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RALEIGH, - - - N. C.
HENRY t. ALSTON, . . Local Editor
t3y"NOTICB. Subscribers whose time has
expired, will please come forward and renew
their subscriptions, or their names will be
dropped, as the new management requires it.
t3yMarriage and funeral notices, in ad
' vance, fifty cents.
C3fStanding and transient notices, per
line, five cents each insertion.
Mies Eula Rogers is on the sick list.
Mr. Charles L Gary is on the sick list.
Mrs. Julia Smith is one of our new sub
scribers this week.
"When you are in the city don't forget
S. C. Pool's new shoe store. "
Bro. Geo. A. Mial spent Sunday in
Durham doing religious work.
Mr. Malissa Williamson, who has been
sick quite a while, is improving.
Miss Louisa Jones favored us with a
cash renewal this week. Thanks.
Prof. II. E. Hagats, of Freemont, was
on the streets of cur city last week.
Misses Dora and Martha Whi taker sub
. scribed for the Gazette a few days ago.
Mr. Charley Gary, who has been very
ill for the past two weeks, is reported bet
ter. Look for B. W. TJpchurch at 15 E. Har
gett street, when you want fresh groce
ries. Mis. C. A. "Walker has been confined
at home on account of sickness for over
a week.
Prof. W. E. Merritt, of Dudley, sent
us a cash subscription for Miss Addie J
Best, of Clinton.
Miss Eugenia Hill has accepted a po
sition as teacher in the Waketield School
with Rev. D. 8. Saulter.
Mr. Flesher. a student of Shaw Uni
verity, is devoted to the First Baptist
Church. What is the attraction
Mr. B.- wypchurch remembered us
with cash this week. Mr. TJpchurch says
it pays to advertise in the Gazette.
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Emmerson came to
the city last Friday. Mrs. Emmerson
will remain here with relatievs a few
Rev. L. R. Jeffries, formerly pastor of
tbeShiloh Baptist Church, of Greens
boro, died on December 28, 1896, at
Jeffries, Va.
Mr. J. F. Haywood was a pleasant vis
itor at the Gazette office Saturday of
last week. He didn't forget to renew his
Senator "W. B. Henderson was a pleas
ant caller at our office one day last week.
He went to Grensboro last Siturday even
ing on business.
Mr. W. H. Ray, Superintendent of the
Poor Houte, was here and called on us
one day last week. Mr. Ray is a strong
friend to the Gazette.
The act to create a dispensary in Hen
derson is attracting much attention and
bringing many of the citizens thereof be
fore the legislative committees.
Many members of the General Assem
bly went home last Saturday to epend
Sunday with their familie. They all re
turned to their duties on Monday.
Messrs Peter Harris and Fletcher Lock
hart, who are two of Wake County's best
farmers and highly respected citizens,
was here on business a few days ago.
Mr. Allen L. Young, of Wake Forest,
was in the city last week, and called at
our office. Ha is teaching free School at
Roleaville, and reports a good school.
We are sorry to note the death of Mr.
Hawk Taylor. He died last week and
was buried at Mt. Hope cemetery. Mr.
Taylor was for many years a successful
Dr. E. E. Smith, of the State Normal,
Fayetteville, and Prof. A. L. Sumner, of
the State Normal, Golisboro, were in
the city last week, looking after the edu
cational interest. .
' Mr. John Hinton and Mies Sallie New
ell were joined together in holy matri
mony Thursday night of last week at the
residence of Mr! and Mrs. Newell. Rev.
J. J. Worlds officiated.
We wish to correct the mistake made
in the Gazette last week by the printer
in regard to Mr. N. H. Mann calling at
the Gazette office. The correction is
that " Mr." N. H. Mann called, and not
"Mrs." N. H. Mann.
The bill introduced by Mr. Young es
tablishing a training school will not abol
ish any of the 8tate normal schools. Read
the bill in another column. The bill will
be discussed before the Joint Educational
Committee of the General Assembly on
next Tuesday.
When you come to Raleigh, ask the
hackman to convey you to Hotel Flor
ence, on So. Fayetteville street. Polite
waiters, first class fare everything pleas
ant for the guest. You will find the Lt.
Governor there and a number of other
leading politicians.
The annual meeting of the Emancipa
tion Association will be held in the Hall
of the House of Representatives in the
city of Raleigh on next Wednesday night,
February 10; h, 1897. All delegates and
charter members will please take notice
.and govern themselves accordiogly.
