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Scissored from Our Many Ex
changes and Condensed for
Ready Reading.
The Haardin Bro-. and Griffin, of
the Savannah A¢chc, have sold out
their interests to the Georgia Cadets
and T. 1. Dub}', who will hereafter
conduct the paper.
Rev. J. M. Townsend, of Rich
mond, lud., has been nominated on
the Republican ticket for member of
the State Legislature. Ile will stamp
the State.
J. H. IHoward, of Chicago, has
been endorsed by the colored men
as their choice from among the nu
merous aspihrants for Legislative
Young colored men in “"ew York
are agpiring to be placed on her police
force and in her fire department.
“There is much justness in their de
Miss Lucinds 3. Bragg, probably
the best colored lady musician in Vir
ginia, has been solicited to compose a
march for the opering of the Indus
trial Fair at Richmond.
The Virgiuia and Noith Carolina
road, which is soon to be built, will
pass through the tarms of {many col
ored peop'e having good timber, the
sale of which to the road for ties will
ran up into the milliovs.
John 11. Qaarles the colored law
yer of New York, sas the colored
people cf that St-te sre solid for
Blaine ard Logsan.
James K. Goggirs, a c¢>lored man,
has made application Lo enter his son
in the white schools of Cincinnati.
Miss Bessie Carr, a colored lady of
St. Paul, has been appointed a teacher
in the high school of that city, which,
like all the other schools in Minnezota, ‘
is 2 mix«d school.
Excursion to Mahanoy City - Per
sonals and News.
Reavina, Sept. 26.
The quaitette of waiters returned
their trip to Mahanoy City much
pleased with the kind treatment re
ceived from the people of that moun
tain city, it being a *Mollie Maguire”
district to the cootrary nothwith—
stauding. Coloved people ara a verity
in that locality, conscquently they
were somewh L of an attiaction. The
only colored person living there is
John Robinson the porter at the
Mansion Ilouse wnd a very clever
gentlemen be is.
Mrs. Cnarles Watker, Mrs. George
Dorsey and Mis. Juhn Dorsey spent
a very pleasant day ia Pottstown last
week the guest of Mrs. R. T. Bull.
Mrs. J. L. Terry has gone to Phil
adelphia to spend a week with her
relative ard f{riends.
Miss Tillie Stratton, wo are pleased
to state, has recovered fiom her late
sudden attack of iliness. |
The exercises at the A, M. K,
church on last Sunday afternoon (En
dowment day) was a very interesting
character and the liberal sum of
money® contributed toward the fur
therance of the education of our peo
ple was a conclu ive evidence that
the very large audience present were
well pleased not only with the exer
cises but also witn the object of the
meeting. The ex: reises opened with
prayer by the pastor J. W. Norris
then followed an address by N. D.
Temple, essay “I’rayersof the color
ed people since the war,” by Miss
Francis Riggs. Short addresses on
the importance and advantages of ed
ucation were delivered by G. T.
Hawkins and J. R. Kenuey, after
which the exercises closed.
Zion Workers
Sunday, September 21, was a
big day at Wesley church. The oc
casion wasa grand rally on which
considerrble money was raised. All
were delighted with the very able
sermon prcached by Bishop J. J.
Moore in the evening and in the af
ternoon by Rev. Lawrence Miller,
of Eldcr street Presbyterian church,
and Rev. George Offely, of York,
Pa., who was the, Jast but not the
least, ended the programme in the
evening with an able and eloguent
sermon. On Monday evening Bishop
Moore delivered the emancipation
address to a large and intelligent au
dicnce, followed *by Mrs. Frances
Harper, whose remarks were for the
general welfare of our people, which
were highly appreci ted On Tues
day evening a grand bar! ecue was
given at Shakespeare hall, under the
auspices of the worker The sffair
was well attended, and ali scemed to
enjoy it. Much credit is due the
Zion workers for the able manner in
which they conducted it. James G.
Blaine and staff were also present
during the evening, escorted by the
Steelton band.
Yorx, September 24.
