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1 Q O'CLOCK :BSfe fC
The Jury Says He is Not Guilty
of Murdering Jack Hussey.
L Jnle Cowlna'n Clinrgr Thought by Home to
Illnve Ileen Very Wcnk A Younn Womnn
Hubs nml Kisses Ilnlin Tlio Jury Out Jmt
One Hour An Agreement Ilcnclicil In Ihe
Thlril Iliillot Mue Voted Tor Acnnlttnl on
the First llnllnt, ami Eleven Iho fecconil.
I ,ot53udge oowino
ni jMPchnrgid Iho jury in
Jrelf I h '10 ""' of Policeman
SK5 0 nnnl Hohn for the
$WUMA J 8 niurder of Cnpt. Jock
cOT 3 Hussey, in Part II. of
I. .i 5KLGJ '10 Court of General
II 3r&r SonsioiiB tlifs morning.
L"2k. His kindly, gonial ej o
r hc , Kftvo courage to tho
n jfek young mnu whoso fate
-ffWfiU WuS boing put in tho
yiY 1 U hands of tlio twelve.
xJilrl fe Illcn "l tho box, who
--3h iux'"v fff had listened so attou
n wfeWlfjlfl thelytotho evidence
g liii-Jl,'iveu during tho four
I jl I -X. I--J preceding days, that
(tVJJi-iWUO ho v ould be treated
$jli)KtjM fftirly and impartially
rr -fllX. in&S&jiy uo man wuo om"
JsjAS'CTp e r s justice with
ioji rS tt' &f mcroy to tho appro.
f UK X Wion of all fair-
A V minded citizons uovor
i 'permitting satisfao.
lion of tho law and tho protection of so-
ciety to bocomo confouudod with vengo-
Innco for tho injurod parties.
Judgo Cowing begun his charge at 11.05
o'clock, and in tho course of his charge theso
points wero touched:
If the killing was done with a deidly weapon In
the bent of passion, tint unintentionally, then your
verdict must be murder In the second degree. Tho
defendant says he wan hit with a missile. You
must determine If that was enough to rouso tho
beat of passion.
In conclusion, don't stifle your conscience, Irat
try to come to a conclusion. I say this as well for
tho defendant as for the people. Do not throw tho
expense of another trial by a disagreement back
upon the people.
Tho evidence of Dr. Scholcr and O'nanlon shows
that they traced tho death to the abscess, the
abscess to the wound, and I ask you If there Is any
evidence controverting this j Two doctors havo
sworn positively to the death of John Hussey, but
If "yon find that John Hussey died from other
causes, then acquit. Ho much for the first defense.
Now we turn to the main defense Justifiable
homicide It does not gain force by any statut.
Every man has a right to defend himself. When
committed In tho lawful defense of tho slayer,
when apprehensive of a design of the slain to
commit a felony, or to do some great personal
Injury to the slayer, and there Is apparent Imme
diate danger that suchdcslgn will be accomplished,
he may kill. lie must decide, however, at his
peril. It Is not enough that the party believed
himself In danger, but tho facts and circumstances
must be taken Into consideration by the Jury and
they must decide whether thero was reasonable
ground for the belief In the Imminence of this
The defendant must exhaust every means of
escape. There must bo an apparent necessity for
At tho request of Mr. Howo, Judgo Cowing
charged that " where to 'floe would bo more
' dangerous than to Btand, a man muBt stand
his ground and dofend himself."
Other points wero emphasized at llr.
Howe's request, and tho caso was given to the
jury at 12.40 and they retired.
Tho jury were out just one hour.
Foreman Carpenter responded to tho usual
question that the jury had agreed upon a
verdict, and added, " It is not guiltv."
Judgo Cowing was so astonished that
ho appeared to be staggered for a moment
and forgot entirely to lecturo the prisoner ou
tho lesson taught by his experience. Col.
Fellows was so cut up that ho walked straight
down tho stairs and out of tho building, say.
, ing nothing to any one.
Dntrict Attorney Martine rocoived tho news
inhisoihco with incredulity whioh gave place
to wondor. Ho said : " While I would not
be surprised had tho jury, like
juries, seeking for an casement, brought in a
verdict for a lesser dogroo than tho ono
charged, I cannot see by what courbo of
reasoning they arrivod at an acquittal."
Judge Cowing said: "I was just a littlo
surprised. I did not think from the evidence
that a jury woald conviot of murder in tho
first degree, but I thought probably a losser
degreo of crime might be found."
The jury was discharged and friends of
Hahn grasped his hand in con
gratulation. A young womon rushed
up to him and, throwing her arms about
his neok, rained kisseson his faco. Ho walked
sut of court betwoon two young women and
surrounded by his friends.
Hahn will not be taken back to duty on tho
polico forco until Supt. Murray receives an
official report of his acquittal and a copy
of the papers. Then ho will bo tried by the
Police Commissioners for being off post and
drunk and dismissed from the forco. His
acquittal grieved the polico officials.
- -
Snubbed by the Lord Mayor a London Slob
Fichu the Police.
I incur, caulk to tim kvzmixo wonLDj
London, Oct. 14. Tho unemployed persons
who frequent Trafalgar Square formed in a
body to-day and marched to the Mansion
House, whoro thoy demandod an interview
with the Lord Mnyor. That official declined
to hold any conversation with them, and tho
mob denounced him bitterly.
They then started back to Trafalgar Square
and when tho police triod to movo the crowd
tho mob resisted. The police charged upon
them whon one black and several red flags
wero waved in tho air and wero seized.
I The mob subsequently scattered, but
shortly nfterwards rushed upon the polico
and succeeded in forcing them hack from
heir position und in recapturing tho black
L "?
-"A Again tho police rallied and charged tho
K mob, which becaino demoralized and finally
M dispersed.
jH flrn. liroye Hurcerds HaulunKCr.
mjk Pahis, Oct. H. Gen. Ilroyo, General of
V tho Twenty.flfth Division of the Thirteenth
W Corps, has been appointed to suoceed Qen.
vtH Jloulanger during the latter'a temporary sus-
1 M lvsnsion-
wM WniBX oar grandfather boajlithla dock, thin you
B no sat auUttlual furniture and Orrpcta. KitaliUchcd
'lH i K?rVWwutrthw,1,lw,oIMCht1WlWl
WartVa Greatest Catch.
