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Eternal Ylgiiince and Agpssle Action the
Hegros Protection Against Wrom
Cnrry 1lolntors orHnflrasrennil Civil
Itlcbts Inws Into tbe ConrJs The
Itace Shnnld Vny the Expense How
l be Poltroon Cbate Can be Broncbt
to Ills KoreE Booker Washington In
BoNton A Aoble Womans WorilH
Expansion nnd tbe Wegro
Boston Mbbs Special The Xegroea
of Georgia sre estimated at 15196 8S5
in real and personal property Trie de
feat of tbe infamous Hardwick bill
abowa tbat tbe intelligent white men
of that state are not in favor of taxa
tion without representation and also
that the colored brethren know how to
get together down South when their
rights aie invaded
Now if the Negroes of tbe entire
country would chip in 50 cents apiece
and raise a big fund to employ the
ablest legal talent in the United dtates
to bring action in the u S Supreme
Court against the states of Louisiana
SouthCurolina and Mississippi which
have passed lawa similar to tbat killed
in tbe Georgia legislature the other
day I have no doubt but tbat tbe
Supreme Court will decide against
A similar fund raised by popular sub
scription among tbe colored people of
Washington city to Eecure an array of
legal talent to fight such fellows as
Chase of the Grand Opera to a finish
would make that aort ot proscription in
the Capital City mighty unfashionaolc
One good case fought from Oan toBeer
sheba would tame the Negro hating
Chase and all others of his kidney who
make their living off the public This
seems to me to be a matter wnich con
cerns every intelligent Negro in Wash
ington Of course the gentlemen who
have brought suit against Chase are
abundantly able to defray their own ex
penses but they ought not be required
to do so for this is a case which ap
peals or ought to to the pride of every
Negro who is a man Five hundred or
-a thousand Negroes arrayed against
this man Cnase in a legal battle royal
to compel him to break down the bar
riers of caste and proscription in his
theatrical joint and to treat all tbe pub
lie alike would do moie to convince
him that the Negro is very much in
earnest in this matter than any effort
of a single complainant He can be
and he ought to be made to treat Ne
gro patrons of bis theater decently or
driven out of the business If he is gone
at right bcil change bia tune and his
opinion of the fighting capacity of tbe
Negroes of the District The way to
go at him is to have him up in court
every other day if necessary civilly and
criminally and stay with him If the
brethren m the District would chip in
twenty five cents a bead to employ
three or five of thevery best legal tal
ent of both races they could turn the
trick and chase all the prejudice out of
Chase But Cbaae has studied nigger
ology aid as Air C R Douglass Das
well said in effect has reduced the arc
of bluffing the brethren to a positive
science He knows or believes that
therelsnl any light in the Negro If
one would hghthim till there was a
skim ul ice over the heated hence he
wouldnt tie so brush I will tutiscribe
a hundred pennies to assist in settliug
once lor all the question as to whether
or not Negroes in the District of Co
lumbia have any rights in theaters
which wuiie men are bound to respect
Make Mr L aniel Murray treasurer and
atart de music
Mr Booker T Washington was given
a reception by the colored citizens of
Boston Friday night December 1 at
Charles Street A M church and re
ceived quite an ovation The church
was not crowded and the program as
originally announced was not carried
ont Done otthe distinguished invited
guests white materialized or sentlet
ters of regret or explanation Nor did
the chairman who bad a weak voice
ofler any explanation Mr Washing
ton was iwelcomtd on behalf of the
colored citizens of Boston by Lawyer
E A Armlsteadwho spoke in a con
versational tone I guess thats Boston
style for fifteen or twenty minutes and
sat down The Orion Orohestra played
a piece after which tLe chairman Mr
Clifford introduced tbe Wizard who
spoke fully an hour His speech
which was lDterluded with jokes about
po me aroused the risibilities of the
cultured Boston Negro and he laughed
right out in church des as loud as he
could The buckras who were pres
ent joined in the hilarity of the mo
ment and lafled till they grew red in
the face Mr Washington concluded
that the need ot tbe hour is industrial
education for the Negro that
carpenters barbers bootblacks
among us should put more skill digni
ty and brains in their avocations or the
white man would run them out of
these fields of industry He said that
the Ntgro should in every honorable
manly way make friends with the
white men of the South who are their
next door neighbors Tbat the white
men of the South were the beat friends
the Negro bad and the Negro should
