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Seventy-third Day's Proceedings.
M.ate if LJot,.leIa.
New Orleans, tBaturdar April 10. 1iPO.
The House was called to order at 10:25 a. m
Ptsenbt-flon. R. N. Ogden, Speaker, and
sre. Altken, Allain, Archer Armstrong,
e, llu, ., Buchanan, bulger, ]Du
low Butler, Uade, ' Carron, Uayoll, tUCoroVe,
n(ý ý,l COurley. Davldeon, 1)ellwl, l)evereaux,
DlUkeroun, Dilla rd, LDudenherer, Essex, Far
IFer, Faulkner, Fearpl, Franz, Frazler, Gard
ter, Gibson, (olean, Itall, Ilaney, Harris,
Ilthaway, ePldenhnltl, Henry, Ives, Jack
qw of St. Maty, Jackson of Ntchlitoches,
Jofrlon, Jones, Kavanagh, Kirk, lilelnpater,
caster, Landry Legendre, Lett en, Locke,
s, Mahoney, killaudon, Mixon, Morel,
orgt Munday McCjain, McUullough, Me
po ijd, Mcl)owll, M cehroy, Newsom, Ogden
of Bossiler, Pearce, Phillips, Phippa, Pollard,
pe rltchard, Quinn, lilchardson, Robert
I Roche, Schnelder, ShaiiTfr, Mhepherd,
blair, Talton, Varnado, VaughaRn, Verret,
cent, Vo-)rhioe, Wetun, Williams of Ter
Siebonol', Wise, Yell, Young of Iberla, Young
of 8t. Landry-91.
ASbePt- Menmdry'. Barry, Baskin. Ilorring,
StriPtllgfl,w, WilllamIsor Molrehouse-- 5.
The journal of Friday, April 9, was read
and adopted.
Mr. Harris, chairman, on behalf of the Com
nlitteee on Artililal Limbs, reported as fol
To the speaker and Members of the House of
ODpreSettattivos :
Your C,ommilttee on Rellelfs and for Supply
ing Dlabledhl Boldeure with Artlifclal Limbs,
Ipetructel In the resolution under which they
Weft appointed to ascertain the names of
those cilti 'n of the Hteat who lost limbe in
O late war, and t, report the same to the
ioUe, together with such reinmtendati ons
as they from time to tlun l might see fit to
r . erpectfully subnmit herewith a de
list, together with the parish of their
residence, the command to which they h
l4ged, and nature iof dlsabillty, of 1.2 eiti
melt of this State who lost iMlIts In the latet
war, whom they recommnenld to the house
ls entitled to all the htnefits of the act re
statly utsed by tiils General Assemb)ly, en
Utlet "Au act to provide substantial artifi
1al limbs for those who lost limbs In the ser
vice of the (onfederate Htates."
Your committee regret to report that there
sin some parishes fromu which to report
hbeten received and to prevent injustice
ng done to the disabled citizens of this
te at this time, we respectfully recom
meInd the adoption of the accompanying
tesolutlon, autho slu ng the Adjutant General
tow pplement the list herewith s.bmitted
.Ilid mlado part hereof by the addition of the
niee of those whom hle may think, on testl
moly submlitted to him, proper beneficlarles
under act before mentioned.
Tour committee would further recommend
th te Clerk be Inets noted to forward the
or ccertified copy thereonf, of the namese
with submitted to thn Adjutant General,
Shis guidance, as required by law, and that
-B tor¶Ort be received and adopted by your
hoilrtbie body,
W. aI' RS, Chairman.
tltaceed by the Iouse of Representat irs of
#ar 9Fur of Louisiana, That the Adjutant
Othetai be and he is hereby authorized and
pewel ded to spplement the list of die
dler aopted and forwarded to him
*te House, by the addition of the names
tte% at this time citizens of the State,
w)a way forward or carry to him an aMi
vait tade before the clerk of their parish
t they lost a limb or limbs in the service
the C onfederate States, approved by either
Representatives or benatore, or by
it e on of names of persons forwarded
bhin by either the Louisiana Division of
Sof Northern Virginia or Louisiana Di
of Army of Tennessee.
Mr. Harris moved that the rules be sue
Vnded to take up the resolution at this time.
W on was agreed to.
And tls olution was read to the House.
Mr. Ha moved that tPeeolution do
sw be ed.
Which om on was agreed to.
On motion of Mr. Harris the Clerk was in
meted to furnish to the Adjutant General
ie State a copy of the report and the reso
The fowing message was received from
Now Orleans. Aprl 10.. 180o.
Te the Speaker and MembIrs of the Ilhoe of
I am directed to inform your honorable
body that the Senate has passed and requests
otarconcurrence in accompanying
Coacurrent Resolution,
Reaative to an appropriation to carry into
. t the ordinance relative to the State
Respectfully JOHN CLEGG,
Secretary of the Senate.
On motion of Mr. BUlllu and under a sus
pension of the rules,
Benate Concurrent resolution,
Relative to an appropriation of $15,000 to
carry into effect the ordinance relative to the
Stae debt, etc.,
Was taken up.
.Be it Resolved by the .n.tle of the State of
Loestatdaa, the House of Representatiwa Xon
wufr*ýg, That whereas, that the Senate in its
amenoments to the general appropriation bill
Inserted an item appropriating fifteen thou
san· dollars ($15,000) to carry out the provi
toes of ordinance of the constitution relative
to State debt; whereas, the conference com
mittee olled on said amendment recom
- Imar ed that the amendment of the Senate be
ý to; and whereas, the said committee
msakl[n their report to their respective
i1 Laj neected to report said amendment,
4~ ateeogpniing the fact that the appropria
46M~s necessary to carry out the provisions
O aodinace on State debt, that we, the Senate
ad HRouse of Representatives, hereby agree
So make said approplation, or so much there
·tm aese.ary, at the next session of
On motion of Mr. Billiu, the Concurrent Res
4athion was adopted.