IlcnrliiR Postponed Until One Week from
To-morrow The Defense nn Alibi.
Dexteh, Me., Oct. 14. Stain and Crora
woll, the alleged Barron murderers, wero ar
raigned at 10 o'clock this morning at the
Town Hall beforo Judgo Waldron, of tho
Municipal Court. A largo and excited au
dlencowasin attendance
Tho prisoners pleaded not guilty, after
which, on request of counsel for tho prose
cution, tho circumstances demanding moro
time to procuro tho attendance of necessary
witnesses, a continuanco of hearing waB
granted until 10 o'clock Saturday, tho 23d
Josiah Crosby, who appcarod for Stain,
and M. Sprague, for Cromwell, did
not oppose the motion, and it was readily
granted by tho Court. A. M. Goddard,
of Augusta, and Thomas H. P. Pierco,
of Ilexter, ajipcared as counsel for the State
Much excitement provnils, and tho opinion
as to the outcome is divided, as might uo ex
pected. It is understood that the prisoners rely on
an alibi for a defense.
The Republican Commissioners Vote for
O'llrlcn The Courts Called In.
Tho Police Commissioners were to-day
served with a copy of an order issued by
Judgo Donohuo compelling them to show
cause on Oct. 20 why they should not con
sider John J. O'Brien eligible to reappoint
ment as chief of the Bureau of Eeotions,
notwithstanding tho fact that the Civil-Service
Con. mission failed to send up his name
on tho eligible list.
The Police Commissioners met ti-day
nftornoon and voted on the appointment of a
Chief of tho Bureau of Elections. Half a
dozen of ballots were taken, and a dead lock
resulted. The two Republican Commission
ers voted for O'Brien ond tho Democrats for
tho eligible list candidates, t
The Commissioners rodnced the salary of
the ofllco from $5,000 to $4,000 ond ordered
O'Brien to appear beforo thorn at 11 o'olook
to-morrow to explain why he sworo in tho
George inspectors.
Crowds Cheering all Along the Haute to
the Southern States.
Mountain Gbove, Mo., Oct. 14. Tho
Presidential spocial passed here at 7.25 a. m.,
schodulo time. At Springfield and a dozen
other stations during tho night large crowds
wero at the depot chooriug for tho President.
At tho town of Caboat, Mo., a largo crowd
was in waiting, and tho President went out
on tho platform to bow his acknowledgment.
At 'West Plains, Mo., tho hundreds of dole,
gates to tho State Wheel, a granger organiza
tion, wero at tho depot to greet the presi
dential party.
The nftornoon ride is through many miles of
swamps, touching at Hoxie, Black ltock, and
Marion, Ark.
Report Thnt lie Will Charge Npencer and
Cowen With Conspiracy.
special to Tme xvxMma would.)
Baltimoiie, Oct. 14. It is reported that
Robert Garrett proposes to make
a voluminous statement showing his
connection with tho recent transactions
affecting the Baltimore and Ohio llallroad
and Telegraph Companies. It is also
alleged that this statement will show that
Vice-President Spencer and General Counsel
John K. Cowen combined with other par
ties to wrest tho management of tho rood
from Mr. Garrett.
Burning of the Hprague .Mills.
AVillimantio, Conn., Oct. 14. Tho largo
Sproguo five-story stone mill, 1,000 by 00
feet, at Baltic, Conn., was totally wrecked by
flro to-day. Tho firo was discovered by tho
w&tohman at 2.30 a. m. in the card-room, on
tho third floor but the cause is unknown.
It was built iu 1857 by Amasa and William
Sprsgue, ond was latterly operated on a lease
by H. h. Aldrich A Co., Providenoe parties,
making cotton cloth. Over nino hundred
hands are thrown out of employment. Tho
loss is estimated at $1,600,000. Tho gas works
in tho rear of the mill are also destroyed.
The building and maobinory wero insured
for &257.O0O in about sixty companies, all
stock companies, and tho stock was insured
for nearly its full oluo, mostly in stock companies.
Jewell's Wharf Cve In.
Jewoll's Wharf, at tho foot of Fulton
street, East Biver,' Brooklyn, caved in this
afternoon. The loss is $30,000. An over
heavy load of machinery ond merchandise
caused the accident.
Prob Hays It Will Boon lie Colder.
Washington, Oct. H. For Eastern Sew Torh
and Connecticut! Colder, fair weather t fren
toUght noritterlvwln'f, icUnrottt.
or Sattern Ptnnifltanla, A'w Jtrtev tmA Beta
merit Concur, Jtxtr vxathtrf llgM to ftw iwrtA
trWKtwuwWt AeH ,
Detroit Beaton 5 to 2 in the
Fourth Championship Game.
Nine Thousand People Witness the Contest
at Wathlneton Park.
Caruthcrs and Iloyle and Conway and lien
nctt the Batteries Many Brilliant PInys
and Libera! Plaudits Latham Both
Cheered nnd Hooted (Jnflhey and Kelly
Acted as Umpires Day Clear, but Windy.
Washington, Pajik, Brooklyn, Oct. 14.
gHILE Dotroit plajcd
a good gamo this
afternoon St. LouIb
proved to bo tho vic
torious nine by a score
of 5 to 2. lhero was
a orowd of 9,000
people on tho park,
and evorybody choerod
to tho echo tho many
brilliant plays of the
men who wero con
testing the fourth gamo
for tho championship
of tho world.
f P - A $ Gnffuoy and Kelly
A .k ' " "Sfu. cte(l s umpires,
JQj AjW alternately, at the end
Ptffffl' - of each inning. Gaff
wC 0 T"1"' -u ney opened the gamo.
Mj .J, Caruthers and Boylo
posod os the battory for St. Louis, whilo
Detroit played Conway and Bonnctt.
St. Louis s o o o o s l t a
Detroit 0 000200006
These wero the teams :
St. Louis Latham, 3b.; Gleoson, s. s.;
O'Neill, 1. f.j Comiskoy, lb.; Caruthors, p.;
Poutz, r. f.; Welch, c. f.; Robinson, 2b.,
Boylo, o.
Dotroit Bichardson, 1. f.; Ganzol, lb.;
Rowe, s. s.j Thompson, r. f.; Whito, 3b.;
Dunlap, 2b.; Bennett, c; Hanlon.c. f.; Con
way, p.
