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f LAST- Slfe ' LAST 1
An Opinion from the Corporation Counsel
that Lost Tuesday's Keslstrullon li I.rnl,
Although Held on the Wrong Day The
Election Hoard In Session A II I it Vote
Expected aa a Result of the Error.
NXIETY was tho dom-
VSt inant sentiment to-dny
j-rwffiLj tho Board of Elections
i Ywi3avll Brooklyn, and thoy
OirW Jdid Bomo pretty hard
e22Ptjttn'nk'nB to flndawoy
out of tho predicament
f uto which thoy got
zytf tho city by ordering a
"Q "". session of tho Boards
r M)h ot Bcgistry in tho 205
f Tri rTtrK, 3 oloction districts on
J$fitifi. Tuesday last under tho
"TnnjnTnljlKrfSn misapprehension that
iijLrT I J it was tho day pro-
ass ijC scribed by tho statute
-,55, for tho registration of
voters for tho Novom-
bcr election. Tlicy say that thoir Chief
Clerk, Sir. Andrews, is entirely to blame.
Tho Election law of 1884, as amended in
1B86, prescribes that tho days of registration
shall bo the last Tuosday of Soptembor, tho
second Tuesday in October and tho Tuesday
occurring two weeks boforo election.
Elaction occurs " tho first Tuosday
lifter tho first Monday in NoTombor." This
year November begins on Tucsdny, thus put
ting eloetion day off to tho furthest limits, tho
8th. Last year it occurred on No v. i, and Chief
Perry of tho Board of Eloctiona.says that Chief
Clerk Andrews in compiling his registry lists
from last year's books, issued his noticos for
tho 18th because it seemed nearest to tho date
of tho last registry in 1880, which fell on
Oct. 21.
Chief Clerk Andrews declined to talk about
the matter to-day, and, in fact, he and his
force Beemed to bo afraid to give any inform
ation to tho reporters.
Corporation Counsel Almet F. Joncks held
a consultation with Judges Pratt and Cullcn,
of the Supremo Court. Both Justices wero of
opinion that no judicial settlement of
tho question of tho legality of
last Tuesday's registration could bo
obtained until some one with a grievance
S resented it to tho Court. This could bo
one by having a Board of Registry strike
off one of the names registered last Tuosday.
when tho voter whose namo was stricken off
could apply for a mandamus compelling its
This action was thought unnecessary, how
ever, and to-doy Corporation Counsol Jencks
submitted his opinion to Mayor Whitnoy. It
was in effect that the Board of Elections had
made an undoubted .error in fixing last
Tuesday as a day of registry, but that tho
error did not vitiato the registry lists and those
'who has registered would do entitled to
vote. However, this does not reliovo the
Boards of Registry from compliance with tho
law which fixes tho Tuesday two weeks pre
ceding the election on tho last day of regis
try. ' ! they must sit igaln at tho several
poll. os on Tuesday next.
L Benjamin F. Tracy, of tho Court
of A; ..s, was of tho samo opinion. Ho
said:,," lnere can be no trouble unless somo
cantankerous inspoctor of election rofuBcs
tho vote of somo ono who registered last
Tuesday, and even then the trouble would
only come to tho inspector. It is
absurd to suppose that tho whole election in
this great State would bo vitiated by an error
which will deprive no one of tho opportunity
to register, and it is equally absurd
to . suppose that any court would
declare the election void bo
cause citizens acknowledged to be
entitled to vote had been registered on a
wrong day, through no fault of thoir own.
Of courso a defeated candidate might np-
fieal to the courts on tho ground of
his irregularity, but unless ho can
ehow that voters wero doprived of tho
right of franchise by it, or that men who
wore not legal voters had by it been permit
ted to cast their ballots, ho would bo thrown
out of court. The registry is all right, and
it is not at all necessary lor those who op.
peared last Tuesday to go boforo tho Boards
nf Wnfistrv nrnin on next Tucsdav."
The chairmen of tho various Registry Boards
mado their reports to-day to the Board of
Elections, depositing a copy of tho registry
,up to Tuesday night last, when they
supposed their labors had ceased
as Registrars. But each whs informed
that another day of registry must bo
had next Tuesday. Their returns
show that 120,077 citizens have registered, tho
largest number over rccordod in the city ex
cept in 1884, when there wore 127,000 voters
on tho lists. "With an extra day tho latter
'figure should be outdono, and tho result of
the error of tho Board of Elections may be
that Brooklyn will cast a larger vote than
ever before In her history.
At tho headquarters of the Democratic
Campaign Committee an Evenino World ro-
porter was informed that tho most eminent
lawyers of tho party would bo consulted,
and if they wero of opinion that it was
I necessary, tho working comraittco would
take steps to get all Domocratio voters who
were registered last Tuesday to go again to
tho places of registry next Tuesday. Tho
general opinion was that this would bo un
necessary. There Is auothor phaso of tho matter which
is not calculated to delight tho taxpayers of
Brooklyn. Tho places of registry were
rented for four days : three for purposes of
registration and ono for tho eloetion.
They wore rented at a uniform
rate of S5 a day, and tho registrars also
receive by law $5 per day for this service.
An additional exponse will theroforo be sad
died on tho city of about $4,000 for
the 700 registrars, $1,325 in rental for tho
places of registry, making a total extra cost
to tho city on account of tho blunder of tho
Board of Elections of about 5,300. Clerk
Andrews, on whom tho blame is laid, is a Re
publican. Ho has been clork of tho Board of
Elections twelve years.
Tne Board of Elections is non-partisan.
It is composed of Timothy Ferry. President,
and Charles H. Cotton, Republicans, and
ohu GUbertson, Democrat, who wero ap-
Jioiuted by Mayor Low, and Thomas V.
'orter, a Democrat, who was appointed by
Mayor Whitney. Their salary is S2,00
year each and thoir term two years.
