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Jolinny Reagan Talk of IIli Flejht with
nempeey The Osborne 8300 Uold Chal.
rne Medal A (alsantlc Meeting to bo
Held at Madison Hquare (inrdcn Ham.
mrr-TurotrliiB Record May bo Broken.
F the queer names re
porters of athletic
meetings havo to wres
tle with are those of
runnor Eschwego,
"Pop" Bchooneck, of
the Nassaus, Oianinui,
of the Dauntless Row
ing Olub, Dotnonet,
the Hjertaberg Broth.
i ers, one a runner the
! other a walker, of the
Olympics, and chronlo
kicker Froeth, the Nas
sau Athlotio Glub's
three anil five milo
runner. Queer nick,
names aro common,
too. Old-time champion of amateur walkers
Frank Murray is called "Cindors." and
Brooklyn Baseball Olub Captain Byrne's
christening of " BudweiBter " has got stuck
fast to Eschwego s
, The first single-scull raco for the elegant
S'SOO gold challenge' modal left by the late
Tftf Charles Osborno to encourage tlio New York
W Athletio Club oarsmen will be rowed on the
II Harlem on Oct. 22. This race, which is a
I handicap, will bo rowed every year, and the
il winner this year will hold the medal until he
1 is defeated.
fl If the mombors of tho New York Athletio
I Glub's eight-oared crew went around town
I less and drank champagne more sparingly,
they would not now be talking of securing
fl another aquatic trainer. No trainer in the
I world could havo made them beat tho
Dauntless eight in tho Harlem regatta race
I last Saturday. It's very strange. Davy
1 Itoach used to train the old Dauntless team
I bo that thoy won six out of one series of seven
1 races they started in.
A mooting of tho Now York Athlotio Club's
Games Committees to toko measures for a
gigantic in-door athletio meeting to bo hold
in Madison Squaro Garden early noxt month
will bo held some night this week. Tho
meeting is to bo held thus early so as to give
tho crack amateurs a last chance before go
ing out of training for the season. It will
includo an All-United States Lawn Tennis
Tourney, to bo hold in tho afternoon. Tub
Evening) Wobld'b suggestion of a now ath
letic feat, a test of the Tiitting powers of ath
letes by means of the punching-bag, will bo
considered. Tho New Yorks are to give a
teries of fortnightly Saturday night ontor
tainments this winter.
A team of twelve or fourteen of tho Now
York Athletio Club's best men will compote
at the Highland Athletic Association's games
on its Manayunk grounds, near Philadelphia,
.1 on Oct. 29. All but the 100-yard dash and
I the one-mile walk of the twelvo events on the
1 programme will be separate contosts, and the
handicapping in tho 100 will be limited to
five yards.
The light, that is the twelvo-pound,hammer-throwing
and shot-pulling records are al
most certain to bo broken at the New
York Athlotio Club's Bell Medal and Ocl
rich's Bronze games atMott Haven on Satur
day afternoon. The admission will be free.
Admission to the Manhattan Athletio Club's
final club ovents on the samo afternoon is by
Tho Athletio Association of tho Twenty
Second Regiment will hold its opon amateur
games on Nov. 19. Thero will bo tho follow
ing handicap ovents, besides the regimental
tugs-of-war for COO-ponnd teams: regimental
holf-mlo run, and the scratch obstacle race,
I tho CO, COO yards and one-milo, runs; two
mile walk ; running high jump ; one and a-haif-milo
steeplechase. Entries close Nov. 12.
Jack Dempsoy says he strips at 160 pounds
at present. Tho most he over scaled was 181
pounds in Btreot clothes. That was four
weoks after he fought tho marine. He will
go away to train for Reagan, McCoy and Mo
Gee in a fortnight.
Cocking mains will commenco soon and
flying feathers aro to be plenty this year. A
club of New York bloods who got very badly
used in some chicken disputes last season
have arranged with the Williamsburg block
smith, well known for his square dealings,
for a main of chickens, to tako place as soon
as tho youngsters aro fit. Tho cocker spoken
pf returned from Albany yesterday whoro
he has all but settlod the terms for a main of
cocks with Jimmy Dugrey, the noted Hudson
ltlver Vnllnv fnnfllpr A mnln Tirtrri tho linrf1
Kearney brown-red strain will be made to-
i The Nassau Olub, which has gathered in
E the crack athletes of the Brooklyn Athletio
Association, is prosperous financially, has a
fine quarter-mile track and will move into
tho upper floors of a big building in Wash
ington street, Brooklyn, near tho Post-Office,
, in January. Tho " Indians " willgive a fine
prograinrao of athlotio events on Tnanksgiv
1 ing Day afternoon.
T Johnny Reagan, who is matched to fight
I Jack DenipBey in December for $2,000, under
Why Adam Melton Married His
J Housekeeper.
I Conttmita from Thursday' Evknino Wobld.
fl HE moment John was
out of the room Ju
came and dropped
upon her knees at the
head of tho bed and
wound her arms about
I FT me, and laying her face
1 gfy S upon mine, I could
m V JcV 1 1 Jr-r ce 'k wet lashes and
ryfeaTi i. 'e wann, wholesome
y(i J (Cjr breath as she tried to
afc. lJy 7 coax ino with embraces
I -J QhTTI" Vsin' No flbro ot my
( Y I ' body could answer
I -Oi ?tJ with on assuring
I CO iAj?T treInorto her fidelity.
I V ninrJw "John came up again
, f I IvyW f n ew moments with
I 'LtiVvi Illy J nn imperative message
I fii?-S UUlf f rom mistress. Tho
I Rxi Mil eirl was to close the
I rsl3Z' I A&r'room nP an( come
I !H? I r-U down. Her conduot
I f ) 11 was disgraceful.
' l "'Is it?' said Jo,
paietly. 'Toll her thot I'm going to stay
Wicre till Dr. Oruden says he's dead, and
When I'll close tho room.'
jM' John made some kind of an ejaculation
d went owny.
F Dr. Oruden could not be found till after.
oon. He was Bent up to look at the body as a
I Rere formality ond to make out a certificate.
I Bio, at least I felt could make no mistake He
(Bias ?ownPanied to the door by Johu.who left
iW.m'un n?d went A0 ttBau
lH. JL" jD the Wtor came in he went over to
W ?a idtOW And down by Ju.
.. Miffrri - nil ! r r-sT fi Vt -j i-l,i-i--ri'l!rtfiiiltr
London priro ring ralss, had an Interesting
conversation with Tint EvMtnto Wobld rep.
retentative in the Hoffman House bar the
other evening. Reagan Is a ell-ap-pearlng,
neatly-dressed young man, of
tho best of habits, and with man.
tiers which make him many frionds.
lie is to go in training in two weeks and
keeps in good shape by plenty of walking.
