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VI, &
The Funcral Baked Meats Hardly
Done Before Preparations are
Being Made for the Wed
ding Feast—After the
Battle — Personals
and Impressions
By a Staff
Cuicaco, June 11.—If it was not
for the fact that Chicsgo 18 never quiet
I would ssy that a quietness has pre
vaded our eity since the departure of
the great Republican lhost, but I
could not say this and be strictly
trae. While there is less poise, less
of the busy hum of voices and fewer
people in the corridors of the hotels,
vet the hotels are well filled, and the
only people epjoying any relaxation
are the bartenders and waiters. The
smoke has clesred away, and in going
over the late field of battle broken
pledges; broken gamblers, handker
chiets soiled with the tears of mad
and disappointed delegates and wire
pullers, and here and there are traces
of oaths uttecred by delegates roon
after the third ballot. All of these
things remind the casual observer
of the late contest which will take its
place in history as the most remark
able National Convention ever held
by any party. ‘l'o the colored peojle
of America especially will it be re
membered #8 one step higher upon
the plane they are yet to cccupy,
while the elevation ot one of the race
to the high positicn ¢t the presiding
officer over the deliberations of nearly
a thousand men representing the
brain and wealth and the power of
the greatest party in the woild, sit
ting in the midst of his colleagues
presiding with calmness, dignity and
intelligence with twenty thousand
pairs of eyes watching his every me
tion, is an honor long to be remem
bered. The colored people are not
going to become intoxicated over a
thing the Republican party could
casily afford to do when it is remem
bered what it cost such men as
Lynch, Bruce, Pinchback, and a host
of others in the Scuth, to sustain its
standard. On looking into the great
expesition building I found that ex
tensive preparations are being mado
for the Democratic convention, which
meets here shortly. Larger accom
modations are being made for the
press and for the outside crowd
There won't be any scarcity of tick
ets to this convention, as the boys
want a crowd and they don’t care
who is in it. Such a crowd of the
unwashed. unterrified and unkempt
as it is expected will be here eannot
be imagined. All the hotels will
take on an extra torce ot bartenders.
There will not be any need of sc
many waiters, a 8 the mob that is
coming are unused to such attentions.
Chapin and Gore have hoisted in
geveral barrels of sour mash, while
the Tremont Ilouse has filled its cel
jars with 76 Kentucky bourbon.
There were many features of the last
convention that I think of with pride.
Among them the class of delegates
from the South ; men of intelligence,
well dressed, honest in their convic
tions and manly enough to express
them, and any man who could look
upon those colored delegates, with
their marly bearing, and aceuse them
of bartering away their votes, of
being ignorant and poorly dressed, is
mean enough to rob the dead.
Another feature was the number of
colored journalistse. Althongh mnot
given seats at the press tables they
were here. Pelham and] Anderson,
of the Detroit Plaindealer ; Pled
ger, of the Atanta, Ga, Hlevalor ;
Adams, of the Louisviile Bulletin ;
Howard, cf the Ilarnsburg, Pa,
State Journar ; Col. Murrill; of the
Washington B¢e ; Ilorn, of the In
dianapolis World ; Barnet, of the
Conservator, and many others whom
I did not have the pleasure to meet.
But perhaps the greatest feature of
all was the M. S. Quay Club, of
Philadelphia, with a band. A more
msnly, genteel or finer appearing set
of men never walked the streets of
Chicago. They were the cynocure
ot all eyes, and the compliments
passed upen them by white and
colored were numerous. The under
taking was a big one. To come all
the way from Philadelphia to Chi
cago at their own expense, with their
own sleeper and dining car, accom
panied by an excellent colored band,
is a star in the crown of the movers
of the trip that will shine brightly
for a long time. The people ot Chi
cago only regret ihat they were not
advised of their coming, for they cer
tainly would have given them a re
ception worthy of the occasion.
Among these who spared no pains to
make it pleasant for the members of
the club were Our Derby Boys,
headed by Mr. Sanford Edwards, the
genial President. and assisted by J.
B. Williams, that excellent fellow,
John Skinner, Jimmie Watson, Jas.
Brown, always reliable, and mny
other citizens.
