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jjAJLHA. SZkillC mSmgliw KillllHrilll ilAlilA
The Feeling l Abroad That the Powerful
Millionaire nml Ills Friend Have Gone
Into the Wde-Tamiliis; Iluslncaa Bborti
In Western Union 1 1 lire a Lively Morn-
' ln Uoaalp on the Street To-Day.
N Wall street this
morning for an hour
for moro aftor the
opening the contest
between tho bull and
bear forces was noth
ing moro than a gue
rilla warfare, in which
tho noisy bids
and offers formed
a far moro conspicu
ous feature than the
transactions actually
effected. Tho bears
gave Beading and Now
Jersey Central a hit
and sold them down
respectively to 59K
nod 71, but thoy wore careful
not to ovorstep the mark, and notwithstand
the foot that Commode was down bright and
early in Willnrd's office they refused to be led
into making heavy Bales for the short account.
Money is easiernere at about 4 per cent, on
call ana 6 per cent, on call, and in London
the rate of discount in the open market is
down to 8 per cent.
Opn. BtK Lot, pH.
CanadsRouthtrn.... ...... tV4 631,' HJ 3
Clre., Ool., Ctn. i InA 6P B1K W 61(5
Chic. burl. Ualnoj 1 12XV12S 1186
Chic.fa A NorthwMtrn. ...... 1MV 103j 1IK 108)2
Chlcio A Nnrthwwwm pfS .. HO 140 140 149
Ohio., till, ft St. ro). ....... 11K 73i Tl.V ',(
Ohio. Jill. 4 St. Pal Did.... HlQ 113 111 lit
Ohio.. Iloekb. 4 Pacino 11 H 114M 114)2 114U
Col. ltocklnaOoal 232 3T(J 35? VH
OoioradoOoal Iron 31? S3.5 81 VI G
Pol., Lack. Weatarn 1MH 114)2 lJ(l;j
Piliwm Hudson DOS 9ti 3 8S!
flcnmr A Ttfo Or.nd p(d C5 5J 8SJ 63)
K. Term., Ya. A OoorxU.,,... 10 10)2 10 10H
It. Turn.. V. Af).3itpld... SOW VOX 20 SO
Hid.. l)txn. A Waatarn.. UU 1JW 1AU 13i
LonalTllla A KaahrUla 6J WJ, W, W
Laka fibore 91J fit Sl W!
Laka Kria 4 Waatarn 14M " 1M l
itaiihattan Uuch 10 10 10 10
Manoallan Oonaol 101W 10 101H 104M
Memptila UbarkMton a)J 4M H UlJ
Mloh. Central.,..., 84 84V 84 I84k
MlMourl PaclUc..'. to l OT)i UO'Z
Minonri,KniulTelu 31 31V 11 Mtf
NewJ.raejC.ntral 71 7J!l 71 73'J
K.wYorkOntral...., 10B 106V? 10JV lOfl'f
I Nav York New Knsiand 87X K WH SI
N.V., Chi. lSUI-l)i; 15Vi 15V 1SW IVi
N. Y. Chloro A Hi. L. Prof. 17 17)4 17)1 2a2
N. Y. LokaXri AWnUrn.. MQ 11 MH IT-i
N. Y..Saii. A Wort, pfd 26!j 7 KH 17)2
Norfolk. A Woitorn...,. 14 14 14 14
Norfolk A (Toaternpfd 87); SAV 37V S8V
Northarn Pacific , 20 M ixj 20M 132
NnrthnnPaaltlapreld. 4J, iH 41). 4X
ObluAMUiilaaippl..... 2l'J 23 iljj 23
OrcironRaUvrarANaTt ....... 8i 89V 8 8
OTccoaATtanaoontlsaatal.... IS 19X 17V 18V
Orcc Improrcmant 87V 8'S 7V S)2
PaoTaoMall 85V SS5 9V S5f
PkllalialjanlaA Haadlnir. COM ril),' 1W 1)J
Paoria. Ancatar A Bnu 10 20 U 19X 1U'
Pullman PalaoaCarOu 140M 14V 140 149)2
lUchmond A Wert Point Tor.. 23V 34)J MV 24J
Rich. A Wert Point Tar. pfd.. M 6 63 M
. bt. Paul A Omaha. ............ S0V. 37V 30 37M
ft. Paul, Minn. A Jianitoba.. 87 S.1W 97 90V
8t. ImiUBu lfran. pfd.... 7V fW'J 67 68V
Texaa PaolSa...... Z1S 23,' M 33(2
TonsM Coal A Iron 24V M 24i 36
Union Paolflo..., , 45 49 4JJ 48
WeaUrn Union Teiecraph T8 T7K IW 7JV
WhMjim A Ika JSn U 4tV 41 OH
The Clubs Will Flnr Doth Bt Wnahlngton and
Baltimore To-Morrovr.
Washinoton, Oct. 20. Tho game of base
ball which was to have been played here this
I afternoon between tho Bt. Louis Browns
and tho Detroit club has been postponed
on account of rain until to-morrow
morning at 10.80. The scheduled game at
Baltimore will be played on time to-morrow
afternoon. The World's Championship party
will leave Washington for Baltimore this
afternoon at 6 o'clock, spend the night in tho
city and return here to-morrow morning.
lhe Bl Price a Mlnnenpolla Ball Flayer
Oeti for Coming to New York.
' irzciix. to Tm irnnra nui.
Mivniatoms, Hum., Oct. so. Elmer Foster, of
tbe Minneapolis Baseball Club, has been signed by
Manager latitrle, of tbe New VorVs, for next sea
ion. Foster gets W.000, one-fonrth of which, was paid
down this morning. The price Is considered phe
nomenal, as thero Is nothing remarkable about
Foster's playing.
Vlan Blgna with Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, O., Oct. 20. Leon Vlan, a graduate
ol Dartmouth College, Class of '60, the crack
pitcher for the St. Paul Club the present season,
has been signed by the Cincinnati Club for next
Wllmot does to the Washington,
BU Path, Minn., Oct. to. Walter Wllmot, left
fielder of the St. Paul Baseball Club, signed a con
tract early to-day with Ted ttuuivan for the Wash-Ingtons.
Baseball Game.
at rnitaDELFuiA.
m The game between Philadelphia and the Athlet
ics was postponed on account of the rain.
The game at Brooklyn was postponed to-day on
account ol the rain.
At the end of the fifth Inning the game between
I Cleveland and Plttaburg stood 10 to s in favor of
I Cleveland.
m aa
Blot Fenred In Chicago To-Nlgbt.
