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Notes to Contributors.
Axy comminieation intended for pubiicatio
must be written on one side of the paper and the
full name of the writerattached.
No communication will be published without
charge, if consisting of more than three pages of
81l communications intended for publication
mua& be sent in on or before Thursday of each
Correspondents will make their letters short,
pointed and newsy, as long letters crowd others
Correspondence solicited and agents wanted
throughout the country. Sample copies sent
free. Supscription terms invariably in advance.
Liberal inducements offered to agents, Address
Harrisburg, Pa.
CoMPANY has been removed to the corner of
South street and Tanncrs’ avenue, where all
business wiil be transacted. Send in your Job
Printing aud subseriptions.
Interesting Items Gleaned by
Journal Reporters.
@it thar, Eli.”
The road roller is always on the
We are off for Chataqua. When!
Bye bye. .
Watermelons have put in their ap
Miss Annie Brodie spent the 4th
in Carlisle.
The Harrisburg base ball club has
Miss Jennie Prive left on Tuesday
for Pittsburg.
Rev. Slater,of Middletown,honored
us with a visit.
Rev. Hector passed through the
city on Tuesday.
Miss Florence Smith left for Dan
ville on Thursday.
Mr. Jackson, of Wilkesbarre, spent
a few days in the city.
Green apples are about looking out
for the cholera morbus.
Literary exercises at Wesley Sab.
bath school last Sunday. )
Are you going to buy any shares
in the new stock company.
Quarterly meeting was held at
Wesley Church last Sunday.
Look out for the excursion from
Hagerstown, Md., on the 18th.
The StaTe JourNar i 3 a medium
which should be encouraged.
All are invited to attend the picnic
at Pine Grove, Wednesday Jnly 30.
Rev. Roes, of Chambersburg, and
wife passed through the burg Satur
Many thanks for the hospitality
extended us during our visit to
York, Pa.
The Jour~Nar was not published
last week asthe whole office took
a holiday.
Miss Ida Bowser, of Philadelphia,
is in the city and is the guest of Mrs.
C. M. Brown.
For a reliable campaign paper sub.
seribe for the JourNar. Forty cents
for three months.
The genial Fred. Ebel smiles at
the customers from behind the bar
of the Harris House.
The school of Miss Florence Smith
and Mr. J. P. Scott, picniced on the
Arsenal ground Monday.
Mrs. Smith, of New York, gpent
several days in the city and was the
guest of Mrs. I'rances Sample.
Henry Johnson, father of Charles
and Clarence Jobnson, was married
last week to Mrs. Margaret Martin.
The high schocl commencements
of our city grows mere and more
interesting to the colored people cach
James A. Auter, jr., of the State
Treasutrer's office left for bis home in
Philadelphia where he spent the
Fourth. v
Miss Francis Grant, of Baltimore,
is spending a few days in the city
and is the guest of Mrs. Francis
Mr. and Mrs Harry Keith, who
have been residing in Pittsburg for
some time, have returned to the city
to remain. :
John Frye, of this city, who is
catching for the Lock Haven clnb, is
winning golden laurels for himself as
a ball player.
The Jour~ar will now, henceforth
and forever defend the rights and
privileges of our people. All we ask
of you, is, to support it.
Daniel Cocklin whose head was
crushed between the bumpera of a
freight car, died at his late residence
on State street Wednesday.
Prof. M. H. Layton, has left for
Philadelphia, where he will spend his
summer vacation. He will spend
gome time at Atlantic City.
Prof. M. H. Layton, J. P. Scott,
Miss Florence Smith and Miss Annie
Casmond have all been re-elected as
teachers in the schools of this city.
William Johnson, who distin
guished himself in his oration at his
recent graduation, leaves the burg
for Atlantic City, to spend the sum-
Sam Ah York of Carlisle, leading
Jaundryman of that village was mar-—
ried to Miss Johanna Strock of this
city, upity between China and
Mr. Joseph Higgins and H. Adley,
who went to Hot Springs, Ark., have
returned delighted with their visit.
Mr. Higgins is one of eur most en
terprising citizens, having been quite
successful in life.
