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U LAST 1 " ' jgjiKH v I LAST III
V '
Several Arrests Made of Men Who Wanted
I' to Enforce Their Claim Discharged at
the Police Courts vrilh a Reprimand No
ITest Case Yet Prepared No Unusual
Registration Reported.
VERY policomon on
i . n ) duty at a place of rog-
, .'liw. mX U Istry to-day was cnro.
fc"?'!?? L-j fully eqnippo.l by his
2 .l 11 a&Z 0aPtalnwitlrii stock of
ivPoSWWl J nia'co k n match for
U Jpm-ruf ft any obstreperous
"03wiAyiWJ would-bo George in.
!J4f ffjjT T ., It was oxplainod to
, Ti fl 0"" rt no PWcemon that tho
jfalnl MTs$ An General Term of tho
iffygb-yfiVcH- Supremo Court had
" :JZ--2k Jj SS decided tho appoint-
rl ' LfT ment of tho 812 United
. .v$$$$J II Labor party inspectors
" A . sworn in by John J.
4 .fl.p.w," -? O'Brien to bo illogal.
. 1 jjt iQl A resolution of the Fo-
M M?t H ce Board was also
1 ifTt ff. i y- re,ld in each station
I 50 Iff l-"Ll'" onse directing tho
4 I wSbsg offlcors to notify the
I "ias . ii "ipS regular Democratic
S and Republican inspectors that persons pro-
I scnting allegod certificates of appointmont
as election inspectors under chapter 490 of
, the laws of 1837 must not bo permitted to
take any part in tho organization of tho Board
' of Registry or to act as tho fifth inspector
until further orders.
Tho aTowed determination of thoXJnitod
Labor party men to attend the polling places,
insist upon tho validity of tho O'Brien cer
tificates and join the Republican inspectors
' in organizing the Boards of Registry was
known to tho police, and prompt measures
r were taken to checkmate such a move.
' The policemen on duty were told to ignore
any willingness on the part of the regular in
spectors to recognize the George men, and,
in caso the latter would not retire peaceably,
11 to arrest them for disorderly conduct.
' - Generally speaking, the George inspectors
bowed to the inevitable and did not mako
any serious trouble. Most of them, seeing it
was useless to fight against the decision of
l the court and the action of the police author-
fl ities, stayed away from the polling places and
went to their work as usual.
At about a hundred of the 813 registry
places the "fifth" inspector appeared,
,f showed his certificate, was told that he
couldn't act, and then left, with the best
E grace he could muster.
. A number, however, proved obstinate and
caused a irood deal of tmnhlo.
The -George man in tho Nineteenth Eleo-
J tion District of the Second Assembly Dis
trict was William J. Dobbin, of No. 78 Eliza
both street. At 8 o'clock he stood at the door
J of the place of registry, No. 11 Pell street,
t and when the members of the Board came he
insisted that he had a right to recognition.
Patrick H. Callahan, the Chairman of the
Board, who is a Republican, wanted to ad
mit Mr. Dobbin and said so very emphati
cally. His Republican colloage sustained
him, but the Democratic members lucked
powerfully and so did -Policeman Granville.
Mr.Dobbin brought his lawyer, John Galla
gher, and both made the best fight they
could. It of no use, however, for the polico
) man stood firmly by his instructions.
Lawyer Gallagher then went to the Eliza
beth stroet station-house and protested to
Capt. MoOullagh. He wauted a test case
made on Mr. Dobbin's claim and asked the
Captain to arrest his client.
Capt. McOullagh refused to do this, saying
that as yet Dobbin had not broken tho law.
.; To prevent Chairman Callahan from allow-
ingpobbin to sit with the Board the Captain
S went round and formally notified him of the
.t decision of the General Term and read the
I resolution passed by the Police Commis.
rJl signers. Callahan promised to obey the law
t and Dobbin was foroed to retire.
MI - Another Bcene occurred at the registry
J-; place, No. 85 Canal street, where the Board
7 lor the Eighth Election Distriot of the Sixth
t Assembly District met. William H. Auten-
J' rieth. the George inspector, insisted on bo
lt ing allowed to aot. The Board refused to
k recognize bim and Officer William Asxing
, told nim he must quit.
I have a certificate of my appointment,
signed by the Chief of the Bureau of Eleotions
I ' and I will stay here till the place closes,"
' i, Gaid Antenrieth. He held bis ground until
'.', ha was arrested and taken to the Eldridge
i Etreet station-house. Capt. Allaire could not
U persuade him to yield peaceably and he was
a arraigned osa disorderly person beforo Jus-
?- tice Patterson at the Essex Market Court.
f Hera he got another dose of the law, was
'' severely reprimanded, and told that if he re.
turned to tho polling place he would be
brought back and fined. Autenrieth went
' home.
Similar incidents occurred at tho Fourth
and Seventh olection districts of the Fourth
i Assembly District.
X Thomas Leo, of No. 78 East Broadway,
.I and Charles F. Schneider, of No. 478 Water
f street, presented certificates as representa-
tives of the United Labor party. They were
S- evidently anxious to bo martyrs, and to
,; that end defied Policemen Stapleton and,
ttf Bean to put them out. Schneider, clutched
.J the edge of the table and had to be dislodged
- by foroe. Lee said he would bring suit for
m damages if he was removed. Both were ar-
Ji rested and token to the Essex Market Court.
Justice Patterson reprimanded them and also
said ho would impose a heavy fine if they
came before him again.
AM In tho Fifth Precinct the George men did
Jim R? it??1I1tt?nf0!'ca thelr claim ; and,
ft I though Capt. MoElwaia was called upon to
41 explain tho law to many who refused to take
71.1 tho policemen's word for it, no arrests were
AM necessary.