Cnioioo, I1L, Oct. so. A mass-meeting Is called
by the Central Labor Union to-night at Battery I)
which It la more than likely will have a riot
ous It not sanguinary outcome, notwith
standing all the precautions the police
ean take. All the Labor anions sfflllatlnr with
the central Labor Union are ordered to attend in
'oil strength. Fanny Morgan, the notorious
i Socialist ol Hyde Park, and Oeorge 1L, Sloan will
speak If the meeting Is not dispersed.
To Iudlct Policeman Halm's Witnesses.
Assistant District-Attorney Fellows said this
morning that the stenographer's minutes of the
1 testimony of O'Neill, Hanrahan and Lommcll, wlt-
I nestea for the defense In the Ilahn murder case,
would be ready soon to be presented to the Grand
I Jury and that their Indictment would be asked for
i perjury.
Mr. Bottomer Gets a Divorce.
a. Baltimorx, Md., Oct. 20. -Judge Denning to-
da) handed down a decision In the famous BoU
tomer divorce suit, giving a decree of absolute
airorce to the husband.
hlrnale Hnspenslon of Brokers.
I The Board of Managers of the Produce Bxeasngo
I fended over one hundred members this after-
eonlornon-psjBatof duo.
Jk o
r fan11 1
"Jit XIa Jfnrr) New Tork Too J7o' or
She Arrived at Llrerpoel ThU Dlornlng No
Jjet Up in the Cable Fight.
London, Oot. 20. Mrs. Garfield arrived in
Liverpool early this morning. Bho was met
by Harry Garnid and Consul Russell. Sho
will spend some time in tho south of Eng
land. On board tho City of Richmond, vrhioh
sailed on the 18th inst., were John Adair,
John Carter, Gordon Cumming, the Misses
Haxwood, Helen Matthews, Bev. P. J. Mo.
Ounor, Bram Stoker, Miss E. Do Sllva, Miss
Urquhart and Big. Franz Velta
Tho dinner of the Bartholdi Association is
fixed for tho 28th inst. Count deLesseps
will preside. M. Bartholdi Is still in Alsace
at Colmar, but ho will bo in Paris for the
The Atlantio Cable war Is by no means at
on end.
Unconfirmed Ranters of Uli Death In the
West To-Day Beach Washington.
rsricuL to Ton nrain woiildI
Washington, Oot. so. Rumors reaohed here
this afternoon that Gen, Sheridan died suddenly
in the Northwest to-day. The War Department
has no Information on the subject. The last ad
vices from him located him at Bt. Paul yesterday
in his usual health.
The Clifton Entries.
The entries for tbe several races to be run
at Clifton to-morrow are as follows:
rinsT RAM.
Purse l0, for beaten horses: three-quarters of
a mile.
Lb. Lt,
FredDavia us Catherine 110
Mute ..lis Relax no
Baluda lis Eufaula 110
PatDlwer lis Auditor to
Purse $300; for beaten horses; three-quarters of
a mile.
JU. Lb.
Burton us King Arthur lis
Sueen of Hearts lis Falsehood lit
yron Cross lis El Trinidad lis
Oakland II. lis ltebel Friend us
Purse $200, soiling allowances; seven furlongs.
6. Xo.
Bishop 10s Telegraph 95
Frolic 104 Molllo Thomas os
Alva i 101 Witch 95
Garnet W Peacock 95
Bordelalse its Bass Viol si
commander 17 Lutestring 91
Volo 87 Tunis 99
Sweety T Danville ei
Purse $2S0, a handloap for all ages; a mile and a
Lb. Lb.
Lancaster liOTopSawyer 104
Tornado 190 Lote Arnold 9
Charley Russell Ill Competitor .......... 99
Bright Eyes 103
rip-ru RACE.
Purse $200, for three-jear-olda; selling allow
ances; mllo and a sixteenth.
Charley May 116 Traveller 108
Red Prince lis Belle Bracken 108
GeorsteC 118 Belmont 107
Count Luna 110 Koko 106
Kink 108 Bister Marie 10s
Brmiantcen lOSIComua 10s
Edward r lost
The racing will begin at 2 r. x. sharp.
Brooklyn's Extra Beglstrr Will Stand.
Brooklyn's Corporation Counsel, Almet V.
Jencks, has submitted au opinion to Mayor Whit
ney regarding the mlntako in the registration in
that city. It Is in effect that tho Board of Elec
tions had made an error in fixing last
Tuesday as a day of registry, but that the
error did not vitiate the registry lists and those
who had registered would be entitled to vote.
However,thls does not relieve the Boards of Regis
try from compliance with the law, which Axes the
Tuesday two weeks preceding the election as the
last day of registry, and they must sit again at the
several poling places on Tuesdsy next.
Mr. Jencks's opinion is shared by ex-Judge Ben
jamin F. Tracy and other eminent lawyers,
An additional expense of about $4,000 will be
saddled on the city by the error.
Old Mr. Trcnor Hale with Friends.
The sensstlonal story about the mysteri
ous dlsappesrance of old Patrick Trenor,
the pickle merchant of ss Vesey street,
was laughed at this afternoon by the people of
that neighborhood. Mr. Trenor is a bach
elor of eighty years, with no rel
atives in this city. He felt sick
several days last week and on Saturday was
unable to attend to business. Ilia old friend.
E. P. Stover, of No. 189 East One Hundred
and Fourth streot, offered' the hospitalities
of his home and Mr. Trenor accepted them. He
went there In a carrUue on Saturday and
has since been attended by Br. B. c
Cooke, ol 178 East One Hundred and Fourth.
The porter at Mr. Trenor'a plaoe of business knew
where his master was and called every day to see
how he was getting on. Trenor Is very feeble and
may not recover.
T ai
Inapector Martin Held In 95,000 Ball.
In.pector of Buildings W. J. Martin, who was
dismissed from the Building Department on ac
count of alleged neglect In inspecting tho One
Hundred and Fifteenth street sehool.houae which
feu down" was to-day held in $s,000 ball by Coro
ner Kidman.
Ho Captures the $5,000 Purse
at Pimllco in a Walk.
Flrenzl Second, Dunboyno Third Time
2.40 .2-Track Heavy and Raining.
The Master of Prenkness Warmly Congratu
lated on Linden's Hm-cess; Also IJttlcflrld,
the Trnlnrr, nnd Ilnytrnrd, the Jockey
Other Hucen Won by Bradford, I.clex,
Ontario and Phlll.ee fluttenburg Baers.
Jit Oden Bowie, T. W. Doawell, B. D. Bruce,
W. &f. Oonner. . ,
nr-B. A. llassln and W. II. MoOorkle.
