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6 O'CLOCK . SSIfflilll I 6 O'CLOCK ' S
Everybody that Speculates nrlathed Easier
When They Discovered that the Alleged
Interview With Chauneey m. Depew Wan
an Imposition Brokers Ilaro a Lively
Morning and 800,000 Hbarea are Held.
Wall Sheet, Oct. 15 p. k.
' ' 71 II announcement
CA- yl5 Wcblo yesterday that
TFi "-"V? Mr. Dcpcw repudiates
i bV rMv certain language nt-
' ill fv ( tributod to him in a re.
is IB If financial situation is
yfp.. SI correct. 'Ibis news
I H ' H was ca'e to London
II H and mado a wildly
I jj I bullish market for
r i ,..) B American securities
" V H there. As tho for
J I I t "f eiders l,ut out a
'1 I SS)b ' KQod many shorts
J215Sr yesterday they cov
vvmfi& " ered in tills mar
ket this moraine
taking altogether about 35,000 shares
This, with the fact that London
prices came considerably higher than our
closing figures of last night, gave the bulls
a chance to twist the timid shorts and tho
latter ran like sheep. Prices jumped 1 to S
pof oent. and excitonient ran high until the
'big bears suddenly came in and squelched
all further efforts to put up tho list.
Tho bank statement shows a loss of 9852,650
in surplus reserve-, which is now down to
J 7,260,176. Loans were increased $3,651,000,
eposits, $4,881,000 ; legal-tenders, $782,700,
and circulation, $12,300. Species shows a de
crease of $415,000.
Opin. Malt. Low. Cloiinf
Canada Boutnern M( titi SI 61
Uanadan Paelflo 51)3 B1,'J S1V B1V
Olnt., Ool.. Cln. Ind M'i 49 48 48
Ohio. burl. Uulncy 1U7 137 138 I'M
OhjcaioNorthwsat...,, 107H 107H 105 10 Vi
Ohlcsfo A NorthlfMt pfd ISM, 13VA 137 18775
Ohio., Mil. A St. Paul........ 71$, Jl 70 701,
Ohio.; Mil. 4St. Paulpfd.... 112 111 li2 112
Ohio., Rook Ii. Paoiflo 112 112 1WV 10ii
Col. XUookln Valley 21 21M 3IK 21M
Colorado Colli Iron.. 33 8Jt 31k 31)
D.I., Lok.W.t.ra 124 124U lM! 12JS
Palawan Hudson. ?" Wfl MH WSJ
DnrlUo OrsndV., -2i 31U 21 2lV
I Dourer A HioOrsndpfd 63M 63H MM 63H
I K. Tsnn., Va. A OeoVtU..,,.. Kit 8)4 S S
B B. Tenn., Va,Oa. lit pfd.. 65 65 55 65
I K. Tsnn., V. A 0. 2d pfd... lB'i Wi 1 18
I Illinois Central 115 115 115 115
J Ind., Bloom. Weafera 12M 124 13K 12X
lopirrlllo i NuhTlllo 56M N4 65-; 65 1,
LakiiBhoro 0 90J 89M 89J
Lake ErUJtWMteni H'i 15 lii 16
Loocklud , 87 87 87 87
Meraphli A Cbuleiton 46 4A 40 46
MIoh&Mi Central S2V( 8iU 83 Vf 82
11U..L. . AWt.terapld 102 102 102 102
Minn. St. Louis pfd.:. 20 0 1,'.' 20
MlMouri Peolflo..' 0 VU 88 88V
Mobile Ohio...., r. UT, 0,'.' 9,'t
MlHourl, Kantu a Tuu 20'. 20 'J 20 20
MorrUAUuei ,. 135 135 135 135
NaihnlTe. Chatta. i Bt. L.... H'J 71 60 60
New Jereer Central 7 73 , .70 70
NewyorkOentral....,..., 10SV 103 102V 1WH
NewYorENewKiiWi..,.. 381? 86 ij 35 J 35
N. Y Ohio. 4 St. LonUpfd.. 27K 28 37 2l
N. Y.,LkeErie AW.uro.. 26C 25)i 34'.' 25
N. Y.lLTKrieA Weotornpfd. 6U'J 81 Ml'-. 81
N.Y.'SiwA We.t.pJd...... 27 27 2S 20
-gorfojkWertern....: ltlf 14V 1S.' Ulf
Morfoik 4 Weetern pfd 3C 3(1 8tk 35 'Z
Northern Paoltle pfd 4B 4W 43 ll 43K
Ohio4Mmlialppr. aiji 2lg 21'. -11'
Ontario 4 VTeeiern...., lbV 16X lUi 15
Oreiun Hailwar 4 Narif ation. 8.1)3 K3)t ma 82H
Oregon Transcontinental 17'! 17'i 10 16'.
1 Oi.ion ImproTement 35)j 85H 3oU a5;
I l'aolflo Mail. 33 35 3.11 34
I Vhlladelpnia IUadinx 61 bl I'J'i CO
Pullman Palace Oar Company. 147 147 140C 1V
1 Richmond 4 Wert Point Ter.. 22 ti'i 21, 21 '2
I Rich. 4 West Point Ter. pfd.. 60 50 60 60
1 St. Paul 4 Omaha..., 37 37M 30V 36
1 St. Paul 4 Omaha, pfd 101 102? lOlij 101
8t. Paul, Minn. 4 Manitoba. 97 97 97 97
M Ht. LouU4Ban Pranoisoo 3JM 31M 91 31
Ht. Louis 4 8an Fran, pfd Vl MOi 67 67
TelM Paoifio.... 233 23', 21V 21'
Tennevwe Coal 4 Iron 23 3 23H 23(2 23),
Union Paclflq, 45)4 454 44VJ 44V
Wabash. Ht.Lonls 4 Paeiflo... 16 16 1S 11',
Vabash, St. L. 4 Pacific pfd. 28X ' 28U 27, 27!
WeiUrn Union Teleirrspb.... 76', 73? 732 732
Wheellwr 4 Lake Kno 40 40 40 40
B ex dlri dend.