After somo delay, whioh the vnst audieuco
Lore Impatiently, tho bell rang. Play was
called, and tho game began with Si. Louis at
tho bat.
First Inning Latham began to foul balls,
but Gaffney called no strikes on him. Ho
finally gained his objeot and got to first on
balls and stole second.. Gleason was hit by
a pitched ball and first base was gi on to
him. Then both men stole a base togethor,
leaving first vacant, and they both scored on
O'Neill's hit to centre. Comiskey forced out
O'Neill at second and a wild pitch brought
the captain to third. Caruthcrs hit to Gan
zcl, who throw Comiskey out at homo, and
White's assist retired Foutz. Two runs.
For Detroit Richardson slipped to bat and
fanned himself out amid cheers, and Robin
son's assists retired Ganzol and Rowe. No
Second Inning For tho Browns, Welch
hit to White and died at first base. Hanlon's
catch killed Robinson and Boyle expired on
Row o's assist to Gonzel. No runs.
For Detroit, Thompson hit to Comiskoy
and settled his fata right there. White hit
to Gleason and life had no moro charms for
him after he reuohed first baso, and Welch
put the sido out by gathering in Dunlap's
easy fly. No runs.
Third Inning For tho Browns, Latham
knocked a fly to Richardson and was put out
by him in a protty catch. Gleason tried to
bluff Conway by batting left-handed and
Btruck out for his pains. O'Noill hit to Dun
lap ond was safo on Ganzel's error. Dunlap
retired tho sido by catching a little pop-fly
from Coiuiskey's bat. No runs.
For Detroit, Bennett woro a whito shirt to
mascot his batting power, but ho opened for
Detroit in this inning by striking out. Han
Ion followed him by retiring on a soft hit to
Rohinbon. Gleason's error let Conway got
to first, but ho wasforcod out at second by
Richardson. No runB.
Tourth Inning For tho Browns, Caruthors
hit a liner to Dunlap, who caught it. Rowe's
assist retired Foutz and Welch flew out to
Row e, ending tho Browns' half. No runs.
For tho Detroits, Ganzol hit up a high fly,
which was covered by Robinson, who made a
pretty running sido catch, Rowe's hit was
fielded to first by Gleason in time, and
Gleason made a horoio catch of a red-hot
liner from Thompson's powerful bat. No
Fifth Inning Latham began to coach hero
and was cheered by his Brooklyn friends.
This rattled Conw ay a little and he hit Robin
son with tho ball. Robinsou then started
for second, and if ho had not fallen he could
huo gono to third ou a wild throw down
from Bcunott. Aftor Boylo struck oi
Latham flew out to Hanlon, who ran up to
copturo the ball, and Rowe's assist put Glea
son out of tho way. No runs.
For Detroit, White's high tty foil into Gloo
sou's hands, but Dunlap hit safely to loft. A
wild throw brought him to third. Ho
scored on Dennett's hit into tho crowd
for two bases. Bennett scored ou Hanlon's
hit over short, tieing tho score. Hanlon was
thrown out at second and Conway retired at
first by Gleason's assist. Two runs.
Sixth Inning-For the Browns O'Noill hit
high to centro and was put out by Hanlon.
Dunhtp's assist retired Comiskey. Caruthors
hit safely past second, stole that baso and
got to third on Foutz's hit to left. Foutz
got to seoond on tho throw in, and both men
scored ou Weloh'a two-bagger over third
base. White's assist retired Robinson, but
the. Browns bad lead again. Two runs.
AUliMfdioll tUrifrt liro'uW
Gleason's legs. Ganzol sont a lino fly to Rob
iuson, who caught it and doublod Rbhardson
at first. Rowo hit safely over third, stolo
second and then Thompson mado a phantom
hit. A possod ball advanced both a baso, but
tho chonco was spoiled by a great catch by
O'Ncil of Whlto'H foul fly. No runn.
Soventh Inning For tho Browns, White's
assist was tho death of Boyle, but his error
pned to ho tho life of Latham, who stolo
socond, and when ho was half way thero
Gleason hit hhnsolf with a pitohod ball and
got first. A wild pitch advanood the men a
baso, and O'Neill's out to Thompson brought
home Latham. Whito thou assisted Comis
key out and retlrod tho sido. Ono run.
For Detroit, Dunlnp hit safo to centro field,
was sent to second by Bennott's clean hit to
the snmo placo, and wns thrown out at third
by Robinson, who dropped Hanlon's fly pur
posoly, but failod to mako tho douhlo play.
Riohardson fouled out to Boyle, howovor.
Conway fouled out to Wells. No runs.
Eighth Inning For tho Brow us, Dunlap's
assist retired Caruthors. White, Foutz and
Welch followed with a hit to tho Deacon, who
overthrow to first and brought Welch to soc
ond. Robinson got first on halls, but Row o
assisted Boylo out at first. No runs.
For Detroit, Gonzel hit safely to ocntro,
and O'Neill caught Rowo's fly. Thompson
was sacrificed by tho same process, ond
Caruthers's assist put out White. No runs.
Ninth Inning Whon Latham como to bat
in this inning ho danood on tho plato and
was jeered when Whito assisted him out.
Gleason flew to Richardson, and Dunlap's
assist put out O'Noill. No runs.
For Dotroits, Latham's assist retired Dun
lop, Bcnnott struck out, ond Hanlon flew
out to O'Noill. No runs.
Base Hits Browns, 7; Dotroit, 8. Errors
Browns, 3 ; Detroits, 3.
Gnmra Elsewhere.
Cleveland 1 0 B 0 0 0 0 8-
Indianapolis 10 0 0 4 0 0 05
Ouino called on account of darkness.
llatterlcs Crowell and Bnyder and Boris and
Arundel. Umpire Mr. Gardner.
At the end of the seventh inning tho game be
tween Baltimore and Washington stood seven to
four In furor of Washington. Gamo called on ac
count of darkness.
Batteries KUroy and Trott and Whitney and
Mack. Umpire Mr. York.
At the end of the eighth Inning tho game be
tween Philadelphia and the Athletics
stood 0 to 11 In favor of tho Athletics, when the
game was called on account of darkness.
llallcrles Maul and Clements and Seward and
Koblnson. Umpire Mr. Ferguson.
at cnicAoo.
