'sh of
Orleane; to regulate the collection of sald
fees; to o .rgt les a 1isystem of stamps for
the colledtlon of the t.e's of the clerks of
said courts, the register of conveyances
and recorder of mortlgetes for the par ish
of Orleane, and t4 regulate the du(ltis of
the Governor, Aultitorro PeIblic Acounits,
Seoretary of ltate, H.tt,o l're'asIurer,
Fiscal Agent, in relation theroto, andl to
prescrlbe certain peenalties and opunish
ment for the emlrzealment, forgery and
counterfelitng of said stain ps.
eacTION 1. Ble ift oerl'ed by thl (elnerell As
sembly of the Malle ofl Ltmisiana, Tni't for
the services of the clerk of trhe Uivil itritrlot
Court for the parish of Orleans. the follow.
ieg amounts shall be chargedl , to be collected
as hereinafter provided :
First---For fillug tand docketing every oriKl
nal petition with bonid, afllldavlt, nlte or ao
count, and all other tdo entlll etl. colllnpainygll
the same, the basis of a eult or pro'eooeinll In
seurt and to cover all necessary lorders of cilolrt
thereon, the entoring of filual J1glnlenit there
in, and the rectorllig of Ith pll, litillon, ansRwetr
and final judgment., for all live dollars ($).
lbecond--For Inlsslung cactil tlatio, and one
copy, for both, with certltllcate anid seals, ti ty
ltfld--For fIlling any answer, supplemental
petloti, intervenlition, third oppositioil, ox
.eption, motlion, roi' or other proclteeding or
document, other than those actllllpanyglll
theoriginal petit ion, for oelh ithirty et0eitsl (1t1).
And each order of court thoerenon, twent y
five cents (an).
Fourth--For Issuing copy of petition. an
swer, supplemental petition, role, mot Ion or
other papr, requiring to bl. cealhd h V tlh
clerk In the plrores5 of any case do court,
with certllifate anid seal, for cacti on(i
lundred ((10i) words or part thereof, twenty
fve cents (21).
IFlfth--For elsuling writ of attachmoent, with
certificate and seals, one dollar ($1i.
th--For Issullng writ oef atltachmennt
at non.resident (four copiesl, all with
oer floate and seals, for all two dollars 1$2).
Seventh-For ssuing lu writ of arrest, with
certificate and seal, one dollar l($).
Eighth-For isseeuing writ of see:questratloi,
ttl, tirttflleate and seals, one dollar ($1).
Ninth-For issuing writ of provisional
suelurt, with certificate and seals, one dollar
Tenth-For issuing Writ of injunctiol and
one copy, with certlloate and seals, one dol
larI ($1).
And for each additional copy, fifty conts
Eleventh--For issulng writ of mnandamus
and one copy, with certifloate and seals. one
dollar ($1).
And each additional copy, fifty centts 5,0).
Twelfth-For Issuing writ of certlorarl and
doe copy. with certificate and seals, seventy
five cents (78).
And for each additional copy, flfty cents (a0).
Thirteenth-For issueng writ of habeas
ripul , with certificate and seals, to be
tchrged in civil cases only one dollar ($1).
No charge shall be made by any clerk or
sheriff In habeas corpus oases In criminal
oirt'ieethFor l~eIuing writs of snoaure
and sale, with certificate and seals, one dollar
F(lifteenth-For issuing writs of distringas,
opy, with certificate and seale, one dol
And for each additional copy, fifty cents (50).
$Szteenth-.For issuinto writ of possessioo
or eeo0tmniet, with one copy, with certiflcate
and seals, one dollar ($1).
And for each additional copy, twenty-five
oats (s8).
Seventeenth-For issuing suhporna duces
8set_5 with one copy, with certiilcate and
seals fifty cents (50).
SAnd oreach addi hlonal copy fifty cents (50).
-lltghteenth--For issuing sublolria for wit
nesses, for each witness, twenty cents (20).
Ninteenth--For Issuing notice of judglment
and one copy of same, with certillfcate and
Seals, fifty cents (50).
Twentleth-For issuing citation of appeal,
with one copy, with certificate and seals, lifty
oent* (50).
T. tt-first--For issuing attachments to
.aon into court or for contem pt, one
doll·l t1.
lT ly.second--For leesuing enire facins
In each case in which a jury may be prayed
for and granted, and for swearing the Jury
to be charged, whether the jury be mppateled
or not, for both one dollar ($t).
Twenty-third-For issulng writ of flrri
faciaa, with certlhleate and .al,. seventy-tive
cenlts (75).
Twenty-fourth--For eessuing noticen of de
mand, with one copy, with certificate and
eals, eventy-five cents (75).
And for each additional copy, twenty-five
cents (Zr).
Twenty-fifth --For isasing notice to credt
Itors of ineolvents, with one copy thoroof,
with certificate and seal, for each creditor.
twenty cents (20).
Twenty-sixh--For issuing commi slions to
take testimony of witnesses, or answers to
interrogatories, with certillcate and seal,
flity cents (50).
Twentyeseventh--For Issuing notice of
trial, nI6tier to take testimony, notice to cross
terrogatories, notice of appointment to
curator ad hoc, syndic, curator, attorney for
absent heirs, appraiser, expert, auditor~ um
plre, arbitrator, liquidator, executor adm in
Istrator tutor, receiver, notary, auotioneer or
other ofaoer appointed by court, when such
notice Is required or ordered to be issued, for
each original with one copy of same, with
eartificate and seals, fifty cents (50).
Twenty-eighth--For issuing letters of ap
pointment or confirmation, of any tutor,
curator, administrator, executor, syndic,
liquidator, receiver or other officer appointed
or confirmed by court, with one copy thereof,
with certificate and seals, one dollar ($1).
And for each additional copy, fifty cents (50).
Twenty-ninth- For taking and recording
every bond of an administrator, executor,
curator, tutor, liquidator syndic, receiver,
tutor or other ofioer, one dollar ($1).
Thirtieth-For issuing, and where neces
sary, recording the oath of every adminis
trator, ekecutor, curator, tutor, under tutor,
liquidator, syndic, receiver, auditor, expert,
arbitrator, umpire, appraiser, curator ad
ho:, attorney for absent heirs or other officer
or person appointed or conitrmed by court,
¶hirty-frt-For sadmlnistering oaths in all
cases and for affixing jurat and seal to affi
davit, for all twenty-five cents (25).
Thirty-second--For each certificate pre
pared by the clerk and signed by the judge,
one dollar ($1).
Thirty-third-For preparing advertise
mnents for newspapers, tifty cents ()50).