J v?t H00,6?11,1 Assembly District is one
of tho United Labor party's strongholds, and
Am some of the inspectors could not be choked
41 1 off bv mere words.
'M John J. Hassan, of 600 East Fourteenth
if'B jtreet, was designated as inspector for tho
AM First Election District. He insisted ontak.
TiH 3 BeA nt e Board and seemed to bo so
tin 52l- "formed on tha law in tho case that
Mm Officer Andrew U. Rowley -would not toko
J upon himsplf the responsibility of repudiat-
M lag his claim. Sorgt. Shiro tried in vain to
explain matters to Hosson, but bo would
M be inspector and had to be arrested.
M lie got ihe usual reprimand at tha Essex
" fuurket Court. Difficulties aioso'at tho reg.
JkM '7 places for the Fifteenth and Twenty.
Tm firs Election Districts, 168 Avenue A and IBS
' 'm Aveane O, but the George claimants yield to
pereua-lon and were not arrested.
(Mi t.o,?0PJ? Donovan, of 117 Mott street, held a
5 P,ld Labor part ceriiflcate for tha Nine-
1 m tS60 ElecUon DlstrlcPf .the Third Assam.
h m Wy District. Howenttotbd registry place,
siiH k h ? w. - ...vri-tt
No. 78 Fourth avenuo. and put in his claim
to act. When it was denied he became vory
" I am an inspector," ho shouted, " and
yon dare not arrest me."
Officer James A. Brooks did daro to aroest
him, however, and Justice Duffy, in tho
Jefferson Market Court, told him ho had
hotter abandon all further attempt to act to.
day or he would bo fined.
David Kepler, the George man assigned to
the Twentv.flfth Election District of tho
Fifth Assembly District, stood against tho
door of tho tobacco storo, 22 Mercer street,
and foil in when it opened at 8 o'clock.
Ho know his rights and a great deal more
than his rights, and Capt. McDonnell bad to
brought from tho station-houso to glvo bim
" My friend," ho said in a fathorly tone,
" if you stay here to obstruct this place of
registry you will get into trouble. I shall
have to arrest you and take you to court."
" That's what I want," said Kepler. Tho
Captain offered to accommodate him.
Kepler lingered a moment and then said he
guessed he'd go back to work.
In tho Twenty-third Election District of
the Twonty-fourth Assembly District ono
Democratio inspoctor failod to appear. Tho
George inspector was accepted by tho two
Republican inspectors against the protest of
tho other Domocrotio inspector and
bogan to serve. Supt. Murray hear
ing of this sent Inspector Conlin and thrco
other men to tako chargo of tho polling place
and report his action at once, the object
being to turn out tho threo present inspectors,
two Republican and ono Henry George, and
put in othor men to tako their places. This
will bo followed by tho arrest of tho three re
moved inspectors for tho violation of the pro
visions of tho olection law.
In the uptown districts tho United Labor
party has walking dologatcs stationed with
out the doors of the polling places who re
cord the names of tho persons whoso eligi
bility to vote is questionod.
Johnny O'Brion was surprised that nono
of the Labor men hod mode a tost caso. Tho
registration is about tho avorage of off years.
Supt. Murray Tarns It Over to the Police
Tho report of Police Copt. Reilly concern
ing tho clubbing in Union Square on Satur
day evening was sont in to Supt. Mur.
ray this morning. Supt. Murray re
ceived tho report and promptly turned
it over to the Police Commissioners. The
report does not differ materially from the
outline given in advance in The Eveniho
World of yesterday. The members of the
Executive Committee of the Progressives
have not yet visited tho Superintendent or
laid beforo bim their affidavits from the five
mon who were seriously injured by tho club
bing policemen.
If speciflo charges aro made against police
men by name charges will bo preferred at
onco, but in cases where there is a general or
sweeping allegation of misconduct, without
specifying the man or men who were guilty,
nothing will be done, as the police officials
cannot put a platoon or tho entire force on
trial under fictitious names.
There is no longer any doubt that the
Police Commissioners will issue a long re-
gort setting forth their views on the Union
quare clubbing, refuse to put Capt. Reilly
on trial, and urge policemen to exercise
greater caution hereafter and not resort to
10 use of the club except in cases where
their persons ore in peril.
The Law Committee of the Progressive
Labor party, composed of ThaddeusB. Wake
man,HugoVoght, Ed. Goldsmith and Edward
W. Searing last evening left a communication
at tho office of the Police Commissioners,
asking for a list of the names of the officers
and policemen on duty in Union square at the
time of the clubbing. The request was made,
it was said, to enable the committee to prefer
formal charges against the men.
The Executive Committee of the Progres
sive Labor Forty will meet at No. 10 Stanton
street this evening to consider the Union
Square affair, and the Law Committee will
advise that the committee tako steps to have
the officers who took part in the clubbing
suspended, and to obtain a presentment of
the matter to the Grand Jury, action being
taken as a body because the individuals who
suffered by the alleged outrage are too poor
to aot in the premises singly. The Law
Committee has a number of affidavits which
have not boon published, one being that of a
woman who was knooked down with a olub,
kioked and trampled upon. Her name is
-withheld, because she fears the (result to her
husband of publishing her connection with
the matter. All of the names of tho makers
of affidavits are withheld.
o '
Much Joyful Anticipation Over To-NJcht's
VUIt to miner' People' Theatre.
