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1 6 O'CLOCK ' " ' lfe I 6 O'CLOCK'! M
EXTRA Mht nmmm Miftfft EXTRA m
How the Four Anarchists
Behaved On the Gallows.
"This is the Happiest Moment
of Our Lives!"
Spies Shouted : " Hurrah
for Anarchy."
Dreadful Momenta While Waiting
for the Trap,
Spies Died Hard, bnt the Others
Straggled Yery Little.
An Attempt Made to Shoot a
Charge Upon a Crowd of Fifteen
Hundrod Persons.
ft a Whole the Execution Wat Well
Cmoaoo, Not. 11, Tho condemned Anarchists,
Spies, ?itioni, Engel and Fischer expiated their
terrible crime on the gallows thU morning. The
fatal trap was sprung at 1LM, corrected
time. The condemned men marched to the
gallows with Arm and steady steps and met death
a bravely ai could be expected under the clrcum.
stances. Life was pronounced extlnot and the
bodies were cut down soon after 11 o'clock.
The scene at the gallows was strongly impres
sive. There were about two hundred witnesses
to the tragedy and theso were seated
on long benches fronting the gibbet.
Just behind this, but higher, was a large win
dow,aud through it shone the noonday sun, gliding
the bars.
Tbe root of a wing of the Jail was risible beyond,
and a eluster of police was seen, their Winchesters
giving an ominous gleam.
A long wait ensued. The witnesses were ad
mitted at 10,65, and It was 1L 80 whan the little
proceiilon appeared. Bples was Crst, Fischer seo
ond, Engel third, Parsons last.
They were dressed already In their shrouds,
calmly they walked to their places under the dan
gling ropes. Spits was marble .white, but Arm.
Ever and anon he. gulped down his strong
emotion. Fischer stood stolidly ereet and un
moved. Engel looked entirely willing
and smiled. He turned to the Iter. Mr.
Bolton, who stood behind him, and whispered
to him laughingly. The reverend gentleman
nodded, smiling back. Parsons was very nervous,
and only by tremendous effort kept himself In
There was a delay of several minutes while their
feet were being pinioned, and then another In the
deliberate adjusting of the ropes.
Spite's neck was first to receive the embrace of
the hemp. Almost tenderly it was placed over his
oad. His white face grew perceptibly whiter,
his lips were compressed and ashen, and shudders
he could not repress passed through him from
head to foot.
Slowly and carefully the hangman drew the knot.
It was tight In Its grasp upon the rope, and he had
to use considerable force In slipping it down.
One, two, three, ten seconds of tbla dresd.
ful ordeal before It readied its place un
der the ear. Spies winced, and as he felt
tie cruel clutch at his throat swayed slightly,
and recovered himself by a mighty effort,
of will, it was rough in Its embrace, and he twisted
i 'U neck from right to left lnaclroular sweep to
make it more comfortable.
Meantime Engel and Flacher stood calmly in
weir places, the former staring fixedly upward, tbe
"iter smilingly whispering to Mr. Bolton.
, When the hangman had fitted Spies with the
boose, he turned to Flsoher and found the adjust
j Bunt easier. Fuoher lnollned his bead to reoelve
te fatal clrole, then stood stiffly while it
was being tightened. Engel accepted
( als with stolid Indifference. Parsons shnd-
wed when bU turn came, but bit his
, until be had regained bis sell-possession. He,
, twined his neok slightly as if to relieve It
) from the pressure.
The end was olose at hand. The exeoutioner
loed the white cap over Hplen and shut his
. last glimpse of earth away. Simultaneously the
i awlitant drew the mask over Engel. It took but a
seconds to fasten the strings, and two mls-
Mapea dummies stood la the place of what had
. bein two men.
' at 1MI 0l Ucnw and "" vn next hid.
While the caps were being adjusted on these
tot iWU B10Temnt Sples's cap, and In weak,
m clear tones, he exclaimed! "My death la more
Powerful than my life."
