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A Strlklnn Illnstrntlon In tho nicani.DavU
Contest The New York Athletio Club's
Attempt to Get tha Dauntless Crew More
About Pole - Vaulter Itaxter's Itrconl.
Breaking .Sexton' Views on Matches.
T is not over pleasant
Z&Zffi&Ty ,vJj rforco a four or six
VajjSj.'? -(f found glovo contest.
imfy-) itll Unless ouo wan is
Wiittn Jifflk c'eim knocked out
Wf(wgj!5K thcro is sure to bo dis.
yfryS " jfj satisfaction. Thoro aro
uU "m rV.Jll " many wft's ' iuJft
k &dj Ur&k '"K and it is so diffl-
I) J5 fsNl ouIt to to11 tno rolntivo
' lfflfl lii valuo of the hits. Ouo
Plfli V!r Jl ) 'lrom'nont Judge of
It "it Jy l,rizo-flBting says no
l v 'z5 I mau sll0U'd bo pub.
v? U 1Ishcd ttS bcatou by nn
I ) J ) ' , otuor'n ft fonr-round
Jtt Ai Vi B unless really Hckodj
ffvf imifw I toT in n rlne BUt ono
uwva knockod ut nni yct
l tjdU 'n'r -Jl by a sudden ra"y wln
aVjp?VV ,S7A tho battl' Another
JNTl'' iJ saB " w0 mon nGrc0
Ok i rt to box our runds. tn
Vo'fr?gOf one thnt gets tho bost
- of it, no mnttor how
slightly, is entitled to
a victory. Tho boxers know about all the
good judges going, and can pick exponents
of whichever of thoso two schools thoy like;
but whore the real difficulty comes in is in
conscientiously judging'a bout, part of which
has been in favor of ono uian
and part in favor of his opponent,
and in deciding which puts in tho telling
blows. This was well illustrated at tho lliui
liattan Athletic Olub's entertainment last
Saturday night. The six.round bout between
feather-weights McOIll and Davis was all in
favor of McGill the first three rounds , even
the fourth round , entirely for Davis in tho
fifth, and the last round was in faor of
Davis thu first half, and about oven the re
mainder. Davis would surely havo won in
another round or two. The Woiild's and
This Evening Wobld'b sporting representa.
tives were tho Judges, and tho old
timo amateur heavy weight cham.
pion. Harrv liuermyor, was tho refcreo.
The Wonius man voted in favor of Davis
and TnE Evenino 'World representative
thought that McQill scored tho most points
in the six-round contest, but wroto : " A
draw or another round." An extra round
was tho only absolutely fair way of reaching
a decision, but it could not bo ordered so.
Buermeyer pave McQill tho bout. Tho vor
diot was undoubtedly a fair ono. as far as
scoring the most cloanhits went, but boxing
isn't learned to dovelop " tapping." Davis's
rights on McQill's ribs did lar more damage
than Benny's glove flicking on Davis's nose.
The New York Athletic Club made strenu
ous offorts not long ago to absorb tho old
Dauntless Rowing Club. They wanted to
take over the champion eight-oared crew in a
body, together with adozon or so of tho other
best men in tho club. They wero so anxious
to get them that it was represented that thoy
Stood ready to buy out the club's plant at a
round sum, thereby, of courso, terminating
its existence. Tho Dauntless boys acknowl
edged their thanks at tho compliment,
but refused to go into tho big club, saying
that the old blue and white flag was what
they had grown into championship form un
der and that was good enough for them as
long as they were ablo to pull a boat.
Sticklers for exactness in amateur athletes
still deny Fole-Vaulter Baxter's right to his
new reoord of 11 feet 6 inohes. They claim
that even If the pole the champion vaulted
with did break it was a try, and the feat
should not bo allowed a record because it
was not accomplished in ono of three at
tempts. Prof. Qoldio says he lowored the
bar a quarter of an inoh after tho champion
took one try with his now pole to see if it
suited him and that Baxter wont over the bar
on the third attempt, whon it was
placed at 11 feet S incheB. Thcro Is no
particular reason for restricting an athlete
to three " trys " whon going for a reoord.
Athletio rules are silent on this point, al
though thoy expressly say that in ft compe.
tition n contestant is out " after throo
failures. An amateur who has pluck enough
tp try for a record has n hard enough job
without being 1 mpered with such a limited
restriction as tho throo trys rule. Six trys
would be ample, as few men havo endurance
enough to do much after that. They got tod
" I don't play billiards for lovo," says Billy
Sexton, " only for dust, and I for one got
enongh of five-night play in Washington.
Unless tho players in a contest that is to last
a week chance to win and lose so sb to keep
tho result in doubt tho interest soon ceases
and then thero is not a corporal's guard pres
ent. If one wins the first nighdnd the other
the second then tho publio cries hippo
drome." Tho enterprising Manhattan Athletio Club
has just aduod a new cross-country team to
Continued from Tuesday'$ Evsniso Wobij).!
fS tho detective spoko
the cashier grew first
whlto, then red.
" You don't mean
to say," Mr. Foster
said, exoitcdly, " that
the check has been
"But I do," tho
cashier answered.
" The letter of advice
camo this morning ;
tho check was pre
sented and paid about
an hour ago."
" Good heavens ! and
tho amount?"
"Ten thousand
pounds." .
"Ton thousand pounds! How oould you
We could not do less-, wo had tho letter
i. of advice written upon tho Earl's private
papor, and with tho Dolan postmark. So far
i as we could tell, ovorything was porfectly
i gonuino."
i " How was the money paid ?"
" In bank of England notos."
! ''You havo the numbors?"
J " Yes, but that is littlo good; tho notos will
i prohably bo cashed abroad."
. " Can you dosoribe tho man who cashed
I " Yes; a tall, stout, fair man, with sandy
' hair."