A meeting of the colored voters of
York, held in the room of the Re-
publican club of York, on Thursday
night, September- 18, was called to
| order by M. Cupit, who stated the
object of the meeting, ending with a
brilliant and spicy speech, after which
J. Q. M. Brown was chosen as tem
porary chairman, and C. Fairfax as
temporary secretary. A committee
on permanent organization consisting
of Messts. M. Cupit, E. G. Mead and
G. 8. Robinson were appointed, and
in a short time reported the following:
E. G. Mead, president; J. G. M.
Brown, vice president; M. Cupit,
treasu/'wo’fiotfig. Fairfax, eecretary. A
roll | # Aa(’%‘vbership was opened and
45 ats %éa,ro}led. The meeting
was their ;@fqgedfl in enthusiastic
PR S e 44,;{3:!”‘:"‘3., Hector and
M. Cupit, who were applauded with
ringing cheers for Blaine and Logan.
D. McClellan spoke also with great
vigor. The club then adjourned to
meet on the Thursday night of each
week at the same place.
Our people were highly entertained
at the A. M. K. Zion Church one Su
nday afternoon. The event being a
pleasing snd instrective lecture on
Temperance by Mrs. F. Harper. The
lady is gifted with a voluminous flow
of fine language, and held audience
spell-bound, riveting their minds to
the important sabject for more than
one hour. Mrs. Harper is not an
entire stranger among us, having at
one time taught public school here.
She is now employed by the Tem
perance Union to do battle against
the great evil of strong drink and its
benighted influence. What a grand
and noble werk for womanhood.
How commendable to those whose
sole object is to lift fallen and de
pressed humanity, Let all who will
use their talents to bencfit their fel
low-men, cast off self and enroll in
the light of trae humanity. Whoso
ever is willing to deny himself let
him come and do labor for the Master,
The congregation of the Bethel A.
M. E. church are holding their ser
vices at Henry Johnson's house until
their church is finished. They will
hold their quarterly meeting in
Wrightsville on Sunday next.
E. Zion church were conducted by
Rev. Cronce, of the M. K., Rev. Geo.
W. Offley being absent attending
celebration at larrisburg.
Rev. J. H. Hector preached in
Glen Rock on Sunday last.
The work on the Bethel A. M. E.
church is progressing rapidly. They
expect to dedicate it next month.
Yours Tue SEconp.
Cuicaco, September 25.
Politics here has . taken an upward
flight during the last week. We
have had with us the Hon. S, T. St.
Joho, who delivered an eloquent ad
dress to an audience numbering 2000
persons, but as his speech was only
an abusive one to the republican
party, it was not of much force. In
this city we are republicans of the
first water, and intend to give Blaine
and Logan a majority of 40,000. At
the convention of the republican
p'rty we nommated the Hon. Abner
Taylor and J. W. E. Thomas for the
legislature, the former being a white
Rev. C. S. Smith was appointed
from Illinois to New Orleans and C.
S. Barnett from the Second district.
Mi-s B. Workman and 8. Martin,
of Detroit, Mich., are in the city.
M. J. French has gone to Ohio.
M. J. Pope returnped home last
Miss Heiken, of Macon, Ga., left
for Gberlin, Ohio, on the 15th.
Mr. Seewart, of Batavia, is in the
Mies Ida Johrson, of Cleveland,
Ohio, is the guest of Miss Hudlin, of
Dearborne street.
Mr. Omsby and wife passed through
our city on their way to Africa.
Mr. J. G. Jones has been sick the
past week.
A George Washington party on
the 25th.
The Misses Masons, of Milwaukee,
are in the city.
Do you read the Journar? If
not, subscribe for it.
Persons visiting Philadelphia dur
ing the masonic celebration can be
accommodated at the hall at Sixteenth
and Lombard streets, the hall being
secured and properly fitted for the
occasion. Mges. Mary Joxes.
William B. Williams, who will
graduate at Yale College at the next
commencement, will study law and
practice in Georgia, his native State,
WiLuiamMspoßT, Sept. 24.