At the Headquarters of tho Republican
County Committee thero was strong condem
nation of tho careless work of tho Board of
LlectionB. No ono attaches any political Big.
uificanca to the error, though in any year
where there was no defection from the Demo.
i,rML TrtJr BUoli 8 tho Labor movement
;! i "nOMt would naturally gain by
Ji; tnorsd registry and Implied full vote.
ne litrabllcni express regret that another
!r tmit 1 had for registry on this account,
hni 3nrs satisfaction with tho registry as
II jW. ;ms Tuesday night.
A Ship's Carpenter) While Insane, Murder
the Captain and Fire Sailors.
Copenhagen, Oct. 20. Tho following hor
riblo story of a bloody tragody on tho high
seas has just been learned from tho offlcorsof
tho Danish steamship Morso, which arrived
in port yostcrday, having in tow tho Russian
schooner Johannes, which sho had picked up
at sea in a helpless condition :
Tho ship's carpenter on board tho Johannes,
whoso actions for somo time had been very
queer, was seized with a fit of homicidal in
sanity, and, arming himself with somo of his
sharpest tools, ho suddenly ran amuck
among tho crow. Boforo tho orow
could rocovcr from their fright
and surpriso ho had killed five
sailors, cutting them frightfully. Tho Cap
tain then came to tho assistonco of tho crew,
when tho maniac turned upon him and cru
elly murdered him with liis Bharp tools.
The mato then took a hand in tho
struggle and a torriblo battlo followed.
Finally, however, with tho assistonco of tho
survivors of tho orew, who had recovered
from their panio, tho mato succeeded in over
powering and binding tho crazy carpenter.
The man was badly woundod, and after the
man was secured, fainted from loss of
blood. The crew then hoisted a signal
of distress, which tho Danish steamer Morso
observed, and, boarding thoJohannes, found
tho prisoner bound, the mato half dead and
tho crow helpless. She immediately took tho
sohooner in tow and arrived hero with hor
yesterday morning. Tho authorities havo
commenced an inquiry into tho oircura
stances. Tho carpenter, who is raving mad,
has boon sont to an asylum.
Two Mnss3IeetlnKS to be Held Here To.
Night Many Speakers Invited.
The mass-meetings arranged for to-night to
aid tho condemned Chicago Anarchists will
bo held in Cooper Union Hall and Sulzer's
Harlem River Park. A circular has been
extensively scattered about tho city announc
ing that tho meetings will bo under tho
auspices of District Assembly No. 49 of the
Knights of Labor, and of tho Central Labor
Union. A largo number of well-known
men in tho oity and adjoining towns have
been invited to make addresses, but it is
likely that few of them will respond. Editors
Bhevitch and Jonas, Cant. Black, Lawyers
Hearing and Wakeman, Edward King, Henry
Emerich, John Swlnton and others will de
liver speeches.
Gen. Roger A. Pryor, Gen. Benjamin F.
Butler and Copt. Black, of Chicago, will
leave for Washington this afternoon at 4
o'clock to ask Justico Harlan to-morrow
morning to issue an ordor of arrest of execu
tion of sentence in tho Anarchists' case.
Chicago, Oct. 20. In tho Criminal Court
yesterday State Attorney Grinnell took action
which seoms to indicato that he is certain
that the condemned Anarchists will be exe
cuted on Nov. 11. Judge Baker was about
sentencing a thief to thirty days' im
prisonment, when tho State Attorney
requested that the sentenco bo shortened, so
that it would expire boforo tho date of the
executions, stating that it was desirable to
have as few prisoners in the jail at that time
as possible Judgo Baker acceded and made
the sentence fiftoon days.
Contradictory Stories About the Murder of
the (! ambler "Uoo" Harlan.
San Fbancxsco, Cal., Oct. 20. Tho special
correspondent of the Examiner tolegTaphs
from Los Angeles that ho has seen Hattlo
Woolste'en. She lies in her coll in tho county
jail and tho poison has impaired her health
seriously, if it does not provo fatal. In hor
delirium sho tried to commit suicide thrco
A wild statement was mado by the gambler
associate of Dr. Harlan last nigh). Ho says
that Harlan appeared to him last Monday
night in disguise and stated that he
(Harlan) had killed and burnod a
man named Oliver, a cousin of Hattie
Woolsteen, because Oliver demanded repara
tion for the wrongs done Hattio. Now this
Oliver has disappeared. A Los Angeles story
is to tho effect that he helped Hattlo murder
Dr. Harlan, and the public do not know what
to believe.
lie Says that nictliln had Nothing to Do
With the Attack on Mrs. Cleveland.
Sr. Paul, Minn., Oct. 20. The Minneapo
lis Tri&imethis morning contains o statement,
signed by William Edwin Haskell, assuming
tho responsibility for tho attack on Mrs.
Cleveland. He says that Blethin know
nothingof it, and that tho article was written
by one Dr. Shaw.
Haskell's father, of tho Boston Herald,
reaches here to-day, and Blethin may buy or
sell the paper.
A Candidate's Curious Halt Tor blander.
POTTSVILLE, Pa., Oct. 20. A curious suit for
Blander and damages has been brought hero by
William WUhelni, Fusion candidate for Jadge,
against Capt. Richard Kabn. Tho complainant
charges that Halm, while at rine Grove lost week,
circulated a Btory that Wllbelm had a dog and had
him registered under tho nwsftj ot "Jesus Christ "
at the Court-IlouBe. An order for Harm's arrest
was issued at the Instance of John A. Nash, Wll
helm's counsel. Itahu heard of the Intended
arrest, and when spoken to denied the story In
toto. Itnhn Is a leading Democratic politician, and
U now clerk to the Mine Inspectors.
Disastrous Fires In Han Francisco.
Ban Francisco, Oct. 20. A lire In the Fulton
Iron Works at 9 o'clock last night communicated
with Hlnkley, Spies A Hayes's machine shop, the
Hammond car Works and Greenbcrg's brass foun
dry. The losses are: Fulton Iron Works, 1100.
ooo; Hlnkley. Spies A Hayes, SW.OOO; Hammond.
