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& H'juI 'tlH, And it hM no other , method.
IKtfV ' ,HUording to Uh Republican prcMhUprinci.
j ' TqoaHficatlon for the high ofllco of Bocro.
k,r Wy of Btato consists in tho fact thnt ho was
ssW V& ' (elected by mo for a lesser or subordinate
fWJ? '. I plaee.f or which the Republican Senate refused
Kitfi- toconflnn him. The opposition nro vrelcomo
MwBpr to whatever consolation or argument they
GU?' .can derivo from that ciroumstanco. Tho
fra-' 'Democrats Trill win this fall because tho lion.
rtoL est, bana fldo worklngmon of tho Btato will
Hftft note their ticket. They realize that whatever
Pi1', 'beneficial legislation has boon had in tho past
. Ht, ha been secured mainly through tho efforts
Kttt 'of Democrats and usually against the onpo-
ptf ? dtlon of the Republicans. Tho rocords of tho
- $' " legislature prove this fact. Nearly overydis-
IHrfi? tinctlvo labor meararo roceivos the united
Bw X Demoeratio tote and passos with tho aid of n
t, very few Republicans, tho main body of
K3 '. them, however, Toting in opposition. Every
BW, 'laboring man who has watchod the proceod-
MK& . ings of the Legislature for several years past
Hk 'know this to be the truth. Tho
ssssRy-'' various third parties which have sud-
MW& ' 'denly sprung up are not engineered
bsBH .byconulne workingmen, but by ambitious
politicians, ministers, priests, lawyers and
tvjw,. other professional men. The Knights of
Klft& Labor and other bona fide and republic lnbo-
-X 'organiattions tako little stock in these new
ssK$' ipoutieal movements. The laboring man
'Mm,ci wanU practical measures of relief, not mcro
Hkv 'theories which it would take n century to en-
mmfS,' 'force, and ho issatifled with the provisions of
& 'the Demoeratio platform this fall.
Bfc'-' "But the Republicans claim that they
-MELl' ;rengthened their party by the course of
B03'thoir Legislature last winter. What do you
K'; 'aytothat?"
Kl ' The Republicans always claim every-
IHkI, thing. If they have strengthened themselves
IBfrfir lit must havo been by something other than
HIKi.i i their legislation. Perhaps it was by their
lHfF 'course in reference to confirming appoint-
w ' "'raenta, or possibly they strengthened them
Hv -selves when thoy refused to confirm Mr.
K -' lArkell. a reputable citizen of ability, who
K, ' 'would have made an excellent Railroad Com.
K, mlsslonor, but who was sacrificed at the in-
pti 'stance of the Quarantine Ring. Perhaps
Hft11 they strengthened themselves rejecting Mi.
Bft lchael Rickard, tho candidate of the
Ejw railroad workingmen for the same
H' , office. Then, again, they may havo
K, 'acquired additional strength when tboy re.
KJL''f jeeted Mr. Buokbee, the candidato of all the
HO IXnightsof Labor of the State. Tliey prolio-
H?. lbly secured the favor of the farmers by ro-
k IJeoting William A. Armstrong, tho farmers'
HH&i, j candidate and the honored head of the Qrang-
Jk rs organization of tho State. Thev
.HoLH H stowed their affection for the sol.
jHBlM dlers by rejecting Col. Prod Grant,
Kfn alio tho gallant one-legged veteran, Qen.
HK;,",,! Sickles, and Qen. Barnum and' the well.
HBFi 'known Kings County soldier, Jos. W. Webb ;
R5? dl these things may have strengthened the
HMK Republican party, but I do not believe it.
Hy.- We shall win this fall because the Republican
Dpi (Germans ore utterly disgruntled by tho vacil-
K'j'' luting course of the Republican party upon
Ka the questions of personal liberty and temper-
aKlK anco."
Wr...' " What about the renomlnatlon of Prcsi-
Hub vdent Cleveland next year ?"
W " It is not wise to attempt to cross a bridgo
BA -until you got to it. That will be determined
Kft ' next year and not before. Every fowdayB
HHyS there are reported in tho Republican press
HHr various interviews, understandings and ar-
Ri , rongementa purporting to havo been had
Hfei? ,4 with or mado by me, and I havo only to say
f'L 'that they are all wholly unfounded. Tho
Jra; Presidential question of 18A8 will settle itself
Kt j! at the proper time. Until then I have
HN!n l nothing to say. The Democratic party of
HjKi this State has only one present duty before
.SKf lit, and that is to aohievo succoss in the pond.
.' log eloction. and every true Democrat will
' 'HJiV npw exert himsolf to manfully do hisdutv.
. HHu Tho party is united, enthusiastic and confl-
, Htr vdent. and again I repeat wo expect to win
B thtofaU."
ssssssK' '
HBmu The United Labor Party's Appllrallon for a
Ki; t Slaudamn Denied,
Hlw " In the General Term of the Supreme
jEV Court to-day Presiding Justice Van Brunt
K& and Justices Daniels and Bartlett handed
MB WB, down an opinion affirming the ordor of tho
B K.'r Special Term denying a motion for a per-
H JK,U emptory mandamus in tho action of the
H wKS.. United Labor Party against tho Board of
HA KwETl- Police for the appointment of tho fifth elec-
il MpScC -tlon inspector from that party.
Hf srbF n tno opiuion, which is per cnrlnm, Judge
H mre? Daniels says: "If tho allegation that the
HL JK)v United Labor party as a political party had
jBjF t upward of fiO.OOO votes at tho last elec.
r jRp tion had been established beyond reasonable
H ssww' ground of controversy, then the motion for a
H BlW peremptory writ of mandamus directing the
W Bt Board of Police Commissioners to appoint
vjst B&V additional inspectors from that party
JH BTin J would have been successful." The opinion
j HJM - continues, that, as this was not done, an issuo
Bf Bcw ' 'nct ' necessarily created which no court,
H lOfrV ' """out ine consent ol nil the parties, can
Bl wf&r consider and decide otherwise than bv a for-
BJ fo mt& trial.
