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VYOL. 8.
Scissored from QCur Many Ex
changes and Condensed for
Ready Reading.
William T. Shaw, of Pittsburg, is
g-id 1o be worth $25 000,000.
The colored belles of St. Louis are
entertaining a real African prince.
Zion Wesley Institute has a larger
number of students than ever before.
Several young colcred ladies will
enter the Boston Conservatory of
Music the coming autumn.
Mr. Garrett, lately dcceased presi
dent of the Baltimore and Ohio rail
road, was reported worth $25,000,-
A prominent colored man of Texas,
Mr. Richard Neleon. is a candidate
for Congress in the Seventh District
of that State.
The Republicans of Davidson
county, Tenn., have nominated among
other candidates Mr. P. T. Noel,
colored, for Representstive.
R. T. Ilil & Co., publishers, of
Richmond, do the largest business
in their line of any similar concern
ran by colored men in the South.
Mr. Wiley Jones, one of the
wealthiest colored meun in Arkansas,
has just completed one of the most
costly busincss buildings in Fine
Biuff, Ark.
Mr. . C. O. Benjimin, a 8 member
of the Richmond bar, has written an
address to the colored voters of Vir
ginia, which is being widely circu
lated and read.
The Bohee brothers, formerly with
Haverley's and the Georgia minstrels,
ar: now 1n Kurope, hving in fine
style. They have no idea of return
ing to this country to live again.
Walker Blaine is often spoken of
as a “dude.’ lle wears swell suits
and talks like an Englishman, but is
withal a plea-ant young fellow with
great 1 atural brightness and adapta
Mr. B. F. Ousley is another col
ored man willing to die in Africa.
e is a graduate of Figk University
and of the Oberlin Theological Semi
nary. lle was recently ordained a
missionary, and is to join the mission
ary work in Scu'heast Africa.
Henry Rogers, colored, of Guiffin,
Ga., died lately under circumstances
pointing to poison. lle was attended
by a colored doctor, whose alleged
motive in removing tha husband was
to have greater intimacy with the
wife. The courts will take hold of
the matter.
The colored fair which closed in
Lexington, Ky., Saturday of last
week, was the mbst successful for
years. The average attendance was
nearly 3,000 per day and the gross
receipts «ver £2,000. The exhibits
were fine and numarcus beyond any
former _\(-n'rs.
Threo co'ored cehiddrn were re
ccived into Trinity Chu:ch, Prooklyn,
Conn,, recently. Some years ago
Miss 'rudence Crandall, of the ad
joining town was put into a murder
er’s cell becaure she was found guilty
of teaching a class of colored girls in
her own house. Trinity Church now
stands on the site of the old jail.
John lughes, a colored acrobat
and contortionist, is in New York
performing phenomenal feats with a
pail of water. He places a pail fall
of water on his head and rolls over
and over, lies on his back, side and
stomach without spillinz a particle,
then stands on his head and drinks a
glass of water without the use of his
A new business firm will soon be
started in Chicago. Miss Mary Gil
lespie, for many years leading sales
lady at Gray's Lair store, and Miss
Emma Lewis, designer aod dress
maker, will form a partnership and
unite both branches of business.
They cannot fail of success, as both
are acknowledged experts in their
particuiar lines, and both have excel
lent business qualifications,
Sixth Ward Republicans Organize
Just one hundred and twenty-one
republicans of the first precinet, Sixth
ward, had put their names to a ca))
for the formation of & Blaine and
Logan club when they met
last evening. The following
officers were elected: Humphrey
Majes, president; Perry Adams, vice
president; Edward Moss, secretary;
Sandy DBurrs, assistant secretary;
marshal, James Smith: Ist assistant,
Johu Burrs; 2d assistant, [leury
Young; treasurer, William Weaver:
Finance Committee, Horace Reed,
ITamphrey Majes, Stephen Burrs,
Picnic To-morrow,
The Atlantic base ball club will hold a
picnie to-morrow on Independence island,
at which a Leautiful silver cup will be
given to the best lady waltzer. The cup
may be seen at the Baltimore clothing
store window on Third street.