$20,000; Grcenberg, $10,000. Tho losses are well
Insured, but 600 men aro thrown out of employ
ment. .
Dedication of Mr. Huntington's Chapel.
Watkbbcry, Conn., Oct. !. C. I. Huntlng
ton, tho railroad magnate, arrived In Torrlngton
last night with a party of friends on a special train
of Pullman cars. To-day ho was present at the
dedication of the elegant memorial chapel which
ho has erected In Harwlnton, hU early home. The
chapel Isoneot tho costliest of the kind In New
Wilmot Goes to the Washington.
Bt. Padl, Minn., Oct. &).-Valter Wilmot, left
fielder of the St. Paul luVeball Club, signed a con
tract early to-day t Ith Ted Sullivan for the Wash-lactone.
Fell .Six Hundred Feet.
Halifax, V. 8., Oct, ).-Peter Linnot to-day
foil fset down the shaft olthe Utile Bay copper
win and broke hU neck, back and both legs.
The Feeling- Is Abroad That the Powerful
Millionaire and: Ills Friends Have Gone
Into the Hide-Tannin Duslness Shorts
In Western Union Have a I.hcly Morn
Ins; (losulp ou the (Street To. Day.
fN Wall streot this
morning for an hour
or moro after the
opening tho contest
betweou tho bull and
bear forces was noth
ing moro than a guo
rilla warfare, in which
tho noisy bids
nnd offers formed
a far moro conspicu
ous fcaturo than tho
transactions actually
effected. Tho bears
gave Beading and Now
Jersey Central a hit
and sold them, down
respectively to 69
and 71, but they woro careful
not to overstep tho mark, and notwithstund
tho fact that Cauimack was down bright and
early in Willard's office thoy refused to bo led
into making heavy sales for tho short account.
The feeling got abroad that cither Gould
or those training with him had put on their
war-paint and wero going into tho
" hiclo tunning business." Gould has
certainly given tho bulls encour
agement by his disavowal of any con
nection with tho recent attacks upon tho
market, and by his constant predictions that
those who wero venturesome enough to put
money into his properties would como out
all right in tho end, Tho scalps
of the shorts in Manhattan was first sought
for and that stock was snddnly put up to
104Jf from 100K at the close yesterday. Then
the shorts in Western Union woro given a livo
ly time, tho price being advanced to 76K and
reports gaining currency that tho acquisition
of tho Commoroial Cablo by tho company
would bo officially announcod shortly. In
order to make tho punishment of tho bears
complete. Missouri l'aciuc rushed up from
SIX to 83X.
When tho Gould stocks dovelopod genuine
strength tho bulls began thoir work in
earnest, and everything on tho list from
New York Central down to ltichmond
Terminal was taken in hand and ad
vanced '1 a 2 per cent. It was rumored
that Armour, 8wift, and tho othorbig Chicago
dealers in meat products, had como into
Sticknoy's stock-yard scheme, and that
in consideration of this, Sticknoy's
Minnesota and Northwestern road
would bo taken out of tho flold
as u disturber of tho peace of tho railr6ad
situation in the Northwest. In othor words,
it was said to foreshadow an early settlement
of tho fight in that section. This
left tho bears without a? leg to stand
on and they tried to cover as host thoy could,
taking caro, however, to inform thoir follow
ing that tho rise would speedily come to an
end and that those Vrho bought now would,
have to pay dearly for their temerity.
Thero was a lively borrowing demand for
stocks. Lake Shore lent flat a 1-128, North
ern Pacific preferred at 1-32, Now York Cen
tral fiat a 1-64 and Chicago, Burlington &
Quinoy at 1-16 a H per cent, per diem for
use. St. Paul lent at 2 and .other leading
shares 2 a 8 per cent, for carrying.
Money is easier hero at about 4 per cent, on
call ana 5 per cent, on call, and in London
tho rate of discount in tho open market is
down to 3 per cent.
Op'n. Ittijtx, Low,
Cansds Sonthrn....... MX BJX M
Cl.te.. Col., Cln. i lnd W MS 60
Chlo. Ilnr. i Qatncj 1M 128) 1M
ChlCAgo 4 Northwe.t 10V ', 1W
Oh!cw, MUwuakiw 4 St. Pul 11H 71'.' 71
Chlcw Rock Ialind Psctfle. lit 114 11
Colorado i Hooking Coal Wl 37 KU
Colorado Goal A Iron 31? 3'J 812
D.I.. Lack. 4 W.atern 1J4 W5 UjS
Delaware A Uodaon, 8)i ! Srt
DenTorAKloOraodpfd oAt ftft'a 65
K. Tenn., Va. 4 Oaorria 10 10 10
E. Term.. Va. 4 Ua. Id pfd 20H 2U 30W
lnd., Illoom. 4 WuMrn 13k 13H 13
LoulfTille 4 NaahTllla B0, 67k 66C
LakoShoro, 1 W!i 01
Laks Erie i Weitern 1H UM UH
Manhattan Beaoh 10 .10. 10
Manhattan Oonaol 101 llHtf 101
I Memnhla 4 Charleston 5k 5U 45K
Mlchlxan Central..... 84 8H 84
Mine. 4 Rt. Louis pfd 30 30 M
Mlesonrt Pacific..., 88 SOU 87
Mlsaouri. Kanaaa 4 Texaa 31. 31' 31
New Jersey Central 71i 732 71
New York Central Vliji 105J 103t
New York 4 New England , 37 ' a? 37
N. Y,, Chicago 4 81. Louts pfd 37K 37 W 3lJ
N. Y.,LakeErle4 Weetem ,,.. 38V 26', 36
N. Y..8uqnehanna 4 Western pfd.. 36)2 3S 36tJ
Norfolk 4 Western 14 14 It
Norfolk 4 Western pfd 37 37 37
Northern Pacific 30M 30;J 30
Northern I'acltio pref Wi 44j 43K
Otlio 4 Mississippi...., 33 33X TUi
Oregon Hallway 4 Nark 06 86 8S
Oregon 4 Transcontinental IS IV lU
Oregon TraproTement. 37U 37V S7&
Paclflc Mall 3jQ 3JJJ 3S2
Philadelphia 4 Reading l.0tf 61 60!,
Peoria. Decatur 4 E?aus 30 30 19)4
Pnllraan Palace Car Oo.. 14IIM 146U 140
ltichmond 4 West Point Ter, 331, 33.', 3J
Hlcb. 4 West Point Ter. pfd 63 6.1 M
Ht. Panl40maha , SAti H7 30
r3t. Paul, Minn. 4 Manitoba 07 OH 07
St. Lrrala 4 Han Fran, pfd C7U M 67M
Texas Pacific. V3 .' 33 TJ'J
Tennesnee Coal 4 Iron 3tV Wl 34
Union Pacific..,.., 46!, 4T)J 45
Western Union Telegraph 76H 76Z 76)
Wheeling 4 Lake Erie 41 41 41
Extra diTidend.
