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I uTOBwcif sketch Zgij mWffij&Q THE SUMPAY WORLD M
W ' AND THE DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH'S IMPRES. U I I ilffl flfU 'Vlll mT LXSr jJiiL. - JW SV Hflllllr 1 fflmf F "0RTH P0LE SEARCHING! THE ,JM
1 KMT, IIKaitT ANI Till! HKST. '& rJtr N fl! ffir 'M iBWflfi itr iffW tfMtti VSSSr VSf V y Jr V jp I THK HIINIMY U'OIIM) NT1NDH WITIIODT AH H
I LZl - . " ' J,v-" ' " J"' r" ' mt' BBS i.mr.w, in A.Mi:itiOAN jouunalihjl 'H
i i .i
fcarnrr mi.m nnfl Clinnulna Matrons Sell
Everything, from n Stlrk of L'nndy to n
CookhiK Stove, nt tlio Tnbernncle's Hlxth
Annual Fair The Vnrlou Tables nnd tlie
Young I.ndtra Who Presided Over Them.
Tho quaint nud staid, yet beautiful eiliflco
which Brooklynitcs admiro and rctoro, tlio
Tobornnclo, wkers tho ltov. Dr. Talmago has
long hold Bwny, presents to-dny, as it has for
tho cutiro week, n pioturo as charming,
simple and variegated ns tho deft fingers of
protty maidens nnd tho substantial work of
mechanics could well frame.
For tho sixth your tho annual fair, which
all Brooklyn's good citizens aro interested
in, claims feminino attention en
tiroly and as well ' tho interest
of, such mnlo moinbors of tho
congregation, as havo tho temerity to enter
tho ring whero tho prettiest of girls in tho
brightest and most delightful costumes,
innocently and demuroly enough rocolvo
one's money for things wo possibly cannot
wnnt and cannot uso.
Within tho Tabernaclo, tho sccno, whon
tho fair is nt its height, forms ono of tho mobt
delightful panoramas ono could admire.
Tho main body of tho church hns been
floored over the scats, nnd whllo largo, is
barely sufficient to hold in comfort tho
throngs thnt surgo through tho place, will
ing victims to tho batteries of tho fair nttend
nuts. Tho tnblcs aro uuusuully attractive. Froco
dent, no doubt, gives to tho confection tablo,
whose dainties aro disposed of by Jliss L. A.
Eglnton, aided by half a dozen matrons, tho
title of tho sweetest. The country storo whero,
like tho typical reality, one enn purchaso any.
tiling from n postage-stamp to n stove is
conductod by Mrs. T. Do Witt Talmago,
Jus. A. It. Iteoves and Miss S. Cunningham.
Tho Houso That Jaok Built is an nttrootivo
establishment near tho organ. Siugularly
enough, tho door is In tho third story. Tho
Jirilo oponing whero tho door should bo, how.
ever, berves for the entraueo of dimes without
number. Miss L. It. Felletrenu. Miss F. T.
Drapor, Miss Carlisle nnd Jliss It. E.Qranger
are supposed to live here during fnir hours.
At tho left of tho entrance is tho Light
House. That institution is prebumod to
guard ono from danger, but it allures to dan-
Ser of tho pocket. A dozen matrons aro tho
ecpers, three possibly to luro tho unsus
pecting ono to tho attractive display, nnd
the remainder to pillago him, when he is
Bhip-wreckud, as it were, by tho dolights of
tho thouhaud nnd ono odditios. Mrs. John
Wood. Mrs. II. 8. Everett, Mrs. E. II.
Jlrnnch, Mrs. Goorgo Parks nnd Mrs. 0. H.
Hurling nro the keepers.
Then come tho Oloanors. which is likowiso
n rarity in fnir tnblos, holding overy imagin
able dainty in feminino work, nud receiving
its shoro of pntronnge. Mrs. Alex. McLean,
nssistcd by many mutrons, is in charge. Ex
celsior is tho uamo gh en another tablo, whero
lnore and equally dainty silk work mny be
found. Tho Misses Liudsloy, Miss J. Iteove,
Miss L. Haines, Mibs II. Motor, Miss J.
Cruttondcu, Miss 11. J. Kreubler and Miss E.
A. Burns aro tho chief attendants. At tho
Novelty tablo Mibs S. Weuzel and Miss
Thompson aro atsistcd by half n dozen
matrons. To those who aro dry tho Lemon
ade Well is ulu ays open for u consideration.
Miss Ncttiu M. Thompson and Mits E. A.
Drown nro in choree. Mrs, Skidmoro has
cliargo of tlio weiglung scales.
In tho gnllery whoro icecream is served,
Mrs. F. Jl. Lawrouco nnd Jlrs. L. W. Colo
nmn nro in charge. Tho refreshment tnblo is
conducted by Jlrs. J. M. Sawyer, Jlrs. P. W.
Taylor and Jlrs. M. M. Storm and half a
dozen matrons.
Christmas is coming and tbo ladies of tho
fair are ready for it. Jlrs. J. II. ltighter and
Mihs Do JIny aro in charge of tho tnblo. At
the llowor in tlio centre of tho church ilowors
nro bold by Miss J. W. Keith aud Mrs. War
ren Smith, who nro aided by plenty of dainty
flugors in the good work.
At tho Union tablo. which is practically a
combination tablo of tho fair, Jliss Eva Fer
guson. Jliss Mnud Begos, Jliss E. Everott,
Miss Graham, Miss L. itichardson and Mibs
t. Etta Lovejoy soil everything from fruit to
dry goods. Dr. Jlorehoubo nt tho testing
wachmo records tho strength of overy as
pirant, while his protty wifo holds tho stand
whilo tho boys pull nnd tug and turn red in
tho lace.
If a hat baud is wonted, W. Carpenter-Ellis
yillmako ono to order, nnd JUssJIoryD.
Wynkoopwill nccopt tho money for it. At
tlio stationery table everything in tho lino of
portfolio goods may bo bought from Jliss
Jlcssio Hart, Miss Kiln Fowler. Jlrs. G. W.
Hart. Mrs. C. L. Dickinson and Mibs Jenuio
At tho Boda fountain, whether ono is dry or
liB drinks the health of the nttendnnts,
Jliss JI. Hart, Jliss. I. G. Skidmore, Jliss N.
U. Meyers nud Jliss V. M. Ingrnham.
Jliss Bessio Whittomore is in chnrgo of tha
chocolate booth. Jlrs. J. JlcOullough, Jlrs.
JI. Duff and Jlrs. Cutting look after tho big
spinning wheel, and Mrs. J. T. l'hillips rep
resents Grnudmothor Van Wormor in run
ning tbo old-fashioned affair.
