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framing Notes Callinft the Wicked t
", Kepeutsmce.
OUNG lions are
often very lean.
Getting the biff
. head, shrinks the
' There Is no suf
fering like the
cr uclflxlon o f
Nothing Is bo
destructible a s
the peace of
The fears we
borrow are the hardest to drive away,
f Whenever the flesh Is on tho throne,
the devil Is king.
f Unles3 you want to be poor, don't try
. to keep all you get.
f The loan will always be busy who
truly follows Christ.
I The devil has-no better helper than a
harmless looking lie. '
I It Is harder to dine with some men
, than ft is to fast alone.
f We are rich, not in what we have, but
b whajt we cannot lose,
( Is there anything the devil can't make
tut of an envious man?
f Live to do good, and you will never
tire of your employment.
' When you pray for a revival, don't go
(o church with a long face. '
f The more men disappoint us, the more
, tre should have faith in God.
? When a little man is lifted up, every
body finds out that he is little.
I The man who thinks he knows others,
is a great stranger to himself.
I The man who would be considered
tflse often turns out to be otherwise.
Do away with a personal devil, and
there is no need of a personal Christ,
fit is a mistake to call anything sue
,ess that is not according to God'sfplan.
If you knew that to-morrow would
be your last day, how would you spend
this? '
f There are some very important les
ions which can only be learned from a
It Is doubtful if there Is any man who
bas not at some time in his life been a
f The man who has lived only for him-
lelf has wasted his time and robbed
the world. -
f There can be no true and abiding
!omfort and peace that Is not rooted
ind grounded In faith. :-
! The man who has never nsed his eyes
to consider the mercies of God, has used
them to small purpose. -
i Turning a mad dog loose is a trifling
thing, compared to what the devil can
, lo with a gossiping tongue.
''In the very same breath with which
lesus said, "Let not your heart be trou
bled," he also said, "Believe."
' The man who refines to walk '.n the
light as God gives it, has only himself
to blame for what happens in the dark,
f '
. Do good as often as you have oppor
tunity, and the Lord will see to it that
our time and talants are well employ
Id. -V
! There was .weeping at the grave of
Lazarus, but everybody threw a stone
it the place where Absalom was bur
led. ' Jw5f
Just try a 10f . box of Cascarets, candy ca
fcartic, finest liver and bowel rezulator made.
How'l ThtsT
' We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
Iny ease of Catarrh that cannot be eared by
UelTs Catarrh Core.
s F. J. Cbkitkt A Co., Props., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, bave Known F. J. C lie
key for the last 15 years, and believe him per
fectly honorable in all business transactions
, nd financially able to carry oat any obliga
' lion made by their firm.
wist & TacAx, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo,
Valdiko. Kiwnaw & Martis, Wholesale
. Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally, act
faff directly upon, the blood and mncous ear
laces of the system. Price, 75c. per bottle. Sold
y all Druggists. Testimonials free
Hall's Family Fills are the best.
l can recommend Piso's Care for Consump
tion to sufferers from Asthma. E. D. Town
SCRD, Ft. Howard. Wis.. Mar 4. 1W4.
Mulhall, the noted statistician, spent over
forty years In accumulating the material for
Us one volume of statistics.
Mo.To.6ie for Fifty Cents
Over 400,000 cured. Why not let No-To-Bac
regulate or remove your desire for tobacco?
Baves money, makes health and manhood.
Cure guaranteed. 60 cents and $1.00, at all
Katzuo Hatoyama, a graduate of Tale In
the olass of '78, has been elected Speaker of
the Japanese Parliament.
Whew bilious or costive, eat aCascaret,
candy cathartic; cure guaranteed; 10c., 23c
Scrofula Sores
Afflicted My Wifefor I OYears
Her limbs In places were one solid scab. Her
arms were very bad and her eyes were affect
ed. She decided to take Hood's Sarsaparilla
and now her skin is smooth ; she Is etired of
scrofula," M. E. Btivbhs, Charlotte Center,
New York. Remember
Is the best in fact the OneTrne Blood Purifier.
fIl!o n.li are the bent after-dinner
ilUUU d r I lid pills, aid digestion.