Here we are again.
~ Mrs. Bella Reese is visiting in
Norristown, Pa.
J. Ham Wilson was ungble to be
out last week on account of an atéack
of malaria.
Mrs. Susie Gradie, nee Kelly, who
for the past ten weeks has been visit
ing her parents in this city, returned
to her home in Chicago on Thursday.
J. B. Johnstou has became proprie
tor of the barber shop on State street,
formerly occupied by George Gibson.
We wish him success.
Prof. Jobus with his dashing mous
tache, was taking in the sights on
Fourth street, on Tuesday evening.
William Alexander and his two
little boys were seen in the torchlight
demonstration last Thursday evening.
The bo,s icoked quite tart in their
neat uniforms.
Mrs. Maggie Anderson is among
the unfortunate ones under the doc
tor’s care. The result is a heavy cold
caught from baving her teeth ex
The colored roller skating rink
opens this afternoon (Saturday) at the
building opposite the First Presbyte
rian church, on east Third street. The
rink will be conducted in first class
order. One of Elmira’s best skater’s
is expected to be present for the
grand opening. We would like to
see the young ladies and gentlemen
present, especially the young men
who spend their evenings in the pool
rooms. They will find this a much
more innocent amusement than the
above mentioned rooms.
We are glad to note that a large
number of our colored citizens are
erecting houses of their own. Itisa
very wise plan. We hope a great
many more will follow. Among
those your correspondent seen while
strglling on Wednesday, were Eli
Alexander, Park avenue; Cal Wa.
goner, Walnut street; William O’-
Brine and Isaac Dunn, Heferin street,
and a number others that your seribe
failed to learn.
See that your poll tax is paid be
fore it gets too late, in order to secure
your voie. Don’t move out of your
xR o O A CAT
Extract of a sermon aeltverea vy
Rev. Palmer, at the Mill street church
on Sunday evening:
«Washington, though the father of
our country, had not the advantages
for acquiring an education that are
afforded the most worthless boys that
lounge about our court house corners.
Nor did Adam, nor any of his suc
cessors to the present. If the moun
tains of our ignorance are to be
brought low, and the valleys of our
race humiliation are to be exalted by
education and the culture ofjthe race,
ultimate success and triumph of that
work are dependent upon you. The
duty of the hour, and the many de
mands of the age, call us to the ex
ercise of every mental power, and the
employment of ¢very reasonable
means to reach the end in view. Pa
rents, you are to prepare to meet the
present emergency. Be not like the
gelfish, unsacrificing Pharisees of the
day of our Lord. Do not lock the
door of wisdom and throw the key
‘away from children, but sey to them,
‘1 had not the opportunities which
t you have; if I had had them I would
' have embraced them with you.”’
Special tojthe JOURNAL.
Carusie,{Sept. 25.
A great many will go to Mt
Holly to attend the concert this even
g, the great attraction being Miss
Jennie Gatewood, of Donivan’s Tenn.
Singers, and Miss Kate Stanton, of
Carlisle, who are both to sing.
None of the Blaine and Logan clubs
from here went to Hagerstewn.
Country James Howard, of Phila
delphia, paid our jown a short visit.
Miss Girty Thomas has returned
home from Brooklyn, N. Y.
William Drew, one of our most
respected citizens, died this morning.
Mr. Drew has been a great sufferer
for three weeks. He leaves a wife
and large family to mourn hiss loss.
All gentlemen and ladies who are
in favor of a dancing school will leave
their pames with R. J. Johnson or
Thomas Green.
William Drew, of Baltimore, Md.,,
and George Drew, of Williamsport,
Pa., are home on account of their
father's serious illness.
Subscribe for Tur STaTE JOURNAL,
the leading colored paper.
We sincerely hope it will rain this
week, when there will be less chance
of it doing so during the fair.
Ed. Watson returned to Philadel
phia on Monday. LRI,
Speacial to JourNaL,
PuiLaperruia, Sept. 26,
| The campaign can now be said to
be fairly opened, judging from Tues.
| day night's grand demonstration.
| Republican Philadelphia has sounded
the blast, and all over the State the
| procession begins to move up and
close ranks for Blaire and Logan.