The newsboys were in a condition of not
particularly subdued ecstacy this morning at
tho prospect of tho visit to Miner's People's
Theatre to-night. It was not necessary to
Question them very extensively as to their
eelings on the subject. Keen anticipa
tory pleasure was written on their
shining faces, and among tho -groups
stationed at the street corners, thero was but
one subject of conversation, and that in.
eluded "Harbor Lights' and the Evening)
Would, in pleasant combination. One little
fellow said he couldn't sleep last night,
thinking about it, and though such a confes
sion of puerility could not havo been ex.
pectod from everybody, it is tolerably cer
tain that a great many were equally affected.
A visit to a theatre is on epoch in a newsboy's
Bryn Dliwr Hotel Burned.
Philadelphia, Oct. 11. The Bryn Mowr
Hotel, situated at Bryn Mawr, a station on
tho Pennsylvania Railroad about twelve
miles from this place, was destroyed
by fire to-day. Tho flro was "discov
ered in the laundry department about
6.80 a. M. The guests were quietly
aroused, and were able to get out of the
building in safety with their baggage. The
whole of the south wing was completely do.
Democrats Ahead In Newark.
Newabx, N. J Oct. 11. The charter olee
tlon Is exciting great interest, but Mayor
naynes will be re-elected beyond all doubt.
The voto for the Rev. Hngh O. Pentecost
is slow, and ho will in all probability poll
about 8,800 votes. The Prohibitionists and
Law and Order people aro voting solidly for
W. E. Pino, but 8. B. Jackson, the regular
Republican nominee is not holding his own.
quarantine Authorities All Itlaut.
Washington, Oct. 11. Marino Hospital
authorities &o not credit tho report of
neglect in regard to the quarantine against
cholera at New York. On the contrary, re
ports of the officers in charge show, remark
ably thorough work.
The Flnt Men Heard From.
T tUifr V XKt Joining WfUl
NowTorr.Oct.J. tu gut Eighteenth strssi
BiiflOimS 4aiSEimvmmmWmummVmmmSmmmmmmmi
President Pro Tern. Hum Iterated by Mr.
(Jarrett bnt Commended by Members of Ihe
Committee A Director Tnlka Kntertnln
lnly of the Bond's Inventions and Pros
pects Iiatest News of the Bale.
irxcuL to Tni xviNiita wonLC
Baltimore, Oct. 11. Tho Finance Com.
mittee of tho Baltimoro and Ohio Railroad
Company mot to-day with William F. Burns
as Chairman. The other members present
were John K. Cowan, John Gregg and T.
Harrison Garrett, representing tho stock,
holders, and two representatives of tho city
and ono of tho State's Interest in tho road.
A member of tho committoo stated that
Robert Garrett is feeling very soro ovor tho
salo of the telegraph oompany and is still in
a rago at President pro tern. Burns for having
consummated the salo during his absenco
from tho United States. Tho Director said
thero is no doubt that Mr. Garrett
would liko to interfere with tho
salo, if ho could do so, with a pros
pect of meeting with success, but that, as all
efforts would undoubtedly nrovo futilo, ho
has conoluded to let things take their course.
" Mr. Garrott," continued the director, " has
an idea that ho could havo obtained at least
61,000,000 more for tho property." Tho mom.
bors of tho Finance Committee aro well
8 leased with tho result of Mr. Burns's negotia
ting and have, by a unanimous vote, ratified
tho transaction.
The director was asked if tho Bleoping-car
system would not be sold at an early day, and
says he shall not only opposo its sale, but
will, at the mooting of tho directors to-morrow,
insist that tho charges of its servico
shall bo reduced. At present the tariff is
muoh too high. Tho cars ars kept full only
about half of tho time. Tho director
says ho has been assured by tho
officers who havo chargo of thb
books of the sleeping-car servico that
it last year paid 70 pot cent on tho amount
invested. The stooping car system, ho Bays,
should not be parted with, and tho express
should not have been sold, as its profits last
year wero $900,000. Tho Director was
asked what dividend will bo declared to.
morrow and said he was not sure, but was in.
clined to favor making it 4 per cent for tho
last six months. The receipts of the road,
ho said, Justified this, as tho in.
oome for August aggregated 82,085,000,
those for September being $3,200,000.
The director furthor stated that most of
the Increase has been on the main line and
its branches cast of the Ohio. In the trans.
Ohio division there was a slight falling off of
Tho director was asked if there was any
truth in the rumor that Garrett will resign,
and said : " I cannot answer that question
definitely, but I can heartily assure you I
hope so. The road itself, disconnected from
the telegraph, is as sound as a rock, but it
needs a first-class railroad man to keep it
there '"
" Will the Baltimoro and Ohio sell tho
$5,000,000 Western Union Stock which it is
to get in exchange for the telegraph ? " was
asked, and the director replied : That will
bo determined hereafter, but it should not
be sold at the present ruling rates; should it
.aa.Ti nni T ATnAOi If wnillri 1,A nfllrieAVllA fn
Up to 1 o'clock to-day Robert Garrett had
not put in an appearance at tho main Balti
more and Ohio building where the Finance
Committee was in. session. He was not
expected at the office to-day.
Is lie or Is lie Not to Be the Clerk of the
Democratio State Committee.
Albany, Oct. 11. It is reported here that
there is trouble ahead for the Democratio
Executive Campaign Committee. Mr. Phllo
H. Backus has been tho olerk of the commit
tee during tho past two campaigns, and
wishes to be continued in such capacity. He
is employed in tho State Treasurer's
office and is well known throughout tho
State, especially among Demooratio politic
ians. However, much opposition has sprung
up against Mr. Backus's re-election as Clerk
of the State Campaign Committee. Members
of the Committee from New York and Kings
Counties have requested the appointment of
William J. Ellis, a young newspaper man of
New York City.
It is said that Mr. Backus feels angry over
the opposition of his continuance as clerk of
the committee and is vowing vengeance. He
has the books and records of the old com
mittee in his possession and may refuse to
give thorn up.
