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. N. C.
HENRY L. ALSTON, . . Local Editor
CgfNoTTCK. Subscribers whose time has
expired, will please come forward and renew
their subscriptions, or their names will be
dropped, as the new management requires it.
J3f Marriage and funeral notices, in ad
vance, fifty cents.
(tgStanding and transient notices, per
line, five cent each insertion.
RAXEIcTil7 N. a, "JANUARY 9. 1807.
The Gazette will ke p you posted.
Congressman Thomas Settle was here
last wetk.
The city schools all opened lat Mon
day after seven holidtys.
You should rquare up your dues to the
Gazette the fir ft of the year.
Wm. Woods, of Durham, N. C, was
in the city Tue-i 1 iv of this week.
Call at Stark's Restaurant, East Martin
street, and you will got good far?.
Miss Ros.v A. Williams, of New Jersey,
is in the city visiting her parents.
Mrs. Lucy People was a pleasant visi
tor at our office one day last week.
Mes3rs. C. M Bernard, M. L. Mott and
J. R. Smith arrived ha the cty lost week.
Mr. C. N. Norwood and mother, Mrs.
G. Norwood, were in town Monday on
Mr. C. W. Dunston spent the holidays
here with his family. We were glad to
meet him.
Mr. Edoiond Mathews called at our
office last week and renewed his sub
A series of meetings have been in pro
gress several nights at the Second Bap
tist Church.
The- Southern Railroad Company has
just comple ed an iron bridge across
West South street.
Our friend. Joseph M. Russell, of Glen
Cove, New Y rk, is tiding a while at
Southern Pines, N. C.
Mr. Henderson Crotsen has returned
from Warrenton, where he has been
visiting friends ar d relatives.
Mi.-s Carrie Williams spent a few days
in GolUc-boro h,nt week. She also visited
friends at the Eastern Hospital.
Wake Superior Court met last Mondav
for the trial of criminal canes. Our new
Republican Judge, Si encer B. Adams pre
siding. Mr. James A. Watkins was in the city
last week. He began teaching the Roles
ville School on December 7th with good
Messrs. Dallas Johns, Eli Williams,
W att Mial, Robert Lane and others were
lure attending the celebration on the 1st
day of January.
Dr. L. A. Scruggs has returned from
Littleton, N. C, where he has been at
tending the Emancipation Celebration.
The Doctor reports a good time.
Mr. Dallas Mjatr, from Auburn, at
tended the Emancipation celebration here
January 1st. He gave us a cash renewal
and eaid, "1 waDt the Gazette to come
Mr. B. W. Sanders called on U3 one
day last week. Mr. Sanders is one of our
most reliable citizens. He is preparing
to attend a farm in the country next
Mrs. I. D. Dunn, of the Eastern Hos
pital, Goldsbcro, epeut Xmas here with
relatives and tiieiids. She returned to
the Hospital this week, having received
a message tbat her husband was quite ill.
Prof. J. S. Williams returned to Greens
boru last week after spending Uhri.-trnas
with h:s people in Ooeilin.N. C. Prof.
Williams intoimed us that his father, Mr.
Thomas Williams had been sick fur four
Manager Meares has secured the Re
menye Coaipany, which w ill be the at
traction at. Metropolitan Hall here ontr.e
night of January 18th. Tnis will be a
fine treat in the music line. Turn out
and hear it.
If " Yours affectionate, Martin, Rock
ingham, N. C," will send us his full name
we will retui ii to him a letter that we re
ceived Tuesday, which evidently was not
intended for- us. Dear is probably
now eagerly looking for it.
Among those in the city this week are
Mescrs. Walter J. Faison, Geo. Faison,
Pi of. J. T. Krr, Wm. and Jonnie Bunt
ing, M. N. Holmes, of Clinton; C. C.
Fort;es and J. R Russell, of Greenville;
S. F. Bryant, of Goldsboro, and R. J.Wil
son, from Warsaw.
Shaw Varsity Team 'Victorious.
At Greerstoro on Saturday, December
i2Gih, Livingstone College anu Snaw Uni
versity ni-jt on the gridiron to decide the
right to the champion college eleven of
tho Sjuth. The day was perfect, and
lovers i f clean port of boih races swarm
ed the City Paik by the appointed hour,
2:'S0, when the game was to be called.
When the trains steamed in from Ral
eigh and Salisbury, bringing a large del
egation of players and supporters from
each college, ail Greensboro was eoon
made to resound with yells from the
wearers of garnet and white, and ihose
from Livingstone defending sky blue and
The " go " to the Park was made lively
with "'Rah! 'rah! 'rah! for Shaw Uni
versity!" and "Sis, boom! bah! and
'Rah! 'rah! for Livingstone!"
At the Park "'Shaw" won the toss and
chose the goal, and lined up with her
elevtn giants face to face with the braves
of "biueund black."
