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KK't7B5CJPXJOA' (Jnetud.rtff Fostagt),
Kmxruobtb, soci psn year, $s.bo.
Rfi Total nnmber of "Worlds" printed daring
Hj?e aioaUi of Oclobert 188T,
8, -"79 , 3SO.
Hp273,526 Copies.
HjW"tetoor circulation during the past tit yean
Kf S6As?sTVcfx
HijOrtetcr, J80 081,0110 Copies
Eomtir, Ia 1,309,000 Copies
nLW!tfe4br, 3.B0U.9O1 Copttt
POST, MSB 4,007,470 Copies
br,lB80 0.097,150 Coplf
Qr,1887 8,47080 Coplf
Hkrfi (AitsMsnmnnt.)
Hg OrAbuir, Stt null par Una. Htiitn price forM-
HeatabltaUplay. Bostnaasor Special IfotlMa, oppoalu
BB- Material pat. AO etnU par lint. lUadloa- Notions,
Ttfund or markad "Adrt."i lint pa-s, B1.00 pr
afclsMI Fourth pact, Sl.lia pw lint i Ioild pa, SI
Kfc. ,
MPX rtUtfor oaWf Maf in la itaUy Woau do wl
JMrbttiAMliiiliiu. jrr da Us ralss Uaiii
KnjblttJIniiv MM.
KTha Labor candidate for Dlstriot-Attorncy
R' chance to win more renown, and do his
K Jrty ft greater servioe, than ha can" possibly
Bftsto by continuing in the field.
HK There U no ohonoe of his eleotlon. "With
BL faro Damocrotlo machines, backed by all the
Bjpeirer of the Bowes and Boodlers, support.
KtS IteLLOwi, and Niooll standing with
Hr ree nomination oa the repreienUtiTe of
ELtaaeat government and oqual justice, thoro
K. Is bo reason nor room for a third party.
Bfe .Thousands of worldngmon will stand by
H'XlcoUi beeaoao ho has always stood by them.
MR'v16? Kt the ono issue, and will yoto on the
HEft. Wt side. It would bo strange if they should
HKisot, m thelrorusade is against corruption.
HEH'Mr Post would gain distinction for him.
Hrself and respect for his party by withdrawing
HK la favor of Niooll, whose platform is t "No
K'iaWicra to Boss dictation," "No quarter to
Hppsiilto thieTes," and " The same law for rioh
HpftA poor." The Labor Party can make its
Bnikwitiitbo rest of its ticket. It should
HpMavith the People for District-Attornoy
K d turn a rebuke of Bossism into a orushlng
H? 3bt " old-fashionod Democrat," William
HraB HouraLOWia, did well last night in com
MR ending to young men and old these ster.
HHilatwords of BAMtm, J. Tuxn, when ho
Hkh accused, as D Lamcxt Niooll now is, of
Hfc' kftiaying his party in fighting publlo thiovea t
WMgj$'',I take my stand in lh$ column 0 rtjbrm
Sw4 food governmtnt. I iakt my plac Vur
"mdurfUrtmainalont, ifntodb."
,'Where Tilocx stood, and where Niooll
K stands, is the place for all friends of good
Hk ?r The line is drawn I
ri ieb oohtbabt,
K; The two political gatherings held last eyen
B ( ! sharply and fairly characterize the oppos
HE''j fag elements in this campaign.
B The Txllows meeting swarmed with offlco
HEvlMeMers, machine politicians and tax-eaters.
HpSyeiy speaker but ono was either on ofiloe
V folder or on ex-offlceholder. It was a con
'slftTe of the People's servants who assume to
Kpjbe the People's masters.
Btf The Niooll meeting was thronged with
MB young New Yorkers whoso only purpose is to
HB.t' ' Promote the welfare of this city. The speak.
HfcArs were men of brains and high integrity,
.isatrammellod by machine influences. Among'
HJ4stem were prominent Democrats,
Kr The Fxllowb meeting was on the defensive.
KfCoatrollod by Bosses, it apologized for Boss.
Hftp!S&.' The resolutions contained not a word
Hsfe Wglngthe prosecution of the bribe-givers
Bf. sad bribe-takers. The Niooll meeting was
mT boldly aggressive. It had no excuses to make.
Kb It dsnounoed the Boodlers. It stood for the
K'; 'Oitisen against the Boss, for the People
KagsJnst the Machine.
K-' The contrast carries its own moral.
R' If Si newspaper sets up as a " boss," in an-
HtaL Ugonlam to tho pnblio interests, there is a
Hp swift and sure way to rebuke it : Let the peo-
Kp Jle stop buying and reading it.
Wmk- This is Just what the people did to tho
Kjr Sfould-be newspaper boss that stabbed Ham.
7 oeox, beamlrcned Olzvxlakd, and sought to
HBt elect BL&nraPresidont by heading the bush.
HE vfaacking Ben Buzuut raid. The daily
H$( , SnmUat lost more than half its circulation
fe( tad has never been able to regain it.
HEg1' 'When a politician sets up as a boss, treat
H Ua In the same way. Stop voting his ticket.
Bjjk Tatapon his edicts the "veto power of the
HHv people." "Smash his machine," as Mr.
HPf Issvixt advised in 1880.
HRf And this is what will be done on Tuesday
Kwk Itext. Bossism muBt go.
Bf An organ of the frightened Bosses now ad.
Hjc' Imttshat the uprising of the people against
HJgL tbe Boodle candidate for Dlitriet-Attornoy
HKrV. tbreatens "irreparable damage to Demo.
He "' StaAio interests in the State and country."
Hftlv . yIt does Indeed. We havo been telling the
HE , 4eaf and blind Democratic leaders this truth
HKMT ier a week past. The people were first
HJ' ssBSMd. Tboy grew indlcnant. They ore
Hfi i Mow mad. If the attempt to cram Fxllows
HHk.ht dewa their throats at the behest of the Bosses
BJC :,Sa persisted In there Is danger that they will
HE. awlU the whole ticket. And the responsi.
Jrj' "' WlHy will be where the faithful Btaat$.ZtUung
HJF -' yatsU: "Upon the stiff-necked leaders of
Bp ? County Democracy."
H -y "jVmnir WW to tM tha"irrssbU
sBLv" V. . ' w .. , .
damage " is to yield to the will of the people
and substitute Nicoll for Fzllows. And
the time is growing short.
The popular approval of the Anarchists'
doom is serious, not revongeful.
