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H The Bears Shower the Market 'Willi Rend.
M Ins In the Ilopo of Heading- Off Ad-
innccs, bnt Their Opponent Prove
i:unnl to tlm KnierRrncy An Interview
Willi Cloitld Una a Buntnlnlug Kflect.
I -v -, EVEItAli of tho bulls
I C- Jk V nv'uR Cainod the up.
I Scje CW0 per '' n u ' yesterday
' a iJlrv jv) after a desperate strug
1 xSv. fAs file, battled with ro-
V" M newed energy to-dny
Jar'' to mnintuin their po-
iVk itian. They were
VLjAvZ' j certainly favored by
Xirf-gP events, which deprivod
f 1 A"JT,3?J "ie nrRuments used by
J vC-7 I sTfcJ&ftl uo boars for some
jP&i fe "fli 'mo mucn of their
liikX wl'r W tIce- Beforo the
V W f'J opening everybody
TV . S Ib wns lk'I1R te) London
Ua Qk 11 1 8 for a cuff or operations
J ' hero nnd whon the ca-
bios brought liberal buying orders for foreign
account it was nt onco concluded by a largo
nnrabor of operators that it was to be
a bull day. In this they were not disap
yWintcd. Tlicro was no excitement in
Syquartor but prices crept tip gradually,
nad fho market had a healthy look. Tho ad
vauco was equal to 1 a 3 per cent., and each re
action brought in buyers, among them Boston
and Chicago operators. Easy money, a re
duction in rates of foreign exchango to 4.82
and 4.6C, and a batoh of favorablo railway
earnings all helped along tho movement for
higher prices.
Optn. llinh. Lfn. prim,
Clare.. Southern MH M'i r.'i'J 62
(UnidaOol., Cln.A Ind 60 M 60 5Ui
Uhea&rmAko Ohio 6 8 5 8
Ohio. Burl. Uaincr 128 ViH 128 1WH
Uhleafo 1 KnrtWutora 100 107k 100 100
ChlcMII. Jt St. Pr.al..,,.... 71K Vl'l 71 71H
Ohio., Mil. ABt. Paultifd.... Ill llltf 111 111
Ohio., Jtoclc la. 4 Iaeitl0 115 IIS 118V 118
Colorado Ooal 4 Iron 38 33V 3; 31H
Consolidated (Taa 71 71j3 71 71.4
Pel.. Lack. Wratern 124W 1!U 134K 124),
IeUare A Hudson UT, U8& Vm OH
R. Tenn., Va. . Gtorla...... 10 )J 10
K. Tenn., Va. Ada. In nfd.. 50 60 68 60
K. Tann., Va. Oa. ttdptd... 1VV 20 1K li'(
Lnollll ft WaahTllle Ctii 07V MiS tJi
Take Bhore..., VJ Wi 01)i OlJJ
Lake RrlNVwtern 1K 14)J 14 H
IZiitfltllle, N. Alb. ft Chlcaco. 30 8l U6 M
Mannattan Uonaol 100 lWi vi)i luuS
Mampbia ft (Iharlrbton 45 41 4 41
Mil.. L. H. ft Wml ,. R'i Hi M M
Mil.. L.B. ftWiwtarnpfd 104 10J 10J 103
Minn. A8t.lflul.pld 'JO 'JO 101 lll
Mlaaouri l'joiflo 89 WW H8)J BSJ
MiMouH, Kanaaaft Texas 3tV S1K U1.U 'Jli
New Jaraey Central . 72kJ 72 71K 7IJ4
NawVorkfcentraU. .......... lOMi lOSfT 105 105)5
Nbt, Vnrk .t Now Anjianci Mil 98)1 va 7,'j
N. Y LakeErl ftWeatern.. 20'1 iKC Sft grt
N.Y.,Cri;r(a.Weaternpid. 03)2 64$ JV ftS
N. Y.! uw. ft Veat, pfd..... . F TJ
Norfolk ft WeaUrnpd 37K tT S7k 87K
Northom I'aclflo ., 2lS ! 20ji 03
Northern Paclno prafd 41)2 43)2 42U 42W
OhloftMiaauMippl.. H' S3 aj'J aiS
Orecon Itallirar ft naflir ....... N R M 84 Jj
Ornon A Transcontinental.... 10 WVJ 10 17G
Orrir.n taproretneut 37 37 37 37
VwmaMall. 33 35 5l 3I
i'hlladeljnUlaA Readlnc C0K Hi nog (V)3
i'eorls, Decatur A lirana a) 201( liO 90
I'ullman Palace Car On,,..... 145 140 145 14
niclmondft West Point Ter.. 24 11 3J 5S
Hlch. A West Point Ter. pfd.. MK 54 (vi 63M
Nt. Paul ft Omaha 30V 37 30 36
Ht. Paul ft Omaha, jjfd., 10.1taT 103'; 103W 103V
Kt. Paul, Minn, ft Manitoba.. OHM 08)2 08X ImS
Bt. Louis ft Han lranclsoo H-Vi 1 3.1 3)J
W. Lonis A San Kan. pfd SB 0 68U SO
Texas Pacific 22U 28)4 22 2J'
Union PiwiflCi, , 46J 46J 45Jm 4J
JVoatern Union Tofecrapii ",SH T0 7V 75)5
WheeUnt ft Lake Krio 40 tfi 10 11H
Arguments' in the Appeal To-Day Postponed
Until Ort. 27.
racial, to Tmc KvxNrxn would.)
Albany, N. Y., Oct. 19. Do Lanccy Nicoll,
Lawyer Stiokney and Bourko Cockran were
on hand when tho Court of Appeals openod
in the matter of Sharp's appeal.
Stating that cx-Judge Comstook, who had
fcoen secured to present tho case for tho peo
plo, had not had sufficient time to prepare
himself sufficiently and familiarize himself
with (he case, Mr. Nicoll asked for a post
ponement for tho argument.
As tho court, takes a recess next Friday for
threo weoks, and it is not probablo that a de
cision could bo reached beforo tho adjourn
ment, ho folt warranted in asking for the
Mr. Stiokney urged that the oppeal bo ar
gued at tho earliest day possiblo, for tho con
tinued confinement of Mr. Sharp in jail
' might result in his death. Mr. Sharp is much
Weaker than a fow weeks ago, and delay
might render his condition much wor&o.
Ohiof-Judgo linger considered that the
caso was one that could bo justly postponed
to a date previous to the recess, as in either
event tho decision could not be handed down
, until after th5 recess expired. He therefore
set tho caso down for argument on Thursday,
Odt. 27.