James Landre has the Jourxaw
for sale at his news depot, and the
news of Pennsylvania can be obtained
through Its columns now.
St. Lours, June 13.—The body of a
young man named Taylor, whose wid
owed mother lives in Bardstown, Ky.,
was found in the Salt river near Santa
Fe, Monroe county, this State, a day or
two ago. The arms were bound and the
neck broken. It is believed he was mur
dered and thrown into the river.
CoxNELLSVILLE, Pa., June 13.—One
hundred and fifty Irish and English min
ers employed by Frick & Co.’s coke works
threw down their picks yesterday and re
fused to work, because the firm had on
gaged seven Hungarian miners. The
company threatens 1o discharge the strik
ers, and trouble is expected,
Large Excursion—Congratulation
Meoting—Base Bsall and
Other Matters.
The topic which agitates the mind
of the average citizen at present in
this section is politics. While the
nomination of Biaine and Logan are
generally accepted as the strongest
that could have been made, there are
still a few who are disposed to sit on
the fesce until the Democrats shall
‘have met and blundered into their
‘usual mistakes, when they, like the
good fellows that they are, will get
down and go to work in the interest
of Blaine, Logan and the perpetna
tion of Republican principles.
The Free Will Baptist Sabbath
school, of Baltimore, accompanied by
a host ot well wishers, arrived here
at 12:10 p. m. Jnne 9th. The excur
sion numbered about 400. The day
was spent in musie, driving and
promenading. In the hall great good
humor prevailed, and everybody
seemed to enjoy the oceasion im-—
mensely. They were an intelligent
looking and well bebaved set of
people. Their visits are always wel
come. An address was delivered by
lev. Allen, pastor of the church,
complimentary of the grahd work
performed by the Republican con
vention at Chicago, and of the noble
stand taken by the Pennsylvania
delegation in the interest of the suc:
cessful nominees. The speaker pro
posed three cheers for Blaine and
Logan, which were given with a
will. A short but pithy address was
also given by Mr. Reid, eulogistic of
the hospitality of Chambersburg and
the devotion to Republican princi
ples, and three cheers proposed for
old Chambersburg, which were
heartily given. Professor Johnson's
band, which accompanied the excnr—
gion, 88 a musical organization is
hard to beat. The visitors returned
home at 5:30 p. m. delighted with
their trip. Come again.
There will be excursions from Bal
timore on 23d June and 16th of
July. Hope they will in the fature
extend the time of their departure
from our city to a later hour in the
Mrs. Susan Manly has gone to At
lantic City to spend the summer.
Lope stie may erjoy the trip and re
tarn soon 2s—— Well, enough said.
Mrs. Elias C. Craige has returned
to Johnstown, Pa, to remain for an
indefinite period. Of Zion's workers
she was one of the most faithfal and
loyal. We shsll miss her from both
church and society. Our loss is
Johnstown's gain.
The Haymakers, of Baitimore, and
the Alert, of our city, played a game
of base ball on the day of the Balti
more excursion, which resulted in a
victory for the home club. Score,
16 to 1.
Services in Zion A. M. K. church
Sabbath at 10:30 a. m. Subject,
“The Water of Life ;" Bp. m., sub
jeet, “Christ, the Fountain of Living
Water.” Sabbath school at 2p. m.
All are invited. Seats free. Rev.
M. 11. Ross, pastor.
Rev. Dr. Thomson returged from
Philadelphia to day, 11th, accom
panied by Rev. Davis, of Bristol,
’a., a change having been effected
since the close of the conference
which trapsfers Rev. IHerbert to
Bristol and RRev. Davis to Chambers
burg station. It i 3 the intention of
Dr. Thomson to remove his family
to Philadelpbia the latter part of this
week and at once enter upon the ac
tive discharge of his duties. The
reverend gentleman leaves many
warm peasonsl friends and admirers
in our city. He will be missed, bnt
the effects of his work will be felt
in both ¢church and society.