The game as played was the finest ever
seen in Greensbjro by any teams, as re
ported by good and competent foot-ball
In the first half pretty work was done,
every inch of ground wasshatpty contest
ed Liviugtone men trying every way to
reach her giant opponent's goal, but not
but once and that for just a moment was
Shaw's goal imperiled by the " Blue
Blacks," while on the other hand tho
superb manipulating by Shaw's Captain
Love, the strong support he received
from his impregnable line and his assis
tant backs all, enabled the "garnet and
white" to rush, push and charge upon
Livingstone to the tune of 10 to 0.
The second half was played by both
teams with snap, courage, skill and judg
ment, but with about the. same tune as
the first, bringing the game 18 to 0, when
time was called.
Greensboro nor that section of the
State has ever treated with an exhibi
tion of such physical strength; backed
up by skill and clean, gentle foot-ball, as
was exhibited by Shaw University, eleven
on this match. The univen-al testimony
of fit judges was that truly the negro can
do evry tning with proper training that
any other folks can do, and he can do it
better, if he is given what Shaw always
in everything gives, equally as up-to-date
training with all narrow clipping
and trimming.
The championship of the South Shaw
now holds. She won it honestly and
without the loss of character or limb.
Rah! rah! rah! Rah! rah! rah! Rah!
tab! rah! Shaw University? Rah! rah!
Eastern Hospital, Common Schools and
the Senatorsblp.
A happy New Year to every North
Christmas was observed creditably in
the "Boro." Mr. Gobbler and Mrs. Turkey
Hen fared very badly at the hands of the
kitchen assassins.
Snap Shots will simply mention the
fact that Dr. Aaron M. Moore, of Dur
ham, N. C, is a candidate for Superin
tendent of the Eastern Insane Asylum,
near Goldsboro, N. C.
Miss Delia White, the accomplished
daughter of the Second District Congress
man is spending the holidays in the city
of Elms. Miss Ada Baker and Mrs. Geo.
II. White were in the "Boro" attending
the nuptialf Miss Esther B. Eaton and
E. A. Cherry.
Too much whiskey was the causa of
the freezing to death of Jacob Simmons.
Mr. Jordan Puryear had no trouule in
finding the affable Miss Cora L. Cain.
St. Stephen's M. B. Sunday-school had
an excellent Christmas tree on the night
of the 25th. Tue children were delighted
with their annual presents.
St. Luke P. E. Church, Rev. J. W.
Perry, Rector, held interesting Chrit-tmas
services on Friday. 25tb. The anthems
were enchanting selections. Truly the
anniversary of Bethlehem's babe was in
spiring in the extreme. An interesting
audience was present to enjoy the words
of comfort spoken by the Rector on this
" God-blessed " occasion.
Oliver Walter, a colored man who is
reputed to have been very industrious,
fell in a creeek near Tarboro Christmas
eve night, and froze to death.
Robert Spaign broke his leg Christmas
eve. Well, the Legislature would do
well to enact the South Carolina liquor
Miss Louisa E. Bridgers, one of the
teachers at St. Augustine Normal and
Industrial School, spent the Christmas
holidays m the "Boro." Aside from
spending it pleasantly with relatives and
fiun s, her best friend. ' Gentleman
Willie," was ever ready unmake ber's an
enjoyable Cnristmas. The little kinder
garteners will certainly have a teacher
that has hail a merry Chrictmas.
Miss Cora L. Cain was determined that
Mr. Jordan Puryear shoulo meet with no
disappointment on his Christmas visit;
but ihey do say that Mr. Hugh Tnorpe
caught the snoo-fly so as to keep from
paying off Christmas preaents. The lad les
say so.
Samuel Worrell was tried for acci
dentally shooting a woman, and bound
over to the next term of Court in the sum
of ($50) fitty dollars. Y. D. Garrett, J.
G. Hyman and Geo. Savage deposited
the amount of the bond in cash as sureties.
Y. D Garrett made a sensible stroke for
trade in his bond signing. We admire a
friend in need, however.
Ttoe new Coroner, Levi Higbpen, Esq.,
has collected as fees about all of his
expenses during this Christmas.
The jailer-to-oe goes in at a greatly re
duced tee per month when we consider
the amount paid the former jailer.
When will we learn to keep prices up
instead of pulling them down. Sheriff
Stalling is not to be complained at in this.
It he can get a cheap man and save for
himself, he has every right to do so. Its
the jailer's fault, and not his.
Gtorge Lloyd says that while the
Dockery boys helped to elect Russell,
McKinley and White, they did what they
could to defeat them for the nomination,
and now that the pie is to be divided, he
says that its but right for the originals to
get the best slice.
