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J g O'CLOCK Rlfe r YJk. 8 O'CLOCK ; 1
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Eloquent Words lo the Young Men' Demo-
crntlc I.enKiien of Genrsln Tlio President
Advises Tlirm to bo Thoughtful nml I, nml
Mrs. Cleveland Fairly Loaded Down
I Willi the Choicest FriilM Tlin Departure.
Atlanta, Gn., Oct. 20. Tho President left
at midnight for Montgomery, Before tlio
trnin started, Col. Elliott, of tho South
Florida exhibit in tho fair, brought to tho
( President's car crapes, fruit, oranges, lem
ons, guava jellies, pineapples, and honey of
Florida make for Mrs. Cleveland's brenhfast
tnblo to-day. A largo mandarin orange tree,
, which was presented lo Mrs. Cleveland by
Col. Elliott, was too largo to place upon tho
car, so it was fixed up in an artistic manner
and sent to Washington by express.
The great event of yesterday after tho
sham battlo was the torchlight procession of
the Young Men's Democratic leagues of the
State. A drenching rain was falling, but
that did not dampen tho ardor of tho en
thnsiastio citizens who thronged tho streets
with flaming torches.
A liberal display of fireworks lent bright
ness to tho scene, and between tho cheers of
the people and the countermarching of the
torcli-bearcrs tlicro was such u demonstration
as is seldom seen.
When tho torch-bearers had gathered
around tho artesian well, where President
Cleveland btood in review, he arose and said:
" I shall not soon forget, my friends, tho
cordiality and enthusiasm of the welcome of
tho people of Atlanta and the State of
Georgia, n cordiality which no ei'cumstanco
can vary and an enthusiasm wL. .ti even in
clement weather cannot at all dampen.
(Cheers.) I shall remember it not as a
personal tribute, but as an ovidenco
of tho lovo of tho people of tho United States
for tho office which represents their sov
ereignty. (Cheers.) I have seen in tho West
and South such demonstrations as satisfy mo
that in all timo to como tho Government of
our fathers is safo. (Creut cheering.) You
have illuminated in our presence to-night
tho sentiment, " Welcome, our Presi
dent." (Cheers.) This voices the
determination of tho people that the
man occupying this high office Bhall bo Presi
dent of tho wholo peoplo (great cheering)
responding to all their wants and needs, and
guided in his official action by tho dictates
and commands of tho Constitution which wo
aro oil bound to obey. (Great cheering.) You
welcome mo as your President. I um in
trusted with the immediate execution of that
high office, but I beg you not to forget
to-night that every one of you lias
a responsibility, too, connected with this
high offico and every branch of your Govern
ment. Our Government is such that it needs
the constant watchfulness of tho people. It
needs their support. It neods their loyalty.
(Cheers.) I am delighted to-night that this
parting demonstration should bo upon tho
part of tho young men of Atlanta and of tho
'Stato of Georgia. (Cheers.) Upon you, my
' friends, will rest in tlio future tho pres
ervation and protection of this
Government of ours of the peoplo,
for the peoplo and by tho peoplo. (Great
cheering.) My parting words to you shall
bo, Let your political action bo guided by
thoughtfulncss of what this Government
means and tho purposes for which it was in
htiiuted. Be not carried away by any en
thusiasm, but, guided by loyalty and chas
tened by a uenso of your responsibility,
cherish every American citizenship. (Cheer
ing.) With theso and only with these aro
, American institutions and Ameiican liborty
wife. (Prolonged and enthusiastic cheering.)
Unwelcome VlBltorn to n Convent.
fiUKENSACito, Pa., Oct. 20. The nuus at St.
Xavler's Convent, at neatty Station, was scared
out of their wits on Tuesday night by tho appear
ance of six Ill-looking trampi within tho convent
walls. Tho tramps scoured the building from gar
ret to cellar for valuables and something to cat.
They visited the sick room. They did no vlolcneo
r further than to take a bottle of wine, which was
'' being used for medicine, and drank It. After fall
ing to llnd anything refreshing to tho appetite
they took some vestments used hi tho Institution
and made their escape before the brothers at the
.; monastery, a mile olf, could lie Informed of their
i depredations.
i A Candidate' Curlou Sull for Nluiidcr.
1'ottsville, Pa., Oct. 20. A curious suit for
;' slander and damages has been brought hero by
William Wllhclm, Fusion candldato for Judge,
' Against Capt. Richard Hahn. The complainant
charges that Hahn. while at Pine Grove last week,
circulated a story that Wilhelm had a dog und had
him registered under tho name of "Jesus Christ "
at the Court-Housc. An order for Halm's arrest
was Issued at the Instance of John A. 'Nash, Wit-
i helm's counsel. Hahn heard of the Intended
i arrest, und when spoken to denied the story In
toto. Harm Is a leading Democratic politician, and
Is now clerk to the Mine Inspectors.
rt -.
' Jersey Itrpuhllcnnn Tor Itluiue.
Teenton, N. J., Oct. 20. n Is significant that
(ho 100 young Republicans, who organized a State
5 Republican League hero yesterday, were pro-
) nouueed in their favor of sir. illulne. James P.
t Foster, President, and Hurry Oleusun, Secretary,
3 of the New York City Republican Club, and W. 11.
Thompson, Secretary ot the Connecticut State
League, were present aud expressed the opinion
that lllaluo would surely carry New York State
nem year.
illsiintroun Firm in Man Francisco.
Ran Francisco, Oct. !!0 A nro lu the Fulton
Ilroii Works at 9 o'clock last night communicated
nl'n,,1,1!?,"!1??' ?Plc? IIa5'cs's machine shop, the
Hammond Cur Works and Oreenberg's braes toun
JlfrTtTJl0i,QMS8.areL J'""011 lro Works, $100..
OOcij Illnkley, Spies A Hayes, $w,oik); Hatiimoni .
tJW.000: Greenberg, tio.ow). The' losse" are well
Insured, but boo men aro thrown out of employ
ment. '
Taken lo Relieve DUtrcnH.
