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The National Negro Business League
The first step to show the commer
cial progress of the American Negro
was the organizing of the National Ne
gro Business League in Boston in Au
gust 1900 It was the first time since
emancipation that men and women of
the race had come together to discuss
the financial side ol the question It
was the beginning of a new era for the
race For the first time steps were
taken to convince a pessimistic world
of the Negros progress Booker T
Washington the pioneer spirit in the
movement uttered the motto of the
gathering when he said
A uselees shiftless idle class is a
menace and a danger to any communi
ty When an individual produces what
the world wants whether it is a pro
duct of hand head or heart the world
doeB not stop long to Inquire what is
the color of the skin of the producer
The press of this country and Europe
hailed the meeting as a harbinger in
the direction of a solution to the vesed
problem The convention was a mou
umental success No one who looked
into the earnest faces of the 150 dele
gates present or saw that surgiDg an
xious throng that stood in front of Park
er Memorial Temple awaiting the open
ing of the doors filling the street from
curb to curb and that large auditorium
within five minutes after the door was
open or saw what interest the conven
tion aroused in the communty and the
space given to the reports of its pro
ceedings by all the newspapers of Bos
ton and vicinity can doubt that An
other thing the leadership of Mr Book
er T Washington was acknowledged
The most ardent and pertinent carper
and critic was eilenced Mr Washing
ton and the Convention carried Bos
ton by Btorm At the morning session
the Hon John J Smith of Boston wel
corned the delegates to the city and in
the evening Mayor Hart came in and
in a most pleasing and encouraging
speeoh surrendered the keys to the
city A notable leature oi cne conven
tion was this There was no crying about
prejudice or railing against conditions
The speeches were all manly
Delegates came from every section
of the country from Alabama as well
as from Maine from Kansas from
North Carolina and Virginia They
came bearing their own expenses The
tales told by some of the delegates of
Buccess and failures of beginning low
and becoming independentwould make
material worthy of fairy tales The
people ol Boston listened in amazement
One of the notable speeches dealing
with such condition was by Giles B
Jackson who said
Turned loose on the8thday of April
1865 without one foot of land or one
dollar to purchase it now in these 35
years the Negro has accumulated and
owns one of all the land
in the State he owns one sixteenth of
all the landB in Virginia east of the
Blue Ridge he ovrns one tenth of all
the land in 25 counties out of the 100
counties in the State he owns one sev
enth of Middlesex county one sixth of
Hanover county one third Charles City
county and he is acquiring land at the
- rate of about 50000 acres a year
This is only a sample of the narratives
of progress and achievement heard
The delegates to this memorable
gathering were composed of farmers
bankers mayors carpenters tailors
doctors lawyers editors educators
florists preachers and manufacturers
There were men and women represent
ing every phase of American life A
delegate from a Southern town of 25000
inhabitants surprised the meeting by
No undertaker in my town can con
duct a funeral without hiring my car
riages and heases
In contrast to these delegates were
men and women prominent in state
men whose ancestors had been the true
friends of the race They had come to
hear the results of the freedom which
their fathers had given to the Negro
There was William Lloyd Garrison jr
who spoke as only a true friend can
and Mayor Hart Professors Meserve
Frissell and Bumstead who are using
their time and influence in behalf of
the education of the blacks Withal
it was a great gathering It has done
more to open the eyes of the American
people to the true worth of the Ameri
Negro than any other effort that has
been put forth by the race
The peisonnol of the officers of the
League whose portraits are found on
the cover of this journal in this edi
tion is the proof of the continuity of
the League They are men of high re
pute known for their wisdom each a
master in his chosen field all working
for the race personal achievement be
ing secondary
The permanent officers chosen were
Booker T Washington President jGiea
B Jackson of Va Mrs Alberta Moore
Smith of 111 Vice presidents Gilbert
C Harris of Mass Treasurer E E
Cooper of the District of Columbia
Secretary and E A Johnson of N C
Compiler The executive commttee is
composed of men equally as well
known in public life foe fidelity and
character and are well fitted for the
work They were announced as fol
lows T Thomas Fortune Booker T
Washington E B Cooper Gilbert C
Harris Louis F Baldwin WHJones
Isaiah T Montgomery W R Petti
We present them today with this
sketch of the League as a gentle re
minder that we have reason for observ
ing Thanksgiving since within the
year passed we have found a way by
which we can help solve this perplex
ing problem
Senator Hannas Matchless Management
and His Consideration of Afro American
Spellbinders A Salaxy of Bright Young
Men Who Helped to Do the Business
Indianapolis Ind Special Now tha
the great battle of the ballots has end
ed a brilliant republican victory won
and the smoke of excitement is clear
ing away those who led the fight are
coming prominently into view and
well won honors are being bestowed
upon the heroes
The Colored American notes with
pleasure the responsible part assigned
the colored leaders in the West and re
joices at the distinguished manner in
which they performed their arduous
duties how nobly they fought to main
tain and keep afloat the old flag The
confidence reposed in our boys by
Chairman Hanna Vice Chairman
Payne and Secretary Heath of the Na
tional Executive Committee will ever
be remembered by the entire race as a
fitting compliment to competent leaders
and a consistently republican race The
name of Hanna will hereafter be writ
