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Ik .
K,', Ycmng BA. Bothcrn lining Well There and
HpT' Elsewhere an III Tour Minstrel blow
Bfi Win Faror Ketelle Clayton to Prolines.
Vift n Original Play for Mar Jetrelt' llenr-
K ftt Knight In " llndolph" Not Successful.
W', 3SswJ) frionds of young
Hk 1A 2P Ed BoUlcni wil1 l)8
RcV' Y f faif Klftil to know that ho
ggenaasvf ' jUi (fffv!nk rnado a nolld flnan-
bbH iHf LHKl j n C'A' 8UCCCBS as ' 'tor.
HBAj LMlfcJcv This week he is nlnv-
H '' JfiZ Maslsr 'nK 'n Montroftl,whnre
K$ gltSilF"!8g& ninnnKor8 don't hopo
H$f IK aHBl "n Tcry mnc 'or"
H lBtlH tuna. When tho man
kv Bw tHh nROr ' t'i0 rs"
Htt VMfe EtS! "Hazol Kirko" com-
Hk)'' dSt&Uiri ffitts Jmny rcncue 4at city
nBt-l "vUWi i If nn( lna(l uo an
KfiA tOBa'i wm nounccment that ho
Wm 0c9R fHm-v brinRlnR "Hazol
K' F'&SfeoC-7 -Hf Kirlco," which had
H J' " cX1 "5 ' Jusf been )lnyod 300
B nights In Now York, ho was greeted by this
Hhr question i " What 'docs sho play in ?" When
B Boucieault went to Montreal ho didn't over.
HW' Ago 9300 por performanco. This shows wliat
Huil Montreal is. Young Botlicrn, however, has
K'L beon playing at tho Academy of Musio to
Kii Tory largo roceipts, and, liko othor pretty
ilozKH actors, has boon " tnkenup" socially. " Tlio
gB J-' Uighest Bidder " itself has also bocn greatly
Kfl1" commendod. Some of Bothcru's success rnny
I bo dno to the fact that his father was n great
iaHw favorite in Montreal. Noxt wook the com-
HKc" pony returns to tho States and operas at tho
glazcE Hollls Street Theatre. Ho-ton. Sothorn ro.
Ki',, mains on his tour until May. when ho returns
B i to the Lyceum Theatre, taking the place of
Kl tho regular stock company. Thero is
HfM a new play in view for aim, it com-
iaHrT; ody that was written for his father.
K altnongh " Tho Highest Biddor " docs not
HVt Bhow symptoms of reailiness for sholving.
iaHrK'.- This being tho first attraction sent from tho
Hkv Lyceum Theatre by Mr. Frohman, its buccoss
ggggggKx' has been a souroo of great satisfaction to that
ilozaWt gentlematk " Tho Great rink Fearl " and
H'' r EiUtha'sTJurglar," given at that house, will
K. shortly bo presented in Boston, with Qillotto
V-' . as the star.
B&U Bweatnam, Billy Kico and Barnoy Fagan's
r "progressive" minstrels, now playing at
Nlblovs Garden, have not met witli a very
Kf' conspicuous dogroo of succoss thero, al-
Ki'i though tho company is a largo ono, and in-
b' eludes a goodly numbor ofminstrol favor-
V ites. The fact, howovor, that it takes timo to
K win Kew York's favor in minBtrelsy at any
K any rato is demonstrated. William Footo,
, who was tho "projector" of tho Haverloy
HK ila-todon Minstrels, and who was engaged
K&? M manager of tho company, loft tho orguni-
K. zation a fow weeks ago.
Kc Miss Estello Clayton has written a play,
K&-' rtnd it is to bo presented at a special mutinoo
Kt? nt tho Union Snuaro Thentro vory shortly, by
Kr"t' ' arrangement with Managor J. M. Hill. Tho
Ji matineowlll bo for tho benoflt of Miss Burn
Hf Jewett. Miss Clayton claims that her play is
K- entirely original, and somo pcoplo who havo
Hwt' ,' road it wore greatly impressed with its situn-
InVv ' tious. As tho performance Is for tho benefit
K&r of n sistor artist, it is exjiectcd that a strong
Hp-- cast will volunteer service and givo Miss
Hl Clayton's play a good opportunity. Miss
Hx i, Ciayion has very small feet, as thoso who saw
K her in her barefooted riilo remember. It in
Bh' sow demonstrated that buo has a very big
H?-;' ' head.
K& " Hoodman Blind " has proved so succors.
H ' lul Uils season that tho managomant intend
Hglr taking it out for another tour next year. Mr:
HX- Do Belleville, who is now playing the lead-
BV lnff Parti J"1"? be " starred " by tho " Hood-
gjf' man BJind " mnnajomtut in a French ro.
HE mantio play.
Kf George Knight closes his engagement in
Hri Kew York on Saturday night. His porfor-
Kvf jnance of "Hudolph1' is acknowledged to
BiL" ' be artistic-, but it has not met with tho succoss
HSff which was hoped for it. When an aetor do-
Hji: 'i claros that he mado an artistic, succobs, it
BrC. olways means that ho has mado a financial
H?X failure. Knight was extromely fortunate
ft with a farce comedy called Ovor the
Hp Garden Wall," and no thought ho could
Cf Buccossfullv enter tho field of legitimate.
HK'' comedy. At any rate he intends touring tho
1; principal cities with "Rudolph."
Hk', An enterprising photogrophor will try to
Kl''' present pictures showing the mysterious
V chongo mado bv " She," from a young.lovely
Hgf woman to a shrivelled and dessicatcd hag, as
K7: describod in Haggard's book.
BM I'oatllght Chut.
K$ '"Th- Wlfo" Is a great attraction at tne
Kj ' tectum.
Bfj- ' One hundred members of the Triton Bost Club
iiKv of Newark, will TUlt Dockatader's on Monday
jKS Wgtit.
Hp 'lime, Pontal and Mr. Harry Edwords, or Wat-
E7;' lack's, will support Mies Julia Marluwo during ncr
H "Conrad, the Comulr," la ncarlnjf Its fiftieth
H tuiat, and Major Chirlcs E. ltlcu Is prcparltig a
E erj prettr louvenlr to be given to the ladles.