Thirty-fourth-For preparing c.ruticate of
proof of publication, with j urat sd certiti
,eate and seal, and for adminise rlng oath
thereto, for all twenty-five cents (25).
Thirty-fifth-Por taking down testimony in
court on probate of wills, and writing the
necessary orders and decrees in such mat
ters, for all two dollars and fifty cents ($2 50.)
Thirty-sixth-For each certificate issued by
a Judge to a married woman, under article
127 of the Civil Code, two dollars and fifty
cents ($2 50).
Thirty-seventh-For each declaration of
change of domicile, for all costs therein, one
dollar and fifty cents ($1 50).
Thirty-eighth-For each confession of judg
ment, for all proceedings therein, including a
copy of the final judgment, and for record
inz all necessary proceedings, two dollars
ana fifty cents ($2 50).
Thirty-ninth-For each proceeding for
emancipation, where the same is uncontested,
for all proceedings therein, Including a copy
of the final judgment, and for recording all
necesary proceedings, five dollars ($5).
Fortleth-In all cases of successions where
the heirs are recognised and sent into posses
ion, without otlherproceedings, for all costs
ten dollars ($10).
Forty-one--For each proceeding for nomi
Irram iaili.'tnia, eai . I
Mat sdnartlnie n dol n ( $10) ..
FtItrteednFd-Por enwriug s itetin i ntion of
kudament no charlt 8h be nade, bil for
Seaoh copy thereof, with Certifloate and seal,
seventy-five cent (75).
Forty-third-For eaob declaration of inten
tion to become a citizen of the United State,e,
for all proceedings therein, Including neces
or y copy of certificate with seal, for all one
dollar I$1).
Forty-four) h--For each proceedlling natu
raellihig a forelaner as a cltitzn of the United
Mtates, for all pro.eeelings, Including one
copy or certlflcate with seal. for all one dol
lar nol fifty r·ntai ($1 PI5n).
Forty-tifth For C~o)lies of all acte, re'ords
or papers of ally kind requlred Ito he lll.e
by tie clerk, or of which tilen orignals are In
tile charge, whether tMatl for private use or
for juil.'Ial or other ptiublic priocleting, In
cluding transcrlpts of appeal, wlth certlifoate
and seals Ito alttliitticthit tte saru0 IIltdI11110d,
for .stCh one hillldred words, tw ~ty-live
(eOits (25,.
Forty-sixtth- For tilnll anld recordllllg oud
dleds of convoyauceo of real iprolperty sold by
the Sheriiff, inltidllnig celrttlloaln anld .laI, for
each hunlld'red wolrdl, twenlty-lve cents (2P).
Fortiy-sPvnth No chargen hatI tlll n made
for not riiesol In the minutes In any case, nior
for calling, ixilng, poitlig or colltiillig any
enns, f'r sweat ilg WIIttIisseS or Jlrors, or for
illing the rittull'ri ilpoin pIroComI of aniy kllnld.
Forty-lright h- -Fior taking testlolmony in opt"n
court, ith her tiy shlort-haln ior otthirwlRn, for
ench one htlndred words, twenty-live conut
(27''ridrldt,'. that all the coote for taking the
saiie ashall bie paidl iby the party on whosoie lb,
hatlf the wtitnan shall have itncit ca1lliot; unit
providet'd further, that all tolstllotny takln
shall lbe paul for by a starpil or stamips for
the rtlquislltt antiintl, which shall i afflxiled
thierto before thie Samue sihall kl Illotld by the
clerk, anld no jli iglllnlit shatll I1 renderod IIl
favor of any party whoVise testorIlllny tItaill
ilot have n ira t staln l olotpli al ld IlId. and ill
Caose lIt her party whosie testlinoniiy hall inot
have bIe)n first sltanld and 1It0d, tand ll i o(L'O
elther party Shatll appeal, all tltimonIiy. not,
so stallpd lI flitl, shall nolit he colopleld intot
the tranlelllit or otlislolreld I)by the appillate
colllrt. A ll. lnattllinnly loit plla for Iiy tile party
at wthomte InaItainoo. It was tiakln my he ullced
as evidlenc. in thie causeo on I('Ilng prl'operly
sta.nipotd and ili Id by ally one having an in
tertet tlherelin, tandi the amounillt so paid for
stanpR tliIoall t lo talxoldl aS outtst In tfie cacn.
Hii,'. 2. IHe it furthetr emiolct'tl, Hr.. 'l'lThat all
istt.Rs otf piroceedtllig in thle Clvil l)ltrl't
(Court for the parish tof Orlianll, or fotr sor
vlhµ's of the clierk t lhereof, shitll te pai tIn the
stantipa hireiolnfter provltndl flor, in advance,
at tiIIe time Si pl'totoeoilling or ervhloe Is no
quoired, bly nflxlillg a stalmp or stalrlmp In
amount corrlo'l it llol g ,to thiei fe for tlm pro
e.,dillig or servien required, as lfixed in 'W'e
tlin Iirot of tlisl ait, to the dtilnrent, writ or
prlui'ol al herlinolftor' provtdtl, anti no cle'rk
Shall file or permirlt to ble IIlid any paper or
docutoilnt, or l.nue ally proietoasR, coplly, certlti
cate or other pr'oinldlng unlillss the requislt-e
e.ltimp has lhen l illlct'id thleoreto.
M.u. 3. Ir of itfurthi'r e'rtt-d, h'., That
either party in any can.o requitrlog the ofm
l0al srvil'Vs ti tel perforl'lnoetd Shall pay tlll
cotls theirefor, antid shall be tutitledl to rco'ovor'
the amolunt thlreof from the other party, on
the final termlinottoin of the otases, if the costs
aShould be dorne.i lit his favor.
Hacn. A. kle it furllthr etnaetft, etc., That the
defendant, lu any ('auso I, or proc.oedingi shall
have the right to require the pl.intilT or party
prosecuthig the same to give bond or other
security. In such amount as may be fixed by
the court, to seottire the repayment on linal
termlnation of the cause of all cotsi expended
by the defendant therein. That the order re
quiring such bond or security fo)r costs shall
Isslle exr lIuorl on the apploation of the party
without os.ts, andi no further prooetling shall
be had in such calse until such Iond or so.
curity has been furnished. That the court
shall fix the delay within which such bond or
security for costs shall be furnished, anll the
failure to furnish the esme within SUech do
lay, shall operate a disissal eof the proceed
ings as in case of non-suit. That in all cases
the surety for exlte shal hbe considered a
party to such suilt or proce!dling, and shall be
condemned for the amount of costs recovera
ble mn solidfo with the party east In the final
Judgment in Su.h prooeeding.