Mrs. Chloe Otey died at the home of
foer son in Raleigh, Friday morning of
last week, at 11 A. M. Funeral exercises
at the Congregational Church, Saturday
morning. Kev. R. H. W. Leak officiating,
assisted by Revs. King, Howell and Cur
tis. We extend sympathy to the be
reaved ones. -'
Mr. Hines Herndon, of Henderson,
passed through the city this week en route
to Goldsboro, whither he was going after
the body of Mrs. Betsy Johnson, who
died at the Eastern Hospital there on
Wednesday of last week, in her 85th year.
Mrs. Johnson was the grandmother of
Mrs. Lizzie J. Sanders.
We are sorry to note the death of Mr.
Dudbam Alston, formerly of this city.
He died at his home in Sanford, Fla.,
at the ripe age of 90 years. He was a de
vout Christian. Mr. Alston leaves a son
and daughter. We extend our sympathy
to Mr. Stephen Clanton, of Raleigh, and
to Mr. Charles Alston, who resides in
Sanford, Fla. Peace to his ashes.
Messrs. C. D. Waddell, S. A. Blount
and F. W. Battle, are spoken of as being
among the most competent and efficient
clerks employed by the Legiblature. " A
certain State official, who is in the posi
tion to know, said the other day that
these three gentlemen's journal reports
are turned into the Secretary's office in
better shape than any other It would be
wpII for Mr. Swinson, the Chief Enroll-
W Clerk, to know this, and hereafter
observe negro efficiency more closely.
The marriage of Mr. W. K. Conley to
TiflR Pauline Bemery was solemnized at
the Presbyterian Church Wednesday of
last week. J.ne waiters were air. n,a
ward Serita and M'ss Blonnie Wdliam-
-rtn. of Louis bu re: Mr. Harry Rix and
Miss Maggie Cotton. The ushers were
Messrs. William Roacher, Wil"iam Nich
ia Phil. Haywor.d and OdCar Smith
Mies Maggie Crowder furnished the guests
with delightful music. Reception 911
j. M. The affair was. a brilliant one. Up
Mr. Andrew Davis has added his name
to pur subscription list.
Miss Marv McSwain, who is teaching
at Gilbert, N. C, was here last Wednes
day, and called on us.
Bishop J. W. Hood preached a very
practical sermon for the students of the
A. & M. College at Greensboro last Sun
day. Hon. Valentine Howe, of Wilmington,
was here this week. His business here
was to hold an executive meeting of the
Firemen's Association of the North Car
olina Volunteers.
We would like to see CoL James E.
Boyd appointed toa place in President
McKinley's Cabinet. Col. Boyd is the
peer of any Repub lean in his State, and
the entire South.
Col. J. S. Carr has offered the "Ucco-
neechee Medal" to the most proficient
student in the Agricultural Department
of the A. & M. College for the colored
race, and Mr. J. F. Foote, Jr., has ollerea
a corresponding medal for the Mechani
cal Department. Bishop Hood will prob
ably offer a similar meaai to me most
Eroficient student of the Engineering
Hargett Street's Champion.
He stated this week in conversation
with the proprietor of a restaurant that
one dozan buiscuits, two pounds of beef
at Bak. a cake of old-fashioned corn bread.
four quarts of soup, one half dozen boiled
eggs, six large cups of coff?e, with desert
in nronortion. was not sufficient for his
dinner. '
lion. J. S. Leary an Applicant for Post
master at Charlotte.
Hon. J. S. 'Leary, of Charlotte. N. C.
is in this city. Mr. Leary, we are inform
ed. is an auDlicant for Pos' master at
Charlotte. He is an old line Republican.
Is active and influential. Ha is one of the
original Russell and McKinley advocates
i i i j - fi : l
ana aia gouu aiiu riuuieut wkkc m hid
earrmaieru of the 8.748 votes cast for Mo-
Kinlev and Russell in Mecklenburg Co. At
least 8,648 of them were cast by colored
mtn in the administration could not do
a better or more fictine thins: than to re
cognize, in the distribution of patronage,
so capable a representative of the pirty
and race.
Old Folks' Home Report.