There is a rumor that Gov. Hill docs not
favor the retention of Mr. Backus as clerk.
These reports may arise from mero gossip,
but they have some believers here. The
friends of Mr. Backus aro wondering whv he
has not been reappointed and aro shaking
their heads when questioned.;
A member of the State Committee who read
tho above dospatch said to Thb Evenino
Would reporter i " There is some truth in
it. From what I can hear, Backus feels
very angry and has refused to give
up the books and records unless he isap-
Fointed. This would put us in a nice fix, but
understand that a compromise has been ar
ranged, and that a Troy man is to bo tho
Wonld the Motor Spoil the Watches
rxciAL to tbk xvxnnia -would
New Bbunswics, Oct. 11. The Board of
Aldermen havo grahted an extension of the
city railroad system through Albany, Neil
son. Hiram and Burnett streets. Mr. George
Ballon, of New York, President of the City
Railway Company, attempted to securo fa
vorable legislation on an electrio motor
scheme, but failed because It was feared that
the electricity would injure tho watches of
tho inhabitants of New Brunswick.
A Collector Cbtrseil with Swindling.
Horace Forbush, aged forty years, of No.
1,318 Tenth avenue, who was employed by
Richard Deeves, a real estate agent at No.
1,812 Tenth avenuo, was a prisoner in tho
Tombs l'olico Court to-day charged with
swindling his employer. He collected about
f 6,000 in rents recently. $180 of which ho
neglected to turn in to Mr. Deoves. JubMco
Kilbreth held him in $1,000 bail to answer.
Mexico Dick's AsMrtcd Climes.
Red Bans, N. J.. Oct. 11. Reginald Har
ris, alias "Mexico Dick," for whom tho
polce of this place have been searching two
months for assaulting E. A. Bowman, has
been arrested at Poughkeepsie.
During his two months' stay in Pough
keepsie he has picked a man's pocket, stabbed
a man and robbed tho summer residoncaof
Mrs. Abrams, of tOl Broadway, New York.
LAkiAStoftSfoii'rf lal v ijifritfrfoy-WWifit'iffiA. rill
Queer Conduct of Iho Woodstock Hotel
Keeper A Discovery by Two Boys.
WEMTEn, Mass., Oct. 11. The fresh cvi
denco in tho Lillio Hoylo murder, published
exclusively in Tnr. Evenino World of yes
torday, has oxcitcd no littlo comment hero,
and thero aro many who beliovo that tho first
big cluo has at last been hit upon.
Tho story told by Mr. Wilson, of Wood,
stock, tnat tho occupants of n carriage ha met
on tho night tho girl disappeared woro look,
for a placo of rendezvous, and that ono of tho
young ladies was evidently suffering pain.
This story in itself .ould seem entitled to
careful Investigation, but, taken in connec
tion with the strange conduct of tho hotel,
koeper at West Woodstock, to which place
tho occupants of tho carriago woro dirootod,
it has even greater weight.
Tho strengtli of the ovidonco lsBtlll further
increased by tho fact that a carriago, now bo:
lieved to b'e tho same as soon near Wood,
stock, was also seen later in tho night in tho
village hero.
Tho vicinity of Woodstock is'lust tho sort
of a locality which would naturally
bo selected to keop a secret. It
is a littlo moro than ten miles
from hero, and is not connected with tho
outsido world by railroad or tolegraph wire.
Tho highways round about am neldom trav
eled aftor sundown. If it had bcon desired
to tako tho girl's life, or to perform a secret
operation, the violulty would havo been well
Tho idea of premeditation in tho murder in
connoction with tho new theory is now
would pretty generally thrown asido, as It
would not Bcem llkoiy that tho murderer
would havo been seeking a public
house if thoy had intended to commit
tho crime. On the other hand,
if they had intendod to administer a fatal
doso of chloroform and should havo mado the
pretense to their vlotim that tho doso was to
enable them to perform an operation, it
would have been almost necessary. In order
to carry out tho deceit, to tako her to sonio
Last night a glove, a handkerchief and a
bottlo of alcohol wero discovered concealed
in tho walls of an old building a fow hun
dred foct from tho spot whero tho body of
tho girl was found.
Tho handkerchief was marked " O. E.
Hoyle," hor brother's name. Tho articles
wero found by two boys who wero playing
about the building and who, like many others
of the inhabitants here, havo become ama
teur detectives since the tragedy was made
public. Tho things wero turned over to tho
" .
The End so Unexpected That None of Ills
Friends Were at Ills Bedside.
Judgo Thomas O. Manning, United States
Minister to Mexico, died at tho Fifth Avenue
Hotel at 9.15 o'clock this morning.
Ho arrived at the hotel from
his homo in Now Orleans Tuosday
of last week to attend the meeting of the
Peabody Educational Fund, of which ho was
a trustee. That evening ho was taken sud
denly ill with peritonitis and remained in his
bed until his doath this morning.
Though aware of bis illness his family were
led to understand that it was not nocessarily
a fatal attack and, In consequence, not ono
of his relatives or friends were at his bedside
when he died.
Dr. William M. Polk, of No. 13 East
Thirty-fourth street, was the attending phy
sician. Tho remains were token in charge by
Undertakers James S. Huyler & Son, of No.
107 East Twenty-seventh street, who will
embalm them for transportation to New
Mr. Manning's resignation as Minister to
Mexico has been handed in to tho Depart
ment of State, and it was confidently as
serted that he would be a candidate for U. S.
Senator from Louisiana.
Washington, Oct. 11. A general impres
sion prevails here that Thomas B. Connery,
Consul at Mexico and now Charge d'Affaires,
will sucoeod Manning as Minister to Mexico.