Rev. Homer P. Walker, the pastor of
the A. M. E. Zion Church for 1897, enters
upon his work with a determination of
accomplishing something if the entire
Church aids him. Success to the new
pastor is the wish of many.
Rev. A. A. Crooke, left for Beaufort,
his new field of labor, last Wednesday.
Miss Hattie E B, yan will be hereafter
known as Mrs. H. E. Stancil. She is an
Edgecombe schoolma'am. Success to
the Lair.
Mr. Charles Greene of Macon, Ga., and
a Biddle University student, is spending
some time in the "Boro" during the
holidays. Like his father, Dr. E. E.
Greene, he is affable and a winner of
The marriage of Miss Esther B. Eaton
to Mr. Earnest A. Crurry, though quiet,
on accouut of the recent bereavement
on account of the death of Mr. Willie
A. Cnerry, was interesting, and the pair
was the recipient of more valuable pres
ents tnan any couple Taiboro has had
among its upper circle. A memorial
bed-room suit was the present of the late
brother of the groom; M esrs. Don and
Henry Gilliam, a barrel of flour; Geo.
Holderness, a stand of lard. VV. H. Mc
Nair, Orren Williams, Sr., J. P. Pippen,
Esq., R. H. Parker and wife were among
the many who gave presents.
Our Constable can look on and see the
Deputy Sheriffs serve papers.
Esse Quam Videri.
Cape Fear Happenings.
Another teacher has been added to the
corps at the Lillington Giaded School in
this city, mating eleven teachers em
ployed there now, and yet this force is
hardly sufficient to meet the demands
consequent on the increase in attendance.
In fact, both schools aie altogether too
crowded, and we hope to prevail on the
new Board of County Commissioners to
give better school facilities to the race in
mis city, for in our visit to both the Pea
body and Wihistou schools we find teach
ers and pupils crowded together so closely
as not only to hinder their work and pro
gress but also to menace their health.
1 had hlrnoft forgotten what I started
to write at the outset of this article, that
is, that the new teacher is Miss Jennie
Austen, the daughter of Mr. Juhn Aus
ten, the popular brick-layer contractor.
Miss Au-aei.'d appointment is hailed wi.h
much delight oy everybody because it
marks a new era as she won her appoint
ment SuLly on merit in a competitive ex
amination. St. Luke's A. M. E. Zion church is to
be congratulated on its ne -v pastor, the
the Rev. Mr. Cuyler, who has always won
his way into the hearts of the people of
this community
On last Friday night the pupils of Gre
gory Institute gave a very charming and
interesting literary entertainment at the
Congregational cnurch. In thj declama
tory contest Mr. Fred. B. L nd made tne
best rendition and was awarded the
Very many persons complained last
week of not receiving the Gazette, but
as the letter-carriers say that they did not
reach this postotfice the fault must have
been in the mailing at the home office.
Goveruor-electr Russell is very busy
winding up his private business prepara
tory to leaving nere for the new duties
which will so soon devolve upon him, and
it would be quite amusing to see his erst
while Democratic friends out Heroding
Herod to pay couit to him ere his "sav
ages" (for whom they have abused him
so much !) can simply show their loyalty.
Truly notning succeeds like success, for
had these same "savages" deserted him
when he needed their nelp, these Demo
crats who now are fawning at his feet
would have been the first to revile him
and heap all manner of maledictions upon4
him, for thus acted they through their
press before his election.
New Hanover is essentially a Republi
can county and with a Republican Cnair
man of the County Commissioners our
people who constitute the numerical
strength of the party are everywhere ask
ing wnat recognition are we to receive at
the nana s of the new board.
The stockholders of Pine Forest ceme
tery met in the Mayor's office at the City
Hall on Wednesday night the 16th inst.,
when Mr. James IL. Cutlar stated theob-
J'ect of the meeting," and Mr. John T.
lowe was elected chairman and Mr. Da
vid Jacobs, -our efficient coroner, acted as
secretary. After hearing the reports of
the secretary and .treasurer J. G. Nor
wood, Esq., and other routine business
the old board was unanimously elected.
The Sentinel has announced the candi
dacy of Mr. John T. Howe, our member
to the Legislature, for the Collectorship
at Wilmington. Your correspondent is
ever in line with meritorious recognition
for the race and we think well of this.
T. Johnson.
A Grand Celebration at Halifax by the
Republicans of the Comity on Wed
nesday, December 16th, 1S96. They
Celebrate ou High Order the Repub
lican Victory of Last Noyember Hon.
C. A. Cook, of Warren County, and
Member of the Legislature, Orator of
the Day.
In spite of the bad weather at Halifax
on Wednesday, December I6ih, 1896, the
Republicans a good number of them
gathered together and celebrated on a
high order tbe grand Republican victory
which was won last November. This
celebration was given under the manage
ment of Hon. J. H. Hmnon, President
of the day; Professor C. C. Biker, Vice
President of Scotland Neck; Mr. W. B.