Mr. Butler, chairman, on behalf of the
.( amittee on Public Education, reported as
~Ynth eaker and Members of the House of
?.Saentatives ;
Your Committee on Public Education beg
tvYe to Submit that they have completed
their work, and return House bills Nos. 273,
21 asad 221 without action.
T. J. BUTLER, Chairman.
Mr. Butler, in accordance with previous
-:tat, moved that the vote by which on yes
*.; dlay the House refused to concur in the
.endments of the Senate to House bill No.
2M beaaoonldered.
,. B a rag vote of 4 yeas to 31 nays the
moton was agreed to.
owse bWll No.235,
An act to regulate public education is the
ltaRe of Louisiana and city of New Orleans,
ab mtorase a revenue for4ht purpose,
Was taken up, coming from the Senate
with the following amendments:
Third--Strike out of the title the following
wed'as: "And city of New Orleans."
8emtlo paragmaph 4 line . atrike out all
.'Wsts "afi at "I t wsy d6
7q, lltue* b bre. the Word "clte'
U16n " ihert thCe Words 'Bervleie of. ,
n ieection 1, line 15, after "ed(tlation," in.
sert "on the recomtnmendation of the police
juries in their respective parishes."
In section 2 line 14, strike out the word
"schools" and transpose "and," placing it
between "boarde" and "parish.'
In the sixteenth line of section 4, before the
word "parishes" Insert "country."
At the end of section 17 add the words, "and
no sectarian religious instruction shall be
given or sectarian religious text books used
in any such school."
Mr. Butler moved that the House concur
in the amendments of the Senate.
The roll was called with the following re
Yeas--Messrs. Archer, Atkins, Billlu, Bu
chanan Butler, (Jade, Carron, Cogrove,
Crain, avlidson, Dillard, Farmer, Faulkner,
Gibson, Golean, Hall, Haney Harris, Hatha
way, Ives, Jackson of St. Mary, offrilon,
Jones, Kirk, Kleinpeter, Legendre, Letten,
Lyons Millaudon, Mixon, Munday, McCain.
McCullough, McDowell, McLeroy, Ogden of
BAosier, Phippe, Pope, Pritchard, Richardson,
Rolw'tson, Shalifer, Shepherd, St. Ulair, Tal
ton Vaughan, Voorhies, WTems, Wise, Young
of (herla, Young of St. Landry- 51.
Nays--Messrs. Altken, Allaib, lulger, Un
low (layolle, Curley, Deibel, Dickereon, Du
deniefer, Essex, Frazier, Gardner, ilelden
hain, Henry, Haney, Landry, Lucke, Ma
lolney, Morel, Mcl)ouaild Newsom, Pollard.
Quinn, Roche, Verret, Williams of Terrebonne.
Ahbent--Mesers. Armstrong, Barry, Basekin,
l)evereaux, Feazel Franz, Herring, .Jackson
of Natchitoches, Kavanagh, Lancaster, Mor
gan. Pearce, Phillips, Schneider Stringfellow,
Varnado. Vincent Williame of Morehouse--18.
The amendments were concurred In.
MAr. Butler moved to rFc ensider the vote by
which the amendments were concurred in, and
on his own motion the motion to reconsider
was laid upon the table.
On motion of Mr. Faulkner, and under a
suspension of the rules,
Senate bill No. 127,
An act to amend and re-enact article :30
(326) of the Civil Code of Louisiana,
Was taken up on third reading, the bill
having been previously read in full.
The yeas and nays on the final passage of
the bill resulted as follows:
Yeae-Meesrs. Altken Allain, Archer. At
kins, illu, Buchanan, Bulger, Bulow, Butll-r,
Cadat, Carron Craln, Curley, )avidson, l)Dlbel,
Devereaux, biciterson, D)ilard, Ludo.lnhefer,
Essex, Farmer, Faulkner, Feszel, Gardner,
Gibson, Golsan, Hall, Hlaney, Harris, Ilatha
way, Helidenhalin l, nr- Ives, .Jackson of Mt,
Mary, Jones, Kirk, Kleinptelr, Landrv, Le
gewndre, Letton, Lucke, Lyons. Millludon,
Mixon, Morel Muuday, McCalu, McCullough
McDonald M1ieowell, Meberoy, Ogden of
Boaster P'oliard, Pope, Pritchard, Quinn,
Richatnison, Robertsou, Itoche, Shepherd, St.
ClHir, Talton, Vaughan, Verret, Vincent, Voor
hies, Weems, Wiliams of 'T'errebonne, Wise,
Yell, Young of Iberla, Young of St. Landry
Nays-Messrs. Cayolle, Coegrove, Frazier,
J offrion-4.
Absent-Messrs. Armstrong, Barry, Baskin,
Franz, Herring, Jackson of Natchitochee,
Kavanagh, Lancaster, Mahoney, Morgan,
Newsom, Pearce, Phillips, Philpps oehneider,
Shalfter, Stringfollow, Varnado, Williams of
And the bill was finally passed.
The title was read and adopted.
Mr. Faulkner moved to reconsider the vote
by which the bill was finally passed, and on
his own motion the motion to reconsider was
laid on the table.
On motion of Mr. Butler, and under a sus
pension of the rules,
Senate bill No. 178,.
An act to authorize and empower the State
Board of Education, or its legal successor,
to sell any property under its control hereto
fore purchased for State normal schools, and
to appropriate the proceeds thereof, and any
rents derived from such property, in main
tainng normal schools and departments in
the State for the professional training and Im
provement of teachers for the public schools,
Was taken up on third reading.
