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J f FIRST I y 'EIM ' 'Vjh. 1 FmsVia
cross - EXAMtraa iiiim.
An Effort to fehow tUnt Ho Vm Afraid of
! Ilussey and llnd Known Illm to be n
Dangerous Man lie Fired thor First. Shot
for Assistance and the Second to lilt Hus
sey loZAieZLxK Mrs. Hussey Present,
rtP fflFff B.HOWEwns'prompt
ft 4 atarm lyon"tlmo this morn
VL 3 jft JL lag at tho trial of
-SSfc Polloemaa Edward
CvisSxa J Ilahn and liis modest
V Nj ' bluok he Indicated to'
ffffli iW. ' 7iW t10 reporters tnat ho
WPrluj I k anticipated ' tlio' con.
. ' " gfJ. r- elusion of tho evidonco
V jyMJev to-day, and that ho
""&3t553k ivXhA .Bnou make the last
fflI7ff&pfczffy p60 'or tno ot "
.S fflOTTOl olient. A simple,
Y&fnnrfflltlvM though largo and Ins.
; ffllfllfjfirftSbl txous diamond shone
' wSpTOhStoJsP on to expansive shirt
$ " r ffit iij" front i and n largo dia-
.f jSGiBl&' 'inond-studded' ring
Sum glinted, ftoa either
v' f -Mi KLj litlleflnger, His iron.
lwl IWSftlL J& jB3rWr WM combed
"' tkHsv. JM(g(miii'iil7' back from
"j lfft)WlgyMjlMj lils high forehead, and
rfcS"5yfflMW his manner was that of
WJV$fflWWama 'impressed with
i yrP "iw ''jjj obligation to bo
. serious.
X Mrs. Hussey, who had listened with hor
head Inclined vvho shall, say hi attention or
I In sorrow ? to young'Edw,' Halm yesterday
"5 ns he related his Btdry of the shooting, was
not in co-art (hfe morning' whcnM. Ho'we
j began his questioning of tho slayer of, her
I husbandj bnt camo in afterward with the
wif o of hor son. Oornolius Hussy.
' Hahn's air fn.rolating his story was that of
one oppressed by the awful situation ho was
in. ond; his voids wasvory low, though every
' uord was quite distinct- .His laziguago was
(rood; as was indicated i In The .Evehkko
V Worno report, and Ha mode a 'favorable, lm-
4 prossion'on the minds of hiahearors.
f To-day Mr. Howe bcgoh"with 1
' Hahn, did vera deliberate and intend to kill Jack
' Hussey A. No, sir. M . .
O. yon said rod flred two shots blithe alrf A.
That's what I said. -
I Q. nave you beard that Ilussey had onen ox
5 sanited other policemen and citizens t A. Tes,
5 Q, Have you heard that Honey was a leader of
the draft riots?
i This was ruled out by the Court, who also
deolored the lost two questions properly in.
i admissible, and Mr. Howe excepted.
I : Hahn' said he had boon fined one and three,
f days' pay for sitting down at 3 o'clock in tho
:! morning, and for going into o saloon, ro-
J spectlvefy. ', p ' aiiww a
j Mr. Howe wanted tO'Bhow tharHahn oK
S tained from the blotter in the Belancey street
Btation a knowledge of tho rocord of Husaey
!as on assaulter of policemen. But this was
I not allowed, and Mr. Howe turned tho wit.
ness over to the proseoution.
Col. Fellows cross-examined Hahn, and
Hahndid not appear so well. He essayed to
arguewith Ool. Fellows, and was captious in
his replies.
Col. Fellows Ton diant Intend to kill Bnuey,
did yon Hahnr AJ No sir, I Intended to wound
Q. Where did you Intend to hit him? A. In
. thelefr. I aimed low. I knew that the coarse ot
i the bnllet would be downward.
tt Q. Were there any piles ot brick or stones In the
$ near vicinity of the place of the shooting? A.
3 There had been building going on there. I did not
j say I was hit by stones or brick. I said ml&iues.
f- Q. Unuey did not approach you when yon lint
j saw htm that evening, did he? A. No, sir.
3 Q. He said he did not know yon, didn't he? A.
J He did.
t Q. AVhy did you Are thaOlrst shot? A. Hnasey
i was following me oat and I wanted to attract the
I attention ot a policeman.
Q. IIow near were yon when you flred Iho shots?
a A. About eight feet when I flred the flret; tenor
f twelve feet at the second shot, and flfteen teet
i when I flred the third shot.
o, now many stones were thrown when you
were running toward Corlcura street? A. I didn't
oonnt them.
Q, Were there a dozen? A. I shonld think as
many as that.
Q. Were yon on dnty when you were drinking
and bnylng drink in those saloons?
I After bridling: and arguing a little, Hahn
replied in the affirmative, under instructions
from Mr. Howe.
Q. Why did yon not tell why yon shot nnssoy.
when you were given tho first opportunity at the
hospital ? A. I had no right to tell Ilussey.
Q. This ferocious man put up his hand and
asked: ' Why did you shoot me?" Was it asked
angrily or quietly, rcproachtnlly ? a. I did not
notice algns ot anger. I can't say It he was
. Q. Did ho offer his hand? A. Yes, sir.
but I did not take it the first time: I took it
afterwards bocauuso Sergeant Lanco ordered
me to.
Q. How muoh had you drank at the ex
cursion that day ? A. About a dozen beers.
Jndge Cowing asked Hahn several ques
tions, and the prisoner illustrated the
shooting, using the corner of Judge
Oowings desk in a graphio illustra
tion of the corner entrance to McElroy's
saloon. He said that ho had his oyes on
Ilussey all the time and that Hussey never
stood near the wagon in tho street. Hussey
did not stop at nil, but followed him on a
run, swinging his arms. He showed no
weapon, but Hahn said he feared he might
havo one in his pocket. Hussey was flfteen
leot away. .