Able to Bun Across from New York to
Queenstown In 5 Days and 5 Hours.
London, Oct. 11. The Relna Regento, the
new dock-protected cruiser that has just been
built on tho Olydo for the Spanish Govern
ment, is the fastest sea-going war-ship afloat.
Last woek her speed v, as tested for the first
time. Under natural draught sho steamed at
tho rato of nineteen knots, or more than
twenty-one. and a half miles per hour. Un
der forced draught she will certainly steam
twenty and a half knots, or twonty-three
miles and a third. This is a rato of speed of
whioh not even tho best of tho great ocean
liners aro capable. It is sufficient to enablo
the new vessel to crosi the Atlantic, from
'New York to Queenstown, in about fivo days
and fivo hours. Neither tho Etruria nor tho
Umbria could possibly accomplish tho same
voyage in less than five days twenty-two
hours, and yet theso ships aro the fastest mer
chant steamers in existence Tho Spanish
Government is now building four more
cruisers of tho same rate of speed.
Paris Excited Over Expected Developments
lu the Capfurelll Conspiracy.
Pabib, Oct. 11. Every move of tho polico
and every arrest adds to tho scopo and mys
tery of tho Cafferelli affair. Tho exact
charges against tho-Gencral and his nccom-
Slices aro not yet known, but there is no
oubt that personages of high rank in tho
Rcpublio are implicated directly or indi
rectly in the plot.
Tho arrest of Madame Rattazl, a univer
sal and wholesale intriguer, who has rela
tions with the leading statesmen of Franco,
Spain and Italy, is likely to affect many
reputations. At the house of Madame Si
monsin, when she was arrested, 200 letters
from M. Wilson, son-in-law of President
Grevy, were found. Paris is waiting for
developments in a frenzy of curiosity.
Twenty-two Liver l.ot by Shipwreck.
Toulon, Oct. 11. Tho Spahis, plying be.
tween Marseilles and Nico, was wrecked yes
terday in the Bay of Bovines. Twenty.two
passengers wero drowned' and eighty-six
Lord Salisbury Must Return
London, Oct. 11. Tho call upon Lord Salis
bury to return to London is urgent. Hia
presence in Downing street is necessary. He
will return from France at once.
3Inny Women Denied Admission to the Conrt
Boom Ilnssey's Wldotr Appears for the
First Time Sir. Howe In New Raiment
Col. Felloirs Examines the Witnesses
Some Interesting- Incidents of the Trial.
eEFORE tho doors of
Port II. of tho tho
Court of General Ses
sions, stalwart officers
JSj' "i stood this morning and
(xi ftS) e turned away morbid
I v' Jv I ) curiosity-seekcrs. Po
V , jr -TJ I liceman Edward Uahn,
jRKrM young, stalwart and
HSgTTjug!!, handsomo, was a fav
t orito with tho ladies on
V3 his beat. In fact ho
0 had but just left a
(J young lady at her door
yl when ho mot Copt.
yy Jack Hussoy on the
J night of tho shooting.
Vf- '., - Several well dressed
"l J JtiN and vory nico looking
fft''l I Will Ii young women wero mot
m flJk'llHfSSA nt ih0 door of tho
SfcncKl court-room to-day with
JKgyLr5bfiFci"r you witneBsee ? " And
rWfwBQl!fl n negative reply was
fflWLi i llllff 7 A mot with tho gruff re
jolndori "Go homo!"
from tho gruff guardian of tho door. Inside
thoro was a "beggarly array of empty
benches," and nearly all of those present
wore actors in the drama of Trial by Jury.
Mrs. Hussey, tho widow of the man shot
by Policeman Hahn, and her daughter
appeared in Court for tho first timo this
morning. Mrs. Hussey was drossed in deep
est mourning, a largo vail hanging about her
head, framing a sad and weary-cyed face.
Malm's expression of anxiouH interest was
resumed with tho calling of tho first witness,
and ho never took his eyes off a witness dur
ing his examination. Counsellor Howe wore
his third outfit to-day, from shoos to scarf
pin, it being ihe third day of tho trial. A
golden owl, with dazzling diamond eyes,
lookod out from his neck scarf.
Michael Lally, of Monroe street, testified
that he had a drink with Jack Hussey at 0
o'clock on tho evening of the shooting and
Hussey was sober then.
Col. Fellows Wntt next happened T A. I left
nutter. At about H.soinearila shot. I wti a
bloc away and ran down to Jaokton sad Cherry
treett. I taw Uahn on one tide of the ttreet and
Jack Hntsey on tha other. Uahn had a revolver
la his hand. Ilattey was leaning anlntt
a wteen, and IUhn stld t " Oet out of
the way, young fellow. I'm going- to thoot." I
went along up the ttreet and lishn nred the re
volver. Then a ttreet ear came along and passed
between them. Atter It pasted Uahn raited
the pistol and tired anln. Hottey was
Ihen going towtrdt Hann, and they were
about fifteen ptcet apart, lluttey put hit hand on
his tide and cried out: " Take me to the hospital.
I am shot." Uaha retreated down the street and
people lad nntsey away.
A crowd of twenty or thirty had gathered
on tto corner ana followed Hussey, tha wit.
ness continued. After he was shot Hussey
bent down on o.ne knee, and a man named
McLaughlin pickacl him up and kept him by
the arm till Officer Dugan came up. Officer
Dugan said, " I'll blow the roof ofyour head
off if you strke mo," to Hussoy. Hussey had
on no hat nor shoes. Hahn wore a suit of
This is the most damaging testimony thus
far. as it so clearly shows premeditation and
deliberation. Lally's knowledge of the
matter had evidently not been known to
Counsellor Howe, and ho showed his sur
prise in his flushed face.