The bill was read in full.
The yeas and says on the final passage of
thebill resulted as follows:
Yaeas-Messrs. Altken, Archer, Atkins,
Billiu, Buchanan, Bulger, Bulow, Butler,
Cade, Carron, Coegrove, Crain, Curley, Da
videon, Devereaux, Dillard, Dudenhefer Es
sex, Farmer, Faulkner, Feazel, Gardner,
Gibson Golsan Hall, Haney. Harris, Hatha
way, Henry, Ives, Joffrion, Jones, Kirk,
Kleinpeter. Legendre, Letten, Lucke,
Lyons, Mahoney, Millaudon, Mixon, Morel,
Munday, McCain, McCullough McDonald,
McDowell, McLeroy, Newsom, Ogden of Boe
sier, Phippe, Pollard, Pope, Pritchard,
Quinn, Richardson, Robertson, Roche,
Schneider, Slhaifer, bhepherd, St. Clair, Tal
ton, Varnado, Vaughn,. Vincent, Voorhies,
Weems, Wise, Yell, Young of Iberia, Young
of St. Landry-72.
Nays--Mesers. Allain, Cayollo Delbel, Dick
erson., Frazter, Heidenhalu, Jackson of St.
Mary, Landry, Verret, Willame of Terre
Absent-Messre. Armstrong, Barry, Basklu,
Franz, Herring, Jackson of Natchitoehe,
Kavanaglh, Lancaster, Morgan, Peare, Phil
li.s, Stringfellow, Williams of Morehouse
And the bill was finally passed.
The title was adopted.
Mr. Butler moved to reconsider the vote by
which the bill was finally passed, and on his
own motion the motion to reconsider was laid
on the table.
(On motion of Mr. Farmer, and under a sus
pension of the rules,
Senate bill No. 148,
An act providing for the funding of certain
obligations; prescribing the character of the
bonds to be issued therefor, and defining the
powers and duties of said board; authorizing
the procurement of blanks and books by said
board, and the employment of a clerk; cre
ating a board of examiners; defining their
powers and duties, and authorizing the em
ployment of a clerk; defining the intent and
meaning of the term "valid warrants;" pro
viding for the destruction of warrants when
funded or exchanged for certificates; cre
ating a fund for the redemption of the bonds
herein authorized to be issued, and for the
payment of the interest thereon when due;
providing for appeals from the action of said
board, and repealing laws or part of laws In
conflict with the provisions of this act,
Was taken up on third reading.
The bill was read in full.
The yeas and nays on the final passage of
the bill resulted as follows:
Yeas-Messrs. Aitken Allain, Archer, At
kins, Billiu, Buchanan, Bulger Bulow Butler,
Cade, Oayolle, Cosgrove, ,rain, Curley, Da
vidson, Devereaux, Dickerson, Dillard, Du
denhefer, Essex, Farmer, Faulkner, Feazel,
Franz, Gibeon( Golsan, Haney, Harris, Held
enhain, Ives, Jackson of St. Mary, Joffrion.
Jones, Kirk, Kleinpeter, Legendre, Letten,
Luckse, Lyons, Mahoney, Millaudon, Mixon,
Morel, Munday, MaCain, McCullough. Mc
Donald, McDowell, McLeroy, Ogden of Bos
sier, Phillips, Pollard, Pope, Pritchard, Quinn,
Richardson, Robertson, Roche, Schneider,
Shaiffer Shepherd, Talton Varnado.Vaughan,
Verret, Vincent, Voorhies, weems, Williams of
Terrebonne, Wise, Yell, Young of St. Lan
ays-Messrs. Deibel, Frazier, Henry, New
som, Phipps, Young of Iberla--6.
Absent-Messrs. Armstrong, Barry Baskin,
Carron, Gardner, Hall, Hathaway Herring,
Jackson of Natchitoches, Kavan , Lancss
ter, Landry MorgaPearce, St. da r, String
fellow, Williamn of Morehouse--17.
And the bill was finally passed.
The title was read and adopted.
Mr. anmer moved to reoonsder the vote
bywhloh the bill wa fins ally psuid, and on
hil own motion the motion to reMooalder was
laid on the table.
On motion of Mr. Henry, and under a sue
pentlon of the rules.
Benate bill No. 228,
An act to amend and re-enact section 38T7
lie roads,
Was taken up on third reading.
The bill was read in full.
The yeas and nays on the final passage of
the bill resulted as follows:
Yeas-Messrs. Aitken, Archer, Atkins, 111
Ilu, Buchanan, Bulger. Ulilow, Buitler, (ade,
Carron, Coegrove, Orain. Davidson, lDei'el,
Devereaux, Dickerson, Dillard Duldenhefor,
Essex, Farmer, Feazel, Franz, razler (lardl
tier, (Gibson, Golsan, Hall, Hliney, Harris,
Hathaway, Holdenhain, Ives, .Ioes, Kirk,
Klsilnpeter, Loegndre, Letten, Lucke Lyons,
Mahoney, Milllaudon, Mixon, Morel, Mlorgan,
Munday, MeCaln, McDLonsid, McDowell,
McLeroy, Ogden of Botraler, Phillips, Phiope,
Pollard, Pope, Pritchard, Richardeon, Robert
son, IRoche, Schneider 8half.er, 8hApherd,
St. Clair, Talton, Varneio, Vaughan, VIncent,
Voorhies, Weetus, Wllliams of T'CrrPbonne,
Wise, Young of Iberia, Young of St. Landlry
Nays--Messrs. Allain, Henry, Verret,
Absent-Messrs. Armstrong. Barry, lBakin,
Uayolle, Curley, Faulkner, Herring, Jackson
of St. Mary, Jackson of Natchitoches, Juffrion,
Kavanagh, Lancaster, Lanirty, MecOillough,
Newaom, Pearce, Quinn, Stringlellow, Wil
liame of Morehoue---19.