Smith, Chief Marshal; Hon. James H.
Arnngton, Rev. M. Brown, M. W. Wil
liams, J. II. Williams, C. Pender; McM.
Furgerson, R-gii-ter of Deeds for the
county, and J. W. H. Hannon.
Hon. C. A. Cook, of Warren, who is a
very abl speaker and one of our leading
Republicans, was present, and made a
grand and able speech. Mr. J. H. Han
non, in intr ducing Mr. Cook to the
audience, which assembled about 1:30
p. m. in the court-house, said: "Hereto
fore for a few years I have been ashamed
to go away from home to make a speech,
because my county was solid Republican,
but had been g ing Democratic by such
la'ge majorities in spite of all I could do.
The Democrats then had the counting
machinery, and would make their ma
jorities, but thank God the Populists
came in two years ago with us in the
Legislature and pasJed an election law
that smashed the very life out of the way
tbe Democrats had to make majorities.
I s ai.d here to-day and thank God that
as soon as this wts done, at the next elec
tion we were able to redeem old Halifax
county by 2,500 majority. For this, gen
tlemen, we ehould feel proud."
Mr. Cook, in beginning his speech, said:
"There is nothing for me to say or do
here to day but to enjoy this grand and
most glorious victory with you. No man
feels better than I do over it. This vic
tory gives to us our liberty and our free
dom. McKir ley is the greatest man to
day in Am-rica. Although we could not
carry the S at for him, we carried the
flag with M Kinley written cn it. We
carried that flag with the same assurance
tnat victory was ours for the President,
as same as for tbe State. We have many
things that we shou d feel proud of tnd
to be thankful for. We have elected
Daniel L. Russell for cur Governor. He
is the brainiest man that walks the soil
of Noith Carolina. The Democrats must
attend to their own business on the out
side while we Republicans attend to ours
on the inside."
Mr. Cook also said: " The way to keep
organized for the next battle, in 1900, is
for all true Republicans to stick together.
Kick all the spotted and pretended Re
publicans on the other side, and turn all
tbe Democrats out. This is the thing to
do, and we will be all right for 1900. At
this juncture one colored brother re
marked: 'That's true, Mr. Cook; I am
with you until the end of tir"e.'"
Mr. Cook's speech was rich all the way
through. " - -
There were about one hundred good
Republican ladies; about one hundred
and fifty staunch Republican men (col
oied and white), and several Populists
present at the speaking.
Halifax has as fine a set of county offi
cers as any county in the State in the
persons of Mes-rs. J. T. Dawson, W. E.
Bowers and McM. Ferguson. Mr. M. W.
Williams, colored, is j uler. He succeeds
a white Democrat. We were informed
that the old Democratic County Commis
sioners turned the county of Halifax over
to the Republicans without a dollar of
county funds, and the county in debt not
less than $10,000. The new Commit-sion-ers
have appointed a committee, consist
ing of the chairman and the county attor
ney, to invtstigaie matters.
The McKinley, Russell and White Cen
tral Cluo, of Hilifax, did valuable ser
vice in the last election. The following
gentlemen are officers for this club:
President, Hon. J. H. Hannon; Vice
Presidents, Messrs. Cbas. Pierce and
McM. Ferguson ; Assistnnt Secretary,
John II. Howard, Jr.; Treasurer, Rev.
A. J. Jackson.
But for the bad weather there would
have been 2,000 people present at the
celebration. W. S. Mitchell.
Cupid Seems to Have Been Cutting a
Great Many Capers of Late, if the In
litations Sent Out by Different ' Two
Souls With but a Single I bought, Two
Hearts that Beat as One,' Have Any
thing to do V ith His Capers.
Mr. W. H. Peace and Miss F. M. O Kelly
were happily married December 16 '96,
at 10:30 A. M. from St. Paul's A. M. E.
church. M-. and Mrs. Peace left on tne
S. A. L. 11:30 train for an extensive
Northern tr.p. We wish for them a happy
married life.
Mr. W. A. Robinson and Miss Francis
Clark, both of O- erlin, were married on
Tuesday night, Dec -tuber 22d,at the First
Bipdst church. Rev. Worlds officiated.
May happiness a' tend them through life.
At the First Baptist church in this city
Wednesday, Dec-niber 23rd, Mr. Hamp
den Smith and Miss Lizzie Dunston were
married. We extend our congratulations
to Mr. and Mrs. Smith and wish them
much j y in their new life.
Mr. J. W. Lee and Miss Ella Walker
were joined in holy w dlock Wednesday
night, December 23rd, at the home of
Mis. Webh on South McDowell street,
Rev. T. B. Edwards officiating. No cards.