At this Judge Cowing asked :
rcis. nro y0U? A twenty-six
yea?i0hea?!d " nUMOy? K Fy-
Q. Wvon did not think your legs would
ah?DN0o,XUe WontShfi
Q. Would' you bo afraid of Hussy eingle
handed ond alpne if neither of you were
armed, olcls-ie was? A. Yes. sir Two-old
Im'T " tVeSwd
SSffisUfYeX yU W ""
6nly a Joker Not r Tblef.
William Delne, of MS West Thlrty.slxth street
a ssnltary engineer, was arrested last night
on a charge of stealing a sllver-inounted
2Js 1PJ? 7si " Plr of flshlno rods
yttSeu.t M, tho property of Frank Ifajcne
ll """ at -tne Jefferson Market Court Serine
1 cS'l."1 hok"n1 frteSo hid "ten in!
1 E?amea ,bJ.Uoache's playing on Sunday and
1 played a little Joke by faking away the instni
I S!5?t' . Justice Wt feetufid the prisoner on the
oiis of practical joking and dUchargcd Mm.
dank n., Yo,", American Tnra Examined.
JBM f" nhual examination on Iwsrd the school.
ship Bt. Mary's, now anchored off Wall street, was
H J5,ntnlnoon. The Kxammlng Board consisted
" B S-pv?c,,?iriPloeriBIUMeKay.Brown,
Tfgarton, Uanuiton', Dollard, Qol andVaeksoB;
The Itlarrlace ' or mis Morris to Tlmrlow
Weed Dnrnes.
Miss Franois Isabel Morris, daughter of
John A. Morris,' o'f New Orleans, was married
at noon to-day in, tho. West Prcs'byterian
Church, in Forty-second street, to Mr. Thur-'
ow Weed Barnes, of Albany. Owing to tho
illness of tho bride's grandmother tho cero
mony was, performed in tho city instead of at
Mr. Morris's country place In Wostchontor.
Mr. Barnes, acoompanied' by his brother,
William Barnes, jr., as best man, arrlvod at
tho "church a little before 12. Tho brldo ar
lrived soon after with her father, who gave
hor away. She wore the convential veil and
white satin gown without train, but beauti
fully ombroldored. 8ho boro somo looso
Puritan roses in her hand.
Tho Eov. Dr. B. M. Fahnor, who came an
from New Orleans for tho purpose, performed
the oeremony. He was assisted by Bev. Dr.
ronton, pastor of tho church. Tho corcmony
was very brief.
As soon as tho marriago ceremony was over
Mr. and Mrs. Barnes drove to the foot of
Fourteenth street and boarded Mr. Morris's
steam yacht, tho Cora. They will arrivo in
Albany, the groom's birthplace, Saturday
morning, and in tho evening will leave for
his ranch near Colooodo Springs, Col. After
three weeks' enjoyment of tho autumnal
beauties of Maniton nnJ Ghejenno Moun
tain they will return and take up their per
manent residenco in Boston.
Among thoso present at tho ceremony wero
tho following from Now Orleans : Gen.
Beauregard, Judge Billings, Mr. and Mrs. I.
II: Stanffer, Miss Celeste Stauffor, Mr. and
Mrs.rThomas J. Scrames, Miss Semmes, Mrs.
.Outhbert Slocomb, Miss Corn Slocomb, Mrs.
iDavld TJrquhart, Miss TJurnuhart, Mrs. Hen
ry Charnoclr, Mr. and Mrs. Dencgre, Mr. and
Mrs. P. O. Fazende, Mr. and Mrs. 0. II.
Uyarns, Mr, Kcnsrd and Mr. and
'Mrs. Percy Roberts. Othors attending
tho ceremony weto Qen. W. T. Sherman. Dr.
and vMr. William Tod Helmuth. the Misses
Huger, Mr.1 and Mrs. Henry Janier, Col. and
Mrs. O. W. Moulton, Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Post,
Miss Pott, Randolph Robinson, Miss Eleanor
Robinson Mr. Ballard, Smith. Dr. J. MoE.
iWetmoro, Mr. ond Mrs. Thatcher M. Adams,
,tho Misses Adams; Mrs. Mankhead, the Misses
Bankheld, of New York t Mr. and Mrs. Jaeob
Lorillard, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Collier. Mrs.
Eugene Blois, of Westchester i Mrs, Neodlos
Jennings, Muw Mollhenny, of Louisiana;
Mr. Eugene Baylor, of Washington, DO.;
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Maury, of Mobile. The
flret six pews' wero occupied by the families
and relatives of the bnde and groom.
And Saved Enongb to Pnrehnae n Three.
Hundred-Dollar Carriage.
, Agooistocr tstaldpf Michael Lorrcau, the late
proprietor of the Ballroad noato at Windsor, who
died last Week, by the Detroit FrenPni. "He
and bis wife came from the East, where Lorreau
had been foreman In a cotton mill, and several
years ago he and his wife, having a snug sum of
money, bought a stall In the Windsor Market and
went Into business. Michael was somewhat oonvtv
lal.and was In the habit ot frequently taklng-a quar
ter from the till and going away to spend it wtth his
friends, lie always, however, told his wife when
JULdJdSO W t-".Vt ' V -
The business prospered, and at length Mr.
Lorreau purchased a pair of horses. lie had,
however, no carriage suitable for family late, and
when his wife suggested buying ono he said that
he could not afford it.
' ' Never mind, " said she. ' ' Let us go over and
look at one."
6o the two came to Detroit and examined a num
ber of carriages, finally settling upon one that
suited them.
' How much is that ?" asked she.
"Three hundred dollars," said tho dealer.
" I will take it," she replied.
"How are you going to do that?" asked Mr.
"Never mind; I have the money." was the
answer, and producing a roll of bills she paid the
After they had left the place she explained that
she had accumulated the amount and more by
making a practice, every time her husbund tool
any money from the till for social purposes, of
taking and laying away an equal amount.