Ballot b aro takon for President nnd Jlrs,
Cleveland, and Blaino nnd Prohibition. Tho
V.R , ,J"U k between Jlrs. Clovoland and
Prohibition. Jliss Talmago, Jliss Wattles
pud Jliss Tuoker take tho money and record
Uio votes. In addition thero is an etching of
Dr. Tolmaco being balloted for. The candi.
antes aro tho most popular of tho ushors.
Un tho balloting for tho wickor-work easy
5r alr, for tho most popular trustee, Tuesday,
the balloting stood for Jlrs. Branch 8, Mrs.
luoker 7, Mrs. Lawrence 0, Jlrs. Ferguson 6,
Mrs. Durling 5, Jlrs. McLean i. The
friends of Mrs. Wood nnd Jlrs. Jlead
nro working for thoir success, and a
sharp rivalry is already manifested.
In tho centre of tho floor, near the main
entrance, is a mammoth woddlng-cako,
Which Jlnster F. 0, Wattorson says conceals
a gold ring, Chances nro eagerly taken aud,
L, oven without fho ring, the cako is worth a
' chanco.
In addition to all theso thoro are a dozon
S-m taliles wllero MiBa B. PittB. Jliss B.
Ortmnc. Mrs. William B, JTead, jrrs. Frank
v Vr!i H- - ."rowu, Jlrs. B. II. Nowby,
Jlrs Gooding. Jliss H. Griffin, Jliss A. E.
Duokworth, Irs. J. B. Ohilds, Jlrs. E. JI.
Bimth, Mrs. A. Hporks, JI. D ..Mrs. F. 0.
Mttbon. Jlrs. P. Wcudovor nud Mrs. P. Pnuli
I w,maro "l hargo.
r Xho fair will closo Saturday night.
J Ildmuudi. on Vo.tul Toleffrmiliy.
I WAsniNaiON, Nov. 18,-Senators Kdinunds and
I Cullom say that thej wm walt() a flgl,t lt tne ,;,,.
ior scsalon of Congress for a Government telegrapu
1 MierVwflrT..ILwU.1 '"rouifUt up agala soon
1 that th KSi"Jne' '" The bill urovldes In hricl
1 mnh ii?veir5,".,elJt "hH" coiiktrnct tta own tele
J llun?ni?tm .eh,W0(!? ,n '"'8" cltloa nrt. and
I iiuSJaSi tnn ,,'fitln"w J1'1'1" m rwiulre. 1 do not
I' i thu flni. nfh,a," of uli"J)t Uae or of lea.-
" iuu unea of other oouipaniea. h
H "-.
A CJcoroln Nrgrri of Klslity nnd Iter
Thrifty Little Colony.
trtortntt (Ala.) Dttpntthto Atlanta ftmaiiiiitl.
Ncarthla place llcs a colored familr, the atory
of whoso cxlMence Is full of example for their
whlto neighbors.
Tho family is competed of a widowed mother,
elghly years old, n daughicr Harsh, nity-three
years old, and llvo sona, viz.: John, who Is titty
joars old and married; THom, forty-oiirht
years old and married; Hen, fortj.Uvt jcari old,
uhmmlodj Ulchard, thlrt)-nlne years old and
marned, and Itobert, thlrtjWonr years old and
unmarried. Thcae ases aro given In tho start that
It may bo known how old ttiey were, the uojg en
eeially, at the time of the surrender, In 1PM,
when the family tlrst realized that they were freo
und had to start out to man and labor to support
themaelves; became their success from that day la
one 0,.?,he remarkable f ealurea about them. The
wero Illiterate and full-blooded negroes, not a
drop of white blood coursing their reins.
The mother and all of her children remained
with their old mlstresd, the widow l'arthena rear
sol, until the close of the laic war: faithfully serv
ing her wants and wljhea, doing all In their power
to protect her and her lntereat, running and
aecretlng her slock In the mountains near by to
keep the Federal aoldicra or otuera from taking
them, After the surrender they worked on tho
plnco as ahare-croppers until the winter of ISov,
and by that lime were able to provide stock,
wagons and farming Implements, to aa to go farm
ing at their own expense. In the fall of lbtf they
purchased 360 acres of land of the I'earsol estate on
four year's tlmo, for which they paid up the last
dollar In the fall of 1BI4, being In nil is.lW. In
the fall of 18TS Ihey purchased ISO acres iroin Dr.
William Jarman, for whloh they paid cash ,800.
Spin live years thoy paid for sso acres of land,
$10,400 as the net profits of the five year's labor.
Hlnce that tlmo It has been a hardor struggle for
farmers to accumulate, but these Industrious no
groca have built for themselves (that Is those who
have .families) good and substantial frame resi
dences, barns and all ncoessary farm improve
ments; also a good glnhouso and cotton-press with
which they gin and hale their on cotton. They,
too, have all necessary stook for the use of far
mershorses, mules, colts and hogs and are gen
erally prepared top ty the cash fur whatever they
buy. 'l hey havo acquired Borne education In the
meantime, and those who tiavo children afford
them means and opportunities to obtain un educa
tion, which thev nrnttt.ililr nnnlv.
The nged mother lives with her son John, and
supervises the transactions of nil. When tho boys
Bell their crops, she rcqulrci each to deposit with
her tho money, after paying debts, If any, which
they nil chcerlully do, calling her their banker,
when cither of tne boys needs money he has to go
to his mother and tell her what ho wants to do wllh
It. If she approves It ahe counts It out to him,
and whethur ahe does or not, It Is agreeable wllh
him, submitting cheerfully to her decision. The
children mutually accord to her this preroga
tive, and nre us obedient to her will aa when boys
ten yeara of age, not only In their financial busl
nesu, but they would reel conscientiously diso
bedient, or a tiuuutifnl children, If they were to
go to town Without her periulaMOU, which limy
always obtain before doing eo. By such discipline:
she brought them up from Infancy until It became
a part ot their nature to obey her will, and perhaps
to this cnuso Is attributable all of their success. They
never frequent political or other meetings where
disorder is apt to occur, don't have disputes with
neighbors, never were partita to a law ault, aa
plaintiffs or defendants, and aro altogether peace
uble and law-abiding clilzens, making tho most of
their freedom as becomes sensible men, und con
sequently deserve and have won the esteem and
respect of all their peaceable and law-abiding
neighbors, white and black,
The mother, old as sue is, with the assistance of
her danghters aud dauglittrs-tn-law, spin and
weave aud make up all the every-day clothing (or
all the families, and she and tbev live peacefully
and harmoniously as one family, the females like
wise rscotizlng her as mother and queen of the
fsmliy ronlm.