A Cougher's Coffers
may not be so full as he wishes, but if ho la
wi3e he will neglect hi3 coffers awhile and
attend to his cough. A man's coffers may be
so secure that no one can take them away
from him. But a little cough has taken many
a man away from his coffers. . The "slight
cough " is somewhat like the small pebble that
lie3 on the mountain side, and appears utterly
insignificant. A fluttering bird, perhaps, starts
the pebble rolling, and the rolling pebble begets
, an avalanche that buries a town. Many fatal
diseases begin with a slight cough. But any
cough, taken in time, can be cured by the use o
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
More particulars about Fectoral in Ayer's Curebook, ioo pages.
Sentlree. J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass.
Jndge Seymour Passed Away in New
York Friday.
v J udge At W. Seymour died in New
York Saturday at 6 o'clock. Judge
Seymour was a native of New York.
He came to North Carolina soon after
the war and settled near Newbern.- He
served inUhe Legislatures of '68, '69,
70, '71, '72, '73 and '74; the Legisla
tures then being elected each year.
In the fall of 1874 he was elected to
the Superior Court bench to Bucceed
the Hon. W. J. Clark. He held this
position until February, 1882, when he
was appointed by President Ajrthur
judge of the Eastern district of North
Carolina to succeed Judge Brook, re
signed.. This position he held up to
the time of his death.
Judge Seymour was exceedingly
popular with the entire bar of the
State. .
Virginia Pythlans.
The Grand Lodge, K. of P. ,rconclud
ed its sessions Thursday in Bichmond.
It as voted to meet in Petersburg
next year. The meeting will be held
the fourth Tuesday in February, in
stead of the third as heretofore. The
lodge adopted the new code of rules,
making the terms of office of the Keep
er of llecords, Seal, Finance and Ex
chequer annual. The Grand Lodge was
visited by Supreme Chancellor R. T.
Colgrove, who made a speech.
' ia sari
Will Leave Them for McKinley .
President Cleveland wifl not make
nominations to fill vacancies in the
government service which may be
caused by resignation occurring be
tween now and March 4th, but will
leave such places open to be filled by
President McKinley. This does not
include places when the four years
term of office expires or of places that
al e vacated by the death of the occu
pant when the office has a year or more
to run.
Election of Officers.
At the annual meeting of Farmers'
Alliance, held in Washington, D. C. ,
the following officers were elected;
President, Mann Page, of Virginia;
vice-president, ,C. Vincent, Indianapo
lis, Ind. ; secretary and treasurer, V.
P. Bricker, Pennsylvania; executive
committee, Mann Page, Virginia; B. A.
Southworth, Denver, Col. ; John Brei
nig, West Virginia; A. B. Welsh, New
York, and Hon. J. W. Stokes, of South
Lumber Prices Fixed.
The Southern Lumber Manufacturers'
Association, in session at Memphis,
Tenn., adopted price list and elected
officers. President White was elected
by a rising vote. Few changes in
prices were made, nearly all being in
an upward direction. The convention
adjourned to meet at Nafihville, Tenn. ,
in August. F. M. McCulluni, of St.
Louis, was elected secretary, vice Geo.
K. Smith, who declined re-election.
West Point Appointments.
Cadet appointments at West Point
have been issued to G. P. Hawes (al
ternate) of - Bichmond, Va., "B. F.
Brown, of Accomack county, Va. , John
T. JUcUraeken. (alternate), of Freder
icksburg, Va. : John A. Lancaster, Jr. ,
Wetemupka, Ala. ; A. A. lloonadav (al
ternate), LaFayette, Ala. ; G. W. Du
val! (alternate), uheraw, . (J.
Bryan for 1900),
The Michigan State convention of the
silver Democrats, silver Eepublicans
and .Populists declared that W. J.
Bryan was the greatest living exponent
r,f .TAffprsonian nrinrrinlpn: t.Via frno
friend of the people and the logical
standard-bearer lor jJemocracy in
A Presidential Law Firm.
President Cleveland, Secretary of
State Olney and Edwin F. Uhl, of
Grand Bapids, Mich. , now Ambassa
dor at Berlin, will form a law partner
ship in New York. Mr. TJhl's son is
authority for the statement.
Cleveland's Beginning to. Move.
Mrs. Cleveland has taken her chil
dren to Princeton, N. J. , and returned
to the White House, to be with the
president at the close of the Adminis
tration. .
Referred to Arbitration.
