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K tnenth of October, 1887,
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B compared;
Bk October, 1119 081,0BO Coplee
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HgrtA Tho roiooformdttrtMne Into Daily WORLD donolap-
Hpt flf to tXs Xvontng llni, Jfor do IA rat of (Aal tun
K j Vrh ' Morning rdltton.
K, Politicians may ponder with profit some
K ' feature, of the eloction returns in this State.
HEfi "' The Republican and Democratic falling off
HPL from the vote- of 1881, in tho State at largo, is
B Just about tho same. Tho Domocratio gain in
H&f plurality is in this city and Brooklyn.
Bt) Taking the State together, tho Labor Tote
Kf appears to hare been drawn In nearly equal
KS proportions from both the old partios. Tho
Kgv Increase in tho Democratic plurality is very
Ej' nearly identical with the increase in the Fro.
Kw, hibltion vote about 15.000.
5'i The Prohibition party is thus in a position
P to defeat tho Republican party again in 1883,
K-' If it chooses to do so. There- are- as yet no
BK indications that it purposos to lesson its
Bx4 demand or to alter its course.
Hpfr i Architect Bxohaud M. Hunt, one of the
H', trustees of the Metropolitan Museum, is
Et heartily In favor of Sunday opening, and
Bk(V Joins Tub Woeld in answering tho objection
Kf,'- of extra expense by suggesting that tho Mu
HKv ' Mam might be closed ono week dny. '
BkS Yet, if the popular wish is nccoded to,
BKV there need be no uneasiness about the addl
Kl tlonal expense. Tho people of Now York,
Hp who already havo practically given tho
BK Museum a fine silo and a splondid strncturo,
kv who paid the expense of equipment and even
vK of the movement of tho collections, who
BBJfc' have in addition dovotod $384,000 or moro for
P;, enlargemcnU and $125,817 for current ox
Hfc penses, are not likely to rofnso tho fow
HK'.f thousands required for Snnday opening.
BBk, Indeed, there is a standing offer for this very
BBkf purpose.
BJB The people hare certainly dealt with liberal
BKL band by the Museum. "Wliy can it not bo
HS'' liberal with them ?
BBp' Open the doors at least on Sunday aftcr
BMr noons.
K The evidence of facts and the testimony of
K experts that our quarantine arrangements aro
H utterly inadequate continue to accumulato.
BK The Commission has worked hard in giv-
R3 Inff the publio frequent assurnnco that there
HS2L was no danger, but it seems to hnvo nccoin-
iB plished precious little actual work.
J M Whether it is inherent incapacity or a lack
Jb necessary funds makes httlo difforenco to
Bk the cholera. It is well that there is to bo an
Ef Investigation.
B4 Dont't dally with the plague.
E where IT STAKES.
EL Senator Evaiits'b political philosophy has
Hb the hue of crushed strawberry. No rosier
K. Tiew of a defeat was over taken than by our
Brat genial Senator in his remark that the election
Kq in New York " had this effect : it showed us
Su1? "where we stand."
BB It did, indeed. Your party stands at tho
W, bottom of the political dump, neck-deep in
BjKfc blasted hopes and broken promises. It
BjJA, stands beaten for tho sixth succcssivo year in
Hyf tho pivotal Stato, It stands vith one hand in
ftf! its depleted pocket and another clutched in
B5 the hair of little Dobs I'latt, ro-ochoing his
Bw old'plaint of " Mo Too I"
wf?k Senator Evarts is entitled to a patent on
KSa his mental process for extracting sunbeams
JS ou' ' a frozen boot.
mjm. It is a remarkablo fact that tho ocean
Mi' steamers are riulliii;, if not surpassing, in
CK rapidity long-distance traelling by rail. It
CS1 is estimated tho nbw White Btar boats, w hich
Cjs will havo radical mochanical improvements,
ffii . will cross tho Atlantic in live da s.
JK This means an uvorage of about twenty-
m four miles an hour. It is doubtful if tho
transcontinental train, with its numerous
f . ctops, moro than maintains this a orago.
fflt' Modern mechanics are, indeed, achieving a
Jffi conquest of the sea.
W?" Jow that a Broadway car has out a man's
K leB off, perhaps the corporate or municipal
3b authorities will begin to pay some attention
, to the reckless manner in which thtso cars
RK are run.
Hjw. .They are more often than otherwise driven
Riv at a dare-devil speed; they never stop for
ljSgj- passengers except when the driver "takes a
Sr notion 1" the oonduotors permit passengers
KjKf to stand on the steps when the platforms are
Dftf crowded, in disregard of all rules for safety 1
Bf i- And tome of the drivers and conductors are
B?.; m Impudent as highwaymen.
K The road that was born of boodle is ma
mL'.'i.s-1 a. .1
quite too much on the M go as you please"
The opinion of Count Von Molts, as
cabled to Tim WonLD this morning, is that
the execution of the Chicago Anarchists "can
have no influence upon civilization."
Perhaps not, except retroactively. Tho
hangings wero intendod to havo an influenco
upon uncivillzation. And this deterrent and
educativo influenco is already felt.
Now that Mr. Comstock has put his mark
of disapproval upon various leading artists
of tho ancient, modlmval and modern schools
of painting, why dons ho not extend his plan
of reform a llttlo f urthor 1
Let him put a bathing suit on the Apollo
Why not have a chest proteotor, a skirt
and goloshes for tho Venus do Milo, and a
waterproof for tho Greok Hlavo ?
The Throo Graces, now arrayod chiefly in
blushes and beauty, should certainly bo pro
vided with tnllor-modo suits.
There is lots of work ahoad for Mr. Com.
The progress of the Todd case brings out
vcrycharly tho fact that tho illfforcnee bo
tween tho bucknt-shops and tho Exchange is
essentially tho difforenco botweon Httlo fish
amlhigflsh. They all swim in tho ocean
of speculation, for tho delectation of tho
A bucketful of gambling and a big pool of
tho same differ in degree, not in principle.
It is well known, moroover, that members of
tho Exchanges run ontsldo concerns moro pro.
tentious in aspoct bnt similar in method to
tho bucket-shop. As Judge Cowino suggests,
" It is six of ono and a half dozon of tho
Is it impossible for the law to grapple with
gambling for big as well as for littlo stakes ?
" Everjrwhoro but in New York the Eepub.
Hearts did superbly," says the Tribune.
Unfortunately for your party, " every
whero olso " doesn't connt. Iowa, Pennsyl
vania, Massachusetts and Ohio woro yours
Without Now York you are beaten, and
Now York yon havo lost.
Tho principle of insurance has already
boen extendod to cover the guarantee of
titles, tho character of employocs and the un
certainties of matrimony, and now it is to bo
applied to tho protection of merchants
against loss by bad debts.