ten upon the roll of the Negroea
The committee made no mistake
when it drafted into service the Hon
Ferdinand L Barnett a competent
lawyer faithful trepublican and ex
perienced campaign manager who waB
placed in charge of matters pertaining
to the colored voters Mr Bainett lost
no time In organizing his forces and in
calling to his assistance some of the
brainest men and best stumpers
which the race affords in public life
The West was the real battle ground
of the campaign there every inch of
the ground was bitterly contested and
there the ready fighters were needed
and placed on the firing line The favor
in which the colored spellbinders
were held is best attested by the general
demand for them and the value of
their services is best seen in the grand
results of their labor There were
many participants who did noble work
too numerous to mention but we are
pleased to speak of those who played
the moBt conspicuous parts
of New Orleans La won for himself
great honors and a lasting reputation
as an eloxuent and f orcelul orator For
eight weeks his persuasive oratory and
convincing logic were hurled at the
breatworks of the enemy which at last
fell in ruin at his feet After walking
into a Chicago meeting arm in arm
with Senator Hanna he delivered to
the 7000 people there assembled a most
brilliant and effective address which
has been pronounced the crowning ef
fort of his life Mr Vance spoke in
Illinois Wisconsin and Minnesota The
common verdict is Vance is a power
on the stump and with the incoming
administration he is right up against
the throne in point of influence
of Ohio his many friends will be pleas
ed to know was called into field serv
ice by the national committee and
fought where the battle was the hot
test He was specially called as the
statistician to refute the charge that
MeKinley had done little for tha Ne
gro and to disprove Bryans assertion
that The Negroes elect Presidents and
receive only janltorships Mr Ar
netts addresses were masterly efforts
replete with indisputable statistics par
ty history convineing logic and timely
information Having made a special
ty of his subject matter he presented it
in such a manner that his speeches
were received with enthusiasm his au
diences interrupting with frequent and
hearty applause He campaigned four
weeks during which time he spoke in
Illinois Wisconsin Minnesota and
Ohio Judging from his confident
smile his lines have fallen in pleasant
places and under the next administra
tionwell you will hear later
was in the fight with heart soul voice
and pen No man did more than he
to explode the erratic theories of the
Wild man of the west and to dissem
inafee good sound republican doctrine
He was the historical storehouse for
the Western campaign For eight long
weeks by day and by night he waged
a mighty battle and laid numerous op
ponent converts at his feet During
the last few weeks of the campaign he
was heard from the stump in Illi
nois Missouri and Kansas As a speak
er he was fully as interesting instruc
tive and convincing as he is known to
be as a journalist A glanee at the
bandwagon will locate T Thomas
on the front seat
the associate Burvlvor of the old
guard ripe with experience replete
with burning truths and enthused with
Inspiring confidence wa3 in the front
ranKs always ready for the hottest
fight The Colonel never did more
brilliant and effective work His
speeches were perfect gems of wit and
and eloquence The Influence of his
presence and speeches was always con
spicuously efleotive He never failed
to carry his crowd with him nor could
he Bpeak long without being interrupt
ed with vigorous and hearty applause
The utmost confidence was reposed in
him and his every suggestion was heed
ed by the committee He spoke in Il
linois Missouri and Kansas His tour
was a continuos blaze of glory always
increasing his popularity His wires
are reputed to be well laid and connect
ed with the Administrations power
who gave seven weeks campaign serv
ice simply let fall one continuous
shower of glittering oratory on erery
section of the enemys country After
touring Illinois South Dakota and Ne
braska for seven weeks the unanimous
verdict was Hes the noblest Koman
of them all
Dr Bryant was more frequently
called and invited and made more
speeches than any of his associates on
the stump His great work boro abund
ant fruit and doubtless his reward will
be fully commensurate
member of the Minnesota legislature
easily won for himself the title The
Oratorioal Chesterfield His oratory
and manners are of the superior class
His speeches were replete with telling
points and illumined by brilliant flights
of oratory His rhetoric and loglo de
manded the applause of the most cul
tured and pleased the superficial His
stage manners and his mixing qualities
made him a favorite His tour through
Illinois MiEssuri Kansas and Iowa
gave him au opportunity whioh he sed
to the best advantage His star vill
shine for many moons and be found la
the mors brilliant clusters
Bishop Arnett Hon - MoElwee
Dr Hansom Hon George Jaekson
Prof Green and many others made a
few addresses Hon John P Green of
Ohio and Hon Qurley Brewer of Indi
ana did work in their respective states
The Hon Geo H White Hon J W
Lyons and Hon H P Cheatham each
made meteoric flights through the West
and will be heard from in our Eastern
The Negro plays a most conspioaoui
part In the Western campaign The
Colored American is proud of the work
they so nobly performed proud of the
records they made for themselves and
for the race they so well represented
Long live J Madison Vance Henry Y
Arnett T Thomas Fortune Colonel
Bill Pledger George W Bryant I F
Wheaton F L Barnett et al heroes
of 1900 Argus
We have received a nicely gotten up
catalogue of the Oregon Liberal Univer
sity It is interesting because at this
point the world is watching the course
of that particular institution with in
terest The showing which It seta
forth in its catalogue or year book Is
all that could be expected of a school
just fonr years old and which recedes
its support from free thinkers

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