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SW AILr 9VI 10W.
d for monea wai of falr extent to.
lk beak andon the street, with a shade
In rates on the latter.
eMahanue and New York might were
6atsois and Premium Bonds showed
ialmatloxn or quotable varlation,
ot1ilted well maintaned.,
Oamnel. were nominal at New York.
Is elosed weak and lower at New
te taltaed at the elone here to.dal
barely steadyr. Uota were firm a
1 tl sIIeS weak. Liverpool spots and
W.e Ar11. No telegrams were reoelved
1111 4d siteedy and molasses firm,
l were dull.
W8O es.ad and bay strons.
were qullt and easy.
satd t.ut were dull.
groduets were aulet.
AND IktrPOslS UP ae * ..
* . 79 fY9k. LA iso AND
1.to toet bbls" a
. 3. ... it ke ..... t1.
I3,19 M .* . ,
ke, ePiH .. qab1r
. e.. IJ ar, bb. .... I
I Trigr. bble .
9to0 T ba, magi..
191 kg. .
Von AN1want1.
._l- i.... en1 urr , t ,bulk.e 0.. 000
08s Woolmaokms::::
. Poe11 AlTWBIIPI.
Poe 11W oar.
. ,'794 Tide............ 984
nO LtvarPOOLt,.
b al members of the 3Evhange hay.
lthe preedent to call a general
of the Ul ehaune as early as oraotloa
d.er the propo(ltione submitted to
of dirttetor for the purohase of the
sad Maronne street propertiees a gen
ar will be held on Monday, nine
• : 1, .
SMatll & o. reelvred the followlng
f.om tlo de Janeiro today viea New
9 Purohbaee of coffee since seventh
0,050 begat average daily reoelpts,
1!,100 beas prioe, eleoo: exohange.
htrk Oommereaul ullettln.l
years toaA lerohantle
S bweeru n t q.lr e rb Ifb
wtler a.e-ro oft rO, ik 1,,
_f atMLt o .nd from OGermany;
ani preoooe.
tiew York hlDpping List I
ofthe tow ofa our tradi with
is Most osd by a bill¶ nte
ff.Il~rnlaesrentatlve. Th* eI
l taoa Ie larg
a is year 4 ea5 tons. fall
OL Malt? u iOIs s sasatter
to e te a or ot
Us l ef te O Oh se on
l r ~ rpotndlo melt Io.
wuLttllat ountry tl tat
Gt UOae ehof London
tur g s ndlonig 18, Brlt
iW & Of slonftured ootton
Sbenearly statIonary. t.tr
baesE. toa1t .,t a5TUes The
Ill... . be..q I 380 a but
se n lehn wieti te qualit. I
thers a no teady
i rn the Importsi ofAmerlian
The e olawing table Is
t onsul in hise report for
.......... ,111 21900 4.e65 14,461
6........... .... 0 I 097
Ss the demand f,ir lBrltish
I by Amercan manufactures.
habeen Imported into ohefoo
th Ie years in the following
1874,5,4599 pi'moas: in 1878 847,289: in
i; Ia 1ar971. 20o40; In 187.la a9.43.
droll out of the market.
th tm nt y to this port were re
-i ý rlltl, r 14,68 pi.es; Amerln
o Ell sAheetiU s. e81: ol Amerl
t that in view of this valuable and
, the United btates, to please the
noM t afford to out a trlff noupon
:ad thUs run the riek of offend.
soe , eso that it will retalate by
tiM1toQns upsoon the produet of this
Te Brtlsh botton manufacturers
t t to have onress make such a
Iagor Trnbune.l
of plr. Iron. havina kept the
et oible point so long as
to to il. have gone on acoumu.
hic ow have no arle. What
M e d an be supplted with
wi bthough It pays t per t )n
lat sd for s tean the high.
rea pig. The Pennsylvania
nave bees providing them.
Ign p1,. leaving ther neigh
a market. The Philadelphia
o pig Iron have done
ave reduoed the price
sad can now for a time sell it be
,t*rioel of imported pIg: but the
oe of American pig will at
t tion of the Ioreinm.
i before July foreign
1w be selngllm or *8o per
S course e followed by like re
iron and steeli maunufaotures. both
Ame . and though the great
w lbaveeoil d ndustry will revive.
;. I aron will be reopened, the con
ns increased. ad lte salesm will
thoseinthe days of the boom. It -
av doubtless been made since
l te iron mills; now will follow
who are holdina lare stocks
at ae , and as a whole the sudden
vto have been a great mistake
diZ.. Tl. UDWAnDS & C00.'8 MONTHLY COT
We -r m Idebted to Memssrs. Anderson &
:fmsI.! or this elrOular. from which we ex
~- te L~n: Liv ooL. March. Iwo.
a l ra. setally bhas been quiet, with
o lotudtloes during the pmst month,
uea. at a shade under the opening
quotations for February were
Uolmdad on the ason and
y.Oa mrkt e
$ : gro 1 tet i t
:. .. In
niere @e 1
stmoni ptbet.4B f wase,
o too o d
totih th .aeevluteen h lbo II w ohen
7 i ase.ewae n for ne detivey, bt rpot
mot, was much ptter malitained, ot. to a
Od ddet for Mrcb contrate, atnd l not
soon o th etmmer liverle t fr r I ur
For several yare neat bthey hnve.t t. w blyo
comaldd nit arem , generalvy Inoae thare
Sn ome vee, bmnd ua little
asUnes weas t throa. in anon stter, saous
g p nner et bur me.re . reey, atidin three
tia theliarket reotovete N on the pote nd
ai on. deliyerile to nihle r is a fir June
Prae then the prevaili toe has been onei
dnUta, ooris heove r.r aally ea keied,
tpeotil silce bt i.ater holidays, a d with a
a u ote au re the traee hno CuP
.tin. frol Atle , We hvrelaps edto rel.o
o tair tton dtlouring the peast onth bae
IbllnVert o theb en saad tll.d on the average
i tkd am the b ithely joint.