There is no cruelty in tho purpose of law,
however cruel its exeoution may sometimes
be. Its object is the protection of society.
The vory fact that numbers of persons con.
elder that the Anarchists committed no crimo
in inciting men to raurdor, and were justified
in striking at tho foundations of American
institutions, proven that an oxnmplo to tho
contrary is needed. Tho serpent's brood is
best crushed when it is young.
Tho burning issue of this campaign is
whethor or not the prosecution of Boodlors
shall be pushed.
The resolutions adopted at the Fxllows
meeting last night utterly ignore this all-lm.
portant question.
Was it oversight or Intent ? It matters
not. The omission, from whatever cause, is
damning in Its significance.
The People will take no risk of further
omissions of this sort. They will put a man
in tho District-Attorney's office whose forget,
fulness of Boodlors is not quite so well devel
oped. In Niooll's platform this missing resolu
tion will bo found 1
" No Quarter to Publio Thieves."
Nklltji Blt's mission to the Insane Asylum
on Blaokwell's Island is bearing good fruit.
The Grand Jury, having investigated tho
oondltion of the institution, makes a pre.
sentment coinciding with the substantial
oharges in the romarkable report by Tnx
Wobld's representative.
It is urged that the patients should have
better medical attendance, better nurses, bet
ter food and hotter bathing and other facili
ties. To attain these reforms a more liberal
approprtatlon is necessary and should be
given without hesitation.
New York can bear her proper burdens
without whimpering. Starve out tho Bood
lers, brush off tho leeohos, stop all tho leaks,
but deal with liberal hand with the poor and
helpless wards of the city.
This is a cause espoused by Tux Wobli
with enterprise and persistence. It is an
other sample of " nowspaper bossism."
Bo says the weathercock supporter of tho
Bosses : " Politios has no memories."
The nomination of Jonit B. Fxllows could
havo boon made only by men who believe this
doctrino. They must have relied upon tho
people's forgetf ulness of their character and
of his record or they would nover have com
mlttod suoh a monumental blundor.
Is it truo ? Have the people forgotten how
Fxllowb holpod to re-elect Twxkd to the Sen.
ato after tho boss thief was branded for tho
Penitentiary? Ilnvo they forgotten that
Fxllows was the Bing's mouthploce in the
State Convention, and denounced Tildkn and
O'CoMon as his supporters now denounce
Nicoll ? Have thoy forgotten that Fxllows
has boen tho ready tool of every Boss, from
Swxxnx to Powxn ?
Has " politics no memories ?" The election
will show.
Mayor Hewitt has repeatedly deolared that
ho had nothing to do with tho county
It now appears on his own showing that he
had a very lively and consplouous finger In
the pie. Ho says: "If anybody was re
sponsible for the seloction of FiTzaxBALD, I
am the man." That the rejection of Niooll
and tho nomination of Fxllows was prac
tically decided by "ME," is the inevitable
conclusion from tho Mayor's own letter and
These statements don't "jibe." To put it
very mildly, Mr. Hewitt's jewel of con
sistency is much bodlmmed by servloe in a
bad cause.
There is much disappointment beoause tho
morning Ananias did not give a full report of
the round-up of officeholders in behalf of
Fxllows last night. There was a little hiss
ing episode overlooked that has a direct bear
ing upon the question of " treason " to the
" One of the brightest and ablest young
men in New York a man of very creat
promise, who would make an excellent District-Attorney."
So said Mayor Hewitt of
Dz LiMcxx Nicoll on Oct. E. So say the
people now. 80 they will vote on Tuesday.
Nicoll sends a $250 check for the Demo
cratic State ticket. The desperate County
Bosses are scheming to administer quite a
different sort of a cheok through the medium
of a Deal.
There is not a fair-minded man in this city
who doubts that the Labor party is legally
entitled to its Inspectors. Then stop this
miserable legal farce and let fair play prevail.
The crocodiles, who are weeping " for tho
ruined political future of Dx Lamcxt Nicoll,"
will have a chance to cheer up next Tuesday.
The other world gained what this world
lost, when Jzmkt Ltnd joined " the choir Invisible."
01 Indigestion, how many splenetlo let.
ters and political harl-karis are attributable
to thee I
Tho Tammany men who "hanker after
crow " will all swallow Fxllows.
A "brooding Buddha" might be prefer,
able to a brooding Boss.
Old Father Knickerbocker has a long
SBtsnory, OoL Fxllows.
S .1
If Kurd Work U Any Indication of Faith,
Tbey Hnrolr Are ta Head Varneit-Uet-
tins Iteadr for the Dig Meeting To-Mor-
rovr Nlgbt Post's neaoono for Thinking
That Ho Will be DUtrlcUAttorney.
The Campaign Committeo of tho United
Labor Party Is a busy body. From early
morning until Into in tho evening Secretaries
O'Neill and Dcgnnn and n corps of clerks and
helpers aro kept actively ut work answering
communications, sriullng out campaign liter,
aturo by the wagon load, arranging meotings,
supplying all tho district urginizatlons with
ballots for tho voters on election day, and at
tending to much other businosB demanded by
the great pressure brought to bear from both
city and country.
All tho big guns of the party, including
Henry George, Dr. McOlynn, Louis F. Post,
Frederick 0. LeubuBcher, George W. Dcase,
Morris W. Hart, John MoMackln, James P.
Archibald, William McCabe, Everett Glnckln,
Dr. McCarthy. William J. O'Dalr. Wilbur
O. Eastlako, Joseph Parker, Abner 0.
Thomas, John Vincent, Patrick Doody, Max
BayerBdorfer, and many others will bo on
hand at tho mass-mooting at Cooper Union
Hall to-morrow evening, when soino ringing
speeches aro expected from the chief orators.
It Is intendod to mako this gathoring the big.
gost and liveliest of the campaign. Thoro
will bo a display of fireworks and any
quantity of inusio and enthusiasm.
nENiiY or.onoE predicts a snnrninE.
Henry George makes it a point to visit tho
headquarters of his party every morning be
fore ho goes to his nowspapor ofilco to attend
to business and writo editorials. Ho deliv
ered short speeches lost night in the First,
Bocond. Third, Fourth, Sixth and Fifteenth
Assombly Districts, and being hoarso and
weary when ho started out 1b not in very
?ood physical form to-day. However, ho
ound time to say tho following in answer to
en Kvknino Wonu reporter's questions :
" My opinion 1b that wo will carry our State
and county ticket, and in 1888 wo will carry
our Presidential ticket. The peoplo are'
ready, aching, itching and anxious to hear
from us. I can assure tho Evenino Wokld's
readers that thoro Is a surprise in store for
tho old party managers. Wait for Nov. 8 and
Mr. George will speak to-night in tho
Fifth, Sovcnth, Ninth and Eleventh Assom.
bly Districts.