Tip from " Tlie livening: World's TlcUer.
A prominent visitor to the street to-day eajs that
railroad matters In Wlnnepeg are looking up.
The bears this morning prophesy 16R4 panto
prices for the SU Paul, Union 1'aclQo and all North
western stocks.
Jay Gould says most emphatically that be Is not
after the Denver and Hlo Orando as a Western out.
let for the Missouri Pacific.
Western Union advancement of rates Is looked
for by tho Street, President Green's statement to
the contrary, notwithstanding.
The consolidation of the main lino of thu Little
Hock fr Eastern and the Arkansas A Southern Is
being discussed In St. Louis to-day.
Fourteen railroads yesterday reported earnings
for the Drat two weeks of the month, and In every
case an Increase was shown over last year.
Dear war-cry for the day Incorporated the Ina
bility of the Transcontinental roads to come to
any agreement, and tho general bad outlook of tho
Mr. Huntington has decided to put rates down to
a killing point on all through business, whllo Mr.
Gould la expected to carry out the same programme
on business North and South.
Mr. Connor says to-day that It la hardly fair to
call hliu either a bull or a bear, as In point of fact
be is on the fence, although Just at present
lightly Inclined to the long side.
"When will thepubllo recover Us senses?" A
bull query propounded by White, Wormseranrt
Pearsall, who see nothing but good features In the
situation and look for higher pvlces.
A Manhattan bull pool la one of the " on dlt " of
the Street to-day. The expense-saving policy of
the road would seem to Indicate that Sage had
pronounced designs In that direction.
The report that the Baltimore and Ohio and
ltichmond Terminal are to be directly connected
and worked In harmony with the other Trunk
lines is not credited in authoritative quarters.
Russell Sage and Jay Oould both take that law.
nit matter pleasantly and philosophically. "Not
worried In the least, you know, and rather glad
that the old sore la to be specifically treated. ,r
llendy to Arrrat Vnnilrbllt' Bon-ln-I.nw
No Requisition l'robnble.
Lancasteh, N. H., Oct. 20. Tho Orand
Jury of this county has found an indictment
against Dr. V. Seward Webb, noti.in.liwv of
tho loto William H. Vandorb.lt, and Major
W. 11. Wotmoro, both of New York, for over
driving. Tho occasion of tho criminal indictment of
tho distinguished Now Yorkers was tho
famous drivo whicn thoy took from tho Qlen
Houso to the summit of Mount Wash
ington on Sept. 7 last, a distance of eight
milos up tho steep mountain roadway, which
wbb porformed in ono hour, nino minutco
forty-sovou seconds, bolng tho quickest timo
on rocord. Thoy rodo behind a pair of
horses and woro accompanied by Mrs. Wct
inoro and a driver.
Shortly afterwards tho citizens became in.
dicnaut and proposed to prosecute them.
Dr. Webb and Major Wotmoro left tho vicin
ity, but tho driver was arrested and was
hold, for tho action of tho Grand Jury.
In tho mean timo Mr. Marvin, a hotel pro
prietor, and Mr. Houry Hurt, editor of
tmonj the Clouds, a newspaper printed on
Mount Washington, became interested and
appeared as witnesses beforo the Grand Jury
and secured tho indictment.
The driver was discharged.
Thero is no disposition to seouro a requisi
tion, if that wero possible, for tho indicted
mon, but if thoy over appear at tho White
Mountains they will be arrested at-once.
Sbe Arrived nt Liverpool TliU Morning; No
Let Up In the Cubic Fight.
Londok, Oct. 20. Mrs. Garfield nrrived in
Liverpool oarly this morning. Bho was mot
by Horry Garfield and Consnl Russell. Sho
will spend somo timo in tho south of Eng
land. On board the City of Richmond, which
sailed on tho 18th inst., wero John Adair,
John Carter, Gordon dimming, tho Misses
Horwood, Helen Matthows, Rev. P. J. Mo
Onner, Dram Stoker, Miss E. Do Silva, Miss
Urquhart and Sig. Franz Volta
Tho dinner of the Bnrtholdi Association is
fixed for tho 28th inst. Count do Lesseps
will preside. M. Bartholdl is still in Alsaco
at Colmar, but ho will bo in Paris for tho
Tho Atlantio Cable war is by no means at
an end.
Mile. Ttotlierlilld'a Ilrllllnnt Wedding;.
Faiiis, Oct. 20. Tho wedding to-doy of
Albert Edward Sassoon and Miss Alice do
Rothschild, at tho Synagogue of tho Rue
Victoire, was a' brilliant affair. Moro
than 4,000 invitations had been issued.
The Diplomatic Corps was largely repre,
sented. Baron Gustavo de Rothschild gavo
away his daughter. Tho bridal party num
bered 150, and included many nieinbors of
the Rothschild family.
Rnaala May Iteducevlmpoirt .Duties.