1'ri m ch~ r pret during the'pant
Mont h aer e bited a great boetrest to the
buoy uy it dplaited durlng the two prevlote
outbtl buas essheso b een ai m at t estand
lti and yr se dyn lo od Dus tiably-- e
apen then averse o 1 beh pmound from the
itlh th p t elti clotth I.s net allvn way s.
mubh. which was to be expected from the clr
iumt tao.e tat t did not advance nearly so
piich I there Pa, hpwver, abeen uite a pause
the demans for loth as weli as yarn. The ae
counts (rom ntdla have been ditsappoItnfla.
pril thet keep n beloW .Jilev, o trman
cheater aledj ereaaute seem isposed to wait
until tie large operations they entered into
some time sar e arlli ldlated I at the came time
we annote s thaet there ia tany eelnml of de
prTeelon n Mnehester, the heavy engagements
entered tnt nave not by any mrean. expired,
and theo bOlk f prpdutets occupay quite an In
depvn det po tlon, It is not ceasdered tRat
foleald u akets are at al glutted ht recent ib.
eral supplies, and It Is thught ht llere Iong a
moderate obitnumptive demtand will asga be
feolw far these anticope'ions will be ver fled
reatlls tobe seent but we mast state that it
site of the large production which ha. been
tohl on for sotae mouths, there is tn ender
tone oft etrenB in Mancheter that iooks
heslthy, asd tbre Is no allg st prieent of trade
relapsitng into the stte of manatntluni it wasee in
befre this movement co menttedo.
The onseumption of outtou keens very larae,
but the closett Inquirltn seem to lntthatq that
it can cearoel , lf at all, exeed h etnee bal1e of
preeant large dees, or ay etiun ou erata beate
er week If ti0 pounel. bhln will fully ex
aunt the oapeIlty of the spondlee, and scannot
be materially xced.d this year or next.
peaking genera ly Manchester is tlll free
from ett . s h othough here and there goodes ult
ab'e for the LOst are beginnlin to aoonmulate.
The money market oilti the pact month
has variedlittie, tt r tendeno ha belien to
support the bank rate of peer cent' the ma
Tprov meet of trade hatw nut yet caused a ireat
u -mand for money, but the time seems ipe
proectlnt when hither rotes will rule. Ttle
general revlval of ondanca,n willt updoutedly
eote esheme to be auucnhed which will tae
ae b our sur, in. c t 'l sooner dr later.
The parospeets btour merket at pesent do
ot vite any special uomme it, the tterest nl
the American rop has Aub.ded and spaacula
toeie about is extent have ces ed to enaage ato
tention, The moement of reoeipts darlin the
peat moth was lees than pxpeorte, just s
hoe f o b arl were more, and t seemt
prbabble thtat the flnaesuletWlU Ile bet
Se and 6,00,00o From. ndia t het app,
rmiee t b more than epected. Theo
t ohrop i evldentira lar one, and its quality
Sft tned the Improvementn the
ae of Indian cotton of lt ar s quite
rmaable soa of te ordowtha bihtfg howi
@166lnees anal spinning pows a pestequal
to Amerioan. rOm toeat sde o India the
splyt sma er th o lSt ear butl tbpo the
whleit.esm not n Ukely that India wlth s
1,t0 totle more to urope lthe in ear. The
d geran spe o the cotton supplty tit tloa B
eih as we deslrbed It in oar last. ere a
Int enough to carry us.e thro the year, and
let there is no rlgent fe.r ot eulh a treml
td y t we experiaeoed lest autumn. heln
o a naBet hawill weigh, mot uapon us et eear
eances are two-first, the prospeot.o next
mteylonn n rcro aed second, the state of trade
ia enchesteter It lo aiready omnl t nobe
plty evident Ihat a inoeease ar
w a ple In Amatere eara tnr lant
hi e wottrerfn harst of prot
rom theisaropn I t would have pai themry
had It bean sold at ol ph pound- th fetched an
averae of td tWW , 7 te know the extraordi
can Icrease i t. character
nowOt the saeturtheytee
esl tr three eao rea n
e urprtad to Ind that ire nn
pltantunl of lo per cent ta f.
eat a o. ormon expente r s
on r uLes. teertlllemto, and e grlsral
a et it. we tee the parat on
made willOl to a rop of e000.00 n ear ae
p heason 8 t vorable O a
id to be rememtber, d thete nve bae
bfr etseasons onseoutivelv In Am rice.
dth be inst all the rules of probalilty
th t ill ve a fourth an e ight
ea siy ce aseauqer from ead weather as w
frominorased ptirai. e
e must not the )reoe lbe too confident of
paes intm ai re Ion of plentty net Tear, but
apeetinl aenerallr the great stimulus given to
cotton growin all the world over should tend
to inspire cau n in estimatin the ture of
the market, Te eustom of selllng for lon
per ode ah a-now so deeply entrainedIn
ted-br" b t e remote proepeesta the9 ar
ket to act with at orce on its ear oeton
and we tnty esaley antIipate that the new
American crop makes a ood start we sehall be
eauted with alel of October-N ovember shlp
met t maoh below the spot prce; at anrthlng
like 7dthe American olanters will largely a ll
the next oror, provided the season i favorable.
The nest point Is the etate of trade in lie
cbheter; It Ia paaln| througfh a lull iust now
which may either deepen into dullnesa orarive
way to fresh acilvity. There are no sure Indiea
tlns which Wi+y the tide tIll turn; at the mo
meent we lean to the opinion that a further do
uline must A ae pitco before active bUslinee. Is
resumed. Yet we do not think there Is risk of
severe deprtassion; all the leading tratsi In the
h muh the same featurea-
all have had u Iemarkable revival, burstlng for
time into parulative excitement and an un
healthy advaroe in prloee. From this there has
been a general reatloup, and pricest espeoally
in metals, have declined eonsiderably from the
h.ihest point. Yet there is no indlatlon of de
pression visible; the Improvement seems solid
end aenuine, and apparently the country is on
the thmrashoid of a time of prosperity. If we are
Ib1eeled wlti a gzood harvest this year ant the
world temaina at peace, prospects are detidedly
hopefui. We therefore incline to think that
this market will receive a fair measure of sunp
port from Manch ester, and we may count upon
a l oonsumptlon of cotton all this year.
alaucinlt these various Influeitoes, the oree
ant price of otton seems reasonable, and no
very great changes probable at present,
[ Our sota*tIoa of forega asnd domu.c mar
IeC are from the cloesing telOra w.l
2 hue yar. Otearances. Belances.