Mr. Lorreau was so Impressed that he gave np
his convivial habits for many years.
Hhot m Friend by Mistake.
srioiiL to Tni zvzNina would,)
Kaxkakh, 111. , Oct. 18. Constable Woolson,
ot this place, unintentionally shot and killed his
friend Herman Enrich isst Tuesday night, while
the latter was trying to play a practical joke on
him. Shrich was pretending to bo a burglar, and
as the night was dark Woolson failed to re.
cognize his friend, and shot him dead. When
Woolson realized what he had dono ho tried
to shoot himself, but was prevented by his
friends. The dead man was the son of one
of tho most prominent citizens.
m h
bid Not Try to Take nil Life.
The alleged attempt at suicide ot Adam Hellmer,
sentenced to five years and six months yesterday
for killing Henry Elmer in Clausen's brewery on
July 80, was pronounced to be untrue by Warden
Walsh at the Toombs this morning. The Warden
also said Hellmer was taken to Hlng Sing to-day.
An Emigrant's Hulclde at Sea.
The Carr Line steamer which arrived from Ham
burg this morning reports that on Oct. 8 William
Schneider, a steerago passenger, Insane, jumped
overboard and was drowned. His lifeless body
was recovered and subsequently returned to the
sea. Hchnelder was a natlvo ot Hamburg and had
no friends In this country.
Tips From the "Evening- World' Ticker.
The popular feeling Inspired by to-day's steady
market Is that bottom prices are somewhere in the
It is confidently believed that leaven is at work
In Beading affafui which will shortly shake the
market np on a sharp rally.
The Gould people talk hopefully and say that the
ultimate outcome of B. k O. snd Beading manipu
lation will be a considerably higher market. '
Bnssell Base is no longer adverse to selling
" puts " on Western Union, but his "ipreadn."
good for tho balance of the year, are from flfteen
to twenty points apart.
A prominent Investor on 'change said to-day that
the peculiar feature of the present market was that
the loudest bull promlsera are, and have been for
the past month, the heaviest sellers.
Henry Clews says In relation to to-day's market,
that It shows there la a place where people will
come in and buy. More ttockr has been bought
and taken away to-day than for a long time
The Cominack, Bateman and Durand faction,
with a courage born of recent success, laugh at
what they term an "old nun's joke." He who
laughs lost, however, Is yet to bo heard from In
this campaign.
The talk of the " Street " this morning Is that
Jay Oould Is preparing for a grand coup, which,
when announced, will completely demoralize the
" boar faction " and fill the lino full of " tanned
hides." Jay has promised It and will probably
come. L
The Fall Refrain.
row (A. Oil City MlManl.
Softly the learea are falling,
As they have fallen before,
And the sad old crows are calling
In the cold, wet winds once more,
And already the nation Is bawling,
" Shut the dooit"
Trouble Canted by the Settlement at Harper's
Bath Sldea Resolved to Rattle to the Bad
Over tno Card Rale Precsmen Helplag
Compositors Committees Trying to Reach
an Aareement, bnt It Look Doubtful.
ThoWtlo between tho union printers and
the employers -upon tho card rulo issue is
being hptly waged. The printers havo called
out all hands in Boveral establishments and
throaten to call ont those in others, while tho
employers have met tho attack by advertising
all over tho country for non-union printers.
They declare that they will keep their offices
closed beforo they will give up the fight,
t Regarding tho reports concerning Harper
Bros., tho Union Committeo this morning
posted tho following notice- at Pythagoras
This is to certify that no non-union men are at
present or will be employed by Harper Bros.
Evsbktt OLidim,
President of Typographical Union No. 8.
Josirn SaTrn, Chairman of Strike Committee.
Mr. John Polhomus locked out his hands
this morning because he had been informed
that tho Union Committeo had ollccted a
compromise with Harper Bros., whereby
that firm waa allowed to retain four non.
union compositors. Mr. Smith said to
an Evenino Wonu reporter that such
was not the case. Ho explained that the four
non-union men were removed from the com.
posing room by Mr. Henry iHarper on a state,
ment of the committeo showing that they had
not acted on principle in refusing to abide by
the Union rules. Mr. Harper will find em.
ployment for them in somo other department
of the house.
Mr. Burgoyne also threatened to look out
his men for the same reason, bnt after ascer
taining tho faots decided not to do so. Mr.
Polhemus will toko his men back.
All hands at J. J. Littlo's large establish,
ment in Lafayette place ore out, the pressmen
leaving in order to sustain tho printers. The
striko committee was in conference at latest
accounts with Messrs. Little and De Vinue,
tryinej to adjust the difficulty. The union
men think that Mr. Little will concedo the
demands, but do not bollevo that Mr. De
'Vinno, who is a leader in tho fight, will yield
A member of tho committeo said i " Wo
do not expect anything from Mr. Do Vinno, '
ana unless he yields this timo we will call out
every man in nls place."
Thero aro 250 employocs in Do Vlnno's
The Union will begin to pay striko benefits
on Saturday. Married men will reoeivo $13
a week and Bingle men 97.
Tho members of the Typothetos who signed
tho circular announcing their intention to
fight out the battle to tno bitter end assert
that none of them have yielded, but the
union men declare that four have dono so,
namely t Coffin ic Rogers, Caby & Co., J.
0. Rankin and Edward Jenkins' Sons.
4" 'JA. -tirrjfcl u. -..
Sentenced to the flulllotlne far ainrder, lie
Escapes with Life Imprisonment.
Israelii, to ths imcxrsa WOOLD.
Li Ptebe, Miq., Oct. 13. This place has
been greatly excited over tho departure for
Cayenne, the French convict settlement in
French Quiann, of tho Spanish murderer,
Carlos Zuzuarrequl. He was engaged in the
French fisheries. He was very jealous of
Stanilus Costeg, foreman of the crow, and
frequently quarrelled with him.