do notbirg to alienatethe friendly feel
ing which happily is growing stronger
between the races in that section He
alluded to tbe defeat of the Hardwick
bill in Georgia as a signal victory for
the race and a happy augury for better
times ahead in the South Its defeat
was significant In more ways than one
At the conclusion of Mr Washingtons
address he congregation was invited
to come forward and shake his hand
which it did I went through the per-
formance with a number of old friends
and acquaintances myself and I kaint
say that I am particularly enamored of
the pump handle act I ninied my
shoulder with liniment when 1 got to
my room and I am feeling better to
night thank you Met Bob Teamoh of
tbe Boston Globe Prof Taylor of Tus
kegee Mrs Jewell president of the
John Brown League of Cambridge who
is a daughter of Robert Hamilton who
published tbe first Negro magazine in
America tbe Anglo American John
R Bonner formerly of Washington
and a whole raftof people whose names
I have forgotten
Through the courtesy ot Mrs Addle
H Jewell presideutof the John Brown
League of Cambridge and a lady of
splendid literary talents and anilities I
am permitted with the consent of the
writer a weaitby and philanthropic
white lady of Framingham Mass to
quote extracta from several letters ad
dressed by her to Mrs Jewell Under
date of August 24 after commenting
upon the brutal and cowardly murder
of Postmaster Baker and the pitiable
condition in which the tragedy left his
family she writes As much as I pity
her it is the whole system of lawless
cruelty and murder we should attack
Something in the very soil and air of
our land makes the people partake of
tbe wild Indian type to which there is
constant tendency to revert Every
people is in entire harmony with tbe
other animal life around it and while
tbe alligator type prevails in the South
the rough barked pine tree the Pal
metto the people are all stamped with
the same rough nature As long as
South Carolina adopts the Rattlesnake
for its emblem ao long will her men
partake ot lis nature we all go up or
down together even the grass becomes
finer and more delicate when the men
and women that raise it become finer
and softer in heart for all the earth is
bound up together and we can no more
injure our fellowmen than we can hurt
the members of our body without the
same result of ill to every part of us
Even our amusements are ferocious
Football and prize fights ao fully re
ported in our papers are tbe delight of
the ignorant people aa well as of the
Universities Misery is the flower of
civilization and the American people
are still savages in nature with their
love of finery and display and their
propensity to torture and murder any
and all they consider enemies We
have well chosen our emblem also
The Eagle red in beak and clawt a
powerful vulture glaring into the dis
tance for his prey So we have the na
ture of the Eagle strong and powerful
keen of eye quick of flight rending
on prey without mercy We cannot
expect anything better of our pecplefor
years to come but in Gods good time
little by little the spirit of Christianity
will spread and instead of church re
ligion we shall realize the meaning of
the words Whatsoever ye would men
should do unto you do ye even so unto
them alBO Doth no man condemn
thee Neither do I condemn thee Go
in peace and sin no more It is to
help my fellow cieatures upward I
would stop lynching which is worse
for those who do the cruel work than
the martyrs themselves The letter
is signed Jrances L Wilson
are the sentiments of a noble
God fearing woman whose great
heart goes out in sympathy to the vie
tims of the Rattlesnake and the Eagle
all over this country The former fas
tens his poisonous fangs into the Ne
gro and does him to death in the South
and tho latter both at home and abroad
reddenB his beak and talons in tbegore
of the helpless blask and brown peoples
ot the earth in the name of liberty and
freedom God eave the mark The
savages of America have written their
record in the bloody book havo
smeared the proud escutcheon of the
nation within the past year with the
innocent blood of a race which has
yielded to the strength and ferocity of
the Eaglp in the struggle to be free
Earth can never forget man will nsv
er forget them
In the culmination of the conquest
in the Philippines soon to occur the
Eagle will scream and flap its wings
and liberty will be assassinated in the
name of Freedom Expansion will ex
pand and American ideas and customs
will be transplanted beyond the seas
and we shall be a world power with a
vengeance Tho Negroes who think
expansion is going to benefit the race
and that its opportunities for more and
larger development will be greater are
very greatly mistaken There will be
nothing in the new possessions for the