Cheering News From All Parts of the
WASHINGTON, June 13.—Preparations
are being made for a grand ratification
rally of the Republicans of the District
of Columbia. To-night the lilinois State
association will be received by General
Logan. To-morrow night the Grand
Army of the Republic will also be re
ceived. A dispatch received by General
Logan to day, says that arrangements
have been made for a monster ratification
meeting in Chicago. Ex-Governor
Oglesby, Emory Storrs and other dis
tinguished Republicans will speak. The
dispatches and letters received by General
Logan from all partsof the country, show
that the Republicans everywhere are en
thusiastic in their support of the ticket.
The kicking of a few newspaper editors
and disgruntled brevet Democrats has
served to expose the real sentiments of
the kickers, It will do the party good,
it is claimed b{ the shrewdest politicians
hiere, to get rid of this class. K.
WiILkES-BARRE, Pa., June 13.—Mr.
W. H. Tillinghast, president of the Le
high and Wilkes Barre coal company,
who has been here several days, states
that all the mine men employed by the
company will be paid_in cash next week.
WasnixeToN, June 13.—The Senate
amendments to fhe diplomatic appropria
tion bill were non-concurred in, after
which Mr. Pryor (Ala.) took the floor to
coxlxclude his speech on the electoral count
Crescent Club Fete—Other Social
Matters—Mayor Smith and
the Colored Police.
T Pumwapgcrnia, June li. — The
gixth annual fete champetre of the
Crescent social club was giving at
Rising Sun Park on Wednesday and
despite the lowering and cold weather
there was a good attendance. The
cool weather was an incentative to
the lovers of the terpsichore. Among
those present we noticed Misses
Annie Layton, Ida Cornell, Florence
Cozzens, Ada Cook, Maggie Iliiton,
Blanch Warrick, Louisa Morris, Ada
Manning, Helen Stevens, Julia Son
gow, Ida Booth, Bessiec Cowdery,
Tillie Baptiste, Maggie Warrick,
Mary L. Potter, Mazy Potter, Mamie
Minton, IKatie Reed, Ida Gilbert,
Jennie Dorsey, Annie Cooper and
sister. Gettie Stewart, Ella Songow,
Jennie Green, Inez Cassey, Mamie
Boardley, Misses Nicholson, Annie
Andrews Adena Lindsay, Mamie
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas De
witt, of Bristol, Pa., Mrs. George
Boardley, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Loh
man, Mr. and Mrs. Cornell, Mr. and
Mrs. Jerome Baptiste, Mrs Mary
Brown, Mrs. A. N. Brown, Mrs.
Warren Jackson, Mrs. Harry Long
fellow, Mrs. T. Manning, Mrs. John
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Govens,
~Messrs. George Hilton, C. J. Perry,
Samuel - Thomas, George Titus,
‘Richard Strange, George K. Chfton
Mosely 11. E. Bond, Steven Martin,
%Thomas Burton, Thomas Waters, C.
rSamuel Adger, Wm. Adger, James
Jenkivs, Joseph Bibbins, Charles
| Hyman, Wm. Thomas, Harry Jack
son, larry Nichols, A. LeValient
Hughes, Richard Mortimer, Brother
Stevens,.Ed. Scribben, of N. Y.,Wm.
and Daniel Jones, of Snowhill, Md.,
Ed. Greaves and Geo. Anderson, of
‘ Wilmington, Delaware, John Ray, of
Trenton. ‘The members of the club
are lenry 8. Martin, president; John
W. Holland, Jr., vice-president; J.
Percy Sandford, secretary; Randolph
C. Lewis, corresponding secretary;
Levi L. Dotter. treasurer; R. N. Tay
lor, Harmon Seely, John C. Dean,
Eungene Baptiste. Dr. James Brister.
Clifford Goren, Wm. M. Mortimer,
John G. Adger, Jerome Baptiste.
On Wednesday evening Carthage
nian Lodge, No. 902, G. U. O. of O.
F., celebrated their thirty sixth anni
versary at the haM, Sixth and Spruce.
Representatives from “Fraternal,”
“Equity,” “Good Iope” and Ger
mantown lodges were present.
Among them we noticed Messrs.
Steven Purnell, J. W. Elsey, Steven
Presbury, James A. Williams, Rich
ard Disbury, Isaac Frisby, Isaac
Purnell, Charles Soloman, Adam At
ler, Gideon Thomas, Wm. B. Fry,
Hans Stadd, sr., Ccsar Evansg, Chss.