Tho defense will undoubtedly carry tho
caso to tho Supremo Court of tho United
Slates in the event of an unfuvorablo de
cision of tho Court of Appeals. Tho chiof
question which will be raised in tho Supreme
, Court will be that of constitutional privilege,
the defense contending that the admission of
Sharp's incriminating toBtimony before tho
Senate committee, on his trial for bribery,
was directly in opposition to tho -provisions
of tho Constitution of the United States.
- -
Eflendl, the Diplomat, Dead.
Washington, Oct. !. Ruttom Effeadl, First
Secretary of tbe Turkish Legation, died hero this
morning. He had been In Washington nearly is
tears, and wu a son of Putta Jourdan, late
Major-qeaeral of tho Turkish Army, and nephew
21 Marshal Jourdan, of France, under Napoleon
, lie was educated In Paris, and was a fine
B Arabic scholar. He was very popular In Wuh-
lnplon rilplomatlu dlrcles, and ulso had many
irlendslu New York. He was thlrty-so en years
I Kccond Day of ItritlMratloii.
It John J. O'isrien was at Police Headquarters be-
M lore o'clock this morning, swearing in Inspectors
U of Election where vacancies occurred, so as to
m set the second day of registration In motion. Tho
m Ueorgo inspectors did not make any ef-
I fort to enforce their claims. O'nrien
m said that their opportunity was on tho Initial day
fll ?i registration, and that hail they made a fight he
aaaW Jr,0,!11.11 nao stood with nnd protected them.
H HP.rLcn ""J8 "" ho Is Chief of KleetloM, and
lDM he will roraaln so until the closing of tbopolls.
B .1(U llturlibiirti .llnrrkd.
H Lexinqtun, Ky., Oct. W.-Teicsa, the eldest
H SfSSi ot Senltor Blackburn, was marrlod at
H fijoa to-day, to J. Tvfeed etewart, of ClncinnMl.
President nnd Mr. Clrvrlnnd are Intereated
lnrcciAL to the Evrstxo woni.n 1
Atlanta, Gb., Oct. 19. Tho great sham
battle, of whicli President and Mrs.Cloveloud,
with Gov. Gordon, of Georgia j Gov. Louns
bury, of Connecticut ; Gov. Richardson, of
South Carolina s Gov. Perry, of Florida, and
Gov. Taylor, of Tennessee, are spectators, is
nbout to begin.
All the morning flashy-uniformed officers
havo been riding across the plain giving or
ders and getting their troops in motion. TrtE
Evening Would correspondent bos just had
n talk with Gen. P. M. It. Yonng.Comniauder-in-Chief
of the forces, hi which he outlined
the movements of tho day. Said ho :
" Every detail of a battle will bo shown.
Thcrnwillbo the Ambulanco Corps, under
chnrgo of Drs. 'Wcstmoroland nnd Pickney,
and the Hospital Corps. Tho Engineering
Corps, under chargo of Col. Frobcl, will con
struct a bridgo across tho stream under fire,
nnd tho cavalry and artillery will crossfortho
final charge. Tho troops will be in regiments
and brigades. I havo inado up six regi
ments of infantry, six battalions of
artillery and seven companies of cav
alry. Col. Morcor commands tho Pirt.t
Georgia, Major Young commands
the I irst Florida, Major Lancaster commands
tho Second Florida, and Col. Garrard com
mands tho Second Guards Battalion.
Other regiments havo been mado of
various companies and distinguished
men nro in command of them.
Tho brigados will be commanded by tho very
best military men of tho South. All tho move
ments on tho bnttle-fiold will bo mado with
such precision and swiftness as to thrill
every soldier and lntcicst every spectator.
" A special foatnro will bo tho regiment of
Raccoon Houghs which will tako part in tho
battle which Air. Clarko Howell is now ar
ranging and which Col. llenfrow will command."
Before tho battlo oponod tho scone was a
peaceful one. To tho right of tho grand
. stand and tho torracos on which tho specta
tors are massed there are three companies of
cavalry, iv o bnttories of artillery and tho
right of a long lino of infantry.
Gen. Young gavo in military detail the
movements thus: Tho hills north of tho traok
on which stands tho club house aro occupied
by a btrong force of infantry, cavalry
and artillery. It is supposed to be
tho rosting point of the extreme right flank
of a largo army extending along Peach Tree
Creek. Tho picket posts of this forco are
well out to the front, partially occupying tho
ridges south nf the track, or so muoh
of them as lie inside tho inclosuro. Tho ox
trcmo right of this lino of outposts will rest
about the bridgo which spans tho
small brook that runs south of
tho track. The force occupying tho
Club-Houso Bill will bo designated tho
"Army of the East" and its opponent tho
"Army of the West," which will only
show at tho commencement its line of
outposts. The "Army of the Woat"
will advance from the forests or hill boyond
ond far south of the inclosuro, extending its
lines from loft to right, reaching almost to.
Peach Tree Oroek. It will bo proceeded
by n strong, line of cavalry, skirmishers tak
ing possession of the heights, which will bo
immediately occupied by a lino of infantry
and artillory, supported by a strong column
of cavalry on its left wing massed in rear of
left wing.
" Tho Army of tho West," will open tho en
gagement by a flank movement on the right
wing of tho " Army of tho East" attempting
to capturo Club-Houso Hill. While this
attack is progressing a heavy column
of infantry nnd artillery will
bo sent out from the "Army of the East,"
and it will movo down tho rnvino, coming
out in rear of the main building, forming
lino in front of this building, march
ing duo west, attacking in flank the
advancing forces of the "Army of
the West," whioh, surprised on its flank
and subject to a heavy fire, is oom
pollod to retiro to tho heights south of the
inolosuro, which havo been temporarily for
tified. Whilo retiring, this forco is charged
by cavalry and infantry. Tho artillery of
both armies is constantly firing during these
movements. The final charge will bo mode
by the Army of the East over tho entire iu
closure advancing the whole line of infantry,
cavalry and artillery up the hills.
Mrs. Cleveland is taking tho greatest possi
ble interest in tho marching and counter
marching of tho men. The sceno is one of
intense exoilement. This morning President
and Mrs. Cleveland were entertained at
breakfast at the Edgowood homo of Senator
Colquitt. A distinguished company was
Tf). Morrow' I'nrrlm nt the North TTmlann
Driving Turk.
Tho entries for tho soveral races at tho
North Hudbuu Driving Park to-morrow are
follows :
first hack.
Purse 1200, of which $50 to the second, for maid
ens of all ages; three quarters of a mile.