St. John's, N. I'., Oct. 20. Tho Teleoram
charges the government of sir Robert Thornton
with spiriting away too.ooo of debentures and se
curltles, deposited In the Government SavlngM Rank
for safe.keenlng, and mortgaging them to the
London and Westminster Hank, as security and
ad ances to the Colony. This money was used to
relieve the distress of liist winter.
llcdiciitlnii of Mr. Huntington'. Chnpi-I.
Wateubcky, Conn. . Oct. 20. c. I. Hunting
ton, the railroad magnate, arrived In Torrlugton
la,hl1 uKhl with a party of friends on a special train
1 !!!. .'i"11.'.""11 iur?' To-day he was present at tho
dedication of the elegant memorial chapel which
.m he has erected In Ilarwlnton, his early home. The
ii Kn-'l f0"00 "'" cos,llc3t r "oklnd In New
tl Hoarder Deprived of rillvtirwnre.
t IiouniiNTOWN, N. J., Oct. so.-iiurglars entered
he residence of Miss It, Blackwell, who keeps a
'M nd's1i!!!r;!!T,",0.ou Kurnnworlh avenne, last night,
M Si .ifverwure, Cl,rrl,l nWliy about loo worth
A Hlx.Yrnr.Olii ilrl .liny Srnd Her Mother
In llm (liillntvn.
Nashville. Tumi., Oct. 20. It begins to
look ns though the polico havo got tho mur
dcrers of tho old man, .1. L. Howard, who
was found dead under tho railroad trcstlo
Tuesday morning, and who was belioved to
havo been killed by falling or being
thrown from a passing train during
tho night. Threo disorderly women nro
now in jail, surrounded by nn almost porfect
perfect chain of circumstantial evidence con
necting them with the crime. Their names
nro Bettio lllnck, Anuio Wright and Lou Wil
son. Thero is ovidenco that Howard was nt
their houso on Spmco street early in tho
night, and he is believed to have returned
und charged them with robbing him. Tho
main witness in the ufliiir is n little six-year-old
daughter of Aunio Wright, who
tolls the story. 8ho says that her
mother hit the man in the head with
nn 11x0, mid tho other woman uttackod him
and beat him with rocks till ho was dead.
Then her mother took him by the head, an
other girl by tho feet and another by tho
body and carried him nwnv.
Tlio pluco whero Howard's body wus found
is only a block and n half from whero tho
women live, and tho way is lonely, so that
they could easily have plnced him whero ho
was. Tho body when found looked as if it
had boon carefully laid out, and not as if it
had fallen from tho train.
Two .Mn--:Iretln(tn In lie Held Here To.
NIrIiI lilnny Speakers Invited.
Tho mass-meetings arranged for to-night to
aid tho condemned Chicago Anafchists will
bo held in Cooper Union Hall and Sulzer's
Harlem Itiver Park. A circular has been
extensively scattered nbout tho eity announc
ing that tho meetings will bo under tho
auspices of District Assembly No. 49 of tho
Knights of Labor, and of the Central Labor
Union. A largo number of well-known
men in tho city and adjoining towns havo
been invited to innko addresses, but it is
likely that fow of them will respond. Editors
Shevitch and Jonas, Capt. Black, Lawyers
Searing and Wnkeman, Edward King, Henry
Emerich, John Swinton and others will de
liver speeches.
Ciiioaoo, Oct. 20. In tho Criminal Court
yesterday State Attorney Grinnoll took action
which seems to indicato that ho is certain
that the condemned Anarchists will bo oxo
eutcd on Nov. 11. Judge Baker was about
sentencing a thief to thirty days' im
prisonment, when the Stato Attorney
requested thnt the sentence bo shortened, so
that it would oxpiro beforo tho date of tho
executions, stating that it was desirablo to
havo as few prisoners in tho jail at that timo
as possible. Judge Baker acceded and made
the sentenco fifteen days.
International Convention of Locomotive En
Hluccrn Higlitscelua In Cblcngo.
Chicago, Oct. 20. Tho dolegates to tho
International Convention of tho Brotherhood
of Locomotivo Engineers were shown tho
sights of tho Garden City this morning.
Grand Chief Engineer P. 31. Arthur in his
address to tho order last evening gave en
couraging figures of tho growth of t.10 or
ganization and fired this shot at tho
More and more clearly detlnedls tho line be
coming which divides the honest man satisfied
with a Just remuneration which he tins truly
earned, until by his own effort he can rise to a
higher position In life and tho loud-voiced "bonih-
thrower," who, scarcely able to speak tho English
language, Beeks to win his own comfortable living
from thoso who have worked for It, presuming
upon the Imagination and arousing false hopes In
the hearts of thoHe who are still more Ignorant
thauh,insclf. Among sensible men the day for
all this Is past. Let "mercy season Justice" and
Justice be tempered with moderation, A wlso ar
bitration louks to a long result rather than to Im
mcmedlatc satisfaction, and accomplishes more
than Intimidation ever can hope to do.
Contradictory Storlen About tlio Murder uf
the l.'nmblir "Hoc" llnrlnu.
San Francisco, CM., Oct. 20. Tho special
correspondent of the Krambur tolegrnphs
from Los Angeles that ho 1ms seen Hut do
Woolstoen. Sho lies in her cell in tho county
jail anfl tho poison has impaired her health
seriously, if it does not provo fatal. In her
delirium sho tried to commit suicido threo
A wild statement was made by tho gambler
associate of Dr. Harlan lust nighi. Ho says
that Harlnn appeared to him last Monday
night in disguiso und stated that ho
(Harlan) had killed and burned a
man named Oliver, a cousin of Hattio
Woolsteen, bocauso Oliver demanded reparu
Hon for tho wrongs done Hattio. Now this
Oliver has disappeared. A Los Angeles story
is to the effect that he helpod Hattio murder
Dr. Harlan, and the public do not know what
to believe.