Now and then too," he said, " some of tho
uovb down in the shops near my house, the
Hook" will want to got off for an hour or
two. I'll null off my clothes and practice
ray old trade of boiler-making, so they can
have a little fun. Did you ever hear that
Jack McAuliffo once, when I was lighter
than I am now, and challenged him, wrote
and advised me to go back to boiler-making?
I wanted to see if he could make mo do it."
Reagan Is very Banguine of tho result of his
match with Dempsey. " I weigh," ho said,
" 1C8 pounds as I stand now, without tho
overcoat, and I'm not fat. I'll get in nrime
condition and down to about 185 pounds be
foro tho 9th of December. It won't be the
Reagan you saw fight Tom Henry. I wos
sick that time. They (the people behind
Dompsey) think I don't know much about
wrestling and that they have the bost of the
match. I conldn't have tho conditions of
tho coming fight suit me better."
m m
A Society Leader from Hoboken Iooklng for
a Theatrical Unaoaement.
Charles Frohman was about to loavo his
offlco and had relieved himself of his work-a-day
coat when thero was a timid knock at his
door and a sprightly llttlo damsel entered.
She was not particularly pretty, nor very
strikingly clad. She advanced into tho mid
dlo of tho room and gazed earnestly at Mr.
" Can I speak with you ?" she lisped cun
ningly. " Certainly, madam." replied the polite
little gentleman; though the fact that she
could do so was self-evident. Sho drew a
chair to the desk, leaned impressivoly for
ward and looked Mr. Frohman straight in
tho eyes.
" Now, I don't want you to say a word about
my visit hero," sho said, " because nono of
my folks know anything about it. I am very,
very anxious," she continued, " to go upon
tho stage. I've been a great success in pri
vate theatricals. Oh, Mr. Frohman, couldn't
you place me in one of the ' Held by the En
emy companies. I oould do Susan so nicely.
It's juBt my stylo. Oh, do not say no."
Mr, Frohman bit his lip and went on listen
ing. "I stand very high in social circles," sho
resumed, " and," with a little smirk, " I am
very popular, though I say it."
" In Now York?" asked Mr. Frohman, feel
ing he must say something.
15 Oh, no I" seornfullyT'' In Hoboken. Mr.
Frohman, if you engage mo, you'll havo the
theatre packed every time you play in Hobo
ken. I can promise you that, I have so many
friends. Please engage me."
" Madam," said Mr. Frohman, impressive
ly, " at tho present time society ladies are
rather too"
" Look at Mrs. Langtry and Mrs. Potter,"
sho interrupted eagerly.
"YcB."ho said meditativoly. "Madam,"
quickly, " leavo mo your name, and if any
"Oh. thanks!" she exclaimed enthusiasti
cally, jumping at this feeblest of all conces
sions. "Dear Mr. Frohman, don't forget to
write me. I won't accept another engage
ment, and I shall tell my friends may I
that there's a surprise In store for them.
Charles Y. Glomes is tho Napoleonio-look-ing
clerk at the Brunswick.
Milo K. Lyko, a polished Gotham veteran,
is tho popular clerk of the Albemarle.
Joseph Kuhns is looked up to as guide and
friend Dy the guests of the Grand Central.
Jesse Hippie, late of the Palmer Houso,
Chicago", is now chief clerk at the Murray
Harry Riddell beams on tho guests at the
'Windsor. He has neat apartments in tho
John W. Shea smiles otpueBts over the
Gilsey House register. He lives at the
William H. Carr, who has muiihenomenal
memory for names and faces, is the oraole at
tho Fifth Avenue.
George H. Sohenck is a fountain of informa
tion at the Westminster. His home is at 148
East Eighteenth Btreot.
Otis Keith represents tho Koith family at
tho Metropolitan. He has a brother at the
Gilsey and another at tho Hoffman.
August Schneehage has piled up a goodly
heap of shekels during many years of service
at the Victoria. Ho lives at 251 East Thirty
second street.
P. T. Wall, considered among the boys tho
Apollo of hotel clerks, lives and holds sway
at tho Hoffman House. He is the organizer
and inspirer of tho Hotel Clerks' Protective
Association of tho United States.
A Foier.
From ffarptr'i Laar,
Enfant 'Terrible And did taey go Into tne ark
two by two t
Mamma Yes, dearest.
Enfant Terrible Well, wbo went with anntles t
The Foet'a Wenltb.
from tl.i Oil City Bllttard.
Thongn tbe poet bai much botheration,
Though his loves make nlm Borrow and mow,
He bus always one sweet consolation
He can metre In moonlight alone.
" There was a sudden movement of a ohair.
Ju must havo got up quickly, for tho bed
clothes woro moved and I heard her say i
' You expected it, and so did he. I'm not
sure that he's dead. Are you ? '
"'Then he must have placed a chair for
her rolled up his sleeves. We'll soon deter,
mine that,' he repliod.
" I felt his hand upon my heart with the
unmistakable and inquisitive pressure of a
doctor's fingers, felt the weight of his head
as his ear was pressed down hard to catch the
faintest murmur. The suspenso and agony
of that moment were beyond the portrayal of
language. I knew that everything depended
upon the inflexibility, the courago and the
fidelity of tho girl, and I knew that the doc
tor had all those virtues at the mercy of bis
decision. If intensity of emotion could add
but ono throb to my heart as his hand rested
upon it I was safe. My whole soul was con
centrated into that effort as his hand was
withdrawn. I thought ho dotected it, for
his Angora went suddenly back as if for re
assurance. ...,.,
His head was down.upon my breast. I oould
hoar him breathe. His mouth was oloso to
my ear. No, he was whispering. ' It my
turn now I' He said it twice. Tho awful
import of tho four words seemed to add
some new paralysis to my system. My
nature refused to believe in any revenge like
this. There were no faculties in a human
being to apprehend such cruelty. He asked
her to give him the little mirror froto the
shaving-case. I felt its cold surface placed
on my lips, and I knew this was a horrible,
hollow mockery. Then I heard him say:
' IIo's dead I without any doubt, and been
dead for six hours. It was heart disease 1
" In that supreme instant hope died. I
had then arrived at the long-dreaded crisis,
and there was no longer any human help for
me. Not a friend to stand by mo.
" Ju got up as tho deoision was announced.
I felt that she and the doctor were silently
looking each other in the eyes.
"Suddenly she emitted a little cry, and
vas down by my side. Her warm fingers
were in my hair. This lock on my forehead
was lifted. , . . . .
" Does a man turn gray when he Is dead?'
she asked with vehemence, and I felt the
turning of her body as if she were looking
The Hnfferlnn of n Patient While Having- n.