It would bo a great boon to many if it would
also cover tho inconvenlonoe of a loss of
credit. And why should ono not bo in
surod ogainst minor mishaps? Tho abiUty
to claim indemnity in case of missing tho
trains, or a good dinner, or a collar button
would bo a good thing. To bo insured
against the high tlieatro hat, the cigar
ette fiend and tho various, potty annoyances
of Ufa would be a wolcomo relief.
Thoro is a great futuro for tho Insurnnco
If the coal monopolists shall add the evio.
tion of tho minors from their wretched
homes to tho oppression of them in othor di
roctions.thoy will simply use the power which
the tariff laws and the conspiracy laws and
tho othor nioney-procurod legislation givos
to them. Tho question is suroly coming up
for settlomont whether corporations arc serv
ants or masters of tho people.
New Yorkers, who are aesthetically dis
gusted with tho"L" roods in this city will
fool moro so on viow ing tho structuro goingup
on Fulton stroet. Brooklyn. It is not exactly
a work of art, but it is cortainly a very grace
ful spocimen of mechanical engineering.
Tho corset has again stoppod a bullet and
saved a girl's life. But these Incidental
benefits are a poor roturn for the number of
lives that the corsot shortens and the num.
ber of pretty figures that it deforms.
Tho campaign of brotherly love in Brook
lyn, wheroiu tho Mayoralty candidates prom
ised to voto for each other, seoniH to bo on
the down grado towards tho returning board
piano of politics.
The decision of Justice BLATcnronn, set
ting asido tho drhen.ttcll patent, will inter
est hundreds of thousands of farmers in this
country. But it has been a long time coming.
Senator VANrE can find consolation for his
injuries in being spilled out of his wagon in
tho retlcction thot his party wasn't dumped
out in tho recont elections.
The Rochester fight against tho Bell Tele
phone Company is 0 success. Give tho Bell
anothtr thump. Whtu hard hit it omits a
pleusaut sound.
Tho appointment of Dov M. Dickinson as
robtinastor-Goneral would at least gho 1'rcs.
ident Clwelanu ono good politician in his
It would be prudent for the New York Unl.
versity to consult Mr. Comstocx before ar
ranging tho particulars of tho proposed art
Eontho Austin (Tex.) baseball club has
defeated tho Now Yorks. Thoso Giants havo
dwindled to dwarfs.
" Loyal Lovo" is said to be a succoss with
Mrs. Potthi. It ought to bo a success with
There are no more quotations for voters,
but baseball players are In active demand,
and higher.
" Ilerr Most missing V Too good to be
true. Have the searchers looked under the
M lee Adrle (irnnt the Unrlplent of Mneh At
tention at the nrltlah I.ecntlon Dnnrlna;
I'nrtyln U'uehlncton-.HUe Kmina Thumb?
UItm an Opera I'nrty for .Illae Orlncton.
jSjJra LARGE wadding
5 W W early in January will
iilVw(r" In " M'ln'ra nn(l Miss
$vS il r Mario Morl!' ,,nuR1,tor
jV jjj ti of tho late Mr. John
jgywlL-ta'A Marie1, and a nicco of
JW?Mfi Mr. Peter Mario". Tho
XV? rOnWftw Kroom elect has taken
-'AVvV?TwW n 'loueo on I'"c,1,t
vvAjniV)( strict, obovo Twenty.
V mi" WaTAI (si w'co1u' '" Pl'iladol-
V v-eJYntJl lf l,n'n' which will bo
7y lr wKrtrVt their future homo.
'j'7 I Hll.efc Mr- '''nr,1 T-
(jSVtli Li 1 lia? Haines, who roeently
'!&' " A A old his s-at in the
--'V ' y w Stock Exchange will
pasi tho winter in Colorado.
Tho ainutnur theatricals which havo been
announced to take ulnin mi 'IlinnkHuiviiiL'
night at Tuxedo, will not tako plaeo until
Deo. 3, as tho timo allowed was not suflleieiit
for tho necessary preparation. Miss Elsio
I)o Wolf will then play I.ady TonHo in
tho "(School for Scandal," anil Mr. Lilward
loles Coward, CharliHS11rf111.11.
Mr. T. J. Oakley Itldnidander has been
Imssinp a fow dus with friends at Now Hum.
mrg, N. Y.
'I ho engagement isaunounoed of Mr. James
Cawldwoll, of Irvington on tho-IIudsoii, and
Miss Rutli r. daugliter of the latu Mr. lluttnr.
Mrs. Gihon and hnr hon and daughter, Mr.
Frtdiirlck Leroy and Miss Lcrnv, havo just
returned to thtlr city homo, 8 West Bw en
tcinth strict, from their country suit ut
'llio marriago of Mr. Louis Charles Sau.
ycur, son of tho Into Louis Humeiir. of Brook
lyn, and Mirs Dumloru, of I'hiliulciphla, will
tako place. 111 tlmt city early in January. 'Iho
young couple will Ho in Nuw York.
Tho piigugeraent of tho Rev. Mr. Nicker,
son, of Paturwjn, N. J., and MibH NnlHo Iloir.
niau, daughter of tho lta v. Dr. Hoffman, of
WeHt Twenty-third street, is announced.
Iho marriago will tnko plaeo in Januury,
Oen. mid Mrs. Buttorllolil will, shortly
after their arrival at their now house in ur
Dupont Circlo, Washington, issuo cards for a
series of huudsomo receptions during tho
Mr. nenry Burnham, who officiated os
usher at the wedding of his uncle, Mr. John
Miinriio, lust Wi dm sday, is said to dno tho
most porfuetly nppointtil turnout 111 Boston.
Miss Ailolo Grunt wustho recipientof much
attention nt tho first dancing party of the
si ason given at tho British Legation in Wash
ingtnii on l'nday eveniug in honor of tho
birthday of Miss I'lora Wi st.
Mr. anil Mrs. 0. S Abcrcronibio and Miis
E. A. Ohgood aro passing a fow daj s in Philu
uolphm, Dr. and Mrs. Huylor aro staving at Old
Point Comfort, with thoir yacht anchored
at an easy distance.
At the Alillar-Sawyer nuptials, on Wednes
day, in Boston. Mr. Edward Wicth was tho
best man, and Mr. Oukley ltbinolander 0110
of tho ushers.
Mr. and .Mrs. Burbank Roberts, of 31 East
Twinty-elghthbtreut, will gio a rocoptiou
on Thursday.
Mrs. S. W. Cohen, of 38 West Torty-olglith
strett, and Mrs. T. B. Twibill, of Pliihulel
phin, will both gho wedding receptions to.
morrow nt Delmonico's.
Mrs. Laurence V. Smith, of m East Sixty
fourth street, will gho a tea on Di 0, 17.
Sn.-rtturv and Mrs. Whitney expect to pass
rimnksghing Day at their homo m this city
and return to Washington on Dec. 1.