Under the management of the officers
of the Old Folks' Home there are very
encouraging signs. The work has gone
steadfastly on. The financial agent, Rev,
J. C. Barker, has traveled Wake County
through, soliciting funds for tne noma
Many have given gladly, and yet there
are many whose' love for the care of -the
aged should inspire tileta-tO-give gener
ously. The report shows lhat the agent
has left no place that he has not used the
best effort to set before the people the
great need of the Home and the contem
plated reformatory for the criminal youth
of our land. Our white friends have
given liberally and the idea seems to meet
their general approval. Below is a sum
mary of the amounts given :
J. H. A. Bland $50 00
Fletcher Lockhart 50
Julius Biidgers ..' 5
Thomas Yea'es 5
Mrs. Serena McHenry 25
S Hinton
Mrs. James Baker
Henry Ellington
Norman Allen .................
George Montgomery ... .
Williams Grove Sunday School.
Good Samaritan Sunday School.
G.Kid Simaritan Church ..
Wake Biptist Grove S. S.
Friendship chapel........
uasn received .
St. Matthews Sunday School
New Providence 1
Cash received
Mrs. Moses Thompson......
Mount Pleasant
Handy Leach.. . .....
Rev. j. E. King 1
Richard MoCullers 1
Oak City Baptist Church 1
J R. Medlin
William Ivory
Edward Lane
F. P. Paschal
Cash received .......
Hon. H. H. Knight 1
Hon. Hal. W. Ajer 1
Cash -
S imuel Harris . . . - 1
Method club 3 50
Cash received . . 50
Cash received.... .. 55
T. B. Crowder 1 00
E.I gar Haywood .......... - 100
J. hn Pullr-n 1 00
John Rnshaw - 25
James Baker 5 00
First Baptist S. S. of Oberlin 20
Dr. Templeton -- 50
Rev. H. Pair 1 00
General Pov..i 20
Ruben H. Smith . 1 00
Hon, D. H. Young 5 00
Hon. J. H. Youne - 5 00
Roscoe L. Pettiford 50
J. F. Goodwin 1 00
Ton v Burns.... 25
M. E. Sunday School of Oberlin .. 25
White Oak Church 5
Robert M. Horton.. 50
The officers have made the first pay
ment on the site and will take possession
and commence to repair and arrange as
fast as they can get funds to furtner tne
work. It is needless t say that the gen
tlemen who have the woik in band are
of the highest type and the people will
. , - 1 - 1
matte no mistaxe in puitiDg means iuiu
the hands of these grand men to carry on
this much-needed enterprise We hope
for them that the mere mention of this
needed institution will gather to it friends
and find a generous response in the hearts
of all people.
Death of Col. C II. Bancs.
Shaw University.
Raleigh, N. C, Jan, 19, 1897.
Whereas, the sad intelligence of the
death of Col. C. H. Bams, for many
years the Chairman of the Board of
Trustees of Shaw University, has been
received with deep sorrow by the Fac
ulty and students ; and, whereas, in his
death we feel keenly the loss of a dear
friend, a wise counsellor and noble bene
factor, who has so many times come to
the rescue of Shaw University when
financially embarrassed, and who has
manifested a deep interest in all the
departments of the institution; be it
Resolved, That we extend our heart
felt sympathy to the bereaved family
and immediate friends, and pray that
the strong arm of our Heavenly Father
may sustain them in this hour of trial ;
that we will ever strive to imitate the
noble example of our brother and friend
in giving his life for the betterment of
humanity; be it further
Resolved, Thattbese resolutions be
published in the Raleigh Tribune, The
Gazette and the Shaw University Sen
tinel, and a copy forwarded to the fam
ily of the deceased.
Faculty op Shaw University.
Calendars and Coupons.
many beautiful calendars and
So many beautiful calendars ana en
tertaining novelties have been issued by
the proprietors of Hood's Sarsaparilla that
we are hardly surprised to receive this
season not only one of the very prettiest
designs in calendars, but with it coupons
which entitle the recipient to attractive
novelties. Every one whq gets a Hood's
Sarsaparilla calendar for ley secures
something that will prove enteresting and
valuable as well as a beautiful specimen
of the lithographer's art. The- calendar
is accompanied this season by an amus
injr little book on "The Weather." Ask
your druggist for Hood's Coupon Calen
dar, or send 6 cents in stamps for one to
C. I. uood Z Co., Lowell, Mass.
A Reception and Banquet Given on Fri
day Evening of Law Wees, m iionor
of Hon. J as. II. Tonng, by the Repub
lican Ladies of the Northern and South
ern Division of West Ealelgh Town
ship. On Friday evening of last week the Re
publican ladies, of West Raleigh, gave a
very pleasant reception ana banquet in
honor of Hon. James H. Young. About
9:30 the crowd had all assembled. The
house was called to order by Mrs. Mattie
Hutchings, President of the Club. Kev
Birker offered prayer. Mr. J. Broker
Hutchings introduced Mr. Ivey, who act
ed as spokesman for the ladies of the club.
