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JlAxiuL Ww wWW ilATJiA. 1
JIo Followed III Wife, tie Say, tit Justice
Crossman' House only to be Thrown Into
tbe Street nnil Pounded Tho .Insllcc'
Version Different from Mr. Do (Iron"'
Terr Horlou Charge Made by Doth Men.
Jersey City bos a sensation to talk over to.
day, the result of tho arrest of Justlco Henry
0. Grossman this morning on a, charge
of assault and hottery raado by Josso Do
Groff.n vvoll-known Newark nvenuo merchant,
Tho arrest is tho outcomo of n scandal con
corning throo of tho most highly connected
families on Jorsoy Oity Heights, and tho ro
milt will probably bo two divorco suits, ono
of which has alroady bocn commonccd.
Jesso Do Or off in his complaint against
Jtifitico Crossman soys that he called on tho
latter at his homo on Court IIouso place,
Wednesday night to follow his wife, who
was at the houso, and to accuse tho Justlco of
undue intimacy with her during her frequent
visits at hiB homo. Ho says that Crossman
followed him to the street and struck him
repeatedly in tho faco with some sharp in
strument. Ho procured a warrant from
Jnstico Aldridgo Inst night.
JubUco Crossman, when arrested, declared
that Mrs. Do Groff's visits wore professional,
os she was preporing to prosocuto her bus
band for alleged oruol trcatmont. Ho then
stated that Do Groff had boon unduly
intimato with Mrs. Carrio E. Wills, who fs
now suing for a divorco from her husband,
Henry E. Wills, a prominent young lawyer,
beforo Chancollor McOill. Justice Crossman
says that ho can produco five witnesses who
saw tho coutilo together at a Union Hill ro
eort on Sunday, Aug. 14
Tho Justice's version of tho wholo scandal
ous complication is that Mrs. Wills's suit for
freedom is brought about by her dosiro
to join Do Groff, and that tho lat
, ter's alleged cruel treatmont of his wife
lias been designed as n provocation for di
vorce Mrs. De Groff had boon disposed to
realize her husband's ideas by a suit, and hod
boon in consultation with him for sonio timo
preparing for such a stop.
De Grolf's accusation of criminal intimacy,
tho Justice says, is utterly false. Ho states
that tho course Do Groff hag taken has de
cided in his mind his own courso that of ex
posing the wholo of tho Bcandal which ho
Jiromisod to make moro spicy in tho near
Mrs. Do GrofTs suit is now a certainty,
nnd with both this and tho Well'B suit in
progress at once Jorsoy City's bump of gos
sip is likely to be considerably enlarged.
It is said that Lawyer "Wells has found
plenty of news in Justlco Grossman's story
nnd that ho will oppose his wifo's suit with
consequent energy.
Jesse Do Groff was not at his etoro on New
ark avenue, this morning, and could not bo
found by Tni Would reporter.
A JHanoftteturar of floods for Hnrlndllas
Fnrpoe dot a Iean In Court.
William Suydam, of 63 Nassau street, who
Vho has gftinod somo notoriety of late
through his advertisements and circulars
representing that ho manufactured and sold
" crooked " goods for tho use of sporting
jnen whoroby innocent persons might be
victimized, called at tho Tombs Polico Court
this morning. Ho was aocompaniod by Capt.
William McLoughlin, of tho Old slip notice
station, who said to Justice Kilbroth
that Suydam had called several times
At the station-house and urged him to
arrest one of Suydam's employees who.it'was
alleged, had gono off with tho proceeds of tho
salo of a quantity of his swindling imple
ments. Amounting to 8100, which had been
turned over to him by expross companies in
"C. O, D." envelopos. Suydam then mount
ed the stand in front of the Justice's desk,
and repeated tho story told the Captain, and
asked for a warrant for the arrest of the al
leged dishonest employoo.
v' Are you tho man who advertises tho salo
of Implements made for tho swindling of
people ?" asked tho Court.
"Yes, sir, blandly replied Suydam.
" And you admit that you manufacture and
Sdvortiso for Bale goods made expressly for
lie purpose of swindling T" again askod the
Justice, viewing the applicant soarchingly.
"Well, as to that, Your Honor," Bald
Suydam, " I don't want to admit anything
that I may be called to account for here
after." " Very well, sir: you will understand that
this Court cannot bo used by you for the pur
pose of aiding you in your nefarious scheme,
nnd for tho collection of money derived from
tho sale of goods to thiovos, Bwindlors and
tho like"
Ilobbed of Iler Money and Ticket at tbe
Outset or Her Trip to Ireland.
Newabk, Nov. 25. Hosa MoGoo, a young
Irish woman, told tho polico at headquarters
last night that she had been robbed of a tin
box containing all the monoy sho possessed
and a ticket to Ireland.
Tho girl had lived as a servant in German
town, Fa., and, having saved monoy enough,
Was going on a visit to her nativo soil. Sho
Btoppod in Newark to visit somo friends and
went to tho station lost night with tho box to
board tho train. Sho left the box on a seat
and turned to look at the placards. When
tho train arrived the box was gone.
Tho box was stamped on tho inside with
1 tho namo of Ellen Oonners. Tho polico will
endeavor to Beouro hor passage to tho other
m m
It m Not a Case of Arson.
5 Cntcioo, Nov. 23. A despatch from Joltet says
that tho verdict In tbe case of the California Inaur-
' anee Company against the Lambert .V Bishop
'Wire Fence Company, for tbs recovery or insuranco
loaaes, it th.t the plaintiff bad no cause ot action.
Cnartea of arson were preferred by White, in tbe
employ ol tbe wire company, wbo claimed to bavo
done tbe firing at the order of bis employers.
This ends tbe case and White will be prosecuted
for perjury.
i Knifed at a Church Festival.
Cobdihtowh, N. J., Nov. 83, William nail, a
j colored man In tbe employ of Edward Sweet, pro
, prletor ot a livery Btabla bere, waa stabbed In tho
left breast In Mount Zlon A. JI. K. Church during
a festival held there laal night by another colored
nun. whoso name be has not as yet made known.
It la thought that an arrest will be made this alter
Telernpblo Brevities.
. KurFAto, Nov. sa. William Leitcr, tho long-
and-danco man, was married yesterday to Mlsa
Annie Hart, the serlo-comlo actroi.
