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He Colored American
PubUifced by rsr Coloexd ATgpreAy Pub
lishing Company
PcblUbed every Satnrrlsy at O C St 2 W
Washlnzton D C
One year
gtr months
T ie months
- 110
SciscrlptiorJ nsy ot sent dj poroses
morey order express or sy reglsvred letter
All oonmmlcatlorss for psbllcaticn EbtKiia
be assanpanled rtth tie ssme of tbe critfir
cot necessarily lor publication bzi s s gnr
nte e of food faith
We olelt newt contributions opinion6
and in Caet all matters sectln tne race
e vlll not pay for mttr norrprer HRless
It li orieretf sy ns AH mane- lntenciei lor
pcbllcation mnst reach Tnic cSce by Wednes
day of each to insnre Insertion In the
cnrrent Ieezic
ta Agents are traniI eTerjTrnere Send
or innractlons
Beailnr nonces 50 cant -per line Display
atTertlenientt 12 per sqnare Incs yr Inser
tion Dlfconnts made on large contracts
Entered at the Pcn offlee as second class
Ail letters conimcnlcatSons and bnsess
matters tbcnifi be aacressS to
459 C Street Northwest
- -
We invite tbe attention to the arti
ele in another eolomn bearing npon
the moral depravity of the wnite men
of a certain class in South Carolina es
well as in other portion of the South
who are strenuously opposed to Negro
domination and Negro suffrage -white
men who haTe no aversion to good
looking Negro women or bad looking
ones either for that matter when onee
their lustful animal passions are
aroused White men who lead mobs of
infuriated brates and barbarians to
lynch or roast any Negro who loeks
eroES eyed at the commonest white fe
male street walker in the Bouth yet
think it no crime against society or
against morals to outrage Negro girls
and Negre women and their own
women disguising themselves as Ne
groes to accomplish their diabolical
purposes and helping on the next day
or next week to lynch or roast some
innccent Negro for their own brutal
and bestial acts The white men of
the South who commit these crimes are
fast bringing the destruction upon that
section bT their shamerul and coward
ly course toward Negroes of both sexes
The judgmeat of the Almighty has al
ready been visited upon Texas and His
wrath will yet be visited on South
Carolina and other States which are as
morally corrupt as Sodom ot old
On the Centennial Committee we
have but two representatives of our
race although we form on third of the
population of the District
The Afro American Ledger of last
week has aa excellent editorial on the
Colored High School of this city based
on an article in The Colored American
We are glad to see that thoughtful
men in other places are begianiag to
see what great instrument for good
this school is As the Ledger says this
suparb corps of colored men and women
who are teachers in this institution is
an inspiration to our yeung mea and
young women In tha Faculty of eu
High Sehool are graduates of Harvard
Tale Abu Harbor Cornell Howard
University Wilberforce Catholic Uni
versity Oberlin and several first rate
special schwls In every contest where
tha celored High School has been pit
ted against the white High Schools of
the city it has taken a ver high rank
In the examinatiaB of the pupils of five
high schools in Washington last spring
by the Uaited States Senate it will be
remembsred that the Colored High
School led ail the schools in English
and was second in general average
Of the 450 colored teachers in the
schools of the District of Columbia at
lean seven eighths of them were trained
in our own High and Normal Schools
by colored teachers
It is a remarkable tribute to the ge
nius and capacity cf the colored peo
ple of this community to say that what
our schools are to day in their handi
work For more than thirty years
they have been under the almost ex
clusive control of Negro official i who
not oaly looked after thrir intellectual
but also their financial welfare dis
pensing the appropriations made by
Congress as they felt wss for tte best
good of the schools We have always
maintained that what the Negro needs
is opportunity Whea he gets that he
generally does as well with it as a
white man
Of the few colored graduates of
Harvard College six of them were
trained in 6ur High School and young
Bruce the ton of ex Senator Bruce
who is now doing so well as Cambridge
was also a pupil here All of these
men are doing well and reflecting
credit on their early teachers
We hope that it will not be lone be
fore the Colored High School of the
great metropolis of Maryland will be
manned throughout with colored men
snd women from Principal to the jan
The Record a local hebdomedal and
said to be backed by Hon George H
Whita is indirectly supporting the
democratic ticket
We are sending out this week to de
linquent subscribers a bill and a per
sonal letter asking for a settlement of
their account It is the duty of every
good ritrien to pay his or her honest
debts and with a newspaper struggling
as is The Colored American and all
race journals as to that matter It is
necessary that delinqnent subsciption
bills be paid There Is no stronger
agency for the advancement and pro
motion of the race than a live up to
date newspaper The Colored Ameri
can fills in a full measure an up-to-date
journal It is newsy clean enterpris
ing and safe Xhe individual members
of the race owe it to themselves to sus
tain a paper like The Colored Ameri
can We are sending out daily over a
hundred letters to persons who are able
to pay who are intelligent and who
evidently enjoy reading The Colored
American We have sent some of
these subscribers as many as three and
four letters and they do not answer the
letters but read on and on and protest
when the bills are plaeed in the hands
of an attorney for collection If you
owe for the paper and are not able to
pay for it answer the letter at least and
tell us about it or Eend us hat you
The anniversary services and rally at
Lincoln Memorial cdurch which ended
last Monday night with a reception
tendered the pastor Bev A P Miller
and wife were a grand success netting
over 1250
Continued from first page
Dr George W Bijant who is in Chi