Tooth Filled The Power Drill Vnd tbe
Bprlnc .Mullet Worae Thao the Tort urea of
tho InquUltlon Sounds From the UentUl'a
Chair hllo Work U In Procren.
fT HAS boon frequent
ly hinted by thought
less and too sportive
Jf friends that a cortaln
O ? Evening Womjj ro.
X fl porter's winning smile
Xr-Sy is not real, but that it
fxi) Yt & is worn for itsadvan
fif ifVj 4 ' tages in displaying an
aAJvoA aOi aristocratlo front tooth
Vy JrV"V built of equal parts of
Y 1 X I ij ivory and dross. Tho
I rs i) aforesaid roportor
'TmT don't mind confessing
J JIYbK y I right hero that it may
III S Vl ly bo so, for ho is proud
J ' WJmO- of tho tooth.
His friend, tho den
tist, is a Jolly, hearty follow, and he
assured tho scribe that thero was no pain
and almost no bother at all in having
tooth cavitios flllod ; and so tho ro
portor submitted himself for an afternoon to
tho soul-insplring operation. Of courso ho
was obliged to wait an hour and a half while
sovoral other people enjoyed themselves in
tho great, luxurious, cardinal-red casy-choir
in the doctor's private offlco : and of courso
this hour and a half, evory minute of it,
added fresh confidence to his stock on hand.
" Oh, doctor 1 I know I shall faint I " came
in feeblo acconts from tho llttlo room, and
the scribe felt that a sweet littlo woman, who
had just told her female companion in tho
outer office that she had as soon havo a tooth
out as to eat, was in tronblo. Thero camo
tho inaudiblo tonos of tho doctor in encour
agement. Then " Ugh oo agh oh I Oh,
dear I That was only cutting the coomb?
Oh, I know I shall faint I Woit! No. not
yot 1 " camo from tho first voice, followed by
expostulatory tones from the doctor. Tho
young woman had been in the private office
twenty minutes, and thero was a rustling, and
sho emerged, tho dentist following and bow
ing her out with : " Woll, some other day,
thon, when your nerves are stronger, and
then we'll have it out."
Then a fond mamma, accompanied by a
boy who woro his head in a rod flannel sling,
was interviewed, and " Tommy " was seated
in the big chair. This time tho door stood
opon, and tho reporter saw tho doctor pro
pare with a mirror about as big as his thumb
nail to take a view of the interior of the
youngster's head. But the patient clapped
both hands on his mouth, leaving only a
space betweon his fingers wido enough to
allow the most unearthly yells to como out.
"Ow, wow I yah-hoo-erl yah" said the
boy. But after ten miuntos of coaxing,
wheedling, threatening, bribing and reason,
ing from nis mother, the boy opened his
mouth long enough to let the dentist "tako
a look inside." Then the wily practitioner
deftly inserted, not the littlo mirror, but a
pair of Bteel candle snuffers, and with ono or
two quick, half-circular twists of his hand
and a sudden jerk, he yanked a molar out of
tho mouth of the young hopofnl, which added
miinli tsi thn firmifttin urnnerties of tho alien
ing. A view of the extracted member, how
ever, soon forcod curiosity into tho place of
sorrow, and the youngster went away proud
and hapyy, with tho tooth wrapped up in a
bit of cotton, while his mother satisfied her
self through tho doctor that if the tooth
should accidentia or otherwise be lost and a
swine should find it, it would not necessarily
follow that a swine's tooth would grow in
tho head of tho boy.
But the reporter's turn camo finally, just as
ho had about concluded that ho could wait
till some other day just as well, and had mado
up his mind to say that a pressing engage
ment called him away, nis friend, tho den
1 1st, wouldn't hear of this for an instant. The
scribo was not a coward, surely I Of courso
ho wasn't, and he laid him down in the easy
chair and resiguod himself to his fato.
The dentist, as has boon stated, is jolly and
vory entertaining, and he beguiled his patient
with capital stories while ho took a survey of
the opening in his face with the little mirror,
sounded for bod-rock with a small drill,
knocked or pried off the insido walls of some
of the teeth, first punching a holo with ivory
to obtain a grip and finally pried tho con
tiguous teeth away from tho ono he proposed
to work on so that ho could forro a sheet
rubber down on it, in which operation ho
drovo several of tho old, sulphurous variety
down the throat whence thoy camo. From
this point in tho interview tho dentist did all
tho talking.
After knocking off a few odd corners of
teeth which ho had not noticed before, and
cheering tho patient up with the remark that
Wo are fairly started, now," that dentist
proceeded to inflict tho most awful tortures
over suffered by a free man in u freo country.
First thero was "just the sweetest and mutt
scientifically constructed littlo foot pouer
drill ever made," and he showed how ho
could manipulate tho swiftly revolving littlo
thing on the end of a limber wire Bhcfting,
and then ho put it into practical operation.
It was cuto, and it sent most accuto thrills of
misery through tho nervous system of tho
patient. Ho tried to say so, but his inarticulate
thought was met with a cheerful, but ery
poBitivo denial by tho operator, who seemed
to divino it immediately, and tho revolving
wire wont faster and the needlo.pointcd drill
went deeper, until it had passed through the
" His answer was hesitating. Oould she bo
detecting his duplicity in his countenance I
And, bolieve mo, tho man capable of a mon
strous crime was not eqnal to this emergency.
" Ho stumbled. Ho betrayed himself. Ho
replied. ' Oh, that wan gray before 1'
" If he had only carried his authority a
little furthor and told her it was a common
occurrence I
" ' It was, wos it ?' said tho dear girl. She,
who knew every lock in my head, was not to
be deceived in that direction. Sho got up
and hold tho door open for him.
" ' Go and mako out your certificate. Dr.
Oruden. You may fool the world. But here
I stay. And if you or any of tho doctors in
New York bury Adam Melton before I pro
nounco him dead you will have to bury mo
with him. Do you understand that ?'
" And tho moment sho was alono sho had
my head in bur arms and was sobbing as if
her heart would break. ' I don't know if you
can hear me,' sho cried, with gasps and tears;
' but I won't desert you. They'll havo to
tear me in pieces first. Do you hear ? It's
me Ju. 1 want you to live. There's no
body else cares a bit. Perhaps, O God, you
aro dead I No, no, no, no, I did not mean
that. I know better. O heavens, how cold
you aro. Don't mind mo; I wouldn't do this
if you weren't in danger. I'll stay hero until
you open your eyos. I'll bolt tho doors. Not
a soul shall come in. Not oven sho. Sho
was to be your wife. Why, sho tent word
that she preferred not to see you I'
" And so on, in a broken rhapsody of grief
and endearment.
" But she was as good as her word. Down
stairs the solemn preparations for the funeral
were going on. It was officially given out
that I had died of heart disease. Tho an
nouncements were sent to the papers. The
day of the funeral was fixed, Orapo wus
ordered, letters of condolence were received.