Atlanta. Nov. is. - " Yellowatono Kit," a
patent-medlclne vender, has taken the stump for
the wet ticket, ana it looks as If be was going to be
JiiiIhc llnrrrtt Order Hint to Tnrn Over
817t70U.Sl of Oilier 1'cople'a Money.
In tho suit of Fostor against Roclio. tho
rofori'0, James Kcnrnoy, has been diroctcd
by Judgo Harrett to forthwith doposit tho
sum of $17,709.51, with which ho Is chnrgo.
oblo. Tho Judgo says: " Tho statement In
Kearnoy's nflldavit that tho only monoy was
realized from tho salo of 17 Great Jones street,
and tho lions and encumbrances thorcon aro
moro than sufllciont to oxhaust tho wholo fund
realized from tho salo, is shown very clearly
to bo falso." Counsel are requested to sub.
mit this nflldavit and these papers to tho
District-Attorney, w 1th n viow to proper con
sideration of tho question, whethor thoy
should not bo prosentod to tho Grand Jury.
Thoy should also bo bIiowii to tho General
Ex-Judgo Langbein. as special guardian for
tho four infant children of Elizabeth Mo.
Evoy, asked Judgo Ilarrottto direct James
Kcnrnoy to dopoi.lt 1,211.83. tho amount of
a trust cstnto held by him for tho benefit of
tho McEvoy children. Judge Langbein
claimed that Kearney had never filed any bond
notwithstanding his statement that ho had
dono so. It is said that Kearney assorted
that his bondsmen wore Deputv Sheriff l'cter
McGiuncs and cx.Judgo McQnndo. To
provo that this was not so, counsel for tho
children produced nffldnvits of theso gentle
men in which they deny that they were
Kearnoy's sureties in this trust.
Ex-Judgo Langbein also made on affidavit
in which ho said that in tho prcsonco of ox
Judgo Davis, beforo whom as rofereo Kearnoy
appeared on an accounting of tho trust,
Kcnrnoy says that tho fund was safe. Tho
affiant, liowovor, expressed tho fear that tho
money was in danger and prayed that (ho
Court would order tho monoy to bo de
posited. Docision was resorved.
More Mlsln Faenacra Accounted for by
the Htenmahlp's Agent.
At tho offlco of tho Netherlands-American
Steamship Company a cablegram was re
ceived this morning, by Agent Vnn den Toon,
correcting the list of passengers of tho
wrecked steamship W. D. Scholten, and
saying that tho following of that number
bavo been saved : Henry Kenyon, Gustav
IJromonsky, Hermann Huselor, Gustav Will,
Giuseppo do Uertolini, Pctor JomchowBki,
Max liocker, Janos I'echcmjo, Jouos Takaso,
Johaun Gund, Andreas Altka, Hermann
It is also stated that tho W. A. Scholten
will bo blown up as the vessel as sho now is
impedes navigation and ns thoro is littlo
chanco of raising hor. Tho mails havo bocn
recovered. It is probablo that tho Scholten's
passengers will be brought to this city on tho
steamor P. Caland, of tho eamo lino, which
leaves Rotterdam to-day.
Tho father and tho brother of Henry Ken
yon called nt tho steamship office thiB morn
ing and inquirod when the Lcerdom would
arrivo, as they expocted Henry on that ship.
Thoy were told that Henry was one of tho
Scholten's passengers, nnd word had just
beon received that he was among tho saved.
All of Them Except One Doing a HI Und
ue Downtown To-day. .
The buckct-Bhops are in full blast to-day
with tho exception of Todd's Exchange, nt
60 Now Btreot. Tho Standard Stook Co., at
88 Now street, which is probably tho largest
bucket-shop in tho city, was orowded, and
although businoss did not seem very
actlvo, it was transacted without dis
guise and apparently without any dread of tho
polico. The managers of this claim that tho
law cannot reach them; that thoy do business
as tho Stock Exchange does, to the oxtcnt
that customers beginning an actual delivery of
stocks can bo accommodated and a provision
to that effect is in tho printod contracts they
make with customers.
Tho brothers Hartt, comprising tho firm of
nartt & Co., who wore arrested on Wednes
day and released on bail, are doing business
to day at tho same placo, 42 liroadway. It.
H. Hammond A Co,, a bucket-shop, which
gained unenvinblo notoriety about a year
ago, is in full blast at 40 Broadway. It. U.
Hammond was, it will be remembered, ar
rested in connection with a transaction in
Now England stock. Ho finally compromised
tho case with tho complainant.
General Worthv Foreman Orlmtli Say the
Head or the Knluht will Uetlre.
Chicago, Nov. 25. General Worthy Fore
man llichard Griffiths, of tho Knights of La
bor, whenaskod this morning regarding Pow
dorly's declaration that ho will declino re
election at Indianapolis next Novcmbor, said
he had reason to believe that such was the
Master Workman's resolve when at Minne
apolis. Griffiths would succeed Powderly if tho
latter loft his post for any reason beforo tho
end of his torm.
Regarding tho succession by eloction ho
doolined to speak other than to say that tho
right man would appear, though no one could'
worthily fill Powdorly's place. The chongo
must hurt tho order, but ho was sure
It would tako placo, as Powdorly was broken
down and disgusted and only romaiuod over
tho last convention to down tho Chicago and
New York radicals.
Judge Trunkcy'a Critical Condition.
PrrT8BCB0, Nov. . From private advices It
appear that the Illness of Hon. Jobn Trunkcy, of
tbe Pennsylvania Supreme Ilench, Is critical.
Early last spring Mr. Trunkey went to London,
England, where he has since been undergoing
treatment for catarrh, from which disease be baa
long been a sufferer. From a letter received from
lira, Tranky, who Joined her husband In Eneland
a short time ago, the information la obtained that
at a consultation or physicians It wa decided to
remove a portion of tho twne from tho nose of
the pitlent, an operation considered very dan
gcrout, wltn tbe cbancca about even aa to tno
patient's recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. George Could Westward Hound.
rarxciAL to thz world.)
riTTSBBno, Nov. 85. Ocorgc Oould and wlfo
wcro In tbe city this morning en route to tho Facino
Coast. Ho looka for a continuance of business
prosperity and places no reliance In tho stringent
money acare. The financial policy of the Adminis
tration Is commended by nnanceera with whom he Is
associated. Tno Missouri l'aclflo road, of which
he Is acting ITestdf nt, la doing Incrooaed business,
and, notwithstanding enlargement of capacity, It
la unable to take caro of Its business.