At the end of tho second Inning, tho game be
tween Chicago and Cincinnati stood 5 to 4 In favor
ot Chicago.
Baturlis O'Conncll and Daly and Smith and
Baldwin. Umplro Mr. WryuaUc.
A Minneapolis Editor Burned In Kfllgy by an
Excited Mob The Obnoxious Editorial.
St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 14. The manager of
tho Minneapolis Tribune was burned in effigy
last night by nn oxcited mob on account of
on editorial publishod in that paper attack,
ing Mrs. Cleveland. His name is A. J,
This is tho editorial objected to ;
And It is extremely hard to respect either mem
ber of this family now touring for votes. Mrs.
Cleveland Is a handsome, mature woman, appa
rently several years older than she Is said to be.
At least she was old enough to havo exer
cised her own free choice In marrying
Orover Cleveland. It la Inconceivable tha
she should have married him except to obtain
the position ol mlatroui of the White House.
Buch a marriage would never have been
thought of but for tho astonishing political acci
dents which, In the course of two or three
years, brought Mr. Cleveland out of tho obscurity,
which Is his proper element, to the highest position
In the nation. It Is hard to have respect for a
woman who would sell herself to so gross and
repulsive a man as Orover Cleveland,
and one with a private record so mal
odorous for the bauble of a brief social
ascendancy. Bhe Is now an object of curiosity
and remark for gaping crowds, and her pho
tographs are sold almost, If not quite, as
freely as Mrs. Langtry'a. Such la her re
ward. If she can secure a re-election for Orover
she will have four years more of tho gratifica
tion which the highest social prominence gives,
and of the delight of unflagging newspaper no
toriety. After thnt she will simply have to put up
with being the wire of as Inslgnfttcant and obscure
a man as an ex-President could possibly be. One
cauuot help a pang of sympathy for her, but she
has chosen her lot deliberately.
The Itesults at Latonla.
Latoma, Ky.,Oct. 14. Tho weather hero to
day was clear and cool, the attendance good and
track fast. The following are the results:
First Ilaco. Purse vx, of whleh !0 to second;
selllug allowances; three-quarters of a mile. Won
by W. It, Letcher's bay Ally Oalatea, Ilarrodsburg
second, Falso Alarm third. Tlmo, 1. IT. Post
odds I lo : against Oalatea to win, s to 4 for a
place, 8 to s agalnat Ilarrodsburg for a placo.
Second Race. Purse two, of which w to seo
oiid ;I(or beaten two-year-olds; selling allowances,
Wonby D. Waldo's brown ally Irma II., Juili
Miller second, Bncker third. Time l.wv. Post
Odda 6 to i on Irma 11. to win. No place Tbettlng.
Third Jtacec Purse $300. of which $70 to acrond
and 1J0 to third; handicap fyr two-year-olds;
three-quarters of a mile. Won by Lexington
Stable's bay nily Llantha, Kermesae second, Quo
tation third. Tlmo. 1. lTJi. Post odds 15 to 1
against Leantha to win, and 4 to 1 tor a place ; 5 to
4 on Kermcrse for a place.
Fourth llace. Purse $300, of which $70to second
aud$30to third; handicap for beatten horses;
one mile. Won by It. J. Lucas's bay
gelding Alfred, (llenball second, Governor third,
lime l.ua. I'oat odds Three to 1 against Al
fred to win, ami even money each agulnst htm and
Olenhall for a place.
'Ihe urth race, a mile ami a sixteenth, was won
by Olcaner, Olcnflsher second.
Meeting of Ihe Allegheny Club.
Pittsbcku, Pa., Oct. 'Iho Allegheny Baseball
Club held Its regular fall meeting lo-day and re
elected Horace Phillips manager. It was decided
to relieve none of ilic player and to sod tho
diamond In Ilccrcatlon Park.
Philadelphia Walking Match.
PniLAUXLruiA, Oct 14. In the seventy-two
hours' walking match In the Columbia ltlnk, In this
city, the score at 1 o'clock to-day stood as follows:
Hart, 1; Albert, Mtf; Cox, ass; Uay,s3; Adams,
MS j Noremac, 18.
Athletes OIT for Philadelphia.
The athletes who are to engage In the foot race
In Philadelphia left this city for Philadelphia to
day. The race will start early to-morrow. The
Olympic Club has charge of Ihe race and Knill Paul
la named aa Ihe probable winner.
Thistle Homeward BdunJ.
The Scotch cutter Thistle started for home short
ly before T o'clock this morning, and was given a
parting salute by Capu Nelson, who dipped Ihe
nag on the Corinthian Yacht Club-IIouta. Ths
yacht is mannsd by twenty-one stllors. Her rac-
Wnof yicUUM.Mii.'1' uu"',e
Ft was capital sport.
The Extra Day's Racing: Yester
day at Jororao Park.
Favorites Bolne Successful, tho Boys
Bruaht Homo Plenty of Money.
Snapper Garrison on Becky B., the Cinch
for the Third Knee, Was Benten, But
tho Winner, Theodoslus, Had Been Well
Backed Htuyvesant, Emperor or Norfolk,
Itlchmond, Itowland and Wellington also
jHdgti-tk.. O. Monsnn, J. (llwr. D. !. Withers.
TVm.r.-A. 8. post, II. A. UmsIu. J. Laird.
S.cr.lary ,1. H. 0ntr.
atarurj. T. Caldwell.
Jrnoitx: Pabk Thack, N. Y., Oot. 14. Al
though bright and clonr, it is very cool at
Jerome to-day. Thero is a good attondonoo,
and tha track is dry nnd would bo fast if
tho weather conditions woro moro fnvornble.
Tho racing began with a throo-quarter dash
that tho favorite Stuyvcsant won aftor a
good finish with Mamie Hunt and
Wilfred. Tho seoond race, half a milo dash
for two-year-olds, was n triumph of publio
form, nnd ample proof that good two-yoar-olds
can givo away moro weight at that ago
than at any subsequent period, es
pecially when contesting with horses of their
own age. After a long delay at tho post
Emporor of Brazil, oarrying 12S pounds, and
Leo H., carrying 115 pounds, wero first and
second, thoy finishing as thoy liked in ex
cellent time, while beaten off wero well-bred
colts nnd fillies to whom tho Emporor
was giving from twonty-flvo to thirty
pounds each. Tho third raco was tho scram
ble of tho day, at threo-quartorR of
a milo, for maidens. It had fourteen
startors, of which Bocky B., with tho
"Snapper" in tho saddlo, was tho
"Cinch," and Thoodosius socond choice
Tho latter took tho lead at tho head of tho
stretch and won away off. Tho other flat
races wero won by Hicbrnond and ltowland,
and tho steeplochaso by Wellington.
