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A Gloomy Picture Painted by an Iowa
Observer of Events- Practical Education
Sensibly Applied Our Only Escape From
Existing and Impending Dangers The
Labor Question Analyzed on Somewhat
Pessimistic Lines
There are efforts being made along
three distinct Hues to benefit the Negto
1st The religious work of different
churches and missionary societies
find The educational work usually
conducted in connection with religious
training and
3d The training of the hand to use
ful work in the trades and arts in
manual training schools
Or we might ctessify these efforts as
1st the training of the heart 2nd the
training ol the Leac 3rd the hand
The lriendfi of thete different move
ments agrte lhat if we give our colored
broitiera the r ght kind of religious
and skill in
training ai d education
ustfui lLdustiits making thernin every
way equal to the -whites the whites
must acknowledge these qualities thai
they will come to respect them more
that persecutions will cease and thai
they will he permitted to participate
in the affairs of state and ecjoy the
civil liberties to which they are justly
entitled lhey hold that with these
privileges they wHl be enabled to com
pete againBt their white brethren in a
business way and will soon gathei
property about them and become
thrifty and independent
This is a nice theory and lcoka logi
cal and whin tried on a small scale
can be proven logical Because if they
can benefit individuals it would seem
they would lift up the whole race ll
they could only make the movements
far reaching enough to touch the whole
race for the race is composed of indi
viduais Now while I would not de
tract the least praise from that which
nBtly belongs to those who are working
in tbeBe different ways I musfr say
that I do not believe lhat any of these
methods of work nor all of them to
gather let them be carried en on ever
eo grand a scale can ever enable the
masses of colored people to secure com
foitable pleasant homes cf their own
nor to ecjoy the political rights granted
them by the constitution and laws of
the United Btates
These lines of work are doing much
for individual for which we should all
be glad but they do not benefit the
rsce financially nor politically All
commodities are regulated in price by
the law of supply and demand Labor
is a commodity which the working
naan has for sale If the demand is
great employers must bid against each
other for it and it advances in price
dui 11 me aemauu is iignr mere are
more men than jobs and the laborers
must bid against each other for the
work each offering to woik for Ies
than others or Jess than formerly and
wages become less
Now skilled labor is subject to the
came law and while it is comparative
ly Bcarce it will command a fair price
and the colored man who is fortunate
enough to become a skillful trades
men while skilled workmen are few
will be benefited Bnt if the manual
training schools should succeed in
training a very great per cent of the
people the increased supply of skilled
workmen without an increased de
mand would run the wages down until
skilled workmen would be no better off
than unskilled laborers now
The same is true of education Those
g i it in fttlVW HlWMBB MmMmJ2ai
J -
benefit the rest of the race And if th
time should ever ccme when all will
be educated it will not be of much
benefit to any except to the few who
are still farther advanced than the
The white race has had every politi
cal advantage has held all the offices
controlled all elections has done all
the voting or at least controlled it has
owned all the property and has mo
nopolized all educational advantages of
the country until within a compara
tively few years And what is our con
dition Men in oar cities by the thous
and unable to get work on any honor
able terms compelled to beg or steal to
prevent starvation others crouching
beneath the sidewalks or in unlocked
stairways or in empty sheds to keep
from freezing in the winter storms
women and children at home shiver
ing in the cold while husband and
father is unable to find employment
people working in dark and poorly
ventilated appartments girls standing
behind the counter without oppor
tunliy to sit down so many hours per
day -that it brings on female derange
ments and their health permanently
broken And this is not all Their
wages are often bo low that they must
resort to other mesna to help pay their
beard and buy their clothes While
others must satisfy their employers or
foremans lusts to retain their situ
Tear by year the working mans
debts increase Year by year his rents
increaseand the price of land advances
making it more difficult for him to get
a home of his own It is estimated that
a hundred years ago nine tenths of the
people owned their own homes but
now fully one half are renters while
over four million of the one half who
do own their homes are mortgaged
And it is a fearful fact that fabulous
wealth on the one hand and extreme
poverty on the other have developed
while popular education has increased
This must not be understood hnz
ever as an argument against education
Culture of mind and hand is good and
may to a certain extent lighten the
persecution of the colored race But
when offered as a means of lifting up
the poor of either race financially it is
an absolute failure I eee no reason
why it should be expected to do more
for the colored men than it has for the
whites If the
past furnishes us a
means of judging the future we are in a
few years to become a nation of cul
tured serfs and beggars unless our edu
cation in the luture should be such
that it will lead us into wise co-operative
effort along industrial lines
If then conditions
grow worse when
we have the very best educational ad
vantages we must supplant
tition by co opeaation and In that find