L0. lb.
Outteub rg llSMalmotu lis
llurgumlta 116 Alia llu llo
KIMahadl 115 Commotion no
Jack Artier 115'Mlcawbor llo
Montana llsLlizloC 87
Pnrso 2W, of which f vi to tho second; selling
allowances; thrce-qnarter-iullc heats.
to. I IA
Adolph 110 Glen Almond loo
Battlcdoro 108 King George ,. loo
Vlndex 10 Ootmn 100
Roy Boy 103 False Note.... .,,. 5
Purse $M0. of which $30 to the second; for all
ages; one mile.
L&. La.
Krans 116 Harwood ,115
Ivanhoe 115 Kdltor 115
Hccky D us Belmont 104
Itoslcre Hi
fourth race.
Purse W, of which $50 to the second; for all
ages; selling allowances; seven furlongs.
V. I
Nepranus 118 Brier..... . lot
Bay Itebel 114 fiabe Jackson . 108
Hermitage 11 Lea ....- lj
Tallrrand Ill Bumble .
Tantivy.. - 111 Watch 'em M
Grand Duko HO Elrod 8
Hickory Jim 10T Belmont M
Warren Lewis 10T Trojan W
Weaver WT
First raco called at 2 r. m. sharp.
I.nme Htork-Ynrds lliimrd.
Kaksas Oitv, Mo., Oct. 10.-Tbe extensive
stock-yards at Wichita. Kan. , wcro burned to tho
ground to-day. Los, $TO,uoo.
Held for Levjlns ninrkmaU.
DavU Goldatelu, of No. Henry street, was held
at Esses Market to-day for levying blackmail on
disorderly houso keepers In Capt. Allaire's precinct.
Aneeatrol Hall.
Second Day of the Maryland
Club's Autumn Meeting.
A Cool and Pleaiant Day, a Fast Track and
Fairly Cood Attendance.
Four Out ofFWo Hares Won by Favorites
I'lrM by Kollnll, Hcromt by I.on Angelra,
Third by Hwlft, nnd Poiirlu by lllndrni
Wlieotly Only llrnten n. Ilrnd for the
Hterplerhase by Mttlefrllow II.
Jiutgf.1 Oden Bowlo, T. W.Doawell, H. D.Bruce.
V. M. Conner.
Tmrr n. A. Hanrln and W. H. McCorkl.
Secrrtarv C Wheutly.
Starter J. V. Caldwell.
Fimlico Kaof. Thack, Oct. 19. This is tho
socoud day of tho Maryland Jockoy Club's
nututnu meeting. Tho wvathor is cool and
pleasant, and consequently thero is n fairly
good attendance for an " oil day," especially
as to-morrow is one of tho big days of tho
meeting. Tho track to-day is in fluo condi
tion, ns shown by Eolian running tho first
rnco a dash of a mile in 1.43, which the
two-yeor.old Los Angelos supplemented bv
winning tho second race tho Central Stakes
in 1.45, timo that has only been beaton
throe times since Harry Bassett won tho first
Central in 1870, viz., by Fiuowork, 1.45,
in 1874; by Crickmoro, 1.44l, in 1880, and by
Sensation last year in 1.44. Doth Eolian
and Los Angeles started favorites, as did
Swift, tho winner of tho third raco, who won
somewhat easily after a hard raco with Har
vard, whom Garrison, on Le Logos, just
managed to beat for a placo with ono of his
" snapper-like " rushes.
The fourth raco camo near ending tho
" sequence " of winning favorites. It was
tho Vestal Stakes, for thrco-year-old fillies,
with the Californian Grisotto and Notr York
Diadem tho only starters. Grisette had the
call at first, but just before the start Diadem
was well backed, and they wont to the post
about equal favorites. Tho Californian
" sulked " and tho Now Yorker won, to the
gToat delight of Davy Johnson, who almost
exploded with a shout of " How can they
beat us."
Tho result of tho steeplechase did break
tho " sequence," for Billy Lakeland's Liltlo
follow II. just got homo In front of Mr. Har
wood on Whoatly. JLt.waa a gTCftt disappoint,
ment to the Ilaltimore Hunt olement. Mr.
Harwood had been bo successful away from
homo that they wanted to boo him win at
home. But he just missed. As it was, ho was
loudly cheered. Details as follows;
Purse $500, of which $100 to the second, for all
ages; winning penalties of 8, 7 and 19 lb, non
winning and maiden allowances from fi to 2 lb. ;
one mile.
McMahon k Co. 's hr. o. Eolian, 4, by Eolns,
dam Calash, 123 (Garrison) 1
Valiant, vs car. 101 (Armstrong) S
Mamie Hunt, 110 (Martin) 8
Armstrong, w (Gllke) o
Banner Bearer. 100 car. 101 (Church) 0
FrankloB., 100 (Tabor) 0
Glcnspray, 91 (T. Kane; 0
Uleudora, 91 car. 94 (Neumcycr) o
Hawley, 91 (I)oano) 0
Hurry iinsscll, 113 (J. MoLawrhlln) 0
Nellie II., 91 (Plnnott) o
Torrlnirton (lata Blalno), 110 (O. Eyuns) o
Thoodoslus. 101, car. 103. (Hafterty) o
Vinton, loo (Goodwin) 0
Wlndsatl. 107 (Palmer) o
Time t.4SJf. Betting 10 to 9 on Kollun, 4 io 1
each against Mamie llnnt, Thcodoslus and Banner
Bearer," 10 to 1 each Nellie B. and Armstrong, 15
to 1 caoh Glendnra and Harry KubrcII, 20 to 1 each
Valiant, Franklo B. and Wlmliull, 25 to 1 each
Gleuspray and Vinton, 40 to l Torrlngton, 60 to 1
Hawley. For a Place 8 to 1 on Kollan, even
money Mamie Hunt, 2 to 1 against Banner Bearer,
7 to 2 Armstrong, A to 1 each Theodoslus and Nel
lie B., A to l euch Glundoru and Harry Bunnell, S
to 1 each Valiant and Franklo B. , 10 to 1 Wlmlanll,
12 to l each Glcnspray and Vinton, 15 to l Torrlng
ton and 25 to 1 Hawley. Auction Pools Eolian,
$25; Mamie Hunt, lO; the Held, $18.
The llace. At tho third break thoy wore
sent away to a good start, with Eolian, Ban
ner Bearer and Glendorain front. Armstrong
almost immediately after took tho track and
showed the way to the three-quarters, with
Banuor Bearer second. When (n the stretch
Eolian. Valiant and Mamie Hunt camo
through, but Eolian drow away, winning by
two lengths from Valiant, v ho was threo in
front of Mamie Hunt, followed by Glendora
and Nelllo B. Mutuols paid $ 7.'70.