Mibs Emma 'ihursby gave an opera box
party last ovening ut tho Metropolitan Oporo
Houso in honor of Miss Ovington, which in.
eluded Mr. and Mis. E. J. Ovington, Mr.
Nathan Appleton, Miss Ida Thursby, Mibs
Rosa jMairoaud Mr. E. J. OMiigton.
Mr. Nathan Appleton govo Iiih farowoll
bachelor dinner hiht Monday evening at tho
Somerset Club in Boston.
The nuptials of Miss Sarah Murray,
daughter of Supt. Mnrruy, will bo Holouimzed
on Wednesday morning, at 11 o'clock, at St.
Lawrence's Church, Park avenue and Eighty,
fourth streot. Tho groom is James C. Lalor.
After tho wedding them will boa recoptiou
at tho residence of tho bride's parents, 1011
Madison aionuo. 'Iho bridesmaid will bo
Miss Mary Lalor, sister of tho groom. Will,
iuin Murray, jr., will act as best man. 'Iho
maids of honor will bo Miss Aildio Byrnes,
oldest ilaughtir of Inspector Byrnes, and
Miss Bollo Murray, sister of tho bndo. 'Iho
nowly wedded couple will start on nn ex.
tended bridal tour immediately aftor tho reception.
nmlnent'JIIrn Iiirlmlril Among; the Curate of
Ilia ltund llounp.
Gennlno sorrow was felt by mon fond of
fast trotters when they ltamod this morutiig
that Judgo Smith was thud.
Tho road house which was callod by bis
namo was known not only in this city
but all oor tho country. Its fro.
quentors included mon like Gen. Grant,
Commodoro Vnnderbilt, William II.
Vandorbilt, Robirt Bonnor, President
Arthur and Trunk Work. Tiioj)ronortv was
0 valuable one, although Judgo Smith's finan
cial operations were not ahrajs successful.
Tho load houso was established about fifteen
j ears ago.
Judge Smith was born In tho Ninth Ward
when it was t till Greenwich Village. His
title cunio from u term ns Jtisticeof tho Third
District ClMlComt. Ho wus about seventy
J ears old. 'iho disease which caused Ins
death was an afloctiou of tho stomach similar
to that from which Charles O'Couor suffered.
Coiporntlen Con unci O'llrlen'e (.1(1.
Corporation Counsel Morgan J. O'llrlon, who
w ns elected to tno Supreme Court lleiicu Inei w cck,
called logctner at his private oillce In Nusiu
street to-Uy tho thno jouug lawyers wtio hate
assisted him la his praellce, and prescmed to
them lMiiiseg under wujr In hla orllic, the out
slaiidliigucLOunte mid lus law library. 'Iho new
nrm nlilbe annwn ua Dohirly, Hnuirlck a Dur
um, and Is lompomd of Horace j. liohetty,
Kuitrne Duriiaii nn I Peter A. lien Irlck. .Mr.
O'llrli u had been uttered 1 20,0OO (or bis bualuesi Lit
m m
It 11 11 Over by n Htreet Cnr.
Julia A. Connell.r, o( 7M Klghth afnne, was
knocked down at Mut'i aveoue and Kortr'elghMi
trert by the team uiuehol to car 4 ot the Ninth
Aenue Hallrnal. Mits Connelly ni tramuUd
uuou Ur the hoiecs and the wheels of the car ro led
onr hir, cru.hinglur Iwuesaad tiarlnK lur tleih,
hiniAtric4teitu was learned that hir cellar
lioiiB was lirok.cn an I ahe was muctiicliius from
Intertill lnjuiif. 'Ihe wotnun was remoMd to
llt-lli'vue llmpltal. J.J. t-uiilrun, the varUrler,
was artealed and lockid up.
m m
(Jui-ncbid un Oil I Irs A) lib Wnlrr.
Julia O'Connor runt a grocery Btore at No. 8
Ilata la trt ct. r-hc as startled this morning by
a sudden blaze, w inch proved 10 be a barrel of
Vcroseni) ol mi (Ire With rare presence ot mind
she poured palls full of aier inio the burinnir oil,
anddronned the 11 ro without aid of au alarm
Little Annie Illckel Hale.
Annie, the flve-year.old daughter o( Michael
Illokel, of Ml Oreenwlch itieet, wai not abducted
after all. bne returned home at S.SO o'clock lost
erealng, and "Id she had been to ee an aunt.
The child's father had suspected that she was ab
duoted by a nttceu-year-oid girl living lu the uelua
.boruood, "
t,tttle Indlratlan Hern that av Neir Order
Will lln I'ncmrd.
A Pittsburg paper announces that tho se
ceders from tho Knights of Labor aro making
good progress in tho formation of another or
ganization and that tho prospects are good
for a strong order before another year. Bo.
ports horo from prominent Knights nre di
rectly tho rovcrsoof tho Pittsburg announce
nu nt.
It may bo remoinbored tlmt immediately af.
tir tho sessions of tho General Assum.
bly nt Minneapolis certain mombers
of tho ordir at Chicago who woro op.
posed to thn action of that body In
refusing to pass n solutions in sympathy with
tho Anarchists withdrew from the order and
set tip n so-called Proibloiinl Committee,
which Issued a rlrciilur setting forth thn
causes of tho sect ssiim and requesting all
Knights who wero opposed totho adminihtra.
tion of tho affairs of the order, to communi
cate with it. A iniied Local Assembly, No.
1,'!07, of Chicago, of which tho executed An.
mi lust, Albert It. Parsons, was 11 hading
member, withdn w from tlm order in a body.
It had at ono time moro than six hundr'd
lueinlicrH and was one of thn most active or
pnnintioiiH in tho Wist. Sumo of lis mem
bers wirn not pliuud at its course and con
tinned in thn order
As far us em bo learned no considerable
number of ilisalli did Knights have joim d
ill tho si cession mon mtmt. imtl rftrtiituK'
fow or niino from this city, Thn radical nlo
meiit in tliuordur long ago dwindled down
to a small number, mill tho belli f is general
now milling the Knights that reforms in thn
conduit of thnlr allairs can be best elTm lid
within tho ordir than outsidn of it. Loading
Knights 111 this ritv m that if tho nudum.
titilHnro ilishiitisfiid thny hai tho Ameriuin
I (.duration of Labor opi 11 to them, nnd there
fore thero is no ueussity for another organ,
It is biid that when enough members nro
obtained a louvention will bo hold and tho
organization perfuted. Headquarters aro
to bo in Philadelphia. Thut thu now iiiiim
meiit is confined to tho radical Socialistic
and Anarchistic 1 lenient in the older ol tho
Knights of Labor can n udlly on bcin, but
thero urn muiiy of that ilk who uro opposed
to any now order such as that proposed.