"'"lalmedi "Tnla la the happiest
""meat of my life."
eA!T'nt U,er M1 CP were adjusted. The
euUoaerled tbe four forward. They stepped
wtflrmly and stood erect.
Hples cried out: Hurrah for Anarchy!"
Utrata E hlppIeM moment of our lives," ro-
twtni !fc,Mon iwti careful survey of the
,W, nun .?Up. ,aa(lD re like so many saoss of
I iBlwJM ,lPPo quietly behind Ike woodea
I rW "u "N"o ohuhibhid.
I aa'smiimovedj oiieej, oaea of Ami
lea, "he exclaimed, In low, quivering tones, "and
know that tho will ol the people "
The sentence was never finished. There was a
dull blow as of a hammtr falling upon hollow
wood, a sinking of the treat trap upon its
hlnees.4 lurch forward and downward of the four
shapes, a drop and a sharp Jerk which nn.de the
stout beam tremble.
The wages of sin had been paid In death.
There was a clash of body against body and a
twinging as of four pendulums, then the
bodies of the murderers were still still
only for a moment, and then SpleVs
death struggle began. Ills convulsions
were strong, rapid and continuous from head to
feet, nit arms strained at the muscles, his chest
heaved and bis legs were drawn up and down, up
and down, like the working of some grotesque me
chanical figure.
Engel'a movements were not so many or violent,
but the powerful frame refused to easily surrender
Its strength.
Fischer's neok roust have been dislocated with
more violent shock to tho brain, for, with a few
f eeiilo twltchlnga, he was at rest.
Persons'! struggles were slight, but continued at
intervals for twelve minutes.
The Instant tbe drop fell tbe doctors pressed
forward to llsicn to the heart and feel the
pul.e. Exactly why this Is done I cannot
understand. Medical science has Investigated
the phenomenon of hanging long ago,
and there is nothing of value to be
gained. bnrely In tbe case of criminals
upon tho gibbet the doctor can do no good, and
why they should be permitted to carry on tnelr
horrible prodd ngs and lutenlnirs I cannot fathom.
They are present to certify to death and It
would be sufficient to allow their
approaoh say Ave minutes after the
last movements have ceased. Dut to admit of
their selling a dying man and gratifying curiosity
during his agony is brutal, unnecewary and ntterly
without excuie, even In the name of science.
The moment the drop fell most of the witnesses
involuntarily started to their feet
"Sit 'down, gentlemen, "called a deputy, and he
was obeyed. In twenty-four minutes all four were
pronounced dead, and the Anarchists' murderous
work had been punished.
After Mrs. Fartona's arrest the crowd surround
ing the Jail was less excited, and the sharp order
to move on, backed up, when necessary, by the
swing of a club, was effectual In preventing a
gathering in force.
When I left tho Jail there were scarcely SCO per
sons gsthered on Clark street, and these were
quickly forced onward,
Tbe execution wsa admirably planned and car
ried out. The death warrants were read In the
cells, and there was no more delay at the scaffold
than was necesaary to adjuat the apparatus.
Chicago may well be content with the solemn
warning she has given to the spottlea of destruc
tion, and the manner of Its administration was at
once dignified and impressive.
It Is reported that shortly after the drop fell an
excited Anarchist made au attempt to shoot a po
liceman near the corner of Klnzle and Clark
streets, a few blocks from the JaU. lie was quickly
disarmed and hurried to prison. The police then
charged and dispersed the mob, which was rapidly
At midnight I went to tbe JalL The telephone
bell rang sbarply and the face of tbe man who
listened to tbe small voice whitened as he reoelved
wordthatStateAttorneyGrlnnellbad been reported
shot. He hurriedly told tbe rest and Instantly snouts
were sent to ascertain the truth. The office of
the Jail wss rife with tbe mingling of many voices
and the restless harrying to and fro of messengers
snd busy reporters. Deputy sheriffs lolled back In
easy chairs and beguiled the long hours with a
Within the Jail proper all was quiet. Engel was
ssleep on his cot, moving from time to time.