France and Brazil have signed a
protocal referring their dispute regard
ing territory boundaries to arbitratio'n,
the president of the Swiss Confedera
tion to be the referee.
Washington Scraps.
A favorable report has been ordered
by the House labor committee on the
Lorimer bill, ' 'to prevent conspiracies
to black list."
The Senate 'has passed without a
word of objection, a bill which, if it be
comes a law, will introduce a new pos
tal card system.
The resolution before the United
States Senate committee on military af
fairs providing for the presence of the
West Point cadets at the inauguration,
appears to make but little headway.
Mount Vesuvius Is suffering from an
other paroxysm. of seasickness.
Through a Hole in the Ceiling of
York, S. C, Jail.
Well Planned, Well Executed Scheme
Blood Hounds Following Tracks
Made By Them.
Yorkville, S. C (Special). There
was'a wholesale delivery of prisonersat
the county jail Sunday morning about 3
o'clock. Among the prisoners that es
caped are M. B. Beese and Dave F.
Luckie, convicted of the murder of
Chas. F. Williams, of Tunnel Hill,
Ga., and sentenced to the penitentiary
for life, but waiting.the result of an ap
peal to the Supreme Court. There
were only two white prisoners that es
caped, but in addition to these were
eleven negroes, who effected their es
cape also. These negroes are charged
with various misdemeanors,ibut none of
the crimes are Berious. ......
The escape of the prisoners was not
discovered until about 7 o'clock Monday
morning, but Sheriff Logan promptly
gave the alarm and summoned his
The manner in which the delivery
was effected shows, a great deal of
ingenuity and is undoubtedly due to
the fertile brain of M. B. Beese. When
the jail was searched it was found that
a hole large enough to admit the body
of a man had been bored from the cell
of Beese through the ceiling. Through
this hole the prisoners crawled to a
point directly over the stairway. Here
another hole was cut in the ceding and
by means of blankets the prisoners let
themselves down to the floor, and from
there to the ground by means of th
stairway was a very simple thing.
For four successive years the grand
jury has recommended that cages be
put in the jail in place of the present
insecure arrangement, but the county
commissioners have been deaf to such
appeals. No blame can be attached to
Sheriff Logan, nor were the people of
this town surprised at the delivery for
the condition of the jail was well
Blood hounds have been secured and
are now following tracks supposed to
have been made by some of the prison
ers. It is the common supposition that
Beese drove to llpck Hill in convey
ances provided for him by his friends
and there took the train for the North.
He was known to have had about $2,000
on his person.
There is a great deal of excitement
over th'e delivery and rewards will un
doubtedly be offered. On a Bible of
Luckie's left in his cell was found these
words: 'B. B. Bees, David F. Luckie,
ill rciiieuiui tmco ui uo.
The Governor has been asked to offer
a reward of 8T00, but it is not likely
that he will offer this amount
A telegram says two of the negroes
who escaped hsve been captured in this
Bride and Groom Burn Relative's
House, Then Drown Themselves.
The bodies of Miller Bipley, aged 25,
and his young wife were found in Haw
kins county, near Chattanooga, Tenn.
The couple had been missing for sev
eral days. It appears they burned the
residence of Henry Sutherland, a
brother of Mrs. Bipley last Saturday
night. From her brother's home they
went to the Holston river and drowned
themselves. A note found in Bipley's
pocket requested that the bodies be
buried in the same coffin. The cause,
of the act is supposed to have been ill
feeling between the Bipley and Suther
land families. Bipley was highly con
nected and had been in the United
States army for some time. They had
only been married ten days. Two vials
of laudanum were found near them, and
they had cut the bell rope from the
church, evidently for the purpose of
tying themselves together. Before
taking the fatal leap they piled their
outer gaiments and saddles in a church
and let their horses loose. Bipley was
a close kinsman of Col. Bipley, of
Knoxville, attorney for the Southern
Bail way
Monuments to be Erected In Memory
of These Two Generals.