Bl M' Concluding the Court says: "In order to
Bk Jt$ o determine to which party or organization the
Bt j&& " additional inspectors in each dixtrict can bo
Bl sBm given it must first be ascertained and de-
B BKh termlned which of the contesting parties is
WK BTWf the Party- if cither of them is, by which
Kj B?L theae 60,000 votes wero given, and
Fif BK" until that fact is established to the
UH Bk ' satisfaction of a majority of the Board of Po-
Bj Br5'v "ce or to Uie satisfaction of the Court upon
Bl BSlt"' application no authority to make any
BJ Bfr ' appointment of these inspectors exists either
B Bkl' Jn the Board -of Police or any member there-
BJ BSi' ' " y,aa neither of the three parties,
BJ K'-'V 'then it seems to follow that no additional in-
BJ BlH-j' epectors can be appointed.
Bl Hrith ' " Ordinarily the case would present an issue
BJ BV he tried by a jury, but tho parties to the
BSf contest have been permitted by the law to
Bl BS5'1 S waive a trial by jury, and to consent either
Wd Bad ' to a reference or to a trial before the Court."
Km BJK ' -ne Oonrt says that the caso must
BJ BJK proceed at the earliest possible
BJ BJ??:''!- moment before a Circuit Judge
BJ Ht'! no w' e elected in order that whiohever
BJ Bt&r' Pvty is entitled to the inspectors may have
BJ BMiiV them and the inspectors allowed to act and
BJ BMr protect the interests of their constituents.
H KtT Theft at narvard and BxpnUlon.
B BXg Boston, Oct. 10. Morris Mnoscko, of
BJ BEiiy' Cleveland, O., an eigbteen-year-old student
Bt BB at Harvard, was arreBted Saturday, charged
mm BjS xritii purloining the sum of 811 from the
WM UMm:: pocket of J. R. Thomas, a Fresli.
Bl BM" man. The theft was committed in the
Bl BJ&f - gymnasium, where Thomas watfexercising.
Bl . Joseph Follen, the janitor, watched
Bl iW"v. -JKnascke and saw him take the money. Tho
Bl (WPt Janitor informed Sargent, who mado the com.
BH lii plaint on which tho Btudent was arrested.
BM Wilw,' He was arraigned this morning and fined
BH sSuT-v J,60 antl ooet which his friends subscribed.
WPk B& Prof. White telegraphed his parents, who
Ka? Bra ftTe wealthy, of the son's disgrace, at the
' BJp same time saying that he was oxpelled.
BS p It Wasn't (1b William.
BJjJ ' Mr. Barnard, Qns WilliomB's lawyer, re-
B eelved a letter this afternoon from H. B.
B Wcllman, manager of tho Matrimonial
BJE Agency, at No. 117 East Thirty-first street,
m ' acknowledging that he was mistaken in ref.
BJ. j, crenee to Mr. Williams being the person who
BM' 'K encaged his aervices to secure a wife, and ho
BS Wp wishes to apoligiso to the comedian.
BB k Anetbcr Chelrm Tlcllni.
BV. VJ A child died of cholera on Swinburne
BJJ ,mkf, Island yesterday, making the seventeenth
IB mm ' death on the island of the Alosia's poesengors,
BX ofx an a totai ot twenty.five deaths sincotho
BJI Bl Aledo left port.
Km tKf The Demecmtle Headquarters.
BM SsP J ' headquarters of the Demoeratio Stato
BJ I Kji Committeo, at the Hoffman House, will be f or.
BJav Bl ' xnally opened for tho campaign on Wednos.
V' mElf day.
K 3p Obituary.
BJft) AlderBin. James J. Corccnn, tbe rtpresenta.
(! ' tire of the Fifteenth Assembly District In tbe
h wx iireseat Common Council, died at his home st No.
BBWf V Wast Thlrty-tblrd street about mtdnlgbt last
iW Mgftt. Aldermsn Corcoran was elected a a Tsm.
mmr-W wsnyjasa. Be wtc In the liquor trade 'at Mo. (M
HJp W Team avestse.
"dimes for anti-poverty.
Dr. tllrairnn'a Friends to Prrnent Ills Por.
trnlt to I'nthrr llellly n n Trstlraonlnl
J!xcltln Tntlnir Contest Mra. Ororur's
Ilantnm Hen Lnr nn ltgK 'A Flnnnrlal
Hiicevi nuil Knormous rrofltn AMiired.
a. X ,,.,, t HE notion of tho po
H. ACT U lice authorities re-
rjgSkfflv garding the wile of
xtf&yj I Vw " chances " on various
Ks-fTrWiviwiuw nrticles, nnd tho an.
ft 5S 1 i nouncomont that tho
S nwlWii law concerning lotter-
i AHtfw&L m i would be rigidly
"llf ",! I enforced hereafter,
X.?- hnve forceti tho man.
qi ngomont of tho Anti-
i.,. Jm miA Poverty fair at Madl-
?f" "ft n Square Garden to
A VS C. ySV alter tho progrnniine
i J Jjh-fc in many particulars.
&J J& v fp1 Rut the fair will not
Sflrri i i -r-rrfnlffi be brought to on un-
Smunjm t,melyend. Acircu.
J J J SL. lar issued to-day nets
r u forth "'" fntH nn1
S -MiN. states that the goods
. l"ll ln,t,P'or distribution
t QfoC5icfa.!& by lot 111 bo sold at
TAtt9ll fl. nUC'on nn,i '10 Pr"-
vfy'M&G&!f$Ki' ceds divided pro rntn
4&&2lwJflf & among thoso who hold
tickets. If tho pro
ceeds of tho sale of nny nrticla exceed tho ag
gregate paid for chances the surplus will go
into tho society fund. Thcro are hundreds
of articles, representing thousands of dollars
in value, which wero to be raffled off on Sat.
urday noxt.
