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lbse Adjuncts to the Hlgber Education Ably
Discussed Before Bethel Literary-
ln e Common
Prodnced br
Mental Strength
Home Apt
c Exact Sciences
by Means of Changeable
r nis
symposium on the
Tue recent
Higher Education presented undei
of Bethel Literary and
Hstcrcal the Association attracted wiae
handset the scholars
Mention at the
this community and
SvSTo be a valuable contribution to
S rich fund of knowledge that la be
the nations banner
stored up
Srary and scientific organization
Pmf Richards and his co workers de
unstinted praise for keeping alive
oirpafnr a broader
the inspiration mm -
tbeJ Tl utv for our people and gives
imeiieA fnr th
iner 7Rat to our straggle
J Dttu
-- dPls The coioreu
r Lninruace now
rn the admirable pro
C8S Ulicauj
Hnrtion of Prof Lignum -
at the
and reauest of many readers
niilfi a trnopsis of the two other
dresses delivered on tntooccasion by
Warder instructor in
nr Robert 15
Phvsics and Chemistry at Howard
University ana by ui xuu
rrofefcor of 2fwral History at the
ame institution They will be found
interesting and instructive
Prof arder discussing the subject
of Jtatbematics and showing its im
portant relation to the higher edu
cation spoke in part as follows
Mankind has been divided into two
elases the mathematical and the non
mathematical the former including
but a small proportion A women
takes the whites of ten eggs a glass of
flour a glass of sugar a spoonful of
bsking powder and when the mixture
nonius trom the oven it Is angels
food When eggs are dear she uses
one adding it with a half cup of but
ter and a cup of milk to a cup and a
half of lbur and a cup of sugar with
two spoonfuls of basing powder and
i remit U one eaz cake Now
what are the mathematical relations
Are the whites of ton eggs equal to the
white and yolk of one In a sense they
seem for tbey are used to enrich a
leas quantity of flour But what of the
milk and butter in one egg cake
How many eggs do they represent In
ineir of eniichlng breadstull The in
valuable cook book gives a rough and
ready process to reach certain ends by
various means An accomplished cook
wulrncdify the details In accordance
resources or special needs
I give u9 the philosophy of it
- will show us tbo smallest
flour that will keep the cake
ug or give us the extreme
limit of enrichment and delicacy com
patible with the desired physical
texture and the laws of hygiene If
there were as many mathematicians as
cook fundamental dietary equations
haed on nutritive ratios and coefficients
of digestibility might be supplemented
by numerous equations of observation
equations of condition etc discussed
discusdby the theory of least squares
No the majority of mankind are
non mathematical in their habits of
thought and cannot readily estimate
how long a ton of coal will last even if
they use two buckets a day and yet
mathematical relations must hold in
regaid to the common operations of all
our daily toils and pleasures How
much waste we see because of taking
too much or too little to accomplish the
end desired Common sense seeks to
strike a happy mean uncommon sense
succeeds in doing so mathematical
sense substitutes for suspicion the
eternal principles of truth
Mathematical studies are progressiva
succeeding one another in logical order
yet they ate closely related and mutual
ly helpful e pass from the study of
whole numbers to fractions and from
arithmetics to algebra yet the algebraic
equation with its conciseness and pre
cision ol terms affords the most con
venient language for the solution cf
many arithmetical problems while
geometric terms with simple relatione
afford illustrations of many difficult
laws in mathematical physics
us uimtrate with these
blocks and a few experiments
mentary physic Here l3 a
Pifcm with 3 blocks in each
in ele
side of
me base and 4 blocks ia height 3G
Ui oks in all I iut oil successivelayers
and lay them side by side to make a
ne w square prism with G blocks in
each sidp and one block high Again
we may divide
this into squares of 4
Weeks each and maKe the pile 0 blocks
nigh In imagination
we can divide
this into 4 parts by vertical planes and
construct a square prism 36 blocks
ir we use the symhol
the h Vbe nUmber on one 61de of
tad row the
whole number is Kx
L equal 36
and this
product is an
RiDe umber With our36 solid
or wood just four square
prism differing in the ratio of base to
altitude can be constructed but with
a fixed quantity oi plastic material as
clay or putty the change from each
to the next could proceed by imper
ceptible degrees Our solid blocks af
ford a study in arithmetic for here