Mr. Ivey made a nice lime iai m mu
praise of Hon. James H. Young and wel
coming the guests, etc.
Mrs. Hutchings read the address, pre
pared by the ladies of the club. Mr. Ivey
read the program. tona.jonn i. nuw,
N. S. Rawls, James H. Arrington, A. R.
Middleton and Jas. H. Young being pres
ent, were called on for speeches where
upon each of them resp jnaea witn ncu
and short addresses. Hon. Rawls created
much amusement for the guests by dis
playing a most wondeiful memory oy
calling by neart tne ron oi ins memuen
of a session of a legislature of which he
nrnn n. mpmhpr Rome vears ago.
TVani' th bad weather auite a l&rg
crowd turned out. Friendly lana nau
was crowded. Among those present were
Hons. John T. Ho e, Jas. M. Arrington,
N. S. Rawls. A. R. Middleton hnd Jas. H.
Ynuni?! Prof. W. F. Debnam, Thomas
Yates. W.' S. Mitchell; Mrs. Curie Gill,
Mr. and Mrs. Willis Havwood. Mrs. Armi
utead White, Mrs. LucindaWhitaker.Mrs.
Niinn. Mrs. El wards. Mrs. N. Smith, Mrs.
Tiilly Piillv. Mrs. F. Battle. TIrs. Jne
Alafcon. Mrs. Ora Flitre. Mr. and Mrs.
S.m Riddiek and daughter. Mrs. H. Dur
ham. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunter, Mra.
Mary Williams, Mrs. Jasper Norwood,
Mr. Cha. Lockhart. L. M. Maon, Nor-
fl.et Jeffreys, Rev Hall; Rev. B. P. Pe
terson, Miss Maud Youog, Master J immie
Dihnam. Mr. and Mrs. J. Booker Hut-
rh intra Ry. Wm. Eilerbee. Jas. S Mor
can. Canrain John Flagg, Prof. W. M.
Graves. Mr. and Mrs. John S ars, Harry
H Debnam, S. J. Webb, Mrs. N. A. Blake
Rflv. JoseDh Perry. Rev. T. O. Fuiler,
Roy. Barker. John Alston. Willis Thorn
trn Mrs. Durham. Henrv Andrews, P,
Rnhorifl. Mr. and Mrs. Mallory, Mrs. Ro'
berson. Misses Anna AIh'oo, Lizzie Walk
er. Rebecca Andrews, Mrs. Elizi Elling
ton, A. A. Jones. Rev. McDonald, R jv. C
Johnson. Mies Barker. Lemuel Hinton
Thos. Williams. Sr.. and others.
Before the eating began, Mrs. N. A,
Blake was asked to make a few remarks.
which she did. In her tpeech she called
J. H. Young a "Motes."
The readiness of BuuDer being announced
Rev". Peterson-was requested by the Pre
sident, to grace the table. All the stran
ciu nrincinallv dined at the first table,
About 175 people were fed. The table
was set four times. Everything good to
Pt that rnuld be had was set before the
guests and was enj iyed very much The
Hall was nicely decorated, reriece oraer
was had, and the Republican ladies of
West Raleigh deserve much credit for
the way their grand affair was managed.
The giving of this supper is a token for
what they believe to be true Republician
ism. Officers of t ie Club are as follows;
Mesdame Mattie Hutchings, President;
Delia Hall, Vice Piesident; Rosa Morgan,
Secretary, and Mollie Sears, Treasurer.
W. S. M.
Eastern Snap Shots.
Well! What's up? They do say that
some sly moves are on foot for 1898 al
ready. Wait for the time.
Rev. A. A. Crooke, the up-to-date pas
tor of the A. M. E Z. Church at Beaufort,
N. C, is succeeding admirably, and large
crowds attend every service.
Rev. Homer P. Walker, the earnest,
energetic, painstaking pastor of St. Paul
A. M. E. Z. Church, is doing excellently
well thus far and bids fare to add new
life to the work. God epeed his efforts.