Five weeks ago nobody had thought of nn
Anti-Poverty fair. It was an idea born in
ono moment and carried into execution tho
next. The fair begins its third week to-day.
Each day since its opening has added to its
attractions, till the great pavilion Is n wilder
uesH of things beautiful and things pictur
esque. On Saturday night nlone 7,000 people
visited tho exhibition, which means !700
door recoipts, while the dimes wero lured
from tho pockets of tho 7,000 by every manner
of device which genius could invent and
pretty maldenR practise
There is Mary nnd her little lamb, which
was to go to the wiuuer in a raffle. Mary is
still tho same sweet little golden-hair mini,
but her lamb hnn multiplied into n small
flock, and thero would bo danger of mistak
ing her for Littlo Bo-Peoii, only she sits so
demurely by her fold thnt no ono could
imagine that she had lost any of lier sheep.
Her flock now consists of two white lambs, a
black lamb with a white tail and Father
Balas's goat, which tho Anti-Poverty boys
stoutly insist they stole from tho back-door
yard of tho Williamsburg priest.
Thero nro portraits of Dr. Kdward Mc
Qlynn everywhere and in all styles, shapes
and sizes ; nnd the lodieH of St. Stephen's,
who hnvo stood so faithfully by their deposed
priest, are so activa that it is almost impos
sible to distinguish between tho "parish,
loners " nnd the Anti-Povertv Society.
Dr. McOlynn and Judge Mnguire, of Cali
fornia, will address the people ot tho fair to
night, and other speakers will be called in to
make up for the loss of tho excitement con
sequent on tho suppression of tho ruffles.
Dr. McOlynn on his recent visit to Schenec
tady received a peculiar and gratifying sur
prise. Tho Rev. Father Rellly, of 8t. John's
Church in that city, sought him out and paid
great attention to him. This him roused tho
enthusiasm of the " Parishoners," and tliny
will purchase the inngnlllcent life-size photo,
graph of tho Doctor, which is exhibited near
the Madison avenue entrance, and send It to
Father Rellly.
Thoro williio an entortainmont of Homo
sort each evening of this week nt tho fuir, nnd
on Saturday there will bo an auction of the
goods that are left. The fnir will bo wound
ui on Monday ocning next with a grand
ball and supper.
On Wednesday evening tho farce "From
Pnmltin ltiilge, or Belinda Jane nnd Jona
than," will be ployed under tho management
of Mrs. Hnckcti and Mnster James llackett,
tho widow and son of the. famous actor J. II.
llackett. Master Ilaekutt will be Jonathan
Scruggins, nnd Miss Edith Mooru will essay
Belinda Jano Hopkins, while Miss May Gleo
son. Miss Elva Ilovlo. Mr. Dnlv. Mr. John M.
Walsh and Mr. Godfrey Morgan will also
This evening thero will bo a variety enter,
taiumeut, recitations, rendings and Bulging.
An amateur band composed of war veterans
will alternate with McAuliffe's Orchostru on
Wednesday night, nnd tho voting contests
will go on with tho usunl spirit every night,
the jiolls closing on Friday night.
In the cnnvnss for President tho fight has
been virtually reduced to ono between Blaine
nnd Henry George, with the man from Maine
u littlo in tho lead. One night last week n
stranger stepped up to tho polling place and,
laying n crisp flfty-dollnr bill on the oounter,
Kind ho had that amount to deposit for Blaine
otcs. The figures 600 were marked on tho
blackboard and Mr. Blaine seemed to havo n
sure thing for a long time. But now
a man has come forward who says
George niUBt win if it takes his night shirt,
and he sta ed Saturday night till 11 o'clock,
dropping in a dollar every time ony ono elso
attempted to boom Mr. Blnine. After he
had gone the Dloiiio adherents demonstrated
that " boodle counts" by casting enough
votes ot 10 cents euch to advance their candi.
data to tho front again. Tho voto now
stands 7C0 for Blaine, 727 for George, IN) for
Hill, 25 each for Cleveland and Powdorly,
and u solitary vote for the cold-wnter man,
St. John.
The largo silk American flng given to Dr.
McGlynu by his parishioners on tho recent
occasion of tho twenty.fifth anniversary of
his priesthood, has been presented by him to
the fair nnd it will go to tho most populnr
assembly district organization of tho United
Labor party. Tho Tweutioth District 1b now
ahead with 205 votes nnd tho Seventh Dis
trict is next.
Of course Tiif. World is still in tho lead as
the best newspaper, in which contest the
winnor will receive a handsomely engrossed
and framed testimonial.
Miss Hattie Landau, the " Rebecca at tho
Well," is still tho most popular ladv, with
281 votes to her credit. Mii-s Lillio Frolke,
of the Knights of Labor booth, is next.
The card of the llepubliceu party with tho
sign of a silk stocking shows that 288 pennies
have been cast into tho ballot-box for it,
while tho Tniumany Indian on tho Demoeratio
card claims 25 ; the Prohibition card sign,
a bottle nnd two glasses reads 12(1, while the
United Labor party, which has for emblem
two American flags with crossed staffs, has
polled 3,412 penny otes.
Chief Fisher is ahead in the contest nmong
the firemen on the qiustionof popularity,
with Chief McCnba a good second.
Thero is n large preponderance of votes in
favor of the enforcement of the Eight-Hour
law, unci woman suffragists havo evidently
followed the placarded injunction to " vote
early and often."
Capt. Thomas Rellly, of tho Nineteenth
Procinct, leads in tho canvass for tho police,
mau'a Imdgo of silver, the gift of Mrs.
Hackett to tho fair, and Copts. Thomas M.
Ryan and Thomas Killiiea nro c'nse behind.