Dr. MoGlynn spoko at flvo mootlngs last
night and received an ovation at evoiy one of
them, hundreds of voters sitting up after 13
o'clock to hear him. He has ongagonionts
to-night to speak in the Twenty-first, Twenty-second
and Twenty-third Districts. Dr.
MoGlynn said to somo friends to-day that ho
felt greatly encouraged ovor tho outlook, and
he had strong hopes of tho complete success
of the ticket.
Louis F. Post, notwithstanding tho fact
that he rnado six speeches last night, came
Into headquarters to-day as fresh as a daisy.
Ho said: I can tell The Evenino Wokld
candidly that I think our county ticket
will be oloctod."
"Why do you think so?" asked tho ro
reporter. " Wo had 60,000 solid votes last year, after
making all reasonable allowances. Wo will
not lose moro thou eighreen thousand this
year, and I know thoro aro a great many
people who sympathized with us last year,
but did not vote with us bocauso they had no
conildeneo in tho pormanonoy of tho move
ment. They will ue with us this year. I
personally know a great mauypoople who
havo boon converted to our .land
doctrino since tho last eloction,
and many friends in tho move
ment report similarly. In this and othor
ways I have ovidonco of great additions to
our strength, but boyond tlmt, if there is
anything in agitation at all, an immenso num
ber of converts mubt have been made during
tho year by tho numerous meotings, local and
goneral, that havo been hold ; by the tracts
tlmt have boon so extensively distributed by
tho Standard, with its lnrgo circulation, and
by personal discussion.
" Judging by tho effect of this agitation, so
obvious in tho city districts, whoro it can be
hotter computed, I am convinced that wo
have added anvwhero from '25.000 to 60.000
votes to tho party, and boliovo that our voto
in this city will run from 76,000 to 90,000. As
matters appear to mo, I think I will be the
next District-Attornoy."
Mr. Post will speak to-night in tho Eighth,
Tonth, Twelfth, Fourteenth and Sixteenth
in the Twenty-second Assembly District
the United Labor party is one of the most
active organizations in tho city. It holds
several meetings each evening. To-night it
will parade 1,000 mon, of whom 200 will wear
uniforms. A ratification mooting will bo held
at Seventy-fourth stroot mid First avonuo
which will bo addressed by Henry Gcorgo,
Dr. McOlynn. William J. O'Dalr, Thomas J.
Ford, Michael Dreslin and A. J. Murray.
Every provision 1b being mado to place their
ballots in the hands of voters. Peter It. Ba
tons, who has charge of tho matter, has ad
dressed a letter to evory voter, inclosing
ballots for the Assembly and Aldormanio can.
didates. The official canvass shows that thiB
district gave Gov. Hill the largest majority of
any district in tho city, but on account of tho
defection caused by "knifing" Nicoll, many
who havo heretofore voted the Domocretio
ticket will not stop to split their ticket, but
will vote tho Btraight ticket bearing Nicoll's
name, and it Ib claimed by well-posted au
thorities that tho DemooratB will Iobo their
State ticket in this district, with every prob.
ability of having their local ticket defeated.
This district is a sample of others In tho city.
A Great Turn Out Expected at the Progreo
Ive Labor l'arty Parade.
The Progressive Labor Party managers ex
pect that their parade and torchlight proces
sion on Saturday night will be a splendid
success. At the party headquarters in Stan.
touBtreet, it was reported to-day that organi.
zationa representing 17,000 members would
join in tho march.
John Swintou and Editors Shevltch and
Jonas and all the other shining lights of the
party will review the procession from the
cottage on Union Square. Hundreds of flags
and transparencies and many bonds of uuibic
will be in tho lino. For a small party the
Progressives are making a lively campaign.
John Swintou continues to address five or
six meetings every night, and Editors She
vltch and Jonas also make several speeohes
K. of 1 and the Ale Uoyrott.
A vigorous boycott has been placed upon the a!e
and porter brewed by Lcany & llrttton, according
to reports from the Ale and Porter Brewers'
Bmplojets' Association. It Is said that agents
of the firm bave (tiled to tell Its product In Now
Entltnd towm, because of the boycott put upon It
by the Knls nttot Labor.
Defensive Modesty.
From Jmfyt.
nostets I'm delighted to see you, Miss Brim,
mer, but I fetr there's been some mltttke. This
ltn't a mtaquerade.
UUt Brlinnitr (who is not overburdened with
bttuty, from Bolton) I know It, but I retd In the
Sunday Oatette that old-fashioned games were be
coming popular at reception and so 1 borrowed
coutln Turn'! fenclnc niatk. I was afraid some
body mlgbt propose Copenhagen, you know.
The Ticker Affected III Appetite.
Ifnm ,
Broker (curbstone, coming Into New street sa
loon, briaxlj) Yellow Label cocktail and ajcrab,
Billy I
Billy begins to fondle Ingredients.
Broker (looking at ticker) Hold en, old man I
llase taat a btu and a cheese sandwlcn I
Col. Fellows Never Could Hay Knoig9 that
Was Dad Against John Kelly.
When Tammany voters are called upon to
night to shout for John It. Fellows as part
of the ticket Boss Power has put up to vote
for, let them remombcr that for years Mr.
Fellows was a virulent villiflcr of their last
leader, John Kelly. Let the Tammany men
who honor John Kelly's memory turn to tho
columns of the Bun or Herald at the tlmo of
tho Tammany bolt In 1879 and read their ro
ports of Fellows's speeches denouncing
Tammany and assailing its leader. Col. Pel.
low h was not a politician of much proml
nenco at that time, but his invectives against
John Kelly woro so bitter that tho press was
coiupolled to take notice of them.
AtaBpoechin Irving Hall, Nov. 2, 1879,
Col. Fellows took occasion to air his an
tagonism to Kelly and said, among othor
things, this 1 " You havo seen that thcro has
not boen a pnblio plundoror, a ring thief, or
anyone who has dipped his hands in the pnb
lio treasury and taken them out filled with
the people's wealth, who is not in this con
test tho friond and supporter of John Kelly
or his bride Alonzo 1). Cornell. (Loud
cheers). Tho Republican party which has
been the party of moral ideas, which has do.
nounced tho Democratic party bs the repre
sontativo of crime, ballot-box stuffing and
everything that it disgracoful, has allied
itBelf with the grealttl prontitute of the J)rmo.
cratic party at tho oltar of Tammany Hall."