J A Fire Near Charlenton Itesponstble for tbe
B I llreak In tbe Wlrm.
B The report that thero was a recurrence of
M earthquake shocks at Charleston, B. O., as
H published in the morning papers, caused a
deal of apprehension in this city, and the
H tickers and The Evening 'Woiild bulletins
VMV were closely watched during the early part
VMB of the morning for news of the suppobed
Ml disaster.
MB It was remembered that at the time of tho
MSI Earthquake last year tho news of the
MBJ calamity did not reach tho city for
M twenty-four hours because all com-
MBT inunication with Charleston by wire was
MM. cut off, and, as telegraphio communication
(MB with that city suddenly stopped at 12.25 a. m.
MH to-day, the fear of a return of the former
H calamity seemed to bo woll grounded.
MB The Eykninc Would was, however, able to
VMV relievo the apprehension by publishing a dis-
patch from its speciul correspondent
ot Charleston, who baid that the
Mwj break in telegraphio communication
VMV was the result of a large fire among tho ox.
M tensive phosphate factories at Magnolia, near
J Charleston, which melted all the wires run-
liug into tho city.'
. m
'- Heat the Sunday Would for Netty BlyU
jBM uttk in a madhouse.
MVM Cbauncey Depetr Home Aanln.
MB Chauncey M. Depew and Cornelius Vaoderbm
arrived at the Grand Central Depot this afternoon
B at 12. S3. They were botb looking well and talked
enthusiastically of their trip In the West.
Mr. Depew said they had travelled 5,000 miles
and that they passed over the Canada Southern,
Mff Michigan Central. Lake Hhore, Chicago and Northl
west, the West Shore and the Bee Lino, and Mr.
jH, Vanderbllt added lhat he had never seen the roads
T In a better or more promising condition.
Mm. . Mr. Depew said that there was not the slightest
BJt danger of panto so far as be could sec, and that In
I tbe . interview with blm from St. Lonls he
'MBI nad been Incorrectly reported. What he did
Hf say was that real-estate speculation had been
H overdone In some pans ot the West, hut Its effects
MM were purely local, and that new enterprises were
springing up wherever be and Mr. Vanderbllt bad
H Only tbe Woman Blamed for Ills Death.
hB Detectives Dldler and McCarthy, of tb West
HVj Twentieth Street Police, produced James Fecney
M in tbe Jefferson Market Court this morning on tbe
ra suspicion, that be had aided In the assault wblcb
M caused the death ot Michael White. The latter
Jm waa thrown down stairs at at West sixteenth
WM !!Le.et P Feeney's wife Catherine, who sajs that
Mff White Insulted ber. Tbe wife was arrested.
JBpk Aa no evidence was produced implicating the
M busband, Jnstlce Duffy discharged blm.
Mm ' Kid miller's Hknll Crarkrd.
-HMffa "Eld" Miller, the notorious bunco-steerer, Is
;VH lying in tbe New York Hospital wltb a fractured
V ,k?".. nls recovery Is doubtful. Just how be re.
fafafal Slta L"6 Ibjory Is not definitely known, but it is
D Um M be wu BtrucI b' n imended vie
'IB tifi 3J??iV.
A Hard Man to Suppress.
m a.
It Una Item Proclaimed, but will Hnrrly De
Held Police Called Ont.
Dublin, Oct. 15. It is announced this
morning thnt the great meeting fixed for
to-morrow in Woodford County 1ms
been proclaimed. Notwithstanding the
meeting will bo held. Tho speakers
will include Messrs. O'Brien, Dil
lon, Healy, Gill and Sheehy, M. P.'s, and
two distinguished Englishmen, Mr. Wilfred
Brunt and Mr. Kowntree. Tho objects are
for protecting the tenantry from persecution
nnd for demanding relief from the intolerable
rack rents.
Thero is every probability that the meeting
will be o big one, and every policeman is
being drafted from tho outlying districts. A
requisition has been mado for cars to convey
them to tho place of the meeting. Exciting
scenes are predicted.
The imprisonment of a girl, fourteen years
of age, for blowing n horn and " otherwise
intimidating," is the latest exploit of tho
Government nnder the Coercion act. She is
the Wexford Jail, there to remain for four
teen days.
Mr. Chamberlain, M. P., will leave this
afternoon for Englnnd and thence sails for
America. His visit to Ulster has surely
been on utter failure. The Orangemen
havo not received him with the
enthusiasm ho expected. It was the Whigs
only who have welcomed him. "The Nation
alists have looked upon his visit with indif
ference. He goes away a disappointed man.
To Reronqner Stanley Fnlla.
Brussels, Oct. 15. Several papers to-day
state that the Government was resolved to
reconquer Stanley Falls from the Arabs by
an armed force. Capt. Vandervolde, of
the Belgicn army, will command the
expedition, which is to be composed of
Bangolas nnd Housfns. It is arranged that
the expedition shall reach tho Falls about the
beginning of February add will effect a junc
tion with Tippoo Tib and Major Bartlut in
order to pacify and watch tho country.
Tbrrntn Awitnnt the Lord .Major.
London, Oct. 15. A tremendous crowd is
now assembled in Trafalgar snuarc, and
threats against the life of the Lord Mayor for
his refusal to receive a Committee of the
Unemployed yesterday are being made.
The Wnsp Gttrn Up na I.or.
London, Oct. 15. The senrching expedi
tions after the British gunboat Wasp, recently
lost in Chinese waters, have returned without
finding any trace of tbe missing vessel, and
all hopes of finding her hnve been abandoned.
(iladetone Ankril to Nhow Ilia Ilnml.
arrciAL cable to the evening wokld.
Dublin, Out. 15. Mr. Chamberlain, In a speech
at the Giant's Causenay, appealed to Mr. Glad
stone to announce at the forthcoming conference
at Nottingham the modifications of his Home Rule
Foreign Flnelien.
Mr. Valentine lllinls, bailiff on Lord Lans
dotrne's estates, has been appointed a land com
missioner under tbe new Land act.