Fischer lay on his back with his eyes closed. Par
sons lay with his bead towards the door and chatted
with tbe death watch. Spies lay In bed
with his eyes staring straight upward, for
sleep refnied to visit them. He bad
ceased from writing and was deep In a current of
thought. Each man bad two deputies with him in
his cell. Who can picture the pasting of the last
night which divides a condemned man from the gal
lows r The outward calm aiguilles nothing. Flesh
snd blood are limited In their capacity for suffer
ing, but the spirit knows no such mercy of fate.
When the nerves have been strained for
some time to their utmost, the sense of rain van
ishes and a dulneas comes which by contrast is a
pleasure. Tbe man dying of cold soon ceases to
shiver and fancies he is warm and comfortable. I
have seen a poor victim of a boiler explosion,
fsce, chost, arms and body stripped of
skin as the hand may be stripped of
a glove, and yet he lay smiling upon
his cot declaring he felt no pain. Dut tbe mind how
that may be racked and scourged, with no respite
to come; the tormented soul writhing, straggling,
prsylng, shrieking, sll tn vain. No balm for that,
no escape, no staying of the hand laid so heavily
upon it; so stealing of an opiate calm to lessen the
anguish, now maddeningly alow and yet how
cruelly swift the hours whose invisible Angers are
aiRirr matsoh.
pushing the murderer to the scaffold, the rope
and the trap; the sleepy bat remorseless clock
swings its grim weight, whose every best robs htm
of bis meagre store of remaining tune. lie counts
tbe seconds i One, two, three, four, Ave, six,
seven, eight, nine bow long it takes to check off
ten, and yet the Un have gone forever, forever
and yet another ten while the swift thought is pass
ing tick-tack, tick-tack, tick-tack; the low sound
beats like a trip-hammer, like a knell, like the
clods upon a coffin. lie stops his ears with
his Angers, but cannot shut out tbe sound, for
now tbe heart trips to the same horrid meas
ures and is recording Its own stops.
Death I Inevitable death I Death as sure
as the sun shall rise, and death la Ignominy
upon a gibbet. No escape, no blip, no mercy, no
reprieve nothing but to wall till the pleasure of
tbe ofloers,end ilea, in perfect nt.lm, in strength
and soundness, beat fitted to live and not at all fitted
, too wbabQandhaadaadfMl, toberoboed of
the tlgh' it forever, to feel tbe stifling black
cap envlou. ..ojtlog the lungs of their last gup
of God's free air, and tben
Tbe chief terror of such a death is In the knowledge
of the hour It must come. To him who Is doomed
by disease the end Is uncertain, elusive. Hope,
the rainbow of life, spreads her gaudy promise
upon the threshold of the grave. Tben, when the
end la surely at hand, tho poor body is Impoverished
of its desire to live, the lamp Is low, the
Intelligence feeble the power of the mind to ap
preciate the grim visitor approaching la lessened,
and by easy stages desr, kind nature leads the
sufferer Into unconsciousness, snd then the way Is
painless and easy. But to know the boar and
know it must come without fall; to know that no
skill or a physician, no purchase of gold, no inter
cession of friends, no plea, argument, or trick of
counsel, no exercise of strength, no right of a citi
zen or power of a government will step between;
and yet to feel the lusty vigor of man
hood In each strong limb and the
tides of health coursing through the veins, every
faculty In open rebellion against the menaco of
deatb;1o spread the arms lu all the pride of
strength and know that in so many hoars and so
many minutes, with nothing to Interfere, is com
ing the summons whloh none may disobey I
And then the paatl How thick the memories
throng to pay their last homage to their aoverelgn,
the brain. Sweet and bitter, pain and pleasure,
all that whisper of hope and ambition and love and
home; all that can matter of despair and hatred
and suffering. Come tbe crowding grey monks
from their long-locked cells, messengers of What
Has Been to what Is Mortturl Sslutamnsl The lire
that has been spent arises from Its grave and comes
before the life yet lingering upon the threshold,
and aadly ahows all that sbe haa garnered, all of
sorrow and sin or pain or passion. And then the
crime. Uow dashed that livid face from the solid
darknesal now stare those dying eyes from the
wall I And now the very air is icy with terror
at thai shriek of agony which none but the con
demned wretch hears, may hear again and again.