Berlin, Oct. 20. It is stated that tho Rus
sian Government intends to reduce some of
tho present import dntios. It is said that tho
reduction upon English goods will be twenty
per cent. , and on French goods ten por cent. ,
but that there will be no reduction whatever
in German imports.
Mr. Nlroll Hajm the Cane Cannot be Taken to
the United ejtntrn Supreme Court.
There is no appeal to tho United States
Supreme Court for Jacob Sharp, in the
opinion of Assistant District-Attorney De
Lanccy Nicoll.
He says that the constitutional question
involved arises on a clause in tho Constitu
tion of the Stato of Now York, and can bo
disposed of by tho court of last resort in this
This clause in tho State Constitution is not
in conflict with tho bill of rights in the
Federal Constitution, and is not reviewable
by the Supreme Court.
The Club Will Play Moth nt Washington and
Ilaltlmnre To-Morrotv.
Washington, Oct. 20. Tho game of base
ball which was to have boon played kero this
afternoon between the St. Louis Browns
and the Detroit club has been postponed
on account of rain until to-morrow
morning at 10.30. Tho scheduled gamo at
Baltimore will bo played ou timo to-morrow
afternoon. Tho World's Championship party
will leave Washington for Baltimore this
afternoon at 6 o'clock, spend tno night in tho
city and return hero to-morrow morning.
1'iinernl of Peter Krinblr.
Tho funeral of Peter Kemble, who died suddenly
on Oct. IB, In front of No. 171 Broadway, took
place from his home, No. 37 East Ninth street, this
morning. Tho services were conducted
by tho Rev. Jlytton Mauri, of Goshen, N. Y.
Among those present were Uluhard Parrot, Lock
wood De Forrest, W. Simmons, Judge I'cabody,
John L. Cadwullader, Mr. ami Mrs. Morse, John
Johnson and several other friends and relatives
of tho deceased. Tho Interment took place at
Congrenaman Ilryre'n Loam.
In splto of the fact that Siso reward has been
offered for the return of a satchel presumably
lost In tho Jersey City Hallroad depot to tho Dre
voort Mouse, the finder has not yet put In an ap
pearance. On Inquiry, It n as found that the satchel
is the property of Congressman Lloyd S. Ilrycc,
the son-ln-Uw of ex-Mayor Cooper, and that It
contained several artlrles of valuable Jewelry.
Ab Mr. Ilryce could not be found to-day the extent
of his loss could not be ascertained.
i m s.
Perhaps Thry Were Not I'ngagrd at All.
St. VjlVL, Minn., Oct. !.-Col. A. K. Kockwell,
one of the late President Garfield's most Intimate
friends, says that ho does not think that Miss
Mollis Oarncld and J. Stanley Ilrown were cut
engaged to be married.
Mr. Itotlomrr f.rta n Divorce.
IUltimohi, Md., Oct. SO. Judgo Denning to
day handed down a decision In the famous Hot
tomer divorce suit, giving a decree of absolute
divorce to the husband.
Marlborough In Chicago.
CniCAno, III., Oct. 80. Tho Duke of Marlbor
ough, who figured to conspicuously In the English
divorce courts, reached Chicago this morning, and
U at the ralmer Uotue.
A firrnt Gathering nt the Meeting nf thu
Conference Committees at the Westrnln.
ler Hotel The Men Who Will Muko tho
Nominations Preliminary Questions to be
Nettled Politicians Deeply Interested.
nnnnflftiifiWY, olitiouns of Tam.
i7 m C 1Inl1 nml tu0 0ounly
W Jlf3lL F nomocracy began to
JraMjvjTT fj S gathor at tho West-
OTKSiv l!&i (ul minster Hotel, at tho
ifl frfl yfi$2',OiVy corner of Sixteenth
P ill 111 IM rri 1 Btrco' t n rt IrvinR
ff MiTrilTl l( II P'ttoc M tarly B H
MrL i!iUJ&uJivJlyp-L o'clook thla morning.
"-ttfiN1 Thoy nrrived from
S3 "flr-"! OTOry sootion of tho
J hSll T 'ly ftn inoluded
y W?) lcadors, oloction dis.
Al ' H trict captains and
EJUp'' primary workers.
rf!lll Tho conference eom.
Jjijtyjl mittees of tho two
Domocratio machines
wero to meet nt noon to arrange
a basis for union on a county
nnd judiciary tickot ; to docido on a fair divi
sion of the nominations ; to discuss tho avail
ability of tho candidates for tho various
offices, and to talk over harmony and unity
from tho Supromo Court bonch to an Assem
blyman. To givo nn idea of thoso who woro present,
it is only necessary to mention tho names of
tho incmborB of tho two oonferonco commit
tees. Hero thoy aro :
County Domocracy Senator Michael
C. Murphy. Warden Thomas P. Walsh,
Pollco Justico Daniel O'llellly, Juror
Commissioner Charles lleilly, ex-Deputy
Coroner Philip E. Donlin, Congress
man Timothy J. Campbell, Lawrence R.
Wells, candidate for tho nomination for
Comptroller ; ox-Assomblyman Daniel Pat
terson, Police Commissioner John It. Voor.
his, ex-Exciso Commissionor William P.
Mitchell. Police Justico J. Henry Ford,
Isaiah Kaufman, ox-candidato for Col
lector of Intornal Kevenue ; Attorney
for tho collection of personal taxes, Charles
S. Beardsloy; Aqueduct Land Appraiser,
Henry Allen; Supervisor of tho City Becora
ThouiaB Costigan; Polico Justice Maurice J.
Powor,Polico Justico Honry Murray. Internal
Itovenuo Stamp Agent James McCartney,
Denis A. Spollissy, caudidato for the
nomination for Civil Justico; ex
Alderman Patrick Korwin, Collector
of city rovonuo ; James J. Kelso. Henry 0.
Hart, water route contractors; Polico Justico
Andrew J. White, Aldennan Jamos J.
Mooney and Firo Commissioner Henry D.