I8ro. . Be it further enacted, etc., That the
clerk of the Civil I)lstrlet Court of the parlsh
of Orleans shall keep the following dockets,
with proper indices thereto, viz:
First---One docket for all sucioswaon, eman
alpation, interdliction, and partition proceed
SIncond-One docket for all cases involving
two hundred dollars or lsee, exclusive otf in
terest and other than those speolied in par
agrlih first of this section.
'hird -One docket for all oases Involving
more than two hundred dollars and not more
than one thousand dollars, exclusive of inter
est, and other than those specified In para
graph first of this section.
Fourth-One docket for all cases involving
more than one thousand dollars, exclusive of
intereet, and other than those spool8ied in par
agraph first of this section.
Fifth-One docket for all cases of separa
tion and divorce, landlord's writ for posses
sion, nmandarius, injunction, habeas corpus,
doclaratlon of domicile, and all other casoe in
whloch no money demand l I nvolved, and
othoor than those specliled in paragraph first
of this sectlon.
tEo. 6. Ie i~ fourther enacte.l. etc., Tlhat upon
tho dockets pirovitled for by sotlon lfifth of
this act the clerk shall cause to Io entered
every proceeding as the same is had, and
shall enter there*n the amount of stamps paid
for by the part'tls, respectively, in such cause
or proceeding.
tSc. 7. lie it further enacted, elc.. That In
all cases appeaIll to the Court of Appeals for
the parish of Orleans, the following Ohlargos
shall he made and no more:
First-in all cases where the amount in
volved is less than live hundred dollars, ex
clusive of Interest, fifteen dollars ($15).
Secxond -In all other cases, twenty-live dol
lars ($25).
SEc. S. lie it further enacted, etc., That the
charges fixed by section seven of this act
shall be paid in a stamp or stamps for the
requisite amount, which shall be allixed by
the party appealing to the petition or mo
tion for appeal upon tiling the same in the
Court of Appeals.
SEe. 3. . He it further enacted, etc., That
the following charges, and no more, shall be
made for all services of the clerk of the Orim
Inal District Uourt for the parish of Orleans:
First-For filing and recording affidaVit,
fifty cents (50).
Second-For filing information or Indict
ment, and for recording, docketingr and in
dexing the same for all, fifty cents (50).
Third-For ilifng appearance or witness
bond, twenty-lfive cents (25).
Fourth--For orders to bring prisoners into
court and removing same, one charge, twen
ty-five cents (25).
Fifth-For issuing notice of arraignment,
on principal and surety for each original,
with one copy, certified with seal, fifty cents
Sixth-For issuing notice of trial to princl
pal and surety, for each original, with one
copy, certified with seal, fifty cents (50).
Seventh--For issuing notice of judgment
on forfeiture of bonds on principal and surety,
for each original with one copy, with certiti
cates and seals, fifty cents (50).
Eighth - For issuing subpoena to wit
nessee forty cents (40).
Ninth-For issuing attachment against
witness, one dollar ($1).
Tenth-For issuing copy of indictment or
information to be served on accused, as re
quired by law, seventy-five cents (75).
Eleventh-For issuing copy of jury list, to
be served on accused when required by law,
fifty cents (50).
Twelftn-For issuing capias, fifty cents (50).
Thirteenth-For issuing copy of sentence,
with certificate and seal, fifty cents (50).
Fourteenth-For each commitment, with
seal, fifty cents (50).
Fifteenth-For issuing each subporna duces
tecum, with one copy, with certificate and seal
for both, seventy-five cents (75); and for each
additional copy, twenty-five cents (25).
Sixteenth-For iling plea in abatement,
snecia plea in bar, or plea to quash, each ten
cents (10).
Seventeenth-For filing motion for new
trial, or in arrest of judgment, and for issuing
one copy thereof, with certificate and seal, for
all, seventy-five cents (75).
Eighteenth-For issuing writ of flert facias,
fifty cents (50).
Nineteenth-For administering oaths, affix
ing iurat, certificate and seal, twenty-five
cents (25).
Provided, that no charge shall be made for
Twe taettleig~-mnh of
W ikltl thyualrlpt of .Dp
peal, for each one htandtd woird, nolud g
cer tiflate and seal thereto, fifteen aente (t1).
Twentyfirst--For making copies of any
papdr, documennt or other proceeding, the
original of which is inL the custody of the
clerk of the Urimlnal Ilbtrlot (Jourt for the
parish of Orleans, Including oertifiate and
seal thereto, for each one hundred words, fif
teen Oenl s (15).
8ni. 10. 1i it furthe"r artred,, re.. That
ritellttr the ttato nor the ci ty or New Orleatii
shall he Ilahle or responsille for any costl of
thie ellrk in crirnllin.l no+esw.
Mtn. 11. Its it ft-rthrr Pfnaltdr, etc.,. That
nio other' oset shall le eliargeil icy thllle clerk,
In crlniminal castm, than those 5pRllblllid In sec
tlon ninth of thiis ait.
tijr. 1. IHe it furlhror t en.olfet, rcr., That
the ilefendantl In erlmlllllll canRs riequ illug the
)reiies or prouneeiling tIo lie had, or selrviO toI
in rernderled, shall aslls to ble aIllxil to the
original of such dIlllo n.enll or pronss a
statnip or Itatiips, coirrespnulllll g In allountl
with tlhe costs as fixed in accltoni nin of this
act.; and no documelllint shall lt Illed, proceod
ing to he had. or priotes liissUl on behalf of
anly ilrli'llant, uIilPes such s almp or' t .tili pa
Rhall hive llten so an llixd; proilidrd, lthat if
thil defeIlndant make oath I hat Io Is not )ion
sep$eil of i lllioliint, means and is aituallv uil
alile to pay I he coat of ir icel' s on his own be
half, the coiiirt in ty ordor such procmes to Is
sil or princcdiing to eo had wltholtliL, stampsA
proicdcd r (lher, that tihe nlie.itiance ofi
iro" otes lby the clerk i, llth ablso.nelol if atliiaps
trh'olU or thl-ifllor shall ie no gron.dl l for a
onlltlinanl, unless the afllltavit of Inulllglc'nio
aiind the relir iif iourt for prieoma- withiut
cost laste len mruin Arnd iitillinllied two ntays
prior li thIoh day oI trial, or uln loea goodl Iisel
foIr Lii. flllurn to innk such oIIiavit lIbe
shioiwnl to tin ihe ni't oin the dltay i of trial.
ci'ri. 19. HiP if further unrted, rl'e., That lthie
clerk of the (Iriiiilniial 1)stilot, (Joi, rtlshill
keep a dolliknit on whlich he shall ntler ail
cases fll ed awinl all prol'edinYgs had IIn over'y
Ocae, togothc'i with the aiiounllt of ataii.lpl
paid fir lby Lthe diefelndtant, and at the otermlinia
tiil of every c ilsui, ii iiasmo oif niililllI.tIl or
dislcharge by a ille ptroarltcti, the tclrk shrill
issue t4Il th1h ulri fnd anti, au lllltl,tll ,i' di n
lhargeli all order on the iit Irllrniat'ro for
t.ie aimounit s. plhd iiy him for ataiups on or
for pirotes on lil own Ielhnal In ucllh ai l en;
anii sald orilder, upioni lilig alipprva I iby thii
judge of said ca u irt, shall te p!ild ty 1lii
iltat' 'li-'rUnierr out of a iny finds in tih N latli
treamairv net otherwtoe aiupruoprli teoi.