' "It did not striko you that ho was dis.
i " No, we nevor for n moment thought that
anything was wrong."
i " But surely tho amount is unusually largo
A for you to pay without duo notice?"
"Yes, but the Earl's letter, or rather tho
letter which we supposed and had ovcry
reason to believe came from tho Earl, apolo
gizes for wanting so largo a sum at a mluuto's
notice, but you shall seo tho letter."
He loft the counter and camo baok in a
moment with the letter, whloh he handed to
Mr. Foster,
The detective looked at it and wondered.
the rapidly increasing number of followers
of this healthful pastime P. D. Skillman is
tho captain, with. Al, F. Copoland lee-cap-tain.
Besides seven chases of its own this
club will compote at tho Now York Athletio
Club's ohampionshlp meeting on Nov. 13,
and the Spartan Harriers' open amateur
handicap steeplechase from Mount Vernon on
Nov. 20. On Thanksgiving day tho team
will go on a cross-country walk.
Sclicmo of Operntlon of (ho Home nt 2T ft.
Mark's Place.
Mark's placo was onco
a swell abodo, whero a
btnovolont wonlthy
lady lived. Now dozens
of homolcss girls aro
sholtcrcd thoro. They
go to learn tho useful
arts of laundering,
dressmaking and ma
chine sowing. It is a
branch of tho Children's Aid Society. It has
boon in existence twonty-flvo years, first at
Canal street, then at BIcockcr street and
lastly at St. Mark's placo.
It is strictly undenominational. Tho Itov.
Mr. Boono, n Congregational minister,
preaching to tho children Sunday mornings
in Wintor.
Mrs. Hurley, matron of tho Homo for tho
past fifteen years, showed an Evenino Would
roporter over tho houso. "Any girl who comes
to tho door and says sho is homeless is
received," sho Bnid. " Occupation may bo
found for her tho noxt day. Thoso who
board in the houso, which will accommodato
fifty -two, pay 81.60 a week if thoy havo situ
ations which convonicutly enable them to do
so; otherwise thoy pay nothing. Tho work
they do in the houso is all the compensation
given, Two or threo times only in my term
of office girls havo come with the intention of
inveigling away tho other girls. They wore
promptly detected and sent away. Only tho
cook and tho housekeeper aro regularly hired
Tho sewing-machine girls do not live in
the houso, but como ono hour or two hours a
day to learn tho use of tho machine Qirls
from eloven years of ago to twenty-fivo aro
received. Tho averago learn in two weeks,
although some bright ones master it in u fow
days. They then get work at from $2 to $0
a week. ,
The ground floor is a suite of two rooms
and an nlcovo. Twenty-six sewing-machines
of four varieties fill tho second of theBo.
Two Irish girls, sisters, wero in tho alcove
hemming. Tho reporter, although not an
adept at liemming, thought the work fair. A
Chinawoman is an old stand-by of tho place.
Miss Boeching has charge of tho sowing
machine department. Tho girls bring thoir
own work.
Mrs. Hurley then took tho reporter to tho
second-Btory, the drcHsmakors' department.
It takes girls six months to learn hero, und
then thoy go to dressmakersas " improvers."
That means they can still learn something in
tho mysteries of tho art. A dozen girls were
Bitting around doing different parts of
dresses, and two or threo handsomo gowns
hung over chairs. Mrs. MoAlpino teaches
tho girls. The dressmakers star in tho
house, but aro given only thoir board,
Tho laundry department is thoroughly
equipped. It takos n year to bo graduated as
a laundress. Tho girls there look on them
selves as tho swell element in the house.
Half-a-dozen girls were rubbing wet clothes
up and down a zino board. A mound of
light snowy foam rose from each tub. Tho
girls were pretty, healthy and gay.
In the ironing-room Mrs. Hurley asked
Nellie to give an exhibition polish. Nellie is
an ample blondo and the boss polisher. Sho
is a fairy-like thing of 220 pounds weight,
and when sho poises hor avoirdupois on a
small flat-iron and runs it over a shirt collar,
that collar must shiuo or be ground out of
existence. Tho drying-room is as hot as a
Good dlsciplino is maintained in the house.
The children aro not allowed out at night,
and boarders who pay are allowed out during
tho day, while those supported by tho hoUBo
are let out on Sundays,
For breakfast tho menu is tea, bread and
butter, and porridge. The porridgo is docked
for tho supper. The dinner on Sunday is
roast meat; Monday, meat stow: Tuesday,
livor and bacon ("They tako that," said Mrs.
Hurley): Wednesday, pork and beans ("They
take that, too"): Thursday, meat stewi Fn
day, fish; Saturday, meat soup. Sometimes
fialrons send in apple sauce and little dain
les. Bo hero is an opportunity for beneficence.
Hussoll Sago, solemn and sagacious.
Col. Grcono, somewhat pesslmistio on
" points. "
Alfred Sully, confident of a rise in Hich.
mond Terminal.
Col. Mann, of boudoir-car famo, talking of
railroad earnings.
" Wash " Connor, somewhat bullish, but
studious of tho tupu.
Judge Fitch, who says he novcr speculates,
but is fond of talking stocks.
John SlavbncU, cautious about prognosti
cating whai tho morrow may develop.
Dr. Norvin Green, absolutely ignorant (to
take his own word for it) of telegraph deals.
Perftonal Hupervlnlan
of thfi work of tnanufartnr. tho hlybrtt rredn of stock
nd tbf, lunBefl iMrleno rendnr nar new brandi of
cigiretu-n White-Gam," " Cfom-Countut " and
"Latest Knoi.ibh" the flneat article now oo lue
market. KlNNKT Toragoo Co.. New Yolk. .