Negroes except those things which are
of no possible use or benefit to the
whites who will develop the resources
of these new countries csince we
havent the money to compete with
white men in these countries I do not
know as there is any particular harm
in a few of us painting pictures and
building air castles In our minds and
the Philippines As scon as the war
there is over millions of American
money is going there Some is al
ready on the way How much will
the Neero carry wnh bim when he
goe3 there and what will he do with
it Does anybody know
Bktice Grit
The Ninth U S Cavalry
Whilst the interesting war narra
tive Under Fire nece3srily hovers
around the Tenth U S Cavalry that
publication is nevertheless equally de
voted to the exploitation of the val
orous deeds of tbe other three colored
regiments that added luster to the
record of American arms in ihe world
renowned Cnban campaign
We quote the following account re
lated by Capt Geo W Prioleau of the
Ninth U 3 Cavalry
About 8 a m a hattes and breath
less courier rode into Siboney with the
intelligence that Gen Young had
struck the enemy was having a haul
timeofitauo needed help Without
waiting for orders and within ten
minutes of the time the courier arriv
ed Captain E D Dimmick Ninth
Cavalry with Troop3 C Capt Taylor
commanding D Capt McBIaiu and
H First Lieut McNamee v as on his
way to the support of the troops en
gaged at Las Guasimos Tneir hard
march failed to get them there in time
in this the first fight of tbe war but
they tried and their coming was hailed
with joy by the tired troopers who had
diiventhe Spaniards from tbeir chosen
and strong position
First Lieut W S Wood Sergeant
Wall and Private Turner were wound
ed almcst at the fiist fire Captains
Taylor and McBIaiu in order to get
their men out of this fire pushed their
troops forward to a road that was in
front of them and got some shelter
from the timber skirting it After re
maining in this position forBome time
until the men got rettiess under tne
heavy fire that they were subjected 10
Troop C got out into tbe opei seeing
which Captain JVlcBlam called to
Captain Dimmitk Troop C is In the
open and should be supported and
got orders go iD which be did with
his troop D This was the initiation
of the assault on San Juan Hill
This claim by the authors of Under
Fire tbat the JNlnth Cavalry really
initiated the assault on San Juan Hill
is not only supported by the omcers ot
tbat regiment who graphically tell the
story of that battle but Col Roosevelt
in his Scribner article April eays
Out of my sight over the right Cap
tains McBlaln and Taylor of the
Ninth made up tbeir minds indepen
dently to charge just at this time and
almost at the eame moment Colonels
Carroll and Hamilton ot tbe Ninth
gave the order to odvance
The evidence is authentic and cumu
lative in Under Fire that the Black
Regiment were the real heroes ai San
No home should be without a copy
of this creditable race production Send
to H V Cashin Co HuntsvilleAla
Capital City Orchestra atZlon
The concerts given Monday and Tues
day evenings of last week atZion Bap
tist church by the Capital City Or
chestra assisted by the Zion cboir
were all that could be desired artisti
cally and came out winner financial
ly The audiences were of excellent
grade and size both evenings and
enjoyed the musical and literary offer
ings Prof B T Holmes acqitted him
self well as conductor of the orchestra
and tLe soloists showed themselves to
be skilled in the playing ot their vari
ous instruments Messrs Felder and
Trimmer came in for much praise
Among the performers worthy oi es
pecial montion were Misses Georgia
Makell Beatrice Jones Lillian V
Greene Georgia Smith Mary Marshall
and F A Coley Dr It F Plummer
R J Daniels J T Walker Prof
Holmes should repeat his entertain
ment at a northaide church
Not Walter B Hayson
Mr Waller F Hyson for many years
a highly respected resident of this city
was married on Thanksgiving night at
the parsonage of the Metropolitan
church by Rev J A Johnson On ac
count of the similarity in names rumor
had it that our esteemed friend and
highly efficient educator Mr Walter
B Hayson of the High School was
going to take unto himself a wife Be
cause or Mr Uaysona popularity as a
man and a teaeherthe matter was gen
erally talked of throughout the city
ill Hayson accepted it as a huge joke
It Is to be regretted that the report as
to Mr Hayson was not true It is cer
tain tbat a man of his splendid intel
lectual attainments and great usefulness
in the community would make an Ideal
benedict The Colored American in
dulges the hope that it will not be long
before it will have tbe privilege of an
nouncing to the country that Mr Hay
son has left the realms ol bachelor
Mind Your Own Business
The colored man who lives upright