Numbers, iioth whits and black, go to seo this
colored family, litre la taught dlsclpllno by the
head ot the family, obedience by the children. In
dustry and economy br all. Their heads were not
turned by the aougof "Forty Acres and u Mule"
and the promises of union ltagues; but by hon
esty, Industry and economy tbey labored to live,
and this Is the happy result.
JitadJliUNieasacritioin a Soxoery variety
show in Ott Sunday Wonij).
lie Wn Flunlly Admitted.
TVoRt A Xfpicoln (A'aA.) Stat Journal.)
A horseman dismounted before a lonely dugout
in Missouri, and, confronting tho proprietor of the
place, asked for accommodation for tho night.
The farmer surveyed him critically and saldi
" Air you selling a cure for hog oholery t"
"No, sir; I'm selling nothing. "
' Is that so t Wal, p'r'apa ye moat roost In the
barn ef that's so. But, say, stranger, ycr not
takln' ory subscriptions for the Lifa of brant.'
air yet" '
"No, sir."
1 1" If that's the case I mont let ye trank on the
floor of my dugout. Hut yer not scllln' ary now
fangled oats, air ye, that'll prejuco four bushels to
ono of ary other kind:"
" I have nothing to do with cats, I assure yon. "
" Wal, this beats all I'll hef to try an' rig up a
oot fer ye to sleep on, an1 1 guess I'll and room for
yer boss In tho cnttle shed. lint see hyar, stranger,
1 want a squar deal. Yo won't spring ary patent
revolving churn on us ef we treat je right, will
i " I don't know a churn from a water-wheel. '
" Now, this Is alng'lar. You seem to bo a white
man, an' I guess I'll chuck yo In tho spar room an
pot jor noes In tho barn. Hut I want ye to look me
squar In tho oyo on' say that ye haven't ury condi
tion powders to sell: ye don't want to Hash out ary
settlDg sun siove polish, er French blackln'.er har
ness lie. Doyeproni'sot"
Certainly I do, I'm not an agent for any sort
of a trap. In fact, I'm out here trying to find and
arrest a rascally dealer in mowing machines who
swindled a lot of f af mors In our neighborhood. "
" Stranger, yo'll sleep lu my bed ter nlgbt an'
me an' the olo womau'll bnuk on tho floor. Go In
an' tell her to flash up the best grub she hez whllo
I curry an' feed yer boss. "
EJIngnlar Handwlcb Island Ntatlsttca.
From IA SI. t'aul Qlolt.J
Every Sunday-school scholar has listened with
Intensest Interest to the story of the conversion of
the Handnlch Islanders to Christianity. They have
heard with thankful hearts how a race of cannibals
were oonverted Into a respectable church-going
population, and how the Inhabitants of the Island
now assemble at the ringing of the church bell for
divine worship on the very spot where their
fathers and grandfathers held their savage orgies
and roasted human flesh was the daintiest dish of
the feast- And yet these same Sunday
scholars will be pained to learn that
the conversion of the Sandwich Island
ers has resulted In their almost
total extermination. Tho native popu
lation has dwindled Irom 4011,000, tho number at
tho time Cook explored tho Islands, down to about
S5,000. the remnant left at this time. The dlscaies
of civilization have played havoc with the native
Sandwlchers, while drunkenness and other vices,
which seem io be the handmaids of modern civili
zation, have slain their thousands and tens of thou
sands. It Is a singular contradiction that while
the Christianized natives are being swept away so
rapidly, tbo pagan Chinese are Increasing on tho
Islands In Just as rapid proportion. Thirty-seven
years ago, when tho lirst census waa taken, tho
Chinese wero represented by 800 coolies. Now
thero nre W.ikjo Chinese, who aro among the most
active uml progressive of the Sandwich population.
A Illtr Hteel nnd Cur Works Hyndlrate.
PfTTSBUKU, Nov. 18. A syndicate of New
Yorkers and other Eastern men have selected a
site near this city for largo tabular steel and car
works. The oapltsl stock will be 18,000,000. In
the syndicate are Oeoroe IL Mendall, ol Massa
chusetts, and Charles A. Arne. of Boston. The
specialty la railroad supplies, freight and passenger
curs. From one thousand to two thousand men
will be employed.
1 s.
Indications of a HblnrrecU.
The steamer Manhattan, from Havani, arrived
to-day, ono day liohiud achadulo tunc. On Nov.
8 she passed tho Western Triangle on Cam
peachy Bank and saw u lifeboat, but no
person about It. On the Eastern Triangles vessel
of abourflve hundred or atz hundred tons was seen
bottom up and lt 1 bellevM mat shipwreck oc
curred there,
Annrrlilstn ltnund to Have Krvcngei on thn
Htate Murk's llody (ilvrn In Charge of
Mr, nngel Sail Hrenrs When (lie I'rlemU
and Itclntlven Vlrcd the ltcniulna In a
llnrn Yrmtrrriay Afternoon.
CntcAoo, Nov. 12. Thero is still another
sccno to bo enacted in tho Anarchist tragedy
that of tho funeral to-morrow. Everybody
agroes tho chances for troublo whon tho
tlvo men nro buried nro tcnfpld grcntor
than they woro at tho execution. Anarchy
now 1b looking for rovenge, nnd men who
aro so thoroughly infatuated with nprin.
oiplo nro not likoly to quietly Btibmit to wlint
they claim wns an net of injustico and out
rage. Boasts nro mado that tha State will bo
made to Buffer for tho death of tho flvo Anar
chists. To-morrow, whon tho bodies aro loworod
into tho grnvo, wives, daughtors nud swoet
heartB will go into hysterics; sympathizers
will bo worked up to a frenzied stato of ex
citement, nnd n clash with tho pollco la far
from improbable.
The authorities are confident that they will
be able to successfully copo with any upris
ing which may bo mado, yet it is uboIoss to
diBguiso tho fnct that they feol more nervouB
over tho outcomo of to-morrow's events than
thoy did at tho Jail proceeding's yesterday.
Ltngg's body nas been givon in oharge of
Jlrs. Engol, and it will bo buried with
Engol's. Tho two bodies nre now nt Jlrs.
Eugel's house, No. 281 Jlilwaukeo avenue.
hen tho bodies of Bpios, Parsons nnd
Fischer wero taken from tho jail yesterday
they wero rocolptcd for by n committee from
thn Central Labor Union, consisting of
Jlcssrs. Bchmcdingcr.Lincmoycr, Urban nud
Bcttin. Tho committee, has commissioned
Mueller it Hordckopf, undertakers, No.