Tbe deeds of the transgression for whloh be mutt
die are passed In review; from the Arsl to the final
tragedy the grisly drama la enacttd. Then
the long trial, the whirl of contending hope
and fear, tbe heavy blow struck by the
virdlet, tbe dnll half comprehension of what the
sentence means, the long delay, the revival of
hope only to be dashed down again, the supreme
appeal, the Anal decision and tbe awful certainty
at laat. with not a day between it and the hour ap
pointed. Now, what wonder that tbe tortured minds seek a
pleasure in contemplating the agonies its own
crime Inflicted and in brutal wantonness repeats
them agaln'and again. Uow the murderer In his
owa hell of torments loves to recollect that he
made Aesh quiver snd hearts ache and soils suffer
all that hopelessness and despair have brought to
himself. Ills fellow-man Is now not a brother, a
protector and friend, but an executioner, and he
bates him.
What of these thoughts passed through the minds
of tbe four condemned Iledt only their God might
know. Their demeanor was that of most crimi
nals, rool, Indifferent, or sullenly resigned, I
have seen many criminals on their last night of
Ufa, and la tat one. tin. Druse, have I seen
-I I I L
g fc BUILDING 3 TltBS Of CEILS 3 g w5
. o BROAO CORRIDOR g z 8 u
E " FmrTcwacAcn 3
y BmsttrsK1 , gTM BBQW T 5
& . hailVt '.MP t k
- iiiiiiiiiiiiiii z
' $ JAIL YARD 8 1
s I HJ O
lL ftffffrrMP" tt
iWRirrv llla cwmwai court awn L Jj
x ornci e3 i mmt orrict frmtwcK
t ,1 co.anOH j w
X "fci"l w iwTMMCif cttam or net I
i i i r
much nervousness or apprehension, and muob of
that In her oaae was due, I think, to the mistaken
kindness of a deputy, who gave her renewed hope
that the Governor would pardon her. Tbe mind
dwelling loog on one subject becomes dulled to It,
like the often-struck key of a piano which Anally
becomes mute.
The death watches were guarding each. Tbe cell
doors were open snd one of the watch was watch
ing while the other paoed his vigil without Not a
motion, not a sound eluded these keen-eyod senti
nels sppointed to see that the gallows Is not
cheated of lu due.
Fischer and Engel slept moat of the time. Spies
wrote a wnlle, then threw heraelf on bis bed race
down, Then he began chatting with his guard.
Ue discussed oalmly enough the Uaymarktt
tragedy, aud said tbe authorities and Ike police
were alone to blame. Ue spoke of the visit made
by tbe Kev. Mr. Bolton snd laughed aa he rscalled
hia advice to the reverend gentlemen to go home
and not bother himself with prayers la to unless a
Parsons was restless too, but outwardly calm.
Ue sang "Annie Laurie "twice to his guard In a
voice hardly above a whisper. Ue said be wss
willing to be Immolated In the cause and had noth
ing to regret.
Spies tried to sleep. At I o'clock he got np and
lighted a cigar, which he puffed In moody silence.
Then he wenfback to bed and closed bis eyes, bat
It was evident be did not sleep. Parsons slept a
little, but at 4 o'clock he stirred uneasily and then
rubbed his eyes, etared wonderlngly at his death
watch as though he had forgotten, recollected
himself with a start and composed himself again.
snoil raoTisTe nis innocinoi.