There are hundreds of Tammany voters in
tho old wigwam to-day who will remember
that speooh, and who will Burely resent it at
the ballot-box next Tuesday.
It was in the same campaign and at Cooper
Union that Col. FellowBsaid: "You ore to
say that you will no longer bo tho slavo of
any ono man. (Applause) If Tammany
and wo havo disagreed on principles, I
would hovo not ono word to soy:
but it is another matter to bind
tho nock of tho party with tho
yoko which ono man (Kolly) puts upon it.
Keep your chains if you will. IIo will forgo
them so long as you give him control of your
treasury. What has John Kolly done for
y ou ? Whore is his statesmanship oxhibltod ?
What are his military achievements ?"
John Kolly nover had a more bitter assail
ant on tho stump than John It. Fellows.
Von t4 M Tork Sun, Ocl. 12.
" GO UP IIIGIIKR 1" This is what tho
Democracy of New York should say to Ran
dolph D. Martino and De Lancey Nicoll by
nominating them respectively for Judge of
the Court of Goneral Sessions and District
Attorney. JYon ! IT. r. Sn, Oct. 18.1
Tnx Wonu inquires as to tho causes which
have led tho Herald and the Sun to recon
sider their approval of tho candidacy of Mr.
De Lancey Niooll for District-Attornoy.
So far as tho Bun is concerned they aro
very grave. THEY RELATE TO THE
So far as wo havo known Mr. Nicoll and
so far as wo havo watohed his course, wo
HIGHLY. But the more we admire tho at
tainments of so young and promising a law
yer, the more profoundly wo deplore his as
sociation with Tnx Would.
IfVoin ( -V. r. Sun, trow, a.i
Mr. Martino found a young lawyer (Nicoll)
of pleasing personal address, great self-oon-fldenco,
and that port of bumptious
ness whioh is useful in certain lines
of work. He also possessed mus
cular logs, and on that aocount was VALU
tino took this young man into his office and
gavo him a start in life. The young gentle,
-man's legs did exoellont service for the Dls-trlot-Attornoy,
but tho more he ran around
the bigger his head grew.
Two Appeal to the Dosses.
From li Utald, -Yot. 3.1 Iron A llirali, Oct. 5.1
TUe Indications are Now, the county De
that It Is a melancholy mocracy, with Maurice
and forlorn show at J. Power as the leader,
least we should Judge bo aro In this position:
from tnepathetlo appeals They must either take
to Col. Laniont, Secre- titles with the friends
tary Whitney and Chair- or the oooaiers, xcho
man Murphy to come are wagging their
out and aid It. We do tongues off to defeat
not see bow It concerns Kicotl, or they must take
either Lament, Whitney sides with tho respecta
or Murphy, but as we ble people of New York,
are not running a mock who simply want an oon
auctlon affair we can est official and who know
hardly appreciate the that Sicoll is just tltat
emotions of despair sort of man.
which prompt an appeal
from those who are.
Of Course Dana Loved Tweed.
rrmMi Xm York Sun, Uprtl 13, 1870.
We nominate the lion. William ifarcy Tweed
as the Democratic candidate for Governor at the
election of A'ocemler next. He is now the great
man of the Hanocratic party of this State, He
rated it 'from dirteion and ruin. He has more
hrains and more money than any other member
of the party. He is true to his friends and liberal
with his resottroes. He is full of lfe and energy
and high honors are in store for him. If the
Democrats are wise they will unanimously follow
our lead and select him by acclamation for their
Publio Printer Thomas E. Benedict is at
the Metropolitan Hotel.
Guests at tho Murray Hill are the Itev. Dr.
Bokelen and wife, of Buffalo.
Capt. O. W. Hulse, of England is among
the recent arrivals at the Hotel Brunswick.
Collector Levorett Saltonstall, of the Port
of Boston, Is registered at the Fifth Avenue.
Tall and spectacled Sam Small, the lle
vholist, has returned to the Fifth Avenue
With other arrivals at the Grand is Col. D.
L. Itandolph, of the army, stationed at
Ex-Congressman Sereno E. Payne, of Au
burn. N. Y., arrived at the Fifth Avenue
Hotel this morning,
William O. Hudson, of Albany, Secretary
of the Board of ltailroad Commissioners, is
one of the Hoffman's guests, as is also Gen.
Berdan, of Washington.
On tho register of the Brevoort are the
names of ex-uov. Geo. P. Wetmore, of Bhode
Island ; n. O. Houghton, of Boston, and W.
W. Swan, of the sauio place.
Chester Holeombo, ox-Secretary of the
Amorican Legation at Peklu, China, is at
the Windsor Hotel. He is still a resident of
the capital of the Flowery Kingdom.
Major James O. Post, U. 8. A., and Lieut..
Col. Luok, of Her Britannio Majesty's scr.
vice, stationed at Halifax, have placed their
names upon adjoining lines of the Alber.
tnarlo resistor, the Yankoe on top.
Steamer Baal at Hontbaraplan.
BocTHAMrTox, Nor. . Th Steamer Basis,
from Ntw York, has arrived.
Tho Knowledge that Tbey Con Get Funds If
Necessary Makes the Dnlls Assreeslve and
Weakens the Dear Vorceo Transconti
nental May JtoUe a Kqnall Boon A
Cable Despatch Cooked for Gould.
J 'ty&PCfTff jff'' nnotncr flcrce
ffAJJ vLlh onslaught was mado
v iwTnV0ri' upon Missouri Pacific
' ftwrrinVvAvM a' '10 i,cn'nR ' u
7 f,mV ) ExcLanga this morn-
J4 IB Vi nB n no l"?ce '
ylV jj tho stock was driven
f"3LS) I k down a point. George
r f ljjJYhx K. Sistare'B Sons were
l' M-SMJmftm credited with selling
11 Tlfi 6,000 shares. As soon
KtlyvyX 8 tH's orer ua'l Dcen
weF$J&'-J) filled tho bulls put
tSsii&y ' their shoulder to the
JS2Sg0iy wheel and not only
"Tz&y carried up Missouri
L ' Paclfioo point and a
- ' half, but everything
else with it as well. Tho Cammack-Bate.
man party may not havo changed front, but
they certainly do not moet with their former
success in beating down prices.