Thero was tho Earl's curious hand copied
exactly. The letter ranos follows:
Bin: I shall eateein It a favor tt roa can cash
checK for 10001), which will bo presented iurlnir
to-morrow (weilucsduj), as presenter leaves Em;
lanJ In the evening.
Tho amount 1b. 1 know, unusually large to be
paid without a notice, ami If His luconveuleot for
jou to cusli It to-duv, prujr leave It; upoii the other
bund. It will greatly convenience rue If you can
honor It. 1 am, gentlemen, yours obediently,
" Well, tho cashier 6ald, " could wo havo
done otherwise than we have done ?" x
" I suppose not," tho detective answered 1
" but to think of his getting tho hotter of mo
like thutl Well, I bball novcr call mysolf
clever again."
After leaving tho bank Mr. Foster jumped
into a hansom, telling tho man to drive to
the station as quickly as possible.
Tho train v as just starting when ho reached
the station, but be managed to scramble in ;
and after a journey which beemed endless
so anxious was ho to reach iho cud of it
tho engine slackened speed and pulled up at
Doluu. H6 jumped out and sought the ntu-tiou-mostor.
" Were you on tho platform when tho first
train camo in from town?" ho asked.
" Yos, sir," tho man answered.
" Did any one como by it ?"
" Oh, yes, sir I There's always a good
many by that train ; tho country folks bring
their vegetables up from the village to soil."
" Did Mr. Selwyn come by tho train ? "
" No, sir ; thcro was only third-clafs pas
sengers." " It's curious," tho detoctivo muttered,
walking awoy in the direction of tho Castlu,
" very curious, but I cannot bo mibtaken,
it's as clear as daylight."
He went more slowly, turning things over
in his mind. When ho reached tho Castle
ho went straight to the Earl's study : tho
Earl was sitting thcro and welcomed tho dc-
C"Ah, Fosiort" ho said, "I'm pleased to
seo yon ; I was beginning to get n, littlo
anxious, you disappeared so mysteriously
last night." , , , ,
"I was tracing my due," ho answered,
Btniling a littlo. "MoyI ask if you havo
drawn any largo checks within the last day
or two ?"
" No," tho Earl auswered, looking tho least
bit frightenod.
" Dear mo, no ; why do you ask ?"
"One for that amouut sigued with your
signature has been presented and cashed."
h' Great heaven!1, lUrllug up iu iiu chAh-
Ilnlr Uratorntlvr Tor l'aiuprrril Ioi und
Bomttlmes Moil.wntr, too.
5x ffrSSjnOLEMK in a Broadwny
liKSt vAv drug storo was aocostcd
v4T lrjrvt thi morning by a vory
A I swnll ilni?.
'VA v, y JV " Hnvo you any hair
GtrlJhA HZ W rostorotlvo ?" sho asked
i3jvffe H In clear soprano
J$VW 1 voico, whilo nn cxprcs-
J iVyy BVO1' sion ot auxloty Bnt ou
" Yes, miss," said tho clerk with a glanco
at tho fluffy bang and abundant locks of tho
damsel, "noro is a mixturo which I can
recommend." . .,..,,
" It must bo tho vory best. Titus's hair is
coming out and it worrios mo n great deal,"
sho said with a littlo droop to her mputh.
" I don't know what tho matter is. Ho is too
young to be gottiug bald," sho continued.
" Well, I think your husband will find ro
Hof from this," said tho clerk, throwing
much sympathy into his high-salaricd smile.
" My husband !" oohood the girl. " It
isn't for my husband. It's for my dog."
Titus wagged his tall.as if to say : What's
tho matter with her dog?" ....
There was a small patch on his body, too
far back for him to boo it well, whero tho
hair had departed, leaving his Bkin exposed
to all the vigor of a New lork winter.
" Hub it on well," said tho clerk, ns tho
damsel paid him 11 for a small bottlo. " It
will renew the hair."
Some of the pet dogs of women aro so
overfed that their hair fnlls out. This is not
noticeablo in tho long-haired Skyo and York
shire terriors. Their hair covers a bald spot.
But tho larger dogs with shorter hair show a
spot, and it does not odd to thoir beauty.
" I havo had sovoral calls for hair restora
tives for dogs," said a clerk in auothor drug
sloro. " Thoy get the mango, ornro ovorfed,
and their hair drops out. It breaks tho
women all up to havo a dog with a big spot
on him. They'll do anything for n dog.
" Sometimes they como here and got choo
olato soda. They take somo, then givo somo
to the dog, and drink out of tho saiuo glass
afterwards without awinco. They couldn't
do that if a nowsbov had takenn drink out of
it. Oh, they aro good to thoir dogs, you hot.
A hair restorer works on a dog as well as it
docs on a man. That is. sometimes it is
effective and some times it isn't. The women
who run expensive dogs think nothing of
money or troublo to keep them in good
A Captain of Police, a Djapeptlc, unit mil
Nye Answer a Woman's Inquiry.
Editor tif Tht Ettntno trtrW
Mrs. 11. 's letter In Tub Evknino Wonui of this
date caught my eye, and nothing would satisfy my
wife but that I should wrlto you at once. If there
Is anything in tho wide world more mis-cooked
than the Welsh rarebit I don't know what It U.
If Mrs. It. wants to Veep Mr. It. at home, follow
ing recipe will do it: "Golden Iluek," which Is
an Improvement on tho rarebit. Is made as follows:
Cheese sufficient for a slico of toasted bread; melt
with a little ale; beat ono egg with a small glass ot
Bhcrry wltioj when the cheese la melted pour In the
egg and wltic; let both como to a boll and pour
over tho toasted bread; mustard or Worcester
shire as you like. A bottlo of Bass's aloto " wash"
It down. Very truly, ic. ,
Captain of Police.
Bridgeport. Conn. , Oct. 21.
Edtlor qf Tht Evening irorW.