SieritatyO. Whi atlr,
filarfn- J. F. Caldwell.
PlMMCO ItAOB Tbaok, Oct. 20. It is just
ten years ago, almost to tho day, since tho
Pimlico race-trock was tho scono of as much
enthusiasm as to-day. On that occasion
Parole defeated the famous Ten Broeck and
Tom Ochiltree in a dash of two miles nnd n
half, whon the owner of Linden, tho winnor
of tho $5,000 purse, in his onthuBiosm picked
up the then light-weight jookoy, Barrett,
and placed him on a post to bo ohoerod and
cheered again by tho assembled thousands.
It was ono of the first great triumphs of
thellnncocasBtnblo, audit vias the inspira
tion that carried the " cherry and black ''to
creator triumphs in England, in which
Parolo bore no small share, and Iroquois
won lasting fame at Epsom, Ascot and Don
caster. Raoing having languished somowhat hero
during the past few years, some enterprising
eitizons raised a purse of $5,000 to stimulate
a rovivol with a race worthy of the money.
How well they sucoeodea to-day's orowd
shows. For, although it rained nearly, all
the morning and continued very threatening,
especially ns the trains left tho city, thero is
ft very large attendance, not only of
Baltimoreans, but many are present
from New York and Philadelphia. Tho rain
is doubly regretted, for it killed tho fast
track and mado the going somewhat slow.
Of those named to stnrt, tho rain perhaps
cansed the "scratching" of tho Dwyers'
pair, Kingston and Bessie Jnno. But in their
places appeared Dry Monopolo and tho Balti
more horse Dunboyno. Tho betting was
heavy, with Linden nnd Firenzi carrying the
bulk of the money, each in turn being
As tho trock became heavy, Firenzi be.
came stronger, for, like all tho Glenelgs, she
con run in the mud. Linden, however, con
firmed tho good show he made at Jerome
last week, and having fourteen pounds the
best of the weights over Firenzi, he litorally
made an exhibition of all. Taking the lead at
the half, he romped home almost alone, -with
firenzi second ana uunDoyne intra. Aiie
enthusiasm was great, and if the Mas
ter of Preakness could have been put
up on a post, ho certainly would havo been.
As it was he was killed almost with congrat
ulations, in which his trainer, Charley Lit
tlefleld, shared, while the old-timer, Billy
Hayward, who rode the first Dixie winner
hore in 1870, was not forgotten.
Of the other races tho favorites, Bradford,
Lelex and Phil Lee won tho first, second nnd
fifth. Tho fourth wns the Baltimoro sur
prise. It was won by Ontario, and paid $83.75
in the mutuels.
rmsr bach.
Purse $500, of which $100 to the second, for all
ages, winning penalties of 4, T and 19 lb.; non
winning and maiden allowances of 10, is and 23
lb. : one mile.
Appleb; A Johnson's b. c . Bradford, S.by Glen-
trarry or Bramble, dam Nevada, 100 (Hay ward) 1
Bowie's My Maryland gelding, 10s, car. 10T.
(Vincent) J
Bess, 110 (Garrison) 8
Argo, 110 (Martin) 0
Boaz, 118 (J. McLaughlin) 0
Bruit, 103 (Douglas) 0
Lorrington, 108 (Palmer) 0
WlndsaU. 10J (Evans) 0
Time 1.45X. Betting 10 to T on Bradford, 9 to
1 against Bess, 8 to 1 each My Maryland gelding
and Boaz, so io 1 each Bralt, Argo and Wmdsall,
95 to 1 Lorrington. Place Bradford barred, s to 8
on Bess, 8 to s My Marylsnd gelding. 8 to 1 Boaz,
8 to 1 aach Bralt, Argo and Wlndsall, li to 1 Lor
rington. 27ie Race. Thoy cot tho flap with Bruit,
Windsoil and Boaz in front. Brait nnd Boaz
hold the lead between them neorly to the
half, when Bradford moved up to second
place. In tho run round the turn he
took the lead, followed by tho My Maryland
gelding. They made n good finish, with
Bradford winning by abend. My Maryland
gelding second, a length and a half in front
of Bess, followed by Argo and Lorrington.
Mutuels paid 89.20.
Sweepstakes for all ages, at $90 each, half for
feit, with $600 added, the second to receive $100
out of the stakes; to carry 10 lb. above the scale;
non-winnlng allowances of S, T, 10, 14, 18, 21, 34
and 21 lb. ; mile and a furlong.
D, A. Honlg'a b. g. Lelex, aged, by Lolops,
dam War ltecl. 111 M iiruni 1
Jennie B., HI, car. 118 (J. McLaughlin) 9
Time 9.00. Betting 5 to 1 on Lelex, to s
against Jennie V. Auction Pools Lelex, $30;
Jennie B., $91.
Th Ract.Va. a steady downpour they went
to the post and from an even start they ran
past the stand lapped. Thero was but little
change until after past the half, when Lelox
came away, winning by twenty lengths.
Mutuels paid $7.50.
Third Race Citizens Handicap Sweepstakes, for
all ages, at $100 each, half forfeit, $25 only 11 de
clared by Oct. 10, with $3,000 added by citizens of
Baltimore to the winner, the second to receive
$T0o, the third $300, and the fourth $lo out of the
stakes; winners after the publication of the
weights on Oct. 1 of any race of the value of $1,500,
when carrjlng weight for age or more, or of any
handicap of the value of $1,000, to carry 5 lb. extra;
mile anil a half.
Preakness Stables' b. c. Linden, 4, by Longfel
low, dam Liuda Lewis, 110. (Hajwsrd) 1
J. II. Uaggln's b. f. Firenzi, by Olenelg, dam
Florida, UU (Garrison) 9
W. Jennings's b. c. Dunboyne, 3, by Uncas.
damFrey.109 (Mccarty) S
Barnum, lis (lllgga) o
Dry Monopole, lis. (Martin) 0
Elkwood, 110. (McLaughlin) 0
Hidalgo, lis (Vlucent) 0
King of Norfolk, 100 (Church) 0
lttipert, 10S (Uhaucr) 0
Timo 9.40X. Betting 8 to s against
Firenzi, even money Linden, 4 to 1 Dun
boyne, 19 to 1 Elkwood, is to 1 King of
Nurfolk, SO to 1 each Dry Monopole and
Hidalgo, 9S to 1 Barnum and llupert. For a Place
a to leach on Flreml and Linden, even money
Dunboyne, 8 to 1 Elkwood, S to l King of Norfolk.