WhotiiMir Is accomplished by thnseceilurs. it
is not lielimcd that they can bring about tho
organintion of a body of workorH anything
to bo compared with that of tho Kuiglits of
A Ilnndy 1'ollcrmnn, lloirryrr, Kan Illm In
us it Iluncn teerrr.
"Why, bless your lunrt, my dear old
friond Wash, how aro jou?" oxclalmod a
well-dressed man, apparently forty years old,
whoso coat was buttoned up closo to a
high-standing collnr, giving him a
clerieal nppcarauco, as ho grasped tho
hand of sturdy old farmor George Washing,
ton Marsh, of Sturgeon Bay, Wis., ns tho lat
ter was about to ascend tho stops of tho clo.
Mitod Million at Park row, opposito the lleg
islur's olllco, ot an 1 arly hour this morning.
" But eh you hao tho advautngo of mo,"
said tho farmer. " Did I over bio jou bo
ioro?" " Why, of conrso jou did," repliod tho
clerical looking num. " I urn rolatod to tho
Nolsons of Sturgeon Hay." And in a sorrow
ful tono coutiuiiid: "I nm surprised that
i ou don't remember me."
" Beg pardon, of conrso I should remom
bor you. as you are related to my old friend
Ni lsou," half opologi tiially.
'Iho clorical-uppiaring geutleman then in
vited tho lnrmir to tako a drink, which him.
tatiou tho lutturwas about to oiceptwhon
Policeman Martinuiti, of tho 'Ihird Precinct,
who had boon watihmg tho proceedings, 111.
tertered and inquiri d of Marsh :
" Aro jou nripinintud with tho professional
buiico.steenr with whom jou aro talking f"
'"No," roplied Marsh, who, when informed
of the chaructor of tho man, nppoarod moro
than anxious to mako a complaint against
him. 'Iho policeman orrosted tho alleged
bunco hteoror. In tho 'iombs Polico Court
that guntleman gau his namo as Joseph
In default of $S00 bail .Tustioo O'Keilly
sont Mr. Smith to tho Isluud for threo
nUnr Clilldrrn llnilly l'rlKlitenrd It bile at
Their Simile.
A serious panic w as barely nvorted in Gram,
mnr School No. 08, on Sixth aenuo and Ono
Hundred and Twonty-oighth street, on Mon.
day aftoruoon. Two malicious bojs, James
O'Hrieu, sixteen years old, and Haymond
Brow null, n colored youth soontecn jears
old, attiiehed n string to tho special fire-gong
in tho school-rooms and at 'i o'clock, whon
DOOihildrui wero enguged at their studies,
they pullul thiibtnug.
At tho clan' of tho boll bojs and girls
turned pale, sprang to their feet anil niado 11
Bimultaui ous htumpedo for tho doors lending
to tho btuirwajH. Tho teacliors rushed in
among tho children nud urged them to ro
tuin to their scats.
Iho alarm was too great, however, nnd tho
excited crowd of littlo ones only turned their
blanched faces upon tbur instructors and
jostled ami pushed against each other in
search of a iilaco of safety. Tho smaller and
weaker children wero jielding tothubupo.
nor strength of their elder associates and
shrieks ami lamentations tilled tho air. 'Iho
teocheis rushed forward, howo-tor, closed tho
doors, and thus became masters of tho situn.
tion. Hud thny lost their heads, and joined
in tho mad rush for tho street, their must of
neiibbitj- hmobcen n sad btory of death nud
destruction to chronicle.
After much persuasion tho children
were calmid nnd returned to their beats.
'Iho tell-tiiln stung nttuehid to the gong lui
to tho disk of O'Bnon nud ltrownell.
Alarmed at tho temblo results of their mis.
chlONOiis prnnk they confessed to being tho
porpotrntorh of what they ciillul a harmless
joke, 'the lads were arrested and locked up
111 tho 'iliirtuiitli Precinct Station House.
School was dlhiiiissed at an earlu r hour than
usunl. O'Brien raid Brow in 11 will bo prosecuted.
To DUcuaa llusrbnll .lluiirrB.
An Important nicellng of the repres ntatlves of
tho Nation il I eauue baneball club will be held nt
tho rifth. Au'uue Hotol to-morrow. Tho most
wtal of the matters to be ill-cusicil are the
dt mauds of tho Hall Players' llrutherhood.
It is prnbalilo that thu llrotierhoid ns
a body Kill In riiogiilrul, unil that kuiia of their
ilimaudn n 11 be guuiipd. It U iiiMerstooll that
l'rtsldtnt ll., of the :en 1rklll, Is dlvposrd
tn iaor tin plijers. lTisldnit steams, of tho
Detrolts, artlMd this morning and rcglslered at
tuo l'lfth Aviuue Hotel.
A Tratlnionlnl to J. C'liurlrs I)al.
A numterot the Mends of Mr. J lharlcs PaUs,
0110 of tho tui.it ntdely known numbers of the
theatric il profisslnn, urepolng to ne htm a com.
pllnientary tibilmonlal it the l'ci pie's Itnatro on
buiiday ctcnlii., Nm SO. 'Ihe organizers nf the
tCHlliiiuiilnl me all nobles of tnu MjrtleMlirlnr, nf
vli.ili Mi llils In also a member. 'Iho Coinmlt
teeof ArraugiiiiHiits include 111 irly eery man.
alter In ton 11. Amuiig iliosn on tho Committee nf
Arrainzenuiiti are II. C Miner, loiiy l'dtor, II.
M.8iiidiniiii,Jn)mbuton,Ned Harrlgn, lliidjlph
AioiiHuu, Junes A. lljile), J. ll.irtou Key uud
Charles Slow.
lie Man n Private Detrrllvr.
The man who was arto lei In Jersey City last
week for an alleged attempt to swindle Pawn
broker Vulbcri; by pawning worthless Jewelry
under the name of Congreasmau McAdoo, was
airalgnfd in Justice Bill-Inn's oourt this morning.
lie gave tho Justice his name and address in
this olty and the address ot a private detective
agency down town, Id wbteh he claimed to be em
ployed. Ills dress and manners were those of a
gentleman, and as he proved the Jewelry to be
worth the money that he received on them and his
mission la Jersey City one of business, no was re
. leased.
The AetlntT of the rltnr Wni nn Aareenble
Hurprlae to Thoae Who lVltneserd Her
I'lrat Jirtorta-Unanrcreaful In the Aony
Act Ilockalnder Ilrlnca Out n New Ilur
leaqne Mr. Wurde Appear a Vlrglulua.