And the bill was finally passed.
The title was reaw and adopted.
Mr. Henry movwl to reconesiler the vote by
which the bill was flrally passed, and ou his
own motion the motion to reconsider was
laid on the table.
On motion of Mr. Hiory, and under a sus
pensilon of the rules,
Senate bill No. 201,
An act to repeal section .853 of the Revised
Statutes of 1870,
Was taken up on third reading and read in
The vote being called on the final passage
of the bill, resulted as follows:
Yeas-Messrs. Altken, Archer, Buchanan,
Iuilger, iltow, Butlor, Oarron, Crain, Cur
Ioy, DeloeI, Devereaux, )lliard, ludenhef.,r,
Farmer, l aulkner, Feazel, Franz, Frazier,
Gibson, (olean, Hall, Haney, Harris, Hatha
way, lves. Jones, Kirk, llihlpne eter, Leg,.ndri,
Letten, Lyo.ns, Mahoney, MIJllauion, Mixon,
lorel, Morgan, Munday McCOln, MclDowell,
iteLeroy, Newsoum, O)gdn of Bossier, Phil
lips, l'hipps, Pollard, Pope, Prithard, Quinlun,
Richardsn, Robertson, Rotle, Sch.leider,
Shepherdi, ihaltTIerT t. lair, 'l's Itoh,, Varnad'i.
Vaughan, Vincent,Voorhlees, Weoium, Williamsi
of Terrehonne, Wise, Young of Iberia, Young
of St. Landry-05.
Nays--Messrs. Bllllu, Coegrove, Davidson,
Essex, Heldenhaln, Heory, Jackson of St.
Mary, Verret, Yell-9.
Absent-Mesrs. Allaln, Armstrong, Atkins,
Barry, liaskin, Cado, (ayolle Dickerson,
Gardner, Herring, Jackson of Naochitoches,
Joffrloin, Kavanagh, Lancaster, Leadry,
Lucke, McCullough, McDI) nmal, Pearce,
Strlngfellow, Williams of Morehouse-21.
And the bill was finally passed.
The title was read and adopted.
Mr. Henry moved to reconsider the vote by
which the hill was finally passed, and on his
own motion the motion to reoudldor was
laid on the table.
Mr. Ogden, chairman on part of the House
of the speolal joint committee to investigate
the books, acco',tte, vouchere, etc., of the
Auditor and Treasurer, submitted the follow
ing report:
To the Senate and llouse of Reorosontatives of
the State of Louisiana:
Your joint committee, appointed to investi
gate the books, accounts, and valuchers of the
Auditor andTreasurer, respectftlly beg leave
to report that they have male an examina
tlon of the books of the Auditor and found
that the same are promptly written up in a
neat, orderly and business-like manner and
that the clerical employees are competent and
experienced accountants.
To examine into the corrections of each
voucher and to trace the same through the
books of the Auditor and thence through the
hooks of the Treasurer would be a work In
volving the expenditure of many months'
time. Besides, your committee, who are not
experts in this matter, would have required
the services of one or two experienced book
keeping experts for the length of time men
tioned, which would have Involved the outlay
of a considerable amount of money. Under
these circumstances your committee c,uld
search at random for a number of vouchers,
and tracing the same throughout the booke
of the Auditor, found in each and every case
everything correct.
Further than this: TIhe yearly and quar
terly reports of the Auditor and Treas
urer show each and every item of receipts
and expenditures; these reports are published
in detail and serve to cheek eaoh other, to this
extent making an examination into every
detail unnecessary. The Anditor called the at
tention of your conmmitttee to the meagre ap
proprlation made for the clerical expenses of
his ofice, referring to the fact that in former
years the appropriations were over $30.000,
and that under the Nicholls government the
amount appropriated was $18,000. In this
connection the Auditor asserts most posi
tively that the amount now allowed is itsuf
flcient for the proper working of this im
portant office, and that so far during the year
1880 the clerical work of the oft0 is greater
than In previous years. In t;hee opinions
your committee agree, and we respectfully
ask the attention of your honorable bodies
to these facts.with a view of devising a suita
ble remedy.
Your committee commenced the examina
tion of the Treasurer's office by requiring
from the Fiscal Agent a statement of cash bal
ances of the Treasurer In bank to the credit
of each fund, certified by the ofilcers of the
bank as on hand at the close of business each
month since E. A. Burke qualified.
A similar statement was required from the
Auditor, showing the balances at the close of
business each month from January, 1879, in
clusive, as exhibited by the books of his
Another monthly statement of balances for
the same period of time was then required of
the Treasurer; and on a closer comparison of
these several monthly statements of balances
it was found that they agreed, and that the
cash balancoe required by the books of the
Auditor to be on hand at the end of each
month's business were actually at the credit
of the Treasurer in the Fiscal Agency.
Your committee further examined a state
ment of receipts in the treasury for the year
1879, and for the months of January and Feb
ruary, 1880, as exhibited by the Auditor's ac
counts, and a comparison of the same with
the books of the Treasurer show that the ac
counts of the two offices agree.
Balance on hand January 1....... $121,911 40
Receipts, 1879 ................. 2,243,854 80
Receipts, 1880. ................. 580,490 82
Total .........................$2,946,257 02
No revenue has been collected in 1880, ex
cept the sum of $10,000 from the Louisiana
State Lottery Company.