B- Prof. Cromwell draws largo audiences to the
H ' Grand Opera House Bandar evonlnss. Next week
Hv Svans and Iloej commence an engagement at that
JE ' honio in Tho Parlor Match. "
HKji.. The cait of The llegurn," which will bo pro-
JH fluced at the Fifth Avenue on Monday, Includes
V Jlnies. Cottrellr, Marlon Munola, Laura Joyce
MI Dell, Annie Meiers, Jonoptmie Knipp, Nina
Jlertlnl, Grace beavej and 1'nuU Krauko, and the
Jeaars. Do Wolf Hopper, Herbert WlcWe, Diirby
f Veil, E. W. lloff, Harry Macdonough, T. I)e
Kt Aagella and II. A. Crlpps.
BV. lie DInst Anawrr for tbe Killing; of Michael
Ejn Bmltb Laat llereiuben
K& - Fetor J. Gorven, who stabbed and killed
Kv Miohael Smith in a drunkon quarrel nt
K Knabe's saloon, 171 Grand street, on the
HBt fcigbt of Dec, 81, 1886, and whoso cose has
B5 been dragging along from court calendar to
M& court calendar since February, was at lost
HP brought to trial beforo Judge Gildorsleovo
Kj' ' in Fort III. of the Court of General Sessions
tc this morning.
; ExJudeo George M. Curtis appeared for
H' the defendant, and Assistant District-Attor.
LVnnW 7 Vernon M. Davis acted as prosecuting
b? pfflcor.
H? -Tho entire morning session of tho Court
1; Was occupied in tho examination of talcs.
Hf?r '' tuen, tho result being tho seating of ono man
g p the jury box.
H(' Tips From "Tbe World's " Ticker.
H . The market opened strong at a X per cent. ad.
5P' .. The'sales of stock up to noon to-day aggregated
KS The advance was af terwardt checked by rcallza-
SU ,tlom with tbe large traders selling.
Hkt-., . Uenry Clews adviacd tola customers to take prof.
WrV 1U, awaiting the rcault of tbe reaction,
E'... ThroqUout the day the tone of tho market was
JM' Bteady with a smaller volume of bualneas.
Sl Voraaa W. Prarasil said to-day that ho believed
ffiu tbe bull movement bad come to stay lor at least
H&Y ftevtrai mouths.
Hf ' .There was a ceuation of hostilities to-day in the
7?' Klonian-Sulllvan war which was the talk of the
?$i fitrett yesterday.
B. . Tbe Heading Company will extend tbe Cole-
sbbbWj' prookdale branch to tne Iron ore mines at Church-
K1 V"lei two miles distant.
LUHbi It U said that the Holding Katlroad statement for
T Ootober wui show about 1600, ooo increase over net
H', rnlDg In October of laat year.
aHIRrv. LY.t & T'wkabury saldt "Tta market Is still
p foulllsh and the reaction Is only a healthy one. i
HHc' t toTOMl11 B' customer! last night to tako their
Clara Belle Mcllonnld Deeds Jllnch of tier
Proiirrtv In Her I.over.
SiK FnANrisco, Nov. 17. Clara Dcllo McDonald
walked Into Judge Hornblowet'a court fester,
day. Tho court-room was crowded, standing
room being at a premium. Iter husband and his
father wcro In the court-room and occuplod chairs
a few foci from her. Senator Htintord was again
called as a witness and testified relative to tho
forgery of the third certificate of Central Pacific
Itallroad stock. Tne same lino of examination as
on the previous day wss followed. The defendant
was held to answer on the third chargo and her bond
fixed at 13,000. The examination on the fourth
charge was concluded In a fow minutes and she
was held to answer. Judge llornblower fixed the
bonds so that they would aggrcgttn f,txia Tne
last exumluatlon was also speedily concluded and
tho di fendaut retlrod to her room lu the Receiving
me nrucr to rnuw ouuio wdi uiiia, u mu-jci.
old clitid of McDonald, jr., unddjra llelle should
remain In her mother's custody camo up yester
cay in the Superior Court. In hid aflldavlt McDon
ald set out that mere Is a divorce suit pending be
tween himself and Clara llelle; that Clara U. Is the
Issue of the marriage; that tils wife waa arrested
for an attempt to murder his father; that sue was
srrrstcd on live charges of lorgery and held la
ts, 000 bail on each charge, and Is confined mine
ctty prison through her Inability to procure ball;
that the persona confined therein are noisy and tur
bulent and that the health of the child Tnay be seri
ously afTectcd If she l to remain In prison, and
that Her. Montgomery Ilnge, an Kplacorol clergy
man of blih standing, was nllllnx and a proper
person to take csro of the child. Tne Court was
asked to male an order to that effect. Judge
Coffey naked where the ohlld was. Counsel of the
affiant replied that she was In charge of a nurse at
Mrs. MoUonald'a house.
Judge Coffey asked If the temporary custody nf
tbe child at that place was satisfactory, uud ooun
scl replied that It waa. Judge CofTey was Informed
that the nnrse was selected by the mother. ' ' Vt ell,
the selection appears to give satisfaction all round,
and I will continue tne case for ono week," raid
the Judge. As the Investigation prooceds, facts
are divulged showing that Hwaim got away with up
ward ot 1100,000, of which tso.ooo Das been recov
cred by the McDonalds.
Detectives made an Interesting discovery this af.
ternoon whllo scarehing tieneca bwalm's trunks.
Uenoath a quantity of fern ah) apparel they found
a large envelope containing deeds of property
made by Clara llelle lo Hwalm. Among the docu
ments were Clara Delle's will, In her own hadwrlt
Ing, In which, after benueatning all real and per
sonal property to her little daughter, and, In case
the daughter should die, to Hwalm, It aayat
"Lastly, I nominate and appoint Heneca Augustus
Bwalm execntor of this, my last will and testa
ment, without bonds, and 1 hereby revoko all for
mer wills made by me. "
llesldea the will thero was a deed In which Mrs.
McDonald oonveyed to her lover title to her eleirant
Lako Taaoe cottage tn Eldorado County, presented
to nor by her husband. In another document aha
gave to Hwalm her horse, buggy, robe, harness and
whip. Thero was also a bill of sale to bttn of all
the tnrnlture In her former residence on Butter
street. The police will probably prefer another
charge against Bwalm on these documents.