Mts. It. asks bow to mako a Welsh rarebit that
will tempt her husband to remain at homo Instead
ot going to a chop-bouse for his delloacles. When
I agreed to answer these queries about cooking I
did not think that any ono would ask me so soon
how to make a rarebit. I thought any one knew
how to make theso plain duties. If I bad bocn
asked to explain how to make a mlnco pie or a
slumber robo I could havo dono so, but questions
llko the above should bo referred to the man who
does tho plain cooking on the paper. Dill Nye.
Editor of r Ewni) World !
Tell Mrs. It. that, for mercy's sake. If sho loves
her husband and has any regard for his friends,
not to cook any rarebits at all. They nearly killed
me. A DYSrErno.
Brooklyn, Oct. 23.
Answers to Correspondents.
T. C The Great Eastern Is tho largest vessel
F. II. II. Gen. Grant died at Mount McGregor
July U, 18S5.
J. U. s. You will find tho statistics you desire
In the Would Almanac; price K cents.
A. D. "If a young man over twenty-five years
old Is living with his mother, paying uoard,can bis
stepfather put him out T" Is lie Btrong enough ?
J. C. '. The laws of New York permit a man to
bare as many wives as be chooses, provided ho
marries them In the manner prescribed by law.
By Bpeclal statute passed In 18TS, a man Is permit
ted to have two or more wives, or a woman two or
more husbands, under certain conditions, and to
live with both at tho same time, Polygamy and
polyandry were made lawful In Mew York by tho
Court of Appeals In 1883.
tl. A?. The Clncmattl Cammrrrtal'i claim upon
tho word "boodle "la absurd. It Is to be found
In cither of the dictionaries spelt "bodle." It has
been used In its present sense over thirty years,
and It la to be found In the "Thieves' Lexicon,"
published In 18&0. "Boodle: counterfeit
money. Boodle-carrier: one who carries the
counterfeit money and hands It out, ouo bill at a
time, to those u ho pass it. "
and growing very white, " this is terrible ;
but tho letter of advice ? I forbade them to
cash any checks without receiving that."
" The letter of advico, written on your own
private papor, was received."
" Is it possible I Mr. Foster, what is to bo
Mr. Foster sat down.
" The only thing to bo dono," he raid, " is
to catch the perpetrator of those forgeries,
and I beliovo that I cuu put my finger upon
"You do 1" snrprisod; "thonpray do not
lose any timo. Who is the mun whom you
" I must toll you, I suppow, and it will
matter littlo, as all the world must know
soon; but I shall shock you terribly."
"Woll?" iin patiently.
"Tho man, the detective continued,
slowly, "is, 01 I havo always thought, one
who lives in tho best society, ono who is
universally respected, one who is an intimate
friend of yours."
" An iiitiitmto friend of initio!" tho Earl
repented. "A forger nn intimate friend of
wine : thot is hardly likely."
"Tho world does not know him ns a
forger." tho detoctivo fcald, slowly. "Tho
uorld knows him ns Max Selwyn, tho great
author 1"
Had au carthiiuako suddenly convulsed tho
enrth all around him tho Karl could not havo
looked more shocked and upset ; for a moment
ho seemed bewildered, then anger succeeded
surprise and ho turned furiously to Mr. Fos
tcr. " How daro you say such n thing? " ho said,
fiercely " how dare you ? "
" I say what I believe to bo tho truth, what
my iuvestigntious havo almobt proved, lam
not to blamo if tho news is unwelcome.
Dlstcn to 1110 n moment, you owo mo at least
u hearing."
Tho l.ial did not epcak, and tho dctcctivo
went ou.
" You aro not tho first person," he said,
" who has given me tho job of tracing this
forger. 1 was employed onco by a Itussiau
Count, whose fumily jewels had all been re
moved, by means of n forged note, from his
baukor's, and of courso novcr seen again ;
aud onco before by an Englishman of great
wealth, who hud lost many thousand pounds
through this forger j but , though I
tried my best I was unsuccessful. All
I learned in my investigations was that
tho man who presented tho checks and who
took away tho Jewels bad wonderful largo
deep bltto oyes; in other respects tho indivi.
dual's anpraranro seemed to ohnugo; ho
would dfiigulao, of courts. Well, tiiuo went
Till. LIST Or" 00T011KH J11UDE3 STILL
Sir. franklin 8. Wilson nml Alias Lillian A.
Plyniptan ninrrlril nt tbe Centrnl Congrr
antlonnl Chitrch Jlr. frank Cnlyer to
Wed Alls Minnie I'. White This livening
The Wcclia-.llntsraii Wcitdlun.
--, EST Fifty.sovonth
' Pi I street wan ublazo with
1 llW Hght nml noiBy with
( tVYJ t'lu rumbling of car-
U f ringes lost evening at
yp jU Jl ) 8 o'clock whon tho
tP lfai niarriage of Mr. Frank.
vWd O lin S. Wilson aud Miss
AAJ I.illiau A. I'lympton
j&Owj took placo at tho Ccn-
(jTSSJwWji trnl Congregational
kWtR Church. Tho Itov.
WXQ William Lloyd offlcint-
oJW3l?VfflrV ?' c'' ns"'std by the
(lf(ffffwr R Il0T- Vnn Pfllt- Tho
I fir I 1) W weddlng.Rown was of
1 H ' 1 ' I 1 vt-hito falllo Francalso.
1 with train, brocaded
front and high corsogo. Tho voil was of
tullo. Tho brido enrried a bouquet of white
roses. Miss Ida Ilaughoy was tho maid of
honor. Sho woro draperies of lemon tulle
ovor a watered silk slip, with trimmings of
duchesso laco ; sho carried a bunch of yellow
roses. Mr. Kline, Mr, Laimbeor, Mr. W. H.