The State Central Committee have,
during the week, filled the vacancy
on the electoral ticket, sized up the
prospective majorities in different
sections of the State, was assured by
Don Cameron that he was with the
boys; and adjourned without giving a
moment’s_‘consideration to the fact
that 40,000 of the truest and most
faithful adherents of the party were
knocking at the door, asking for so
small a thing as representation on the
State Committee. They adjourved,
however, perfectly satisfied that the
black vote, as usual, would fiow into
the channel, the course of which it
has unwaveringly followed for years,
Every now and then some one comnes
to the front and says I am tired of
standing in the traces, and they kick
out. This has occurred in the Sey
enth ward Legislative district, the
Negro Republican stronghold of
Philadelphia. This is the one corner
of this great Commonwealth where
our wishes are consulted, where we
dictate, where we demand, and where
we enjoy whatever the fruits of vie—
tory or the gall of defeat may be.
While we have never sent a colored
‘man to the Legislature from this dis
trict, and while the eyes of the people
of the State are-upon us, we simply
inform them we are here with all of
our boasted intelligence, po'itical
shrewdness, and reputed wealth,
without any more representation in
the State’'s councils than any other
section of the State. But if any one
will come to Philadelphia and select
from among our many ambitious,
wealthy and leading colored men the
man who is willing to go into a can
vass with his coat off aad his shirt
sleeves rolled up so that he can
reach down into his pockets, without
hindrance, and dispense of the soap
which is an all essential commodity
to the success of a man in politics, be
he a white man in a black district, or
allagk.man.in awhitg district, What
can run for an office in this city of
Brotherly Love utless be uses his
own soap or his friends, and until a
colored man liberal enough, gshrewed
enough and wise enough td see this
point is found, don’t look for any
representative from this city to Har
risburg until some unthought of and
unseen miracle is performed in politics.
The legislative fight in the Seventh
ward is going to be a hard one.
Somebody is going to die a hard
death. Somebody will enter into a
gleep that will know no waking. The
regular ticket for the legislature is
Boyer and Wheil. White, who was
a member last year, wanted to be re
turned. He bad quite a following
until he went to the convention, when
he was just short ot delegates enough
to give him the nomination. His dele
gates declined to go into the conven
‘tion, which nominated Boyer and
i Wheil. The friends of White then
held a conveation Wednesday and
put another ticket in the field, con
sisting of White and Osburne. Both
parties claim for themselves victory,
but if you really want to know who
will be successful you will have to
read it in the stars, for I eannot tell.
The Gray Invincibles received the
Baltimore Rifles here on Thursday.
The Rifles were accompanied by a
large number of visitors. At three
p- m. the compa_nies formed on Chest
nut street opposite the armory for a
parade, headed by the Second regi
ment band and followed by an im
mense throng of people. They
paraded through the principal streets
to Broad, wherea dress review was
held in front of the Union League
club house. Both companies looked
well and elicited much applause. In
the evening Musical Fund hall was
filled with visitors and {riends of the
Grays. Dancing was induled in un l
til a late hour.
J. H. Howard, manager of Tue
StaTe JOURNAL, £pent several days in
the city on business In connection
i er.
mglnfll)sg‘:;% ward letter will be pub
lished through the columns of the
@ilbert Ball is leading the revolt
ing faction of the Seventh ward.
Go to Loke White's, 419 South
Seventh street, for the JournaL.
afiarterly Review.
Special services will be held in
Elder Street Presbyterian Church
throughout the day to-morrow.
Preaching at 10:30 A. M,; Sabbath
school services at 1:30 P. M, and
review exercises at 7:30 P. M. The
public are cordially invited snd made
T, J. MILLER, Superintendent.
A Few Newsy Briefs and Person
als from ‘‘ Gold Pen.”
WiLkes-Baree, Pa, Sejt. 25.