8 to 1 each Dry Monopole and nidalgo. 10 to 1 each
Barnum and ltnpert. Auction rools Linden, $100;
Firenzi, $U; Elkwood, $10; Dry Monopole, $10;
the Held, $no.
J7i Haoe. At the start Firenzi, Elkwood
and llupert were the first three, then llupert
rushed away, followed by the King of ISor.
folk, and the pair raced together to tho
stand, three lengths from Linden, followed
by Dunboyne. It was the sanio at the nuar.
Iter. Linden then moved up, and, taking a
load of two lengths at the half, ho finally
sauntered home a winner by a dozen lengths
from rirenzi, she a length before Dunboyne,
with Barnum fourth. Elkwood fifth. Timo,
3.iOK. Mutuols paid $10.70.
rurao $500, of which $loo to the second; for
three-year-olds, non-winners of $l.ooo In las,;
those not having aim a race In 1WT allowed Tib.;
maidens allowed 14 lb. ; mile and half a furlong.
T. Hcrnon's ch. g. Ontario, 8, by Enquirer,
dam Vanilla. 101 (II. Lewis) 1
Harvard, 115 (J. McLaughlin) 9
(HI'l. US , , (Mccarty) 8
Al Itccd, 118 (Chappd) 0
Brother Dan, 101 (Church) o
Cottcllo, lot (ltlncshluo) 0
(Ucmlorn, 108. (Uarrlron) o
I'cndennls, UU
Thuodoslns.US (Hhaticr) 0
Vnsburg, lul (Murtln) 0
Time l.heV. Betting 9 to 1 agalmt Harvard,
8 to 1 against Voaburg, 4 to 1 Ovid, T to 1 Tbcodo
slus, 8 to l each Ontario and Olendora, is to 1
Brother Ban. V0 to 1 Al ltced unil 9S to 1 Coitrllo.
For a riaco a to 3 on Harvard, B to 4 on Vosburg,
even money Ovid, s to 9 agalust Thcodoilns, a to i
each Olendora and Ontario, s to 1 Brother Ban, 8
to 1 Al Heed and 10 to 1 Coatello. Pools Harvard,
$23; Voaburg, $13; Ovid, $10; the Held, 113.
The Hoce. Harvard Jumped away in tho
lend, with Ovid second and Olendora third.
At the stand Ovid showed Iho wny by two
lengths, with Harvard second, n length front
Olendora. Beaching tho quarter, Harvard
led by n length and ft half, with
Ovid tho same before Ontario.
At tho half. Harvard nnd Ovid wcro lnppod
with Ontario close up, and in the lower turn
Harvnrd ran out, but on tho stretch Ontario
rushed through nnd won by two lengths
from Harvnrd, who was three lefore Ovid,
Vosburg fourth, Al. Bocd fifth. Mutuols
paid $83.75.
Purse $500, of which $100 to the second, for
throe-year-olds and upward; to carry sib, above
tho scale; soiling allowances; horses entered to bo
sold for $1,600 to oarry full wolght ; three-quarters
of a mile.
D. A. Honlg's oh. g. Phil Lee, 4, by Glen Athol,
dam Verbena, 110 (Church 1
Calcra "101 (Hjslop 9
Rowland, 118 (J. McLaughlin 8
Franklpll., ST (Tubor o
Qleuluco, 93 (Kano) 0
J.J. llealy, VS (Palmer 0
Roundsman, 100 (Hlggsi 0
llegal, 81 (blnnotti 0
Tattler, 118 (Sharkey) 0
Tenstrlko, 118 (Martini o
Young Duke, 190 (Oarrlson) 0
Time 1.49V. Betting Even money I'hll Lee, 8
to 1 against loung Duke, 4 to 1 Rowland, 10 to 1
Ten Strike and Tattler, is to 1 each Calcra.Frankle
B. and Roundsman, 20 to 1 Regal, Glcnluco and J.
J. llealy. For a Placo 6 to 9 on I'hll Lee, even
money against Young Duke, T to 6 Row
land. 4 to l each Ten Strike and Tattler, c to 1 each
Calcra. Franklc B. and Roundftmah, 8 to 1 each
Regal and Glenluco and J. J. llealy.
Theltace. Phil Lee won by four lengths,
Oaleru second, five longths from Ilowland.
Mutuels paid $11.10.
Second Day of tho Itaeea at the North Ilud.
sou Driving; Park.
Nobtti Hodson DBrvwo Pabk, Oct. 20.
Considering tho difficulty of reaching the
track hero, with tho set back it got by the late
hour tho racing finished on Tuesday
night, thero is an excellent attend
dance. Tho track is fairly good, but not at
all fast. As on tho first day the " card "
inoluded a raoe of heats, which, although
Interesting to the crowd, is a doubtful
policy in view of the short afternoons, and as
it toos three heats to decide the one to-day
with tho winner, Ivanhoe, breakingdown.it
is doubtful if there will be any more. The
first race was won by Lizzie O. and tho third
by Booky B.
Parse $too, of which $30 to the second, for maid,
ens of all ages: three-quarters of a mile.
E. Desmond's b. f. Lizzie C. , by Kingfisher,
damAdoalnds, 81 (OnaJet) 1
Burgundla, lis (heavy) dh
Mahnctu, 110..-. (Coffee) dh
Commotion, 110 (Fenny) o
ElMahdl, lis (Charleston) 0
Uuttenburg, 193 Cornell) 0
Time 1..1. Betting to S against Lizzie C., 4
to 1 each El Mahdl and Outtenbnrg, B to 1 Bur
gundla, T to l Mahnetu, 8 to 1 Commotion. Place
6 to a on Lizzie C. , a to S against El Mahdl, 7 to 5
Guttenburg, 9 1 to each Bcrgundla and Mahnetu
and 8 to 1 Commotion.
The Race. Mahnetu led to tho strotoh,
when Lizzio O. came through and won by
two lengths, with Burgundla and Mahnetu
fighting it out and making a dead heat for
tho place. Mutuels paid: Straight $!T.85 ; for
ft placo, $2.80. Burgundla paid $3.50 for a
place and Mahnetu $3.25.
Purse $960, of which $50 to tbe second; selling
allowances; three-quarter mile heats.
V. Olney's ch.g. Adolph, 8, by Kingfisher,
dam Adoalnds, 110 (Henderson) 0 1 1
D. D. Davis's b. m. Battledore, aged loo.
JLeary) 0 1 9
Vlndex, 104 (Taylor) 4 8
Roy Boy, 103 (Bergan) S 4
King Oeorge, 100 (Barton) 8 831
Glen Almond, loo (Bender)dla
Time 1.20, 1.1., 1.91. Betting Before the first
heat, s to 4 on Adolph, 8 to 1 against Battledore,
s to 1 Ol en Almond, 8 to 1 each Vlndex, King
George and Roy Boy. Place 8 to 1 on Adolph,
10 to 7 on Battledore, 7 to s against Glen Almond,
8 to 1 each Vlndex, King Oeorge and Roy Boy.