Engel drdared to-night that he was not at the
flaymsrket an J knew nothing of tbe bomb's deadly
work until tbe followmgday. This does not lessen
Engel's guilt, however. Ue was foreman of the
Arbeittr Zeitung. lie had the revenge circular
printed and he told tbe foreman of the press-room
to hurry up for he wsnted enough to distribute in
time to collect the armed meeting at the Uaj
At s. 10 A. u. the messenger brought iwo tele
grama, on for Spies and one for Persona. Sheriff
Atataon received and kept them until their owners'
should awake.
Fischer was now awake and smoking a cigar.
The others were asleep.
Yiawixo LiNoo'a aonr.
A deputy now led me Into the bathroom. Tstre
Satratayt Nevetttber IS.
will be tbe laat day of the half-price sale for
the balance of broken lots of high grade
overcoats and Suits for men and boys at
Messrs, Vogel Brother , Eighth Avenue and
Forty eoond Street
on the pallet were the blankets snd pillows satu
rated by Llngg's blood and In acheap wooden coOn
with lee, lay the head malefactor himself. Tbe
body was naked. It waa symmetrical and had the
Unea of great strength. The work of the explosive
was horribly clear in that upturned mats of raw
fleati, with nothing human In It but two wildly
staring eyes. Tbe body will lie there until claimed
for the grave with the others to-day.
Next the deputy led me through a labyrinth pf
narrow paasaget, occluded by wrought-iron aoors,
to the main ball of the prison, at the end of which
stood the Instrument ol death. Its construction Is
simple Its frame gaunt and stiff, Its color a dark
red brown, as of long-dried blood. Two narrow
trusses seven feet high are Its support They bear
up a platform 10 feet long by I wide,
tbe outer half of which awlngs down on hinges.
This half Is to be supported by a rope, nehlnd is
a wooden screen, painted like the real, snd behind
this Is to be concealed the hangman. When the
signal Is given be will cut the rope and the trap will
fall with Its freight. The beam Is a simple cross
piece on two stout uprights with braces at the ends.
Into Its lower edge, two feet apart, are stout bolts
of wrought iron, snd the lata! ropes dsngle from
these. These are balf-lnob manlla, aelected with
great care. Two 100-pound bags have been at
tached to each and dropped several times to test
thtlr strength. These bags were still gripped by
tbe nooses at a. so.
a tsrbibli Nicisairr.
The apparatus to be uatxl tn this execution is
called here the new scs Sold, but three menlwve
already suffered utath upon It
There in the dim light It stood awaiting It prey,
dark and grim a terrible necessity, and yet an en
gine of publlo good.
Parsons talked at great length about religion, in
whloh he does not believe. Ue Is aa Agnostto, and
will have nothing to do with priests. When told
Underbill, HUta dc Ceraell
ban th Urrxt assortment of Han's aad Ban? tin
WlaMr OvaacoATS and Built t this eUr, 114-10
Bsvdwaj, outnts AatWT piste. V
late st night that his wife had called too lata to bo ' pH
admitted to take farewell, he shrugged his shout. . fl
dert and made no reply. 'IbbbbbbH
The deputy sheriffs are being assigned to pott la 'mIbsbbbI
and about the building where they will remain .A'riesBBBBBBi
until the execution Is over. Police, armed with JbbbbbbI
Winchester rifles, have been posted on the tlpH
roof of this snd adjoining building. 4tJibbbbbI
Tho cordon extends one block from the Jail in all bH
directions snd the pickets snd patrols are yet a . JHH
block further. Tbe doomed Anarchists hare Aa- 'LbbbbbbI
lahed their breaktast and are quietly chat, w
ting wlih their guards. Parsons haa lighted 'Jl
a pipe and Bnel aa after-breakfast cigar. ''MH
Bples la lying down Partont had ordered a doaea 'juIbbbbI
fried oysters tor hit breakfast, and ordered another HH
dosenafew minutes ago, which stirring nswa a ffjsBBBBBBB!
breathless deputy haa Just communicated la a '"ILbbbbbbI
hoarse whisper. 'vsbbbbbbb!