A Washington, D. C, correspondent
says: "The committee on library has
favorably reported a joint resolution to
carry into effect two resolutions of the
Continental Congress, directing monu
ments to be erected to the memory of
Generals Francis Nash and William Lee
Davidson, cl North Carolina. The
resolution provides that the svm of
85,000 be, and is hereby aVpropriated
for the erection of a monument in honor
of the memory of Brigadier-General
Frances Nash, of North Carolina, ac
cording to the resolution of Congress
passed on the 4th day of November,
1777; and that a like sum be appropri
ated for the erection of a monument in
honor of the memory of Brigadier-General
William Lee Davidson, of North
Carolina, in accordance with the reso
lution of Congress passed on the 2Cth
day of September, 1781 Bepresenta
tive Skinner appeared before the com
mittee and secured the report, which
embodies many interesting incidents of
the Continental period. "
The President has granted a pardon
to restore citizenship to G. T. Baug
man, of South Carolina, convicted of
counterfeiting. - .
J ales Simon's Modesty.
By his power of Intellect and nobility
of soul the late Jules Simon, the French
statesman and philanthropist, raised
hlmsejlf to a high station, yet he re
mained to the close of his life a sim
ple, modest man. This Is what his
friend, Baron Pierre de Coubertin,
writes of him In the Beylew of Re
views: Jules Simon was as modest as he was
able. He had often expressed a-wish
that there might not be too much lau
dation around his tomb. He had often
mentioned a desire to be told when
death was approaching. " A friend ful
filled this sad duty. The philosopher
showed no signs of emotion of fright
on hearing the terrible news.
As he could speak no longer, he mo
tioned for a pencil and a sheet of pa
per, and with a steady hand wrote hla
own epitaph :-
JULES SIMON. 1814-189G. .
Dleu, Pa trie, Llberte.
His name, the year of his Ulrth and
the year of his death and the beauti
ful motto that had commanded and
ruled his whole life: God, Country,
LibertyJ. lj.i.. i :rJWll
Southern Pencil Pointers.'
Chris Collier killed his wife at Bir
mingham, Ala., for unfaithfulness to
C. W. Toms, superintendent of the
Durham, N. C, graded schools, has
been elected professor of pedagogy of
the State University at Chapel UilL
The 2lst annual State convention of
the North Carolina Y. M. C. A. was
held at Winston.
John Heck was shot fromsmbush
and killed at Coal Creek, Tenn.
At Decatur, Ga. , Flanagan was ad
judged insane and the Governor had
the jail guarded in fear of a lynching.
He has been taken to Atlanta for safe
At Lynchburg, Va., a white woman
committed suicide by throwing herself
into the canal.
Hon. G. A. Flooding, of West Vir
ginia, has been notified by President
elect McKinley that he will be appoint
ed Minister to Greece.
The street car strike which has been
on at Galveston, Texas, over a reduc
tion of wages, as well as shorter hours,
has been adjusted by allowing them 15
cents per hour to the men who have
been in the employ of the company one
year or longer, 14 cents to those six
months. The company . prefers to era
ploy union men.
Armstrong Hill, a negro wan ted in
Alabama for murder, was killed in
Meriwether county, Ga. ' .-
Ex-Governor John Gary Evans, of
South Carolina, who is now in New
York, says farmers in his State are more
prosperous than for twenty years.
At Jacksonville, Fla. , the Merchants'
National Bank closed its doors Tuesday
by order of the directors. The bank
had a capital stock of $100,000, and was
the successor of the oldest banking
house in the State.
Governor Bradley, of Kentucky, has
fixed Saturday, March 20th, as the date
for the execution of Jackson and Wall
ing, The bill for the calling of a constitu
tional convention for Alabama has been
laid on the table by the Senate by a
vote of 18 to 11.
The twelveth annual convention of
the Nationas Editorial Association met
at Galveston, Texas, Tuesday. Over
600 delegates were present, n. A.
London, of North Carolina, was ap
pointed by the president on the com
mittee on credentials.
A great indignation meeting in al
ias, Texas, demanded instant acio "by
the government in behalf of UU New
York World's war correspondent ar
rested in Cuba.
At Jackson, Misc., an unsuccessful
attempt was made to rob the Illinois
Central Bailroad agent.
.Tho's. B. Houston committed suicide
at Chicago, 111., by taking carbolic?
acid. .
At Guthrie, Ky., W. H. Day, a
prominent young man, was shot and
killed by Mac Talliaffew, a farmer.
At Spurtington, Ky., Kelly Bowles
and Willis Gilpin fought a duel with
pistols, resulting in Bowls being in
stantly killed and Gilpin being serious
ly wounded.