Central Stakes, for two-year-olds, at $50 each,
half forfeit, $10 only If declared, with $600 added,
of which $100 to the second; winners 5 and 7 lb.
extra; non-winners and maidens allowed 5 and 10
lb. ; ono mile.
Santa Anita Stable's ch. f. Los Angeles, by
Olenelg, dam La Polka, 114 (Murphy) 1
Refund, 100 (Church) 2
Omaha, 112 (Martin) 8
DutiHiaciion. iui, cnr. in i jicmuffminj u
Time 1.45X. Betting 2to Ion Log Angeles, S
to 1 agalnm Satisfaction, 8 to l Itefund, 10 to 1
Omaha. Place Los Angeles barred, 2 to 1 on Btit
lafartlon, 7 to 5 against Refund, 8 to 5 Omaha.
100)8 Los Angelei, $30; Satisfaction, $23; tbe
field, $5.
THe Iiacei To-an oven start Befund led to
the quarter by three lengths, followed by
Los Angeles and Satisfaction a neck apart.
At tho half Behind was still two lengths iu
front, but Los Angeles began closing np on
tho lower turn, but she did not close- up en
tirely until the last furlong, when sho camo
away, winning by a length, Befund second,
threo lengths in front of Omaha. Mutuels
paid $.45.
lnrso $600, of which $100 to tho second; forall
ages; to carry 10 lb. above the scale; with non
winning and maiden allowances from 5 to ss lb. ;
mile and three-sixteenths.
M. Jordan's b. m. Swift, aged, by Great Tom,
dam Mariposa, 118 .(Church) 1
Le Logos, 11B .- (GarrlKon) 3
Harvard. 104. - (J. Kane) a
Argo, 113, ..(Hayward) 0
HAwIe June, HI (J. McLaughlin) 0
King of Norfolk, 105 (Itancrty) 0
My Own, t5 (Hay) 0
Swift, 11.1 (Church) 0
The Bourbon, 110 (Palmer) 0
Wllfred.lOi f. (Martin) 0
Time 2.04. Betting to 4 on Swift, 4 to 1
against King of Norfolk, to 1 My Own. 8 to 1
each Bensle June and Ic Logos, 15 to 1 each Wil
fred, Harvard and Argo, and WJ to 1 The Bourbon.
For a Place Swift barred, even money King of
Norfolk, 2 to 1 each IleMlo Jane and My Own, 8 to
I eoh Le Logo and Wilfred, 6 to l each Harvard
and Argo, and io to 1 The Bourbon. Pools-Swift,
tto; the field $50.
IVie Jlacr.- Le Logos jumped nwny in tho
lend, with Swift wxiond and King of Nor.
folk at the port. .Harvard iilmoht immediate.
!y nuhed out, uud at Urn tduud ho was four
cngths iu front of Swift, who was three
ongths beat of Tho Bourbon. Tho two lead
ers ran dear away from tho others, with
Harvard in the load until they reached the
Ljaoaortrrtabr-ylua Swift-cama eway with
t xMttmv-J: ' ! i44'i!4'6sa,.3- .. - ,. r !
liiTia rfaflfY y wwjn -IViifliTi'1- ' ' - '.tf-w-ia1
rush, winning by a short longth. At tho bet
ting rini; Le Logoi camo ery fast, and just
nipped tho tired Harvard on the post for tho
place, Arpo fourth, Bcsslo Juno fifth. Mu
tuels paid $9.70.'
ronnni bach.
Vestal stakes, for thrcc-year-old fillies, at $50
each, half forfeit, $10 only If declared, with $100
added, tho second to raoelve $150 out of the sutkea,
tho third to save her stako; winners of any two
takci for three-ycar-old to carry 5 lb. extra;
non-vt Inner of n three-year-old stakes allowed 5
lb. ; maidens allowed 10 ll.: mile and a half.
Apploby ,l Johmon's g. f. Diadem, by Oluiit'lg,
dam ('rownlvt, lis (Hayward) 1
Hunt a Anita stable's b. f. Grlxotte, US,
Time 2.43. Betting 5 to 4 on Diadem, 10 to 9
on Grlnctto. Pools Grlactto, $25; Dladcin, $16.
The llacf.M tho start Dindem bad n half
length tho best of it, but Grisetto noon got on
even terms and ns thoy mu past the stand
(end of half mile) Grisetto led a neck. Hut
she began to sulk on the turn and Murphy
began whipping and continued to do so all
tho way down tho backstretch, but it was
useless, and Diadem won on a ciuitor by half
n dozen lengths. Mutuols paid 9.15.
Great PtmlleoJIIandlcap Hteeplcchase.nt $50 enrh,
half forfeit, $10 only If declared, with $S10 added,
of which $200 to the second, $Uki to the third; win
ners of nny steeplechase of two miles or over after
the publication ot the weights on Oct. 1 to carry
5 lb., of two such r.iccs 7 Ib. extra; gentlemen
riders allowed 7 lb, ; about two mllca and u half.
W. Lakeland's b. g. I.lttlefellow II., 5. by
Longfellow, dam Sleepy Kute, 138.. (Callahan) 1
Whcatlv', 180, car. 120 (Mr.Harwood) 2
Jim McGowsu, 168 (Tout) 3
ltcferec, 158 (Mara) 0
Will Davis, 152 (M. Daly) 0
Time 6,29.
Betting (1 to B agalnat Whoatly, 5 to 2 Llttlofcl.
low, a to 1 each Will Davis and Referee. For a
Place . to 3 on Whcatly, 5 to 4 on Jim McGnwan.
10 to 7 on I.lttlefellow, 2 to 1 each agalnnt Will
Davis uud ltcfercc. Anrtlon Pools Whcatly. $s.
Daly's pair, f 21; Llttlcfcllow, $15, and ltcfercc,
The Jiaoe. Daly mado protost against Mr.
Harwood being allowed tho sovon pounds as
n gentleman rider, which was at onco over
ruled by tho judges. It was it grand nice,
and Litllefollow just won by a head from
Wheatly, who wns a dozon longlliB iu front of
Jim McGowan. Mutuols paid $18.20.
Bcferoo fell ; Mara badly hurt.
Compensation, nilzmrdi Trntlon nnd Troy
On Down In the Third ltnre.
JuV-C. p. Whralrr and A. H, Battertby,
fmrr A. If. Ifawklburet.
rrrfary- J. Mi.Uiman.