Expenditures, 1879.......... ..$2,119,993 1
Expenditures, January and Feb
ruary, 1880 .................. 355,444 20
Cash in bank, March 1, 1880...... 468,708 21
Protested check from Dubuclet
(F. J. Herron's) ................ 2,171 49
Total ........................$2,946,257 02
Your committee next proceeded to examine
the books, stocks and valuables held by the
State Treasurer as custodian, and for this
purpose reference was had to the notarial in
ventory taken by A. Hero, Esq., notary, and
receipted by Mr. Burke to Dubuelet, late
Treasurer, together with such bonds and se
money therefor and failed to pay over the
same to the State.
Your committee further recommend the ap
pointment of a jointoommitteeof theGe
[email protected], with eathoda to agtdy th
ohalilea College fittn and semlnary fund, s
required by article 288 of the oonstitution; alst,
the copons belonging to redemption of State
debt, and the bonds issued under noat No. 82 of
1870, now in the treasury, never having been
lssued, and described as follows:
100 bonds of $1000 each to Agricul
tural and Mechanical olloege. $190,000
2 bonds of $1o00 ach to Agricultur
at and M, '(hIneIal olIJRge .... 200
164 b,,lnds of $500 each to Seminary
fund 82,000
2 bonds of $100 each to Seminary
fund ................ 200
29 bonds of $1000 each to the free
school fond ...... 29,000
21 bonds, $1000, issued under act
152 of 1852 to the free school
fund and returned to State
Treasurer by A. furle, cashier
of Loulsiana NationlI Bank.. 29,000
267 bonds, $1000 each, IkeId under
oct No, 32 of 1879, returnerd to
State by (Iltizens' Bank can
celled and punchd .... . 267,000
232 bonds, $10110 Pach, lessul under
act No. 5 of 1870, salt bonds
now having been issued ... 232,000
7 bonds, $1001) each, Issued under
act No. ;5, lHOr.,ald bonds lbe
log part of twenty bonds re
turned by the Southern Bank 7,000
80 bonds of $51)0 .atch, Issued to the
Mechanical and Agricultural
Fair Association and returned
by said as-oclation ......... 41,000
1 certlicateof 25,0100 sharps of stonk
New OrUians Mobile and
lhattanooga i. diroad Com
par y ......... . ....... .... 2,500
1 certlecate 21)0,41) shares ',f stock
New Orleans, Opelouses and
tGreat Western Italroad Conm
)patuy . ()o
9760 coup.t) s belonging to the free
8h10l 0 fund ......... 27,205
2020 co1)'Unus belonging to redemption
ttle debt, fund..l ....... ,42
33 bonds $1000 each, issued under
act No. 112 of 1870 83,00)
124 i)oards. $11140 eat(t, issued utinder
lact . :1o. f 1874, belonging to the
Lt'ulilllan Equltitle iensurance
(.)(Ilany 12,4(0
1 note of 5. b. -Ja.l e, of Louisiana
Penitentiary ... . .44,R33
lisvlng found the casl and securities to be
corr c't, we nxt proeeP(ded tot examine into the
system of keeping asor"uuts; after an exanm
ination ade tlo tohe best of our abililty, and
similar to the invwetlhation made of the
books of the Auditor, we flld the books well
and orderly kept, and that the syste'm of
checks antl b)alauces in use In the Treasurer's
ffllice are clfflennt atrl safe, and are in our
judllgment ample for the protectiont of the in
terests of the State. We are Iunable to sug
gest a change in this partilular.
Your committen were informed that the
twe ofice's of Auditor and Treasurer check
each other every flftten clays. It might be
well that thie should b)he donle at the end of
every Week in order that duplicates of war
rants might have less chance of being re
ceived and paid by the Treasurtrr.
Your oommitte learn from Mr. Burke that
the manner of paying warrants of the gen
eral and engineer fetutd in the past has been
most embarrassing. A eusetonlt had been Fe
tablisheI, with a show otf fairness, that tax
collectors, wht)u making settle.ntnt for theIr
parishes, rcthl at the same time present war
rants of otliocrs of their parishes, and to paid
eamr in full, If moneys belonging to the
general fund were psaid in by them to an
amount suflilent to cover the amount of the
warrants. In some cases the officers holding
the warrants would accompany the tax col
lector to be thus paid the full value of said
warrants. Mr. Burke alleges that he com
mneneld to follow this rule, but soon discov
ered that the operation of such a plan would
work great injustice In many cases. Officers
strving in wealthy parishes and the city of
New Orleans would be paid in full for their
warrants while less fortunate officals
would have to carry the deilclenoy
In the general fund and bear the
loss incident thereto. The plan of paying
warrants in the order of the date of their
registry is plainly soon to be liable to nearly
the same objection. Offcllals at or near the
city would have the advantage of reistering
their warrants before offiolals in more distant
parishes. This plan was suggested, but tiles
carded for the reasons just stated. By others
It was claimed that tun rule of "first come
first serve" should be followed. This plan
would have been a good one were It proper
that warrants should be paid as the result of
favoritism; because those in the Treasurer's
offlice, knowing when funds were on hand,
could, by giving preference in the way of in
formation, render all payments subject to
friendly offices. Under this plan executive,
judicial and other officers and employees
serving in New Orleons would have been
paid monthly In cash from tax collections in
New Orleans, which amount to over one-half
of the entire collections. But this would be
manifestly unfair to the ofllficers of the coun
try parishes.
Mr. Burke tnforms your committee that to
avoid the charge of favoritism, and to do
justlce to all warrant-holders, he adopted
the plan of pro rata payraeuHts; that is to
say, after each quarterly settlement of the
tax collector, or monthly when the collec
tions would justify, the Treasurer would as
certain from the books of the Auditor the
amount of warrants outstanding, and from
his own bookse the cash on hand, and give
public notice that he would pay a pro rata
amount of the outstanding warrants.