The budge is a relic of tho stage David
Garrick owned it, nnd nftorwords it wns worn
by J. H. Hackett in " Hamlet."
One of tho busiest ns well as the most en
tortalning stands in the fair is tho book stall
under tho management of Mr. O'Flnherty, of
the Fourteenth Assembly District, nnd Dr.
Ankotcll. Julius Glaser has charge of tho
works of Henry George, and ho has already
sold 8,100 conies of " Progress and Poverty,"
and over 6,000 copies of the various works of
tho leaders of united labor, ftlenry George
and Dr. McOlynn, write their autographs on
tho fly-leaf of nny book purohased, if tho
buvor so desires.
Mrs. Henry Gcorgo and her two dnughters.
in chargo of ono of tho booths, ho received
much attention, and ono of tho curiosities of
the fair is to bo found here. It consists of n
hi art cut out of a Hat pioco of black wal
nut and nu arrow of pine, which piorces
the heart. A bantam cock and hon wero
given to the fair and beenmo tho " Anti
l'overtv auxiliaries " to Mrs. George's booth.
Littlo Miss Aiuiio George has mado tho couple
herspeuial charge, and now " lllrtllo " has
laid a cunning littlo egg. " Diokio," her Iiiih.
band, made a great fuss over tho achieve,
inent of his littlo wifo. A fabulous prico was
nffered for tho nntl.poverty egg by a New
Jersey farmer, but Mrs. George will keep it
as a memento of tho fnir. Fnrracr Williams,
of Fnir View, N. J., visited tho fair the other
day, nnd now ho hns becoino an enthusiastic
convert to the United Labor party. Ho
brought two mognlflccut bouquets to Mrs.
Georgn on his second viBit.
To-ilnv n young priest stopped hositntingly
before tho Fonrth ovenuo ontroucn to tho
Garden, and looked wistfully in. Then ho
walked on, stoppod, turned and retraced his
stops. Ho addressed tho mon at tho door,
saying: " I want to givo something for tho
" Go right in," sold the doormnn.
" No; I enn't do thnt," said the priest hnr.
ricdly nnd looking uneasily up nnd down tho
ncnuo. " But hero is $5. Put that into tho
box for me." Then ho hurried nway.
Ono of tho threo copies iu America of tho
photograph of tho testimonial purchnsed
with money rnised by TnE WonLn and pro
sentcd to Gladstone- by tho peoplo of New
York, surroundod by n group composed of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Gladstone, their son, Mr. Hor
bert Gladstone. M. P., and Mr. Joseph Pu
litzer and Mr. R. M. WnltorB. of tho prpsenui
tion committeo, has been given to tho fair
and will bo sold at auction.
During tho wook five of the Assembly dis.
triet organizations will visit tho fair in n
body each ovening, and in fact, thcro is no
sign of n lessening of interost. The rent of
tho garden is $1,000 n week, and tbe cost of
cos, electric lights, music, help, Ac, is nbout
2,000 more, but In spite of this huge oxpenso
of ($3,000 n week, tho Anti-Povorty Society
will find itself richer by many thousands of
dollars by the venture.
A Favorite Resort Years Before tbe Art or
House was Hullt.
Tho nnnounccment of tho solo of the old
Merchants' Hotel, Nos. 39 nnd 41 Cortlandt
stroet, recalls tho old days when tho mer
chants of tho West nnd South used to make
thoir semi-annual trips to New York to pur
chaso goods of tho grent wholesale houses.
The Merchants' Hotel wns in thoso days a
much !ar r and moro pretentious hostelry
than it now is, nnd covered tho two lots noxt
adjoining on tho side townrd Broadway, It
was n fnvorito resort for tho merchants from
the sections named who flocked horo in
These wero tho days before tho mnn with
samples camo into existence nnd went scur.
rying through tho country, soiling to coun
try retailors moro goodB than they want
through tho medium of his persuasivo elo
qiioncc, and breaking tho hearts of tho
chambermaids and dining-room girls right
and loft.
Then tho Morchants' notol ranked among
tho first in tho city, but the march of prog,
ress has left it only its history, onc-hnlf of
its former capacity, n fow boarders, somo
transient guests who drop in on thoir way
from tho Cortlandt Btrcet ferry, and others
who potronizo it becouso thoir fathers
ond grandfathers stopped thero fifty
years ngo. Theso last usually want to
see tho register of tho hotel to study the
chirogrophy of their ancestors, and nro a
daily bother to Landlord Samuel Cole, who
has managed tho establishment for a year
His immedlnto predecessor was n. E. Bil
lings, who, for nine years, welcomed guests
to the timn-houored publio house. Ho wob
tho succcrsor of William Schenck and his
partner, Mr. Olork, who for twonty-eight
years conducted tho hotel. Mr. Muirhead, a
Jerseyman, was the first proprietor.
Dr. Joseph W. Saul, of llaltimoro, who is
now about eighty years of age, and who has
stopped nt the hotel for flfty-thrco years,
when in tho city, laughs as he relates how tho
knowing ones used to gather nt tho Mer
chants' when Astor was building his hotel
and toll each other what it fool Astor was.aud
how ho was ruining himself financially by
building " such n big barrack of a castlo so
for up town." It no er would bo filled, they
said, and would stand over ns a monument to
tbe follv of its builder.
Tho Doctor miys that those of tho croakers
who hoe lheil to seo their error, have
changed the opinion so fully expressed iu
tho Thirties.
llontlrrn of T.rnvcs at Ulverslde.
Sinco tho first touches of frost tho lenves in
thy parks hoo begun to mako thoir annual
litter. Although iimiiy of tho trees in Con
trol Park nro still green, lenN es hnvo fallen so
rapidly within the, post two or threo days that
tho Superintendent has put to work tho full
complement of men, who nro now busily en
gaged in raking tho lnwns nnd woody slopes
from Fifty.ninth to Ono Hundred and Tenth
street. Thoy gathor tho fallen leaves into big,
fragrant heaps, and when n sufficient quantity
has been collected they will be carted off
somewhere and destroyed.
