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It happened this way Dr A M
Curtis is an honorary member of the
Fellowship Club He is passing through
the city And the club always takes
advantage of his presence here to do
him honor For he is one of Chicagos
own the clubs own
In fact the Fellowship Club gave Dr
Curtis to the world-
It has more men too just like him
Dont forget that
However on the occasion in question
a peculiar oondition prevailed The
guests were late in arriving and not-
11 J
withstanding the fact that they all
knew they were coming to a feast each
man Beemed bowed down beneath some
mighty burden Amusements were
eschewed conversation lagged and
there was a general feeling that the
entertainment would be insipid and
dull byond redemption But auch
happily proved not to be the case
When the gentlemen were summoned
downstairs and were seated at the ta
ble and the lights turned full on so
that all their faces oould be plainly
seen that same stolid heavy expres
sion I have mentioned was still visible
in every countenance Not even the
supper was able to brighten them Just
Eloquence Wit and Pathos
At a Chicago Stag
An evening around a festal board
with T Thomas Fortune of the New
Tork Age and a countless number of
other newspapers Harry C Bmifch of
the Cleveland Gazette Hon J MadI
son Vance the sage of Louisiana poli
tics and Dr A M Curtis the worlds
moat eminent Negro surgeon Is an
evening that one having once enjoyed
would go miles to eojoy again
Thus sayeth the Fellowship Club
And the Fellowship Club knows where
of it speaks for it had that rare pleas
ure last Baturday night
why this condition should obtain
among gentlemen on a festive occasion
I am not able to say Perhaps it was
due to the lateness of the hour per
haps it was the daiknesB which appears
just before the first burst of sunshine
At any rate when the Toastmaster
Mr W F Taylor arose and rapped
for order his deep well modulated
voice announcing the purpose of the
gathering hi3 tall striking figure out
lined against the white curtains as a
background his genial face beaming
with smiles not even he was able to
drag the entertainment from beneath
its heavy spell The gentlemen pushed
their chairs back and prepared to lis
ten their faces lit up with dull smiles
In fact the air wa3 surcharged with a
strange interest It was felt by every
one in the room Each man was an
Atlas with the world on his back
r a J Shaw was the first man
called upon Suave and gracpful he
did much to lighten the burden He re
sponded to the toast Our Guest
That gentleman he found In the south
land where the magnolia nods its head
in unison to the babbling of brooks
and when he brought him North and
landed him amone the rustle and
bustle of Chicago and finally in the
chair at the head of Freedmens Hos
pital he not only covered himself with
glory but put every man in the room
on his mottle Throats were cleared
heads were xaised and eyes sparkled
with a new interest Bob had set the
After one or two other gentlemen had
been called upon T Thoms Fortune
was asked to respond to the toast Su
premest Moments Gaunt and erect
straight up like a
his hair standing
bueh his eyes spitting fire and his
bony index finger beatfDg time to his
The Magnetic Comb
iru ntjw --
- mcroreojw -
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TAKE NOTICE There being so many evil--minded
skeptical persons who decry everv hon
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advertisement from a dishonest firm
impassioned eloquence he told the
gentlemen about him what were hia
supremest moments His eupremest
moments he said came with evoTy
opportunity to strike a blow in defense
of his people and he never let one pass
Every time he reached out he landed a
hard blow full and square on a vulner
aole spot of the enemy Tho big Injun
Hnop la Tillmsn with his many lined
ui chfork came in for a scoring about
us severe as was ever poured out upon
the head of man His De Kalb speech
was noticed and for that matter his
impudent audacity along every line con
sidered aB only Thomas Foitune can
consider it Trembling and much over
wrought from his eflort he sat down
amid tremendous applause-
J Madison Vance spoke of Chicago
from a southerners point of view He
likes Chicago likes the atmosphere the
hustle and get there of the people
Dr George G Hall waB called upon
to respond to the toast Aspiration
Dr WeBley was asked to speak and
then Harry C Smith of the Cleveland
Gazette was requested to speak to the
toast The Joys of a Journalist
If Mr Fortune bad been striking and
dequeue if Mr Fortune had been im
passioned and pleading in his manner
Mr Bmith if possible was more bo
His words flowed from his lips smooth
and red hot burning themeelvea in the
brain of every man about him ite
took the present past and future of the
Negro and told how he thought their
great problem could in a measure be
Bolved Not by a Crumpacker bill he
said but by the intelligent Negroes
unifying their interests so that they
could make of themselves a bulwark
that would be strong enough to protect
the ignorant a bulwark that could
stand for all time against the dashing
waves of the tempestuous enemy HiB
greatest joy he said lay in advising
his people as beat he could how to at
tain that end
The Bpeech makiug was now over
So Richard B Harrison was called upon
for a recitation Richard too had
caught the fever He had been inocu
lated with the virus of the eloquence
that had just preceded him He re
cited Paul Laurence Dunbars Pahty
and he put bis whole soul into the
work At its conclusion he was so
uproarouely applauded 1 t he re
sponded with that tendere I all dia
lect poems When Mal v Sings
Not even Paul himself co d have read
it better Tenderly sweetly in that
own winning way so peculiar to Dick
he stole through the poem to find at its
conclusion that tears wore standing on
the lids of inony masculine eyes
William A Mohan
In the Conservator
To Contributors and Correspondents
The demand for space in The Col
ored American at this time Is very
great and it is not always convenient
to print everything that is sent Tho
Colored American iB a national and
not a local newspaper and it endeavors
to cover the whole country and not
any one particular part of it Contri
butors and correspondents whose mat
ter is sometimes omitted in one iEsue
may look for it m the next pro
vided said matter is acceptable It is
not necessary to write long and abusive
letters to the editor and demand to
know why such and suoh an article
was not published In matters of this
kind however the largest complaints
come from those who want the biggest
share ot space but who as agentB sell
the fewest number of copios A little
patience and consideration on the part
of our contributors will save lota of
worry and a little efloct on their part
to get new cash subscribers and send
in the cash will make lota of Bunshine
for the printer and the box office will
flourish like a green bay tree
jljjj111 x iheax i

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