Thi week a ............ s9o.2sas89 s $.100 677 78
~t Week. ....*.... 6.8670907 69 690.11 67
T to week last ear.. 7.a5s.as 96o 89a667a t
THa Moxra MisarT-I8s uchanged.
Exoeptional commercial paier is Quoted 6.
º oent; Al do-08s: ollateral loans 67; loans
on call at the banks 6s6s oent P annum. and
on the street --5; Al mortgage 8; second grade
a minal.
a4w Yoax-Money rate 6 1 oent.
L Dox-Bank of England rates I cent;: on
sols 98 15.16.
Paue--Bentes as as.
tILnva:-Mexican dollars rule at 89. trade
dollars 94 9; American balfels and quarters
Bullion in London 51 sl-1ed: here. fine
13 1 ounce.
A canIax GoL.D-Calfornia 708 I cent dis.
count; ligh ighW t [email protected]; mutilated I P cent
FtonoC Oom8e - In currency: Five-franc
pieces 80o-c, twenty-franc pieces $s 76(--.
sovereigns at 7s604 5. ten thaler 1ieces T7 boa
-. Spanish aoubloons 15s -. Patriot doub
loons $15 isO-, Mexican doubloons $1s [email protected]
Mexican twenty pesos piecee $19 s8su1 4s,
Bouth American gold 900 I pesos. German
twenty marks L4 6001 75.
STana.o-Weak. Here commercial is 4860
484. ban 486. bank counter rate , bankers'
48r., bankers' sight 488%; at ew York com
mereial is 48*483%. bank .s4% .
Faaos--Weak. Here commercial are 521
bank -0..17%; at New York commercial.
".ans5O.1%. bank s.s006.19%.
buaw Your 80IaT-Weak for commercial.
Commercial $1 premium Der $1000. and bankers'
counter cheoting rate as so premium 9 sioo1.
AT THe N. O. pTt, iXMOAEGi
m.. .......d. Asked.
li m.mil 18% 3s
~$. ·m 4
No t.lelams were rewlied.
WlMtID lTATAtiS Bl0Mh.
r d. .. - - in), - '4M1 -
", ... - o - lom -
_ernments weak and lower.
STooets.-The * before the following quota
Utons of stocks ndicates weekly quotations of
the Ndew Orleans Istock Exchange; the t, last
sale since F'riday; the 1, last sae to-day; a,
with dividend; e, on dividend.
. Par Value, lid. Askel.
tusad Banklng OC ... ... too eo 1t%
lrn ................ ... 100 SS 60I
,ma n do. lq al......... too *gs -
........100 *Us 97
.1stt1 t 1 . 100 *90 19
v. a nl ar.ln... 100 *'!0 100
att I1ian .atlol... ...... 100 '1n* 108
I ndsur ne .. too 100 *'1
tao Nationai ........... o100 It4- 1s
one Ot raders'....... oo tlo4 4s -5
reme s...................5 -4 49s
iera iaIn.ranoe . 100 '71 91 0
t euOranohe..........e i30 e5 5
naette .......o............ 80 '45 4311
r ton's, t .......,100 b9 -
Sle ons.. ".. . o *'s62 64
Copantel. ·nmuaneo..... N3 ') 25
is . Insure .............. 10 101 104o
etito2 ....u ........- ... 100 '102 -
Ineurano. Ansee.
r ette . ................. so *s. a
na no lalbo..rne ........ too *1 1
ew Oranetiy............ 100 1111% -
rt sns ...................... so *e9
ee Utreet........... so 0*'11 01
eolle iI Works Co...... loo '110 -
O retson tOttlUi wm ean'.. 100 *8-n -
res. t City oind Ibter .. .se so 4% . s04
orters o a o.ue 100 '- 80
n t 100o.. too t'40 5
neaa ... . .u..... 10 '- 40
uana t Lottery... 1 *
- nvlll Oil moranoy..... too "no ins
r team ottou prese.. 100 - 90{
etarl Cemetery Aesoola.
t on .t... .. ."... .. too *'7714 o.K
0l. atert rks RC](rppany.l 100 1S1
anuter Ol mptanr....... 100 '.O
These are the latest quotations to-day for the
following eectritioes: Bid. Asked.
Ohlot5o. Sit. Lteis and New Or
leans lItalireod, first monrt,. 7's.. 10o -
Jackson Railroad. second morngage
coup^lnh, a's ................ 109% -
Jaoke. n Rallroad,second mortgage
debt, s's .... .............. 1
New O lorans ilty Railroad, mort.
atiger omd. n's ......... ...... .too 10Y
Waterw rks Comopany, morlgagae
ho , s's . ..... . ... . 10 108
Drawn Iremlum B .oals ........1281% la18
Half.tald Cty oupons ..........a -
nbool Itllioatds ..............- 40
Oline Gertfloate, 1.............. - 29
ev . Warrants.................. . - 95
toAID AT 11 K.
an .eare Waterworks Company. ...
$700 Premium BonI l ......d............. an9
,r0N0 remium Bonds ........ " ........... s.1o
noan AT 1:0 P. M.
to shares Cresoent Mutnal Ins. Oo... 9031
oASO AT r P. M.
$10,000 Statet o ..oo .................. 51%
0000 . ate one . 1 . ... ..........
l, 000 arem!um Da........ ..... .
00 reum Bonds. 0)................
9o.000 reaim um Bondsl B...o...... .... 943
.000oo remium Pon S. to Jul . rg. ... as
6o000 attr m ooards I(d. to Jul . ar.l.... ·4%
0.0oo emim Bonds S. toJul Oral .. a4
1,000 t .t o drip .. ......................... 8.3
teooo lSor ..... .... ............ 2s
. r preremium ods... ..o............ es
NIW ToNE, April 15.-The lollow) the
o o os".. .................. s
ooe . ry , o. y... z ..... .............. 100
rE a ntr l pre s...................... 50
pp 1 .. ............... "........... onJ
............... ...............17
eqsoly 0 . ........... .
fer.....M.. .................... 915
referred...... .............
ams.... .........................
fe slas. .r . ...r ...w............... at
t, .M tkawanna rn Western.... 0
olia n l. ........... .............-.
n ...... ................... 7W
S...........attanoos.................... t7
S uaranteed......... 111
Sl . . .... rn................. 214
I orhit....preferred.......10014
Wn......................... is.