Pools Adolph, $93: the flold, $90.
After first beat: Betting 9 to 1 on Adolph, even
money against Battledore, 90 to 1 Vlndex, 40 to l
Roy Boy, 60 to 1 King George. Place Adolph and
Battledore barred, 8 to 1 Vindex, is to 1 Roy Boy,
goto i King ueorge. i'oois Auojpa, si; me
field, $10.
After second heat; Betting 1 to'l on Battle
doro, even money against Adolph. Fools Battle
dore, $19 ; Adolph, $10.
The Race. Adolph and Battledore ran a
dead heat, finishing four lengths in front of
Hoy Boy. For the second heat Adolph tookf
tho lead soon after the start and was never
beaded. Battledore second and Vindex third,
after which tho betting changed and Battle
dore became tho favorite in place of Adolph.
The latter, however, won the deciding heat,
after a close race, by a head, but pulled up
lame. Mutuels Adolph, straight, before
tho raco$3-C0 ; for a nlaceBattledoro, $2.76.
For second heat, Adolph, $3.70 ; for third
heat, $1.25.
Purso $900, of which $M to tho second; for al)
ages; weight for age: one mile.
J. Church's ch. in. Becky B., 8, by Longbow,
dam Betty McOruder, lis (Leary) 1
Franz, 118 (E.Waldon) 9
Harwood, 113 (Cook) 8
Belmont.100 (Charleston) o
Editor, lis (Camp) 0
Ivanhoe, 113 (Bergan) 0
Hoslere, US (Volk) 0
Time 1,41V. Betting 1 to 1 esch against Becky
B. and Prans, 4 to 1 Belmont, to 1 Editor, 8 to 1
each Ivanhoe, Harwood and Roitere. Place to
8 on Becky 13. , 5 to 4 on Franz, 8 to 3 agaUft Bel
mont. S to 1 each Ivanhoe, Editor and Hoslere, 8
to 1 Hsrwood. Pools Becky B., $10; Franz, $;
Belmont, $3; the field, $0.
The Race. Bosicre led for half a mile.
Becky B. then went to the front and won
easily by four lengths, two lengths between
second and third. Mutuels Straight, $5.10 ;
for a place, $2.95; Franz paid $3.50.
The fourth race, a dash of seven furlongs, with
selling allowances, was won by C. Desmond's
Hermitage, Grand Duke second, Tantivy third.
Time, 1.34.
. a,
aiLMtory Athletics.
At the annual meeting of the Seventh Keglmept
Athletlo Association G. W. Schuyler wss elected
President and F. W. Jameson Secretsry. Ihe
annual tall games will take place at the armory on
Deo. 8.
Forelsn I'loahra.
Gen. Calfarel was handed over to the police to
day to await the process of lsw, criminal actlous
having been brought against him.
Mr, Gladstone to-day addressed over tour thou,
ssnd enthusiastic Irish citizens of Nottingham In
the dim hall, which u crowded to suffocation.
Tho Domooratlo Conferoos Strike
a Snag at the Start
Tnmmnny -Won't Have Fltzrxerald on tho
Tlckot for DItrlct.Attornoy.
Leaders Threaten to Abandon the Plan for
a Union Ticket It the County Democrnev
Persists In Nomlnntlnjr Illm Fourteen
Men .Trying to Acree A Joint Hesslon
llraun Lute In the Afternoon In Hrcrct.
jdllftnnnM.flltf OLITIOIANS of T.uu
T,i ,'rf F Hall and tho County
JJJlHw f Democrnoy began to
iwgftArvr 'n (S gather at tho West
WKvivlSmiLrtK minster Hotel, at tho
fl RjJ VWAWiTy corncr of Biitocnth
f If lVl I r-T W fl Breo' nnd Irving
H Wj TTTiTTl flti II P'ace n" early as 11
MwHvli4i o'clock this morning.
'2j2S?555v- Thoy arrivod from
f jE 43rl every section of tho
J bPfl T c'ty ant Included
' I3) leadors, elootion dis.
-Ml ''H trict captains and
Jrr primary workers.
frtJ ll - Tho conference com-
XutraiMl mlttecs of tho two
Democratia machines
were to moot at noon to arrange
a basis for union on a county
and judiciary ticket ; to decide on a fair divi
sion of tho nominations t to discuss tho avail,
ability of tho candidates for the various
offices, and to talk over harmony and unity
from the Bunremo Court bench to on Assem
blyman. To give an idea of those who were presont.
it is only nocessnry to mention the names of
tho members of the two conforenco commit
tees. Hero thoy nro : '
Uonnty Deraoornoy Senator Michael
O. Murphy, "Warden Thomas P. "Walsh,
Tolico Justico Daniel O'Boilly, Juror
Commissioner Charles Beilly, ex.Dep
uty Coroner Philip E. Donlln, Congress
man Timothy J. Campbell, Lawrence R.
Wolls, candidate for the nomination for
Comptroller ; ox-Assemblyman Daniol Pat.
terson, Police Commissioner John 11. Voor
his, ex-Exciso Commissioner "William P.
Mitchell, Police Justico J. nenry Ford,
Isaiah Kaufman, ox-candldato for Col
lector of Internal Revenuo ; Attorney
for tho collection of personal taxes, Charles
8. Beardsley; Aqueduct Land Appraiser.
Henry Allen: Supervisor of the City Record
Thomas Costlgan: Police Justice Maurice J.
Powor,Police Justice Henry Murray.Intemal
Uevenuo Btamp Agent James McCartnoy,
Denis A. Bpelllssy, candidate for the
nomination for Civil Justice; ex
Alderman Patrick Korwin, Collector
of city "revenuo ( James J. Kelso, nenry C.
Hart, water routo contractors; Police Justice
Andrew J. White, Alderman James J.
Mooney and Fire Commissioner Henry D.
Purroy. Ex-Corporation Counsel John E.
Dovelfn and Assistant District-Attorney John
II. Follows were added to tho committee.
Tammany Hall Police Justico Patrick O.
Duffy, Alderman Patrick Divvor, Register
James J. Blevln, ex-Alderman Edward T.
Fitzpatrick, now Clerk in the County Clerk's
office ; Civil Justice Michael Norton, Senato
Edward F. Beilly, Bornnrd Martii,
Order of Arrost Clerk in the
Sheriff's office ; ex-Alderman Geo.