After one of these quarrels, he determined
to be revenged, and, Boizing a good oppor
tunity, when Costeg was in a stooping posi
tion, Zuzuarroqui treacherously camo up be.
hind him with an axe and struck him n fright,
ful blow on the neck, completely severing his
head from his body. One month later the
murderer was convicted and sentenced to bo
guillotined, but capital punishment has nocr
been inflicted in this island, nnd though tho
inhabitants' were terribly exoited over tho
revolting biutality of this murder, they vere
loth to see the guillotine introduced hero.
Representations made to President Qrevy
induced him to commute the sentence to im
prisonment for life.
Zuzuarroqui has been in jail for months
awaiting the coining of a war ship to trans.
Sort him to France, en route to French
m m
The Dominion Government Mast Stnre the
Hum of 823,370,000 In the Face.
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 13. Tho Dominion
Government, despite their protestations that
it never would happen again, find themselves
confronted with a balance of trade of
$23,376,000 against them as shown by the
trade statistics of imports and exports just
published by the Government for tho fiscal
year ending June SO.
The total amount of customs duties col.
lected upon goods imported into the Do.
minion during the year was $22,469,700, an
increase of $3,021,682 over the figures for
the preceding year, the total imports being
The overage rate of duty levied upon im.
ports, dutiable and free, was 20 per cent.,
compared with 18 per cent, in 1886 and lSJi
per cent, in 1878. The exports have increased
from $85,250,000 to $89,500,000. The increase
in imports, largely mado upon goods entered
from the United States, was 8 per cent.,
whilo exports only increased 5 por cent.
Eekbart'a Filthy Inflrmarr.
Eckitabt, Ind., Oct. IS. The jury appointed to
Inquire Into the condition of the Bckhsrt County
Infirmary has Unit ed Its report. They found the
Institution In a filthy condition and the Inmates
shamefully neglected. They recommend that tho
superintendent Improve his attire and personsl sp-
Eearance sufficiently to enable them to distinguish
1m from his unlucky charges. The report re.
fleets as seriously on the county officials as on the
Newark Anareblsta Gain Two Points.
srcci.lL to ihi xvxkiko wobld.J
Nkwabi, Oct. 15. The Newark Kxclse Commis
sioners have decided not to revoke the license of
Hoclallst Williams, of Mercer street, as the evi
dence produced was Insufficient to demonstrate
that the place was the resort of Anarchists.
Tha Trades Assembly has decided to pay Its
share of the cost of the demonstration to demand a
new trial for the doomed Chicago Anarchists.
m w
On Trial for Killlna; IUe Friend.
NkWAii, Oct. IS. Testimony for the State la
being taken In the Court of Oyer and Terminer at
Newark to-day, In the case of vincenzes Julians,
Indicted for the murJer of Uulsseppe Dadons, lits
friend, on July it) last. lir. Hsrrett, his counsel,
entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf.
The Werld'a Chamaleasalp la Brooklyn.
Bt. JjOVIM vs. Dxraorr, ft-memt, S P. M. Adatls
sua, 00 seats. OnndsUadM costs extra. .
Yeans; McCabe Frnntlo Over the Bad Fat
of John Gibson.
PniunxxraiA, Oot. 13. Peter MoCahe,
aged seventeen years, will novor forget his
gunning trip yestorday. By an aocldent ho
shot and killed his closo.friond and compan
ion, John Gillosplo, aged seventeen years.
Oillesplo lived ot 2,053 Tulip stroct, betwoen
Jackson and Tuokor. The young man's
mother is nearly crazed with griof pver tho
unexpected death of hor boy John. Young
McCabe is in a similar condition and moans
and cries fearfully as ho lies behind tho bars
of a coll in the Uridcsburg Jail. Thero is no
doubt in the mind of Coroner's Messenger
Wolf that the shooting was accidental, and at
tho Inquest suoh a vordict will be fonnd, and
It will set McCabo free. Tho dead boy's
father is on enginoer.
Tho two wero fond of gunning. Tho were
out yesterday for rail birds. It was shortly
after 12 o'o)ook when the accident occurred.
They woro near the river bank at WhoaUhcaf
Lano. McCabe saw a flook of birds and took
aim. His friend was standing to ono sldo in
eager expectation of tho alnvboini; success.
ful. As McCabe was about to fire an old
piece of wood which his foot was resting on
gave away, precipitating him to tha ground.
In falling he fell towards his friend, and.
having his hand on tho trigger of tho gun, it
was sprung. McCabo picked himself up in
an instant to find young Oillesplo covored
with blood and breathing his last. Tho wholo
of the charge had strnok Gillespie in tho nock
and breast. Immediate help was far away,
Qillespio only lived' a fow minutes, lie
diod beforo McCabe's eyes without speaking
a word. '
Leaving his doad friend in the field, Mo.
Cube summoned assistance. It was seen that
the body was dead, and the Episcopal lips.
Eitol ambulanoe took the body to the Ilrides.
urg police sub-station, thonoo to tho lad's
A Frandntent'niltonary'Reeivrs n Light
Punishment for n Urntal Crime.
Montreal, Oct. 13. A farcical whipping
took placo at an early hour to-day 'in tho
common jail. Tho criminal to whom the
flogging was administered by tho Bcntence of
tho court was Dumoso Dosormln, art allegod
Roman Catholio missionary who, hating been
caught in the act of a brutal assault on a girl
nlno years old. was arrcstod, pleaded guilty
and was sentenced .to twenty-three months
imprisonment and twenty lashes. The so
called flogging was witnessed by Blx local
physicians and four reporters.