590 Jlilwaukeo aenuo, to tnko tho
bodies in charge. They wero placed in a
hoarse and two light wagons. Spies was put
in the hearse, Fischer was in tho first wagon
nnd Parsons in tlio other ono. Tho bodies
Moro taken to a barn, and thero tho remains
woro viewed by friends. At thrco o'clock
Jlrs. Parsons, accompanied by Jlrs. Holmes,
arrived aud was shown into tho bant.
Tho face of tho Anarchist'B wifo wns hag
gard and careworn. Tho end of her long
crape voil waB clutched convulsively between
tbo fingers of her left hand, her right hand
grasping tho cortiflcnto of death of her hue.
baud and a pormit for the interment of his
remains. As she passed over tho threshold
of tho born tho first objoct to meet hor gazo
was tho sombre black draped hcarso con
taining Parsons body. Her piercing eyes
never flinched.
Bho strodo up nnd gazed long and listlessly
upon tho stained pine coffin within. A
labored brcathldg, a sigh or two and sho
stepped aside ta permit tho undertaker to
ronlbvo tho body from tho hearso. Tho coffin
was placed on two supports, and Mr.
Muellor began to unscrew tho lid, Jlrs.
Parsons stood by nnd watched tho work.
When the scrowB had boon removed and
tho lid was about to bo lifted sho crossed over
to tho casket, aud with her gloved hand took
up ono nnd of it and aided Mr. Mueller in
transferring it to tho bed of tho hearso. Par
sons hud been laid in tho coffin just as ho was
when cut down, with tho eicoption that tho
whito shroud had bocn takon off. Tho cap
still colored his head.
Mechanically the woman united tho strings
whioh held tho head coverlug in position and
took it off. Sho then reversed her position,
going down towards tho foot of the coffin and
looking her dead husband full m the face.
Not a tear bedlmmcd hor oyes. Jlrs. HolmrB,
on tlio other hand, was visibly affected and
cried piteously at tho sight of the distorted
features and discolored neck of tho dead
Thofoco showed unmistakablo ovidencos of
suffering in tho extreme. Jlrs. Parsons
turned from tho sight ouco or twice and, tak
ing a long, intent viow of tho remains, and
bonding over and passionately kissing the
cold lips, signalled tho undertaker to re.
adjust the lid, A little woman, clothed in
black, with her face covered by a heavy veil,
held Jlrs. Pnrbons'B hand. This was Mrs.
Van Zondt, and she was as deoply affected na
woro the AuarohiBta' wives.
A small bowed fignro sat nlono in a comer
on a low stool. It was Jlrs. Spies, tho arch
Anarchist's mother. Hor head was buried in
her hands and thoy were almost in herlaj,.
Sho rocked to and fro In on agony of grief,
strangely at variance with tho actions of
Jlrs. Parsons, who sat bolt upright nnd
looked towards whero tho body of her hus
band lav. Hor eyes wcto fixed in a stony
Blare- They woro large and lustrous, but
seemed to have lost tho power of weeping.
Thero she sat, ono hand clubpcd in that of
tho woman next hor, her lips moving as
though muttering somo resolve
Oglenby Threatened Willi Ilentb.
Binouamtok, N. Y., Nov. 12. Detectives
in this city have discovered that an organized
society of Anarchists exists hero with regu
larly elected officers. A copy of thoir by
laws has been obtained, Thoy have for
warded tho following communication to the
Governor of Illinois:
Diak Em: Wo aro an organized and desperate
band of men. We have sworn that in the event of
the hanging of the seven Anarchists now under sen
tence of death In the Chicago jail, we shall devota
our lives to vengeance for their blood, and shall
stop at nothing In carrying out our plans, w
have marked you for one who shall die a moat ter
rible death aa aoon as we can reach you.
The Sheriff and prosecuting attorneys aro also
marked men. As soon as vengeance has been
wreaked to the full au organized crusade on all
capitalists and non-sympathizers will be Instituted,
and with the means at our disposal we aro conn
dent of carry out our plans. Yours.
1). B. AND B. ,
Twenty-three Anarchists.
BIngbamton, N. Y., Nov. .
A Staircase Meven Miles LoDg.
Jajtan Lttttr to Chicago rfnaf.I
From Nlkko the pllgtjms go eight miles up to
Lake Chlnzenjl, where their sacred mountain
Nautalaan, guardB that lovely sheet of water,
Tho bathe In tho sacred waters, pass under a grand
forffou tho water's edge, say their prayers at a
temple and climb tho mountain to a lonely shrine
at the top. The path to the mountain's summit ib
kept in order by the temple guurdlans, who charge
20 cents for every cumber, aud tho climber
then has his namo Inscribed on wooden
tablets In tho temple grounds, which Is
fame enough for his humble lifetime. It
Is seven miles to the summit, and
the path, Instead of winding and zigzagging as a
mountain path generally does, pursues au air line
from the bottom to the top and is simply a seven
mile staircase, with steps regularly made of sticks
laid across and braced In. It Is all a matter of
lungs and knees to get up tho mountain, and alto
gether a matter of the knees to como down, and
climbers feel weak and shuky therefor data after
descending the sevcn-mlloitalrceiip. At chlnzenjl
there are long barrjeks prolded by tho govern
ment, where tne pllgrltris -can lodge for a few cop
pers each uighl, and several Ioj. houses built at
the edge of the lake, with galleries overhanging
the water.
Jtead Bill A'ye ai acritio in a Bowery variety
Aew in Ow Smday Would,
Ills C'nso Again Postponed Through Lack of
Counsel nnd Wltneanrn.
Tho c.tso of Charles J. Campbell, who tho
polico claim, is tho man who siguod him
self ''Despcrnto Devil" to tho threatening
letter recelvod by President King, of tho
Now York, Lako Erio nnd Westorn Itallroad,
on Monday afternoon, was called boforo
Judge Kilbrcth in tho Tombs Polico Court
this morning.
In his letter Campbell demandod 650 of
President King, nud threatened to destroy
tho company's property if tho demand wero
refused. Campbell was arrested by means of
n decoy lotter. Ho donicd all knowludgo of
tho matter, and referred tlio polico to Follx
F. Daus, of No. 21 Beokmau street, ns his last
employer, with whom, it seems, ho worked
but flvo days.
When the caso was colled to-day no ono wns
in court to represent olther side of tho caso
save Dotoctlvo Flynn, two raoBsengor boys
nnd Jlr. DauB, who arrived late. Campbell
had no oouusol, and asked that tho
case bo continued until ho obtained
two important witnesses, II. F.