Clara Delia was removed to more oomfortablo
quarters In tbe county Jail this aftornoon. Bho has
been unable so far to procure ball.
The Clnclnnntl Franchise nnd Contract to
be Hold by Order of Court.
Cincinnati, Nor. 17. Unusual Interest is now
centering In tbo future of the Cincinnati Uaseball
Team from the facttbat It Is to be sold under an or
der of Court soon to satlBfy an Indebtedness of
(Ml, BOO. It is expected tho sale will attract;much
attention, and It will no doubt bo the leading event
In ba'l circles this winter.
The total capital stock ot the club originally con
sisted of forty shares, whose par value was 11,000,
though It Is claimed that but a very small part of
this sum was paid up. Theso shares wrro all held
by Oeorgo llerancourt, who at the expiration of
his term as City Treasurer In 1BSI waa found to bo
abort In bis aocount 174,000. Hauuk, tho big
brewer, a relative ot lleruucuurt'a mother, came to
tho bondsmen's relief In consideration of Ileran
court's turning over a large amount of collateral.
Including the forty shares of baseball stock, and
paid off the shortage. In February, 1880, llauck,
by agreement with llerancourt, tiocame tue pur
chaser of this atock In consideration of a
credit of S3, 000 on lleranoourl'a Indebtedness to
him and later sold one-third of tho stock to the
preaont President of tho club, Aaron tttcrn.
Among other of llerancourt's collaterals was the
Cincinnati oyster and flih concern. On this
Uauok had a chattel mortgage. When this concern
failed Mr. llauok of courao seised tho effects.
Among llerancourt'a creditors was the oyster
house of Mallory A Co., of Valtlmore. In March.
186(1, that concern brought suit to have Mr. Uauok
declared trnstio of tho baaeball stork for the ben
efit of all of llerancourt's creditors, oharglng that
the sale ot th bateball stock to llauck was mado
for an Insufficient consideration.
The Court held that the consideration was Insuf
ficient, and has now not only ordered sale of the
stock, but directs that Usuck shall account for all
profits accruing to the club since February, lttSfl.
A deoree for the sale has been drawn, but not en
tered, some polnta being under diacusalon between
counsel, but it will be made public to-morrow.
Unless Hauuk stops tbo proceedings by filing a su
prrsedeas bond In the Bupremo Court the sale will
go on.
other debts of llerancourt make the total
ta 1,600. As to the value of tho baseball stock
opinions differ. Its profits during the put season
under Stern's management will nave to show a
pretty rwnd sum. Tho cluo has manv flrat-olaas
players fhider contract and la rated hero as worth,
with franchise and players, 1100,000.
m f
Parson Anderson's lteprebenslblo Antics.
oifoff (Jty.) i"cfal to A Courhr Journal.
J. M. Anderson, a Presbyterian preacher, has
been painting some portions of Owsley county a
lurid hue lately. It seems that Anderson has been
paying devoted attention to Miss Lizzie Wilson,
Anderson's suit progressed favorably, but the
young lady's paronta objected to her marrying fur
u year, and promised their blessing at the expira
tion of that time, Auderson was very much en
raged at this, but unrsod his wrath and commenced
a series ot persecutions agalnat tbo worthy couple
that for pure, unadulterated meanness could
hardly bo equalled. Ho nrst drove a nail through
tbo hock of ono of Wilson's best horses, which had
to bo snot. Next, ho emptied roal-oll into his well
uud ruined the water. Then ho warned the old
man to leave the country on penalty of death. Thla
waadono by cutting lettera from a book and past
ing them on a sheet ot paper to form the uccoea
wry words. The old man became very much
alarmed, as ho had no cluu lo the perpetrator, and
actually employed An lerson among others to guard
his house, lie was in a um.tant slute of terror and
waa afraid to leave his home,
Finally several days passed without any startling
occurrences, so bo ventured down to hla forgo one
morning aud started up a fire. As he stepped back
to the handle ot his bellows, a terrific explosion
lifted tbe whole business out Into tbe road, knock
ing him down and stunulng him for several min
ute. Thla was the last straw, and hla neighbors
cuuimenced an acUve Investigation that resulted in
.Mideraon'a hurried departure for parts unknown.
A piece ot wrapping paper waa found near the
shop, with aome wrltlug on It, that was proved to
be Anderson's. W'lih this clue It was soon found
where he had purchased the dynamite cartridge.
Ho got wind of the affair tn aome way and lost no
time tn making himself scarce. The last Grand
Jury indicted him, and a reward Is offered for bis
flsn. nilles'a New Htvord.
JYom ! &s FrantUeo CAroitfels.
Tho following Is a description of the presentation
sword to Uen. Mllest The shield of tho guard la
formed by three vaglc-heada and outspread wings,
klgnlfylng protection. On .one of the wings, and
caught by a few feathers, aro tho Initials, " N. A.
M.," modelled after a study from tho Arizona cac
tua, and on the other wing the letters "U. 8. "In
the same treatment. The guard la formed of eagle
fxatneri. around which Is entwined the Amerloan
flag, and at the end finished by a portrait head of
tbe Indian chief Natohet. Tho extreme top of tbe
b It Is covered with an Indian ornament, la which Is
set a largu sapphire usturla weighing 5ilj carats.
This Hone, according to Kast Indian tradition,
gives coin ago lo the wiarcr ami iir terves him from
eWUplrdo. lu the frnut of this lop la an caglu,
whoso nlngs encircle It, and which holds lu Its ex
tended taiuim the pipe uud a tomahawk, emblems
of peace and war. 1'he grip la of white enamel,
banded wlilr Hue lines of beaded gold. On the
blade Is tubed in relief on one aide, "tlener.il
Nelson A. Miles;" on the other side, "Presented
beptember 4, infl, at Tuscon, Arizona."