Mr. S. B. Thomas, of Burlington, and
Miss Bell Sellars were married Wednes
day, December 16th, at the residence of
Mrs. Phebe Manly. We wish the young
couple a successful married life. They
both returned" to Burlington where they
will live.
Mrs. Amanda Dunston Gives Her Annual
New Tear's Dinner--It was a Very
Grand Affair.
On last Sunday night at her restaurant
on Wilmington street, Mrs.' Dunston, who
is one of the best restauranteurs in the
State, gave to her many customers and
friends a nice dinner. The tables were
elegantly dressed and laden with every
thing that heart could wish. Upon the
second floor dining room the dinner was
conducted for the colored. On the first
for the whites.
Among those who were present of the
colored were Messrs. M. Watts, W. S
Mitchell, B. Pearce, J. R. Davis, W. G.
Otey, R. H. Hackney, David Phiffer, C.
A. Dunston, S.H. Towns, W. H. Curtis,
F. W. Johns, and Mr. and Mrs. N. C.
Dunstorr and Rev. Iaky Mrs. Dunston
was assisted by Mi-8 Mary Miller, Mrs.
Bettie Harris, Mr. Ed. Chavis and others.
Everything passed off very nicely and all
enjoyed themselves much. W. S. M.
The Meeting of tbe N. P. A. Associatio
of America of the Eastern District
North Carolina A Harmo
nious Meeting.
The N. P. A. Association of the East
ern District of North Carolina met in
convention at Battleboro, in the Battle
boro church the 17th of last December,
1896, at 10 A. M. The convention opened
wita prayer by Rav. Matthews, of Nor
folk, Va. Rev. O. B. Alston was elected
president of the convention, and Mr. W.
A. . Anderson vice-president. Miss L. A.
Whitaker was unanimously elected sec
retary. Prof. R. A. Caldwell, G. D. W. C, de
livered a fine welcome address. W. S.
Mitchell, who was present representing
the Raleigh Gazette, was voted a seat in
the convention, with the right to partici
pate. in its deliberations. Miss Alice Bat
tle was appointed financial secretary, to
hold the money during the meeting of
the convention.
Committee on Finance: David Wad
kins, A. R. Battle, John Ricks and others.
Committee on Devotional Exercises:
B. R. Mangum, C. W. Battle, Marcus
Mann and J. L. Smith.
Committee on Constitution and By
Laws: Rev. B. Young, Prof. R. A. Cald
well, U. Drake, M. Whitaker, C. W. Bat
tle. Milliard Pnillips and B. R. Mangum.
Committee on Education : Misses L.
Powell, L. Whitaker, Allen Hines, David
Wadfcins and J. 't. Phillips.
Committee on Lynching: Isaac Sum
ner, T. T. B bbit L. 8. Uilliard, R. T.
Savage and G. W Joyner.
C mmitie'onl emperance: R. L. Pow
ell, J. T. Ward, L. C. Whitehead, J. T.
Taylor and J. P. Arrington.
Prof. R. A. Caldwell, S. W; Battle and
Rev. B Young made 6trong speeches in
behalf of the Gazette. Mr. Battle moved
that the association adopt the Gazette
for its organ. Mr. Pnillips made an able
t.peech in seconding the motion. The
Gazette was adopted.
Ou Thursday eight Rev. B. Young gave
an able and instructive lecture at the
church, v
B.shop Derrick of A. M. church of
New York City telegraphed that he would
be present on Sunday night to preach the
annual sermon.
The meeting was a most harmonious
Mr. L. S. Hilliard, of Gold Rock, and
Mr. David Waikms, of Battleboro, at
tended the meeting.
The people of Battleboro are kind and
Mrs. Alice Gaylord entertained several
of the visitors nicely. The Gazette man
was handsomely taken care of by Mr.'C.
W. Battie and his daughter, Miss Alice,
at their nice residence, for whch we re
turn many thanks. Mis Alice Battle has
many warm friends in Raleigh.
MerS;s. M. Whitaker, A. L. Hines, R.
L. Powtll, J. T. Taylor, T. T. Bobbin, Z.
R. Reeves, Isaac Sumner, P. E. Harri
son, B. R. Mangum and David Wa lkins
are tbe Gazette's cash list of subscribers.
Thanks. W. S. Mitchell.
Weldon Notes.
We visited Weldon a few days ago and
were pleased to meet Messrs. Mclntire &
Carver, T. M. Hawkins, who is clerk in
one of the business houses of the town,
R. J. Perry, W. D. Smith, Jno. H. How
ard, Sr., and A. L. Wood; Mr. W. D.
Smith is one of the leading men in Hali
fax county. He runs a largf grocery
store with saloon attached. Recently be
has had his saloon refitted with hand
some cherry ai,d mahogany furniture.
It is one of the finest in the town of
Mr. A. L. Wood, of Halifax, and Mr.