Aldoroni, of Fourth street and Broadway,
aud John Kofral, of ICO East Fifty-first
stroot. Theso two gentlemen Campbell said
ho had twice written to, asking them to call
on him at tho Tombs and to bo present at tho
Ho expected to get counsel whon ho saw
Jlr. Hobrom, and asked for it contlnu
anco until Tuesday. Ho is nu intelli
gent tnlkor, and apparently a bright
young mnu, and ho seemed narnost
whon ho said that whllo ho wanted n
speedy disposition of the caso, ho folt
ho could do nothing until noxt week. Tho
Court, after waiting until past ID o'clock for
tho prisoner's friends, issued subpamas for
their prosouoo nt tbo noxt hearing and ad
journed tho case until Tuesday afternoon, at
2 o'clock. Campbell was roturned to tho
The Nevr York Police Authorities to Watch
Them Bliiu-ply.
Tho Anarchists in this city should bo on
thoir good behavior, for hereafter thoy will
bo kopt under strict polico surveillance.
At every meeting will bo detec
tives, who will report to Bupt.
JIurray all incendiary spooclics, and
agitators whoso vehomonco lends1 them to uso
languago " calculated to coubo a breach of tho
peace," will bo arrested nnd prosecuted un
der tho namo section of tho codo that sont
Herr Jlost to prison.
As for as publlo parades nnd mass meetings
aro concornod, Superintendent JIurray nnd
President French ngreo that while the pres
ent law stands, tho police authorities aro
powerless to prevent them. Tho law provides
societies or others desiring to join
inn civlo or political parade Bhall, on filing
an application at least six hours boforo tho
hour for suoh parndo, bo granted a permit.
Thero is no discretion allowed the police in
the matter, tlio law being mandatory.
The captains of the east side preoincts
where Socialists congregate, havo been in
structed by Superintendent JIurray as to
what measures to toko and warnod that they
will bo held responsible for any disorder or
improper assemblages within their preoincts.
Tho police authorities believe that tho An
archists aro cowed in this ctty, nnd tho pres
ent intention is to keep Ihem in com
plete subjoction. Should they be
come obstreperous, they will lo
taught an impressive lesson promptly.
Tho police detail at the Anarchist parade
on Thursday night was so nrrangod by Super
intendent Jlerray that on the slightest re
sistance tho bluo-coats, with drawn olnlis,
would havo fallen upon tho procession from
each street' cutting it in pieces and dispers
ing tho crowd.
An Exciting Football Contest to be Played
nt Onnibrldga To-day.
OAMnniDOB, Nov. 12. This nfternoon at
2.80 o'clock tho Harvard 'varsity cloven play
the game of the year against Princeton, nnd
tho chancos ore that tho wearers of tha black
and orange will down the men who sport tho
orimsou. By a strange series of fatalities
nearly all tho men who ought to bo playing
on tho team are laid up. Capt. Holdon nays
tho team will bo made tip of tho same men
who played in tho Wesloyan game last Satur
day. Soars played full-back on that day,
Holdcn and Porter half-back, Harding
quarter-back, and tho rusk lino was mado up
of Cumnock, Piper, Woodman, JInrkoo,
Trafford, Butler and Bancroft.
Soventoen of tho Princoton players prac
ticed on Jarvis field yesterday nnd inspired a
feolfng of awo and reverence in the specta
tors by tho way in which they kiokud gonls
and passed tho ball around. Whcnover n
man dropped tho ball or failed to kick a goal
the appreciative Han ard students set him
down as substitute as onco.
Tho Harvard olot en did not practico yes.
torday, but strolled around anil bpeculatod
on tho chances of Wood nnd Finloy's recov
ering from thoir injuries in tlmo to play
against Yale.
It Harvard eon defeat Princeton this after
noon tho Ynle men will havo no show on
Thanksgiving Day. lleecher, Yale's quortor
back, together with Gill and Corwin, of the
Yale rush lino, will witnoss to-dny'a carno
and get points for Nov. 23.
. m u
Could Not Htmid Success.
John Wing, a truckman employed by the Pooplc's
line of steamboats, was charged In Jefferson Mar
ket Police Court this morning with stealing four,
teen barrels of flour on Oct. $4. After loading his
truck, with tho assistance of I'lcr Clerk Hogan, he
went to peddle tho Hour to bakers. Ho tried to
dispose of some to the bakery at Spring and Eliza
beth streets, wing was so elated over his success
that ho got drunk and fell on bis truck. He was
then arrested and sent to Bellevue Hospital, where
he has been until now. Frank C. Uoyal, agent of
the People's line, appeared In court and made a
cliargo of grand larceny again it him. He was
then committed for tho action of the Orard Jury.
Hogan, the clerk, ou hearing of Wing's arrest, fled
from tho city.
Clinrr Agalniit MTr-Hnvrrs.
Cahs May, N. J., Nov. 12. capt. ltichard C.
Holmes and Samuel K. Douglass, of Life-Saving
Station No. 80, have got themselves Into trouble.
Holmes Is charged with being absent from his post
of duty many times without leave and of hiding
hlmrelf when a wreck was In sight.' Douglass is
oharied with speaking disrespectfully of President
Cleveland. Tne men have been examined by
Lieut- Shoemaker, of the Marino Service. They
will be dlacharged from tho Oovcrnment service.
Terrlblo flood In lion .linn.
Siianuhai, Nov. IL The floods In Hoo Man aro
Increasing. Hundreds of thousands of tbo Inhabi
tants of that Province are destitute, m one place
60,000 men who were repairing embankments were
overwhelmed by the flood and 4,000 of them
drowned. Another terrlblo innndatloa nu oc
l'hatnrrnpha of Painting Exhibited nt the
Pnrli rinlon Helved In a I'll 111 Avenue Art
Htnrr An lixaiulnatlnn In br Held on
Nov. UIJ The (Seizure und Arrests iUadc
Under the Drclilon In tho Mueller Cnsr.
Anthony Comstook secured 117 inngniflceut
specimens of tlio rocent Work of (Jerome,
Cabnnol, Lofovro, Butigueroati, Coomuns
nnd others of tho greatest figure
painters of tlio century yesterday by
seizing that number of photographic
reproductions at tho art storo of JI. Herman
Knoedlcr & Co., at Fifth nvenuo and Twenty.
Bocond Btroot. Along with tho pictures, De.
toctlvo Britten, of Comstook'a office, took
two prisoners.
Comstook entered tlio storo of Kuood'er it
Co., who aro tho American agonU of Qoupll
it Co., of Paris, asked to boo tho latest pro
ductions of tho works in tho lost Paris Salon.