Tbe scabbard Is decorated with Indian scenes,
commencing with a representation of an Indian
camp and reierailon, a consultation ot oftleera,
a statt of Infantry and cavalry In pursuit ot
Apaches, a surpriau of Indians In ambush, the
right, tbo capture of Oeronlmo and the tsklng of
raptlvea to the railroad station for transportation
back to thcresenatiuti Thl reverse side of the
scabbard bears Hit disruption: 'l'resctittu by
the people of Arizona in grateful acknowledgment
of distinguished sen Ices in the capture and re
moval of Oeronlmo and the hostile Apacbrs." The
toe or extreme end of the scabbard it a carefully
modelled portrait of the chief, Goronlmo. Tbe
entire sword, with th exception, ot ooorse, ot the
blade, is of gold of a subdued color, or what Is
termed nugget fljiUh,. ,
I I s.
Only Three or III Colleagues In the Cham
ber of Deputies Itnlse Their llnnds In
Ills Ilcbair-Tbe Prefect at Police Is Ha.
perseded Tfas minister of Justice and
Public Prosecutor Ueslgn.
CepyrtgM, 1887, hy r V ltlltMng Compwiy (JVt
l'orlr irorW).
IUius, Nov. 17. The motion to criminally prose
cute M. Wilson waa passed thla evening In the
Chamber of Deputies, to which ho belongs, by a
vote of 677 to 3. M. Mazeau, the Minister of Jus
tice, and M. Ooron, the Public Prosecutor, there
npon placed 'heir resignations In tho bands of
President tlrevy, who accepted thero. M. Wilson
aipeara betoro tho Parliamentary C'ommlsalon of
Investigation to-morrow. The lladlcal members
will call upon M. Orevy in a body, and ask him
to resign the Presidency.
Thla baa been a day of tremendous excitement,
far exceeding In Its wsy anything that has been
seen here for years. The qneatlon of the President
ot the Itepnbllc, the question of the Ministry,
the question of M. Wilson, of the I're
ftct of Police and ot M. Ooroo, each one
sufficient In Itself to create, a lively stir
were all dlicusied with the ntmoat warmth, nut
only in the lobbies of tbe Chamber of Deputies,
but in every place ot public resort. No
one could give an opinion as to what
wonld happen. In the Lower Honse several Inter
pellations, possibly resulting In the defeat of the
Cabinet, were confidently expected. Then every one
was asking If a decided attempt would be made to
force M. Orevy'J hand. A Presidential and a Mln
laterlal crisis at one and the same moment were re
garded anything but unlikely. The animation with
which every Incident ot the Wilson affair was dis
cussed beggsrs sll attempt at description. It was
considered almost a foregone conclusion that the
Houao would sanction tho prosecution, bnt con
jectures were msde as to what would bo tho atti
tude of the Ministry. Alter M. Floquet had taken
hla placo In tbo Prealdenttal chair M. Ilouvler, M.
CUmenccau and M. Loekroy stepped np In tnrn
to confer with blm. M. Jules Ferry waa
to be seen conversing with M. Itouvler, and there
Was a buay bum until M. Floquot stood np snd
announced that he had received from the President
of the Council of Ministers a reqneat for permission
to prosecute M. Wilson. Tbe question waa sub
mitted to the House and almost unsnlmonaly voted.
Bo far so good. It wss Immediately understood
that the Ministry bad thrown M. Wilson overboard.
Tho orowd which bad gathered outaldo Incroued
and could almoat bo counted by thousands. There
was a strong force of police, and men hurried hither
ana thither commenting on the strange situation.
When the sitting waa resumed at 4. 80,
. tbe diplomatic box was as full as
could be, that of the President of the Re
publio being untenanted throughout the afternoon.
It waa known tbat a committee composod exclu
sively of Ittpubllcans bad been unanimous In ap
proving of the prosecution, snd when M. A chard,
tbe rcporteur of tbe committee, mounted tbe
tribune to read bis report, the excitement was at
its height. Tho report In Itself was very
brief, but It contained a document drawn
up and signed by the Procureur-Qoueral giving a
detailed account ot tbe substitution ot M. Wilson's
letters. The Procurour-Oeniral polntod out the
interest M. Wilson had In getting rid of
these compromising pspers. He showed how
II. Wilson hod declared the substituted let.
tera to be authentic and genuine, bow Mme.
Limousin bad denied bis assertion, snd bow tbe
watermark had borne eloquent witness against
him. The publlo prosecutor, therefore, asked for
permission to bring M. Wilson to trial.
Aficr M. Achard had resumod his seat 11.
Floquet asked If tbo discussion should begin at
once. "Yes I" was the cry raised from
every corner of the Honse. But for a few
moments no one came forward. Then M.
Goblet, late Prime Minister, asoended the trib
une aud tn a few words expressed bis
opinion tbat the oase did not warrant sneb
a step. M. Wilson bad been to blame, but
he had been guilty of no crime, and be for one
would not vote for his prosecution. There was
another pause, and then M. Ulllerand, a young Re
publican member, took up the running. Publlo
conscience, he declared, bad been wounded by this
succession ot scandals. All were equal before the
law. Thla principle seemed to bavebeen set at
naught, but the Ilepubllean party must show tbst
It was to be maintained. It waa a question of Its
own credit, and he wonld vote for the prosecution.
Tbla was all.
M. Floquet put tbe queatlon promptly to the
House. The votes were taken and counted la ten
minutes, and amid breathless allenco the Preatdcnt
announced that W7 members bad voted for and only
thrco against the prosecution. Tbe result of the vot
ing produced another sensation. No one could bave
ventured to predict that the Chamber would, to all
Intents and purpoacs, pronounce unanimously In
favor of M. Wilson's proseoutlon. The Cabinet,
which was expected to put In a word for the Ely
s6e, had held aloof. What will M. Orevy say T
wss the one question whioh every one asked,
first In lobbies and then outside. For the sitting
had Immediately broken up, and eager groups bad
collected to dlacuas the sltnatton. It was consid
ered Impossible that M. Urcvy could persist In re
maining at tho Eljnie.
M. Wilson moved the lait of but personal effects
from the Klysio Palace to bis new honse to-day. I
met blm this afternoon. He seemed quite uncon
cerned, and was calmly smoking a cigarette
M. de Falllerea, the Minister ot tbe Interior, has
demanded the resignation of M. Oragnon, the
Prelect of Police, who Is incriminated In tbe
abstraction from the Palace of Justice of the now
famous WUsoa letters. M. Bourgeois, an official
of tho Department of the Interior, and a man of
undoubted integrity, has been appointed In but
A Sanpplng.Turtle In Her Htoraacb.