IIHF. 14. le it f'rillter Ihnc'lied, rh., Ihantl for
tlhe envlus of tile cickrks orf ti, il ci, ,uirlts
of Now t)rlllans litie folloiwing arnolu.ts shall
he Iit'rgo'tl, aiIIl io moliPre
First. - iOn all orlglinatl silLte and on fi .lll ni
in 'relinventin., iilonlrventltin or third llopo
alt.lin, inii wlihh the amiuniilt latimu.d doos niot
exi'caed twenty. dilli'rs, excluslve orf Intluret,
onli- dollar ($1).
Hocll l hip all original inIta nirlt on all
ciilllmn In ricmillvention. Ilnterventionllll ll i third
oippisilloiin, in wh+ith the ariiiunt claieilild ex
iualils twenty diollars anl til tH nlot. exceI.L
forty idollars, exclusive of inteirost, two dol
lars ($2).
Third On all original mlllt and on all
claiRtll In reconvenlition, Intetl vnntioll or thlilrl
opoett.lln, ln whlihl thel alnounlt clrimehd ex
coeds forty dollars and doHsm niot exconed sixty
dollars, excluslve of Interest, three dollars
Fourth -On all origrllnal silts and on all
claims in recn)nventrlon, inteirventionl or l.third
oppostontl, In which the amount Mcliaimed eox
c.ut' sixty dollars and does not exIeedl elghty
dolleirs, excluslveof lilterest, four dollars (94).
Fifth-On all orginal sulllts, andll on all
claims In reconventlon, intervention or third
oppoDltlon in which ithe amitount is mlort than
eighty dollars, exclusive of interest, live dol
lars (I)l.
ixt.l- -(n all sults In whclh no eoortain sum
Is cIallruel, two dollars ($2).
M15,venth-lu all cases in whih a writ of ar
rest, attachmentilt, scquestratlon, proivlilouil
snlzure or injunction i1 requlired ti lb le sued,
an additional charge shall be made of one dol
lar ($1).
Elihth-For administering oath by the
judge or clei k, allixlng jurat and seal, for all,
twenty-llive cents (25).
Ninth--For taking testimony untder oom
mlsiaon, or writing alliclavlt, for each one hun
dr4td words or part thereof, Including certill
cate and seal, twenty-live cents (25).
Tenth-For assulng marrlage license and
recording same, two dollars($2).
Eleventh-For performlng inarrilarln cre
mony by the judge and ssuing ocertificate
therefor. and recording same, three dol
lars ($3I).
Iwelfth--For copylng all documents the
original of which is in the custody of the
clerk, for each one hundredd words or part
thercof, twenty-live oents (25).
8tio. 15. Be it further entutrd, etc.. That the
costs preecrlbed by section fourteen of this
aot shall cover all services of the clerk In the
process of every ease, and shall be paid by a
stamp or stamps for the requisite amount,
which shall be afllxed to the original petition
note, account or other documenot, the _bals os
the orlginal actIon or demand In reconvin
tion, Intervention or third oppobltion, or to
the affidavit, certifloate or other document Is
sued, and no process shall sleue or proceeding
be had unless sucih stamp has hben afflxed.
Htni. 16. lie it further enactled, etc., That
the clerks of the city courts of New Orleans
shall kn'p a docket of all causes showing all
proceldillug had thoeriin, and .the amolunt
pallid for stamps by the rrespective parties,
alnd such partlwe shall have the same rights
to rnciquilrl ancurity, llil recover h)ack c.r.at
paid by them upon lnltal lterlllint hon of this
casee as is provleld iu sectlon four of this act
for prfcel!(dings In the Clvil D)istrict Court for
the lnall ish of (Orleans.
Sici. 17. lie it lurniohrr enarhed, etc., That for
the services of the register of conveyances
for the parish of (rleana the following
charges shall be madte and no more:
FirSt--For each registry of conveyance by
notarial or sheriff's act, and for certificate of
registry with seal, one dollar ($1).
Second--For each registry of conveyance,
by act under private signature, which is
hereby required to be recorded in full, with
certificate and .eal, for each one hundred
words or part thereof, fifteen cents (15).
Third-For certificate of conveyance of one
property, for each name, one dollar ($1).
And for each additional property twenty
live cents (25).
Fourth-For any other certificate required
of the register, with seal included, fifty cents
Filfth-For each registry of lease or other
contract, which is hereby required to be re
corded in full, for each one hundred words,
with certificate and seal, fifteen cents (15).
Sixth-For any copy of acts or inscriptions
other than certificates for each one hundred
words or part thereof, including certificate
and seal, fifteen cents (15).
Sac. 18. Be it further enacted, etc.. That for
the services of the recorder of mortgages for
the parish of Orleans the following charges
shall be made, and no more:
First-For each registry of a mortgage,
judgment or privilege, including certificate of
registry with seal, one dollar and fifty cents
($1 50).
Second-For each cancellation of a mort
gage, privilege, judgment or bond, or partial
cancellation thereof, in all cases; except taxes,
one dollar ($1).
Third-Flor each cancellation of a tax in
scription, twenty-five cents (25).
Fourth-For certlficate of mortgages, for
each name and for one property only, one dol
lar ($1); and for each additional property,
twenty-five cents (25).
Fifth-For general certificate of mortgages
for each name, three dollars ($3).
Sixth-For each registry of tutor's bond,
and for certificate of registry with seal, for
all, one dollar and fifty cents ($1 50).
Seventh-For each registry of official bonds,
and for copy thereof, with certificate and seal,
to be forwarded to the Secretary of State, for
all five dollars ($5).
Eighth--For each registry of acts of incor
poration, including certificate of registry
with seal, for each one hundred words, or
part thereof, twenty-five cents (25).