Tho photographs woro shown and ho
solectod three or four pictures with
nuilo figures. Thon ho winked nt
Britton, who stood just outsido, and tho
latter entered and arrested Mr. Edmund
Knoodlor, a member of the firm, nnd Jlr.
George E. PflofTer, a salesman, on warrants
issuod by Justico Kilbroth, undur tho law
for tho suppression of vioo.
This morning Comstock aud Britton wero
pu hand in tha Court of Hpecial Sessions with
big bundles of the seized pieturvBas evidence
against the prisoners, aud Frederick It. Cou
dert, who has tho reputation of novor defend
ing an unjust rauso, was prosont ns counsel
for Messrs. Knoodlernnd Pflcffcr.
Tho trial of tho art-sellers was Get down
for Satttrdoy, Nov. 2(1, nnd tho gentlemen
wero admitted to bail in $500 each, JI. Ho.
laud Knoedlcr, senior member of tho great
art firm, becoming their boudsmari.
Comstook refused to givo any Information
rrgarding tho alleged immoral pictures, but
said thoy wero tho Bamo which fig.
tired in tho celebrated Mueller caso
n year or inoro ago. That caso was
mado a test ono. Mr. Muellor was
triod, found guilty and flnod 60. Appeal
was taken first to tho Supreme Court, and
afterward to tbo Court of Appeals, and in
both thn higher courts tho judgmout was
Tho Jlessrs. Knoedlcr Bay that tho pictures
seized uro reproductions of tho finest works
of great French artists shown ut the Paris
rnlon Inst fall, and beliovo thnt thero is noth
ing objoctionablo in them. JIany citizens
think that Comstook carrios his operations
too far sometimes, aud Mr. Coudert will ox
ert his best powers to prove that ho was
wrong in this case.
In caso of conviction tho art dealers nre
linblo to bo fined from $f0 to $1,000, or to bo
imprisoned from ten days to one year.
The Duke of Marlborough's imprtnttons of Vie
American jniblio will he told in the Sunday
The Chinese InTeillgatani to Sail for Europe
B. P. JIakiochang, Tzu Chkaldl nnd LI
Jnl Yen, who have beon at tho Hotel Bruns
wick, will leavo to-dny for Europo on tlio
Etnirin. Thoy aro tho special envoys of the
Chinese Government who havo beon making
an investigation ns to tho policy of couoeding
privileges for tho establishment of n bonking
and telegraph system in tho Flowery King,
dom to an American syndicate.
Count Eugeno Mitklowicz, who negotiated
the concession, is at the St. James Hotel, and
spout much of yesterday with tho Chtneso
lteprosentative at tho Brunswick, Ho said
this morning to on Evtnino) WonLn roportor,
that everything was settled, sealed, signed
and dolivered, and that tho concession had
been made.
Wharton Barker, tho head of tho Philadol.
phia syndicate. which is to furnish tho money
to start tho Chinese bank, eaino to tho city
to-day to bid good-by to tho Celestials.
Parsons' Addrex Not Known to Illni.
A messenger boy, bearing a large white envel
ope, rushed Into the sanctum of au up-town mana
ger yesterday afternoon, at the tlmo when the
news of the hanging of tho Anarchists was in the
"Please, air, "said the messenger, holding up
the envelope, " can you tell me the address of Mr.
'1 ho manager looked at the envelopo, which, as
the boy had said, was addressed to a Mr. Parsons.
"I'arsorutl" exclaimed tho manager, sturtltig,
"Why, my doar young man, at this hour (taking
out his watch,) he'sln that Is to say get out
ot this, I don't know where ha Is. "
flosd Nowaj Prom the Crown Prlnpo.
BzitLix, Nov. 12. A telegram from San Homo
says that tho doctors' cunsultutlon decidod thnt no
operation on the Crown Prince's throat was neces
sary. Bismarck returns to-duy.
Ike Wrlr nnd a Cobnet Cnvr.
Qdimov, Mass., Nov. 12. Ike Weir, of Boston,
"tho Belfast Spider," was arraigned In the Dis
trict Court this morning, charged with cruelty to a
cow, at Cohasset. He pleaded nolo contendere
and was fined fj und costs.
People ut tho Hotels.
W. M. Whitney, of Albany, Is at tho Grand
Prof. A. Agasstz, of Cambridge, Mass., Is at the
Everett House.
Mr. and Mrs. Thurlow Weed Barnes aro stop
ping at the Hoffmun House.
Assistant Adjl.-Orn. John McEwan, of Albany,
Is a guoat at the Coleman House.
Ex-Congressman Casey Young, of Memphis,
Tenn. , la registered ut the Windsor Hotel.
Charles Dickens and family have changed their
quarters from the Hotel Brunswick to the Everett
OvldoMusln.the Parisian violoncellist, and Carl oa
Sobrlno, of Madrid, ure recent arrlruls at the Bel
vedere. George 8. Prlndle, the well-known Washington
patent lawyer, registered at the Aster Houso this
Sir fleone Stephen was at tho Windsor this
morning. Uesallaou the Cunarder Etrurla this
With other autographs recently placed upon tho
register of guests of the Victoria Hotel Is that of
B. Hsihljachl, of Japan.
Civil Service Commissioner John Jay, of Katonah,
has Inscribed his autograph algnaturo upon the
New York Hotel register.
Registered at the Fifth Avenue note! are II.
Seton Carr, M. P. . of London, and ex-tlov. Hor
ace Fairbanks, of Vermont.
Mr. and Mrs. (leorgu II. Warren ami Miss War.
rcn.of Bruokljn, left the Albemarle Hotel to-day
for Europe, sailing on the Etrurla. Mr. Warren
la tho principal owner of the Warren lino steam
era, pfj lug between Boston and J.UcrpoU.
At the Brunswick are W. C. Van Home, Vice
President, and George Olda, General Trarno Mana
ger, of tho Canadian rscino Hallway, both of Mon
treal, and Theodore Uattsrneld, General Passenger
Agentof the Home, Watertowa and Ogdcxuborg
( iPITDTVl Aol
D B IVDa w HV H ib I 1VI
I H vLlm KL 1 u I H 1 VH
I Gn H taWtV dm Vk,I mi V
UnUJb", K
TlllQ Vluta ViyUICATEtK
Jfo Jtttl Jtagt llrrrAmrrlmn Jttineilic
fur Amrrtean ll'ronya.
A llrotlirr anil a Fortune Awaiting Ills Itr
turn to Tlila City.