Nobody who 1ms not been through my ex.
Berience cad know what a thin partition
lore is between the hopefulness of high
health and tho everlasting darkness of the
tomb. Grief, affection, love itself, is but a
hurrying and a nutting away tho instant your
heart ceases to beat.
"I knew now that everything depended
upon the bravery with which my standi
friend would hold out against the imperious
'Iwventional usages. And I confess that I
smallest end of tho longest prong and was
Hearing the scalp Just over the eye.
"Burr, burr, burr!" sang the wire, and
"bore, bore, bore 1" was the work of the
drill, and the relentless tormentor who wield,
ed It swayed It from side to side of the open,
ing ho had mado, whioh was suroly big
enough for tho insertion of tho butt ond of
an elephant's tusk, whllo tho victim could
mako no movo to an so, becauso that would
only le forcing himself on tho instrument.
But juBt as tho man on tho rack had taken a
vow that he would slaughter bis torturer by
some Blow process, ho (trow out tho drill and
saidi " Most dono now, boy. You aro stand
ing it nobly."
Then hu tried another and even more ex.
cmciating form of torturo. Having laid baro
tho tendorest, most susceptible of uerves. ho
now blow upon it a section of tho chilling
bltlst of the North Pole from a pair of mluuto
bellows. Each whiff cut the quick and in
flicted tho most poignant suffering.
The desiro to kill him was thick upon tho
victim again, but his power to do it, no felt,
was fast passing away. Surfoited with this
last fiendish sport, tho tormentor essayed
something now. It was liko tho first, per
sistent in its work ; liko tho last, terrific in
its power for pain, and it had tho last and
culminating merits of slowness. It was a
small spilo driver, with which ho pounded
the goldon filling into tho cavity he had
mado. It workod with a spring, had
a striking forco of fifteon tons and drovo
shoot after shoot of tho foil into that holo,
until tho scribe became convinced of tho
truth of a suspicion accumulated during the
boring operation that tho dentist was making
a holo big enough to tako in tho gold for
whioh ho was charging $3 a cavity. Each
blow struck a vital spark out of tho patient,
and whon, after on hour of this fun, n small
filo was rasped all around tho tooth, ho had
passed boyond tho possibility of further tor
turo and tho villain finally guvoit upandtoro
away tho rubber dam with tho oxpression ;
"Tuorol I'm about usod up, but you look
enough better to pay for all my trouble."
Tho roportor p'd him again for IiIb trouble,
resolved to go I on (, live on pugilists' diet
for a month, traui down to fighting trim and
then como back once a wcok and thrash the
dentist within an inch of his life. But on
sober consideration, instead.hosmilesbroadly
and shows his emblem of sufforing and
- -
Senator Georgo W. Plunkitt says ho will
onco moro ropresent tho Eloventh District.
Maurice B. Flynn koeps aloof from politics
and politicians. Ho says ho has had enongh.
The friends of Assemblyman Eugene S.
Ives aro confident that ho vill succood Plun
kitt in tho Senate.
James Oliver, Princo of Paradise Park, has
not mado up his mind whethor to run for
Judgo, Senator or Assembly.
Richard J. Sullivan, Tammany Hell loader
in tho Fifteenth District, is to succeed tho
late James J. Corcoran in tho Board of Al
dermen. Tho Republican State Committee is con.
ductiug a qulot canvass. It is said that
Thomas O. Piatt and his lieutenants are on a
still hunt.
Henry Kropf, who has taken tho lato Mi
chael Oregan's place as tho Republican mag
nate in tho Sixteenth Distriot, would like to
bo Civil Justice.
The headquarters of tho Demooratio Stato
Committee at the Hoffman House are
thronged every evening by prominent mem
bers of tho party.
The uptown brewers are going to toko on
active part in tho election of Assemblymen
and Senators. They want men elected who
will fight cold water.
All the mombers of the present Board of
Aldermen aro candidates for re-elootlon.
Thero is something in tho air of the City Hall
which appears to agreo with the health of our
local statesmen.
Tho members of tho Democratic State Com
mittee aro in favor of the nomination of Mr.
Martine for Judge and Mr. Nicoll for District
Attorney. Thoy think their nomination
would holp tho btato tickot.
Whon President Clovoland roturns to Wash,
ington ho will probably send the Stato
Campaign Committeo a chock and also a
letter indorsing tho nominees and platform
of tha Saratoga Convention.
Civil Justice Michael Norton is confined to
his house by a swollen leg. He will be re
nominated by Tammany Hall. Frank Fitz
gerald, son of the lato ex-Alderman James
Fitzgerald, will probably be his competitor
on election day.
o m
Sho Didn't Care for Cold Weather.
From Ttxat Sfling.
Old Lady (to dealer, Is them thermometers re.
Dealer Ycb, Madam, they are manufactured
expressly for our own trade.
Old Lady I guess yer kin pmme one of 'em.
Dealer Yes, Madam, which will yon have?
They aro all the same price.
Old Lady I see Borne of 'em aro TO degrees an'
some so decrees. Qlmmo an so degree one. I
don't care much fer weather when It's too cold.
A Charmed Life.
Prom ITarpurU Hatar,
Across the drugget tho baby creeps
The baby that knows no cares
And the awful directum that he keeps
Leads right to the bard steep flairs.
Sometimes he climbs on the wlndow-illl,
Where a fall hlB neck would break;
yrom any bottle be drinks hl fill
Not tbe same from a spoon be'd take.
lie sticks his hands In the bulldog's ejes
And luto the horse's none:
The table-knife nn hla band he tries,
And kicks his face with bis toes.
Oh, thus docs tbe baby run his race,
And I'm sure bis soul would chafe
If he ever happened to get In a place
Whero his life would be really safe.
had littlo hope that sho would bo able to re
sist tho mistress of tho houso, backed as that
mistress would bo by scienco and law.
"Thero wero long gaps of time. I heard
the girl in tho room. Sho appeared to be
searching for something. John brought her
up a lunch. I heard him tell her tho coffin
was down stairs and the men waiting to como
up. And I was astonisbod to hear him refer
to my having diod yesterday. She must have
been witli me all night. And all through tho
lonely watches I had felt her warm, odorous
palm upon my forehead at intervals, liko an
arm stretched out by heaven into hell.
" The undertakers got into tho room before
sho could prevent it. Sho ordered thein out.
" ' Who are you ?' ono of them said gruffly.
" ' I'm the nurso,' sho replied promptly.
' We'ro not ready for sextons yet.'
" ' Well,' said tho same gruff voico. ' we're
ordered to tako tho body down stairs, and
we'vo got to do it.'
" ' Easy,' said somebody in a whisper.