tbo numbers are distinctly snown
Here also is a geometrical figure with
commensurable parts But the plastic
prism undergoing similar transforma
tions by varying the pressure on tne
several faces is not so easily di3sectea
the edges may be incommensurable
We thus pass from the domain or
arithmetic to that of algebra The sym
bol NxNxL still expresses the volume
of the prism but the symbols have a
new meaning no longer are they num
bers but the lengths of the several
I new take a ban suBpenneu u
a wire and swinging as a pendulum
The length represents the height of our
36 blocks in one vertical row Another
pendulum represents the heignt or our
square prism where two blocks are
seen one side of the base and while
the first pendulum makes one swing
the second makes two A third pendu
lum whose length represents the
prism 4 blocks high makes 3 swing3
in the ssme time and if the length of
the pendulum equals the height of a
single block It also is found to make
the number of
od rviQTnr Bwinps a
blocks in one horizontal row of the
corresponding prism TheEe simple
experiments illustrate a very impor
tant law of mechanics which may be
expressed with the aid of our formula
thus NxNxL equal constant but here
N expresses a number and L a length
N is the number of vibrations made by
tho npndnliiTnln a eiven time while L
is tho length of the pendulum when
one iunreases the other diminishes but
the nrnrfuRt of L bv the square of N is
unchanged What is here true in an
arithmetical sense for values expressed
by numbers is true also in an algebraic
sense for incommensurable values the
geometric conception may serve as
omriiom nf tlm nhvaical law lAt this
noint the second law of motion was il
lustrated by experiments with a pullev
running down an inclined wire with
increasing velocity
Pure mathematics deals with ab
stract conceptions which cannot be
fullv realized in nractice The walls of
a room are nearly plumb the angles
am tipnrlvrieht ancles the hcifcht of
the ceiling is about so many feet and
inches Absolute precision in time
s7i nr mPBRiirpmant is unknown for
as tho mechanic increases bis skill in
fashioning the materia the mathema
tlcian also increases his skill in the
nrpnininn nf his measurements The
Thanksgiving in The Park
Among the many ThanKsglving
parties given in town none was more
enjoyable than that given Dy air ana
Mrs Gen Harris at their cozy home
3rd and Oak in LeDrcit Park in honor
of Miss Turner of Baltimore sister of
ttoit d Williams A company of
nearly two score very pleasantly wbiled
a way the evening with dancing sing
ing card playing and doing full justice
to a bounteous repast Though recently
marriedMrandMrs Harris are adepts
at providing a jolly good time for
their friends
The Way to Do It
The Negroes of Barrow county won
the prize of 1000 at the Georgia State
Fair last month for showing the finest
exhibits of any county in the State
Right Over tho Plate
No intelligent being would Bay tho
editor ol The Washington Bee has
bralnB Topeka Plaindealer
The Facts Leading up to tne Re
cent Outrage Candidly Pre
sented by an Eye Witness
Troops Should Not bs Re
Fort Ringgold Texas Special On
the night of October 16 1899 several
troopers of Troop D- Ninth Cavalry
went to Rio Grande City Tex which
13 three hundred yards from the Foit
Its population is chiefly made up of
Mexicans Tho solders entered a gam
t ling den to play and during tho course
of the game the Mexicans cheated them
out of their money The soldiers re-
ented the unfair deal and this angered
the Mexicans About fifty of thorn
drew revolvers and Winchesters and
shot two soldiers bur not seriously
and arrested three others who were
mere onlcokers xney were tnea ac
cording to such crude court3 as they
have and ten were fined 6300 or four
months at hard labor aud one was set
at liberty from what evidence we can
not say as the soldiers were without
fault and the fine imposed was out-
rag ous They decided to serve their
Mexicans constitute the larger part
of the population of the city and they
are ignorant indolent poor and desti
tute and were it not for the military post
near them they wouldsiarve to death
and the city would cease to exist A few
of the intelligent portion of the popu
lation seem to recognize this depen
dence upon the post They are peace
ful and law abiding citizens and aie
wont to respect the colored soldiers sta
tioned in the vicinity Only the strong
arm of the government however can
bring the lower and vicious classes to
this spirit of decency and order Ever
since the Ninth Cavalry has been sta
tioned at the Post trouble of some
kind or other has been going on be
tween the soldiers and deputy mar