Meeting of Blaine and Logan
Club—OQOther News.
Yorg, October 1.
The second meeting of the Blaine
and Logan Club, No. 3, convened at
the Republican club room on Thurs
day night, September 25. After
adopting the constitution and by
laws governing the organization they
concluded upon the style of uniform,
which will be plain and tasty, some
thing calculated to suit the mind 0
the most fastidious member. After
the appointing of various committees
speeches were then made by Capt.
H. Lanins aod others. The club is
on a fair footing and will do good
work in this campaign. Notwith
standing the Republican party has
given us all we have and now enjoy,
we as voters have fully reciprocated
their kind acts toward us by placing
them in power time and again. We
are now ready and willing to help to
further the principles of Republican
ism, but as we are all thinkers, how
can we help saying that we have not
received a fair recognition from that
party. Take this and many other
States where Republicanism reigns
supreme, where the black vote num
bers upwards of 20,000 or more,
seemingly we are treated with indif
ference. It behooves us to demand
that which we are entitled, neverthe
less we are sticking closer than a
brother looking for a better time.
Past blessings do not suffice; we
waant to feel that party alittle nearer.
The A. M. E. Zion connection
will hold their Sabbath school con—
vention here on the 15th of this
month. There will be delegates
from Washington, D. C., and other
parts of the diocese.
A concert for the near future is
talked of here.
Next week our county fair begins
and we will see many new and
strange faces.
The funeral of Rev. J. H. Ander
gon, who departed this life on Fri
day morning between 6 and 7 o'clock,
takes place on Sunday afternoon at
2 o'clock from the A. M. E. Zion
church, over which he was pastor
about four years ago. Since that
time he received several attacks o
paralysis, rendering him unable to
fill a charge. The solemn services
were conducted by Bishop J. J.
Moore, Reve. T. Thomas McGrath
and George Offely. The DBishop
being unwell, eould lot comply to
the request of the fanily, but gave a
talk upon the Christian rectitude of
the deccased while under his ap
pointing power, and stated that he
will, when able, preach the funeral:
germon at any time the family may
desire. Rev. Anderson was born in
the city of DBaltimore in 1824, He
filled all the charges to which he was
assigned, and in the prime of his life
dil not wait with folded arms for
wotldly supplies to be given him by
his members, but labored with his
own bands for sustenance, traveling
many miles-to preach on the Sab
bath and to hold quarterly meeting.
After a week of manual labor he
sought no reward, asked for no com
pensation, craved no praise but the
blessedness of our Heavenly Father.
Thus a mighty man hath ascended
the throne of grace, a cedar of Leb
anon fallen, an Israelite indeed in
whom there was no guile.
Oar G. A. R. Postsare still in a
flourishing condition. They hang
together like old shoes.
The Bethel A. M. E. quarterly
nieeting, held at Wrightsville on
last Sunday, was well attended by
members of York. Columbia and
Marietta churches. 1
Evciy, Kane county, IIL, Oct. I.—
The Elgin Blaine aud Logan club
number about thirty stiong, and the
boys don’t forget to turn out when
we have a rally.
Mrs. 11. HI. White has been ill for
a week.
Elgin is strong for Blaine and
H. P. Parker will be married and
there is no use of saying no.
Special to the STATE JOURNAL.
Middletown, Pa.
MipprLeTown, Oct. 1.
Members of the A. M. E. Bethel
Sunday-school enjoyed quite a pleas
ant time last Sunday afternoon, it
being Missionary Sunday. The ex
ercises consisted of an eddress by the
pastor, Rev. 8. Barch snd also by
Mr. C. T. Davis and Miss Lizzie
Woodward answering some of the
most diffien't questions from the
Bible. Miss Emma Gordon also gave
some very interesting information
from the DBible, and a number of
small children recited speeches.
Held a Large Meeting Tuesday
Night—Persouals and
~ QOther Notes.