For n great many years past it has been
customary to burn tho leaves over on tliti
west side of the Park. Thero wns so niueli
complaint last season, however, from tho
residents along Eighth uvenuo on account of
the smoke and dirt which was caused by eon.
suiuiug this enormous quantity of leaves in
tho very heart of the city that the authori
ties havo ordered that nil tho loaves from tho
Park bo taken up to Itiverslde to bo burned.
Tho peoplo up in the goat district need not
now lie apprehensive of any moro prairie fires
such os havo alarmed them in previous years
when tho big bonfires wero in full blast.
At the I.ubor Convention.
(iriccui. to Tim vronui.l
St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 10. Tho Knights of
Labor Assembly will meet this after
noon nt 2 o'clock. Tho morning was
dooted to sessions of the various
committees. It is understood that Powder
lv's roport on the nttltudo of tbe Catholic
Church to tho Knights of I,nbor, giving Car.
dinal Gibbons credit for saving the organiza
tion from tho ban of tho Pope, will bo pro-seuted.
In the Krul.ItMnte Market.
Imslncss began at the ltcaUEstate Kxrhnntre to
day with an auctliin sulo by Hruwn A Lcvlncs nt a,
four-story Moiic-front house, with lot 2i.3x.,
No. 40 tast Twcntj-scrond street. The property
was nrtlelv bid (or, ami dually sold to John Wil
son rorJ7,4W.
The raullst Fathers have sold the premlaei
snown as Manhattan Hall on private terms.
The flve-etorjr apartment-honses sm.piw and 80s
West One llnnrtreil and Twenty-eighth street have
been sold for I7,000.
KlRhtj-thrcc bullillng lota sltnatert at Path Peach,
I I. , will tie sold tu-morrow on the premlsta by
Jcre Johnson, Jr.
Smyth A ltyan will sell four lots on Claremont
ae., Twctitj-thlnl Ward,
J. T. Slc.irnn will sell tho Ohryntie cf..ite, enm
prlKlmstV) lots fltuate on Murniuti'a Dam road,
witter st. und Weys-audt place, Kordham Heights,
Twenty.fourth Ward.
11. v. Harnett A Co. will sell property on the
corner of Stanton nnd (loerck sta. , No. s East lh
at. , Nn. W V.MX 83d st. , No. 19 Kant Md at. , No.
660 Lexington are., No. 67 Ionard at.
Tbe Hblp News Hulled Down,
AltRirsp TO-PAY.
Klder, Bremen nnd Southampton.
I'.ltnonto, New Orleans.
I'leter dc Conorulcfc, New Orleans.
City of Columbia, Kcrnandlna.
Arabic, LlNerpool.
Clenfnenns, Havana, Oct 6..
Jersey City, Drlntnl, Sept. 19.
Donatl, Hfo Janeiro, Sept. IT,
i:icno, Porto ltloo, Oct. 4.
Italy, Liverpool, Spt. .
Wisconsin, Liverpool, Oct. 1.
If III Decision Is Carried Out Heading Will
Ilnvn the North I'cnusylvnnln nnd Hound
IlrooU nt Its Merer Ilrnnett's Hudtlen
Itelnrn from llurope Starts Reports of a
Cabin War tiosslp on the Hlreet.
WAt-L SiniET. 8 r. It.
fN the market to-day
the bea s again sue,
cceded n working
down the prices of
leading stocks materi
ally. First it was Erio
und the Grangers and
then tho VanderbiltB,
tho Coinmaok-Bate-mau
party making a
particularly savage
drive against Lake
Hhoro. Heading nnd
Western Union served
to stiffen prices nt
intorvnlB.but the spoils
of firmness wero of
short duration.
Tho great evout of the day was ho
announcement that Special Master Dallas of
tho Iteoding hod filed his report, in which ho
finds that tho First Sorioa 0a mortgago covors
tho North Ponnsylvunio lease, confirm
ing the position of tho Wharton-Kom-bio
syndicote. If the deoision of
the Master is carried out. however, tho Head
ing proper would have tho North PcnnBylva
nnd Ilound Brook lino nt its morcy and con
sequently it is thought that th contesting
parties will come togethor.
Tho return of Bennett from Europe was
mndo the basis for n report that the cable war
was approaching a settlement.
The French and English steamers which
havo arrived from Europe since Bnturday
brought $2,280,100 in specfo. This brings tho
total imports of gold since July 28, 1B87, up
to about $21,800,000.
Monoy easy at 4 a 0 por cent.
Is tho West Hhoro-Central fight to hnve n
parallol in tho West ? Tho old roads having
added sovornl thousand milcB to thoir sys
tems in that section within a very recent po
riod, and some now companies naving been
constructed for tho pnrposo of trying tho
West Shore ond Nickel Plate game over again,
thero is going to be a slashing of rates- that
will forco oven tho best of tho linos to cut
down or Btop dividends entirely. At lenst, so
sny tho boars. If buBinoss Blncks up tho
roads will cortninly not stand upon ceremony
but will mako a fight to get tho biggest part
of such traffic as may bo offering. It is a
little early yot to toll oxactly how the thing
will torminnto, but judging from tho way the
bears ore hammoring tho Grangors thoy ap
parently bcliovo that the roadB nro in for a
light, in whioh tho survival of tho fittest can
ufono settle tho question.
the riaunzs.
Oji. BtoA. Ln. Clo.
0nndRoathem BSlf M 6J 63,',
Cunids Pscuio Mi MM 61 61
CleTS., Uul Oln. iilnd 61 ClU 60 60
Ohio, llurl. 4 Unlncj 130V 130g 1M)J U9
OhlotgoftNurtbwfMt...,, Wiil 110 10S& 108;!
