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Sontbern Methods Yentilau d A Raps Case
Br Johx E Beuce
Albany N Y Specisl -There has
come into my possession a transcript
of the testimony taken in the case of
the state of South Carolina vs J
L Heirs a -white man and a clerk in
tbe store of a Mr Barckmeyer of Port
Royal S C The magistrate before
whom the testimony was taken is a
moral degenerate and a digrsce to the
noble profession of the law The at
torney for the white brute one Verdier
ia a monfroity of which there are
many of its kird in Sooth Carolina
Here is ss clear case of attempted rape
npon an innocent Negro child as ever
occured in any part of the country and
yet nobody in Washington or any
where in the 2urth has sen even an
allusion to it in the assoaJated press
dispatches Are the great journals of
this connry in the conspiracy to crush
out the Negro Are they too cowardly
to publish all tbe new- It looks that
way My informant a northern gentle
man temporarily ejournine in that
God forsaken state personally and at
his own expense invesMEatecl this mat
ter and had type wrtten copy of the
testimony which I herewith append
made from the record In a personal
letter he says I was informed yester
day that a cectain white man received
a finger with a ring on it from Texas
A gruesome souvenir truly I have
been on a still hunt all day to see it so
I could talk out but am not successful
so far I have some others at work on it
In Texas they are shooting for fun al
leging they are looters These fingers
were doubtless some of those we raad
about the Negroes having in their
pockets when shot Then do they par
eel them out at headquarters or do the
executioners fall heii Think of a civi
lization where a human finger is pent
around for a souvenir The Negroes are
to mutilate dead bodies secure vslu
ables are kilted and the whites keep
the booty The whites down this way
do not even believe this tbem6elves
though they smile and look at each
other knowingly when these terrible
reports are published The Negro is
rather serviceable I find in certain
ways to rascally white men in this
section and he appears to be bearing
the white mans burden of crime with
patience and heroism I have mingled
with a good many of allsorts and kinds
of white men in this state who have
talked freely with me about these mat
ters They think it no particular harm
to disguise themselves as Negrces and
assault women knowing that when
they have accomplished their purpose
some Negro will be caught identified
and summarilj dealt with I did not
believe that white men anywhere were
capable of such contemptible conduct
or that such depravity existed among
the white men of the South and 1
frankly confess to you that I am
mortally ashamed of my race Do you
know the whites of the better class in
this section are bitter against Senator
Tillman for that Port Royal matter
Think of hi3 lown nephew being lieu
tenant governor But when I come to
think of it the eternal fitness of things
is manifest A poor white murderous
cracker governor and a miserable
scoundrel senator of this once proud
stateilStsfe indeed a far cry from the
RutftHgtfeJid the Pinkneys Hayne
anda8fflfe tBMcSweeney and Till
man 0 tjgflorgjmores
A pergonal paragraph in this inter
esting letter explains that Ben Till
mans influence secured the release of
the white brute Heira from the charge
of criminal assault upon a IittJe colored
Lavinia Smith Following la the testi
mony tsken in the ess together with
the dastardly and cowardly attack of
defendants counsel Verdier on the
virtne of Negro women It la a true
ihe State
vs - Assault with intent to Ravish
J I Heirs J
Lavinia Smith the 13 year old girt npon
whom the assault was made testified as fol
I was standing near the store of Mr Burck
meyer in the town ol Port Royal waiting tor
Mr Banders to come and pay me some mon
ey lor milk 1 waited there a long time and
got tired standing on the outside so I stepp
ed in the store near the showcase looking at
the things in the show case There was no
one in the store at the time but the detead
ant he is the cerk in the store he was be
hind the counter he made an insulting pro
position to me and I askei him what he
meant 1 didnt know what he was talking
about He said give me I caid I
did not have anything and that I did not
Snow what he was talking about Be then
cametiom behind the counter and told me
to go in the dark room at the rear of the store
snd he wonld show me what he meant it
the same time he went to the door and shut
and looked it I told him to open that dcor
ard let me out or his store He ssld no you
go Into the dark room ard I will show yon
what I mean I again told him I would not
go and he caught hod of me took me up
and started to carry me ill the room I
caught hold ol the counter and he pulled my
hands loose He then carried me lurthEr and
as ho got me to the door of the dark room I
caught hold ol the oil tank that is near the
door He pulled my nand looe and car
ried me through the door into the room and
tried to make me He on the floor I refused
to do so and re still tried to throw me down
1 would not let hm do so and told hm it h
did not turn n e loese and open the dooi 1
vonld holler and tell mama and para 1
then jerked and he turned me loofe and
went and opened the door When he opened
the door ard 1 went out papa was on the ont
Mrs Smith the mother testifies
That after 1 heard what had been done to
my daughter 1 went to the hotel where the
defendant was at dinner and sent In to tell
htm that 1 wanted to see him 1 waited till