' Tell her wo only want to movo him from
ono room to another. Onco under screws,
it'll bo all right. We don't want a row. It
won't do.'
" With that ono of them put his arm under
my head. There was a quick rustle of a
dress. Tho arm was pulled suddenly away.
I heard the click of my revolver, felt Ju's
long hair sweoping my face, and know she
was standing over me like another Judith.
" If you touch him again,' sho said,
' there'll be blood on it. Stand off I My life
for it, he wou't go out of this room till he's
dead or I am.'
" ' The woman's stark mad,' baid tho man's
voice. ' Como away, Tho Board o' Health'll
havo to lay 'em both out.'
"Sho bpraug after them pud bolted tho
door. Onco more I felt her at my bedside.
' Dear, dear, I wonder if ho is dead,' I heard
her say in her distress. 'O, what can I do,
what cati I dot'
" Then thore was a parloy through the key
hole. It was my aunt's vofco. ' Ju,' she said,
' listen to mo. In tho name of decency come
down stairs and don't make mo send for an
officer. You ought to know that you can't
bring tho dead to life by such conduct, and
it's disgraceful. Tho wnole houso is in arms
about it.'
"'I don't caro for the house,' replied Ju.
"'What do yon mean to do?" asked my
ftWHtcd 07ari 111 tmos ntafy - jiif-Mtnlr'i btoM'ii
irvSqEPTTilll'ig,'f VaVsstllrft.. fcjl!
The Electric I.lghta and Modern Improve
menu Have Itobbed tbe Lnmp.I.lghtrr of
111 Picturesque Features lie la Now no
Longer a Public Clinmctrr, but Merely
the Uuiployeo of a. Company.
fr ci N the march of 1m-
fsraa provements whioh
Tt3L Jll lRtl tho nineteenth
1 S il ccutury In greater lux-
1 yVN ury Wld comfort and
OjjjJkSr . 1 1 ue'l to economize
J 1 1 time tho moro simplo
lN J vjl and laborious fashions
iHi x" ' ,ft8t llnst l'nys nro
IV I J N forgotten. Functions
!- '" rr that wero then sympa-
thetio features of tho life of thu community
are now regarded with contempt. Ono of
theso features that has sunk out of night con
siderably is tho humble lamp-lighter. In
tho old days peoplo who lived on the corners
would know nis usual hour for getting along
with his ladder, scrambling up tho pust and
lighting tho lamp. Children wouldllattcn
their small noses against tho windov panes
and enjoy the process of illumination. On a
winter night, when the light flashed out and
showed tho old follow in his red comforter
and his pea-jacket of a coat, tho collar turned
up about his rosy ears, and tho thick flakes
fell softly about him in tho warm light, ho
assumed tho proportions of a benevolent
boing and tho lamp-light invested him liko a
Tho old fellow was onco mado tho Bubjcct
of a novol, " Tho I.amp-Lightor." HuOiow,
presto ! somo subtle power fires tho electrio
lights, and tho brilliant points stretch like a
string of diamonds through the air. Moro
poetry, moro expedition in tbe new way, but
the sympathies aro not touched.
Though thero Is hardly any largo seotion of
Now York that has not some electrio lights,
thero are still 34,800 lamp-posts to be attended
to. Although somo of the lamp-posts havo
beon removed, thore aro 97,000 loft. All thoso
at tho corners, with tho names of streets
painted on them, havo boon preserved as
guido-posts, whether lighted or not. Thero
aro now 700 electric lights in town, furnished
by the Brush and the United States Company,
lliey will bo increased, although tho most,
light in Madison and Union squares aro to bo
taken down and sovoral smaller poles substi
tuted in their stead. The contracts for gas
lighting havo been given by the city to six
companios, three for the districts this sido of
the Harlem, and throo for those abovo it,
nearly as far as Yonkors. Tho lighting of
tho markets is not inoludod in tho contracts.
When nil tho electrio lights under tho now
contracts, which have been awarded and will
soon be carried out, aro lit, the gas-lights will
be reduced some 4,500.
The lamp-lighters aro not engaged by tho
Department of Publio Works, but by tho
soveral gas companies. The secretary of tho
Consolidated Gas Company was in his hand
somo office when an Evening) Would reporter
called to gather some facts about that hum
blo functionary, the lamp-lighter.
"A lomp-llghter's task is to light 160
lamps," said he. "Of course somo sections
are more thickly set with lamps and others
less. So it is not a wooden law. Almost his
whole stock in trade is his torch. It is long
enough to enable him to light the gas from
the sidewalk and is screened so that it cannot
blow out. Ho pushes up tho lover of the
cook and lights the gas in a moment. He
hardly has to stop. Tho glass globes of tho
lampposts aro arranged bo that tho torch can
be thrust through a permanent opening
bolow, and thoro Is no time loBt in fiddling
with tho door as there was in the old-fashioned
four-sided lamp. Oil or naptha can
be burned with tho torch and it has a wiok
like an ordinary lamp.
" Part of the lamp-lighter's duty is to keep
tho lamps on his circuit clean. Ho has to
clean thom three times a week. If they are
injured in any way he roports at onco to tho
office. Tho lamplighter is also somothing of
a glozior. If a glass is broken ho has to ro.
placo it. He has no cutting to do ; it is given
to him and he puts it up. So his time is
pretty well taken up and he cannot woll wcrk
at any other steady occupation. Each lamp
burns 4,000 hours per annum."
" Of courso the work does not demand a
very high order of intellect or apowerfur
physique, so men who could not do othoo
things as well can find work at this. If ho
knows enough to come in when it rains he
can becomo a lamp-lighter. It is not a good
Sosition for a consumptive, becauso the
ghter has to go out in all sorts of weather."
At the rate of lights for each lamp-lighter,
about ono hundred and sixty-five would be
m m
Congressman Tim Campbell is a frequent
visitor at Police Headquarters. He gives an
exhibition of his rare linguistio powers to a
crowd of admirers.
Sonator Mike Murphy is a frequent visitor
at Police Headquarters, and the inevitable ro
suit is tho appointment or promotion of a
friend on tho polico forco.
Senator Cullen is not slow in caring for
Fiorsoual and political friends on tho police
orce, and he is on especially good terms
with all tho Commissioners.
Supt. Murray and Inspector Byrnes are
Tammany Democrats, Inspoctor Coulin is a
County Democrat and Inspectors Steers and
Williams aro Stalwart Republicans.
Johnny O'Brien is not as chipper as of old.
Ho does not relish being knocked out by tho
sluggers of tho Civil-Service Commission.
His strong hold now is tho law and his weapon
an injunction.
" ' I mean to keep him from boing buried
alive as long as I can if I die for it.'
" ' Didn't you hear what Dr. Oruden said ?'
'"Dr. Crudonliodl'
'" Woll, opon the door. I must como in.