shals who are made up of border cut
throats cut laws and escaped convicts
from Mexico whose former reputations
if made known would sentence them
to the gallows without trial They do
not even respect the TJ S mail Laws
are ruthlessly violated and soldiers that
aro sent there to protect the communi
ty are hooted and insulted
The town is destitute of business fa
cilities and the means of procuring a
livelihood are meager The men in
control are aware of this therefore be
come parties to a plot to aggavato Eol
diers and force an anest when tbey
make and effort to protect themselves
and then exact a fine of from fifty to
sixty dollars It is learned that when-
idealist soaring amid infinitesimals of ever a soldier pays his fine the money
this Nth dimension may forget the
amenities of polite society and even
the duties of home life The professor
of applied mechanics may come to
grief if he thinks he can manage better
than a well trained horso in conduct
ing a wagon down a steep hill To a
large extentthe mathematician lives in
a diflerent world of thought and speaks
a language all his own Tho function
of higher ma hematics on the one
hand is to cultivate the ideal in pure
thought that which is absolutely true
and can he true only when the con
ditions are ideal impossible of at
tainment yet the realm of mathe
uiatics touches home life at a thousand
points as in the size and shape of your
building lot tho capacity of all your
closets the fiting of the carpet the
figure on tho wall paper the tuning of
your piano the colors of the rainbow
and the problems of socialism Tho
study of mathematics demands scrupu
lous attention to details A misplaced
decimal point may change sense to
nonsense and a reversed Bign it is
said plunged that train of passenger
cars trough the rail road bridge at
In the develonment of mind as of
body a mixed diet is needed If other
brancbts of study were out of reacb
however mathematics in conjunction
with the varied applications to time
place matter force and energy as de
termined by experiment deductive
and inductive reasoning combined
would embrace sufficient variety for a
liberal education
Prof Fosters paper on Science
will appear in our next Ed
is distributed among the deputies as
their salaries Such acts of violence
only occur on pay days or just before
or just at the timo they suspect money
is in circulation among soldiers The
writer learns that such acts of violence
are not only perpetrated on Troop D
Ninth Cavalry but upon every pre
ceding troop or company of soldiers
that have been stationed at Fort Ring
gold It is said that the sheriff of the
county encourges bis men to commit
these depredations
The Mexicans carry concealed weap
ons of all sorts such as horse pistols
jackknlves and other foul weapons
known to the Texas rangers and border
ruffians but if a soldier carries a
weapon of any kind or even susptct
ed he is hunted and if found is
thrown into jail and a tremendous fine
The ragged and half staryed Mexi
cans have a hatred toward Negro sol
diers for what reason we do not know
but we suppose it is on account of pre
vious condition of servitude If there
is any other reason we are at a loss to
understand itfor we have Negroes that
could buy the entire Rio Grande City
and not hurt their purse in the slighest
respect We also have Negroes also
who are far superior to the majority in
intelligence business faculties and in
The recent trouble widely published
was the outcome of a shooting
scrape on October 16th The Mexicans
made threats that they were going to
whip all of the Negro soldiers on pay
day November 20 and word was also
sent to the garrison to that effect An
order was issued five days before No
vember 20 th that no one should leave
the post During the day of the 20th
Mexicans were seen prowling around
the garrison and in chapparal bushes
heavily armed and from all indications
appeared to be planning an attack
The suspicion became a reality and the
assault was made The soldiers and
commander of the garrison being aware
of what was about to take place pre
pared to defend themselves Extra
guards were placed on duty about G
oclock p m Tho sentinel placed on
duty at Post No 3 was fired on from
ambush Following the firing on ol
the sentinel five shots were fired in
tho northwest corner of the garrison
Thins had begun to get so serious de
fensive measuies became necesoary
Troop D and Ecouts were placed on
guard and awaited the enemys second
attack which was made about 7 oclock
and from then on there was a continu
ous stream of of fire from both oppos
ing forces at intervals of thirty
minutes each Finally a galling gun