Mrs. O. E. Austin, of Tarboro, N. C,
and Mrs. Henry Eppes, of Wilmington,
N. C, are very sick with la grippe.
Henry S:evens an excellent citizen,
was shot down by one Lee. a white man,
because said Stevens testified in a justice
court against his (Lee's) sun. Lee is in
-Henry Anthony is no more in this life.
Mr. Wright Harrison the Co. Chum
'un."wa8 in the "Boro" last Saturday
to attend an executive committee meet-
ing. They do say ne nas oioou in u
eyes about one of his "Pals." But no
quorum hunt present. Whoop-ee I
Prof. Harry Howell would make an ex
cellent district superintendent for this
Rev. C. C. Somerville, the Institute
conductor for the east, is mfeting with
very great success. The Institute at'Au
laoder, Bertie Cout ty, was addressed by
two white Baptist ministers, lhe Bap
tist denomination w doing a great wors
for the Negro ministry of the country
districts if they will avail themselves of
it. . .
We read with pleasure the address of
Dr. J. L. M. Curry before the Ueneral
Aesembly. He ppoke truths, however
much it hurt? . He has done a great work
for Negro education, as an agent for the
Peabody fund. No sensible race-man will
turn up his nose to a friend.
Dr. Laflerty. oi Kicnmona, saia some
very hard things against the Negro not
long since, and Hon. John H. 8mythe re
plied in his most vigorous style. But ahl
Dr. Lafferty said some things which are
too true about the masses.
A netition in favor of Edgecombe
County Hospital was very, freely signed
by both races last wees.
Mr. Harry Smith, the "Jay Gould" of
Pineville. is very sick with pneumonia.
M 83 P. P. Newton is connnea to ner
room with la grippe. We hope for her a
speedy recovery.
The puolic ecnoois are cecommg over
crowded. ,
D st rict Mipervision will spur up the lazy
teach r, or, to be nice, progressive peda-
eoeue. It will ba (wnat the Doys cam a
baby-waker to drones in the profesekn.
- . tt t . t m "i 1
Hon. ueo. l. w nue ana iamiiy nave
returned from their visit to the City of
Elms. '
Miss Delia White is developing into a
model school m'am. Do you hear, Miss
Addie B. ? She has near sixty pupils.
Mr. John R. Birlow is conducting a
very successful school near Rocky Mount.
He is anxious to return to Kitti ell.
' The many friends of Mr and Mrs. John
C. Dancey sympathize with them in the
loss of ore of their jewels. Rest in peace.
Miss Edna C. Mitchell is among the
graded school corps, vice Mis. J. G. Hy
man pro tempore.
Ten of eleven members of the General
Assembly belonging to the Negro race,
and about fifty of the white Republicans,
endorse that sterling race leader, Hon.
John H. Hannon, for Recorder of Deeds
of the District of Columbia. . "
Mrs. Culley nee Miss El'a Dudley is re
siding in the " Boro."
Well, Chairman Fountain is the center
of attraction in this ' Boro." He is re
garded as chief lieutenant t f Butler. He
was very anxious to defeat Senator Jeter
C. Pritchard, but the Mayor couldn't fool
the McCaskey Populists. The Negroes
of Edgecombe are indebted toW. E.Foun
tain for the party victory. We don't
think so, 'twas Negro men that landed
Mrs. Geo. C. Caine is on the sick list.
The many friends of Counsellor A. R.
Bridgers, Esq , formerly of Edgecombe,
but now of WinHton, N. C,, are delighted
to see him in their homes and looking the
picture of health. La grippe has the lady.
Miss Cora Howard is teaching near
Lawrence. N. C. Success to her.
Rev. SoDjmervilie delivered an excel-
nt sermon at tne St. Paul Mics'onary
Baotist Church, My grace is sufficient M
was his text, and to the followers of the
meek and lowly Jesus, who pass through
many trying ordeals, is invigorating.
The sarmon has been of great good. El
der Mattbewson was present during its
delivery. God grant that the entire
Christian ministry may get down to earn
est preaching of the Gospel of the Son of
If the State printing is given out, why
not let the Raleigh Gazette get the plum ?
ts services have been invaluable to 'tne
victors in the recent contest.
Esse Quam videri.
Arrival of Prominent Republicans this
Ex-S'ate Senator Fortune, Editor C. E.