Reaping, Pa., Oct. 2.
J. L Terry, Lemuel Baily, A. L.
Still and T. M. Seidle were in Phila
delphia this week attending the Ma
sonic Centennial.
Richard Bull, Jr., and wife, and
William Merriman, of Pottstown,
visited our city last week.
George Harris, of Eprhata Springe,
was in our city last week and took in
the county fair.
John Wolliage, of Reamstown,
Lancaster county, paid us a flying
vigit last week.
At the last regular meeting of
Jocoabed Lodge, No. 1306, G. U. O.
of O, F., the following officers were
elected :
N. F.—Joha Cornish.
N. G.—A. L. Still.
V. G.—Sohn Dorsey.
E. S.—N. D. Templin.
Joseph Walker had three fine dogs
on exhibition at the county fair last
week, and was given a premium for
the same. -
David Gibson, Jr., has sold his
interest in the shaving emporium on
Penn square and started for the West
on last Monday.
On last Sunday night every seat in
the A. M. E. church was occupied,
and at an early hour, too, and mostly
by the fair sex. Comparing the num
ber of persons present and the num
ber of church-going people, the other
church must of had a®very slim at
tendance, and they remained in their
seats until the close of the services;
no jumping up and running out dur
ing the sermon, as is usually the
case; but they did not seem to give
the proper attention to the regular
services, they all secmed to be looking
for some one who was not there. The
ladies wore upon their faces a look
of disappointment. Your correspond
ent came to the conclusion that there
was something wrong, and upon in
quiry I found that some one reported
that there would be a wedding in the
church that night, but there will be
one there in the near future, and we
will all & there.
- The first anniversary of the Wo,
man’s Home Missionary Society of
the Lehigh Presbytery, was held in
the chapel of the First Presbyterian
church on last Tuesday. Mrs. Pris
cilla Nelson represented the society
connected with the Second Presby
terian church.
11. C. Nelson paid a flying visit to
Harrisburg on last Monday.
J. 11. Howard, of Tue State Jour-
NAL, was in our city last Monday at
tending to some affairs connected
with his paper; he also attended the
meetlng on Monday night of the
Blaine and Logan club. After the
regular routine of business, Mr. How
ard was called upon to make an ad
dress. The gentleman responded,
and gave the members some good
and practical suggestions as to their
fealty to the Republican party and to
themselves. Mr. Howard also ad
dressed a large meeting on Tuesday
night, of the Republican League.
This is the largest Republican organ
ization in the city, having an enroll
ment of over 300 members, nearly all
of whom were present to hear Mr.
Howard, who acquitted himself
nobly. The gentleman made many
friends, both for himself and Tue
Strate JournarL during his visit.
Cuicaco, October 2.
Politics is at fever heat, and we are
having meetings all ovar the city.
Torchlight processions are the order
of the nights.
We expect the Plumed Knight
from Maine in our city next month,
when we expect to turn out about
twenty thousand men in line to re
ceive him.
The Republican State ticket is as
follows: Governor, Richard Ogels
by, of Logan county; Lieutenant-
Governor, John C. Smith, of Cook
county; Secretary of State, llenry
Demert, of Lee county; Auditor, C.
P. Swirgit; Treasarer, Jacob Gross,
of Cook; Attorney General, George
A report was circulated that the
colored voters would bolt the Repub
lican ticket this fall, but the report is
denied by the colored voters, who say
they know what is the right thing.
We have formed a Blaine and Lo
gan club on the North Side.
B. L.Jenkins is visiting his mother,
3835 Beauford street.
Miss M. Geary and Miss I. larper,
of Wisconsin, are in the city,
George Walker died on Tuesday.
- More anon,
G.B. W,
A Few Newsy Briefs and Person
als from ‘‘ Gold Pen.”
WiLkes.Barre, Pa., Oet. 2.
At the A. M. E. Zion church on
Sabbath evening last, Rev. W. A.