At 7 o'clock the condemned was tied to a
triangle with enough rope to rig a yaoht,1 and
the Warden stood over with the regulation
" cat" in his hand. Tho jailor counted ten
and at each number the .whip come down on
the criminal's back so lightly that the
blow had no porceptiblo effect. Do
sormin did not screech or howl, bnt sold
twice." Not bo hard, ploaso " and the Wardon
tried to oblige him and laid tho strokes on
easier. When ten lashes had leen given, the
criminal was untied and walked away as if
nothing had happened. His back was only
slightly marked. It tas the unanimous
opinion of doctors p1 resent that suoh alleged
flogging would have no terrors for, brutes of
his class; and were lonrffn' their Sielruncla
tion of the affair as a ridiculous farce.
Colombia Sophomores fllrek a Iambft
Would a IllgU Hat Itouxe Them t
For the first time in tho history of Colum
bia College every Freshman was allowed to
carry a cano unmolested to-day. Heretofore
such an net would lm o instantly invited a
fierce- attack by the Sopliomores.
To-dny the Freshmen, having previously
notified the Sophomores of their intention,
nil presented themselves with enormous
ennes. Tho largest sticks were carried by
tho slimmebt youths. Thoy went boldly to the
check room, nnd Cuttiss, of '91, presented
tho challenging enne to be checked. Mean
while '91 made the college ring with " '91
wants blood." No Hopbomore offored to grab
tho cane as it was pussed over tho counter,
and it still remains in check under the uotue
of Curtiss to the glory of '91.
The inaction of the Sophomores is duo to
the resolution passed by them last week by a
vote of twenty -three to twenty, not bo tho
attacking party in any rano-rush. But how
much provocation they can stand after so
close a vote has not been determined. It is
thought by some that a Freshman with a high
hat would bring on a pitched battle.
Tho President commends tho action of the
Sophomores. The fact that Snowdrn was so
injured in the rush last year that he subse
quently died, had its influence-.
m m
Tho l'uglliMlo Cbniiiplon Hnym He Will
Knock Oir the Kugllshman'R 1 1 end.
Boston, Oct. 13. Champion John L. Sulli
van and Charlie Mitchell, of England, aro not
the best of friends. Sullhan thinks the Eng.
lishman has treated him shabbily, and has
had many "cracks" at him without giving
him a chance to shut off Mitchell's " gas."
Said tho champion to an Evxnino Would
correspondent : " Before I leavo Boston all
of Mitchcll'H friends on this sldo of tho water
will havo a chance to put up their money. I
mean to call them down, Jack Stewart among
tho others. 1 will show the American publio
what a bluff gumo Mitchell and his friends
havo been playing. If Mitchell ever comes
to this country again bo will got his head
knocked oft
New Plans for the Inhibition.
London, Oct. is. Many prominent Italians,
both In England and Italy, have taken an Interest
In the American Kxhlbltlon at Earl's Court. Whllo
It Is not likely that the Italian aovernment will of.
Qclally recognize the exhibition, they certainly ap
prore of the scheme and will probably further It
by lending certain public collections of work of
art. A novel and Interesting entertainment la
contemplated for the Wild West arena by way of
a display of ancient and modern Italian sports,
and ft Is probable that on the ground now occn-
Fled by the Indian tillage will be creeled an old
tallan street, representing various styles of Itsllan
design. Ihe enterprise Is being promoted by
Thumped Tor llrnrr (leorge.
Abrara Dorfmunii, of ST Emox street, and Ellas
Kauffmann, of Ti Norfolk street, hatmskirs, got
Into a discussion of the land question and Henry
Cleorge's theories yesterday. Kauffmann thumped
Dorfmann and was arretted. In the Jerfirson
market Court this morning Kauffmann was held
for ball.
Hrnss. WorUer Plod Hupportrn.
No change was reported this morning In tho
condition of the Ilrass.Workcrs' strike. The
strikers will be backed by the Metal. Workers' Sec.
tlon of tho Central Labor Union and by the Board
of Waking Delegates ot the Building Trades,
strike benefits will be paid on Batordaj at unitary
e i
Iloth Stain and Cromwell Rlept Well Last
Night What tho Tombs Turnkey Thinks
of the Two Men Cromwell's Had Kepu
tntiaa la tho Vicinity of Foxboro', aiaas.
Doth Men Are Terr Desperate Characters.
Boston, Oot. 13. Tho alleged murderers,
Stain and Cromwell, paid tho Tombs a visit
last night. Stain was plaood at onco in cell
No. 37, near tho end of tho long corridor, and
Cromwell slept in No. 1C.
Both of them passed a quiet night. Thoy
went to bed soon after their arrival at tho
colls, went to Blocp early and wero wldo
awake this morning when summoned to tho
At 8.80 o'clock their cells were unlocked.
Stain was handcuffed by Offlocrs Bean and
Cromwell to a follow-offlcor, and they started
for tho Dexter (Me.) train.
Speaking of their appcaranoe tho turn-key
At the Tombs, who held their Hborty in his
bonds, said i "Tho man who staid ovor
thoro," pointing to ooll 37, " was tho ono
who did the business I can bet, Tho other
man seems docilo and looks as
though he could bo easily led along. He
does not seem to havo oonrago enough to go
head and do anything rash alone. Stain,
however, looked desperate. I think ho
would toko any means to accomplish any
design that ho might have."
The most surprised set of detectives in the
country this morning are tho sleuth hounds
connected with the Chief Inspector's offloo
in Femberton Sqnaro.
The remarkable story of Tms Wobxd'b
capture of tho murdcres of Cashier Barron',
of.the Dexter Bank, astonished thorn.
" Tho best pieco of enterpriso I over heard
of," exclaimed Chief Inspoctor ITanscom .to
day to The Evening Wbnu correspondent.
" To think that a paper should run down
the perpetrators of one of tho most, mysteri
ous of modern crimes in such a, complete
manner astounds me. The Would has
added another bright gem to the 'crown of
its success."