The Louisville, Evansville & St.
Louis shops, at Princeton,'5 Tnd., has
been burned. Loss $100,000.
Judge E. T. Merrick, . ex-Chief Jus
tice of the Louisiana Supreme Court and
one of the best known lawyers in the
South, is dead.
All About the North.
A riot wss narrowly avoided in the
Kansas house of representatives be
tween the Bepublicans and Populists.
At Union, Mo., Dr. Arthur Dues
trow, a millionaire, was hanged for the
murder of his wife and child Feb. 16,
1894. He admitted his guilt.
Beside $223 sewed in a mattress, a
policeman found five bank books good
for $12,500 in the poverty-stricken tene
ment of Edward J. Smith in Brooklyn,
N . Y. 31
A jail delivery by which sixty-five
prisoners confined in tne i? ranklin, (k). )
county jail were to have been liberated
was discovered just in time to prevent
it through the friendliness of a 'trusty"
prisoner who had been taken into tne
plot. Among the prisoners are some
noted criminals.
The arreat of Jesse L. McDaniels in
Baltimore unearths a big lottery
At Talcville, N. Y., six miners were
killed while at work in the Freeman
mine, by a huge mass of stone, com
prising about bOO tons, slipping from
its position and burying the workmen.
. At New York William P. St. John
died at his home Saturday night of a
complexion of kidney and stomach
troubles. He won great notorietv in
the recent Presidential campaign as the
friend of Mr. Bryan and the, champion
of free silver. Uewas one of the prin
cipal promoters of the "Silwer party,"
and later treasurer or. the JLemocratic
National Committee.
The Pittsburg, (Pa.,) Post has been
burned, causing a loss of $90,000.
At Grand Bapids, Mich. , J ohn Lane.
agreement, sold and released his wife to
Jas. H. Hurst. All concerned celebra
ted the event. , "
At Lancaster, Penn., Abe Henson,
one of the members of the gang of
thieves and outlaws who reside on the
Welsh Mountains was shot and
killed by his step-brother, Jerry
Green, who is also a noted criminal
and member of the same gang.
The Southern Railway has met tho
west-bound freight cut inaugurated by
the Norfolk and Western,' claiming that
the step was necessary for self protec
tion. Eear Admiral Bunce, who command
ed the great blockade fleet off Charles
ton, has made a report in which he says
three or four of the vessels must be ma
terially altered before sent to sea again,
with the chances of being overtaken by
such a gale as raged on the Hatteras
Cape ten days ago.
There are indications of ' a revival of
activity in the worsted mills at Provi
dence, II. I.
Postmaster-General "Wilson's state
ment showing the gross postal receipts
of thirty largest postoffices for the
month of January, 1897, as compared
with that of the same period of 1896
have been given out. The total re
ceipts for January, 1897, were $2,839,
911, and for January, 1896, $2,944,354,
a decrease of $104,433.
A notice of 10 per cent, reduction has
been posted at the works of the
Pennsylvania Steel company, at Steel
ton, Pa., to tako eflect March 1st.
From the Tribune, Cullman, Ala,
Two well known ladies of Holly Pond,
Callman County, Alabama, are the Misses n.
A. and M. F. Shepard, and they are hold in
tho highest esteem.
Two years ao, Miss M. F. Shepard, wa
stricken with terrible sickness, from which
she saffcred long. The history of the case
Is so Interesting that we publish the lady's
own version as it Is every way worthy of
"Two years ago last February, I was
stricken with a terrible pain arouni my
heart, which prostrated mo for hour, and
from then on I grew weaker urtll spring,
when from Impaired circulation and impov
erishment of the blood, a itomach difficulty
set in, bloating my body fearfully. Of course
I was confined to my bed and to a -Id to my
sorrows a general attack of rheumatism fot
lowed, so that motion was painful, and loco
motion impossible.
"Several physicians were consulted but
they gave me no relief, until the last came,
whoso helped my stomach difficulty, that
after several months I was able to nit up.
