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The New Orleans daily Democrat. (New Orleans, La.) 1877-1880, April 20, 1880, Image 1

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Rmg&,Iwe Mt th~kt
The 'ondltion of thel Crops in the
Country Below the (.Cifly.
Items of Interest Conoerning Flood
and Field.
With a view toward psnerltainin the condl
t ion of affairs in the fertile roiton of country
betweon this oilty and the months. of the river.
the Dktsoi:nAT on Saturday dispatched a rerl'n.
sentative to report lthe atri'ultullral 'conditon of
our lower lRilr.shoe; to notel the enortoaohment
of the present flood of the Mississiipp upon the
fields of the sugar and Ice planters. and to in
L stigt atio to the stale of the several channels
Of comnmer.v which afford the Iraiok for our
home and fornian ocean trade.
The Dl)cMOirAT comlmipstloiner. in cornillltny
with a corroltiondent of the Cincinlnatl '1w:.
er.ia, a member of the ediltorial staff of the
N. 0. .7.mr. anld an amateur iournalit of
r neo note. left this itty at a p. nm. on the iday
designated. on the low preasure coast steamer
Martha, comrnlndedrt by Oslt. W. S Itweet.
Furtherlthlan th i closed up Blay rovwluns.
about six miles below the itly. there wuas
nothing to attract the ee t beyond common
place matters before dark on Siaturday. save
t he extraordtlnary beauty of that day's sunset.
Which seemed p irtlcularly to %waken the in.
atiatlion of the Northern journalist who. ovl
deatlr unaccustomnet to sucll eot;cts of light
and shadow as float in the soft skits of South
ern Louisiana toward the close of day at this
season gf the year, garced upon the ovanesconce
of our solar alorl a with such an apparent
original interest as one would expect from a
rsas ported South Sea Islander.l for the first
me watching the weir ligaht of the aurora
Darkness and fog thereafter shut out the
I ltht, and with it Interesting sights until the
arrival of the steamer, at I a. m. Sunday. at the
site of the St. Sophie crevasse. where she dis
charged a cargo of lumber furnished by the
State to repair and aid In rebuilding the broken
This crevasse. which occurred on the slx
teenth instant., broke the levee on the east bank
tf the river, thirty-six miles below the city. Its
dimensions were: Width, about forty feet. and
depth four feet. It is situated half a mile below
the great Poverty Point erevasse of 1871. which
was nearly 1oee feet wide, and which was not
stopped by the State enaineers until the river
-e1l that year, in the early part of May. after
t.~reakinuq of the Bonnet Carre levee above.
The sugar Vlantatons chiefly endangered by
s. La revaseo are the Mon Secours. whose crop
S t by Brsh & Levert. of this oitt. and
the Hiarlem place, owned by Oapt. E Smith.
late tax collector of Plaquemines parish. The
two pisee produced last 1year nearly 1.,00.000
pounds of auar. o.0s0 gallone of molasses and
OU srresofriee. The intervening country
ween these two places subt eted to overfl >w
Sowned princIpally by thrifty and in
dustry us negro f,.rmirs. who have paid
for their lands and produce annually
several thous.ad barrels of rite. (These farm
ers alan tfarLs a valuable labor contingent to
- the a1i ts ut ugar plantalione in the rolltnt
seas) 0 SO aturday nighbt the forces of Har
lem and Mon 8soours with the aid of the
colored tveshold -r deeasated, had succeeded
It l ondaymornolgo the Crevasse was almost
qfestusadi 4, th treared work will
hlnvn ItMttt ittn hfrtln mthiC n trnttlt, itilnnt$I li
hhah nt1't t wIllti n', vo'AItrt'tI, wihtl,. )!ipw tht
wavRme (t1RInIPt t|1. brlotkanl Iqvn0. shatthll havl
tleoJ(iR) h.! th( cUtIRIJP p 1' wrk.
'hJi I't tt'-tl hI i Pt1I'I 'rnvt.p,. . , Iotrty hlrun
allop Ihq,,w the ,,1'.. the !I e . t h.!nk of the
LVrt,. wn"e ',",n"1 Ii,'tPit Fntt1ttdl y IiIfaht. Th" ,
Mi.!,o E!11Inl,,r ,]o rtIvImentll.1 lhiv 'I II nonompt I
Plgoke fo~r 9(1nd1 heaeF tol that p)OJttit Hdn M lntitd
tIaiht I in dIlhlhtllt , h 'Wivr. If thiPy will hi
(L rlh~i n amalll !brok your~terd hi thll I.vo0
of !Ir ta i..l.nlle plal, tatihn, ownoel by ,Thn
fl .t ttlt , • t iIl i, l ''tI r1 - 1t 1rt nit' Pp
I invutiti. Fl.' whitj' tlin't in tiplrty-thrnn miuiet
l,,Ilw P lh' P lt , Witt' h'Rr l llt Itt' tt'irr I,.. 'itpiu -
W itt n-T.. nt1t'1t o i'tttlt~"P h ithtim ttII t1. itt llh t11'
lirlll.= cir1.1. ,11IRm 1.1rr . allr l! 1111111 W l1r,
M t'lutu' liih " ltmvt't' thirty aIf "tlhle ' i I vr Telh
('Ply. II Wna PwIlr~~y feiPI wliit'ttttti nin fent dRti'-
tnruIT' tI1RIn Pit" Hll tr otRtrrt'rvlnn titnr it
ituiun rit h wrinn nttltht Ipr t high w Iirtnr't
h '1'119P nr'l, t f t ~ttP l'attr hyt tan imtllkl tiPpa
pwVllh llttlr htt fl t nt illt tll rnd. nftl vn'n b".
,w ittl 'Ity. lnnvr h h rin Ph r'ii t wth.rt thl
httlty. IPt" w.ti|r lviii itt 11t'n" 111tt11 flt.n Yin.
Itr. ti ha1t hlIpt th e nttlrtl Witt wtt." ften'uti I tyli' h
ltlhtat rh1n tin l imqlltt 1 t otin tl, hir I trt th'it.