Jn all the .hotels, polioa stations and on tho
streets the solo topio of conversation is The
Wobld'b "beat." Hundreds of people who
read an abstract of the story in the Globe wero
waiting in the corridors of Young's Hotel and
Parker's for the arrival of The Would on tho
1 o'clock train from New York to get tho
whole story.
Said one enthusiastic Bostonian to The
Eenino Would correspondent: " What next
may we expect from this great paper ?"
Cromwell a Desperate Character.
Foxsobo, Mass., Oct. 13. Oliver Crom.
w ell, who w as arrested yesterday at Walpolo
charged with being one of the murderers of
Cashier Barron, of the Dexter, Me., Bank,
was woll known in this vicinity
nnd was suspected of being tho murderer of
Mrs. Arrington, of Foxboro, and was for
somo timo closely watched by tho police He
has a bad reputation, and has always been
considered a desperate character by the
TiOke Hlinro and Western Union Slock As
sessable Heavy Interests Involved.
Cleveland, O., Oct. 13. Owing to a de
cision of the Supreme Court last week that,
under the Ohio statutes, tho stock of tho
Western Union and of tho Lako Shore is tax
able in this State, the case- in issuo will be re
opened. Tho parties to tho suit are tho
Treasurer of Ilichlaud County and tho archi.
tect of Cuyahoga County.
The decision affects the local stockholders
of every railroad corporation in Ohio, and
hundreds of interests ore involved.
The Court has granted a motion permitting
interested corporations to mako arguments.
Discouraged Her Poet Admirer.
Conway C. W'yatt, a poet from (Ireenpolnt,
looked depressed this morning, as be stood at the
bar In tho Jefferson Market Police Court. Ills oil.
miration for a young saleswoman had gotten him
Into trouble.
He worked In the same store as the lady, but she
wss cold and stern, and complained to the super.
Intendent of tha establishment, who discharged
Wyalt, Yesterday he tlslted the more, beiame
Insolent, and was arrested. He it as fined is.
m m
Itnllaus Kntombrd In a Srwer.
Nkwahi, Oct. 18. Mncenzo Pemlrpcde and an
other Italian laborer whose namo Is not known,
were entombed t-day while working In a sewer In
Third street. They were unconscious when extri
cated. Iloth were removed to bt. Michael's.
Itoston and Main Itallroad Triumphant.
Concord, N. II., Oct. IS. Tho Seuato passed
the llazeii L 111 to-day, 16 to a
Coming Iivrnfs.
The TlrooVlyn Arion Fair will begin on Saturday
next and continue for one week.
A musical and literary entertainment will be
given at 8 o'clock tbla evening In tha Pedford
Ktreet il. K. Church, under too direction of the
Young Men's Christian Association.
The third annual Turf Hall will take place this
evening st Wendell's Assembly llooms In Forty
fourth street. A pair of gold earrings will be
awarded ss a prliu to the best lady valuer.
Charles Datton, esq., President of the Purean
of Audit, will deliver a locture to-morrow evening
before the Institute ot Accounts m the University
Building, Washington ignore, on "Auxiliary
- " " j
Our BtyU of Strett Buteptng,
m m
It Arrives From Asplnwall on tho Newport
This Morning.
Tho body of Gen. Judson Kllpatrick, late
United States Minister to Chill, arrived hore
loft night on the Pnciuo Mail Steamer New
port from Asplnwall. It was accompanied
by Mrs. L. V. Kllpatrick and hor daughters,
Julia and Laura.
The body was interred In tho family vault
In Chili, whoro tho government requires an
intormont of something like two years bofore
removal. Fevers, contagious diseases and
other drawbacks prevented the removal of
tho body at an earlier period, and for tho
first timo Mrs. Kllpatrick has boon able to
aomo to this country to havo tho body prop,
orly interred. The party crossed the isth
mus to Asplnwall and thero took the steamor
for the United States.
It was generally supposed that tho Inter,
rnont would be in Deckertown, Qen. KU
Patrick's old homo, and arrangements were
mado to that cud, but Mrs. Kllpatrick an.
nounoed on her arrival that the General had
asked to bo buriod in tho military cemetery
at West Point,
When tho steamer reached hor dock at tho
foot of Canol.street sho was boarded bysov
aral friends of tho family, among whom wore
Thoma Margarnn, oxeouior of tho general's
ostato) W. A. Stiles, William It. Mattison,
O. W. Cook, Maior W. B. Bhafer, Cant.
Hatch. B. It. Pangborn, A. O. Tully and V.
P. Walhng, of Deckertown.
Tho party had a long conference on tho
steamer and it was decided to confer with
Gen. Sherman, who has agreed to toko park
in the funeral sorvicoond who will deltvor
on address. To-night at 8 o'clock there will
bo a meeting at the Astor House, where all
final arrangements will be made.
The body will remain on tho Newport until
the arrival of Bydney Everett, Chief of the
Diplomatic Bureau, State Department at
Washington, who has been designated by
Secretory Bayard to receive the remains and
represent the Government in carrying ont the
a revisions ot the act of Congress in regard to
10 funeral. - ,-- "
I i i
To-Nlght's Danqnet to the Owner and De
signer of the Volunteer.
The Now York Yacht Club did its duty to
tho Scottish yachtsmen of tho Thistle on
Tuesday evening. This evening the club will
honor Gen, 0. J. Paine and the designer of
the Volunteer, Mr. Edward Burgess by a
sumptuous dinner at Dolmonico's.
Commodore Elbridge T. Gerry will preside,
and plates will bo laid for 115 dinners. Be
foro Commodoro Gerry will stand the cup
first won by tho America, in 1851, and re
tained here in the races of 1870 by the Magio,
in 1871 by tho Columbia, in 1870 by the Made,
line, in 1881 by the Atlanta, in 1885 by the
Puritan, in 1883 by tho Mayflower and this
year by tho Vdlunteer. Othor silver prizes
won by these yachts and by the Sappho,
Dauntless, Montauk. Clara, Clio, Mischief
and other yacts of the club fleet will adorn
tho tables, and the walls will be festooned
with flags of all nations, the club flag, and
the stars and stripes boing intertwined be
hind the President's chair.