Tho rheumatism, however, stubbornlv
stayed, and I was advised that my only hope
was ine not springs or Arkansas. I was
prepanng to make the Journey, when I was
recommended to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
"JJunnc my Illness. I bad taken two boxes
Of these self same plll3, but not in the way
recommended, as t was taking other reme
dios. Now though, I determined to try them
properly, as I was no longer under a physi
cian's cars, and could do as I pleased,, and
my sister, Mias H. A. Shepard, at my request,
ordered six boxes of Pink Pills for me, as I
eould not leave the house and could only
hobble with the aid of crutches.
"By the time I bad flnished tne pills. I bad
given up crutches, though I was still almost
a skeleton from the ordeal through which 1
had passed. 1 am now quite fl3sby, and tho
only agent that has caused the change is Dr.
Williams' rink Fills, for I used no other
medlclnd. My right hand is still drawn so
that I can only use the thumb and first An
ger, ana my back is still lame, but I am In
better health than for many years. None of
my friends expected me to live, and at one
time It was feared my reason was giving
way. I do not know how to pay a suffi
ciently high tribute to Dr, Williams' medi
cine. ' It is, I believe, the grandest blood
medicine that was ever prepared.
"Now, having stated my own case, lot me
refer to my sister, Miss II. A. Shepard, who
had a scirrhous growth on her right temple.
This was terribly inflamed and spreading so
fat, that I prevailed upon her to order flvo
dol firs' worth of Dr. Williams Tink Pills,
and? test their virtue as a blood cleaner, as
the only means of arresting the rapid growth
of tho cancer. This she did, and has taken
about seven of the boxes, and is still taking
them. The sore has stopped spreading, and
appears to be healing. When she began to
take the pills she was the thinnest living be
ing i oversaw that coma move aoout. jnow
she has gained in flesh, her skin has re
gained its normal appearance, ard she ts
stronger, and her general health is better
than it has been in many years. .Ood grant
Bhe mnv be spared the bornb'.e death with
which she was threatened. Mr sister's case,
more thHn my own, has induced me to write
this statement, in order that it may be made
public. "M. r. Shepard,
( Signed") "Cullman Co., Alabama.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in a con
densed form, all tho elements neoessary to
give new life and richness to the blood and
restore shattered nerves. They are also a
spociflo for troubles peculiar to females, euch
as suppressions, irregularities and all forms
ot weakness. They Duiia up tne Diooa, ana
restore the elow of health to pale and sallow
cheeks. In men they effect a radical cure
in all cases a rial oar from mental worry, over
work or excesses of whatever nature. Pink
Tills are sold in boxes (never in loose bulk)
at 50 cents a box or six boxes lor f iw, ana
maybe had of all druggists, or direct by
mail from Dr. Williams' Medicine uompany,
Schenectady, N. Y.
McKlnley's Inauguration.
The Seaboard Air Line Hail road have is
sued handsome poster announcing a rate of
one tare, lor round trip, to w asliington, if
C on account of the lnaniru ation of Presi
dent-elect McKinlev and Vice-Presidentelect
Hobart, March 4th. Solid Pullman,
vestibule trains deablo dailv service from
Atlanta to Wasbington. Also special rats
for military and brass bands. Tickets will
be on sale March 1ft, 2nd and 3rd; good to
return until March 8th. For tickets and fur
ther information. aoDlv o W. II. Ramseur.
cltv ticket acent. Georeo VcP. Batte. Travel
ing Pas!enper acent, Charlotte, N. C or to
J. J. Andernn, general passenger acent.
t'ortsmouth. n a.
A Beautiful Mazazlne Free.
"Star of the South," Seaboard Air Line's
new monthly, will be mailed free on receipt
cf threo cents In stamps to cover cost, of m il
tntr, or will he mailed a year for thirty-five
cents in stamps, h ach issue contains complete
stories of love, adventnre'and heroism. Illus
trated; descriptive articles on the South'
proRresB; some pages ot wit ana uumor, ana
articles of general Interest. Address, C. Iron,
monger. Advertising Apnt Seaboard Air
Line, 371 1: roadway, ew York.
It Tickled Boston.
In one of Lowell's letters to Briggs,
the former mentions Thackeray'o visit
to Boston, and says that during tho
meeting of Thackeray with .TIcknor,
the latter said: "One mark of a crentlo-1
man Is to be well-looking for gocd
blood shows itself In good features."
"A pretty speech," replied Thackeray,
"for one broken-nosed man to make to
another," and in the letter Lowell add
ed: "All Boston has been secretly tick
led about it"
If a woman were only as patient In
unlocking the door for her men folks
as she Is in letting in and out the cat!