SJ fi m,. A B8. POTTEU'S act-
vvA I P which was produced
viilLy"1 tho rif,h Avenu
,N:;JHr'Thcntro last night,
)FTtj'fcO"- was an ngrccablo sur.
pSsfirrrtlj TfpriB0 to thoso who had
JjvA MnH A)x Brcssier." As I1107,
l" tiO3t&'- Bno Ln n moro con
'"tr'vfJrw genial rolo to play, in
""vvtv JsiWf "c' Bno nni' '")r"
fj&) trn' Httlo of all thoso
JjEEsJjvTp"" emotions In which star
f&ffi) "f octressos delight. Sho
CI iv has to chirrup lovo in
Ml c25 o o m o conventional
OvjiNv m0oiight, to utter do
flnnco, to jiiteously plcnd, nud thon to resign
herself to tho inevitable. In tho lovo sccno
Mrs. Potter w 11s undeniably charming. Hor
Miico, alwajs mellow and well pitched, was
ot times insinuatingly wooing, coqucttishly
fond nnd unalterably pissionuto 'I his was
her best Bcono. In tho agony act, thero is no
ttso douyiug tho fact that sho gurgled. It is
so 1 asy to gurglo mimio emotion! so 01
tremoly difllcult to produce an apparently gen
uitio trouiolo. In this Mrs. Potter was won
derfully unsuccessful, but sho was pardoned,
for it wus not easy to forget hi r delicious lovo
scene. " Lojnl I.oo" is 0110 of the drear
iest plnjs that tho Tifth Avouuo 'ihtutro
has known. It is quite as bud ns
" Mllo. do Bressier," nnd condemna
tion can go no furthor. Boss Neal is tho
pseudonym of the author, who does well not
to roial his or her identity. " Loyal I.ovo "
isnbhurdly proti ntious. It abounds with
idiotically long speeches tending to nothing.
It is hopelessly wrapped up in tedious blank
Mirsn, unrelieved by n solitary idea. It is
absolutely do old of action. It is long oh 1
so wi nrily, ilrcurily long. Mrs. Potter was
supported by Kyrlo Bellow and Joseph
Han orth in parts of cqunl lunguitudo. Mr.
Bellow did bitter than usual as Pedro. Ho
was moro vigorous and devoted less timo to
ensting up his oyLS liko tho proverbiol "dv
ing duck." Of conrso ho looked oxtremoly
lovely in his torra-cotta robes, but, tbnnk
goodness, ho relied less upon this fnct last
night than usunl. Joseph Hnworth did
splendidly ns Gonrnles. Harry Allen as tho
King was absurd. Hib walk across tho stage
would mnke his fortune at Dockbtadtr's.
Miss Maida Craigen had littlo to do.
Pockstader seoms to know exactly whnt
the publio wants. His burleBnnoB, however
sacred their thomes may bo, nover offend
any one and nro alwnvs amusing. "'Iho
Blnek rUbt," which bo produced last night,
was no exception to tho rulo. In it Messrs.
Beigor, Moreland, Frillman, Maxwell, Ouinn,
Shcppnrd nrtd Doekstadcr tako part. Thero
nro some capital bongs nnd somo good elec
trical efleets. Mr. Itankiu's skill startles tho
audience in " Tho Presidential Trip."
Frederick AVnrdo nppeorcd as Yirglnius at
tho Grand Op rn-IIouso last night ami tho
good-natured audionco roci lved him bettor
than ho deserved. Mr. Wnrdo is not nn ef
foctivo Virgmius. His voico is monstrous,
and w lion ho becomen excited ho rants fi nr
ftilly. Ho bns douo Virgmius so often that
thero aro no hopes of improvement. Swoet
resignation is all that remains to tho critical.
Mr. Vardo, during tho week, will prebent
" Galbn," " Gaston Cndol," " Brutus and
" Bichnrd III."
Augustin Daly has written n melodrama.
Though that fact is not gonorally known, a
few of Mr. Daly's friends havo rejoiced in
tho knowledge. Tho melodrama is to bo
produced at fciblo'H on Nov. 12 of next car.
It is in tho samo stvlo as " Under tho Gas.
light," and there will bo twenty peoplointho
cubt. Mr. Daly's partner in tho enterprise is
a well-known theatneal man.
Munagor A. M. Palmer says that he did not
expect that "Tho Martyr " would hold tho
stiigo of tho Madison Square Thcatro for moro
than a month or six weeks. It will easily do
that. 'Iho play has boen improved and
strengthened by blight oxcibions and altera,
Denman Thompson, who has been so suc
cessful with "'Iho Old Homestead," will
probably occupy tho Academy of Music for
twenty weeks next season.
A Ills lliinil Caused n Divorce Suit.
ftornH. rWlJtlpMa t,vi J
" This reminds me of an aitual caie In which
a m'stske m the gender of a hand brought about a
divorce suit. A nlfe had a large hand, and It hap
pened one- ovenlnR that rho sit wlih her husband
and several others on a rural vorando. 'Ihe bus
band wus smoking u cigarette, and, us It wus very
dark Indeed, the wile took It from him for a aurrt-p-UtloiiH
w hllT. Now, right alunjndde the conpio st
n nirtatlous girl. Bne and the man wire ou send,
menial terms, but until now quite unknown to tho
woman. The wcll.de eloped hand uf tho wlf-,
wlih the cigarette, chained to sw nsr Into contact
with that of the girl, who took hold of it, thought
from Its sl7e that it was tho husband's, felt con
lnced nf it hy tno clgirette, and thereupon pressed
It to her lips, rapturously belicwug that she was
taking a safe opportunity of Ihodarkne-s. The
eves of tho wife wire opt tied metaphorically If not
phislcnlly; sho watched tho pilrfurn few days,
and an aetlou for dU orce was boon Instituted. "
lie YViin Admitted.
IFrom tfi, A,bra,ia Stat Journal
St. reter Who are you?
"Did you cur move a Jury to tears J"
' ' You were eloquent and able, thoueh T"
" Fnjoyed a large practice!"
"friO. '
' Present this check on the Inside and they will
give you u crown."
Cnnli ol lire.
From th J6rat(i Slat Journal.
" Bo Pnlpeworthy has gone wlih a circus, eht"
' ' Yes, druw In a big s ilary I hear. "
" M hat is his specially j"
" He's tho iron-lnwed nun."
"IlcH? Iueierkueiv ho had unusually pow.
crfull iws."
" ou might hive known it. nc talks Russian
and Vulupua as llueutly us he speaks English.
Juat Ihe llcurir,
lrotn XotUm Sjc(tv
"I thought you took an unusual Interest In my
welfare," remarked an unsuccessful lover.
"No, Indeed," she replied; " only in your fare
well." m m
AnawrrH In Correspondents.
A. J. The nnpenslon hridgo at ht. I)nts waa
completed lu 1374. lis IriigtU la S.rx ft., und lta
T. I! In the census for lRSo, the population of
the United blatis Is put ut ftJ,n,7-3; tno number
of farms ut 4,o.)n,vu7; tho amount of luiproied laud
at ttM,iTl,04i acres.