Patrick Ncalis, ago twenty-two years, loft
this city in 1850 in oompnny with a man
uamod John Nolan to Book his fortuno in tho
gold mines of California. Noalis and Nolan
separated from each othor when they reached
California. Nolan returned to Now York,
whero he now lives. Sincn that time tlio where
abouts of Neulis has not beon known, al
though diligent search has bocn made for him
by his brother, James Nealis. who hns spout
considerable timo looking hint up. Ho wont
to California for thnt purpose) in 1803. Ho
did not succeed in finding him, but na Jlr.
Ncalls's father died last January, leaving
considerable proportv, and as a houso and
lot in Brooklyn worth 611), 000 was left to his
lost brother, lie inserted an advertisement in
a morning papor to-day offering 200 roward
for any information concerning him.
Whon nn Evenino Wouiji reporter was
talking to Jlr. Nealis to-day, a young man of
the narao of Charles Kelly, a laborer living at
ISO Franklin street, colled at the houso and
Balds "I havo got your brothor." Kelly
said that ho has known n man by tho name
Patrick Nealis for the last ton yearn, and that
his ago and other particulars correspond with
the description given.
Kelly further explained that Patrick Nealis
had been laboring round tho docks for somo
timo, had lost his log by being run over, and
that at present ho was in tho workhouse on
Bhiekwell'a Island. .Tames Nealis was over
joyed at this Information, In tho hopo that
it might provo correct ho loft his homo at
onco in company with Kelly to find his
Its Rooms In tbo Kqultable llulldlns Opened
far Inspection.
Fourteen thousand feet of club room in
tho Equitablo Building, 120 Broadway, wero
thrown open from 12 to 4 this nfternoon for
inspection to the 475 members of the Law
yors' Downtown Club, which now ontors into
possession of theso rooms.
Tho club was organized at tho beginning
of this year by Wm. Allon Butlor, jr., Ed L.
Jlontgomory, Oharlos Henry Butlor, Jos. W.
Alexander, Wm. A. Duor, Wm. D. Guthrio,
Jno. J. JlcCook nnd Jas. MoKoon.
The club desired to Bocuro rooms in tho
Eqnitubla Building to enjoy tho advantages
of tho company's fluo law library of 7,000
volumes. Jlr. Thomas Campbell is tho II.
brariau. Tho Eiiuitablo furnished o suit of
cloven rooms and gavo carto blancho to tho
best docorators in town for their treatraont.
Tho catering will bo by tho CafoBrillat
Tho rooms aro on thn south sido of tho
building und are in tho following order:
Library 70xf.O fort; conversatiou-room,
45xS0: smoking-room, 2Sx25; grill
room, C0xi;2, and genernl dining-room,
80x47, Tha grill room will seat 800. Tho
floor Is a panptet of hard wood. Opun fire
places make all tho rooms cheerful.
Tho decorations aro harmonious. Bomo of
the walls arc panelled with imitation tapestry,
others in plastic low-reliof modelling.
Tho club foes aro IJ100 for resident and SKI
for non-resident members. These dues go to
tho Eiiuitablo Assurance Company, which has
shouldered the wholo expense of preparing
tho rooms nud providing for thu entering.
m sw
Inglorious Hodlnir of n Ilrondwnr Demon,
strutlon of One.
Just as it was growing dark yestorday after
noon a dangorons-looking follow .about thirty
years old, mado a disturbance at Broadway
aud Grand street by shouting, " Kill tho
judges and polico I I'm from Chicago."
When big Policeman Flnnnery, of the
Broadway squad, nppronchod, tho shontcr
throw oft bib coat and threatened resistance.
It was only with trouble that tho man was
lookod up,
At tho Jefferson JIarket Court, this morn
ing, the prisoner gavo ins name us Charles
Jloyor. His night's incarceration had toned
him down to n lamb's gentleness. Intoxica
tion was charged against him.
He beggod piteously for freedom. He isnld
ho had worked on the Chicago and North
western Itallroad. and if ullowod to go ho
would return to Chicago.
"Not much," said Justice Patterson. "We
can tako care of such fellows right here in
Now York."
Jleyor was locked up ns ho could not pay n
fine of 10.
Cheering- New tor tllussworkers.
IsrzcuL to inc evekiks woeld.i
riTTSBUBO, Nov. is. Tho Flint Olussworkers'
Association have withdrawn their notice of a stop
page In pressed glassware factories, which was to
ucenron the Wth. 'I here aro excellent prospects
now of a settlement, and a strike will be averted.
IMItor W. II. Nevlna Ilend.
rsrzcuL TO the evening world.
PlTTsnvKn, Nov. . Wlftred II. Novlns, one
of the editors of Iho Ilttsbnrg Ktvning Leader
and I'reildrnt of the Leader Publishing Company,
died at i o'clock tins morning after u long lllauas.
Ilia disease u consumption.
II Who U Loved
by nun Is bind by God. II who snffarsnsJn Is Instantly
rll.iedwIUiAappilaUoacli,Acri'ACx, V
2ll0Ci(TD!TI0N. I
Ono nr tho Prlnrlpnls nnd TvrAnty Sport jjM
from New Vork Cnptnred JUcItlnsi :
Pntlir for Liberty II en vr - Weight '' JH
I.runnrd Trnrey Proven Ton Fat ta Oct B
Through a Window One Konnd Fought, ' H
"Tho West Bido Driving Park, Jersey JH
City, at 10.30," was tho tip ciroulatod among f
tho purchasers of 5 tickets to a skin-tight, f
glovo fight ton finish between John Smith gl
mid Pat Curtln, two middleweight aspirant! (
to pugilistio honors. Both como from this frH
city. , $jH
Tho club-houso at tho trotting park, which ;9
is kept by Fred Koofo, formerly interestqd $M
in tho Chelsea, in West Twonty.third street, iH
nnd Tommy Geraty, formerly of Harry Hill's, JjM
was pneked with sporting men, many of whom -I'H
had not complied with tho formality of put. VM
ting up tlio $5 asked for a ticket, 1'H
A long delay wns catiBod by tho non-op. Pf
pcarnuco of Smith and his backer. 'Hsi
Tho ring was pitched under the grand uSfl
stand. Frank Stovunson was chosen refcroo, viH
and Ned Plummeruud Bob Turnbnll kepi tH
tho timo. Smith was handled by Jaok and 'hH
Howio Burgess, whilo Curtin was attended t-iflH
by Jack Files aud Htovo Brodie. dSH
Smith is thirty years old, scaled 165 pounds 2H
and stands 5 feet 04 inches. MkH
Curtln is twenty-nine years of ago, weighs iJH
ino pounds and is half an inch shorter than 'H
his opponent. "Lia
Smith " bt " in his chair llko n sprinter on j.H
his mark after tho kid gloves had been put H
on nud nil was in readiness. At tho call of JH
timo, at 1.2G o'clock, ho dashed over to Cur- '-
tin's corner nnd hit him almost boforo Curtin (fl
was off his chair. Curtin clinched his man 'JrlH
at onco, nnd after n couplo of punohes had SalHi
been exchanged, caught Smith by the leg; -9H
and threw him. They wanted to fight whllo , IJH
ou tho floor, but Stevenson mado them get ; HH
up nnd told them not to wrestlo again. , H
They slugged away desperately for a mo. xH
ment, thon went down in a clinch again.