Quarterly services will be held in
the A. M. E. Bethel charch, Fell
Street, on Sunday; October 5. All
are iovited.- Rev. A. R. Palmer,
E. B. Thompsos, type setter in the
office of the Democrat, Montrose,
Pa.. is in this city the guest of Wm.
H. Brown. Mr. T. is a young man
of ability and we understand has
been some time in the employ of
the Demoerat.
The Keeth Post G. A. R is pro
gressing. It has attained a roll of
21 members.
Eiias Williams has gcne on a visit
to Philadelphia
Rev. W. 11, Ealey has been ap
pointed here as pastor of the A, M.
E. Zion church. Rey. D. .. Wash
ington, the late pastor, has been ap
poiuted to take charge of the church
at E mira, N. Y.
Elsworth Downey and sister Eliza
leave here today on a visit to Tren
ton, N. J. :
On the sick list. Miss Ella An
drews, Mrs. Hannah Howard, R. T.
Throckmorton, Andrew Fitzgerald.
We Lope they may soon recover.
Mrs. J. R. Kennedy has returned
from the Quaker city.
Mrs. Wm. Crzbb has returned
from Atlantic City.
All those who receive the Jouroar.
by cingle copies in this city will do
us a favor by settling their indebted
ness prompt'y at the clcse of each
Quite a number of our citizens ex
pect to take in the Centennial at the
Quaker city, commencing on the 29th
B. F. Towns is canvassing for the
book entitled, “Dlack and White, or
Hard Labor and Politics in the South,”
by T. Thomas Fortune, Ksq., editor
of the New York Globe. The book
is neatly bound in English cloth, con
taining a vast amount of valuable
matter, and should be in every house
The eutertainment given at Na—
tional Hall last evening, by the Key
stone Band, was a success, socially a 3
well as financially. At an early hour
people began to gatber, and at 10 P.
Musié ana scciar ¢vnversanuvu’ Woro
in succession, after which an inter
mission was made to appease the
“inner man.” At 11 P. M., a grand
promenade teok place, headed by the
K. 8., who made a really imposing
appearance, and in which about forty
couples participated. About 1 A. M,,
the assemblage departed for their
homes, feeling amply paid for their
attendance. e are gratified to note
there were no intoxicating drinks
present, which added largely to the
affair, which throughout was highly
creditable. The band consists of 21
pieces, and when we consider its age
(two months) made up of young men
who have had no previous practice,
we doubt whether it could be easily
The Ckurch of the Covenant (Pres
byterian) is taking steps toward pur
chaging ground upon which to build
a new place of worship. A commit
tee meeting wiil be held to-night to
determine upon a location. This isa
step in the right direction. Will
state more in our next letter.
Oo Friday night of nexzt week 18
the time set for tbe Republican de
mosstration in this city. Let there
be a grand rally.
William Mathew and Miss S. Cra
per were united in bonds (uot Gov
ernment) but matiimonial, on Thurs
day evening last. We understand
they expect to make this place their
future home.
Mrs. Lydia Butler, of Pittston, is
still very feeble.
The agent of the New York Globe
in this city opened wide his invec
tives upon the Jour~NaL agent in the
last issue of his organ, simply be
cause we said, as others ray, that the
Jourxaw is the better paper; and says
it is not only unmanly fi r us to say
80, but he did not expect uny under
hand work from bis fiiend John. We
would respectfully inform the worthy
agert that we have never used our
influence agamst 7%e Globe in the
least as he infers, and being a pa‘ron
of said paper, we have encouraged
its patronage bere. Tbe fact is oor
friend has been trembling in his boots
ever since the JourNAL was first in
‘troduced in this city, lest it might
cross his path; and as for “tearing
down another’s house io order to
erect ours,” we have no desire so to
do. Thereis plenty of room for both,
however, in building, while by hon.
orable meaos we erect ours larger
and more substantial we do not thiok,
friend Towns, it is policy on your
part to squeal.
" Gorp Pen.