Bub-Traslury Balanoes - Coln, 102,08.,911
Currenoy, 5.809,-440.
_ Our quotations of Domestic and Foreign
Markets are from the closing telegrams, and
our ,tton statistics from the New Orleans ot
ton Exchange.]
Opened hlher, but closed quiet at yeator
day's quotations, with sales of only 8soe bales,
excluslve of 1800 yesterday. The supply was
fair, but the assortment continued poor.
The Ootton Exchange reported sales to-day
1o00 bales.iln'ludlng 10oo bales after a p. m.
yesterday. Market opened hlaher and closed
quiet. Stained %@%o less than white of the
same grade.
This day.
To-day4 Yesterday. last week.
Lo Ordinary. u..... 9 ' 10 I
odlOrdinary.........." 9% 9'i 1
Good Ordinary........ loo lOe 11%
SMiddling........ 11 It 12
MiddlIn. -........ 11% 111. 12%
Q ood M id dln ....... 12'4 1214 32X
lddling Fair........ 12X 12X 13%
(Our sales and quotations are from the of
cial bulletin board of the New Orleans (btton
Exchange, and comprise all transactions re
ported by the Exchange to the close of busi
Futures opened steady, ruled easy at noon,
weak at the third call and barely steady at the
close. The sales summed up 22,200 bales, In
eluding 19.400 between calls, against a total yes
terday of 22,700. including 2..200 between calls.
The movement was principally in Junes. com
prising 20.400 bales. The market was rather
excited, particularly in Juncs. the movement
0cmprising sales of that month before the first
call at 11.70,11.68 and 11.72; at the first all at 11.72:
between first and second calls at and
11.78; at the the second call at 11.70 and 11.63;
between the second and third calls at 11.62. 11.50,
11.53 and 11.69. The last sale was at 11.58.
The inside figures of the following quotations
the closing calls are the bidding rates to-day
and the outside figaures the asking rates.
-------Ulose.---- - verage sales -.
To-day. Yesterday To-dey. Yest'rd'y
April.- @ -l1.o- - -
May.. 11.50(a11.52 [email protected] 11.69 11.52
June. [email protected] tI.5711.58 11.65 1ll-57
July.. 11-.6311-65 [email protected] 11-64 -
Augl.. [email protected] - -
SBet.. [email protected] - [email protected] - -
Oct... 10.95610.97 @[email protected] o1.01l 11-06 11.00
Nov .. 10.80110-82 [email protected] 10.82 -
Dec.. 10.80010.82 107 10-751 - -
Jau ...- @ - - - -
Feb.. -0- - - -
Marob - - - -
Before First OCal-June. 500 at 11.70. 100 at 11.74,
2 00 at 11.750 at 11.77. 100 at 11.74. 100 at 11.78.
1900 at 11.70. 100 at 11.68. 1100 at 11 70 800 at 11.72.
200 at 11.70, 400 at 11.71; total 5300 bales.
irst Cal -June. 8 at 1173; to1, a800 bales.
Betoseat PrSt nod Becond ils -Mar. loo at
18.e, 200 at 11.68; 100 at 11.70; JIos. 801 at 11 7/,
m0 at 1.li, 30 a 11.7,;: 700 at 116 ., 8 at 11.67.
51 at t.is0 tr 148e at 11,78.800 ag4t=l.
0 1at f 11 6. total, lioo bales.
r ne, 00 at 11 S8 1t000 at 11.9,
90o0 t 11.08, d00 at 116 ., 900 P t it.88 100 at 11,66, too
at 11 8h 100 at 11.681 Movember, 600 at 10.89! total,
Maetkel, ales. Mfddring.
ew Orleans.. U l t......... 6,00oo 11
a ton .... Weak ....... 15g 114
obile ..... Dull ... .... Son 11'4,1t3
avan h..... te d ...... 21 19
Sriesn .... o 1.. W 1 12!4
!lmigton ... eak . .... 114
rfok ........ 8teady ..... 874 1146
alt ore ..... let .. .... 19
eW York. .... ..... ,072 11
oo ......... Du ....... 19'4
ip ls 10..... tt .. 11%
tlbUett .... it .... 1.. l . 11'%J
t. Lýuls....... bteady ... . 1040 114
BPo'r-Flrm at testerda'es rates. The reui
laI sales oomvrled 6.78 hales, and the dellv
ertee on conutrast 9100 baleP.
Q10 Iotlon Ordiary 19o1o, Gi Ordlna
10 16.1-q, Btr1~t need Ordi nary 1189 111, 1ow Md
ll 11,411, Mld Be
ur p~ans 190, ath. eli Tze 190.
Puounus--pened firm ruled steady at'noon,
and closed w ak, with ales of .,ono bales.
2do.d6'e To-da'a Yesterday's
np.nM. CllOse. Close.
Aril .l... 11 709616.75 11O 6611..e8 I8,116 85
y..... ... 11 711 89 11.71 - 11.70181.71
ttpe ....... [email protected] 11t.81t. - 11 811 8
July.......... 19 0791900 10 9011 98 1198 -
taust ...... 19 [email protected],10 6190199 0 19.0 19 20
ttember . 11.98411 94 11,7l09o ei 11 7711179
Ottnher...... [email protected] 41 11 it 8 11 88 11 11 2$
Novelnber . - 11 09i11.10 11 09141 9 '0994o1o .R
Deeember.. . I1t,~8 09109 10 9911.01 1o0,R96. 091
anuary..... 11.12(- -- "- 11.19 6I1.0o( -
art --- 9-. -9
Ma . -- - Il_ r- -. -
l ~atet lotatlons previou4 to OIose.
-Trius far
this last This week
To-day. w' ek. W k.. last year.
New Orleans .. 40 18.840 12,480 8.970
Galveeton... 406 8 79 1,498 1.989
Mobile .......... 0 9,947 l19 2.169
Bavanna.h .... 6 ,48 6 I 2412 8 091
Charleston..... 40 1,947 1,998 1,21I
Wilmingtou.n. 2 131 291 5f0
Norflk......... .I 0n4 4 os 7,09 4 s.s7
alts ore ....... 1.... 1 7 t
-w York....... A 29.499 2,490 2 241
.eton •.......... 11 0.a 92 009 989
ollladel phta .... Itn 411 1.494 1,084
Various........... ........ ....