Mr. Burke Informs your committee that a
bill, prepared by him, to provide for pro rata
payments, as mentloneld above, was pre
sa'ntod to the Wave and Moans Committee in
1879. but was not acted on. Your commltte.
have indulged in this length on this subject
in order that the justiceo and necessity of
such a bill may be soen. They, therefore,
recommend the passage of such a measure at
tthe earliest possible date, Indulging, however,
in the hope that under the new order of things
its practical application may never become
Your ,ommittee further recommend that,
pursuant to the requirements of the consti
tution, the balances at the credit of the fol
lowing named funds be transferred to the in
terest and redemption of $5 bonds, viz.:
General fund of 1878 and prior years.
Current school fund of 1878 and prior years.
Poll tax of 1878 and prior years.
Redemption and floating debt fund.
And that thereafter said accounts be abol
ished, and any funds collected therefor be car
ried into the treasury to the credit of the In
terest and redemption of $5 bonds.
That the State-House fund be abolished as
soon as the pending litigation, touching the
money in the treasury, and claimed for uinsur
ance, etc., shall be settled, and any balance
remaining after payment of said claims
against the same he transferred to interest
and redemption of $5 bonds.
That the Charity Hospital fund, which now
embraces six yearly accounts, be consolidated
into one account.
That the levee and drainage fund be abol
ished, and the cash now in the treasury, or
that may be hereafter collected for that fund,
be transferred to the general engineer fund
of 1880, to be applied to the payment of new
levee work.
That the cash balance of $133 75 at the
credit of the seminary fund, an amount re
maining in the treasury several years by rea
son of the Legislature failing to appropriate
the same, be transferred to the seminary
fund, so that it may be drawn for.
That the internal improvement fund be
abolished, and the cash balance, amounting
to $517 95, be transferred to the general en
gineer fund of 1880.
That the militia fund, amounting to $175, be
abolished, and the amount now in the treas
ury, together with any other sums hereafter
collected on said account, be credited to the
general fund of 1880.
The above recommendations are made be
cauae the continuation of these accounts is
unnecessary under the new constitution, and
causes needless work in the Auditor's and
t'reasurer's offices.
We further recommend that the Treasurer
be credited with the protested check of F. J.
Herron, ex-tax collector, which he received
from the former Treasurer, and that all
papers bearing on the matter be delivered to
the Attorney9General, with instructions to re
quire settlement of Simeon Belden, ex-Attor
ney General, who is said to have received the
ourities as have been deposlted with the
Tresearer by insurance companies. Your
safi Nodistoo s6-s u 1Uaswbit th e jni -.
a .
entory afoeWMd, and fouittid the mame on
handI a fullow
190 bond., $1i000 ab.. belon .to819,
Meshanola and 0Agruural
Colpe .. $196,000
9 bonds, $100 each, belonging to
Mechanical and Agricultural
College . . ... 200
164 bonds, $500 each, belonging to
Seminary fund ............... 82,000
2 bonds, $100 each, belonging to
Seminary funl ................ 200
1 bond, $1000, City (onsolidated
fund ... ................ ... 1,001)
10 bonds, $1000 deposited by Louls
lana Equitable Insurance Com
pany..................... 10,000
1 bond, $500, deposited hy,Ljotisi
ana Equitable Insurance Com
pany......................... . 500
207 bonds of $1000 each .... . 2067000
250 honds of $1000 each .... 20,0H8)
7 bonds of $1000 each ... 7,000
R0 bonds of $500 each. ........40,000
9796 coupons belonging to free school
fund. 287,205
2020 coupons belonging to redemp
tion of State debt . 49,425
33 bonds issued under act No. 32
of 1870 ....... 33... ....... .,00)
Total ... .... ... . .. ... 1,241,050
Like the Auditor, the Treasurer avers his
inability to cornduct the working of his ofmlce
under the limited amount allowed by the con
stitution in a proper and emlcient manner,
and your committee concur with the Treas
urer. We cannot see how first-class account
ants can be had to do all the work, and to do
It well, on the meagre salaries they must ro
(elve. We again suggest the proprlety of
devIing a plan of reileL. At the request of
the Treasurer we iseClde, withotherexhlblts,
a statement of the expenses of his offioe for
the year 1879, showing an excess of expenses
over appropriation of $875 n0. This excess of
expenditures is accounted for by necessities
which ar,us, after the Legislature had fixed
the aporopriation, as will be seen by reference
to exhibit F.
In conclusion, your committee submits the
following exhlib't:
A--Balances Fiscal Agent.
B -Balances Auditor.
C-- ilalanee Treasurer.
D.----iecelipt, expenditures and balances,
February 29, 1880, as per Auditor's state
E -Treasurer's statement of excess of ex.
peRsee over appropriation, 1879.
F-Statement clerks allu.Ied Auditor in
former and estimate of clerical expenses pres
mt year.
Very respectfully,
H. W. O(L)EN,
JOHN 8. HiilljU,
On motion of Mr. Henry, and under a sUts
pension of the rules,
Senate bill No. 200,
An act to amend section 3o4; of the Revised
Statutes of 1870,
Was taken up on its third reading.
The bill was read in full.
The yeas and nays on the final passage of the
bill resulted as follows:
Yeas-Meessrs. Atkins, Buchanan, Bulger,
Bulow, Uade, Carron CoUogrove, Cralo,
(urley, Davidson, Delbel, Devereaux, Dillard,
I)udentiefer Essex, Farmer, Feazel, Frazier,
Gibson, Qolfan, Hall, Haney, Harris, Hath
away, Heldenhain Henry, Ives, Jackson of
St. Mary, Jones lKirk, Kleinpeter, Legendre,
Letten, Lucke, Lyons, Mahoney, Millaudon,
Mixon, Morel, Munday, McCalon, McDonald,
McDowell, McLeroy, Newsom, Ogden of Boe
eler, Pearce, Philllps Phipps, Pollard, Pope,
Pritchard, Qulnn, iichar1dson. Robertson,
ohnuelder, H8tiffer, Shepherd, St. Clair,
Talton, Varnado, Vaughan, Vinoent, Voor
hlP, Reems, Wllliams of Terrebouna, Young
of Iberia, Young of St. Landry-6O.