Neither relished tho punches ho got much, SLH
and tho rest of tho round was cantiouB. flLH
The men hail hardly facod fcr tho stocmd mM
round whon crash 1 bang 1 and the spoctotoro ,1 jL
Jumped away from one sido of the ring, whero ''tH
n treaohorous support seemed to havo given JjH
way under its burden. 39LH
It wasn't n broken timber, but a forco of 1j
Jersey bluecoats, who smashed in tho doors 'v'l
and windows in no tlmo. Tho way tho two 'i'iH
hundred and odd spectators got through tho jH
windows at tho back of tho stand was' gnr- v'JI
prising. VM
Stove Brodlo was collared In a trice, au waa v
Smith. Curtin escaped through a window ' jH
with Frank Stevenson, Jack Fogarty nnd a, H
well-known Blocckor street sport, MLI
Billy Fitzgerald and a reporter word car..&djH
oiled in a corner, while Tnx Evrawo WoataH
man paused just a second in -dash for UbI$3B
orly through an unguarded doorway to tako ifHH
in the look of deep satisfaction thai lighted v ?H
Jlr. Mark JIaguiro's eyes before he, too, 3H
slipped away as a six-foot "bobby "grabbed. VirH
littlo Ed Plummor. ' -&JH
Leonard Tracey, tho Brooklyn heavy- '-JILH
weight, was too fat to get all tho way through LH
tho window ho attomptcd, and was palled 4H
baok by tho legs. AaH
Arty Kerkcr, of Harlem, was brought up "
standing, and Jimmy Connors, tho light. IjH
weight, kept him company. Jaok Oakford ffLH
got to tho ferry through the swamp minus lH
his hat. LH
A dozon othor spectators wore caught. Lal
Tha prisoners wero arraigned this morning" JH
before Judge Wanser, in the Jersey City Po. H
tho Court. ', JJaH
Smith was held in $1,000 bail for trial, and &H
George Kane, his sponger, was hold In $500 H
ball. Georgo Hatcher, of 109 Wavorly Btroot, 4HIJ
Jersey City, furnished tho bail, and tbey1 ,1B
were roleascih 3HH
Jesse Pomeroy Will Never He Agalcu tvH
Hoston, Nor. 12. Jesae l'omeroy will probably H
never again attemnt to escape from prison. He If 'vrB
totally blind, the result of his last attempt to reseat tt
tho open air. l'omeroy calculated when he put nta H
blanket up In front of bia oell and tamed on tho itaH
gas that he coold get out of tho war before the ex. !'SH
plosion took place, bat he reckoned falsely as tha -H
Ignited gaa rendered him unconscious anddenrtv4 ;,VLH
him of the sense of sight forever. The walla of the ?aH
prison near hla cell were loosened by the shook. H
That la tho only evldenoe now, besides Poineroys xM
sightless eves, of the last escapade of this noton. )4l
oua murderer. How he secreted the file by whlqh l
he sawed tho Iron bar Is not yet explained- a i'tM
probably never will be known. vaB
1 an .jnaLfl
Knight Declare the Strike OB. ' B
PirrsBCiia, Nov. 12. Six mouths agotheworU $H
men of the Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Com- ,, SB
pany struck for higher wages. The demand was sflH
refused and new men were employed. There) 'rfll
were numerous and serious collisions between tho ".H
workers and strikers,, and armed forces were at fcaH
times necessary to prevent bloodshed. Tho K. of TCH
L. has Just declared the strike oil. Hut very ! HlsH
of the old men will be taken baok. sB
The Trave'si Propeller Damaged. 'kBJ
The North German Lloyd steamer Trav arrtreQ Hffll
at her dock at Ilobokcn, this morning. Bho eu. H
countered very heavy weather. She was delayed Oflfl
by tlio breaking of one of tho nukes of her pro, Ml
peller. onl
Tclegrapblo Urevltlea. SjaH
Canajoiiarie, N. Y.,Nov. is. There are now $91
four Inches of snow throughout tho Mohawk Val- VM
ley. K
bT. JoiiNsnuiiv. Vt Nov. It, Eight Inches ot EH
now has lailen during the last eighteen hoars and -isSH
It Is still snowing. MS
Washington, Nov. 12. Mrs. Cleveland and "Hi
Mrs. Kolaoni arrived from Ilrldgeport yesterday jH
morning, and proceeded direct to the VThlto House, jflj
Mt. Cahmkl, Pa. ,Nov. 12. The present drought 3fljl
Is one of the moat severe ever experienced in th dH
mate. Everything is as dry as tinder and forest 'SH
flre-i have destroyed much valuable timber. ?,!
McCon.nellsbcko, Pa,, Nov. is. He v. Thomas acfl
Itoac, aa aged lliptlst minuter, while Buffering -
from mental aberration, entered the barn of his kB
aou-m-luw, set it ou fire and perished In the flames, sH
W'oi.co nr, N. V. , Nor. 12. It is announced that uU
Miss Nellie rook, tho tiarrowly defeated candldsts tWM
for School commls.loncr ot Wayne County, la soon . ivH
to wed WlUUm L. Coon, a young Republican law. itfli
yer. ?
PLAiNrikLP, Nov. 11 The eldest son of Bret vvflai
Harte, who has been suffering with a (light V SssS
uess, took a tablcspoouful of laudanum yesterday ?SH
by mistake. It required twelve hours constarrt ''aBB
exertion to keep him awake. lie recovered, JaU
1'rob Furnlabes Sunahlno Asraln. -H
v,-V4- WABniNOTOK, NOT. !, '3H
j- " Wtather inMeationti Wk
jf S v V&y'A- For Connecticut ana '9J
V 'Jf $'l Battertx Seta York, fair fll
.jA $z veatheri freih to Drfili
J-f4?SNP norlAuYirf tofndff jlB
ytyKT T MminUnlng in fontf 4 vfl
,lf vvs "" i w ffll
, JlaaaT Z fUTS. tH

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