Policeman Timothy Dacey testified t
I taw Jack Uuiiey but ouce. I pasted Jackson
and Cherry ttreet In a ttreet car on the night ot
June 3. I heard a plitol-ihot when I was about
thirty feet from the corner, and I taw a yount
man In a gray tutt ot clothes go out Into tho road
and thoot, bang-bang.
Then witness saw Hussoy, and heard him
say he was shot. Officer Dugan came up,
and Hussey gave him a slight, harmless push.
By Mr. nowe Dacey, you say the plttol went
bang, bang. The thott were very close together,
were they l A. iiebbo half a minute, or perbapt
q. Well, now, that can't you do better than
that? A. Well, I'll tell you; when a man's firing
a plttol around, a man don't look for much only
to get out of tho way. I dtdn'Utfcnow but I was
going to get the next shot. Wherrthere'i thooUng
going on a man don't tarry long to get polnttl
Henry Fcathcrstone. a laborer, of 419
Cherry street, testified that he left the saloon
before Hussey and McLaughlin emerged and
saw Uahn walking away from tho saloon.
Hussoy camo out presently and crossed tho
sidewalk and stood by a wagon there. Then
he saw Hahn fire his pistol in Uussey'o di
rection. Featberstono turned away and
heard another shot, after which Hahn walked
away. No ono molested Uahn.
Mr. Howe in cross-examination tried hard
to show that tho wagon bv which Hussoy
stood was between him and Uahn, and suc
ceeded by the use of an amateur drawing, in
which he said his wagon must be labellod.
Then he returned to his placo outside the
rail, and leaning on the rail said cozily :
" Now, Featherstono, stretch your imagina
tion a littlo and consider this rail tho wagon.
Hussey leaned his arms on it like this, didn't
" Yes. sir."
" And Hahn was across tho street, oppo
site, just as you are from me ';"
" Yes. sir."
" Well, then," said the lawyer, straighten
ing up, thrusting his hands into his trousers,
swelling his bosom and putting on an expres
sion of triumphant innocence, " Well, then,
Hussey was behind tho wagon, wasn't ho '!"
" The way you illustrato it. yes. Hussey's
head, shoulders and half his body was aboe
tho top of tho wagon."
Dakota .Mm Did Not Meet Mr. Cleveland.
St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 11. Tho President's
party made a tour of St. Paul this morning,
and left at 12.30 for Minneapolis, whore thoy
will pass the afternoon and leavo to-night for
Omaha. Tho Dakota delegates now hero aro
very soro. Many of thorn travelled four and
five hundred miles to to tho President aud
m Si
Ministers Decide to Take a Hand.
Aldant. N. Y., Get. 11. Tho ministorsnnd
clergymen of all denominations in tho city
are in session to-day for the purpose of or.
ganizing Jc&istaneo to tho attack of tho so.
callod personal libertt party on tha Christian
Sunday. A committee will probably be ap
pointed to lay out a plan of campaign.
Ilumewood Wins the Czarewilrh.
Newmarket, Oct. 11. The Ozarewitch was
won to-day by Ilumewood, with Bendigo
second and Carleton third.
"Xfoio that Yonngtltr Hat nent"
Terrible Railroad Accident on the Chicago
and Atlantic Railroad.
NonTn Jcdson, Ind., Oct. 11. A torriblo
railroad accldont occurred just west of here
last night. A fast freight train ran into tho
rear of an express train and four or fivo cars
wero burned, including a Pullman slcepor.
From fifteen to twonty aro dead, and as
many more injured. Tho wreck is on the
Chicago and Atlantio Road. Kout, tho small
station near which it occurred, is fifty.fivo
miles from Chicago. It is inferred that tho
ill-fated train was tho passenger and ex.
press from the East duo in Chicago this
A relief expedition was qnickly and secrotly
organized by tho railroad officials horo and
despatched to the scone. Other help was to
bo hurried forward as soon as possible Tho
officials of the company rofuso ail informa
tion. As nearly as can bo be judged tho hor.
ror occurred between 5 and 0 o'clock this
A telegram received at 11.85 a. m. says that
ten dead bodies had already been token from
the wreck, ana the men conducting tho
ghastly work wero unable to say how many
other corpses were still in the dobris. In
addition to the killed tho injured number at
least twenty-one persons.
Lawyer Msler's Wlf0 In Pursuit of a High
wayman In Harlem.
A bold highway robbery by daylight was
repotted to Supt. Murray to-day by Capt.
Hooker, of the Harlem police.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Otto Maier, the
wife of a lawyer, Hying at No. 037 East One
Hundred and Twentieth street, drew Q62 at
the Harlem Savings Bank at Third avenue
and une iiunarea ana Twenty-iourtn street,
and was on her way home, holding her bank,
book with the money in her hand, when a
man snatched the book and ran towards First
Mrs. Maier ran after him screaming " Stop
thief." It was 3 o'clock and there were plenty
of people in the street, some of whom joined
in the ohaso. At First avenue tho thldf turned
south, with the pursuors half a block behind,
shouting and getting in each other's way.
There were scarce half a dozen of them. At
One Hundred and Nineteenth street he
turned into Pleasant avenue, running like a
deer, and easily distancing his pursuers.
There he was lost to sight.
Mrs. Maier told the police that she had
noticed the thief standing near her in the
bank. The police took a description of the
fellow and a general alarm was sent out. In
spoctor Byrnes has detailed detectives to aid
in the search.
Arquednct Commissioner Rldarway and Other
Prominent Members Reslfn.
Irving Hall is being disrupted. At a recent
meeting of the Executivo Committee tho
delegates from tho Twentieth and Twenty
first Assembly Districts withdrew bocanso a
resolution to indorse or nominate only Demo,
crats for office was tabled.