T hil b ,lt mk tt i l it' ttti' ' Pitth ilt inl't
'|'IIO\r' AII.RI" pl~alh Ivl rl, .H 11.I'I..1. ),r Itl~cl t
t~lllptn, · flit HIllnll.a11., ctll1111 lh.|~ p Ip P, Ihz I (,
I~l -tt''- ti'tititiO W i tt tPlt lV 'ttut li',di t'
littrlt-n titi.iti y ot n Ilit in rtli II ,tl i Im in witr , inr..
trh nbilt i t nt llllnrtlii' i)t dt 1 The u hi t 0tt t I1t Iha .
113or I, ft I w,1atur.nw hi th n nra It III Rt t hl
thr tua. tin tlil th 1111ou l i ,r thir toptPr Y"int MIt
(IDl'lll.ll l~llll II |in)1Tt('T hll P. -11( llm .111.
too~ le 9h~i fl noth windl~'~ wasi~ feAre by7 thY (
111,=i. li, u1 1. .,1.lP I,. r Ih111/( ,d" I? llllm l rK alalo'
platerl,.qn nI.I il 11n 1 th |. t I.ll iW.l r n r. 'lrhn 9i
f lhr h w t b rII llk ll/ Io 1 u I11
The)ll muste (ro its thu aC~rish of Phon-· 0
t lu m. s ltrlir. Dl,,,.r, an,) !n. trh inh ,., whl, lf
Orinate. giv PRoopine ofI hostsn~R)( \ttran lrlJHlinr~l
,l'l. I~lt h n h IUII, ,'I 4 ..T 1Ion 1 rI1 1. lollf ,,IcTn Ulo l.
pahnes elilnt 101,asaarydh h lo nta s
h o ,in .v 'el'h~l i o-,~ r Ith1e ctru m t,
tonr I~vanonmn than iturl has 11 hon Mn the worv. th
,1l*! .'f1 1 .,.I b' ll, 9111 R I,IH P h,11.r,,, ll l ,, t, l., llIte 11,1
elql~pli' ( RV I tt/ l l' 110 l~ l· I110 I I ,~r rll11l!n I'!p
a11 ( , lnd 1lrta ur -l ,|) ad llv n 1. l' n11 g t llha ofany l a
prov'ing Z1n . oc tho n n t wn ty years w Tl.hl
al t T I(I 'n IkolyIIII |II p n h l llol r f lr00
111 I l) lr R llqlir ~,.f lln ll.'.l'q |" NIII111o~ llPP R~n.
JlRP I Ii q.1111 1111"1 Irl1vr"l ,I¥1. lh III.I1P I'iiIII 11fllm!
quw0,1 ila Ap Ip1,td n IIo 1- 0'" Illal ,.r t\, 7I (l'
o Lro p . 11 1 sta wlt l I ! rr b in p u IIelV l IT.Y wor 1,1
, soo n no M n r ,t ~l n t," rr ve l P intl tlen Wl oodll !'.
()yn] 1111 ,II'.11 I.1RlIP,Rl.' I.W(lII.'r 111111 f~~lr'l
will lol.ll IIbI l lh e shorl e IIh]' II h.olpl holl Id
;in (0 000 I lll II pll'rp. ll| P. , ll l ,.r
iit lltll nl '(mlrr r I 'tll 1 In,,.io A , K;llioc I1111| (nr lon
P llllt'. l .[ l h Filllr I',111 11.. tllllF t.4|'] P -II I ·.lh 'ilih HI ILll
the . pa l ollf .lo lllll1 r rllr In y . w 1 ll y l
ctldll i nhll ,l llnll ..l, tl.ll sl rin. fllf lra1 llll l of mall
tia I.hen ,'o Ip . :on ' Thi mll!, "+rh inywll Islmn
1I'"ll O e ~ol\ of ntn HatRole of rough don,
'rlm a n.hlo wIII th| (.'~ov rnes'" i n tI= hly nli p !Iblhly
p~lglPr .11Il,. IIIII| ,lshla, lhll llb.,l¢ lr I n~ c o1.!1't
de tIm T. . s i pP l 1.tu i I! in p n h sh111o] y11oI didhal.. tl
M u[~thonr (ot was pool dl.r ,ii tlhW 0111overhl
piph m)l etl s oftolnv1 (ol ,vlr th, w1111- ont, r ti h .1
(Ill a I-th ¢ w ~r ly 1 fonnt ,H ll w Rkt r , h
I'owelr hof l'i€ ofI f ni tyatletio d iler ,
usioolllr th.l., attyh ll 4a 0 an oel l h fl,11hb of lllo
I1nl h. 1d111 slll , on1th lhh awa1nI lllinlg mlo1. in
anImpso ',0 . t th" W haft, nai nH.H.I p"o!ult in,1.
:1rhl0 ,ntosvnn, tlrop. gran111 a, tlomlpa qu tirn of~
11 litri mor thath. .109P01, Af stnw im,.tP'k.n
"tie OlrlTllr 11,. t -
'relprinug for the New York Ulonocratic
Convention What, thi (onvou
tion Will T)o.
tlnIAh'u n. N. V., April 10. 'thorn Is I votIy
larTn ,ut rtion [of h iSl.i n oollyVtlitl tion aImaady
hero'. Thn T h ain o, mtllell orn I114 . t Ul'rnl ato1n,!
.ioohln to bn tempotrnry Qhlairman. Th'e dnI
galtlon to (tinlninatl will tn pnilectnd1 from Iho
ol.IurtlleiPPSiotl litriCts. The follr dnlgIantnN at
laren will Ib eletoo'd by thin nonovntion. Thln
gno ontlled fratud of 14711 will In dlnlnouned. the
ladminllltrat!on of G(lv IlthinroI n notpl'Ovedl. Aiid
the ro Iolution in favor of the two-thlrds rule
in the (Olinotnatli onvoution will he R.,lopted;
lano a rlepointio that lhn dI'ologttll I vote as iA
t11111 in th1e lonvutioln, Thn 1talk of thorn hbonlg
i large number Iof atit-Tl'lldon delgltOsp d11411
1ot nIltDnar to 1bn Allslt.inl by nRaloaranlnI10 to
'OIT1ICA 1. NO1Ite,
it In reporlted that the l)nmoorn'aov of h
V.Fourth (lolugrsslotal )11st rlIet will havo tlundor
nIslolldratIln the nIame ll th Mll. following well
know, gentlmento for tho onatoiagr onll nnoli.