Chicago A Northweit pfd K0V liOtf 140 110
Chicago A Alton....... 10? HOtf 14UV
Ohio., Mil. A St. Pul 7; tift w; 7S;
Ohio. Mil. A Ht. Paul Pfd 1J3 118 117 119
Ohio.! llock II. A PmIUo 114 1HM 113V 113'i
Ool. i Hooking Vallej ai 23J 3l Mil
OolorsdoOoaiA Iron SV Si 331 38
Conmlldsted 0 71 71W 71 71
Dl Lsok. AWMtm.. 134V 136 134V 135
Dcliwsr A Hudson. 08 WU 9jO !,'
Denver A Ulo Ursnds , XiK 33? 33 23K
Denver A lllo Grand pfd....... f.5'2 6o 641 64 I
K. Tenn.. Vs. A Georgia 10) 10? lu 10)3
llllnola Central.... 117 117 117 117
Imlvllle A NMhvlUo 69V M( M R8
UkeHhore 3T 94 S0.fi VI
Lake Kris A Weetern 14lj 16V 1S! 10
Manhattan Conol 'J7 9T uj 97
Memphis A Charleston 41) 49 49 49
Michigan Oentnii PI 84 83 B.l
Mil.. L. H. A Weatern pfd 105 106 106 106
MimwannlliAnt. Louis 10V 10 V 10M 10V
Minn. A Bt. 1'iul pfd 3ok 2il Q5,U 25l
MUsourl Pacific W U3, VVX MS
Missouri, RanraiA Teias 23 3.1 23M 3"JX
New Jersey Central 71V 71V 7lif 71
New York Central ........... 100t 100JJ 10 105J
New York A NewKngland.. .. Mil ii 37 37&
N. Y Ohloago AHt. Louis... IB lfl 1
N. Y. Lake Krio A Western.. 27 27'i M'i 20
N. Y. IJike Krle A West, lifil. W (13 'i C2 C2V
N. Y Husquelianna A West.. VH V4 V t
Norfolk A Western 14 14 13 13X
Norfolk A Western pfd 40 40' 39 S'i
Northern PsciBo pfd 40',' 40's W( 46a
Ohio A Mississippi 24 24 23, 23!,
Oregon llsllwsr A Navigation. H51,' Hf. SJ!t SB
Oregon Transcontinental 19j; 19X 1U 18',
Oregi n Improvement IW 38 as St
PacTlio Mall... SOX BM SflV 85V
Philadelphia A Holding 00 (lit, 69!, CO
Philadelphia (las IHIV M 90 M.V
Peoria, Decatur A hvansvills. 21M 'ill, 21 21
Ulclinwnd A West Point Ter.. 23i 23', 23f 22
St. Paul A Omaha..... 41 41K 40V 407
Hi. Paul A Omaha pfd 105Vf 10!i' 1MVJ 105X
u. -..i &nnn s i...i.nk- kwii innL. nor? ,iio
St. IxiulsAKan Iranclsoo 34V 31)j iii MH
Ht. Uiiila A Han 1 ran. pfd 7.1 73 72 76
ffeias Pacific.,.. 2J'i IVi 21i 23
Tennessno Coal A Iron 24 24I 24 28
tlnl.in Pacific f(Hj 60'J 60W 60V
Wabash, St.Imuls A Paclfio.,. I1IS4 l"1 1. 10W
Wsbash, St. I.. A Pacific pfd. 30 8OV1 29VJ 29'1
Western Union Telegraph ... 77 78VS 76 7Ci
Tips ll-om " The Ilrenlnp; World's " TlcUer-
Tlie street placidly stands the announcement of
Northern Pacific management's activity In Its new
road euture from Devil's Lake, Dak., to Iluwley,
Minn., for nlilch Boston capital furnishes
Is It not Just possible that marked dlstrnst of Jay
Gould's well-known methods of absorption man-u-u
re liau padded the situation so thnt the big
tratiKfcr fell noiselessly, la fact, BOincvrhat flat, not
toss) stale 7
The ' ' Htrcet " thinks so.
The Wull street purzlo to outsldcra: 'Why has
not the Grant 11. and O. telegraph deal Influenced
the stock market to a greater extent than It haa 7
The answer Is Bltuple, comprehensive and accur
ate, lz.; Discounted by anticipation. Too much
" tulkee talkce " In advance.
Henry Clcwa has ehaugnl his boutonnlore from
a white to n red rose. Tradlnc for the "ac
count," Saturday half-holldajB and the other new
fangled Innovations of the street havo chronically.
It is feared, Irritated his entire make-up, both In
Doltit uf disposition and decoration.
How about the bull conference held last Saturday
nlKht T The market Is steady, but the bears nro
vigorous and vicious, llartey Durand talks of u
"suru thing," and sava thnt long stocks being
emptied out (mm all directions mint tell.
As usual, however, a diversity of opinion exists,
and for once conservatism talks bulllshly.
Chief Auditor Hosford has prepared an elaborate
argument In favor of making trading for the ac
count at onco the regular way method of Kxchango
transactions. It la to boprescntcd to the Hoard nt
a meeting to ho held on Wednesday afternoon, and
a petition, already In active circulation and signed
by over tlftj Wall street firms, will back It up.
Two hundred firm namea aro oxpeeted to graco
the document, nhlett will precipitate a battle be
tween Exchange rnnservatlvlsm and liberalism
well north watching.
The (irnln Mnrhrt.
The remarkably lieny movement of spring
wheal In the Nortnw eat during the past fewdajs,
and rapidly accumulating stocks In the elevators
at bu Paul, Minneapolis and Dnluth has mado
the speculative trades both at Chicago and
In tho locul market very bearish In temper.