Engel hat Just made this entry in his diary sad 'V
shown It to a guard) "For liberty and Eight wa 'JbbbbbbbbI
made a good light. " SbbbbbbbI
rAKSONS OITS ma oystibb. Vsbbbbbbb!
8.80. Parsons hat Just received his second order ' Sbsbbbbbi
of fried oysters, and smiled cheerfully aa he took ''HbbbbbI
them. Engel Just now said: "It la too;bad to "''Hsbbbbbbb!
hang us and let the gulliy rich men bo unpunished. (bLjH
I am an Anarchist and I ahaS bbbbbbb!
die game." Bplea nas begun to drew 'Iibbbbbbbb!
for his last Journey. Fischer appears to be gloomy rLjH
and refuses to sUr or talk. The shrouds have been Ibbbbbi
laid In the coffins. The executioner and hie aa- 'bbbbbbI
alstants are giving the gallows another tett, trylag $H
the strength of the rope which supports the trsp. -bbbbbbbI
A deputy is now collecting the oards of Invitation IflLjfl
and making snre that no one not upon the fiserUPa xi
list It within lbs prlton. A letter has Just come 3'lbH
addressed! "Brothers Spies, Llngg, Paraeas nasi' iJbbbbbbbb!
Bamaraden, Chlcoko Jail, Dlinols," postmarked v
New York; another from Uadlson, Wla.,l4dl ?H
reeled to " Condemned Anarchists', Prison, CM. JbbbbbbbbI
cago." cviJSiB.l
.us-Persons called for the Bhtrlff and gavo his pH
two letters, stamped, whloh he requested aaeaM 19bbbbbi
be mallta. They were taken at once, ' VbbbbbD
9.1J Tbe death warrants have Just arrived a&4 9Hsl
are in the hands of the Sheriff. The new salts of ILbbbbbI
black clothing provided by the county for Ue coa- iim
demned bave Just been taken In and they are boaHy. ''H
arranging themselves. Spies haa Just had aa fBH
outbreak of nervoua Irritation. Ue requested jIbIbbbbi
to have a glua of Ilhlne wine and the Sheriff coa- &H
tented. A deputy was sent for it a few minutes viiH
ago. Spies haa been Impatiently peering np and SJLbbbbI
down, and cried out Just now: "Good God, It ' ?bsbbbbbI
not that lthina wine ever coming. " IbbbbbbbI
(.10 Mrs. Parsons and Mrs. Engel, Ulta Selea '3LjH
snd a body of Anarchist friends have beta Jaet IvjIsbbbbbI
turned away from tbe cordon, and are being & ' gjH
lowed by an exolted and gathering crowd down t vsbbbbbbbI
the street Mrs. Parsons la especially exolted uyf '4j
la haranguing the crowd aa aha goes. 'H
10.09. The fatal hour has come. Followed by r,v
bis deputies the Soertff proceeds to the reading o 'lH
the death warrants. One by one he recites to' the) tfStLH
doomed men the brief of the crime, trial, ooavle- 9bbbbbbi
Uon and sentence, ,? 'jH
The ordeal Is more trying to hint than them, a4 Jbbbbbbb!