Ho Saya that Illetkln lind Nothing to Do
Willi the Attack on Sim. Cleveland.
St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 20. Tho Minneapo
lis Tnbunr this morning contains a statement,
signed by William Edwin Haskell, assuming
tho responsibility for tho attack on Sirs.
Cleveland. Ho says thot Blethiu knew
nothing of it. and Unit tho article was written
by ono Dr. Shaw.
Haskell's father, of tho Boston Herald,
reaches hero to-duy, and Blethiu may buy or
bell tho paper.
Too I'uor lo Keep Her Hoy.
A handsome little lad mijrched Into tho Church
Street Police Station lute last night, put down his
pack In front of the desk und asked for a night's
lodging. He told Capt. Uerghold that ho was
Robert Craig, aged cloven years, and that his
mother, who lives In liridgeton, N. J., had set him
adrift because she wus too poor to support him.
He had come to this city to seek his fortune,
lie was such a manly little fellow and stuck so
well to his story that Cnpt. Uerghold sent him
straight to the otflce of the Society for the Preven
tion of Cruelty to Children In charge of an officer,
Instead of keeping him in the station over night.
If his story turns out to bo true he will bo tuken
caro of.
Wlliuot (lorn In I ho Washington.
St. I'aul, Minn., Oct. 20. -Waiter Wllinot, left
fielder of tho St. Haul llaseball Club, signed a con
tract early to-day with Ted bulllvau for tlio Wash,
. m
Fell Six Hundred Fcrl.
IlAMtAX, N. S.,Oct. 20. Peter Linnet to-day
fell COO feet down tho shaft of the Little Baj copper
mine and UroUhls ucck, back und both legs.
, 1
, (
An Opinion from the Corporation Counsel
Ibnl Lout Tiirnilny'n ltrflltrntlnn Is l.eniil,
Although Held on tho Wrnnc liny The
r.lrctlnn Ilonrd In Srimtnn A Ills Vole
Expected ns a Ilrxult of tho Error.
NXIETY wns the dom-
WSHi 'n,lnt sentiment to-day
fjfJjifBV with tho members of
VCiw tIle Bonr ot Elections
A YWSIrWi Brooklyn, and they
(CLS l'u' Bomo pretty hard
ZTtjy JLs.iJ thinking to find a way
out of tho predicament
yr into which they got
fa ' tho city by ordoring a
'" v. session of tho Boards
YrP?r?L$ f3 c'cc''ou districts on
I ifj.rWTTnfl , Tuesday last undor tho
"HD f ffflBi 'Alfrl misapprehension that
yjyLiLy it was tho day pro-
.Tessas. I3C scribed by tho statuto
?:5 tot the registration of
voters for tho Novem
ber election. Thoy say that their Chief
Clerk, Mr. Andrews, is entirely to blame.
Tho Election law of 1834, as amended in
188C, prescribes thnt tho days of registration
shall bo tho last Tuesday of September, tho
second Tuesday in October and the Tuesday
occurring two weeks boforo election.
Election occurs " tho first Tuesday
after tho first Monday in November." This
year November begins on Tuesday, thus put
ting election day off to tho f urthost limits, tho
8th. Last year it occurred on Nov. i, and Chief
Perry of tho Board of Elections,Kays that Chief
Clerk Andrews in compiling his registry lists
from last year's books, issued his notices for
tho 18th because it seemed nearest to tho date
of tho last registry in 1880, which fell on
Oct. 21.
Chief Clerk Andrews declined to talk about
tho matter to-day, and, in fact, he and his
force seemed to bo afraid to givo any inform
ation to the reporters.
Corporation Counsol Almet P. Jcncks held
a consultation with Judges Pratt and Culleu,
of the Supreme Court. Both Justices were of
opinion that no judicial settlement of
tho question of tho legality of
last Tuesday's registration could bo
obtained until some ono with a griovanco
Sresonted it to tho Court. This could be
one by having a Board of Registry strike
off one of the names registered last Tuesday,
when tho voter whoso namo was strioken off
could apply for a mandamus compelling its
This action was thought unnecessary, how
ever, and to-day Corporation CounBel Joncks
submitted his opinion to Mayor Whitney. It
was in effect that the Board of Elcctjrtus had
mado an undoubted error in fixfilg last
Tuesday as a day of registry, but that the
error did not vitiate the registry lists and those
who has registored would 00 entitled to
vote. Howovcr, this doos not relieve tho
Boards of Registry from compliance with tho
law which fixes tho Tuesday two wcoks pre
ceding the election on tho last dny of regis
try, and they ttiiist sit again at the several
polling places on Tnosilay next.
Ex-Judge Benjamin F. Tracy, of the Court
of Appeals, was of tho saina opinion. Ho
said: There can bo no trouble unless some
cantankerous insjiector of election refuses
tho vote of somo ono who registered lust
Tuesday, aud even then tho tronblo would
only como to tho inspector. It is
absurd to suppose that tho whole election in
this great Stato would bo vitiated by an error
which will deprive no oue of the opportunity
to register, ami it is equally utisurn
to suppobo that any court would
declaro tho election void be
causo citizens acknowledged to bo
entitled to vote had been registered on a
wrong day, through no fault of their own.
Of course n defeated cuudidato might ap
peal to tho courts on the ground of
this ii regularity, but unless ho can
Bhow that voters wcrp dupiived of tho
right of franchiso by it. or that men who
wero not legal voters had by it been permit
ted to cast their ballots, he would bo thrown
out of court. Tho registry is till right, and
it is not at all necessary for those who ap
peared last Tuesday to go beforo tho Boards
of Registry again on next Tuesday."