Total .. . 4,740 92,850 1 2 0 0n 91 081
Net rutolpte since b ut 1. T'blis .ar. Last p-.,r.
At thie ,ort t............... 1.81 4909 1 191 2nn
At all U. 8. ports............ 4 Me9 4.290.915
At this port. At alt U.H or.tr
1r79- 0 1R 1-79. 1979- 0 17 .-79
.0. Britain o o ,U.7 647,9 10 1 .01792 1,767 1 SA
Franne...... I9,6oan 1t8.86 82.1 0 899791
Continent ..., 97,09 821,80 798,.017 9,0.198
Total....... 1,10,19 709 08116 079 9117,98
"Iluoiudln UJano. I.
At this port. This day. Same day last rear.
Total........... 959,741 144..56
On shipboard..... 81,879 61 825
eavDing Int pMnes5 1S ,10R 99 140
ota tNew York. 97 841 19 8 4
&t aI. B, orts.... 714,918 494 470
*Total at Int. towns 9.8,104 111,680
Comprl ing .l the towns on the blackboards
of the New Orleans Cotton Ixohange last Frl
S sF rmer at Testerd 7d r
!ddlgnlnd and 71 r Ifr-i Or
Sle. sales oo r 12,000 bales, of
tolo 10900 were Aer n. The receipts om
prie n a ales. of which 800 were Amercoan.
VTUans-Opend firm and closed firmer.
SHaes--Wlandso any n p .no below
Lllddllng, wO e oted of ow:na
aroln-- -, ao - A Har8, 1 14
April sedn a la 1ld, May a 1June 6 1"as9
S186.18, June and Joilr a 16 , July and Au.
gust a 81.52. Ass#et and teptemtbd 6,
L1s-sd07, Septemb rand October s16-1. Olo
Mer and November (40 [email protected]%. November
and December 6a 16.6(e14d. December -d.
No telegrams were received. For referenoe
we Dglve yesterday's ootatlons.
Dull and tending down.
Qu tatlnd s - fran!C for Tree Ordinalre
(stl) ani for Low Middling (afliat).
as n'ters From date
y eotal to olose of
Week. sine" Jan. 1. Year.
his year.... 2.000o ,80o000
ea8rt r .... 44 000 1368,000 129,000
9ear efore. 7,000 508,00 414,000
Week. Gt. Britain. Continent. Total.
This year.... 21 000 000 28.000
Last year.... 25s.. 17,000 42.000
Year before. too10o 2o,000 40,ooo
Great Britain. Continent. Total.
This year.... 134,000 102 000 2910.000
lt Year.... 8:1,000 111.00 214 100
Year before. 149u.oo 287 000 e88,000
Great Britain. Continent. Total.
This year...
Last year....177,0(K8 251,.00 42,(411)
Year before 176,00o 170.000 a94.o00
This year. Last year. Year before.
8.00 51,o000 29.0000
The market continues firm.
Cotton. Slteam. Hall
Liverpool .................. d 11-Sid
Havre ........v ............ .... 30
Breme ...
Rotterdam......... ......... ."..d ....d
Revel ...................... ....
Oronstadt .... ......... .. ....0o . d
enoa... ...... ........... ....o ....c
Bgarcelona ................. ....o ....
New York ................. %c ....c
Boston, Providence Fall
River and Philadelphia.
via New York ........... . o ....0
Grain to Liverpool..... [email protected]
Grain to contln-nt F or.. .... a s oee ad
Baltimore. via New York. 11-160 . ...
OIl cake to the United
Kingdom ................ - -on
011 cake to Liverp'l. i ton • 3
Sugar to New York. 1P hhd 8e 50
Molasses. N bbl............ 75
Rice........................ 6so
[ Our quotations represent wholesale price
eacept when job lots are specified.]
LUoA Toasoco-The running stock is 1200oo
bhods part of which is held for local delivery and
for shipment. Stock on sale 700 hhds.
Eport Tobacco-Quiet. Low lugs [email protected] W3,
medium [email protected]%, good and fine [email protected] Low
leaf 6Ks6Mo. medium ~cMoo. good and fine
[email protected]%e. saeottons 90100.
Out.ing Grades - In reaeet at at full prices.
Leags [email protected], medium [email protected])c. good to fine 5%
@6O. low lest [email protected], medium lesa 6%[email protected], good
to fine Si1l9. selections [email protected] If of good color
and sweet and sound might command more.
MAh1uv1aoruEma Tosumo--Quiet. Fine plui
6eOSoo9 lb. fine medium so4ofu. Bright quarters
common sound, s o94o. Bright navy. 4's and
5's. o4006o. Black sweet [email protected] No. 1.6's and
l's. dark black sweet [email protected] Navy lbs black
4t49o. na as's black [email protected] Fancy styles,
natural lea . A447o; No. 1. lbs, extra fancy
vSoAx-Bteady at quotations. Receipts as9
hhdes. took under the sheds 7784 hhds.
Oommon 6%T7c good common 7%@7 7. fair
7X('7%c. good fair [email protected] fully fair 7.97%o.
prime --7%.. strictly prime --8sa, choice
[email protected], seconds [email protected] yellow clarified 8s
-0so. off white 850o. choice white--93o.
standard white -(69Xc.
.Monssys - Firm. Receipts 41 bbls. Stock
under the sheds looo bbls.
Common [email protected]~8e galIon, centrifugal 0so®ae,
fair [email protected], prime 4a046, strictly crime [email protected],
ohoice 60(52W. cistern bottoms [email protected]
R.OE -Stocks are running down, and a good
inquiry prevails from the shipping and local
trade, who are buying. While sele; ions are
desirable, the market is strong. No. 2 4rg6
4-o. common 5%[email protected]%eC. ordinarVy [email protected]%o, fair
e9%e6o, good 03%7e. prime 7%X7%.. choloe 73
[The foog pries are forroumd lots. Job
lsar maore zi bbl aecordhis to
i 16111. 7ul 1 11$, Iau
', bbl.