Personals and Other Notes From
the Great Summer Resort
—3¥rom an QOccasional
SaraTOGA, July 7.—This popular
and well known summer resort has
begun to have a dash about it that
beggars description in point of bril
liant entertsinments and excellence
in dress. Crowds are daily arriving,
and the streets are filled with new
faces who eagerly take in the beauti
ful scenery and drink from the cele
brated mineral springs. The drives
are numerous and picturesque. The
hotels present a magnificent appear
ance and are well filled. Mr. Hiram
Thomss, head waiter of the mam
moth Grand Unicn; will hold the
reins as usual, pleasing all who meet
him Mr. Lucas, the famous head
waiter of the United States hotel,
who has catered so long and satis
factorily to the “creame a la creame”
that annually flock to this elegant
establishment, has assumed his duties
and is looking well. Mr. John T.
Thomas, who had charge of th 2 St.
James hotel of Fiorida, is here and
has taken charge of ‘Congress Hall
end is meeting with abundant suc
cess. The house of Mr. J. C. Brough
ton presents a fine appearance and is
a popular resort. .The garden parties
at this house is an attractive feature.
Myr. and Mrs. Windfield Jackson,
are at their beautifal cottage on
Washington street for the season.
~ The Thompson cottage is as charm
ing as ever and ready for the accom
modation of boarders at moderate
prices. Among the arrivals at this
cottage are Mr. W. 11. Timpson,
Mr. Turnbrook, of | oughkepsie, and
Mr. Albert G, Price, of Daris.
The first concert of Congress Spring
park will be given this evening.
Owing to the rain on the Kourth
the fire works at Congress park was
The Baptist mission held their
first services in town hall last evening
and will continue throughout the sea
son. Mr. Temple, a recent graduate
of Denison University, Obio, gave
expression in some very intelligent
remarks a few evenings since. An
appreciative and large audience filled
the hall and were highly pleased.
The weather is fine and a short and
brilliant season is anticipated.
The inter-collegiate boat race took
place this morning at Saratoga lake.
The resuit was satisfactory.
The Duffins Car Uncoupler and
Automatic Brake Company.
At a meeting of the above named
company, Wednesday night, a large
number of shares was disposed of.
Letters were received from all parts
of the country for information. The
company has been duly organized
and every promise of success attends
it. The invention is that of a colored
man and its utility is beyond ques
tion. The object in forming the
company is to get out of the inven
tion all it is worth without.sacrificing
it, and others th:n the inventor make
the money out of it, as is generally
the case. The men connected with
control of the company are promi
nently known for their honesty and
integrity and the people show their
confidence in them by the rapid man
ner which they are purchasing shares.
Quite a sum has already been offered
for the right to manufacture the un
coupler and brake, but no disposition
will be made of the patent until the
share holders are satisfied that the
value of this important invention has
been offered. A full description of
this uncoupler and automatic car
brake will be published in the near
future in the JourNAL.
Notes from Up the Valley.
Caruisie, July 3, 1884.
Great many young men have gone
Not so many loafers on our streets.
No. 17, A. Y. M. Lodge, of Car
lisle, assisted in laying the corner
stone of the Wesley Zion church at
Gettysburg on the 27th instant. A
number attended from Shippensburg.
The excursion and pienic to Gettys
burg battle field and Round Top on
the 17th instant, under the auspices
of I. 0. O. F,, is going to be largely
attended by both white and colored.
Our G. A. R. Post is organizing
for an excursionto Washington, D. C.
The Daughters of Temperance So
ciety will hold their annual picnic at
Pine Grove, on Thursday, August
14. The usual large and select
crowd will attend, as their picnic
is always the finest of the season.
Misses Jordan and Butcher re
turned from Harrisburg well pleased,
where they had been a.tt.entfing the
graduating exercises of the high
school. .
Mrs. J. Thomas; of Harrisburg
is the guest of Mrs. Chatman.
Mr. Johnson, of Washington, D.
C., is visiting our town.
Mrs. Batler, of Spruce Run, is the
guest of Mrs, Mary A. Jones, 79
North street. G d
Mr. Hopewell, of Martinsburg, Va,,
stop to see his nephew Thomas.
We wish some one would buy
young Taddie a hat so she need not
wear a boy’s hat.
Sorry our young girls flirt so with
white men. Keep away from the
hotels. It looks bad.
