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I 1
5lje Colored mericaij
Published by Ehe Comrct ameeicas Pub
llsbing Company
Published every Saturday at 459 C St N W
Washington D C
One year
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- rio
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money order express or by registered letter
All communications for publication should
be accompanied with tbename of the writer
not necessarily tor publication but as a guar
anty e of good faith
We solicit news contributions opinions
and In fact all matters affecting the race
W e will not pay for matter however unless
it is ordered by us All matter Intended for
publication must reach this office by Wednes
day of each weefe to insure Insertion In the
current issue
B Agents are wanted everywnere 8end
or instructions
Reading notices 50 cents per line Display
advertisements 82 per square lncn per Inser
tion Discounts made on large contracts
Entered at the Post office as second class
An letters communications and business
matters should be addressed to
459 C Street Northwest
In another column will be found an
interesting account of the Negro ex
hibit at the Paris Expostion It is a
plain simple narrative of what the
world thinks of all that was sent to the
great exhibition in Paris to represent
what the black man in America has
accomplished since he was emancipated
from slavery less than forty years We
have told the story of the success of this
remarkable and unique exhibit of ours
more than once in these columns but
of course it was not told in so complete
a way aa the statement given te day by
Mr Calloway himself who is at the
head of this particular part of the ex
hibition referring to the progress and
ackisvements of the American Negro
Few things have been done for us in
the last two decades that have counted
so much for our dignity and capacity
as the winning of so many prizes of
high distinction in Paris last suinmer
The peoples ef other countries will
know the Negro -American better and
think more of him hereafter than they
have done before for they have seen
him rated among other races at Paris
as a man who can do something along
all lines of commendable endeavor
We are proud of our exhibit especial
ly proud of that which was sent by our
own public schools representing what
we have done in an educational way
We hope that all of our readers will
note what the article by Mr Calloway
has to say about the impression the
Negro has made abroad
What a glorious thing it is to be an
American citizen
In mediaeval times when about the
court of the Caesars hung the destiny
of empires it was deemed a proudeo
honor to be a citizen of Kome than to
be a king elsewhere But the power of
Eome departed sceptres were swept
aside and the march of human pro
gress cariied in its wake through all
the centuries the irresistible snirit of
individual responsibility Prestige of
ms mmsEB Twnzmam
the throne no longer pleased aspiring
genius The autocracy of intellect in
spired each man with a desire to be a
sovereign in his own right a free
agent and an independent factor in
the economy of civilization The con
crete response to this overwhelming
protest against absoluteism was the
building of our American republic
At massive Plymouth Bock was laid
the foundation of a government with
freedom as its corner stone and on the
majestic James were lighted the fires
of liberty which no monarch has ever
been able to extinguish -From thirteen
struggling colonies with no capital
save sturdy hand3 and patriotic hearts
this little nation of the West has ex
panded into the grandest republic on
the face of the earth and ranks with
England Russia and Germany as a
world power It3 growth has been in
aocord with the logic of events aud
each generation of its statesmen have
proven equal to the problems which
confronted them It has demosstrated
to a greater extent the possibilities of
a republic than any other government
that now exists It has come to be the
meoca of refugees from every clime who
wish to escape the tyranny of royal
The American citizen is indeed a
king His will finitely expressed in
the Constitution is the grand center
around which the government of states
moves and has its being He makes
and unmakes policies be creates and
destroys systems and chooses with
out restriction the instruments of
rights and many of them exercise these
to a disadvantage of a large part of the
citizens or that state While the per
version of the rights of the state iB a
glaring deiect in our system it does
not materially interfere with the great
ness nor solidarity of the body politic
and will eventually disappear in the
pronounced trend of the 20th century
toward civilization The state will al
ways be self governing in matters pure
ly local but the general government
will gradually become supreme in the
protection of national rights insisting
upon equality and uniformity in the
administration of all laws There is
bound to be friction as long as Mas
sachusetts can make a franchise Quali
fication depending upon ones lack of
knowledge of Greek as long as North
Carolina can base franchise en the
possession of grand fathers and Mis
sissippi on racial condition A change
for the better will come when the Na
tional Congress can define the limita
tions of tha suffrage the privileges of
corporations pass uniform divorce and
marriage lawB and protect all citizens
travelling on railroads or seeking pub
lic entertainment The perpetuity of
this great and liberal government to
gether with all neeessary reforms rests
with the citizen king black and
white A plain duty lies before hha
The sovereign voter will be called
upon to speak November 6th He will
be asked to preserve ike sa8red heri
tage of his fathers The issues of the
campaign now closing have been fully
explained the time to ast is near at
hand Ifc is the belief of The Colored
American that the republican nartv
can more safely be trusted to work out
the destiny of this grand republic on
the lines laid down hv its fonnriora
There ia no section in the land under
a republican domination where the
liberties of any citizen are denied by
law and there never will be The
country has invariably prospered un
der republican rule and in its con
tention for an equitable tariff sound
money and commercial expansion it
stands for tke iighest interest of the