Slar'tr-dabe Caldwell.
arnciAL to the rvzicntn worm).
CltiTon Bace Track, Oct. 19. Tlicro is
an excellent attondanco considering tho
threatening outlook of thu weather
this morning, nnd that it continued
so when tho "Specials" left. Tho
track is fairly good, and as thu racing
began witli something of a surpriso tho
day promised well. But an accident in
tho third race, in which four horses
fell, throwing their riders J. Barrett, Far
ley. Davis and Whyburn to tho giound,
ended the enjoyment. It was a serious-looking
accident, but fortunately nouo of tho
boys are badly hurt. Barrett is stunuod
.somewhat, bpt.no.bones are .broken.
rinsT HACK.
Purse $200, of which $50 to tho second, for two-year-olds;
maidens allowed 5 lb; Ave furlongs.
W. Huston's b. I. Nina :W-,by Luke Blackburn,
dam Mary Walton, 107 (Taylor) 1
Courtier, 107 (Oualcr) 2
Billy Brown, 115 (Prlcei 8
Kolite, us (Utigglns) o
Lagardere, 110 (Charleston) o
Slumber, 112 (P. Fltzpatrlck) 0
Woodstock, 110 (Dunn) 0
Time l.MV- Betting 2 to 1 each agalnit Eollte
and Slumber, 8 to l Billy Brown, 4 to 1 Nina W. , 6
to l Woodntock, o to 1 each Lagadere and Courtier.
For a nacc a io 8 on Slumber, b to 4 on Kollto,
even money against Billy Brown, 8 to B Nina W. ,
8 to 1 each Courtier and Woodstock and 6 to 2 La
gadere. The llace. Lagatdero was tho first awny, but
Nina W. took tho lead at tho staud nnd was
never luadod, sho winning by threo lengths,
with Courtier second, the samo distunco in
front of Billy Brown. Mutuels paid: Nina
W., straight, 910.10 ; for a pluoo, $5.60 ; Cour
tier for u place, $14.40.
Pnrso $200, of which $50 to the second; selling
allowances; horses to be sold for $300 to carry 90
lb. irrespective of age or sex, and 1 lb. additional
for each $100 up lo $1,000; mile and a furlong.
J.Kdwards's oh. g. Charley Russell, 8, by Kulna,
dam TUlle Russell (G. Taylor) 1
Joe Mitchell, 91 (OMler) 2
uiilnoj, 97 (Innls) 8
Big Head, 97 (Dunn) 0
Competitor, 92 (Barber) o
Lntc Arnold, 97 (Coldler) 0
Souvenir, 97 (Kelly) 0
Time 2.0 1;(.
Betting 0 to 5 against Charley Russell, 5 to 2
Joe Mitchell, 9 to 2 Lute Arnold, a to 1 Big Head.
10 to 1 Souvenir, 12 to 1 each Competitor and
lulncy. For a Place 2 to 1 on Charley Russell, s
to 4 on Joe Mitchell, 7 to s against Lute Arnold,
2 to 1 each Big Head and Souvenir, 4 to 1 each
Qulncy and Competitor.
The Race. Souvenir lod for threo-nuartero
of a mile and then envo place to Joe Mitchell.
Ho wbs soon joined by Charloy Bussell.and
they ran lapped to tho finibh, with Huhscll
winning by a neck, a dozen lengths between
hecoud and third. Mutuols paid: Straight,
IJ4.15; for a place, $2.95; Joe Mitchell for a
place, $2.05.
Purse $200, of which $50 to the second: for all
ages; to carry 20 lb. aboto the scale; selling al
lowances; homes entered to bo sold for fsoi); to
carry full n eight; one mile.
Clifton Stable's l. g, Warder, 5, by Wanderer,
dam Semper Felix, 129 (Nevlna 1
Charley May, 129 (Hugan'i 2
Kudover. 181 (Miller 8
Blizzard, 185 (J. Barrrli)
Compensation, 133 (Furlovi
Tcntlon. 1S (Bavin)
Tror, 128 (Whyburn)
Time lMtf. Betting 13 to 5 each against
Blizzard and Compurgation, 4 to lTroy, s
to 1 each Charley May and Warder, 8
to 1 each Bndovor and Tentlon. For a
Place Even mouey each agalnat Blizzard and
Compensation, t to b Troy. 2 to 1 each Warder and
Charley May, s to 1 each Kudover and Tentlon.
The Uaee. Warder won very easily by fif
teen lengths, with twenty between second
and third. While tho horses were rounding
tho far turn for tho second time. Compensa
tion when in the lead fell. Blizzard fell over
him, as did Tentlon and Troy. Somooftho
riders are hurt.
Mutuels paid : Wttrdor, strident, $25.80,,
for a placo. $13.25. Charloy May, for a place
Konum rac.
Pnrse $50. of which $50 to the second, a handl.
can for all ages; tbree-auartera of a mil.
W. Redmond's ch. g. Bass Viol, 4, by Venti
lator, dam .Miss Basiett, 100 (Camp) 1
FredtDavls, 97 (Osaler) 8
Red Priuoe, 105 (Bender) 8
Kl Trinidad, 109 .(Dunn) 0
Uutaula, m ....(Q, Taylor) 0
Jrnnlajnne, 100 (Hlins) 0
King Arthur, 105 (Collier) 0
Mute, 118 (Henderson) 1
Queen of Hearts, 97 (Bergan) 0
Sweety. 100 ....(Barber) 0
Time l.Slxr. Bettlng-0to8 against Quern of
Hearts, 8 to 1 Mute, 4 to 1 each El Trinidad
and Kufauia, a to 1 Bus Viol. 6 to 1
each Red P.lncc, King Arthur and
Sweety, 10 to 1 each Fred Davis and
Jennie Jnnc. For a Place 8 to 4 on Queen of
Hearts, fi to s agalnxt Mute, Rta.8 each Kl Trlnl.
dad Mid Kiifanlu, 2 to 1 Sweety, 5 to 2 Bats Viol, 3
lo 1 each Red Prince, Klug Arthur and Jennie
June, 4 to 1 Fred Dtvl.
The Jlace.Kina Arthur was first away, fol
lowed in turn by Mute and Bass Viol, The
latter soon ran into tho load and wan never
headed, ho waning after a good race by a
heath stuno between doooad -uuX Judzda
T - V '-V r.a. .
St. Louis Playors Suooumb for
tho Sovonth Timo.
.Thoy Mako a Very Gallant Struegle. but Aro
( Finally Dofoated.