Johnson, J. D. Kelily, A. H. Price,
Jackson Johnson, A. Watkins, Jno.
Figher, J. R. Hill, W. Ransom, E.
S. Price, Patterson Holland. I”. New
ton, K. W. Carney, J. Richardson,
Matthew Smith, L. Shotwell, J. W.
Johnson, John Brown, J. D. Allen,
Lewis Norton, ‘A. J. Baylor, W. RR.
Carson, Bratton Keys, 1.. Foster,
J. B. Matthews, Raphel Bowser and
S. Richardson. Addresses were given
by Bros. Robert Jones, J. B. Mat
thews, Charles Johnson, John Brown
and John D. Allen. At 10 o’clock
attention was called to the supper
table, which secemed to groan be
neath the weight of the good things
upon it, and for over an hour strict
attention was given to it, after which
speaking was resumed.
Tne Erma Club gave theiir annual
excursion to Lakeside Park and car
ried a large number with them, who
thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Mayor Smith still continues to
pursue his original plan in reforming
the police department. Up to date
he has dismissed twenty-seven and
appointed five cclored men on the
force. Perhaps he thinks the colored
people would have too many men on
the force. Dut the Mayor came out
in a new role on Saturday night. He
acted as marshal of the Republican
Invineibles in the parade and recep
tion of the Philadelphia clubs and
delegates from the Chicago conven
tion. Perhaps he thinks that that is
the proper way for a Mayor to act,
but I cannot agree with him. If he
does not respect himself he should
respect his position as Mayor of the
gecond city in the Union, and not use
his place as a political headquarters.
Owing to the Quay Club boys
being so tired there is litile political
news, but after they have taken a
rest they will be in the field again,
‘and a lively time may be expected.
On Saturday evening the M. S.
Quay club returned home after a
grand triumphal trip to Chicago and
retarn. They were received by the
Purnell clab of the 7th ward and
they were heartily applauded on the
way to the club room by thousands
of people who had filled the streets
to see them, and many compliments
were paid them for their enterprise in
taking such a great trip.
The nomination of James G.
Blaine has caused great rejoicing in
this city and everybedy thinks that
he will go through witha boom. We
only hope he will but if he does it
will only be after a desperate fight
by the Democratic party.
There is renewed life in the work
ingmen’s club as the younger element
realize how near they came to losing
it, and in the future there will be a
different set of men at the head who
will conduet it in a different maoner.
Sometime I wil! send you a history
of the club which' will no doubt prove
interesting. Howarp.
ReaviNg, June 13.
Rev. J. W. Norris, of the A. M.
K. church, was returned to this cir
cuit for another year. Glad of it.
The Tenth Street A. M. E. church
held a strawberry festival in their
lecture room on last Thursday even
ing. The attendance was large and
the receipts were fully up to the ex
pectations of the committee.
Mrs. Amelia Nelson, of Doyles
town, Bucks county, is paying a visit
to her relatives and fiiends.
Laura V. Still on last Sunday was
presented with a beantifally bound
copy of Tennyson’s Poems by the
officers of the Second Presbyterian
Sabbath school as a reward for the
best recital of the shorter catechism.
General T. Morris Chester was in
our city a few hours on last Tuesday,
the guest of Mr. A. L. Still.
The order of wouaship (children’s
day) on last Sunday, at the Second
Presbyterian church, was largely at
tended. Addresses were delivered by
Rev. W. RR. Templeton and Superin
tendent T. M. Seidle.
Ralph Mickey, for the past eight
years the faithful driver, ef the Lib
erty company's steamer, handed in
his resignation on last Saturday night.
Mr. Noah D. Templin, student at
Lincoln University, is at home epend
ing hig vroatios
Miss Ida Terry has returned from
her visit to Philadelphia and the
commencement exercises at Lincoln
University, Chester county, much
pleased with what she heard and saw
JocLabed Lodge No. 1306 G. U.
0. of O. I¥,, at their regular meeting
last night elected the following officers
for the ensuing year: N. G., Edward
Loyd, V.G., James Townsend, E. S,
John Dorsey, P. S, J. A. Fry, Mar
shal, Harry Carz, Chaplain, Rev. J.