After the fourth race, Andy McCarthy.who
rode Uiohmond in tho first raco, was asked
by the judges to explain tho indifforont posi
tion of the horse at the finish for that race.
Ono of the ownors, Mr. Roth .was also sont
for. His explanation was satisfactory, but
thejudges deemed McCarthy's riding so sus
picious that they will make further investi
gation. Phil Dwyer has returned from Latonia,
whoro ho wont early in tho week to seo the
firm's yearlings triod. no reports that as a
whole they aro very satisfactory. Ho also
says Hanover and some of their other horses
will leave for Baltimore on Sunday night.
Tho results of the day's sport follow :
nnjiT haci.
Free handicap aweepttaUs of $3.1 each, with $780
added, of which $180 to second; three-quarters of
a milo.
8. S. Brown's b. c. Htuyvesant, S, by Glen
garry, dam Dublin Belle, 118 (Garrison) 1
Mamie IInnt,118 (Hamilton) 9
Wilfred. 87 (Williams) 8
Maggie Mitchell .(WlnchLllj 0
Itlchmond, 110 (McCarthy) 0
Time 1. IT. Detttntr Straight, 7 to 8 against
Btuy veaant, S to 1 Mamie Hunt, 7 to Itlchmond.
litol Maggie Mitchell, 15 to 1 Wilfred. For
Place! to l 8tuy csant, s to 3 on Mamie Hunt, 8
to 4 on Klchmond, 8 to 1 agalnat Magglo Mitchell,
4 to I Wilfred. Auction Pools btuyveaant, $80;
Mamie Hunt, $50; Itlchmond, $80; field, $13.
The Race, hi tho start all but Stuyvesent
movod off nearly abreast. Wilfred and
Mamio Hunt carried on tho running, tho
former leading round the lower turn by
a length and a half, hut a grand race result
ed all tho w ay up tho stretch between Htuy
vesant, Mamie Hunt and Wilfred. Tho fa
vorite won by a bead from Mamio Hunt, who
w as but a noso tho best of Wilfred. Mutuels
paid $11.15.
Free Handicap Bweepitakes, for two-year-olds,
of $28 each, with $780 added, of which $180 to sec
ond; half a milo.
Santa Anita Stable's b. c. Emperor of Norfolk,
by Norfolk, dam Marian, lis (Murphy 1
Leo II., 117 (Williams t
Cascade, 108 (Church 8
Peeress, 93 (II. Anderson) o
Helmbold Janet Murray colt, 108 ....(Katrerty) 0
llcudlgo, 83 (Moonoyi 0
Umpire, W (Slnnot) o
Luminary, it (Newiuuyer o
Charlotte, n (Welnchrll) o
Ill-Used Koaemary Murray gelding, 67.. (Kane) o
Crulaer, 107 (WIlllaniB) o
Time t.mi. netting Straight, to s against
Emperor of Norfolk, 4 to 1 Leo II. and Caicade, 10
to l Cruiser, IB to l Peeress, Luminary and um
pire, 90 to 1 Chirlotte, 40 to 1 Janet Murray, Itose
mary Murray and Ilendlgo. For Place 4 to 1 on
Kmperor, 8 to 8 agalnat Leo II., 7 to 8 Cascade, 4
to 1 Crulaer, 8 to 1 Peerless, Umpire and Luminary,
6 to 1 Charlotte, 1$ to 1 Ilendlgo and other. Auc
tion Pools Emperor, $40; Leo H., $18; Cascade.
$10; field, $M.
The llace. After n delay of twcnty-flvo
minutes through Umpire's fructiousmss they
moved off together, but after tho first huu.
dred yards tho Emperor drew out und won
easily by four lengths from Leo H., with Cas
cade third, lapped bv Umpire. Mutuels paid
Purse $800 for three-year-olds and upward not
having won In 1S8,i three-quarters of a mile,
P. II. ltyan's ch. u. Ticdnut, 3, by Joe Hook
er, damAhhleW., 110 (Wunke) 1
Ontario, 110 (11. Lewis) s
Mia, Hi) (Itanerty) s
Wcmmoieland (M. llnnnhuc) 0
ltrpartce, 113 (McCarthy) 0
Deckyll.. lis (Garrison) o
Letretla, U6 (J. McLaughlin) 0
Harwood, 118 ( ) o
Friar, 113 (Ncwuuyer) 0
Belle llroeck, 110 (WlllUuia) u
Glcndora, 110 (llamllin) n
Breton, lio (J. Ilarrla) o
Mary Huekly (Illy, 110 . .. (Church) 0
Pendennla, 119 (Mnchtll) 0
J. J. Iltaly, 110. illoothi 0
lime 1.17V. Bcttlug to I agalnat lieckyll.,
3 to 1 Theoiloalni, 8 Iu 1 dlendora, 7 to 1 Mary
Buckley (Illy, 10 to 1 ltrpartee and Letretla, 13 to l
Westmoreland and BUIe llroeck, VO to 1 Hcaly,
PendenuU, Friar, Ontario and Nlta, 80 to 1 llrrtnn
For Place 8 to 4 on Becky 1). , 6 to 8 Theodualua,
t to 1 dlendora, s to 1 Mary Unckley, 4 to 1 Letre
tla aud Kepartee. o to 1 Hello II. and Westmor
land. Sto i .N'lla, Ontario, Breton, Friar, Peiullnnls
and ilealy.
Auction roots Field, $; llccky U., $40; Theo
doslus, $18, Gleudora, $10.
Tl Woe. All moved away well but
Breton and Knur. At tlio first furlong Mary
Buckley filly, Theodoslus and lteparteo
were brads apart, and thero was little change
to the huui of tho stictcli, where Theodoslus
came may and won bv six lengths from On.
tarlo, who was two in front of Nita. Mutuels
paid $1!.