A'rbmgx_o olty
. Atraxric Crry, July 10,
This week has brought a rare
streak of prosperity to this place,
and business has leaped forward with
astonishing rapidity. The island is
filled with an active, bustling crowd,
and our hotels and cottages are doing
a great business.
Those stopping at Sumner Cottage
are 13. Harrison, Jr., Joseph H. Dua
bar and wife, Miss Ringgeld, Mrs.
Stokes, Howard L. Reason, 1. H.
Watson and 1. Boyer, of Phila
delphia, and John I. Gardner,
of Camden, N. J. At the Have
low are Mrs. " Mary Manaway,
J. H. Manaway, Mrs. J. H. Mana
way, Uniontown, Pa.; John W.
Thomson, Brooklyn, N. Y.; W. IL
Reid, Baltimore, Md.; Charles 11.
Gardner, N. D. Gadchar, Thomas W.
Williams, Wm. M. Mortimer; Levi
Potter, H. G. Martin, Alexander G.
Davis, John W. Harris, Mary Harris,
R. Heory Strawyer, Abraham An
derson, Maggie Anderson, G. W.
Gardner, Amos B. Sayrs, George W.
Havelow, Miss Bessie Cowdery, Mrs.
Martin Cowdery, Miss Susie Cow
dery, Charles V. Tolson, Martin
Cowdery, Charles S. Cowdery, Mrs.
Maggie Jones, Gillis Jones, George
Honis; George S. Allso, Thomas J.
Showell, Philadelphia; W. A. Burley,
Thomas A. Petes, W. H. Knight,
Camden, N. J.; E. Z. Hill, Maple
Spring. At Anderson Cottage are
C. R. Green, Baltimore;T. W.Smith,
N. Y.; Mr. Jeonings and wife, New
Castle; F. J.A.Payne, wife and three
children, San Francisco; Madame
Carey, New England.
A committee of gentlemen of At
lantic City intend gwing a fancy
dress ball at city hall in a short time,
one that has never been seen at At
lantic City before.
Friday evening, July 4th, will be
long remembered by the many friends
and visitors to the Truitt House. It
was the first concert and bop of the
geason. Long before the time an
nounced for the commencement the
place was filled with many of our
most distinguished visitors and citi
zens. The place was decorated with
flags, &e., making a beautiful appear
ance. Tne dancing floor has been
enlarged since last season, so that it
accommodated the party very nicely,
though the attendance was so large
that it would have required but few
more to have crowded the place toits
utmost capacity. The music, which
was very fine, was furnished by I'rof.
A grand vocal concert was given
by Edward Green and D. R. Truitt,
at city hall, on Thursday evening,
July 3d. The programme consisted
of solos, quartettes, duetts -and
sketches. Although the concert was
a very fine one, there was not as
many out as there should haye been,
but we hope at their next they will
have a larger house. Miss Alice
Deaton, of Philadelpbia, rendered
some very fine solos. Indeed she is
a very fine singer. Prof. Skimmer
horn gave some very nice music from
the guitar. The peerless quartette
was very good. A solo was also
sang very nicely by Madame Steven
son. In fact the whole programme
was a fine one.
Those wishing to pay there sub
seriptions for the JourNar, can do so
now by seeing George G. Clinton at
at his cigar store No. 1820 Atlantic
avenue. All subscriptions thankfully
Proprietors of hotels, boarding
hounses and cottages will find it to
their advantage to advertise their
houses in the Jour~naLterms moderate.
Oar colored police look well in
their uniform. ~We only hope they
will be kept &n all the year as well
as the colored voters vote all the year
or whenever there is an election, and
they always go solid to. In Atlantic
City the Republicans need them but
they say they want no fooling.
An accident occurred on Sunday to
a party of five ladies and five gentle
men who were sailing in the yacht
“Pinkie.” The yacht upset them all
in the water, two of the ladies were
able to swim and reached the over
turned boat while the gentlemen suc
ceeded in getting the other three also
to the boat side. Row boats went at
once to their rescue.
Those wishing to subseribe for the
JournaL ean do so by leaving their
their order at George G. Clinton’s
cigar store No. 1820 Atlantic avenue
between Indiana and Ohio avenues.
Since the Fourth of July houses
cannot get waiters enough. The
stand has been well crowded with
Send in your advertisement to our
agent. Yon will always find him at
No. 1820 Atlantic avenue, between
Indiana and Ohio avenues.
