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Larjfe and Enthusiastic Meet
ing Was Held in National
Hall Last Night
Well Known Colored Orator From New
York Discussed the Campaign Issue
From Buffalo Commercial
iiiuil Hall on Ellicott street
i i
iiiiesee was luieu to its utmost
i i last night with men ana
nun n who assembled to hear the Hon
il V Anderson of New York
l the issues of the campaign It
i - i lie liit lig rally this year of the
V in il Colored Republican League
iil i In members and their friends
nit mil out in large numbers Every
iliur m the hall was occupied and
lm - of men were standing in the side
i hs and in the lobby at the rear
illiam II Aikerns presided at the
niiiing and introduced as the first
Patrick J Carey Mr Carey
vjmkt for about fifteen minutes on the
of the campaign and the iitness
ir tlie men on the Republican ticket
t lill the positions to which they were
Humiliated He was heartily applaud
il Mveral times during the course of
ii - address
Japt Henry A Bull was then intro
iliRcd and spoke for twenty minutes
iliMussing particularly the Plulippine
epilation and the relations of capital
ami labor lie was trequentiy ap
How land B Mahany tcaine in just
1h tore the close of Capt Bulls address
aiul was asked to speak Mr Mahany
Niki in a general way of the politics
- the two great parties and in con
ilusmii spoke in glowing terms of the
1iiiiipal speaker of the evening Mr
tliatlis W Anderson the well known
tn d orator of New York whom Mr
M ikmy named in the same class with
mi ii men as Booker T Washington
ni i w ho have done and are doing a
pruu work toward elevating the
in negro and educating him up to
t1 high standard of American citizen-
Sli Ji
Mr Anderson was enthusiastically
aiivtiulod as he stepped to the front
i he platform He is slightly above
hum height broad chested and well
I r portioned and has the general ap
I urauce and bearing of a gentleman
f ilucation and refinement His voice
i that full rich quality so common
aimng those of his race well modulat
il and under perfect control and he
fv rnes excellent judgment in his
1 e of words He speaks smoothly
i without apparent effort and has
i t u uliy for closing eloquent periods
h simple homely expressions which
aMcil strongly to his hearers
He prefaced his address last night
with a statement to the effect that as
me adroit iMEmjssf wsmmio a
he was on his way to the meeting Eis
attention was called to an article in
last nights Times which suggested that
he should read to the audience tho
ter addressed to the Democratic Na
tional Committee by Bishop Turner of
the African M E Church in which
that gentleman announces his intention
to support Bryan I have no objec
tion to saying what I think of the bish
ops acrobatic flop into the Democratic
party said Mr Anderson and as it
has been suggested that I read his let
ter I will do so I hold the clipping
from the Times in my hand Bishop
xurners letter begins as follows
I am declaring my preference for
William Jennings Bryan for President
because he represents the same broad
principles that Abraham Lincoln es
poused and I believe it will be for tne
benefit of the people to vote for him
As Abraham Lincoln was a friend to
the colored race so is William Jennings
Bryan All of this silly sentiment of
adhering to the Republican party be
cause of Lincolns proclamation of
emancipation is misapplied The Re
publican party of Lincoln and the Re
publican party of Hanna are distinct
ly things apart Lincoln is dead but
his principles of personal liberty still
live and verily the mantle of Elijah
never fitted the shoulders of Elisha as
perfectly as Lincolns mantle fits fhe
broad shoulders of Bryan
William Jennings Bryan first came
into public notice as an inferior mem
ber of Congress from an inferior West
ern State said Mr Anderson laying
down the clipping temporarily Four
years ago he secured the nomination
for President by making a dramatic
speech before the Chicago convention
He had as one of his principal cam
paign managers in 1S9G a man who
when there is any political filth around
can dive into it deeper stay under long
er and come up looking cleaner than
any other man living Ben Tillman of
South Carolina Can you imagine
Abraham Lincoln running for the Pres
idency under the auspices of such a
man Can you imagine him speaking
throughout the country for four years
for revenue only dividing his spoils
with the men who are preventing the
colored men of the South from exer
cising their rights of franchise
The Republicans have lied to us
about our freedom and citizenship
continues the bishop Our freedom
was a war necessity and was dearly
bought with colored arms 200000
strong and our citizenship is a replica
of serfdom
Yes 200000 colored men did fight
against the Confederates in the Civil
War We fought them because they
were rebels and there wasnt a single
Republican among them We fought
the Democrats with bullets then and
Ive come here to ask you to fight them
with ballots now Bishop Turner has
been going up and down this country
for ten years telling the people that
the United States is not the place for
colored men that we should be trans
ported back to Africa But I want to
fell you that as one of those who had a
father and a brother among those 200
000 men I dont propose to leave the