cago in the nterest of the campaign
Mr John C Keelan of Washington
D G is speeding a few days in Chi
cago with his family Mr EeeJan
principal object in coming to Ghic8go
ju st at this time 1 to cast a vote for
Rev D W Jones general missio
nary for the city of Chicago has been
indisposed ever since his return from
conference at Minn and has neen en
able to attend to business properly but
hopes to be cut again soon
Mr D R Wilkins the present
manager of The L enservator is a man of
p csh and shrewd business ability The
Conservator is coming out in good
shape and the editorials coming from
his pen are the surjtct of much favor
able comment
Mr W L Martin one of Chicagos
enterprising young lawyers was elected
president of tbe Young Mens Lyceum
of Bethel church This organization is
in its youth but with an aole young
msn like Mr 3Isxtm at its head it bide
lair to become the center of attraction
fcr the young men of Chicago Mr
Martin is s forceful speaker and well
qualified for the honor bestowed upon
him and Bethel church being central
ly located Is an assurance of many
pleasant Sunday afternoons for the
cumin 2 winter
The Fellowship Club of this ciiy re
cently entertained at dinner Dr A M
Curtis of Washington L CT Thomas
Fortune of New Toik J Madison
Vance of Louisiana and Harry C
Smith of Cleveland The scene cf the
lestal occasion was at the home of Mr
R B Harrison The dinner was giTen
in honor of Br Curtis who is an
honorary member of tbe club An ele
gant repast was served and each gentle
man present responded to a toast Mr
R B Harrison m his usual pleasing
manner recited The Pahty and
When Melinda Sirgs by Paul Lau
rence Dunbar
The Times Herald of this city recent
ly published two portraits of colored
men wio rank high in mnsic One wss
that of Mr Samuel Coleridge Taylor
of England who is startling the English
and American music public with the
distinction cf his songs and the breadth
and beauty of his Hiawathas Woo
ing and The Wedding Feast while
the othsr is that of Mr Pedro T Tins
ley of Chicago The Tlme3 Herald
said Many will be interested to know
that the most sympathetic interpreter
of Samuel Coleridge Taylors songs m
America is Pedro T Tmsley a colored
man and a resident of Chicago Mr
Tinsley however is tbe first American
singer to make us familiar with the
rare distinction andbeauty of his songs
tie was the choir master of Grace
Presbyterian church in tnis city and
recently gave a song recital the pro
gram of which contained exclusively
the songs of Samuel Coleridge Taylor
A colored man himself it is not pass
ing strange that Mr Tinsley is a sym
pathetic interpeted of Taylors eompo
sitions Mr Finsley is a pupil of Mr
Wrn X Burritt Kimball Hall Chi
Prospects for republican success are
growing brichter every day Jordan G
Ohavis Chairman of Bureau of Colored
Voters Illinois
The Talisman in the counties in the
State of Illinois report that the repub
li can nemmees will come to the lines
of Cook county with 100COO msjoifty
and in accordance with best repabJicac
rralcrity Ccxk county will go 40010
So surely as night succeeds the day
just so surely will President WiijQ
Mekinley succeed himself s President
of the United States Judge Ricaaid
Yates will be elected governor of Lij
noia by one hundred thousand mjon
ty Dr J H Magee
With the horrible nightmre of Till
man of South Carolina as the power
b ehmd the throne and Joneof Arkirt
sas and Stone of Missouri as the right
and left supporters of the pessioif Bry
an dynasty there should be ro quej
tion as to the pcslticn of the colored
m an in this second battle J Madi
son Vance Louisiana
My impression is that the election
of McKinley sad RocstTelt is a cmch
New York Indiana and Illinois were
made the battle ground by the demo
crats and tbey have been whipped in
all tbGse states in a stand op fiht I
have spent much time in Indians and
and Illinois and I believe those states
as well as 5ew York may be constder
ed as Eafe for the republican paity
T Thomas Fortune 2xew York
The colored voters of Cook county
are faliy aroused and almost our solid
vote will be polled for President Mc
Kin ley and against Bryan andTillmsm
Last week tbe irrepressible gentleman
of Pitchfork fame addressed a big
democratic audience and spesking of
colored voters m the South boldly de
clared Of course we don le them
vote There were no colored democrats
presents but the news gGt ont and it
is new zero weather m the camp of the
colored democracy F L Barnett
Chairman National Bureau of Colored
For some time there was qnite an
apathy in the city of Chicago and tbe
county of Cook but during the past
ten days the change has been marTel
ous Every meeting daily and they are
leeion is attended by thousands of sol
id republican voters whose unbounded
enthusiasm gives inspiration to the
workers That the entire republican
ticket National Congressional State
and local will be elected by an equal if
not an increased majority over that of
1S93 is sure There are meetings held
at 12 m 3 and S p m while a score of
wagons with speakers and bands are
holding meetings in every block in the
city G W Bryant M D Baltimore
Sesatos T T
Mr W W Jefferson
Mr Wesley W JerTerson a graduate
of Tuskegee and who has been teach
ing in the West Indies has just re
turned to ft ashington Mr Jeflerion
is indeed a brilliant young man and
made an enviable reputation across tbe
waters Mr Jerlerson comes to enter
the Dental Department at Howard 8o
well pleased weie the managers witb
Mr Jeffersons worh they offered to
hold the place open or employ any one
be might suggest providing thej are
from Tuskegee
A jolly fishing party composed large
ly of the employees of the Treasury
Department spent four days this week
up the Potomac It was composed ot
Messrs J B Askins James W Gray
W B Coles Wm E L Sscford H
Reynolds Frank Dickson and
Washington Wcod When last seen
they were headed for Harpers Ferry
but later reports show they camped at
Lake View Park and fished in the
Falls near Glen Echo They report a
good time

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