The chairmen of the various Registry Boards
mado their reports to-day to tho Board of
Elections, depositing 0 copy of tho registry
up to Tuesday night hist, when they
supposed their labors had ceased
as Registrars. But euch was informed
that another day of registry must bo
had next Tuesday. Their returns
show that t'20,077 citizens have registered, the
largest number ever recorded in tho city ex
cejit in 1881, when there were 127,000 voters
on tho lists. With an extra day tho latter
figure should ho outdone, and tho result of
the error of the Board of Elections may bo
that Brooklyn will cast a larger oto than
over bofore in her history.
At the headquarters of tho Democratic
Campaign Committee an Evenino Would re
porter was informed that tho most eminent
lawyers of the party would bo consulted,
and if they were of opinion that it was
necessary, tho working committeo would
tako steps to got nil Democratic votors who
wero rpf'istored last Tuesdav to f?o npnin to
tho places of registry next Tuesday. Tho
general opinion was thnt this would bo un
necessary. Thero is another phase of tho matter which
is not calculated to delight the taxpayers of
Brooklyn. The places of registry wero
rented for four days : threo for purposes of
registration and ono for the election.
They wero rented at a uniform
rute of $5 a day, and tho registrars also
roceivo by law $5 per day for this service.
An additional expense will therefore be sad.
died on tho city of about .? 1,000 for
tho 700 registrars, $1,325 in rental for tho
nlacos of registry, mukiua a total extra cost
to the city on account of tho blunder of the
Board of Elections of about 45.300. Clerk
Andrews, on whom tho blame is laid, is a Re.
publican. He has been clerk of the Board of
Elections twelve years.
The Board of Elections is non-partisan.
It is composed of Timothy Perry. President,
and Charles H. Cotton, Republicans, and
John Gilbertson, Democrat, who wero ap
pointed by Mayor Low, aud Thomas V.
Porter, a Democrat, who wns appointed by
Mayor Whitney. Their salary is $2,000 a
year eaeh und thoir terra two years.
At the Headquarters of the Republican
County Committee there was strong condem
nation of tho careless work of tho Board of
Elections. No 0110 attaches any political Big.
nificanco to the error, though in any year
whero there was no defection from tho Demo,
cratio party, Mich as tho Labor movement
is, the Democrats would naturally coin by
tho increased registry and implied full vote.
Tho Republicans express regret that another
day must be had for registry on this account,
mid express satisfaction with the registry um
it stood lost Tuesduy night.
Kui nlture, -'rit, Rtorea, Deddior.Orocken, Shidos.
Prk lUivr ur Cbithuu nt. , nw tltuluun tq. '
No Slain Yet of n Settlement or the. I'rlnlern
Tho printers' strko continues with no
prospoctof an early settlement. It was re
ported by Chairman Joseph Smith, of tho
Union'a Strike Committee, that the
men in Rankin's office tvero at work,
notwithstanding nil reports to tho contrary,
aud that Mr. Rankin had not posted
tho card of tho Typothetm, which
reads : " This is not n card office."
E. P. Coby A Co. wero reported to have
taken down the card, and tho " father " of
tho chapel whs sent from Pythagoras Hall
with tho old employees to rcsumo work, with
tho understanding that all non-union men
wero discharged from tho office.
Mr. Smith said that tho proprietors of Ger
man offices were taking ndvantago of tho
situation and woro doing all tho work
in English they could secure. Theso
bosses are members of tho Typothetro. and
tho Union's officers declaro that thoy throw
every obstaolo in tho way of a settlement of
the present difficulty for the purposo of , get
ting ull tho English work they can do.
At tho rooms of tho Typothetro. Libra
rian Pasko said that applications
continued to como from all over
tho United States, mid that in
ton days more tho offices on striko would be
supplied with men. Many of the applicants,
ho said, were not competent to fill
tho vacancies, but quite a number of
good men were secured each day, and thoy
wero equally distributed nmoiig tho offices
in order to keep urgent work going.
With regard to the pressmen, it is said thnt
all the niou who struck havo fouud good jobs
Should tho striko contiuuo much longer
tho Knights of Labor will bo appealed
to, and aid will bo furnished from tho
general treasury of tho Order. Tho Printing
Trades' Section of tho Central Labor Union
has joined in tho battlo for the Union men.
Do Viune it Co. had a conforenco with their
striking compositors last night, but nothing
definite was docided upon. Tho men will
discuss n settlement among themselves to
Itlore Evidence, About tho Identity of Ihe
Woitinn Murdered at llnhwny.
New BnuNswiCK, N. J., Oct. 30. Sinco tho
namo of Anuio Ingraham has been associated
witn the identity of tho murdered girl at
Rohway, many persona b.ert recall tho strik
ing reseinblanco of Annio to tho
photograph of the victim of tho
myBtcrious crime. Ex-Chief Fitzgerald
and Dotectivo Gregory returned from
their secret mission at 11.9 last night.
They rofuscd to mako known tho result of
their search for tho alleged murderer of
Annie Ingraham, but loft tho impression that
the officers in charge of tho Contral Polico
Station at Philadelphia were working that
end of tho case.
It is belioved thot tho dotectivo has run
down tlio man who married Annie Ingraham
at Bound Brook on tho night of Dec. 7, 1880,
and who followed her when sho fled from
him on tho 8th to Philadelphia. Tho mar
riago was performed by Justice of tho
Peace Somniers at Bound Brook, who is said
to havo identified some of tho garments worn
by Annio on that occasion, ninny of which
sue left in the possession of Mary Wilson,
with whom sho boarded.
Tho detectives left hero at 10 a.m. to-day
in a carriage for Bound Brook, havinp; found
a shoemaker who measured Aunio In
graham's foot aud who also mended
a pair of shoes for her shortly before her de
parture. They returned this afternoon in
time to meet Mayor Daly and Marshal
'Jnkcr, of Railway, for consultation.
Distressing ('audition of a Hniui'lcM nml
FrlciulIrAi Old .11 mi.