A " half-model " of the Volunteer will be
placed on the dais, tnmmod with bright flow
ers nnd smllax. Tho banquet-room will be
thrown open from 4 to 6 o'clock this after,
noon to all who desire to see tho trophies.
Wrecked Connecticut flanks.
Norwich, Conn., Oct. IS. There are no new
developments In tho Stafford Springs National
Hank defalcation, which was brought to light yes
terday by the arrest of Cashier Hicks, who has
embezzled over $so,000 belonging to the National
unci Havings banks of thst plsce. It is believed
that both banks will be forced to close their doors.
A Watch for Their (Superintendent.
The Employees of the Manhattan District Com
pany presented to the departing superintendent,
Mr. J. II. Gibson, a handsome gold watch and
chain at tho Victoria Hotel last evening. The
presentation was made by Geo. G. Thomas. The
tontrlbutors were It. B. Hmlth, J. It, Maraton, T.
nllllgan, W. S. Clapp, T. F. Murray. Appropriate
speeches were mado and then refreshments were
Mllklewlca Denies Ihe Story.
WisitiNQTON, Oct. 13. Count Mltkiewicz,
who is confined to his house by illness, au
thorizes a denial of the London report that
the Chinese concession has been cancelled.
Vlio Thistle's tMurt Delayed.
The Scotch cutter Thistle did not get away to
day, bho was delayed In shipping her storea so
that sho will not be ready to start across the
Atlantic until to-morrow.
Cant, Darr said that with favorable winds he
would reach the other side In sixteen days.
Wafted from the Footlights.
'Catnip Tea" la the name of a new "comedy"
said to have mado a hit In regions remote.
After their season In New York, Lew Docksttder
will take his minstrels to San Francisco, under the
management of "Mike" Leuvltt.
Kdward (I. btone has assumed management of
Frank llatigs In Lawrence Barrett's two plays,
'Francises dj Itlmlnl" and "Klcnxl." Jack
Sanford will be tha advanca agent.
"Pounced" la tho vlgoroua title of a comlo
opeia written by II. C. Uunner, and composed by
Louis Lombard, who, during tha aununer, was
orchestra leader at ltlchOeld Springs.
The full cast of the "Itudolphe" company In
cludes Georgo Knight, Mrs. Knight, K. A. Ken
nedy, Charles llowser, Lin Hurst, Frank A. Col
fax, Jane Stuart, E. A. Horning, V. Fawcett and
Henry Green.
Joseph Jefferron will appear at tho StarTheatre
as Dob Acres In "The Kit ls " next week, sup
ported by Mrs. John Drew as Mrs. Malaprop, and
other proulnent artists. Including Nelson wheat
croft, the "heavy" man of the Lyceum Theatre,
who ins been lent " to Mr. JaSeoea by Manager
ssssgaassME,,,,, . f litMO
She Loved Young Mr. Tingle and waa De- upfjH
termlned to Marry Illm In Spko of the- V -iyjM
Obstacle Placed In Her Path by ta !BH
Obdurate Parent The Matter Hinged mi VH
an Invitation to Dinner. ' ""JB
St. Pato, Minn., Oct. 12,-Mr. OleTeUnd'tf 4$fH
visit hero has brought domestic blhw to twovAw'H
young people. Pat Kelly is known all oyer 'H
the country as the boss of Democratio poli.'' JbH
tics in this BUto. In addition to that ha is i WM
successful merchant, is worth $a,000,000,1' and 1'B
now aspires to social eminence Ho has two 'L'iiH
daughtors. and hoped that they could aocora.ffiaW
pllsh all that was needed to raise him to tha j $EM
doslred sooial prominenco by Judicious mari f VH
riages. In his seal to climb into Bt. Paul's) 7 fijH
first social circles tho Don. Pat hag' ''IsbbI
given many dinners to' prominent St. v'yl'H
Paul peoplo and their visitors, at V"3H
which he never has less than seven kinds-' ,dB
ofwlno. Less than that number would not ' iH
have come up to the eminent political boss' J''fx-JH
idea of a dinner. Among thoso who were in. ,c'jH
vitod to some of these dinner was E. W 8. iV 4bbbI
Tingle, whose father is Seal Agent for this VJoH
Government at tho Alaskan Islands. HewM rf-lHH
not one of the persons upon whom Pat Kelly t& SI
had fixed his eye as a suitable husband for PT 'JBafl
one of his daughtors. Young Tingle visited i '
the house frequently, took one of the young HY9B
ladles to the theatre 1 very often, and other. ,'&
wiso paid attentions that won her heart, Mr. " J fli
Kelly, in the meantime, paid attention to his 'VaaW
private and political business, and did not1 A-Sbbs
think much about young Tingle's visits; A JPlM
short time ago Tinglo asked his consent to 1 'VjIbH
marry ono of his daughters, and was denied fvJaiH
tho boon. The yonng girl was true to her T'laafl
lover, and they agreed to be married by the waaH
priest the 11th of this month. lake a dutiful -W 9H
daughter the young woman wrote a letter tQ 3ii afl
hor father asking him to bo present. Hor 'isilB
threw the note back, saying that if shero- JR
posed to make such a fool of herself he did ,i 'M-mM
npt wish to keop any souvenir of it. But FiiJiH
Mrs. Kelly finally came to the rescue of the . fiH
lovers. 'tj'Hsl
The boss had decided to havo Col. and Mr. ,'.. vHsBal
Vilas to dinner during tho President's stay reHal
and to capture Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland if -jUM
that were possible. All arrangements had 'Vaaa