Cmcxoo, Nov. 17. Miss ltendsn, a French
maiden, nineteen yoara old, who resided on For
quer street, was burled on Wednesday, Her death
was unexpected. Although tbo young lady bad
been tubject to violent spasms and fits of vomiting
for many dsys, no doctor wa able to dlsoover the
cause of her death. On the day before ber death
she waa seised with a very violent paroxysm. There
was a choking aenaatlon, and finally there vu
foroed from her atomacb a live young anspplng.
turtle with a shell as large as a silver half dollar.
Dr. Hutchinson said the patient became uncon
scious and almost Immediately began to swell up In
ber limbs like oue afflicted with tbe dropsy, bho
never rallied. The dootor hu tbe turtle in alcohol.
It Is a perfect specimen of Its kind, and It la be
lieved that It grew from a germ swallowed In water
from Lake Michigan.
The Oldest Woman In tbo Htate.
Nkwbcbo, Nov. 17. Mrs. Winifred Eagsn, of
Wilbur, Is probably the oldest person In the Htate
of New York, and she la Buffering from a cold that
may shorten ber Ule considerably. Mrs. Eagan
waa born In County Kings, parish ot tbe Keren
Churches. Ireland, 10S years ago, and came to
America thirty-five yeara since. Up to a few weeks
ago she was In comparatively good health. Her
weight Is not over ninety pounds. While she has
not a tooth tn ber mouth, she baa not stbstltntsd
false teetb and she sees fairly well without glasses.
A few yeara ago ahe could see to tbread the Dneat
needle. Last week, although ailing, she paid a
visit to some friends residing In the vicinity of ber
home who are over ninety years of age. Her appe
tite is falling and hei entire system seems to be
succumbing to the ravages of time.
Makes Them Knit Their Drows.
(IVos (At LouiMitU CbsriWtfwniat.
The President of a knitting company baa de
faulted and disappeared, It Is a sockdolager to bis
Itavllroada Advance the Cost of Transporta
Ion What a Dealer Hays.
There Is bat little chance of a reduction In the
price of coal, notwithstanding the fsot tbat the
coal men said that when the quantity of coal now
being shipped to tbe West was brought to the sea
board the increased supply here wonld lessen the
ooattothe consumer. Ten railroads have given
notice that they will charge 23 cents more a
ton than heretofore, ami thla operates to keep the
price up. Tbe price of cosl delivered here from
tbe mines Is Increased over that of last year, the
figures for the different kinds being as follows r
Broken coal, taw to fl. 76 per ton; Isatyesr, tiM
tof-1.13; egg cosl, 14.15 tofi. 40; last year, 13. 63 to
1416; stove coal, N.S5 to 14. 40! last year, H. 03 to
U. CO; nut coal, M. 10 to 16; last year, $3. 65 to 13. 85;
pea coal, 12. C3 to 13. la; last year, 12.10 to 2, 30.
The range In prices Is due to the different minus
from which the fuel Is taken.
"About this time cad year," said one of the
email dealers lu coal yesterday, "wo expect to
hear of trouble at tho mlucs, of lack of transporta
tion on tbo railroads, of the prospects of the canals
freezing, Ao. , all of which Is going to make coal very
dear durlug tne coming winter, snd dealers liko
myself, who cannot ordinarily purchase more than
a single boatload, aro obliged to pay a trine higher.
The dealera with large stocks on hand, and who
have contracted for several boatloads, do what
they can to give currenoy to these rumors of a
frospectlve rut In trice, ao aa to Indncesucb of
heir customers as usually purchase a year's supply
at one t me to hasten their orders, and by this
means the atook In tho yards la reduced and there
Is room for thst In boat which la expected,
and the dealer thus avoids paying demurrage for
the boat. Tbe fact is, as stated lu The Would last
Monday, that ordinary stove coal la from 7s cents to
II a ton higher than It waa during tho summer, or
than It was last year at this time; but I see no rea
son for believing that It will- go any higher during
the winter. This rise in price cnecks sales to some
extent, and men who would have ordered, say ten
tons, will only order oue or two tons, preferring to
take the chance of the future market, and this tends
to prevent any scarcity and prevents any rise In
"As to tbe very poor people, those who or
dinarily cannot afford to purchase more than a
bushol or a pall at ono time pay very much more
than tbe current rate, and tho price per pall does
not vary more than a cent or two the year
round. The price at present Is nine cents per pall,
and possibly on the strength of tho reports In the
papers ot a probable coal scarcity these small deal
ers may advance the prlco to ten oents per palL
Now, as there are from 103 to 110 palls In a too. you
will see that this advance ot one cent per pali will
much more than cover any rise that there will
probably lie In tbe wholesale price. These small
dealers are scattered thickly all through tbo east side
of the city and In some localities on the west side.
They have their coal In cellars and seldom havo
more than two or three tons on hand at a time, and
in very many cases they contraot with a large
dealer to Bell them coal for a certain price during
the year, giving them Just what they have room for
In their bins. All the .corner groceries also soil
coal In this manner, and to the very poor tho differ
ence per pall will not vary to any appreciable ex
tent. A scare.lt I may call It so, nuru dealers
like myself more thsn any others, because we who
hsvo but llttlo room tn our yards, and but limited
capital, can't buy more than a boatload and bave
to pay an Increased prlco, while we can
only chargo tbe same rate as Is charged
by the large retailors, who nave big
Blocks In their yards and wbo have contracted
with the companies for future supplies. I do not
expect to ce the retail price go above tu for
ordinary or t7 for the beat qualities during the
coming winter. Even It It should go, say, a dollar
u ton, above these figures It cannot make more
than $3 or as difference to the ordinary houso
holdor, for tho largo majority of families do not
burn more than five or six tons during the cold
sosaotu To the large operators, however, wbo
deal In thousands of tons, sn lncreaso of even a
half dollar a ton means a large amount of money,
and benco they are not averse to creating a feeling
of uneasiness which may Justify them In claiming
and receiving this advance, and they are tbo ones.
In my opinion, who are spreading these reports ot
a probable scarcity of coal."
A Desperate Fight Iletwccn a float's Crew
and a Monster Flnbnck.