IIntlon from that dillr I lol l ,. J. It lnlm. of1
t I ,,to ; lion. Iwlws r'1xila. of its hldos 11 11.
.tan..1sTri-,of Raph]y¢: Mion. Newton it]nanBh
lrd1l. of (lcadl ; liont , . .1 (Illtnllllllln latnl. of
Na.tlhlorhn: lhon. J. II. Oncgrvn. of Natbhi.
Thl lifo of Ia l,oulnann ihglshttor Is not it
lIt(tpy otto, tpotohllly when oann hullndlrd
in'hom1n111is loaer In aI body tll n:l.+k for tlheIr
loln deferrod salarlos. (0iullOllllt inn t I O lol'e'
Ingl rst ll pa ny that he Is stIll for ltla tin.
f x (it v. F.'eot.I MoMllon. of Virginia. hlas
onlled io o nt'oo111:,.k R'tal~ (1\.%nt.ion. . to moot
in $aloh1m Oi ltlonday. May lo.
The Knoxvillo I'hronwlthIl llIks th. Tennnsosn
dloigalton to (I n1111 will h 1 divhld beotwoBn
Grant and latino, with Mhbolrnlan at tihe tall
Tho Indiana Woman NulTr,ego A.looe,.tilon
will 1oi1 its l w ntlW l th alnlu l mnl t.. inu In dl
nnlllitllll on Tllesdllay unl1 WVodnzndaly. twoutly
eroIlth and twenty-t."hth Instant.
G(n1. Haltnnon. HIalo Auditor refIuss 1o obe
.vtnldhdato for th1o Dlnlmoorlnt llh. goratorhil
homl inttilon in ldtatlll., and wll l llblslbls It
renominatel.d for tho offlth now hold by 11hi1.
Prof. Hieooly. eolltd lnllgato at largao to tll
i (lhnlgo Oonvntllon in Mss1aoihulotts. it oil0 h1
rocortha ththat iays gobblod ihe Presildeny by
fraud. As i momlbr of the Ilonuo In 11177 he
voted to rej,~t the vote of Louisiana.
Repr4entativ Belford. of Colorado. writes
Shomnl that he rogards (Ion. (Grant's nomlnatllon
as a foregone oontlulsion. an he Urges that, as
Colorado was the first Statl,oto take potlItlon au
thorltailvely through the 11aolll of tho State
hooticlnIto 10 I1 Dvoomh.r last In fav,r of Grant.
It shall indorse1 that action i, Its coming con
A well-luformod politiclan who Is familiar
with Ith o.eratIons of the third-terimnrs. in
forms the Chteago Tin's that it was arranged
1 last winter betwIae thOtlGranttte In Virglnlia
and Mahone, the Ilepudlator.that a Grant dlo
gatlon to ChIcago should be elected in that
14tate. The bargain bhtween the parties was
that if the Grant men would sulport Mahone
In his asnatorial canvas., hbe would assist th,.n
to carry the Republltan convention. Both sides
I did as agreed. and Mahone Is SBnator eleit and
r teo thlrd-termers have a delegation after their
own heart.
Entry of Horses in the Nashville Races.
NAsavtu,La. April 19.-A large number of
horses belonging to leading stables have arrived
h1 ere to take part in the races, which begin
1 Baturday.
STonorTo. Ont.. April 19.-Only Hanlon and
Courtney will take part in the race at Washing
Pnovr.ceE. April 19.-Providenoe 13, Brown
SUniversitys s.!
A San Antonie waInrwe.
I SAB ANToNIO, April 19.-Oppeabelmer &
C, an old and well establlshed wholesale
dry goods houge ried to-day. Ilablulttes
I $x000; amee, 16.000.
T r ir r iIt º1 A re k td ', t, , A I1t·ntl e n de W i tbi
i'May Iah ltli I41W i
9t Lnrge· PorttIlfl of the 1Town mlown I
Down send the D1etwl ThIRII 'rnkwe
Fire- More Than Fortpy Per
cone Killed andl Two hiun
tired Wotinrled.
Hr. lriuuR, AprII 1I5.- l'naanngore a wollo pjaool
tlhtroil, NI nrehtlold, on tln H11. (I ilo Roill
Han Frain iano t iallroallI. at ;:lll ta t llrkll"
glv4a tiow f -l neteooiortlolo the I orrihdo dIIF4RO
ter wthith loPOnrI il tholn yo'otorlny, A noan
who (,anon to the dtojoot at thos 41114n af town
wllilfo 1n htyinwIl tRR therp. tiporlodl IIRIa nt
(::tl o'Flook a VIrloonn hurt li'qoon eroqt thio
pInIa n Rtld levolld al o at 1 Io 1t p iot I ~if II$ o tiown
lvlolg wOt. of tI n.tral HqimtIR.' El it. to the
Porail ,inRii( aitoil1,1) the II stltto ('iool ho' anon of
041t1110 halit 41147404 joltt" hy Ibty.' t ll4i400i iIeilo o
th4e trpol]t. [ tF y i lotalil hI iitlnoo toI,4 ii'i' ilnti
nuit Rtilt Itoily 01014'n WollO 44414tl4444 to ho
tiott'Iil lo th Duo tub or holropit op. llioi n worni
Matl SOninny lving ull 1 itt loottio In to tlo
(Inl · Hn of the lulling hulllilitil1'1 11n. All the p hy-,
n.lutaoliof I ho Iewo wet-4 kIt lot. i.,f pt I wi
til I tio or wrO gloint. roil oii oi'Ir I'n to IItiii
thle woudio't' of whomt It, lo oaitl thump w.'lo
two hlolitt'of M A rnltof I.l l, 111 wIt t Iwot y
1111v n in in n a u n i ' Rn i e u , m ul ot fu ll t f piiii) ih i o.