relief There seems to be nothing else
for us to do It may be operated on a
national wide scale as a department of
the government in the future and
probably will be But the thing for us
lo uu uuw ib 10 organize ourselves
mauujacture ana handle th
which we consume
A friend said to me
4333gwf is
Dot Iodet sinpA
Co operation is nice in theory but it
wont work It is now working in
thousands of iustanees
every civi
lized country on earth Every lodge
building in the world Is a triumph of
co operative enterprise The Womens
Temple in Chicago with all nfl mar
veloua beauties and the Y ifc j A
buildings which are among best
uw JU aimos every large city
who are educated while others are not continent the
wisdom of nit d
bav an advantage but tat does not J effort Every Masonic templa
on earth
from that wonderful pile of stel and
maaoary rising to the fearful night of
twenty one stories In Chicago to the
more humble temples which decorate
the smaller cities evidence the error of
my friends opinion Every church
building from Trinity in New York
City with Its windows stained to soften
the sunlight and oast a mellow splendor
of color over the elfgant furnishingB
which drive away the poor to the little
sod meeting house on the plains of
Kansasls erected by the co operation
of its members
Beside there are many co operative
enterprises of a purely industrial
character in our country which are
highly successful The idea is spread
ing all over the British Isles Denmark
Germany and other parts of Europe
and Is taking hold of the people and
they are taking hold of Itmaking it go
We can make it go and we must
Washington Iowa
When do you sail for Paris
Did aDy ef you guess the Bundy ap
Did the census enumerator get you
on his little book
Will the gold democrats try their
luck with Admiral Dewey
If Editor E 0 O Benjamin has
squeezed back into Kentucky politics
to stay
Why not Capt William M Meredith
for Chief of the Bureau of Engraving
and Printing
How much civil service reform could
be discovered with a microscope at the
Government Printing office
When those gentlemen who deal in
pipe Btories are going to put that boat
for colored people on the river
If it isnt singularly appropriate that
so warm an article as Col Jay L 1
rey should hail from Embers Wyo
Why Platform Editor Quigg didnt
put a little more ginger into the XVtb
Amendment plank while he was doing
all that alleged tinkering
If any leBS distinguised personage
than Booker T Washington could win
out Here against a monster parade and
innumerable brass bands
If Prof Kobert Ht Terrell wouldnt
make a snug fit for the responsible
office of assistant superintendent of
Washingtons public schools
When the National Capitals horde of
departmental lawyers and doctors will
ever get nerve enough to try to live
u pon their chosen professions
If the sealing of the regulars the
Messrs hase and Jones will not have a
tendency to equeloh the preacher-in-
politics industry in this neoko tlu
How many of our business men wil
buckle on their progressive armor and
attend the commercial congress ealled
at Boston on August 24 by Booker T
Are oar care
fully studying the issues eo as to pass
muster when they go up against the
educational tests pronorlbed by theora
toricai bureau
Will any rubber neck now charge
that the seat of educational influence
has been transferred to thePresbjtenan
and Second Baptist churches or How
ard University
If a change in the patorate of one of
Waehingtoaa largest churches would
not be
nily and a guarantee of decent regard
for pulpit ethics
It the election of William Jenningg
Bryan Bhould mean a recurrence ot that
eminent public printer Hon Tl omas
E Benedict wouldnt democratic
cess be robbed of many of its terrors
If the political parties are not pretty
apt to place upon the Negio tie valua
tion he places upon himaei and traa
him good or bad
according to
the de
gree of honest independence he
If the abolishment of the office of
secretary of the JEpworth League in the
M E church carried with it the office
of asshtant secretary what is the
at atus of cur esteemed friend the Rev
I Garland Penn
If Mr Bryan sympathies with the
outraged Filipinos out of sheer love of
humanity what has he to say of the
infamous practice in his southern
stronghold of shooting and
burning un
convicted colored American citizens
A Day in Bohemia
Mr 0 P Covington of Louisiana
Mo and a member of The Colored
American staff were visitors at
iyu yn juo ouuuay Among the
many points of interest visited wad the
Conaumera Brewing Company ol
which Mr E L Jordan is president
and Mr Abe King secretary and treas
urer Although the brewery id cloaed
on Sunday Mr Charles S Beach the
vettrmaiy surgeon of the company es
corted ub through the ontne building
and we had the pleasure of sampling
the refreshments as it is served to the
customers in its best state Mr Lewis
Baur ihe chief engineer of the com
pany also showed us many courtesies
He had a large force of men at work
making repans but look time to give
us passage thiough the different parts
of the building ihe Consumers brew
ing Company is all right
5tye atioijal
Colored Seaefy
ers Bureau-
Washington D C is prepared
to furnish
of every branch of instruction
in all parts of the country
but applicants must be fully
competent to teach or possess
the ability to learn how to teach
6 per cent of the first years
salary will be charged those
for whom positions are
secureded payable Dec 1
1900 The Demand ex
ceed the Supply for suita
ble teachers during the
past year hence our liber
al inducements
Send for registration blank brief
ly stating your full qualifications
and enclose ten two cent stamps
for postage
James 6 Clayton M D
459 O St IT W Secretary
a distinct feenefit to tke coranm I sJL

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