Last rMturday the receipts at Minneapolis alono
vicie 2S4,0iiu bushels, of which only 47,OuO
liuahrU scro shipped. At the same time,
while the total stocks In elevators und Min
nesota ami Dakota on October 1, 1888,
w ere 84,968,0011 bushels, nt the correspond
ing date this year the amount In storo was only
19,619,937 bushels. The speculative conditions,
however, at the present time, preten' this f.ict frum
being reearded as a strong bull point, and for this
reason the markets, both nt JJuw York and Chicago,
opened heavy this morning at lower prices. At
the West December wheat, tho principal specula,
tlve option, sold on tho curb at Ti In the local
market trading was fairly active ut M,' for the
December option. Thero seemed to be an excess
of soiling orders In tho market, the exporters and
Wall street Urm, while the scalpers were busy
hammering prices and making large offerings.
The opening price here renreaentB n decline of mc
us compared with tho closing prices of Saturday.
The Loudon and Liverpool advices this inorr.ln?
were unchanged, mid showed dull, spiritless mar.
kets, and the cables brought a good many selltng
orders which w(ro worked off during tho
morning. The traders sre watching tho In
terior movement very closely, and a great
deal depends upon whether the present
receipts at prlmarj markets are kept np to the
present figure. Unless there li a substanilal fall
Ing off, which seems Improbable from the present
prospect, there l every reason to anticipate a
much lower range of prices In the near future.
On the noon call the following price are quoted
for the wheat options 1 Kovember, 81 tfo. a8l;c;
December. 000 bu. at etc. ; January.Bs;c a M(o. :
February, Wife, bids May, ttsKc, a KjXc; 8,000
bushels at BSJic. M
The Cotton Market.
The early cable from Liverpool this morning re
ported a Orm market, with a good demand for tho
speculative lines, the sales at opening- being 11,000
bales for speculation and 1,000 fur export, and tho
receipts 1,400 bales, all of which was American.
The quotations In tno Liverpool spot market wero
6 8-I0 for middling uplands and R 6-10 for low
middling. The foreign market closed for spot at an
advance of 1-18 fur Orleans, nnd futuro sales of
8,40x1 bales, while futures closed steady at the early
advance, with no tenders.
In the locul market there was a fair holiness
done ut the opening call In tho option line, but tho
temper of the trading was bearish. Future wero
quoted easy at tho opening at 9.87 a 9.88 for Oo
tober delivery; v.8a .s November: 9.H a 9.
December; 9.85a v.88 January; . a 9,471 Feb
ruary: 9.68 a 9.68 March; 9.61a 9.63 April; s.M a
9,C9May, and 9.75 a f. 77 June. Hales, 8,600 bales.
Later In the afternoon wheat was weak and trad
ing waa very dull at a lower range of prices. Tho
highest figure reached for December wheat waa
63c. it was reported that 14,000 bushels wore sold
for export.
The Petroleum market.
The oil market seems unable to shako itself out
of the lethargy Into which It has fallen, nnd tho
onenlntr this morning showed that speculative
cllquoa are averse to doing anything which will
look like the Inauguration of a serious campaign.
Prices show tho same old range and during tho
greater part of the forenoon variations were con
fined within the smallest fractional limits, tho
opening quotation being Mtfc ,and the range being
e?,Vc to 68;c. Just before noon an effort on the
part of some of the bull room traders
to crcato a little breeze by circulating
some bullish well news, was successful In whoop.
Ing tip prices to 70c, an advance of lKc, and for a
time there seemed to bo prospect of a very lively
market. Tho boom, however, was short-lived and
soon spent Its strength, audvtlthln an hour prices
began to recede again.
Iiocal nnd Suburban.
The Thistle Is ready to sail away to Scotland.
Robert Garrett deported with his family for Bal
timore. Harry mil's steamboat Melilngah is sank cf
Hiker's Island.
The post-office at Bound Brook, N. 3. , was de
stroyed last night by fire.
A wholesale removal ot Incompetent Cnstom
HouBe clerks Is Impending.
The demands ot the book and Job printers have
generally been granted by the employers.
The Anti-Poverty Fair oontlnurs to be a big suc
cess, even if the raffles are no longer allowed.
Nathaniel L. McCrendy, the well-known merchant
of this city, died at sou on the steamship Etrurla,
The Frretnan, the only organ of the colored peo
ple In this city, has suspended for laok of support.
Policeman JJahn's trial for the murder ot Capt.
Jack llnssey bogan In the General Sessions Court.
Manager Croasdsle, ot the Anti-Poverty Fair,
was arrested for selling lotteries and placed under
Several moro prominent officials have been ar
rested at Paris In connection with the Caffarel
Phoebe Paullln's brother Is sned for libel by
Butcher Feutzlaff, whom ho accused of murdering
the girl.
It Is ramored that a number of dissatisfied im
porters will petition for the removal of Collector
An Insane woman throws herself from a window
In Madison aventib and Is crashed to death on tho
The Tllden Trust case, set down for to-day be
foro Judge Donohne, was adjourned to tho first
Monday in January.
The Socialists blame Capt. Itcllly for tho outrage
In Union Square on Saturday night and declare
that the attack was deliberately planned.
Mr. Hatch's centreboard sloop I'antta beat the
cutter Ulldla in tho race around Long Island by
four hours, and broke the record over that course.
Tho Itev. Mr. Decker Is publicly dropped from
the roll of membership of the East Congregational
Church, of Brooklyn, for his escapades In Green
port, L. L
The grounds of the Orphan Asylum atMornlng-i
side Park are selected as the site of the new Prot-J
estant Episcopal Cathedral to be erected with the
Catharine Wolfe fund.
Polloe Commissioner Voorheci exonerates Capt.
Rellly from all blamo In regard to the clubbing la
Union Square last Saturday night, but his dismis
sal rill be demanded by the Socialists.
Joseph Gustavus Adolphns Kldd.a colored porter
for a firm of Maiden Lane Jewellers, robbed his em
ployer of nearly $16,00 by systematic thieving for
muny years, lie Is now behind tho bars.
Ily Tlenraph.