Tho explanation is simple Tho banks aro
piling up a big surplus, and instead of hoard
ing thoir money as was the case a short time
sinco, aro only too anxious to place it where
it will bring a fair return of interest. The big
and littlo hulls by reason of this are enabled
to come to tho support of their favorites and
their lighting qualities aro also improved by
the knowledge that they can get funds if nee
essarv. Considerable stress is laid upon the result
of the conferonco of the Transcontinental
roads now being held in Chicago. If it
breaks up in a row look out for a squall in
the market; bo say tho bears.
Statements that George Gould expected to
be ablo to cablo to his father on Saturday
that Western Union was in the eighties in
fused more lifo into tho stock, but somebody
sold a big batch of it and it moved up very
St. Paul earnings for the last week of
October decreased $84,817, but for tho
month thoy increased $1,323. What a com.
mentary this is upon the alarmist talk about
tho railroad situation in tho Northwest 1
Optn. JtU. Lfltt.Cltltng.
Otnd Southern, Ui MX S4U MH
OhMiiMike s Ohio 34 8U 8ft 3M
Ohio., liur. A Qulncj 1W 1J2 138J H8Ji
Chlc.VoiNorthwMV., 1083 l'VJ 1UT 107JJ
Chic, Mil. A t. l'.ui Ti'l 73), Wit TXH
C'hlo.. Rack II. A Pm -UQ 113 111 113
Col. t Hooking Val . 33 33 M 113
Colorado A Hnoklnc tioii Wli 2UM W M
OonMlidated Ou 74M 7S UH 7W
Del., Lick. W..tem 137U 139 1VV, mi
Delaware a lladion 1U?M Wi'i 103)! 103H
DenTerARIoOnnd JM K) Kit Mii Mil
K. Tenn., Va. aUl. 11 11 .11 11
It. Tenn., Va. Oa.lit pfd... AH MX 68 OtU,"
K. Tenn'.Va.aUa. 3djfd... 33 33 31W 31k
Kurt Worth ft DenTerUlty nhi iTH 47J 473
Illinola Central..... 117 117 117 llf
LouliTllle ft NajhYUle M),' Ui MV SOW
Lake Htaora VH 0 3!i 03?J
LakoKrlo ft Western...., HH lS'J loii lei
Lake Krle ft Wettern pfd iiU 40)i 8J 4J
Manhattan Gonaol 103 103 103 103
MeniDQls ft litaarleaton 48 40 40 40
Mlcblsan Central 68 88M 63 S8M
MII.Tl. H. ft Weat , 87 87 80 80
Mil.. L. 8. ft Western pfd 104 104 104 104
Minn, ft Ht. Louis pfd Jlti" 21V ?0, 31
Mlsftouril'aclflo SOU 87 U 85J 80V
Missouri, Kanaaa ft Texas 18 182 18 18W
Nash.. Ohatta. ft HI. LouU.... 76'i 70$ 70K 70H
New Jersey Central 74 74 73)j 73X
New York Uantrel. 107 107 107 107
NewYerkftNewUntland 40W 40'.' 40 40
N, T Lake Krle ft Western,. 37 jj mi 375,' 37U
N.Y..L. Krle ft Western pld. 63 C3 83 63
N. Y. Busa. ft Western 0 1) 0 U
New York, Husq. ft West. pfd. 28V !8V 3fl 38!
Norfolk A WesUrnpfd. ...;.... 40 40 40 40
Northern Paelfto pfd 4K " 4$ 45
Ohio A Mississippi. 33X 33X 33W 3JK
Oron IlaUway ft Narl( 8JX OOtf 89W M
Oregon TransountloenUl 1SX V1 18U 18U
PaclnoMall 35 31 S3 35
Phlladelpdla ft Reading...,,.. OJlf IUV 63 63H
Peoria, Oeoatnr ft KtsuitUIo. 33S' 33(7 23 33
Richmond ft West Point Ter.. 33U 3K 33V 33U
Rich, ft West Point Tar. pfd.. 60 65 M
St. Paul A Omaha... SfH SO 38W SSlf
t. Paul, Minn, ft Manitoba., lotft 108M IO7Q 103
Kt. Louis ft San Francisoo,.... .14 34 34 34
Ht. Louis ft Han Fran. pfd.... 69 69 68V 68K
Teias Paclflo.,.,.. 31l( 34M 34 34
Tennessee Coai ft Iron 37M 37U Mil 36V
Union Paclfio 48)2 40W 48 C 48U
Wabash, Ht. Louis ft Paolflo... 16 lO.lJ IS loQ
Western UnlonTelearapn 77 78M 77f 77JJ
Wheeling A Lake En V, 44)? 13Ji 43X
Tips From The Evening; World's" Ticker.
Commodore llateman, the big hear, sppears so
well satisfied with the situation In Wall street that
be will start to-morrow on a short Southern trip.
John W. Mackay Is expected to reach this city
next week from California. He Is going to Europe,
and will meet Mr. Gould In London, where the
two millionaires will clinch the telegraph agree
ment. The talk about establishing a clearing-house for
the Stock Exchange was revitalized to-day on the
street. Secretarj Ely, of the Stock Exchange,
said that the matter had not recently been brought
to tho attention of the Governors and did not be
lieve that It would be for some time to come.
Another petition requesting the Governors of the
Stock Exchange to make 'trading for the ac
count" the regular method ot transacting basl
ness Is In circulation, and Is said to have the sig
natures of several prominent brokers. The same
thing was attempted a while ago, but failed In
glorloualy. The Northern Pacific people have Beoured
proxies on 18,000 shares of stock In excess of the
majority required to authorlzo the creation of the
third mortgiiee. The mortgage may not be Issued,
however, as It Is said that several of ihe wealthiest
directors rosy take up all the dividend scrip them
selves on Jan. 1.
II In; Fire at Ilackensack.
IsracuL to mi xvxnino. would.)
Hickbnsack, N. J., Nov. 10. A serious fire
broke out here at S o'clock this morning. It was
able to gain considerable headway because
the fire-alarm boxes were out of order,
and because the supply of water was short
uutll a despatch could be sent to
tho waterworks at New Mllford. The loss Is
$20,000, about half covered by insurance. It Is
expected that the nre was of Incendiary origin and
that the alarm-boxes were tampered with.
Striving to Hold III membership.
Edward Gebhard to-day obtained an Injunction
In the Supreme Court restraining the Board of
Governors ot the New York Club from expelling
him from membership In the club.