Hall, James Fitzpatrick, Clerk in tho Fire
Department; Charles Bteckler, brother of
Civil Justice Alfred Stecklrr; John J. Scan
nell, Deputy Sheriff Daniol Hnnley. ex. Alder
man James Bnrkley, ex-Register John Beilly;
Richard J. Sullivan, Clerk in tho Supremo
Court; Congressman Franois B. Bpinola,
Senator Oeorgo W. Plunkitt, Fire Commis
sioner Richard Croker, Sheriff Hugh J.
Orant, County Clerk James A. Flack, Deputy
Register James J. Martin, ex-Jndge John Mo.
8uado, Police Justice Chas. Weldo, ex-Senator
uorge U. Forster and John II. J. Ronnor.
Added ox-offlcio : Ex-Alderman John Coch.
rano, Deputy County Clerk Thomas F. Oil
roy, ex-TJnder Sheriff Joel O. Stevens and
Bidnoy E. Cowen.
These committees have been out down to
Police Justico Power, Police Justico Whito,
Polico Justico Murray, Polico Justice O'Reil
ly, Police Commissioner Voorhis, Congress
man Campbell and ex-Commissioner of Ex
cise Mitchell for tho County Democracy, and
Fire Commissiouor Croker, Sheriff Grant,
County Clerk Flack. Register Slovin, Polico
Justico Woldo, ex-Aldermnn Barker and W.
Ttmirlrn PnnliTftn for Tnmmanr TTnll-
Before tho County Democracy Committee
men journeyed upstairs, they looked ns if
they feared troublo ahead. It wbb afterwards
learned that thoy had heard of Tammany
Hall's ultimatum.
It seems that tho Tammany Hall leaders
held a caucus this morning and resolved not
to consent to the nomination of James Fitz-
ferald for District-Attorney. The Tammany
all leadors also resolved to stand on this
position even if union negotiations wero
broken off.
This action on tho part of Tammany nail
has, as might bo expected, created consterna
tion and dismay among tho County nomoc
racy leaders. They ore in a quandary, and
do not know how to extricate themselves.
The Tammany Hall leaders nre of opinion
that Fitzgerald will be withdrawn and a
oompromise candidate, possibly Mr. Mortice,
Alter the two sub-committees hod bold an
informal meeting they separated and each
committee began a conference by itself.
At 3 o'clock the sub-committees went onoo
moro into joint session. As Polico Justico
Charles Wclde was entering tho room he said
to nn Evenino Wobld roportcr : " Tho
representatives of Tammany Hall will
not agreo to a union with Fitzgor
aid for District-Attorney. You may put
that down as settlod. We would prefer tho
nomination of De Lnncey Nicoll."
There was a rumor that the County Demo
crats might switch off from Fitzgerald to
Col. John It. Fellows. They are as much op
posed to Nicoll as the Tammany Hall loaders
are to Fitzceiild.
A comtnitteo from ihe Young Men's Demo,
rnitio Club and a delegation representing tho
Genimn-Aiuerlcim Independent Citizens'
Association asked for n hearing. They fa or
the nomination of Delaucoy Nicoll for District-Attorney.
Their petition will be pre
sented to the full Joint Conferonco Commit
tee meeting.
Chairman Edward Murphy, jr., of the
Doinocratio State Committee, and ex-Stoto
Treasurer Robert A. Maxwell arrived at tho
sceno of conference at 2.30 o'clock, and held
interviews with Commissioner Croker and
Polico Jubtice Power, who were called out of
the conference, room. Mr. Murphy aud Mr.
Maxwell wish a ticket nominated that will
help tho State tioket. They think Mr.
Nicoll's nomination would bo worth at least
10.000 votes in this city to the State ticket.
Shortly before 3 o'clock the Tammany Hall
and County Democracy leaders adjourned
the conference for dinner. They entered
tho largo dining-room In a body and came
near frightening tho regular guests out of
their wits. Tlio fourteen harmonizcrs occu
pied four tables.
Police Justice Powor ate mock-turtle soup
and most gooso, with beets and onions for
Commissioner Crokor ordered spring chick
en and roast spring lamb.
Congressman Campbell partook of consora
mi Colbert, ris do veatt piquo nnd wound up
with orange nhorbctH.
r.x.Alderuuin Barker tackled pigs' feet and
lady lingers.
Police Justico Murray wont for boilod
turkey and sago pudding.
Register Slovin struck broiled striped bass
nnd tiinbnlo of capon, n la Porlgord.
Police Justico O'Reilly enjoyed tenderloin
of liork braise, nmshed turnips and peach pio.
Police Justico Andrew J. Whito said he had
had a lato brtalf ast. He had n corner on a
bottlo of champagno and a plato of crackers.
W. liourko Cockran was the epicure of the
crowd, nnd wroto out his ordor on n card. It
included nearly tho ontiro bill of faro.
At 3.30 tho conference diners wcro still at
work with knifo nnd fork and talking har
mony across the table.
Commissioner Croker finished his dinner
in quloker timo than his conference col
leagues. As ho strolled Into tho reading
room ho wos mot by an Evening WonLD re
porter. Tho Commissioner said he had no
objections to stating the true situation of
affairs regarding the Conferonco and tho
"Tammany Hall," he remarked, "objects
to n union with Fitzgorald as tho ohoioo for
District-Attorney. Wo havo no personal ob
jections to Mr. Fitzgerald, but we think his
nomination might result in tho defeat of tho
ticket. Tho County Democrnoy leaders
know our position and opinion in this matter.
You mny say that tho representatives of Tam
many Hall will not back down."
"Will you insist upon tho nomination of
Mr. Nicoll?"
" I do not seo how wo could appear as dic
tators to tho County Democracy. Wo do not
say that thoy must nominate Mr, Nicoll, but
wo do object to Mr. Fitzgorald's nomination.
Our Conforenco Committeo has been waiting
for the County Dcmooraoy conference com.
mitteo ever sinconoon. Wo have not yet
met In formal, regular session, although wo
have como togotner several times as indivi
nals. A majority of us dined together and
had short talks, nut no doflnite expression of
vlows wero had. Wo nro still waiting for the
County Democracy committee to notify ns
when they nre ready to begin the conference.
Thoy appear to bo consulting among themselves."
How about Tammany Hall candidates on
tho ticket?"
" We are waiting to see how a union can bo
perfected. I will say frankly that nothing at
all has boen docided ai to tho make-up of the
ticket. We do not know whether wo will
namo tho candidates for Comptroller or
Surrogate or what candidates for Judges oro
to bo selocted by Tammany Hall. A good
deal hinges on the District-Attorneyuiip.