In Ward 17, Bellevuo Hospital, is au old
man who hovers between life mid death from
tho effects of starvation. Ho is John Rogau,
sixty-two years of age, and a cotton spinner,
who was thrown out of work in
New England during n prolonged striko,
and was homeless and friendless. On Sunday
afternoon ho wandered into tho ruins of tho
cotton fire on Charleston and King streets.
He drew a canvass bag over his face and soon
fell asleep, with dump aud soggy cotton for
bed and covering,? On Wednesday tho work
men who aro employed by tho Underwriters
to save all tho cotton that is possible,
wheeled their barrows over tho resting-place
of tho tramp, and tho cotton yielded, causing
Rognn to utter a feoblo moan. In a fow mo
ments ho was extricated, but so weak aud
helpless that ho fell to the ground.
To tho workman Rogau mado tho startling
announcement that ho had lain there since
the day of the firo, on May 31, nnd Officer
Cummisky so reported at tlio Mercor Street
Polico Station. It rociuired hours of hard
work to resuscitate tho starved man, and
when ho reached Bellevuo Hospital ho
prosented ft pitiable spectacle From tho
tattered garments, which covered his enmei
ated framo! matted cotton hung in shreds,
'and his unshaven beard held so much of the
product that ho boro a striking reseinblanco
?r t. Von Wiiikln.
Tlijs morning Rogau was very weak and
could not retain any food on his stomach.
Ho is scarcely ublo to articulate, mid all that
ho could say was that ho had no homo,
money or friends, and for nearly
four days ho had kejit beneath tho
bules of half-burned and water-soakod cot
ton, hoping that death would put nn end to
his bufferings. Thero is only a baro hopo of
his recovery,
m m
Departure of Ilia New t.oteriior of llm
Huhaina InlnmU.
Halifax, N, S Oct. 20. A special from
St. John's, N. F., says: Sir Ambrose Shea, on
tho evo of his departure to assumotho offico
of Governor of the Bahama Islands, was pro.
sentcd with a highly complimentary address
signed by 3,f)00 of his fellow.citizens, repro.
senfiug all classes.
It will be remembered that a year ngo Sir
Ambrose was unpointed Governor of his uu.
tivo colony, 'lhat was nt tho time of the
Orange riots at Harbor Grace. Sir Ambrose
is a Roman Catholic, and tho Orange leaders
at first protested against the appointment,
but they aro now his statuichcst friends.
Sir Ambrose will stop in Now York on his
way to tho Bahamas,
The liimril Anuliml Cholera.
Health Ottlcer Kmllli paid a visit this morning to
Hoffman and Kwluburno Islands, and to
the detained steamship llrllannla. All the
quarantined people wcru found In good health.
Dr. Binlth reported that all tho llrltannla'a passen.
gcrs were also In good health and that Ihv vessel
was being thoroughly dUtnfccted.
- -'
A Rrrnt (Jnthrrln nt the Merlin of the
Conference, Committee nt Ihe Westmin
ster Ilotcl-Thn ,11 en Who Will Make the
Nomination Preliminary Qneitlon to be
Kellled Politician. Deeply Interested.
ffirTu1riMfil'fl OLITIOIAN8 of Tam-
fiJJirSu, ft Democracy began to
wmSK& V & Rather nt the Wcst
SiraXiYKmfLJkK i1'118'01 Hotel, nt the
ilLnil vjil'i'Mi Y corncr ' Sixteenth
f ill III I lwT 7-lf ll 8treet n n d Irving
fj TllTTmll ll II l,mco M enr'y nH 11
f UIyjWy'X o'clock this morning.
l-s'?i V upy ""toed from
i 53 r I cvory Bctln of tho
cPfl clY au Included
f ' "Iift looders, election dis.
l ' trict captains and
'rrrTTT primary workers,
niailil '- The conferoncocom.
lD&&JjJi--fi mittees of the two
Demncrntio machines
wero to meet at noon to arrange
n basis for union on a county
and judiciary ticket j to decide on n fair divi
sion of tho nominations ; to discuss the avail
ability of tho candidates for tho various
offices, nnd to talk over harmony and unity
from tho Supremo 'Court bench to nn Assem
blyman. To givo an idea of thoso who woro present,
it is only noccBsary to montion tho names of
tho membeis of ttie two confcrcnco commit
tees. Hero thoy aro :
County Democracy Senator Michaol
O. Murphy, Warden Thomas P. Walsh,
Polico Justice Daniel O'Reilly, Juror
Commissioner Charles Reilly, ex-Dop-uty
Coroner Philip E. Donlin, Congress
man Timothy J. Campbell, Lawronce It.
Wells, candldato for tho nomination for
Comptroller ; ex-Assemblyman Daniel Fat
tcrson, Police Commissioner John It. Voor
his, ex-Exciso Commissioner William P.
Mitchell, Polico Justice J. Henry Ford,
Isaiah Kaufman, ox-candidato for Col.
lector of Internal Rovenuo ; Attorney
for tho collection of personal taxes, Charles
S. Beardsleyi Aqueduct Land Appraiser,
Henry Aliens Suporvlsor of tho City Iltcvtd
Thomas Costigan; Polico Justice Maurice J.
Power.Polico Justice Henry Murray, Internal
Revenue Stamp Agent James McCartney,
Denis A. Spolllssy, cnudldate for the
nomination for Civil Justieo; ox
Alderman Patrick Korwiu, Collector
of eity rovenuo ; James J. Kelso, Henry O.
Hart, water route contractors; Police Justice
Andrew J. White, Alderman James .T.
Moouey and Firo Commissioner Henry D.
Purroy. Ex-Corporation Counsel John E.
Dcvclin aud Assistant District-Attorney John
R. Fellows wero added to tho committee.
Tammany Hall Polico Justice Patrick G.
Duffy, Alderman Patriok Divver, Register
James J. Sloviu, ox-Alderman Edward T.
Fitzpatrick. .npw (Jlerk in tho County Clerk's
office; Civil Justice Michaol Norton, Senator
Edward F. Reilly, Bernard Martin,
Order of Arrest Clerk in the
Sheriff's oflico ; ex-Alderman Geo.