John Douran, of Baltimore is tend
ing bar at A. R. Coots saloon. He
is quite popular among the ladies of
Atlantic city, he makes a very fine
dude when he promenades the board
walk on Sunday asternoon and even
_ Cuamserspura, Jaly 3.
The town is at present very quiet,
in consequence of it being harvest
time. The energetic reporter in his
fruitless effort to pick np something
of local importance to the patrons of
his paper, is indeed to be pitied, for
at this time there is a scarcity of local
happevings. Socially we can always
find a little going cn, and so I shall
look into society and see whether I
can glean anything of importance to
the readers of the JOURNAL.
The church and society has sus
tained a loss this week which is not
easily repaired, in the departure of
Miss Nannie Norris and Miss Lou
Jimison, their destination being As
bury Park, N. J., where they will
spend the summer. They are both
faithtul workers in the A. M. E. Sab
bath school, Miss Nannie being also
organist for A. M. E. Church. It is
the wish of their many friends, your
correspondent izcluded, that they
may enjoy, as they deserve to, their
visit, and return safely in the fall.
Mrs. Annie Curtis has returned to
Philadelphia to remain for an indefin
ite period.
I am more than pleased to observe
in the agents column the names of
my friends J. H. Reid, of 41 Shater
street, Baltimore, and Holmes Au
cherd, of Altoona. They are enter
prising and deserving young gentle
men, and I know they will succeed-
It is with sorrow I am called upon
to chronicle the death of Thomas
Walker. After a severe and lingering
illness, he passed away June 26th,
aged 29 years, 7 months and 10 days.
Sabbath last was Children’s Day.
Your correspondent had the pleasure
of bemg preseng at Zion School and
was very much edified with the exer
cises. The exercises were opened at
2:15 P. M., by singing Boylston S.
M. Reading of Scripture and prayer
by George Toler. The exercises
consisted of recitations, essays and
addresses. A recitation by Miss
Jennie Jackson was extra well ren
dered, and showed a very retentive
memory. An essay entitled, “Time
is Short,” by Miss Annie Morrison,
was carefully prepared and well read.
Reading of Scripture by the pastor.
Responses by the school. A most
beautifal piece of music entitled, “Is
my Name Written There?” was
finely rendered by the scuool. A
recitation by Mrs. Lucinda Anderson
was well given. After which Grand
01d Coronation was sang, and the
Quarter’s Lessons reviewed by the
pastor in a manner highly creditable
to both leader and pupils, and may
be considered a red letter day in the
history of A. M. E. Zion Sabbath
school. The collection taken 'was
$2.48. In A.M. E. Zion Sabbath.
school the exercises were of an im
posing and interesting character. In
addition to the general review there
were several essiys read by young
lady scholars in a highly creditable
manner. There was a large attend
ance of visitors, and of 116 scholars
on the roll, there were 110 present.
It there is a school in the State that
can show a larger percentage of at
tendance we would be pleased to hear
from them. The amount collected
was $6.30. OcCCASIONALLY.
Cuicaco, July 10.
The Godfrey Commandery picnic
on July 15th.
Miss Gaines, of Ohio, is stopping
at 2941 State street,
Charles H. Box and Miss S. A.
Bond were married Thursday night
a week.
Miss Jennie Bandall, of this city,
is visiting friends in St. Paul, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mason, of Mil
waunkee, are in the city.
Jos. S. Hall, of Lincoln University,
is spending a few days in the city.
Mrs. Leggiors and daughter, of
St. Paul, Minnesota, will visit Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Skinner for a couple
of weeks.
Short Locals.
What is needed in Harrisburg is
reform in the girls high school, the
board of econtrol might put in an es
cape valve that would let off surplus
A tarm house at Avondale, Chester
county, awned by D. C. Burnite, of
this city, was destroyed by fire Mon
day night last. The loss was $2,000;
insurance, $1,300.
Bush meeting at Beddington grove
to morrow. Trains leave the Cum
berland Valley depot at 4.30 and
1140 a. m. $1.25 round trip.
Special rates all along the line.
Miss Mary Damon, of Pittsburg,
enroute for home from Maryland
where she has been teaching school,
spent several days in the city as the
guest of Miss Martha Briscoe. Miss
Damon left for home yesterday.