Mr. Welsh, proprietor of the Wexford Tvoplt,
has been summoned for publishing articles pro
moting the objects of tho National League.
Since the German Crown Prlnco arrived at
Ila eno the Inflammation of the throat has been
reduced and his general health has Improved.
The Emperor William has accepted an Invitation
from Count Stalberg to do some shooting on the
latter's estate. The Emperor will go thero on the
24th InsL and return to Berlin next day.
Thla Hurfttss an Kvll Ueelgurr.
Boston, Oct. 15. Edwin G. Burgess, a clerk In
the Jewelry firm of 8. A B. Ledevcr, of Providence,
It. I. , waa arrested to-day for selling goods of the
firm, valued at Sl.soo and pocketing the proceeds.
He sold jewelry of all Winds to panics here at a
figure far below their value. In his trunk were
found 81 dozen gold-plated watch chains, 29 sam
ple chains, SI dozen rings, 1 dozen lockets and S
gold watches. After bis arrest Burgess broke
flown and confessed to tho police. He Is twenty
three years old.
Hlr Cbarlea Tnpprr a Prohibitionist.
Halifax, N 8., Oct. is. Sir Charles Tuppcr,
Canadian Minister of Finance and a representative
on the Fishery Commission, has written a letter
to his constituents stating his belief in the tran
scendent importance ot the temperance question
and pledging himself unreservedly to do every
thing In bis power to aid the passage of the pro
hibitory law by the Canadian Parliament.
Commercial Union n tlood Tblnar.
Montreal, Oct. 15. The announcement that
Mr. Bayard Intends to propose commercial nnlon
is well received here. It la felt that commercial
union would be a good thing for Canada and tbat
It would forever dispose of a question which has
given a great deal of trouble to England.
Two More Victims of Cholera.
There were two more deaths from cholera on
Swinburne Island last night among the Alesla'a
Sauengers. Tbe total number of deaths up to
ate since the Teasel left the Mediterranean Is
twenty-eight. The Britannia, from Marseilles, Is
stlu detained down the bay. , .
Close of tho Season In New York
Under the Ives Law.
The Favorites Again Carried Off the Hon
ort and Backers Were Happy.
McLanghlln Ilrlngs lleorcn Oyster Home
First riy Vlaorona ItlrUna; and la I,oudl7
Cheered The Other Wlnnera Were Mmnle
Hunt, I.nacant, I.lnden, Phil !, and
Jnslln Mack Tho Hares at I.atonla.
Ju-VittA. O. Manson, J. K. Datr, D. D. Withers,
'ri'r"'A. R. Post, B. A. Ilanrln, J. Laird.
lferlary J, II. Costpr.
Statin J. K. Caldwell.
Jebomje Park Track, Oct. 15. The autumn
meeting of tho American Jockey Club ends
to-day, and as it is tho last day of public bet
ting under the provisions of tho Ives Pool
bill, there was a great crowd present nnd tho
boxes of tho bookmakers nro overflowing
with "fives and tens" of those who have
found the ffiiro winners.
Tho season, as a whole, has boen a great
betting ono, but it is a miBtako to supposo
that tho " bookies' have mode oil the nionoy.
Each of tho sixty stands doing business
have had to pay out at least $15,000
for privileges and cxponses before they could
begin making a profit. The publio specula
tors havo not all been losers, while somo of
the owners have done very well, and with tho
exception of some small stables tho hay and
feed bills are paid.
As usual on last days, tho card is mado up
of " get-away " handicaps, as they are called.
They began well for backers, with Mamie
Hunt winning tho seven furlongs, and Harry
Bussell second to tho delight of the Phila
delphia division, who bad hacked him for
Tho second race, a handicap for two-year-olds,
showed McLaughlin on Geo. Oyster, as
Garrison did not wish to ride against his
own filly Speedwell. Gcorgo Oyster won,
and McLaughlin was loudly choered when he
came back to the scales.
Tho favorite landed in the third race.
Arundel was ridden in this race by McCarty,
and it was understood thut, although the
Bichmond inquiry was not really at an end,
the result will be virtually an acquittal.
Tho fourth race was captured by Linden
making tbe fourth successive race won by
the favorite, while Phil Lee defeated Choc
taw, the favorite for the selling race, and
Justin Mack. Mr. Leonard Jieromo says
that he hopes to urrongo a race programme
for Election Day, which will include
attractions for tho hunt clubs, with a few
fiat races and, of courso, a dance at tho clubhouse.
The results of the day are as follows :
Free handicap sweepstake of.115 each, with
I6o added, of which 1160 to second ; seven fur
longs. D. Honlg's b. f. Mamie Hunt, 4, by Krogtown,
dam Ilettle, 11! (Hamilton) 1
Harry llussell, no (I(airerty( 2
Itosallnd, M (Wtncbefl) 8
Wilfred, B (II. Lewis) 0
'lime 1. St. Betting Straight, 6 to 6 against
Mamie Hunt, to6 Rosalind, 4 to 1 Wilfred, 8 to 1
Hurry Russell. For place n to 9 on Mamie nunt,
to l on Rosalind, 10 io 9 on Wilfred, i to 1 against
ltiiBell. Auction Pools Mamie Hunt $100, Rosa
lind $80, field $5.
The lince.Thei flng fell at the first nttempt
nnd Ilrrry llussell took the lead, followed bv
Kosalind and Mamie Hunt. It was not till
they were well up tho stretch that llussell
was collared. Mamie limit, hard ridden,
beat him a length, with Rosalind a length
further off. Wilfred, who lost much ground
at the start,finished hut. Mutuols paid $10.75.
(Tee handicap swtepstakes for two-year-olds at
tZ each, with sTftO added, of which $150 to second;
three-quarters of a mile.