been made when Mrs. Kelly declared she . vi J9H
would not reoeivo Mrs. Cleveland Mrs.v SM
Vilas, or anyono olso unless her dtiushter .-"' aH
was allowed to bo married at her own home ij 'MM
and to invite her friends. Mr. Kelly knew if' H
his wif e meant what she raid. It was Been., &v9aH
nary to give a, dinner to Col. and Mrs. Vikw.,. M
and he was determined to capture the PreeU nl flaaB
dent and his wife. He could not afford toA'sal
lose this big social plum on any account, and!, i-feM
finally ho consented to tho match. The wed.: ' Jbbb
ding was set for the 14th, two day after the v- qM
President's departure.. Fearing that, after i&j H
his own point bad beeft gained her father V!j'"bIbB
might not carry ont his part of the ogree-i VJ, JB
ment, the young girl eonolnded that she ,hadV$.f KH
better be married first. This decision was J ?l!3M
announced to the honorable Kelly who heivSi 'tfUM
came blue with anger. 'He was'-coapaued 'r'UH
to give in. however, and the marriago took NH
place Wednesday. The young people aro ' SWM
East on their wedding trip. jr 1H
The Funeral at the Church of the Holy fiasa xSM
eents To-Day. I9H
The funeral of Alderman James Joseph H
Corrigan took place this morning from hie 'bH
home, No. 313 West Thirty-third street. At ' fflH
10.80 o'clock the funeral proces- '' y fu
sion moved from the house to the ' jgfl
Catholio Church of the Holy Innocents, ''I'&LaH
at the corner of Broadway and Thirty- BH
seventh ctreet, More than ono hundred car. 9H
riages followed the hearse, which was drawn V-JLal
by four black horses. The pall-bearers were 'HB
associates of the dead man in tho Board of vjU
Aldermen. They were P. J. Dlwer, James jMbH
E. Cowie, John Quinn, James T. Van Bens- Hvl
saelaer, William E. Bowling and Hugh ff. ViaH
Forrell. - H
At the church a solemn high requiem maaslftJH
was celebrated, Assistant Pastor Father 4H
Dougherty being celebrant, with Father '4wWsal
Downes as deacon and Fathc r Kenney as sub- rSBaMI
deacon. Tho church, which is capable of j'JB
seating two thousand people, was thronged, tfM
many persons being nnable to ob t f ji.'dH
tain admittance. Among tho throng ytfjH
were Mayor Abrom 8. Hewitt, the Board of lirXM
Aldermen in a body, Sheriff Hugh J. Grant ' j!M
and Fire Commissioner Richard Crokeru iIH!
Among the societies represented at the fa- H "JH
neral were the Catholio Benevolent Legion. V'gaVB
the Excelsior Union, and the Tammany Halt xHI
General Committee and Naragansett Club, of 3B
which deceased was a member. The inter- y.rwmm
ment will be in Calvary. ySrH
Snap from the Sounder. !3sbH
Svkacdsx, N. Y., Oct. 11 William P. Good- ,vTH
ale delivered the address at the dedication ot the iH
soldiers' monument at Baldwtnsvllle. , jHB
Ansomia, Conn., Oct. 10. The body found 'JgH
hanging in the woods yesterday Is believed to he SSlfaB
that of a farmer named Page, ot Woodbrfdge, nH
Jackson, O., Oct. is. The boiler In a portable tSM
saw.mlll three miles from this town exploded loot -'taH
night. Kent Evans and James Irwin were killed. - iiH
Halifax. Oct. is. Perry Davis, ot pain-killer WNM
fame, and a party of Americans are under arrest SH
In the western part ot the province for hunting 'V2B
moose Illegally. vbbBbI
DcrriLO, Oct. IS. The Prohibitionists here vbH
have placed the wif e of a well-known clergyman jSSW
on the city ticket, as a candidate for Sunerlmead- HBM
ent ot Education. ( 'fvaaal
NswauavroBT, Mass., Oct IS. lira. Moses rgH
Stevens, Wss Nancy and Miss Lucy Monroo are '9H
claimants for an estate valued at $200,000 In Inver- - ,'H
nest and Aberdeen, Scotland. XH
BcrrALO, Oct. is. Diphtheria Is quite preva- bb1
lent In this city, the latest death being that ot the JiM
son of a prominent clergyman. Tho authorities 'gH
are striving to keep tho matter quiet. -Wfl
Halifax. K. a, Oct. 18. The schooner Oeor- tSH
glna arrived here, to-day with Capt. Dunn and iHM
crew, of the brlgantlne Isabella, which was aban- -
doned at sea, having been distbled In the gales of M
Oct. 8. iM
Kansas Citt, Ma , Oct. 11 President and Mrs. ' &
Cleveland narrowly escaped an accident la this IpM
city last night. Just before they had crossed the t
street railroad track two cars came Into collision . sM
and were thrown off the track Into the crowd. Bev- JbH
era! persons were Injured. -jH
Deoatub, 111., Oct. IS. E. T. H. Gibson, ot 5jH
Now York, and A. O. IlscUtaff , ot New Jersey, 7
Pled a mortgage for record In this county yester- i'iJB
day, on the Chicago, Havana and Western IUU- rjtrlafl
way for $250,000. The road extends from Cham- i&bbbI
palgn to Decatur and from White Ilenlh to Havana. H
1 . .Strasal
Prob. Predict Fair Weather. SH
t'.VienmaTOM.Oct.lJ. &9
For Pattern ;uj rorj ','1H
fair ieeatturf UoM U tfH
SrS touffixetHerli i'SBI
u-i-dj, brisk 00 coast. !$JMi
' aiHfj, iu Jtrnv "i'vMKt
Detainer: ITanusj", JW, ' I'tD
tcMtAer; tmA to afia, 1 ,W
Souawttcrtvvtatt, ttoomtngitiirlf , f aBi
T$. ' '
K J&alfxSF j. A 1 'A LiIbbWbIhIhH
ti7 . --i-j" jltaanato-wctf . Ttu-S yglJMadSaaBBBBaBjBl

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