Ninth-For each registry of contracts of
partnership, with certificate of registry with
seal, for all, five dollars ($5).
Tenth-For'ach registry of marriage con
tract or donation, with certificate of registry
with seal, for all, three dollars ($3).
Eleventh-For registry of any other act or
contract, with certificate of registry and seal,
for each one hundred words or part thereof,
twenty-live cents (25).
Twelftn-For any other certificate than
those herein provided for, with seal, flity
I cents (50)
Thirnth--For copies of any acts or in
weptleote and ,ben dents (1i.
B(o. 1. Be i Mrter naed,ee, That the
ooets of the regiater of nnve'yaioen and re
oorder of mortgagee for the parish of Orleans,
am fixed in seotlons 17 and 18 of this act, shall
be paid by i stamp or stamln, for the requislte
amounts, which shall he affixed as hereinafter
provided; and no dooument shall be reoelved,
reglstered or rooordod, corrt,itciat or copy Is
ttied, or services rondorusd, unleR the proper
staRtmp or star:ti)ps has totlon first so affixed.
Hart. 20. lit it further e.atrd. fec.. T'lhat the
stlitlnp regiull'trl by this not slhall be aflxted
to the original dtocumenit flod, r'glegteored orr
l'o()rdIled, andt whiln proosR n ls0 bo JlIttIse, to
the original of shli pt'ro(ess, and in all notitet'
of lhupiloa)te pron.a)tsR tin)), thle of)py lupon
which the ruetourn In to ho mail, anti to all
other copls or cortlhki'aett t) not for servioce, or
when no retlurnl i to Ibe matd, upon eacnh of
sarld copit ur ourtifle iatie.
HlMa. 21. lit itf f'urther l-rtactlrd. frf., That In
all ctaetts where. lluIer the provisilllon or this
ant, stamlll are req'i irod, it shall hie the duty
of the clerks, rtgleutr alti recorder and their
deptltIiRutls to seou that the requisiltet stamRips
hIave ileni'll fflr't to such docllrument bty sotine
atihtwlvo tillstnlnolt', t, so as to lmake sutl(ll
stamn pIR per'llnlnll tl y ahr therelo. an tho,
shall arltneul suc!lh tRIIImp)s iup)on thei rtOoetipt
tlthereof, by writing or t.latnping indetllhily
with Ink, th' day, montlth antld year across tlli
face thereof nl Riich manneIIIlr as tto prevent the
sc(tctondl use thll'rottf, and anlly clerk, offtmir or
deputy who slhall willllllly fall to cannt.l ea(!c
stiampis shtIll bnt sulljct to a Ipenalty of twln
ty-flv h dollare for every sich failure, to Ie rn
,t',tvrreil i,'eftiret arny of tho oily coullrts o Ntw
()Irlanti, for the btntflit or tlio (iharlty Hole
pital of New Orleans.
SMte. 29. /hr it furfth'r 'ortt'td. et',, Thliat no
ttI lllloltn t rtqllired'tl l)ty this act to n stamplll),
anll tie stamt horn()ll clannlle, shallI ho
rl't'lelveld n leviitelon in any tc'ltt or ptrtooemtl
il.t, nor shllrl tille r'Potrd thereoft ht l.egal evl
hllotc thaLt the' tstni has ioi. ren.r'lhded, nor
ctnrry with it the ltegal effett euilth re(olrtia
Iton wonlltI ito hentitlutd to atn',rdtling to law,
iutill pIrolperly stampedlt, andi thn statimps can
colll Id.
S4g, 2 1. I tr it further r-,n'led, r he, T hat" lhi
fittr of the clvil ehurtlIT otf the elrlicht f Ott -
loanRs shall e tfolowI, anRtl o (ow (tor cihargue
shall be' ocllectwtl bIy himn tfr tany earvitn hnot
u.!),cehlly' provhldt for in thl, s,,tloth :
fir. t tFr r'(olvilKg, etrvlig iltnd itn.king
return of servie itr oltatilo anid copy of pt
LIitin, on i olita lefntltant or Iperst. on whomr
scrvic' i( iro, I t.od tot Itte ltiad(', one diollar andl
flfty cents,$l l rm).
Htonind-- For sorvion or nany rule, notlicnn or
orlder titf court, on ally party to a ilt durilng
lthe progress) of tth lislt, allnd iother' tharl thu Ose
herein ut hnrwlt,+ providetld for, anltl Rr ina.k
ing retulrn orf strvio,, lifty cunfs f5r1.
l'hird--For nervice of t ltohplt- ' )i otn cRat
wltiutePt, antd making returnI thereoiuf, fifty
centsl (51).
Foulrth For servicon of attachmernt on a
witness or any iperon for rctiomlipt of coturt,
t(o bo tirlolight Ilnto) ouirt forthwiltth or at any
e.t)et'unlllt tmllle, andt for irturn thereon, (nIt
dollar ($1) . - . r ,i+ . l).r
Fifth-Ftor service of notice of Jtilgment.,
and for roturn thereon, flfty coats (50).
Hlxth -'For serviot of citation anti pAutitittl
of appeal, for rcueh party oli whom servli.c Ia
ilirtctted to Ibe made, and for making rtturn
theretn, one dllar anti fifty cintll ($.1 t).
Hoventh-.-Fttr exeouting writof attacthmnrt,
includlin notlti of ziLtIre servo. on detfelntd
ant, an. for returns thernonl, for all two dol
lar and fifty cents ($2 rM)).
E~ighth- For making and seervin reach
n,)tlce of selzure upon garnishee ilnder writ
of attachment of flrri fwrian,. ncluding copy in
and return4 two dollars ($2). al
Ninth--I or executing writ of arret, and
making returns thereon, two dollars ($2). et
Tenth-For executing writ of sequgestra
tlon, provisounal seizure, distringas or pos- ft
sonlion, including notice to defendant, and o0
making return thereon, In each case two dol- of
lars ($2).
Eleventh For serving writ of injunction b;
ccrtiormri, mrdamus, prohibition or notice of
demand, and making returns thereon, in each hi
i case, two dollars ($2).