John H. Howard, of Weldon. are em
ployed as clerks. Two fine gentlemen
they are. Mr. Wood is said to be the
bet hog raiser in Halifax. He has on
hand two grown hogs one weighing 806
pounds and the other 212. He also has
tour young pigs, one weighing 161, one
121, one 108, and the other 104.
Messrs. Mclntire & Carver are still
holding their positions at the hotel.
Mr. A. L. Wood informed us that his
wife, who resides in the town of Halifax,
presented him on the 10th of December
with a handsome baby girl of heavy
Mr. R J. Perry is prominently men
tioned for post-nraster. We dined with
Mr. Perr at Mr. Thomas Fields' restau
rant. Theie is not a colored restaurant
in the State that feeds better or sts up
a finer mal for twenty-five cents than
Mr. and Mrs. Fields.
W. S. Mitchell.
Halifax, N. C.
To the Gazette.
Hon. John H. Hannon is the man for
the Recorder of Deeds for the District of
Columbia. The following are a few of
the many reasons for the above state
ment :
1st. He is fitted by education and ex
perience for the place, being a graduate
of Howard University, Washington, D.
C, and having filled the office of Register
of Deeds of Halifax County a number of
years, and having done so in a manner
the most critical could not gainsay is evi
dence of his competency and experience.
He has filled the office of store-keeper
and g auger and was also postmaster at
this place (Halifax) during the latter part
of Mr. Harrison's administration, which
places enable the managers of National
Government to gee an insight into his
2d. Hts unselfish loyalty to the party,
working for the-ucce83of the same when
self interest would have dictated a differ
ent couise. One of the main reasons why
his bond was refused by the County Com
missioners the last time he was elected
R- gis'er of Deeds (although he tendered
a $35,000 boi d, when the law only re
quire d a $15,000) was his uncompromis
ing adber nee to his party and its princi
ple", which the Democrats called radical
ism and xnti Democracy, but which was
in fact, if you please, anti-fraudism. His
being such a staunch and unyielding Re
publican be became a target very soon
after Mr. Cleveland's inauguration, and
in less than two months thereafter his
official hend ss Postmaster at Halifax
wag cut ff. When he left the State for
Boston, Mass., the Democrats breathed
easily for about two years, but his return
to the S ate in 1895 brought dismay into
the Democratic camp in Halifax County.
I dare tay his influence has been felt
throughout the entire State as a wise co
worker with other leading Republicans
for the success of that grand old party of
human rights, whose cause is the peoples'
cause and one of the cardinal principles
of which is the f quality of all men" before
the law. Had Mr. Hannon been a selfish
or disloyal Republican he might have
held the office of Register, of Deeds for
Halifax County much longer than he did,
but he preferred to Buffer defeat with hia
party to making some foul deal against
his patty which would bring success to
him at her expense. Hence I call him an
uncompromising Republican. My long
personal acquaintance with Mr. Hannon
warrants me in what I eay of him. He
represented the Second Congressional
District in the National Convention in
1892, and again in 1896. He is regarded
as a wise, far seeing, staunch Republican
and enjops the full confidence of his race
as well as tbe confidence and respect of.
the whi.e race. His appointment as Re
corder of Deeds of the District of Colum
bia would be regarded by his race and in
deed by the Republicans of the State and
especially by the Republicans of the Sec
ond Congressional Distriot of North Car
olina as a fitting recognition of his worth
to the party.
Yours for the prosperity of the country
and tbe successful administration of
President-elect William McKinley.
' A. P. Robinson.
Littleton, N. C, Dec. 28, 1896.
To the Gazette :
Mr. Editor. Much has been Faid, and
is still being said by friends cf aspirants
for places of trust and honor so much
that I fear newspaper endorsements at
tract but little attention. Therefore, it
is with some reluctance that I mention
the name of Hon. John H. Hannon as
in every way suited, and if merit counts
for anything, his claim to tbe app int
ment of Recorder of Deeds for the District
of Columbia equals that of any man whose
name has been mentioned for that place.
And as Mr. Hannon is unmarried, 1 will
allude to his age further than to say that
I have known him for thirty years.twenty
five of which he has been an ardent and
tireless worker in the Republican cause.
He hails from the only State and from
the only Congressional District in the
United States that will be represented by
a colored Congressman, also from a
county that reversed, by the aid of an
honest election law, a so-called Demo
cratic majority of twenty-five hundred,
and sent up instead a Republican majority
of over twnty-four hundied; seven hun
dred more R-publican votes than was
given by any other County in the State,
and half of the four thousand majority
which placed in the halls of Congress as
representative from the S cond District
of North Carolina that able advocate,
true gentleman and sound Republican,
Geo. H. White, in whose election Mr.