W. Norris, Treasurer, L. D. Baily,
Trustees, Charles Grey, Wanner
Broxton, George W. Yaney; Dele
gate to district lodge meeting at
Pittsburg next September, Wm. I
Still. Well, Blaine was nominated,
will he be elected! Me thinks I
hear you say, “ask me something
A Fow Items From the Valley
CArLISLE, June 13.
A great many of our people at
tended conference.
Rev. John Norris, of Reading, and
Rev. Asbury Woodland, of Delaware,
preached very able sermons last San
day at Bethel Church to a large con
A pleasant party consisting of Mies
Susie Batcher, Miss H. Dixon, Miss
Minnie Christain, Miss Maggie Jor
dan, Miss McFarland, Mr. Butcher,
Mr. Roberts, and Prof. R. J. Johp
son, drove to Spruce Run, and on
Sunday attended church, and com
plained of never having so pleasant a
drive and time, especially 8o good a
dinner, which good and motherly
Mrs. Batler had prepared for thom.
We have four colored graduates;
the following is their average:
Annic Bazley, 894 Susie Butcher,
83 ; Kate Chatman, 81; James Bal
timore, 80. Miss Bazley is deserving
of 100. They receive their diplomas
on the 25th inst.
The I. O. O. F. are getting op an
excursion to Gettysburg battle field
and round top.
Russel Thomas and Nelson Shad
bury left for Long Braneh on the
12th inst.
LANCASTER, P’a., June 13.—The to
pbacco warehouse of Harmon Grabill, with
adjoining buildings. near Petersburg,
this county, was destroyed by fire this
morning. ioss $10,000; insurance $7,200.
Dirpsporo, Pa., June 13.—The At
lantic nail association met here to-day.
Statistics were presented showing the
condition of the nail trade, and the pres
ent card prices were affirmed,
A Panic Caused by a Heavy Thunder
Storm — Theodore Thomas’' Coolness,
Aided by That of His Players, Re
" storeOrder—Nobody Badly Hurt,
Louisville Republicans Ratify.
MiNxeAroLts, Minn., June 13.—A
storm of thunder and lightning caused a
panic last night in the coliseum during a
concert. The coolness of Theodore
Thomas and the performers led to the
restoration of order, and though several
ladies were carried out fainting, no one
was seriously hurt.
BostoN, June 13.-—The challenge of
Peter H. Conlay for a five-mile race on
any eastern course for $l,OOO a side has
been accepted by Teemer, of Pittsburg,
who names as the time, July 4th, and se
lects the Oak Point course, Long Island,
as the place. This will probably be ac
ceptable to the challenger.
Troy, N. Y., June 13.—1 t is probable
that the knitting mill proprietors of this
section will - decline the proposition for a
general stoppage of their mills for a cer
tain period, to curtail production. FEach
mill will regulate its running by its own
N T e LY Y
LouisvinLe, June 13.—At a large
and enthusiastic Republican meeting last
night the nomination of Dlaine was rati
fied. Speeches were made by local ora
tors and by Judge IL P. Payne, of Penn
LouisviLLE, Ky., June 13.—J. D.John
gon, well known as *“The Drummer Boy
of Shiloh,” died of consumption yester
FFrusuixg, Holland, June 13.—The
workshops of the Scheldt company have
been destroyed by fire.
Bostox, June 13.—Guiterson’s lumber
sheds were burned this morning. loss,
Reception to Delegates by Bishop Howe
and Wife.
READING, June 13.—Last cvening at 8
o’clock Bishop and Mrs. Howe tendered
a reception to the delegates and their
families who remained in the city, at the
episcopal residence, on Central avenue.
A number of clerical and lay delegates
left for their homes yesterday At
10:30 o’clock to-day, in Christ church, the
following candidates were ordained by
Bishop Howe:
To the Deaconate—Thomas P. Ege, for
merly a Methodist minister of Mechanies
burg, now of Germontown, and Lewis
Cope Washburne, of Barclay Divinity
School, Connecticut.
To the Priesthood—Rev. Henry Mich
ell, assistant at Trinity church, Potts
ville; Rev. George D. Straudt, ofliciating
as deacon at St,. Peters chu'r)ch, Tunk-
Foreity assidtant of St Barnabas’ chureh,
Reading, now of Trifion.