Twelfth--For executing writ of habeas ki
corpus, and making return thereon, to, be h
charged in civil oases only, two dollars ($2) a;
Thirteenth--For serving notice of seizure al
and sale on one party, and making copy for
recordation in the mortgage office when it
necessary or required, and for making re- 4
turns for all, three dollars and fifty cents tl
($1150). F
And for service of each additional notice tc
of seizure and return, one dollar ($1). ti
Fourteenth--For making sezllre under writ
of furri facies, making and serving notice of si
eolsure on one party, and for making copy vi
for recordation in the mortgage offlice when
necessary or required, and for return thereon, ft
I for all three dollars and fifty cents ($3 50). pi
And for service of notice of seizure on each ai
i additional party and return, fifty cents (50). tl
Fifteenth-- For advertising sale under writ t5
of lteri facitl, seizure and sale, or other order di
of court, the rates established by existing pl
laws for judicial advertisements, and no more. a
Sixteenth-For preparing advertisements as
for newspapers, for each one hundred words
or part thereof, seventy-five cents (75). tt
r Seventeenth-For keeping property under to
seizure when stored in warehouse, the usual o1
Scharge of warehouse keepers shall be allowed, ci
I and no more; provided, that this shall not he N
I so construed as to bar the sherlff from col
Slecting the costs of Insurance effocted, or for o0
drayage or other Incidental explnses neces- ft
4 sary for the preservation or keeping of prop- C
e4 rty, and actually paid by him. It
Eighteenth- For keeping property when a ri
I keeper or guardian is required ($2) two dol- I
r hla per day shall be allowed; and in all cases re
in which tihe property under seizure Is, of a t
r nature or kind requiring the constant atten- ei
tion of the sheriff, one or more additional 8
Skeoppers at the same rate of compensation a
shall be chargeable. h
Nineteenth--For commission on sales of tl
f property made by the sheriff (2;;) two and a s
half per cent shall be allowed. b
Twentleth For commission on moneys p
realized under mesne or final process, the
same rates as in case of sale; provided, no ti
I commlssIon shall be allowed in cases where a
nothing is realized by the plaintiff In execu- t
a tion or other writ, e
Twenty-flrst-For mileage, when traveling b
- outside of the parish of Orleans, the same t
mileage as is allowed to the sheriff of other
I parishes. C
p Twenty-second-For making return of writ, a
where sale has been made, including proces a
r verbal of sale, one dollar ($1). t
Twenty-third- -For each deed of convey- f
b ance of real property, tour dollars ($4). E
LSc. 24. lIe it further enacted, etc., I That the c
5 fees of the sheriff shall be advanced or paid t
1 by the party requiring the services to be per- E
a formed, and such party shall be entitled to
recover the same from the other party on the a
r final termination of the cause, if costs should t
r be decreed in his favor, and shall be protected t
a by the bond or security, as provided In sec- c
tion four of this act, which shall apply to (
, sheriff's costs as well as to stamps. a
if SEc. 25. Beit further enacted, etc., That the
8 sheriff shall be entitled to demand security c
for his costs and actual expenses, or he may
- demand a deposit to cover his costs, but in all
cases any party requiring the official services
5, to be performed by the sheriff may advance t
the fees for such services, and it shall be the 1
º- duty of the sheriff to perform the same so far
as the advancemay go. In case the party in- r
r terested in having the offilal services per
I- formed falls to secure or advance the fees as I
. above provided, the sheriff shall not be re- i
quired to perform the services, but shall noti
8 ly the party and return the process into I
court, with the reason therefor, and his fail- 1
I, ure so to do shall [not] render him liable for
Jr any damage that may result to the party from
the failure to perform the services.
3, SEc. 26. Be it further enacted, etc., That all e
i, fees proper of the sheriff shall be due and
Jr collectible every six months from the institu
tion of the suit.
r- SEC. 27. Be it further enacted, etc., That a
y correct copy of the sheriff's fee bill, as pro
ir vided by this act, shall be posted and kept
posted in the office of the civil sheriff, in a
)f conspicuous place, within one month after
h the passage of this act, under penalty of
twenty-five dollars per day in case of fallure
1- to do so, to be recovered before the Civil Dis
7 trict Court or any one of the city courts of
New Odleans, n favor of the Charity Hospital
)r of New Orleans.
1, SEc. 28. Be it further enacted, etc., That the
f, sheriff, for the recovery of his fees, after the
same have become due and collectible, shall,
n upon filing adetailed bill of such fees, with an
y aflltavit in such cause showing the correct
ness thereof, the demand has been made on
1- the party liable, on his failure to pay, be en
~tl " pr " "
prroM isd no attmpý _r other et' t a + atl e
obhargtd on tuth afdavit or execution for
sherltff's oot
rao. e21. e. it further mnaclte, etc., That If
the sherlff ovetnharges asny item in any bill
of oosts he shall forfeit the whole bill con
tainingl the item no overeharged.
HIEn. 8t. lie it fuirth.er enactedt, eti., That the
criminal sheriff ,of the parish of Orleans shall
be required to collect rrmn partles convlcted
and irnrfo sureties on bonds forfeited only,
the following fees and charges, anid no more:
First--For arresting any party under a
'.'lvitln or order of court. IeIa'nd on on Infor
ioiination or indltrntment, rend bringing such
party Into (oulllt, one dollar ($1).
'lwo--For produtcnlog party tii court. on the
order of the judge, when under conllneernent
other than is providedl above, for eachl pro
duction flfty ceants (50).
Third .-For serving notice of arraignment
or of trial on accused or surety, for each, and
ret.urn, ll'ty cents (50).
Fourth- For serving suhpvtenr on each wit
ness and return, forty conets 40).
Fifth-For nerving attainhmients to bring
witnesses Into covlrt, to Ie paid by the wit
ness in default, one dollar ($1).
Hlxth-For taking apipeatranei hbnil or
rir,.glllzitloe1 hond, when reulllred to do so,
one dollar ($1).
HSventh- For serving notilo. of ljdlgment
or fortfiture of honds, flrlfty ernlts !(i).
Eig hth -For serving subpRL 'nt. it,'re I,'ureum,
anid for return, one dollnr ($ ).
Ninth --For executing writ, of fledr ftrit.n,
either against the defendant or seR''ulty (on
bonllld, for ivuts on the amounlllt (f ihnd, one
dollar and fifty oants (S1 5(v).
entlh --For mllnage whlen travelingK outside
of tie parish of Orleana, the atrnin lnl leage as
Is allowed to the shriTa ofi other pIrishes.
8.Et. l1. Ir it f'rlhrr rmeewtd, rtc , That the
crliminal sherifrlT shall nrrtake a il.'tallled sworn
st.i temrnlit mionthly of the frees by hlm collec<t
dil untler the provvisions of this aot, anrd iupon
tihe approval Lhereof bly t.h Alitlltr of I'ub.
Ic' Aicounllt of theO late of bIovulllana anld the
district attorney, shall pay over the entire
amounllt so ,illected' tto Iltie t.tate 'Tr'l.morer,
anti the amounlilt so oollY't.ed shrill he rpianed
to the credit of the jdtlcial eXLpenso fund ofi
the parish of (r irlaii.