Hannon took an active part, notwith
standing be was a candidate for the
nomination himself, with a strong back
ing; yet when he saw that Mr. White had
more strength he at once withdrew, and
from thence onward left no Btcne un
turned to secu-e his election. He has
held pcsition- of trust and honor, all of
which he has fi led with credit to him
self and satisfaction to his friends, and
as it is conceded to be an office to which
'the colored man is entitled, 1 know of no
one whose claims are stronger, or whose
appointment wculd give more general
satisf action to the R publicans of North
Carolina, reg i'd e-s f color, than that of
the Hon. J n II. Hannon, of Halifax.
A Republican op Thirty
Years Standing.
New Era Institute at Luuiberton, Jan
uarr 1214.
Lecturers Rv. John E White, Ral
eigh; Rv. W. M. J nes, Maitton; Rev.
J. N. Bjoth, Lumberton; Rev. S. W.
Dockery, Maxton, will assist the mission
aries. Respectfully,
A. B. Vincent.
Having qualified as Administratrix of
Anna P. Smith, deceased, I hereby give
notice to all persons having claims against
said estate to present them on or before
December 26t h, 1897, or this notice will
be plead in bar of their rt every. And
all persons indebted to said estate are
also notified to pay what is due by them
to me. Sarah Jane Pettiford,
Administratrix of Anna P. Smith.
Dec. 22, 1896. 6w.
When you want firt-claas B)ard and
Lodging, call at 108 East Hargett Street.
We keep warm meals at all hours. Polite
waiters, rooms well furnished. Every
thing will be pleasant for the guests at a
low-price. ".
108 E. Hargett Street.
2F"Give us a trial.
Latta Unsversity will be closed during
the Christmas holidays for all the sessica
for the purpose of rebuilding the budd
ings that were consumed by tire last May,
and also additional buildings. The Uni
versity is located in the village of Ooer
lin, N. C, one and one-half miles west of
tbe capitol building in the city. The lo
cation is the very best for a school, being
out of the busy city, but within easy
reach by means of the electric streetcars.
It is enough to say, that there bas not
been a single case of serious illness since
the establishment of the school. Each
dormitory is heated by stoves aod hearths,
so every necessary comfort is secured.
The terms are very reasonable $7 50 per
mdnth. Those desiring to reduce their
expenses by work will be taken at the
lowest possible rates: young men 6 40
per mouth; young women $5.40 per
month; day students $1 per month. A
small incidental fee will be charged.
The school will reopen on the 7th day
of October, 1897. Our purpose is to make
it one of the largest scho-'ls in the South
for the race. Law and Medicine will be
added. The institution is wholly non
sectarian in its religious instruction or
influence. . Yet earnest attention will be
given to Bible study, applying its truths
to daily life and conduct, that a thorough
Christian character may be obtained. It
is open to all s u lents of either sex.
None but competent teachers will be em
ployed. For further information, address the
President, Rev. M. L. Latta, D. D.
I will letve for the North and Europe
the latter part of December or the first
of January, and will return time enough
to have buildings completed by the re
opening of the school. The University
will contain eight buildings.
dec. 56 m.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
in and Shippers of
Fish, Shad,
Spring Vegetables.
. Front St. Market, Wilmington, N. C
By virtue of a decree of the Superior
Court, rendered in the special proceed
ings brought before the Clerk entitled,
"C. H. Williams' n, Adm'r of Isaac Perry,
deceased, vs. Dilsy Adams, John Ivory
ef als." I will sell at public auction at
the Court House door in Raleigh, Wake
County, N. C, Saturday, January 16th,
1897, at 12 o'clock, to the highest bidder,
for cash, two lota of land in the town of
Wakefield. N. C, and known as the
'School House" lot and the "Richard
son" lot, belonging to the estate of Isaac
Perry, deceased.
December 2, 1896. decl2-4w
In compliance with Article two, section
twelve of the Constitution of North Car
olina, notice is hereby given that appli
cation will be made to the General As
sembly at the session to begin in January
next for a passage of a law amending
the charter of the City of Raleigh.
This November 26th, 1896.
Many Citizens.
IF you want
Fresh Groceries,
go to
Cor. South and McDowell
Who downs competition and takes the
lead in Havy nd Fancy Groceiies. We
keep the best Fiour, good Coffee, Sugar,
Lard, But-er, Sausage and all kinds of
Canned Goods. H -rs and Ctitle Food;
also Wood and Oml promptly delivered to
all parts of the city. Give me a call.
J. L. Alston.
Cor. South and McDowell See.
Heavy Fancy Groceries,
Cor. South and Dawson Sts.
We keep a first cla's line of Family
Groceiies, Flour, Lard, Coffee, Sugar,
Tea, Meat, Batter and Fie-th Canned
Goods; also Hors1? and Oittle Food.