At the missionary meeting Rev. A. C.
Powell, of York, spoke upon “Woman’s
Work in the Church.”” The report of the
Board of Missions was read by Rev. W.
H. Platt. It showed that there were 57
mission parishes and 32 missionaries at
work in them. During the year two new
stations were formed and three new mis
sionaries sent into the work. The contri
butions were $3,289 07, of which $1,041
were special. The salaries amounted to
$14,082 62 paid to missionaries, of which
$7,777 were received from self-sustaining
parishes; 29 parishes gave nothing. There
is no debt.
Addresses on the subjeet of missions
were delivered by Rev. Charles N. Spald
ing, of Lancaster; Rev. Mr. Webbed, a
missionary of Tioga, and Rev. C. K.
Nelson, jr., of South Bethlehem.
Delegates to the Federate Council were
clected as follows: 5
Clergy—Revs. J. Hopkins, S. T. D.;
Robert J. Kesling, D. D., Chandler Hare,
Cyrus F. Knight, D. D., M. A. Falmen,
A. M. Abel, J. P. B. Pendleton.
Laity—DMessrs, Robert A. Lamberton,
LL.D., C. M. Conyngham, John C.
Freize, W. Latimer Small, Guy E.
Bishop Howe, in some graceful re
marks, thanked the convention for pro
viding him with an assistant, who, he had
no doubt from what he heard, was emi
nently qualified for the position, and he
bespoke for his assistant and probable
successor the prayers and hearty support
of the people.
Delegates to an l*:pis‘.f;opal Federate Coun-
Prrrsourc, June 13.—The Episcopal
Convention, in session here yesterday,
elected four clerical and four lay dele
gates toa prinml}y meeting to form a Fed
eratec Council for Pennsylvania. The
council will embrace all diocesan conven
tions in the State. Philadelphia having
inaugurated the movement, the measure
met with some determined opposition,
but was finally adopted.
Pushing Randall Out of the Party.
Washington Post.
Is there no way to induce Mr. Randall
to support the Republican platform ? We
shall really be suspicious of the Demo
cratic platform if it does not meet his in
stant disapproval, and yet we know that
its declaration in favor of tariff reform
will be as strong as words can make it.
But what wili the honest Democrats of
the July convention do when Mr. Ran
dall’s name is deliberately presented to
them as a proper candidate for the Presi
dency ? The hissing must be loud enough
to drown all recollcction of the Republi
can applause in the House of Representa
tives when the Pennsylvanian led the at
tack on the Democratic fortress of reiorm,
or it will do no good.
Loxpox, June 13.—The Zimes last
night received a dispatch from its corres
pondent at Wady-halfa. According to
this Berber surrendered twelve daysago,
and the reports of the massacre that
had already been received were
true. The correspondert had been in
formed that the rebel General Caull had
collected 100,000 men aronnd Berber. Af
ter the fall of Berber 30,000 Arabs were
sent to invest Dongola.
The Governor of Dongola was ig
norant of the surrender of Berber
and telegraphed to Wadyhalla that
no news had come down the river.
The news is in direct conflict with the
statement made yesterdsy in the
House of Commons by Lord Ed
munds Fitzmaurice, Under Foreign Sec
retary, to the effect that messengers
from Berber had reported that city
cafe ag late as June 3. Until reports
which are unquestionably authen
tic arrive the fall of Berber is considered
Interesting Exercflises at the El
der Street Presbyterian Church.
If the increased attendance at the
Elder etreet Presbyterian is any evi
dence of the popularity of the Rev.
Lawrence Miller, then there is every
reason to believe that the church will
undoubtedly prosper under Mr. Mil
ler's pastorate. Sunday was chil
dren’s day, snd each of the sermons
preached during the day was appli
cable to the young folks. The altar
was beautifully decorated with fra
grant flowers, snd the handsome
little edifice was well filled all day.
In the afternoon the programme,
consisting of songs acd readings, was
very intercsting, under the direction
of Mr. Thomas Miller, superintendent
of the Sunday echool. Iu the even
ing Rev. Miller preached a special
Ssermon tc the young, which was
listened to with wrapt attention by
a large congregation. The discourse
was an able cne, filled with adviee
and Christian admonition.
