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Giving the Problem
Booker T Washington Tells How the Graduaes of Industrial
ism are Applying Their
in Actual Bread Winning-Punctures
Some Mistaken No ions and Points the
Fsee to the Open Door that Welcomes the Meritorious
Facts and Figures Worth Remembering
Principal Booker T Washington has
placed before the public the nineteenth
repoit of the Tukegee Normal and In
dustrial Inaitute It is a clear and
statement of what has
been doue during the year by the exe
cutive forces of this matchless mBtitu
tion It reveiews the past points with
modest pride to victories gained and
indicates the instrumentalities neces
sary to a still grander stride toward the
lofty goal set out a score of years ago
A hopeful vista is painted of the fa
ture and concrete results to the race
are cited as a vindication of the broad
principles of industrial moral and in
tellectual development upon which
Tuskegees claim to recognition are
founded The story is told in the plain
direct and positive mannar which has
long beeD the dittinctive characteristic
of Mr Washingtons methods as an
educator as an orator ts a writer and
as a man No trick of rhetoric no
iligbt of fancy no imagary so stir the
the superficial sentiment are deemed
necessary to add strength or force to
the truths he would drive home to the
hearts of the American people The
report is not cniy a record of work ac
complished It is not only an advocate
of a sj stem ol education and a demon
stration of its practical utility in solv
ing a mooted problem in economics
The nineteenth annual report of Tuske
gee is an irresistable unanswerable
and convincing appeal to the intelli
gence and finer instincts of the grand
est people on the face of the earth to
grant 8 imple justice and equitable op
portunities to thoee whoare their breth
ren by lies bound up in mutual sym
pathies and mutual aspirations It is
without question the very best of the
many documents of this kind yet sub
mitted by Mr Washington to Tuake
geos board of trustees and circulating
as it does among the most potent fac
tors in our national life both white and
colorea it is sure to have a far reaching
influence for good to all concerned
Time conld not be better spent than
in going over the facts emphasized by
Mr Washington He is of the opinion
that despite untoward episodes in many
places there is now more real substan
tial and thoughtful interest in the
gros welfare than at any previous peri
od in our history and that mere spas
modic and sentimental feeling has been
replaced by a definite spirit of helpful
ness born of a clearer comprehension
of his capacity and needs The dispo
sition to exagerateour weaknesses has
led thoughtful men to inquire into ac
tual conditions and the result has been
to bring out facts beneficial to ourrepu
tation It has tended to induce philan
thropists to drop the idea that we pre
fer to be carried when the truth Is we
merely wish an opportunity to learn
to walk i and develop by natural pro
cesses into a stlf supporting and self
reliant people The Negro race Mr
Washington thinks should like other
races be judged by its best types rath
er than by its worst He believes that
the views of the Caucasian w ould be
less discouraging if he would in more
cases actually visitus and inspect our
home school business and church life
before essaying to speak with authority
as to ous status
Mr Washingtons report bears most
heavily upon the use that the Negro
Btuaents at Tusfeegee are making of
cueir industrial education In arswtr
to ta remaik that a small per cent of
graduates from industrial schools earn
a living by the knowledge thus acquired
he says with incontiovertible logic
Any one who judges of the value
of inrtustrlal education by the mere
number who actually follow the indus
try or trade learned at a school makes
a miBtake One might as well judge
of the value of arithmetic by the num
ber of people who spend their time
after leaving sebcol in working out
problems in arithmetic The chief val
ue of industrial education is to give to
the students habits of industry thrift
economy and an Idea of the dignity of
labor Bat in addition to this in the
present economic condu ion of the col
ored people it is most important that
a very jarge proportion of those trained
in such institutions as this actually
spent their time at industrial occupa
Mr Washington doesnt undertake
to assume that Tuskegee is Included in
the estimate made by the aforesaid
critic but as an illustration of the prac
tical value of the methods in vogue at
his school he submits the following
On January 10th of this school year
we dedicated the Slater Armstrong
Memorial Trades Building This build
ing is iD the form of a dt uble Greek
cross and inits main dimension is
283 x 315 feet and is two stories high
The plans of this building were drawn
by our instruoior in mechanical draw
ing a colored man Eight hundred
thousand bricks were required to con
struct it and every one of them was
manufactured by our students while
learning the trade of brickmaking
AH the bricks were laid into the build
ing by studerts who were being taught
the trade of brlckmasonary The plas
tering carpentry work palntiDg and
tin roofing done by students
while learning theBe trades The whole
number of students who received train
ing alone was about one hundred and
ninety six It is to be lighted by elec
tricity and all the electric fixtures are
being put up by students who are learn
ing electrical engineering The power
to operate the machinery in thiB build
ing comes from a one hundred and
twenty -five horse power engine and a
seventy five hone power boiler All
this machinery is not only operated by
students who are learning the trade of
steam engineering but wa3 installed by
students under the guidance of their
Let us take another example that
of agriculture Our students actually
cultivate every day seven hundred
acres of landt while studying agricul
ture The students studying dairying
actually milk and care for seventy -five
milch cows daily Besides they of
course take caie of the dairy products
All of this is done while learning the
industry of dairying The whole num
ber of students receiving Instrrotion m