FITSstopped Irecitiiu permiuientlycured. No
fits after first day's u of Dn. K link's GriaT
NervbRketoreu. Free S2 1 rial bot tie and treat
we. Send to Dr. Kline. Ml Arch St.. Phil.. fa.
Mrs. WintfoWsSocthln Srruo for ehUdrea
teething, softens the gums, reduces Inflammv
tlon, mays pain, cures wind cone. z-c. a doiua
Casoarsts stimulate liver, kidneys and
Eoweis- rever s;cEen. weafce or grip?! ioo.
A pure, permanent and artistic wall-coating
ready tor the brush by mixing in cola water.
rn r r S - Tint Card showing 12 desirable tints,
YHr P also Alahastine Souvenir Rock sentfrea
I to any one mentioning this paper.
ALABASTINE CO.. Grand Rapids, Micm.
'V " -f IMA a aVI iaa m AMP
-tho, Gives relief In ITTS minutes. Send I
-.TTl 'or KKEJ5 trial jackar. Sold by
1 uruMtuas. tin, nox rns pompaiu i
on receipt or t.vw. nix .
1 Address TUOS. rorUsX, FfcUU.. r
ST? ff
Soliool of Sltortlmxicl
No text bonks used. Aotual business from day ot
CBtarinf. Bimnrni papers, coiiRg earrooor sa I
rood used. Send for baadaomely illont ratal iitv
ac ttoara cueapa man ia anr aotituem our.
8. X. U. 8. '0,7.
Enclose stamp for 24-page Illustrated Cata
logue, showing records ana testimonials."
Bex 28, New Berne, N. C.
Mention this paper.
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good.
tn time. Sold tT djwpints.
J- - '"Unifii a Sals si
7rf .
is a vigorous ieeder and re-
sponds well to liberal fertiliza
tion. On corn lands the yield
increases and the soil improves
if properly treated with fer
tilizers containing rwjt under
7 actual
A trial of this plan costs but
little and is sure to lead to
profitable culture.
All about Potash the results of Its use by actual ex
periment on lha best farms in the United States is
told in a little book which we publish and will gladly
nail free to any farmer in America who will write L it
63 Nassau St,. New York.
All Tour Neighbors
Tho wonderful new Constitutional Cure
The remedy Is a Vegetable Compoonl,
Extract of Room, Herbs and Ilarka, tmoi'l
tes. Purifies the blood and drive cut Vha
polHonoua a l1n that cause the dlaae. Cure
68 per cent of the patients. The name Is
' And t Kills Rheumatism.
Sold by PnieplHts generally. Frlv $1.00
per bott'e; six for 5.C0. K your ljeal drug
gist has not got It la stock, order from tho
THE B0BBITT DRUO CO., Saleigh, N. C.
Writs for tes 1 menials.
The only remedy in the world
ponltlrely guaranteed to prevent
end cur Cholera, Pnt tip in
86-cent and $1.00 sizes. Sold by
all Druggists
and country
Trial bottle by
mail, secure
ly packed, to
any address, for
only bv
Reliable Charloiie Merchants
Call on them when vou B-otoCharlotta N.C. Wr t
them If you do not (to, and hare your orders fllld
ry man. in answering aaTerusemenis kiduij ma
tlon this paper.
WTVfTMP WEST WORK. Reasonable Price
I ftiil H H It Wr te Ne ws & Times Pt'g. House.
fTT9 WTnUPE.M. ANDREWS, lft-18W.Tr.ade
I WMilityftMAlso Pianos. Organs dc Uicycie
Can Kj consulted In his office In
No. 500 North Tryon 8treet.
On any week day except Wednesday. His
practice is limited to diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Hose & Throat
$1,000 Reward
To anyone who can find alO-rent
Cigar on the market that willcom
' pare with
'-Black -Poodle"
"The Fairest."
The 5 -rent goods manufactured by
F. S. DIXON, of Durham, N. (J.
Don't breathe until you have tried
For sale by All Dealers. Call for them. -
9 ,A
Iw w
25 50
J la
a . aaaaaw. 3 .waaaw ...aaMkat aSataaSm Bl - - C a Bl
xs curecohstipatioh
t 1 TT 11
1 and booklet free. Ad. KTFrilfl RKltFDT CO.. fhlcairn, Montreal, fun., or ISeiT Tora. ait.