whole people This cannot be success
fully disputed
William McKinley should be re
elected by a decisive majority Next
to Washington and Lincoln he is
easily the most commanding figure in
the proud history of our land Like
them he has proven equal to the most
trying emergences His patriotism or
courage has never faltered In bis
hands the helm of the ship of state is
sure to be guided aright Theodore
Roosevelt embodies all that is desirable
in American manhood and he should
be chosen as second officer of tke na
tion i a just recognition of his valu
able services to the raee and country
The citizen king can continue
President McKinley in power We be
lieve he will do it We are confident
that the American sovereign black
and white will rise in his majesty on
the 6th day of November and ad
minister to the foes of peace prosperity
and plenty a rebuke so stinging that
the Waterloos of 1864 and 1872 will
pale into insignificance and seem as a
zphr unto a whirlwind
It looks like a McKinley landslide
Bishop Alexander Walters is doing
the grandest work of his life at the
head of the National Afro American
Council ia connection with his ardu
oub church work He is determined
to establish if possible the unconstitu
tionality of the infamous suffrage law
now in operation in Louisiana and
practically in effect in North Carolina
He is now earnestly engaged in rais
ing a fund of 1000 to that endand
last week transmitted a large sum to
the finance committee here to be na
as a retaining fee to the eminent coun
sel employed to carry a test case before
the United States Supreme Court The
prospect for early action seems very
bright Bishop Walters reelection
to the presidency at Indianapolis is
regarded as the wisest thing to have
been done and his zeal for the race
shows that the sceptre is in honest and
loyal hands Vigorously cooperating
with the JBishop are the ablest forces
of the Council Congressman White
Messrs Lawson Fortune Hannon
McGhee and others and the unanmity
which characterize their deliberations
is a most hopeful sign of our progress
and our capacity for the management
or large interests We wish Bishop
Walters and his worthy coadjutors
God speed in their efforts
What thall We Do With
White Race
A big burly jNegro with low reced
ing foieaead has Jong been the syno
nym or the most atrocious crime that
can be perpetrated upon Boilety and
whose penalty for the Negro Js death
without process of law The m -re men
tioa of rape has come to suggest some
low depraved bluch brute as being the
only one oapable of such erime What
ever distinction there may be between
the races this
atrocious crime can no
longer be considered the dividing line
and eccirl gists will have to look else
where for a racial boundary
Four young men of leading white
families of Pa teraon N J recently
enticed a young women into a saloon
in that city where they administered
knockoat drops In order to accom
pliah their nameleaB deed Placing
their victim iD a oarrisge they pro
ceeded to a lonely spot m the country
but the poison had done it work too
well Tto woman dh d Crushing her
ekull with a s ona the bidy was left in
the wootfB to give the appearance of
death by aecid nt In the state or
Maryland a ehenfl and three other
white men are under iDdicttnenc for
assau ting an innocent white girl In
this city last Friday evening two wbite
men criminaliv aeesnlrpirl thn sprrnnt
of officer Orianl in the presence of his
PROF w e b Dubois
Of Atlanta Ga
daughter and viciously asued him
when he came to the i6scuo It U rery
oiearly established that mM0uiire
Bice of New York was poisoned by two
whire men who sought his wealth
Not a day pi s es but what the public
prints teem with h llih crimes perpe
trated by white fiends too numerous to
mention In view of these faets the
question is asked in all seriousness
what Is to be done with the white race
All things ccnMdered no one will have
the nerve to compare the nret brutish
crime eyer committed by a Nero with
th helljsbness of the deed nt Pitterou
While one does not need to conult
an rracle what would have been the
fate of those four wreehes had they
been colored It doe atom as if there
ought to be some way to gnanute0 the
weaker eexproie2tion from white fl nds
in a country where law ard order are
supposed to be lying around in great
gobs If twenty centuries cf civilize
tion have been powerless to elevate
that race above the commission of that
Patterson or Maryland tragely what
hope is there for it anywhere in the
world 8ince deportation of the white
race is out of the question by reason of
unwieldy number is the Negro to en
dure noxious contact with if The
most inhuman black brute thit 6er
drew breath would ftand aeia t at
that Patterson horror Burning and
lynching Nrgro rapists and expect
may go on but it had just a well be
understood now that thev have got no
ayndicate on the nefarious Dulnes3
The color of a man skin can no longer
be regarded as an infallible clue to the
perpetrator of an outrage on womans
virtue Bloodhounds and detectives m
pursuit of the fland who has commit
td a criminal assault cau no 1 mger de
pend upon their Fight to guide them to
their prey but th6y must conihtne thf
use of other subtle senses and he not
surprised henceforth to trail their quar
ry to a mansion aa wtll as to a cabin
Congressman White Speaks To morrow
Congressman George H White will
be the peafeer tomorrow afternoon at
the Second Baptist Lyceum His opin
ions upon rice issues are of special in
terest at this time and the usual large
nrTTT will Ka ri Hnnrl fr hoar him ID
Wiunu IT III UO UU Ji iU IU llbui -
the abaence of the President who is In
Lndiana Vice President K S pniiw
will occupy the chair
Howard Law School Elecs Oihcers
At a meeting of the serior class on
Ootober the 30h the foiloaiog wer3
unanimously elected officers
President Geo F Collins 1 t vice
president David O Outlear 2od vice
president Henry Heath K cordme
secretary Win H Lewis correarond
irg secretary Clayton E Kiuibrougb
trtasurer J Tfcoai83 Heard trgant
at arm Liraa3 Roulhac Ihe moot
court under the supervision f Prof
JIason N Richardson will esin its
weekly sessions en Friday November
9th Visitors are reapo Aity invited
The outlook for a very prosper jus year
is favorable as the attendance oyer
last is much increased

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