was brought Into play and silenced the
fire of the enemy who were ambushed
in gullies and behind chapparal bushes
Several buildings of the garrison were
bit a great many times by misdirected
volleye but fortunately none of the
soldiers were hurt One man reported
wounded at Rio Grande city
During the battle Troop L sta
tioned at Fort Brown Texas was tele
graphed for and it came on a forced
march but when they arrived every
thing was quiet The enemy being
cowed by the sturdy resistance gave up
their dastardly assault and withdrew
some going we are told over into
Mexico and others are atill in hiding
The reason for attacking the6oldiers is
unknown other than they were angry
because the soldiers were not allowed
to go to the city and lavishly spend
their money as they have been doing
The War Department is considering
whetherto move tho troop or not
If the officers are careful in
granting leayes to those who
wish to visit the city ana at the same
time give tho cowardly ruffians to un
derstand that the entue force of the
government will be brought to bear to
protect a single soldier who is unjustly
interfered with there will be a cessa
tion of the practices complained of
The thieves and looters have been en
couraged by the inactivity of the Na
tional authorities where Negroes rights
are concerned and thought they could
do as they pleased with these soldiers
without fear of punishment Tho
troops should not be removed
An Eye Witness
Charlottesville News
Charlottesville Va Speelal A
union Tbankegiving service of all the
churches of the city was held at the
First Baptist church of which Rev R
C Quarles is pastor At 11 a m Rev
Tolliver pastor of the Shiloh Baptist
church preached an able sermon tor
the occasion A hymn composed es
pecially for the occasion by Miss Lizzie
Coles one of our teachers in the city
public schools was sung by the congre
gation In the pulpit were the pastors
of all the colored churches in the city
The marriage of Miss Eliza Virginia
Carter to Mr Louis M Heiskell took
pl6ce at the home of Mr and Mrs
Hudson Jenkinp Wednesday night
November 29 at 830 oclock Rev R
C Quarles officiating Miss Lizzie Coles
wa bridesmaid with Mr C H Bul
lock as best man After the marriage
a grand reception was given The pres
ents were numerous and useful The
weekly serv ce attending the the 4th
anniversary of the pastorate of Rev R
O QuarleB of the Flist Baptist church
were well attended last week Rev C
N Harris pastor of Ebenezir Baptist
church though a young man is mak
ing wonderful progress with his church
work in the city The mens meeting
of the Y M C A was very interesting
last Sunday afternoon Meetings are
held every Sunday afternoon at 430
oclock Entertainments were given
at several of the churches this week
We are Borry that space will nor allow
us to mention them fully Miss Leona
M Anderson of Staunton Va spent
Thanksgiving in the city the guest of
her cousin Miss Lizzie Coles on South
6tb street Several of the county teach
ers were in the city last week among
whom we noted Misses Cora Brown
and Eva Coles Mrs Gertrude Heiskell
Mrs Egbert Terry Messrs D A
Smitb S B Jacksoo Mr James H
Heiskell is home from Ho Springs Va
He has just completed a handsome
residence on South flth Btroet The
city schools closed Wednesday for the
holiday and opened up again last Mon
day morning Mr G W Lawsoo
teacher in the city Schools visited
Greenwood Va last week Tha
American can be gotten at Pollard
Nobles barber shop or at the rooms ol
theY M O A or from Mr A F
Angel canvassing agent
Election Day In Boston-
Continued from First Page
held at Odd Fellows Hall last Mon
day evening Edward H West pre
sided and introduced Rev B W Far
ris who made an interesting address
along business lines and spoke of the
wonderful progress the race is making
In their cooperative associations in the
South He gave some pretty sound
advice to the members of the race in
the Hub tor theirmegligence to provide
employment for the coming generation
of young Negroes His remarks were
attentively listened to
At the meeting of the John Brown
Council last monday evening the sing
ing of John Browns Body Lies
AMoulding in the Clay by several
young Masters and Jluses under the
direction of tne President Mrs A H
Jewell The solos rendered by Miss
Nana Varra and the paper read by
John E Bruce Bruce Grit were im
portant features adding much to the
evenings pleasure
Fred CHawley of Bridgeport Conn
is now located in Boston He has se
cured a position in one of the largest
printing establishments in the city
and is at present residing with his sis
ter Mrs J Henderson AUston 31 Hoi
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