W. B. Jennings's b. c. George Ojster, by
Voltlgeur, dam Amanda Warren, 14),
(J. McLaughlin) 1
Theora, 83 (Kane) 3
Speedwell, lid (Wlncbcll) u
Omaha, 113 (Hamilton) 0
King Crab. 109 (Harris) o
Cascade, loo (Church) o
Regulus, Win (RafTerty) o
Umpire, 6T (Stnuott) 0
Bendlgo, 87 (l)oanc) o
Time l.llif. Betting Straight, 7 to 5 against
Ojster, 5 to 2 t-pccdwell. 4 to 1 Omaha, 8 to 1 each
King Crab, Theora and Cascade, 10 to l Regulus,
15 to 1 Umpire, u to l Bendlgo. For Place 5 to B
on Oyster, 5 to 4 on Speedwell, 9 to 6 against
Omaha, 5 to s Theora, to l King Crab and Cas
cade, 4 to 1 Regulus, 5 to 1 Umpire, 8 to I Bendlgo.
Auction Pools Oyster, $75; Speedwell, $31; King
Cra 1 1, $22; Omaha, $lt; Cascade, $16; Theora $12;
Held, $16.
The Itace. Tho flag fell to a good start,
Umpiro taking tho lead to the club-house,
witli Cascade close up, and half way round
the lower turn Theora and Oyster closed up.
and for a furlong tho issuo was in doubt, but
under McLaughlin's desperate riding Oyster
drew out and won by a length before Speed
well, she being u head only beforo King
Crab. McLaughlin wits loudly cheered.
Mutuols paid $14.05.
Free handicap sweepstakes of $35 each, with
$l,uoo added, of which $250 to second; one mile
and a furlong.
1). 1). Wlthers's eh. c. Laggard, 8, by Uncas,
dam Imp. Dawdle, 106 (Church) 1
Richmond, 117 (Hamilton) 2
King of Norfolk, 84 (Meumeyer) s
Royal Arch, 112 (Warnke) 0
Ludy Primrose, 103 (KalTerty) o
Arundel, 107 (MrCarthy) 0
Glendora, 83 (VMnchell) 0
Ontario, VO (Kane) 0
Time l.W,V. Betting Straight, 2 to i against
Laggard, 8 to 1 Lady Primrose, 4 to 1 Richmond, S
to I Royal Arch, 8 to l Arundel. 10 to l King of
Norfolk and Glendora, 15 to 1 Ontario. For
Place 5 to 4 on Laggard, even Lady Primrose, T
to 5 against Richmond, 2 to 1 Royal Arch, 3 to 1
Arundel, 4 to 1 King of Norfolk and Glendora.
5 to 1 Ontario. Auction Pools Laggard, $50;
Primrose, $41; Richmond, $28; Royal Arch, $15;
field, $io.
The Race. The start was good for all but
Ontario. On the turn Laggard took tho lead,
followed by lloyal Arch, Ontario, Richmond
and Arundel, but on cominc round the club
house turn King of Norfolk rushed up to
second place, when they got to the head of
the stretch Richmond began his run but was
hampered by King of Norfolk, who swerved
repeatedly, and Laggard, who was never
headed, von by two lengths from Rishmond
who got second place by a noso from Not folk
after a desperate finish. Lady Primrose was
fourth. Mutuels paid $13.25.
Free handicap sweepstakes of $50 each, wltb
$1,240 added, of which $350 to second; one mile
and a half.
Preaknesa Stables be. Linden, 4, by Longfel
low, dam Linda Lewis, 120 (Hsyward) 1
Volante, '121 (Murphy) 2
LeLogas, 102 (Church) i
Ben All, lis (Garrison) 0
Bczxard Wing, 105 (McCarthy) o
Time 2. bK. Betting Stragbt, s to $ on Lin
den, to 5 against Volante, 4 to 1 Ben All, It to 1
Le Logos, M to 1 Blizzard Wing. For Place None
Linden and Volante, 8 to against Ben All. 4 to 1
Le Logos, 12 to 1 Buzzard Wing. Auction Pools
Undon, $170; Volante, $M; Ben All, $45; neld,
The Race.lrt Logos and Linden come up
the stretch on nearly even terms, but at the
turn round Picnio fllll Linden pushed to the
front, and was novor headed afterward, win
nlng by a length from Volanto. who was three
lengths from Lo Logos, with Ben Ali fourth.
The first threo furlongs wore run in 0.S9X
and the mile in 1.48. Mutuols paid $10.03.
Firm rack.
Purse $500, for three-year-olds and upward, to
carry 7 lb above tho scale; selling alfowancea;
three-quarters of a mile.
D. Honls's ch. c Phil Lee, 4, by Glen Athol.
dam Verbena, 105 (Church) :
Choctaw, 125 (Oarrlson) 2
Mlsa Mouse, 23 (Webber) 8
Bralt, 118 (Hamilton o
Breton, 105 (Harris) 0
Bonnie Lad, 104 (Neumeyen o
Banana, 102 (Wlnchclli 0
Time 1.17K. Betting Stralaht, 8 to 5 aga nst
Choctaw, 8 to 1 Mlis Mouse, Bralt and Phil. I.ee,
80 to 1 Banana, 40 to 1 Breton, 60 to 1 Bonnie Lad.
For Plpce 8 io 8 on Choctaw, 5 to 4 on Phtl. Lee,
Bralt and Miss Mouse, 12 to 1 Banana and Bonnie
Lad, 15 to l Breton. Auction Pools Choctaw,
$40; Miss Mouse, $25; rhll. Lee, $20; Field, $25.
Sixth Race. Handicap steeplechase, purse
$800, of which $100 to second; full course.
Summit Stable's br. g. Justin Mack, 5, by Mor
timer, dam Qyptls, 127 (verplanck) 1
Retribution, 1M (Hrnshaw) 2
John Henry, 123 (Bluings) 8
Abraham, 144 , (Pope) 0
JlmMcQowan, 187 (Post) 0
Bassanlo, 144 (Jones) 0
SamlCmcry, 148 (Mara) 0
Jim Carlisle, 184 (M. Daly) 0
Valour, 180 (Scanlon) o
Time not taken.
Mutuels paid $115.55.
Clifton Kntrlea.
Tho following nro tho entries for the races
at Clifton on Monday next!
First Race. Purse $X,for beaten horses; three
quarters ot a mile.
Lt. Lb.