T. K. 11. Tho second Tuesday after tho first
.Monday in No ember Is nnt 1 lecllon Day. "'Ihe
Tin sdiy succeeding tne nrst Monday" Is tho lan
guage uf thu law, A. loses and II. wins.
. 1U " 1 was married In this city In January
last to a Danish girl. We could not agree, anu
last week my wife went to Denmark. I want a
divorce. Where should I apply for one." You
oannot get a divor.e. It you marry again, It li
bigamy, for wntoh yon may be sent to the mate
Prison for five years. It was jour duty before you
married to see that the obligations you undertook
would not be too onerous to bear. Having lost la
the lottery, you bare no business to ask for another
A Mice I.lltle Itomnncn Urtween Two Deo
prrnte Flirt In the West.
From th Chicago rw&un,
One of the most absurd tricks Cupid ha been
known to play recently occurred within the last
few months tn a prosperous Utile city far up tho
JIlsslsslppl. lleturnlng from a sleighing party one
wintry evening, a giddy youth and maiden fell to
discunlng tlo slrnngo fact that, although they had
to long known one another by name, they never
before had met. "I've heard you're an awful
flirt," said he. ' Just what I'c heard about you,"
said she. And so controversy began, and con
tinued until this needless pair decided that there
was bin ono wny to fettlo tho question of who was
the more desperatp nirt.
. 11 W,e'".l,?e' flirtation for Just three wefka."
'"Hionilcl (whoso namo doesn't begin with U).
"I'll bo up Friday eienlug .ind we'll begin."
lie kepi tils word, and ihev proceeded to mako
themselves mutually mjr.ciMe. H.turday he cent
noxof roacsi Hunday he Joined her nt chtircii,
and sho Invited him to dinner: Mondiy he look
her to the theatre: Tuesday tn drive, and so oil.
Juanics perp tualiy b'usMimed on hert.ble: anil,
II a day passed that Illondcl wasn't there, u mes.
eiigirboyw.ii At th end of Ihe three wcoks
Illondel Irqulrcd If she was tired of It.
"Not at all," sanlnhe.
J.?.'1.1!!1 w.? lrj " ""oilier thno weeks:"
"With all my heart."
Meantime so. lety had something tn talk abnnt,
and thro, more weeks sped away. Then lie pro
IVf.1, !?I!'1..8h0 ro,u '" nir wrath, and told mm
that a flirtation wasa fllrtatlnu, but when It came
10 asking a girl to marry that was carrying It too
" nut I am In earnist," he reraonstrnle.l.
And then vho did the ulwny..be.a-ilstir-to-ynn
act; but he said never a word, only bided a we
and 1 ruf iitc I ugiln. 'I Ms time sho wavere I: and
wir nice young man continued tno even tenor of
"..,T"T UDI" ow "lie day I e i"ilmlv declared-
.si . ,a!n V",nl"ljr K"u ,0 ,a"rf )0"- si. I before
;,n.i?Mhe3r,ar',H0 Jua '' a' "ill CUgHgO
youriclf lo me now."
Man seldom mid-Ida mate when nnd where he
evpeets; and It is generally chance accident Kls-uat-ttiat
controls him, In ipltii of all.
To Tench Itlrli U'nmen DrrsMnnUlng.
irromth ntlaltiha !...
A Gentlewoman's Ilria.maKlng Society tins been
formed In London, vt hose obJct Is to give employ
ment In tho art of dressmaking to young Indies of
birth and education wno can find no other outlet
for their iiblllllis. According to a "directress"
It is Impossible tor ladles of refinement to work in
an ordinary ilrcssiuakci's n oni ami not bo shoekid
and coutamlnat d by the lnnginge soinclltnes used
.?... ,!l".y wor.kfllu'- , "On. Immediate onject,"
shu continues, "Urn gho suitable nnd rcmuuera-
ho .rii'.HhS?"?1 '" l,1."rH,c" lrls aUl1 "(""C"- If
It ? ,,.""1 ert" Professions inau whose means
do not allow him to keep his girls at homo
h ib no taate or ability for teaching or slmll .r
f!rnr5!,i.!i.S'll?nr', rc1ulrng 1 run work sho Is
.."''? ,.le'P,"; , fcno may hiio excellent
taste for driBsuiaklug, and Fho will gladly
ntiMLT.r!!,',,or.lumun an(1 famrc remtinemilie
wp'kKw,""'s''eilscovirs that hir fellow-workers
"L.comenof?t!rown "latlonof life, and I hat
0- inp ?yp,rs uml etiKlomcrs will often 1. among
n.ttirl",u,Hr Ul,,ln" "rcle- 'lh "e "' e
inCMnn"n.'' ''""making SoUety'Ms further
explslno.l in a circular whl.h rel.les that In n cry
fm.'il,0oif1',,-lely ,Uer.e I? "" 'ntlrely unequal .listrl
! ,i?.?.l"com;- Ia"leB are la " hault or em
plying dressmakers anil milliners whom tney do
art.! ?tt,a.riLa!.H),ml rflaaU An tnmx ' ow bo
imi ?riJJ!T.7.al wea,'i"' won" " of ,tle faihlonai le
lira IlnC,ra,,H0wnr1'1 m employ their poorer sis.
m,r.1 ,'i10 ,tlime ,,mo "sieltso thoroughly
uiicrstood that tlo obligation Is mutnal ihat an
Impecunious UncheM wllf be at le to eke out he"
11 .,IH1ta, "'',h ''onnet-miklng, nlinout any re
fleitlon being cast ut her exalted station.
Why Jlrs. Unrnh J. Ilnle Wrote "Mary
1 1 ml n I.itilo I.iuub."
(rrom the i'AlIn Irlphia IHmx.l
The authorship of "Jtury had a Little Lamb
has been nscilbcd to arlous persons, and many
romantic stories have been told regarding Its com-po-ltlon.
To Mrs. Hale's Jamilv wearolndebtod
hinlhhei.'?Il.ow.!up accoullt oI tn clrcuniBtiiiocs
which led to lis prouucilon. In 1627 Dr. Lowell
Muaon was Induced 10 lend his musical talents to
,' "fi'i".;.""' WDli ,,,erp' ""vo !"- "I a tentnn
h,flr.1,r"lmr Pf'-'Hiarm In voc.'.l nm.lc, hing
Ihsf f,8,1 ' C,r"on J bitroduee a ngrng lnlo the public
frni- nla,'!r,lcr ,0 n,"U' these sliming classes at
tractive Dr. Mason requu.ted Mrs. HhIc uml other
.'." ? "'r,'.',1? ' ",,n w !" ' "" "u"ed 1 "the 1"
Piclty of clll.lreii, and of a klim t interest
them. In reaioiiso to this request, .Mrs.
llnle, ever ready 10 lend a hand In anv
?hn?lr7n0rl.?.J,n""9e', " ."trlca nt mu Poems for
children, which were set to inu-ic by Mr. .Mason
fhmSShr!. f if """"I18 of I,08ton "'"' afterwards
nrnvi'!,".0,;0"u"7- Amon ""-a" were tho
won known "Ifcierrseo. on bush or tree, "and
t 0 world-famous ".M..ry' Lamb " which wim
founded on an incident of the w?,t'er's own child!