Hall, James Fitzpatrick. Clerk in tho Fire
Department; Charles Stockier, brother of
Civil Justieo Alfred Stccklor; John J. Scan
uell, Deputy Sheriff Daniel Hanloy, ex-Alderman
Jomes Ilorkley, ox-Register John Reilly;
Richard J. Sullivan, Clerk in tho Supremo
Court; Congressman Francis B. Spinola,
Senator George W. Pluukitt, Firo Commis
sioner Richard Croker, Sheriff Hugh J.
Grant, County Clerk James A. Flack, Deputy
Register James J. Martin, ex-Judge John Mo
Quiiilo, Polico Justice Chus.Welde.ox-Benator
Georgo H. Forstcr and John II. J. Ronnor.
Added ox-offlcio ; Ex.Alrlerman John Coch
rane, Deputy County Clerk Thomas F. Gil-
roy, ex.Uudcr Sheriff Jool O. Stevens and
Sidney E. Cowen.
Theso committees havo boon out down to
Polico Justice Power, Police Justieo White,
Polico Justice Murray, Police Justieo O'Reil
ly, Polico Commissioner Voorhis, Congress
man Campbell und ox-Commissioner of Ex
cise Mitchell for tho County Democracy, and
Firo Commissioner Croker, Sheriff Grant,
County Clerk Flack, Register Slevin, Police
Justieo Woldo, ex-Alderman Barker and W.
Bourko Cockran for Tammany Hall,
Horry thnt I'ulrlrk I'ord Han Withdrawn Ills
Henry Georgo arrived front Albany this
forenoon, and on Evenino Wobld reporter
fouud him very busily engaged in getting
his paper ready for press. In reply to a
question as to the withdrawal of Patrick
Ford, of tho Irteh World, from his support,
Mr. Georgo merely said ; " I am sorry to see
Patrick Ford turn his baok on a cause that
he has so long and so well advocated."
Mr. Georgo olso informod the reporter that
ho was preparing an editorial iu relation to
the matter and it would appear in his paper.
It will contain all ho has to say oli tho subject.
I.onRobnrdPii Victim Worse.
Young John Ilarrett, who was shot hy the Italian
LonKolurdl, and who has heen hoverlnu tie
tuccn life und death In tho Chambers
Street Hospital, has grown decidedly worse
slme Monday, and but little hope Is entertained
by lloiise-Su won Wedeklnd of his recovery. No
visitors except his mother are allowed near blm,
and she scarcely ever leaves him.
Nrrnp of City -N'e.
The hrassworkers' lockout did not show any
fhanirntii-dny. Their men are still confident of
their ability to make their employers jlclrt.
Tho Itcv. Peter llr.idy will address the members
of the M. Airing Lund Letiinif , this evtnlnir, at St.
Airues's Chinch, Forty-third street, near Third
au-iiue. Father Hurley will preside.
In the Ksscx Market Police Court this morning
John llur.in aud Thomas Leonard, of r,9 Henry
street, pleaded Kulliy to a charge of robbing Mrs.
Alice Penman of I loo worth of silverware and
household utcuslls. They wero held for trial.
Jones YV. Kerns, hartendtr at Shang Draper's
hhWoii, Thirl-tlrt street and Sixth avenue, was
held lu ln ball by Justice Gorman at Jefferson
Market Court to-day for having- violated the Ex
else law,
dames MoColl, who was yesterday accused of
fredimt his wife nn rum for two weeks, ai this
morning put under f2V) bonds by JtMtlrc (lorinan
lu the Juirersuu Market 1'ollci' Court to pay his
wife $a week.
JohiiHean, a ilruiikcn and worthies longshore
man, was arraigned In the Jefferson Market Police
Court this morning on a charge of heating his wife
at 413 West Thlrt). ninth street. He wus sent to
Jail until his v, He could appear against blm.
The iHidroi nn unknown woman was found at
the fool f West Fourteenth street this morning.
It was that of ,i person about flfty-flve years, live
teet two ini'lies tall, and on It was a brown casta
mere drcts. brown underskirt, white apron,
black cloth jacket, a plaid shawl and cloth slip
pers, ll wus removed to tho Morgue.
The order requiring tho Police Board to show
cause w hy a peremptory uiaudainus should not
Issue, directing them to consider John J. O'Drlen
eligible for the position ot chief of the lliircau of
Kli'cllons, was returnable before Judge Honolulu,
of the riupremo Court, to-day, but as none of the
lawyers were present tho matter was adjourned
until Monday.
mm ' I
" nt Ha Made JVriw York Ton not for
Ho FurnUhr nail to Appear at tho Harlem
Dlausler Inquest.
Ex-Building Inspector Willinm J. Martin,
who was summarily dismissed for negligence
contributory to tho Harlem school disas
ter, surrendered himsolf at tho Coronors'
offico nt noon to-day. He had heard of Cor
oner Eidman's warrant for his arrest, and he
brought with him Christopher Boylan, of 352
East Twontioth street, who was willing to bo
surety for his appcaranco at tho inquest.
Coroner Eidman fixed tho bail at $5,000 aud
Mr. Boylan signed the papers.
Martin looked very much depressed. Ho
said that his removal was illegal mid that he
would suo for reinstatement.
" I was confused yestorday and mado a
mistake in pleading guilty to neglect iu
regard to tho recesses," ho said. " The fact
Is I told Father Kirner repeatedly that he
must mako a twelve-inch wall at the back of
tho recesses instead of an eight-inch wall.
" I also told him that ho could not build
abovo the second story until ho got
a pormit fiom tho department. He
wont on doing as ho liked, however,
and tho reason I did not act inoro promptly
1b that I knew ho had influence enough to
got tho pormit.
" Last Saturday I made up my mind that I
could not tako the responsibility of letting
him do as he llkod and made out a ' violation '
notice I would havo turned it in Monday
if I had not been attending a funeral."