Lloyd and Mr. F. C Lloyd wero tho ushors.
Tho reception nftor tho wedding was
nt tho homo of tho brido's parcutB,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plympton,
in West Fourteenth street. Tho houso was
decorated in bright autumnal colors with
yellow chrysanthemums and other flowers.
Dr. Burchiird, Capt. and Mrs. Haughey, Mr.
Bliss Hart, Dr. and Mrs. Dnvid King, tho
Itcv. and Mrs. Van Pelt, Mr. nnd Mrs. Mor.
timer Browu, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Wil.
son, Mrs. Arthur Ileum, Mrs. T. Jlillor, Mr.
Hearn, Mr. nnd Mrs. Herbert, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Fremont, Mr. and Mrs. Chnrles Lord, Miss
Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Lugolla, and Mr. aud
Mrs. Tompkins und MiBS Tompkins and many
others woro thero.
Tho marriajjo of Mr. Frank Culycr and
Miss Minnie F. White will taka placo this
oveniug at 8.30 o'clock at tho homo of tho
mother of tho brido, Mrs. Margaret While.
HI East Thirty-third street. Tho brido will
wear a white fnillo Francalso with train, V
shaped corsago aud trimming of duohessa
laco. Thu tullo veil will bo secured with dia
mond pins.
Mrs. Spraguo, of tho Navarro Flats, MS
West Fifty-eighth strcot, will givo n reccp
tiou this evening in honor of thu marriage of
her daughter.
Tho Momingslda Tennis and Bowling Club
will give a dauco at its club-house, S84 St.
Nicholas avenue, ou Monday evening,
Oct. 31.
Mr. B. S Wocks and Miss A. Mataran, old
est daughter of tho lato Henry Mataran, will
be married at 8 o'clock this evening at tho
homo of tho brido's mother, 101 West Thirty
eighth street. Thero will bo no bridesmaids,
but tho bride will bo attended by her Bisters,
the MisseB A. and H. Mataran. Tho bost man
will bo Mr. W. A. F. 1 Mulford. Mr.
J. P. Faure, Dr. A. H. Small, Mr. J. A.
Towusend and Mr. E. Quist will be
ushers. Mayor Hewitt, if in good health,
will unito tho couple. Mr. and Mrs. V.
M. Mooro, the Itov. aud Mrs. J. U. Itylance,
tho Itov. Dr. Yarriugton, Dr. and Mrs.
Ueorgo E. Belcher, Mr. and Mrs. Charles De
Hart Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Far
rington, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Weeks, Mr.
and7 Mrs. H. Texior, Mr. and Mrs. W. 1'.
Allon, Mr. F. S. Wait, Mr. and Mrs. Gross.
Commander H. L. Spraguo, Mr. and Mrs.
Willinm Gregory, Major T. B. O'Doll, Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Weeks, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. O. Colo
man, the Itov. B. Morgan, Major and Mrs. W.
H. Kipp. Mr. S. Hyatt, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Dcl
aniater, Mr. and Airs. D. H. Fowlor, the Itev.
and Mrs. W. G. T. Shedd nnd very many
others will be present.
Miss Julia Thomas has returned to hor
home, 32 West Twenty-sixth street, after a
summer in Loudon and Paris.
Mme. J. De Ituytor hns returned to her
home in this city after a summer passed with
friends in tho northern part of tho State.
Mrs. William M. Oothout has returned to
this city nftor an absence in Berlin of several
years. Sho will receive hor frionds in her
new studio, nt 17 West Twenty-sixth rtrcet.
Senator and Mrs. John C. Jacobs have loft
the Metropolitan Hotel for their new home,
07 Jornlemon streot, Brooklyn, whero they
will receivo their friends ou Tuesdays during
tho winter.
Ah entertainment will bo given to-morrow
oveniug at tho Washington Heights Ath
cnu'um in aid of the Manhattan Hospital.
Tho marriago of Mr. Pedroso and Miss
Camillo Berghmann at Torrcsdalo, near Phil
adelphia, to-day. will bo attended by mnny
friends from all tho principal cities. Mr.
Pedroso and his bride will live this winter
with the-mother of tho brido, Mrs. Macallis
tcr Laughtou, at her homo in Washington,
Tnlin Kilters' Cullsnvn Tonlo
And dofj Malaria and other diAeaftM, which aro at
frasent provalent. On or twudiwea a day ia all that
neceasary. In aplle of all thla dlggbig up you Ihtm can
lol si rr.
Pint ii ttlea, 75 cent. Sold almoot eTerywhero. W.
II. IttKKn A Hose, Uruxsiata ami Mik, (JUunii.U, i&J
Cth ato.. K. Y. .
on, and you employed ma once more to dis
cover this man; upon that I made
n list of all the men who had had
thoir nameB forged. I found most had
been victimized tt a large extent, Mr. Mux
Selwyn only had lost nut little, X'200."
"Surol that should tell you," tho Earl
said, quickly, " that he cannot bo what you
say hoist A man would bcurcely commit a
forgery upon himself."
" Thero aro such things as blinds," tho de.
tectivo said, smiling, " I came down hero I
found that this Mr. Selwyn was a friend of
yours. I asked If ho would not help you to
find this forger; you told mo thnt ho bad the
Greatest objection to hunting any ono down,
then guessed, by nutting two and two to.
gcther, that Mr. Selwyn and tho forger had I
met at soma timo and thnt, though lie had
fluttered through him in a small degreo, he
wus yet unwilling to bring him to justice. I
was anxious to seothisMr. Solwyn I thought
I might bo ablo to leurn something from him.
You gavo mo tho opportunity wished for;
you took me to spend un evening nt his houso.