Mr. Oebhanl Is 11 lawyer and brother to Fred
erick Qebhard. It Is said that Mr. Gebhard ren
dered profesalonal services to the club, for which
he received compensation, and that when he was
asked to refund this sum and refused the club
threatened to expel him.
Too Uramatlo a Hulclde.
Albert Ansllnger, a melancholy Swiss, who
worked at 64 East Fifty-eighth street, told Mary
Nesbltt last night that he would probably be dead
before morning. When he went to bed she lis
tened at his door and heard him dramat
ically bidding farewell to the world. The door was
broken open and be was found lying on his bed,
with the gas turned full on snd not lighted. He
was held to-day at the Yorkville Court for at
emptcd suicide.
Locked In and the Itooui on Fire.
Mrs. Catherine King went to work yesterday and
left her little son Willie, three and a half years
old, locked up In her apartment on
the second floor of tut lialtlo street.
In the evening, before she returned, are
broke out la the house and one of the firemen
heard the child's screams. The door was burst
open and the boy taken out. He had fainted from
excitement and exhaustion. The Ore did but 4100
Electrle Light Companies File Bonds.
The United States, Ilrusb, Mount Morris, liar,
lem, North New York, American snd East River
Electrlo Light companies have Died bonds with the
Comptroller 10 guarantee the carrying out of the
contract for lighting the city. The bond of each
company Is for 115,000.
Caatalla, O., Hoa a Fire.
irzciiL to Tn Bvxaixo woau.
Oibtalu, O., Nov, . The entire business por
tlon of this village was destroyed by Ore early this
morning, causing a low of tco.ooo. Insurance
Mrs). Tan Anken Nets Ihe Dnll Itollloa at Her
Home Tula Evening.
Theatre parties are in vogue just now. A
very large one will hs given by Mrs. B. H.
Van Aukon. of Fifth avenue and Thirty-ninth
street this evening. Forty-thrco young
friends will meet at her homo at 7.80 o'clock,
where four stages will be waiting to convey
the merry party to the entrance of the Fifth
Avenue Theatre. Miss Van Auken, tho Misses
Ashraoro, the Misses Scott, Miss Laura Oouk.
ling, Miss Edith Hoadlcv, Miss llnth Law
rence, Miss May Brady, MissAnnieWhito.Miss
lVarsall, Miss Floyd Jones, Miss Stoddard,
Miss Cocliraiue, Miss Cravrn, Mrs. J, illako
White, Miss Strong, Mr. and Mrs. Trenton,
hcere. and Messrs. Winthrop Fnrker, Mur
ray Mitchell, tho Messrs. Henry, John 1.
Kingsford, Lorlllard Ronalds, jr., Honard
Conkling, Frank Ward, Alfred Cloy, Dr.
Honeherger, Howard Constable, E. Mac
Dougal Hawks, Lindloy Chopin, Stacey
Clark, Francis Jcncks, Walter Kemeys,
Ocorge Edward Wood and Lewis Keller will
be of the party.
After the play, a danco will follow a supper,
which will include the theatre party and
Miss Julia Lawrenco, Miss Edith Draper,
Miss Kip, Miss Ricketts, of Washington;
Miss Anita Kctchum, Miss Hoo, Miss Louise
liarry. Miss Maud Leland, Miss Van Duser,
Miss Lily Ward, Miss Henry, Miss Schack,
the Misses Lentilhon, Miss Jennie I3rown,
Miss Colt, Mr. and Mrs. Polham Clinton,
Mr. Duncan Cameron, Mr. Howard llean,
the Messrs. Hoddon, Mr. Evart Wendol, Mr.
Aloxander Mason, Dr. Bwasy, Mr. Henry
Blake, Mr. Varnum and Mr. Mario. This
will bo tho first danco of tho season.
nrnlth Board Officials Ready far the Sconrste
Hhonld It Break Out Here.
The officers of tho Board of Health aro
making preparations to meet and combat
cholera should it appear in this city next
Thero is some anxiety lest tho scourge
break out as Boon as tho winter frosts
'disappear, owing to the negligence of the
Quarantine officials in permitting the passen.
Ssrs on tho steamer Indcpeudente to go to
teir various destinations without being sub
jected to a prolonged quarantine.
When the police boat Patrol was with
drawn from Swinburno' Island, trading was
going on between the cholera patients and
shore dealers, and from two to half a dozen
boats wero driven off daily by the harbor
police foroe.
Dr. Cyrus Edson has instructed his corps
how to act should cholera appear, and he
foels certain that it will mako no serious
headway in this city.
m m
A Meeting to Indorse Him to Be Held In
Harlem Temple on Saturday Evening-.
Tho members of the Harlem Democratlo
Club are not as unanimous for Col. John It.
Fellows as the boodlo organs try to make it
appear. Moro than a third of them
ore stanch supporters of Mr. Nicoll
and will work hard for his election.
Harlem Temple, 125 East Ono Hundred and
Twenty-fifth street, has been hired for Satur
day night by Mr. J. S. Carvalbo, a member
of the Harlem Democratiq Club, and on that
evening many woll.known Domocrats will
' tell why they support and are working for
tho candidate of honesty.
Among the speakers expected are De Lan.
' cey Nicoll, Simon Stern, D. F. HayB, J. E.
t Groybill and Ezra A. Tuttle. At least fifty
; membors of tho Harlem Democratio Club
will be present.
The oldest resident of Arkansas Is George Wash
ington Sims, of Crawford County, who Is well pre
served at the age of 110 years. Be la a Virginian
by birth.
A largo and portly ghost that stalks around the
cemetery at Virginia, 111. , and frequently Inter
rnpts tho evening services In the church has fright
ened all tho townspeople.
Phil Armour, the Chicago pork king, la fifty-five
years old and Is worth $43,000, ooo. lie rises at s
o'clock every morning and works longer and
harder than any of his clerks,
Coffins and carwheels, rowboats and water-back-eta
are a few of the articles now made of paper.
And among the women of tho French middle
classes paper dresses are very popular and service
able. Workmen who were excavating for a railroad
near Msysvllle, Ky. , dug up an earthen vessel
filled with gold and silver coins of the sixteenth
century. Tho coins are Spanish, and are valued
Sixteen years ago E. H. Prince, of Morgan
County, Fla, , cut down a pine tree that stood
near his house. The stump Is still green and has
Increased an Inch In diameter, although no new
growth of branches has started from It.