Only 3,000 Hpertators nt the Onme In Vblln
delphla Conivny mid 41nnnel nnd Ulnar
and lloytn Ihn llnttrrtrn An Rxrltln
Content front llealnnlnc lo Knd 4'nffhey
nnd Kelly Continue n Umpire.
Athletic Base Ball Pahk, PuiLADixrniA,
Oct. 19. Tho ninth game for tho world's
championship wns played hero this afternoon
nnd was won by Detroit by a scoro of 4 to 2.
There wns not moro thiui .1,000 spectators,
but a moro interested crowd never assembled
on a ball field. Bennett covered first baso
for Dotroit and did it well. Tho gamo waa
intensely oxoittng from first to last and brill
iant plays abounded. Scoro by innings i
scouc nr inninob.
St. Louis n ooioiooos
Detroit o ooiooii 4
Tho bnttories were:
King nnd Boylo for St. Louis, and Conway
and Ganzol for Detroit.
Tho batting ordor was as follows:
St. Louis Latham, Sd b.; Oleason, B.B.;
O'Neill, l.f.; Coralskoy, 1st b.j Fontz, r.f.;
Wolch, o.f.; UobiiiBon, 2d b.; Boylo, o.;
King, p.
Dotroit Rlchnrdson, l.f.; Bennett, 1st b.;
Bowe, s. B. Thompson, r. f.; White, 8d b.
Dttulap, 2d b.: Ganzol, c; llaulon, o. f.; Con
way, p.
Tho gamo began with tho Detrolts in tho
field; Oaffnoy to watch tho plate and Kelly
the bases.
First Inning For tho Browns, Latham hit
to first and was rotliod. Gleasou got to first
on four strikes, tho last ono passing Onnzol,
but was forced by CNoill's ldtto tho pltchor.
Comiskey's base-hit to White brought O'Neill
to second, but BowoU assist retired Fontz.
No runs.
For Detroit, Bichardson steppod to the
plate and struck four times at the ball, whioh
Boyle missed, bnt recovered In timo to throw
to first. Ganzol hit to Gleasou and died at
first base and Bowo struck out. No runs.
Second Inning For tho Browns, Weloh hit
to White, who mado a beautiful pick-up nnd
throw tho star centre Holder out nt first.
Boblnsou struck out and White's assist
retired Boylo. No runs.
ForDetroit,Thompsou hit to Comiskey,who
threw him out to King, who ran to guard tho
baso. Glcason caught White's high fly and
Dunlap struck out. No runs.
Third Inning For tho Drowns, King Rtruok
out, Conway's assist put out Latham and
Oleason fouled out to Ganzcl. No runs.
For Detroit, Bennett hit n high foul, which
Boylo covorod in first-class stylo, running
away over by tho wire screen to catch it.
Bobinson assisted Ilanlon out on a slow, dis
agreeable bounding hit and Conway foulod
out on u dend liner into Boylo's hands. No
Fourth Inning For tho Browns; O'Neill
mado two strikes nnd thon hit to Bowo, who
fielded tho ball over iu olevor stylo, retiring
tho slugger. Coraiskoy followed him with a
clean hit over Bennett's head. An accidental
safo bunt from Foutz's bat brought tho cap
tain to second and Comiskey scored on
Welch's hit to Bowe. Fontz wont to second.
Bobinson flew out to Bichardson, and Con
way's assist put out Boylo. Ono run.
For Detroit, Bichardson mode a pretty ldt
clean over tho infiold to centre for two bases.
Ganzel hit to BobL-son and was put out at
first, advancing Bichardson to third, nnd
Bichardson came homo on Rowe's base hit
to left. Thompson forced Bowo at socoud,
but Boyle's bad throw brought him to third.
Whito flew out to Fontz. Ono run.
Fifth Inning For tho Browns, King's high
fly fell squarely into Bowo's hands. Latham
succumbed to Conway's delivery. Whito's
error proved to bo a life for Gleason, but ho
was doubled by O'Neill, who hit to Dunlap.
U runs.
For Detrolts, Dunlap came to the lint, and,
after making numerous fouls which should
have been culled strikes, he failed of his pur
pose nnd struck out. Bonuett followed his
examplo and Hanlou flew out to Glcason.
No runs.
Sixth Inning For the Browns, Comiskey
hit to Whito, who mado n splendid stop
and threw him out at first base
amid applause. Font's hit a high
fly, which fell into Bowo's hands.
Welch hit a hot grounder along tho third
base lino, got to second on the throw in and
scored on Robinson's fluo liner ovor White's
territory for a siuglo. Boyle mado a two.
bagger, but Bobinson waa caught at third on
an attempt to get third on tho hit. Ono run.
For Detroit, Conway came to tho bat and
struck four times at tho ball without hitting
it. Bichardson hit to Gleason, who caught
him at first baso by quick and acenrato work,
and Ganzel hit a long, high fly, which Welch
covered in his inimitable btylo. No runs.
Seventh Inning For tho Browns, King hit
a hot one to Bowo, who fielded
well and retired his roau at first.
Whito's assist put out Latham at first.
Gleasou mado a clean hit between second and
first, and then O'Neill followed with a drop
per to Thompson, whioli tho slnpcer caught
like a doughnut. No runs.
For Detroit, Bowo mado a baso hit right
past Bobinson, who readied desperately
for it, but tho ball was too wido,
and it scraped his hand as it flew by
like a shot. lie was stnt around to third by
Toansoa'0i9sg fdnclo to ceaUOt. Thoaih.
son stolo second whilo Boylo was trying
to rocover tho bidl which he had dropped,
and Bowo scored ou Whito's sacri
fice hit to Comiskey. The score was
tied again by this play and Dunlap camo to
tho bat. Ho struck out. Thompson menu
while had gone to third nnd ho came homo
ou Bennett's long singlo to loft centre field,
Bennett was thrown out at second. Two
Eighth Inning For tho Browns, Comlskoy
hit high to left and Bichardson covered tho
ball iu n shir catch, which he ran to tho line
to make. Foutz hit to Bennett and expired
at first and Welch flew out to Conway. No
I For Detroit Ilanlon mado a three-baggor to
extreme right centre, and scored on a wild
pitch. Conway struck out. Bichardson fol
lowed suit, and Bobinsou's assist put out.
Ganzel. One run.
Ninth Inning. For tho Browns, Bobinson
flow out to Hunlon, Boyle fouled out to
Whito and King struck out, No runs.
Basehits Brown, 8; Detroit, 0. Errors y
Brown, 2; Dotroit, 4.
flninea lflewbere. -v!