Pat Dlvvcr 1W) Eufaula 100
Bass Viol ino Lady Laud 100
Hurry Rose 100 Saluda 100
King loo Rosctta loo
Neptunus 100 Falsehood 100
Mollle Thomas loo Oakland II loo
Lutestring 100 Byron Cross loo
Roystcrcr 300 Peacock 100
Rebel Friend 100 Fred Davis loo
Relax 100 James A. II 100
Nailer 100 Tantivy 100
King Arthur 100 Parasol luu
Second Race. Purse $ ; mile and a six
teenth; selling allowances.
Lb. Lb.
Big Head 87 Lizzie Walton 87
Frolic 7 Burton 87
Lute Arnold 97 Souvenir 97
Oulncey 87 Sister Marie 83
Tolu 97 Joe Mitchell 83
Third Race. Purse $250; weights 20 lb. above
the scale; ono mile.
Lb. , Lb.
Lancaster IBS Auditor 103
Tornado la8joe Clark 103
Blizzard l85Carrle( loo
Fourth Race. Purse, $250; handicap; one mile
and a furlong.
BrlghtKycs IHlIIat Band 94
Charley Russell 112 Count Luna 98
Top Sawyer 107lBordelalse 85
Fifth Race. Purse $200, for maidens, three years
old and upward; seven furlongs.
Lb. Lb.
Trenton 118 Silver Star 110
Competitor 115 Belle Bracket! 110
John Kyle, for. Little ornament 110
Charley lis Falsenote 110
Tyrone lis, Traveller 110
jfm Brandt llolLex 90
The Last Day at I.ntonla.
I.ATONiA.Ky., Oct. 18. First Rsce. Purse $350,
of wblcb $30 to second and $25 to third; for two-year-olds
which-have nc4 won a mreepstake1 of
the talue of $700, ami havo not won at this meet
ing; special weights. Won by C. II. Glllack A
Co. 'ali. f. Kitty Gnnn, Blncnette second, Klmlra
third. Tlmo 1.04. Post odds 8 to l against
Kitty Qunn, and even money for a place; 4 to 1
against Bluenette for place.
Second Race. Purse $250, of which $50 to sec
ond: selling allowances; seven furlongs. Won by
C. II. Long's b. g. Leman. Elsie B. second. Tain
O'Shanter third. Time 1.81. Post odds lu to 1
against Leman to win, and 8 to 1 for a place, and
10 to 7 on Elsie B. for place.
Third Race. Purse $300, of which $50 to second;
selling allowances; six furlongs. Won b J. T.
Ireland's b. m. Evangeline, Mishap second, Cal
cutta third. Time 1.17. Post odds even money.
Kvangellno to win, 6 to 2 on for place; 3 to l
against Mishap for place.
Fourth Race. Purse $400, of which $70 to second
aud $d0 to third. Allowances; one mile. Won by
J. D. Patton'sh. g. Goldflea, Dudley Oaks second,
Jim Nane third. Time 1.43. Post odds 6 to i
against Goldflea to win, 5 to 2 for place, 2 to 1
against Dudley Oaks for place.
Whs Is a Tucker Anarchist.
Boston, Mass., Oct. 15. At the Land and
Labor Club meeting in Boston Hall last
night one of the most prominent members of
the club, D. H. Biggs, arose and announced
that ho desired to resign his position as Dis
trict Organizer of the George movement, as
well as his membership in the club, on ac
count of tho fact that he had become on
Anarchist, or extreme individualist, of the
Tuckeroniaii school. Ben, R. Tucker is the
editor of Liberty, tho organ of the Philosoph
ical Anarchists in America. This was re
ceived with great astonishment, and the club
was not slow to accept the resignation,
although several members labored with tho
erring brother, but to no purpose. It was
announced that tho Anti-Poverty Society
would have a big meeting Sunday night in
Agrticultural Hull, aud too society has set
that evening apart as " New York night."
Dropped Dead In the Vaults.
Joseph H. lea, 895 East One Unndred snd Sixty
fourth street, dropped dead this morning at the
Mercantile Safe Deposit vaults In the Equitable
Building. Ho was a retired merchant, without
family, seventy-four years old. nis nephew, El
bert J. MUlbsnk, ot 131 East Thirty-eighth street,
deposed at the Coroner's Inquest that his uncle had
been In feeble health for sumo time.
Sir. Ives called at the storage vaults at It o'clock
and had lust locked his box after examining It.
when he fell back dead.
Head the Sunday World for XeUy Sty's
week in a inadhoute.
Nulllvnn'a European Trip.
Boston, Mass., Oct. 15. Ed C. Holske, the
sporting man of this city, sailed for Liverpool this
afternoon on tho steamer Etrurla, to represent
John L. Sullivan on his European trip. Sullivan
will leave by tbe Cepbalonta on Oct. 24, accom-
Eanled by two or three other pugilists. The com
Inatlonls to gte scientific boxing exhibitions
throughout the United Klnedom. Holske thought
It very probable that both Kllratn and Smith would
be challenged,
1 m
Warren and Udders ta Flbt.
MiNNKAroLis, Minn., Oct. is. It Is announced
that Tommy Warren and George Udders have
signed articles for au eight-round hard-glove fight
In Duluth next Saturday night.
Hart Probably tbe Winner.,
(iraciAL to tbe ETsvnta woeld.)
I'uiLADiLrntA, Oct. 15. Tbe score In the sev-
enty-two-boqr walking mateb at Philadelphia at 1
o'clock waa as follows: Hart, 844; Albert, 840;
Cox, 814; Day, 2S0; Adyms, 284.
Hcblemmer t be Hanged.
Joseph Bchlemmtr, the Jersey city wife mur
derer, wu this morning sentenced to be banged
on Die. 14.
Bad Defeat for St. Louis' Pets
on tho Polo Grounds.
The Leaguers Have Won Four of tho S x
Carries for the World's Championship.
fletsetn'a Masterly Curves Too flinch for ths
nrorrns, While Foula waa Hailed Hard
In tbe Flrat Tw Innlnoa Kelly nnd anJT.
ney Were the Umpires About 0,000 Peo
ple Burr the Game A Cold Day.
arrciAL to the bvzmho wobld.