Our quotations are for wholesale lots on the
landing. Dealers ob at lhe folltotln adeMan.
from store: btn per bausel, Oate [email protected]
per buswhel, TJan 7i a per 100, and Ha1 S.
8 per tm.s
UbN t11 tAo-lIn fair sut oly, mo lerate de
mand and steady, White 8e4esse wlite mixed
y ll-. ellow 16 e. ellow amied 0eoo+
Oats-In fart suply, fair demand and firm
am-ITs in piWt stupply, fair demand and
firm at $1 100-- owt.
HAt-ld in aliihtsepplr for .hnlol. but in fair
euu ly for prime; the demand is fair fad the
market stron: choice $9496 1 ton, prime $72
Cl oaou--Aprll 40947 for mixed 9 bushel,
wIt 48.49t,, Yelltw 489.490.
Bla WNtA--t I alalas at --1S1 $0 9 bushel.
OUw quotatliona of provisions are for lots ati
iholesale. Jobbers' price are 295t~00 per rbbl
more, and S HO 0 igher per lb.1
Proevisil. ,.en lUlet and eliey.
at-l113 80911 e02.9 bbl for new.
NaslasAtrr sraeS -Ordinary 7*.es ohoice
BAoMi-Shoulders see11 ,. clear rib sides
1,'0 9 b elear sides 7i47n.
Dlr ýsur S MAWasooeo asbuuldern 44034..,
p ked [email protected] elear rib sides 8%66fo0. clear
Hses--Fresh choice canvased suaar-cured,
medium avergtt, [email protected] lb large do s7,49g o.
aaitll do 0lo t10oY , old 8tl40b.,
LAnD-Bcfllnd In tieroes 7f037o. refined In
keýt ee84o refined tn buok..ts t4Sselo. Paok
pre lard--tleree. [email protected] knes 74 eso. pails -
8f'AtaMn' Iloo Pleonom.-Prime mess park
$11 W110 extra priDPt9 09 -. rfmop pork 19 o60
tPt,,s bbl. Side ribs 57 60u39 tiero and S600e
bbl, Pri pork so @-ttf tbt and [email protected] o t9
bb. am sasate --0 N rle
gPWentorzis se 1llin at o*ljl1 bbl,
andl 7 3 half bhl. Vuiton market se 2590 50
I1hal i bb .
JUTTma-Wegznote: Western ereamer fancy.
8sete: INew Yorak reamter, fine, -8 do
prime 9(BAo, do airy coieolo 2h6o , do dairy
lair to gotd 21922; Western dairy, choice 2s 026.
do froesi paoke td r lpe [email protected], dl fair anod [email protected]
Otfaalta--hnrte WaRstSer II,40s12 v ib: prime
do skite lies New York arean. [email protected]
Olt.-Or.si ,l -ordinary 17lieo gallo0 in
batrels, 19. n0 In onnee. Imrd oill-N. 1 ---
i strlailned -egoec winter straelnd ese
Linseeed ol-raw eaeAn, boiled 9R:@a9. cotton
seed of l-'-rtde 40t-c, refined Cer41Si
lIes-Macherel--No. 1. bins 6 78, halves
"4 es, quarters 12 n, kite 901o No. 2
ble a$ . halves 8a 7,. nuarters $2. kite
sIo: o 8 large, bhl 0batires . 4 26,
quartes s, h9ts ,It : 0.9 medium. bble
so, ale so 2. quarter 1 St, kits 78O
Extra mess. bis s25. halves 612 R4, ulanr
tern s 07, kits $1 76; Extra No. 1, bblels 12,
balves I11 S., quarters 6 82., kite Ii 97 Her
rina, bble so, halvese t 9 , uinartors t1 ,1. kite
77o. kalmon, bble $19 so, halves $10, quarters $8,
kit It 67. (Jndflah In 7 boxes $1 it, Ino drums
so: boneless Boa boneless, extra, 67o. Haddook
in 1 boxes .1, In 74 drums 44o. Herringse
Boa&ed soot No. 196.
doAP-Lalsudry-Olive [email protected] 1b, German
olive 4·40440, family [email protected] palm [email protected],
red eastlle - .90 white --1to0. India 7614.
kt iollos 4143 4M.
borr- aliet. Job lots are quoted as fol
lows: O ary 14143104o 9 M. fair 1t14610..o
good 14161o. prime e16 414o.
(Arqoes-Qrdlnaray -0810, fair -1.,o. good
-10 [email protected]
-1 ronm with an upward ten enoy:
OolongsUs0 , gormytose 401.7r 0, Annllih treak
Ist 000oe Imperials 3 eso.:aun. powders e0
.t 101 for ine. Turks Iland h 1M0
S h. Who delivered drayae adied,
Table smt o peooet, asoor o 5.
I OuLa.hort weights -I a9
fwl weights --11so.
Donstno.D onP mo.ao 0 a1 ts At NtMs
Apples-U-Ooloen [email protected] 9 tbl. Meeslna oranges
E a N49 box. Palermo 5578649 box. Lemon
se (a us 80 boy, Palermo -4 ' box, P
H oval t -1 . b b1, Laer rams $1 00
ana .t O.ye ans6 -
Sxi Loztdon laer el 8116-, Plteran.tis r
h, BO.atanas 11 Itlr 2 noban. Ds4tes 7eý
O lton9 93. Almonds 190 1i, Bhumal nuts
j .o g Filberts 12140. Naple walnuts 14os
Frnch do 191. Peanuts -01oo0
sa to quto (ooan ut t eaoh f. it
ears - b. Mala grapes - bb
Pnea is L so dozen. Dried appl e
79 sB. Dried aones dull and nominal:
peeled peaches o100o.
C(ONIs'181 PBODD0(Tf.
oaw quaotations represent wholesale prioes
on t.e Landing. Dealers obtain -(25c more
per bbl, and @~>c higher per pound in lot.]
lies oAoatol--Old 11 2s81 4o 9 bbl. new
12 s5s0 76.
s.w6UT POTATO, -1 7T6- a)cked.
Sn-Ib b bbl. Louisiana
sals. t9MM'g gA Loag--choloe LoulsOna cab
bss ees U [email protected] I 07orate. beets br 9 bbl, oar
rots [email protected] Ia89 bhl, eunumbers 8 ws eu dozen.
green paes .' bb ,. Squashes 9.so per
oe, new trn beans $1 60 pe two-thlrd
buhel box. Celery [email protected] 9' dozen. Wg pante
[email protected] 60so 9 dozsen New turnips 4t 9 bbl.