Jiwpe'!nS0r A ,a.r,"c'B llauKhter, she hail hud
nher New Ilamp-hlre home her own 1 ttlo net
ln,!1,rt,,:,ffrt'0,lowo ' her ""ereversh" wont. C
T?t. Jr.. naof "inmalsand making pits of birds
and kitten, from tier carlla,t to her latest years
th s busy cd tor and mother of a family turned
S?m ev,'rom "," I're8SlnK far-s to wnto these vers. a.
wilch havo found a sympathetic echo In the hearts
Si.mJ Viren a" over ,ne ,0"'i'ry. In 1S30 the
Pm, .m. V,ila C0Inl,r,08!1' wrc published 111 book form
hit'.- 1In,,ea "iKmture, with a number of
other songs and rhymes, ulTccllointely dedicated
to all good children in the United btatcs.
Tho Dny When Iliicbrlore Were Taxed.
From an Exchange,
A Spartan law forbade marrbgo until men and
womeu armed at their full strength, and there
was aii Athenian regulation that men should not
nurry until they were thlrty-Dv. The Athenians
at the same time favored married men. giving
them the preference when icauilcs oce urrcd In
olllial life. Ihe ltomaus did Hie same. Tier
would help a marrle I man so lur th it if he had not
rcaihi ilthe ag -limit aslgiitil for a portion as
many of the years were ills ense.l wit 1 as ho had
children. Ihise faiors did not altogether succeed
as .1 murrlae ba t '1 ho young men ol the ei. plro
hid at one time, in fut, tu bo forced as
well aa bribed Into marriage, tlo
Censors goln so far ns to Innst mi
all the baehelors pledging themselves on oat 1
,".m.1rrj,n,!"lnaB,l,tn,lmc- I'enaltlM wero In
add Hon la d on cellbai j, and these and other dn
JtHi.es on the rlngle men wero not romoi ed until
thu lime of Constantlne. Tildes on baehelors Iue
I een Imposed by many natlODs.lnclti.iinif our own
but no more rcmnrkablo law on tho stinlect wai
cierpas.cil than that hy tho local authorities of
rastham, in Maisaehusetls, In lew. In that year
thoso functionaries pnPo I a law to tho eirect that
SiVRnivM?'!'1"1 Tn ln n t"nshlp should kid
six black birds or three crow 4 yearlj whllo here
malned single, and that .is a penalty for disobeying
the or icr he should not get marrim, and no ono
should marry mm until ho had destroyed tho num
ber of birds 10 was In arrear.
More Decollete nt the Opera TUaii Ever.
I'roma Acio 'crk Irtler,
The fashionable ladles haie lost an Inch from
their dresses. There Is no mistake about It. 'Ihe
daughter of a famous llgit of tho liar, the wife of
au ancient Knickerbocker business houso and tie
fascinating wid. w of the head nf a faintly of land
barons o 1 Manhattuu Island had lo-t soinetnliig
more than nn Inch of their low-cut
gowns on tlo fltst night ot tho nmri
and as they lend tho ashion wo mihi all
have known whnt was coming, yet here urul there
w ere seen oth rladli sol 1 10 field of iho cloth uf
gold who.onceks wero no moro uneoiered tiun
last year. Howeiir, cirry uuo of thuo was a
matron, wltn tier yotiug daughters around lu r Ilk
chicks keeping closo to the maternal I. rd. It
would noi. r hale dono for such a raided pjoie
niuit to be led by ihe moihers; and eien to-diy I
see that some of thee parenial pillars of fishlon
have got the uppir edge of their opeia dresses just
where they always had them a hand's breadth
from whero the elilu will toutu the neek.
Ilen-nre of the Wall Strccr Iliier.
aihtngton roiV Jlifl Vorhittter.
Extremes proverbl illy meet, and the inct Is ex
emplllled anew In tho love of boxing, which unites
In a aort of fcllowthlp the gcnilem inly broker and
the profeloual ' ' bruiser. " 11 my of tho brokers
In V ull street nn 1 elsewhere In Now York nro sur
uUIn Iv prollnent with the inua. 'ihij tako
lessons fiom ' profemore," uml from uwkwurd
ni.ilcea who put lorwurd tnelr tight "duke" n a
guard, tticy beLomo dimerous autagoniats wnu
haie li-.irne.i to put upihoir hit ui a murd mid to
strike blows wlih their right w hleh suguest II10..0 of
a Itoman batterlug.r un. bmiu of tnein ttted to
take lessons In nitliiitra lu their eiegmt Wall
street ofllecs from hrokcn.nosed and broken-down
ex-members of tho twenty-tour f.mt rlug ai f5a
lo.soii, and In timo they became expert. Alany of
the brokers are meinbcia of athlnio clubs, and
they use ihe gloves ther It is no lmuer i.afo for
a bully to attack 11 well-dressed gentleman, or el in
what is termed a dude, on ihe nippoH.tlon that ho
c innot tio his hands, i-ouie of the roughs of the
btxth Ward have bad this momentous fact clearly
He Doesn't Relievo It.
Iron lh jrorvlch aull.lla.)
An ef gshell Is said to be strong enough to sup
port a man's weight, but the man who puts bait a
dozen In his coat-tail pocket und steps on a banana
peel cannot be made to believe it.
U jsettli 'ill I uaiiafcl ak l tjsjallh M JLiwU.llafci 1 .1 i mastajafelfl x jdJk
The New Polo Lengne tinmen to be Flayed
About Dec. 1 Sports Incited Over th
CnrnryOlrAiillfle Flglit All Seem to
1'nior tlm Knullaliiiinn The Hevenlli
ltcslmeut'n Uninca of Great Promise.
WA- tSl til 0ST Ponle I""? when
F5" jlVV U'0y 8e " "K"61, '!
V lyfe W bic cnrs ftni1 n orookea
I JLL,Vv noso it,s wto bottlnij
I f ll0's uot mucu," re.
J A. C mnrkod a Hoffmarl
i I C?0 v 1Io,Ise reqnentor the
yw L50 I otllcr niKnt- "nnd I
'T ', nRreo wi,h tnom Iok
W"V 4 yti nt Hilly Edwards
RH tuoro'" " oii out
"f. vf A "liohnsn't got an ear
sOns' doughnut, nor has Ar.