Polo Oboundb, Oct. 15. Detroit made tho
St. Louis American Association champions
danco this afternoon to tho tnno of 0 to 0.
Thoro wero nbout 5,000 persons to see the
contest, which, though ono sided, seemod to
hnve an interest for them. Dotroit has now
won four of tho six games played for tho
world's championship. The day was clear,
but too cold for comfort. Kelly and Qaff
noy officiated as umpires. Score by Innings t
Detroit 8 80000008 t
St. Louts 0 000000000
The batteries named for tho gomo woro
Foutz and BuBhong for tho Browns and
Gotzeln and Bennett for Detroit.
The teams batted in this order s St. Louis
Latham, 3d b. ; Comiskoy, Ut b. ; Welch,
c. f, ; Oleason, s. s. ; Caruthers, r. f. ; Bobin
son, 2d'b. ; O'Neill, 1. f. ; Foutz, p. ; Bush
ong, o.
Detroit Bichardson, 1. f.; Thompson, r.f.;
Bennett, c; Oauzel, 1st b. Whito, 8d b.
Ilanlou, o. f.; Bowe, s. s.; Dunlap, 2d b., and
Gotzeln, p.
Thoro was somo betting on tho game and
tbe odds wero 100 to 90 on Uie Detroits.
Tho gamo began with Detroit at the bat,
Kelly to watch the plate and Gaffney the
First Inning For Dotroit, Biohardson hit
to Gleason and Ganzel's safe hit to centre
sent him to second, and he scored on Bowe's
hit to centre, which brought Ganzel to third.
Bowe himself was thrown out at second base
by Latham. Ganzel crossed tho plate on
Thompson's hot hit through Bobinson, and
White hit to Gleason, who threw it wild to
Comiskey, lotting Thompson soore. White
got to second on ths play, but Bushong
threw him out at third, and Bobinson's as
sist retired Dunlap. Three runs.
For tho Browns, Latham got his base on
balls and stolo second. Gleason struck out.
White's assist retired ONeill and Latham
got to third on the play, but Comisky
fooled out to Bennett,- No rnnsv - -
Heoond Inning For Detroit, Bennett made
a safe hit to left and stole second. He went
to third while BobinsonandGomi8key were
putting out Hanlon. Getzein struck out, but
Bennott scored on Richardson's three-bagger
to the extreme left. Ganzel brought in
Bichardson on a baso hit and went to second
on the throw in, nnd Bowe brought Ganzel
in on a hit through Comiskey. Foutz put
Thompson out, closing the Detroit half.
Three runs.
For the Browne, Caruthers flew out to
Hanlon. Foutz got his base on balls and
Welch struck out. Bobinson foul-tipped
out. No runs.
Third Inning For Detroit, Bobinson
gathered up White's hit and assisted him
out. At first base, Latham did the same with
Dunlap and also with Bennett. No runs.
For the Browns, Bushong hit high to Han
lon, who caught the ball. White's assist
killed Latham, and Gleason struck ont. No
Fourth Inning For Detroit, Hanlon hit to
Bobinson and died at first. Bobinson put
out Getzein also. Bichardsonjwent out from
short to Comiskey. No runs.
For the Browns, O'Neill struck out.
Bowe's assist killed Comiskey and Caruthers
died at first. No runs.
Fifth Inning For Detroit, Ganzel hit safely
between short and third. Bowe flew out to
Caruthers and Ganzel stolo second, Ganzel
ran ahead on Thompson's foul tip out and
was doubled. No runs.
For the Browns, Foutz fouled out to Gan.
zol, Bowe's assist retired Welch and Bobin
son flew out to Bichardson. No runs.
Sixth Inning.-For Detroit, Whito hit
safely to second, but was thrown out by
Caruthers on an attempt to make third on
Dunlop's hit. O'Neill caught Bennett's fly
and doubled Dunlap at first base. No runs.
For the Browns, Bushong hit to Bowo and
was put ont at first. Latham was put out by
Bichardson, and Gleason by Thompson. No
Seventh Inning For Detroit, Hanlon's fly
was caught by Caruthers and so was Get.
zein's. Gleason's error gave Bichardson
first and he stole second. Ganzel fouled out
to Bushong. No runs.
For the Browns, O'Neill's long fly was
caught by Hanlon. White's assist retired
Comiskey and Biohardson caught Caruthers's
fly. No runs.
Eighth Inning For Detroit. Bobinson's
error let Bowe reach first. Thompson hit to
Comiskey and was put out, Bowe going to
third. Thompson's hit to Latham doubled
Bowe and Dunlap forced Thompson. No
For the Browns, Dunlap's assist retired
Foutz. Welch flew out to White end Bobin
son got his base on balls, but Bushong forced
him out. No runs.
Ninth Inning For Detroit, Bennett
got his base on balls, but
Hanlon flow out to Caruthers.
Bennett then stole second and third. Get
zein got his base on balls, and
Bennett scored on Gleason's fumble
of Blchardbon's hit. Getzein and Bloh.
ardson advanced , on Ganzel's hit,
and base on ball by Bowe forced Getzein
home. Thompson flew out to O'Neill and
Bichardson scored. O'Neill caught White's
fly. Three runs.
For tho Browns, Bowe's fumble was the lifo
of Latham, but Gleason and he were doubled
by the latter's hit to Ganzel. O'Neill hit
safely to right, and Comiskey advanced him
by hitting safely to third. Caruthers flew
out to Thompson. No runs.
Baso Hits Browns, 5; Detroits, 15. Er
rorsBrowns. 7; Detroits, 1.
Oaraea Elsewhere.
At the end of the fourth Inning, the game
between Baltimore and Washington stood seven to
two in favor of Baltimore. Batteries Smith and
Daniels, O'Day and Mack. Umpire-Mr. York.
At the ond of the fourth Inning tbo game be
tween Cleveland and Indianapolis stood three to
three. Batteries Morrison and Zlmmer and
Healy and Warndel. Umpire Mr. Gardner.
at rniLADSLrstA.