Purroy. Ex-Corporation Counsel John E.
Develln and Assistant District-Attorney John
It. Fellows wero added to the committee.
Tammany Hall Polico Justice Patrick O.
Duffy, Alderman Patrick Divver, Register
James J. Sievin, ex-Alderman Edward T.
Fitzpatrick, now Clork in tho County Clerk's
office; Civil Justico Michael Norton, Senator
Edward F. lleilly, Bernard Martin,
Order of Arrest Clerk in tho
Sheriff's office ; ex-Alderrnan Geo,
Hall, James Fitzpatrick, Clerk in the Fire
Department; Charles Stockier, brother of
Civil Justico Alfred Steokler; John J. Scan
noil, Deputy Sheriff Dnniel Hanley. ex-Alderman
James Barkley, ex-Ilcgister John lleilly;
Richard J. Sullivan, Cleric in tho Supreme
Court ; Congressman Francis B. Splnola,
Senator George W. Flunkitt, Fire Commis.
sioner Richard Grokor, Sheriff Hugh J.
Grant, County Clork James A. Flack, Deputy
Register James J. Martin. ex-Judgo John Mo-
8uade, Polico Justico Chas. Woldo, ox-Senator
oorgo II. Forster and John H. J. Ronner.
Added ox-offlcio : El-Alderman John Coch
rano, Dcnnty County Clerk Thomas F. Gil.
roy, ex-Undor Sheriff Joel O. Stevens and
Sidney E. Cowen.
These committees have been cut down to
Police Justice Power, Polico Justice White,
Polico Justioe Murray, Polico Justico O'Rell
ly, Police Commissioner Voorhls, Congress
man Campbell and ox-Commissioner of Ex
cise Mitchell for the County Democracy, and
Firo Commissionor Croker, Sheriff Grant,
County Clerk Flack, Register Slevln, Police
Justico Weldo, ox-Alderman Barker and W.
Bourke Cockran for Tammany Hall,
Tho Tammany Hull leadors presented an
ultimatum to tho County Democraoy men.
Thoy decided undor no circumstances to
consent to tho nomination of James Fitz
gerald for District-Attorney.
Montgomery Literally Crowded With Vlnll.
or Cleveland' Hpeech.
MoNTooMEitr, Ala., Oct. 20. The train
from Atlanta carrying tho Presidential party
arrived hero this morning at 8 o'clock and
v as met by n lurgo crowd of citizens and
strangors. Tho city is literally packed
with visitors. Tho President and party
will leave hero at 1 o'clock over the Kencsaw
route, and will noxt stop at Asheville, N. 0.
They will reach Washington Saturday morn
ing. This was tho President's speech in reply to
Gov. Scny.
I am very glad to be able at the conclusion of a
most delightful, and, I hope. Improving aeries of
visits throughout tho country, to see a lit
tle of tho State ot Alabama, Its people and
Its capital city. I believe that no Southern
Htate has within Itself more elements of Independ
ent growth and development than Alabama.
There la hardly a food product which Is not repre
sented In Its agriculture. It has within
Its border abundant forests of useful
and valuable timber waiting for Its
utilization to tho needs of man, while Its mineral
resources, marvellous and Inexhaustible. gle
assurance of wealth and commercial greatness.
In the means of transportation your State Is hardly
less favored. About two-thirds ot your countlei
are bounded or intersected by rivers navigable or
easily made so. Your railroad facilities, already
great, are constantly Increasing, and your outlet
to the ocean Is found In the largest and
nncst bay on the (lull of Mexico. A
State thus favored by nature and so
profusely blessed by the gifts of Providence can
not but occupy a commanding position In the
union of States which constitute a great nation.
To Indict Pullcrmun Ilnhu's Wltuemra.
" Assistant District-Attorney Fellows said this
morning that the stenographer's minutes of the
testimony of O'Neill, Ilanrahan and Loroinell, wit
nesses tor the defense In the Ilahn murder cair
wuuld be reaily soon to be presented to the Oram)
Jury ami that ihelr Indictment would be asked for
Notts Prom Across the Bridge.
John Stack, the Klatbnsh policeman who dis
charged bis pistol Into a crowd of excursionists ou
board a barge lying at the Ilrtdge dock on the
evening of Aug, is, has been arrested on a charge
ot assault preferred by the,caplaln of the barge.
The parenta of Ida Simmons, two yeara old, who
live at No. 41$ Thirteenth street, Brooklyn, gave
her a teaspoonful of opium last night instead of
medicine prescribed for her and then wondered
why she died. Coroner Mooney discovered the
mistake at an lng,uut to-day.
j,. slnnrfrti iikr ..-..' .--dtaViriifii- '""ft ' ,,
"He Hat Made Xne York Too Jiot for
lie Furnishes Hall to Appear at the Harlem
Disaster Inquest.
Ex-Bnilding Inspeotor William J. Martin,
who waa summarily dismissed for negligence
contributory to the Harlem school disas
ter, surrendered himself at tho Coronors
office at noon totday. Ho had heard of Cor
oner Eidman's warrant for IiIb arrest, and ho
brought with him Christopher Boylan, of 363
East Twentieth street, who was willing to bo
surety for his nppearanco at tho inquest.
Coroner Eidman fixed the ball at $5,000 and
Mr. Boylan signed tho papers.
Martin looked very muoh depressed. Ho
said that his removal was illegal and that he
would sue for reinstatement.
" I waa confused yesterday and made a
mistake; in pleading guilty to neglect in
regard to tho recesses," he said. " The fact
is I told Father Kirner repeatedly that ho
muBt make a twelve-inch wall at tho back of
the recesses instead of an eight-inch wall.
I also told him that he could not build
above the second story until ho got
a permit from the department. lie
went on doing as he liked, howevor,
and the reason I did not act moro promptly
is that I know he had influenco enough to
get the permit.
" Last Saturday I made up my mind that I
could not take tne responsibility of letting
him do as ho liked and mado out a ' violation '
notice I would have turned it in Monday
if I had not been attending a funeral."