Married at Mllburn.
MllBUHN, N. J., Nov. S5. Mr. John Fisher, of
JIUburn, and Mlsa Maggie McCluakey, of Union,
were married In BU Itoso'a Church last evening by
the llev. D. F. MoCarthy, Mlsa Mamie Dempsey,
of Union, acted as bridesmaid and Mr. Joseph
Horau. of Mllburn, aa but man. After the cere
mony ilr. and Mrs. Fisher left for a trip to Bob
ton. They will lire In Muburn.
The IWnimmr of Nlbln' Garden Get an
t'sly Gnah on 111 Foreliend nnd I. nap
Home r III llulr In n Srrliinnnne In (he
Ilnrroom of tho Metropolitan Hotel The
llarkccpcr Arrested on Tno Cliarse.
Edward G. Gllmore, tho populnr manager
of Niblo's Garden, louugod bolilnd tho stngo
during tho first two nets of Jcfforson's " Hip
Van Winklo" lost evening. Ho had judici
ously placed a Bnug littlo sum on tho Yalo
football team, nnd tho news of tho victory
had put him in a good humor.
Ho gathered two or throo of his friends
togothcr during tho intermission botween tho
second nnd third nots nnd strollod into tho
bar of tho Metropolitan Hotel.
According to reliable persons very littlo
wino was drunk by Mr. Gilmoro or his
friends, but in tho courso of tho noxt half
hour a sanguinary encountor took placo bo
tween tho manager and John J. liyon, an as
sistant in tho wino room.
Mr. Gilmoro camo out of tho fight with a
gash across his forehead which will mark
him for life. It was caused by his
being thrown violently, faco forward,
against tho edgo of tho marble-topped
bar. Ho had many scratchoB nnd brulsos
on his faco and hands, and somo of
his gray hair was torn out hv tho roots. Tho
lobo of his loft ear wns almost bitten through
by ltynn and ho had also beon badly bitten
on the right hand.
The utmost efforts of tho bystanders could
not separato tho men until tho fight hnd
lasted nenrly a minute nnd the mischief was
done. Whon Policeman Hunter, of tho Mul
berry Rtreot station, entered tho barroom,
being attracted by tho shouts of tho combat
ant o nnd bystanders, ho found tho two men
struggling fiercely. Ilynn had ono hand on
tho manager's throat and with tho other ho
wos trying to tear out moro of Mr. Gilmorc's
hair. Hunter struck Ilyan with his club and
dragged him off to the station-house, Mr.
Gilmoro charging him with an unprovoked
Two of tho theatro attendants bathed Mr.
Gilmore's faco and bound his silk handker
chief over his forehead. Then Deputy
Sheriff John Bermingham, of 121 Crosby
street, ono of tho friends who
accompanied him into the bar,
put tho manager into a cab
and drovo to tho honso of Dr. H. J. Qnncken.
boss, 19 West Eighteenth street. His wounds
were proporly dressed, and ho was then
tnken to his rooms at tho Hotel Brunswick
and put to bed. N
It is very hard to get a full and intelligent
account of how tho trouble arose. Mr. Gil
man and his friends aro desirous of keeping
tho matter os quiet as possiblo, and tho liar
tenders and two hackmen who sympathize
with llyan scorn to be afraid to speak out.
When a Wobld reporter called ot tho
Brunswick this morning nud was admitted
to Mr. Gilmoro's room, Dr. Quackenbosn
was dressing his patient's wounds.
Mr. Gilmoro in n weak nnd fcoble voico
said that ho would profer not to talk just
at present, and roforrod tho reporter to
Deputy Sheriff Bermingham.
' I want to make only ono remark to tho
press," said he, " and that is that I never
nnd anything to do with this man ltynn
until lubt ovoning, and did not even know his
name until after thiB unfortunate affair."
Mr. Bermingham was seen in Gibson's sad
dlory store, but was very roluctant to givo
nny information. "Mr. Gilmoro was chat
ting very good-naturedly with myself
nnd two other gentlemen named Gray
and Sheridan," said ho, "when this man
llyan camo up to tho bar and spoke to tho
cashier. As no turned to leavo ho mado an
offensive remark to Mr. Gilmoro,
and before I knew what had hap
pened tho two mon wcro struggling all over
tho room. I throw myself between thorn,
but could not soparntn them. Ilyan struck
first, I bollovo, and then Mr. Gilmoro's blood
wns up. Ho wanted to hit llyan as badly
as llyan wanted to hit him. Ilyan was drunk
and wanted to pick a quarrel. That was tho
wholo causo of it. I will not Bay what was
the offensive remark which he made at first,
but, I nssnro you, it was ontiroly uncalled
for by any conduct on Mr. Gilmoro's
part. Mr. Gilmoro did not know Ryan until
oftcrwnrds, for his first remark after Ilyan
wns dragged off by tho policeman was:
'Who is this man, anyhow? I don't know
him. What is his namo V
"Mr. Gilmoro is rather peculiar in his
ways and he may have given previous offense
to ilyan in somo way, but he did not know it.
I havo heard that llyan wasonco in a higher
position in the hotel nnd that ho cherished a
grudge againBt Mr. Gilmoro.
llyan was arraigned beforo Judgo Pattor
Ron at tho Essox Market Court this morning.
Policeman Hunter mado an nflldavit that Mr.
Gilmoro charged the man with assault The
policeman on his part charged llyan with bo.
ing drunk ana disorderly.
A certificate from D. Quackcnboss stating
that Mr. Gilmoro's injuries woro so sorious
that ho was confined to his bed and that he
would not be ablo to appear for sovcral days.
Judge Patterson then committed llyan in
8to00 for examination Sunday morning.
Ilyan is a powerfully built man, thirty-two
years old. Ho is unmarried, and ho lives nt
305 East Twenty-fifth strcot. Ho did not say
n word whon ot tho bar, but afterwards
spoko to a WonLD reporter as fol
lows: "Mr. Gilmoro struck mo
first, and if the men who snw tho
affair wero not such cowards they would tell
the truth in my favor. I suppose thoy are
afraid for their positions. Mr. Gilmoro is a
rich man nud I am a poor ono. I supposo
ho will drivo mo to tho wall.