Since then the following well-known mem
bers of tho organization bno sent in their
resignations: Acuucduct Commissioner E. L.
Ridgvtay, ox-Stato Senator Charles G. Cor
nell, City Court Judgo Ehrllch, O. W. Ridge,
way, Charles W. Brooke, W. W. Cook, 0.
Kinney Smith, William U. Brumley and
James 0. Ryan.
These gentlemen havo also resigned their
membership in the Seymour Club and tho
Irving Hall social organization.
A Hoy Bound( Gagged and Robbed.
Waltham, Oct. 11. Charles James, seven
teen years old, entered the yard of his house
at midnight last night and, being
without his latch key, went around
undor his mother's window to
call hor. Suddenly ho was seized by
two mon who bound his hands and feet and
gagged bim, and after having rifled his
pockets of $15, left him lying calf uncou
cioiucp, tho ground. After a timo ho was
able to lootscn the cords about! his feet and
crawl to tho door of tho house.
Framing Iho Kvenlng World.
Tho I. O. T. Association, which has its
club-rooms at Twenty.ninth street and
Eighth avenuo, had a delegation at tbu
Wobld office yesterday afternoon and pro
cured one of the first copies of tho now
Evenino World that was printed. At a
meeting of the club last evening it was de
cided to have tho copy of the paper elegantly
framed and hung urwa -tho club.room wall.
Tho Walter V. McNolly Association, through
a motion of Mr. John Hart, decided to do
New Hampshire Ilrlbery Inquiry.
Concood, Oct. 11. Tho investigation into
tho bribery of legislators by officers of tho'
Boston and Maina Railroad Company was re
sumed before the Judiciary Committee to
day. Fred A. Parkor, of Keene, was exam,
ined under oath. The witness testified that
ho met Mr. Watkins, of Walpole, several
times and talked with him on railroad mat.
ters, but that ho had not offored Watkins any
monoy for his vote.
Clear Weather for the Ball Players.
St. Louis, Oct. 11. The weather to-day is
clear and cool. A big crowd is expeoted to
witness tho Detroit-St. Louis baseball game.
MrtSfifcoxss&55--iiS4Wsi( Mi. Mistiftfei
, 4wM
David Kenealy, a Printer, Roughly Handled ' 'flH
In Front of a House on Pell Btreet-4 V jfiH
What lire Witnesses Say of the ATabW -VlHI
"lore Testimony to be Taken la lb 'risxsxl
Case by Justice Patterson To-morrow. f"' Moxsxsl
Officer Welsh, of the Sixth Polico Precinct "WBM
appeared beforo Justico Patterson in tht''-'-IHIB
Essex Market Polico Court this morning and' j!H
charged David Kenealy, a printer, of No. 8; J
Pell street, and Jamos Connelly, a boss cab-" j jgl
man, who lives near by, with disorderly cosi 'HLB
duct. Officer Welsh said that his beat ex, " vJjH
tended from Worth to Mott streets to Broad- 'iMMmm
way. no admitted that tho arrests occurredj' . ' I9H
in Pell street, about threo blocks away"' .ViflH
from his beat, but that he went out ' JfBI
of his way, bocause, while returning to the ''' !BH
polico station in Elizabeth street, where he ' 3H
had lodged a prisoner, somebody told him, M ijH
that thoro was a fight in Poll street. He said '.' JH
that when ho passed No. 11 Fell street, Keiu VH
caly, tho prisoner, seized him by the coat and Ft ;j9fl
that tho other man, Connell, came up sooa sJBMm
after and ncizcd liira by tho arm of the coat, .'iJH
and that in tho strugglo ho clubbed Kenealy 1t
over tho head. Ho sold that ho was thrown ,i .IsH
to Uie ground and hit in the face, but did not vA H
retain any marks from the blows. " , JBH
Mrs. Anna Toole, of No. 11 Fell street,- - 3ammm
whore tho arrest was mado, sold : Las ; , jSH
evening about 6.80 Mr. Kenealy, my son. W .' XH
Edward and his wife and myself were stand A Seaxsxsl
ing in front of our door when Officer Welsh ' Llxsxl
como out of No. OPoll street, which is aa :,, l
opium joint. He camo up to us and told "U iMmm
to get away. I said, ' We have not dona any- 'JM
thing.' Ho then turned to Kenealy ISIfl
and lookod at mo again and r-aid J----'HM
with great swaggor, '1 want a sober i"-M
man to llok, not a drunken man.', - MH
Ho got hold of Kneoly by the shoulder sad , 9H
began to club him ovor tho head and aU'ji ajH
over. I was afraid the poor fellow was going; ,. 9H
to be killed. Just then Connell came across VuHsxH
the street and I said to him ' Jim. ask the of- Vy lB9H
fleer to lot him alone ; he'll kill hjm.t, faMm
Kenealy was lying on tho sidawalk andX- ?!) mmwM
think ho was senseless. Connell went up to i w
the officer and said, ' 111 help you toko the-.. ' 'fHHB
man to tho station If you want me to.' Hq v, fH
I dekod up the officer's hat and put it -a hlvr'j Bmm
lead, ana another officer camo up and both iijilmtMM
were then taken to tho station house." ' , .Vuyt jfflD
August Schaefer, a young man employed; '3H
in the factory at Nos. 12 and 14 Pell Bteeet,w"f l-ltxIxH
said that Welsh came from No. 0 Pell street, '-r$mmm
where, as far as he knows, the girl with whow ; ' ' jtH
WAlsh kept company lives, and that, after he..SVHgl
had seized Kenealy ho began to butt htm ia i7$1HH
the face with his head until the former's faee, if jH
became disfigured and his right eye badly r',mmm
swollen. He said that the officer gave KetW.7 .'"-tH
ealy a blow over tho head which he heard U ,; . -yMm
tlnctly three doors away. He did not seer, ) jBmm
anybody strika the officer. ' r'tjilfMmm
Edward Toolo was standing before his doorj " H
and saw tho officer coming along the street: ,.!y j9H
staggering from side to sido.and said that tM'M
clubbing was tho most outrageous ad.WH
most uncalled for that he had ever seen. Her'j9sssxl
never thoilBbtitpoTilBlB that an ocwmu14:tyBBs1
be so brutal. The officer told blm'to bo, HEtM
away, too, but he said he would not, and the ,'.! -'Mmm
officer did not mind him anv farther. t;3axasxa
Kenealy then stepped to the bar and told his ' 3H
story in a few words, but with a great deal of ifBB
nervousness and trembling. He said that he Saxsxl
was also bit across the head with Officer, ;Sz3B
Welsh's billy in the station-house. Justice . ( -H
Patterson at first did not understand him be- W- jH
cause he epoke so feebly, but when he did , k.lH
understand it he told Lawyer Moss to sub- H
Bcena Sorgt. Thompson, who had the desk; ,ibibbb1
io doorman and the officers who were pre, i'lftH
ent. Kenealy and Connell were paroled in 'WmU
the custody of their counsel. Examination '"SBmm
will go on to-morrow afternoon. '1LbxsxsI
His Chances on the Appropriation Committee-' J lnsxsxl
Predictions as to Tarln" Legislation. ,'SH
rxciAL to tbx xvxitnto woxxs.1 --'ULixsxs!