Wo will first have to decldo to unite."
Police Justico Power left tho hotel after
eating his dinner. .There is no doubt what
ever that the County Domocracy loaders are
in a peouliar predicament. Many of the
politicians around the Westminster Hotel
think that they will ask Mr. Martine to
stand for ro-eloction. It is generally admitted
that thoy will be compelled to abandon Fitz.
gerald or end tho conference with Tammany
At 4 o'clock n "joint session of tho sub
committees was begun in secret.
The conference took a recess at 5
o'clock until B o'clock to-night. It
is said that tho County Democracy
will withdraw Fitzgerald for District-Attorney
and recommend tho renomination of Mr.
Martine. Tammany Hall may accept Martine.
Pressure is to be brought npon Mr. Martine
to run for District-Attorney instead of for
Judgo of Sessions.
Jodie Forbes for Second Choice.
irxotu. to Tnx avzuraa wobld.)
BlKonsHTON, N. Y., Oct. 80. In the Republi
can Judicial Convention to-day Judge O. A,
Forbes, of Madison County, was nominated for
second cholco by Toinklns. Bchujler and Chenango
counties uniting with Madison, Cortland and
Menntor Iilvlnaaton Ueaomlaatea.
rzcui. to inc svxaixa world.
Elizabetu, N. J. , Oct. SO. State Senator Robert
L. Livingston, of PlalnDeld, was renomlnsted this
afternoon by the nnited Democratia convention at
Library Hall, Elizabeth.
Francis It. Gilbert for Jndce.
sriciAL to th xtkkixo wosxd.
Binouautok, N. Y., Oct. SO. The Democratic
Judicial Convention for this district this afternoon
nominated Francis It. Gilbert, of Stamford.
Over the Pelham Meadows.
JydittJ. II. Ooatar, J, M. Watarburr, 8. 8. Bands.
Stcrttary Marlon Slorr.
Aiarftr l'alham Clinton; amtatant, B. Blddla.
Clr o 3cal W, Vrealand.
I'kliuu, N. Y. , Oct. SO, There is a good at
tendance at the Pelham steeplechase to-day, in
cluding many well-known racing men. There is
no publlo betting, but private quotations can be
First Race. Hunter's Handicap Flat Race, at
about a mllo and a quarter, was won by West
moreland, ridden by .Mr. Harwood, a head in
front of UoKenzte. ridden by Mr. Gilpin, two
lengths in front of Burgomaster, ridden by Mr.
Mall. Belting Even money Westmoreland.
The second ruco waa for maiden nolo ponies, at
about half a mllo, and was won by Harry Frescott,
rlddou by Mr. Cllncn, by three lengths. Tartar,
ridden by Mr. Hall, was second, fifteen lengths In
front of Furman'a bay maro, ridden by Mr. Madl
lsou. Third Race, an open handicap steeplechas over
tbe short course, was won by Welllugton, ridden
by Billings, by six lengths grora Jim Carllle, rid
den by Daly, a length In front of Uarborough, rid
den by Uensnaw.
Uaelna; at Lexington.
arzcuL to tus xvcbivu wobld.
Lexinqton, Oct. w. The racing by the Ken
tucky Association was continued to-day with four
races, Including three each at three-quarters of a
mile. The drat was for all ages, with non-winning
aud maiden allowances, at three-quarters of a
mile. It was won by Olenflaher, at lis lb., Cupid
secoud, Alleghuuy third. Time 1.15. Post odds,
19 to 1 win, 8 to 1 each QlenOihcr and Cupid for a
The second was tbe Bush Stakes for three-year-olda
that had not won a stske race this year prior
to Aug. 15, when the stakes closed, winners since
to csrry a penalty; distance a mile and a quarter.
It had seventeen entries, was won by F. Msck's
Poteen, by Powbattan, carrjlug 18 pound, Nick
Flnzer second. Time S.11K. Betting 7 to Son
The third race was for all ages, at three-quarters
of a mile, with selling allowances, snd was won
by Splunette, at 105 pounds, Walker second.
Birthday third. Time 1.16. Betting 4 to 1
agalmt to win, 6 to 5 for a placo and S to 1 Walker
fur a place.
Memphis Knees.
Msxriiia, Oot. JO. ThUwthe third day of the
Memphis races. Theilrst race on the programme
was a dssh of tlvo furlougs.for two-year-olds, sell
ing allowances. It waa won by Hilda In 1.06X,
with ulggoyei avcond andlrma u. third. Betting
t to 1 against to win, s to 8 on for a place and S to 1
against Blggoyet for a place.
The second race was for three-year-olds and up
ward, with penalties snd allowances; one mile.
Qlesner, tbe top weight, won In 1.4-W, with
Whltenose second, and Jennie Treacy third.
Post Odds 8 to 1 on aieaner no place, S to 1 on
Whltenose for a place.
Ilarrlrra to Run on Batardav.