- - ..v" thur Oliambors, nor
e f -JsCn J o Coburn or Mace or
' "" nny of thoso other old.
time champions, lint no licor-hall sparrer
nowadays thinks he's anybody till ho has two
cars biR enough to keep him from drowning
if ho ft 11 off of ndock."
'"Ihoro's another thintr that will tell a poor
boxer," said n peutloman who overheard the
conversation. " Look nt his hands. There's
whero ,1011 want to mo n pugilist dofonnod.
Hilly rdMnnls's hnnds remind you of a bag
of wnliints ulien hn wears Kiel gloves." .
"Let's see." said another lijstuudor who
stood by, "There's Jack Dempsoy, no one
will deny ho is n iightor; jet, Jack's nose is
neither Grecian or Itoman now. I remember
Jock ovor 111 tho 'Hurgh when ho hod a very
pretty noso. Onn of ins ears is little out of
shnpo, too. Jack's hands aro knocked up
sure enough. I could mention a dozen good
pugilists of tho present dnv who have big
ears and a dozen moro who havo not. Any
of them mIio liko Uompscy nnd FiIob and Joo
Tow lor, all of whom nro oxtra clover men,
who oer worked much in sporting honscs or
boxed regularly in theatres for any length of
timo, hao swollen ems. It's the way ther I
box in this country now. l'owlor nover had
bad ears till nn went to work in
Owney Qeogliagan's with Frank Wilson,
tho Mouro. llo soon found the English,
fashion of struight countering didn't take
with American sports, ltubbmg the ear,
liniment end rest as soon ns it commences to
bo tender nro tho only preventives. Almost
nny boxer gets broki 11 hands nowadays. Even
the gloics, which old. timers had not learned
to opprcciuto, won't sao tho knuckles whon
their owner niistntesSulliian'sfaultB without
acquiring his wonderful judgment and
"swings' rccklcsbly."
Tho now Polo Lcaguo's opening games will
bo played about Deo, 1.
The Twenty-second Regiment's annual
athletic games will bo held at tho Armory on
Saturday ovtning, Nov. 19.
The fall games of tho Seventh Regiment
Athletic Association, which will be held in
tho great armory on Saturday, Deo. 8,
promise to bo tho best of tho benson. Tho
Hoi until ranks with tho Now York Athlctio
Club in getting up nrst-cluss entertainments.
Tho Carnoy-McAuliffo match is turning;
sporting centres upsulu down. What an up
set it would bo if MoAuhtlo should winl The
61.000 placed in tho hnnds of tho Evenino
Woui.n'B sporting editor 1 emains uncovered.
It wus offend ou Carney against $800 on
McAuliilo. Very llttlo betting is going on
nbouttlus mill, us it is looked on nsacer- '
tiunty for tho Englishman, not by men who
huvo read about Ins performances, hut by
thoso w ho saw him beat Jimmy Mitchell, of
l'hiladelphi 1. Put Rail, who is now proprie
of Billy Bennett's old plaeo, secureil
ono bet of $70 jesterelay on the Brook
lyn boy, but ho had to lay $100 on Carney
to latch it. Ono miBtnlvo pcoplo are
making and that is tho McAulilTe is
cither nfraitl of tho Briton or not capable of
giiinghim n tremendous battle. Jack got
out ot tiuiniug onco beeauso running on hard
roaels swelled his groins, and ho wouldn't
haohadn show to win. Twice before ha
failod to mnko mntchis with Carney, not be
causo ho fcuicil linn, but beeauso he oouldn't
get bnckmg ut tho weight. McAnhffe is in
primo fix now, and ought to make a bettor
light than if ho had gono in on his own hook,
ti n or twolvo pounds above his real lighting
weight. It w ill be a great fight, nud if Carnoy
isn't at a top notch, or if ho kncs nny open,
nigs, McAuliilo will surpnso people as the
Murine peoplo wero astonished by the other
Williamsburger. Caruoj has tho experience,
but McAuliilo has outh, two or three
pounds tho best of tho weight and three,
quarters of nu inch in height on his sido.
m m
There are said to be only four horses In AlalkaJ
threo at Juneau and one at Sl.ka.
A large gray wolf Is prowling around the village
of lluddonileld, K. J., and tno women and chil
dren arc alrald to 1 etitnrc out after dark.
A Chicago phyMclan has a collection ot several
hundred bullets which ho extracted from the bodies
of Union solillers.who were shot during the war.
It Is a singular fact thut gypsies do not mourn
t"io death olthelrjoung, much as they lovo and
cherl-li the living. Ihey frequently follow a
funeral with merrymaking.
Iho Greek church nt Sitka, Alaska. is ono of the
wealthiest In the world, Its treasure consisting for
the creator. ;mt ln old paintings of the mints set
In frames of gold and elli cr. Oce picture, a pres
ent from the Czar, is valiiHil at $40,000. The mas
alio doors of the church aro heavily Inlaid wlih
the precious mcluls.
A correspondent who recently visited Belleville,
III. , w rites that it se'cmcd ro him as if he were In a
city of Germany. Out of a population of 10,000 he
did not sco a iloeu Americans, and tho manners
nnd customs of the people w ere those of the father
laud. Be-cr is almost exclusively the beverage of
tho town, nud ci en Iho dogs looked as If they had
been brought up on it.
A wonderfully brilliant meteor rassed over I
Angcler, Cul., reeintly, making the sky appear as
bright as at luld-duy. When llrt seen It looked
Ilk. a big locomotive headlight dashing through
apace, but as It reached u point directly above the
cl y it scorned to jausu for a moment and then
Bliot upi aid like 11 column of lire. It finally broke
nujilaij of splendor.
Taincn Notes, the son of a prominent citizen of
Oshkosh, Wis., ills ippearcd from here some time
ago, nud nothing was heard from him until list
Wcdnesda), when a letter written by the boy In
Ncn ork reached his pireuts, Informing them
that he had shlpied biforo tho mast ou a vessel
bound lor Asia. 'I ho boy la fourteen years old,
and 1 cry uilnnturoua.
Charles Golllhcr, of Unlonvllle, Mo., was born
twill c vears before the signing of tho Declaration
of Independence and Is lousciiucmly 112 years
old. Ha la qulto spry for hla age and retains
tho uso of most of his faculties, lie was
born In Vlrglula, has chewed tobacoo since he
was a lad of ten, and " has drunk enough whisker
to start tho .Mississippi." f
lilts Iua Moses, of Old Orchard, Me,, was badly
Injured In tho hip while coasting last winter, and
the doctors said that she would be crippled for
life. But while attending a falth-cnre meeting t .
not long ago she suddenly threw down ber
crutches, shouted out that ihe was oured, and
began to walk without assistance. Since that
time she has been enUrelr well.

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