the divisions of Agriculture and Dairy
ing the past year is one hundred and
Mr Washington demonstrates by sta
tistics and examples that a very large
per cent of the graduates of Tuskegee
are applying their industrial knowledge
and earning comfortable livings in ag
rlculture in mechanics and in the build
ing trades A careful examination
shews that at least three fourths of
them are employing wholly or partial
ly as a means of bread winning the
education gained at Tuskegee In time
the revolution of Negro economical
conditions will grow more and more
apparent and it is to be regretted that
the demand for Bkilled instructors is far
greater than this school can supply
not only for numerous colleges and pub
lie schools In this country but abroad
where the fame of fhe institution has
been spread by those who have studied
its power as a solvent Great as the re
sults up to date have been Mr Wash
ington is constraint d to believe that
we have just reached the threshold of
the open door to prosperity and ra
cial influence that the Negro has so
long sought with all the the ardor that
spurred Ponce de Leon to ward the mae
1c -Fountain of Eternal Youth
The students who are receiving train
ing in farming have cared for six hun
dred and nineteen head ot hogs this
year and so I could go on and give
not theory nor hearsay but actual
facts gleaned from all the departments
of the school
The average attendance for the school
year is shown to have been 1083 321
young women and 762 young men
The total enrollment has been 1231
359 young women and1 872 young men
Nine tenths of the number have hve
bearded and slept on the sohool
grounds In all the departments In
cluding officers clerks and instructors
103 persons are in the employ of the
Bchool Counting students officers and
teachers together with their families
the total number of persons constantly
upon the school grounds is about 1200
Students have come to us from 27 States
and territories from Africa Porto Rico
Cuba Jamaica and Barbadoes There
are 12 students from Cuba alone Dur
ing the present school year students
have been trained in 28 industries in
addition to the religious and academic
training The number of graduates was
The expenses of the year have been
75 992 59 Notwithstanding this im
mense outlay the financies of Tuske
gee are in a healthful condition Every
effort is being made to economize with
out marrir g efficiency but increased re
mands for Bpace and improved facili
ties render many large expenditures
necessary during this season of natural
expansion Several new buildings are
now in process of construction The
endowment fund June 1 had reached
the handsome figure of 152232 49 but
is now well on to 170000 and there is
no doubt that the entire 500 000 called
for will be eventually secured Al
though large donations have been giv
en by men and women of means and
the specirl funds care for certain inter
ests The life of this school depends
upon small gifts which carry with them
the good will and active interest of
hundreds of the best people throughout
the country In this connection it may
be remarked that the colored people
themeolves through churches and organ
zations could lend a strong hand and
by opening dime collections swell to a
surprising degree this very essential
endowment fund
Tuskegees influence is being felt ev
ery where No institution Is doing eo
much to give the Negro race a standing
in the ranks where ability to take the
iniative and work out results is the tesf
of fitness No one man is doing half
so much to briog to the Negro a realiz
ing seme that rewards can not come
without labor and that heights can not
be reached by leaps but must be gained
step at a time by patient steady ear
nest and intelligent industry Mr
Washington Ib optimistic but neyer en
courages a hope for the impossible He
point3 the way but frankly tella you
that individual merit must fix your re
lation with the world and decide
whether the pinnacle or the depths Is
to be your fate In closing his magnifl
cent report a meagre outline of which
is here given Mr Washington sums
up in the fewest of words the philosi
phy which should be to every Negro a
beacon of light and could not be made
stronger even if amplified into a vol
ume Ssrsitlonalism pessimism and
tbe spirit of racial antagouism all are
silenced in contemplation of the quiet
but impreFsive ecquenceof Tueegeea
wizard when he thus takes his leave
I would say that my feeling gro a
stronger each year that the main thing
that we want to be sure of is that the
Negro is making pregrefs dav by day
With constant tangible visible indis
putable progress being made evident
all the minor detailB regarding the ad
justment of our position in the body
politic will in a natural way settle
themselves j
There is much food for reflection in
this simple utterance Study it
R W Thompson
Washington D C
Brews the purest Beer on the Wash
ington Market The highest chemical
authoriiy in the district of Columbia
after an analysis just finished of all the
different beera on the market gives
tbia as his verdict Dont be fooled by
jealousy envy or prejudice on either
or all of which Is based our opposition
We have the most modern plant
We brew from sterilized water and
choice hops and malt We have one
of the most skillful brew masters In the
county Visit our plant and insist on
us proving our assertions We will ba
glad to show all
Serfy and Zreas
JPres and GenH Mgr
Pool and Billiard Kooms
1206 Pennsylvania Avenue n w
This large spacious and
pleasure establishment has had
added to It a new room in the third
Btory for pool and billiards where those
who do not care to play in the larger
apartments can have a degree of
privacy not to be obtained elsewhere
This new room is handsomely furnished
and lighted by electric lights The
atmosphere is cooled by electric fans
Tou are cordially invited to make
inspection of these pool and billiard
parlors Tou will receive a hearty wel
come at auy time Ask for
James F Keeivan
Rectifier and Wholesale
Liquor Dealer
Elegant Club Whiskey a Specialty
Importer of FiDe Wines Brandies
Gins Etc
462 Pennsylvania Avenue N W
gjjju jag
1 m

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