You're delaying all tho arraugomonts.'
" ' I know I am. That's what I mean to do.'
" ' Won't you open tho door?'
" ' Then I shall have to get an officrr and
break it open. If you are convinced that
Adam is alive why don't you convince me ? '
', " ' I don't believo you can bo convinced,'
said Ju. ' You all of you want to hurry him
into his grave. Why don't you send for
Doctor Doc Doc tor Bir (Sho was
trying to read tho name on a card that sho
had found in my desk; it was printed in
Gorman toxtj
"'Doctor Birehell ?' my aunt suggested.
1 If Doctor Birehell pronounces him dead
will vou promise to give up tho room ?'
" 'No,' said Ju; ' Pll novor give him up till
I ran see that he's dead with my own eyes.
But Dr. Birehell won't say so.'
" 'Woll, at all events if Dr. Birehell comos
you'll open tho door? '
" 'Yes. Havo you got Miss Featherztou
augh's letter?'
" 'Of courso I have.'
" 'Won't you poko it through" the door ? I
want to read it. I'll givo it liack to you as
soon as tho doctor comes.'
. " There was somo further parley of a purely
feminine character, which ended in my aunt's
poking tho letter through.
'When sho was goue Ju exolaimed, 'I've
got anuthor hour, thank God.' Kho came
and knelt down close beside mo and read tho
letter audibly in her own stumbling way;
" 'Mi Dkau Miis. Blossom: I hasten to tell
you how inexpressibly shocked wo all are
at tho news, and to add my sympathies with
thoso of ma for you. You are the real suf.
ferer. It is too dreadful to think about. So
awfully sudden. I suppose the funeral will
take place on Friday, in the morning, and I
haven't a thing to wear. We're such thought
less creatures, wn never make any provision
for misfortune. If this hod only happened
the day before it did I could have got
Martha's crepe bonnet. It's brand new; but
she's gone to Islington. John, who brought
I your note, soys your girl (I forget her name)
Is Uktosvouftwittlr'3rat 'tbat-soandsUkr
An Bvsnlna Hport Indulged Tn by the Walt
era In Frunch'a Hotel.
MPe HE waiters of French's
3N. f9 aOJ Hotel, after minister.
MVJv Jr ing to tho hungry do
riSslfni) mauds of voraciouB
T )A"K"fC guests, turn to diver-
AprWy r'jJ sion. Tho vesper hour
l Li?fptafc53 lll'B "lenl 'n "10 co'
ry-r fStfJsByy!? '"- least, tho sport.
Ill fffFO&MH '"R clement among
UjftWJljJJaBft" them. They go thoro
vftiaJU-w5V to hunt tho cot. It is
a now invasion of that domestic animal. Per
Bocutiou lu tho past has taught tho gontlo
quadruped to keep her eye hard to port as
sho scurries over tho roof that bIio may mark
tho descending boot-jack or hurling cuspa
doro. Her civet-footed passngo over a moon
lit fence, which began liko a funeral proces.
si on. often ends liko a return from tho grave.
The cats know their perils. Thoy aro as fa
miliar us twice-told talcs. But pussy has not
yet fully tumbled to tho now danger thot
awaits her.
Tho French preserves aro well stocked.
Wild young cats that used to sally forth into
Uio alley and terrorize thoir femalo acquaint
ances now curl up under a coat and wonder
why their grandsons stay out so lato.
There aro dozens in tho cellar, bound by
tho closest ties of consanguinity. Then cats
that belong to another parish drop in of an
evening for a social purr.
They lurk in tho boxes and mako thoir lairs
in old barrels. Then tho stewards of tho
floor nbovo doff their snowy aprons
and go to tho bottuo. At first tho.woit
ers chased him with clubs ond lasBoes. Tho
method of their capture, howovcr, is an in
vontion of one of tho waiters. A square box
is Btood so thot ono end makes an r.cuto anglo
of 40 degrees with tho ground. Tho other is
supported by a light stick. A string is
fastened to tho stick with tho waiter at tho
other end of it. Undor tho box is placed a
pioco of beef, pique a la mode. Its savory
smell reaches the nostrils of tho circumjacent
This is tho beginning of a tragedy in a cat's
life. If it only had tho courago to soy," rats !"
and remain sequestered. But it hasn't. It
Btarts forth, giving its' hind-logs n regretful
stretch. Cautiously, but with on nir of con.
centratlon, it works nlong to tho meat. The
overhanging bar awakens a slight suspicion.
But tho cat finally concludes that it is aporto
cochm and goes undor.
Tho Bickly glimmer of a candlo illumines
tho cellar, aud an eyo has followed tho felino
progress. Tho eyo bolongs to tho waiter.
Ho has another eyo, but that is on the string.
Tho cat has reached tho meat, sniffs it
fastidiously and settles down for a squaro
meal. Bang I goes tho box. The string has
beon pulled and tho game is snored. Tho
genius of tho waitor has cut n small square
pleco from tho box. Tho wildly fluttered cat
scurries about aud pokes her head through
this holo. Then tho huntsman takes her by
tho nope of tho neck and mills her forth.
This is tho moment of deadliest peril. Not
os thrilling as when tho cat's tail disappears
bonoath tho box, it is moro dangorous. Your
adult cat resents being treated like a kitten.
Tho entrapped felino is passed over to one of
tho boys, who knocks it in the head or turns
it loose in tho squaro.
It is not as exciting as a tigor hunt, but cat.
stalking may perhaps be elevated to the dig
nity of a sport, if Henry Bergh does not interfere.
Edward Finkelstone, President of the Bar.
hers' Union, is a candidate for Comptroller
on tbe Progressive party side.
Edward Goldsmith, the co-oporative hatter,
is prominently mentioned as a candidate for
Alderman by the Progressive party in tho
Tenth Distriot.
Tho United Labor party organization of
of the Twentieth Assembly District will have
a banner-raising this ovenlng at its headquar
ters, on tho corner of Third avonuo and
Forty-ninth street.
William Hawley, sutchol-niaker, and Joe
Vlnco, cigar-maker, are tho Aldermanio can
didates in the Twelfth Distriot, the former
on tho Progressive sido and the latter on tho
United Labor party.
If Samuel Gompors. President of tho
American Federation of Labor, will accept
the nomination for Stato Senator In tbe Sov
onth District ho will probably reoolvo it
from both labor parties. I hau
The Barbers' Unions hold their National
Convention at Buffalo Dec, B. Delegates
from this city will be elected on Monday,
Oct. 27, and at tho samo time delegates will
be oloctod to tho American Federation of
Labor, which holds its Convention at Balti
more on Doc. 13.