bis face Is white and his voice falters aa he ntAtn. ' JbbbsbbbbI
the last. - '' ViVLH
riacsaa olad to bit. ' yH
10. ma. it Ftachcrhasjuatmadeallttlsipeeea, sjR
in which he smilingly assarts that aa U perftostr YhIbsbH
content and glad to die. LbbbbbI
10. ST Parsons baa broken down very mush 4af. JJbLbbbI
lng the last thirty minutes and U weakening aa ' , bbbbbbbbbbbI
fast it is doubtful If he will be able to stake the "fLLl
speech he had Intended. 'bbbbbbI
atao mi kaubiixaub. a ftpfl
10. Engel and Fischer have Just asasT Mat! iH
"Marseillaise." spies has recovered hia Berra 'iH
and la discussing literature with his keeper, faf. ' JH
sons very nervous and breaking fast Ibbbbbb
1L04. Following close upon a telegraphic report -ifH
from Springfield that Gov. Ogaleaby had decided VIJbsbbbbI
once for all, thedtpuUesoommencedatiaffa. m. 'IjH
distributing tickets to reporters, who were tt H
watch tbe march to the gallows. bbbbbbi
JL10 The proceulon will start in a fuw minutes, ' ''B
1L1S. The supreme moment Is at hand. The SbH
representatives of the press have been contacted ' jasBBBBi
to the north corridor and staled at the table pafl
within a few feet of the gallows. -Hbbbi
lLsa. Death warrant U now being read ta ttt ' .H
condemned men. obbbbbI
to tub aoAtroLn. 0bbbbI
Now the executioner and his assistants art) gta jbbbbbbI
lonlng the men, drawing the arms behind and Be- reafl
caring them at the elbow. The Jury, deputise and "jr'flB
correspondents have gathered in the aall of death, A ;aLsBi
The procession comes Spies, Engel, Flaehet "Isbbbbbbi
and Paraons last. Their faces are pale and their ?jLLl
lips comnresssd, but tbey give no sign. ibbbbbb!
They pass upon tbe scaffold. Spies gives a 3iek aai
glance upward and shudders as tbe rope f Wtflfa fcM
against his cheek. Parsons Is visibly controlling m!bbbbbb!
his emotion by a strong effort, Engel's eyes are fttsBBB
rolling around as seeking some aid, bnt Fnohorle ,'IH
calm, though ghastly pale. riaH
U.M. Tbey have Juat adjusted the black oaf iWH
over Spies. H
M. M. -Sheriff shakes hands with Bplea and bUa gs
htm good-by. IH
11. a Putting white shroud on Spies, Ee loobs "L1
pale and haggard. Jkbsbi
ILit. Beading warrant to Engel and paUef 4sbbbbI
shroud on Fischer. Htsbbbb!
1L en. TheiAnarchlau Splea, Parsons, Bngel aad "VljM
Fischer are banging. CB
no. -As the drop fell Flsoher cried! MaVhuj $2B
live Anarchy. " ,' MH
It 06. Pitcher died hard. flSH
1 1 09. The palaea of all the men have Just stopped "Jfl
beating. IxIbbbi
Mrs, Parsons has been arrested and carried ta fSB
tbe station-bouae in a patrol wagon, straggita 9
and shrieking for help. This Is a moat wise raeaa- &
ure, for the desperate woman was fast collecting jjafl
a crowd, and at sbe Is skilful In tbe oratory of .'Maai
her class, might easily bave started a Hot. 'jklfl
Considerable numbers of roughs are gethertag J
on Clsrk and Senate streets, but the polloe SM tila
keeping them tn continuous motion. far
The moment tbe great crowd outside mS
the Jail knew that the drop had fH
fallen the excitement was tateata. Mol
Solemn aa tbe occasion wsa, several uea eonld, S?aW
not refrain from a cheer. Tne long suspense ma 3jp9
over. '"bbbb!
AU tbe tboroughfaree for blocks areaad -fiM
the Jail were lmpaaaable. Newtpanef saae. '-H
atges to snd from the JaU were -f'B
blocked. Tbe oppressive quiet and restlcasaaea H
wnlch was so apparent during the long hours be ilijH
fore the trap was sprung, gave way to uproar aad 3JH
the polloe were called upoa to da their aat tafl
real work of the day. But every prooanUoa lajt 3H
Conrinued on Second Aw. H
Uaderhlll, Kiel ds OeraeU jH
shveaVafteetteAatatpbwe, V S

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