1 .11" Hpt)1 .lligli VN I'o.., title mIIii'i g t . fl I> .Nlo 'I -
Itolit, witil gittiilithy fit lint'I trloti wiil t R I vP
lrortoof niif' Hnd I fiiV rhci h10 il nR itiiRln to
11tIORIIV RIIITO 7 iOI~nk ItiiifMO cvrlnt iitrI 144M oIjio
g irnll wlrioi RI" RlI pol4tnIlt 110 RilViiiiR
h RIO I oi' Alo ol AI 'i , lrI il'llt' t'ii '('tnor l '.rit } - R
Ii 4lpRli'l huwlol
Hr. LI 4l4, A olil 19 . A Ii'4' lIII c fiori
Hpltingtlotil. viR \lwtoiindRi limipco tty (!III.o
I.W. liigIRa. 1401i0 II 1iR14igiI} of 0h Ht' -,
I ltIlI RIIId 81 FHraIiotnun¶ii Ro111 n'R aI, aRVR R
thlomrlniMn alnnlel l Row gti'Ot\ P111113 1410 Hlliii RIO'
tIlORndlliop f. 'ntouk ant" nvI ling, lining fin
twtne 1nun Rill elu WIT't of d IaII ikn n'crl IitL t a
oIeloo It~ih~li0 i plio fNlillo 'i~ltl o, ,min thiM liiire
pRIltedil atten ft"a' itO h 11,14 live I RI I I 4llu ill o
HRtulil Id RR0l'foiil II grea mile}t plon iit rel~l
I illlItt nllll flo Ntittivtown. Ouiltl 1101 tolic W
arif Nctee t rlollnl tla I t mloonk. plill mp ttmio
Ifi t to a I tctl' l ri' lYLii t p Ir llltr n ill o l''lnitif
(·Jmt'llbtlol frm Nrtvln A-vn iin w'
tIi ecc~r'uolcta~.t~ Ii111ip l','toL IwIlt itounr I iiffRh
olf iI3tI llt l to IVoitin I . '1144r InWt, 'If 'Ni Rt-lolotr
ti toot Ii 10111 lltilII'1 lorlit 111to,4 (v'141,4 I il OR fR
I hnrilltttil tiRl hjitfapol pi'll lwutnl e1414 al ~i' 't1
v1 hoo-t Iwl)1li tnaIi', tl.t'l; lawn ,in Ilifbnil
Wte d,'onoll 111 o io a elllv athe rf.'
A Irillof tr~lo Wicl acoot fri 111 I inhirllo 1.11,
Mht1utloltlti RoLon tIlfnIl to to 0 l'nil og w 11t.1
an~llit I li 110 19411 tilR 1 411 rn' lii iliilo7n il n e Rill i
flthrg R thf J'll410 Ir.' ii iLlltg Roof olluo
''I RIO~l( 4100 Rl44 Il1,'l RtImt RIfI~iI 'ltll rl~ ioll ith
nloh~llI o oumi'. 'roin lthrillo of Irlllolktliii I Rill
te ntiiro nrcu r ,potti' IIIRI IltIou tlv tof dpot on.
R) itlit, tll 14 tiioi Ri1IllIe tin'Ot o f npilgttniitil. I ti
A rn~llt t1r1IRinI wa lii, uot fVimlinmot Ii(litno lIl
It· of ltu(c ltil. wRt d btigt IvlhiJ orol, mo t.In twiti
" nloot itvty i)iR' not. tiiolltt v'rplsio I.
toll supply f provtaiiin . i=,Io "111g awl lnnilt
'1"111;0 Iqoll Il'Ilr. Ill' 'I'1!ii,'4 Ti INAiIII.
i'T. 1,4(T 14, April 19. A 1 ('i141I th Ih Pita.
li.pItuctlh from I baoll a llll ll alys: 'Th'i I ol'r ll h,
whilh o l noillIr4 a1'h fo'Irful liviio ailt MarIlh
HIlld i4l, 11 hl,night, pI 144 throI4(1gh (1r'ralln and
'W1 t 1'tor I''l u ti'l, Vollowing I t l IL111ll4 l'll4(14 lit
Jano1111 I'V4 e l I ili l t l1411 thll'l l dirll'o .ll.Io . It 1
Itro4'k ,t Ili( St. 10 114t1i 14 1lll ll I'Franli'" o 11 n tall
r'ad ll fol Oll" pillo', and tll lft Itl", ln 1 Fr lallnk
H tllItt llIll!on. 11 mt ii Ih li 11h ' .l .of M 'rnh. llldl.
'e'1lt' l Iat .lr pli'o ii14l il 11144I. 14in TII(I I' tlo 1(or1 -
all(Nl, ti.44hol'4 Ii t, l illng 111 r10 r ,lut1(11 a 1sll 1r
No li lI(.5 1 1 nt.ate,14 1 11 iho 41h 11( l '. Th'lio i tl
/14lrH14 144144 Imlli l. other hl ilhl4 l o too1 4 IlllllIh'o1r , t(i
itol' et'll to w 41 (If i, t il 111 , 1 ill4dre fll 1 (1ht1'Ia'tor
No doinWtll4' lth4i r4'14tit 4l1)h4h4141 .1 v o 44.i lo lI
The fo44 (4 1 o14 14f twind Ilfl.H4I It , 1 4'. 4 1irl' y outr
of thoigrlnd, tand tl141grl1ph pl01h o tlld wirlo
won llr 'tl4 TI'i1 h1,1 'W4i onl of 'll( a 41. o (1 h wiood l4 '
1and thl1d l liHnot.td 11ong Iii'I II i hnh i
trioo, a. th thlIt lihy wor1 ('l4 1ti l 111 strings.
Ev'iryth nin i1MSi4 llo I' lolng (h loni t1 o 111111t I
1ani 4 n4 1 e4olIou ll4ndod, not, n111,ll at Mar.s
ilnhi honat othl'l pla4t. I'hy.lh ian1l Ihroll h
out the' 8 iou.. ly ll 4O fIo(Iitng to the11 pol. 1
lmost4d Iij1'441l ld a ht ii 4 all t 11 y I '1 to Ia llo- a
vto h1.11o sulll'' ring. h tor4 Wollt froml
,plinglh4d to .lln41141 1Z4vor Iount 4(1 iix go
1otl, Asi4 wll Ah ilt Mar4llht. 114nerI(4'o of
kinld-hoartri4 pIl opl9 IIIvt volunt1,1r1d 1i4
nu4s4':1. (I11a t. lo gOr4l', .9011.rs I lrli li 1gor of
thli ll t. l,111 111n S llu ' an4t' I14'4,11' Italil4rol, 1is
solt1nding spe'alt tit'gtlni with i'oih't w11oe11lver
lgood c ll t , 'ril) d all 1Ie NIn. InVl' y
CIi1AHIAO, April 19. A vpl4iya l 4to t 4he News1
loanol ttallIy destr'oyd by i111' and 1llrn.
ie-venty-liv poro loul wore killed and 21!l)
wounded. The toltgraplh wil's are all down.
night, doing consltderable damniago to propr
ty, both in this city Iand ii 1ilghb1orig
tolwns. Thi's morning oilghty-oni wires of the
Western Union Telegraph Colnp{ Ally were
down and ciommunicatiohn (.lt off in almost
overy dlirecton; The weath'r Is now turn
ing cold and threatens snow.