Dunicl S. Jacobs, delegate of the Shoo
Salesmen's Union, and Max Boehm, of tho
United Clothing Cutters, are candidates for
the Assembly in tho Tenth District on tho
tho Progressive Ijibor party tickot. Jacobs
is popular and will probably get tho nomina
tion if he desires it.
Tbe Mlflerence.
The question, " What Is tho difference between
the drat love and tho lust" has elicited tbe following-
reply: "One always believes that tbe first love
la the last, and that the lost la the first."
HAIiNES-SlOnillS.-On Thuradiy, Oct. 13, at lh
Weit Preibjrterlin Cburcb, on 42d it., New York,
by the lteT. Dr. II. M. I'tlnitr, of Nw OrlaiDi,
auiitcdby thRT, Dr.Jnhn H.Putoo.of New York,
FHANCxa Isabel, daughter of John A. MorrU, of
WMtchMtr, N. Y., to Tnoioovr Wxxd Bianii,
of Boston, Mh.
New Orleani and Albany piper pleae copy.
servants' scandal. Au revoir. All in ono
carriage, I supposo ? Where do you get your
flowers uow ?'
" Twice sho went over this misnivo ss if try
ing to comprehend tho heortlessuebs of it.
Then she sprang up with a sudden impulse
pulled the clothes from my neck and arms,
dashed cold water upon mo, shook mo with
desperate forco, moaning and gasping and
sobbing tho while in tha greatest distress
What encouragement tho poor creature hod
in all this heaven onlv knows. Her faith,
her hopo and her fidelity aro inexplicable to
mo to this day. While she was thus endeav
oring to restoro animation my feelings wero
of that numbed, despairing kind that no ono
can understand who lias not been launched
into tho mid-ocean of hopeless horror. A
sullen, faithless wonder took possession of
me. I believe thot it is tho insatiable condi.
tiou of men in great calamity whose Intel,
lectual is greater than their moral discipline.
It all oeemed liko a revelation of ma
lign Providcuco, ond I wos now to
understand that tho mystery of lifo
wos no other mystery than this that undor
the fallacious happiness of existence was tho
eternal cruelty of a supremo monster who de
lighted in torturing tho beings ho had creutcd.
Nothing, I now assure you with shaiuo, saved
me from cursui" God in my impotent,
inarticulate soul but tho prcseuco and
tho touoh of the woman who was defying
the world aud reason itself in my be.
half. That presence was tho one slen
der filament that seemed to reach down to
me out of unattainable life and hold
together my wrecked faculties. If that
precious cord snapped I knew that I would
sink into tho eternity of blackness upon
whoso bosom I was uow tossing helplessly,
" Nor did I at thot time consider whether
this wos a revelation of divine mercy more
potent and powerful than tho cruelty of na.
turo tho revelation of a woman's lovo, which
faces disease and death itself, and follows its
object into tho jaws of boll. I only knew
that somehow Ju connected me with the
world I had quitted, and that my being, my
dostiuv. the wholo triune ego of which I had'
onco been so vain, rested in tho hollow of
that poor girl's palm, and she was fighting
for it as if God had fashioned her with conr.
age and endurance and affection specially for
tho one task.
"u ' paddenly an arrowy-pain thai iliToupa
STV.Wi.yyiV) trll 1 "J nTM4theb"jf.f PR, t VJH
WAVKIia yoy lent n,and 1 fMlao ranch betteiidrivJyi .Vakaafl
rnp are thedeireit rnen In all the world for prepartpiM "flBaBTai
TthMblearemedyt I think they are 'plendid'i pleeM VlnBaTaBTaaTJ
;jnd me three Jjnee more." Uymait, (1. liepoC Ua ' ,aanBnV
West loth it.. New York. All dmjuit.. '..JfcH
iA TH rVTRKET THEATRE. Oor. Ota tn, .HSHLaal
: Mtln Hitnrrt.y unly iliirlnjr thla ennrmnt. JaBBafl
"The dear publio liked her." Time, Oct. 11. aBTaBTSal
In two plerxe. A double bill. jteTaaTeiB
rroniptly at B o'oluok the eberminf one-act operetta. . 'TBraBTaai
fill;. ItlMJ ANIITIll Kliiei'Iftt .SM
wUlbealnAndnOthejoopIanU, H
iiuhinum- iino.ii i nu. raLlH
Clovoland's Wostorn Trip. -V5aH
Volunteer ana Thistle. UeaH
"fa i j, or nhvv iMriYi.o.N." r-VlL.H
Erenlna-t. 8.30. Saturday Matinee, 9.M, iH
COltNKK 31BT ST. )&ZaLnH
Prices.lOc; RGS.Seats,20c,&30c. J8
Hoiim packed. Not even Undine- room. "leanLafl
Matlneon Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. j1bbbbbbbb1
ltox office atwaya ntwn. Beware of apeealatora. Vfannnnannnn1
Oct. 17-thk SviLnun opuiiA Co. iLH
MAUVELLOUU uroaaway, H
SKALH. OLD lX)rTDOa jHaaaaaaaal
The very ,H
taraeatahow Admlaakm35a, Hsaaaaai
ererctren. Children, lOoj fanuBuufl
Open from noon nntll 10 P. M. afaaaaaaaal
HJ ON NOJIAKE TUKATltB. '9snaaaaaai
J. M. II I I.I. Minim asaaaaaaaal
,J.'J"K HENRIETTA IS Bo6Mfr7&, Vm -, SHH
The oomedlana, . livU
nniisiiN ani r iiANE, fssH
In Hi-union Ilowara'i onmedr. vfMsH
Laat three nlghU. Saturday Matinee at 9, 'liasauuuuuuui
in their lateat enooeae. b Aaaaaaaaaaal
V Tneadty. Oct. 18. RICE'S M(l BURLESQUE 0O JauuuauuuH
In a (rand production of THE OOUB Alii. saaaaaaal
Betta now on eale. tauuuuuuuuV
Mondar, Oct. 17, and Wedneeday, Oct. 19. fiJauuuuuuual
F. VAN DER STUCKE?."?..... Director of Orche.tr Sanuuuuuui
A. Lambert. PUnlat, Oct. hi William H, BhenroeX 1l"tauuuuuuuuul
Plantat. Oct. 19. William Thaole, Moal Director. ii-saaaaaaai
Admiul.m. SltBoata, Sl.OOanJfJ. "u,CHr- "9H
a UAIIKMY OP MUSIO. llthet. and Irrln place. , .isaaaaaaal
TII WKKK. KT.nlnat8. . Mat. 8at,lflC HLaaH
Elaborate production of the iateat lonrton Melodrama. -tLaaaaaH