A Great Magazine offer.
The regular subscript
icription price of
rest's Magazine
s Library," and
y Pictures" is $3.30.
" DEMO REST'S MACAZINE." tY far the best family inaearine published j there is ton
of our monthlies in which the beautiful and the useful, pleasure and profit, lashion and literatert
are so fully presented at in Demorcsl'a. There i.io fdct.no publication pretending to a siroilai
scope and purpose which can compare with it. Every number contains a free pjttcra coupon.
"JUDGE'S LIBRARY " it a monthly raagatineof fun, filled with illustrations In caricature ao4
replete with wit and humor. Its contributors are the best of American wits and illustrators.
" FUNNY PICTURES" is another humorous monthly ; there is a laugh in every line of It. '
All three of these magazines are handsomely colic a vp. You should not raits this cbancs H
secure them.
Cut out this advertisement and send It with 92.00 to
For the last 20 years we
sumption in stock, and would
get along without sugar in his store than we could without
Piso's Cure, It is a sure seller. RAVEN & CO., Druggists,
Ceresco, Michigan, September 2, 1896.
since the world wag
made; and neyer
has such a lla
been offered to make selections from as X
now control. I am offering THIS MOST
and my connection
with the big manufac
turers en&blos mo to
' fcii,-ii",ini''Tiiir''
It you can't come to my fctore. writ for
catalogues and let me show you how I can
Charlotte, N. C.
R ore MM Ms
For some of the largest vehicle concerns tn
this country, and carry in ctock a large line of
and would bo pleased to correspond
with you.
etcre room 180 feet deep, two stories and
basement, filled to ceilings with latest styles
of desirable vehicle.
Write for Cutalogue and Price Lists
:, s, mixch i vmm,
203 and 205 South College Street,
- - -
138 other articles. Costnothing. ReadouroRer
Eri ry prr.no who ml Oil out and sonilf
i.mitic iinmi crura, win rwsrm.
I autumnur douMe arllon,? a W.
f r M ral. lurnlver, toll 4
M (I'm wlu.l 1 f 1 ,l.m 1 W.trh.
ntnnlrd ?U1 k" Vrt Chain, trlpl
nvrr riairo i r-pnnnswarta l.
lairrnMrlst' 9K lift Putimt. ffola
l.ir.l Wsirli I'lmtm nnh I
in. Ul.niotiil .nllil polil I; Mrsrf l ln.
tiOft. .HllHf utltimts, inn Knvpintws,
trio. hlRh nr.!. lftl rnrlla.
I lsml I'.ik 11 hhrenrr, I I'wfc,
CI Mratnmmtum atirt I rrpt
MMI rtlltoa HOI POUflW.
a II u, in otiW to In.
trodura our clears, I that
ymt allow to snd la
.am pacaaps SS ( mnr
flnar-t V ( lirara, valuM
t 4 tT. Full saamlnaUmi
allowed Jlrmrmbar. T"" otf r7 ' lr lr !
clirara. and tna ioarllcliiilalxiraarfia. ir jau dW
ennsldnr th lot worth tlma what ws a dunt pay I cant,
Address WINMTON MHi, CO U luatoo, N. V,
8.N.U. 8. '87.
IUU In order to lutrodtn-e oir "1S07" wheels
w intend elrinn awsr a number to advartlae
them, lor jiarilnilara aend ir. .timrnl addreaead.
envelope to thaAVAI.ON IIICVI l!ll CO., til to
V2I Ilrosulwajr, N.l'. Agetils wanted sverwaers
Riders and Repairers throughout North
and houth Carolini snl (ieorcla, should
get our prit-es on HIcytles and Kutidries,
rders iillrd same ay received Every
thing that is used on a c cle.
8TKAHNR. ) pi,,..,,)., j t'ATKF,.
W. F. Dowd.'Charlotte, N. C.
St lVtttll. la Mll.au . far till
Urei. OR. J.L.6TfcPr-f N8, UUaliiWaU
We will send all three to you for
one year for $2.00, or 6 mo. for $i.
have kept Rso's Cure for Con
sooner think a groceryrnan could
' i
- j- --'

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