ClII'A(oO, April 19.-A spelcal to the Timen
from various points show that the storm of
last night was very general and disastrous
throughout Illinois. The mercury fell fifty
four degrees In ten hours. Two cyclones
passed over Davis county, Iowa, last night.,
from southwest to northeast. One passed
through the town of Stiles, twelve mlets
south of Bloomfield. It lefta path of destruc
tion about twenty miles long, and varying
from fifty to 300 yards wide, and was accom
panied by terrific thunder and lightning,
eavy hall, and great floods of rain. The
other passed four miles north of Bloomfiteld,
and its tract was marked with the same scene
of destruction. No loss of life Is reported, but
the loss of property is very great.
MEMI1'IlIs, April 19.-A severe storm swept
over Memphis early this morning. Two
houses in the southern portion of the city
were struck by lightning. At Covington.
forty miles north of Memphis, the court
house was struck by lightning.
OmaoAoo, April 9.-A special to the News
says that at OGey's Oreel, near Jeterso
WIIA hI' WOl R(I.If" ff4)Ilr NMl444f'if l ItlII'2' l ·"~r'
Li'sif'h. Af4 I(, tlii w2ARitllllg t)"Iij, 44 IV~'rf, hi " r4Al i
ppnns4I'4y V wsIIIiII WI~lir f'fi ~grlor' 441141 I 4'2ifj~.1A.ii.
RN(I 4.
Wsn Millsrr Iek N4s tlromn.c f
A ; lro1.'.d44t.ioll for 1.hiR 11lrl'ir
o~f Vic~rblshirg.
W A~RtIN42'f'r~, Apil)/ 1Tf (1p~l, (1Ih~Jr~ir'rP i`t
M144141244411f~f, iit'.iI.' 4114 iriyflf'I4I. 144 flly Iifff44'44
tif' lIIiIMfl Ilffill 114141421 tlllffillI'44C fIiglirl.1 (III U
p 1'44144(41 411i144Ifirllfni.Iili li li'r1 vff AffIII~~ NII fI'
14111· 1'4f1, v''MIbur,)).1,jt4 qcl..l;-v,ifif (i'i'4 iiil 11I
nlfci'44ic ;4~24 ),I iii H(to fur' ,,Iii olf nirv'o, teot
w~liWi'l 144 tr'I al I iiidi'i14i 4921 t. fIfI'n ll 1144 444'
1411,~ 4'IIfi'i4 1441 11121 IrH4R) 14 144f'iii.i Zii il1.12(4
liiil~'~lllfP 144f11'~vr l fi41 i ff 1( rliii ~l.Ii4J'~ I ·I.4'pi.
pr'iIi.RII1.''2 (I/Y 1iI1 ''iii I4'4 I "'I "R 24i4'Ii Al, 1444fII. ff111f
ff1 Ci 'lll.(V' 4l2If I44 NP4'j'·cl l' .!I' iii2lr (~ii flll I lut f
'ffiT~~r I'i'Is 144ltt. ANII AIi~lrl hf' I~ (441 f ti-"'Aif
Ii iii.'a i"4iAi414124f ..rI i'.'1 IfT'r4R NAFf141114 1141
i''I'lf 1 "If Yf'Ar. I.I '2 ffilfif42io biii ' Htln 41ff' 1i414r
1111' Aii'l 11.i fiIh·IIIIliJi.'y f Wil 'i'4ll~fn(t'' li 44',·liff
11144 ifii 'lriiifif'ilrk 1,14441444"4441442'44 II''o 111rta(
NI.1f1 ~l 1'~ ll~l l ~lYI si. I(iili'i'i' 444242 t l .I11444l~ l 14'i-.1)
ftll 'ifril444V 21l( 412~(1~ ff.2.'.l44fll4f Clla~''~u 1441ikf'.'. 4'
11if442l, lif fiifll 1.41 I ''I4~ l 'f lf'f 1.1.114 I 44lRf' rl'2'A:f4
P424.''if4i444if'44 fiii''~ c~lll 4ff4f4i 1c,1214 141141i~iff.2lrl
'14"I if l~f' I·fifllrrl R 1.41 12 l1411'4'.1~ 'NI''lrl'Ip
p1i'l 'I ff,224 r"44 '14'''l''4ll 142-14'. I '4 If.' ~eIfif'II 11 1,2
l'4411.1'4~~~ 12 1 1114'ifl. 41.1114'l112(1 '4' 444ff 1.4 1144~ 44,4If
AIlnIIN'IC ',l'l'lff 'rftif4 N 4'p. I(,I, I
f4 1(I11 if'.''f44 441.f1'441f44144f 11112c~ cl 1.( 21.f4Iff 1"'f 1'()1424
4424 I4ANl'(R~ ~f 14'. I'1411II''4f' 441
114 11lf.444i''1Iillr I 144""t4 4'.V1)
A V!tal from Pensacola Leaking and
Without Provisions.
Io NI.(I. April 1. -The brig Ilamllton
from I'nuarola for T(roon, wasH spoken April
lo. anlld spplliod with provisions. Hiavy
weather prevaleul. T''ho vansel wise ioaklng
and her foremast was sprung.
LONDION. April P1. T'ho steamer Irene
Morris, from Charleston. for Rtoval, has
reachedi a Baltic port. She will discharge
her cargo, part of it having boon damaged by
LONDON, April 10'.-The satamer .lIn Lo
mond, from Now Orleans for lo(uen, put into
Dartmouth with the loss of her foremast and
maintoppmast. She also lost a man over
tboard, and her main hatch, wheel and a boat
were damag(ed.