" My day's work ends at 8 o'clook In tho
ovoning, and I havo to turn in my book to
the enshier ovory night. I wont upstairs at
about 0.30 o'clock nnd put in my book
nt tho bar. I wished tho cashier good night
and was turning away when I camo close up
to Mr. Gilmoro. He said : ' Did you address
that remark to mo ?' I had mado no offonsi vo
remark and I said so, but ho pushed mo hard
and said if I did not get out ho would put mo
out. We had some words and ho struck mo
on tho mouth. I fell against tho bar and
hurt my head. Seo this."
He showed tho reporter an ugly wound on
the head.
" This mado me very mad," ho continued,
"and I went into tho fight for all I was
worth. Tho policomau clubbed mo, and
every ono seemed to be against mo. I hud
nover had any trouble with Mr. Gilmoro bo.
foro, and did not want to quarrel with him."
llyan got bail at tho station-house last
night, and bis bondsman continues to bo an
swerable for him.
George Btaygan, manager of tho wine
room, told the reporter that llyan, who had
boon in his employ a year and a half, was n
qniot and industrious man. Ho bald that
ilyan had boon drinking yesterday but was
not drunk.
Manager Gilmoro is a tall, thin, gray,
haired man, fifty years of age, less powerfully
built than Ryan. It is hiB Intention to pun.
ish his assailant as eovorcly as tho law will
A Forty-llve-Ycnr-Old Taller Arrurd of
Kldnniiplnii 111 (lid Friend' Danahtcr.
Peter Qutnn, a tailor, employed in St.
Joseph's Institute, Westchester County, wns
taken to Jefferson Market Police Court this
morning. It is supposed that ho is tho ob.
ductor of Rosaim Campbell, a girl fifteen
years old, who has been missing from her
since Oct. 30.
Tho girl lived with her father, James Camp,
boll, n tailor, at No. 303 Seventh avenue. The
night upon which sho was last seen sho left
her homo with her cousin, Mamie Sullivan,
of 11!! l'laco street, Grrpiipoint. Both rir'"
walked to Thirty-fourth street nud Sixth
ntemin. Mamie romombors to havo seen
Qulun, who is n man forty-live years of ago,
iu that neighborhood. Sho knuw Quinn, oh
he hnd been a member of the family for
fifteen years.
Mamie loft Rosana to go to her homo iu
Greeupoiut. Sho crossnd tho furry alone
nud, on reaching tho other Bido, was aston
ished to seo Rosamia and Quinu getting into
a Calvary Cemetery ear together. That was
tho last seen of tho girl.
East night Quinu railed at tho house of
Mr. Campbell, and (old tho father that ho
did not know anything about whore her
daughter was. Campbell had him nrrestuil
on it chtrgo of kidnnppiug. The nccUKcd told
the policeman tlint ho had a letter from tho
girl to her father tolling him that sho was all
Tho father said that Quinn was nt ono timo
a frequent visitor nt tho houso and paid par
ticular attention to Rosana. On July 4,
lHKfl, she was loft iu tho houso alono. Quinn
called nnd nftor ho left ho ilid not call again
for throo weeks. Mr. Campbell was told hy
Mrs. Thompson, n colored sonant in tho
houso, that thoro was something wrong going
on. After this the father armed himself with
n pistol nnd vowed that he would bo ro
venged. When Quinu returned to the house
he was ordered tii leave if ho alued his lifo.
To Justice Duffy, Quinu said he know uoth.
ing about tho whereabout)) of tho girl. Ho
was remanded:
Her LotiB Absence from Heme n. Painful
Mystery to All Her Friend.
Nothing has yot beon hoard of Miss Mary
Jane Lynn, who walked out of her sister's
houso, 514 West Twcnty.first Btroet, last
Tuesday ovoning and disappeared as mysteri
ously as if tho sidewalk had swallowed hor.
Miss Lynn was twonty-four years of ago,
with bluo oyes and light brown hair. She
was of medium sizo, and quite good looking.
When she left homo on tho nftornoon of the
day on which sho disappeared sho had on a
dark cheviot dress, with light colored waist,
trimmed with bluo braid, nnd a lilaok jacket.
Her hat was of folt, trimmed with bluo and
white ribbons.
Mrs. Kennedy, tho Bister of Miss Lynn,
from whoso houso sho bo unaccountably dis
appeared, told a WonLD roporter this morn
ing that every effort was being mado to find
the missing girl. No reason could be given
for her disappearance, ns she was a young
woman of blameless character and roJipious
way of lifo. Every ono of her friends
and tho people in tho storo where
sho was employed, speak vory highly of hor.
Mrs. Kennedy did not think that Miss Lynn
had wandered nway while suffering from
mental aberration, as sho was bright and
cheerful and of sound mind. When tho girl
left her sister's houso at 7.60 p. M. on Tues
day bIio said that sho was going to a singing
class. Mrs. Kennedy fears that sho has mot
with foul ploy.
Destruction Wrought by Tlinnkaulvlus Kx
curlonlt from Urooklyn.
A target company called " The nounds,"
nnd hailing from tho Eighteenth Ward of
Brooklyn, visited Silver Loko Park at Torap
kiusvillo, S.I., yesterday, and of tor shooting,
sat down to dinner. When tho boor began
to operate, turkeys, meats, butter, bread,
pickles, dishes, cups and baucers wero thrown
around promiscuously.
Looking-glasses and doors wcro broken and
n general not teemed imminent. The pro.
prietor nud his assistants wero unable to quell
the disturbance
Tho polico wero notified and Inspector
Cobb, with six patrolmon, appeared on tho
ground. "The Hounds," numbering about
ono hundred, wcro ordered from tho park
and under police escort wero conducted to
tho ferry nt St. George No arrests woro
A Murdered Woman' I'atnto Hold.
Nbwabk, Nov. 8& TnoUsrrlty estate In Harri
son was sold at publlo sale Wednesday afternoon.
Thero waa a largo number of people present. It
was finally sold to l'cter Hauck for tK.-6a This
recalls tho murder tnrce years ago of Widow
(larrity, who lived alone In ber oottage. Tho mur
derer has uever been caunht, but jurt of a railroad
Iron was found In ibe room wrapped In a copy of
Tug Would, covered witn blood.