Ely, the newly installed pastor, de
livered a masterly sermon to an ap
preciative andience, taking for his
theme the ‘‘Shortness of Time, or
the Brevity of Life.” The reverened
gentleman has gone to Ithaca, N. Y.,
after his family, and expects to re
turn on Saturday. A reception will
be held in the above charch on next
Wednesday evening. Refreshments
will be on [hand. Admission ten
cents. Come.
Quarterly meet.ng will be held in
the A. M. E. Bethel church next
Sunday at 3 p. m.
At the Presbyterian church of the
Covenant on Sabbath next, Rev.
Horace G. Miller, pastor, will ad
dress the Ladies’ Aid Association of
said charch. This society since its
formation, Aagust 14, 'B3, has done
a commendable work. Its weekly
meetingsare ‘held on Wednesday
evening, and much interest is mani
Rev. Add R. Palmer went to
Montrose on Saturday last to assist
Rev. C. H. Brown, pasto? of Betbel
church, in holding quarterly services.
Communion services will be held
in the Presbyterian Church of the
Covenant on Sunday evening, Oct.
13. An invitation to attend is ex
tended to all.
Mr. Simon Snyder returned on
Friday evening last with his family
from Pottsville, Pa., where they
have been spending several months.
Paul Grant, of Pittston, has come
to this city to take up his abode.
A party was given at the residence
of Mr. George W. Generals, on Ross
street, last Thursday evening, for his
son Lawson. There were about 28
persons present, male and female.
The repast was prepared to suit the
most fastidious, and a very pleasant
time was enjoyed by all.
Mrs. John Williams was sum
moned to Harrisburg last Friday,
owing to the sudden illness of her
mother, Mrs. Miller, whom we learn
is now much better.
The messenger of death has in
vaded our vicinity, and with its icy
gragp removed from among us one
beloved by all, Mrs. Lydia Butler,
wife of Mr. George Butler, ot Pitts
ton, who, after several months ill
ness, became a victim to the fell
slayer, consumption, on Friday last
at 9 A. M., aged 37. The funeral
services were held at their house on
Sunday at 2 P. M.
Mr. John Brown, son of the late
Henry Brown, is in declining health.
William Yarbrough, of Mississippi,
is ia this city. Also, Thomas Cham
bers, of New York, is visiting briefly
among relatives here. Mr. C. ex
peets to start for Cambridge, Mass.,
on Saturday of this week.
A couple of notable people in the
person of Mr. and Mrs. 8. B. Carl, of
Curwensville, Pa., are visiting rela
tives in this place. Mr. C. was for
mally from this city. Glad to see
you, Samuel.
Mr. James 11. Howard, the able
mauager of the State Journar, i 8 in
our city in the interest of his paper.
Among those who are doing the
Centennial at the City of Brotherly
Love this week we note Mrs. Isabella
Barker, Mr. A. T. Jackson, O. T.
Hazen and Decator Blue.
Mr. William Howard will leave
here for Harsisburg to-morrow; from
thence to Mechanicsburg and Ha
gerstown, Md. s
Rev. Add R. Palmer and Rev.
Matthew Seaman leave here on Mon
day for Washington, Pa., to attend
the Pittsburg conference, which con
venes at the place.
The Democrats endeavored to get
up a demonstration here last Friday
night, but it was the thinest concern
that has met the gaze of your corres
pondent for years.
Ample preparations are being
made to have a grand Republican
rally here to-morrow night, weather
permitting. Hon. W. H. Kountz,
of Somerset, . B. Payoe and Gen
eral McCartney, of this city, are to
address the meeting.
Quite a number of our people went
to Pittston last Sunday to pay the
last tribute of respect to Mrs. Lydia
Batler, deceased.
The colored Blaize and Logan
Club holds its meetings every Thurs
day evening in the Republican
League room. Gorp Pe~.
The One Face in Fair Diana’s Album,
From the Brooklyn Eagle.
To a little Brooklyn girl belongs the
credit of having identified the mysterious
“man in the moon.”” *“‘Oh, come and
look at the moon, papa,”’ she exclaimed,
the other eveninf. ‘“There’s a photo
graph of Ben Butler in it.”