Directly ho came forwnrd to greet us my
pyes were caught bv his eves wonderfully,
darkly, beautifully blue. Something seemed
to whisper to mo at that moment
that thu forger himself, and not
the forgor's friend or acquaintance, stood
before 1110. I looked dowu at his hand. I
saw as I expectod long, slender, pliant white
Angers, taper pointed, v, ith a slight nervous
movement. I felt almost suo then.
" Next came the episode of the album.
You ashed for It you hnd written your name
in it, with your usual signature uttnehid
other men hud dono tho sumo, great und
wealthy men always. Miss Honor, who I am
certain knows not til ug of her futhor's mode
of making money, wuutcd their literary pro
ductions Mr. henvyn wanted thoir signn
tures to copy. It was n clever nn artful way
of getting them; I never knew of a better.
'' Mr. Solwyn had his suspicions of me, and
so the book could not be found, but I was de
termined to see it. 1 wns almost sure that
I should fliul all the names of the victims
which I had ou my paper in that book. When
no ouo was looking I unlatched tho window,
which had been shut fur the night: aud after
we had driven awny from the Hollies somo
little distance I slipped from my scat aud 1
came back to that window.
"To mako a story short, I saw Max Solwyn
write a letter and sigu a oheok, I suspected
both In your name I half thought of going
in and accusing him thoro and tncit; but we
should havo been man to man he is stronger
than I, and I had no weapons. Ho boil tho
album by his tide. I watcbod him put it
.wJti'irottT"' . ' ..'.. vv
Droves of Tlirm Ilronalit la This Country
Kverjr Ycnr.
-fp N tho steamer Chrys-
fix$$f "1 wcro nlnoty.six im-
jjfj?v migrnnts to this port
fi7 recently. Thoy nre
J$3&&( from tho Northorn
" v Islosaud vory young,
r$i "irco years old nud
W?f" under. But thoy
f. UA- I 7 w'l0' vynKi sniffed
jyasa3 V upn. air, and didn't
mourn tho gorgeous sunsets on which they
bad been brought up a bit, Thoy were
plump, hardy, Bhnggy littlo Shctlnnd ponies.
Tho trade in Shrtlnnds has assumed larger
proportions thoso past two years. About
nine hundred or a thousand aro brought bore
annually. Tho Aitow line takes them on at
Dundco, its last port lu Scotland. Many of
tho ponies are sold by auction when they ar.
rive, others aro sent West, and numbers go
to )ng Island. They fetch ubout S60
apioco, not as much as thoy lormorly brought.
This Is tho last trip fur tho ponies until
noxt May. They wero stalled in the alloy
ways ou tho dock which nro covonil in,
Whon their stnlls had to be oleauod the
ponies wero turned looso on the deck. Their
legs wero washed beforo thoy were put back.
They stood tho voyage well. Tenoftboin
cot awny with a bale of hay on tho trip,
Tho feod is supplied by the exporters.
Thero Is a duty 011 Shetland horses. Tho
stallions and mares aro admitted free if an
aftldavit has been procured from the Ameri
can Consul at Lofth that thoy are intended
for breeding purposes. No stallion is ovor
brought who is not intendod for breeding.
Tho duty is nbout $5 a head. Nlnoty.sh: is a
largo consignment. About fifty is tho avor.
ago. Tho steamers bring them every trip
from May to December. Soma of tbe ponies
nro blooded, Thero wero four iu this lot.
A flno pony sold for 9S00.
Sometimes Iceland and Welch ponies aro
brought ovor. but they aro bigger and not ns
pretty ns the Shctlands. The tionies nro gen
ilo. but sometimes try to relievo tho tedium
of tho voyngo by chawing up thoir neighbors.
Tho douso iguornnco of their island youth will
bo dispelled for many by a circus education.
They nro great pets with children. Some of
them aro hardly larger than a Newfoundland
Did Not Know III111.
, IA. IHIUnnrg ChronM'A
First llostonlan Who U this man Gilbert J
Hccond llostonlan Gilbert 7
First llostonlan Yes: I heard somebody to-day
say something about Hubert A Sullivan, and It's
the first I've heard about John L. taking lu a partner.
Irish It.
How shall we dlapnan nf tho dead 7 aalta s recant wrttr.
By keening tlietn allr, waa an Irlatiman'a grutnaqu
reply. Vrurlded the Individuals in quMtlun are afflicted
with any form if Nerre or Brain dlaeaae, KihauaUon.
Ilyateria, Neuralgia or the like. HCOTCU (JATS KMEMCX
la tbe beat antl-Krareyard remedy kuuwn,
Z, OPEN FUUM 11 TO 11. HUNDAYK, 1 to 11.
Concerts dally frum 3 1 o and 8 t-t 11. tir
Opening nf A. Un Moult'a great
flow!er siiow,
A dmiaalon to all. fiOo. : children 25o.
A JKK11-The MyaUIylng Choaa Automaton.
... .. i.amt 'i'o rnKCfnr-,
HATUH1IAY. OCT. 211, AT 9.
Silt. MAX IIKlNIttOH. Baritone.
AI.UX. LAMHUIIT, l'lani.u.
MR, W. TlIAUUi. Muaioal Director.
Admlaalon. 11. Beats, tl.W.
illtll.l.I NT 1111,1..
Last night " FALL OF NEW HAUYLON."
Erenlngi, S. 30 Hatnrday Matinee, 3.3D.
The Comedians,
In Dronaon Howard's great I Jomedy,
Heat secured two weeks In silrsnoe.
Erenlngs at B.loj Sat. Matinee at 3. Carriages at 10.15.
1 A Til STREET THEATRE. Oor. Oth svel
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday.
flKO. fl. trorM Inatantsnecets.
KNK11IT .ruM-UrilUant and forcible.
KNIGHT Joernnl-Noureeaklt.
aa &' Tenderness and strength.
RUDOLPH. IVnal-Merltsnd clererneaa.
