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Whose Eloquent Address at the Commencement Exerciree of the A
and M College atGreensbcro MC Created
Such Great Enthusiasm
Mrs Mary Church Terrell Discusses the
Bright Side of the Race Problem at the
Commencement of the A and M Col
lege for the Colored Race
Greensboro N C Special The re
cent commencement of the Agricultural
and Mechanical College for the colored
race which was ooncluded Thursday
evening May Btb with an address by
Mrs Mary Ohurch Terrell of Y ash
inKion D J was the most notable and
successful in the hisiory of this rapidly
giowmg ver tuccessJui and popular
insuiuiiun The tXcicists wnicb make
up the Ooilege piogiam couductea by
the students were of a very nigh ana
conmtndabie order The execution oi
the program for the different dayo
was a treat which large and appreci
alive anditncts drank in most heartily
It remshad however for the closing
address to reaon the very Benith ol
praise and applause Although Mrs
Terrells name lb one of the best known
among the women ot the race through
out this country few of our people iu
the tiuuth have had the privilege and
pleaauie oi Knowing her rare ability as
an orator and race leader by hearing
ner words and views Through the
thoughltuiuess of President J Dud
ley A Mt of the A and M College
-opportunity was given th many citi
zens of GteeiiSboro and visitors to the
coinrneuotmeni of the above named in
Btitutiou on iht iu ulc After a brief
program had Deen rendered President
Dudley came forward and beaan hie
introduction oi the popular and highly
cultured bpcafcer by remarking It
has ceen said by some one that man
will never go roog if he htara and
he eds the counsel of a good woman It
ir my privilege and great pleasure to
present to this audience at tub hour
one ol the foremost women of this
W hen President Dudley had taken
his teat tore lemli arose and
was greeted with a round of hearty ap
plause as she came to the front of the
platform with a Bmall bit ef paper in
r her hand Doubtless many thought as
did the writer that upon this paper
she had the outline of the very remark
able and comprehensive address which
she delivered If she had jotted down
notes she made no use of them She
laid the paper by and stood to the left
side of toe desk and proceeded to
deliver one of the ablest and most ef
fective addresses I have ever heard
from any speaker regardless of sex or
race She discussed Bright Side of the
Raoe Problem In order to show her
views as to the bright Bide she first
presented facte logically Btated and
foroeiully substantiated that there
ere two Bides to the so called race
proolem Her presentation of the 6 wo
sides was so convincing that the most
rabid pessimist and philosopher of raoe
depravity and final annihilation could
not fail to see the strength and sound
ness of her position Without dis
guising or oondoning any of the faults
and shortcomings of the Negro only as
she showed the anteoeding carses
which produced the conditions and
unfavorable traits she considered the
dark side in a brief but timely and
pertinent summary of this phase of
the problem Having evidenced the
fact that she was not blind nor un
mindful of the Negros faults and the
causes i hereof both as they relate to
himself ano other She then plunged
into the discussion of the bright side
Tf the problem The contrast was pre
sented in a manner so logical and her
tuoughts weie expiesaed in language
so chaste and diocion so pure that the
audience was held bb it by a magic
wand for one hoar to the minute
Mrs Terrell is a lady of prepossess
ing personality commanding ap
pearance pretty face pleasing coun
tenance and broad culture gained
in the best schools ot America and
Europe Her great sympathy and love
for humanity in general and her Bpecial
and intense interest in the elevation of
the race with which she is identified
as evidenced by her faithful and self-
sacrificing labors in different spheres of
work where she has endeavored to and
largely succeeded m benefitting the
race particularly the women of the
race has justly won for her the high
esteem and good will o all who know
her Her visit and address to the
students and friends of the A and M
Oullege only served to inorfase her list
of admirers and the people who heard
her understand her great worth and
work as a race leader and reformer
In her audience were presidents and
professors of leading southern insti
tutions colored and white professional