He Fires Into a Crowd, Killing
One Man and Seriously In
juring Another.
Cuarceston, W. Va.,, Oct. I.—
During the Democratic demonstra
tion here to night John Nunler, who
was intoxicated, began shooting in
the crowd, who were listening to the
speakers, and Charles Slaughtor, col
ored, was shot just above the heart
and Albert McCormick, white, was
shot in the neck. Slaughter died
five minates alter the shooting. The
bullet was extracted from McCor
mick's neck, bat his condition is still
011 Ciry, Pa., Oct. 2.
The great and important event of
the season was the marriage of P’. G.
Armstrong to Miss Julia H. Green,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. M.
Green, of this city, on Thursday even
ing, September 25, at the A. M. E.
church. The church auditorium where
the ccremony was performed was
handsomely decorated with fine flow
ers and beautiful boguets which orna
mented the pulpit and suspended from
the ceiling in front of the pulpit over
where the bride and groom stood
during the ceremony was a floral um
brella of a beautifal design and artisti
cally made by Mrs. J. J. Fisher
Miss Carrie Peterson and Miss Emma
Haldeman. Over 150 invitstions
were issued, including a large num
ber of white friends as well as colored
who assembled long before the ap
pointed hour for the ceremony to
begin, of which the ushers, Messrs.
W. M. A. Heuson, W. Miller, Wes
ley Paul and J. E. Lucas, were kept
busy escorting the guests to their
seats. At the appointed hour, eight
o'clock sharp, the organist, Miss
Florence Burch, began .playing a
wedding march, at which time the
bridal party entered the right band
aisle of the church, led by the four
ushers; then followed the cfficiating
minister, Rev. T. 11. Cyus, of Pitts
burg, also followed by the bridesmaid,
groomsman, Leonard Thomp, of
Titnsville, and Miss Mamie Lucas. of
South Oil City, then the bride and
groom, who proceeded up the center
aisle; arriving in front of the altar two
of the ushers and bridesmaid stood at
the left of the couple and the other
two ushers and groomsman stood at
the right forming a half circle. Rev.
T. H. Cyus, of Pittsburg, then and
there in an impressive manner per
formed the ceremony. The responses
were clear and distinet, which made
them bone of one bone and flesh of
one flesh. Afterwards the bridal
party entered carriages and were
driven to the residence of the bride’s
parents on North Senecca streat, where
a reception was held and an elegant
supper was prepared and parta.ken of
by the invited guests, which num
bered about one hundred. At eleven
o’clock the groom and his bride tock.
a ¢arriage and repaired to his home,
which he had handsomely prepared
on the corner of First and State
streets, South Oil City. There we
leave them in peace to enjoy the bliss
of a wedded life. May they ever be
happy and their pathway through
life be strewn with roses without
The following are the names of the
many fine presents and those who
gave them :
R. H. Green and wife, fine cabinet
organ; George Green and wife, of
Coudersport, Pa., bed spread and
table cloth; Miss May Lucas, mantle
get ; Rev. J. M. Morse and wife,
Uniontown, pair napkin rings; IH.
Burch. wife and daughter Florence,
basket of plante, half dozen china
cups and saucers; Arthur Thompson,
glass pickle dish and kitchen utensils;
Rev. T. Jones, cram pan and brash ;
W. 5. Scott and wife, pair of crystal
fruit stands and silver Lutter dish,
and a large oumber of other hand
some and costly presents too numer
-0.8 to mention.
Miss Nettie Trumen has returned
ro Meadville.
Mrs, R. 11. Jackson and Mre. 120se
Paul have gone to Bradford.
George Green, by the wreck of a
train, failed to reach the city in time
to see his sister married.
Alfon Wheeler has gone to St.
Rev. 8. T. Jones, our present pas
tor, will leave for conference to-day.
Fire at York.