The Brooklyn game waa poilponcd on account ot
the rain.
At tho end of the fourth Inning tho gamo be
tween Cleveland and nttsbarg stood 8 to a.
Balterlta lllks and Zlmmer and (lalvta and
Waller. Umpire-Mr. Rouahhuld.
Hli Children Will Nat Obrv-kondon' Un
employed Vrklnmen.
anciAL caulk to tut: KTinniro world.
London, Oct. 10. An amusing auocdoto
comes from Fredonsborg, iu Denmark, tho
temporary resldonco of tho Russian Impe
rial family. Two of tho Czar's ehlldron, who
am laid up with measles, refused to tako tho
physio prescribed for them. Tho young poo
plowero not to bo persuaded. At last tho
Czar wns Rent for, and finding that kind
word wcro of no avail ho began to soold.
Even that did not succeed, so turning to tho
nursotho Czar said: "I can do no more,
and yet Just think that millions of subjects
obey mo while thoso striplings put mo at
The Iiondon IHob Itrnaaemblea 4,000 Htrong
Several Injured In Che Fight.
nciALOAnu to tbx (vxstita woblo.
London, Oct. 19. Somo four thousand
people gathered about the marblo arch
at Ilydo park thin afternoon. Tho po
lico kept at n distance and the unem
ployed men adopted resolutions condemning
tho polico action of yesterday and resolved
to petition tho Queen to appoint a royal com.
mission to Inquire into tho condition of Lon
don's unemployed workmen.
This afternoon thoy sallied from tho park
into tho st roots and paraded In tho West End,
making riotous demonstrations. It bccanio
so threatening in Borkoloy Square that the
polico charged upon anil scattered it. Tho
mob again nssomblod In Piccadilly, where the
police again attacked it, and a sharp fight
took placo. Several persons wero injured
and many rioters were taken into oustody.
Vbnt the Liberal Federation Propose Co Do
When Ireland Uefallnme Hnle.
London, Oct. 10. Tho Congress of tho Lib
eral Federation at Nottingham to-day
rcsolvod unanimously Unit when tho Irish
question was settled, tho disestablishmont of
tho Church in Wales should bo made tho
leading point of tho policy of the Liberal
Earl Cairn in Great I.urk.
London, Oct. 19. Tho youthful Earl Cairns,
whoso lovo episodes have ot different times
afforded food for gossip In Kociety, has just ex.
periencod a singular stroko of good luok. His
undo, tho lato Mr. McCalmont, has, it is said,
loft him a fortuno of upwards of a million
pounds sterling.
Why Mr. Rvelln, 31. P., Will Ttraln.
London, Oct. 19. Mr. William John
Evolyn, Coniervntivo member of tho.Houso
of Commons for Doptford, will resign bo
cause of his inability to agreo with tho Gov
ernment on tho Irish question.
King Wllllnm and tbe Czar.
Viknna, Oct. 18. The rumor of an intended
ihterviow between tho Emporor of Germany
and tho Czar has been contradicted with con
splcuous emphasis and promptitude by Berlin
telegrams received in Vienna.
Kitclua; nt T.exlnstain.
irrcuL TO TUE evemiho wAbld.1
Lexinoton, Oct. 19. The raring here to-day by
tho Kentucky Association began with a dash of a
mllo and seventy yardi for horses of all ages, with
selling allowances. It was won by Redstone, at
lixi pounds, Alamo second. Clay Bexton third.
Time 1.4". I'ost odds 8 to 1 on Redstone, 10
to 7 on for a placo and 8 to 8 against Alamo for u
The second rae was the Clark Stakes, for two-
! ear-old colts, f 3 each at entrance, tto additional
or starters, with ts.M added, the second to recetro
SO ,ont of the stakes; to carry 10S lb, with
penaltlea and allowances; three-quarters of a
mile. D. Ulbson't Autocrat, by Prince Charlie,
won. Badge second. Prince Fortunatns third.
Time 1. 1X. Place Betting 5 to l against Auto
crat to win, to 9 for a place; Badge barred for a
The third raco was a handicap for sll ages at a
mile and three-tlxteenths to to the winner,
f.0 to the second which was won by
Kaloolah at lift lb., Woodcraft second
Bonloa third. Time, 2.03. Odds: 8 to l on Ka
loolah to win, 4 to one on for place, and 10 to T for
a place.
Memphis Itacra.
MEiiFnis, Oct. 18. This was tho first extra day
of the Memphis races. Tbe first raco was at three
quarters of a mile, for maidens, at selling allow,
anoes, two to tho winner, tpo to the second. Little
Bess lint, nedleaf second, Overton third. Time,
1. l.y. (Jddastoaon Little Bess to win, no place;
8 to 8 on Redleat for a place.
Dubear Net Aft-iild of Teemer.
Loni'on, Oct. ID. Buhcar, the oarsman, has ar
rived at Quecimtowu on his return from America.
He states that he Is willing to accept Tcetntr's
challenge for a raco ou the Thames In January,
TiraABatjiM peuay mgrnls pper,oat W-wjiwu,
Hotel Albeainrle and the Bljorr Theatre i "vj
nadir Inmnarrd Hold IlalldlncB Tatek H
Fire Two ofTon Injrrred Marld to Harrw gll
Nine Illed How a Ticker-Seller and lH
Severn! or 1IU Customers Were Handled, wj
rcciAL to xnr. evening would.) lJtH
PiTTSunim, Fa., Oct, 19. At 10.15 o'clock rfjl
to-dny thero was a fearful explosion of gas in 'rH
thoITotol Albemarle. Tho building Imme. fTqS
diatoly took fire, which speedily commnni. iiafl
catcd with tho Iiijott Theatre adjoining. ''H
The Homes wero caused by an explo- -
bIou of natural gas in a trench near tho lil
Albemarle Hotel (Patterson Dlock), cornor $M
of Pennsylvania nvenno nnd Sixth street. '$M
The firemen havo extinguished the Are. '
Twelve persons wore injured, two of whemr 1 tfH
aro reported dead at this hour. iSH
Tho Albemarle Hotel, in tho corner store. H
room of which tho explosion occurred, is ono ;JH
of tho finest structures in tho city. Next to , fiH
tho storeroom was tho grand eutranco to tho t
Ilijou Theatre, which is situated immediately ''H
iu tho rear of the hotel. r.fl
At tho tlmo of tho oxplosion C. E. Draco, ' JJi,!