ly deals honestly works industrious
ly and attends to hi3 own businesSj
will command tbe respect and good
will of all people whose good opinion is
to be prized Exchange
Always Reliable
Editor Cooper of the Colored Ameri
van is considered one of the ablest de
fenders of the race whose judgment is
always reliable The Reformer
Silver Creek Pure Bye Whiskey
at all first class bars
407 Ttl S VT W
Mrs dr renner
In obstetric s gold medal awarded lor tbe
science ot obstetrics from the University of
Mnnlcn Bavaria treats successfully womens
complaints and irregularities private sanlta
rlum tor ladles before and durln confine
ment Office hours from 3 to 6 p m Sonth
east comer 619 Penn Avnue
Northwest Washlneton to U
A tip top specific for throat and lung
aflections Not merely a mans whis
key but a family liquor safe and ef
ficacious to Rive young or old when
ailing 1 a bottle and to be had only at
SHOOMAKJ3R Co 1331 E street
Phone 1158
3 ra GHOip
cash or Furniture Carpets
credit Stoves Mattings c
Hold on Weekly or Monthly InymenlH
813 7TH STREET N W 5154 1 2 STREET S W
Wafhlcgton V C
ForquicKand certain positions
519 loth St n w
Ever Made for the Hair
Will make curly hair straight
Nothing equal to it Positively the
very best prepara tion on the market for
straightening invigorating and beaut
ifying the hair You will find after
using it a short time th at it excells any-
from chemicals sopu re and harmless
that it can be used everv dav with
perfect satisfaction It renders the
hair soft pliable and beautiful It pre
vents the hair from breaking off and
falling out It nourishes the roots nnd
makes the hair grow often starting a
new growth and restoring the hair to
its natural color Full directions with
each bottle Price 25 and 50 cents If
your druggist does not keep it three 50c
bottles will be sent prepaid on receipt
of 1 Send money by postoffice money
order or registered letter Write vour
name and address plainly Big money
io agents nieior particulars
Br f r
1 f stun wj
ONLY 275
ad oat and send to us state
your f MEt sad belfftU o num
ber of inclie around bod j atbmt
aad atek and we will send this
CLOTH CAPE to you by express
CUU BUDjeci vo examination
Yon can examine and try it on
at your nearest express 01-
Qceand ir round prfctij
atUfMUny cxietly at ry
wonderful Ttlae 70a
CTer itw or faeird of
pay tee express
aent our special
uo rr4 chr
Exp harges
will ce 40 to
CO ce r each
1000 mil this
from an extra flae
hftTj all waol blark orbloe
Pennine Karl ton Rea
ver cloth 27 inches lonp very tuU sweep 13 inch upper
cape extra f ulL Cppr ripe aad lar tor cellar beauti
fully trimmed with blaek Baltle al fnrj upper cape
trimmed with three rows and collar with two rows of
fine nekalr braid 1 cloth button ornaments Tbla cap li
One taller aiade UroorhoBt and equal to capes that fell at
more than double the price Write frfre Clk Catalonc
bear Bebacz Co are tfcorosghlr rtllato Sdttor j
BiWaggaaa Go
1311 E Street N I
Best Shoe Made for the Money
Every Pair Guaranteed
1 iK oitAiMJ rti
- J
Vntied Qrdes of Tm MsomstL
ifflces 604 606 and 608 1 2d St RjeQ
The Strongest Financial Organization the Negro HiJ Prodacad fa Ytii Co tl
Rtsd and learn for ycmnelf what It has das and tew to toaost a Mtm w
Subordinate Fountains
Subordinate Fountains are composed of nudes ud fanalea lonaj U t
and mind and of good moral character ft
Conventions When joining tho Order throngk ConTtntioni tj
Jaken in from 14 to 50 years of age wken jobiimj the Fountain jtadfofi
persons are taken from 14 to 60 years of aje complete rpmact
Joining or Benefit Fees From 14 to 45 yean of age 1460 t 5rt it it
Death Benefits 7500 and 812500 Bhonld deathoccur witHi ii
par 57600 after the first year 812500 will ba paid to tig hein irfAIS
legal repreientatives
Sick Benefits -From 600 to 900 per month paid weekly
Monthly Dues Are 35 or 50 cents permonth Taxes ara 80 cents vaM
paid semi annually January and July The highest monthly dues KcuriiW
highest weekly sick benefits t f
Lift Membership Ten shares of Bank Stock costing each membw 5t
ejaare make said member a life member After paying dues snd owniaf
Stock one year the fruits of the stock will pay tho members dues andleaT
handsome little balance each year Just calculate Monthly dnei fiOceutj jj
Jnonth and taxes 80 centi per year amount to 680 and a diridead n C
Jharea of stock at 20 per cent on the dollar or 100 per share tmouaUft
11000 annually which will pay the members dues 680 and ltaT a baly
of 328 Should the dues be 35 cents per month and 80 cents taxttper
year Cm
faonthly dues and taxes will amount to 500 per year The dividend of Uif
would pay the monthly dues and taxes and leare a balance of 500
Additional Benefits of Life Hembership Should adrern eircumituaj
bofall a member said member may take his ten shares of stock and FiaS