ALrooxa, September 25. — In the
heart of the Alleghenies, two Lundred
miles west of Philadelphia, lies Al
toona in the lap of the Allegheny
moundaios. It is cradled in one of
the most beautiful among our moun
tain regions. Thirity years ago the
ground where the town stands was
a farm. The huge station hotel oc
cupies the site what was then a duck
pond. Altoona is a city of 20,000
inbabitants withseveral fine churches,
commodiousschools, two daily papers,
a theatre, a heavy municipal debt
and other adjuncts of civilization. It
still grows at the rate of 500 houses
a year. The chief industry here are
the railroad shops. The shops em
ploy 5000 men. To visit these shops
few finer sights than these are
offered. The silent moulding room
where the delicate, thoughtful manip
ulation of sand that is to shape the
fluid metal goes oo; the huge steam
hammer, poucding like an earth
quake on stilts; the wheel foundry in
which 200 car wheels are cast every
day. The locomotive shops turn out
100 locomotives—73,ooo wheels a
year, and embraces twenty six acres.
Many graduates from the schools of
Boston, Albany and other places
come to work in these establishments,
which are democratic in their in
Mr. William Jackson, who has
had charge of the dining room at the
Logan house for some time past, was
agreeably surprised on last Wednes
day by bis fellow waiters who pre
sented him with a solid silver castor.
Mr. Wm. Stuart made the presenta
tion speech.
The friends of Mr. Wm. Bolyer
will be pleated to hear that he has
taken charge of the Logan house
dining room.
Chesley Bass, who has charge of
the Logan house barber shop, is
spending a few days In Philadelphia.
Miss Lillie Thowas, who has been
ili for some time past, is able to be
about again.
Mre. Ornes hasbeen visiting friends
at Huntingdon. .
Mrs. Benjamin Koote, of Ilarris
burg, is visiting Mrs. Hooper.
Mr. James Howard, of the Harris.
barg Journar, psid our town a flying
finb svgaen’ uvaou weiewew s
the Altoona base ball club on last
Tuesday afternoon by a ecore of 22
tor 7. The only features of the game
was Taylor's pitching and Lusk’s
fine catching.
Miss Lillie Thomas and Miss Wal
ton gave a festival for the benefit of
the A.M E.church last Tuesday even
ing, which proved to be a success.
Mechanicsburg Personals.
MEecnaNicsßUßrG, Sept. 26.
James [loward of Philadelphia was
a sociable visitor in Mechanicsburg
last week. He hurried off again on
Monday with many regrets to his
closer friends hereabouts.
John Jackson, a very clever at
tendant, left on Monday for Phila
delphia, where he will give clever at
tendance to gentlemen in a first class
George Pulpus of Mechanicsburg
spent Mouday and Tuesday in Har
risburg, and returned home on Wed
nesday well pleased with his trip.
A young lady who is as cute as she
is good looking, has an inclination to
kindness toward your correspondent,
but as yet she failed to do the pretty
thing. She told us that whenever
we struck a drouth in the news mar
ket in Mechanicsburg she would mnost
smilingly supply the want. She stil]
smiles and smiles but her lips speak
not a word of information® Now
isn’t it too too cruel?
A very singular case was recently
“Dixie” with the Thomas printing
house can tell a good story and give
his friends 8 most pleasing “go off”
whenever ¢alled upon. G. F. D.
011. City, Pa, S:pt. 24.
To-night we retire under the sound
of the falling rain. :
Mrs. John Lucas and Miss Mamie
Lucas have retaroed frem an exten
sive trip to Canada, where they were
visiting friends and relatives.
Invitations are out for the mar
riage of Miss Julia Green to P. G.
Armstrong, on Sept. 25. Quite a
namber are expected to be present
from far and near. I wWonder who
comes next?
~ Mrs. Alice Wells has returned home
from Lockport, N. Y., where she has
been visiting her mother in-law, Mrs.
l'i-i;ya stay away from the five cent
store this week, W. M.
NO. 28,
Cuanserseure, September 24.