We sdl at Bottom Prices. Give us a
Frash Norfolk Oysters,
113 E. Hargett St.
And everything that can be
had in a First-class Restau
Albion Acade
iDUSTRftirsciTrjOL; -
LOCATION. This School Is located on an
elevation overlooking the city, healthful all
the year round.
DEPARTMENTS. Academic, Preparatory,
Primary and Industrial.
DORMITORIES. The dormitory for glrla
ia under the supervision of the lady teachers,
aud that for bo a of the male teachers.
TERMS. Tuition, free. Board, lodging and
washing, $15 per sew I on of eight months.
For catalogue and further Information,
Rev. JOHN A. SAVAGE, D. 0., President,
Attorney at Law,
have never been sold so cheap as you caa
get them right now of
210 Fayetteville St.. RALEIGH, N. C.
A-Members of the General Assembly will do
well to give us a cau.
Fall term beg ns October 1st. Beauti
ful and healthful location. About five
minutes' walk east of depot. Excellent
water. School of high grade for both
sexes. G od discipline, full courses of
study normal, theological and colle
giate. Special attention to instrument!
and vocal music. A corps of competent
teachers haa been Srlected. Terms: Tui
tion $1.50 per month in advance. Good
board can be procured from $5 to $6 per
momh. For further information address
the Principal,
W. Ur Morris, B. D.,
Apex, N. C.
Contractor and Builder
REFERENCES : D. S. Smith, J. T. Williams,
D. W. Hardy, Greenville, N. C
Furniture Repair Shop.
Makes Folding beds and
60S East First Street, Chablottk, N. C
auglS 8m .
Especially in buying Food is to deal
with a responsible concern, one that you
are sure will sell you nothing that is not
good; whose prices are reasonable, and
stock always fresh and up to date.
The above description, with all due
modesty, we think fits our establishment.
We have food for the Epicure, for the
Dyspeptic, food for all classes and con
Polite and intelligent salesmen to show
and sell you; accommodating porters
and drivers to deliver to you. -.,
Ail goods warranted and promptly de
livered. The finest Flour, Butter, Coffee and
Tea our specialties.
Telephone No. 15.
Cor. Wilmington and Market Streets (op
posite Market.)
The Globe Clotrino House is Ral
efgh's new nterpi h, which is daily com
ing into prominence winning the favor
of the great economic purchasing public,
from the fact you ca n buy fi rst-clas goods
from there at prices to suit the times
clothing, hats, shoes, etc. and our people
appreciating this feature have begun to
give ihem their pitronage. In stock will
te Ulster Storm-coats, Overcoats and
Suitings in the litest and meet improved
stylts, made from foreign and domestic
goods for Mn, Youths and Children,
which are being offered at prices which
cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Take
advantage cf the special inducements in
prices this week; call and comptxe both
goods and price of this store with others
and convince yourself of the fact that
you can save fifty cent on the dollar by
buying from them.
Sewing Machines, Organs, Accordions,&c.;
Willi OS CALL Off . '
No. lis E. Hargeett SU, IUXEIOH, If. C
St. Augustine's
Colleniate Department
under graduates of Oberlin, Mary
ville and Yale Colleges.
Normal anti Preparatorj Bepartments
under careful teachers,
TERMS : $7 per month (Incidental Fes $2
per year). .
Most students pay $Q f t3Sll
and $2 In work.
Students may work their way and go
to school at night.
- Training School for Nurses. Board
and tuition free.
Trade Sen 00 l. Instruction in build
ing, plastering, cooking and dressmak
ing. Board and tuition free.
Rev. A. B. HUNTER,
The Agricnltaral m
Mechanical College,
Greensboro, N. C.,-
Offers a thoroughly practical conrse of
instruction snd industrial training to the
Colored Youth of the State.
Unsurpassed Facilities.
Low Terms.
Each County entitled to one or more
Free - T uition Students.
For further information or catalogue,
apply to
Jas. B. Dudley,
Sept 19, 4 mos.
Is where you will find a commodious
dining-hall, No. 117 Peabody street,
where you can at all hours be served with
a well-prepared meal and lodging at low
eat prices. I can also furnish the pcbli
with fine and first-class oysters. Fil
vate families can send in their orders and
they will be promptly attended to.
J. 8. McAllister,
6m. No. 119 pAAhndy St.
Those desiring Good Board and Lodg
ing at reasonable rates, will find the same
by calling at the "Dunston House," No.
804, corner Martin and Harrington Sts.,
near Union depot, Raleigh, N. C.
Mrs. A. E. Dunston, Proprietress.
When in need of a II air Cut or a Shave
call on IIartman & Counsel, the Bar
bers, of Wilmington, N. C. They are
first-class and polite in every particular.
You will find them at 821 N. 4th Street
W hen in the city call on them.
jmt m 11 , v. .... ... ,

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