Pbovikcitoww, Mass, Nov. 17. Tbo whaling
steamer Lizzie N. , Capt. West, which bas been en
gaged In tbo finback whale fishery on tho eastern
coast this season, on Oct ft, when about fifteen
miles esst-southesat from Bcgoln Island, off the
coast ot Maine, saw a large lone whale ot that
species and attempted Its oapture. A boat was
lowered and manned by Copt. West, his mate and
fonr seamen. Capt. West, with a large, heavy
whale gun In which was an explosive bomb lance,
took the breaob of tbe boat while the mate steered.
Upon approaching the whale It was seen that bo
would ue an ugly customer to deal with as he
showed no Inclination to ran, but kept slowly
milling around, evidently watting to be attacked.
When the boat was near enough to warrant a
shot Capt. West fired the gun, but as the sea waa
rough the motion of the boat destroyed theao
ouraoy of the aim. The whale was badly wounded,
bnt not In any vital part. The whale then made
for the boat, and In passing under It struck It with
hu flukes, throwing It some thirty feet Into tbe sir
with Its crew. As tbe boat descended the whsle
again struck It with his tall and completely demol
ished the boat and killed one of the crew, Jacob
Klook, cutting him completely In two. Tbe whale
thsn commenced to bite and strike with his tail at
the pieces of the boat, killing two more men, Nesl
Olseu and Chris. Johnson, wbo were supporting
themselves on pleoes of the wreok. Capt. West,
tho mate and the other men were safely taken
aboard the steamer and another boat was lowered
to capture the monster.
Then the whale attacked the steamer. Bv a quick
turn of the rudder the steamer cleared him by a
few feet. This occurred a second time, and the
swell which was created by the whale's tall back
Into the water knocked all on board off their feet.
By throwing over an lmmenae cask, at which the
whale, thinking It waa the ship, kept bucking away,
the captain was enabled to get a shot with the bomb
lance, and finally the whale was killed. When tbe
whale was brought ashore, R. F. Pierce, of Chicago,
tiought him and will exhibit blm through the
West. A large car to transfer him has been built
at an expense ot ft, 000.
Benjamin C. Tunlson, Formerly In Practice
In New York and Jersey City.
srxcui, to Tint wonm.1
Jacksonville, Fls., Nor. 17. Benjamin C
Tunlson, a practicing attorney here, was arrested
this evening on a charge of securing money from
tbo Drew UarJwaro Company under false pre
tenses. Tunlson has been building a house, and
be purchased hla supplies ot them. On Oct. SI he
gave them a draft on bis father, Rev. Wm. Tnnl
son, ot Orange, N. J., tor S1S3.E&. On Nov. She
went Into their atore, took a letter from his pocket
and stated that hu fstber had written him that the
draft waa paid. Thereupon, after deducting about
IS wblce he owed, tbey gave him the balance, 1 123.
The draft waa returned yesterday dishonored, with
no explanation.
A warrant was Issued tor bis arrest to-day, and
be waa taken Juat aa be stopped on the ferry-boat to
go out ot towu. lie expressed great Indignation at
the arrest, snd said be could prove by lettera at bis
borne that all waa perfectly square. Be waived ex
amination before the Jusuoe, and as be asked time
to secure this evidence, tbe trial waa postponed till
Saturday. Tunlson came bere a year ago and Uvea
at Chaaevllle, a suburb six miles out He claims to
bave praotlaed law all bis life In New York and
Jersey City In New York with Judge Gardiner In
the Equitable Building, and In Jersey City at No. 81
Montgomery street. Ills conduct while here has
beeu all right so far aa known, and there Is great
surprise expressed at this episode.
ii m
Tbe Queen's Servants Dressed In " Kilts.",
irtom IA X4sMbv(AM.) Journal.
Tho Queen's fanay for tbe Highland dress bas
brought It Into the highest fashion. As soon aa aba
goes np to Balmoral every servant Is at onoe put In
kilts. As for the royal princes, they are extremely
fond of the Highland costume, and even tbat
round-faced Teuton, Prince Henry of Battenberg,
cornea out as a bare-legged Highlander. They all
wear the Stuart tartan. Tbe Queen always goes to
Balmoral lor the 2cth of August (the Prince con
sort's birthday) and remains until she goes to.Wlnd
sor for Christmas. Often she returns in the Spring
before going to Osborne. For ouce she snd her
children and grandchildren are agreed tbat Bal
moral Is the plcasanteat It not tbe grandest of all
tbe royal residences of Great Britain. Tho Queen
hu a beautiful dairy, supplied by Ayrshire cattle,
of wbicb she is very .proud. There are numerous
comfortable atone cottages on tho estate, and the
Queen's tenants are very well satisfied with their
holdings. The vlllsge of Cratbie Is Just outside of
the park gste, and la thrifty as well as picturesque.
The Queen goes to " Ktrk " and takes a cup of tea
at the " manse " with the clergyman's wife.
Chimney and Cannon Combined.
( Parti.
A aerman bas invented a new kind of chimney
whioh can be taken down and used as cannon In
tine et war.,
The Maine Man Una Not Abandoned Hope
for the Ilepubllean I'nvty Yet Another
Chapter In the Potestpd Ilomnnee Jay
Oonld Disappoints the Ports DroUers
Bernhardt' New Play, " ta Tosoa."
Corvrtght, 1887, ly Tht rrtit rvbUtMnt Cmpany IJTtw
rorh World).
Paris, Nov. 17. Ex-Gov. Bsldwln, of Mlohlgsn,
Is here for a few days, He will leave next week
for Nice and proceed thence to winter In Egypt.
Ex-Oov. Baldwin was present at Dr. Evans's recep
tion to Mr. Blaine the other night. He seems to
think that Mr. Blalue feels tho result ot tho recent
elections In New York very keenly. Mr. Blaine,
however, bas not shown any vlslblo signs ot cha
grin, and although he Is not communicative on the
subject, docs not seem to have abandoned hope for
tbe Ilepubllean party.
Mr. Hheldon, of Brooklyn, bas also been bere for
some time. Mr. Uheldon, who claims to have
spoken to Mr. Blsliie on tbe subject of tho recent
elections, says that be feels tbe defeat In New
York, and thst be Is doubtful of Ilepubllean vie
tory In 1B83. John K. Ally bas confirmed this
statement In private conversation. Mr. Blaine,
however, seems perfectly serene, and docs not ap
pear to trouble himself much about politics.