men and women and seme of the best
citizens of the state besides a few from
other states The verdict from one and
all was that she delivered a masterful
address and presented the cause of the
Negro in a manner to Inspire him and
win for his cause new and more earnest
She made fitting reference to the
good work which has been and is being
done in the South by the white friends
of the Negro in providing schools and
furnishing employment for him She
appealed to these friends to continue
this good work and i hus prepare the
Negro to be what he is capable of be
iiiga useful intelligent and helpful
oitizen to the community in which he
lives She nrged the youths of the race
enjoying the benefits thus vouchsafed
through the aid and good will of the
whites to prove them worthy of these
favors both as students making good
use of their sohool opportunities and as
citizens by proving themselves the bet
ter and more useful for having enjoyed
Buch benefits
Her appeal for fair play equal op
poitunity and unhampered exercise of
every God given and constitutional
right for the Negro which is or shall bt
vouchsafed to any other man undei
similar conditions and oircumstanoet
was so forceful and eloquent that Bhe
seemed for the moment transfigured
and swallowed up with enthusiasm
Graoeful in demeanor pleasing in ad
dress logically forceful in argumen
and diplomatic in presenting he
strong and sometimes cutting point
against those of both races who under
take to underestimate and limit th
Negroes to bis capabilities and po
slbilitles She was able to win and nolr
her audienoe from start to finish Tht
congratulations from colored anc
white were as numerous and fulsom
s they were deserving I feel safe ii
stating that no speaker ever oame to
North Carolina and won a warme
plaee in the hearts of a cultured aud
lence than did Mrs Mary Church Ter
rell the great leader and head of the
National Counoil of Colored Womei
of America
Bishop Q W OuwroN
Wh8n Mr Bourke Cookian spoke
fo the disfranchisement of the Negro
yesterday at Montgomery he followea
the lead of his own State New Yorfe
iescmded its ratification of the Fif
teenth Amendment a few months after
its passage But the Amendment rat
ifled by thirty States has now been it
force thirty years To repeal it on tht
grounds suggested by Mr CockraD
would be impossible To repeal it in
any way would be an act of retrogres
sion at variance with the progress and
civilization of earths greatest nation
There are bad Negroes irredeemable
Negroes in the South end in the
North But if that fact 1b to be used at
an argument for destroying citizen
ship we need hoS leave New Totk City
to find a chance for its sweeping appli
oation to a horde of poor whites
And if it is claimed that tbe Negro has
not progressed according
to the meas
ure of his freedom there
are a few
statistics handy to refute the claim
The black man is able thus to sum Up
his accomplishments since his emanci
He has reduced his illiteracy 45 per
He has written 800 books
He bat 200
newspapers issued regu
larly each week
He has accumulated school property
to the value of 12 000000
He owns ohurch property worth
He owns 137 000 farms and homes
worth 725 000000
He has personal property to the
value of 165000000 and has raised
10000000 for bis own education
His per oapita possession amounts to
To propose that the nation shall step
oackwards in the face of Buch a step
ping forward is a curiouB way to argue
the superiority of the dominant white
man Mr Oookran is on the wrong
color line New York World
J S Koonce is now giving his full
time to the direction of the famous
Delmo Koonce oafe in the Odd Fellows
Hall Building Mr Koonce has the
finest banquet hall in this section of
the country for the accomodation of
Afro Americans
5lje atioijal
Golored Seacfy
ers Bureau-
Washington D C is prepared
to furnish
of every branch of instruction
in all parts of the country
but applicants must be fully
competent to teach or posses
the ability to leam how to teach
6 per cent of the first years
salary will be charged those
for whom positions are
secureded payable Dec 1
1900 The Demand ex
ceed the Supply for suita
ble teachers during the j
paat year hence our liber
al inducements
Send for registration blank brief
ly stating your full qualifications
and enclose ten two cent stamps
for postage
James G Clayton M D
459 O St iV W Secretary
r i
a t

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