Bova Ksour-Oholie $-38 It bbl.
Bss-l-Northern white mediums [email protected] 9
lb White kIidney 514.00, red kldye . 831o,
WRetern white 71(080. Western red 9ý498.
Uow Pias--Under a liberal supply and little
demand the market is dull and easy; clay 61 u0
01 25, cholce mixed It [email protected] good mixed $-
1 lo, low mixed 3--l 06. whlppoorwill Si [email protected]
Pourzrir- Western arown oblclens 3t4 24 so80
9 dozen, Young do 1806 25. ducks 35 8o06 78.
geese 1466, turkeys $15628 9 doxtn: Lou
lena grown chlokens 18 2aen 6o, young 52 o0o
8. doucks seo6 , gPee 556. turkeys 391o,
Edos--Weetern 12014' 9 dozen. Louisiana
Woozr-Burry 196240 9 B. Louisliana olear s26
80, olear lake 840a70.
douwTam Hroas- Grsen salted [email protected] dry
flint [email protected]~0, dry salted [email protected]~ c 19 lb.
STY Hwxa--70 l and up, 9 1k, 8149s
steer and oow hides, ao to to 0 . [email protected];
kps, 14 to so 3, [email protected]: cut. soar.red, grubb
bides and kins. 20 off. 7s0s$1.
TALLow-Ounntry [email protected] city -434o 9 lb.
Hoswxr-Stralned 50o70oo I gallon.
Honas-Ox horns, prime, aeun -460: cow do
[email protected]
Moss- Mixed 2)0e 9 93. treay I%@3c. black
a owns-a-s8esoo I B.
rrlwx.s -TFo steambats e c. 9 box, retail Soc
I bbl.. wboleae eSo. .t. Bernard 9oc9 1box to
steamboats. retail soo. wholesale moo.
A.AAMA.--Pratt is selling at 5 9 ton, anoo
b * boso 9 box to'steamboats retaillin at ao 6
bbl. Helena is ellIngato ton, 200ooo re
teisng ct Io 11jbL Moytevallo' is aellina at
1Ioltom. 0om : retafutllna&er 11 bn
NAVAL Brons--Phtca ars 80 so 9 bbL TarSt
s so I9 bblo Beln 2 [email protected] so 9 bbL Bpirits tur
pentine 5uto I9 gallon,
Ba e ~uTyF-Balggng. 2 b. -411Ko I9
vard:514 ab1t8 19:c; ballng twine 18-0-9 1 .
orroT TrIs--The trrow tie 2 75.91 bundle,
with usual discount on round lots.
Naw You=. April 15.-Southern flour dull and
declining; common to fair extra s6 2560s 6 .god,
to choice do $6 7007. Wheat 2023tc lower. airly
active, closlng steadier; ungraded red $1 82x
1 82%. Corn less active and slightly in buyers'
favor: ungraded 52561. Oats-Market heavy
and 102c lower; 8o989% for No. 8. Hops quiet
aad unchaused.
Cfee uset and unbchanged. Sugar firmer:
Cuba 7.69 melado 6e. Pernambnoo 7%. fair to
good redning 6%@6% prime 7%; retfled
stronger and in better demand ; standard A 93
09s. Molasses steady, demand good. BIee
unchanged with a moderate inquiry. Bosin
dull and unchanged; $ 8a61 40o. Turpentine
easier at 84. Wool dull and in buyers' favor*
domestle fleece [email protected] pulled [email protected] unwashed
18042. Texas [email protected] Porlt lower; more active;
$1o 40410 50. Middles dull and easier; long
clear 6%. shbort clear 7%. long and short 7. Lard
again, lower, more active: 7.27%47.85. Whisky
nominal., tn. Freights firm.
uBoar-O 7%@s, extra 0 8s%08. white extra 0
8%O8 9. yellow 7%@7%. off A 747,%.ct loaf
9%. crushed 9%. powdered [email protected]%. granulated
9%@9%. Cotton seed oil dul and wholly kom
SHides dll; wet salted Texas [email protected] New
Orleans 11.
BAsrroge. April IL--Oats easier; Southern
41D42%, Weetern white 4101. do mixed 4041.8
Penneylvinta 414t2. Provisions dulland weakn
not anoteb'y lower. OOffee dull: Blo earoes
[email protected] Hnqar steady: A soft 96. Waisky
ir .ate sl., 9 9 fr ta sunebaaged.
or. Jowt*. A- 1$- r dull sad lwey
liii~ t
ba g >1 $ i t#4 is 5455.~er
anl sd Cejlers~ Ws5'bu
inyjti 9600, he S i06 l eo', tY uL#j
f ir to ýan 0 e 9036: t 1
mins 1100.
tnioi th A1rrl le1-Viour dre rid*dOle .
Wheat utlnott ol Mud lower i Si
s1 90, .No p Oh 1ýs iet6; rr ftoor 790
m d. 9400. OFr"in la!r enad d44 .fdrllt
frloeoi86 rg41tr to $4O4tq deloi w0b
lower:o Ar 26024 -Four dull, Weak514iit
Wh70. knaet odulw and Ioweers
8 dulk .On Inat aoaiw r sedloer;ahd 14
eohott rib' see, olear 684. Wtq trol
o nohangeri
Olope,-Wheat and born actlve; No ft ,
Oats etrr'ngter; .letier Por 91 6 b
higher. Lard ¶0 tiw a nnd rm;Sd
The 1rover . Journal reportej
(3A~rjto 20000 i tvffieutoloofii Ecp1'Ubi3
sh adlowar: #m van .
wavy 04 4004 17. Il t042 4+6. 5441
qeIpte 464b0, phitimeuto 06000: slo4w hut
fair d'rnandrI for e~nlirt, ohln pi,
$9 en 6 4o, bteh.'re' 0208 go oorarfEt1
94 he-v-Reoepitat 2o000 ohlp ventgill I
but firm' 1900 of tbersit". 11'1 optra4ft
W Ioonoin deliverable hero atU10N) it
wooled e 401.