Provldcnco'a Mayor Dangerously Hick.
srrciiL to Tnr woi.ld.)
Pmovidxnck, It. L, Nov. S3. Mayor Itohblns
Ilea dangerously sick at his residence this mornlnf.
The news has created Intense excitement, and a
fatal result, which la not considered Improbable,
would take the Republican candidate out of the
Mayoralty. In tho three-cornered right Usi week
Uobblns failed of a majority, and tbe contest will
be renewed next week.
Gen. K. W. Leavenworth Dead.
Stiiaccse, Nov. 1L aen. K. w. Leavenworth
died early this morning, tged elghty-five years.
He was born In Columbia County, waa graduated
from Yale Collego, uud had been one of the most
prnrattii-ut business and professional men In Cen
tral New York. He served arveral terms In tho
Legislature, and was first elected to Congress in
Flagship Richmond at Newport.
NuwrOKT, Nov. M. The flagship Richmond,
Capt. Robert Iloyd commanding, arrived here early
this mommy Irom New York, wbero she has been
for the past ten days fur coal, and took up her old
berth, olT float Island Llatit. Owing to lliihtwlnna,
followed by kn attempt lo make the pausge under
sail, the Richmond's trip waa lengthened out Into
one of forty-eight boms' duration.
m m
An Assault Followed by Bbootloir.
Vineyard Havkn, Mass., Nor. is. ilyan
O'llrien, an employee of R. W. Crocker, mado an
assault on W, W. Douglass, a prominent hardware
dealer, last night while Intoxicated. Douglaxa
shot o'llrlon In xelf-defenso, tho ball passing
through bis thigh. Ho may live.
FUhtloa Speculator Dlaeliaraed.
James A. llydoand David Stack, tho ticket specu
lators arrested for fighting iu front of the Four
teenth Street Theatre and who made counter
charges of aatault, wero Inclined to b forgiving In
toe jrlTerton Market Police Court, this morning.
Justice Duffy lectured thorn, made them shake
band and discharged them,
Making- Groat Strides in tho Rnco
at Philadelphia.
Belief That Ho Will Ecllpso Fitzgerald's
Famous Rocord.
Albert I In Hrrnnd l'lnrp, Fresh and Frnnv
Infr tlcind Work, but I Kllll Fortv Mile
Ilrhlnd the Knailaliman Iilttlrwond Had
tinnc 11)1 Mllr nt .1 O'Clork-l'nnrhnt
Third, Nareinnr Fourth, liUon Fifth.
I'niLAnELriiiA, Nov. 25. Llttlowood, tho
Englishman, still lends tho rncers in the Mx
duys' race. Tho distance Albert,
tho Philadolphinn, will hnvo to travel
to make his score even with Littlo.
wood is equal to tho iliMnuco from hero to
Trenton. Ho is iu tho pink of condition
and promises his friends to do some great
running to-day. Littlowood has made a bet
of $50 to .150 thnt ho breaks Fitzgerald's
record. He 1h now running a six.milo gait
and looksTrcsh.
On neither Littlowood or Albert aro thoro
any marks which indicate their wouderful
feats of endurance. Littlowood's eye is ns
bright as a diamond, aud his step ns light ns
on tno first day of tho race. Almost con
stantly he cheus a broomsplint nud seems to
enjov it.
Albert, who vies with Littlowood in good
looks, keeps on adding milo after mile, look,
ing no worso than n well-fod bnnk cashier
adding a column of figures. Noremno is
hard at work aud U doing n good business.
Albert told a reporter that all tho slocn ho
wauts beforo tho lluisli of tho contest is three
hours, aud of all tho raeos ho hnd made big
timo in thnt ho never felt better than ho did
now. Ho says that after he gets tho sleep ho
will stay continually on tho track until ho
passes Littlowood.
Authorities at tho rink say that It is Im
possible for Littlowood to remain on tho
track to-morrow liko Albert can. They say
ho was not trained that way, and must novo
considerable sleep beforo the iIhIbIi. While
Littlowood sleeps Albert says ho will reduce
the gap and forgo ahead.
Ab an incentive for Littlowood to do somo
of tho tallest work evor dono, somo 250 gen
tlemm havo subscribed a purse for him if
Fitzgerald's master achievement is surpassed.
Littlowood said ho folt strong and ho had
faith in his ability to beat tho record, and he
offered to do it provided an oxtro purse of
$500 was given him. Inside of half an hour
aivo gentlomon subscribed $250 towards tho
purse, and tho Englishman was given assur
ance that he would rocolvo at least $1,000
moro providod ho crossed Fitzgerald's mark
of 010 miles.
Whilo tho Englishman's great porformanco
attracted tho crowd tho other four mon still
in tho rare wero also doing good work.
"Yes, it is almost n Buro thing that LiHIc.
wood will beat tho record now," said Frank
Dole. "I expect him to do groat work to
night and to-morrow."
Tho score at S o'clock is as follows :
Mlts. Lapt.
Littlowood 4V1 4
Albert & 0
I'unchot 423 o
Noremno 409 0
Bsou 404 9
Va Grunevrald' Dodr Thrown Over a. CHIT
to Conceal Muiderf
New Dncitswicx, N. J., Nov. 25. At tho
Coroner's inquiry to-night concerning tho
mysterious death of Leonard Gmnowald,
Georgo Sabono will testify that on tho morn
ing of tho finding of Grunowald's body he
.discovered n trail of blood on Unmet street,
lending to tho cliff over which it is bolioved
Gruuuwnld was thrown. Lurgo spots of blood
wero nlso found on tho sidoualks eabt of
Grovor's alloy, where Grunon aid's hat was
This o videnco will open anew cluo, on which
tho polico ore quietly at work.
Fromonle Held for Trial.
Lutgl Proinonlo, Ibe Italian who attacked
Illeazo Turcoz and bis wlfo, last night, with a dirk,
was taken to tho Jefferson -Market Police Court
this morning. iJist night Turcoz nnd his wife were
visiting a shormaker at 233 Tnompton street,
where a game of cards for a bottle
of wino was played. Turcnr. lost, but
would uot nay for tno wine. He and his wife left,
l'romonle followed, and whuu they were Iu front
ol h'i Wc.t Third street, he drew ids dagger and
made u lunge at Turcoz, cutting through two coats
and tho skin. Turcoz' wife got ber band cut try
ing to get bold of tho wcupon. In court to-day
l'rouioulo wa held In $2,ouo tiuli for examination.