RUDOLPH. fltar-A great bit.
STAR THEATRE. Broadway and 13th at.
Eyory erenlng Thla Week and Haturday Matinee.
Monday, Oct 31; Tanadar, Nor. 1: Wednesday,. Not. 3.
Beats uow on bale.
Monday. Nov. 7,
MR. HKNftV iRvikn.
BUNNELL'S 723-30 I1ROADWAY. Adroleiton. 2So.
OLD Children, Mo.
mvnnw "acred Hairy Family. Continuous
LONDON u clrcu, trt.ndo,!. Entertainment.
MUSEUM. 1 be Greatest Show. Noon till 11 P.M.
away, and when ho left tho room I crept in
and verified my suspicions! overy uamo in
tha book was on my paper.
"Then I started off to the station to try
and catch thb midnight train, though I con
fess it never struck ins that Solwyt would go
by it. I found it gono. I tmiuirod at the
station if any one uad gone by it, and was
told qnly a husband and wife In a third. olass
carriage. Sly informant must havo been
mistaken; when I reached town tho noxt
morning the check had been cashed,
" There is one more thread in tho chain of
evidence ; tho lock of hair plckod up in tho
bank bears the dato of May IB, 1870. Max
Solwyn I ascertained from tho family Blblo,
when I was there the ptherlay lost nis wife
on May 12, tho hair, you will remember, was
cut ofl when tho body lay iu its eollln, which
would bo a day or two after death."
"This Is terrible I" tho Earl said. "It,
seems impossible that it can bo truo, aud
He paused ; the door opened, the subject
of their conversation entered. Ho van look,
ing a little palo and tired, but handsomo as
"Good morning," ho taid, "I find you
busy as usual," he turned to the Kurl. "I
camo to speak about tho children; I nill go
into tho garden until you aro at leisure."
Tho Karl oould not say a word, but Max
noticed nothing! he wus preoccupied. He
had almost reached tho door when Foster's
voice arrested him.
" Wuit a moment," Mr. Solwyn," ho said,
" I fancy I have found something of yours."
Max came back.
"Something of miuQ," ho Mid, "why,
whathnvellostr" ,
The dot ectlve put his hand in his pocket,
took out the littlo paper pucka, aud laid it
unon the table.
Max recognized it directly ; ho took it up,
opened the packet und kissed the hair inside.
"Thank you, gieutlyl" ho said, taking the
detects o's hand and snaking it heartily. " I
tuu more obliged to you than 1 cun b.iy ; it is
my wife's hair, cut off when sho laid in her
cofiln seventeen long, weary years ago. You
will laugh at me, I dure say, but 1 hnve a
pookt t miide iu tho tnsido of nil my touts,
noxt my heart, nud there I wear a piece of
my darling' hnlr. 1 would not have lost thib
for the world !"
Ho kissed it softly'onco more, unbuttoned
his coat, and put it safely uway next his
" You do not ask whero I found it," Foster
" Since you found it, it never occurred to
. - ;s
Wo hold nloft the motto " qual
ity " in our treatment of Boy's
Clothing as well as Mon's. No
matter how low tho prico a garment
that gives poor sorvico is never
In Boys' Knickerbocker Suits
wo begin at $5. Sometimes a
" mark-down " produces a littlo
lower prico. At $G, $7 aud S8 wo
havo a rango of Btrong, servicoablo
School Suits that cannot bo
cqualiou. Auovo tlioso aro nno,
iinor, finest Suits for every pur
pose with many oxclusivo novel
ties. Overcoats, too, in tho samo
Everything that a boy wears Ib
hero and our uptown Btoro is in
tended as a convenionco to porsons
who find that mora accessiblo.
Rogers, Peet & Co.,
l'rlces, I Of. J ltr.erv.-H Me.it. SQe.and 30c.
A Dnsltlrs SQOoess.
nnnqreds tnmsd sway,
Reserved seats, orobsatrs eirsls and balooor, COo.
Next Sunday. Frnf. Cromwell's New Lsetnre.
OADKMY OF aiysTa Nth st. sad Inlns plsos.
A CTH WEEK, ErenlnfsatS. Mat. Sat, at
Elaborate produotlno nf the latest London slatodraiss.
Reserved sests. 60c., 18e., SI. Family circle, Ms.
..--, Characters by Mssars. Oemona Tsarle, B.
fSAITF D. Ward. Chas. Ororss. T.W, Robertson,
UHO I Cl I Mlas lines Cos Man, alias Pnnlel snd Mrs.
Abbey. Eranlan at 8.13. Matinee Saturday, 3.15.
Erenlns-s st 8. Mats. Wsd. snd Sat. at X
I ititiFN iiiiici.KHqiru COMPANY
In s Orand Prodnotlcn of the Bpectasolsr Burlesque,
ClIKHAllt. CUltwAlll.
me to ask whero," Max said, " but still I
should like to know."
" I found it iu the Western Branch of
Clement's Bank,"
The very faintest start, tho Tory slightest
chauca of color rewarded the uoteotivo's
" In Clement's Bank ?" Max said, quietly :
"now, however did it get therelet ma
Ho stood perfectly still, ns though really
trying to think. The Earl could bear it uo
longer; he rose and wont to his sido.
" Solwyn," ho said, kindly "friend, gTave
charges aro to be mode against you. Bay
that they aronot true Kaythat you aronot tho
forger that Fostrr says you -are that it is not
you who havo robbed, by a stroko of your
!en, so many, many men."
For a moment Selwyn looked at Foster,
then back at Kack at tho Earl.
" So ho is a detoctivo a human blood
hound, is he f" he said; " well, I half thought
so. I think, knowing how muoh I dislike
tho breed, you should not have brought him
into my houfo. And bo says I am a forger,
does he ? lie will huvo to prove it, and that
will be difficult."