Hlw. I12. lre it fnurlhrT r t'riii'l, v-li-., Thlat
imilthir thn Stai o if Iiitlani notr the city of
Now Or.lnlans shall bl li.hi' ffr" or mivakve any
approprirlanll to pay any costs ofI the erimi
tivnl ashurl T ivn tvll crilminal cilei,.
HIan 1i9. Ic it furthrr vrtbitid r' r., 'That the
cn+vtablliu of tithe clty lcourts of N vw (IOri'ant
shalll tie enttled to collect the folllowiing fees,
atvll no Inore.
First-- For service of original citation and
for r' turn oIf servltuo thereof, fifty cenits (50).
HcaianvI-Flrr service of citation to gar
tilshliel oir other lernsvv than prov'vildedvl ablove, or
for servico of citation of appeatl, for ctih anild
for retllrn t.herl',lof, twen(lty- I'+t .,lls (r25).
Third--.For svr'vicn of notlen of trial, naub
pivr for witlnepse' and all other rules vor no
t.l',, for anch and for retulrn thereof, twenty
live cents (25).
Fourth --For serving notice of judgmrnt,
anut for return thereof, twenty-flive cents (25).
Fifth-- For executing writ of attachment,
slequestration, arrest, provlisolal seizure,
posessilon, including all notlces to defendant,
and return thereof, for each seventy-live
cents (75).
Sixth For making anti serving notice of
seisure or garnishnn, for each service andti re
turn, fifty cents (50).
Leventh--For return of writ of ,irri farinia,
no property founl, twenty-five cents (25).
Eighll th- -For executing writ of tleri ftciaa,
Including all notices to defendant. thwereurnder
and returns, seventy-five cents (75).
Ninth--For serving writ of Itujunctlon on
each party and for return, fifty cents (50.)
'Tenth-i-or c.hllecting, under writ of fleri
Jfiecirs, either with or without sale, five per
I cent on the amount collectedr up to the amount
of the writ, and no more.
Eleventh--For taking bond in cases allowed
by law, fifty cents (50).
Twelfth-For keeping property in ware
house, the usual charges.
Thirteenth-F-or keeplng property, where a
keeper Is necedsary, for each day of twenty
hours, or part thereof for each keeper actu
ally neceseary and while on duty, onedollar
and fifty cents ($1 50).
Foutrteenth--Por all expenses necessarlly
Incurred for the preservation of property un
der selzure and for drayage, insurance, etc.,
I the constahle shall be entitled to payment;
provided, he annex to bis bill therefor a de
I talled sworn statement, showing the payment
thereof without rebate or reduction.
Fifteenth-For advertising sales, the rates -
established by existing laws for judicial ad
vertslerments, and no more.
la~n, 8. He it further enacted, etc., That the
fees of the constable shall be paid by the
party requiring the servlie to be performed,
and such party shall be entitled to recover
the same from the other party on the final
termination of the cause, if costs should be
decreed in his favor and such party shall be
protected by a bond or security in the same
manner as is provided by section 4 of this
Sac. 35. Be it further en4ctd, etc., That see
ttons 25, 20, 27, 28 and 29 of this noat, relative
to the costs of the civil sheriff of the parish IT
of Orleans, shall apply to and govern the
(nsts of the constables of the city courts of 1
New Orleans, and the ellieetions thereof.
8c. 80. lie it furtler enacted, etlc., That In
order to enable the State to collect the fees II
for the services of the clerks of the Civil and
Criminal District Courts for the parish of Or
leans, the city courts of New Orleans, the
register of conveyances and the recorder of o
mortgages for the parish of Orleans, as di
rected lby article 145 of the constitution of
this State, it shall be the duty of the Gov
ernor and Auditor of Publio Aconunts of this
State, immediately after the passage of this
act, to prepare or cause to be prepared suita
ble stamps, corresponding in amounts with
the fees as provided by this act, and to cause (
such number thereof as may be necessary to B
be engraved or lithographed, to carry out the o
provisions of this act. I
SEc. 37. Be it further enacted, etc., That II
the Governor and Auditor of Public Accounts
shall have said stamps furnished under con
tract which shall be adjudicated to the low
est bidder, after proposals therefor shall have
been advertised for, during thirty days, in c
two newspapers in the city of New Orleans.
8ao. 38. Be it further enacted, etc., That the a
Governor and Additor of Public Accounts
shall make such regulations as to the form t
and character of the bids, and such stlpula
tlions penalties and forfritures in the contract
for tie fdrnishing said stamps, as may be
necessary to insure the fulfillment of such
contract, for the protection of the interest of
the ittate, and to obtain possession by the 7I
State of all the stamps printed.
BSio. 89. Be it further enacted, etc., That C
after the stamps are printed all the plates,
types, sterotypes, stsrnps, dies or other
things used In printing the stamps shall be
delivered to and taken possession of by the *
Governor and Auditor of Public Accounts, and
shall be by them sealed up and deposilted in the I
vault of one of the chartered banks in the
city of New Orleans, other than the Fiscal
Agent, and shall so remain until demanded
jointly by the Governor and Auditor of Pub
lie Accounts, for the purpose of having addl
tional stamps printed, after which they shall
be again so depoette1.
Soe. 40. Be it further enacted, etc., That the I
stamps,when prepared, shall be all delivered,
jointly, to the Governor and Auditor of Pub
lie Accounta,who shall make an inventory or
statement of the same, in presenceof the Sec
retary of State, showing the number, denom
inations and amount thereof, which inven
tory shall be certified by the Governor, Au
ditor of Public Accounts and Secretary of
State; and the original, after being recorded
in a book to be kept for that purpose in the
office of the Secretary of State, shall be de
posited with said Secretary of State for safe
keeping and for the inspection of any citizen
desiring to inspect the same; and after such
inventory has been made, all of said stamps
shall be delivered to the Auditor of Public
Accounts, who shall charge himself with the
entire amount thereof, and shall be respon
sible therefor if not delivered to the State
Treasurer, as hereinafter provided.
SEC. 41. Be it further enacted, etc., That the
State Treasurer shall, from time to time,
f withdraw from the Auditor of Public Ac
I counts enough of said stamps to keep always
on hand sufficient to supply the demand
therefor by the public, and shall receipt to the
Auditor of Public Accounts therefor, and
which receipt shall be a credit to the Auditor
1 for the amount so withdrawn.