When asked by on Evenino Wonu re
porter this morning what action could be
taken against Martin, Coroner Eidman said
that he could givo no definite information
until all the facta had been brought .out at
the inquest on the bodies ot thuvictirn. - .
"If tho inry find that Martin was criminnlly
negligent," he said, " I shall commit him to
await the action of tho Grand Jury, although
I remember that a similar attempt to punish
Uie negligent Building Inspector in tho Bud
densiek case was futile."
Cant, Hooker's detectives aro still looking
for Builder Kelly.
Secretary for Half a L'entnrr.
Tho annual meeting of tho Historical Society of
tho Unlvcrsallst denomination was held before tho
opening of the regular Unlversallsts' Convention
at the Church of the Dlvlno Paternity this morn
ing. The Secretary, Dr. Sawyer, of Tufta Col
lege, read his annual report. The following om
ccrs were elected for iho ensuing year: Presi
dent, Ihe ltev. Hlchard Eddy; Vice-President,
Olney Arnold, of Ilhode Island; Secretary, tae
Ilev. Thomas J. Sawyer, D. D., of TufU College,
Mass.; Treasurer, tho Rev. F Davis; Trustees,
the ltev. V. E. Tomllnson aud Oarnard Potter.
After the election, President Eddy called atten
tion to the fact that Dr. Sawyer had now served as
Secretary of tho Society for flfty-one years. A
vote of thanks was tendered to Dr. Sawyer.
Tip from ' The Evening World's " Tlrker.
A prominent visitor to the street to-day says that
railroad matters in Wlnnepegare looking up.
The bears this morning prophesy 1834 panlo
prices for the St. I'aul, Union Pacific and all Korth
' western stocks.
Jay Could says most emphatically that he Is not
after (he Denver and ItloGrando aa a Western out
let for the Missouri Pacific.
The bull leaders are at It vigorous by this morn
ing, and the entire temper of tho market can, for
once, be said to be " bullish."
Western Union advancement of rates la looked
for by the Street, President Green's statement to
the contrary, notwithstanding.
The consolidation of the main line of the Little
Itock X Eastern and tho Arkansas A Southern is
being discussed In St. Louis to-day.
Yesterday's hammering strength of the Bate
man and Commack combination Is the talk and
admiration of the Street tbls morning.
Fourteen railroads yesterday reported earnings
for the first two weeks of tho month, and In every
case an Increase was shown over last year.
Bear war-cry for the day Incorporated the Ina
bility of the Transcontinental roads to come to
any agreement, and the general bad outlook of the
Tho annual Inspection of the Pennsylvania Hall
road Is now being made by President Huberts and
a party of directors. Will It result lu an Increased
Mr. Huntington has decided to put rates down to
a killing point on all through business, while Mr.
Gould Is expected to carry out the same programme
on business North and South.
Mr. Connor says to-day that It Is hardly fair to
call him cither a bull or a bear, aa lu pulnt ol fact
ho is on the fence, although just at present
slightly Inclined to the long side.
"When will the public recover Its senses?" A
hull query propounded by White, Wormser and
Pear-all, whu see nothing but good features In the
situation und look for higher prices.
A Manhattan hull miollaoneof tho "ondlt "of
the Street to-day. The expense-saving policy of
the road would seem to Indicate that sago had
pronounced di signs lu that direction.
The report that the Baltimore and Ohio and
Hlchmond Termlual are to bo directly connected
aud worked lu harmony with the other Trunk
Hues la not credited In authoritative quarters.
Ittissell Suge and Jay Gould both tako that lawt
ault matter pleasantly and philosophically. "No
worried In the least, you know, and rather glad
that the old sore Is to be specifically treated."
Notwithstanding the general advance In railroad
earnings, the Denver and Western, and the Peo
ria, Decatur and Krunsvlllo roads both show a
slight decrease beluw the October record of lssa.
It Is currently reported on 'change that, notwith
standing the backing and tilling of the past two
weeks, Ithas been definitely agreed that S'urthern
Piicinc Is to bo a party to tho Joint lease ot Oregon
George Washington Chllds, of tho Philadelphia
Ledorr, was on the sireet to-day, closeted with J.
Plcrpout Morgan and olhers of his personal
friends. Ilia visit to this city Is said to lie con
nected with the business of Ills paper.
The Street regards yesterday's Transcontinental
meeting in Chicago as a lizzie. Nothing was done,
aud the prospects are lhat cut rates have come to
stay all winter. So says President Stlcknoy, of the
Minnesota and Northwestern Itallroad Company.
A prominent railroad man says to-day In refer
ence to the position of tho Atchison Road, that It Is
encroaching on territory that does not belong to It,
and wherecrlt goes, it insists on a division of
business, which la regarded aa a premium paid to
new llnvi, aud is refused.
' -V
Canada May Have Free Trade with tho H
Knlled Htnten, but IfHhe No Decide. Hue. J
Mimt Separate Trom the Mother Coonlrr vH
Why He Doe Not Want Irish Home Ilulel tfl
KMnbllnhed-Afrnlrii In Other Lands. VH
Toronto, Out., Oct. 20.-The Globe to-da
publishes the following cablegram s 11. ,'
Joseph Chamberlain, in his speech at Belfast jH
last Saturday, said: "Mr. Gladstone )jH
has on many occasions referred y?JH
to tho caso of our solf-govcrnine 4Ln!
colonics as an illustration of homo rule. la !