George Mecfnf Accidentally Hhot.
Watkhbukv, Nov. U. George Meefuf, aStaten
Island man, wbo haa a real eatato offlce In New
York, spent Thanksgiving with relative In
Huntington. While out gunning with ono of them
yesterday, the two became separated. Meeful's
companion's gun was nccldeutjliy discharged,
ahootlng Mccluf In the throat. Ono ahot also hit
him In the chin, one In the foot, and one ahot the
Btono out of a valuablo solitaire diamond ring he
w wearing. Ho now Ilea In a critical condition
at tho houao of the man who ahot him.
O't'onnell ltriuiindi-d Without Hall.
William O'Conncll, wbo was arrested lu Tam
many Hull last night, on a chargo of shooting
James Sweeny, of 2H Third avenue, last Monday,
waa arraigned In the YorkWlle Court to-day. A
formal nniilsMt that ho was arrested for the hoot
Ingupon Information furnished by John Dltunar,
of ml Thlri avenue, waa made Hgainst tho ac
cuse!. He waa aake I no question, and waa com
milled by Justice Murray without ball, to awult
tho result of Sweeny's Injuria-.
Hold Robbery at New Tlrunswlck.
New IIiii'nbwick, Nov. M. Katlo JlcOrall,
nineteen yeara of age, while on ber way to tho
fair of the Sat red Heart laat night wss attacked by
two men. bhestriiKnled hard, und pnsenlly her
asBallanta were frightened uwuy by thu approach
or a pedestrian. 1 hey stole her pockctbooi. con
taining J do. Tne polico are searching for the rob.
bera to-day.
Crnbrdunhrl'a Watch (irnbb'rd.
Henry Urabedunkcl, coal-dealer at Juno and
West streets, hsd so nice a Thanksgiving aficrnoon
that he fell aslcp In his o trice. When ho awoke
bis watch aud money were gone. Detective Ilur
leigb, of thu Chirks street squad, fouu I the watch
this morning In the pocket of Daniel Allen, Graiie
duukel's clerk, who was held for trial at tho Jiilir
son Market Court to-day.
Hanging In Colorado, a Fine Here.
Chailes Ilryan was lu such a Thanksgiving mood
yesterday that, seeing a saddled horse staudiug
alone In Uroonie street, he Jumped on Its back and
aud rode away. Later I'ollccmnn blay arrestv I
Ilryan In a maudlin condition. Justice Patterson
told him thla rooming, in the Essex Market Court,
that In Colorado be would be hauged for tho crime
of horse ateallug, but In New York bo would only
bo lined $10,
3otm7 King Ynltf
In a happy young male,
And a happy joimj malu is AC.
7e'it yreof at the oar,
At the bat he's more,
AndfootbaW Mm jamlioree.
I)rplte the Arrest of Horary lie Ntlll Adver
tise for III Diamond.
Although tho polico havo nrrostcd William
II. Dorsoy on the chargo of stealing $8,000
worth of diamonds from tho houso of Mr.
Matthew Morgan, 218 Lexington nvenuo, and
in Bplta of tho fact that Dorsoy at first
confessed to writing n letter to Mr.
Morgan rolating to tho diamonds, yet
Mr. Morgan, up to 11.80 o'clock this morn
ing, had heard absolutely nothing from tho
polico in regard to tho arrcBt or tho recovery
of thu property. Ho is. therefore, still ad
vertising nu offer of $1,000 for tho recovery
of his diamonds.
Iu rospouso to tho inquiry of a Would ro
porter, Mr. Morgan, although vory busy,
found timo to make the following statement :
" Well, tho nowBpapors really know moro
about tho affair than I do. I stayed at
home nil day yesterday, and last night
I 'loft on' tho night bull but
not n word havo I hoard from tho police.
I told the Inspector that I was ready and
waiting to bo callod at any momont bntl
haven't heard n word from him. I renewed
tho reward AVcducsday for two days, and if
I don't hear from it to-day I shall again re
new it to-morrow."
Mr. Morgan nfter expressing his regret that
ho could givo no further Information, again
said that no know absolutely nothing con
cerning tho arrest mado or tho clues of tho
policu boyoud what ho had read in tho papers.
Frcyclncl, 1'crry, Floqttrt nnd Hanler Can
dldate for tho Presidency.
srzciAL TO Till wortLD.1
Pams, Nov. 25. The Chambers to-day ap
proved President Gruvy's resignation. Tho
candidates announced aro Froyclnot, Ferry,
Floquet and Saussier.
G on. Boulanger hold n secret Intorvlew with
President Grovy this morning.
Countess Dahousio died at Harro last night
of peritonitis.
(Jultenliurs Italrlr.
The entries for tho several races at tho North
Hudson Driving Park to-morrow are as follows:
rinsT hack.
Purse 1200, of which fAO to tbe second, for all
ages; si llluir allowances! horses entered to be sold
for tsoo to carry loo lb., with 81b. auded for each
f loo up to (Too, then 4 lb. for each I loo up to
tl.OflO: flvo furlongs.
Uu Lb.
Luto Arnold lie Diamond 103
NeptttniM 113 Molllo Thomas 103
I'cussiia 113 Hickory Jim 103
John Finn lis Veto 100
Saluda lis (lulnare loo
Nnllor 1W Trade Dollir 100
Melton 10J Minnlo Ht.Jobn 97
Hoy Hoy ion Footprints 97
llonulo Douche 103 Comrade 97
Clllt 103 Ladr Aide 97
Purse $200, of which tw to Hie second, for two-
ytar-olds; selling allowances; horsta entered to be
sold for $1, Sue, to carry full weight; flvo furlongs.
Lh. i Lt).
Highland Mary m Lizzie C 94
Tecol lWltlraclc 91
Lavarderc 10) lladen Ualner fllly.. 91
tiiiud iu'ce.
Purso $200, of wblcti fso to the second, for all
ages, to carry 20 lb. above the scale; selling allow
ances; horses entered lo be sold fur $1,000 to carry
full weight; seven lurlongs.
Lb. I Lt).