The regular monthly literary exer
cises were held at Wesley chureh in
the afternoon, and were, &s usual,
interesting, being participated in by
the various members of the Sunday
school. Rev. Gould, the newly sp
pointed minister of Bethel church,
preached his intreductory sermon,
which was listened by a large con
gregation, and notwithstanding the
heat of the day all of the churches
had a large attendance.
WiLkes Barie, June 12.
Items are scarce this week.
The political eauldron is boiling.
With gratitude the nominstion of
Blaine and Logan is received.
Republicans exaltant, Democrats
We deeply regret to state the
critical condition of “Uncle” Henry
Brown. Grave apprehensions sare
entertained of his recovery.
The ladies of the Church of the
Coven'nt talk of having a picnic.
Proceeds for the benefit of said
church. Let's have it right away.
The scarlet fever has again made
its appearance here. %
Harrn Brown is still verv noorly,
All those who lutend to take a
part in the Fifteenth amendment
celebration on next Wednesday
evening (18th inst.), are requested to
mect in Bethel church on Monday
evening next. Let there be an out
pouring of the populace hereabouts.
Mrs. Rebecca Bateman is still lan
guishing upon a bed af affliction.
The Sunday school convention of
the Nerthwestern district convened
here yesterday at 2 p.m. Quite a
namber of delegates and visitors
are present and much interest is
manifested. We shall endeavor to
give a report of the work in our
next communication,
The Simon Slater Literary Asso
ciation assembled in the Bethel
church on Tuesaay evening last and
carried out*the following programme:
Meeting called to order by Chairman
Robert T. Throckmorton. Prayer
by Rev. A. RR. Palmer. Singing by
Mrs. A. R. Palmer, Mary Welcome
and Mrs. A.T. Jackson. An essay
entitled “Subject of Life'’ was read
by Mrs. Palmer. Solo, by Miss
Carrie Richardson. Addresses were
made by Rev. C. H. Brown, of Mont
rose, Rev. G. . Cliff, ot Belle
fonte.. The meeting adjourned to
meet on Kriday evening next, 20th
inst. °
Rev. Horace G. Miller and family,
of Lincoln University, arrived here
on Friday last. On Sunday the
reverend gentleman delivered two
able sermons in the Chuich of the
Covenant, of which charch he has
assnmed the duties of its regular pas
tor. Gorn Pex.
WiLkrs-Barre, June 13.—The coro |
ner's jury investigating the cause of
Neliie Cooley’s death met for the fourth
time last might. At the three previous
meetings of the jury they refused to return
a verdict because the note which Miss
Cooley left behind previous to her disap
pearance was not produced. The coroner
held that the letter was not necessary evi
dence, and refused to produce it. The
jury then adjourned till last cvening,
when they returned the following verdict:
Nellie Coolie came to her death on or
about the Sth of December last, whether
by accident or other cause is unknown to
the jury. We believe, however, from the
meagre evidence produced and from the
fiet that her body was found in the river,
she committed suicide by drowning in the
Susquchanna river, 'l‘{e jurors, how
ever, do not feel justified in dismissing
this matter without putting on record the
fact that important evidence, as they be
licve, touching her death has been pur
posely withheld from them, and that'this
was done with the full knowledge of the
acting coroner, although the jury had Ic
peatedly requested that the evidence be
produced before them.
" New York, June 13.—President Ar
thur arose at a late hour tbis morning.
He received a number of personal friends.
He has postponed his departare for West
Paint until this evening.
NO. 10
Items Gathered from all parts Q°
the Country.
Wm. E. Winston, late mess
in the record department of thy -
ernment printing office died at
ington last week. ; T
Frauk Langston, son of J. M.
Langston winister to Hayti, was ‘-
qitted of the charge of murder by
the Washington courts.
Mr. Joseph E. Johnsen, a colored
man who is an cflicient type writer
and s'erographer, has been appeinted
private secretary to the Hon. William
Daniels, president of the Maryland
State Temperance alliance.— Lowis
ville Dulletin.