Palmer, Hon. J. S. Leary, Lawyer Quick,
W. F. Young, Haywood Reavis. J. Y.
Eaton. Sheriff Smith and son, of Hen
derson, Prof. J. M. Beckwith, Prof. J. B.
Dudley, Colonel T. VB. Keogh, Hon. V.
Howe, Captain Taylor, S. A L., CD
Rev. L. T. Christmas Goes to Charles
ton, West Va.
After serving Central Baptist Church
for eleven years Rev., L. T. Christmas
resigned the pastoral charge of this
church and accepted a church in Charles
ton, West Virginia. When Kev. Christ
mas took charge of Central cnurcn in
Wilmington the congregation was few
in number ana without a house oi wor
ship except a small wooden building
that was used as a place for service.
Bro. Christmas soon proved himself to
be a zealous Christian and a faithful
pastor. In the place of the old .wooden
structure was soon erected a beautiful
brick edifice at a ciwt of about fifteen
thousand dollars. Great credit is due
this faithful and untiring brother for bis
earnest work to secure money to pay this
debt. At the time he left the church we
are informed that only a small amount
remained unpaid on the church. The j
church as it now stands, on the corner of
7thand Red Croea stieets.refl-KSts great
credit upon that most faithful pas'or
arid upon the city. His works will ever
live in the memories of the goodpeople
of this city. We wish him and his good
wife much success in their new field of
v Marriage Bells.
Editor of the Gazette:
Mr. Pompey Pender and Miss Mattie
M. Spear, of Castle Hayne, were married
on the night of the 21st, ult. Kev. J.
Patterson officiated. The following were
among the invited guests: Mrs. Walker
Durdett, Miss Sarah Butler, Miss S. Mc
Re, of Wilmington, Mr. T. Ross, of
Middle Sound, Mr. T. Mercey, of Abu
ton, Misi Mary Simpson, and Rev. S. C.
Larkins, of Long Creek.
The bride and groom received the fol
lowing presents: A set of knives and
forks by Mr. Wiley Wright; a cake and
one fancy quilt by Mrs. M. Newkirk; a
half dozen spoons by Mrs. A. E. Akens,
one cup and saucer by Mr. G. McPherson;
one spoon-holder and a salt-cellar by Miss
Mary Simpwn; Miss S McRae, one pin
cushion , Miss Joeie Spear, one cake, one
butter dish, one pitcher, two pepper
boxes and handkerchief ; Mrs. C. B jney,
. i - i i
one cake; Mrs. ta. newxirx, one case;
Mrs. Harriet Green, a silk handkerchief;
Mrs. Rose Howe, two towels and hand
kerchiefs; Mr. Chas. Moore, a cup and
saucer; Miss Bella Steward, one towel;
Mrs', Eliza Foy, one cake; Mrs. E. Sbarp
less, one. cke; Mrs. Mary J. Sbarpiess,
one cake; Mrs. Johnnie Shering, one
cake; Mrs. Ida Cowans, one cake; Mrs.
Bettie Dixon, one butter-dish, onesugar
diah, one cream-pitcher, one spoon
holder; Mrs. Winnie Canady, one cake
and three plates; a china plate, cup and
saucer by Mr. T. Murcey.
This was a erand affair and everybody
seemed to enjoy it, except Mr. . Take
it eaey, liud. .
And still they go! un the night or tne
27th ult. Miss Annie Holmes was mar
ried to Mr. Wayne Devaughn. It was a
grand affair and we wish them success
in life.
Mr. C. Hufham and Mr. Lotus Jones,
Jr., are on the sick list. Mr. Harry
Dunn and Mrs. David Malloy are im
proving. The school taught by Rev. W. B. F.
Kornegay, W. Jones and Mrs. A. E.
Jones has a hundred and fifty pupils.
Mr. J. B. J.hnson, of -Wtllard, is vis
iting his fri-nds at Rocky Point,
x The Gazette is a welcome visitor to
our home. Yours,
By virtue of the power contained in
Art. 2. sec. 12, of the Constitution of
North Carolina, notice is hereby given
that an application will be made at this
term of the General Assembly to incor
porate State Grand Lodge, No. 7, Grand
United Order of Odd Fellows. All per-
- a . . a. t 1
sons concerned will govern memseives
(Signed) S. H. Vick, S. G. M.
J. H. Rhodes, D. G. S.
Jan. 9, 1597 4t.
APEX, N. C , Jan. 25, 1897.