It is very dry and dusty, and the
farmers have stopped sowing their
grain because, as they say, the ground
is too dry, and should they do their
seeding now and a heavy rain should
come it would bake the ground so
hard that the wheat would not come
up, and so they wou'd have to per
form their labor over again. Well,
they know, better than I
Mr. John Peyton, sr., has returned
to Williamsport, Pa.,, mugh pleased
with bis short visit to the burg.
Miss Mary Burgess, of Mercers
burg, is residing here for an indefinite
Miss Sadie Campbell Las gone to
Mercersburg to visit her numerous
frieeds. lope she may enjoy the
Mr. Joseph Winters has a tomato
vine that bears thirtytwo tomatecos
on one stem._ They are yellow in
color and a perfect curiosity. Who
can excel it.
Mrs. David Wells has returned
from Cape May. Welcome home.
Mr. Milton Lewis has returned to
Pittsburg. He carried with him
‘many pleasant recolleetions of his
-short visit to the barg. .
~ Rev. Davis looks quite nobby in
those gold rimed spectacles. They
were a present from his members and
they could not have been conferred
upon one more worthy of them, and
of the respects of the doners. Hope
tho elder may continue to see
through them, but not darkly.
Rev. M. H. Ross, as per previons
srrangement, preached a special scr
mon to the colored veterans of the
late war on Sabbath last, at' 3 p. m.,
his subject being “The Signs of the
Times.” The church was filled to
repletion. There were twenty four
veterans in line, and it wes to our
people, both white and colored, a
novel and interesting sight to sece
this handful of ¢bony hued veterans
move along the sireets of our city
with that solid and regular step which
proclaimed them every inch soldiers.
Such a sight was never before seen
in our city, and we indalge the hope
that through the organization of the
above veterans intoa G. A. R. post
such cecurrences in the fulure may
not ha anmman af tho carman T nan
who were prezent to be one_of the
finest efforts ever made in our city.
Among the visitors who listened to
the sermon were Capt Wm. Burgess,
commander of ITousum Post, and
first vice commander Benjamin IFan
astock of the same post, who ex
pressed themselves as delighted with
the able manner in which the rever
end gentleman handled his subject.
Presiding Elder Felty of the M. K.
is in town paying a visit to the
Polities are blooming.
A Soiled Lilly and a Doubtful
- Gladwell.
George Lilly and Gladwell were
arrested on Monday for the larceny
of a watch. They were committed
to jail for court, in default of $5OO
bail. The facts of the case are as
follows: Mr. Low, one of the em
ployees of the State Arsenal, bought
a watch from Mr. Tausig, and wish
ing to raise some money he pawnod
it at Mr. Loengard's. Lilly is sup
posed to have effected an ¢ntrance to
Mr. Loengard’s place and stole the
watch. Gladwell offered the watch
to Mr. Loengard for thirty dollars, he
declining to purchase it. Lilly offered
it to Mr. Tausig for thirty-five dol
lars. Mr. Tausig recognizing the
watch told them to wait until he sent
for the money. Instead of sending
for money he sent for an cflicer. Both
men deny ste-ling th: watech, and
say Li'ly purchased it in Virginia in
1883. They state that their obj.ct
} for selling the wateh wis to cpen a
l grecery store. Gladwell is a stranger
and c'aimns Virginia as his home.
Excursion of Odd Fellows.
Special to the STATE JOURNAL.
Frrrssunc, September 26 —The
Allegheny City Patriarchie No. 11
have made airangements with the
Pan [landle railroad to run an ex
cursion fiom Pitisburg to Cincinnati
for all Odd Fellows and their friends
who desive attending the B. M. C.
of Grand United Order of Odd Fel
lows, which convenes Tuesday, Oc
wober Tith, 1084, Rete $6.50 for the
round trip, from' Pittsbirg to Cin
cirnati and return. Train leaves
Usicn station at 8 a.m. Ticketa
go-d for eight days.
Derry Church.
We have been asked to say thatf the Ja
dies of Lebanon will farnish lunch to all
who attend the ceremonies on Thursday
of next week, October 2d. The fimd.
will be applied to the fund for uildin‘
the church.

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