While a log was being sawed through la a North
Michigan lumber camp, the saw cut In two a large
moccasin snako that was Incased In the heart of
the wood. There was no opening at either end of
the log.and the wonder is how the snake got there.
A little Cheyenne youngster, the son of a Mr.
Bellows, was sleeping on a folding-bed one after
noon recently when his youthful sister sportively
pushed the bed together and Imprisoned the boy.
When his parents discovered him several hours
later he was unconscious.
Robert Louis Stevenson's ballad of "Tlcon
deroga," which will be published in the Christmas
ftrfoner, was written by him while lying In bed
on the day before the manuscript was due to bo In
the editor's hands. The poem came to him In a
dream on the night previous, In the same manner
as did the plot of the famous ' Dr. Jekyll."
"Will Contestants Wnnt Hecurltjr.
Daly, Hoyt & Maaon, counsel for Antonio Sevllla
and Amelia Cyagno, heirs of the late Jose Sevllla,
who claim to be entitled to a one-twenty -sixth In
terest each In his catate, obtained from Surrogate
ltolllns to-day an order requiring the executors of
Jose Sevilla to deposit $ibo,ooo with the Central
TruBl Company, pending the contest over the
Peruvian's will, to secure their lntereats. These
two heirs live In Peru and are contestants In the
famous will case before the Surrogate here.
Policeman's Malioney'a Ill-Directed Zeal
Henry Harris, a clothier, at 63 Bayard street,
made a complaint of assault against Policeman
Mahoney, of the Elizabeth street squad, at Police
Headquarters to-day. He said that while his
mother and daughter were receiving a package on
the sidewalk Mahoney accused them of stealing It,
severely Injured the mother by a blow across the
chest and sent the packsge to Headquarters.
TJrsnllne Convent Lota Hold.
Twenty-two lots belonging to the Ursullnc Con
vent and sltuat'd on Westchester and Eagle ave
nues, were sold by Auctioneer K. V. Harnett for
180,833 to-day. No bid was obtained for the con
vent, and the thirty-two lots on which It stands
and the property was withdrawn. The convent Is
to be removed to Bedford Park, Fordham.
Fireman Nolan Broke His Lea.
nook and Ladder Truck No. IS was upset to-day
at Etghty.fourth street and Second avenue and
Michael J. Nolan, the driver, broke his left leg.
He was taken to the Presbyterian Hospital. The
truck was returning from a slight nre at Becker &
Brokers' provision store at lsso Second avenue.
The "Graphic" In New Hand.
The Graphic was transferred at noon to-day to a
syndicate headed by Mr. Edward II. Goff, Presi
dent of the American Electrlo Light Company,
Mr. K. C. Booth, who was connected with the
paper some years ago, will be the manager. The
paper will remain Democratic
Si 1
Oliver Chsvrllck's Estata Sold.
The estate of the lata Oliver Charllck, ex-presl.
dent ot the long Island ltailroad Company, was
aold at auction at the Ileal Estate Exchange to-day
The Weddln of Mr. Miller and Mlsa Le Boy
to be Attended by Representatives ofNew n
York's Oldest Families Two of the Mar.
rlaces to be In Church) und Ihe Others
at the Homes of the Brides' Parents.
r3nw m f ANY of Now York's
R JvPgr1 wm 0'de6t families will bo
Gki wrKiPStn Mids'-Ill rellrCB;n'eil to-day at 1
fi5$i flP"J!r"0 wed("n2 ' Mr.
0 (la M udrow Miller, ono of ,
! JlerL )) prietors of Life, and
in yffnxfcJ$. M'BS N'nn Lo Roy,
llu WCTn ff daughter of Mr. and ,
M iA'a4WvlAl, I Mrs.EdwfirdA.Iie Roy,
I ir Il1 nr I ntSt.Thomas's Church
la nIFTlUi7 I nt O'oloclc T"6 o'
1 j I TTyfJl Dr Wl F Morgan, as.
I 111m ii x 8'B'ei uy tne ev
'(wvS I ills Hucrt Lowry, thd
fftcBoSr VfLi$5JiB Carver, tho Rev. Jacoli
fwi$Sr$ &zbTC Ry tue R o v .
""' Mackey Smith, tho
Rov. Charles Treat, will officiate. Tho 1
brido's father will civo her away. t
Tho bridal gown will be of white c
satin, utli train, square corsage-slashed
sleeves and garlands of orange blossoms. c
Tho pearl necklace that will bo worn bolongs V
to tho bride's grandmother, Mrs. Archibald c
Pell, who is nearly ninety years old, and who
intends to bo present at tho coremony. The
diamond pendant is tho gift of tho groom.
Sho will carry a hunch of white roses In her
hand. Mr. Frank W. Miller, a brother of
the groom, will be tho best man. Mr. New
bold Lo Roy aud Mr. Archibald Lo Roy,
brothers of the brido, Mr. John L. I
Lamson, Mr. William Hooper, of Roston; 1
Mr. Walton Kernochan, Mr. Qeorgo .
P. Postlowoito, Mr. E. L. Pollock ' '
and Mr. Charles Pollock will be the ushers. I
Tho bridesmaids will bo M!bs Ho Ion MUlor, 1
Miss Lela O. Pell, Miss Ada Bates and Miss ,
D. Whitney. Thoy will wear gowns of walk- .
ing length, made of roso faille f rancaise, with '
tulle draperies, the corsages made d la Kil-
daro, broad sashes of watered ribbon of the 1
same shado and bouquets of La France rosea, .
A reception will be given at the home of tho '
bride after tho ceremony, No. CO East Forty-
ninth streot. Among the wedding guests
will bo the following named persons t
Mrs. Alexander Van Rensselaer, the Misses Van
Rensselaer, Mrs. Edmund Baylies, Mlas Pell, Mr.
Clsrence Pell, Mrs. C. 11. Coster, Miss Louisa Lo '
Hoy, Mr. and Mrs. John Glover, Mrs. Paul Dahl- '.
fren, Mr. and Mrs. N. O. Itutgers, Mr, and Mrs.
lowland Pell, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Miller, 1
Mr. and Mrs. Herman 8. Le Hoy, sir. and Mrs.
Astor, Mr. and Mrs. Ellcry Anderson, Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. James M. Brown,
Mr. and Mrs. (1. Bangs, Mr. and Mrs. Babcock, 1
Mrs. George F. Betts. Mrs. William Schermer
horu, Mr. and Mrs, Henry Barbey, the Misses
Barbey, Mr. and Mrs. O. Beekman, Mr. and Mrs. ,
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Fish, Jr., Mr. and
Mrs. Goodrich, Miss Mattle Goodrich, Mrs. Lewis
Colford Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselin, Mr.