The SubuTban Harrier Champion Cross-Oountry
Club will hold Its opening cross-country run Iron
the Woodbln Hotel next Saturday,
Westchester Conntr Itnllles to the SnpportMtB
or Her Favorite Hon, Eats Plo aad.trtH
Waxr Kloqnent Landlord Carneatef 4H
Mtnmpedrs the Convention with a Dinner. 'bI
Hell Uocklnnd County flets Ifk, ' ' i&iH
arzcttL to Tim zvzinifo world. 1 t tB
Tahbttown, N. Y., Oct. 20. Since 9 o'clock "j3H
this morning honest formers of the Bepub-,H
lican political porsuasion havo been rolling jjsH
into this quiot and peaceful village. TJmH
Franklin Houso, on Droadway, is the goal JB
they all steered for, and Landlord Ziba Car-i$M
penterhnshad his hands full trying to pre-'5 ijjM
paro for tlioir thirst nnd hunger. " H
Tho immediato excuso for tho arrival of 'iflH
all tho political farmers is the IlepublioMa.'H
Convention to nominate a candidate) t&ClfimW
Btato Senator from the Twelfth Distri&tMH
Well sprinkled in among the farmers are pol- vB
iticions who moke no pretensoof agriculture.,
Chief and easily greatest among them &llVf9flfl
is perpetual speaker "Jimmy" Husted,Vj(B
gayer and more chipper than over and weaxsrH
ing a spotless black scarf-pin of much brilkllgHB
lancy. ''"SHJ
Although more than a hundred men ars'ivaBDl
picnioking and junketing around tbisJH
Franklin House, only twenty of theBtupfH
are delegates. They aro tho masters opH
tho situation, or think thoy are, and ao-jBB
cent drinks and cigars in n mildly dopriJ;SB
calory way ns tributes to their crcatneaswTBH
The scintillnting Rusted weaves in and OtttfttflH
among them liko a bald meteor shedding the, xSmmm
light of his countenance upon them and teli-jjijHH
ing them what they must do to bo saved. ' " JH
In all this he is ably seconded by Mr. J.vlH
Chimborazo Hums, whose soft gray whiskWa i'WM
wear an added curl on account of the whUjH
in which he labors. &H
The convention met at 19 o'clock Bhr."TaHH
At 12.02 sharp it adiourned for dinner. Bamp'j WmW
thought that Landlord Ziba had played H'i&H
sharp on them by ringing tho dinner-ball so'JH
soon after they had been called to order, bstt -3H
all went awav thankfnllv to their feed. X. 9M
h Only half the great men could be aocoai- "'H
modatod at a timo, so the others lounged 'itamW
about tho verandas nnd lawn and steadfastly, "JH
regarded tho signs of the times. On UmH
veranda they were delighted to find thjul.H
announcement in tho shape of a largo Ioaa-:H
pencilled sign I ' 'H
................................. a...........,,. aa i!uffl
: Willie Strong and Lottie Chambers Is goteg. ISSoB
: to be married at s r. v. o'clock to-day. ; LsH
............................... ...a.........,...,. faaaSSH
Promptly at 1 o'clook the convention, apt, flfH
togethor again in groat good humor. Tb3aH
district comprises Westchester and Ilpcklr"L.B
Counties, Westchester having three) Asaeia ''jHB
blymen to Ilookland's ones. As tho basis Qt-JxR
representation in the convention is five dekuNH
gates for each Assemblyman, it is easy to Ma-H
ow overwhelmingly Westchester has ita (rtfKH
way. "'!
Among some of the great men who oasne to3iH
order at the tap of Chairman D, WileyTravU'at -JH
gavol aro Fort Warden Isaao W; Edaall; "vH
strong Robertson man; Oeorgo A. Bzaa-'',
dreth, Marsh H. Crapsey, W. B. Hose, tha;4jH
Adonis of the convention; James OsborB, ;H
the mighty hunter, and five stalwart aaaMH
handsome young men from Yonkers, wih..J."iJH
Irving Burns, of Chlmberazonlan fame, m rM
their head. H
Tho way in whloh harmony spread iw softX JB
wings over the convention was remarkable.1('B
There wero many little booms ramblia j;M
around, but they didn't olash with oali&9B
anothor tho least bit. That was the effect oC ,nSH
the great quantities of pie and hard eider tiSis;
delegates had eaten at dinner. There w '
three kinds of pie. The harmony was only.JaSM
temporary, however, and disappeared very 'v-ajM
shortly aftor Chairman Travis called thapjH
meeting to order. ToH
Thero were only two candidates, ez-OoUwH
lector of the Fort Win. H. Bobertson, who;5B
was Westchester's choice and Lawyer Olnr,
enco Lexow, of Kyack, who vainly hoped fc"aJBB
tho nomination on tiostrongtiiof Eocilfllid1li:JW
backing. . v ' '!,H
Young Arthur Tompkins, of BocklanoUfiiB
County, a timid youth with not much vole9,.aM
or whiskers, nominated Lexow. Ho Bald that jBBI
Bockland County had not had the Senator iflBI
for years and it was time they had their right. ytjflM
Thero was somo applause by the BocklancLHI
County men, but the Westcheatermenlook4 . jBB
in u wondering way , as they do not believe la
offices for Bockland County, where thavotew jHB
aro Democrats. "'''-''SM
Fillman Brandroth made a weU-ooBBed.JBJ
speech in favor of Judge Bobertson. Then jBB
were some entertaining things in it. AlteafBBJ
calling Judge Bobertson the long-needed ;';-Hl
Bismarck of the Bepublicon party of Wert- -,JJH
cheater County, ho said : tHI
"We need a strong man at Albany.
William II. Bobertson is his name and h 9BJ
lives in tho Third Assembly District H(aB
has had a vast experience and for thirty ."'Hi
years he has held the offices of Supervisor, ''?8Mm
Assemblyman, Senator, Congressman and $9B.
Collector of the Fort." ' WMm
This long list had an unexpected effect 09 HB
the audience and ono of the spectators!,, SifflH
shouted, "Ain't that enough? Does h -BJ
want the earth?" H
Tho Bockland County men thought tho raH
question pertinent, and Mr. Brandreth waa) 'IBH
porturbed and tangled in his speech, but h :3Bfl
recovered and continued ; " The name ot jH
Judge Bobertson is a synonym for unusual JflB
purity and integrity. It shines like stars. flfl
This nomination for Senator to-day is only a &B
stepping-stone to the Secretaryship of ma mm
Treasury under Blaine. He is the right-hand .tfH
man of Blaine, and honored and esteemed a v'Sl
no other man Is. We will havo a walk-over, 4BH
Judge Bobertson is the hero of a hundred; JSB
fights. If ho is going to have a Waterloo, M H
will not come this time." 'H
Tompkins suggested that it would be a &U
Sood thing to nominate a cleaner man thaj jJH
ndge Bobertson and a man against whom
there was not so muoh factional feeling. JOl
Then the vote was taken and Bobertson wag 9H
nominated, roceiving 13 votes to Leiow'a 7. fjH
m m 'S&yj
Broker Dall Held for Asaaalt. 'jfl
John A. Bull, a broker, ot cl New street, waa MM
held in atoo ball by Justice Massey, In Brooklym wfl
to-day on a charge of cruelly beating and klckla '&EM
his wife at his home, 411 Sixth avenue, Brooklyn 'J
Death of Mr. Ileresford-nope. 'iiiJuH
London, Oct. SO. Tho Bight Hon. Alexander fjgH
James Beresford Beresford.Uope (Liberal CoaV -StmM
aervatlve), member ot 1'urllament from Csabrldfa Qfl
University, is dead. wfH
Defter Carry Yonr Umbrella To-Ntah. 'lH
yXX ' WiSHlKOTOir, OOt,M.- 9
wogkl for Cunnetttcuiont But- fH
VR.y OTiA'ewrorllr1srmr $U
l'JftO xll6" ratn' "" JW Jal
t M jUrorlaNs winds, hwunt JjH
firW 4? W oMwtrt ,
Ir Batten. HwiiiMi ' H
tuniaanttAew Jertev; Warmer, ro; A 14 JfH
Dritii tartaNs vlnat, teeombv uurtiMll , ."
J ' Mm

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