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VOL 8 NO 36
Interestingly Told by One in the Fight
A Graphic Description The Afro Amer
ican Spellbinders in Demand and Scat
tered the Enemy
Editor The Colored American A
word through your great national or
gan The Colored American whoee
trumpet peals from the Capitol of the
Na ion is heard throughout the land
With Mrs Bryant I have just re urned
from the seat of the last great political
conflict of the nation I mean the
V ild and Wocly West for it surely
was the seat of war as tvery inch of
ground was hotly contested by the
Bryan Tiliman combination and for
some weeks was evenly machod to all
appearances Not until Major H j
Hedges the veteran chairman of the
Speakers Bureau got his blood up and
Senator Hanna forgot his rheumatics
and put on his warpaint the slogan
sounded the armies marshalled the
ehrill notes of theheroic bugles and the
troad of the patriotic armies shook the
earth from the apex of the mountains
aliug the banks of the banks of the
i rippling the muddy waters
of the Missouri and giving new life to
the sluggish Kaw Not until the
R ugh rider Teddy got on the track
if the 8oy Orator of the Platte and
thf irrepressible Hatina dashed through
S mth Dakota and winded Pettigrew
with his silence and unhorsed him
not until they called in the colored con
tirjgent and sent Vance of Louisiana
to Wiconsin and Minnesota Pledger
of Georgia and Fortune of New Yor
Indiana and reinforced tbem with crew
of Missouri McElwee of Tennesseeand
Moselov of Illinois then ordered For
tune Pledger Wheaton and Allain
with Mrs Barnctt to join Crossland in
Missouri Your humble eervant was
Considered an all around political ath
lete and why noi I have canvasEed
m every campaign under the supervis
ion of the National Republican Com
mittee since 1872 Then there was the
local contingent Lawyer Barnett on
National Committee Captain Jordan
Chavia on the State Committee and
they had able speakers under them
Rpu rrn flnrnr Ransom GraV
Thomas McQhee and a host of others
Lawyers Bob Mitcheli B F Mosely
the el quent S B Tamer Col Rivers
Dau Msoon and many others When
these with the scores of our white breth
ren got to going up spellbinders lane
pyrotechmes bombs cannons howitz
ers lightning blood thundrr and pan
demonium was carried into the Bryan
ites columns and they had to scatter
or liketheModocs hunt their lava beds
The last ten days of the campaign
Chicago Cook coounty 111 and Doug
lass county Nebraska was hotly con
tested Your humble servant
railedby Mrs Bryant who was a most
1 otent factor in the fight was orderd
to Omaha and Douglass county for
fiero Bryan wo aid make his closing
liht and last stand to control the state
1slature and if not President then
V S We were hospitably entertained
in Omaha stopping fiirst at Merchants
Hotel and then to the palatial residence
of Hon E R Overall who foi thirty-
Lady Principal Tuskegee Institute
two years has been In the post office
We met a royal lot of republicans
and the colored contingent was grand
There was V B Walker member of
both State and County Committee
Glaus Hubbard the hustler Scott and
Singleton of Washington who came
home to work and vote and Minor
Mahammit Bryant3 Roberts and
Rrnnbs measeneer to Mayor Moore
Result Col Wm J Bryan is neither
President or United States Senator
Chicago and Cook county under the
mntnliiPBH IfiaderghiD of its MorriP
Jones Turner Montague and a score
of others elected nine renins oi us uuh
et while Pettigrew of South Dakota
Hi 1 V tnl onH orn offor tho
Will pHUli liiD uuuft aix w -iv -
4th of March Pitchfork Tillman goes
one eye on it ana wm o joryau uji
the banks of the roaring Piatte asks
who jerked that stump from under
me While he prepares his notes for
the printer The second battle
li T- Trim Tllinnia
A awing curoujju uiieouuu
South Dakota Iowa and Nebraska
with finsrer ever and anon on the pub
lic pulse gives evidence to my mind
that this the great battle of the 19th
Century means much to the Negro
The citizens of the great We3t and
Northwest heard the story of the Ne
gro from his own lips have seen that
he is not the ignorant licentiusbarbar
ian that his traducers have painted
but that he is intelligent patriotic and
ahove all upto date as a citizen worthy
of the highest consideration and the
largest recognition as an American and
a man That Tillman with his pitchfork
and his isms is but thevaporings
that arise from the stinking cesspool of
paltroonery and that he his agitators
and abettors are wrapped in the royal
ty of their own embecility irrespon
sible untruthful and unloyal and that
eo sure as God reigns and is just there
is a sentiment formulating and grow
ing that will in due time hurl from its
cracked and crumbing pedestal the
damnable dogma of race hate and co
ercion and give Americans irrespective
of color their u3t and equal rights
Dr George W Bryant
Baltimore Md Nov 26 1900
Congressman Geo H White
m nr rtvrnnnn MTlTI GfiO H
White Member of Congress from N
Carolina will appear at the Seoond
n rnnnm Mr White Is a cen
tral figure now because he is the only
colored man in Congress and becauee
of his leadership in the Afro American
Council His subject is Race and
Sell Reliance The audience will be
- l i nin Wtt Mr Wrinprt
treaiea do a viuim ouiu UJ --
L Prior and to an instrumental solo
by Miss Blamie White
The Windy City Entertains Them Airs
Mary Church Terrell LecturesReso
lutions Passed in the Ruffin Case
Notes by the way
The Chlcsgo Office ol The Colored Ameri
can is located ai 59 newborn at EUlte 412
Chicago III Special The annual
meeting of the State Federation of Col
ored Womens Clubs was held Wednes
day and Thursday of this week at tha
Institutional church Mrs M J Jack
son occupied the chair as president and
Meedames Townsend and West as flrafi
and second vice presidents were on
the platform The morning session
was called to order at nine oclock and
the session was devoted to business
Three new clubs were admitted to
membership viz the Hyde Park Wom
ens Club Peona Womens Aid Club
and the Peoria Womens Chlstian Club
making a total of 128 new members
After receiving the various reports the
session adjourned to partake of lunch
whch was served by the home ladies
The paper read In tbe afternoon by
Mrs L E Young on the Unit of Soci
ety was good but would have been more
highly appreciated if it had been more
ongiL al The paper by Mrs Georgie
Faulkner Home Life was well writ
ten and delivered She Bald home is
not merely four walls though with pic
tures hut g and gilded Home is where
contentments dwells where there 1b
one to love and one to love us The
success or failure of this nation is in our
hands It is the mother who must take
time to read to pray and to think
Without strength of will there Is no
strength of character What is neces
sary is not to break the childs will
bnt to educate it to act in a proper
manner Mans first poseesien in a
world of sin was a dwelling place but
Eden was not a home till the woman
joined him there Home Btudy alms to
make each home a garden m which to
grow strong men and women
The fairest home It ia not placed
In scenes with outward beauty grated
But where kind words and smiles im
A constant sunshine to the heart
On such a homo of peace and love
God showers his bleBBing from above
And angels watching oer it cry
Lo this is like our home on high I
The afternoon session closed after
the entire delegation had posed for a
group picture
In the evening the welcoming ad
dress was delivered by Mrs G Curl and
the response was by Mrs McQruder of
Galesburg The paper by Mrs Albretft
Moore Smith on Negro womens Ca
pabilities and Achievements in the
World of Business was an excellent
portrayal of that young womans mind
She is president of the Chicago Colored
Womens BuBinees Club Among oth
er noteworthy remaTkB she eaid Worn
ana entrance into the commercial
world and her ratification along all
lines where Bhe has the slightest
chance for intellectual improvement
haa aroused strong prejudice against
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