Auotber cbsptor has beeu added to tbo romantic
history of Mme. de Potestad, whose strange mar
rlagetothe dying Marqula last year, in Washing,
ton, created auoh a sensation. Mtqp. de Potestad
was a Miss Wright, who had married Mr. Bratton,
from whom, after living unhappily with him, she at
length separated, Mr. Bratton disappeared mys
teriously and baa never since been heard of. Mrs.
Bratton obtained a divorce on the plea of destfrtlon.
One child was born of the union. A rioh and titled
relative of Mr. Bratton reoently died, and title
and money are Inherited by tbe little son ot Mme. de
Potestad. Mme, de Potestad and ber mother, Mrs.
Wright, are living very quietly In a cottage In
Brittany this winter.
Mr. Jay Gould la here st the notel Bristol. He
will rema In but a few days, ne was Invited to Dr.
Evans's reception, but did not go. ne has kept
very quiet and bas not appeared on the Bcnrse, to
the great disappointment of tbe Parisian broken.
Saturday next will be tbe famous first night,
when Sarah Uernbardt produces "La Tosoa,' Sar
dou's new play, at tne Theatro Porte Saint Martin.
On tbe same night the first production of "La
Sourls " will be given at the Comedle Francalae,
Mr. William Tllden, of New York, and Mr. Cho
tean and family, of St. Louis, are among the new
Amerloan arrivals here.
Mr. Fowderly nnd Other General Assembly
Officers Preparing- for lis Isaac.
PmLADKUTiu, Nov, 17. Labor Is to bare a na
tional organ, probably, within the next few
months. At the recent General Assembly session
a commltteo consisting of Mr. Powderly, Secretary
Lltchman, Treasurer Turner and Secretary Hayes,
of the Executive Board, wero given power to act
In establishing such a newspaper. Mr. Lltchman,
who bos had editorial experlenoe, It Is thought,
will beoomo lu editor. Ono ot tho committee men
tloned said to-day i
A large number of our members favor a dally
nowspaper, and It Is probable that the movement
will resnlt In a great dally at a later day. At this
time tho proposition Is to tnrn tho Journal af
United Labor Into a large weekly newspaper. In
order to do this much work will be required, and It
Is not likely that the change will be effected for sev
eral months. A plant will have to be purchased,
and many other things will bave to be looked after,
Including the securing ot a good staff of editors,
business men, Ac Wo will not go fast
There Is no doubt In my mind tbat
the time Is not fsr distant when a big
dally paper will be published by the order.
Savers! propositions have been made. One su gges
tlon Is that a pater be eatabllshed to Issue from five
different cities each morning. This does not ap
pear to be practloaole. As I said before we will go
Blow and by tbe time tbe dally Is a fact we will
know just what to do. The weekly will start with
a circulation ot fully SO. 000. I bellevo It will reach
the 60, 000 mark Inside ot three months. It may go
tar beyond that figure, as a great effort will be
made In every local assembly In tho order to in
crease the number of subscribers. The price will
probably be tl per year. We oannot go beyond
that figure, as the General Assembly made that
amount the limit The paper will bo published In
this city. "
Dr. Crater looses Two Members of Ills Family
Almost Hlinultaneously.
Affliction rested heavily on Dr. James Craig, of
Jersey City, yesterday, for within one hour bis sis
ter aud his wife died In bis arms. Dr. Craig u a
prominent physician of Jersey City, and lives at
No. 07 Fourth street. Ills sister Jessie has for a
long time made her borne with the doctor,
bhe baa for years been suffering from cancer.
Tbo doctor's wlfo, Mrs. Craig, bas also been
an Invalid Buffering from valvular disease of the
heart. AH that bis skill could do to prolong their
lives the doctor did. About 7 o'clock yesterday
morning Mlaa Craig died.
Soon he was summoned to snother room whero
bis wife lay dying. Her slster-ln-law'sdeath bad so
affcoted her that her disease bad been aggravated
aud her end hastened. In less thsn an hour from
the time when Miss Jessie Craig died Mrs. Craig
was also dead.
Dr. Craig has a family of three daughters and a
son, the latter a young man of about twenty-seven,
who Is a practising physician In partnership with
his father. .
Mlaa Jessie Craig was fifty-six years of age and
Mrs. Craig was forty-nine. They were both born
In Scotland. The double funeral will take place
from Dr. Craig's home.
s m
Abaolute I'rtiof.
fVon (A HtngfiawtoH JfrjiuMtran.
A critic declares that tbe Muses bsd nothing to
do with the production of Audron's operas. He
argues superficially. Olivette Is made to sing an
air with tbo refrain "no, no, not" Reasoning,
after the mannor of Ig. Donnelly, this proves the
presence of the tuneful neln.
m as
Men of Pence.
IFrotn le LouintlU CovrtiT'Journat, at
The brass-band In tbe London riot retreated
hastily. These peaceful gentlemen appear not to
havo been Inclined to give blow tor blow.
English Merino Underwear.
Call special attention to
their Fall Importation of
this celebrated lino of
Underwear in all weights,
suitable for tho season for
Dion, women aud children.
Theso goods will not shrink
or wash up in knots, and
are equal Co any manufac
tured. An examination is
also invited of a complete
lino of tho celebrated
which, for its excellent
aualitios, has won a roputa
lon throughout tho world.
1 Broadway.-nndJJULth..St
Will not rub, crock, soil tho
skin or clothing, or turn
gray in washing.
Sold in Now York City only by
I All k CO.
I8tii Street, I9tli Street anil
6th Avenue.
(1 8th St. Station Elovatod Road.)
48 W. 14th and 47 and 49 W. 13th,
TO-Monnow, Friday, nov. is, we will
1,000 Ladle' all-wool Jaokets, $3.40.
3,000 others at $2.05, (3.98 and 94.03.
500 Ladlsa' all-wool Newmarketa, at 88.05.
500 othara-fin.r at 87.05 and $8.05i
200 all-wool Raglans, 98.05 and $10.05.
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Fine Seal Plash Wraps, at 12.05.
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Ultra large all-wool Shawls, Jl. 60 and $3.60.