A petition, signed by several of
the most prominent Ccitizens, was
presented to the school board, asking
the appointment of Mr. William H.
Marshall as a teacher in the public
Priday, Sofurday and Sunday, July [L, 12 and 3
Pastors in Charge:—Revs. H. E. KEYES and B. 8. JONES.
Harrisburg, I'a. . :
Robert Burros, Fleming Clark, L. S. Right, John Farral.
For excursion prices from all points see circulars.
Water Coolers,
Ice Cream Freezers,
oil Stoves,
Express Wagons,
Step Ladders,
Baskets, .
. Fishing Tackle,
| " Window Screens.
Wire Cloths, Cutlery, Pocket Knives, ete. Rodgers Bro.’s Plated Ware.
Picture Frames made to order. Come and examine my goods, whether you
purchase or not.
No. 1216 North Third Street, Harrisburg, Pa.
Communicated. |
Letter of Thanks,
Carson Horter,
326 Penn’a avenue, N. W,
WasuiNGron, July 2, 'B4.
Serg't J. W. Simpson, Alderman
Eighth Ward, Harrisburg, Pa.
My Dgkar Sik AND COMRADE :—
Permit me to thank you most cor
dially for your kind words in my be
balf in Teply to the foul aspersions of
a white penny-a-liner in the Phila
delphia Record. 1 have not seen
the article which you have dissected
so admirably, but am satisfied that
the humorous (?) journalist has a foe
man worthy his steel in the perzon of
yourself. That he has struggled with
the truth with pernicious frugality,
goes without saying. The bold,
trenchant, and incisive cuts which
you have given the person who seeks
to belittle me under the cover of a
cowardly nom de pluyme, ought to
satisfy him. for the present at least,
and convince him that the pen he
disgraces could be put to more profit
able and better use. I thank yoa
again most sincerely and heartily for
the evidences of your high regard
and esteem, and your unalterable con
fidence in the honesty and integrity
of an old comrade-in-arms who never
betrayed a friend or ran from the
I hope to have the pleasure of
meeting you in our city on inaugura
tion day, if not earlier, when I shall
be pleased to show how much I appre
ciate your personal worth and value
your friendship.
I am, my dear sergeant, faithfully
and cordially yours, believe me.
P. H. Cagson.
Social Recognition
On Wednesday evening, 10th inst.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas gave a
pleasant reception at their residence,
in social recognition of Mr. and Mrs.
John Palmer, of Williamsport, Pa.
The parlor was ablaze with a brilliant
company, in which harmony and so.
ciability were the predominating fea
tures. Much eredit i 3 due the hostess
for the able manner in which they
were entertained.
e [ SN
Home Office, Pittsburg, Pa.
Braxcu Orrice:
Harrisburg, Pa.
Sickness, Accidents,old §§° and Burial fund
Spectal Charter Under the Act of 1874,
for Beneficial Purposes.
Branch Offices in Most of the Prin
cipal Cities.
I will offer Special Rates until April
Ist to all persons desiring
Fire Insurange.
None but First Class Stock Com
panies represented.
General Insurance Agent.
Orrice—Trust Building (Ist floor,
rear entrance),
Wy Union Sunday Sehool
CHILDREN, - - - 80Cts
Robert Smith’s India Pale Ale,
Yuengling & Sons Potts
ville Porter.
Telephone connections. Orders
promptly filled.
26 Grace avenue, Harrisburg, Pa.
Drunkeness, or the Liquor Habit, can be
cured by administering Dr. Haies’
Golden Specitic.
It can be given in a cup of coffee or tea with
out the knowledge of ?he person taking it,
effecting a speedy and permanent cure,whether
the patient ig a moderate drinker or an aleoholic
wreck. Thousands of drunkards have been
made temperate men who have taken the
Golden Specific in their coffee without their
knowledge,andto-day believe they quit drinking
of their own free wiil. No harmful effects result
from its administration. Cures guaranteed.
Circulars and testimonials sent free.
Address, GoLpen Sreciric Co.,
183 Race St., Cincinnati, O,
Special notice, at this season of the
year, is called to Lincoln Cemeteuy.