Miss Consuelo Clarke of Cincinnati,
graduated from the medical depart
ment of Iloston University last
Mr. J. W. Hargo, the only colored
member of & class of sixty-four,
gradusted from the Cincinnati Law
Coliege recently, and will practice
law =8 the jusior member of ‘the firm
of Fox & Bird, Cincinnati.
S. L. Wiiliams, colored, took a
second prize of $lO at the Columbia
Law School in Washington, D. C.
Detroit is enjoying a colored baby
C. F. Adams, of the Louisville
Bulletin, who has been teaching a
class of eolored scholars German,
gave a public entertainment last
week and was highly complimented
by the Germans of Louisville,
A colered woman named * Susie
lays, who shot and killed a police
man in St Louis last October, has
been senterced to be hanged.
Gibert Ball of Philadelpbia, presi
dent of the M. S. Quay club and to
whose cfforts the success of the trip
to Chicago are mainly due is deserv
edly pleased with the reputation the
club made.
Col. M. 5. Quay was well adver
tised by the trip to Chicago of the
¢lnb bearing his name.
Rain and Cowards Spoil a Game
Rain and the backing out of the
Wilmingtons prevented the lovers of
the game from seeing much of the
RO e o
however, won one of the two games
played with the Readings. And will
straggle hard to win the game to-day
which they play with the Newark club.
The game played on Tues Gay was an
interesting one and was won by the
home team whelly-by their excellent
field play and the gkillfull manipula
tion ot the ash. The score which was
S to 7, considering_ the antagonisin
which always existed between the
two clubs, reminds one of the signifi
cance of the figures. The rivalry,
however, is not as strong this year
as in former years, owing probably
to both nines being filled with foreign
players, who play ball for money and
bave not much local pride. Thurs
day being disagreeable and the ground
in bad condition aided byseveral errors
on the part of the home club the boys
from Berks county wiped them up in
good style to the tune of 8 to 6.
HoBDUNE cossrcssseed 0 0 2. 2 1 1 § 08
B 0 cicsiiensonensdl F 0T 0 0790 3l
First base by errors—Harrisburg
3; Active, 6. First base by called
balls—llarrisburg, 1; Active, 2. Out
on strikes— [arrisburg, 4; Active, 12.
Struck by Weidel, 1. Left on bases
--Active, 6; Harrisburg, 7. Passed
calls—Cullen, 5; Munyao, 4. Earned
runs—Active, 0; Harrisburg, 2. Two
base hits—Halpin and Hatfield. Wild
pitches—Meegan, 1; Weidel, 2. Um
pire, Bradley. Time of game, 2 hours
and 20 minutes.
The Unfortunates Kindly Treated by the
WasnineToN, June 13.—Commander
M’Cormick, of the U. 8. 8. Essex, has
submitted to the Secretary of the Navy
a report of the cruise of the Essex to
rescuc the shipwrecked crew of the
schooner Rancer, of Bath, Me,, on
Marshall Island, in the Pacific ocean.
The |Mssex arrived at Marshall
Island on the 13th of April,
and received on board the shipwrecked
arty, consisting of First Mate O. J.
flumphrey and wife, the third mate and
seven of the crew. The natives, particu
larly the king, had been very kind to
them, and as a reward Captain M’ Cor
mick presented the islanders with four
axes, two hatchets, on¢ handsaw, six
fishing lines, fishing hooks, pick
axe, hoe, one hundred pounds of
bread and seventy-five pounds of rice.
The wrecked ship’s company had con
structed a small schooner which, com
manded by Captain 8. H. Morrison and
manned by eleven men, had sailed on the
17th of March for Jalnit in search of as
gistance. The Essex found the schooner
at Jalnit, having made the passagein five
days. Most of the party were sent to
Hong Kong on the schooner Estelle from
- Jalnit. :
NEwARKk, N. J., June 13.—The mana
gers of the Ncwar}c bavi'ngs Institution
appeared this morning before Vice Chaan
cellor Van Fleet to answer the eharge ot
contempt of court in making improper
loans. At the request of counsel of Pres
ident Dodd, the case was adjourned one
b .."-‘fi
- Union and
- Applyte
UL & CO.,
S New-York,

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