he came out- 1 had a talk with him and he
did not deny anything 1 charged him with
but asked me not to talk too loud as he did
not want his name to get out Some youDg
white men saw him talking to me and called
him in the hotel 1 then went baek home and
examined the girl more carefully After
hearing her fall statement 1 waited until 1
saw him going from his dinner to the sto e
1 went out and called him and told him all
tnt the girl had told me He said that
what the girl told mewa true ar d that as
he was not hurt In any way he would give
me something 11 1 would quash the matter
1 told him 1 did not went any of his money
and would get satlsfactln He then turned
away from me and said 1 could do as 1 chose
Mr Smith the girls father testified as fol
I am a shoe maker l wanted to get some
shoe tacks and went down to Burckmeyers
store to bay some When 1 got there 1 found
the doors closed 1 went to the door and took
hold of the knob and shook it but found it
was locked I then stepped to tbe window
and saw the clerk in the bacx room holding
some one by the arm I oould not see who
it was l stepped to the sidewalk and waited
till the door was opened As soon as it was
opened my daughter came out Sie told me
that the defendant Heirs had locked her In
there 1 then made for the door but Heirs
slammed the door in my face and locked
mnisen in
Above is the testimony taken before Magls
istrate Rodgers at the examination held on
Thursday the 6th of sept 1900 and npon
which he was asked to bind delendant over
for trial He refused to do so and discharged
him because -the evioecce is not sufficient
to hold him
The State was represented by J l Wash
ington Esq and the defendant was repre
sented by W J Verdier Esq In the course
of counsel for the State he said that he re
garded th s as a very serious C3e indeed
so serious thit it the defendant were a black
man and this outraged girl was a white girl
instead of jour Honor sitting there hearing
ttis esse to determine wheher it should be
sent to the grand jm he coroner of the
county would be here holding an inqcert of
the dead body of the accused The counsel
for the defendant get very indignant and
said ihit such a comparison of a Negro girl
with a white girl U ridiculous besanse you
cannot find any Negro woman with any vir
tue to all To tnis Washington replied that
ie was very much mistaken for there are
colored women who are jnst as vinuou and
pure as any woman anywhere This
remtrk greatly enroged Verdier who excited
ly exclaimed Sir jou ought to ba lynched
for miking such an assertion and called
upon Washington to know if heme ink what
ha said Washington repeated it with more
emphasis whereupon Verdier again said
For making that assertion yon ought to be
lynched and 1 will le id a party anytime to
lynch you
This is an example of the way Till
man will run things at Washington if
Bryan should be elected His mailed
hand would strike the Negro many a
blow in unexpected quarters while in
hi3 own State his name would be a
terror than it now is though he
known to be s miserable skulking
coward whose bark is worse than its
oite Again I ask is the associated
press of this country in the conspiracy
to crush the Negro or is it the subservi
ent tool of the murderous and lecher
ous white brutes rf tbe South who de
spoil Negro girls and outrage Negro
women and seem to exercise a censor
ship over the news that emanates from
that quarter especially f the chsractt I
of that of which this letter treats I
presume Mr JJ Washicgon he at
torney f r tbe Smith eirl will corrobor
ate every word I have Written on this
eubjeot Any rTsoa sufficiently inter
ested in the case can I am sure have
their doubts removed if they have any
respeotng tje authenticity of the facts
here related 1 dont know Jfr Wash
ingtonand have had no correspondence
with him on tl e subject because I didnt
wish to compromise hfm in any way
I get my facts from a reliable and trust
worthy white mah who is traveling m
the South with his eyes wide open and
his hand on his hip pocket
John E Bruce
97 Orange St Albany N T
Tuskegee Ala Notes
Mr W A Huuton International
Secretary of the Young Mens Jhria
tian Association in charge of the col
ored mens department was a visitor
at Tuskegee last week Mr Hunton is
deeply interested in the Tuskegee T
M C A and his visits are always
looked upon as a source of help by the
youngmen The model training school
in connection with the Tussegee Insti
tute opened Monday October 1st with
a large number of students enrolled
Princpai Washingtons Sunday even
ing talk3 are proving helpful to the
teachers and students His talks on
honesty and staoility since the opening
ot school were exceedingly interesting
and inspiring
This is the firrt week in October and
every subscriber and agent know s what
this means It means that all monthly
bill3 must be paid It takes money to
pay hills and The Colored American
has a great many of them Subscribers
who know themselves to be in arrears
should send their subscriptions m at
once This applies slo to our great
army of agents who have not settled
for September Dont wait to bedunnpd
and then get mad about it Settle nn
npw snc tbj3 megnj YOTJ
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1 will entitle dor r
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tic volume
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But for the noble contribution of
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The fund created is divided equally
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