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VOL 8 NO 34
The Races Leading Scientist Member
Member of Famous Society Student in
Leading University Teacher in Lead
ing Negro Schools Government Expe
rimenterAn Authority
A distinguished colored man upon a
brief visit to Washington 13 Prof John
Wes ley Htflmsn of the State Normal
and Industrial Ciiee of FlorldaJhe
well known icieLiU i the world He
is making a tour if tr Tiiicua experi
mental stations m the cs cm and mid
die states Pof Homin one of the
few colored men of tnis country who
have attained distinction through well
deserved merit and not by favor and
by rluck and indomitabe energy has
made his mark in the ecentific world
and baa received a distinction not vet
accorded to another man of hi3 race
that of being honored with member
ship in some of the leading scientific
societies of this country and Europe
including the ulssachusetts Horticul
tural Socety the Boston Mycoloeical
Society the New York Zoological So
ciety and the Koyal Agriculture Soci
ety of England being alBO a Fellow of
the American Geographical Society and
of the K yal Microscopical Society of
Eiglaud and other well known scten
tifr bodies
Pruf Hoffmans reputation was made
sution of the country when the
Massachusetts Horticultural Society
made rim one of its members in rec
ognition of bis successful experiment in
onginfng the Hoffman Seeding
Strawberry an abnormally large and
an extptionally sweet besry that is
now cultivated along the Atlantic Coaet
from bjjth Carolina to the Gulf His
reputation has also come to him through
his MM tently applied effoits in expe
rimental work that attracted attention
not niy of the State Department ol
Agrieul ure at Alabama but of the
United fates Department of Agricul
ture at Washington as well In Ala
bama he made a dietary study of the
fcwd quantity and quality of food used
byX gr e of the black belt of that
state v itri such splendid results that
fci ret ai was published by the Depart
ttent of Agriculture aa4 valuable con
tnont i to the dietetic studies of the
ori This report has been translated
mf languages and is in ueo by
mv I nysiologiste At Washington
he i red to the United States of Ag
ricu r the first appearance among
the 0f tne gouth of the parasitic
kfc -ailed the San Jose Scale and
tiactd out its method of Introduction
In the Golf States Prof Hoffman was
the first scientist of the South to make
this discovery and its subsequent re
This gifted man laid the foundation
of his edueation in Northern and Wes
tern colleges having taken special
courses in chemistry bacteriology and
biology in some of the leading colleges
in the country and his natural taste
for the sciences rendered him an apt
pupil His active retentive mind
and his instincts for research led him
to become a teacher of science having
cbo en agricultural biology as his ape
malty which he has taught in various
colleges in the South He has chosen
the South as his future field of labor be
cauEe of the magnificent opportunity
to develop the agricultural resources
of that section if the science of agricul
ture is properly taught to those whose
life work it will be to make that coun
try what it is possible to make it
Prof Hoffman has planned out a
umque scale of work in the South
which has met with wonderful results
He conducts a series of conferences each
year which he calls Farmers Institutes
Attractive posters setting forth the
subject a to be discussed and the branch
es taught are posted in the various
counties and a general invitation is ex
tended to the farmers and all those in
terested in farming and agriculture
generally Some big building is placed
at his disposal and this is pacared with
tillers of the spoil who listen eagerly to
the scientific manner in which the sub
jects are laid before them and explained
such subjects as diversified farming
intensive farming truck gardening
raising and curing butter canning of
fruit and vegetable poultry raising and
fruit growing and subjects that teach
them not only how to get a living but
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A Commissioner Lostpy Treachry of the
Kace ine rnends Literary Meet and
Hon J Gray Lucas Delivers an Inter
esting Address A Pen Picture of Life
in the Lake City
The Chicago Office 6t The Colored Amen
can is located at 69 Ddarborn St BUite 412
Chicago HL Special Daniel McKay
Jackson son of a prominent and weal
thy undertaker of Chicago whose name
appeared on the county ticket for the
office of County Commissioner is prob
ably defeated and if so he is defeated
by his own people many of whom
were aroused by the Ire of one or two
men who had some personal grudge
against Mr Jackson Principle In the
eauae was ignored reason was eagerly
shunned race pride was overlooked
improvidence was lacking A vicious
attack was made upon the young mans
cheracter which of course one might
expect in politics but hardly from a
race as weak as ours The white man
is abls to fight Why Because he is
strong In Union there Is Btrength
The Ifegro is weak Why First com
paratively speaking the Negros free
dom began but yesterday Secondly
beoause there there is some one yes
some two and sometimes three yea
many whose chief delight seems to b
to pull down the very stairs by whioh
they as well as then children and in
fact the whole race are aiming to reach
the goal of Bucces Whenever the
name of a Negro is placed on a tioker
whenever he is fortunate enough to
get that recognition whenever the race
is thus honored men should vote for
the principle of race pride The col
ored man finds no gressed sidewalks
upon which he can slide into positions
of responsibility and fuet therefore
when one is honored by having his
name placed upon a ticket and all that
remains to be done is to secure the sup
port of the man who votes vote for the
principle of the thing and by doing
tbis we are more likely to make a
strong character out of a weak one as
you like it If Mr Jackson and the
Kepublican ticket is defeated it stands
to reason that the democrats are in
power -The Negroes who voted for
them did not care anything about their
personalities I do not champion the
cause of any retrograde nor do I en
courage the putting into power of any
bad man and if I thought there was a
just cause for such a fight in this case
I would give this no sincere considera
tion Politics to day has no search war
ranto it only Las enemies It is hoped
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