When asked br an Eveiuno Would re
porter this morning what action could be
taken against Martin, Coroner Eidman said
that he could give no definite information
until all the facts had been brought out at
the inquest on the bodies of tho victims.
" If the jury find that Martin was criminally
negligent, he said, "I shall commit him to
await the action of tho Grand Jury, although
I remember that a similar, attempt to punish
the negligent Building Inspector in tho Bud
densiek case was futile."
Capt, Hooker's detectives aro still looking
for Bailder Kelly.
No Signs Vet of a Bcttlement of the Printers'
The printers' strko continues with no
prospect of an early settlement. It was re
ported by Chairman Joseph Smith, of the
Union's Strike Committee, that the
men in Rankin's offioo were at work,
notwithstanding all reports to the contrary,
and that Mr. Rankin had not posted
the card of tho Typothetra, which
roads : " This is not a card office."
E. P. Coby & Co. wero reported to have
taken down the card, and the " father " of
the chapel was sent from Pythagoras Hall
with the old employees to resume work, .with
tho understanding that all non-union men
were discharged from the office.
Mr. Smith said that the proprietors of Ger
man offices were taking advantage of the
situation , and were doing all tho work
in English they could secure. These
bosses are members of the Typothetai. and
the Union's officers declare that they throw
every obstacle in the way of a settlement of
the present difficulty for the purpose of get
ting all the English work they can do.
At tho rooms of the Typothetre. Libra
rian Fasko said that applications
continued to come from all over
the United States, and that in
ten days more the offices on strike would be
supplied with men. Many of the applicants,
he said, wero not comnotent to fill
tho vacancies, but quite a number of
good men were secured each day, and they
were equally distributed among tho offices
in order to keep urgent work going.
With regard to the pressmen, it is said that
all tho men who struct have found good jobs
Should tho striko continue much longer
the Knights of Labor will be appealed
to, and aid will bo furnished from the
general treasury of the Order. The Printing
Trades' Section of tho Central Labor Union
has joined in the battlo for the Union men.
De Vinne t Co. had a conference with their
striking compositors last night, but nothing
definite was decided upon. Tho men will
discuss a settlement among themselves today.
Scraps of City New.
The brassworkers' lockout did not show any
ehange to-day. Their men are still confident of
their ability to make their employers yield.
The rtev. Teter Brady will address the members
of the St. Agnes Land League, this evening, at St.
Agnes's Church, Forty-third street, near Third
avenue. Father Hurley will preside.
In the Essex Market Police Court this morning
John Iloran and Thomas Leonard, of t Henry
street, pleaded guilty to a charge of rubbing Mrs.
Alice Demnan of lioo worth of silverware and
household utensils. They were held for trtal.
Jones W. Kerns, bartender at Shang Draper's
saloon, Thlrty-nrst street and Sixth avenue, waa
held In 1100 ball by Justice Gorman at Jefferson
Market Court to-day for having violated the Ex
cise law. ,
James McCall, who was yesterday accused of
feeding his wife on rum for two weeks, was this
morning put under $iM bonds by Justice Gorman
In the Jefferson Market Police Court to pay his
wife ts a week.
John Dean, a drunken and worthies longshore
man, waa arraigned in tho Jefferson Market Police
Court this morning on a charge of beating his wife
at 418 West Thirty-ninth street. II was tent to
jail until bis wife could appear agalnat him.
Tho body of an unknown woman waa found at
the foot of West Fourteenth street thla morning.
It waa that of a person about nfty-Ove yeara. Ove
feet two Inches fill, and on it waa a brown cash
mere dress, brown nndersklrt, white apron,
black cloth jacket, a plaid shawl and cloth slip. i
pen. It was removed to tne llorjuo.
A Weddlng.RIng and Home Clothing Itecog '73L
nlzed by Mrs. Wilson Testimony of tho H
Photographs The Missing Woman Fled !H
From Her Husband Tho Latter Hupposcd Val
to bo Under Hnrvelllance In Philadelphia .H
New BncNswtcs, N. J., Oct. 20. Since tha H
name of Annlo Ingraham has been associated . aH
witn the identity of the murdered girl at ' H
Rahway, many persons hero recall the strlk ' , JH
ing resemblance of Annio to tho 9H
photograph of tho victim of tha "J
mysterious crime Ex-Chief Fitzgerald, jH
and Detoetlvo Gregory returned from :n
their secret mission at 11.9 last night. '''3,1
They refusod to make knowti tho result of JH
their search for tho alleged murderer ot jH
Annie Ingraham, but left the impression that 'la
tho officers in chargo of tho Central Polios. ''VH
Station at Philadelphia wero working that ' ifH
end of tho cose. .H
It is believed that tho detoctive has run &jH
down tho man who married Annie Ingraham '-H
at Bound Brook on the night of Deo. 7, 1686, jaH
and who followed her when she fled from H
him on tho 8th to Philadelphia. Tho mar. gH
riago was performed by Justico of tho IH
Peace Sommers at Bound Brook, who is said jQ
to have identified somo of tho garments worn , 'jnH
by Annlo on that occasion, many of whiob. ' aH
she loft in tho possession of Mary Wilson, !H
with whom sho boarded. iH
The dotectives loft hero at 10 a. it. to-day "fH
in a carriage for Bound Brook, having found ajB
a shoomakor who measured Annlo In- 'B