The Trustees of Apex Normal and
Collegiate Institute will petition the
present Legislature of North Carolina to
incorporate the above named institution.
P. B. Price, Chairman.
fer6 4w
J. FETOLh 00.,
Wholesale and Retail
222 Fayetteville Street,
The Largest and Best Stock of Staple and
Fancy Groceries in the City.
Quality the Best Prices the Lowest.
Fresh Norfolk Oysters,
113 E. Hargett St.
And everything that can be
had in a First-class Restau
rant !
In compliance with Article two, section
twelve of the Constitution of North Car
olina, notice is hereby given that appli
cation will be made to the General As
sembly at the session to begin in January
next for jja passage of a law amending
the charter of the City of Raleigh.
This Notember 26th, 1890. '
Many cmzEzra.
Men's Russia Calf. $1.98, $2.50 and $3.00.
Mn's Vici Tans, $3 50, $4.00 and $5.00.
Men's Titan Calf, $5 00 and $6.00
Men's Black Calf, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00.
Men's Kangaroo and Cordevan, $4.00 and $5.00.
Men's Patent Leather, $3.50, $4.00, $4.50, $5.00
and $6.00.
.Men's Bnff and Satin Calf, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50.
Ladies' Dongola Kid, $1.00 to $1 75.
Ladies' Fine Kid in Lace and Button, $3 to $4.
Ladies' Patent-Leather Boots, $5.00.
N. H. MAN, of Baltimore, Md., Is Agent for the State' of
North Carolina for all books pertaining to the colored race, viz. :
The History of Frederick Douglass,
Afro-American Press,
Oar Baptist Ministers and Schools, :
Story of Methodism,
Gleanings of Popular Authors,
Heart 0' Cloes,
Bibles and Encyclopaedias.
Every man's library is incomplete without one of these vol
umes. They treat upon the progress of the negro race what
it has done and is doing.
Now id your time to obtain a complete library. Don't let
this opportunity go by.
All orders promptly attended to. Give me a call.
BOX 222.
Latta Unsversity will be closed during
the Christmas holidays for all the session
for the purpose of rebuilding the budd
ings that were consumed by fire last May,
and also additional buildings. The Uni
versity is located in the village of Ooer
lin, N. C, one and one-half miles west of
the capitol building in the city. The lo
cation is the very best for a school, being
out of the busy city, but within easy
reach by means of the electric streetcars.
It is enough to say, that there bas not
been a single case of serious illness since
the establishment of the school. Each
dormitory is heated by stoves and hearths,
so every necessary comfort is pecured.
The terms are very reasonable $7 50 per
month. Those desiring to reduce their
expenses by work will be taken at the
lowest possible rates: young men $6 40
per month ; young women (5.40 per
month; day students $1 per month. A
email incidental fee will be charged.
The school will reopen on the 7th day
of October, 1897. Our purpose is to make
it one of the largest schools in the South
for the race. Law and Medicine will be
added. The institution is wholly non
sectarian in its religious instruction or
influence. Yet earnest attention will be
riven to Bible study, applying its truths
to daily life and conduct, that a thorough
Christian character may be obtained. It
is open to all students of either sex.
None but competent teachers will be em
ployed. For further information, address the
President, Rev. IL L. Latta, D. D.
I will leve for the North and. Europe
the latter part of December or the first
of January, and will return time enough
to have buildings completed by the re
openiDg of the school. The University
will contain eight buildings.
dec. 56 m. -
Wholesale and Retail Dealers
in and Shippers of
Fish, Shad,
Oysters, .
Spring Vegetables.
Front St Market, Wilmington, N. C
FRIKXLIlirOll, H. C.
LOCATION. This School la located on an
elevation overlooking- the city,' healthful all
the year round.
DEPARTMENTS. Academic, Preparatory,
Primary and Iuatrlal.
DORMITORIES. The dormitory for girle
la under the supervision of the lady teachers.
and that for boys of the male teachers.
TERMS. Tuition, free. Board, lodging and
washing, 45 per session of eight months.
For caUlogne and farther Information,
Rev. JOHN A. SAYA6E, D. D., President,
n Academy
These Styles
come in all
the New Toes,
and are 25 to 40
per cent less than
same goods can be
bought elsewhere.
Attorney at Law,
have never been sold so cheap as yon caa
get them right now of
210 Fayttterills St. BALEIGH. N. C.
aMember ol the General Assembly will do
well to rire us a call.