The Clncinnati Excurslontats at Charles
CnAI..HTCON, 8. C. . rl 19.-The Cincinnatl
excursionists have left ere for Savannah. hav
ing spent two days very pleasantly in Charles
ton. The party arrived Saturday night, having
roeceived a manltesta ion of welcome at all the
towns along tho route. Yesterday the visitors
spent the (lay Inspecting the attractions of the
city. All classes in the community particiated
in their welcome. The forenoon was ems nt in
visiting churches and in driving about the city,
and In the afternoon the visitors or j ,yed a
pleasant trip to Fort Moultrie and the beach of
Sullivan's Island. This morning a grand ex
cursion was given on the stea'nshti Moro
Castle, during which the visitors were the
guests of the Chamber of Commerce and the
cltizsns of Charleston. A banquet was served
In the tain ea'oon, at which speeches were
t made by the mayor of this city.
Sthe president of the Chamber of Com
merce and otherse, which were fittingly
responded to by Messrs. E. P. Raum. t.
F. Covington and Jas. G dexton, of Otnucunatl.
The vessel, after steaming around the harbor.
prooeed-d across the bar agving all on board
B an excellent view of Fort Bumter, the national
jettles and other points of Interest.
The OClninnatl exoarslonlate left this e,ster.
I noon for Bavannah. after soendltn tw days
Svwry pleasarntl IAOharleston.
IHaconMilchih NemtlM n I f Ins BReIilgna
lioi, Whicth is Acc!eptetl.
I.PIg Thhban,, of rIlrmrh. Again Re
portied l)Read Callso Illorkede,! by
the (ihiuin rl~et, Reflr.nl in
J...an An .Mlnglith ]et,acnh
antL (Jut to I'lees in
A fgi.rhanttrn.
Iop.neN, April I!) Itr li'ppip 1e flic d was
givPin sill siinpiinp. bly ithin Q'iun on R, inla.y.
flhl MWI li ! illif Aiiinll hiiry di it l ngo, to, Wind
'ii . IHsce, n11. Iii ilh/ig prtl u'in thl mnorn
ilg., aiiny thi fit, riitit of iLir d }ihpnips
iflilsi ,iiis, viyiw with iih liniiopivn p'in ni irpangPr
lii p npptltir of ii ipli. I u will puk lpninu ssiioiin
.for iiniPpI f V nl !ii (i, i ,llriIisF ti, p iigtlll l Ph ir
l)hCt It. W.. Il(',tlv..ls*. N,,rlnll !,lW~rld. )hn
Ipips. nl rsl ill), Piis aI(ll) iiip p It ll"!ouni s t.·issit wlp .
ppliw tI.v i n i t ilw,,1 n as Pi Wt i lm.lls lr . ti il yii i
liir Isqgutll ll ah d i riil hat. si hi til' u.s , ppii
Itlistp. It w. RIiieiIIIII. N( i R p iiwpl p ' rlthl I
p lc, si pit I.| i "s I c il ir llsll p , istII.i t IPs illl yl.
WA'i issvigns siti iruns ipi fisi imiiyhii tipt ip Pij
P lii liupiopi. itipiss ps k ii ust pisipip indipis tippp Pg
Pip sip r pin arivisl vi lii wipip V iii i(prppvilii,
I ilrt atinllp it ii nW la llp i i iil ip.P tonpi i. ll r
Ni ii wu psi put. tissisuin p-isv e l !i pthi , minlt
iri tniiraiping @iiil A ilensp u
N A ' iAw E ni~opis Ave ii i Advissisp troup
.pp I p Isy p.pt p it r ppll p slpl tl y 'llul il P iR t,~ n lp ll
, vrltlpll p t pll.lljillillllly It Pii lll r Iiu Iii lugi lt rn
iEl p|l y iir I i !iiiur I liI s l pi t il puius i illlu i i ltll
clvlll, ! !!r lllylyl'y l·( , partion hronIn ni. tl r,. I.llsle Iai1
Iiipc of p u rl llilllil.|t .h -iprr ira l tioi fir opsv
ipilipisiry iili si lirmipto eirs i ofsplpu giusit. nupui
ripisui priiipippp proin~iriinpsiig lipi Pht ih p
jpppppnisllgiu pe lluonien ptay Pyiissini Tlipi iii
wholly isippipi. Tlii Vsipoiriun pini blli miin
lirp pppi Ritiisiilly wiiikiiip iipwpri Lihi i'iiiplii
10 lop pitiiritiuniisutur y pris irm piuti pss hy
lii ihopuipiuih frpipip lii'Li isthri, ivipl iiv no V in-iil
P t.inppp iipp pif p lnoioi ng Isiili p op l? li a r isg iui istt ri
ipitlil thpuritii ii Isigs pir l tiuiliupio iii usiii tippiip
p.plisiolis will lip miultlipilissi uvnry wipirnu puuu
it isa itp nisiTiipgi uviiirsppI isp uutitl pihnil lth rouii ii
put, lii' ipipire iii fspislliutssliiih jpsuiplu with
su lpa iprnispIpt y inuslMipipl, hut. Ihusris ii ni liiiis
ipsisl ut ps rulnprssentpiaiviii iovisuptorit for puis
'!TItK El.
c:,oNAT4ATI.utcr,I., April 19. The grlaltet it
anoxlaty pnrvail [a niot ,' tnht rit.nr poll.ry it
oif i',EaglaCitr twarld 'i'lrky. Kltamrrddlatn In
l'.aelha ant Mahmlrllilll I'aituhai haven hn.r fro- w
, pnintly raialotaonl to t'h tli pala~e lat.ely and
mi alltr speoa.tk of isrnaling i.I.iagees in theii
(hlthrinot. 'Thn e a.ttit.lln aof th. governmentt
raep"orting t'he (hrak rieetation a inot roaRanar- W
ltg. Movarall In.w Ihattl,atllion werr lharrintl r
away hy tsteamer luptt week to 8atloniallc and at
I othre are preparing to fto o
IottaNroN, April 19.-'trt lmo ato
pItot,h Ptays" It. In repor'rteld that, KIng
sliled of ParnIll pox arnd ihas baoorm RiaooRled bay l'
''The MaloHla, it pr.1 te h ritlbrit lpriar.arlnd.