policy and secure a loaa from 100 to 8800 which will enable said niaS
is tide oyer the misfortune pay up the loan redeer hi policy and ttxx u
9 en nis way rejoicing
2 Rosebud Fountains for tas cuiim
Boaebud Fountain an esspesad for eifldrea njj
and female from 3 to 14 years af ags
Joining or Benefit Feet 160 paid spot cuk it fy
Death Bc3ufits 2AhQ and S3T0O Sioalddull
occur within the first year 2450 after tht fint year W
will be paid to the parents oz guardians
Sick Benefits From 150 to 400 per monti put
weekly 50 ceats 76 cants and 100 per wtsk ropes
ively The highest monthly dues purchase tht kijkeS
weeauy ncx beneho
Monthly Duet and Taxes The monthly dues ara 10 cents 15 centairfl
cents respectively just as the Fountain may decide Taxes 10 cents snnuilM
paid semi annually January and July The child is allowed to pcrclij
p shares of Bank Stock which makes his policy self supporting with s blutf
ftach year
3 The Regalia
This Department furnishes all Regalia that is worn by tha saeaben si th
Order For style and prices write for price list
B and Classes admit
and death benefits
B Class Bolides ara as follows
f Ages
J4 to i5 years
o6 to 85 years
36 to 45 years
5 to 60 years
9 to 65 years
fli to so years
Cite 85 years i
E Class Policies are as follows
B3t S3 years
to 86 years
to 45 years
to 60 years
to 55 years
I years Complete
4 Classes
membership male and fss
2 60
8 00
B 25
8 25
8 W
85 00
5 25
5 60
6 76
6 75
Value of
SCO 00
200 00
118 00
85 0
Value of
590 00
600 08
50 CO
460 00
400 00
850 00
tales ud SKsru life
H 76
4 75
5 70
0 65
7 60
t 60
9 69
B 63
10 40
11 40
11 40
11 00
1 N
WTha ages ara reckoned from the last birthday
Bfimamber that the applicant is benefited as soon as his policy is issued
Tha annu 1 dues of either of the aboro named Classes may be diyidtd A
a Bsrterly payments of three months each payable tha 1st of January April
fair and October
xaa balaice of annual dues remaining to the credit of each member site
pBTlnjf expenses will go to the purchase of bank stock for said member
JB dues ara paid annually in advance the member gets 5 per cent draw bwi
iaih and his full proportion of annual dues By the latter mode of paync
tea member is made his own collector thereby making tha membership pub
ptmdentof tha agent and self supporting and tha member receiving tha ptita
tgjthai would be paid to the agent to collect
Ton will readily see that the members of either oae ot these elates are ta
wulred to meet once or four times a year while the Fountains and Beit
anoisei twice a month
Xjsb Besotts Tho members of B Class are allowed to purchase 15 liinf
esnk stock and two shares for each year of their membership Ths
Jaldi a dividend of 20 per censor one dollar per share Should miifortmtt
Ssfall these on their pathway of life they may take their stock cartificstei ssi
pIfciea and secure a loan after a given period of tine
Members ol ass E can purchase 25 shares of bank stock and tws ib
greach year of their membership likewise they may take their policiti
jaTtiffratM of bank stock and secure a loan after a given period of time T
readily see tbat tne membership m either one of thece Claoet lues w
and the Bosebuds benefits tbe msmber in health as well -
in death
5 The True Reformers Bank
The 8atingb Bakk of the G F U O T R ruciu
tered March 1S88 Its capital stock is 10000000 B
commenced business April 3 1889 The arasunt of bads
to March 1 1898 is 345810000 The stock of this h
is sold to the membership of the Fountains Roeebudi B
S classes and pays a dividend of 20 per cent on the dollar Persona can
pact their moneys on time or demand The bank pays 4 per cent interest
aw time deposits Moneys on demand are held subject to the orden cf tit
PHtifrre Deposits are received from 10 cents and upwards Specisi sB55
flkue is given to the collection of notes and drafts
la 1853 this was the only bank in Richmond which continued to PT
Kto Ha depositors during the financial stringency while the othr bU
cuing scrip
6 Real Estate of the U O T R
Tsa Dxtaetment manages and controls the property of the organi01
grawout of the necessity of having offices and buildings in which to carT
Eta bnjdnesa of tho organization and to furnish halls for the SubordUj
ledges Buildings now owned 12 farms 3 dwellings 2 hotels 1 with s l
atstpla xalne of 10400000 Buildings leased 13
7 THE REFORMER the Organ of Order
Tax ROTORrOB is the Beacon Light the Head Light -e General M
General Agent of the Brotherhood It is a 1 j race journal m
drcrMoa of 6000 It is ths medium of the Order - id its co1
Sllh all its doings and achievements Send for sample pies It u P
kly in Tha Reformer Printing office Richmond Va having fi
ikfogarrsMgianrl raafraa a specialty oi high cJm W0

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