Washington, Oct. 11. A personal friend " ' :'4jH
of Mr. Randall is quoted here as saying thero JJjjH
will be no trouble whatever about Mr. Ran. ?jH
dall's becoming the head of the Ap- H
propriation Committee. Carlisle knows too f
well that It only takes seven votes to-iflLB
defeat him in his contest with Thoobe. Baa- y 4!aaaxsxa
dall is wanted badly. The Appropriatios iWMMM
Committee will be mado up to suit Mr. Ran- 4t1xsxsxsl
dall, as it always is. 'iJsH
Tho talk about Mills or Sunset Coxbeimi "7H
the Chairman of the Ways and Means Com A99H
mitteo is bosh. Brockenridge, ot KentuckyQ. ''."--jgH
is the coming man for that place. -f'-'3Bsl
Tho fight for the tariff this year will not bn,r-SM
in tho House, but in the Senate. A tariff bill ftfUUM
will bo passed in tho House earlier this see! rx-H
sion than any one thinks, and the country ' 'fwMU
will be surprised. It will be a compromisi mH&I
bill, and Mr. Randall will have much to say -''Mmm
in its construction. -H
Snapped from the Sounder. , Asxsxsi
PiTTSBUxn, Oct ll. Ex-Senator Don Cameroa jBM
started to-day tor California on a trip of tares -rJsMHi
months (or his health. , 3H
rniLADiLriiu, Oct. II. rresldent Harris, ot nsxsxi
tho Lehlch Coal Company, declines to Advance 'MBm
wages, and the strike la likely to continue the year ' jxaxsxsl
out. 'SXSXB
WAsmxaTOX, Oct. 11. The Corcoran Art Galt gH
lery management has announced the purchase of ISIssxl
the Apollo Ilelvldcre, the moat strltlng feature CI lieafl
tho Ilerlln Exposition laat summer. jfiH
San Francisco, Oct. 11. For the past four days Jssxsxi
forest Area have been raging In the slope counties ISnM
ot this State. Farms and bridges have beest IMosi
bnrned and miles of timber land nave been de .losssssl
atroyed. !sH
WiNNtrzo, Oct. 11. Thejocal government of ,viisxsxi
the iiruvlnco has Issued bonus to the amount of lssss!
i3flo,oo, made payable Oct. 1, isss, at six per cent- vsxsO
interval, lor tha completion of the railway to tha JVMM
boundary line. 'Irlsxaxa
Chicago, Oct. 11. While an expressman was tH
moving tho household goods ot Klohard Moore Warn
la: evening, be threw a carpet down the narrow 'HIH
stairway, overturning a lamp and exploding a can -jSlMt
ot oil. both Moore and his wife were burned to .igB
death. WmW
Buffalo, Oct. 11. The hearing before United 3H
States commissioner FalrcMld In tha cass of Geo.
Lester D. Faulkner, who is charged with aiding "JBM
his brother In certain fraudulent transactions con. 9
netted with the Cansvllle bant failure, was begun i9
In this city to-day. ,- f$m
Utica, Oct 11. The seventy-fourth annual coa- TM
ventlon of the Grand Commandery of Knights SmM
Templar opened In this city at 10 a. x. Twelve fcsB
commanderles have arrived to take part In tho vM
parade, which will be the largest Templar demon- :UU
stratum ever teen In this pan of tho Bute. jfl
Old Prob'a Pleasant Promise. Ak
tWASnU(JT0H,Oct.lt-- KjH
or Eatltrn Sba i'orlct ''MM
Fair weatlur: toutr Mm- ' W MM
peratvrt; light to jVMA $flfl
liortntxtterUucint. .$
Jr Basuni Ptnnfi- fMm
. tania, Xno Jertna Ml ' VflB
f Delavxxrt: LloM rofn, JcH
jQUouxQ bilali utatatr; jjmH
iouxr lemptratur; UMC s H
to Am nerttofMfittir, ?? '''f9B
Mind, tritt eti (AtcoMt, '! ,'SH
, r f$Mtf JH

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