At 4 o’clock this morning a fire broke
out in the extensive Farquhar manufac
turing works, at York, The fire origin
ated in the shaving room and communi
cated to the blackswmith shop. The fire
department responded promptly and the
flames were soon gotten under control.
The loss will not reach much over $lOO.
Personals and Other Notes from
Our Regular Correspondent.
WiLLiamsrorr, Oct. 2.
Mr. Charley Davis, of Canton, was
in the city on Tuesday,
Robert Minor, of English Centre,
spent a few days in the ity this
week. 2
Wm. Heory Sheilds was in the
city this week, Ile went to Brook
lyn, N. Y., on Tharsday.
Hon. Frederick Douglass and his
bride passed through the city on
Tuesday morning en route for
Rochester, N. Y.
Mr. D. S. Robinson, of East Jef
ferson street, received a lerge barrel
of sweet potatoes from his brother’s
grou;xd in Virginia.
Mrs. Shied treated her customers
to a free store stew of oysters on last
Saturday evening. .
The C. W. Frisby, No. 390, con
template honoring their first anniver
sary by giving a social entertainment
on Wednesday evening, October 29,
in Wheightman hall.
Sunday, October 5, will be J. M.
Palmer’s last Sunday in Williams.
port for this conference year. In the
morning at eleven o'clock bhe will de
liver his closing address to the church
and make his anoual report. In the
evening at seven and a half o'clock
he wil preach a special sermon to
the Ladies Mutual Aid Sogiety. He
will leave for the Yittsburg confer
ence at Washington, Pa., Thursday
afternoon, October 7.
The Shiloh skating rink opened on
Saturday evening with three hundred
people in attendance. There were
one hundred skaters on the floor at
onetime, presenting a fine appear
ance. The afternoon and evening
sessions are well attended.
Charley Pondexter says he will
out skute the cars.
Henry Stokes received the prize
on Tueskay. It was a fine red belt.
James Foster says him and Charley
Anderson will down the world in a
few days.
The gentlemen should wear their
coats during skating hours.
Now doth the gay and festive girls
enjoy th'l\happy rink. BW, 0
AcTooNa, Oct. 2.
The Republicans had a grand rally
at Hollidaysburg on last Thursday
evening, wiiich was attended by the
young men’'s Republican club of this
city, accompanied by the Altoona
City Band. They made a fine display
in their new suit, and were much ad
William Jackson left on Saturday
morning for Pittsburg.
Charles Bruce passed through our
city last Sunday morning on his way
to New Orleans to take charge of the
dining room of St. Charles Hotel this
Somo of the young ladies of Al
toona are talking of starting a literary
society. It would be well for them
to do 8o many young dudes here. It
would be romething to take up their
idle time.
Marwood Lusk intends spending
several days in Harrisbarg.
Miss Lizzie Ch:pman and sister, of
Martinsburg, Pa, are visiting friends
in Altoona.
Robert Marrill, of Huntingdon,
paid our town a visit last week.
Miss Carrie Hooper, of Altoona,
spent seversl days in Hollidaysburg.
Mrs. Alexander Baker, of Hun
tingdor, visited friends in our city
last week.
Mr. and Mis. S. M. Bennett, of
Harrisburg, who have been visiting
friends in the far West, passed
through our city on their way home
last week.
Miss Annie Lynch, of Belwood,
Pa., spent the day in our city on
Monday. :
Mrs. Singleton, who bas been visit
ing friends in the West Jor some
weeks past, has returned home again.
George Russel, of Altoona, spent
last Sunday at Belwood, Pa.
We are sorry to note the death of
Mrs. Ellen Taylor, the wife of Wil
liam N. Taylor, who died at ber resi
dence, near Allegheny Furnace, on
last Tuesday morning, at the age «f
69 years, 5 months and 10 days. She
resided with her husband for many
years on one of Dr. 8. C. Baker’s
farms, near Allegheny Fuarnace, and
proved a faithful and indastrious ten
ant. Mrs. Taglor was the mother of
Mrs. George Hooper, of this city.
The funeral will take place from the
restidence of her husband, on Thurs
day, at 2 o'clock. Interment in Al
legheny cemetery.