Nays-Messrs. Allain, Roche, Verret--l.
Absent-Messrs. Altken, Archer, Arm
strong, Barry, Baskin, Blllu, Butler, Cayolle,
Dickerson, Faulkner, Franz, Gardner, Her
ring, Jackson of Natchitoohes, Joffrlon,
Kavanagh, Lancaster, Landry, Morgan. Mo
Cullough, 8triugfeilow, Williams of More
house, Wise, Ycll-24.
The bill was finally passed.
The title of the bill was adopted.
Mr. Henry moved to reconsider the vote by
which the bill was finally passed, and on his
own motion the motion to reconsialder was laid
on the table.
On motion of Mr. Munday, and under a sus
pension of the rules,
House bill No. 267,
An act to authorize the police jury to pro
vide for funding the Iloating and outstanding
indebtedness of the parish of East Feliclana;
to verify the legality of said indebtedness
and ascertain its amount, and to provide for
the payment of the principal and interest
thereof by special tax for that purpose, and
to limit the rate of interest on said indebted
Was taken up, coming from the Senate with
the following amendment:
At end of section 12, add the words "pro
vided the two mills so levied does not in
crease the parish taxation for all purposes
whatsoever beyond ten mills, as provided in
article 209 of the constitution."
Mr. Munday moved that the House do con
cur in the Senate amendment.
The roll was called, with the following re
Yeas-Messrs. Allaln, Archer, Armstrong,
Atl.us, Billiu, Buchanan, Bulger, Bulow,
Butler, Cade, Carron, Cayolle, Cosgrove,
Crain, Curley, Davidson Devereaux, Dicker
son, Dillard, Dudenhefer, Essex Farmer,
Feazel, Franz, Frazler, Gardner, Gibson, Gol
san, Hall, Haney, Harris, Hathaway, Helden
haln, Henry, Ives, Jackson of St. Mary, Jack
son of Natchitoches, Joffrlon, Jones, Kl"ine
ter, Legendre, Letten, Lucke, Lyons, Maho
ney, Millaudon, Mixon, Morel, Munday, Mo
Cain, McCullough, McDonald, McDowell,
McLeroy, Newsom, Ogden of Bossier Phil
lips, Phipps, Pollard, Pope, Pritchard, uinn,
Richardson, Robertson, Roche, Schneider,
Staiffer, Shepherd, St. Clair, Talton, Varnado,
Vaughan, Verret, Vincent, Voorhies, Weems,
Williams of Terrebonne, Wise, Young of Ibe
rin, Young of St. Landry-80.
Absent-Messrs. Altken, Barry, Baskin,
Deibel, Faulkner, Herring, Kavanagh Kirk,
Lancaster, Landry, Morgan, Pearce, String
fellow, Williams of Morehouse, Yell--15.
The amendment was concurred in.
Mr. Munday moved to reconsider the vote
by which the amendment was concurred in,
and on his own motion the motion to recon
sider was laid upon the table.
On motion of Mr. Ogden, and under a sus
pension of the rules,
Senate bill No. 208,
An act requiring police juries throughout
the State and the municipal authorities of
the city of New Orleans to provide necessary
buildings and requisite furniture for the
holding of sessions of court, justices of the
peace excepted; to provide the necessary
buildings, offices and furniture for the respec
tive officers of said court; to provide the neces
sary offices, furniture, fuel and gas required
by the recorder of mortgages, register of
conveyances, criminal and civil sheriffs,
clerks of courts and constables in the city of
New Orleans,
Was taken up on third reading.
The bill was read in full.
The yeas and nays on the final passage of
the bill resulted as follows:
Yea--Mesesrs. Archer, Atkins, Bllin, Bu
chanan, Bulger, Bulow, Butler, Cade, Car
ron, Cayolle, Cosgrove, Crain, Curley. David
son, Devereaux, Dickerson, Dillard, Duden
hefer, Essex, Farmer, Feazel, Franz, Frazier,
Gibson, Golsan, Hall, Haney, Harris, Hatha
way, Heldenhain, Henry. Ives, Jackson of St.
Mary, Jackson of Natchitoches, Joffrion,
Jones, Kirk, Kleinpeter, Lancaster, Leendre,
Letten, Lucke, Lyons, MiUlla 1Mhiron,
Morel, Morgan, Munday, Mcatn, MaCal
lough, McDonald, MDowll, Lero ,New
4om, Ogdea m 9 BOulde, Philligp, z'.aipps
der, 8hev pord, tt. Cflair, 'toi
Vaubhan incent Voorhies, ee
Young o Iberia,1oung of t. La
Nays--Messrs. Allain, Yerret-2.
Absent-Messrs. Altken, Artstr
ry, Banklo, Ieibel Faulkner (adno
ring, Kavanagh, rtindry, Mahoney
Pollard Roberteon, Roohe, Shalff5
fellow, Vklliamrn of Terrebonne, W i
Morehouse, Yell-20.
And the bill finally passed.
The title was read and adopted.
Mr. Ogden moved to reconsider tht V V0o !
which the bill was finally passed, and oil N
own motion the motion to reconsider we
upon the table.
The following message was reoelved
the Senate:
New Orleans 10.l a1 i-i
To the Sneaker antd Members of the Hotet.