[jotnhn1Lld April 16 -Floor dull sad Ujj.
ohanged. Wheat weaker jet 51i io 0rtqlA
49'4. Oas qt' e' At 6794. fork dull ann l
01006o , Ltd ptatai at 1. hunlk osUI4It
shouldere6 f4*4 rib0a 201,96. olda 0es 64. H
eaoier: Ah uedlero 441. rlhb' 6.60, ci 7 W
pear outd heam o1IO) Wjj. yrl rid at 1 01
CIroRnAe'r:. A unll 16 FIon dal'l said
IS6 50 6 On, Cnnn0? 0 706 60 ht l
and I r: ". w o red wlntAt i1 16.
and F' war' No. auItod 40. OatO! duif, U
mlied l6. 1'nk( dlll, nominal en 4 heav 110
Lard wspkern 0nf lower, 600. A Uik muel*idrf
and lower;: ohnuIliere 6 f. rib' d,usi($ns4
3itnon - Ii"ht demand; btllr drifirm' oh'.e
4'4, rbs 6'4, tdre 7.49. Iluvar-pureA hars 4
4l10" Whiuky ealetr, KNuar cteadhl ~trit
toff, New Orlean s 7960es1 f DUs a etiWI...
mot, $ 1004 1n light $4 20414 45, paetngr W.
414 60 hn'ehorsn' 04 '4044 701.
Wibammcroc. LriD lI 1. -luu'rlt0 of turerIat1
firm at 92 looin q 'Iet a' 0t 10 rod aU' traool.
t 19 for uind e'rai nod. Tar oayr ,, tots91 1
Or ode )urtuen'tin cnpuiri v Si fare b e1W,u '0
teIlow dtn. 02 0 orv rveln. OUrn qouleti pvial.
white 50 to 4', . lmed On r4" 613
)#fMIj A 11tI 'AIE.
OaMB$D!'S OTh,- W 11 Drfde art YAaho
Clity tilee; iLIog-, N'sw 1hrIns a'
Hoebee. Mieeipe:pui; Jo 1 bract je$ k0 L
J P OcidIw 1i.1 N tvllie. Tenn;: J1 V
M~bleR: WJ Ii oker. Menmg,IL biollauw.
,Milton, Vi: .1 (lnnnirpham obtig
Anrt new Alabama: M (Jola, $o i o
TDil4mili and laxly Alsbhansa (iou v 4m SO
Ppat. ' flablo tiAr O'Oounoii, Pacueg ola: 0
byr~rf Jr MA~oble: .iUo I) ae , ltLoflia;
Welhwll, Nan Antonio Tet.
NT. O Blflblt O 1TibWm MoOnil
aon BloonwooiL L: vIn Lake Du
A Wlltod )nu I i¶~au b n, eocc 10 t r
Omt a'i}m .Mbile: Th~si
Kura: \r ( O 01119.LoulovilIe: o
tnon. river; is i {lllemo and wi" o
ttu hen Iiinnnu. N, th':) hazel ;
if l lShiel r, Mr a b F1s
0, to an Aie l lt
ndwall m c L
U w t~ll : f , lire O {ý (
W atO'. II Wav
teaw wire, Mobile if rllha,
ie9 nitto :Hunnog bta 5
of*,e r e;R dto
Owe.adleoiooo rsiu
Newor k;l w 0e 31r h'y bnat I
Ga~rli ~TS=lb!ýsn 622tV1
A Y ,Zouisiiiie h o N stýýroe
cant. obt:s W: row orowlee ý
h mo Wr i tvines
pph Otr N7ý1 ý;r~earn
t~xa rneJ t itbtsleo, atea
B.lo e river tIaL11oBt ltobA, u
bnro, (Ia' AS8k TeoaB;H 8616 amaWlI
Deed's Gilt Udgme T'onio orevefita maltula.
An excellent appetizer and regulasoi of tb
eotom In Malakoff Bitters.
RIOULAR E1S1ION [email protected] l18i8.
No. 148.] AN ACT
To authorize and empower the State Board of
Education, or its legal sucesses to sell
any property under its contrL hereto
fore purchased for State norma sehoools.
and to appropriate the proceeds thereof;
and any rents derived from such proper
ty, in maintaining normal schoolsmd
departments in the State, for the prof
alonal training and improvement olteach
era for the public schools.
SwarroN 1. Be it enacted by the General As
sembty of the, State of Louslana, That the
State Board of Educatlon, or its legl smaese
sors, be and Is hereby autborised sod emi
powered to sell, on such terms as it habll
deem most favorable, any property now on
der Its control purchased for the .0eof State
normal schools, and to convey valid titles
therefor to the purcbaser In the name and be
half of the State of Loutlsiana.
Sao. 2. Be it enacted, etc.. That the.aid tate
Board of Education, or its legal suecoers. li
authorized to appropriate the pr.oeeds of the
sales of any property, made under authority
of section 1 of this act, and any reste derived
from such property, to aid in the miaifsmgnae
during three or more years of n rmaschool
and departments in the State ofI LotdSI for
the purpose of enlarging the sfuln of
said institutions, securing schola.l therel
in for advanced students, for the s
training of advanced students as teachers of
the public schools, and for the sobolailed lI
provement of any persons, already teachi
who may desire and be able to attend si
institutions, in the proportion of thrty dol
lars for each student so trained, duriug at
least seven months in the year, withouteharge
for tuition; provided, such normal schools.nd
departments be organisz1 and conducted on
such plan and be subject to such rules and
regulations as shall have been for
their guidance by the State Board of uce
tion or the State Superintendent of Publie
8Ec. 3. Be it enacted, etc.. That all laws or
parts of laws In coufllCt herewitbeý and the
same are hereoy repealed sad tI this act
take effect from and ater ts ul .
Speaker of the House of Represmtatyeg,
S. D. lMoE__R.Y,.
Lieutenant Governor and Presldent of the
Approved April 15, 1880.
Governor of the State of Louia.
A true copy:
WILL. A. Smoaxo,
Secretary of State.
Commissieon Merchants and Imu rtes
Fancy and Stsale Groceries Wýiss
and Ugiuors,
Er" H·.......tamp areest_..-.....We.
Pia-tatIoa and 8hip Supplies.
nets tin WleVrrm
1.5 101 a 108lOS Barhe M eet

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