Owing to the disagreeable weather
on Tuesday, the Logan House waiters
did not play the Altoona B. B. C.
NO. 28.
And Assigned to Duty at Fort
Myer—Oil City with Her
News and Notes.
Wasninaron, Oct. 2.—By direc
tion of the Secretary of War W.
Howard Green, a colored man, was
enlisted in the Signal Corps and ss
signed to duty at Fert Myer. Some
months ago a lively discussion took
place over the repcrted refusal of the
Chief Signal Officer to permit the
enlistment of Green in the Signal
Corps. General Ilazen said to day
that he had not refused to permit
the enlistment of this colored man
after having passed the necessary
examination, but that it was neces
sary to await the decision of the Sec
retary of War in the matter, there
being no precedent for the admission
of a colored man~ in the Signal Ser--
vice. “There are four regiments in
the army set apart exclusively for
colored men,” said General Ilazen,
“and this was the first instance of a
colored man enlisted elsewhere.”
The reports of anticipated trouble
among the men st Fort Myer on ac
count of the enlistment of Green
were denied by General ITazen.
Puirapereura, October 3.
I would like to say something this
week concerning this ward. The
Republican bosses are trembling in
their boots on acconht of a revolt
that has taken shape in several of the
wards against the recent nomination
of candidates slated by the ring in
defiance of the popular will. There
is something like the above in the
Twentieth division of the lighth.
The voters say they will not vote for
Mr. John J. Ridgway or any of the
county ticket, as Mr. John J. Ridg
way has promised them so much
they will not trust Lim any more.
Mr. Jokn J. Ridgway don’t know
the thorny path ahead of him
in this division. I see that the bosses
did not keep their word and give
Mr. Charles H. Anderson one of the
appointments that they promised
him for the division il he would turn
in and make Warren Jackson win
as a delegate to the controller's con
vention for Ridgway. Mr. Anderson
did as he promised them, but Ander
son says if they do not give him
those appointments why they will
not vote for Mr. Ridgway. Boise
Penrose is a successful lawyer, but
a new man to Ilarrisburg. This
aspirant possesses all the qualifica
tions for a legislator, and I would
like to see him elected, but I eannot
forget Clarence Lewis’ election. They
sent him out West, but when he
came Kast he was defeated, and |
thick if Mr. Penvose wounld stay
away from George Levan I think he
would have a better chance, for there
is nobody much that likes him.
Why shouid they when he was
heard to say they he did not care if
all the niggers starve in the ward.
I notice after the controller’s conven
tion adjourned some of the most ac
tive workers in the party were out
spoken against Ridgway, boldly de
clared they would not yote for him
and predicted his defeat.
- Jack Morgan says Le is doing well
on the scales. Good for Jack.
I tell you Anderson beat Warren
Jackson very bad in the Second Di
vision. Warren did not think he
could do it, but it was done, Warren
had better turn in with ‘Anderson
and Accove.
Moses Cephus says he will not
vote the county ticket without the
Second Divi-ion gets some one *ap.
I. Hollen w.is made cne of the
assistant marshals. To hear him talk
to his men you would think he was
chicf marshat. Ilis ‘hroat was sore
in the morniog.
Tom Miller, of the Third Divis'en,
bas stoppcd drinking red liquors, but
be takes ¢ll the beer he can gef.
Look out, Tom, I am or to you.
How about ; our Division, Tom? If
it had not been for James Nixon and
Charley Hali you would have been
down. Never mind, Tom, Accovefis
going away soon and [it will be all
Jack Morgan is not saying much
now sicce he has been fixed on the
scales Jack always looks out for
Henry Deamus of the Second says
he knows where his friends are now.
They say that Harmon Seely will
run the Second Division. Ask the
voters of the Second Division and
they will tell you better.
Charles McClain, of the Third Di
vision is a very fine fellow. You
ghould call and see him. ‘
Olp SLepGE Havuer,
or “The Man with lron Nerve_.':

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