" Not so difficult, perhaps, as you think,
Mr. Solwyn," the detective said.
" But. for God's sake!" the Earl exclaimed,
" deny it. Think of the ohildron. For their
sakoB, do not for a moment let suoh on ao
cusation as this rvst upon your head."
For a moment Max's lips quivered, a spasm
of pain crossed his face, then it grew calm
" I cannot, of course, contradict a gentle
man," ho said. " I will not stop now; I will
talk of the the children some other time."
Ho turned towards the door, but Foster
barred his uay.
" 1 must request you to stop hero," he said.
For a moment tho blue eyes were nxod upon
tho detective.
"Yon will find mo nt the Hollies, if you
want mo," bo said, quietly; " I shall not run
away. Allow mo to pass."
Fostor did not move.
"You will not V" Max said; "So much tho
woreo for you."
Ho put out his hands, and beforo tho de
tective knew what was going to happen he
was literallv hurled to the other end of the
room, and Max nas for the moment froo; but
Foster, though bruised and shaken, was
soon on his feet again.
" May I call upon your servants to help mo
tako that man V he asked the Earl ?
"No," the Earl answered; " I will gito you
I Alii Mil
Are now disposing of the) 'H
balance of their H
Iiprtei Sis 1
at M
Also H
Special Mucemtn
in their own make H
and iH
Three lots of READY-MADE' 9
SUITS, very desirable foi"H
street, house and travelling,, ?H
at -9
$13,50, $17.50 k $21.00, M
I8th Street, 19th Street and M
Sixth Avenue. fl
(18th Street Station Elevated Road,) .9
Money Miiii i
PUIOEH. -isssH
'tIS 'iffi&Ygcotcii' wool fwnrny, KaJ -
AND ajTl8: ltKIHTpED VROM il. W AND as.OO. -js
ilEHT qUAXlTY OAAIKL'S llAUt. Is3 B94 'lH
cMtM 1
LAST FOUR MOIITB. Matlnsa Satudsr. H
soeompsnlsd bjr MAURIOE BAItRYUORK sad hsf .'T'SH
own ocmpanr. In her srand1 DrodacUoo. :fH
. Wsit wssk Mrs. Pcttsr Sssts now on sals. isH
T YOKOM THEATRE, Ithsrs. sndMdstJ .H
ills GllKAT MnK PEARL. I Ilnrillrss 8.18. .ilsH
. Tusadaj. Not. 1. TnB WDfB. V4H
POOLE'S THEATRE. Bth at. bet. 4th sts. A BwsM i'B
ltfc. aOo., SOo. Mala. Hon., VTsd.. Than., Bs3 JJM
J. H. Arthur's Qrsst Uorsl Drams. ?.H
Nsxt wssk-WslUck's Thsstrs IN HIS POWER. t'JI
A TIMEssLYONES in Vlotow's Opsrs UABTUaI B
Vi sdoesdaj Janksrmann for first ttmsDorchlsaohtlArs vasl
1 tvH
jE600 to keep what you know of this man 4 vf
secret." -asH
"You would compound a felonr ?" "'Isl
" I would save tho father of the girl rny, jtM
Bon loves from penal sorvitude." "1
" Very well, your Grace, you know best," $$
He sal down, and Max mounted, his horse j
unmolested. When he got beyond the Rates. -1
he laid his head down upon the creature's KH
neck, and the beautiful blue eyes grot dim, '3
" Hone-, Honor, my littlo darling," ha latH
whispered, " what have I made your Ure t" JssH
When Max reached the Hollies, be went at nS
onoe to his study, turned the key, flung hlmj 'UU
self Into a chair, and was soon deep ia SB
thought. !9
After a time he opened n drawer, took ou Ml
some papers and looked them through caiQ4 H
fully, making some calculations. 11
"Ten thousand pounds each, as nearly as t 'H
can make out," he said, under his breath J3B
" jC 10,000 pounds each, honestly earned It il JikH
little enough." -flH
Next he burnt a number of papers, watch '4iH
ing till all were reduced to a heap of blacU :iQH
ashes then from a drawer he took Honor's ;59
album, looked It through, and a little re' ,,FB
gretfuily burnt that, too tho thick covert lf
made a donso black smoke. Honor camo td SjB
tho door. JB
"Papa," Bhs said, "nre you setting ha .
house on flre ?" $
"No, dear," he answered; "run along, X :r?jM
am coming to you soon." Mr9
He took up a pen, dipped it into tho ink, mM
and drawing some writing paper towards 'ffl
himself began to wrjte. The largo hand ol &
the clock travelled slowly round from tho .
top to the bottom, from the boUora to thi yfl
top again, and still he wrote on. 4H
At last his task was done. He folded th vm
paper In half, and addressed It to the Earl of dfjm
Dolant then ho rose, unlocked the door and Wm
rang the bell. A servant answered It, , &
"Will you ask Miss Nolan and Miss Hono wm
to come to mo hero?" he said. AS
The servant loft, and tho next moment aM
Ilonor came bounding Into tho room, fol, YB
lowed mora slowly by her cousin. Max lhr 9
some papers over tho envelopo he had ad 1H
dressed to the Eitrl, as his daughter threw S
herself into his arms. JS
"Now, sir," she said, laughingly, "Jus 'aB
tell me what you mean by locking mo out ol iM
your room f" ,fS
He stooped and kissed her, reaching soa MjU
out his hand at the sairto tima td .MH
get a chair for his cousin, who stood jnth. "4H
patient composure looking whit umL- &H
stranger than usual, as if monully CTlsTis)aJ "" 'H
and tired at heart as well, . , -M
LConcIudtri XAursxIaErjcnsaWtslisOjij . 19
I I jj
- v WV'K,"'"LJsSsslssssl
c i tyasJtMMJM

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