Treasurer 18.1 Musk 110
Hi. Johu 12nviudex no
Ivunhoo liMiCnmi'hell no
llrlir 1! Warren Lewis 110
Duke nt Mnntalban.. US llrllllauteen 11)1
Tony Foster lHiblgnt-Uiisoeu 94
Pore of lino, ot wh ch $Jo to tho second; threc
quarlera of a mile.
Lb. Lb.
King Hint. 110 Alia Hu 107
Jubn livyvi Ho Duke of Monroe lot
J.J. He.ily 107 lleicher 1U7
llrllllatit id; IliirKUiella 107
l.andseer 107 l'oi'.isiet 107
Commotion 107 Competitor Iu7
UutUuburg 107 Ko-Ko 107
Purse 200, of which i-vi to tbo second; selling
allowances; tuilu uud aunariir owr burdles.
Ui. , Lb.
Daugcrlleld Ul I.opold 12.1
hi. l.uke lir Put Dennis 12.1
Ileitul ISiiTullcyraud lu
Kochester 12i KlIln Victor . IU
Htcnneld 12illruloa 123
8ho I Nrllle Conkn No Longer.
IsrrruL to tui would.)
Lvons, Nov. 83. Nilllo Cooke, who recently
mado a canvass for Hrhool Commissioner to this
city, nnd of whom Tub it'oitLU published columns,
waa married yesterday.
l!rouklii Nen at a fHanre.
Durglars latt nluht forced opeu the rear door of
W. HurnlpiM's grocery store, 57 Atlantic avenue,
and robbed (lie money-drawer of $33.
Nino colls m wire, the properly or tho Western
Union Telennph Con.ii.tnr, vtero stolen from the
corner of uxk uud Washington streets lust night.
Tho annual autumn exhibition of tho Urooklyn
Arl Club opens at the Art AysocUtiou Galleries,
Urooklyn, next Tuesday, It will remain open for
two weeks.
Mlsa Emma Hllf, a young German woman,
picked up yesterday a bottle containing aa sho
supposed medicine. It was Iodine, ijuo was at
tended by aa ambulance surgeon.
No DiiToronco to the Crowd as i'jjHI
Long as Thoy Can Dot IJH
Tho Day Cloudy and Throatonlnjr, tho Track l
Hoavy and tho Old Crowd Present H
The Itnce In Turn Won by Hprlns; Ea!e, ''JH
Uoslcrr, Ida West, 31endnn and War- :
ward The l'lnco Money C'aptnred bjrI4t 4lB
tin flllcki-y, Muinner, Hllver .Star, Ilrlsht riifll
1!) r nud I.nncnMer The Entries nt Gnt NM
tcnbnrK To-morrow fluttenbara- Entries. ' sBI
Jurf ,r. n. WhrwW and A. II. Batttrsbr, -IH
71mrr W. II, llamhurst. niH
rrfiirv-J. Alcduwsn. , vSI
Afurf.r-Uaho Caldwell. 4JHsl
IsrzcuL TO TBI WORLD. flsfl
Umktom Hack Tiiack, N. J.. Nov, S5, Al- 1H
thouuli the nioriilns waa not at all promising In k'H
the matter of weather, there Is an excellent at- IjH
tcntlnuco bere to-day. It la so foggy, so thick, JH
that tho horsci look llko shadows aa they run 3
downihobackstretch, lt proved, however, a fairly v'H
good day for bnckors, tor although tho flrat and IJhH
sueond fuorltcs flushed tho rovcrse for tbe first isiH
rnee.tho starting favorites Hosloreand IdaWcstla i
turn won tho aeoond nnd third racca. For the ' fl
fourth tncro wns a break In the luck, wltb Glen-
don, the third choice, winning from Bright Eyes. JH
and tho favorite, Joe Mitchell, third. JsH
Tho flfih rnco was also an npact, the first and VoH
second favorite being reversed, as for the first 1LI
race. "sNaLH
rillSTHACE. idsl
Purse 1200, of which t-'A to the second, for two- 'taH
ycar-oids; selling allowance 1 horses colored to WLiH
ho nold for ft, caxj to carry full weight : Ave fur- tkkm
long. 'isH
P. II loin's cb. f. Spring Eaglo, by Springbok. "jjH
dtttuKsBlet, Hal (Penny 1 ',f3l
LU lu Mickey, 99 (Osaler t VJs
Carrie O., lu (Ilergan 1 'yH
wnrr.d jay, lot ".m"i 0 'H
llabcock Hpninx, filly, lot (Bender 0 jMsHH
Tluie-l.iruv;. Betting- to b on Little wickey, '&
8 to 1 against Spring Ksgle, 0 to 1 each Wilfred rWLM
Jay, Htol carrfe ., 10 to 1 tho Sphinx filly. For 'AH
a Place Llttl" Mickey barroJ, s to 4 on Spring t' H
Kiglc, (1 to s against Carrio O., S to 1 Wilfred Jay '"JsH
and (to a tbo Sphinx Ally. ' 3H
The Jtacr. Littlo Mickey was the first away and 'iJLH
led to tho bead of tho stretch, where Spring Eagle !yH
took tho lead and, alter a good race, beat 'VH
Little Mickey by a ncsd, with Carrio O. third, three - ILH
lengths away. Mutueis jalu 1 Spring Eagle to ittm
win, 111.10; placo, 12. 80; Little Mlcioy for a place. ivJH
tu. (JH
SECONn hack. mHM
Paris t?oo, of which isoto the second, for hone JsHI
thathad run and not won more fian ono race at .fHLH
Clliton during the present meeting; selling allow- '.iLH
anccs; horses entcrod to be sold for 1300 to carry ' 4ol
931b., with a ltw additional (or each $100 no to tnoH
$1,000; thrce-qnartera of a rallo. '''rH
C. Wright's br. m. lloslero, 0, by Dickens, dam ' sH
Itoslo, 101 (Coldler) .1 'H
Sumner, 101 (Bcraan) 9 iH
Sweety, 99 .(Bar bo) S tflH
Burton. 1W. (Meagher) 0 ?Li
Moonshine, 97 (MoManus) OiiflH
Nina 11., 99 .,..Otler 0 ,7flH
lie at, 1-9 ...(.nogar.) 0 TtfBsi
Vuiom, 109 ....(Camp) 0 vanH
Time 1.Z3K. Hettlng-8 to 8 against Hosiere, - v2bbH
to 1 It-lax, to 1 Vulcan, 8 to 1 eaoh Sweety aa'' V,9sH