Freo handicap sweepstakes of $30 each, with
$1,000 added, of which $80 to second; mile and a
lUth A co. 'sb.h. Itlchmond, i, by Virgil, dam
Alert; its ; (Hamilton) I
Stockton. 104 (Church) 1
KiiIIaii. lira (Garrison) 8
A'f!!' IK . i - (Williams) o
Molllo McCarthy's Last, loi . . . (Armstrong 0
Uaruna, 83 (WluUiill) 0
1 , hue, l.Jlv. Belllng-Biralght, n to 4 against
Eollan, s to 1 Itlchmond, o to 1 Stockton, Mnllle's
Last and Uaruna, 8 to 1 Argo. For Place Eollan
Imrreil, 7 to 6 agalnat Itlchmond, 8 to 8 Htocktou,
Pools-Eollan, $w; Itlchmond, $10; field, $so.
The Jtace. Dnrunn led off, followed bv
to 1 .Mnlllo'a Last und Durum, 8 to 1 Argo. Auction
HtiM'Umi mid Uiohmond. On tho first turn
Stockton nsNuuiod ctmurnnd and led round
the, club.huUKo blutl under a pull,
w ith Uamiin hi cond and Uichinond third.
On the lower turn Kolluu moved up lrom the
rear and Diinnm foil back. A finu struggle
up tho stretch resulted iu Hichmoud winuliig
by half a length from Stockton, who wns two
longths boforo Kolinn. Mutuels paid $30.85.
nrTit hack.
lirae $vx, for thrce-yc ir-olds and upward, to
earrv lolb. Hli(e tho scale; selling allowaucis;
rle furlougB, slraliilit toursc.
U. Forbis'a b. c Uowlaud, 4, by Shannon, dam
ltlglln, 118 (i. McLaughlin 1
Arunlrong, 113 (Church) S
Bkobcloll, W (Williams) 8
lttgal, 101 (Slnnott) 0
Itoilere.w m. Lewis) 0
Tony Partor, 103 (Kane 0
Juatlu Mack, 107 (J. McCarthy 0
Time l.os. Belting Straight: to R against
Armstrong, 8 to 8 ltowland aud Skobeloir, 11 to 1
lloilerc, 81 to 1 ltegal and Tony Pistor, 40 to 1
Justin Maek. For Place: a to I on Armstrong,
to 4 on Hon land and Bkobelolf, 8 to l ltoslcre,
h to 1 Kcgal and Tony Pastor, 10 to 1 Justin Mack.
Auction l"ools Armstrong, $40; Rowland, $80;
Bkobcloll, $1; Hold, $111.
The Jiace. Hkobeloff, Uowlond and Arm
strong moved off as named. At the
head of tho stretch Uowlond had
n Blight lead, but, passing tho regular
judgu's stand Uowlaud and Armstrong
wore head and head, and then they
ran to tho finish, both under tho whip,
Uowlaud won by a length and half, Arm
strong second, two lengths in front of
Skobeloff. No bid for tho winners. Mu
tuels paid $10.60.
Handicap steeplechase ; purse, $300. of which
$1ootoseioud; snurt course.
A. W. Wclngart's b. g. Wellington, 8,by Billet,
dam Bourbon Belle, 148 (Billings I
Hsrborough, 143, Heushaui t
Hercules, 140 (O. Lynch) 8
AlexT., 180 (Post) 0
Yorktown, 113 (Vanderveer) 0
Bca Foam, 138 (M. J. Lynch) 0
King Iroubler, 183 (M. Meant) o
Tlmo-8. 18. Betting- to 8 against Wellington,
7 to 8 Harborough, 4 to 1 Alex. T. and Hercules,
7 to l Bea Foam and King Troubler, IS to
1 Yorktown; for plaoo, 5 to 4 on Wellington,
even Harborough. 7 to 8 against Heroulcs,
and Alex T. , 8 to 1 King Troubler and Sea Foam,
8 lo 1 Yorktown. Auction Pools Field, $80; Alex
T., $83; Harborough, $80.
The llace. Wellington won by n head from
narhorough, who was forty lengths beforo
HerculCB. Alox T. and Seo Foam fell and
Yorktown refuued. Nobody hurt. Mutuels,
9 16.70.
He Is Thrown While Hiding In a. llace at
CllytonUackTuack, N. J., Oct. 14. Thoro
is a fairly good attendanco, the weather
being bright but cold. Tho racing seems to
be a chapter of accidents, as the following
details show.
Tho officers of tho day were 0. O. Whooler
and A. H. Battorsby, judges ; W. H. nawx
hurst, timor; J. MoGowan, secretary; G. S.
CaldwcU, starter.
rnrso $800, for two-year-olds ; five furlongs.
J. N. ITlce's br. c Wilfred Jay, by Vlrgtl, dam
Malta. 110 .(1-rlce) 1
Nina W'.,10I (O.Taylor) t
Carrie G., 118 (Bergen) B
Lemon, 118 (Dunn) o
Lagadire, 110 (Charleston) 0
Cacheco, 110 (Henderson) o
Cataklll, Uo (Uagglna) o
Coutlere, 107. (Beck) 0
Time l:04j-. Betting Straight, 8 to 8 against
Carrlo O., 8 to 1 Nina W. and Lemon, 8 to 1 Wil
fred, 7 to 1 Lagadcrc, 8 to 1 Cacheco, io to 1 Cou
tlere, 11 to l Cataklll; For place, 6 to 8 on Carrie,
even Nina, 7 to 8 Lemon, 5 lo Lajrurdere and Wil
fred, 8 to 1 Cacheco, 4 to 1 Courtier, 6 to 1 Cats
kill. The Race Carrie G. and Lagardero alter
nated iu tho load to tho backstretch, when
Wilfred Jay pnshen to the front and won by
a length and a half, Nina W. second two
longths from Carrio G. Mutuels paid $23.30
for placo ; for placo.$6.0. Nina W. paid
83. IU.
Puree $800; selllug allowances; mile and a fur
long. J. Kdwards'a ch. g. Charley Hussell, 6, by
Eolus, dam Lllllo ltussell, W (G.Taylor) 1
Brier, vl (MuManus) 1
Bouvenlr, 87 (Oaaler) 3
Lady Laud, 87 (Goodale) 0
Amber, 87 (Kelly) 0
Ihtodora, 87 (Burnett) 0
Sweety, 07 (Barker) o
nrutivOl (Thompson) 0
lime 1.89V. Bitting Straight, 8 to 5 against
Charley Uusaell, 3 to 1 Amber, to 1 Souvenir,
llrate und Lady Laud, 8 to 1 Brier, 10 to 1 Theo
dora anil Sweety. For Place s to 8 on Amber
aud Charley HubhoII, 8 to 1 agalnBt llrate. Lady
Laud, Brier aud bouvtulr, 4 to 1 bweity and lino
dura. The Race. Brier led nil tho woy to tho
stretch whoro Charley Uussoll came through
and won by a length from Brier, who wus
two lengths boforo Souvenir. Mutuels paid
$3 05; for placo, $3.15; Brier paid $13 40.