As a resting place for the dead is a
necessity, the sooner one is procured
the better, and now is the best time
to procure your lots, at reasonable
prices. The ground is being well
improved, consequently raising the
value of the lots. Moreover the lots
can be improved at this season at but
small cost.
All persons, irrespective of de
nomination. can purchase lots in the
Cemetery. Lots can be purchased
for $B, $lO, $l5 and $2O.
TR s o o« o var seane s rins s snapiasssnies IR
ORI . o ciingies o diie v srbibosan innsrsssises 30
BRI . o ovvsisnne s ckpsdsugaiinanasassins oNI
Rki acisihaiiiv dnvicibne ssl ve o
Any information can be had of the
secretary, J. P. SCOTT, 605 South
The Wonderful
When the Hair begins to fall
Use Joice's Restorer.
When the Hair begins to fade
Use Joice's Restorer,
When the Hair grows gray
- Use Joice'’s Restbrer.
It will Restore the Hair to its
natural color. ,
It will Impart to the Hair life,
strength and beauvy. :
It will arrest falling Hair and give
health to the scalp.
And as a dressing nothing can be
‘more beautiful and agreeable. It is
‘elegantly perfamed and renders the
Hair soft, plaint and lifelike. It also
serves to give the Hair that peculiar
richness and color which is always so
essential to a complete toilet. Re
member this preparation is not a dye.
Remember it contains no impurities.
This also remember, all who have
used it are loud in its praise. Every
bottle guaranteed to restore the Hair
to the full natural shade. To the joy
and satisfaction of all who use it. See
For sale at Dale & Hart’s, Mrs. M.
E Joice’s Hair Store, 118 South Duke
street, also John T. Joice's Shaving
Saloon, Market street, York, Pa.
Frank J. Hess invites the atten
tion of the ladies to some special
showings in new dress goods, and
believes there is nowhere to be found
(filleotion of good goods in choice
ac da%:ablo coloring to equal them.
We néten g faw »
42 l%bnEs WIDE,
FRENCH (I)fim'}g!}w ——.
handsome sand-gray, mode, ton and
steel gray, 42 inches wide, 58 cents.
Regular price, 75.
bracing the new spring colorings, 60
cents a yard.
‘Suitings, 25 cents a yard. Handsome
shades of brown, gray, mode, green
garnet, tobacco Brown and drysand
shades. These goods are warranted
to give the highest satisfaction both
as to color and wear.
DeBEGES; 42 inches wide, 50 cents.
Medium and dark gray medium and
light brown mixtures.
faced, 34 inches, new and beantiful
colorings, 25 cents.
SPRING CLOTHS, 54 inches.
Amszon and French tricot cloths,
81.00 a yard. Embracing new choice
mixtures and solid colorings.
We are showing light weight
spring cloths in mixed colors at 15
cents made to sell at 25.
Special showing in twelve colors
of English DBrockatelle 121 cents,
regular price 25 cents,
Frank J. Hess now offers at the
Black Goods Counter the best col
lection of Black Dress Fabrics for
Spring and Summer to be found in
the city. It is not too much to say
we have never been as busy 1n this
special line of goods. We show a
a collection of stuffs not surpassed in
large cities of staple black goods,
and at prices much less for the same
Some new things in wash goods
reminds us to call your attention to a
new line of Bates Seersucker Ging
hams in fine hair line stripes,medium
and wide stripes, neat checks,medium
and broad hair line blocks. The ex.
cellent washing qualities of these
goods makes them desirable above
many others. -
Remember our announcement last
week of special new and handsome
patterns of Satin Passementries,
Chenelle Fringes and Tailor Made
Buttons, covered, ivory, flat and ball
shapes. - Also a complete line of
for trimming¢ Garnet Navy, Browns,
Gray, Mode, Sand, Myrtle and many
odd shades, not known in any other
Third and Cumberland Sts.
0. P. GROVE.
We offer our Summer Silks,
We offer our Black Silks,
We offer our Colored Silks,
We offer our Spring Dress Goods,
We offer our Remnant Dress Goods,
We offer our Remnant Embroideries,
We offer our Fine Lisle Hose,
We offer our Fine Misses Hose,
We offer our Parasols,
We offer our Seersucker Ginghams,
We offer our Dress Trimings,
We offer our White Quilts,
Sweeping Reduction!
0. P. GROVE,

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