President Cleveland Is on his way to St. Paul.
George Francis Train lectured In Chicago and
nearly caused a riot.
Newfoundland has been ref used a representation,
on the Fisheries Commission.
D. 11. Biggs. President of the Boston Central
Labor Union, becomes an out and out Anarchist.
Ex-Speaker Randall arrived In Atlanta, but got
a "dry" reception. Tho mistake was rectified
Tho Mormon Constitutional Convention has,
shaped n memorial to Congress praying for ad
mission to tho Union.
Ex-Cashler Harper, of the broken Fidelity Bank,
of Cincinnati, has made a confession and shows
how he managed Its finances.
Emma Abbott made a spirited reply In churoh tc-.
a Methodist preacher In Nashville, Ky. , who de
nounced the theatrical profession.
A WnBhlngton pollco Justice lined a number of
musical boycottcrs t23 each, toahc dismay of the
labor organizations at the national capital.
Stormy weather prevented President and Mrs.
Cleveland from going to church, nnd the good
peoplo of Madison, Wis., were thereby bltterlyii
Ily Cable.
Manrlcc Strakosch dies suddenly at Tarts.
Jake Kllraln wag dined last night by the Marquis
ot Quecnsberry.
M. Javls, tho French aeronaut, has made prepar
ations to take a party to tho top ot Mont Blanc.
A Bavnrlan steamer was snnk to-day on Lake
Constance, and many lives aro believed to have,
been lost.
rirnnuro Knded In Dentil.
Dublin, Oct. 10. A yacht capsized In
LouBh Keagh yesterday, nnd out of a pleasure
party of n dozen five wero drowned. Every
effort - as mado to savo tho lives of nil, but
tho party boennio panic-stricken when tho
boat went over. Tno women clung to each
other and wont dowupn groups.
Tho largest and cheapest
Furniture and Carpet and
Bedding Establishment in
tho World.
Bowery and Grand St,
rein who arsdsslrousot tsklns s full ouurss of In
struction In lsjlns out and eipoutins: all kind, of shfist
metsl pttffms and work, will nlesss address, for psrtlo
ulsrs. Instructor, 177 World Offlcs,
Kvsry HUto and foreign ccuntrlssi nutaryt piA.
ports. Fqalttble llulldlnKi Ju 1310 Hrosdwsr.
HE PARTY thst Ild 6 dsposlt In stors, tot
Mrrtls m, JUruokJju. If- don't rotorn la um dsis.
It will U sold.
To TOT SrmntKUHTj Sisters i t hire nsed tout Tlslr-Orower for about three months and am reillr asioulshaS B
at ths rspld crowtQ of mj hair. It Is tbe best tonlo I have tried, and 1 shall oontinaeto uselt snd reoommand Ittsaf sssssf
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When these Sisters esu be seen. M fHss
Prlos VI psr bottle six for SB. For sal st oar parlors and all druggist,, or sent on receipt of price. W Uf
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A full line of English Suiting, inSillcl'H
Mixtures, $20 and $25, to order. ' H
229 Broadway, opposite Post-Office, IB
1255 Broadway, corner 31st st. Mm
Our Hosiery and Underwear Stcckis too
large to attempt quotations of quality and
prices, but we can guarantee you a saving of
20 to 40 per cent, or money refunded.
383 Broadway, Witest.,
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"Oar American Homes
and How to Furnish Them."
Furnituro Makers and Importers,
61, 63 and 65 West 23d St,
Respectfully Invito Intending purchnners
of First-class Furniture to oxnmlno their
stoclc ond prices before buying else
where. Unequalled display ; best val
ues; latest styles. Novelties arriving
weekly from London, Paris nnd Vienna.
All goods marked In plalu figures at the
lowest possible price.
Strangers will find this establishment
ono of tho sights of Now York.
It. J. HORN BR A: CO.,
Ol, 03 AND OS WEST 23U HT..
Closebr EleTtrd Hmilon-Otli sre, anil Z3d st.
WANTED To mtks sn etiKScement wltlis rellshle
11 elf sr (sston (Amerletn, no other), to will their
Cooas In KsnsssCltT sod ths Urser Ksdsss towns ; here
esn s UsTsUlnx sslssmsn from Ktnsu Oltr for 19 rssrst
Al Ksnsss Oltj snd New York nisranoss. Address
ltodes, Ux239. TVerid Offlcs.
i i
Viodemann, 1
Not. &02 iV oo-i tiii nn avicnue, k jl
Hon th went cor. 84th et.. and t lH
Mo ao)-i.VTji aviI.nuu, vkm
Second door below 123d fct. fH
Full GUIII Torfectly sdsptwl to ths-.W
"RlofrlTiT- anatomy ut tho month snd.i-M
JiflOfilllU irunranteed to stand thetj l
Sofa u'".1 "' tm"- Old-tlraoJ' , !(
OUkM prices, $10. 820 snd 880
S4, S7 & $10. ISiS-HH .&nhunnB 1
no chargeTno charge wm
without paiuHhen artificial teeth sre to tin Inserted, 8
(In this department a lal In attendance, Teeth fllleaJvasssi
with itold, ulrur, Ao. Teeth repaired In flftr mlnntes. S.'ssssssf
bets made while naltlnx, &' '&
Rochester Laiy M
Sole Owners. t'slsssf
TJEnrUMKllY-WantBd. lor two houri Tenln 5'lf.M1liH
JL thnronghlj exiierltnced rounr ladles for tliiesl labeUI&agyB
kfd snd ribbon workt good par I"rKxJ work. Apply), K
Immediate); to llllmar btephanr, Vti Ilroadwajrt ersn-SfB
lnisUS30ltaatlthst. psssssj
STAKCllERS-Flrst-class shlrt sUrcherai dom other HaH
Bsd spplj. 8'i Mrrtls at,., Brooklyn, i lllfsfsfsfj
&)m& am. ,i 'film

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