Moonshine, 10 to 1 each Sumner and Barton, 11 to OflH
1 each Nina n. Place t to 8 on Itoalere. s to 4 oa K'VsM
ltelax, 1 to 1 against Vulcan, S to 9 Sweety, g tot t'siH
each Sumner and Burton, a to 1 each Moonahlao 4LH
undNlnt B. iHLI
The llace, Vulcan led for half a mile, whea ioH
Itosltre took up the runnlniTjsnil, staying In front. TjLH
won by two leugtba. Sumner aeoond, six In froai t'H
of Sweety. Mutueis paid: ltoilere, straight, ,-1H
1.1. M; lor a place, $8.70; Sumner lor plao. iKVisH
$12.30. J iLU
Purso $900 ol which (30 to the seoond, for three- ,-s5
year-olds that bad ruu aud not won more nan 0B6 LH
race at the prtsent meeting at CUftoo; selling al- ,'wlsi
lowancca; horses entered 10 be sold for $300 ta H
carry 93 lbs. wlths In, additional fcr eaoh 1109 V1H
up to 10; seven furlongs. tVH
. Itnlmond'a b. r. Ida West, by Reform, dam X'H
Blue Lolgc,:io5. (O. Taylor) 1 r'M
Silver ritar, Vj (Oilier) I ,JH
Klrod, 91 (Barton) 3" 1 4sHH
Edward F., Ill) (Bender) O -, jH
Trojan, 93 , (Penny) 0 ', iSH
Tune l.sif. Bettlng-ijcJJ on Ida West, ft to! 'IsllH
against Elro.i, 4 to 1 Edward T. , 8 to 1 each Silvor ' 4lsH
Star and Trojan. For n llace -Ida West barred. pfeSaH
evin;tnoney against Edward F., 0 to 8 Elrod, I to 4 eHH
each Silver Star and Trojan. f !'tH
77i Jlam. Silver Star was the tint away, bat rtHI
fave place to Ida West and Trojan, who alternate--ril vQH
y held the lead to the backatretch, where Ida faH
West came away, winning by three lengths from 'vltiSH
Silver Star, who waa six In iront of Elrod. Mo- ftdlH
luels paldi Straight, IX S3; for a place. $490: l.tSM
Silver Star, 13. w for a place. i-l .H
rOUBTIt race. IH
Purse $200, of which $30 to the second, baadt 'ilv
cap for aliases; one mile. fvfleH
JI. Michael's cb. u. Olendon, 0, by Glen Athol, ','lisiH
damllrlle Brandon, 94 (Bergan) 1 'iTlH
Bright Eves, 91 (Ouler) t -MjM
Joo Mitchell, 118 (Taylor) 8' HkH
El Trinidad, 100 (Bender) 0 &9aB
Dlzzr Brunetto, 911 (Penny) 0 MjlH
lime 1.681s;. liettlng 6 to 8 on Joe Mltchsil, . -H
to 1 agalust El Trinidad, i to 1 Glendon, 6 tol LtH
Bright Lyea and 13 to 1 Dizzy Brunette. Fore, Y3aLiM
l'lace Joe Mitchell barred, 10 to T on El Trinidad, , 9H
e 10 3 agalust Glendon, I to 6 Bright Eyes and to i :dkH
Dizzy urunettc. L,svsii
The Have. Dizzy Brunette led for several far- &9H
longs, when Bright Eyei went to the front. There "3H
was a guneral ciuong up at tbe bead of tbe stretch, 'J$H
from which Glendon camo away, winning by a ivH
neck. Bright Eyes sccood, a lenath In front of Joe 7'V.liH
Mitchell. Mutueis paid ou Glendon to win, $3i for 'AvHH
a place, $10. 83; Bright Eyes for a place, $i. H
rirritBAcc. 9H
Tbe fifth raco was at seven furlongs, for all H'aH
ages ; to oirry 20 lb, above tbe scale; $150 to the ijLH
winner, $30 to the second. The starters jwerei JkkU
Lxnojsitr (Tsylor), iss ; Harry (Hueston), Tbeo- B
dorua (Finch) and A'aywnrd (Henderson), las -S3H
each ; and Traveller (Bergan), 180 lb. 1 mk
Bctiln Stialiibi, HO to 63 on Lancaster, a to t i3H
against Wayward, 4 to 1 Traveller, 3 to 1 Harry 9H
nnd 3) to 1 Tucudosus. For a l'lace Lancaster rlM
barred. Mo 4 each on Wayward and Traveller, 4 wLU
tol against Harry and in to lTboodorna. "H
Won by J. Down's four-vcar-old bay colt Way- ,tLD
ward, by Wilful, with Laucaater second an4 S'taBI
iTaveller third. 1 Time l:S9,v. lH
Dr. lluarrl' Snlclde. il
Coroner Levy will make farther tnvesugauoa .?;H
this alteruoon concerning the solclde of Dr. Alex- .jjnl
auder Hugcrt, a well-known physician, who shot inLa
bluiseir through the rltrnt temple with a taVcallbre lfli
revolver at 4. 13 r. u. yesterday. The suicide of 'fkW
ltictiard stall, a nepbew, the death of hla dauabter ' tH
ana his sou-ln-law, all within tbo space of two vH
vears, produced a great change in the mental eon- ?H
ilitlou of tno uuctor, and of late he hid been under '4H
the care 01 two physicians, who described hla (Ilk ,.aH
case aa acute melancholia.
Colllnlon on tbe C, II. and D. -
Lima, O., Nov. 23. A collision has taken place &
on the Chicago, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad be- tH
tween two freight trains. Fllteen cars are unaiaed n
and au engineer und fireman are killed. TOpH
l'rou l'redlci Wet Weather. 'ifH
yr I Indications JOr twenty 'lOI
( ' J I I jour Itours, beginning ,LH
f,Y at Sr.u.t JjH
-j- S v Connecticut, Jtttr 'n9
v WJ-'4vwV iceathtr, jtxknoea by $H
TH if MM rains. fajl
it zVKr7 tvr HaiternKewmtf 'H
X.y rrv ' '''"' Jerev "" '
J tcare, SatrwaUW, Set )-jH
' 4 - loteedbvfKntmtMc 'i H
Rain and tnoto UpreaMcX (n all ethtr Btattt., $

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