'li.h o port r lp I i onlr'liri'nlhlt, h al, i the s ali
rpx Ia ratinllgl at. Mandralay thn dleath of thi
(ilng lra not imlproailola. T'l'h Ti'irlr' corro- w
aponidet tl hinks th. repoIrtat of the mllla.sacre.
at Mandalay are trulte. a
IhtllMtv, April 19. A qnt.Lttshr dlprpat~h ra- a
Ipa..rt that t h a llnrs ar.lla part of tilrhn Irl- al
tmrntath ILouirlatrrnt have howrs mttainnrld bta
yonl qal.tl.ath by a hanlId of l'athnla Irati re
tt.llher' . It. I frtread that, thel coati m ltl icratilolt IA
withll Qaunt.ah will Io ilt fIT. Thrn broad le
two'an it (.tlat.alh land Ilrlnlatahr i. blraIkaded
Ianil Lih ttlograpll wire nlt by theL I'atthal~la.
IlINIoN, April 1'. A dilpatih fronu lIPrlin
rI tI.o Tim,'i Rays: "'ll the It-i·nhsttalg l t ah bil!
ahboliRhlrg the thl dutally on Ilx tal ad other
1 vogatabnle flitars, exantpt, ralttan, lIat latten roadl
a third then."
ItU I A.
r H. . I' u'.itratusl llalr, April 19. L'rlne.o (lorft
tihtkott was. fra fraroll favtr latr, nighlt, andtl
ti11 general tt i aritatli Ito Irn Impraovad.
NE w Yout,K, April 19. Adlvihc from Callao
" Ita'lt that, lihe Chlillani blckaded that prart
with lx llpH oil t p h sevrnllth 'of April.
M. Mario Iaonautiior, autthor and publiher, I
l de Ial.
Juries in the Federal Oourts- The Geneva (
Award Bill A Large Batch of
Bills Presented in the I
House. I
a -
t WArrIITNT'roN, Ap rll 19. H'"nat..--Mr. l)avis,
, of Illinois, from the Commttltt'to on the ,Iaudi
Y clary,reportcxl a bill tot provldethat whenever
the circuit anad distrlot courts of the Unltarli
States are held at thea same time and place,
- there shall tbra but one grand and petit jury
,o summoned to attend satid courta at one and
(i thet same time. It provldes that the
r- juries summoned for one court may terve In
Lt the other, but either court may summon seav
eral panels if necessary. The bill was read a
third time and paieatl. I
1* Mr. Wallace, from the select committee to a
Inquire into the alleged frauds in the late I
ti eluotion, submitted a report on the proven
a. tion of the enjoyment of the elective fran
s. chise by threats of deprivation of work.
ag Mr. Maxey, from the Judiciary Coimmittee,
te reported adversely on the bill for the relief of a
re the State National Bank of Louisiana. 1
i Placed on the calendar.
ad On motion of Mr. Cameron, of Penneylva- i
nia, the Senate agreed to lay aside all pend
ing and prior orders, and take up his joint a
of resolution for a commiselon to consider and
x- report what legislation is needed for the bet
ro ter regulation of commerce between the
he States.
sd There was some discussion on this bill, but
re boeore any anal action had b.en taken upon
it the morning hour expired, and the Senate
n. resumed consideratiou of the Geneva award
'a bill.
i. Mr. Carpenter continued his speech in sup
ti. port of the comitrtee bill, and reviewed the
r)r arguments of Mr. Blaine, and others, In op
rd poitionto the pay rumnt of underwriters. He
was followed ~¥y Mr. Btaina, who again at
tacked the bill and its defenaderg,
After a long running leate between
'y Mease Blatae and Carpenter, in the course
f whtili loti IntiIulent tot a eorictide abP3 #
13+mt Itt siharp itritaiinalltl w, the Renate at Sl
Alotrtn. -(rulnr tiittBalI of St1,ates the follow"l
log wr ntrn rlttlrtttir1n Anil rttfrretil
I; Mr.ilnltrert.tt? Alitt.. -PrtjovlddinttljU t
~lit' i'rlrI-IP';l of the IHitflate ehali eui m .t
tlhl Manate anti ii min whin wamemblied
mi!iI.t trip voles e ?tt 'rotmitlerl'a , arid Vloe Prr.
dentl, all pa(;kagne purportling to noutnP1
nlntjtorq Ivote tntt
fly Mr. Mantutotl.o? Amlattttra lhronatingpt b
lit' iatttltt to HIaLne anti '1'erJitstltitw hljh ptbf .
vlium iillu'gne for glr'ls,
fly Mr. K tong, if1t? I ei~uana--. ruviding fm~.
theit utR prmmpmria I. ton of laItIends nsgeaary id the
imrftnpivnrneuit (ti Iliu MigeltmmiulpI rive`.
Ply Mr. tUl i. it? liotulelstnoana- teudI
t~ lrrtltem tto the pitr iio Nttw rleane,
II)' Mr. iltitkumr, oi? Mlsseleaippi-Providltg
for i tPih rumliu? or the entilere (leonI puiblie l~a
alonu thu IoP ii? thie Vicksburg and Merdldig
iai.ilr atut i.
fly Mr. i)'Ulonror, of Mouth Uarolins-..'
rntival iti ,ttiiI it? the act appriuved Junent
lµ74, aa amIIItt iota tIm n nfip aplnptoitent of 0 bno +
missiot to take tihargmm oIt tihe Preedmat'U
Ravlings awil TrtIsRt (ltuiltiany, aid to aitlo b
RReil uitinjItnlealot.
Ply Mr. ttllttrrthetn, of 'Vexats-To digel
tlime P tn th nalirinal Nianlting e vetimlm.
Mr. Mi'lttn, ot Maryianti, moived to sttub.