countrv for which they bled and died
This is my country and your country
and it is not the Republican party
which is preventing us from being citi
zens in reality as well as in name
Lincoln never believed m govern
ing without the consent of the gov
erned says Bishop Turner Why is he
so solicitous about our governing a few
fleet footed Polynesians on the other
side of the globe without their consent
while he Is not at all solicitous about
governing some millions of colored peo
ple right here at liome without their
nmicpnr Whv bless you Bishop
Turner himself is governed without his
consent he lives in tne aouui aim
there is only one ticket which he can
vote and have his vote counted
The Republican party is and always
has been the party that does things
the Democratic party is and always has
been the party that says we cant do
things It is essentially the party of ne
gation The Democrats told us we
couldnt limit slavery and we abolished
It- thev told us we couldnt issue specie
payments ana we um il auu
couldnt stop and so it
told us that we
has been with all the great steps taken
yesterday it was free silver to day it
is imperialism and to morrow it will
be antagonism to whatever the Repub
lican party undertakes to da and is in
favor of That is where the Demo
cratic party stands Would you know
where the Republican party stands
Then go out where the flag flies and
there you will find the Republican par
ty Go out to the places where soldier
boys in blue are falling and there youll
find the Republican party every time
on the firing line standing for the hon
or and glory of the flag for the policy
that will bring prosperity and happi
ness into the American home
What is this imperialism about
which Bryan raises such a hue and
cry If imperialism means that we
are going to complete the Isthmian can
al and throw that great waterway open
to the commerce of the world then we
are imperialists if imperialism means
that wherever an American soldier is
sleeping underneath the sod the Amer
ican flag will never be hauled down
with the consent of the people then we
are imperalists
Mr Anderson then reviewed the rec
ords of McKinley and Roosevelt and
as he mentioned their names there was
prolonged applause
McKinley and Roosevelt he con
tinued That is the ticket the Repub
lican party presents and what do the
Democrats put up against ihem A
voice from Nebraska and a reminis
cence from Illinois The voice howls
about government without the consent
of the governed if you men up here
in the North dont cast your ballots in
a way to show your utter detestation of
the party and methods which disfran
chises millions of colored voters in the
South then you are not worthy of the
privilege of voting and are not worthy
to be called American citizens Only
a few years ago some of these very
men who are now asking for your votes
voted against the measures which gave
us the right to vote Now that you
have got your votes do you Intend to
give them to these men who did every
thing in their power to keep you trom
voting Cries of No no Well I
dont think Not if we know our
The voice talks about the para
mount issue the paramount issue to
you and me is a secured citizenship in
our country exact justice to men of
every color Go to the polls on elec
tion day and cast one vote to show your
utter detestation of these principles and
these men who are debarring our broth
ers in the South from the rights of citi
zenship The Lord led the children of
Israel up out of Egypt when they were
a lot of sniveling cowards but remem
ber that He didnt lead them into the
promised land until they were strong
enough and courageous enough to con
quer it and the colored men of Amer
ica will not come into the full enjoy
ment of the rights of citizenship until
they have learned to apply the lash of
the ballot to the shoulders of those who
oppress them until they show that they
are readv and able aye anxious to
stand up and fight for their rights
against the party which has tried to
keep them under its heel
The scene at the conclusion of Mr
Andersons address which occupied
nearly an hour and was listened to
with rapt attention by the big audience
was one of the most enthusiastic ever
witnessed at a public meeting in Buf
falo All over the hall men jumped to
their feet cheering and waving their
hats in attestation of their indorsement
of the speakers ideas
After auiet had been restored H H
Lewis of the Buffalo Colored Repub
lican League was introduced He
spoke briefly of the strength of the lo
cal and State tickets paying a particu
larly eloquent tribute to the abilities
and worth of Comptroller Erastus C
The meeting then adjourned with
cheers for the Republican candidates
national State and local
If yon are looking for rooms be snre
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Hymans 1618 7th Btreet n w
Mr Clarence O White as violiniet
possesses the artistic temperament to
a marked deare6 as well as the in
dispensable gilt of sympathetic inter
nvaf afcinn
jajb ione ib iuh
hv this country Look at their issues facimy of execution is wonderful- u fxeeior i
day before yesterday it was tnetannj Elvlfla umjf ewn
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the asking ana ne wants svery man
tCi j
vL v

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