At the end of the seventh Inning the game be
tween tbe Athletics and Phlladelphlas stood ten to
three In favor of the Athletics. Batteries Wey
blng and Townsend and Casey and McQulre. Um
pireMr. Ferguson.
At the end of the second Inning the game be
tween Chicago and Cincinnati stood 1 to 1.
Batteries Van Haltren and Daly and MuUane and
Baldwin. Umpiro Mr. Mc(uade.
Dastardly Attempt to Wreck the Presidential
Train In ArUansas.
CniOAoo, Oct. 16. A JVetes special from
Memphls.Tenn., says t '"When the pilot train
preceding tho Presidential train arrived at a
trestle between Bonnervllla and Jonesboro,
Ark., yesterday morning, tho cnglneor dis
covered tbo trcstlo to be on fire. He did not
make tho discovery until it was too lato to
stop the train beforo the engine had passed
over tho burning portion. As soon as possi
ble he backod the train off the trestle and
jumpod down to examine tho fire.
He found that a section about
ten feet square was in flames
and that tho flro had been started on tho
under side of tho timbers. Tho engi
neer and all tho rest of tho trainmen,
with the help of somo of the pas
sengers, succeeded in putting ont the fire,
when it was discovered that the flames
had not eaten dangerously far into the wood,
and tho trostle was still safe for tho passage
of trains. Had the train been ten minutes
later, howover, there might have been an
other Chatsworth horror to onronicle."
A Nnc$ Btaff correspondent who happened
to be on the train mado a careful examina
tion of the burned timbers, which gave
unmistakable evidence of an attempt at train
wrecking. The fire was started on the nnder side of
the cross-ties in such a manner that there can
bo no possible belief that sparks were the
cause of it. Then, too, the fire was certainly
set to more than one tie at a
time, for it could not have jumped
from. one. .to-another without burning the
sides of the timbers more than it did. The
conclusion is almost irresistible that some
body had applied a torch to at least eight or
nine of tho timbers.
Jnda-e Kllelt Uxplrea After Welcoming the
President to Memphis.
Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 15. Judge H. K.
Ellett, who made the address nf welcome to
the President, died on the grand stand be
fore tho ceremonies were completed. In tho
course of his address Judge Ellett said:
" Nowhere all through this brood land will
yon find more loyalty to the Constitution
ond to tho Government created by it, than
among the people of the Southern States."
President Cleveland had not more than
finished his address in reply, when it was
noticed that Judge Ellett had been taken ill.
In ten minutes ho was dead.
Dnt Charges to be Preferred on Whlrb the
Police Force May be Hid of Him.
Expressions of indignation were heard
everywhere to-day at tho acquittal of Police
man Hahn for tho murder of the brave life
saver, Capt. Jack Hussey. Hahn reported
for duty to Supt. Murray, at 9 o'clock, and
waa kept waiting for two hours until after the
Police Board meeting. Then it was decided
that his shield must be returned to him. He
was ordered to report for dutr at 6 o'clock
this evening in the Tromont Precinct, up in
the " goat district."
Capt. Slevin has been directed to prefer
charges against Hahn of intoxication and
failure to report for duty, both of which
charges are suported by evidonce taken at
the murder trial. It is probable that Hahn
will be dismissed the forco on this com
plaint. m m
I.ylos; In State In the City Hall.
It took eight men to carry the coffin containing
the embalmed body of Oen. Judson Kllpauiok f rom
room 18 In tbe City Hall upstairs to the Govern
or's room this morning. Tbe coffin, which has not
been removed from the pine box, was placed Just
In front ot the main entrance, with the bead a few
feet from Washington's old writing table. It
was covered with the national colors, and a guidon
of Kllpatrlck Post, U. A. It, was placed at
either aide of tbe head. The guard condited of
six men from thesamepoit- The coffin which holds
the body Is, was furnished by an undertaker of
Chill. He charged 11,000 for It, but has
not yet been paid. The State assumed the
responsibility, but the authorities are dlsiatlsfled
and think that the charge la exorbitant. Experts
will be called upon to place a valuation on the
coffin. The body will lie In state until Tuesday,
without the pin box, when the Interment will be
made at Wen Point.
Frank Carr In a HI range House.
Frank B. Carr, of 809 Kast Twelfth street, who
says he is assistant manager of Tony Pastor's
Theatre, was accused In the Jefferson Market
Police Court to-day of burglary, by Charlotte
Conlin, of 3TT West Thirty-second street. Miss
Conllu swore that she locked the door of tbe bouse
on Friday night and tben went to her room. As
sho was about getting Into bed the door waa opened
and Carr put his head In. Tbe young lady screamed
fol ber father and Carr ran down-stairs and out of
the bouse. In Court Carr appeared to be still
under the Influence of liquor. He said he would
bring Henry Sanderson of Tony Pastor's Theatre
to Identify him as an honest man and not a burglar.
He was locked up for examination.
Wbebe roar grandf athsr bought bis clock, thers you
can fttsobtuntisl Fobmitobe and Oabtits. KtUb
UabsdSOTsars. CowrimnWilT. Ii to It) Chatham
at., 184 Vi 205 Park llow, bslwMa Cit? UaU aad
Chatham Hauars. Pries UsU SUUM. OoodJ aaat rtsry.
ban srsry day,.