his recent speeches he spoko of Now South S
Wales ; in a previous ono ho has spoken o .fi
Canada but aro we going to blind ourselves fl
to tho faot that tho tie which con- ,i
nocts us with our solf-governing coloniofl ilH
itj ono of tho slenderest descriptions; onjl 'H
that can bo broken at pleasuro by any ono ot 'tH
those colonies, and that wo should havo iXH
nothing to soy to it? Already the great ftlaH
colonies havo full control ovor matters olj .H
criminal law, judicial and internal taxation. j
They mako their own tariff. Somo havo an '
army of militia of their own and are now 9H
getting a separate navy. Tho arrangement ' Irtl
between tho colonics nnd ourselves ia "VH
essentially a temporary one. It can- f)H
not remain as it is. Either, as I -M
hopo will be tho case. it will IS
in tho future bo strengthened by ties oC iH
federation (cheors) or bo loosod nltogethor. "Innnfl
Already you have in Canada, tho greatest of , -:H
all tho colonies, an agitation for what is! JH
called commercial union with tho V-vftnnnl
United States. Commercial union -with tsB
tho United States means freo MM
trado between America and the Dominion 1
and a protectivo tariff against the mother tH
country. If Canada desires that, Canada con. "VH
have it, but Canada knows perfectly well LbbI
that commercial union with the United States H
means political separation from Great Britain, "ujH
for it is quite impossible that Great Britain vfH
Bhould retain all the responsibilities and 'VH
obligations of tho Colonial connection when
all the advantages are taken away. Thereforo 1'H
let us not shut our eyes for a moment to -aSbbbb!
the fact that if, when called npon to consider -'H
tho caso of Ireland, a proposition is put for- 9H
ward making Ireland like Canada or Not? IH
South Wales. We nro called upon to con vH
aider a proposition for separation, whatever' 'M9H
our opponents may call it, for the creation '.JH
of Ireland as a separate kingdom probably H
a separate republic. It must be on that IH
ground and understanding that wo discuss' :'H
iho conditions. IvH
While Queotlonlnc; Ills Judgment tho London) .ffjH
Paper Admire Ilia Oratorv. 11
-IxaroD-Oct; 20, Tho Daily Telegraph, 'SH
commenting on Mr. Gladstone's speeches, ,?H
says : " While regretting Mr. Gladstono'tf ItH
course, which bears tho fatal stamp of look o( -iB
friendly counsol, we cannot help admlrina lill
tho fluency of tongue and physical robustness H
with which ho still maintains his rhetorical . t
reputation." 4vi
Tho Daily Chronicle says: "Tho country juH
will put its own interpretation upon Mr, !it
Gladstone's genial reticcuco in regard to UIsU JH
ter." II
The Times says : " It is a fact beyond queft. 'J
tionthatMr. Gladstone's oratorical perform-
aneo beats the record of all statesmen who-i wjH
ever attempted to govern a country by Uiq ln
gift of speech. We stand amazed at the fo, 'H
cundity of language and tho physical endur- .JJB
onco displayed by a man completing soventy- a
eight years." H
Illlle. Kotlnclilld'n Brilliant Wedding. H
Pabis, Oct. 20. Tho wedding to-day o$ iH
Albert Edward Sassoon and Miss Alice do ,
Rothschild, at the Synagogue of the Ruei jg
Victoire, was a brilliant affair. Mora sfifl
than 4,000 invitations had been issued- lJ
Tho Diplomatio Corps was largely repre- ,B
Rented. Baron Gustavo do Rothschild gave) -,?j
away his daughter. The bridal party num. KJfjH
bered 150, and included many member ot t$
the Rothschild family. "ftH
Russia May Ileilure Import Duties. $H
Behlin, Oct. 20. It is stated that the Rua. !BH
sian Government intends to reduce some ofi
the present import duties. It is said that tho) SuM
reduction upon English goods will be twenty 'Jrfl
per cent., and on French goods ten per cent.i '-&H
but that there will be no reduction whnteTezj H
in German imports. ''aB
Foreign Flnsbes. '.-iitlH
It has been decided, In accordance with the ad- hsElnfl
vice of his physicians, that the Crown Prince shall MH
remove from llavarta and pass the winter at pan '.XjH
Itemo. i'sIm
The Caffarel scandal continues to agitate tha 'itf,
Paris public mind, although tho worst is not '?
known and curiosity over the subject is abating, i WpW
m m 'IRiH
Hnnps From the Sounder. flgufl
St. Pacl, Minn., Oct. so. Engineer Baker, ot JnjH
the Hi. Paul and Duluth Itallroad, was killed In a WtM
collision last night. . TOM
Sr. Pacl, Mlun., Oct. 20. It Is rumored hero, ' sSPfl
thai work on the now brunch to Omaha of the BU- S"B
Paul aud Duluth Itallroad will begin at ouce. 'SM
Helena, Mon., Oct. to. The First National MM
Hank of Helena has been swindled recently out of -JIM
several hundred dollars by bogus checks, purport- c
iiigtohave been drawn by tho Century Company, ..iiJSM
of New York. ' OjH
Quebec, Oct. 20. Tho first nieetlugof the Inter- &H
provincial Congress tul.es place to-day. Premier 'iB
.Mowat, of Ontario, will he nroposcd as Chairman, $M
aud Premier Mercier, of Quebec, will open iho ?
meetlug with au address. M
Connbixsvillk, Pa., Oct. so. Jonas Murphy,- "fB
formerly of this county, arrived hero yesterday la Mf9
a two-horse wagon, having driven all the way aEm
from Tom Greene County, Texas, a distance ot .
s.ioo miles. Hw trip consumed over four months.' !
Ills wife died at Little Itock, Ark., and ho made MB
the remainder ot the trip alone. - afl
letter Carry Yonr Umbrella To-Nlght. 3gH
. vv 'y . Washington, Oct.so.- -B
vvv grf I ForCoiuinitcutanaXatt 'M
VR-y. V urn i'no York: Warmer, m
T ffitL V I "'"' """'" "olw Jail
kirB l bu rail1' "gM to Jtttl 19
'h &Jf H KirtaW winas, tecomj dH
iru 0 '"C louthttxiterly. aLl
for Eastern Jttwwti 'H
KjHta and .Veto Jertvi U'armer, rainy ; Jrtn.ti , jjH
britkcariaMvUwU, becoming outtoixU-rlV -"'H

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