Bwetty aud Ludy Laud full on tho fur turn
and Goodale wus badly injured.
IIiih iLfl tianillnani nnn rnlln
Chapman It Llddll's br. m. Bright Eyes. 3, by
I,uUfer, dam Lizzie Grady, 103 (OshIct) n
Relax, KM .(Kill)) 1
Garnet, 108 (O. Taylor) 3
Euduwer.Ul (Meagher) 0
Burton, US (Leavv) 0
lllot, lu (Henderson) 0
ltcliol Friend, 107 (Perkins) o
Bass Viol, livl (Bergen) 0
Time 1.47X. Belting Wraght. 8 to 8 against
Bright Eyes, 8 to 1 Itlut, Relax and Bass Viol, 4 to
1 Garnet, 8 to 1 ltehcl Frlen I, 8 lo 1 Burion, ID to 1
Eudoucr. For I'luec twn against Pilot, BrUhJ
ttyrs. ltelax and Ilixa Viol, 7 to SO irnet, Sto t
ltebel Friend, 3 to 1 Burtou, 4 to 1 Endutt tr.
The Jltice. ltelax led all the way to tho
stretch, but uuened to tha outsido, and
Bright Ejes, coming through, won by a
length and a half, ltelax socond, n neck be
fore Garnet. Mutuels paid 1J0.C5 for a
placo, $3.85. ltelax paid 4.15.
101 mil hack. '
Purse 18V). Handicap; one mile.
B. tarltab.h. 'luiioawyir, 6, by lom Siwycr,
lain Agma, 103 (Ileruuil 1
TuuU, loo (G. lajlor) 8
Brllllautlne. U3 (Dunn) 3
Irank Mullliu, i0l (Kelly) o
Falsehood, luu (Bender) o
KliuGiorge, luo . . . . (Ilariou) o
lllglliad. Vs . . . . (IKroer) o
Kirk, o ... (Oasler) o
Wlah, 83 (iraluor) o
lime, I.4IK. Betting Slralsht, etu money
sgalnel Brllllaiitein, to 1 cai h Frank Mulllus und
Wll.h, 8 to 1 each 'lop Bawjir and BU Head, 7 tol
Tunis s to 1 eaih Falsehood und Kirk, is
to l King George. For place, no odds agalnat
Brllllanteen, t lo 1 each agalnat Wltili, Top
Sawyer, PaUehuod, Frank Mullliu, TuuU und Bin
Head, 3 lo 1 Kirk, sto l King George.
The Mice-. -lop Suwyer took tho load when
half the journey hud been run, and won by
three lengths, a length nnd a half separating
second and third. Mutuels pnid $14.05
straight, $9.53 for placo ; Tunia paid $13.00.
Tho nfih race was a purse of $800, for maiden
three-year-olds and upward, three-quarters of a
mile, and was won by lied Prince, with
Lex second, Competitor third. Tlmo 1. is v.
Mutuels paid $11.40; for place $18.80: Lex paid
. I. . , 'SffiB
He Says the Vanderbllts WW 19
Not Soil Their Stocks. Jl
Tho Boars Firod a Cun Which, Though Not B
Loaded, Mado a Croat Nolle. itfl
A Published Interview with Mint Create a Sgfl
t.'enrrnl Impression on tbe Street that tha fffifl
Tnnderbllts aienn to Unlond Easy Money' ''flB
nnd Lance Ilnllwnv Earnings Fall to Cheek SB
the Decline flosslp on the Street. V?H
An interviuw from St. Lou is, publishod la 9
a Now York popor this morning, ropresontod Jl
Chauncoy II. Depew as saying that fJM
tho shadow of a coming financial f
disaster was upon almost every on- !