Charles Dana, Mr. and Mrs. Charles rte llham, Mr.
and Mrs. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Klpp, Mr. and '
Mrs. Frederick J. de Peyster, Mr. and Mrs. Da
Iluyter, Mr. and Mrs. Iucnard Delafleld, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Dickey, the Itev. and Mrs.
Morgan Dlx, Mr. and Mrs. John Draper, Mr. and
Mrs. Win. P. Douglass, Miss Draper, Mr. and B
Mrs. Charles Stewart Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Itufus B
Delafleld, Mr. and Mrs. William Edgar, Mr. and m
Mrs. Richard E. Ely, Mrs. Augustas Field, Miss
Field, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Fowler, the Misses
Furnlss, Miss Fowler, Miss Glover, Mr. and Mrs. I
George Hamilton Pell, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick I
Gallatin, Mr. and Mrs. ElbMdge T. I
Gerry, Mr. and Mrs. John Uaddon, Mr. I
S. Hooker Uamersly, Mr. and Mrs. Amory Hodges. I
Mr. and Mrs. John Jay, Mr. and Mrs. Richard! 1
Irwin, the MessrB. McKlm, Mr. and Mrs. Angus- 1
tus Montant, Mr. and Mrs. William Oothout, the
Misses Rcmsen, Mr. and Mrs. Le Hoy Satterlee,
Mr. and Mrs. Shack, Mr. Egcrton Winthrop, Gen.
and Mrs. A. B. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Branson, Mr, and Mrs. Horace Waldcn and tho
Misses Whitney.
The morriugo of Mr. Louis Stanton, brother
of Mr. Edmund Stanton, director of the
Metropolitan Opera-Houso, and Miss Lena
Dixon, daughter of tho lato Courtlandt O.
Dixon, will take place this afternoon at 3
o'clock nt the home of the bride's sister, Mrs.
T. O. Sloane. 17 West Fifty-flrst street. Ow
ing to the family being in mourning, tho
wedding will bo a very quiet ono. Thero
will bo no bridesmaids or ushers. The brido
will be attirod in white faille Francaise, with '
trimming of duchesso loco, and v-corsage,
and wear a tulle veil and carry white roses.
The Rev. John Hall will officiate.
Mr. Henry de Oroot Hastings and Miss
Adelaide Downey will be married by tho
Rev. Dr. Hastings, father of the groom, at
3.S0 o'clock this afternoon. Tho wedding
will take place at the home of the bride's
parentB, Mr. and Mrs. John Downey, 23 East
Fifty-sixth streot. The brido wlfl wear a
white moiro gown, corsage with v-back and
front, tulle veil, and carry lilies. Mr.
Thomas Hastings will be the best man. Mr.
George Edward Wood, Mr. J. Dunbar
Wright, Mr. Harris Roone and Mr. Edward
Burrill will bo tho ushers. The bridesmaids
will be Miss Clara A. Downey and Miss Isa
bella Hastings.
The morriago of Mr. Arthur M. McLaugh. 1
lin and Miss Kate Mario Byrnes took place J
this forenoon at St. Paul's Church in Har
lem. The bride is a sister of tho Rev, James
M. Byrnes, assistant rector of the Church of
the Blessed Sacrament. Tho bridegroom is
tho son of John McLaughlin, General Secre
tary of tho St. Vincent de Paul Conference 1.
of America.
The wedding of Mr. Charles Smylie, of
Brooklyn, and Miss Julia Ely, daughter of
William H. Ely, and niece of ex-Mayor Ely,
will take placo at tho Madison Square Pros,
byterian Church at 8 o'clock this evening.
Another Bank for the West Side.
The Hudson River Bank, a new financial Institu
tion, will soon open Its doors In the recently con
structed building at the northwest corner of Ninth
avenue and Seventy-seoond Btreet, The capital
stock ot the bank Is $200,000, divided Into 4,000
shares of (100 each. The following directors will
meet to organize to-morrow: William A. Nash,
President of the Corn Exchange Bank; George
A. Morrison, President of the Liberty Fire Insur
ance Company; Joseph II. Parsons, president of
the St. Nicholas Bank; II. B. llolllns. President of
the EaBt River Ferry Company; II. Walter Webb,
Vice-President ot the Wagner Palace Car Com
pany; Edward F. Adams, of Wlnalow Lanier
Co.: Charles L.Acker,of Acker, Merrall iCondlt;
B. Aymer Sands, Gouemeur Morris, William Do
Oroot, Ira Bualey, Brdlsh Johnson, Jr.: Charles
T. Barney and E. Baring Gould.
Illval Labor Candidates In the Blxtb.
There are two United Labor candidates for th(
Assembly In the Sixth District. Charles P. Blaki
claims to have the regular nomination, and Thomas
F. Kenny has been put up by Blake's opponents.
Kenny's friends have Issued a clroular J
letter saying that Blake was chair- j
man of the County Democracy of the District !
until recently, was until a few weeks ago a dock e
master, and that his candidacy Is a trick of Boss i
Power's to Insure the election of a Democrat. The i
latter also asserts that Mr. Blake Is not a member
of any labor organizations. Kenny Is a Knight of t
Labor and a clerk In a broker's office. 1
Local News In Brief. t,-
ClsrenceR. Haltonwasto-day appointed a clerk, j
Class 1, at the Custom-Uouse. ?
The balances tn the banks to the credit of tho '
city amount to 115,024,667,04.
The Workingmen'a Municipal Reform League i
will hold a maas-meetlug at Hotz's Assembly
Rooms, at sos Bowery, this evening, at which tho
nomination of Nicoll will be endorsed.
Thomas L. Brooks, the comedian, who was tried J
yesterday in General Session on a charge of on- 1
ialnlng costumes under false preteniea, was ao- $
quitted and honorably discharged by Judge Cow- ,
ng, l(
O'Brien A Clark have received tho contract for 4
building the gate-house superstructure walla for r
the blow-off gate chamber at Ardiley, on section
No. I of the new aqueduct. Tho atrnotura will
cost $4,soo, ( ,
The recent and prospective removals and proao
ttOQB in the Cuitora-Ilon.e will necessitate the ap
pointment ot many new men to the vacant poal.
lions, which will be taken from the eligible lurt ot
tho olvil-Bervlos Board. Twenty vaoaades exist
at present. ,

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