- S. 42. Be it further enacted etc., That the
I State Treasurer shsll dispose of said stamps
I at their face value, for lawful money only, to
apart bY the Btal"ats rMugreMSt t
fnd for the purpose. designated b
140 of the oonstitutlon of this tate be
known and desilgnated as the "Judiof' et
apense fund of the parish of Orleansoe."
8t3a. 48. ie it further enacted, eto., That the
State Treasurer, after the removal of his
offieo to Baton Rouge, shall from time to
time deposit with the Fiscal Agent of the
Htate of Louisiana, in New Orleans, sufflolent
of said stamps to supply the demand there
fr; and they shall be dleposed of by sald
Fl-cal Agent in the seime manner as s pro
viled for the disposal thereof by the State
Treasurer, and the proceeds shall be subjeot
to the order or the Stato Treasurer, for the
cpurpose dlsignated by artiole 146 of the oon
stit ution of this Htate.
Sio(. 44. lie it, further enacted, et:., That it
shall ie the duty of the Governor and 8ecre
tary of State on or before the first day of Jan
nary, 1511, and annually thereafter, to eamt*
Inn and cuIompare the amount of stamps actu
nlly remaining in the handsof the Auditor of
I'iuhlc Accounts, State Treasurer and Fiscal
Agent, with the amount thereof sold, thepro
oer.is rec' iv'd therefor. and the disburseR
ments made from said "judicial expense
fund of the parish of Orleans," and a state
meint duly certified by them shall be depo*
Ited in thy, ofilce of the Secretary of State
shall he there recorded, anld shall be published
in two nrowsp)aprs in New OrlPane.
SHa,. 4t, lie it further enracted, et, , That any
of the folowing officers, Audltor of PuTblo
Accounts, State 'rreasurer, or officer of the
Fiscal Agent, entrusted with any of said
stamps, who shall willfully fall to accoont for
any of said stamps, or who shall fall to ao
count for and pay over to the proper offiler
or to the Hiate, the proceeds of any of said
stamps, shall be deemel guilty of embea.le
mnot, and be liable to be prosecuted and pun
lshed as for that offense, and shall be further
civilly 11abln to the State for the amount not
so a('ounllted for.
H.r. 46;. lie it fumrteher erncttrd1, r., That Who
ever shall forge or countet felt, or shall falsely
make or alter, or shall procure to he falsely
made, altered, forged or counterfelted, or
shall nll or assist in falsely m.uking, altering,
forging or counterfellling any stamp or
stamips pro'vided for In thls act, or shall alter
or publish as true any such false, altered,
forgert or counterfeltel stamp or stamps
knowing the samne to he false alftered, fored
for counterfeit, with lntent to efrraud any per
son or the State, on convlction shall he pun
slhed by I prisinment at hard labor for not
less than two years, nor more than fourteen
Hito. 47. 1e it fujrlher nrrrtrld, rce., Whoever
shall bring Into or shall have In his posses
shon, within this 8tate, any false, forged, al
tered, bor counterfelt stamp or stamop in
the simuilitude of the stamps provided for by
this aot, for the purpose or with the Intent of
Issling or disposnlog of the same as true
knowuing the same to be false. altered, forged
or counterfeit, on conviction shall be punihed ,
by imrisonnient at hard labor not exceeding
three years.
H8t. 41. HIr it fu,1rther ena(te'd etc., Whoever
shall cast, stamp, engrave, form, make or
mend, or shall knowingly possess any mould,
pattern, dle, plate press or other tool or ln
strument devised, adapted or designed for
the printing, engraving, llthographlDing O
making false and counterfeit stamps, n the
similitude of the stamps provided for by this
act, with the Intent to use or employ, or"
cause or permit it to be used or employedj i
making any such false and counterfet
stamps, shall be imprisoned at hard labor for
a term not exceeding fourteen years.
Hr.t. 49. lie it furtlher ePlucted, .f,, That, so
far as the duty of the Governor and Auditor
Is concerned, this act shall take effeot from
and after its passage, and In all otheir respel
It shall take effect from and after the first,
Monday of August, 1880.
Ht, liO. lie l furlhe ennated etc., That all
laws or pirts of laws in oenllot WltUb or on
the same subject matter as this sat be and the
same are hereby repeald.
Speaker of the 1oueeof Re usltbtO vs,
Lieutenant Governor and Presldeaj of the
Approved April 10 1880.
Governor of the $tateof Lousls"a,
A true copy:
Wttr,. . BraoN_
Heoretary of ltate.
Whry suffer with indlaestion when Malaeit
Bitters affords certain relief. Get a bottule ea
try it.
By ont*mgene * O.
For aooount of whom it may eonborL.
15. at 11 i w.. at a7 Osamp steetb
oo dorzen ORN BROO 8 a.
o20 gross T~ and TABle OON$,
Will sell Hors es, oer, Ifules Ci:C dM elf
Barness at auotlon. aý
No. $0 uarmsen street,
veary WEDNUBDAY and BATUBDAT ad .!
o'Oonos anments of stoek sollo.tedl ai r
Oryrog Nzw OnLmuaN. 8Paxtsa Po, ASE
Late Railoal OomtDPy,_.J
Swill leave the Depot, corner of
Baesin streets. at 6:80, 9. , 1, i. 2., , 6, S S
o'clock, and the rate will b as follows:
Round trip to the Laka return.... $0
Bound trip, children between I and 1.
years .................. .
Round trio to City Park and return... 1
Family tickets a round trlie..........
Family half-tickets. round tris,
ohildren 0to 12 yeaests........... U
Children unde ear ................
Liberal arrangements will be made w1th
nlo parties and echools.
Arranae ants can pe mD e fs eeif `.
tobe run uring or after ela
mhe lm
No. 1 Express No. rss
daily ....:..o .O Lm.
o. Ooeat Ac- no.
commodati'n eom
dai a e. * =
Bunday...... ma
follo A i
Ttikets may .
B, Ea . eurs nig ri, R tE5
C3ICAi1. sr. uImU AuS NEW n
3 Trains will leave 6a0 S"I"at th
Street Depot.on aynd Iafn r Jaur 1,15s,..,
f tollows
Mioed ave 5. : a.. m osa No
SNoe.l anld run aalmy. oe8 andt 6dl
ea a'ofor NeOs b
-leaves at 4. 0 . m.
e Sunday Excursion for McComb CI y leave
7.: a. in. Returning, arrives at 9:3 . m8.
S ST. LOUIB a Sleeperis at tad at
d loazo o train.o on] .
d Improved Seeping an BecninuG
,r to Vicksburg aay , withou
Ticklets for siU. e tliuat .and
tins give at givenaia swet o
l.o G.HANDLII GnrtM a

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