I am directed to inform your
body that the Senate has concurred li
House bill No. 281,
An act to regulate the system of
the port of New Orleans; to am
laws relating thereto; to define the qua
tlonts requlred of pilots, and to
first section of act No. 611, "An set to
and re-enact section 2708 of the
Statutes," etc. approved Aoril 18, I
also to define the duties of the
House bill No. 51,
An act to provide the neoeesary "
for the various judicial and other earS
the parish of Orleans.
House bill No. 185,
Joint Resolution, asking for an a
tion by Congress for the purpose
the Amite river, from ThompsonC'.
Its mouth, navigable for flatboa
boats, for rafting logs, etc., wit . .
faiolitating commerce in the Floti
lshes of Loulsiana.
House bill No. 211,
An act to assign the clerks of tti
courts of the city of New Orleansl
the general election on the second of
her 1879, unrder the provisions of the
tution of 1879 and prescribl the .
Respectfully, OHNL
Secretary of the
On motion or Mr. Buchanan, and tld,
suspension of the rules,
Senate bill No. 179,
An act relative to the milltl of the I
and to fix the term of service theraln, Se
the Louisiana National Guard,
Was taken up on third reading.
The bill was read In full.
The yeas and nays on the final pmB i,
the bill resulted as follows:
Yeas-Messrs. Archer Atkins. B
chanan, Bulger, Bulow, butler, de.ie,
Cayolle, osgrove, Crain, Delbel,
Dllard, Essex, Farmer, Fealel,
son, Golsan, Hall, Haneyl Hataiws
enhain, Ives, Jofldonl Kirk El
caster, Legendre Letten, Lill
Mahoney, illaudot MroM
Monday, McCain, ioOullouth,
McLeroy, Newsom, Phillips, ,
Quin, Richardson, Bohnelder,
ton, 4aughan, Vincent, Voor -
Wise, Young of St. Landry- .
Nays-Messrs. Allain, Ourley.
Dickerson, Frazier, Hleny, d
Mary, Phipps, Pollard, Rohe, VOr
Young of Iberia-lS.
Absent-Messrs. Altken Ar
Baskin, Dudeuhefer, Faulkner G
ris, Herring, Jackson of Nate
Kavanagh Landry MoDon&
Bossier Pearce, .iobert b,
Clair, trln fellow, V Wd
Morehouse, Wllliame of Terr
And the bill was finally paseed.
The title was read and adopted.
Mr. Buchanan moved to reaonsidl..
vote by which the bill was flluW .pegr .
on his own motion the motion to
was laid on the table.
RJonT OF coraiqOcn ooMM1ftlf 0o1
A'T BILL NO. 110.
Mr. Ogden, ehairman, on behalf of thei
ference committee on Benate bill MNo.
ported as follows:
NEW OaRUlAxn, April 10,
To the SpBeaker and Members of the
Your committee on conferea.e
bill No. 110 beg leave to report
have failed to agree with the
mittee, and recommend that the
here to its amendments.
J. H, +mlg,. #+.
Mr. Ogden moved that the Hou.e
its amendments.
The roll was called, with the f,9u
Yea-Melsrs. Bulge, Bulow Oay
grove, Crain, Davidson, Dillard,
Faulkner, Gardner, Hall Haney,
Heidenhain, Jackson of At. Mary, J
Natchitoches, Jones Luck y
Morgan, Munday, MOcCan, O d
Pearce, Robertson Schneider, t,
Vaughan. Weems Wise, Young of
Nays-Yteeers. litken Archer, A
Hiu, Buchanan, Butler, bade, 0ar.o.
Deibel, Devereaux, Dickerson, Rses,
Feazel, Gibson, Golsan, Ivee, Kir
ter, Legendre, Letten Mahoney,
Morel, McCullough. McDona ldM
McLeroy, Newsom, Phillips, Phlpp.,
Pope, Pritchard, Richardson,
Shepherd, Talton, Varnado V erret.V
Voorhies, Williams of Terro
Young of St. Landry--47.
Absent-Meeesrs. Allain Armstrong,
Baskin, Franz, Frazier, arris, Henry,
ring, Jofirion, Kavanagh, Lancaster
Quinn, Stringfellow, Williams of
The motion to adhere to the am
was not agreed to.
To the Speaker and Members of the Noug
Your Committee on Olaims to whoml
referred the memorial of J. B. Mos
leave to report:
That the extinguishers and apparatus
in the State-House, and it is shown tha
payment has ever been made for theBm
upon them. Your committee further
that the memorlalist, J. B. M o is
transferee and present owner of the
chines, and they can find no c0n
which they were purchased bm the State
for the State and they submit the
Concurrent Aesolution ordering the
of the extinguishers and other app.atus
Mr. Moore.
Respectfully submitted,
R. C. ORAIN, OarasaW,,
The report was adopted.
The Concurrent Resolution, as follows
Be it Resolved bu the General As
That the Babcock Fire rExti
other apparatus therewitn
present in the State House, be returne W
B. Moore, of New Orleans,
Was taken up under a suspension ci
The Concurrent Resolution was adopted
On motion of Mr. Richardson, and under `
suspension of the rules,
Senate bill No. 204,
An act to amend and re-ensctsectilus 6S,,
684, 689, 692 and 698 of the Revised StatauiS0 -
with reference to corporations for 0worge. 1 :
public improvement,
Was taken up on third reading.
The bill was read in full.
The yeas and nays on the final pa.ssge..
the bill resulted as follows:
Yeas-Messrs. Archer Atkins Bilin,.Bu
chanan, Bulger Bulow, untler, Glctiea
Cgrove, Cram, ur D
Devereauxn Dllar, Dudeh
zel, Franz, prarer,
Ho , irk,
tS Letet Lyos
Ie:· ~h,

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