Pinii thu ritine Reo as to alloiw hlim to rtfgB *a
friomn 1Pme (I initteuin otn the Pacimlt ltn RmtaI .
a. ItIto lt pn thin strkling fund aot 17
7. I µ47. ihe tool itu was host.
M r. c, i, oIr Now Vik. York, v ovi to eltas
I th rutlian mmriti ptua ulihi providling tot f
Wit lits ?tir in New York ilY Yin 1m493R ,T i
ntt~l~tl hilt Witt u)PIgttuit AItt ititt I ieMiliatS bi
w~l lit wm atuIn ttl o atinntit of I tphu Ilmoit o s It
top wait piasse --yeaa It). 14r7, tayii6. ?
henmtrtt n It it ltiapntmf th rulet and tM-;s
tlii l I II ;niniyriuutlmt tittlire atnd ealiOtS of tbat
Mcl'irt until a tnlIotr wmuum wai slort-ye"iil '4e
nlats 7t1. Nilt tIlum utnutesaary twn-thirds.
M NI. II ttit.ion ohlitroman of the (7lormmittge
thit IPistrIiii c o (b+ltitmnhdal moved to uei
tlhn rules a a pti Itas the ,ill to instrease lOS
WII It. hootattng lotn tle motion the 'Hoehn
adljoutret. -- -. -
A Lalnd Blirle in evatla Killh Several IL.
HAN Ft4Noiclo,, April 19 A Visalia dm
p.rrtll cay : A I.lil lldn oiourredi at MBIIa
Kin(il y.wt!oruily and e'rutherl the boa.r.i -
i,ousn of tih tnplrn mine. One areport
lftirn mr.n atr, mr[ lilyg anti foulrre knosm
to in kllini. Ihor a,1 ivio Ray a atll t11
rnin ai a alivn, but a number badly hurt.
IiORfRlA Rin M*INAL iriTe.
A 'I,ArNTA. April 19. Ilammond &aid Jd lh#<.
wn, two tin, mnrhianis, qiur.ralhrl'e . il
I IPhinne m.rattnr, when lammond et1 i
. h1 noon t~ dlnath.
Iwo br'yh, ,broth'rsn. were fighting at
wall, .wenty mllr.n '. hove hore. T he.t
birLther winr1ing to part the.m, threw W
thought ws a islo'i of dirt and stro
nlrent h.rot.hir o y tihe headR. The sub.
wos a tnnne, which killl him.
Ervilly (artrtr, a woman lhving fontml
f pin Tho rllnp'.on,r took hter Infant to the. =
on Hinilay atlerslri and out its thWroat .
a rIar-r. Whenr ht r husband rettlured
Hlenrl.y 'hoolo ho aekd, for the baby,
first himp wife air RloI had given it aLp. Iy,
in a Pho,l. tirni' .lhe nfeascd her guilt.
wa insane. Tr'i; hotly . as reoveraed.
A $400,000 PtIiit Il PITTlMltlu, -
I'rrmoran, April 19.-The Western
Worlks, at Ihesver [sllp, Pa.. caught 8r9
mnorning and thn huIldlng, with ito a.l
eltok wal mnarhinnery, widr totally dest
'rho In is ..tilmnatrl at a4{h,000; laur
AT tli'ArVtTITi, MO.
pall Ill---Mackekas
ine.s houses and
I yesterday at 1CeyellldeE
' Tl WtTitT $40000.
TIClAt ('titfINAfl It'MM,
(IA ViVARTON, April 19 To-morrow'[email protected]
will publish the" frllowinig specialse
QrtiaNs ('rry, April 1a- -John Ward
and kilted a mran named O'i(eliley ix "alt
from here yesterday.
W'A.'rn r. April 19.-on-etable J. .
was shot, proibablIy fatally, by Meeok
a ngro a ex-conlvict, while attempting
arrest. last niiight.
HAN Anioero, April 1i.-Seauditfo *
raniin on F'riday night lshot and killed YVa
tIrm n.l Toro night umils from here. W Ol.
il NAolmiani, Va.. April 19,-Tle trl
(toH. W. Wood for thn killing of Jac
ccin on the night of February 20 last
at Rit okingham cnarth. thouto-day.l.:
A r ATAIL mAIlnAi ti.
Ror Op. n., iApril 1. W.HIi. Hammond g
(It,. o1. .1ohnwin hal a quarrel todayll
riniiultdi inI lianinnd stabbing JohnflaO
thi hack andr killing him,
Trying to Discover the Perpetrators of It
by EIamining the Chirographiy
of the Cadets.
W Fi-,r 'oiN.r, April 19.-8 .
(Icylor, the export in handwtin to
wTHs suhrmitted the specimens of ob
from all the caytote in the Military
ihas reportel that specimen marked
r.ar a striking resemblance to the wrli
tttr notr, of warning sent to Whittaker
tthe attack was made upon him, and he ra.
ommrnds that investigation be made ina
direction. Trhe name of the oedet repra.ein.
a by No.8 is not yet made publio.
Cadlt Dickerson testiled before the
of iuquiry in the Whittaker ease to-aa
gave mwany reasons why he thoughtM
ker mutilated himself. Among the
burned papers picked up on the floor. of
latter's room on the morning after th
Jitued outrage, was an unfinhbed letter I'
Whittaker's handwriting to his mother; tbl
ntter witncess, after consultation with l I
1other cadets, had destroyed; theyall theaog
It ought not to be preserved.
Kearney In the Meuse of Cmveve uem.
HAN FuANcIIMcO, April 19.-In the p S0 -
I court this morning the prosecuting tfl
- asked the commitment of Denist
r The latter was not present pt thletine,
a few minutes appeared with his oue
Sasked delay to enable him to apply to
a Hupreme Court for a writ of habeas
- The court denied the requnest as unusual
- extraordinary. A commitment was then
out and Kearney, evidently greatly dep
and chagrined, was taken below. In a few
minutes he was removed toea hack and drie
to the House of Correction, where, after goo -
ing through the hands of a barber and doea
ning a convict garb, he was placed in a catL
I" His counsel will apply for a writ of habeas
t corpus, bnt it is not expected to avail the
d prisoner anything.
e Dsihop Elider Reaches CielCuat.
CL ccNNNA'ri. April 19-Bishop El 18119"
cho7. errived yesterday. and imm de
n tered onn his duties as coadiutor of
Sbishop urceil.
A Gavel for ChIcage.
mwoaN TLD. Ill.. April 1.-The local
Siheadlonal B eon an onv on, to
lor the osefo the chairman of that
m e A laof thbmldiuE
so seat bIsroreis.

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