Three Acres Now on Flro and tkH
Flames Still Advancing-. 1?9
The Conflagration lo in the Heart of ttrfH
City Alone the River Front W'iflH
The Fire Htarled In Crane X3 Co.'a LtoW', 9H
Yard en F.astern Avenoe HlgVa 'c '"'Hl
rlne Factory done and Fifty DwvllfaiijfH
Houses Already Destroyed The EBtnr'H
nasiness Portion of the City ThreateneC'''HH
srxciAL to tub Evxiona wobld. 'ri)'j JjjH
Cincinnati, 0 Oct. 15. A great fire 1: ISH
raging in tho central portion of the city. Iif JMH
started at No. 785 Eastern avenue alone tfc'f9H
riverfront. islsflsfl
Crone & Co.'s lumber yard, High's carrkgvi9H
faotory and at least fifty house. mrMstlj- JfflBjB
dwellings, havo already been consumedvi ykB
Thero are two solid acres of houses' now.lnV-; 'IflH
flames and tho conflagration is spreadlnjt'f-JSB
with fearful rapidity. & lHI
At 4 o'clock Crane's lumber yard was ia JhH
ashos and tho firo still spreading. Thero nnjjH
now three squares ablazo and the Fire Deport. ;mEB
ment is absolutely powerless. Hundred of' 'SM
families are burnod out of their home. At-lissssssssl
the lowest estimate the loss will reaell
8)600,000. ifaaaaanai
"' H
The Labor Knights Hare a Great Rovr Ova."1, -mJHH
Harry and Bailer. ttsafl
Minneapolis, Minn., Oct 15. ThhTf H
morning General Master Workman Pow-jvB
derly attached his signature to feia ?1
peremptory resignation of thtt 1W3
sition. He will withhold Wf;H
presentation of this document to the nsseia. '
bly pending action upon a report of theOoau-..B
mitteo on Low which was submitted jWvlfl
beforo adjournment last evening. "1
The battle was over the proposition to ; 9H
give Powderly power to appoint his Cabinet.'' 'H
The proposition was introduced in the Con-'-; H
vontion jost night and 'for several hours ii6if SH
cusrnon was hot The session adjurnedr; 'nHI
without deciding anything. As the situatioa ; ,'H
standB this morning Powderly 'soppontnentsjf aHH
have tbe best of it As soon as the amaa4.''9H
ment was proposed.W. T. Lewis, of ShawaeeA' LH
O., the bosom friend of Messrs. Barry aou. fMB
Bailey, against whom the measure was-' dewf; hHB
signed to operate, Jumped to his feet aadW. 9H
charged the administration with conspiracy, 'k '19H
maintaining his position and puahin-. !- .3H
charges with a vigor that surprised erefyw 9H
body. The strangeness of the 'whole pirn -5 'HH
needing, as far as tho administration, UMfs'is?, 49H
concerned, appears when it is known that a,? flssssssl
proposition to restrict the number of asau iSI
bers on the General Executive to three was .''jH
reported unfavorably yesterday morning ancV' VH
rejected without debate by Powderly'sVlylMB
fneuds, who proposed a similar measure n ibtmM
the afternoon, YJH
Tr TlssnSsssssl
The Republican Commissioners IIa.va a Uttlei 'iHI
Game of Their Own. J
The friends of John J. O'Brien feel Terr i"-SH
uneasy at the sudden change of front assumed jtjH
by Commissioners French end McClave. 'f-H
O'Brien's days may well be said to be) '(fjH
numbered as Chief of the Bureau o., f
Elections. The Bepublican Commissioner. vbbbbSbsI
by casting their votes for Biohard E. Mott,. WijHB
one of the three eligible competitors sent ftp VvJaB
by the Civil-Service Commission, virtually ('sjMH
declared a willingness to cut loose from the V'bsssbSbsi
O'Brien influence, and it is felt at Police TOHH
Headquarters that they have played a Terr J; 3HH
sharp game, and placed the responsibility at rfB
permitting O'Brien to "hold over" 'on'TtHH
Voorhis and Porter, the Democratic CosuH
missioners. 4iHI
Commissioners French and MoClave pre. HH
sented to the Board of Police Commissioner' W-l
at its meeting this morning, a note saying- PiJH
that in their opinion the Inspectors of the Cbbbbbbbi
United Labor party are being deprived of 'flH
the legal rights granted them by the Legisbv. .3H
ture, and voting to postpone until after Nov, xSSt
8 the resolution calling upon O'Brien to "SjH
show cause why he appointed the Labor in. H
specters. '-uxjasssssi
Overpowered by Dnrstars. )jsaaaaaH
Conoxs, N. Y., Oct. 15. Burglars effected' vliH
on entrance to the Ti vpli Knitting Mills early frl
this morning. They were discovered by , Jl
Joseph Gould, but he was overpowered, sad ".H
kicked insensiblo. The burglars escaped. , ' iJH
The watchman's detector, which was attached ' ,'
to a heavy chain, is smashed in pieces, and it 'jsBbbbsI
is thought it was used over the head of one TSBH1
of the burglars. The police are at work oa. 'ifKsaBl
the cose. The watchman is in a critical con ibHI
dition. . 3H
-- jnBBjfjfjj
Somervllle Wants a New Hallroad. 'Mssssssss!
Somxbvillb, N. J. , Oct 15. An Informal meet. 'Ml
Ingof the rromlnent men ot Somervllle was held 'X-H
st the Conrt-House last night anJ a committee of 'lll
three, consisting of J. B. Smith, A. Dixon a&4, JissB
Joshua Doughty, Jr., waa appointed to take steps assnl
to bring about the organization ot a railroad com- Jsanfl
pany to run a line from Peacock to Somervllle. 9H
Report Tbat Hicks Has Skipped. SH
V iLLi-f antic, Conn., Oct is. The Hartfert, it
Telegram to-day publishes a sensational story ta jjH
the effeot that Cashier Ulcks, of the Stafford '-H
Springs National Hank baa skipped to Canada, aH
Tbe story Is utterly discredited by President Crane, , $H
of the defunct bank, aud other prominent Stafford i'issssi
people. He says that Ulcks Is In Hartford wltb, jH
relatlvea and will return to Stafford this afternoon. wVM
Kelly Bly will relate more of her strong jaH
experiences on BlackteeWs island in (he Am -ftji
day Woiild. '.!&
s jKsbbbbI
Prob Keeps Up Ilia Good Work. jnB
W WASttTNQTOir,Octla ",
" T For Connecticut ana 4H
.'. byfe'i VK -. rassssl
OCr L g Q Eastern JVta Torit H
(,5, f' irarrner, fair weather t jjBH
W'VSS V windt, becoming" shOU; " -JM
V' V eriy toward. ntgM, t J1H

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