graham's foot and who also mended
a pair of shoes for hor shortly before her do- j9H
porturo. Thoy returned this afternoon in fl
time to moot Mayor Daly and Marshal iKt
Tookor, of Rahway, for consultation. ' ttgH
The consultation resulted in a dotermina- vH
tion on tho part of Mayor Daly to visit Mary -s.iH
Wilson and William Fisher at Bound Brook. lH
An Evenimo World reporter Becured somo VjLH
important facts from Fitzgerald. Ho said V-jH
that tho books of the employment bureau NH
of John Fitzpatrick, at 82 Greenwich SB
street, Now York, contained an entry H
of tho arrival of Annio Ingraham V
in March', 1886. Sho had landed -jSM
In Pblladelpbia and gone to New York for JfH
employment. Her name was on Fitt- -H
Patrick's books as unemployed for 'jH
two menths when she was hired 9H
by George Martin, of Metuchen, as a servant. rJH
It was on May 4 that sho assaulted Martin, fH
and was arrested as already detailed, thus ae- 'i3H
counting for tho timo. , 'OH
When a photograph of tho murdered girl fH
was shown to Martin to-day ho said that it ,; -tH
recalled Annio Ingraham's face. ;'H
At Bound Brook it was found that Annie LjflH
Ingraham, while boarding at Mrs. Wilson'. ' jH
worked one day in the Emsteins "HB
cloth mills;' and it was hero thai fsMM
she. met Frank Credcford, the man vH
who three days later married her beforo Jos- H
tice Sommers. Credeford was of Urn colled , 'IH
Crawford. He had worked at the Mills for -:;H
six or eight ycaars off and on. Foreman ni.jM
Ryan said, and had been concerned in several JiLLl
fights. i fH
Annie knew him but throo days when, .JH
while under the influence of liquor, 'sho ''xj&H
Eromised to marry him, Mrs. Wilson loaned ?&H
er some underclothing, and this has been TSslB
identiflcd'at Rahway. ' ,:ilH
The ring worn by Annie on tho same ooca- 1
gion was likewise borrowed from Mrs. WU 1l9B
son,' and thiB too has been identified. : LH
When' Annie left suddenly for Philadelphia , !qH
on Deo, 8, Credeford hastened next
day to. Foreman Ryan at tha t-JH
mill and' drow tho wages due him. 'in!
He took the next train for Philadelphia. He - Tfl
was an expert weaver, and found employ- ,:H
ment at a mill in Philadelphia, tho name of ';rjH
which is not yet divulged. Ex-Chief Fits. '-IH
gerald said that ho was being shadowed now. ''H
At 3 o'clock the officers, accompanied by f-JH
Mayor Daly, left here for Bound Brook to KH
have Mrs. Wilson identify and describe soma "J'H
of the dead girl's effects. aH
Sorrr that Patrick Ford Hon Withdrawn His)
8apport. b-laaQ
Henry George arrived from Albany thjsi 'j
forenoon, and an Evening; Would reporter ,4
found him very busily engaged in getting S
his paper ready for press. In roply ton H
question as to tho withdrawal of Patrick 5JH
Ford, of the Irish World, from his support, jH
Mr. George merely said s " I am sorry to sea 'iH
Patrick Ford turn his back on a cause 'that tH
ho has so long and so well advocated." TH
Mr. George also informed the reporter thai 'jH
he was preparing an editorial in relation to ''H
the matter and it would appear in his paper. '-d
It will contain all he has to say on the sub. "J
Joct. 'tatl
Snaps From the Sounder. i ,'
Sr. Paul, Minn., Oct. so. Engineer Baker, of x 'jH
the St. Paul and Duluth Itallroad, was killed ta a (3H
collision last night. ?rH
Chicago, Oct. jo. -Judge Jamison thl moraine oB
overruled the motion for a now trial of the case hH
of the convicted boodlcrs. lH
St. Pacl, Minn., Oct. to. It Is rumored her IH
that work on tho new branch to Omaha of the Btw 3tTfl
Paul and Duluth Itallroad will begin at once. iftH
Montreal, Oct. so. The brig nebe. from lua JM
de Janeiro, Is ashore on tho Magdalen Islands. .tiJaTB
Small pox and yellow fever prevailed during the 3H
voyage. 'JIH
Helena, Mon., Oct. SO. The First National 3J.H
Dank of Helena has been swindled recently ont of 'H
several hundred dollars by bogus checks, purport- TB
tngtohave been drawn by the Century Company Jl
of Mew York. 'nl
Collender. Ont., Oct. U.n. A. Barber, of ';1
Trenton, now here, guardian of an heiress ta oH
whom one Fred Cooper waa paying attention, LH
horsewhipped Cooper to-day and then had him ap. aB
rested for annoying the girl. '"ftM
Quebec, Oct. 20. Tho first meetlngof the Inter. jM
provincial Congress takes place to-day. Premier -''MM
Mowat, of Ontario, will be oroposed as Chairman, 4s
and Premier Mercler, of Quebec, will open the 4fflH
meeting with an address. IsH
Cuicaoo, Oct. SO. Ella Clements, who was In. v9H
lured In the wreck on the Chicago and Atlantio
Itallroad at Kouta, has commenced an action for LH
$10,000 damages, rtho claims to have lost $2,000 la J
cash, besides suffering personal Injury. H
C0NNEIL8VU.LE, Pa., Oct. so. Jonas Murphy", 'IS
formerly of this county, arrived here yesterday In 1H
a two-horse wagon, having driven all the way fllH
from Tom Greene County, Texas, a distance ot &H
j, 400 miles, llts trip consumed over four months. SM
His wife died at Little Itouk, Ark., and he made "xH
the remainder ot the trip alone. ; 3zM
Iletter Carry Your Umbrella, ToWhu jfll
csvv V N WlSUlNOTOK, OCt,Sfc- ;H
Vslsl vl " OanneottcutanaXatt' jH
V8K7 T tern .Mrw Torts Ifarmrr, 9
4JHJ A I fair tefafnr, JoUowA JH
I J LJtt'tP) 6tf "'"" lUlM to JrtA WM
h Jip jJ trMN xctiidt, Ueos JjM
1O1T 'W ouitwJtertu.
CitfV f J!(Utern jvnrtsiiL, jH
ran (a and Aetfl Jertevt rdrmsr, ratnv; Jrtt M ' '
orMevariaoU winds, btaminj toultoMtfrt. 1 ,-jiH
I rfl

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