Ladles' all-wool Salts, $5.05, $8.95 and $10.05.
Doable-width Diagonals, color and black, 13Xo.
Doable-width Engliah Plaids and Checks, 13Mo.
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Rich Quilted Linings, 20 color., 39c.
Furniture Cretonnes, new designs, ojje.
Best American Dress Prints, 37c.
Best Indigo Blues, warranted fast, O&o,
Real India Striped Seersuokers, 8H'o.
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Battona, Ac.
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great bargain.
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Also remnanU of Table Damask, Napkins, Towelling,
Sheeting and Shirting Muslin.
To-morrow (Friday) Bargain Day at the lowest prices
ever beard of.
A Nonuvenarlan Pedestrian.
llrom la. ttidmoni IHipaUk,
Capt, Robert A. Androws, the oelcbratod pedes
trian ot Sumter. S. C, ia In tbe cltv, stopping with
friend on lower tWaln street, ne Is now In hla
nlnetv-elshth year, having been born July 4, 1790.
He Is jet erect and active, and loos to be twenty,
flvo years jounfrer than he really Is, and talks as
clearly as a man of half his years. The Captain Is
partially bald, and his remaining hair Is Cray not
wntte. Capt. Andrews Is n native of Sumter.
When quite young be worked In the shipyards at
Bostou, and the rest of bis life be has followed
the trade of carpentering and house-baildlnir.
ne bss been twice married, and bis last
wife now lives In Sumter, where they bave eight
grown children. Tbey have one also living In
Boston, and three (two of whom lived to be growu)
are dead. This great pedestrian, known through
out the entire country, has walked all tbe way
from the Golf of Mexico to the Canadian line. He
S assert through lucbmood isst year en route for
oston where ho spent most of the time since then.
lie has with him his eeven-ycar-okl dog Fldo,
which has beeu travelling with hint for the past
five years, The canine Is very watchful and bis
master prizes him highly. When on a tour from
city to city the Captain hu his baggage sent by ex
press. Ho expects to leave Richmond, Friday and
will reach borne by Cbnatmas. Capt Andrews
has sun every President that bas occupied the
White Homo during We perlodot bis life except,
Handkerchiefs, Laces, Note Paper, &o.t
Sachet Powder
Legally Guaranteed to Hold Iii Odor
Give TIIIM country a trlnl for a chance.
i,riN&rAMfl, UAV' ouWBi
Elegant and Artlstlo Paper Pnolccts,
Decorated Metal Caskets containing
ono ounce, 25c.
Decorated Metal Caskets containing
1-4 pound, OOo.
Do not allow any ona to parsnada yoa otherwise, field
by almost all daalars throachout the United States.
It ANY dracjrtst refaees to supply yoa. yoa can Da
BOUK of aetUmr what yoa AKK FOR at th DHT.
rect FROM
. AT 853 6T1I AVK.. NEW YORK.
B85 Washington street, and
65, 67 and 59 Clarkson street, N. T.
Descriptive Catalogue and Price List
nulled freo on application,
Spellman's Hats.
"""iiiilifrliT "" l"" TT"
AtuMBHsBaMLHssBst ltatoq tkiViadlMrvtlsMf c
IP. i imlM' Caritm to emir
jMCN QNlV -afllUhi KtatTt brlhU Wtn tawmt
MnCdflKfttflTRip, BCLT80mifeHT!
3esYS9fnSjSJSSB alu for ula aTwdfit pari,llsms
aOoaUaaaaa, auRBoptUaf Carraat ! KUrTBIUTV limit alb
tint rarta rutortai tkra to Health nVliorou BtrfasrU
flcotris Oarraal f.llliiuaUr or w tVMl (UCO Cu tmIH
pro.CM.au ovor all othor Dolu. Wortl oaMf rBKStlltSTLX
rikjtDliiTkroolloatko. B.olKl IHupM.ll o.ol .mop, aidrou
MISFIT CARPETS. Ron, Door Mats and Iinoleom
Tery cheap at 113 Fulton St., basement floor.
At Auction. f
Greit Auction, Sept. SO,
Will be disposed of at private aale on easy tarmstot
Aaenta always at branoh office, on premises, ooraetw
Naosan and Humboldtsts., Groeopolnt, to show tho lots,
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or 3J3 Fulton at.. Brooklyn.
new repeating action, win the admiration of tne
moat critical ! aee them beturo yoa bay i sold nnmonuuy
payments. Eatey l'iano Warerooma. B Eaat lath at.
A NUMBER OF GRAND, nprlsht and aquar pianos
ijL ot oar make. sllghtTi used, .almost aa Koodaa ne.
end folly warranUd, will bo sold at a llbejal redocttofl
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BARGAINS IN PIANOS at Llndeman A. Bm warj
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one Quarter's music lessons freej rent only 85 senator
catalogue. Peek A Bon. 316 West iTth st.. corner ll'way.
TTOMffiOPATHY A dlaeane may be from one of many
tl causes, exhibit very different symptoms, andtM
medicine curing one oaae rosy make another ?"
Every one can aee tho truth of this. The medlolne,tnen,
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puta Itself In a eurloas category. HnF,0IP,J7irS
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GAS EXTRACTING BOo. t without gee. SSo. RfsoTsal
gold fillings from 81 upward. Bnf tflfllng Mo. up.
BetsoV, 8, mBand13. No. oharge for gas eitractlnl
when others are to be made. Hours, 8 A, Mito a .
Sundays to 1 P. M. N. Y. Dental O..., S03 othavCi
second dour south of 14th at., opposite Macy's.
Never Declines.
yyom IAS Jf Ifiaerg roil.
The Philadelphia papeia aro dlsoasslnj thej"
cllne of beauty among the girls of that city. Tnll
discover was made a good while ago bj outsiders,
bat there Is really no reason for making the otlrij
feel bad bj telllnir them about It. There Is onl
ono element in Philadelphia that never docllne-
her young men vrhon asked to take a drink.
Loulavllln MaUea a Hecord.
from fAi Covritr Journal,
LonlSTUle still leads. An umbrella stoles from
pall-rack was recovered within twenty-four hoars.
Where Is there auothe? city with snen a Jjeft '
Indeed, is not this tho first stolen upwUUUI M
crei toten recovered I

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