terpriso, and that in especial yery Jkm
dongorous olomonts aro threatening tho bnsi- WM
ncss situation in tho West. The report mode " ffl
llr. Dcpow further prodict a great commer- J9
cial disaster as tho result of tho prevalent 1
real estate crazo and a collapse in the value 4tS
of railway securities. Jxifl
Mr. Dopow emphatically repudiated this -M
interview by wiro from St. Louis yesterday. 'B
Ho denied having said anything to tho re- 9
porter about a coming crash, but soldi "I VM
did think real estato in towns overdono, but B
not enough to affoct tho general prospects. "lM
Tho Vandorbilt linos woro never in a bolter JH
financial and physical condition." SU
Waix SnutsT, Oct. 14. 9
..-rt HE upward turn in the) 1H
iHjtM stook market yester- JH
Erfl? 'I dfty afternoon filled "H
' Jt- a tiie buUs 'wlUl taiBa ifl
irgr! 1 hopes. Thoro vros ft, MM
j53gr5j' fi geno'ral impression Jf9
V$vYp Jff around that the. iH
Jfcj5K v time had arrived when ffl
SuvVj(S operators might safely j JH
VrVxi X srid venture to buy a' fawrJ WM
'J1 ' things that woulda. 1H
'rafiawrfslrSr "bw a quick profit $ ,iD
l25Pj tTim Wf ftnoct11Konthlthe- '"B
111 fill I (1 111 1 ory many 3hl cot i jfl
nflU""1 '. aboard when ltta &M
r"""v?- wo3 b .pB
""""" .jf Heading troubles had, 'a
Zy-- dlsappolntmat,thar -jH
" fore, was all tho dcopor -JH
,5i5eV ft tn'8 murn'nS when it -jM
SZjPSr . Twas found that plr.' H
if "H jC cumstanoes had oncej reM
j( - moro placed tho bears' 7?M
ryVJ' fWV u" controL Tho iB
'""" contradictory state - WM
ments in regard to Reading matters cre-i AB
atod littlo surprise, as the Street has be-I JM
come accustomed to hear a dozen SH
versions more or less of the negotiations in! 4tS
progress. This stock was, in fact, better sup- i-M
ported than thorost, the redoubtable B. V. J
White along taking 15,000 shares. In connec- SjM
tion with the buying of tho Heading a state-r XM
ment was circulated privately to the effect ,-?SH
that tho Heading assets equalled nearly 60 ;S
pi r cent, of the outstanding stock. 5B
Tho bears derived thoir ammunition fremj $jm
an unexpected quarter. No less a person than MM
Chauncoy M. Depew, the active headi i1H
of the Vanderbilt properties, furnished .iH
all the matcnal that was necessary- gsH
to make a first-class benr market. This gen- $
tleman, in an interview alleged to have been '3
held in 8t. Louis, gave utterance to the state. I3H
ments that aro positively alarming as tov vH
the future of tho financial situation., M
Tho great real estato boom is referred tor H
moro particularly as likely to produce ,I-H
a condition of panio, and the rapid nfH
construction of new roads is also ''-ifM
looked upon by Mr. Dcpow as a i'Mm
menace to legitimate interests. To quote his .VjM
words: "Tho latter alone will entail a loss VH
of oer $100,000,000, which somebody will WMm
havo to hear." H
When these statements were read thc 'ioMm
street immediately concluded that the Van- (dUt
derhilts would surely lighten their VsTB
load in order to bo able to "$
come m later at lower prices. MB
IteBult A heavy and depressed condition jjB
of things during tlio greater part of the day.j ;u3
Scarcely any stock yielded less than X ,pH
and a number of shares dropped 3 a a J.gaB
points. A good deal of long stock -;
came out, and during the greater part of tho jH
day tho Stock Exchange was a ventablo bear H
garden. Easy money and large railway fgH
earnings mado no difference to the traders, WU
who sold right and left. H
American Cotton Oil certificates were re $M
markablo for a jump from 24 to 37. $H
Tin vinrmra. jKTsl
aottif, jjEsTl
OPn. Uts. Xw, prlf. IfYaTaTj
Canada Southern J'2 ilk Hit 61 V? ?MM
Central P.cldo OTM wB SOU !)3 IM
Ohio, burl 4 eialncr 1 IH iH W . JB
Ch.ciiui.S.rtlmwt...... . 107'f 108 100 IMV 'HH
( hie, Mil. 4 ht, 1'iul ....... 7J 1i 10 70)1 ?M
Chic. 51d. 4ttt. Paul nil ... UiU 1"V I" U . i9
Clik. lUnkll. 4 I'.clHo.. ... 114 114 112K 1UM 4SM
(Jul i llooklnn Vallvr ti 'Xlii 31K 31)2 jM
I Cdloraao Goal 1 Irun .....". 3J SI SlS Si XM
H,n)UdteU (las 70 70 70 .70 . jMH
1.1 . Lack. 4W.t.m . 1UV Ml 1UV 1UU SM
lMAvxiru4 liuOim IM1 iWli SW WW M
DnTut 4 Kin (Iranda . tl XI SUJ4 20 SH
lleiiTerdKluUrindrM M 64 ftiI 63 ifl
K, lann., Va. A Ga-TBi....... V'i Ul M iol
1' lnn., V. 4(i.. l.t i(il. M 65 M 64 AJH
K. r.nn.. Va. 4 0a. 3d tiM . .18M 18 lH ,H fBM
llimul. (Jcntral , . . . HiS 5)a 115,, 1J
Ind.. Uloi m. 4 tflm 13 U 11U 13)2 .4H
i.ska ShSw .. , 01( Wi 81 W) 23H
MnnhitUnUimail VO 00 OS M SH
Mil. L. b. 4 V..tern p( J , . lu-J 103, lOi , 103 JjB
MlnnpnlU4Ut LiuU V X SV .tf. 29
.lint. iht.LoulipId 3) 30 1814 U 4fl
MU.ur r.cMo'., vim un Hsf; h2 aH
Nn.htilW. Llittta 4 bl. L .. 70 10 MV 68 M
Xn..lfjjContril 11H 73 .7112 .74 ,WM
Nfw York Central ..... .. lOt I0it lOlU lOlf 2Q
New York 4N.wl.nliad MH SOS 353? H JH
N. Y. Chle. 4S(. I-uUpM. 'J7 37H 37,, SIH B
N. Y lain Erie 4 Weit.rn.. 3V( 35i 3114 3M 'SOi
N. V..L. 1 rla 4 W Mtarn ptil 1)S "X !4 ?!i jB
Norlifk 4 (VutcrupM. .... 37 37 36 M JBJI
.Noith.rn Patllto..., Wi 3iu M,, H ,'BJ
Noitbrn 1'aoitlo pM....... '( ll fr j W
Ontario 4 Woatorn ..., 15 13 16 15 ' W
Ornon Uul.nj 4 Nuliritlon. S3 84 Hi 88 , M
Ointu TrauoontlncaUl IS 18 1614 17M JM
PaeineMall..... 33 35 JlH JiH ' ,JgM
I'atlalclphia4leallr4t...t... ei'.' MV H fS3 flM
Psiria. Drctur4Kan.iUle.. 39., !.. ,8 At T isBJ
Hullniiul'aUnOarUouinanr. 17 l7J 113)4 147,. YjaflH
Kieli. AWaatrolntlsr.pU.. 4T JO J " Bjfl
Bt. Paul 4 Omaha.. ........... fiH M KS Mil HI
St. I'anl. Minn. 4 Manitoba.. 071 iiS 07)2 Ml '.SH
St. Uiola A San t'rancwoo U3 SJV 8 , '??
T.im Pacific........... 33! 23,i t V . BM ' -'Msl
Tsnnexso Oo14Iron., ...... 33 M H,. -. H
Union I'aclttc, ..,.....,..,, 46M W MU 4JB jm
Wabaah. lit. LoiilaJk Pacific..; l7. Ml H WL ,, B
Wahwh. Kt. L. 4 Pacific p(d. &( mi iW MB ''
VfMlciaUnlvaTalscrapti.,.,, W - ft UK. JU JM

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