assistant treasurer, was in tho ticket offico, 4i
selling tiokets. He was blown out of the box. i J
BeTornl people buying ttckots wero knocked JH
down. Bruce was not badly injured, and tho t'v&fl
ticket-buyers racaped with fow bruises. Xl
When tho explosion occurred, a man pass- j&H
ing In front of tho store, reading a letter, was 3flH
throwniuto thn mlddlo of tho street; His SH
namo was not learned aa ho was able to walk H
off. Largo plato-glass In a store on the oppo- "taE
sito Bide of Sixth street wan shattered to $''
atoms and within twenty yards of the sceno, InH
scores of smaller panes wero brokon or laaaaaaal
forced out of thoir frames. aaaaaal
Flames burst out immediately nnd a- general jdH
alarm of fire was turned in. Tho whole store- J
room was soon nblazo and smoke was pouring' SaH
out of all tho upper windows of the hotel. H
Firemen and citizens ran into tho storo and 3aH
brought out tho injnrod, carrying them tflH
across the street into a store. Physicians, ' 1H
wero sent for and tho injured aro now being .tfa'pH
cared for. ilH
Tho fire in tho building wns soon gotten fxH
under control, and tho loss will sot rooea. '"3jH
abovo $50,000. 'Xtjaaaaaal
A colored man, horribly burned, lias just vlH
boen taken out of tho collar of the store, tH
whoro it is rumored soveral men are coil. ' .aaafl
fined. 'H
The nccldcnt was tho result of caroleeaaesaV , TJH
The employees of tho gas company were on- 'llH
doavoring to nnlto a 2-inoh pipe to a 4-Inch, UbH
and tho gas waa turnodon beforo the solder. H
ing was done. After striking a match to light laH
tho soldering furnace tho explosion took 'dH
placo. Tl.H
It is fortunate that tho accident did. Hot ?
occur a fow hours later, as a matinee was on. t H
nounced for 9 o'clock, for which u largo nam i V,'JM
bor of tickets hnd boen sold. ' a'sH
Among the injured are four brothers 'J
namod Frick, dealers in surgical apparatus. 1 ttft
A workman, who oould not speak English, Y H
ran from tho ruins covered with flames. Jaaaal
Blankets were thrown over him, but in his :3jH
desperation ho threw them off. He will die. ' XTM
A German, whoso namo could not bo )H
learnod, was found burned severely, and csif. .H
not recover. ?3bbH
A fireman named Gus Dott was burned ' ytitjB
and cut across the faco. iH
Tho injured number about fourteen. j 3j
Disappearance or an Insurance Agent, ssibbbbbb1
New Bkcnbwigk, N. J., Oct, 19. Major A. It.' t .$
Way, an agent for the Merchants' Insurance CoaV vlH
nany, of Newark, with an office on Albany street, daaaaal
has dlaappcared. Representatives of the Injur. ;aJafS
anco company are In charge of his nfflce and exam. -:3afl
ining bis accounts. Lewis Hope, Major Way's clerk, '5H
said this afternoon that Way went to New Yorkoa AWbbH
bualncss on Monday and had been detained there. .tiiH
Way U agent for eleven other Insurance compa TJasBBaal
nles. -iH
Cnpt. Hoot and Mr. Knapp Honey. JjtH
Klmika, N. Y. , Oct. 19. A sensation wu'ere jH
ated here to-day by the arrest ot Eugene Root, ?3
Captain of the Twentj-alxth Separate Company, .laaH
on the charge of stealing a quantity of honey' ivfH
from the apiary of Sheldon 7- Knopp, iliHi
n farmer, living aliont eight miles from this city. aaBal
Capt. Root was taken to Pine City for oxamlnatioa: l&iH
this afternoon. 'jbbbI
Acter Charlie Ray Insane. (Ma'tBal
Charles dray, an actor, who says his stage namo AH
Is " Charlie Ray," Is confined at Bellevne Iloa. TflH
pltal awaiting examination Into his sanity, no teas!
gives his residence as No. 889 East Fourteen! mH
street. When assigned to a ward at the hospital -ival
he started In to wash his face with scalding water. , HH
He waa detected by the attendants beforo lie did. vfB
any damage to himself. i.'lal
8enlers Must be Rrleaaed. Jaafl
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 19. A despatch from Sec -SH
rctary Bayard to tho Imperial Government has jH
been received here.ln which Mr. Bayard expresses iPsaa
regret that the orders for the release of the threo ,?b1
Canadian sealers seized In Behrlng's Sea were not
oboyed by the officials at Bltka, and states that) .MB
freau ordera for their release havo been given. .ifH
To Htand I'ntll Nest Sprlna. &S
Tho capitalists who purchased the Madlsoa H
Square Garden property last spring have decided JeJI
to let the present structure stand until next May. tS
The building has been leased to 1. T. Barnum. ..9
who will open with his circus there next March.; iJM
There will bo no horse show this year. Wm
m BUFrsBa
fialrlde of an Ohio Business Man, tilBI
CLSTELAMn, O. , Oct, 19. William H. narvey,' ffl
secretary and treasurer of tho Commonwealth jsffl
Iron Company, committed suicide at hla'reatdenca aWB
yesterday. lie was suffering from a brata "fyH
trouble. vl
Or. Mnrdrn's Body Vound. SpB
Milwaukee, Oct. 19. The body of Or. F. A, vfipfl
Marden, who disappeared on Sept. 84, waa found S'l
yesterday deeply embedded In the sand under tea Sim
feet ot water at the bottom ot the lake. , jH
ai m ??
Alderman Corcoran's Eatato. 'Wim
Mrs. Catherine Corcoran has been appointed sd. SiM
mlnlstratrlx of the estate of her lato husband, S
Alderman Janles J. Corcoran, by Surrogate Rol. :'S?H
Una, Tbe personalty ot the estate is stated at stoo.
Itainy Weather on the Coast, iH
iVv WAsirs-aTON,Oct.ia. JM
vV8jfgtl For Connecticut mi -JM
VP1 Saticrn Jfevt Yorkt (B
v mm j V ' I Warmer, fair teafter, "9
ly vPPj i wUk rain on the coast r jMku
'h WLsbT N"l7w ' '. tartobU '3H
I VvJP J) wind, becoming norft. 'Lu
SpU tf westerly. H
for Eastern I'en wfl
tylvania, JNVto Jersey and Delaware; pooler, -H
fdlkiMil ly warmer, fair wadier, pwwwil ty fM
rorfn on (he coast ; light to HetK rorVrly wMb, SM
tecjming variable, .dkm
.J , , . jC'i71iaflVaBai
iZJ " " " a" ' V yttorWmmmmmm

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