Keeerred erata. 60c. 76o., St. Family circle. Mo- jnaaaaaaaaal
Sr"j f tM.7J!'1 i'.'' ''fcheatra circle and balcony, Sfs, 'i?jlinuuuuuuul
Wed. MIt. AND MRS. McKBR RANKIN Tiai. Xsaaaaaaal
Mat. I IN THE (iOIJ)KN OIANT. Mai. lrauuuiauuuul
Nettweek-OLARA.MORRIH. , "" 'Baataaaal
Neit Runday-PKOF, CROMWELL will tUaatrate aaaaWLal
STAB TI1EATRE. BPBmaT.. ALaaaaaaal
Commencing- neit Monday Krenlng, jelBtanuuuul
Kniraf ement of Mr. c tiianuuuuuuul
who will appear aa Bob Acreeln .? nkaaaaaal
TllE RIVALS. -'seaaal
Beate now on eale. olaaaaaaaaaaa
5TH AVE. THEATRE. aTltWKKK. Luuuuuuui
Erenlnga at H. Saturday Matinee at 3. vHanuuuui
MRS. LANOTRY, 'Vnuuuuuufl
aooompanted by MAURICE BAUllYMORM aad Laat1 anuuuunnuua1
own oompany In her eueoeeefnl production &2anuuuuuuuui
AS IN A LOOKINO OLASS. leaaaaaaaaai
Splendid eoenery and appotntmenta. T'laaaaaaaaaai
under the direction of Mr. HENRY K. ABBET, iHonuuuufl
THE Obaraotere by Meaare. OamondTenrle! W&kauuuuuuB
MOUSE- rj?,rlM.,0""S5' ?iD'yr"d. ""a Sotnern, irvlaanuuuuuuuui
o. MUaee BoaeOihan.KnldLe.UeandTlnit 'I?Jainuufl
TRAP. Atbci. Kranlon at 8.18. Bat. Mat., fig MBnuuuuuuuua
LYCEUM TH RATH It, 4th eye. and 38d ,.. aaaaaaaaal
Bemag.lSwlthKDlTHA'8BUROLaAliMt JlSaaaaaaaaal
iiigiEEiigaiife ; JH
JL .... DROP OF POISON. r'l'iBauuuuufl
Saturday Matinee Strakoeob and the Thalia Oempany-4 .. .'Braaaal
ETentng Flrat appearanoe of jnnkeilimiii linnapluaf A'sanaBnuuuul
Braealf. , Haaaaaaaaal
i1 'D
There ara nowhere to be found inch a variety and lartw jKaannnnnnnl
atock of Ladlea' and Oenta' Oold and Bilrer watahaa to iPalaaaaaaaa1
cult ererrbody'a puree. There an tha watches we maka' trsaaaaaaai
a apeclalty ol i ?3atlH
o Amerloan movement, Blftn or Walthamt key laannnnnnnl
winder, 18. 4 HH
American movement, Blain or Walthap: m rLannnnnnl
ider, (10. iaHHH
winder. Amerloan movement. Elfin or naitrAm olannHanni
oaaea ohaeed and engraved; rentlemea'a, t2A. - hacaanntnni
atcm-wtndor, American movement, (20. -ilaaaaaaaH
911a "-rH
watches. 90. VanaaaaH
winding Watch, warranted 14 carata, $16. SfaaaaaaaH
heavy, eolld li-oarat gold caeee, 0S. &gflanfl
every watch for three yearai U not aa rcpieecntad , .cfggggggggl
money will ue refunded. y iggflaaaaaH
onds and repeaUng watcheat aleo watehaa with SiUaannnnnnfl
handaomely ornamented oaaea and studded with feaufna aannnnnnnnl
diamonds, for ladlea and gentlemen, at nail the) pzloa cLnw
charged elsewhere. 'gccccccccl
chronograph, heavy rit-caratoaaa, very fine move Jvgggggtal
ment and accurate timer, 860. J gccccl
SOLID OOLD WEDDINO RINGS, 14 and 18 Cantab fJeaanaaaal
a specialty. .tfflggggfl
144 BOWERY 144. LH
me, and sho gavo a cry of joy. It was suoh 'Lggfl
cry oh a mothor might give who pulls her off-, ;gfl
spring out of the flames. I felt the cool aht ftjalnnaaafl
on my face, ond caught tho scent of the busy raaaaafl
street as it camo in my window. Intolerable) J&1H
pongs wero darting through my body., My ?'fiigigi
heart gavo a leap. I gasped. Hot lava "filaaH
seemed to be pouring into my veins. I VeSanuH
or c ned my eyes. My head was on her breast. :3auaH
Iior arms held me lovingly. Her dark dis- ' 'gzzzj
hovelled hair was sweeping round me liko a jgsnuafl
protecting drapery, I looked out of death. -lggH
into tho lifo and victory of her tender face. jaiaaaaH
" That woman hod saved me. VvJsggH
"About ten minutes later Dr. Birehell ifteanaaH
bounced into tho room. lie said this would 'IH
not havo huppeued if he had been called. I i3tH
will not weary you with what occurred after, 'HlggHI
except to say this : I put myself in his hands, ggaH
for ho promised to cure me if I would follow 'Jaaaaaani
his directions explicitly. And that you may HHa
be sure I did eagerly. 'Tho first thing. JSQ
then, that you must do,' said ho, ' is to get uSM
married, Idon't care who you marry, but TBgaH
you must marry somebody, and somebody iarlgH
who is your opposite in every respect.' M
" ' Hut, my dear doctor,' I remonstrated, ISjaHl
' is it not tho sublimity of meanness to fasten XHI
myself and my infirmity to a woman 7' JrHI
'' ' No sentimental nonsense. I'll get rid TWaHl
of tho infirmity if you will do as I tell yon. wPH
Hang it I your lifors worth something to tho 'IgH
community, if it isn't worth anything to gH
yourself.' 4gV
"Sol did on ho told me. &
" My dear friend," I cried, as soon as Adam JMasH
Melton reached this point in his story, "yott agfl
commenced by telling me that you were pur- ijWgl
suod by an invisible fiend ; you have ended 'JkH
by convincing me that you were accempan- iZtanfl
led by a guardian angel' t$auH
" Vou are right," ho replied) " I ought to ,1jgfll
tell you that long after that occurrence Ju annfl
told me that this look of gray hair on my .laH
forehead turned its color while Dr. Oruden 'gH
was examining me on the bed. Now lot m atHal
present you to my wife." iiMiuaaaH
With that he called Ju, and tha buxom J'faggggHfl
creature I had mistaken for the maid came in ,i, dnEtM
and spent tbe rest of the evening with us, ' , VngLgfl
while Adam told me about his curious oowtv $9H
ship and marriage and how he fell oat vfm 'j Z?ssaaM
his aunt, and but, no matter, I tliu) yiSH
remise to inform yon how h miwlsi Mm M
oii.onlyjtiy. ,- - . t $ J

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