Fall term begins October 1st. Beauti
ful and healthful location. About five
minutes' walk east of depot. Excellent
water. School of high grade for boih
sexes. Good discipline, full courses of
study normal, theological and colle
giate. Special attention to instrumental
and vocal music'. A corps of competent
teachers has been selected. Terms: Tui
tion $1.50 per month in advance. Gjod
board can be procured from (5 to $8 per
month. For further information address
the Principal,
W. H. Morris, B. D.,
Apex, N. C.
Contractor and Builder
REFERENCES.- D. 8. Smith, I. T. Will lama,
'. V. W. Hardy, Greenville, N. C
Furniture Repair Shop.
Makes Folding beds and
. Sideboards.
506 East First Street, Chaklottk, N. C
auglS Sm
This is
"When you want first-class. Board and
Lodging, call at 108 Eaet Hargett Street.
We keen warm meals at all hours. Polite
waiters, rooms we'urrjlBhed. Every
thing will be pleasantojrjhe guests at a
low priue. - ,
108 E. Hargett Street.
tSPQiva us a triaL
Especially in buying Food ' is to deal
with a responsible concern, one that you
are sure will sell you nothing that Is not
good; whose prices are reasonable, and
stock always fresh and up to date.
The above description, with all due
modesty, we think fits our establishment.
We have food for the Epicure, for the
Dyspeptic, food for all classes and con
Polite and intelligent salesmen to show
and sell you: aooommodatinir porters
and drivers to deliver to you.
All goods warranted and promptly de
The finest Flour, Butter, Coffee and
Tea our epecialties. I
Telephone No. 15.
Cor. WitmiBBtoa aid t!arket Streets (cjf
posits Market.) -
Tns Globe Clotulnq House is Ral
eigh's new enterprise, which is daily com
ing into prominenoe winning the favor
of the great economic purchasing public,
from the fact you can buy first-claM goods
from there at prices to suit the times
clothing, hats, shoes, etc. and our people
appreciating this feature have begun to
give them their patronage. In stock will
be Ulster Storm-coat, Overcoats and
Suitings in the latest and most improved
styles, made from foreign and dometlo
goods for Men, Youths and Child ran,
which are being offered at prices which
cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Take
advantage of the special inducements in
prices this week; call and compare both
goods and price of this store with others
and coqvince yourself of the fact that
you can $ave fifty cents on tht dollar by
buying from them.
Sewing MacMces.Cracs, tardlc:s,c.,
No. its K. Harg-eett BU, SLauctov, K. C
St. Augustine's
School, E1LE1CH. 1. C.
Colleirmte Department
under graduate of Oberlin, Mary
ville and Yale Colleges.
Normal aii Preparatory Dsparteeits
under careful teachers.
TERMS: $7 per aionth (iBctdesUI Fe $2
per year).
Most students pay $b ill USlI
and $2 in work.
Students may work their way and go
to school at night.
Training School for Nurses. Board
and tuition free.
Trade School. Instruction in build
ing, plastering, cooking and dressmak
ing. Board and tuition free. .
' Rev. A. B. HUNTER, '
The AgricQltnral i
Mechanical College,
Greensboro, N. C,
Offers a thoroughly practical course of
instruction and industrial training to the
Colored Youth of the State.
unsnrpassefl Facilities.,
.... low i eras.
Each County entitled to one or more
Free Tuition Students.
For further information or catalogue,
apply to
Jas. B. Dudley,
Sept. 19, 4 mot.
Is where you will find a commodious
dining-hall, No. 117 Peabody street,
where you can at all hours bo served with
a well-prepared meal and lodging at low
est prices. I can also furnish the putJi
with fine and firtt-cUuts oyster, Fil
vate families can send in their orders aud
they will be promptly attended to.
J. 8. McAlustek,
Rrru No. 119 PmhrtdT 8U
Those desiring Gocd Board and Lodg
ing at reasonable rates, will find the asm
by calling at the "Dunston House," No.
804, corner Martin and Harrington Sv.,
near Union dpot, Kaleigb, N. C.
Mrs A. E. Dtjkston, Proprietrem.
When in need of a Hair Cut or a Share
call on Uartman & Counsel, the Ber
bers, of Wilmington, N. C. They ars
flrst-chww and polite to every particular.
You will find them at 821 N. 4th Street.
When in the city call on them.
"0 -

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